Three Great Divine Revelations

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The Third Testament - Part 1

The Second Coming of Christ – Third Era of Revelation

Chapter 1 –   Waiting for the Second Coming of Christ

Introductory Perspective to the Sacred Event

Hopes and Expectations

Biblical Promises

Predictions fulfilled

Chapter 2 –   The Dawn of the Third Era

The First Revelation

Messages and Signs All Around the World

Elijah as a Forerunner of the Lord

Chapter 3 –   The Spiritual Sun of the Second Coming of Christ

The Coming of the Lord

"Every Eye Shall See Me"

Chapter 4 –   Teaching through the Divine Manifestation

Origin of the Revelations

Places of the Revelations, and their Recipients

The Transmission of the Divine Manifestations

The Form of the Manifestations

The Presence of Beings from Beyond during the Teachings of Christ

Time Limitation of the Manifestations

Chapter 5 –   The Motive for the Divine Revelation

God's Will that Humanity be Redeemed

The Elimination of Errors and Superficial Cults

Clarification about the True Life

The Development, the Spirituality, and the Salvation of Mankind

Chapter 6 –   The Third Testament and the Great Book of Life

The Book of Love, the Truth and Wisdom of God

The Relationship between Spiritualism and the Doctrine of Jesus Christ

Discussions about The New Word

The Great Book of True Life

Chapter 7 –   Influence and Significance of the Spiritual Teachings

The Effect of the Revelations

Hope and Understanding of the New Word

The Power of the Word of God

Reaction of Theologians and Materialists

The Effect of Spiritualism

The Importance of the New Revelation

Chapter 8 –   The New Communities of Christ: Disciples, Apostles, Divine Envoys

Light and Shadow in the Congregations of the Revelation

Words of Warning to those who hear of the Spiritualist Work

The True Apostolate – The New Apostles

The Envoys of God in all the World, and in All Times


Chapter 1
Waiting for the Second Coming of Christ

Introductory Perspective to the Sacred Event

1. In the beginning of time the world was without love; the first men were far from feeling or understanding that Divine Force, that essence of the Spirit, the principle of all Creation.

2. They believed in God, but attributed to Him only strength and the power of justice. They believed they understood the Divine language through the elements of Nature, so that when they saw them peaceful and serene they believed the Lord to be pleased with the works of men, but when the elements were unleashed, they believed they saw in them the manifested anger of God.

3. In the heart of man, an image had formed of a terrible God, capable of anger and the desire for revenge, so that when they believed they had offended Him, they offered holocausts and sacrifices in the hope of placating Him.

4. I tell you that those offerings were not inspired by their love of God, but the fear of a Divine justice and fear of punishment were what inspired those first people to offer tribute to their Lord.

5. The Divine Spirit they called only God, never Father, or Teacher.

6. It was the Patriarchs and the first prophets who began to make men understand that God was justice, yes, but the perfect justice; that He was first of all Father, and that as Father, He loved all His creatures.

7. Step by step, walking slowly on the path of spiritual evolution, humanity continued its pilgrimage, passing from one Era to another and learning a bit more of the Divine Arcane through revelations that God gave His children in every Era.

8. Still man did not arrive at a complete understanding of the Divine Love, for He did not truly love God as a Father, nor did He feel in his heart the love his Lord gave him at every step.

9. It was necessary for the perfect love to be made man, that the Word be made flesh, and be transfigured to a form visible and tangible to men, for them to finally know how, and how much, God loved them.

10. Not everyone recognized the presence of the Father in Jesus. How could they recognize Him, if Jesus was humble, compassionate, and loving even with those who offended Him? They saw God as strong and proud before his enemies, harsh and terrible with those who offended Him.

11. But, just as many denied, many also believed those words that penetrated to the most hidden reaches of the heart; that way of healing incurable ills and illnesses with a mere caress, a look of infinite compassion, and a word of hope; and in that teaching that was the promise of a new world, a life of light and justice that could not be erased from the many hearts of those who understood that Divine man to be the truth of the Father, the Divine Love of He whom men did not know, and therefore could not love.

12. The seed of that supreme truth was planted in the heart of humanity for all time. Christ was the Planter, and He is still raising that seed. Later He shall come for the harvest and enjoy it for all eternity. He shall not have to say again, "I hunger" or "I thirst," for finally His children will love Him the way He has loved them since the beginning.

13. Who is it that speaks to you of Christ, disciples? It is He.

14. It is I, the Word, who speaks to you again, humanity. Recognize Me. Do not doubt My presence because of the humble form of My presentation. Ostentation can be no part of Me.

15. Remember Me in My passage through the world in those times. Remember that I died as humbly as I had been born and lived. (296, 4-16)

Hopes and Expectations

16. After My departure in the Second Era, from generation to generation My arrival was awaited by those who kept faith in Me. From Father and mother to son and daughter, the Divine promise and My Word were kept alive in the desire of beholding My return.

17. Each generation believed itself to be the fortunate one, hoping that in their time the promise of the Lord would be redeemed.

18. And so time passed, and so did the generations, and My promise was becoming more and more forgotten from the hearts of men as prayer and vigil were erased. (356, 4-5)

19. The world is subjected to trials, the nations feel all the weight of My justice that falls upon them. And My light, My voice calling to you, is felt throughout humanity.

20. Men feel My presence, shall perceive the universal ray of light that descends and rests upon them: they foresee Me; without knowledge of this Work, without having heard My Word, they raise to Me their spirit to ask Me: Lord, in what Era shall we meet? These trials and bitterness which have come to mankind, what do they mean? Can it be that you do not hear the clamor of this world? You said that you would return. When, O Lord, will you come? And in each sect and religion, the spirit of My children raises and they seek Me, invoke Me, ask Me, and await Me. (222, 29)

21. Men interrogate Me and they say to Me: "Father, if you exist, why do you not manifest yourself among us, since in other times you have descended to our mansion? Why do you not come now? Is our iniquity today so great that it prevents you from coming to save us? You always sought the lost, the blind, the leper, of which the world is full today; by chance, are we no longer inspired by your compassion? You said to your apostles that you would return among men and that you would give signs of your arrival, which we believe we are contemplating; why do you not show your Holy Face?" (62, 27)

22. Behold men waiting for Me without being aware that I am among them. I am before their eyes and they do not see Me. I speak to them and they do not hear My voice, and when for an instant they have a glimpse of Me, they deny Me.

23. "But I continue giving testimony of Myself; and I keep on waiting for those who have been waiting for Me".

24. "And in truth, the signs of My manifestation during this Era have been great; the same blood of men, shed in torrents, saturating the earth has marked the period of My presence among you as the Holy Spirit". (62, 28-29)

25. No one should be surprised at My presence, since through Jesus I made known to you the events that would announce My manifestation as the Spirit of Truth. I also told you that My arrival would be in spirit, so that no one would be waiting for material manifestations that shall never come.

26. Look upon the Jewish people still awaiting the Messiah, who had not come in the form that they expected, because the true one was already among them and they did not recognize him.

27. Do you wish, humanity, not to recognize My new manifestation, in order to continue waiting for Me according to your belief, and not according to that which I promised you? (99, 2)

28. Let the world not await a new Messiah; if I promised to you that I would return, I also made it known that My coming would be spiritual, but humanity has never known how to prepare itself to receive Me.

29. In those times men doubted that God could be hidden in Jesus, whom they judged to be a man like other men, and as poor as other men. Nonetheless, later, and before the powerful works of Christ, humanity became convinced that in that man who was born, grew, and died in the world, was the Word of God. And yet, in this time, many men will only accept My coming if it is in human form, as in the Second Era.

30. The evidence that I come in Spirit to communicate with humanity will not be accepted by all, in spite of the testimonies, because materialism will act as a blindfold of darkness for the eyes of some.

31. How many would like to see Christ suffer again in this world and receive from Him the miracle, so that they could believe in His presence or His existence; but, truly I tell you, on this earth there will not again be a manger to see Me born as man, nor another Golgotha to see Me die. Now all those who are resuscitated into true life shall feel My birth in their hearts, just as those who remain in sin shall feel Me die. (88, 27-29)

32. See that many people of this time scrutinize the scriptures of past times, meditating on the prophets, and trying to penetrate in the promises made by Christ, to return.

33. Listen to how they say: "The Master is near," The Lord is here," or "He shall soon arrive," and then add: "The signs of His return are clear and palpable."

34. Some seek Me and call Me, others feel My presence, and still others foresee My coming in the Spirit.

35. Oh, if only that thirst for knowing was present in all, and if all had that longing to find the supreme truth! (239, 68-71)

36. See how in all religions and sects men scrutinize the time, life, and events with the hope of discovering the signs that announce My coming. They are the innocent who do not know that for some time I have been manifesting Myself and that I am about to end this form of communication.

37. But I tell you also that many of those who are so anxiously waiting for Me, if they witnessed the form in which I have come to communicate, would not only not recognize Me, but would flatly deny Me.

38. To them, only the testimonies will come and by these means, they shall believe, that I was among My children.

39. You also awaited for Me intimately with impatience, but I knew that you would recognize Me, and that you would be My laborers in this Era. (255, 2-4)

Biblical Promises

40. In My manifestation through Jesus, I announced to you the coming of the Holy Spirit and men thought that it pertained to a Divinity, who being in God, was not known by them, not realizing that while speaking of the Holy Spirit, I was speaking about the only God, who was preparing the time in which He would communicate spiritually with men through a human faculty. (8, 4)

41. Why should anyone be surprised at My new revelations? Truly I say to you that the patriarchs of ancient times already had knowledge of the coming of this Era and seers of other periods beheld it and the prophets announced it. It was a Divine promise made to men, a long time before I, as Jesus, came to the world.

42. When I announced to My disciples My new coming and allowed them to foresee the way in which I would manifest Myself to men, a long time had passed since that promise was made.

43. Here you have that period unfolding before you, here you have those prophecies being fulfilled. Who would be surprised? Only those who have slumbered in darkness (in ignorance or confusion) or the ones who have erased My promises from themselves. (12, 97-99)

44. I knew how little you would fathom My teachings, and the errors which you would make interpreting My revelations, I announced to you My return, saying that I would send the Spirit of Truth to clarify many Mysteries and explain to you that which you had not understood.

45. Because, in the most profound of My prophetic words, I led you to understand that this time I would not come in lightning and thunder, as in Sinai; nor make Myself a man, putting My love and words in human form, as in the Second Era; but would come to your spirit in the splendor of My wisdom, surprising your mind with the light of inspiration and calling at the doors of your heart in a voice that your spirit understands. Those predictions and promises are those which are now being fulfilled.

46. It is sufficient for you to prepare yourselves a little to look upon My light and feel the presence of My Spirit, the same one that proclaimed that it would come to teach you, and unveil to you the truth. (108, 22-23)

47. There are many who have not evolved due to fear or to a lack of study. They still practice the law of Moses without acknowledging the coming of the Messiah; others, believing in Jesus, have disregarded the arrival of the Holy Spirit as foretold. I have come for the third time yet many do not await Me.

48. The angels announced My arrival and their voices were heard throughout the heavens. Did you not hear them? The spiritual world has come to offer you testimony of My presence. All the prophecies will be fulfilled, the disasters that are now occurring on earth will overcome the pride and vanity of man. Once man becomes humble, He will then seek Me, calling Me Father. Love Me, and thus you will acknowledge Me. A prayer for world peace will then emerge from your heart. I love all My children. Once they evolve spiritually and return to Me, I will make a covenant with men and there will be great joy with the Father and His children. (179, 38-39)

49. So I said to you in that time: What I have told you is not all that I have to teach you. For you to know all, first I must go away in order to send to you the Spirit of Truth, to make clear what I have said, and what I have done. I promised to you the Comforter in the times of trial. And that Comforter, that Explainer, is I Myself returning to illuminate you and help you to understand the past lessons as well as this new one that I bring you now. (339, 26)

50. In wisdom is the balsam and solace that your heart longs for; it is for this I promised you at that time that the Spirit of Truth as the Comforting Spirit. But it is indispensable to have faith in order not to stop on the path, or feel fear before the trials. (263, 10-11)

Predictions fulfilled

51. Few are the men who know the signs that a new Era has begun and that I am manifesting Myself spiritually to humanity. The majority dedicate their lives and efforts to material progress and in that deaf and sometimes bloody struggle to reach their objective, they walk like the blind, and lose their course, not knowing what they are after; they do not see the light of the coming dawn, do not see the signs, and are very far from having knowledge of My revelations.

52. This humanity has believed more in the doctrines and the words of men than in the revelations that I have given you throughout time. By chance are you waiting for the Father, in His justice, will send you greater signs than those which you behold at every turn, in order that you may feel and believe that this is the foretold time of My manifestation as the Spirit of Truth? Oh men of little faith! Now disciples, you understand why I sometimes say to you that My voice cries in the wilderness, for there is no one who hears and truly listens. (93,27-28)

53. So that all men on earth may testify to the truth of this message, I have made the signs that were prophesied in ancient times, the signs that speak of My new coming, be felt through all the globe.

54. And so, when this good news comes to the nations, men will scrutinize and investigate all that was said in these times, and surprised and pleased they will find that all that was announced and promised about My new coming has been faithfully fulfilled, as is fitting for He who has one will, one word, and one law. (251, 49)

55. In the Second Era (time of Jesus) I announced to My apostles My new manifestation, and when they asked Me what signs would announce that period, I announced it to them one by one, as well as the evidence that I would give to them.

56. "The signs have appeared up to the last one; they announced that this is the Era foretold by Jesus, and I ask you: If this manifestation that I am giving you was not the truth, why has Christ not appeared, in spite of the signs? Or do you also believe that the tempter has power over Creation and over the elements to deceive you?"

57. "I forewarned you for a long time so that you would not fall under the seduction of false prophets, false Christ and false redeemers; but now I say to you that the incarnated spirit is so bright because of his evolution, his light and experience, that it is not easy to give him darkness for light, no matter how much artifice it may have".

58. That is why I have told you: Before you devote yourself with a blind faith along this path, scrutinize however you wish. Behold that this word has been given to all and never have I reserved a part of it only to specific beings. Observe that in this Work there are no books in which I would pretend to conceal any teaching.

59. However, I also said to you during that Second Era through the lips of John, My apostle: "If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I shall enter within him, and dine with him and He with Me". I also taught you the parable of the virgins so that you would keep it in mind during this period. (63, 79-80)

60. If the signs and ordeals have been fulfilled and I have not appeared in the synagogue, nor appeared in any church, has the world not perceived that in some place I would be manifesting Myself, since I cannot go back on My word? (81, 41)


Chapter 2
The Dawn of the Third Era

The First Revelation

1. This is a day of commemoration; on a day like this I consecrated My first spokesmen to make known through them My new commandments and My new revelations. The spirit of Elijah vibrated through Roque Rojas, to remind you the pathway that is the Law of God.

