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The Third Testament - Part 8

Human Beings

Chapter 32 – Incarnation, Nature, and Duties of Human Beings

Incarnation on Earth

The Real Value of the Body, and its Guiding by the Spirit

The Importance of the Spirit and the Conscience of Man

The Temple of God in Man

Chapter 33 – Men and Women, Parents and Children, Family and Marriage

The Relationship between Man and Woman

The Nature and Duty of the Man

Woman, Wife, and Mother

The Education of Children and Adolescents

A Word to the Girls and Young Women

Marriage and Family

Chapter 34 – Free Will and Conscience

The Importance of the Conscience and Free Will

The Abuse of Free Will

The Overriding Need to Obey the Impulses of the Conscience

The Struggle between Free Will and Conscience

The Conscience through the New Word of God

Chapter 35 – The Power of Thoughts, Feelings, and the Will

Sending and Receiving Thought, and its Effects

The Power of Feelings, Desires, and Fears

The Lack of Self Control


Chapter 32
Incarnation, Nature, and Duties of Human Beings

Incarnation on Earth

1. When one of your loved ones departs for the spiritual valley you weep instead of being filled with peace, realizing that He is getting one step closer toward his Lord. On the other hand, you celebrate when a new baby comes to your home without realizing at that moment that the spirit has come to fulfill a restitution in this valley of tears. It is then when you should weep for that spirit. (52, 28)

2. You bear children of your flesh, but I am He who distributes the spirits in families, in peoples, in nations, in worlds, and in such justice impenetrable for men, My love is manifested. (67, 26)

3. You live in the present, and do not know what I have destined for your future. I am preparing a great legion of spiritual beings, which shall have to come to inhabit the earth on a delicate mission, and it is necessary that you know that many of you will be parents of these children in whom My envoys are made flesh. Your duty is to prepare yourselves to receive and guide them. (128, 8)

4. I would like to speak to you much of spiritual teachings, but you would not yet understand them. If I revealed to you, the dwelling places to which you had descended on the earth, you would not be able to conceive how you lived in such places.

5. Today, you can deny knowing the spiritual valley, because I have closed to your spirit, being incarnated, its past so that you do not presume, succumb, nor become dejected when confronted with your new existence, which should begin like a new life.

6. Even if you should wish to, you could not remember; I concede to you only the conservation of a thought or intuition that I reveal to you so that you persevere in the struggle and consent when faced with trials.

7. You may doubt all that I tell you, yet that valley was truly your dwelling place when you were a spirit. You were dwellers in the mansion in which you did not know pain, in which you felt the glory of the Father in your being, for there was no stain in it.

8. Nonetheless, you had earned no merits; it was necessary that you leave heaven and descend to the world so that your spirit, by its own efforts, conquers that Kingdom.

9. Yet, little by little you descended morally until you felt very far from the Divine and the spiritual, from your origin. (114, 35-36)

10. When the spirit arrives on earth, it comes animated with the best intentions of consecrating its existence to the Father, of pleasing him in all things, and of being useful to his fellow men.

11. But once imprisoned in the material, tempted and tried in a thousand different ways during the journey, it weakens, cedes to the impulses of the flesh and its temptations, becomes selfish, finishes loving itself above all things, and only at moments listens to its conscience, where its destiny, and the promises, are written.

12. My word helps you to remember your spiritual pact and to overcome the temptations and obstacles.

13. None can say that they have never strayed from the path I have traced for them, but I forgive you so that you can learn to forgive your brothers. (245, 47-48)

14. A great spiritual lesson is necessary to make man walk the road according to the voice of his conscience, for the material world that surrounds him. In spite of all being saturated with Divine love, and being wisely constructed for the good and the happiness of man, it constitutes a test for the spirit from the instant that it comes to inhabit a world it does not belong to, united to a body whose nature is different from its own.

15. There you can find the cause for the spirit forgetting its past. From the instant it is made flesh in an unconscious, newly born creature, and fuses to it, it begins a joint life together with that being.

16. Of the spirit there remain only two attributes present: the conscience, and intuition, but the personality, the works performed, and the past, are temporarily hidden. Thus has it been decided by the Father.

17. What would become of the spirit that comes from the light of a higher dwelling, to dwell among the miseries of this world, if it remembered its past? And how many vanities there would be among men if the greatness that existed in their spirits in another [former] life were revealed to them! (257, 18-19)

The Real Value of the Body, and its Guiding by the Spirit

18. I do not tell you to purify only your spirits, but also to strengthen your physical body so that the new generations which come from you might be healthy, and their spirits will be able to fulfill their delicate missions. (51, 59)

19. Be careful of the health of your body, seek its protection and strengthening. My Doctrine counsels you to have charity with your spirit and your body, for both are complementary, and need each other for the delicate spiritual fulfillment that is entrusted to them. (92, 75)

20. Do not give your body a greater importance than it really has, nor allow it to occupy the place that only corresponds to your spirit.

21. Understand that the physical body is only the instrument that you need so that the spirit manifests himself on earth. (62, 22-23)

22. See how this doctrine is for the spirit, for while the material shell comes every day closer to the bosom of the earth, the spirit, in contrast, comes ever closer to eternity.

23. The body is the support in which the spirit rests while it inhabits the earth. Why let it become a chain that limits or imprisons you? Why allow it to be the guiding force of your life? Is it right for the blind to guide one who has sight in his eyes ? (126, 15-16)

24. This teaching is simple, as is all that is pure, Divine, and for that reason, easy to comprehend. Yet, to put it in practice at times will seem difficult to you, the works of the spirit require efforts, renunciation, and sacrifice on the part of your body, and when you lack education or spiritual discipline, you must suffer.

25. From the beginning of time, a struggle has existed between the spiritual and the material in trying to comprehend what is just, and what is right and good, in order to create a life in conformity with the Law presented by God.

26. In the midst of that battle, it seems as though a strange and malevolent force is inducing you at each step to distance yourselves from the struggle, inviting you to continue on the path of materialism in use of your free will.

27. I tell you that there is no more temptation than the weakness of your body, it is sensitive to that which surrounds it, and quick to give in, easy to fall and surrender; yet He who has managed to dominate his impulses, passions, and the weaknesses of the flesh, has conquered the temptation that He bears within himself. (271, 49-50)

28. The earth is a battlefield, there is much to learn; were it otherwise, a few years of life on this planet would be enough and you would not be sent to reincarnate again and again. There is no tomb darker and gloomier for the spirit than its own body, if in it there is scum and materialism.

29. My word raises you from that tomb, and then gives you wings so that you may take flight to the regions of peace and spiritual light. (213, 24-25)

The Importance of the Spirit and the Conscience of Man

30. The body could live without a spirit, animated only by the material life, but it would not be a human. It could possess a spirit and be lacking in conscience, but it could not be guided by itself, nor would it be the superior being who by means of the conscience, knows the Law, distinguishes good from evil and receives every Divine revelation. (59, 56)

31. Let it be the conscience that illuminates the spirit and the spirit, which guides the flesh. (71, 9)

32. While some in the world pursue false greatness, others say that man is an insignificant creature before God, and there are those who compare themselves to a worm in the soil. Certainly, your material form in the midst of Creation may seem small to you, but for Me, it is not, due to the wisdom and power with which you were created by me.

