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The Third Testament - Part 10

Materialism and Spiritualism

Chapter 46 – The badly Guided and Materialist Man

Lethargy of the Spirit, Ignorance and Arrogance of Men

Lack of Willingness for Abstention, Effort and Responsibility

The Spiritual Misery of Men

Earthly Misconduct and its Consequences

Chapter 47 – Materialism and Spiritualism

The Repercussions of the Present Materialism

The Essence of Spiritualism

Who can justly call themselves Spiritualized

Spiritualism in Religions and Confessions

Chapter 48 – Spiritual Gifts and Spiritualization

The Spiritual Abilities of Human Beings

Requirements and Characteristics of authentic Spiritualism

The Blessed Effects of Spirituality


Chapter 46
The Badly Guided and Materialist Man

Lethargy of the Spirit, Ignorance and Arrogance of Men

1. The purpose for the creation of the world is man; for his pleasure I have placed there all the other beings and elements so that He may make use of them for his preservation and enjoyment.

2. Yet, if He had loved and recognized Me from the first times, from his spiritual infancy, today He would form part of a world of great spirits where ignorance would not exist, nor would there be distinctions: a world in which all of you would be equal in knowledge and in the elevation of your sentiments.

3. But, oh, how slowly man evolves! How many centuries has He lived on earth without yet reaching an understanding of his spiritual mission and his true destiny? He has been unable to discover within himself the spirit that never dies because it has eternal life; He has not known how to live in harmony with it, nor has He recognized its rights, and the spirit, deprived of its rights, has not developed its gifts and is stagnated. (15, 24)

4. Man, upon distancing himself from the fulfillment of My law, has created ideas, theories, religions, and diverse doctrines that divide and confuse humanity, tying its spirits to materialism and impeding it from ascending freely. However, the light of My Holy Spirit illuminates all men, showing them the path of true life where there is only one guide, the conscience. (46, 44)

5. A materialist loves only human life, but recognizing that it is fleeting, He tries to live it intensely.

6. When his plans or ambitions are not realized, or when pain in some form surprises him, He becomes desperate, blaspheming and cursing his fate, blaming it for his not receiving the returns to which He believes He has a right.

7. They are weak spirits in stubborn material forms; they are morally small beings who are tested in many ways to make them understand the true value of acts which, in their materialism, they attribute to acts of little merit.

8. Oh, how the materialists wish to modify their destinies! They would wish all to be done according to their ideas and their will. (258, 48-50)

9. Now you may understand that if I have always manifested Myself in My wisdom to men, it has been to free the spirits imprisoned by limited understanding.

10. Even in this time there exist minds that are slow and without inspiration. In a time when men should already possess lucid minds cleansed by evolution, many yet think and live as they did in the primitive ages.

11. Others have achieved great advances in science, but wrapping themselves in vanity and selfishness, and believing they have reached the height of wisdom. They are stalled on the road of their spiritual evolution. (180, 32-33)

12. If men lived awake to the higher life that exists and vibrates above them, and if they knew how to ask questions of the spirit, they would avoid many stumbling blocks and save themselves from many abysses; but they spend their lives asking the men of science, who have studied the material nature but cannot resolve their questions and their uncertainties. They do not know spiritual life, because inside them their spirits have fallen into slumber.

13. The spirit of humanity needs to wake up so that it can find itself and discover the gifts that have been given it to help in its struggle.

14. Today, man is like a small dry leaf fallen from the tree of life and at the mercy of the winds, subject to a thousand troubles, weak before the elements of Nature, and small and fragile before death when He should have made the earth his dominion like a prince sent by Me to perfect himself in the world. (278, 4-6)

15. The time of judgment, in which I will ask some "why have you denied Me", and others, "why have you persecuted Me", has arrived. Does He who has not been able to penetrate himself have the right to deny the existence of My Kingdom? Not knowing My truth is different from not knowing about something of which you were able to conceive; I tell you that your ignorance is plentiful and your arrogance great.

16. In truth I tell you, that whoever denies God and his Kingdom has denied himself. He who wishes to take strength from himself alone, believing himself absolute, and feeling proud of being able to be great without need for God, will have short steps in this world, He shall soon be lost, and his sufferings shall be very painful.

17. Where are the truly wise?

18. To know is to feel My presence; to know is to let yourself be guided by My light and do My will; to know is to understand the Law; to know is to love. (282, 19-22)

19. Today, your spiritual ignorance is so great that when you remember those who have departed for the beyond, you say, "Poor man. He died and had to leave it all and go away forever."