2. The moment was solemn, the spirits of those present were trembling from fear and anticipation, as was the heart of Israel, at Mount Sinai, when the Law was promulgated. And as the disciples were trembling on Mount Tabor as they beheld the transfiguration of Jesus, while Moses and Elijah appeared in spirit to the right and left of the Master.

3. That first day of September 1866, was the birth of a new era, the dawn of a new day: The Third Era, which was opened before humanity.

4. From that moment, and without stopping, many prophecies, and many promises made by God to men thousands of years ago, have been coming true. It has come to pass in you, men and women who inhabit this world in this era. Who among you was on this earth when those prophecies were spoken, and when those promises were made? Only I know that, but the important thing is that you know that I promised it to you, and that I am fulfilling it.

5. Do you remember that cloud in which My disciples saw Me ascend the last time that I manifested Myself to them? In truth, it was written that I would come again in a cloud, and this I have fulfilled. On the first of September 1866, My Spirit came in a symbolic cloud to prepare you to receive the new lesson. Later in 1884 I began to give you My Teachings.

6. I did not arrive as a man, but rather spiritually contained in a Ray of Light to dwell within human understanding. This is the means chosen by My Will to speak to you in this era, and I will take into account the faith that you deposit in this word.

7. Because in this Era it will not be Moses who guides you through the desert in search of the Promised Land, nor Christ made man who makes you hear His Word of life as the pathway to salvation and freedom; it is now the human voice of these beings which comes to your ears, and it is necessary to spiritualize yourself to find the Divine essence where I am present, it is therefore that I tell you that there is merit in believing in this word, because it is given through imperfect beings. (236, 46-50)

8. In 1866 the first congregation of spiritualists, disciples of this Doctrine was born. Under the light of My Spirit, and oriented by Elijah those first children began to receive the inklings of a message which now, at its ending, you are receiving in abundance. (255, 10)

Messages and Signs All Around the World

9. Elijah, who would come first to prepare the pathway of the Lord, manifested himself for the first time through a human speaker in 1866. Do you wish to dedicate a few moments to investigate the signs and events that took place in all its sequence and coincided with the period of that manifestation? Again, it will be the men of science who will study the stars, those who in ancient times were called the wise men, those who will testify that the Heavens have given signs that are Divine voices. (63, 81)

10. Do not think that this location on earth, where I am presently manifesting Myself, is the only place where I am presenting Myself to My children, for verily I say to you that My manifestation is universal in various forms.

11. Elijah, who manifested himself to you prior to My manifestation through human spokesmen, did not come only to this nation where you live. He went from one place to another throughout the earth announcing the arrival of a new Era and also informing humanity that the Kingdom of Heaven would soon descend upon mankind.

12. "Voices appeared from everywhere announcing My arrival to you. Nature, in turmoil, shook the earth; science was amazed before new revelations; the spiritual valley descended upon men; and in spite of that, humanity remained deaf before those voices that announced a new era".

13. A torrent of Divine Light descended to save men from the darkness, but they, selfish and materialistic, far from aspiring to the perfection of the spirit and the moral improvement of their lives on earth, took that light to build thrones and glories, material comforts and pleasures, and when they thought necessary, arms to destroy the lives of their fellow men. Their eyes were blinded in the intensity of My light, and their vanity caused them to become lost. Yet, I tell you, by that same light, they shall find the truth, find the way, and be saved.

14. Those who have known how to truly receive this light as a Divine message, have allowed their conscience to guide their steps and their deeds, for they had a presentiment that The Lord has returned and that He is among men.

15. The representatives of the various sects and religions have not wanted to receive Me. Their hearts, their dignity, and their false grandeur prevents them from accepting Me in Spirit. For that reason, groups have been formed during this Era on this earth, which consist of brotherhood and congregations who feel the presence of the new era, those who seek solitude to pray and to receive inspirations of The Lord. (37, 76-81)

16. There are religions that are getting prepared for My new coming, not knowing that I am already saying farewell.

17. I called everyone, and in truth My call and the rumor that I am communicating with mankind arrived to every corner of the earth, accompanied by testimonies and evidence that speak of Me; redeemed sinners, converted unbelievers, resurrections of the dead, the terminally ill who are healed, and the possessed who are freed from their bondage.

18. But I found many of them deaf, others vain in their earthly glory, and yet others fearful of knowing of My manifestation as The Spirit of Truth. I received and taught the ones who came to Me trusting in My Love. (239, 17-19)

19. People of other lands shall come to this people, multitudes anxious to ask you of the spiritual happenings that you have witnessed in this era, as well as of the revelations and prophecies that I have given you.

20. For in many parts of the world My messages have been received that say that in a place in the west My Divine Ray has descended to speak in this Era to humanity.

21. You shall see how, when the time comes, other people and nations shall come looking for you. And then men from the great religions shall be surprised that it is not them whom I came looking for. (276, 45)

22. How little My new manifestation interest the world! How few are the ones who keep vigil and are waiting for Me, and how many are the ones who sleep.

23. Many are waiting for My return, yet not all perceive My true spiritual presence during this era. Some, because of their old belief, think I will return as a man. Others believe that I will return in a manner visible to the material eye. Only a few are aware of the true nature of My return, which is spiritual.

24. Some ask and wonder what form I will take, what day and time I will arrive, or where I will appear; others, without thinking of material forms, times or places, say to themselves: "The Master is already among us and His Spiritual Enlightenment surrounds us".

25. When this message comes to all the hearts [of men], to some it will be a joyful present, for it will confirm all their presentiments and their faith; in contrast, others will deny the truth of My message upon not finding it in agreement with what they thought it would be, and not manifested in the form they expected. (279, 41-44)

Elijah as a Forerunner of the Lord

26. I sent Elijah to return in the Third Era, as I, as the Master in that Second Era, had announced, saying: "I say unto you, Elijah has come already, and they knew him not. I shall return to the world, but truly I tell you: Before Me, shall be Elijah."

27. And as all the words of the Master come to pass, in the Third Era, Elijah has come before Me to awaken the spirits, to make them foresee that the hour of The Holy Spirit shall open their doors, to say to every spirit to open his eyes, to prepare his garments to pass the threshold from the Second Era to the Third Era; and so that the manifestation of Elijah would be more tangible in this Third Era, I made him speak through a just man: Roque Rojas.

28. Elijah, from the Hereafter, spiritually enlightened this man, inspired him, strengthen him, and guided all his steps from beginning to end.

29. Truly I tell you: I did not come to choose Roque Rojas from among men. I sent him, sent his spirit, already prepared by My charity. I gave him the material form that I had prepared, and you know that He was humble, that through his humility and his virtue the Father manifested great deeds.

30. He was a prophet, a speaker, a seer, and a guide. From all of these He left a clear example to the people. He was mocked and ridiculed by his own people, as was Moses in the desert; He was persecuted, as was Elijah, the prophet, and He had to seek out the mountain peaks to pray for and watch over his people.

31. He was scoffed at and judged by priests and scribes, like his Master; and was believed and surrounded by very few, again like his Master; his hands dispensed balsam, performed miracles which raised faith in some and confusion in others; his lips spoke of prophetic lessons that were fulfilled to the letter and his lips knew to counsel and give comfort to those sick at heart.

32. His mind knew to conceive great inspirations and to raise itself with the ecstasy of the just, of the apostles, of the prophets; his spirit knew how to free himself from this world and his flesh, to penetrate the spiritual valley and humbly arrive at the gates of the Mysteries of the Lord, and by this elevation, the spirit of Elijah manifested himself to the first witnesses, before the coming of the ray of the Master. (345, 57-58)

33. Roque Rojas assembled a group of men and women of faith and good will, and there, in the midst of his first gatherings, Elijah manifested himself through the faculty of the Envoy saying: "I am Elijah, the prophet", the same of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor. He gave instructions to the first disciples, at the same time that He proclaimed to them the Era of Spirituality and He foretold that the Ray of Light of the Divine Master would communicate with His people soon.

34. On a day when the humble dwelling of Roque Rojas was full of faithful followers who believed the word of that man, Elijah descended to illuminate the mind of his speaker, and inspired by Me, He anointed seven of those believers to whom He gave the representation or symbolism of the Seven Seals.

35. Later, when that promised moment of My communication took place, I observed that out of those seven chosen, only one kept vigilance awaiting the arrival of the Pure Spouse and that heart was that of Damiana Oviedo, the maiden whose faculty was the first to receive the light of the Divine Ray as a reward for her perseverance and her preparation.

36. Damiana Oviedo represented the Sixth Seal. It was one more proof that the light of the Sixth Seal illuminates this era. (1, 6-9)

37. Very few indeed were able to truly feel the presence of the Divine envoy! Once again He was the voice who cried out in the wilderness, and again He prepared the heart of men for the imminent coming of the Lord. Thus, the Sixth Seal was opened, allowing its contents to be contemplated and poured like a torrent of justice and light upon mankind. Thus, many promises and prophecies remained fulfilled.

38. Elijah, like Jesus and Moses, came to illuminate the eyes of your spirit so that you would behold the Father. Moses taught you to "love your fellowman as thyself". Jesus said to you: "Love one another". Elijah ordered you to "have charity and more charity toward your brethren", then He added, "and you will behold My Father in all His Splendor". (81, 36-37)

39. When the darkness that has covered humanity disappears and light is manifested in the spirits, you will feel the presence of a new era, for Elijah has returned among men.

40. But since they have not known how to see him, it has been necessary that He manifest his spirit through a human spokesman and that He appears before those, who are able to perceive him spiritually, as in the some vision in which Elisha saw Elijah riding a carriage of fire over the clouds.

41. "Elijah has come as a forerunner in this time to prepare mankind for My arrival. He has come as a prophet to announce the new Era to you with its battles, its trials, and also with the wisdom of his revelations. He comes with his carriage of light to invite you to enter it in order to lift you over the clouds and take you to the spiritual mansion where peace reigns. Trust in him as in the good shepherd; follow him spiritually as the people followed Moses in the First Era; pray that He will help you to fulfill your mission, and if you want to imitate him, do so". (31, 58-59)

42. Elijah, a spirit of great power who has not been recognized by humanity, has always been My forerunner. Today, He has come once again to prepare the chosen, those who have served Me as spokesmen and to all humanity.

43. If you prepare yourselves and study My teaching in order to come to know My will, Elijah will come as your support and friend.

44. Elijah is a Divine ray who illuminates and guides all beings and leads them to Me. Love him and honor him as a forerunner and as your mediator. (53, 42-44)

45. Elijah the prophet, the forerunner, the envoy of the Third Era, intercedes for his flock, prays for those who do not know to pray, and conceals with his mantle the blemish of the sinner, waiting for his regeneration. Elijah prepares his multitudes, his legions, to combat the darkness created by the ignorance, sin, fanaticism and materialism of mankind. (67, 60)

46. Now it corresponds to all of you who are prepared and awake to announce the liberation of the world. Remember that Elijah, the promised one for this time, is preparing everything to rescue the nations of the earth, enslaved by materialism, from the rule of Pharaoh, as in that time when Moses did in Egypt with the tribes of Israel.

47. Tell your brethren that Elijah has already manifested himself through a human spokesman, that his presence has been in spirit, and that He shall continue to illuminate the way to all the people who shall come in the future.

48. Your Shepherd has as his mission to restore all the creatures to their true path, whether it be spiritual, moral, or material order; for which I tell you how fortunate shall be the nations that receive the call of the Lord through Elijah, thus they shall be united by the law of justice and love, which shall bring them peace as the fruit of their understanding and brotherhood. Thus united they shall be taken to the field of battle where they shall struggle against evil, materialism, and falsehood.

49. In that struggle the men of this time will see new miracles, and they shall understand the spiritual sense of life, that which speaks to them of immortality and peace. They will cease killing one another, and realizing that what you should be destroying is your ignorance, your selfishness, and your insane passions, which have given origin to your obstacles and miseries, both material and spiritual. (160, 34-36)

50. Elijah is the ray of God, whose light comes to dissipate the darkness and liberate you from the slavery of this time, which is sin, and who will guide your spirit through the desert until you arrive at the Promised Land in the bosom of God. (236, 68)


Chapter 3
The Spiritual Sun of the Second Coming of Christ

The Coming of the Lord

1. I present Myself before humanity in a period when new revelations have transformed the life of man. Nevertheless, I still manifest Myself to humanity with the same humility that you have always known.

2. The Divine Word of God has not come to incarnate on earth again nor has Christ come again to be born in a humble manger. That is no longer necessary because man no longer needs a material being to offer testimony of the power of God. Although I am manifesting Myself through human spokesmen during this era, man should not believe that My presence is in a material form. It is not, because the presence of God is spiritual, universal and infinite.

3. My arrival during this period would not have been necessary if humanity had been living a life of justice and virtue, for not all of the deeds that humanity has presented to Me are righteous. Man walks on the wrong path and continues to sin and to lead a life that is unjust and evil. Thus, it was necessary that I come during this Era to awaken man spiritually and to remind him of the spiritual responsibilities that He has neglected. Man also needs to become aware of his Father, who has helped him to become all that He is and who will help him become the true son of God.

4. If I had attempted to communicate with man from Spirit to spirit during this period, man would not have listened to Me because He is very materialistic. Therefore, I chose to manifest Myself through human spokesmen to give you My teachings.

5. The reason why I "descend" to communicate with you is this: As you cannot ascend to communicate with your Lord spirit to Spirit, I have had to descend another step, that is, from the spiritual and the Divine, where you may not yet come, to take up your understanding, which has its seat in the brains of men, and translate My Divine inspiration to human words and material sound.

6. Man still needs to learn much more, and it is the Lord who has come to bring him knowledge and wisdom. Although some may believe that My manifestation through the human spokesmen was not praiseworthy, truly I tell you, that the teachings have revealed great spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Some would have preferred a manifestation with more splendor and more dignity, but any form of grandeur which reflects vanity lacks Divine light and spiritual elevation.

7. I could have arrived amidst lightning and storms to make My power known. Man would easily have known that the Lord had arrived! However, this would have caused man to become more confused and fearful. Do you not believe that instead of feeling love toward the Divine Father, you would have feared His justice? Although God is all power, you must realize that He will not impose His will on humanity nor utilize His power to triumph over man. The only power God will use is Divine Love.

8. It is the Divine Spirit who is now speaking to the Universe. It has come to clarify all things that have confused man in the past. This is the dawning of a new day for mankind because the Divine Spirit has come to eliminate the doubts and false fears of man as well as to help man acquire greater spiritual wisdom and understanding, allowing his spirit to become free.

9. I say to you that after you become familiar with the essence of My teachings and the justice of My laws, you will also become aware of how your previous belief and ideas prevented you from knowing the truth.