33. How can you judge the dimensions of your being by the size of your body? Can you not feel the presence of your spirit? It is bigger than your body, its existence is eternal, its road infinite, of its development you can not see either its end or its beginning. I do not wish you small. I formed you to achieve greatness. Do you know when I see man as small? When He is lost in sin, for it is then that He has lost his nobility and dignity.

34. It has been a long time since you are not with Me, since you ignore in reality who you are, for you have allowed many attributes to sleep within your being, powers and gifts that your Creator deposited in you. You are asleep to your spirit and your conscience, and it is in precisely those spiritual attributes that the spiritual greatness of men is founded. You imitate the beings of this world because in it they are born and die. (85, 56-57)

35. With My word of love I demonstrate to you the value that your spirit has to Me. Nothing exists in material creation that is greater than your spirit: not the sun with its light, nor the earth with all its marvels, nor is there any other creature greater than the spirit I have given you, for it is a particle of the Divine, it is the flame that springs from the Divine Spirit.

36. After God, only the spirits possess spiritual intelligence, conscience, and free will.

37. Above the instincts and inclinations of the flesh, there rises a light that is your spirit, and above that light, a guide, a book, and a judge, which is the conscience. (86, 68)

38. Humanity, in its materialism, asks Me: "Can it be true that the Kingdom of the Spirit exists?" and I answer: Oh, unbelievers, you are the Thomases of the Third Era. To feel pity, compassion, tenderness, kindness, or nobility are not attributes of the material, nor are the graces and gifts that you carry hidden within you. All those sentiments that you bear engraved in your hearts and minds, all those powers, are from the spirit, and you must not deny it. The flesh is a limited instrument, but the spirit is not. It is great because it is an atom of God.

39. Seek the mansion of the spirit in the depths of your being, and the great wisdom in the greatness of love. (147, 21-22)

40. Truly I tell you that from the first days of humanity, man has had the intuition that within He bore a spiritual being, a being which, though invisible, manifested itself in the various works of his life.

41. From time to time, your Lord has revealed the existence of the spirit, its existence, and its arcane, for even though you bear it within you, the veil that the material wraps you in is so dense, that you cannot come to see that which is most noble and pure in your being.

42. Many are the truths that men have dared deny. Nonetheless, belief in the existence of a spirit has not been one of the most fought against, for man has felt and has come to understand that to deny the spirit is like denying your very self.

43. Human matter, when it has degenerated because of its passions, its vices, and its materialism, becomes a chain, a blindfold of darkness, a prison, and an obstacle to the development of the spirit. In spite of this, you have never lacked an interior ray of light to help you in your moments of testing.

44. Truly I tell you, the purest and most elevated expression of the spirit is the conscience: the Divine interior light that makes it the first, the greatest, and the most noble of all the creatures that surround it. (170, 56-60)

45. To all the people I say: the highest and most beautiful title that man possesses is that of "Child of God," though it is necessary that it be merited.

46. That is the purpose of the Law and the Teachings: to inspire you in the learning of My truth so that you may be worthy children of the Divine Father who is the sum of perfection. (267, 53)

47. You know that you were created in My image and likeness, and when you say it, you think of your human form. I say to you that your likeness to God is not physical but spiritual. In order to liken yourself to me you must perfect yourself by practicing deeds of virtue.

48. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, I am justice and goodness, all of which proceeds from Divine love. Do you now understand how you should be in order to be in My image and likeness? (31, 51-52)

49. In you there is a reflection of the Divine; in truth, you bear Me. The intelligence, the will, the powers, senses, and virtues you possess, speak of an essence superior to that to which you belong, and are a living testament of the Father from whom you sprang.

50. At times the image of Me that you carry within, you manage to stain and profane with disobedience and sin. In that you are not like Me, for it is not enough to have a human body and a spirit to be the image of the Creator; your true resemblance to Me is in your light and your love for all your fellow men. (225, 23-24)

51. I made you in My form and image, and if I am the Trinity in One, then in you too exists the trinity.

52. Your material body represents the creation in its formation and perfect harmony. Your incarnated spirit is an image of the Divine Word that was made man to trace a path of love for men in the world, and your conscience is a radiant spark of the Divine light of the Holy Spirit. (220, 11-12)

53. What merit would your spirit achieve acting in a material body, without free will and sensuous tendencies? The struggle of the spirit with its material body is one of power against power. In that crucible the spirit must test its superiority and its elevation. That is the trial where the spirit has often succumbed momentarily to the temptations of the flesh. The power exerted over the spirit is so strong that it seems that a supernatural and evil power was dragging it toward the abyss causing it to be lost in the passions.

54. How great is the responsibility of the spirit before God! The flesh is not bound by this responsibility; notice how once dead, the flesh will forever rest on earth. When will you achieve enough merits that will make your spirit worthy of living in dwellings which are more perfect than the one in which you now live?

55. The world offers you crowns that only speak of vanity, of arrogance, and of false greatness. To the spirit that knows how to disregard those vanities, another crown is reserved in the hereafter, that of My wisdom. (53, 9-11)

56. Life should manifest itself first in the spirit, then in the flesh. How many beings have dwelt on earth, but how few of them were spiritually alive and have manifested their spiritual grace to humanity, that Divine Spark given to man by the Creator.

57. If men can maintain transparency in their consciences, through them they shall be able to contemplate their pasts, their presents, and their futures.

58. The spirit is similar to My arcane, and oh, how much is contained in that! At every step, and in every instant there is something to reveal to you, manifestations at times so profound that they are incomprehensible to you.

59. That spark of light that exists in each human is the tie that unites man to the spiritual; it is that which puts him in contact with the beyond and with his Father. (201, 37-40)

60. Oh, if only your material form could take in that which your spirit receives through clairvoyance. For the spirit never ceases to see, even when the body, because of its material nature, perceives nothing. When will you know how to interpret your spirit? (266, 11)

61. You, who do not love life because you regard it as cruel, as long as you do not recognize the importance of the conscience in man or allow yourself to be guided by it, you will find nothing of real value.

62. It is the conscience which elevates the spirit toward a superior life above the flesh and its passions. Spirituality will enable you to feel the great love of God, when you succeed in practicing it; then you will understand the importance of life, you will contemplate its beauty and will find its wisdom. Then, you will surely understand why I have called it LIFE.

63. After knowing and understanding this teaching, who will dare reject it, saying that it is not the truth?

64. When you understand that within the conscience is your true value, you will live in harmony with everything created by your Father.

65. Then, the conscience will beautify the poor human life, but first it will be necessary for man to withdraw from all passions which separate him from God, in order to follow the path of justice and wisdom. That will be the beginning of the true life for you, this life which today you regard with indifference, because you do not realize what you are despising nor imagine its perfection. (11, 44-48)

The Temple of God in Man

66. The concept that humanity has of Me is infantile, because they do not know how to penetrate the revelations that I have ceaselessly given them. For He who knows how to prepare, I am visible and tangible, and present everywhere; in contrast, for He who does not possess sensibility because materialism has hardened him, He barely understands that I exist, and feels Me to be immensely distant, and impossible to be felt or seen in any form.

