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Mexican Revelations - Introduction

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1. Historical Background

2. The Second Coming of Christ

3. The Three Eras and the Seven Seals

The Three Eras

First Era

Second Era

Third Era

The Seven Seals

The First Seal: The Sacrifice

The Second Seal: Faith

The Third Seal: Spiritual Strength

The Fourth Seal The Law

The Fifth Seal: Love

The Sixth Seal: Wisdom

The Seventh Seal: Completion

4. The People of Israel.

5. A Study of the Soul — from a Spiritual Point of View

6. The Long Spiritual Path of Development of Humanity

Goodness is Truth and Love

The Way Back to Our Spiritual Home

Spiritual Light Beings Stand by Our Side

The Battle of Light against Darkness

God's Vision for Our Future

7. This Message is for All Peoples


1. Historical Background

The great event, as undoubtedly the Divine Revelations are, was wisely prepared by God's hand. Roque Rojas, born in the capital of Mexico in 1812, was a simple, pious man who was devoted to religious matters even in his youth. Then on the night of June 23rd, 1861 it happened that he had a spiritual vision, and an inner voice said to him: "Roque, you are the chosen one, you shall be the strong rock of Israel. From that time on, he often heard inner voices, the meaning of which he did not understand at first. He also received spiritual apparitions. All this confused him greatly and he feared losing his mind. In his desperation, he asked the voice he heard to tell him who was speaking to him. And he heard clearly: "Gabriel is the one who speaks to you." From this moment, Roque Rojas became calm inside, knowing now who the voice came from and as often as he heard it, he concentrated to understand the meaning of the words. His task had become clear to him, and as instructed, he gathered like-minded men and women around him. In one of these meetings, Elias' spirit revealed itself through the mind of Roque Rojas and said: "I am Elijah the prophet, the one who was transfigured on Mount Tabor." He gave the first teachings to those present and opened to them that the "Third Era", the age of the Holy Spirit, now begins. Elijah's Spirit was tirelessly active in setting up the first disciples, just as he was preparing the way for Jesus through John the Baptist in the Second Era. On 1 September 1866, in the midst of a numerous gathering, Elias anointed seven believers through his instrument Roque Rojas, who were to be at the head of the seven assembly places and to represent the seven seals. It is likely that the Divine Revelation, which was previously received by Roque Rojas, was also announced on this day, combining the commandments of Moses, the teachings of Jesus and Elias's teachings in a single law with 22 commandments. At an earlier meeting, 12 men and 12 women were anointed, who were later to serve as the "spokesmen" of the Divine Master. When this time came, the Divine Ray rested for the first time on a young woman named Damiana Oviedo, as the chosen instrument through which Christ spoke.

Everything happened in great simplicity, according to the divine will. The beginning was modest, due to human weaknesses and imperfections. But at the beginning of the 20th century there were already several groups in which Christ manifested himself through selected instruments. These persons, men and women, were chosen and prepared by God so that they could function as instruments for the proclamation of His messages in spiritual ecstasy. In Spanish, the word "portavoz" means "voice carrier", word carrier, mouthpiece or spokesman. Between 1930 and 1950, the spiritual teachings had consolidated and spread to many communities in the capital and throughout the Mexican Republic. Disregarded by the great crowd, Christ revealed himself in glorious teachings. It was the return of Christ in spirit, in word.

By God's will, the revelations in Mexico lasted until 1950, and in the last few years before that, the sermons of the Divine Master were co-written. A group of faithful followers of the spiritual movement collected the writings and in 1956 began to publish the first volume in Spanish. In total, the teachings today comprise twelve volumes. Considering that the divine revelations have been manifested by different spokesmen in the respective, numerous congregations and that the messages are fully consistent in their meaning, this is more a confirmation that the word that came from the lips of the chosen ones is the Divine Truth.


2. The Second Coming of Christ

Since the early beginnings of Christianity, believers have been preoccupied with the Second Coming of Christ, and each time their own ideas have emerged. Even today, the faithful ones have different, predominantly blurred views on this, because they do not understand how to interpret the symbolic pictorial language of the corresponding scriptural passages correctly.

As for the time of the Second Coming, the Lord says that no one knows the day and hour before the event will happen, except the Father (Matthew 24:36+42); but He gave various signs of His coming: false Christ and false prophets, wars, epidemics, expensive times, earthquakes, increasing lack of love and tribulations, horrors and great signs in the sky, floods and heavy storms, the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the whole world. — All these signs are fulfilled, and yet the faithful are still waiting for the fulfillment of the promises.

The widespread opinion is that the Lord would appear before the eyes of all men in the clouds of the sky, and all eyes would see Him at the same time; for His return shall be like lightning in the sky, all enlightening and visible to all men.

In what way should this coming of the Lord, which is taking place in silence, take place? In Matthew we read: "For just as the lightning emanates from the rising sun (the sun, that is to the east) and shines to the downfall (west), so the future of the Son of Man will also be" (Matthew 24:27). It should be understandable to everyone that this cannot be a natural lightning seen with our physical eyes; for in the few cases the lightning flashes from east to west, but from the sky to earth, the meaning must be different. Since lightning is a glaring appearance of light in the sky, and the term light is often used in the Word of God as a symbol of spiritual knowledge, it is obvious to interpret this "lightning" as a teaching of Christ's revelation coming from the spiritual heaven.

Why does it start in the East and finish in the West? — The Lord tells us in His new word that with this picture the totality of His revelations to humanity is symbolized, which had its beginning in the people of Israel, that is to say in the Orient or East, and which was to find its comprehensive conclusion in the West, in a country of the Western Hemisphere and has now found it. (The Spiritual Revelations in Mexico) — The symbol of lightning also has the meaning that for Him, the time span between the two revelations was only a brief moment passing by like lightning in the sky. — For us human beings, almost 2000 years are a long time, for God only a moment of eternity.

The subsequent verses of the Gospel of Matthew, as handed down to us, seem to contradict this interpretation of the Second Coming of Christ as a revelation in words, since it is said that "the sun and the moon" will lose their light, the "stars" will fall from heaven, the "sign of the Son of Man" will appear in the sky, and then He Himself will appear in the clouds of the sky with great power and glory.

In the Gospel according to Luke, it is significant that the word "the clouds of the sky" is not mentioned, but rather "the cloud" and the word "sky" is missing altogether: "And then they shall see the Son of man coming 'in the cloud' with great power and glory" (Luke 21:27). This way of expression clearly shows that these are not earthly clouds in the sky, but that a spiritual form of revelation is to be expressed and that the Lord will not appear materially visible.

At that time, Christ lived visibly among men and no faith was given to His teaching, except for a small minority. And if He were visible to our physical eyes as a human being today, we would pay even less attention to Him than 2000 years ago, because today people are much too busy with their struggle for more prosperity or with their heavy problems of daily food supply, with their power struggles, intrigues and wars.