10. No longer will the fear of punishment prevent you from analyzing and learning about different things. You will feel free to learn as much as you can, however, your conscience will tell you when it is not to your benefit to penetrate into knowledge that is not reserved for man. You must learn that man is not entitled to all knowledge. He must acquire only the knowledge that is reserved for him.

11. My people: If it was announced that My arrival would be amidst wars, unleashed elements in nature, epidemics, and chaos on earth, it was not I who caused these events. I came during this period because I knew that humanity would need Me during this time of great ordeals.

12. Those events that were foretold to signal My arrival, are now occurring. During this Third Era, I have come to earth during a period of great suffering and turmoil to awaken and summon a new humanity with love. It is love that inspires man to practice justice, brotherhood, and peace. (296, 17-27)

13. The word of Christ germinated in His disciples, as well as in the other people who followed Him. His teachings and the essence of those teachings spread throughout the world. The teachings that I have brought today also will spread throughout the world. They will be welcomed by those who are prepared to feel and comprehend them. (296, 35)

"Every 'Eye' Shall See Me"

14. Jesus said to His disciples: " I shall be gone from you for only a time, I shall return." Then it was revealed that their Master would return in a cloud surrounded by angels and beaming rays of light toward the earth.

15. Here I am in the cloud, surrounded by angels, which are the spiritual beings that have come to manifest themselves among you as messengers of My Divinity, and as your good counselors. The rays of light are My Word that speaks to you of new revelations that surpasses wisdom in human understanding.

16. Blessed are those who without seeing have believed, for these are the ones who have felt My presence. (142, 50-52)

17. Man, through his spirit, shall find the truth; all shall feel My presence, because I have told you since that time that every eye would see Me when the proper time comes.

18. For this time in which you live is precisely that announced by My word and by My prophets of past times, so that every man on earth would see Me through the senses and potential of his spirit.

19. It is not necessary that they behold Me limited or drawn in a human form in order to say that they have seen Me, but it is sufficient that their spirit feels Me and their understanding can say with all truth that they have seen Me.

20. Love and faith, like intelligence, can look infinitely beyond the reach of your eyes, it is for this reason that I tell you that it will not be necessary to limit My presence in the human form, or through some symbolic figure to get you to see Me.

21. In the Second Era, how many saw Me or passed by My side, not knowing who I was? In contrast, how many who did not know when I was born as a man, saw Me in spirit, through My light, and enjoyed My presence by means of their faith.

22. All of you open your eyes, and justify your faith that you are children of the light. All of you may see Me, but it is indispensable to have the will and faith to do so. (340, 45-51)

23. I say to you that when this humanity is more against Me with its irreverence, its deviation from justice and righteousness, I shall appear along their path full of splendor as I appeared before Saul, and I will make them listen to My voice.

24. Then you will behold many who have unknowingly been persecuting Me, will arise, transformed and illuminated, ready to follow Me along the path of righteousness, love and justice.

25. I will say to them: Hold back your footsteps, 0 travelers, and drink from this fountain of crystalline waters. Rest from the harsh journey in which I have tested you, confide your troubles to Me and allow My gaze to penetrate deeply into your spirit, because I want to fill you with grace and to comfort you. (82, 46)

26. My love shall stir your most sensitive fibers, but in harmony with your conscience, which makes you hear My Divine concert; and many shall behold Me in the sweet figure of Jesus.

27. I must warn you that the figure of Jesus is not the perfect form in which you shall behold Me. If I told you in past times: "Every eye shall see Me," I made you understand that all of you would know the truth, yet I must tell you that I shall limit Myself according to the evolution of each spirit. But, as you ascend in the ladder of perfection you will behold Me in all My splendor.

28. For now, do not try to imagine Me in any form whatsoever. Meditate: If your spirit being limited is essence, is light, what form may the Universal Spirit of Your Lord have, who has no beginning, and no end? Leave what is unfathomable in the intimacy of My Arcane. (314, 69-70)

29. During the Second Era I revealed to you that I would come again among mankind and that My Spiritual World of Light would descend with Me. However, humanity has not understood nor correctly interpreted the meaning of My Word.

30. That is why each religion awaits for Me amidst its church and people expect to perceive Me with their physical eyes. Those who await Me in that manner are the same ones who in the past said that Jesus was not the true Messiah. (181, 74)

31. My disciples, I now say to you: The moment will come when you will perceive Me in all My splendor. At that time, the earth and its inhabitants will have become purified, and the grace and virtue of the spirit will have been restored. Suffering will have disappeared, and there will only be joy. It will be an infinite day, a day that will never end. Do you not wish to perceive those miracles? Do you not want your children to communicate with My Spirit, to be free of sin and to form a world of peace? (181, 81)

32. "If mankind would have known how to analyze the prophecies of the First and Second Eras, they would not be confused today about their fulfillment; this is what happened during the Second Era when the Messiah was born among men, the same thing that is happening today when I have come in Spirit".

33. "The meaning of My teaching is the same in the two Eras; it prepares you to make of this existence a pleasant dwelling, although temporary, where men will regard and treat each other as brethren with a warmth of true brotherhood pouring from one another".

34. Also, prepare the spirit to penetrate into those worlds or mansions that the Father has reserved for His children after this existence. My wish is that you do not feel like strangers when you go there, but rather that your spirituality and intuition will allow you to regard everything that you find as if you have previously been there. Much of the truth will be in it, if you know how to remain in contact with the spiritual from here by means of the prayer. (82, 9-10)

35. I am the traveler who is calling at the doors of your heart. I call, and you do not know who it is; you open, and do not recognize Me; like the traveler who comes to a town where no one knows him, or like the foreigner who comes to a strange land and is not understood in his own language: in this way I present Myself to you. When will you feel My presence? Oh, humanity! When will you recognize Me as Joseph was recognized in those days by his brothers in Egypt? (90, 1)


Chapter 4
Teaching through the Divine Manifestation

Origin of the Revelations

1. "The Word that has always been in God speaks to you, the same who was in Christ and whom today you know as the Holy Spirit; because the Word is an expression, a Law, a message, a revelation and wisdom. If you heard the Word through Christ and now you receive it through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in truth I say, it is the voice of God that you have heard, for only one God exists, only one Word and only one Holy Spirit". (13, 19)

2. Do you know the origin of that light that exists in the Word flowing from the lips of the spokesmen? Its origin is in what is good, in Divine love, in the universal light that emanates from God. It is a ray or flash of light from that luminous All which gives us life. It is part of the infinite force that moves all, and under which all vibrates, palpitates, and turns without ceasing. It is that which you call Divine irradiation. It is the Divine love that illuminates and gives life to the spirits. (329, 42)

3. He speaks to you in this instant, the One who has always come to save you; Christ: the Divine promise made human as Jesus in the Second Era, the Divine Word made human word, the Spirit of Love, of light, of wisdom, limited to a ray through his conscience touches the spirit and the mind of man to teach him to transmit My thoughts. (90, 33)

4. I am Christ, the one who has been persecuted, blasphemed and converted into a common criminal in this world. I come to you after what you did to Me in the Second Era through Jesus, to give you one more time, proof that I have forgiven you and that I love you.

5. You took Me to the cross naked, and thus I return, for I do not hide My Spirit and My truth from your eyes behind the garment of hypocrisy or falsity. But in order for you to see Me, you must first cleanse your hearts. (29, 27-28)

6. "Today I say to you: Here is the Master, the One whom the multitudes named The Rabbi of Galilee. I come to give you the same Doctrine, the teaching of love; the banquet to which I invite you is spiritual, as are also the bread and the wine; but today like yesterday and as always, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". (68, 33)

Places of the Revelations, and their Recipients

7. "Remember that I am the Word of the Father; the Divine essence which you receive in this word is the light from that Creator Spirit which has left a part of My Spirit in each one of you."

8. Furthermore, on observing the poverty which exists among this multitude that listens to Me, and the humility of this house where it has gathered, I am asked in silence, Master, why did you not choose for your manifestation in this time one of those large temples or churches where they might have offered you rich altars and noble ceremonies worthy of you?

9. To those hearts who have such thoughts of their Master, I answer, men are not the ones who have brought Me this poverty. It is I who have elected for My manifestation the humble dwelling in the poor neighborhood of your city, thus, having you understand that it is not the material tribute nor the exterior offering that I come seeking among you. On the contrary, if I have returned, it has been to preach humility one more time so that through humility you will find spirituality. (36, 24-25)

10. There are those who do not believe in My presence because they judge the poverty and humility of these places, and the humility of these spokesmen through whom I communicate, but who so doubt, study the life of Christ, they would see that He never sought pomp, honors nor riches.

11. These places may be as poor and humble as the stable and straw in which I was born at that time. (226, 38-39)

12. Do not think that I chose this nation for My new manifestation at the last hour; all had been foreseen throughout eternity. This soil, this race, your spirits have been prepared by Me, just as the time of My presence was marked by My will.

13. I choose to begin My manifestations among the most humble, among those who maintained their understanding and their spirit pure. Later I allowed everyone to come to Me, because at My table it does not exist any distinctions nor preferences. My Word, poured out upon this people, has been simple and humble, within your reach and your senses, full of clarity, and has been profound for your spirit, because I, even though I am the Arcane, always manifest Myself and express Myself with simplicity and clarity. I am a secret to no one; secret and Mystery are children of your ignorance. (87, 11-12)

14. The first to listen to Me took My Doctrine as a tree, cutting the first branches from it to plant them in different places. Some interpreted My teachings well, and others took the wrong path..

15. Small were the numbers that came together in the shade of these humble places, yet when these multiplied, the multitudes grew. I called them to unite, and that all would know each other as disciples of a single Master, and all would practice the lesson in the same way, so the seed would be sown, not by the free will of the laborers, but by the Divine Will.

16. Before the Spiritual Ark of the New Covenant, the multitudes promised submission, obedience, and good will, but when the hurricanes and whirlwinds blew with force, and beat the branches of the tree, there were those who weakened, while others, unmoved, stayed firm, to teach the new laborers how to cultivate the soil.

17. There are those who, recognizing the greatness of this revelation, have attempted to penetrate My Arcane beyond My wishes, with the aim of possessing wisdom and authority that makes them superior to others, but it has not taken long to find themselves before My justice.

18. Others, not knowing how to find the greatness of this Work in its purity, in its simplicity, have copied from sects and religions, rites, symbols, and ceremonies, believing that they give solemnity to My manifestations. (234, 27-30)

19. From the time that this communication began to manifest itself your spirit was illuminated with My teaching, even though came the incredulous among those who have cultivated the mind just as the crude and ignorant.

20. So many arguments made to deny this revelation! How many attempts to destroy this Word! But nothing has halted the course of My message, on the contrary, the more this Work has been opposed, the more the faith of the multitudes has been kindled, and the more time has passed, the greater the numbers of those through whom I transmit My Word.

21. What does this mean? That human power shall never be able to prevent the Divine power from carrying out its designs.

22. The People, upon congregating in these places, have always done so without fear of the world, always full of confidence in My presence and My protection, and I have proven to them that their faith is based in the truth. (329, 28-30 and 37)

23. A new apostolate arose among those people, formed by simple and humble hearths, full of love and of faith to follow Me. There could not be missing among them a new Thomas, needing to see to believe in My presence; a new Peter, believing in Me and yet denying Me for fear of humanity, and a new Judas Iscariot to betray Me, changing My Word and My Truth for coins and praise.

24. The multitudes that make up this people continued increasing and branching out throughout the cities, regions, and towns; and from among these people arose apostles of truth and righteousness; selfless laborers full of zeal for the Doctrine of the Lord and clean-hearted prophets who spoke the truth. (213, 72-73)

25. I have changed everything for My new manifestation, both the places and means of communication, in order to destroy the ignorance, the confusion, and the misinterpretation that has been given to My previous revelations. Just as the sun appears in the East, and is seen at its zenith at midday, only later to be seen as it hides itself in the West, so the light of My Spirit came from time to time from East to West, so that you do not limit My grandeur and My power to places, to men, or to races. (110, 9)

26. Although only a few have listened to My teachings, it is sufficient because tomorrow they will offer testimony to their brethren. I know that if I were to summon everyone, the majority would not listen, because they are too occupied with their daily tasks. They would deny Me and prevent men of good will from listening to Me.

27. In these humble places where I manifest Myself, I am allowing the seed of My doctrine to germinate. I have united those with simple hearts into groups. After they are free from their everyday responsibilities, I speak to them of love, of the eternal, of the spirit, and of true human and spiritual values. I have made them perceive life through their conscience and not through their physical senses.

28. I refer to these individuals as My disciples. Since they were poor and not acknowledged by their brethren, they experienced great satisfaction when I summoned them. They resurrected to a new life and rejoiced at My teaching. Since the Lord has given them his revelations and has shown them the path of love, they strongly believe that they can help their brethren.

29. Some will reject and ridicule them because they call themselves disciples of Jesus. But truly I tell you, that in spite of that rejection and ridicule, they will continue being My disciples. (191, 33-36)

30. Humanity is waiting for Me to summon it. Although man lacks faith, He is waiting for Christ to tell him: "Arise and walk".

31. "There are many on earth who are spiritually dead, blind, ill, and abandoned. Those who suffer physically or spiritually are more sensitive to My presence; therefore, I will summon them first. Those on earth who are materially rich, powerful, and great believe that they do not need Me. What can Christ give them if they have everything? Can he, perhaps, give them spiritual gifts or a place in eternity? They are not interested in those things".

32. That is why during this Era I have chose to manifest My doctrine to those who are suffering spiritually and physically. I know that those individuals are seeking Me and want to find Me. It is natural for them to feel My presence when I begin to manifest Myself to humanity during this time. (291, 32-34)

The Transmission of the Divine Manifestations

33. For He who doubts this communication through human understanding, it is as though He deny his superior status among all the creatures, as though He deny his own spirit and does not wish to understand the spiritual and mental level He has reached through endless tests, bitter moments, and struggles.

34. To deny that I communicate through your understanding or your spirit, is to deny your very self, and place yourself among the lower creatures.

35. Who does not know that man is the child of God? Who does not know that within He carries a spirit? Then why do you not think that between The Father and his children there must be one or more means for communication between them.

36. If I am intelligence, I seek you through your understanding; if I am Spirit, I seek you through your spirit. More: How may those who deny My communication understand and accept this truth if they have never wished to look upon Me and know Me in spirit. In their hearts they have given birth to many mistaken beliefs, such as that of thinking that I am a Divine being in human form, and that I must be represented with symbols and images in order to communicate with Me through them.

37. Over the course of centuries humanity has sought Me in this way, and they have become accustomed to the muteness of the images and forms before which they pray and offer rites. And it has come to be, that in their hearts the idea has formed that none are worthy of looking upon, hearing, or feeling God. By saying that I am too exalted to be approached by men, these seek to render Me admiring homage, but they are wrong; for He who says that I am too great to pay attention to something so small as man, is a fool who is rejecting the most beautiful of that which My Spirit has revealed: Humility.