20. If you only knew with what compassion those spirits look upon you from the spiritual world when they hear you talk like that. Pity is what they feel for you when they are faced with your ignorance, for if you could behold them, though only for an instant, you would be speechless, astounded by the truth. (272, 46-47)

21. You have given greater value to material things than they really have, and in contrast you now wish to know nothing of the spiritual; your love of the world has become such that you struggle to ignore all that refers to the spiritual as much as possible, because you believe that knowledge impedes your advancement on earth.

22. I tell you that knowledge of the spiritual does not impede either the moral or scientific advancement of man. On the contrary, that light reveals to men an infinite channel of knowledge that is now unknown to his science.

23. As long as man resists elevating himself on the ladder of spirituality, He shall not be able to approach the true greatness that shall be given him here in the bosom of the Father by the supreme happiness of being the child of God, a child worthy of My Spirit because of his love, his elevation, and his wisdom. (331, 27-28)

Lack of Willingness for Abstention, Effort and Responsibility

24. If humanity is not obstinate in their ignorance, their existence on earth shall be otherwise, but men rebel against My commandments, deny their destiny, and instead of collaborating with Me in My work, look for ways to evade My law in order to work their own will.

25. I tell you also, that if humanity would observe all of their actions carefully, they would realize how they rebel against Me at every step.

26. If I pour My blessings out upon men, they become selfish; if I allow them to taste pleasure, they commit excesses; if I test their fortitude in order to temper their spirits, they protest; and if I permit the bitter cup to reach their lips so that they may be purified, they apostatize from life and feel a loss of faith. If I put upon their shoulders the burden of a large family, they become desperate, and when I promote some loved one of theirs from the earth they accuse Me of being unjust.

27. Never do I see you resigned, never do I hear you praise My name in the midst of your trials, nor do I behold you trying to participate in My work of creation by means of your lives. (117, 55-57)

28. I have placed greatness in man, but not the one that He seeks on earth. The greatness that I speak of is sacrifice, love, humility and charity. Man continually flees from those virtues withdrawing from his true greatness and from the dignity that the Father has given him as His son.

29. You avoid humility because you believe it to signify smallness. You evade ordeals because misery frightens you, without realizing that they come only to liberate your spirit. You also avoid the spiritual because you believe that by delving deeper into that knowledge means wasting your time, not knowing that you despise a light superior to all human science.

30. That is why I have told you that there are many who even though they swear that they love Me they do not love Me, and saying they believe Me they do not have faith; they have come to tell Me that they are ready to follow Me, but they want to follow Me without a cross. And I have said to them: Anyone who wants to follow Me, let him take up his cross and follow Me. Anyone who embraces his cross with love will reach the summit of the Mountain where He will breathe his last sigh on this earth in order to be resurrected to the eternal life. (80, 37-39)

31. Today, instead of eliminating the misery that exists everywhere, man selfishly attempts to use it to his benefit.

32. Why hasn't man sought an ideal that helps him to elevate his emotions and pursue goals that are worthy of his spirit? It is because man has not wanted to perceive beyond his physical needs, that is to say, beyond his miseries, his earthly pleasures, and his material science.

33. He dedicates his time on earth to accumulating riches and seeking pleasures, believing that, once He dies, He will cease to exist.

34. Man, in his ignorant pride, instead of elevating and seeing himself as a child of God, descends to the level of an inferior being, and if his conscience speaks to him of Divinity and spiritual life, his fear of the justice of God overpowers him and He prefers to silence that inner voice, diverting his thoughts from those warnings.

35. He has not meditated on existence itself, nor in his spiritual and material condition. How can He cease to be dust and misery while He lives and thinks that way. (207, 18)

36. My Doctrine, which at every moment is the explanation of the Law, has come to you as the road of light, as the secure opening for the spirit; nonetheless, men using the free will they were given, and wishing to choose a path for their lives, choose always the easy road of materialism; some of them refusing absolutely to hear the calls of their consciences, which lead always to the spiritual; while others who create cults and rites so they may believe themselves marching firmly on the spiritual path are, in truth, as egotistical as those who exclude My name and My word from their lives. (213, 51)

37. The road is prepared and the door open for all who wish to come to Me.

38. The road is narrow, you have long known that, none of you are ignorant that My Law and My Teaching are too infinitely clean and strict for any to think of reforming them to their own convenience or will. 39 The wide road and the broad doorway are not precisely those that lead your spirit to the light. The wide road is that of libertinism, disobedience, arrogance, and materialism: the road that the majority follow seeking to flee from their spiritual responsibility and from the inner judgment of their conscience.