And yet people will see Him. Those who are blessed with the spiritual vision will see Jesus, as the disciples saw Him at the transfigurement on Mount Tabor. Not as a proof of His presence — they do not need this proof — but as a reward for their faith and spiritual setting-up. — The others will feel the presence of Christ in His new revelations in their deepest depths. Their spirit testifies to them the truth of His Word.

In Luke, the promise of Jesus' return to earth is followed by the reference to Luke: "But when this begins to happen, look up and lift up your heads, that your redemption may approach" (Luke 21:28). The expression "when it begins to happen" indicates that this is not a sudden "end of the world event", but rather a prolonged process for which people are to look out. What this process is concerned is illuminated by another reference by Jesus to His return: "When the Son of Man comes, do you think that he will also find faith on earth? (Luke 18:8) The nature of the questioning expresses negation and suggests that His second coming is also the proclamation of the truth, His doctrine of salvation, and that men will in turn have the possibility of acceptance or rejection because of their free will, and they — at least as far as the great mass of men and the church, science and state leaders are concerned — will be at first equally disbelieving and rejecting as in the time of Jesus.

After Jesus once again having recommended His commandment of love to the disciples and having prepared them for future persecutions, He gives them, as a promise after these persecutions, the comforting assurance:

"I have a lot to say to you, but you can't grasp it now. But when the Spirit of Truth will come, he will guide you into all truth. For he will not speak of himself, but of what he will hear, he will speak, and what is in the future, he will proclaim to you. The same will transfigure Me; for of the One who is mine he will take it and proclaim it to you. All the Father has is mine. That is why I said:"He will take it from mine and proclaim it to you" (Jn 16:12-15).

As "The Word" as well as on earth, he will only proclaim that which he will receive from God the Father as divine truth and wisdom in unity with God the Father, and which is nonetheless nothing strange, only transmitted, but which comes out of his own Spirit. In doing so, He will "transfigure" His life and His teaching as the Son of Man Jesus, that is to say, bring light and clarity to it, since this Spirit of comfort and truth is the word of the one Divine Spirit himself, which is why he is also the "Holy Spirit".

As we can see from the foregoing quotations, the New Testament gives us a wealth of clues and explanations about the "other Comforter", the "Holy Spirit", the "Spirit of Truth" that the Father will send to His children after Jesus' return to the Father. The Bible also reports that this happened when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples.

Now, many believers think that the promises have been fulfilled in full and can be considered complete. But is this notion correct? We must be aware that all the words of Jesus and especially His promises did not only refer to the present time or the future immediately following it, but that their spiritual sense is also of current importance for later times. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus' disciples, on their later co-workers and fellow believers, and then on a small number of chosen ones — despite their great importance — was only a modest beginning, as it were a pre-fulfilment of what was to come. Only a small circle was caught up in the so-called Pentecostal event, but the complete fulfillment must embrace the whole spiritual people of Israel, as the prophet Joel prophesied: "And after this I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall have dreams, and your young people shall see visions. (Joel 3,1)" — What was then the future has been the present since 1866. The Spirit of Truth is now among us. But how few are already ready and able to work fully in the power of the Holy Spirit, even if they have absorbed this Spirit of Truth! "I have spoken to you of such things by proverbs. But it is about time that I will no longer speak to you by proverbs, but that I will proclaim you freely from my Father" (Jn 16:25). Herewith the Lord confirms that His language is a pictorial language full of symbols and spiritual correspondences of earthly-material things and processes of such spiritual nature. But time will come — and this can only be the time of His return as the Spirit of comfort, truth and holiness — then He will unequivocally proclaim His Father to His own in their more developed world of language and concepts, so that the riddle of the mind about the true meaning of the imagery will come to an end once and for all.

Fearful Christians, who see a deception in every spiritually transmitted revelation, and name-believers who do not want to be disturbed in their spiritual sloth, will point out the warnings of Jesus before the false Christ and thus try to deter men from accepting this new word of God. But these should be aware that especially in the time of false Christ and false prophets, of which there have already been enough and still are, the "real" Christ is also promised with His new Word. An unchecked or prejudiced rejection of all new things and not in keeping with one's own ideas and interests must therefore inevitably lead to the rejection of Christ in His return! Therefore, the serious admonition: Test everything, but keep the good.


3. The Three Eras and the Seven Seals

After their spiritual creation, a large part of the children of God had fallen from their Creator in disobedience by abuse of their free will. Thus they condemned themselves to the eternal remoteness from God, i. e. to death. But God in His immeasurable love made it possible for His children to return to their spiritual home. But the journey was very long, difficult and painful. Therefore, He did not leave them alone, but revealed to them a powerful teaching with the help of which they could attain again, step by step and level by level, the lost spiritual paradise. The curriculum was divided into three great eras, divided into seven stages of development, which correspond to the Seven Seals of the Book of Life in the Revelation of John.

The Three Eras

First Era

At the beginning of the First Era, God could still communicate spiritually with His children through some chosen ones. They heard His spiritual voice, which directed them. But when this connection was lost due to the increasing materialism of His children, God sought a mediator. He prepared a man through whom He could communicate Himself to His people. Moses was the chosen instrument through which He announced the Ten Commandments, which were to guide the people of Israel and later the whole world in giving guidance for life. With the Ten Commandments and the detailed instructions, Moses symbolizes the "First Era"in which God revealed His children as the Creator, the sole God, in His unrelenting righteousness (God the Father of Trinity).

Second Era

When the time was fulfilled, God sent His Native Son. God's Spirit became man in Jesus and dwelt among men. In His teachings He revealed Divine Love, and with His life and sacrificial death He gave man the perfect example; therefore He was the Divine Master who fulfilled the Ten Commandments of the First Era by the love which found its supreme expression on the cross when He sacrificed Himself for mankind. Jesus symbolizes the "Second Era" (God's Son of Trinity).

Third Era

Jesus could not reveal everything during His time on earth because humanity was not yet ready for it. But he announced that the Father would send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. This Third Era was initiated by Elias, whose Spirit enlightened an instrument determined by God. It was a simple man named Roque Rojas; he was like John the Baptist, the pioneer, so that God's Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, could be revealed among men.

In 1866 the Spirit of Elias proclaimed through his agent: "I am Elias, the prophet of the First Era, the prophet of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor; prepare yourselves..." Those who had the gift of spiritual sight saw Jesus, Moses and Elias as the disciples experienced it at the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor. This is confirmation of the three great eras and that Elias symbolizes the Third Era in which the Spirit of Truth communicates itself, or: the return of Christ in the Spirit (God Holy Spirit of Trinity).