67. It is necessary that man knows that He bears Me within himself, that in his spirit and in the light of his conscience He has the presence of the Divine. (83, 50-51)

68. The pain that weighs down the men of this Era is leading them step by step, without realizing it, to the doors of the inner sanctuary, before which, unable to go further, they will ask: "Lord, where are you?" And from the interior of the temple the sweet voice of the Master will answer, "Here I am, where I have always dwelled, in your conscience." (104, 50)

69. You were born in Me; you took both spiritual and material life from the Father, and in a figurative sense, at the moment you were born in Me, I was born in you.

70. I am born in your conscience, I grow with your evolution, and I manifest Myself fully in your works of love, so that you will say full of pleasure: "The Lord is with me." (138, 68-69)

71. Today, as beginning students, you are not always able to comprehend My teachings. For now, speak to God with your heart and mind and He will respond to you deep within your being. You will hear his message in your conscience. It will be a clear, wise, and loving voice that you will gradually discover and become accustomed to hearing. (205, 47)

72. I must raise the church of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of My disciples in this Third Era. There God the Creator, the strong God, the God made man in the Second Era, the God of infinite wisdom, will make his dwelling. He lives in you, but if you wish to hear and feel the echo of his word, you must prepare.

73. Who does good, feels My presence within them, just as does He who is humble, or who sees his brother in every one of his fellow men.

74. In your spirit exists the temple of the Holy Spirit. That enclosure is indestructible, there are no strong winds or hurricanes that are capable of destroying it; it is invisible and intangible to the gaze of humans; its columns are the desire to overcome yourself with goodness, its dome is the grace that the Father pours out over his children, and its doors: the love of the Divine Mother, for all who knock at My door are touching the heart of the Celestial Mother.

75. Here, disciples, is the truth of the church of the Holy Spirit, so that you be not of those who become confused by false interpretations. The temples of marble were but a symbol, and of them, not one stone will be left upon another.

76. I wish that in your interior altar the flame of faith burn always, and that you understand that with your works, you are building the foundations where one day a great sanctuary will stand. I hold all humanity on trial and in preparation within their diverse ideas, for to all I will give a part in the construction of My temple. (148, 44-48)


Chapter 33
Men and Women, Parents and Children,
Family and Marriage

The Relationship between Man and Woman

1. Before you arrived on earth, I already knew your way and your inclinations, and to help you in your journey, I put in your path a heart that by its love for you would illuminate your road. The heart may be that of a man or a woman. Thus I have wished to help you so that you may serve as a staff of faith, moral force, and charity for the needy. (256, 55)

2. I wanted you to participate in the joy of being parents, to create beings similar to yourselves, beings to whom I would send spirits to incarnate. Since maternal love exists in the Divine and eternal, I wanted there to exist in the human life a being who would represent it, and that being is the woman.

3. In the beginning the human being was divided into two parts, thus creating the two sexes, one the man and the other the woman. He would have strength, intelligence and majesty; the woman would have tenderness, grace, and beauty. The man as the seed, and the woman the fertile land. There you have two beings who can feel complete, perfect, and happy only when they are united, for with their harmony they will form one single body, one single will, and one single ideal.

4. This union, when inspired by the conscience and by love, is called matrimony. (38, 30-31)

5. Truly I say to you: I see that in this time man and woman have deviated from their path.

6. I discover men who forsake their responsibilities, women who flee from their maternity and others who invade the fields predestined for man, when since ancient times you were told that the man is the head of the woman.

7. Not because of that should the woman feel scorned, for today I say to you that the woman is the heart of the man.

8. That is why I have instituted and sanctified matrimony, because in the union of those two beings, spiritually equal but corporeally different, a perfect condition prevails. (66, 68-69)

9. How few are those who aspire to live in the paradise of peace, light, and harmony, lovingly obeying the Divine laws.

10. Humanity has traveled over a very long path, and it still prefers to eat the forbidden fruits, which only accumulate sorrow and disappointment in its life. The forbidden fruits are those which, while being good because they have been created by God, can become harmful to man if He has not properly prepared himself, or if He consumes them excessively.

11. Man and woman take the fruit of life without preparation, unaware of their responsibility before the Creator when they bring new beings to incarnate on earth. (34, 12-14)

12. Some ask Me: "Lord, by chance, is human love wrong and abominable in your sight? Do you only approve of spiritual love?"

13. No people, it is true that to the spirit correspond the highest and purest loves, but in the flesh I also deposited a heart to love with, and I gave it senses so that through them you may love what surrounds you.

14. That love that rests only in the material is characteristic of the irrational beings, because they lack a conscience that illuminates their paths; on the other hand, I tell you that good unions must bring forth good fruits, and incarnate in them spirits of light. (127, 7-8 and 10)

15. I have not come to ask superhuman sacrifices of you: neither have I asked that men cease being men to follow me, nor that women cease being women to fulfill a spiritual mission. I have not separated the husband from his wife, nor the wife from her husband to serve Me, nor to parents have I said to abandon their children and cease working to follow Me.

16. To one and all, upon converting them to laborers in My fields, I have made them understand that by being My servants, they do not cease to be human, and therefore must know to give to God what is God's, and to the world what is of the world. (133, 55-56)

The Nature and Duty of the Man

17. To you men, I have granted a heritage, a treasure, a woman of whom you are the overseers, in order to love and preserve her. And nevertheless, your companion has come to present her complaints and tears to Me, because of your lack of understanding.

18. I have said that you are strong, that you have been created in My image and likeness, but I have not sent you to humiliate the woman and make her your slave.

19. I have given you strength, so that you may represent Me in your home; strong in virtue, in talent, and I have given you a woman as a companion and as a complement in your earthly life, so that you may find fortitude to withstand the ordeals and vicissitudes through the love of both. (6, 61)

20. Think, men, how many times have you made virtuous women fall into your net, finding in them the sensitive and weak spots; and those mirrors formerly clean, and now without their luster, you must make them reflect once again the clarity and beauty of their spirits.

21. Why do you today deprecate the same that yesterday you induced to perdition? Why do you complain of the degeneration of women? Understand that if you had led them on the path of My Law, which is the law of the heart and the conscience, of respect and charity, loving them with a love that elevates instead of the passion that degrades, you would not now have reason to cry and complain, and they would not have fallen.

22. Men seek and demand that women have virtues and beauty; why do you demand what you do not deserve?

23. I see that you still believe yourselves to have great merits, in spite of falling short in them. Reconstruct with your works, words, and thoughts what you have destroyed, giving honesty, morals, and virtue the value that is theirs.

24. If you strive in this way, men, you will have helped Jesus in his work of salvation, and your hearts will feel joy when you contemplate the homes honored by good wives and worthy mothers. Your happiness will be great when you see virtue return to those who had lost it.

25. Redemption is for everyone. Why should not even the most sinful be saved? For that reason I tell you: Men, work with Me to save those you have led to perdition, encouraging them with the light of My Doctrine, and make My loving thoughts come to their minds and hearts. Bring them My messages in the hospitals and prisons, even in the places of mire, for it is there that they cry in repentance and pain for not having been strong when the world with its temptations dragged them toward perversion.