40. That road can not be infinite, because it is neither true nor perfect, and since, like all things human, it is limited, one day man shall come to the end of that road, where He shall stop, horrified, to lean out over the abyss that marks the end of that path. Then is when chaos shall arise in the hearts of those who have long deviated from the true path.

41. In some there will be repentance, for which purpose they shall find enough light to save themselves; in others will arise confusion when faced with an end that they consider unfair and illogical; in others there will be blasphemy and rebellion, yet truly I tell you, that shall be the beginning of the return to the light. (333, 64-68)

The Spiritual Misery of Men

42. I have not been mistaken in what I have done; man has certainly mistaken his route and his existence, but soon He will return to Me like the prodigal son who squandered all his inheritance.

43. With his science He has created a new world, a false kingdom. He has made laws, He has set up his throne and has appropriated for himself a crown and a scepter. But how fleeting and deceiving is his splendor! A weak gust of My justice is enough for their foundations to be shaken and all their empire to crumble. Nevertheless, the kingdom of peace, of justice and of love, is very distant from the heart of mankind, who has not been able to conquer it.

44. The pleasure and the satisfactions, which their work provides for men, are fictitious. In their heart there is pain, uneasiness and disappointment, which are hidden behind the mask of their smile.

45. This is what has been done with the human existence, and regarding the life of the spirit and the laws that govern him, they have been distorted forgetting that there are also forces and elements that vivify the spirit with which man should be in contact to endure the ordeals and temptations and withstand all the obstacles and disappointments along the road of his ascent toward perfection.

46. That light from the infinite that reaches every spirit does not originate from the sun; the strength that the spirit receives from the Beyond is not an emanation of the earth; the fountain of love, of truth and of health which calms the thirst for knowledge of the spirit is not the water of your seas or your springs. The environment that surrounds you is not only material, it is an emanation, breath and inspiration which the human spirit receives directly from the Creator of everything, from the One who has created life and governs it with His perfect and immutable laws.

47. If men put a little of good will toward returning to the path of truth, they would instantly feel like an incentive of the caress of peace. But the spirit, when it becomes materialistic through the influence of the material, succumbs in its wars, and instead of being the lord of this life, the helmsman guiding his ship, becomes a slave of human tendencies and inclinations and a castaway in the midst of the storms.

48. I have already told you that the spirit is before the flesh, as the body is before the garment. That body that you possess is merely a passing fashion of the spirit. (80, 49-53)

49. O, if only all men wished to look upon the light being born into this era, how much hope there would be in there hearts! But they sleep, not knowing even how to receive the light sent them each day by the sun, that first light, which is like an image of the radiant light of the Creator.

50. The sun caresses you and awakens you to the daily struggle, without men, who are insensitive to the beauties of creation, stopping for a few moments to thank Me. The glory could pass them without them realizing it, for they always awaken preoccupied, forgetting to pray to seek spiritual strength in Me.

51. Nor do they seek energy for the material in the sources offered by Nature. All run around hurriedly, without knowing exactly where they are going, and fight, without knowing why, in that senseless blind and deaf struggle in which they have made their spirits materialistic and selfish.

52. With the laws of the spirit, which are the light of life, now forgotten, men destroy, kill each other, and steal the bread from one another's hands without hearing the voice of the conscience, without stopping to consider their actions, and without stopping to meditate.

53. Yet, if someone were to ask how they judge their lives, they would instantly reply that never in the past had the light shined so brilliantly in human life as now, and that science had never before revealed so many secrets. But they would have to say all this holding a mask of happiness before their faces, for in their hearts they would be hiding all their pain and spiritual misery. (104, 33-34)

54. I sent the spirit to incarnate on earth and become human so that it would be prince and lord over all that exists, not to be a slave, a victim, or a beggar, as I see it is now. Man is a slave to his needs, his passions, his vices, and his ignorance.

55. He is a victim of his suffering, his stumbles, and the vicissitudes that his lack of spiritual elevation cause him in his transit through the earth. He is a beggar, because not knowing the part of the inheritance that corresponds to him in life, He does not know of what He is owner, and acts like nothing belongs to him.

56. It is necessary that this humanity awaken to begin to study the book of spiritual life and transmit that idea from generation to generation so that soon, the blessed seed will arise in which My word will be fulfilled.

57. I have told you that this humanity shall one day reach spirituality, and will know how to live in harmony with all that has been created, and to march together harmoniously in heart, spirit, and understanding. (305, 8-11)

Earthly Misconduct and its Consequences

58. When I see men occupied in their wars, killing each other for the possession of the riches of the world, I cannot but continue comparing humanity with those children who fight over worthless objects. Men are still children who fight for a little bit of power or gold. What do these possessions mean compared to the virtues treasured by other men?