38. If you believe in Christ, if you sustain that you are Christians, you must not give sustenance to ideas as absurd as that of believing that you are unworthy that your Lord approach you. Have you forgotten that precisely this, your Christian faith, is built upon that proof of love, that the Word of God was made man. What more tangible and human approach could you ask of Me? What communication more within reach of sinful and carnal humanity, darkened of spirit and closed to understanding, than that through which I made you hear My Divine voice translated into human speech.

39. That was the greatest proof of My love, of the humility and devotion toward men which I came and sealed with blood so that you may have eternally before you that none is unworthy of Me, because, truly, it was for those most lost in the mire, in darkness, and in vice that I came to make My Word human and to spill the sap of My blood.

40. Why then, do those who believe all this reject My presence and My communication? Why then do they try to maintain that this is not possible because God is infinite and man is so low, so small, and so unworthy? Truly I tell you that who rejects My communication in this time is rejecting My presence in the world in that Second Era, and rejects also My love and My humility.

41. You, sinners, it is natural that in your sin you feel distanced from Me, but I, in turn feel that the more errors you commit, the more you stain your spirit, the more I need to come to you, to give you light, to offer you My hand, and to heal and save you.

42. I knew that when I returned to communicate with My children many would reject Me and since that time I have been announcing My return, but at the same time I made you understand that My presence would be in spirit; but if you should doubt, go to the Testament of those four disciples who in the Gospels inscribed My Word.

43. Here you have Me, in the spirit, and from the luminous cloud, sending to you My Word, making it human through these My spokesmen as a preparatory lesson for that communication to which all of you must come: The communication from My Spirit to yours. (331, 1-10 and 13)

44. I have manifested My Divine thoughts through human spokesmen. They have translated My thoughts into human words and phrases to create a spiritual doctrine filled with revelations and perfect teachings.

45. "This is the promised Comforter, this is that Spirit of Truth that was announced as coming to tell you everything. The preparation is about to begin; the time is coming when you will need guidance from those who are spiritually strong; those beings with noble and simple hearts will use their wisdom and charity to guide you". (54, 51-52)

46. My teaching comes to give light to understanding, but do not be astonished at the form of My coming among you in this time; nor be confused, nor treat it as common.

47. When My Divine light comes to the understanding of the one who serves Me as speaker, it is in the form of vibrations that are translated to the words of wisdom and love. How many steps My Spirit must descend to reach you in this form! And still I have had to send to you My Spiritual World so that you may be given a full explanation of My teachings. (168, 48)

48. I communicate through the human spokesman, because the brain is the perfect intellect made by the Creator, so that by it the conscience, which is the Divine light of the spirit, manifests itself.

49. This intellect is an example that you can never equal with your science. You may take its form and construction as a prototype for your constructions, but you will never reach the perfection obtained by the works of your Father. Why do you doubt, that I can use that which I have formed? (262, 40-41)

50. In all times, My love as the Master has depended on the lesson that men needed, and I have always come to them to speak as befitted their spiritual level and their mental development.

51. I have come to you because I have seen that the human word and the doctrines that you have created do not calm the burning thirst of your spirits: thirst for light, thirst for truth, for eternity, and for love. It is therefore that I have presented Myself before you, serving Myself with men who were humble, unlearned, and of rough understanding, and making them enter the ecstasy of the mind and of the spirit so that from their mouths might spring the message of the Third Era.

52. And so, in order to be worthy of receiving and transmitting My Divine thoughts, they had to struggle against both materialism and the temptations of the world. Renouncing in this way their own personality and castigating their vanity, they have made a total commitment of their beings during the moments when they lend their understanding to the Divine inspiration, permitting their lips to bring forth words full of wisdom, tenderness, justice, comfort, and peace.

53. Always there will be those who are not able to understand how it is that without having My Spirit descend to these minds, by merely illuminating them with a ray of My light, they can express such knowledge in their speech, and pour forth such essence upon the spirits of the multitudes. To which I tell you that not even the sun needs to come to the earth to illuminate it, being sufficient the light that from the distance is sent to your planet to bathe it in clarity, heat, and life.

54. Just so, the Spirit of the Father, like a sun of infinite power, illuminates all and gives life by means of the light that it sends to all its creatures, spiritual as well as material.

55. Understand then, that where there is My light, there too My Spirit is present. (91, 12-16)

56. The human speaker receives a spark of Divine enlightenment when I manifest Myself to give you My teaching. Who, among all of the spokesmen, could receive the entire essence of the Divine Word? No one can. Truly I tell you that you do not yet know the Divine Word.

57. The Divine Word is Life, Love, and the Word of God. Although the human speaker is only able to receive and transmit an atom of it, you can still discover the absolute, the infinite, and the eternal in the essence of these teachings.

58. To teach you about Me, I can do it through My great deeds or through small and limited manifestations. All things reflect My presence for I am present everywhere. All things in the universe were created perfectly, from the smallest known creation to the largest one. To discover that perfection, man only needs to carefully observe, meditate, and study. (284, 2-3)

59. My Word did not come again to be made flesh. In this time I am in the cloud, symbol of the Beyond, from where springs forth My Ray that illuminates the mind of the spokesmen.

60. It has pleased Me to communicate with men, and My determination is perfect. I know man because I created him. I may serve Myself through him, for it was for that that He was made, and I may show My glory through his conduct, for I created him to be glorified in him.

61. Man! There is My image, for He is intelligence, life, conscience, and will; because He possesses something of each of My attributes and his spirit belongs to eternity.

62. Many times you are smaller than you would have thought, and other times you are greater than you can imagine. (217, 15-18)

63. If you meditate a little, and study the scripture, you will see how, through all the prophets only one essence was given to man in his Word. They gave to mankind admonishments, revelations, and messages without the errors of the materialized cult professed by the people of those times. Teaching obedience to the Law and to the Word of God, they helped humanity to put themselves in contact with the Heavenly Father.

64. People: Do you not find a great similarity between those prophets, and these spokesmen through whom I am speaking now? Also on the lips of these do I put the essence of My Law, and so does My inspiration come to you through their words, and from them vibrantly surges the teaching that invites the multitudes to seek the Lord by the purest means. They speak without fear that among the multitudes that hear them there are scrutinizers or fanatics. They fulfill their mission by giving themselves in service to the Father, so that through their conduit He speaks to humanity, and gives them these lessons that open new paths of light to men.

65. People: Not only is there a great similarity between those prophets and these spokesmen, but in fact there is a perfect connection between them. Those proclaimed these, and what those predicted long ago, these servants now behold. (162, 9-11)

66. Not all of My spokesmen have known or wished to make themselves available to serve Me, and many times I have had to send My light over their impure understanding occupied in the superfluous, if not the sinful. They, in their error, have born My justice, for their minds have been deprived of all inspiration and their lips of all eloquence in expressing the Divine message.

67. In these cases, the multitude has closed their ears to those poor manifestations, but have opened their spirits to feel My presence in it and to receive My essence. The people sustained themselves at that moment with the essence that My charity sent them. The pedestal, however, retained a message that did not emerge from its lips, forcing the multitude to communicate with their Master spirit to Spirit, when they were not yet prepared to receive inspiration in that form. (294, 49)

The Form of the Manifestations

68. The lesson of the Master begins always in the same way, for it contains the same love. It begins in love and ends in charity, two words within which all My teachings are enclosed. These elevated sentiments are those that give strength to the spirit to reach the regions of light and truth. (159, 26)

69. You may say that the outer form of the language in which I spoke in the Second Era, and that which I use now are different, and in part you are right, for Jesus spoke in that time in the terms and customs of the towns in which He lived, as today I do according to the mentality of those who hear My Word; but the essence that flows from that word is the same; it is one, and inalterable. This, however, has been unnoticed by those whose hearts are hardened and whose minds are closed. (247, 56)

70. O, unbelievers! Come to hear Me often, My Word will defeat your doubt. If to you the form of My Word seems not to be the same as it was in that time, I tell you not to halt before the form, the exterior, but rather seek for the meaning, which is the same.

71. The essence, the sense, is always one, for the Divine is eternal and immutable; but the form in which the revelation comes to you, or through which I give you to understand one more part of the truth, is presented always according to the capacity or development that you have reached. (262, 45)

The Presence of Beings from Beyond during the Teachings of Christ

72. Truly I tell you, that in the moments when My Word vibrates through the understanding of humankind, thousands and thousands of disembodied beings are here witnessing My manifestation and hearing My voice; the number of them is always greater than those present in material form. Like you, they are slowly coming out of the darkness to enter into the Kingdom of The Light. (213, 16)

73. This, My Word, you hear on the earth by means of human understanding, and on the level above yours, other spiritual dwellers are hearing it as well, just as on other, higher levels the spirits that dwell therein are listening to it as well. For this concert, that the Father in this Third Era holds with the spirits, is universal.

74. I have said to you: My ray is Universal, My word and My essence are also universal, and on the highest level reached by the spirits, there I am heard. You hear Me now in this communication in the most imperfect form, which is through man.

75. It is for that reason that I am preparing you for greater communications, and so that when you enter in spirit, fully leaving this earth, we may then meet upon a new level to hear the concert that the Father carries on with your spirit.

76. Today, you are of matter, remaking your heart and spirit with this Word, and those beings that belonged to you on earth, those whom you call still Father, husband, wife, brother, son, relative, or friend are on other levels hearing the same Word; but for them the meaning, the essence, is different, even when you experience the same pleasure, the same recreation, the same breath, the same bread. (345, 81-82)

77. I send a ray of My light to each world in the universe. That ray of light reaches this world in the form of human words, whereas it reaches other worlds through inspiration.

78. All spirits will become united in the light of the Divine ray. That light will guide all spirits toward the Kingdom that has been promised to all who are spiritual particle of My Divinity. (303, 13-14)

Time Limitation of the Manifestations

79. My kingdom descends upon suffering mankind and My Word is sounded through the chosen of this time, so that those who hear Me become the consolation of humanity.

80. In all times I have had intermediaries between men and My Divinity; it has been the meek and humble of heart who I have had to serve Me. I am preparing the new messengers of My teachings so that this good news may be the awakening to spiritual life of men.

81. How many of those who are enabled to carry out a noble spiritual mission are sleeping, spread throughout the world! They shall awaken, and their spiritual advancement will be manifest upon their transforming themselves into beings useful to their fellows by the nobility of their sentiments. They shall be humble and never boast of superiority. (230, 61-63)

82. My Doctrine needs to be pure when it reaches humanity so that man will arise to fulfill My Law and embrace the cross of his salvation.

83. I will fulfill the promise that I made to mankind for My promises are always fulfilled. I will send humanity these teachings through My disciples which will help man prepare himself to communicate joyfully with Me from spirit to Spirit because after 1950 I will no longer manifest Myself through human spokesmen. (291, 43-44)


Chapter 5
The Motive for the Divine Revelation

God's Will that Humanity be Redeemed

1. If there was no ignorance on earth, no bloodshed, and no human misery or suffering, then there would be no reason for My Spirit to materialize and make itself felt by you. However, you need Me, I know that only My love can save you in these moments, and that is why I have come.

2. If I did not love you, what would it matter [to Me] if you were lost and in pain? But I am your Father, a Father who feels the pain of his child, for each child is a particle of himself, and that is why I come to give you the light of truth representing life for the spirit in every one of My words and inspirations. (178, 79-80)

3. Here I am among you calling to your hearts. Do you think that My peace is complete when I behold you in constant wars? For this have I come as a great warrior, to fight against darkness and evil. With Me have come as well the spirits of good, the Spiritual World, to consummate My work. How long will this fight continue? Until all My children have been saved. But I have not brought pain; I wish to transform you with love. (268, 31)

4. My word will make men uncomfortable again, as it did in times past, but I shall tell you the truth. Without accusing before others, I have called the hypocrite, the adulterer, adulterer; and the wicked, wicked. The truth had been humiliated, and it was needful that it blaze forth, just as now, when the truth has been hidden, and must therefore be raised again before the eyes of men. (142, 31)

5. Not once, but many times and in various forms I proclaimed and promised My new coming to My disciples; I prophesied the signs that would proclaim My coming; signs from nature, happenings among humanity, world wars, and sin at its greatest height. So that the world would not be confused awaiting Me again as a man, I made you know that Christ would come in a cloud, that is to say, in the Spirit.

6. That promise is fulfilled. Here is the Master in Spirit, speaking to the world. Here is the possessor of peace and the kingdom of light, come to build an arc of immense size, wherein all men may find refuge and be saved, as in the first times, when Noah built the Arc to rescue human seed. (122, 52-53)

7. The form in which I have come to manifest Myself in this time is different from that in the Second Era, but My purpose is the same: To save humanity, to keep it away from that whirlwind it has encountered in its path, and from which it has not been able to free itself.

8. Temptation is unleashed with all its strength and man has fallen like a weakened child, and has paid great penalties, He has drained the cup of bitterness, and in the midst of his confusion, clamored for Me, and the Father has been with him.

9. Still in the chalice remain the dregs, but I shall help you to withstand these afflictions, which are the consequence of your disobedience. Blessed are you who hear Me, for you shall be strong. But what shall others do when this great pain comes to them? Will their spirits succumb for lack of faith? The prayer of Israel must save them. (337, 38)

10. I come to seek you with infinite love. I have endowed your spirit with so much grace and so many gifts that I am not willing to lose any of My children. You are part of My Being, of My Spirit; is it wrong to seek you with so much eagerness and love?

11. When I descend to give you My word, always among the multitudes there are those who lag behind, and it is they who in their hearts hold the most questions. Yet I satisfy them, responding always to their questions.

12. Today, those who lag ask for the purpose of My new coming, to which I answer: The purpose is to enable men to return to themselves to their original purity. (287, 19-20)

The Elimination of Errors and Superficial Cults

13. The Third Era has fully arrived to humanity. Almost two thousand years have passed since I came to give to you My Word; and that Doctrine, in spite of the time passed, is still not known to all humanity because I am not loved by all My children; still, all worship Me, and all seek one single Divine Spirit, which is Mine. Yet, I do not see unity among men, I do not see among them the same faith, the same elevation, or the same knowledge; and it is for this reason that I come as the Holy Spirit, to unify you in Me, to perfect you with My Doctrine of truth, with My immutable Word, and with My Law of justice and of love. (316, 4)

14. The bewilderment of the mind, the lack of faith, the ignorance of truth, are darknesses of the spirit and it is therefore that humanity today finds itself lost. How those men who walk without knowing or caring where they go have multiplied!

15. I knew that to men would have to come a time such as this: full of pain, confusion, uncertainty and mistrust. I promised to come to save you from this darkness, and here you have Me: I am the Spirit of Truth. For what purpose do you want Me again as a man? Do you not remember that as a man I died and said to you that I would wait for you in My Kingdom? With this I made you to understand that the spirit is eternal, and immortal. (99, 7-8)

16. My Word in this time comes to remind you of the past, to reveal the Mysteries and to proclaim that which is to come. It shall straighten what men have twisted and spoiled, for I, jealous of the truth, come with the sword of My zeal and My justice to throw down all that is false, to destroy hypocrisy and the lie, to expel again the moneychangers from the temple of truth.