26. Every woman was once a little girl, every woman was once a virgin, and so you can reach their hearts on the path of sensitivity.

27. To the men who have not tarnished these virtues, I will entrust this task. Remember that I have told you: "By your works you shall be known." Let the spirit speak through the material form.

28. However, to those who have not known how to respect the graces deposited by Me in that being, I tell you: Why say that you love, when it is not love that you feel? Why try to make others fall letting nothing stop you? Think, what would your heart feel if what you do with those plucked flowers were done with your mother, your sister, or with a woman you love, and therefore, respect? Have you ever thought of the wounds you cause to the parents who raised their daughters with great love?

29. Ask your heart in a true examination in the light of your conscience if you can reap what you have not sown.

30. How can you prepare your future life if you are wounding your fellow men and women? How many victims will you have? What ending will you have? Truly I tell you, that you have sacrificed many victims to the whirlwind of your passions, some of whom belong to your present, and others to your past.

31. I desire that the heart and lips that have been a nest of perfidy and lies become a nest of truth and chaste love.

32. Illuminate the paths of others by word and example so that you may be the saviors of fallen women. Oh, if only each of you would redeem just one!

33. Do not speak badly of that woman; the offensive word that wounds one, wounds all who hear it, because from that instant all become unfit judges.

34. Respect the actions and secrets of others, for it is not for you to judge them. I prefer to raise men fallen in sin, over hypocrites who appear pure, but sin. I prefer a sincere great sinner to the false pretense of virtue. If you wish to adorn yourselves, let it be with adornments of sincerity.

35. If you find a virtuous woman of high sentiment, and you feel unworthy of her although you love her, and then speak badly of her and deprecate her, and if after suffering and understanding your error you seek her for consolation, in vain will you call at her door.

36. If every woman who has passed through the life of a single man had received from him the word and the feelings of love, respect, and understanding, your world would not now be at the height of sin in which it finds itself. (235, 18-32)

Woman, Wife, and Mother

37. Women, it is you who with your prayer protect what little peace there is in the world, and who as faithful guardians of the home take care that it does not lack the warmth of love. In this way you unite with Mary, to break human arrogance. (130, 53)

38. You women who water the roads of this world with your tears, and who with your blood mark your passage through this life: Rest in Me to recover new strength and to continue being the bearers of love, the fire of the hearth, and the solid foundation of the home that I have entrusted to you on earth. So that you may continue being like a mother bird, spreading her wings to protect her husband and children, I bless you.

39. I exalt the man, and the place of the woman at his right. I sanctify marriage and bless the family.

40. In this Era I come with a sword of love to put all things in their places, for men had put them elsewhere. (217, 29-31)

41. Truly I tell you that the regeneration of humanity must begin with the women, so that their fruit, which are the men of tomorrow, are found free of the stains that have led them to degeneration.

42. Then, it will correspond to men to do their part in this work of reconstruction, for all who have corrupted a woman, must regenerate her.

43. Today I have inspired you to save the woman who has stumbled on her path, and when you present her to Me whom you have saved, I will give her a flower, a blessing, and very great peace so that she will not fall again.

44. If you fulfill this mission in this way, those beings wounded by the world will feel the love of Jesus enter their hearts.

45. I shall listen when in their prayers they tell Me: "My Father, do not see My sin, see only My pain; do not judge My ingratitude, but see My suffering." In that instant My comfort will descend to that troubled heart, and it will be purified by its tears. Oh, If you only knew how much more the prayer of the sinner is felt than that of the vain who believe themselves just and clean. (235, 16-17 and 43-45)

46. Of the love with which I have given you life, men give little sign or evidence. Of all human emotions, that which comes closest to the Divine love is maternal love, for in it is disinterest, abnegation, and the ideal of seeking the happiness of the child even at the cost of sacrifice. (242, 39)

47. And to you, sterile women, the Master says, long have you desired and asked that your wombs be converted into fountains of life. You have hoped that when the evening or the morning approaches, a tender heart would be heard beating within you. But the days and nights have passed and you have only shed tears because the child has not arrived to call at your door.

48. How many of you who are listening to Me, and who have been deprived of hope by science, will have to bear fruit to believe in My power. Thus, through that miracle many may recognize Me! Watch and wait. Do not forget My words. (38, 42-43)

The Education of Children and Adolescents

49. Parents: Avoid mistakes and bad examples. I do not demand perfection of you, only love and charity toward your children. Prepare yourselves spiritually and physically, for the great legions of spirits from the beyond await the instant to incarnate among you.

50. I want a new humanity which will grow and multiply, not only in number but in virtue, so that it may become aware of the Promised Land nearby, and its children might be able to live in the New Jerusalem.

51. I want the earth to be filled with men of good will who are the fruits of love.

52. Destroy the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time. Do not allow your hearts to become familiar with their sins, nor do imitate their inhabitants. (38, 44-47)

53. Devotedly guide your children. Teach them to obey the spiritual and the material laws; and if they break them, correct them, for you as parents represent Me on earth. Therefore, remember Jesus, who filled with holy anger, gave the merchants of Jerusalem a lesson for all times, defending the Divine cause, the unchangeable laws. (41, 57)

54. Today you have ceased to be children and you can now understand the essence of My teachings; you also know that your spirit was not born with the physical body you possess, and that the beginning of one is not of the other. Those children whom you rock in your arms, carry innocence in their heart, but in their spirit they hold a past at times much larger and difficult then that of their parents themselves. How great a responsibility there is for those who must cultivate those hearts so that their spirit attains progress along the road!

55. Not because of this, should you feel lesser love for your children. Think that you do not know who they are nor what they have done; rather, increase for them your charity and love and be grateful to your Father for having placed in you His mercy to convert you into guides and counselors of your spiritual brothers, whose bodies you become parents of by blood. (56, 31-32)

56. I say to parents of families, that in the same manner that they worry about the material future of their children, they should also do so for their spiritual future, because of the mission which in that sense they have brought into the world. (81, 64)

57. Understand that when the spirit is made flesh, it brings with it all its gifts, that its destiny is already written, and therefore it need receive nothing in the world. It brings a message or restitution. At times, it comes to gather a harvest, and other times to pay a debt, but always it comes to receive in this life a lesson of the love its Father gives it.

58. You who are guiding your children through this life, once they are past the age of innocence, put them on the road of My Law, awaken their sentiments, reveal to them their gifts, and induce them always to the good; and truly I tell you, who in this way comes to Me shall be bathed in the light that springs from the Divine fire, which is My love. (99, 64-65)

59. Spiritually, you have traveled a long road, and now you are surprised by the intuition and the development that the new generations show from their most tender infancy, because they are spirits that have lived much and now return to walk at the front of humanity; some on the paths of the spirit, and others on the roads of the world according to their gifts and their mission. Yet, in all of them, humanity will find peace. The beings of which I speak, will be your children. (220, 14)

60. Do you think that confronted with a bad example, by a vice-ridden or evil parent on earth, the child commits an error in not continuing in that way of living? Or do you believe that the child is obliged to follow in the steps of his parents?