God gives His revelations in perfect order: the teaching of love was given to us by Jesus (Second Era) after we already had sufficient knowledge of God's righteousness (First Era). And so we will be able to receive the teaching of truth and wisdom in us (Third Era) to the extent that we fulfill the teachings of love.

The Seven Seals

The Book of Life, known from the Revelation of John, with the Seven Seals, contains the history of humanity as foreseen by God. It is divided into seven large chapters, all of which have a special seal. These seals were loosened by Christ so that the light contained in the respective chapter of the Book of Life, the will and the plan of God's education, could have an impact on the human world and be realized. The main doctrine of the respective spiritual developmental stage of humanity is symbolized in a symbolic event by a chosen one of God, as a model and example of this epoch and of all later times. Since the beginning of the Third Era, the "Book of Life" has been opened with the Sixth Seal.

The First Seal: The Sacrifice

The Lord tells us in His new Word: "The first of these spiritual stages of development in the world is symbolized by Abel, the first servant of the Father, who offered his atonement to God. He's the symbol of sacrifice. Envy rose up against him." (U. 161,54)

From the first book of Moses, chapter 4, we know that Cain and Abel offered their burnt offering to God. God graciously looked at Abel's gift, for it was given with an innocent and pure heart. But the one of Cain God rejected because Cain was not pure of heart. This upset Cain very much, and out of envy and hatred he killed his brother Abel. The deep meaning of this biblical narrative, however, is that Abel — besides his material burnt offering — had also brought God the spiritual sacrifice of his earthly-human passions. That's why his heart was innocent and pure. This purification of his nature is thus the actual symbol of the sacrifice. In summary, we can say: The First Seal means that we should sacrifice our sinful passions so that the spirit may rule the body and we consequently achieve spiritual communion with our Heavenly Father.

The Second Seal: Faith

It's symbolized by Noah. People did not heed the teaching of the First Seal, but in abuse of their free will they let themselves be dominated by the evil passions of materialism. In Genesis 6:3ff we read: "Then the Lord said," The people will not be punished by my Spirit, for they are flesh. I will give them period of one hundred and twenty years. . . But when the Lord saw that man's wickedness was great on earth, and all the densities and pursuits of their hearts were evil... he said, "I will destroy the men whom I have created from the earth. . . But Noah found mercy before the Lord. . . Noah was a pious man and blameless, and led a divine life in his time. . ."

People despised God's warning and did not believe in the time limit set for them to improve. Only one believed: Noah. The Lord ordained Him as His instrument to begin again with a new humanity after the Flood. It took a strong faith to carry out all the decrees of God, which were also at that time quite extraordinary and therefore people laughed about. But Noah trusted His God and acted as commanded. Faith was not only literal for Noah, but also spiritual, the saving ark, and to this day faith is a saving power for every believer. It is also no coincidence that Abraham, the other great hero of faith, lived in the time of the Second Seal.

The Third Seal: Spiritual Strength

It is symbolized by Jacob. God gave Jacob the spiritual name "Israel", which means "strong". Jacob or Israel encountered many odds and dangers in his life — with which God tried him — which he could overcome through the spiritual power that was in him. He became a symbol of spiritual strength for men, which we must attain in order to be able to endure with patience and surrender the trials that God sends us. Thanks to the spiritual quality mentioned above, God chose him as the ancestor of the people of Israel, with the 12 tribes emerging from his 12 sons. Jehovah could also manifest a great spiritual revelation through him.

From the Old Testament we know the story known as the "ladder of heaven" (Genesis 28:10 ff.): Jacob saw in a dream a ladder standing on the earth and rising to heaven, and the angels of God ascended and descended from it. At the top of the ladder stood the Lord. In symbolic pictorial language, God thus showed the development of the soul. Our soul must become more mature and purified in order to rise step by step. In this way we can measure that it is not possible for our spirit, in a single human life, so to speak at first glance, to attain the purity that is necessary to ascend the ladder until we are with God. It takes many attempts, many incarnations, to reach a higher level each time, according to the maturity that our soul has attained. The Lord admonishes us not to stand still on the ladder, i. e. to progress constantly in our spiritual development, because otherwise we hinder the coming ones in their spiritual development. — The angels of God descending on the ladder are the advanced spirits of light that the Lord sends down to help the ascendant. Here again it is expressed that God does not leave us alone on our way home to Him, but offers us His help.

The way to reach the quality of the Third Seal is to observe the teachings of the two preceding ones: only by sacrificing the lower passions and by unchangeable faith can God make the spirit spark living in us a great strength.

The Fourth Seal The Law

It is symbolized by Moses. He was chosen by God to free the people of Israel from Egyptian bondage, and through him He gave the people the Ten Commandments and many decrees which proclaimed the will of God to men. The Ten Commandments became the basis of all human laws, and if they had been faithfully obeyed, mankind would have taken the good path: that of true worship of God, righteousness, order and respect for one's neighbour. But the disobedience to the divine law, i. e. the disobedience of men to God's will, has brought humanity to the brink of the abyss.

The Fifth Seal: Love

EIt is represented by Jesus. In Him, God became man out of love for us. His life was a perfect model, and His teaching was a single glorification of love, which found its highest fulfillment when He gave His life for us. That is why He could summarize His teachings in the words: "I give you a new commandment that you love one another as I have loved you, so that you too may love one another" (Jn 13:34). And indeed, in this new law of love, the whole law is contained. His obeying to the last consequence will bring the spiritual kingdom of God to this earth. In the hereafter this is already the case because love is the prerequisite and basis of the Spiritual Kingdom.

The Sixth Seal: Wisdom

The Sixth Seal is — as a prelude and preparatory stage of the Third Era — symbolized by Elijah, the prophet and great warrior in the Old Testament who, after completing his mission, went to heaven in a "fiery chariot" (Kn 2:11). With this pictorial representation, we are shown that Elias' spirit is the light-filled warrior of God. This cherubinic spirit, according to the testimony of Jesus, was also incarnated in John the Baptist (Matthew 11:7-14), who prepared the hearts so that Jesus could place His teaching in them. In our time he also smoothed the Lord's ways in his spiritual return and, as a powerful angelic prince, he mediates the light of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Wisdom, which emanates from the opened Sixth Seal or chapter of the Book of Life, whose teachings and revelations the Lord Himself proclaimed through selected instruments until 1950. But that was not the end of the Sixth Seal. The light of the Sixth Seal continues to shine on humanity until it has acknowledged and spiritualized the revelations of Christ in His Second Coming. The disasters that take place at the same time will support this development so that souls can receive the truth and wisdom of God. In this way mankind is prepared for the Seventh Seal.