17. Understand that you do not have to seek in the books, the counsels, or the commandments of men, the truth to reach your salvation.

18. All of you are to be saved. I do not find one yet on firm ground. You are shipwrecked in the middle of a stormy night, in which each one fights for himself without remembering his brother, because his own life is in danger.

19. And truly I tell you: I am your only Savior, He who arrives one more time in search of those who have been lost because they parted from the heading that is the Law. I come to illuminate your course so that you may make land, that blessed land that awaits you, because in its breast infinite treasures for the spirit are guarded. (252, 37-40)

20. If in that time false interpretations of the Divine Mandates were made, in this time too My Doctrine has been falsified, and it was necessary that the Master come again to help you to leave your errors, since on your own, very few are they who manage to free themselves of confusions.

21. Certainly, from that time I have promised that I would return; but also I said to you that I did so because I knew that a day would arrive when humanity, believing itself to live within the path of My teachings, would walk far from them, and this is the time that I proclaimed for My coming. (264, 35-36)

22. In the Second Era, Christ, the same who is speaking to you in this instant, was made man and lived on the earth, but now you have him in the Spirit, fulfilling a promise made by him to humanity, that of coming in a new time to bring you the supreme comfort and the light of truth, clarifying and explaining all that had been revealed to mankind. (91, 33)

23. Humanity is disoriented, but I have come to lead them to the light of the Holy Spirit, and so that they recognize My Word for its essence.

24. Over time those scriptures left by My disciples have been altered by men, and for that reason are there divisions between the religions. But I have come to clarify all My teachings to unify humanity in one single light, and one single will. (361, 28-29)

25. Today a new Era is opening for the world in which mankind will seek greater freedom for his thoughts, and in which He will struggle to break the chains of slavery that his spirit has been dragging behind him. It is the time in which you will see peoples break through the barriers of fanaticism in search of spiritual sustenance and true light. And I tell you that he, who for even an instant comes to experience the happiness of feeling free to meditate, to scrutinize and to practice, will never voluntarily return to his captivity, for his eyes will have beheld the light, and his spirit has been in ecstasy before the Divine revelations. (287, 51)

26. I knew that from generation to generation men would Mystify My Doctrine, adulterating My Law and falsifying the truth; I knew too that men would forget My promise to return, and that they cease to consider themselves as brothers in order to kill each other with the cruelest, most cowardly, and perverse arms.

27. But the time and day appointed has come, and I am here. Do not judge the form in which I have chosen to communicate with you, for it is not the humanity which is to judge Me, but I who am to judge the humanity, for this is the time of its judgment.

28. I come to establish a kingdom in the heart of humanity, not a material kingdom as many expect, but a spiritual one whose strength comes from love and justice, and not from the powers of the world.

29. I see there are those who are surprised to hear Me speak this way, and I ask them: Why must you always imagine Me robed in silk, gold, and precious jewels? Why have you in all times wanted My Kingdom to be of this world, when I had revealed the opposite to you? (279, 61-64)

30. I already foretold to you that the struggle would be intense, for each believes his own religion to be perfect, and his compliance with it to be perfect, yet, I tell you that if that were true I would not have had any reason to come speak to you in this time.

31. I am inspiring in you a Doctrine that is fundamentally spiritual, for I see that paganism rules in your forms of worship and that the bad seed of fanaticism has poisoned you with ignorance and hatred.

32. My sword of light is in My hand, I am the warrior and the King who comes to destroy all that is deplorable, all evil that exists, and all that is false. When My struggle is finished, and the hearts have learned to unite to live and pray, the gaze of your spirit will discover My presence in the infinite light and eternal peace. "This is My reign, I will tell you. And I am your King: that is why I exist, and why I created you: to rule". (279, 72-74)

Clarification about the True Life

33. All men know that I am the Father of all creation, and that the destiny of all beings is in Me; Yet, I have not received from them their attention, nor their respect. They also believe, that they too are lords, and believe they have power over the destinies of their fellow men; why bow before Me?

34. In this way has man tried My patience and defied My justice; I have given him time to find the truth, but He has wanted nothing from Me. I came as Father, and was not loved; then came as Master, and was not understood; but, as it is necessary to save humanity, I come now as judge. I know that man will rebel against My justice, for neither will He understand Me as judge, and He will say that God has avenged himself.

35. I would wish that all comprehend that God cannot have feelings of revenge, because His love is perfect; nor can He send pain, it is you who attract it through your sin. My Divine justice is above your pain and even above your death. Pain, obstacles, failures, these are the tests that man goes on creating; and as you shall sow, so shall you reap. For Me it is enough in each of these moments of peril to make My light come unto your spirit, so that it reaches its salvation. (90, 5-7)

36. It is the Spirit of Truth that descends to unravel Mysteries and reveal to you the knowledge necessary to enjoy true life; it is the Divine comfort that is poured out upon your pains to give you testimony that the Divine Judgment is not punishment, nor vengeance, but rather a judgment of love to carry you to the light, to peace, and to happiness. (107, 24)

37. Know that for He who comes to understand and know something of what is reserved for those who are elevated, that light revealed can no longer be parted from his spirit. Penetrate then the unknown dwelling places, or return again and again to the earth, that which one day you received as a flash of divinity, will arise at each step from the most pure of your own being as a presentiment, as a sweet awakening, or as a celestial song that will flood your heart with pleasure, as a longing to return to the spiritual mansion. That is what My doctrine means to those spirits that return to this life. The spirit appears to forget its past, but in reality does not lose the knowledge of My teaching.

38. To those who doubt that it is the Divine Word that speaks to you at this moment and in this form, I tell you that if you do not wish to give Me that name, do not wish to attribute this word to the Divine Master, then take the essence of this lesson, analyze all of its thoughts, and if on contemplating what you have heard you arrive at the conclusion that it contains light and truth for humanity, then take it as a norm for your actions on earth, and with it transform your life.

39. I know that I am giving you true wisdom. What men believe does not change one atom of My truth, but it is necessary for man to have certainty about what He believes, what He knows, and what He loves; therefore, in My manifestations I sometimes place Myself at the level of humanity, so that they may know Me. (143, 54-56)

40. The concept that men have of Me is very limited, their knowledge of the spiritual, very slight, their faith, very small.

41. The religions sleep the sleep of centuries, without taking any step forward, and when they awaken it is only to shake themselves internally, without daring to break out of the fence that they have created with their traditions.

42. It shall be the humble, the poor, the simple, and the ignored who break out of that orbit in search of light, of a pure environment, of truth, and of progress. It shall be they that ring the bell and raise the cry of alarm when they sense the arrival of the time of My new revelations, in the Era of Spirituality.

43. Humanity wants to discover the Mystery of spiritual life; that existence which unavoidably must be entered into, and for that very reason interests them to know.

44. Men question, plead, and ask for light from mercy, because they sense the need to prepare themselves, but, every answer they get says that the spiritual life is a Mystery and that to try to pull back the veil that covers it is folly and blasphemy.

45. Truly I tell you, that those thirsting for truth and light will not find the fountain whose waters calm their thirst in the world. It shall be I who pours forth from the heavens those waters of wisdom that the spirits yearn to drink. I shall spill My fountain of truth over every spirit, and over every mind so that the Mysteries are destroyed, for I tell you once again, that it is not I who have Mysteries for men, but you who create them.

46. If you take into account that God is infinite, and that you are only particles, it is well that there always exist something in your Father that you never discover; but that you do not know who you are in eternity, that you yourselves must be an impenetrable Mystery to yourselves, and that you must wait to enter into spiritual life to know it; that is not ordained by Me.

47. That in past times you were not spoken to in that form, nor were you given a broad invitation to enter into the light of spiritual knowledge, is true; but it is that in those past times, humanity did not experience the urgent need to know that now it feels, nor was it able spiritually or mentally to understand. If always you were searching and stirring, it was more from curiosity than from a real thirst for light.

48. So that men find the road that leads them to that light, and to be prepared to receive those waters from the fountain of life and wisdom, first they will have to leave aside all outward worship and erase from their hearts all fanaticism. Once you begin to feel in your hearts the presence of the living and all powerful God, you shall feel escape from the innermost part of your being, a new prayer, unknown, full of emotion and sincerity, wholly elevated and tender, which will be the true prayer revealed by the spirit.

49. That will be the beginning of your elevation toward the light, the first step on the road to spirituality. If the spirit can reveal to man the true prayer, it can also reveal to him all the gifts that He possesses, as well as the way to develop and channel them for the path of love. (315, 66-75)

50. You may find in My manifestation the same teachings as in the Second Era; but in this Era I have come with the light of My Holy Spirit, to reveal to you the unfathomable, and in communication from spirit to Spirit, I will continue revealing new and very great lessons. I shall give you to know all the content of the Sixth Seal in this stage of revelations, so that you may go on preparing for the time when I shall open the Seventh Seal. And so you will begin to know the unfathomable, and so you will find that the spiritual valley is the dwelling of all the spirits, the infinite and marvelous mansion that awaits you in the Beyond, where you shall receive the reward for the works that you have sewn with love and charity among your brothers. (316, 16)

The Development, the Spirituality, and the Salvation of Mankind

51. I do not deliver My teaching to you just as a moral restraint for your body, but with it you can attain great elevation toward your spiritual perfection.

52. I do not come to create a new religion among you; this Doctrine does not come to deny the existing religions, when they are based on My truth. This is a message of Divine love for all, a call for all institutions. He, who understands the Divine purpose and complies with My precepts, will feel guided toward the progress and elevation of his spirit.

53. While man does not understand the spirituality which He must have in his life, peace will be very far from being a reality in the world; on the other hand He who complies with My Law of love will not fear death nor the judgment that awaits his spirit. You should know that it will not be until death reaches you that your Father will judge you, but that the judgment begins as soon as you become aware of your deeds and feel the call of your conscience. My judgment is always upon you. At each step, be it in the human existence or in your spiritual life, you are subject to My judgment, but here in the world, while in the flesh, the spirit becomes insensitive and deaf to the calls of its conscience. (23, 12-13)

54. I have not come with these revelations only to bring you the peace of the world and make your suffering lighter with earthly balm. I have come with this manifestation to give you the great lessons that speak of your spiritual evolution, for if I had come merely to give you the goods of the world, truly I say to you: for that it would have sufficed to entrust you to the scientists, whom I would have enlightened by intuition, revealing to them the secrets of Nature, so that from there you could take the balms to heal yourselves of your bodily ills.

55. My Work comes to show you broader horizons, beyond those of your planet, of that infinite number of worlds that surround you; endless horizons that show you the road to the eternity that belongs to you. (311, 13-14)

56. My spiritual Doctrine bears various ends, or missions: One is to comfort the spirit in its exile, making it understand that God formed it and waits eternally for it in his Kingdom of Peace; another is to make him know how many gifts and faculties He has available to reach salvation and elevation, or perfection.

57. This word carries the message of spirituality that opens the eyes of men, so that they look directly at the reality they think they find only in what they see, in what they touch, or in what they can prove with their human science, without realizing that they are naming "reality" that which is transitory, and are missing or denying the "eternal" where true reality exists.

58. Let this message go from nation to nation, from house to house, leaving its seed of light, comfort, and of peace, so that men stop some moments and concede to their spirits a truce, which is indispensable to contemplate and remember that any instant may be that of his return to the spiritual valley, and that from his works and from what He has sewn in the world, depends the fruit that He shall harvest upon his entry into spiritual life. (322, 44-46)


Chapter 6
The Third Testament and the Great Book of Life

The Book of Love, the Truth and Wisdom of God

1. The book of My word is the book of Divine and true love, in it you will find the unchangeable truth. Turn to it and you will find the wisdom that will help you to evolve and attain peace in eternity. He will be at fault who will alter or modifies its essence and will greatly infringe My Law, who should take or add a single word which will be in disagreement with My perfect Doctrine.

2. "Safeguard this word with its original purity, for it is the most beautiful heritage that I will bequeath to man. Record My teaching and allow it to be known to your brethren; keep it faithfully because you are responsible for that heritage".

3. Tomorrow man will find in it the essence of My revelation, which will guide them along the path of truth with the light of its teachings.

4. From parents to children these writings will be passed on as a spring of living water, whose current will flow endlessly and will go from heart to heart. Study in the great Book of Life, the book of spirituality, that which will explain the Divine revelations which you have received throughout the ages.

5. Did I not promise you that all knowledge would be restored to its original truth? Well this is the time which was announced to you.

6. Truly I say to you that He who meditates and analyzes the teachings of My Book, with a true desire to elevate his knowledge, will acquire the light for his spirit and He will feel Me nearer to him.

7. "The Myths of yesterday and those of today will fall; all that is mediocre and false will crumble, for the moment will come in which you will no longer be nourished by imperfections and the spirit will arise in search of the truth, so that this will serve as its only sustenance".

8. "In these teachings mankind will find the essence of My revelations, which up to now have not been comprehended due to your lack of spirituality. Since ancient times I have entrusted it to you through My envoys, My emissaries, My interpreters, and you have only used it to create Myths and traditions. Meditate and study this lesson with respect and love if you wish to avoid centuries of confusion and bitterness: but remember that you will not fulfill your mission, if you are satisfied with possessing that book only; no, it should awaken and teach you if you truly desire to become My disciples. Indoctrinate with examples, with the love and charity that I have taught you". (20, 1-8)

9. The book of My teachings has been formed from the lessons that in this time I have dictated to you through human understanding; with this Book which humanity will come to recognize as the Third Testament, you will defend My Divine cause.

10. Humanity recognizes only the Law of the First Era and what is written in the First and Second Testaments, but the Third shall come to unify and correct that which men have altered through lack of readiness and understanding. Humanity must study My message so that penetrating to the depth of each word it encounters one single ideal, one single truth, one single light that shall guide them to spirituality. (348, 26)

11. I come to reveal to you that which men of science could not teach you, because they do not know it; they have slept in their earthly greatness and have not risen to Me in search of My wisdom.

12. The hearts of the shepherds who in different sects and religions should be teaching the spiritual science that is grandeur and riches for the spirit, have been closed.

13. I have seen that the Law and Doctrines that I gave to humanity in past times are today found hidden and have been substituted for by rites, outward worship, and traditions.

14. But you, who recognize intimately that the essence of this word is the same that Israel received on Mount Sinai, and that the multitudes received from the lips of Jesus in the Second Era, shall be those who with your worship and your works teach that the Divine Law should not be forgotten, in order to comply with foolish traditions that do not benefit the spirit. (93, 10-13)

15. I have reminded you of the names of those I have sent, through whom you received messages mandates, prophecies and lessons.