61. Truly I tell you, it must be the conscience and reason that guide you on the straight path. (271, 33-34)

62. Blessed innocence is contaminated with the evil of the world, youth runs a dizzying race, and the young women have quitted themselves of their modesty, their chastity, and their honesty; all these virtues have parted from their hearts; they have fed the worldly passions, and yearn only for those pleasures that lead them to the abyss.

63. I come to speak to you with all clarity so that you rise up and make a firm step in the evolution of your spirit. (344, 48)

64. Ignite in youth the love of their fellowmen; inspire in them great and noble ideals, for it will be they who tomorrow fight for an existence in which justice, love, and the sacred liberty of the spirit shine. Prepare yourselves all, for the great battle of which the prophecies have spoken, has not yet arrived. (139, 12)

A Word to the Girls and Young Women

65. All spirits have in Me a Divine Father and if I have endowed you with human parents during your physical life, it is to give life to your body and to represent your Heavenly Father near you. I have said to you: "Love God above everything created" and I have added: "Honor your Father and your mother." Therefore, do not neglect your responsibilities; if you have not recognized the love of your parents and you still have them in this world, bless them and acknowledge their merits. (9, 19)

66. On this day I am talking especially to the young women, those who tomorrow will have to illuminate the life of a new home with their presence; you should know that the heart of a wife and mother are the lamps that illuminate that sanctuary, just as the spirit illuminates your inner temple.

67. Prepare yourselves now, so that your new life does not surprise you; from this moment go forth preparing the path to be traveled by your children: those spirits who await the hour to approach your womb and take human life and form to fulfill their missions on earth.

68. Be My collaborators in My plans for restoration, and in My work of regeneration and justice.

69. Distance yourselves from the many temptations that beset your path in this era. Pray for the sinful cities where so many women are lost, where so many sanctuaries are profaned, and so many lamps extinguished.

70. Extend by your example the seed of life, truth, and light that counteract the lack of spirituality in humanity.

71. Pure young women of this people, awaken and prepare yourselves for the battle. Do not be blinded by the passions of the heart nor dazzled by what is not real. Develop your gifts of intuition and inspiration, as well as your tenderness and sensitivity; strengthen yourselves in the truth, and you will have prepared your best weapons for facing the struggle this life presents.

72. So that you may transmit the love in your blood, so that you may sustain your children with the love of which I speak to you so much, you must first live it, saturate yourselves in it, and feel it deeply. That is what My teaching comes to do in your heart. (307, 31-36)

Marriage and Family

73. The law of matrimony descended like a light which spoke through the conscience of the first beings, so that they would recognize that the union of one with the other signified a pact with the Creator. The fruit of that union was the child in whom the blood of the parents was blended as proof that what you bind before God can not be unbound on earth.

74. That joy which the Father and the mother feel when they give birth to a child, is similar to that which the Creator experienced when He became a Father, giving life to his much beloved children. If later I delivered laws to you through Moses so that you would know how to select a partner and would not covet the wife of your neighbor, it was because humanity, by virtue of its free will, had become lost in the ways of adultery and passions.

75. Time passed; I came to the world in Christ, and with My gentle teaching, which is always the law of love, I elevated matrimony and with it, human virtue. I spoke in parables in order to make My word unforgettable, and I made a sacred institution of matrimony.

76. Now that I am among you again, I ask you, men and women: what have you done to marriage? How few there are who can answer satisfactorily. My sacred institution has been profaned, and from that fountain of life springs pain and death. Upon the purity of that law are the tracks and stains of men and women. The fruit that should have been sweet is bitter, and the cup from which men drink is of gall.

77. You deviate from My laws, and when you stumble, you ask in anguish "Why is there such pain?" It is because the instincts of the flesh have never listened to the voice of the conscience. Now I ask you: Why do you not have peace, when I have given you all that is necessary for happiness?

78. I have placed a blue mantle in the sky so that beneath it you may build your nest of love, separating yourselves from the temptations and complications of the world, living in simplicity as do the birds, for in simplicity and in pure prayer, one can feel the peace of My kingdom and receive the revelations of many Mysteries.

79. Everyone who is united in matrimony before My Divinity, even when their union is not sanctioned by any minister, makes a pact with Me, a pact which remains recorded in the book of God, where all destinies are written.

80. Who can erase from that book the names of those two who have been united? Who in the world can unbind that which has been united in My law?

81. If I were to disunite you, I would be destroying My own work. When you have asked me to be united on earth, and I have granted it to you, why do you then break your promises and deny your vows? Is it not that you are ridiculing My law and My name? (38, 32-37 and 39-41)

82. I have spoken to the heart of the woman, wife, and mother who has not known how to maintain the cleanliness of her heart, nor to give to her companion and their children the warmth of tenderness and understanding.

83. How can men and women elevate their spiritual lives if they have not yet corrected the great errors that exist in their human lives?

84. My Work requires that its disciples know how to give testimony with the cleanliness and truth of the acts of their lives.

85. To one and all I ask: "Do you have children? Then have charity for them; if you could, for one moment, see those spirits, you would feel unworthy to call yourselves their parents. Do not give them bad examples; take care not to raise a scandal in the presence of your children.

86. I know that in these times, more than ever, there are problems in the bosom of marriages that find only a single solution: distancing, separation.

87. If this humanity had the necessary notion of spiritual knowledge, it would not fall into such grave error, for it would find the inspiration to resolve the most difficult periods and overcome the most difficult trials in prayer and spirituality.

88. My light comes to all hearts, to the sad and the beaten, to encourage them. (312, 36-42)

89. In the Second Era I entered the homes of many marriages joined by the Law of Moses, and do you know how I found many of them? Fighting and destroying the seed of peace, love, and trust; I saw war and discord in their hearts, at their tables, and in the marriage bed.

90. I entered too in the homes of many who without having marriages sanctioned by law, loved one another and lived like lovebirds in their nest, caressing and protecting the loved one.

91. How many there are who living under the same roof do not love each other, and on not loving each other, are not united, but distant spiritually. Yet, they do not make their separation public, for fear of Divine punishment, or of human law, or of the judgment of society. That is not marriage, in those beings there is no union nor truth.

92. Nonetheless, they present their false union, visit homes and temples, go out upon the roads, and the world does not judge them, because they hide their lack of love. In contrast, how many who love each other must hide, concealing their real union, while suffering from misunderstandings and injustices.

93. Humanity has not risen to understand and judge the lives of their neighbors. Those men who hold in their hands the human and spiritual laws do not use true justice in sanctioning those cases.

94. Nonetheless, those times of comprehension and prudence that I announce to you, in which humanity will perfect itself, shall come. Then again you shall see, as in the patriarchal times before Moses, when the union of beings was performed as I have done on this day with My children: spiritually, and as you shall do in times to come, in the presence of the parents of those to be joined, of friends and relatives, and amid the greatest spirituality, fraternity, and rejoicing. (375, 25-27)


Chapter 34
Free Will and Conscience

The Importance of the Conscience and Free Will

1. Listen, O disciples: Man has as his spiritual gifts freedom of will and a conscience. Everyone, at birth, has been endowed with virtues and can make use of them. In his spirit is the light of his conscience; but at the same time that the flesh develops, with it passions unfold: the bad inclinations, these being the ones that battle against those virtues.