The Seventh Seal: Completion

With the Seventh Seal, the work of redemption is completed, just as on the seventh day — metaphorically speaking — the creation was finished. The spirit has traveled the long and sorrowful path and is once again in close connection with his Father from spirit to spirit. The disobedient Son returns home to the Father's house, overcoming himself and the world. — The symbol of the Seventh Seal is the Heavenly Father Himself, who will be the ultimate goal of this difficult development and ringing of souls. The Seventh Seal is not yet open. Perhaps it is now already granted to one or the other spirit, thanks to its spiritual maturity, to experience a little foreshadowing of what the Seventh Seal will bring. But for all the people of God and for humanity, generations will still have to come and go, many more years of trials will come, many more tears will have to purify the hearts, until the greatest time will have come for everyone: the time of constant communion with the Father.


4. The People of Israel

In the teachings, the Lord often speaks of the "people of Israel", "my people" or simply "people". This does not in any way refer to the Mexican nation in whose midst the revelations took place. Is the State of Israel meant? — No. — To avoid mistakes, here is a brief explanation of the origin of the name "Israel" and who is mentioned in the revelations with "People of Israel".

The Bible scholar knows the Old Testament narrative, according to which Jacob struggled with a "man" during a difficult life situation in the night, until dawn set in. "The man" could not overcome him and said: "You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel: for you have fought with God and with men, and are victorious. And God renewed His promise to Jacob: "Thy seed shall be like the dust on earth, and thou shalt be spread out toward the evening, morning, midnight, and noon; and through thee and thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed," — Israel is a spiritual name and means "strong". It should become a strong, spiritual community that embraces the whole people, a large number of strong Israeli people. And God gave the people the Promised Land to live in peace and to be able to deepen the spiritual connection with Him. However, according to the pact concluded with God, the condition was attached to it that it should declare the true worship of the only God and the truth of His teaching to all the peoples of the earth, that it should be a priesthood.

The Old Testament gives a vivid account of the development of the people of Israel over the centuries. Soon a division became visible within it: on the one hand, the small cluster that we want to call spiritual Israel because it maintained spiritual contact with God and from whose midst the wise leaders of the people and the great prophets emerged. On the other hand, the majority that we want to call materialistic Israel, because it used the divine blessings of great wisdom, perseverance and energy solely to gain power and wealth. This disobedience towards the covenant with God often brought to the people of Israel heavy trials, which they themselves were to blame for, because their wealth, power and pride almost challenged the neighboring states to get against them. In the tribulation and distress, the people cried out to their God, but repentance lasted only until it regained its freedom and had become rich.

During the many trials, the minority of spiritual Israel lived unnoticed but full of faith and hope for the Messiah. That is why He could become man in their midst in Jesus, to make His people aware of His spiritual mission among the nations and to prepare them for it. Spiritual Israel followed Him and was happy to hear His Word. The majority, the materialistic Israel, barely took note of Him, and the official church decidedly rejected Him. They expected a strong man, a mighty warrior, who was to break the rule of the Romans in order to establish an earthly, glorious and invincible Israel. But the Messiah was humbled and said, "My kingdom is not of this world." The disappointment was so great that they condemned Him as stirrer and blasphemer and crucified Him. — Thus, an event of immense importance had occurred: the visible separation between spiritual and materialistic Israel.

The spiritual Israel gathered around the apostles, and in the small flock soon matured the knowledge that the apostle Peter put into the words: "Now I experience with the truth that God does not look at the person, but in all kinds of people, whoever fears and does rightly do Him is pleasing to Him. — So not only the Jews belong to the spiritual Israel, but from all religions and nations those who believe in the words of Christ and act accordingly, because it is a spiritual community and therefore not bound to nations.

The materialistic Israel, in its fanatical attempt to shake off Roman rule, suffered a severe warlike defeat, and after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A. D., it ceased to be a nation and the Jews were scattered all over the world. A terrible judgment caused by the materialistic Israel, caused by its disobedience to the divine laws and by the rejection of the Messiah. Jesus' prophecy was relentlessly fulfilled when he saw the glorious temple in Jerusalem: "Truly, I tell you, there will not remain one stone upon another here that will not be broken." And further:"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone them that are sent to you; how many times have I gathered your children together as a hen gathers her little kitchens under her wings, and you have not wanted to. Behold, your house shall be desolate to you." — In the course of the following centuries, it was a disliked minority everywhere who suffered oppression, humiliation and hardship.

But now, almost 2000 years after these terrible events and the resulting visible separation between the spiritual and materialistic Israel, a change of unprecedented importance is taking place again. The spiritual Israel, which as a disregarded minority among the peoples of the earth was a weak, little influential cluster, is shaken awake and gathered. Christ in His spiritual return speaks to "Israel according to the Spirit". He now unites all the "scattered tribes of Israel" to prepare his spirit and send it into battle until it reaches the salvation and spiritualization of the human race. The teachings are the new revelations of Christ collected in the 12 volumes of "The Book of True Life".

On the other hand, we have the materialistic Israel. His pilgrimage has been long and sorrowful since it has been expelled from his womb, He Who offered him His kingdom as a new inheritance. But the times of extreme oppression are over; it has become rich, and money has a great influence. It has become strong and proud, and the nationalist branch has reestablished itself as a nation, the old religious traditions have awakened. It believes that it is complying with the laws of Jehovah and Moses, but in reality it still worships the golden calf. It is far from understanding and carrying out its spiritual mission. This must not be interpreted as a one-sided accusation against the Jews or the Israelite nation; all nations of the world — with the exception of perhaps small minorities — are materialized and "dance around the golden calf". — When in this explanation the materialistic Israel is specifically mentioned, it is because this treatise deals with the spiritual and materialistic Israel and states that the latter does not — not yet — fulfil the task of being the priesthood among the peoples of the earth, as determined by God.

We are involuntarily asking ourselves: what will happen next? — We must not forget that God has given great promises to the people of Israel, and He will never break them. But we must also be aware that the promises of blessings which God gave to Jacob concerning his seed concern the spirit, just as the later name of Jacob, namely Israel, is a spiritual name. It is a mistake to believe that the promises refer to matter, i. e. to the tribe of the people or to the present state of Israel. If that were the case, then there would still be prophets and messengers of God standing up in him. — But the time will come, however, when the materialistic Israel will unite with the spiritual Israel and both will again form a unity, the one people of Israel. But when will this happen? — When materialistic Israel renounces money, power and pride and acknowledges the new revelations of the Lord — which will probably only be possible after another very difficult affliction — and with tears of pain calls out: Jesus was the Messiah, and Christ is also for us "the way, the truth and the life".


5. A Study of the Soul — from a Spiritual Point of View

The term "soul" is known to people, but they have different opinions about what the soul is. It is known to be a part of the human being and it is inserted into the triad of body— soul— spirit. Three components that form the "human being" unit, each part having a different function.