16. And so I have united in one single lesson the contents of all the lessons.

17. Spiritualism is the inheritance in which the Three Testaments are united in one single spiritual book. (265, 62-64)

18. This Doctrine, which, because it reveals the spiritual, is called spiritualist, is the road traced for man, by which He will come to know, serve, and love his Creator. It is the book that teaches men to love the Father in their own fellow men. Spiritualism is a law that dictates what is good, pure, and perfect.

19. The duty to respect this law is for everyone; nonetheless, none are obliged to obey it, for each spirit enjoys the liberty of its will, so that its struggle and all its acts, on being judged, can be taken into account for their own merit.

20. See then, that this Doctrine is the flame of Divine love that has illuminated and given warmth to all My children, from the first to the last. (236, 20-22)

The Relationship between Spiritualism and the Doctrine of Jesus Christ

21. The Doctrine of Spirituality is not a theory. It is a practical teaching both for your life on earth and for your spirits life. No other teaching exists that is more complete and perfect. It guided you before you arrived on earth, it will guide you during your journey on earth, and it will melt with your spirit when it returns to the spiritual world.

22. It will not be I who take the liturgies and traditions from your worship services. It will be the spirit of man that, without realizing it, will rise above his old misconceptions motivated by the need for greater light to illuminate his path of evolution. Soon men will understand that the only thing that they can present to God is the practice of love ; and to say love, is to say good, charity, wisdom, and justice.

23. Spiritualism does not come to erase any of the words preached by Christ in that era. It could not be called Spiritualism if it did so, for it would then be opposing truth. How could this word be set against that, if it is the Master himself who speaks it? If you truly penetrate the meaning of this Doctrine, you will see that My word of today is the explanation or clarification of what I said in that era. It is by way of them that the humanity of today and of the future are prepared to understand more than the generations of the past, and therefore to fulfill the Law in a way that is purer, more elevated, and true.

24. If you carefully observe your brothers during worship, you will see how they now look coldly on what was once the object of their adoration. It is because the spirit is awakening itself, and seeks what can truly give it sustenance, and that is why I tell you that the external form of worship of this humanity is destined to disappear. (283, 27-30)

25. In this book, which is simple and humble, but overflowing with Divine light, men will find the clarification of all their doubts, and the fulfillment of the teachings that only in part were revealed in past times, as well as a clear and simple form for interpreting that which is hidden in the metaphoric language of the older texts.

26. He who after receiving this spiritual missive is persuaded of the truth of its contents and rises up to struggle against his materialism, idolatry, and fanaticism, cleansing these impurities from his understanding and his heart, will free his spirit, providing it with happiness and peace because He finally is able to struggle to conquer the eternity that awaits him. But those that persist in their material worship, who are obstinate in loving the things of the world and do not believe in the development or evolution of the spirit, I tell you truly shall stay behind and weep when they come to understand their own backwardness and ignorance. (305, 4-5)

Discussions about The New Word

27. If to you My Doctrine seems strange in so far as you think that knowing Me, you have never heard these words, I tell you that your surprise is the result of your negligence in penetrating the depths of what I revealed to you in times past. It is for that reason that this Doctrine seems strange or new, when in reality this light has been always present in your life. (336, 36)

28. My Doctrine, in this, as in the Second Era, shall move humanity. The hypocrites will have to confront sincerity. Falsity will let its mask fall and the truth will shine forth. The truth shall prevail over the lie that envelops this world.

29. Man will be able to understand and recognize all that which encompasses reason and truth, but all that which He was obliged to believe without understanding, He will reject, and therefore My Doctrine will spread, because it gives forth the light that men need. A great part of this work falls to you, that of revealing to your brothers its beginning, and its end. (237, 28-29)

30. Humanity is hungry for My Word, for My truth; men yearn and clamor for the light to come to their understanding, they demand justice and await counsel. This is a decisive time; in truth I tell you that many ideas, theories, and even dogmas that have been held as truths for centuries shall fall to the earth and be abandoned as false. Fanaticism and idolatry will be fought against and exterminated by those who were most involved and faithful to it; the teachings of God will be understood, their light, their content, and their essence will be comprehended and felt.

31. The men of science, after a time of testing, during which they will suffer very great confusion, when in their spirits the light shines, and they hear the voice of their conscience, will discover that of which they had never dreamed.

32. Again I tell you: be vigilant, for in the time of the struggles of creeds and doctrines, of religions and sciences, many men, knowing that you do not carry books, will believe that the knowledge given them by their books will be the weapon by which they can defeat My new disciples. (150, 11-13)

33. I have told you, disciples, that you shall have to look at the great religions and the small sects directly in the eye; but before neither should you have fear. The truth that I have entrusted to you is transparent, the Word that I have taught you is clear and simple on its surface, but infinitely deep in its content, and they are powerful weapons with which you will struggle and win.

34. And yet I tell you: There shall arise a people on the earth full of materialism and disbelief, to deny to you the right to call yourselves Israel, to deny your testimony of having received the new coming of the Messiah, and these people are the Jews. Have you not thought this? These people await in their bosom the arrival of their Messiah, their Savior, from whom they will receive justice and who will place them once again over all the peoples of the earth. These people know that I have always come to them, and in this Third Era, I shall say: Why should God come to another people? But here are My teachings. (332, 10)

35. This spiritualist people live unknown. The world does not know of your existence, and the great do not notice you, but the struggle between Spiritualists and Christians, between Spiritualists and Jews approaches. That struggle is necessary for the establishment of My Doctrine throughout humanity. Then shall the Old Testament be united in one single essence with the Second and the Third.

36. To many this appears impossible; to Me it is the most natural, it is just, and perfect. (235, 63-64)

The Great Book of True Life

37. My Word will continue written for all time; with it you will form the book of the Third Era, The Third Testament, the final message from the Father; for in the three Eras has God wielded his "golden scribes" to leave his wisdom to humanity.

38. Moses was the first golden scribe, which the Father used to inscribe in inerasable letters in a book, the events of the First Era. Moses was the golden scribe of Jehovah.

39. Among the apostles and followers of the Second Era, Jesus had "four scribes", who were: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These were the golden scribes of the Divine Master, and when the time arrived to unite the First Testament with the Second with bindings of love, recognition and spiritual progress, then one single book was formed.

40. Now in the Third Era, in which you have again My Word, I have again named the golden scribes so that it may be written down.

41. When the time arrives, you will form a single book, and this book, that of the Third Era, will, when the time is right, be united with the book of the Second and First Eras; and then, with the revelations, prophecies and words of the Three Eras, the Book of Life will be formed, for the enjoyment of all the spirits.

42. Then you shall recognize that from the first word to the last, all has been fulfilled in truth and spirit, that all the prophecies were the "future history" that the Father revealed to humanity. For only God can write of events yet to be. When the prophets have spoken, it was not they, but God who did so through their conduit.

43. I have prepared My new chosen ones sufficiently, as had been Moses and the four disciples of the Second Era, so that My Word is recorded with complete cleanliness, clarity, and truth, for it is for the generations of tomorrow, and if any would add to or remove anything from this book, I shall see to them.

44. Now, My very beloved children: Who shall care about this Book that you are forming? None, in truth, but the moment shall come in which a humanity full of anxiety and of curiosity asks you for your book, and then it shall be unveiled, scrutinized, and discussed; in that struggle of ideas bands will arise, men of science, theologians, philosophers; to the nations will be carried the testimony of your word, and the Book of wisdom and all shall speak of My Doctrine. That shall be the beginning of the new battle, the war of words, of thoughts, of ideas, and in the end, when all have recognized in truth and spirit that the Great Book of Life was written by the Lord, they will share brotherhood and love each other, as is My will.

45. Why was the word of Jehovah in the First Time not sufficient to unite the world, and why did Jesus not achieve it in the Second Era? Why, in this time, has it not been sufficient that since 1866 I have been giving you My Word, for nations to love one another and live in peace? It is necessary for the three books to form one single book, so that this Word illuminates the Universe. Then shall humanity be surrounded by this light, and the curse of Babel will be erased, for all men will read the Great Book of True Life, all will practice the same Doctrine, and will love one another as children of God, in spirit and truth. (358, 58-66)


Chapter 7
Influence and Significance of the Spiritual Teachings

The Effect of the Revelations

1. Here, before this word, there is no man who does not tremble both inside and outside his being, that is to say, in spirit and flesh. Here, upon hearing Me is when each one thinks of life, of death, of Divine Justice, of eternity, of spiritual life, and of good and evil.

2. Here is where, on hearing My voice, each feels within himself the presence of his spirit, and remembers from where He comes.

3. Listening to Me, each feels for those moments identified with all his fellows, recognizing them in the depths of their being as his true brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters in spiritual eternity, closer still than those who are such only in flesh, for that is transitory upon the earth.

4. There is no man or woman who hearing Me does not feel My eyes upon them, and so none dare hide or dissimulate from Me their blemishes; and I point them out, but not publicly, for I am the Judge who never shames publicly.

5. I tell you that among you I have discovered adultery, infanticide, robbery, vices and defects that are like leprosy on the spirit of He who has sinned. But I do not come merely to prove to you the truth of My Word by demonstrating that I can uncover the failures of your heart. I wish to show you also the power of My lessons, giving you the arms to defeat evil and temptation, showing you how to achieve regeneration, awakening in your being a yearning for all that is good, elevated, and pure; and an absolute revulsion for all that is ignoble, all that is false, and for all that is bad for the spirit. (145, 65-68)

6. Today you still live the shadowed days that precede the light; nonetheless, that light, taking advantage of the small clear spots in your cloudy sky, shines through with brief rays that reach some points on the earth, touching hearts, and shaking and awakening the spirits.

7. All that have been surprised by this light have stopped in their path to ask: Who are you? And I have answered: "I am the light of the world; I am the light of eternity, I am truth, and love. I am He who promised to return to speak to you; He whom they said was the Word of God."

8. Like Saul on the road to Damascus, they have humiliated all their haughtiness, have beaten down their pride, and humbly bowed their faces to say from the heart: "My Father and Lord forgive Me, now I understand that without knowing it, I was persecuting you."

9. From that instant, those hearts have become small followers, for in this Third Era, until this moment, there has not appeared among My new disciples an apostle of the level of He who so persecuted Me in My disciples, only to later love Me with such intensity. (279, 21-24)

10. The religions sleep the sleep of centuries of routine and stagnation, while the truth has remained hidden. But those that know the commandments of Jehovah and the words of The Divine Master shall have to recognize in this voice that speaks to you now, the voice of the Spirit of Truth, promised for these times. (92, 71)

11. I know that many will feel scandalized when they hear this word, but it shall be those who in their confusion do not wish to recognize that in man there exists, in addition to his human nature, a part that is spiritual; or they who, believing in the human spirit, but welded to the routine of their traditions and beliefs, deny the existence of a path of infinite evolution for the spirit. (305, 65)

12. These words I will leave written, and they will come to My disciples in the future, and they, upon studying them, will find them fresh, and alive and their spirits shall tremble with pleasure at the feeling that their Master speaks to them at that instant.

13. Do you believe that all I have told you would be only for those who have heard Me? No, beloved people, with My Word I am speaking to those present and to those absent; for those of today, tomorrow, and all time; for those who have died, for those who live, and for those who have yet to be born. (97, 45-46)

Hope and Understanding of the New Word

14. I am the Word of Love that comes to comfort those who suffer, the troubled, they who weep, the sinner, and He or she who has sought for Me. And My Word in those hearts is the river where they calm their thirst and cleanse their impurities, is also the way that leads to the eternal dwelling of rest and peace.

15. How can you imagine that the struggle of life, its sacrifices, vicissitudes, and trials ends in death without finding a just reward in eternity? It is therefore that My Law and My Doctrine with its revelations and promises are for your hearts the motivation, the caress and the balm of this life's journey. Only when you depart from My teachings do you feel hungry and weak. (229, 3-4)

16. In My Divine love for these human creatures, I have permitted them to scrutinize My works and to take from all that has been created, so that none might have motive to say that God is unjust because He hides his wisdom from his children.

17. Although I formed you and gave you the gift of free will, I have respected it, in spite of the fact that man, abusing that freedom, has offended Me and profaned My Law.

18. Today I come to make you feel the caress of My forgiveness, illuminating your spirit with the light of My wisdom, so that one by one My children return to the path of truth.

19. The Spirit of Truth, which is My light, shines in the conscience, because you find yourselves in the foretold times in which every Mystery would be explained, so that you may comprehend that which until now has not been interpreted as it should. (104, 9-10)

20. I have come to communicate on this spot on earth, and I will leave My Word as a gift for all men; this gift will remove spiritual poverty from humanity. (95, 58)

21. I will inspire in all the true form of adoration of God as well as the way to live according to the Divine law, whose fulfillment is the only thing that God will recognize in each of you.

22. Finally, oh humanity, you will know the content and essence of My word. Then you will find that My Doctrine is not only the Divine voice which speaks to men, but also the expression of all the spirits.

23. My word is the voice that encourages, it is the cry of freedom, and the anchor of salvation. (281, 13-15)

The Power of the Word of God

24. My Doctrine develops man in all his aspects; it sensitizes and ennobles his heart, awakens and deepens his mind, and perfects and elevates his spirit.

25. Make a profound study of My Doctrine to permit you to understand the right way to practice My teachings so that your development will be harmonious; so that you do not develop your mind alone without concern for the ideals of the spirit which you should encourage.

26. All the potentials of your being can find in My word the luminous road on which they can grow and perfect themselves infinitely. (176, 25-27)

27. My doctrine is essentially spiritual, it is light and strength that descends and penetrates your spirit to make it victorious in its combat against evil. My Word is not merely for the amusement of the ear; it is the light of the spirit.

28. Do you wish to hear Me with the spirit, so that it is the spirit who is sustained and takes advantage of the essence of this teaching? Clean your heart, clear your mind, and let your conscience be your guide. You will see then how in your being, there will begin to be a transformation, not only spiritual, but also moral, and of the body. That elevation that the spirit gains with knowledge, that cleanliness that it reaches, is reflected in the sentiments of the heart and the health of the body.

29. Passions will become weaker, vices will begin to disappear, and fanaticism and ignorance will give way to true faith and profound knowledge of My Law. (284, 21-23)

30. This doctrine, known by a few and unknown by humanity [in general], will soon come as a balm over all who suffer, to offer comfort, kindle faith, disperse the darkness, and inculcate hope. It shall raise you above sin, misery, pain and death.

31. It can be no other way, for it is I, the Divine Doctor, the promised Comforter, who has come to reveal it to you. (295, 30-31)

32. When you have been spiritualized, and you find yourself with men who suffer and are desperate because they cannot have that which they desire in the world, you will see how their materialism contrasts with the elevation of My disciples, whose conformity shall be great, because their ambitions and yearnings shall be noble, based in the firm conviction that in this life all is transitory.