59. You cannot compare the man who divides peoples by sowing hatred in their hearts, with He who consecrates his life to watering the seed of universal brotherhood. You can not compare He who goes on causing the suffering of his brothers, with He who dedicates his life to relieving the pain of his fellow men.

60. Every man dreams of a throne on earth, even though from the beginning they have seen how little an earthly throne is worth.

61. I have offered you a place in My kingdom, but few are those who have accepted; they do not wish to understand that the smallest subject of the King of Heaven is greater that the most powerful monarch on earth.

62. Men are still children, yet the great trial that approaches will make them pass from infancy to maturity in a very short time, and with the benefit of that experience they shall cry out: "Jesus, our Father, was right. Let us join Him. (111, 3-7)

63. Men seek immortality in the world, trying to reach it through material works, because although earthly glory is ephemeral, it is tangible; they forget about the glory of the spirit because they doubt the existence of that life. It is the lack of faith and spirituality that have placed a veil of skepticism over the eyes of men. (128, 45)

64. Human evolution, with its progress, its science, and its civilization has never had as its goal the elevation of the spirit, which is the highest and most noble of what exists in man. His aspirations, his ambitions and his yearnings, have always been his goal in this world. It is here that they have sought wisdom, here that they have accumulated treasures, and here that they have chased after pleasure, honors, awards, powers, and praise. They have wished to find their glory here.

65. That is why I tell you that while Nature advances step by step, without ceasing in its law of unceasing evolution toward the subtle, toward perfection, man has remained behind, stationary and for that reason He has troubles on earth, for that reason He has the trials, the stumbles, and the blows He finds on his road. (277, 42)

66. I want you to have yearnings and ambitions, and that you dream of being great, strong, and wise, but in the eternal goods of the spirit.

67. For reaching those goods requires all the virtues such as: charity, humility, forgiveness, patience, and nobility; in a word: love. And all these virtues elevate, purify, and perfect the spirit.

68. In this small world, in this fleeting dwelling, man, to be great, powerful, rich, and wise, has had to be selfish, vengeful, cruel, indifferent, inhumane, and proud; and all of this has had to lead him toward the opposite, to what is truth, love, peace, and true wisdom and justice. (288, 32)

69. When men find themselves spiritually is when they feel in themselves the presence of the Father, but while they do not know who they are nor where they come from, they feel Me to be distant, strange, and unreachable — or they remain incensing.

70. Only when awakened can the spirit enter the kingdom of truth; man cannot know it by science alone.

71. I see that men wish to have knowledge, glory, strength, riches, and power; I come to offer them the means to achieve all these, but in their essence, their spiritual truth, not in the superficial and artful ways of the world, not in the fleeting or deceitful.

72. When man gives himself to the material, enclosing himself in a small space of a world like yours, He impoverishes, limits, and oppresses his spirit; thereafter, nothing exists for him but what He knows and possesses. Then it is necessary that He lose everything so that He may open his eyes to truth, and once convinced of his error, return his gaze to the eternal. (139, 40-43)


Chapter 47
Materialism and Spiritualism

The Repercussions of the Present Materialism

1. Truly I tell you, that many will flee from My Doctrine for fear of spiritualizing themselves, but it shall be neither reason nor the spirit that speaks in them, but the low passions of the material.

2. A spirit, when it lives adhering to truth, flees from materialism like someone fleeing from a plague. The elevated spirit finds happiness only in what is moral, where peace exists and love dwells. (99, 41-42)

3. Analyze My word until you are certain of its purity and its truth. Only in that way will you be able to remain strong and firm when confronting materialistic ideas which threaten the spirit. For materialism is death, it is darkness, it is a prison and poison to the spirit. Never exchange the light and the freedom of your spirit for earthly bread or miserly material possessions.

4. Truly I say to you that whoever trusts in My law and perseveres in faith to the end will never lack material nourishment, and during the moments of communication with My Spirit you will always receive the bread of eternal life through My infinite charity. (34, 61-62)

5. Materialism interposes itself as an immense obstacle in the road of the spirit's evolution. Mankind has halted before that wall.

6. You find yourself in a world in which man has managed to develop his understanding, as applied to material science, but remains clumsy in his reasoning about the spiritual; his knowledge of all but the strictly material is underdeveloped. (271, 37-38)

7. The trials that the world is passing through are the signs of the end of an era. They are the twilight, the final agony of the Era of materialism, because there has been materialism in your science, your ambitions, and in your affections. There has been materialism in your worship to Me and in all your works.