2. God permits this because where there is no struggle there are no merits, and this is what you need in order to ascend along the spiritual path. What would be the merit of the children of God, if they did not struggle? What would you do if you lived filled with happiness, as is your wish in this world? Would you expect spiritual progress if you were surrounded by comforts and riches? You would be at a standstill, for merit does not exist where there is no struggle.

3. But do not be confused, for when I speak of conflict, I refer to that which you develop in order to master your weaknesses and passions. Those battles are the only ones which I allow in men so that they will dominate their egotism and their materialism, in order for the spirit to take its rightful place illuminated by its conscience.

4. That inner battle I do authorize, but not the one which men use with the desire of exalting themselves, blinded by ambition and wickedness. (9, 42-44)

5. The spirit fights to achieve its elevation and progress while the material form gives in at every step to the attractions of the world; yet the spirit and the material can be harmonized, giving to each what legitimately pertains to it, that is what My Doctrine teaches.

6. How can you practice My Law in every case? By listening to the voice of the conscience, which is the judge of your acts. I do not come to command that which you can not perform; I come to persuade you that the road to happiness is not a fantasy, that it exists and the way to travel it is what I am showing you.

7. You are free to choose the road, but it is My duty as Father to show you the true and the shortest road, that which has always been illuminated by the light of the Divine beacon that is My love for you, for you are the disciples who thirst always to hear the new words that come to affirm your knowledge and revive your faith. (148, 53-55)

8. I have placed the conscience in your being so it can be in the midst of all your steps, since the conscience is able to distinguish good from bad, and what is just from what is not. With that light you cannot be deceived nor be called ignorant. How could the spiritual follower deceive his brother or try to deceive even himself if He knows the truth? (10, 32)

9. Man on earth is a prince to whom My love and My justice gave that title, and the order that He received from the very beginning was to have dominion over the earth.

10. Over the Divine gift of your free will, I put a beacon to illuminate the path of your life: the conscience.

11. The freedom to act, and the light of the conscience to distinguish good from evil, are the two greatest gifts of love that the Father has bequeathed to your spirit. They are in men before birth and after death. The conscience guides men, and does not leave their side in moments of desperation, nor in moments of lost reason, nor even in agony, for it is intimately united to the spirit. (92, 32-34)

12. The spirit possesses the gift of free will, through which it must earn merit in order to save itself.

13. Who guides, orients, or counsels the spirit during its free wandering, so that it can distinguish right from wrong and thereby not be lost? The conscience.

14. The conscience is the Divine spark, a higher light, and is a force to help men not to sin. What merit would there be in men if the conscience had the material strength to force them to remain on the side of good?

15. I want you to know that merit consists of listening to that voice, in persuading yourselves that that voice never lies nor is mistaken in its counsel, and in faithfully obeying its dictates.

16. As you can understand, to hear that voice clearly requires preparation and concentration within one's self. Who practices such obedience in the present times? Ask yourselves?

17. The conscience has always manifested itself in man, but man has not achieved the necessary evolution to guide all his life by that Divine voice. Man has needed laws, teachings, precepts, religions and advice for guidance

18. When men come to enter into communion with their spirits, and instead of looking for it outwardly, seek it within themselves, they can hear that gentle, persuasive, wise, and just voice that has always been vibrating within them without being heard, and they come to understand that the conscience is the presence of God, and that it is the true means by which men should communicate with their Father and Creator. (287, 26-30)

19. All bear My light; every spirit possesses that grace, yet, while in some that light has grown and increased to show itself outwardly, in others it has been latent, hidden, and ignored. Nonetheless, I tell you truly, no matter how backwards a man may be spiritually, He can always distinguish between good and evil, and so you are all responsible before Me for your acts.

20. I must tell you that responsibility grows in you according to the development of your understanding, for you are increasingly more sensitive to the dictates of the conscience. (310, 69-70)

21. I want you to know that among all the creatures of this world, you are the favorite being, gifted with a spirit and a conscience; I have given you freedom of will so that you may take by your own choice the straight road that leads to Me; it is not a flowery path that I offer you, but that of prayer, penance and struggle, and along that road your conscience will guide you. (58, 42)

22. What would become of the spirit deprived of its freedom of will? In the first place it would not be a spirit and therefore it would not be a creation, worthy of the Supreme Being; it would be something like those machines that you create; something without life of its own, without intelligence, without will, without aspirations. (20, 37)

23. I gave free will to man, but if in his confusion He complains about it, I will tell him that I also gave him the ability to choose and comprehend. At the same time, I revealed My law to him, which is the way not to stumble or become lost, and kindled the light of his conscience, which is an inner beacon that illuminates the way of the spirit and leads it to eternal life.

24. Why does sin exist and evil dominate, and why do wars break out? Because man does not listen to the dictates of his conscience and badly uses his free will. (46, 63-64)

25. The world is not listening, because the voices of these material forms by which I communicate have little reach. It is then the voice of the conscience, which is My wisdom, that speaks to humanity, surprising many who, enveloped in their selfishness, are deaf to the call of that voice, and attentive only to adulation and earthly adoration, enjoying their greatness and power. (164, 18)

The Abuse of Free Will

26. Today I find Myself with a humanity that is weakened in spiritual matters because of the abuse that has been made of the gift of free will. I traced a path of justice, love, charity, and goodness; humanity has created another, of apparent light, which has led them to the abyss.

27. Upon turning back, My word shows you the same road that you have previously not wished to take, and He would be unjust and senseless who says that this doctrine confuses or delays. (126, 5-6)

28. Behold mankind occupied in destroying and hating one another, in snatching the power from each other without holding back on crime, theft or treachery. There you have men who succumb by the millions, victims of their fellowmen and others who perish from the effect of vice. Is there light in all that? Does the spirit within them speak out? What exists there is darkness and pain, resulting from the abuse of the gift of the freedom of will and from not listening to the inner voice, of not beholding the light of that spark of God that everyone carries within his being and which is the Divine light that you call conscience. (79, 31)

29. Free will is the highest expression, the most complete gift of the liberty that was conceded to men on the road of life so that by perseverance in good, achieved by the counsel of the conscience and the struggle to overcome its trials, you reach the bosom of the Father. But free will has been replaced by libertinism, the conscience is unheard, only the dictates of the world are obeyed, and spirituality has been supplanted by materialism.

30. Faced with such confusion and so much straying, My Doctrine will appear absurd to the men of this time; yet, I tell you, it is exactly the teaching that is needed so that men free themselves from the lethargy in which they find themselves. (157, 15-16)

31. My word is the road, it is the Divine law that guides you to perfection, the light that elevates the spirit but which has been dulled when the flesh, by its rigidity, has imposed itself, not hearing the interior voice of its conscience.

32. Woe then to the spirit that has ceded to the impulses of the material and has let itself be dominated by the influence of the world that surrounds it, exchanging its post as guide for that of a defenseless being carried from one side to the other by human passions and weaknesses, like dry leaves carried aimlessly by the wind.