33. My disciples will speak to the world with examples of spirituality, through a life that struggles to bring the spirit closer to the Divinity, instead of being chained to the false riches of the world.

34. I know that the materialists of future times will be scandalized upon hearing this Doctrine, but their conscience will tell them that My Word speaks only truth. (275, 5-7)

35. On the great journey that awaits you, I shall be your Cyrene [Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the cross to Calvary]. My Doctrine will cause great revolutions in the world; there will be great transformations in customs and ideas, and even in nature there will be changes. All of this shall signal the beginning of a new Era for humanity, and the spirits who in a short time I send to earth will speak of these prophecies to help with the restoration and elevation of this world, explain My Word, and analyze events. (216, 27)

36. This Third Era is a time of resurrection. The spirits had seemed dead, and the bodies their sepulchers; but the Master has come before them, whose word of life speaks to them, saying: "Arise, and rise to the light, to freedom."

37. He who upon opening his eyes to the truth knows how to elevate his life, his works, and his feelings in love for his brothers, shall cease to look at this world as a vale of tears and atonement, for He will have begun to feel the joy of the true peace that comes from serenity.

38. That state of elevation in this life shall be a reflection of the perfect peace and light that the spirit will go to enjoy in the better mansions where I Myself will receive them and award them hospitality worthy of their merits. (286, 13)

Reaction of Theologians and Materialists

39. Do not be disturbed when they tell you that He who has spoken to you during this period has been the tempter and that it was foretold that He would also perform miracles, with which He would perturb and confuse the very chosen ones. Truly I say to you, that many who think in that way about My manifestation will be those who actually are in the service of evil and in darkness, although their lips try to assure that they are always spreading the truth.

40. Do not forget that the tree is known by its fruits, and I say to you: The fruit is this word which has come to vibrate through the faculties of these spokesmen, men and women of simple heart. By the fruits and spiritual progress of those who have tasted it, mankind will recognize that I am the Tree.

41. The Spiritual, Trinitarian, Marian Doctrine will be spread, causing a real alarm among many who believing they studied and understood the lessons which they had previously received from the Father, have become conceited with the knowledge of their philosophies and their sciences, unaware of the spiritual evolution that mankind has reached.

42. "On awakening from their lethargy they will become aware of the manner in which the spirit of men thinks and feels today; they will hurl anathemas against what they call "new ideas" and they will declare that this movement is being provoked by the Anti-Christ".

43. Then they will go back to the Scriptures, to the prophecies and to My word which I gave you during the Second Era, to try to combat My new manifestation, My new lessons and all that I promised and which today I am fulfilling.

44. Through the lips of My disciples and by means of writings, My word will reach even those who admit nothing beyond what is material or from their knowledge and concepts which they have already accepted, and they will call Me a false God for bringing you this word.

45. But when you hear this, even if your heart feels hurt, your faith will not suffer any discouragement, recalling with emotion that your Master already had announced it to you and strengthened you with His word, to resist those tests.

46. "On the other hand I say that even if along your way you find falsity, hypocrisy, superstition, religious fanaticism and idolatry, do not judge anyone because of his errors; instruct them with My word and leave their cause to Me, for I am the only One who judges you and who knows who is the false God, the false Christ, the unrighteous apostle, the hypocritical Pharisee". (27, 32-35)

47. The war of ideas, creeds, religions, doctrines, philosophies, theories, and sciences, shall come, and My Name and Doctrine shall be in every mouth. My new coming will be argued and judged, and from that shall arise great believers proclaiming that Christ has been again among men. At those moments, from the infinite I shall encourage those hearts and perform prodigies where they pass to strengthen their faith. (146, 8)

The Effect of Spiritualism

48. My light, on being spread over the Universe, has given origin to the seeking of My truth in all doctrines, and that is the reason for the positioning of men in their different beliefs.

49. It is the fulfillment of that which was prophesied. Who is it that bears truth? Who, in the clothing of a sheep, hides a ravening wolf? Who is He that by clean clothing ensures absolute purity within?

50. You must practice Spiritualism to find My truth, for humanity has divided into as many beliefs and ideas as evolution has had the mind of men.

51. And so sects and religions have been formed, and it will be very difficult for you to judge the truth that exists in each one of them.

52. My doctrine illuminates the thoughts and ideas of man, and little by little will understand the basis for perfecting his works, channeling them through a more perfect and elevated path.

53. The moment will come when every sect and religion will scrutinize itself to find that which belongs to My Work; but to find this treasure it will be necessary for them to elevate their spirits and hear the voice of the conscience. (363, 4-8 and 29)

54. Many religions exist on this earth, but none of them will unite men nor make them love one another. It will be My spiritual Doctrine that performs this work. In vain will the world oppose the advance of this light.

55. When the persecution of My disciples is at its most intense the elements will be unleashed, but shall be calmed by the prayer of these laborers so that humanity may behold an example of the powers that I have given them. (243, 30)

56. The world will tremble when My word is heard in the nations, for the spirit of humanity that is prepared for this revelation will vibrate with pleasure and at the same time fear; then let he, who wishes to know the truth, free himself of the slavery of his materialistic ideas and recreate himself before the luminous horizons that will be presented to his sight. But let those who persist in obfuscation and the struggle against the light remain free to do so.

57. The conversion to spirituality will bring friendship and brotherhood between nations, but it is necessary that you prepare, for the contest will be great. If men rise in wars, it is not because this is My will, but because they have not understood the Law of God. (249, 47-48)

58. The time of Universal Judgment has arrived, and I shall judge all works, and all religions. From the spirit of man a clamor will rise, for all that is false will be uncovered, the truth shall shine alone; the awakening shall be among men, and it is then that men will say to Me: "Father, give us your support, give us a true light to guide us." And that light and support will be the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, the teaching that I have given you, which belongs also to them, and to all, for I am the Father of one and all. (347, 27)

The Importance of the New Revelation

59. In appearance this revelation contains nothing grand, yet you shall see the importance it will have among humanity.

60. Among this people are disciples of every type; some see a glimpse of the magnitude of this work, and foresee the commotion that its appearance will provoke in the world, others are content to believe that this is a good path, and there are others who do not manage to perceive the greatness of this Doctrine and doubt its triumph and its establishment in the hearts of men. I tell you that it is a jewel that I have entrusted to you, whose Divine sparks you have not wished to see because you have not analyzed My teaching.

61. Do not forget that already in that time the Word of Christ was doubted, for men stopped to judge its origin, and the attire of Jesus; and on finding that the son of a Nazarene carpenter and a humble woman who would later raise up a group of poor Galilean fishermen to preach a Doctrine that seemed strange to them, they could not believe that this traveler, who went from town to town showing the humility of his vestments, was the King that the Lord had promised to the people of Israel.

62. I make these explanations to you because men are given to seeking the outward shininess that confuses the senses, to believe in the greatness of that which should be seen and felt only with the spirit.

63. I had to spill My blood, give up My life, and rise again so that men would open their eyes. From what cup do you now wish My Spirit to drink, for you to believe Me? Humanity, what would I not do to see you saved? (89, 68-69; and 71-73)

64. Who comes to say that My Doctrine is a danger to the material progress of humanity commits thereby a grave error; I, the Master of masters, come to teach humanity the road to their evolution and true progress. My word does not speak only to the spirit, but also to the mind, the reason, and even to the very senses. My doctrine does not only come to inspire you and to show you spiritual life, but also to give light to all science and in all fields, for My teaching is not limited to sending all spirits toward the mansion beyond this existence, but will come also to the heart of man to inspire him to live a life that is pleasant, worthy, and useful on this planet. (173, 44)

65. The Third Era, that in which you are living, is the time of clarification of the great Mysteries. Wise men and theologians will have to correct their knowledge in the face of the truth that I am revealing to you.

66. This is the time when man will open his eyes to perceive the light of My wisdom, for the light made Doctrine will resurrect him spiritually to the true life. (290, 51-52)

67. Men will try to deny the truth of My revelation, but the deeds, trials, and events will give voice and testimony to the truth that shall arrive on the lips of My people, as the great message of the Third Era. By means also of these writings My Doctrine will be spread over the world, for it is a legitimate means, which since early times I have inspired in My envoys. I only ask that you be jealous of My truth and that you carry it to the hearts [of men] in the cleanest and simplest form. (258, 6)

68. In that Second Era My coming as a man was only believed in by a few hearts; nonetheless, humanity later took the birth of the Savior as the beginning of a new era; and so too in this time, the beginning of My communication with you, or the coming as the Holy Spirit, shall be seen tomorrow as the beginning of another era.

69. Listen to what Christ, the manifestation of Divine love, tells you: Peace to men of good will, to those who love truth and spread the seed of love. (258, 41-43)


Chapter 8
The New Communities of Christ: Disciples, Apostles, Divine Envoys

Light and Shadow in the Congregations of the Revelation

1. If My Word had been given to all nations, the majority would have rejected it, for vanity, materialism, and the false grandeur of men would not have accepted a doctrine that speaks of spirituality, humility, and brotherhood. The world is not yet prepared to understand love, and not all, therefore, would have been sensitive to My presence in this form.

2. Just as Christ, in that time sought a hollow of rock to be born as a man, today I found this corner of the earth that was disposed to hear Me, and which bears a similarity to the grotto and manger that received the Son of God on that blessed night. (124, 13-14)

3. The example of this humble people that choose their way without ministers to guide them and that worship Me without ceremonies or symbols, will be a wake-up call to those who sleep their night of centuries, and it shall be a stimulus for the regeneration and purification of many of My children. (94, 39)

4. Under the shade of My Doctrine no throne will be built from which exalted men can dominate the spirits of their brothers; none will be crowned or covered in purple robes to try to occupy the place of the Lord, nor shall there arise confessors to judge, pardon, condemn, and pass sentence on the acts of humanity. Only I can judge a spirit from a just and perfect bench.

5. I may send those who correct, teach, and guide, but I shall not send any to judge and punish. I have sent those who have been shepherds to humanity, but neither lords nor Fathers. The only Father of the spirit is I. (243, 13-14)

6. I will form in this time a people who are jealous of My Law, loving of truth, and of charity. This people will be like a mirror in which others may see reflected the errors into which they have fallen. They shall not be the judge of any, but their virtues, works, and dutifulness will touch the spirit of all who cross their path, and will show the path to all who do not comply with My Law.

7. When this people are strong and numerous, they will attract to themselves the attention of their fellow men, for the cleanliness of their works and the sincerity of their worship must surprise humanity; then men will ask: Who are these, who without temples know to pray in this way? Who has taught these multitudes to pray, adoring their God without feeling the need to raise altars for His worship? From where have these travelers and missionaries come, who like the birds neither sow, nor reap, nor spin, and yet subsist?

8. And I shall say to them: This people, poor and humble, but jealous of My Law, and strong against the passions of the world have not been prepared by any man. These multitudes that enjoy doing good, who are illuminated by inspiration and know how to carry to the heart the message of peace and the touch of comfort, have not been taught by teachers or ministers of any cult of earth: For it is true what I tell you, that in this time, there does not exist one single man in your world who could teach the worship of God with true spirituality. Truth does not reside in the splendor of rites, nor in wealth or earthly power, but being humble, seeks as its temple the clean, noble, and sincere hearts who love that which is pure. Where are these hearts? (154, 12-14)

9. I have called many of My children to be given different responsibilities, various missions within this Work, and I have given them according to your gifts and advancement, and with all of these I have formed My people, My new apostolate.

10. To some I have given the work of guides, and so that their work is not arduous and distressing, I have divided the people into congregations.

11. To others I have given the gift of acting as spokesmen, so that they might transmit My inspiration, made human word, to these multitudes that gather to receive this wonder.

12. I have given the privilege of seeing to some, to make of them prophets and proclaim through them what is to come.

13. And those who have received the mission of being the supporting pillars are those who must help the people in their pilgrimage, and who must be for the guides as was the Cyrene [Simon of Cyrene, who helped Christ], and help to carry the cross of their multitudes.

14. Others have been graced with the gift of faculty and these, as instruments of the Spiritual World have been prepared to transmit its messages, the analysis of My Work, and also as possessors of the sacred balm of healing, of comforting the sick, so that united, they may pour forth charity to the needy by means of healthy spiritual emanations.

15. I have named golden scribe, He who must print My revelations, teachings, and prophecies of this time in the Book that I shall leave you.

16. I have given the responsibility of being cornerstones to those who are to stand as examples of firmness, stability, and strength among the people. In these, their word, comfort, and example will be invariable, like rock.

17. Now that this stage of My communication is at its end, I am judging all the charges, and all those chosen to receive such great missions. I am calling them to enter into profound study and to know the results of their works. I accompany all in this hour of meditation. (335, 27-28)

18. As in all times, many have been called, but few chosen; for I choose only those who are timely in the fulfillment of their missions, and to the rest I give light, so that they may know how to await the time when they too are chosen.

19. How many there are, who have only been called without it being time to choose them for a responsibility, and who have taken part among My laborers and disciples without their spirits having had the evolution indispensable to withstand the weight of this cross, nor their understanding the light required to permit the entry of My inspiration. What have many of them done, once they were within the ranks of the chosen? They have profaned and poisoned the environment, contaminating others with their evil inclinations, lying, sowing discord, and profiting from My Name and the gifts that I have deposited in My disciples.

20. Do not attempt to find out who those individuals are because you will not succeed. Only I, the Divine Judge, know who those individuals are and I tell them through their conscience: Be vigilant and pray, so that you will repent for your mistakes before it is too late. If you repent, I promise you that I will sit you spiritually at My table and there will be a festival of reconciliation and forgiveness. (306, 53-55)

21. That is the truth, not all love My work, even while it is amongst them, nor have all arrived at understanding it, for which reason I can tell you that some are of My work, and others do their own.

22. Those who come to Me following from love, love My Word, for they know it corrects them without coming to wound them, and points out their defects without shaming them. This makes them persevere in perfecting their practices.

23. Those who, instead of trying to reach that perfection, pursue only adulation, superiority, praise, or a means of living, rather than seeking perfection of the spirit, are not resisting My word when it points out their defects, so they have to create a work distinct from mine, in which they will be free to do their own will. They have not understood that the entire multitude need do in the time that My manifestation lasts, is to hear Me with the greatest elevation, so that later they can analyze My message. (140, 72-74)

24. I have said that the time of confusion, of disobedience, will arrive, in which the laborer will raise up saying that My communication through human understanding will not cease; but the moment will come when My Word is fulfilled, though man tries to interject to My Will.

25. How many errors in the way have been committed by many of those in whom I have confided a responsibility and a gift? How much incomprehension I behold being unleashed among My children after the year 1950.

26. With the lack of understanding and foolishness of man, they hold back My charity, authority, and grace, and are [therefore] outside the true path of the Law, of harmony, and of truth.