8. The love of the world, the greed for the land, the desires of the flesh, the satisfaction of all the lower desires, the selfishness, the love of self, and the pride were the force with which you created a life according to your intelligence and your human will, and whose fruits I have allowed you to gather so that your experience would be absolute.

9. And yet, if this Era that now ends is noted in the history of mankind for its materialism, truly, I tell you, that the new time shall be distinguished by its spirituality, for in it will be the conscience and the will of the spirit that on the earth construct a world of beings elevated by love, a life in which the vibration of the Spirit of the Father is felt in the spirits of his children, because all the gifts and powers that today live hidden in your being, shall have a place to develop: infinity. (305, 41-42)

The Essence of Spiritualism

10. Spiritualism is not a mixture of religions, it is the Doctrine that is purest and most perfect in its simplicity, the light of God descending to the human spirit in this Third Era. (273, 50)

11. The revelation that speaks to you about the life of the Spirit, that teaches you to communicate directly with your Divine Father, and that helps you to evolve spiritually, I call Spiritualism.

12. Truly I tell you that Spiritualism is not something new that pertains to this period. It is a revelation that has gradually unfolded according to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

13. I am giving you a Doctrine of Spiritualism that teaches you how to love God and your brethren in a perfect manner. It also offers you the path that leads to spiritual perfection. The Law of God in the First Era and the teachings of Christ in the Second Era, also taught you about Spiritualism. (289, 20-22)

14. Spiritualism is not a religion; it is the same Doctrine that in the body of Jesus I came to pour out over the world for the orientation of all men in all times. It is My Doctrine of love, justice, understanding, and forgiveness.

15. Due to your spiritual, material, and intellectual evolution, I have spoken to you with greater clarity in this, the Third Era. (359, 60-61)

16. Spiritualism comes to destroy the customs and traditions imposed by men that have held back the spirit. Spiritualism is the evolution and incessant elevation of the spirit, which through its gifts and attributes purifies and perfects itself until it comes to its Creator. Spiritualism shows the way how the spirit expresses, feels, and receives its Lord. Spiritualism frees and develops the spirit.

17. The spiritual is the universal strength and light that is in and of all. My teachings shall be strange to no one.

18. The attributes of the spirit are immutable because they are the virtues of My Divinity; they are eternal forces. Understand, however, you will be able to show greater or lesser purity according to how you have lived. (214, 57-59)

Who can justly call themselves Spiritualized

19. He who has reached some degree of spiritualism through his perseverance, evolution, and love for the lessons of the Father is a spiritualist, even if his own lips do not say so.

20. He who has faith and elevation in his actions must reflect that which is in his spirit. (236, 27-28)

21. The spiritualized know that the Omnipotent is in all, that the world, the universe, and the infinite are saturated with My essence and My presence.

22. He who conceives of Me and recognizes Me in this way, is a living temple of God and will no longer materialize the manifestations of the spirit with symbols or forms. (213, 31-32)

23. Spiritualism is the revelation that uncovers and points out all that you bear inside. It makes you recognize that you are a work of God, that you are not mere matter, that there is something above the flesh that elevates you above the nature that covers you, and above the foulness of your passions.

24. When men arrive at spirituality, every precept and every maxim form part of the light of conscience. Even though their memory retains not a single phrase or a single word of My teaching, they bear its essence in their beings, for they have understood it, felt it, and practiced it. (240, 17-18)

25. The good spiritualist shall be He who in the midst of a poverty of material goods feels like a lord: rich and happy, knowing that the Father loves him, that He has brothers whom He may love, and that the riches of the world are unimportant compared to the riches of the spirit.

26. He also shall be a good spiritualist who, being owner of material wealth, knows how to use it to good ends, taking it as the means that God has given him to perform an important mission on earth.

27. It is not indispensable to be poor, a pariah, or miserable to be counted among those who follow Me, just as it is also unnecessary to be of those who weep to be loved by Me. Truly I tell you, I have always wished you to be strong, healthy, and the owners of all I created for you.

28. When will you know yourselves as the beneficiaries of your inheritance, knowing how to appreciate each grace and giving it its proper place in life? (87, 28-30)

Spiritualism in Religions and Confessions

29. Today men live in an age of confusion, because they have not yet come to understand that all of their lives and struggles should lead them to the development of the spirit, whose goal must be the communication of the spirit with the Creator.

30. The worship that most men of today profess is that of materialism.

31. While the doctrines and religions persist in their differences, the world continues to foster hatred, and cannot take the decisive step to true worship.