33. The man who most loves his freedom, fears to submit himself to the Divine will because He is fearful that the spirit will tame him, depriving him of many human satisfactions that He knows will harm him and cause him to abandon the road that leads to true life. (97, 36)

34. The time in which men have taken their free will to use it in pleasures, low passions, hatred, and vengeance is coming to an end. My justice is closing the paths of sin and opening instead the path to reconciliation and regeneration so that they can find the road to peace that they have looked for in vain by other means. (91, 80)

35. I gave you the gift of free will and I have respected that blessed liberty conceded to My children; but I also placed in your being the Divine light of the conscience, so that guided by it you channel your gifts, and I tell you, that in the struggle between the spirit and the flesh, the spirit has suffered a defeat, a painful fall that little by little has been distancing it from the source of truth, which I am.

36. Its defeat is not final, but transitory, for from the depths of the abyss the spirit shall rise when it can no longer tolerate its hunger, thirst, nakedness, and lack of light. Pain shall be its salvation, and hearing the voice of its conscience, it shall rise strong and enlightened, fervent and inspired, to take up once again its gifts; but no longer with the liberty to apply them to good or evil, but consecrating them strictly to the fulfillment of the Divine laws, which is the best worship you can offer My Spirit. (257, 65-66)

The Overriding Need to Obey the Impulses of the Conscience

37. How far from reality in this instant are those millions of beings who live only for their material present! How can they open their eyes to reality? Only by listening to the voice of their conscience: the voice that to be heard requires concentration, meditation, and prayer. (169, 16)

38. Always when you wish to know if the path that you follow is that of your evolution, you may consult your conscience, and if there is peace in it and if charity and good will toward your brethren lodges in your heart, you can be certain that your light still shines and your word comforts and heals.

39. However if you discover that within your heart there has germinated greed, bad will, materiality and lust, you can be certain that your light has turned into darkness and imposture. Do you wish to offer the Father a soiled harvest instead of a golden grain, when He calls on you? (73, 45)

40. Disciples, if you do not wish to suffer from errors or mistakes, examine your actions in the light of your conscience, and if there is something that tarnishes them, examine yourself deeply and you shall find the stains, and thereby be able to cleanse them.

41. Within you there is a mirror into which you can look and see if you are, or are not, clean.

42. The spiritualist should be recognized by his deeds, and so that those deeds may be clean, they must have been dictated by the conscience. Who acts thus will feel worthy of calling himself My disciple.

43. Who may deceive Me? No one. I do not come to judge you for what you do, but for the intentions with which you act. I am in your conscience, and beyond it. How could you imagine that I might be ignorant of your acts and the motives for them? (180, 11-13)

The Struggle between Free Will and Conscience

44. When the first human beings inhabited the earth, the Creator placed his love in them, equipped them with a spirit, and ignited his light in their conscience at the same time that they were given free will.

45. And while some struggled to persevere in righteousness, combating all temptations to remain clean and worthy of the Lord and in agreement with their consciences, others, from sin to sin and fault to fault, went along forging fetters, link by link through their sins, guided only by the voice of the senses, dominated by their passions, and sowing error and temptation among their brothers.

46. Yet, by the side of these troubled spirits My prophets have also come as angelic messengers of My Divinity to awaken humanity, warn them of menaces, and announce My coming. (250, 38-39)

47. The flesh was stubborn and reluctant in following the voice of that interior light that you call conscience, and it was easier for it to follow those impulses that led toward the libertinism of its instincts and passions.

48. Humanity has traveled much of the path of the life on this earth, in open battle between the conscience, which has never quieted, and the flesh, which wishes to make of materialism its worship and law; without either the material or the spiritual having triumphed, for the struggle continues.

49. Do you ask Me which will triumph? I tell you that it shall not be long until the absolute triumph of the conscience working through the spirit in the flesh.

50. Can you not foresee, that after so much struggle and such combat, that the material, which is human and fleeting, will have to bend before the conscience, which is My eternal light?

51. Understand: After this prolonged combat, man will finally reach the sensitivity and docility that He has never previously shown to that voice, and to the spiritual life that vibrates and palpitates within his being.

52. All of you march toward that point without knowing it. Yet, when you see the triumph of right and justice on earth, you will understand the reason for the struggle, the combats, and the trials. (317, 21-26)

53. Do you not see that man is before and above all that surrounds him, that He is the only being given free will and a conscience? From free will have flowed all the errors, falls, and sins of humanity, but they are fleeting errors in the presence of the justice and eternity of the Creator, for in time the conscience shall triumph over the weaknesses of the material form and the spirit, and with that triumph will come the victory of the light, which is the victory of wisdom over the darkness that is ignorance; it shall be the triumph of good, which is love, justice, and harmony, over evil, which is selfishness, unrestraint, and injustice. (295, 49)

54. Nothing is impossible for Me. My will has been done, and always will be done, even though there are times when it seems that it is the will of men, not mine, that dominates.

55. On the path of man's free will, its reign over the earth, the triumphs of its arrogance, the domination that with its strength it sometimes imposes, are so fleeting compared to eternity that it could absolutely never force a change in the Divine plans; and so tomorrow or in the course of their accomplishment, the will of My Spirit over all beings is made manifest, saving the good and erasing the impure. (280, 9-10)

56. The time shall come when the borders of this world are erased by love and the worlds approach each other through spirituality.

57. Until then, the struggle will continue between the conscience and free will, which man takes advantage of to do as He wishes in life.

58. The struggle between these two forces will come to its peak, and the triumph will fall to the spirit, which in a surrender of absolute love for the Father, will say to Him: "Lord, I renounce My free will; work only your Will in me."

59. I shall bless him who comes before Me in this way, and wrap him in My light; what is more, I shall make him know that the blessed liberty that was given him will never be withdrawn, for He who does the will of his Father, who is faithful and obedient, is worthy of his Lord's trust. (213, 61-64)

The Conscience through the New Word of God

60. My Doctrine, full of light and love, comes to strengthen the spirit so that it may impose its power on the flesh and sensitize it so that the inspirations of the conscience are ever more perceptible to it.

61. Spirituality is the purpose that humanity must pursue, since through it, it will come to identify itself plainly with the conscience, and come finally to distinguish right from wrong.

62. Because of the lack of spiritual elevation of men, that wise and profound, righteous and just interior voice has not been heard and interpreted as it should have been; and therefore, man has not yet reached the absolute understanding that permits him to distinguish truly between right and wrong.

63. That is not all, for He also needs to find in himself the strength necessary to follow every good impulse and obey every enlightened inspiration, rejecting at the same time any impure or evil temptation, thought, or feeling. (329, 56-57)

64. How easy it will be for men to understand one another when they meditate and listen to the dictates of their higher reason: the voice of the judge they do not wish to hear because they know it will order them to do the opposite of all they do now.

65. I say to you that if you have been unwilling to listen to the voice of your conscience, then you have been disobedient and lacked humility to practice My doctrine. You recognize My doctrine in theory but you do not truly practice if. Although you acknowledge that it possesses Divine essence, and that Christ was truly great and his teachings perfect, no one wants to truly imitate the Divine Master in order to achieve his greatness. No one wants to reach Him, imitating Him truly. You need to realize that I did not come in the Second Era only to make you aware of My spiritual greatness but also in order for you to become spiritually great. (287, 35-36)

66. I will reunite all men and all peoples around My new message; I shall call them as a shepherd does his sheep, and prepare for them the peace of a shelter where they can take refuge from the inclemencies and the storms.