27. Once again, Israel will not know itself, tribe from tribe; once again they will tear and wish to trample the clean and pure Law I gave into their hands; once again Israel will seek the ancient paths to fall into idolatry and fanaticism; they will look to the sects and enter into confusion, and darkness, and will be find satisfaction in the false and florid words given to them by men.

28. The men of the religions and sects, upon seeing that Israel is divided, that Israel does not know itself and is weakened, will seek motives to tear away this priceless jewel, to tear away the arc of this new covenant and say the next day that they are the true envoys before humanity and the representatives of My Divinity. (363, 47-49, 51 and 57)

Words of Warning to those who hear of the Spiritualist Work

29. I wish that when My communication has concluded, you have a well defined idea of that which is in this Doctrine, so that you may duly fulfill it, for up to this moment the true spiritualists have not arisen among the multitudes that have heard My Word. Until now it has not been Spiritualism that you have practiced, but rather a version of My Work as you have conceived of it, but which is very far from true spirituality.

30. You will need to arm yourselves with the strength to accept that which has confused you; you must rise to amend your practices, seeking with a will that among you the truth and purity of My Doctrine shine forth.

31. Do not fear to change the outward part of your practices and worship without altering the essence of My teachings. (252, 28-30)

32. Make use of the time that you still have to hear My teaching, so that it may fill you with light and grace, so that you may advance firmly toward spirituality, an advance that you have not made because of having continued within a cult of materialism and error.

33. Until now, you have lacked faith to renounce your forms, your rituals, and your symbols, to seek Me spiritually among the infinite. You have lacked the courage to be spiritualists, and have conceived a way of seeming spirituality, hiding behind it your materialism and errors.

34. I do not wish you to be hypocrites, but sincere lovers of the truth; it is therefore that I speak with great clarity, so that you may cleanse your lives and show the world the truth that is in this Work. Do you say you are spiritualists? Then be so in truth. Do not speak of My Doctrine while you do all that is contrary to it, for with your acts you will only confuse humanity.

35. Above all, know that which is My Work; what My Law means, what your calling is, and how you must carry it out, so that if you do not have a guide worthy of marking your steps, you may be guided by conscience and by the knowledge of My Doctrine that you have acquired. Thus you cannot blame another for any misstep or error. (271, 27-30)

36. From the time that My communication by means of human understanding began, I have wished you to put into practice your gifts, and that you begin your spiritual mission so that when the day of My departure arrives, you will have traveled part of the road and not feel too weak to begin the fulfillment of such a delicate mandate.

37. Some have known how to interpret the Divine idea and have made efforts to bring it to fulfillment, but there are also those, and they are the majorities, who have misunderstood the meaning of this Work.

38. These are the errors that I come to bring to the attention of this people, for I do not wish those who have been so long instructed, to be mocked by humanity. (267, 65-67)

39. Some are only interested in the essence of My Word, and yearn for the progress and evolution of the spirit, while others are pleased by My outward worship, so that while the former enjoyed receiving teachings about spirituality, others were displeased that their errors were mentioned.

40. Only I know who will respond to Me for all that which should have been known through My spokesmen, but has been withheld. (270, 8-9)

41. Meditate, and understand that the unification that you need is spiritual, and that you will attain it when you rise above your passions and fanaticism.

42. How can you create peace when each goes forth proclaiming his own teachings as the only truth while combating that of all others as false?

43. Fanaticism is darkness, blindness, and ignorance, and its fruits can never be those of the light. (289, 8-10)

44. Truly I tell you, that if you do not unite, as is My will, humanity will disperse you, and will thrust you from their breast if it is seen that your lives are distant from that which you preach.

45. What will happen if men discover that in each place there exists a different form of worship, and a different way of practicing My Doctrine?

46. I entrust to you the three last years of My communication so that you may work for the union of this people, a unification that includes that which is spiritual as well as the outward, so that your labor, full of harmony and equality, may be the greatest proof that all of you, in various places and different lands, have been taught by one single Master: God. (252, 69-71)

The True Apostolate — The New Apostles

47. Do not attempt to put limits on this Work, which is universal and infinite, nor must you put limits on your own spiritual development, for the farther you go on the road of good works and study, the greater the revelations you will receive. You will see the Divine Work arise from that which is simplest, you will see it manifested in all that has been created, and you will feel it throb within your being.

48. This is the simplicity with which I come to teach the disciple of spiritualism, so that He too may be simple, like his Master. Let the disciple persuade and convert by the truth of his words and the power of his works, without seeking to surprise anyone with Mysterious powers or extraordinary faculties.

49. The true disciple will be great because of his simplicity. He will understand his Master, and at the same time make himself understood by his brothers. (297, 15-17)

50. The disciple of Jesus is He who subjugates with the persuading and consoling word, who raises up and resuscitates, making of the defeated victors over themselves and over adversity.

51. The apostle of Christ cannot shelter selfishness in his heart, thinking only of his own suffering and worries, but neglects his own to concern himself with his brothers, with absolute confidence that nothing is neglected; for the Father immediately helps those who have abandoned their own worries to assist a child of the Lord that needs spiritual sustenance. And He who has known how to forget himself to bring a smile of hope, comfort to their sadness, or a drop of balsam for their pain, upon returning home, shall find himself illuminated by the light that is benediction, joy, and peace. (293, 32-33)

52. "Many times have I said that you and those are the same ones. Come to taste the wine again and eat of the bread at My table; eat of the Lamb, He is the origin of life. Come, you who hunger, thirst and are unclean; be strengthened and eat your fill, for then I will say to you: Pick up your cross and follow Me. At My table of this period an apostle will be the man as well as the woman; I will seat your spirit at this table".

53. "It has been the women who during this period have raised the spiritual banner before the multitudes; they have been leaving along the pathway the imprints of the apostle zealous of the Fathers Law."

54. "In My new apostleship the woman shall be alongside man and there will be no age barrier in order to serve Me; the same will it be for the adult as well as the child or the elder; the same for the maiden as well as the mother; because again I say to you that it is your spirit whom I seek, and that He has left his infancy a long time ago". (69, 16-17)

55. If I told you in the Second Era that My Kingdom is not of this world, now I tell you that neither is yours, for this dwelling place, as you well know, is a temporary one for mankind.

56. I come to show you the true life, that which has never been based in materialism. For that reason men will once again rise up against My eternal Doctrine, with My same teaching as always, which is of love, wisdom, and justice, though that will not be immediately understood. Humanity will once again judge Me, and once again put Me upon the cross, yet I know that My teaching must pass through this to be recognized and loved. I know that My tenacious persecutors will later be My faithful and unselfish sowers, for I will give them very great proofs of My truth.

57. That Nicodemus of the Second Era, a prince among the priests, who sought out Jesus to converse with him about wise and profound teachings, shall arise again in this time, to serenely analyze My Work and convert himself to it.

58. That Saul, called Paul, who after persecuting Me furiously, became one of My great apostles, shall appear again in My road, and from everywhere shall come forth My new disciples, some fervent, others self-effacing. The present hour is of great importance; the time of which I am speaking comes upon you. (173, 45-48)

59. The multitudes need those who know how to be strong during ordeals, those who are accustomed to the great battles of the world and of the spirit. They are the ones who will be able to guide and lead humanity, for in their hearts there will be no desire to control or dominate anyone. There will be no selfishness in their hearts, for when they elevate themselves to communicate with the Lord they will feel his charity and love, so that they might offer that same charity to their brothers. (54, 53)

The Envoys of God in all the World, and in All Times

60. The peoples of the earth have never been short of spiritual light. Truly I tell you, it is not only this people that have had prophets and envoys; for I have sent emissaries to all [peoples] to awaken them.

61. You may judge their words by the light and truth of their doctrines, as well as by their similarity to what I have revealed to you.

62. Some arrived before the coming of the Messiah, and others after My presence as a man, but all have carried a spiritual message to men.

63. Those doctrines, like mine, have suffered profanations, for when their essence has not been altered, they have been mutilated or hidden from a mankind hungry for truth.

64. One single truth and one single morality is what have been revealed to men through the envoys, prophets and servants; why do the different peoples have different concepts of truth, morality, and life?

65. That truth, adulterated through time by humanity, will be reestablished, and its light will shine with such strength that it will seem to mankind like something new, though it is the same light that has always illuminated the way of evolution for the children of My Divinity.

66. Many are those who have died for speaking the truth, many, too, have been subjected to torments for not wishing to still the voice that speaks inside them.

67. Do not think that heaven has sent only those that speak of the spirit, or of love and morality; no, it has also sent those who offered the fine fruits of science, those bits of knowledge that give light to the lives of men, that lighten their burdens and relieve their distress. All of them have been My envoys.

68. There are others too, who without bringing moral spiritual doctrines, or scientific revelations, bring the message that teaches one to sense and admire the beauties of creation, they are messengers of mine who have the mission of bearing delight and balm for the hearts of those who weep.

69. All of them have drunk of the bitterness of seeing the incomprehension of a world that is blind to the truth, of humanity insensible of beauty and good. Nonetheless, if I have told you that in this Era all will be restored, if I have proclaimed that all will return to its proper path and that all My teachings will be restored to their original essence, you may believe that a time of spiritual splendor in this world is near, though you should not forget that before that happens, all will be judged and purified. (121, 9-16)

70. Each time that some revelation was to come to men, I have sent forerunners, or prophets, to prepare them so that the light may be seen by them. However, do not believe that only those who bring messages for the spirit are My envoys; no, disciples, any who sows good in any of its forms is My envoy.

71. These emissaries can be found in every walk of your lives, in religions, science, and among those who govern, as well as those who provide good teachings.

72. My true servant never departs from the path that should be followed, but prefers to die on that road before turning back. His example is the seed of light in the life of his fellows, and his works are examples for others. Oh, if mankind only knew how to understand the messages that I send to you through them. But it is not so, for there are many men, who having delicate missions in the world, turn their eyes from these great examples, and take the road that best pleases them. (105, 13-15)

73. Moreover, what have you done, humanity, with those men I have sent to remind you of My way, the way of faith, which is wisdom, love, and peace?

74. You wished to know nothing of their messages, combating against them with that hypocritical faith that you have as your theories and religions.

75. Your eyes did not wish to behold the light that was brought to you as a message of love by each of My envoys, be He called prophet, seer, enlightened one, doctor, philosopher, scientist, or shepherd.

76. These men have shone forth, and you have not wished to see their light, they have gone ahead of you, and you have not wished to follow their steps.

77. They left for you an example of the road of sacrifice, pain, and of charity, and you feared to imitate them, not knowing that the pain of those who follow Me is a gladness of the spirit, a road of flowers, and a horizon full of promise.

78. They did not come to smell the aroma of the flowers of earth, nor to intoxicate themselves with the fleeting pleasures of the world, because the aspiration of their spirit was already not toward the impure, but toward that which is more elevated.

79. They suffered, but they did not seek consolation, for they knew that they had come to give it. They expected nothing of the world, for they were awaiting, at the end of the struggle, the joy of beholding the resurrection of the faith and the life of the spirits of all those who had died to truth.

80. Who are these beings of whom I speak to you? I speak of all those who have brought to you messages of light, of love, of hope, of health, of faith, and of salvation. The name they used does not matter, nor does the road where you saw them appear, nor the title they bore on earth. (263, 18-24)

81. It is necessary that I tell you one more time that this people, that is forming around My manifestation is not a people that the Father marks by loving more than other people of the earth, but rather, if the Lord has turned his gaze upon them, it is because He has formed them with spirits that have been in the world each time that a new Divine revelation descended. They are spiritual children of that people of Israel: a people of prophets, envoys, seers, and patriarchs.

82. Who better than they could receive Me in this time, understand My manifestation, and testify to the fulfillment of My promises? (159, 51-52)

83. I have descended to the bosom of the people of Israel, establishing the greatest number of them in this nation (Mexico), the others disseminated to all the nations, sent by Me, and with them I have communicated spiritually. These are My chosen ones, they who have kept faithful to Me, who have not contaminated their hearts, and whose spirits can perceive My inspirations. Through their conduit I am giving to the world a wealth of wisdom. (269, 2)

84. Beloved children who have arrived in small numbers, I tell you truly: My perceptive gaze finds everywhere My chosen ones, those who feel in their spirits that now is the time of My presence. They have not heard My word as you have, but in their spirits hear a voice that tells them that I am once again amongst humanity; that I have come spiritually in the cloud. Some I will allow to behold Me with the eyes of their spirits, the others I will cause to feel My love greatly, so that they feel the presence of My Spirit. (346, 13)

85. Soon the intuitive, the inspired, and the spiritually sensitive will arise, giving testimony before the nations of what they see, feel, hear, and receive through their spirits. I tell you once again that My people are not limited to those who have heard Me through these spokesmen; for I have sent My servants to various parts of the earth to prepare the way and to clean the fields to which the sowers will come later.

86. I strengthen and bless them, for their labor is difficult, and their path strewn with thorns. Ridicule and mockery, calumny and impiety follow them everywhere, but they, intuitive and inspired, know they have been sent by Me, and are willing to follow the path to its end in fulfillment of their mission. (284, 50-51)

87. I invite you to enter into My Kingdom. I am summoning all nations, but I know that not everyone will listen.

88. "Humanity has extinguished its lamp and walks in darkness. In those places where there is confusion one of My enlightened messengers will arise to enlighten his surrounding; that messenger is a spiritual guardian who is alert and awaiting My signal to awaken and move [humanity]."

89. Let the love of these envoys be a fruitful seed planted in your heart. Do not reject them if they present themselves to you in outward poverty. Listen to them, for they go in My Name to offer you the perfect prayer, to liberate you from the chains of materialism that bind you, and to help you attain the spiritual freedom that elevates you to Me. (281, 33)

90. If any man should come among you saying that He is the Christ again made flesh, do not believe him; for upon proclaiming to you that I would return, I made you understand that this would be in spirit. If any say to you: "I am the envoy of God," mistrust them, for the true emissaries will not brag nor shout of the mission that I have entrusted to them, but will give proof only by their works. Is it not right that men say that a tree must be known by its fruits?

91. I do not forbid that you try the fruits of trees, but it is necessary that you be prepared to distinguish the good fruit from the bad.

92. Those who love truth I shall place like lamps to light the path of their brothers. (131, 5-7)

93. The times when you needed a spiritual guide in this world have passed, from this time forward all who enter into this path will have no other road but that of My Law, nor any other guide than their conscience.

94. This does not mean that there will cease to be men and women of great light and strength who give aid through their example, and with their inspiration of the multitudes.

95. If it were not so I would have sent to the earth spirits like Moses or Elijah, to trace the road for you and remind you of the Law at every step. They help you; they watch over and accompany you, no longer in a human form, but from the spiritual.

96. Who sees them? None do, but if you prepare, you will feel within your being the presence of the great spirits that have always been related to humanity and had great missions to fulfill there. (255, 40-41)