32. But when will men understand, and unite, taking thereby the decisive first step toward the love of one another, given that there are still men who believe they possess the key or the secret, to the salvation of the spirit and the keys to eternal life, and who disown all those who go by other paths, because in their judgment, they are unworthy to come before God?

33. Understand then, the true purpose of Spiritualism, whose Doctrine is above all religion, all human ideas, and all sects. (297, 38-41)

34. Spiritualism is not a new doctrine come to achieve the evolution of the beliefs of the past eras; no, it is the same revelation as in the First Era and Second Era. It is the basis of all religions, of which in these moments of divisiveness I have come to remind all humanity so that they do not forget their beginnings.

35. The works of men, their customs and ways of impressing the senses to flatter and exalt themselves in their various religions, are contrary to what My Work comes to show the world. (363, 9)

36. During this time I come to give you new teachings in which you should meditate, lessons of love which will redeem and elevate you, truth which even though bitter, will be enlightenment along your path.

37. Spirituality of this period, like Christianity of the past era, will be contested and pursued with anger, cruelty and fury, and in the middle of the struggle, the spiritual will emerge working miracles and winning hearts.

38. Materialism, egotism, pride and worldly love, will be the forces which will arise against this revelation, which is not new or different from the one that I brought you in past times. The Doctrine which I have come to reveal to you now, and to which you give the name of Spirituality, is the essence of the Law and the Doctrine which were revealed to you in the First and Second Eras.

39. When mankind understands the truth of this teaching, its justice and the infinite knowledge that it reveals, they will reject from their heart all fear, all prejudice and they will adopt it as a norm of their life. (24, 48-51)

40. Truly I tell you, that the spiritualists, men prepared to contribute to the peace of humanity, are scattered all over the world.

41. Still, I tell you, the union between the spiritualists from all over the globe, shall not be brought about by the organization of a new church, because their strength shall not be material. Their union shall be of thought, of ideals, and of works, and in this way their strength shall be invincible, for it will have been taken from the eternal source which is My Spirit.

42. I am inspiring My truth, and touching all, so that all the impurities that must not be mixed with My light are removed from their hearts and their understanding.

43. All have the duty to permit that through their gifts the Spiritualist Doctrine be clarified and defined, taking care that it is not contaminated by human philosophies. (299, 30-32)

44. Truly I say to you that in the history of humanity, will be the history of Spirituality, written with shining letters.

45. Was not Israel immortalized after liberating themselves from their bondage in Egypt? Were not the Christians immortalized in their conquest through love? So will the followers of Spirituality be immortalized in their struggle for the freedom of the spirit. (8, 64-65)


Chapter 48
Spiritual Gifts and Spiritualization

The Spiritual Abilities of Human Beings

1. When this skeptical, incredulous, and materialist humanity finds itself faced with a Divine manifestation, or what they call miracles, they instantly seek out explanations or evidence to demonstrate that there was no supernatural action, that there was no miracle.

2. When a man appears manifesting an uncommon spiritual gift, mockery, doubt, and indifference arise before him to quiet his voice; and when Nature, that instrument of My Divinity, gives voice to calls to justice and warning messages for men, they attribute all to chance; humanity has never been so insensitive, so blind and deaf to all that is Divine, all that is spiritual and eternal, as it is today.

3. Millions of men call themselves Christian, but the majority of them do not know the doctrine of Christ. They say they love the works I performed as man, but their manner of believing, thinking, and conceptualizing demonstrates that they do not know the essence of My doctrine.

4. I came to show you the life of the spirit, to reveal to you the powers contained in it; that is why I came to the world.

5. I healed the sick with no medicine whatsoever, I spoke to the spirits, freed the possessed of strange and supernatural influences, spoke with nature, transfigured Myself from man to Spirit, and Spirit to man, and each of those works had the goal of showing you the road of the evolution of the spirit. (114, 1-4)

6. You carry within you true treasures: powers and gifts you do not even guess at, but from ignorance you weep like paupers. What do you know of the power of prayer and the strength of thought? What do you know of the profound content of the communication between spirit and Spirit? — Nothing, you materialistic and carnal humanity. (292, 14)

7. Spirituality is what I expect of the world, before Me the names with which each sect or religion distinguishes itself have no importance, nor do the greater or lesser splendor of their rites and outward worship; those things reach only human senses; they do not reach My Spirit.