The body is the visible, material part of man; it serves as a protective cover for the soul and the spirit and is at the same time their instrument to communicate with the outside world. Since the body is visible and palpable, it has been studied and explored over time by scientists, so that you have extensive knowledge of its tasks and its marvellous mechanismus. It works so perfectly and logically that many have forgotten that behind it there is a highly wise, spiritual power.

Knowledge about the other two components of the human being is less certain and partly blurred. Since they are invisible and cannot be investigated experimentally, science has great difficulty in explaining the nature and purpose of the soul and spirit correctly. And yet it is very important to have clarity about this, because if we succeed in lifting the veil of the unknown, we will also obtain a precise understanding of the meaning and purpose of human life on earth. However, our mind alone is not capable of this, because spiritual things can only be grasped and explained spiritually. But God's Spirit reveals these secrets through people whom He has prepared to receive His inspirations. Through these tools, God has revealed to us the knowledge that our limited mind is capable of grasping.

The material, visible creation of the world has existed since inconceivable times; however, before it there was already a spiritual creation. Its originator is God, the Master Spirit from eternity. In the center of His essence burned the fire of perfect love, which is His main characteristic. But what good is the supreme love if it cannot be passed on and thus proved? — So God created a vessel in a spirit being into which He could put His love, His wisdom, His light and also His creative power. It was a being that came out of God's love-heart, a likeness of God, for it contained the same divine qualities. Since it was a pure mirror of the divine light, it was appropriately called "Lucifer" or "light bearer". Thanks to divine authority, this first created being could be creative, and soon other, equal beings emerged from him, but with less power. They too were children of God's love, in a radiant light, in the highest perfection. Thus God experienced the unspeakable joy of seeing His love reflected in countless spiritual beings.

The first created spirit was overjoyed, but as a being created by God, he was bound to the will of the Creator. But God wanted him to be able to unfold freely, because this is the characteristic of a divine being. Lucifer's love for his creator should be so overwhelming that it was the only thing that was decisive for the voluntary subordination of his will to the divine. God wanted to receive this proof of love from His first created one, and He gave him complete freedom of will. The countless spirit beings also possessed the free choice of will, so they were not subject to the must-law of the creature, but as children of God they were freely decisive beings. God taught them through the conscience that was audible in their spirit as the voice and expression of His will. They should follow the voice of conscience, not in coercion but in free will, as a response to the great love that God gave them.

The characteristic feature of freedom of will is that it carries the hidden incentive to do the opposite of what conscience advises. Thus there were constant opposites in the spirit beings, which prompted them to decide permanently in free struggle: to realize the divine virtues or to do the opposite of them. For long periods of time, the divine voice of conscience triumphed and everything was in order. But there came a time when Lucifer no longer wanted to obey the spiritual guidance of His Creator. The glory of the first created being was so great that it was dazzled by it. Lucifer saw the countless beings who had made his will to appear, and he felt himself as the creator of them, even though he knew that he had received the power to do so from God. He could see the created spirits, but not the source of power, because God gives Himself a visible form only on rare occasions, for His children's sake. In his delusion, Lucifer finally believed that the source of power was within himself, and he rose himself to become the sole ruler over "his" spirits, which he was able to convince that it was not God, but he, Lucifer, who is their creator and they had to submit themselves to his will.

Lucifer had decided against his creator. Now the countless spiritual beings had to decide, the free will could choose. — God's ray of light lit them up and they felt their divine Father, even though they could not see him. They felt His love and heard His voice in their conscience. — On the other side was Lucifer, in which they noticed a change of will. But since they could see him and were devoted to him as their direct creator in love, many listened to his call, subordinated themselves to his will and thus sought to break away from God. With these renegade spirits, a momentous change took place.

Love, the center of the Divine Spirit Spark, had to separate from the spirit beings after they had decided against their Creator. Thus they emptied themselves of the divine life force, and the vessels and organs of execution (souls) remaining without the spirit hardened to a soul substance.

In His omniscience, the Creator knew that a large part of His children would not pass the great love-test, and He had prepared His plan: not the annihilation of the apostate, but their repatriation. Since the spirit beings had turned away from God through the wrong exercise of their free will, He wanted to prepare and educate them with great patience — on an infinitely long and arduous path, far from His Father's house — in such a way that they would again find the way to His Father's heart. God seized the soul substance of Lucifer as well as that of the countless beings devoted to him, dissolved it into the smallest particles and transformed them into visible, material creation. — For the mind this is incomprehensible; only those who already possess spiritual knowledge can comprehend it suspectingly. The scientist is annoyed to acknowledge the thesis that the material, the matter, is directed, hardened soul substance. But against this background, the words of the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 8, verse 19, are understandable to us, namely that the whole creature sighs and waits with us for its redemption.

In the process of development, which is infinitely long for our concepts, the soul substance must constantly change, transform itself, become ever new and higher forms of life. This also makes it understandable why the matter is transient, i. e. why it is constantly in the process of "death and becoming". In other words: Matter has no eternity, because it is only the shell of spiritual soul substances, which have to develop higher and therefore cannot remain in the same shell forever. Matter itself consists of the same soul substance, but it is still at the beginning of its development and must therefore serve as a lower form of life for the already more highly developed forms of life in creation. While these are normally invisible to us, matter is sensually perceptible to us, since our body also consists of particles of matter, i. e. condensed soul particles of the same low vibration.

The soul particles bound in the material creation must unite in the course of the development process like crystallisation. The upward trend begins in the mineral kingdom and continues through the plant and animal kingdom. This is to be understood in such a way that, for example in the animal kingdom, the soul units of large quantities of small animals after a longer period of development, when their shells die off, are combined into a larger unit in order to produce an already more highly developed soul substance, which develops in a larger animal. This process repeats itself several times, until finally the soul has reached its highest possible maturity at this stage of development in intelligent animals. Several such souls are then combined into a new unity according to the divine plan of salvation, which does not tolerate any standstill in the upward development, and form a human soul. Soul development over the areas of creation of the mineral, plant and animal kingdom lasts for billions of years, and it is guided by God's Spirit through His countless host of light spirits who naturally transmit and carry out His will.

The trained soul is now ready. On her walk through the various natural kingdoms, it has acquired forces and abilities and is waiting for the last stage of its development: the incarnation in man. It approaches the lovers on earth, and when it is conceived it is placed in the body of the future mother. But the essence is still lacking so that the soul cannot attain its highest perfection. Shortly before the birth of the new citizen of the earth, God directs a spirit into the soul that is ready for its first incarnation. Thus the spirit being is complete again: The two parts of this unity now jointly strive for the final development to perfection, which also takes a long time and goes through many reincarnations, that is to say, through multiple lives on earth in different epochs of time.