67. You shall see that although many appear to have not the smallest trace of faith or spirituality, they conserve in the purest part of their spirit the immortal principles of spiritual life; and you shall see how many who seem to have no religion at all, bear in the most intimate region of their being an indestructible altar.

68. Before that interior altar men shall have to prostrate themselves spiritually, and sincerely repentant of their disobedience, cry for their faults, their evil deeds, and their offenses. There, before the altar of the conscience, human arrogance shall fall, and men will cease to consider themselves as superior for reasons of their race. Then shall come the renunciations, the restitutions and finally peace, as the legitimate fruit of love, humility, faith, and good will. (321, 9-11)


Chapter 35
The Power of Thoughts, Feelings, and the Will

Sending and Receiving Thoughts, and its Effects

1. There are forces invisible to human sight and unknown to the science of man which constantly influence your lives.

2. There are those which are good and those which are bad, some which give you health and others which cause illnesses. There are some filled with light and others with darkness.

3. From where do these forces arise? From the spirit, disciples, from the mind and from feelings.

4. Every incarnated and disincarnated spirit emanates vibrations when it thinks; every emotion exerts an influence. You can be sure that the world is filled with these vibrations.

5. Now you can easily understand that healthy forces and influences must exist where people think and dwell in goodness, and that where they live outside of the laws and regulations which are determined by goodness, justice and love, there must exist evil forces.

6. Both of them invade the spiritual space, struggle with each other and influence the sensitivity of men. If men know how to distinguish between them, they take the good inspirations and reject those influences which are evil, but if the men are weak and not prepared in the practice of righteousness, they are unable to confront these vibrations and are in danger of succumbing to their dominance and becoming slaves of evil. (40, 58-63)

7. Everything spiritual in the Universe is a fountain of light, visible or invisible to you; that light is strength, it is power, it is inspiration. From the ideas, words and deeds, light also emanates, according to the purity and elevation that they have. The more elevated the idea or the deed, the more delicate and gentle the vibration and inspiration which emits from it. Although it is also more difficult for the slaves of materialism to perceive it; nevertheless, the effect which is exerted spiritually by the thoughts and elevated deeds, is great. (16, 16)

8. When from your mind emerges an idea or a thought of light, in that manner it reaches its objective to fulfill its beneficial mission. If instead of kind thoughts, impure emanations surge from your mind, they will only cause harm wherever you send them. I say to you that thoughts are deeds, and as such they remain written in the book which exists in your conscience.

9. If your deeds are good or bad, you will receive multiplied what you wished for your brethren. But it is better to do yourselves some harm than to wish it upon one of your fellow men.

10. That is why during the Second Era I said to you: "What you sow you reap," for it is necessary that you be aware of your experiences in this life and that you remember that your harvest will give you back the same seed that you sowed, although multiplied.

11. O! Humanity, how you have neglected to meditate, feel or live the teachings of your Master! (24, 15-18)

12. That is why I have told you that you did not know the strength of thought. Today I tell you that thought is voice and hearing, it is a weapon and a shield. It creates and destroys. Thought cuts the distance to those who are absent, and finds those who had been lost.

13. Know your weapons before the battle commences; He who knows how to prepare himself will be strong and invincible. It will not be necessary to wield mortal weapons, your sword will be thought pure and clean, your shield faith and charity. Even in silence, your voice will resound as a message of peace. (76, 34)

14. Keep vigil, being careful not to stain your mind with impure thoughts; the mind is creative and when you give space to an evil idea it will lead you to the lower planes and your spirit will be surrounded with darkness. (146, 60)

15. The joined thoughts of a multitude will be capable of striking down evil influences, toppling idols from their pedestals. (160, 60)

16. Today I can assure you that in the future communication through thought will reach great development, and through it many barriers that today separate peoples and worlds will disappear. If you learn to communicate in thought with your Father, if you achieve spirit to Spirit communication, what difficulty could there then be in communicating with your brothers, be they visible or invisible, present or absent, and nearby or far away? (165, 15)

17. Your thoughts always come to Me, no matter how imperfect they are, and I hear your prayers even if they lack the faith that you should always put in them. This is because My Spirit captures the vibrations and feelings of all beings.

18. However, men who find themselves distanced from others by their selfishness, and distanced from spiritual life by the materialism that they have allowed themselves to be wrapped in today, are not prepared to communicate with others by means of their thoughts.

19. Nonetheless, I tell you that it is necessary to begin to educate your spirit; to do so, speak to the spirits, even if you have no apparent answer from them.

20. Tomorrow, when you have all learned to give, you will begin to have indications of a spiritual communication never imagined by men. (238, 51)

The Power of Feelings, Desires, and Fears

21. At every moment you are vibrating mentally and spiritually, but most of the time you radiate selfishness, hatred, violence, vanity, and the lower passions; you wound, and feel it when you are wounded, but you do not love, and so you do not feel it when you are loved. So, with your insane thoughts you go saturating the environment in which you live with pain, filling your existence with ill feeling. I tell you: Saturate all with peace, harmony and love, and then you will be happy. (16, 33)

22. Never think ill of those who do not love you, nor become exasperated with those who do not understand you, for even the most closely held of the feelings you have toward your fellow men is transmitted with your thought. (105, 37)

23. Do you see those men who seek power through force? Very soon, you will see them convinced of their error.

24. I will demonstrate to them that solely through goodness, which is the emanation of love, one can be truly great and powerful. (211, 22-23)

25. You need faith to raise your faces smiling with hope and look forward to the future without doubts or mistrust, for I am in your future.

26. How often are you ill because you think you are, because you believe every step dogged by fate or menaced by pain? That is when your mind attracts the darkness, and with it surround your material life and your spiritual journey.

27. Yet, here you have Me to re-ignite your faith in life, truth, eternity, and perfect peace, and to teach you to once more to attract the light to yourselves. (205, 28-29)

The Lack of Self Control

28. Man has two weaknesses. He makes no effort to remove his blindfolds in order to study My elevated spiritual teachings, nor does He want to separate himself from those material pleasures that prevent his spiritual progress. Thus, He has become a slave to his selfish pleasures. His spirit is like a paralyzed human being who makes no effort to heal himself.

29. In all walks of life, wherever I look I see the majority of men as being weak. What does that mean? That you do not have enough strength of will to escape from the mire in which you find yourselves, or from the laziness caused by the bonds that tie you to the material, and that is the beginning of all vices and errors.

30. But men do not wish to make use of the power which they have been given, which is the will, the will that should be the supreme legislator, which ought to make itself obeyed, and in concert with reason, fight strength against strength, empire against empire; on one side the passions and desires, on the other reason and will, until the day reason and will win the final battle and you can say that you are free.

31. Then you can be the great prophets, the great enlightened ones, the supermen; then you will be able to live among the beasts and play with reptiles, for truly I tell you, it is the faults covering you that make you fear these little brothers of yours, and it is because of these they attack you.

32. Yet if you observe men you will see there are men who are fiercer than tigers and more poisonous than cobras. (203, 3-6)