8. I expect spirituality of men because it means the elevation of life, the ideal of perfection, the love of good, the worship of truth, the practice of charity, and harmony with oneself, which is harmony with others, and therefore with God. (326, 21-22)

9. Spirituality does not mean Mysticism, nor does it imply the performance of any rite, nor is it a [form of] external worship. Spirituality means the development of all the faculties of man; those that correspond to the human part just as those that vibrate beyond the senses of the body and which are the powers, attributes, faculties, and senses of the spirit.

10. Spirituality is the fair and just application of all those gifts that man possesses. Spirituality is harmony with all that surrounds you. (326, 63-66)

11. In that time I taught you the greatest virtue, which is charity. I inspired your hearts and sensitized your sentiments. Now I come to reveal to you all the gifts with which your spirit is endowed, so that you may develop them and apply them to doing charity among your fellow men.

12. Knowledge of spiritual life will permit you to carry out works similar to those performed by your Master. Remember what I told you, that upon developing your faculties you would perform real prodigies. (85, 20-21)

13. All of you possess the gifts of the spirit, which are beginning to develop in this Third Era due to the evolution reached by the spirits. Intuition, foresight, revelation, prophecy, and inspiration are manifesting in a clear way among humanity, and it is this that proclaims the new era; it is the light of the book of the Seven Seals, open, in this era, to the Sixth Chapter.

14. You who know the reason for these manifestations and the Era in which you live. Channel your gifts into the road of love; be always prepared to offer your charity, and you will always be in harmony with My Law, and serve as an example for your brothers. Then you will be My disciples, and be recognized as such. (95, 18)

15. When men love and know how to forgive, when humility exists in their hearts and they have made the spirit impose itself over the material, the flesh, the world, and the passions will no longer form the thick veil that prevents you from looking back or forward on the road. On the contrary, the material spiritualized by the practice of My doctrine shall be like a docile servant to the dictates of the conscience, instead of what it is now: an obstacle, a trap, a blindfold over the eyes of the spirit. (122, 32)

16. Intuition, which is clairvoyance, presentiment, and prophecy, clears the mind and makes the heart beat in response to the messages and voices it receives from the infinite. (136, 46)

17. By means of the gift of intuition, which I have given to all men, you may discover many things hidden among the heart's secrets, many tragedies that affect not only the earthly lives, but also the spirits of your brothers.

18. How can one enter the intimacy of those hearts without wounding them or profaning their secrets? How can one discover the hidden pains that shadow the lives of our brothers? I have already told you: Intuition, the gift that is part of spiritual sight and which will reach full development in you through prayer, shall show you the way to calm the pain of each one of your fellow men. (312, 72-74)

19. How many Mysteries still exist for man! He is surrounded by invisible and untouchable beings that should already be visible and touchable.

20. A life full of beauty and revelations palpitates over the existence of men, and these in their blindness have not managed to see it. (164, 56-57)

21. A man spiritually prepared by My Doctrine will be able to perform superhuman works. From his spirit and body a light, a power, and a strength will emanate which will allow him to do that which intelligence alone is not able to perform. (252, 4-5)

22. This is the time in which the Divine light shall shine plainly in My followers, who shall exhibit the gifts of the spirit by showing that they do not need earthly goods nor material sciences to perform charity and work prodigies. They shall heal in My name, curing the hopelessly ill, transforming water to healing balsam, and raising the dead from their deathbeds. Their prayer shall have the power to calm the wind, to assuage the elements and combat epidemics and evil influences.

23. The possessed shall be relieved of their obsessions, their persecutors, and their oppressors before the word, the prayer, and the power of My new disciples. (160, 28-29)

24. Spirituality means the elevation of the sentiments, purity in life, faith, love of others, charity, humility before God, and profound respect for the gifts received. When you achieve any of these virtues, your spiritual gaze begins to enter the mansion of love and perfection. And therefore, when you reach a state of spirituality while still on earth, you will be able to say that you inhabit, at least in moments of prayer, the spiritual valley. At the same time, you shall receive the light that reveals events of the future, because for the spirit that has begun to ascend the future becomes less and less of a Mystery.

25. Yes, disciples. Only in human life is man ignorant of what will happen in the future, of the events of tomorrow; not knowing his destiny, nor the path He shall have to follow, or what will be its end.

26. Man could not bear the knowledge of all the trials that He will have to experience in his life. In My charity for him I have created that veil between his present and his future, preventing him from loosing his mind knowing and beholding all which He will have to live and feel.

27. In contrast, the spirit, a being strongly armored and created for eternity, has the power to know its destiny, and the strength to understand and accept those trials that await it, for it knows that at the end of the road, when it has followed it with obedience to the Law, it shall come to the Promised Land, the paradise of the spirit, which is the state of evolution, purity, and perfection that it will reach in the end.