In the case of a reincarnation, the spirit-soul-unit is ready to take possession of a new earth body, but also then the soul first penetrates into the mother's body alone at conception and establishes the connection with the nascent germ of life. The spirit does not enter his soul shell until later, in some cases earlier, in others later, but not later than three days before birth. — Since the soul consists of countless tiny particles that are not absolutely inseparably connected to each other, it also absorbs the soul particles of the parents during the process of procreation, with which — in addition to the attraction of related souls — the inheritance of some parental predispositions can be explained.

After the origin and development of the soul has been explained in the preceding paragraph, its essence and some of its tasks in human life will now be highlighted. First of all, it should be made clear once again that the soul is not earthly-material, but an invisible, ethereal-spiritual power. It has gone forth out of God's Spirit as an independent being and, after an eternal atonement through the divine creations, has regained its original purpose. — From a spatial point of view, the soul in the human being stretches itself over the entire human body; like the nervous system, it spreads out over all organs and parts of the body. It enlivens the body, which would be lifeless without it and, when it is detached from it, leaves it as a lifeless shell. Practical thinking and willingness, sensual feeling and feeling, as well as hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling are functions of the soul. It is the inner, driving force of the physical shell, and only those who have the gift of the spiritual vision can see and recognize that it is entirely in the form of the corresponding human figure; therefore it is also called the astral body.

The soul, together with the body's own defences, is responsible for the health of the body. If it can vibrate undisturbed and harmoniously, it forms a protective barrier against all kinds of pathogens. However, if these have already penetrated into the human body, the soul immediately takes up the fight against them in combination with the physical defense functions in order to make them harmless or expel them. It is a real fight, which causes increased temperature, which we know as fever. — The soul also has a role to play in feeding the body. The finer life forces of the food absorbed by the body are passed on by the soul to all organs of the body, so that everyone receives the appropriate subtle soul energies. But if we eat and drink too much, we feel our soul become dull and sluggish because it is too much taken up by physical concerns and has therefore lost its buoyancy for some time.

This small study would be incomplete if the relationship between soul and spirit were not explained and if it would not be said what the spirit is and what tasks it has to perform. First of all, what it is not: it must not be confused with "mind". The spirit in man is a spark of the Divine Spirit, of divine love, of divine light. It carries within him all the divine qualities, therefore God calls us His images, and we may call Him Father. Nevertheless, our spirit must constantly draw strength from the source of its origin: through prayer and spiritual exaltation, as well as through the study of divine revelations. Only in this way can it remain active and alive and communicate love, wisdom and power to man in order to fulfill God's commandments.

The human spirit — of divine origin — was put by the Creator into Adam according to the biblical account according to which God blew His breath of life into Adam's nose. Since then, this invisible act of grace repeats itself at the birth of every human being when the spirit is embedded in the soul. The soul forms the shell for the spirit, as the body is the shell for the soul. The task of the spirit is now to enlighten the soul, to penetrate it with the divine virtues. However, in these efforts the spirit must not compel the soul; it must submit to the guidance of the spirit in free decision.

The soul incarnated in man is at first completely turned towards the body and is ready to fulfill all his desires. And to the same extent as the body develops, the earthly-sensual qualities of the soul become stronger, which it still carries within itself due to its long development path. This is where the task of the spirit begins. With love and patience it must instruct the soul through its conscience that it must discard the low and evil tendencies and overcome the earthly desire of the body — if unlawful. If the spirit finds hearing in the soul, then it has achieved great success, even if there are repeated relapses in which the soul fulfils the earthly desires of the body. If the soul continues to keep itself open to the admonitions of the spirit, the spiritual virtues can penetrate more and more into it, and at the same time it becomes increasingly immune to the wrong desires of the body. The consequences of this change are then visible in the human being's radiations: it is a person with good thoughts and pure feelings; it shows humility, patience and kindness as well as charity. When the hour of death comes, the spirit and soul leave the earthly body in full harmony and great joy, knowing that in the hereafter they are awaiting bliss and peace. As unity they continue on the pre-drawn path in the spiritual kingdom until they have regained the highest perfection that they had when God created them as spirit beings. Thus God's plan of salvation is completed and the return of the "Lost Son" is achieved.

But the course of a human life can also be quite different. When the soul resists the teachings and the urge of the spirit, it opens itself more and more to the demands of the body and the lower qualities within itself. The spirit fights a desperate battle and asks for power and wisdom from his Heavenly Father. If the soul stubbornly rejects all influences and exhortations of the spirit in its free choice of will, it becomes a slave to the sensual passions, material desires and all selfish impulses. It sinks so deeply that the spark of God is forced to inactivity within it; it becomes a prisoner in the spiritual shell, man is then "spiritually dead". — At this stage it becomes clear that spirit and soul are two different forces. While the spirit is condemned to inactivity and no longer makes itself felt through the conscience, the soul lives very intensely in the "unconscionable" human being (otherwise the body would be lifeless), and its evil virtues are then recognized by the thoughts and words, by feelings and actions in the outer sphere of the human being. God does not give up His child in this lost state. If the soul does not want to hear the voice of conscience, God speaks to it through illnesses in its material body and through various hardships. In many cases the soul then begins to reflect and is ready to heed the exhortations of the spirit for conversion. In this way a change takes place and the soul voluntarily submits itself to the guidance of the spirit. It draws the soul to itself, penetrates it with the spiritual virtues, and so they go together along the arduous path of higher development until God calls them from earthly life.

Unfortunately, there are countless cases in which the soul, despite the good admonitions of the spirit through conscience and despite the trials, remains in its evil goings-on. When such a soul is surprised by death, there is a rude awakening in the hereafter. There it can no longer escape the voice of conscience, which it relentlessly accuses: whether the disregard of the Divine Commandments, the evil deeds and the low passions. These self-accusations cause the greatest pain to the soul and are used for purification. When a soul sees its transgressions and regrets, its reawakened spirit can guide it so that it gradually wears off its evil tendencies and absorbs the divine virtues in itself. In cases where a soul remains impenitent in its malice, it prepares itself for an unhappy existence. Since it no longer possesses an earthly body and on the other hand cannot enter the spiritual sphere, it wanders aimlessly over the earth near men. It is then attracted by those whose bad thoughts, evil deeds and low passions coincide with its own nature. It takes "dwelling" with them, influences them to evil, and this condition can lead to obsession, making it worse and worse with such people. Earthbound souls support acts of violence, confuse the mind and cause sickness; they are a constant danger to all human beings. But there is a protection: The people who orientate their lives according to God's will and send out good thoughts and feelings are surrounded by them as if they were surrounded by a protective cover, to which the evil attacks of lower souls bounce off, since their whispers do not find resonance in these people and are immediately rejected; beyond this, the people of good will can and should help the darkened souls through their prayer and the sending of lightful thoughts.