28. You cannot reach the level of spirituality of your Master in order to know what your destiny holds and what the future offers you, but by means of your elevation, I shall make you sense the nearness of some events.

29. That presentiment, that seeing of the future, that knowledge of your destiny, you shall begin to achieve as your being, formed of body and spirit, continues ascending on the road of spirituality, which I tell you again, is faith, purity, and the love of life; it is love and charity for your fellow men, it is humility and love before your Lord. (160, 6-9 and 13-14)

30. Be alert, so that you can recognize the true prophets and the false, so that you do not fight against those who like you, are fulfilling missions confided to them by My Divinity; so that you may recognize the true prophets and the false, and confirm the works of these, and destroy the works of the others.

31. For this is the time when all the forces have risen to battle. There is good fighting evil, the light against the darkness, wisdom against ignorance, and peace against war. (256, 66)

Requirements and Characteristics of authentic Spiritualism

32. Understand, a "Judas" exists in each man. Yes, disciples, because in your case the material body is Judas to the spirit: it is the material that opposes the shining light of spirituality, that which besieges the spirit to make it fall into materialism, into the lower passions.

33. But do not condemn your material form because it brings you to the edge of the abyss. You need it for your advancement and you will overcome it with your spirituality, as I overcame Judas with love. (150, 67-68)

34. Before you rise up to teach My maxims and expose its concepts, you should begin by practicing the teachings that I have revealed to you: loving your fellow men, living an elevated life, sowing your path with light and charity. If you do not do this, then I can tell you now that you have not understood spirituality; it uncovers your essence, and by means of it you can form a true concept of your Father and know yourselves.

35. It is true that in order to achieve spirituality you need a certain amount of renunciation, and some effort and sacrifice; but if in you a yearning for elevation has awoken, if love has begun to vibrate in your being, or if the ideal of spiritualism has arisen in you, instead of sacrifices and self-denial it will be a pleasure for you to cast off all that is useless, superfluous, or evil. (269, 46-47)

36. Keep always in mind that before Me you are all equal, that all of you had the same beginning, and that all bear the same purpose, though each destiny presents a different outward appearance.

37. Never forget that all of you must come to Me, which means that all, though in different ways, shall earn the merit necessary to reach the highest spiritual height; therefore, never consider none to be inferior.

38. Vanity should never sprout in the spiritualist, rather should He be always accompanied by true modesty; his acts, therefore, instead of dazzling with false light, shall resound in the hearts of his brothers. (322, 32-34)

39. The good sowers of spiritualism shall never be distinguished by the outward or the material. There shall be no habits, no insignia, nor any special manner of speaking for them. All their acts will be of simplicity and humility; if they are known for anything, it will be for their charity and spirituality.

40. The true preachers of spiritualism shall not be noted by the floweriness of their language, but by the wisdom and simplicity of their words, but above all for the truth in their works, and the goodness of their lives. (194, 24-25)

41. Spirituality is clarity, simplicity, the worship of love, and the struggle to reach the perfection of the spirit. (159, 64)

The Blessed Effects of Spirituality

42. By means of spirituality, a degree of elevation can be reached that permits man to conceive of ideas beyond that which his mind can imagine, and have power over the material.

43. Think now, if the elevation of the spirit were employed in the study of the material creation presented by nature, or any other human ideal, what fruits could be obtained if your discoveries were due not only to examination by the mind, but also to the intervention of the spiritual revelations given to you by He who created all. (126, 26-27)

44. When men achieve spirituality they shall be creatures superior to all that surrounds them; yet until now they have been only weak beings at the mercy of the influences, the elements, and the forces that ought not to be above man, because they are not superior to him. (280, 29)

45. I tell you truly, that spirituality too, is inherited, and so you should take care to transmit purity, and a sensitivity to the spiritual to your children; they shall thank you for having the charity to bestow on them a body with sane passions, a clear mind, a sensitive heart, and a spirit awake to the call of the conscience. (289, 65)

46. The only goal of My Work is the spirituality of all men, because in spirituality they shall have to identify and understand themselves. In spirituality they shall see disappear the names and the exterior forms of their religions, which have been the cause of their spiritual distancing brought about by each interpreting God differently.

47. Then, when all on their different paths come closer to spirituality, they shall understand that all they have needed to do was liberate themselves from their materialism, in order to translate into spiritual form what they always took in a material way.

48. Spirituality is all I ask of men in this time, and within what is right, they shall see their greatest ideals fulfilled and their greatest conflicts resolved. (321, 22-23 and 29)