God does not prevent the evil goings-on of the dark souls, because He must respect their free will. But there comes a day — usually after a very long time — when the soul of its miserable existence becomes tired and disgusted looks back on the iniquities it has caused. If it repents honestly and asks for forgiveness and help, its spirit can intervene at the same time and guide it gently. Light spirits and angels of God will then also be available for its help and instruction. Now in the spiritual sphere the ascent can begin step by step.

The human spirit — as a divine spark in us — is in contrast to the body, while the soul stands between them. It must choose the spirit or the body, because it cannot serve two masters at the same time. If it chooses the spirit, then it is ready to receive the Divine in itself and submit itself to the guidance of the spirit. If its choice is made for the body, it submits to the desires of the flesh, and the inclinations present in it can be romped about detrimentally. Practically there are only two poles and therefore the Lord mentions in His teachings the soul, or rather its functions such as mind, thoughts, feelings etc. not as often as spirit and body. The "spirit" is most often mentioned — as the most important part — although, according to the explanations above, it has become clear that the soul is also included in the general reference to the spirit being, even if between "spirit" and "soul" the perfect unity has not yet been achieved. — In the new revelations, the Divine Master very often speaks of the struggle of the spirit against the influences of the body. According to the preceding explanations, this is to be understood as a fight of the spirit with the soul when the soul has completely "fleshed out" itself, i. e. has become completely in bondage to the influences of the body and all material things. For the body cannot be led directly by the spirit, but only through the soul.

The great poet Goethe felt the two opposing forces with subtle sensitivity, and in his "Faust" he puts words into a person's mouth:

"Two souls dwell ,oh! in my chest,

One wants to separate itself from the other;

One of them keeps in the lust of love

To the world with clutching organs;

The other one is forcibly lifted from the dust

To the realms of high ancestors."

He speaks of "two souls" in his chest: one power, the soul, the love lust and the earthly thinking and wanting. The other power, the spirit, wants to free itself from the embrace of the senses and materialism and to rise up to the higher realms, the Divine Spirit from which it emanated. It is the conflict between spirit and soul, if the latter has not yet overcome the lower desires of body nature.


6. The Long Spiritual Path of Development of Humanity

Goodness is Truth and Love

Recognize that my word is not a new religion, nor can it be. This work is the light-filled way in which all ideologies, creeds of faith and religions will unite spiritually to reach the gates of the Promised Land. (310,39)

Get to know Me all so that no one will deny Me — recognize Me so that your idea of God is based on truth and you know that I am where the good shows up.

Nothing mixes the good with nothing. The good is truth, is love, is mercy, is understanding.

The good is clearly recognizable and unmistakable. Recognize it, so you're not mistaken. Every man can go a different way; but when they all come together at one point, which is the good, they will eventually recognize and unite. Not so if they persistently cheat themselves by giving the appearance of evil to the good and masking evil as good, as it happens with the people of that time. (329,45-47)

The Way Back to Our Spiritual Home

Every world, every level of existence was created so that the soul may develop on it and take a step towards its Creator, and so that it may continue to progress on the path of perfection, have the opportunity to reach the goal of its itinerary, the summit of spiritual perfection, which is precisely living in the Kingdom of God.

Who it seems to be unable to live "in the bosom of God"? Oh, you poor mind-humans, you don't really know how to think! Have you forgotten that you came out of my bosom into existence, that is, you already existed in it before? There is nothing strange about everything that comes from the source of life returning to him in his time. Every soul was virginal pure when it came into being from Me; but after that many stained themselves on their way. Nevertheless — since everything was foreseen by Me in a wise, loving and righteous manner, I immediately went about providing all the necessary means for their salvation and renewal on the way my children had to go through.

Even if that spiritual virginity has been desecrated by many beings, the day will come when they purify themselves of all their transgressions and thus regain their original purity. The purification will be very meritorious in my eyes, for the soul will have gained it through great and lasting trials of faith, love, loyalty and patience. (313,21-23)

I want at the end of the fight, when all my children are eternally united in the spiritual homeland, to share in my infinite happiness as Creator, in recognition of the fact that each one of you participated in the divine work, building up or restoring.

Only as spirit beings you will discover that of all that I have created since the beginning, nothing has been lost, that everything in Me resurrects, everything comes to life and renews itself.

So, if so many beings have been lost for a long time, if many, rather than works of life, have carried out destructive works, they will find that the time of their aberration was only temporary and that their works, however bad they may have been, will find reparation in eternal life and will be transformed into collaborators of my incessantly creative work.

What are some centuries of sin and darkness, as humanity on earth had when you compare them with eternity, with a time of development and peace without end? You have moved away from Me because of your freedom of will and you will return to Me through conscience. (317,17-20)

Spiritual Light Beings Stand by Our Side

You do not go alone, for my encouragement and my light are with each one of you. But in the case that this should appear little to you, I have assigned a spiritual being of light to each human creature to watch over your steps, to let you suspect any danger, to serve you as companions in your solitude and as staff on the journey of life. They are the beings you call guardian angels or protectors.

Never be ungrateful to them, and don't be deaf to their inspirations, for your powers will not be enough to endure all the trials of life. You need those who are more advanced than you and know something from your future because I have revealed it to them.

The struggle of those beings is very difficult as long as you do not attain spiritualization, because you contribute very little to support them in their difficult mission.

If your spiritualization allows you to feel and perceive the presence of those of your brothers and sisters who act invisibly, without any display, for the benefit of your well-being and your progress, then you will regret having forced them to become so much cut off and suffer for the sake of your sins. But when this insight ascends in you, it is only because it has already been lightened in your minds. Then compassion, gratitude and understanding for them will awaken.

What great happiness will be in your protectors when they see that their efforts are supported by you and that their inspiration is in tune with your exaltation!

You have so many brothers and sisters and so many friends in the "Spiritual Valley" that you don't know.

Tomorrow, when the knowledge of spiritual life has spread across the globe, humanity will recognize the meaning of those beings on your side, and men will bless my Providence. (334,70-76)

The Battle of Light against Darkness

Beyond your human life there is a world of spirits, your brothers and sisters, beings invisible to man, fighting among themselves to conquer you.

That struggle has its origin in the diversity of development in which some and others find themselves. The beings of light, carried by the ideal of love, harmony, peace and perfection, sprinkle the way of mankind with light, always inspiring it and revealing to it all that is for the good of mankind. The beings who still hold fast to the materialism of the earth, who have not been able to free themselves from their selfishness and their love for the world or who nourish human addictions and inclinations for an indefinite period of time, sow the way of men with confusion by darkening the mind, blinding hearts, enslaving the will to use men and turning them into tools of their plans, or to enslave them in order to use men as if they were their own bodies.

The spiritual world of light seeks to win the soul of men in order to open a breach towards eternity; those blessed hosts are constantly struggling to increase love, become nurses at the pain camp, counsellors at the side of man, who bear the burden of a great responsibility, advisers of youth, protectors of children, companions of those who become forgotten and live by themselves. On the other hand, the legions of beings also work incessantly among men without the light of spiritual wisdom and without the uplifting feeling of love. But their aim is not to ease your way to the spiritual kingdom — no; the intention of these beings is completely opposed, their aim is to rule the world, to continue to be the masters of it, to perpetuate themselves on earth, to rule men and to make them slaves and instruments of their will — in a word: not to let themselves be taken away what they always regarded as theirs: the world.

So, disciples, there is a fierce struggle between one and the other beings — a battle your physical eyes do not see, but the reflections of which make themselves felt in your world day after day.

In order for man to defend himself and free himself from the bad influences, he needs knowledge of the truth that surrounds him, he must learn to pray with the spirit, and he must also know what abilities his being is endowed with, in order to be able to use them as weapons in this great battle of good against evil, light against darkness, spiritualization against materialism.

The spiritual world of light in particular works and fights and prepares everything so that one day the world may make its way to spiritualization.

Think about all this, and you will be able to imagine the vigour of this struggle of your spiritual brothers and sisters who strive to save men — a struggle that for them is a cup with which you continually give them the gallbladder of ingratitude to drink. You are content to receive from them all the good that they give you, without ever standing by their side to help them in their struggle.

Few are able to join them, few are receptive to their inspirations and follow their advice. But how strongly they go through life, how protected they feel, what joys and inspirations inspire their minds!

The majority of people are torn between the two influences without choosing one, without being totally committed to materialism, but also without trying to free themselves from it and to spiritualize their lives, that is, to increase it through goodness, knowledge and spiritual strength. These ones are still in the fight with themselves.

Those who have surrendered completely to materialism without caring about the voice of conscience and who disregard everything, as far as it relates to their soul, no longer fight, they have been defeated in battle. They believe that they have won, believe to be free and do not realize that they are prisoners and that it will be necessary for the legions of light to descend into darkness to free them.

I send this message of light to all the peoples of the earth so that men will awaken, so that they will become aware of who the enemy is, whom they have to fight against until they have defeated him and what weapons they carry with them, without knowing it. (321,53-63)

God's Vision for Our Future

I expect spiritualization from the world. With Me, the names through which every church or sect differs have no meaning, nor the more or less great splendour of their rites and external forms of worship. This only reaches the human senses, but not my Spirit.

I expect spiritualization from men, because it means increasing life, the ideal of perfection, love for goodness, turning to truth, the practice of loving activity, harmony with oneself, which is harmony with others and therefore with God. (326,21-22)

From the people of today without spirituality and love I will let the generations that are so often prophesied by my word come forth. But first I will work on those peoples who misjudge themselves today, who have been at war and destroy themselves.

When then the execution of my judgment has passed over all of them and the weeds have been pulled out by the roots, a new humanity will begin to emerge, which in its "blood" no longer bears the seed of discord, hatred or envy, because the "blood" of its parents purified itself in the crucible of pain and repentance.

I will receive them and say to them: "Ask, pray, and it will be given to you", as I told you in the Second Era. But today I will add: understand to ask. (333,54)

Imagine the progress of a humanity whose morality is derived from spiritualization; imagine a humanity without boundaries and borders that fraternally shares all the means of life that the earth gives to its children. Try to imagine what human science would be like if they had love for each other as an ideal, if man received the knowledge he was looking for through prayer. Consider how pleasing it will be for Me to receive the divine service of love, faith, obedience and humility from men through their lives without having to take refuge in rites and external forms of worship.

This will be life for men in the first place, because in this they will breathe peace, they will enjoy freedom and only nourish themselves from that which contains truth. (315,57-58)

If my voice can be heard spiritually in humanity, people will feel something vibrate that has always been in them, even though it could not express itself in freedom. It will be the spirit who — encouraged by the voice of his Lord — will rise up and respond to my call.

Then a new age will begin on earth, for you will no longer look at life from below, but will see, recognize and enjoy it from the heights of your spiritual exaltation. (321,38-39)


7. This Message is for All Peoples

I will send a book to all mankind through the mediation of my people, containing the essence of my word and the testimony of the works I have done among you. It is my will that those pages should contain the whole core and truth of my gospel and my word in the course of the three eras.

Read in this book, take my word as the bread of Eternal Life, and you will understand everything that has remained unclear and mysterious until now, if you go straight from spirit to spirit with my divinity. This teaching is like a new day dawning for humanity, and will enlighten it to a great awakening.

This is the Third Era, the time when you will learn to understand, practice and live my Gospel. In the First Era I sat down on a mountain and sent you from there my law, carved in stone. In the Second Era I descended into the valley to live among you. In the Third Era I will make your hearts my dwelling place so that I can make myself known and speak to you from your innermost heart. When mankind recognizes the truth of this doctrine, its justice and its infinite wisdom, it will free its heart from all prejudice and fear. My law doesn't enslave. My law redeems.

Not only once, but often and in different ways I showed and promised my disciples my return. I told them the signs that would announce my arrival: signs in nature, events in humanity, world wars, sin at its highest stage of development. But so that the world may not deceive itself by expecting Me as a human being again, I let them know that Christ will come on the clouds, the symbol of the hereafter, from where my ray emanates, i. e. in the Spirit. This promise has been fulfilled. My word didn't come to get stuck in the flesh again. That apprenticeship is over. I don't need a body to live among you. Yet you have me in abundance as a master, a judge, a doctor.

Today's time is a decisive time in the life of mankind. You see a tremendous fight in all elements and forces. It is the end of a human developmental stage.

The events that shake the peoples of the earth on a daily basis are the voices of judgment that call you to repentance, prayer, renewal and purification, but this time of trial will be prolonged until the persistence and the spirit of contradiction of men bow down, until they let themselves be carried away by their arrogance and their ungodliness. Mankind is still granted a short time limit in which it can check its actions so that it may answer the Divine Judge when He calls them to account.

The end of an age and the beginning of a new one have caused the crisis and chaos you are now suffering from. A time of great tribulation is approaching for all, since neither power nor money nor knowledge will help to avert the gravity of divine justice. Only spiritualization will save mankind from chaos. You don't have to hope for another solution. If you prepare well, then the world will take a new course. Then the threat of war will be averted and peace will come. Oh, dear humanity, if only you had good will. One prayer, one thought, one word would be enough to reconcile people, peoples and nations. People are still children, but the great test that approaches them lets them experience so much in such a short time that they quickly reach adulthood from this childhood.

This voice that calls you is the voice of the Divine Master. This word is from the one who created everything. The meaning of this work will be the cornerstone on which all orders will rest in the future. He who has the power to do everything will transform your heart of stone into a sanctuary of love and upliftment and will light the light where there was only darkness.