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The Third Testament - Part 11


Chapter 49 – Religion and Justice on Earth

No Religion or Sect is the Only Authentic

The Antagonism of Religions to Development

The Relation between Religion and Science

The Hardness and Injustice of earthly Judiciary

The Arrogant self-righteous Man

Earthly Justice as a Necessary Evil

Chapter 50 – Culture and Science

The Pride and Vanity of Knowledge

The Consequences of Materialist Reasoning

The Inspiration of Scientific Knowledge by God and the Spiritual World

Recognition of Scientists who work for the Good of Humanity

Chapter 51 – The Powerful; Abuses of Power and Wars

The Fleeting Delirium of Power and earthly Greatness

The Arrogant Exercise of Power over Persons and Nations

Reflections on the Second World War

The Despicable Nature and Senselessness of Wars

Chapter 52 – The Injustice and Decay of Humanity

The Oppression and Exploitation of the Weak by the Powerful

The Depravity of Humanity

The Misguided World of an Immature Humanity


Chapter 49
Religion and Justice on Earth

No Religion or Sect is the Authentic

1. I do not come to awaken religious fanaticism among men; My doctrine is very distant from the teaching of falsehoods. I want reform, faith, charity, and spirituality. Fanaticism is a blindfold of darkness, an insane passion, it is gloom. Keep watch so that evil seed does not penetrate your heart, and beware, for fanaticism sometimes takes on the appearance of love.

2. Know that in these times that darkness has invaded humanity. See how, in spite of the pagan peoples having disappeared from the earth and the majority of humanity professing to worship the true God, men do not know or love Me. Their wars, their hatred, and their lack of harmony are proof that they still do not allow Me to live in their hearts.

3. Great whirlwinds are approaching that darkness of religious fanaticism and idolatry, and must purify the spiritual worship of this humanity. When that work has been done, the rainbow of peace will shine in the infinite. (83, 60-62)

4. On earth I have allowed religions to exist; they are the roads of the spirit that lead to God. Every religion that teaches righteousness and love and exalts charity is good, because it contains the light of truth. When within them men degenerate and turn to evil that which was originally good, then the road becomes lost among materialism and sin.

5. That is why I come in this time: to show you once again My coming, which is the way, the essence, and the law; so that you seek this law, which is both beacon and star, beyond the forms and the rites, beyond all that is human. He who seeks me thus, is a spiritualist. (197, 10-11)

6. Not one shall be lost; some shall arrive earlier on the road I have shown you, while others come later on the roads that they are following.

7. In any religion men could take the teachings necessary to make themselves good, but when they do not do this, they blame the religion they profess and continue as they always have.

8. Each religion is a path, some more perfect than others, but all lead you toward good and to try to reach the Father. If there is something in the religion you know that does not satisfy you, do not lose faith in Me; walk on the road of charity and you will be saved, for My road is illuminated by the virtue of love. (114, 43)

9. The religions are small truths that lead spirits to the true path by which they may ascend, step by step, to come to Me. While men profess different faiths on earth, they are divided, but when they have taken the path of love and truth, they will have joined and identified with that single light, for the Truth is one only. (243, 5)

10. The unification of the religions shall occur when the spirit of humanity has ascended above materialism, traditions, prejudices, and fanaticism; for then men will have united spiritually in a single worship: doing good out of love of God and fellow man. When it is thus, humanity shall enter a period of perfecting itself. (187, 43)

11. The spiritual division of men exists because some have grasped one branch and others a different one. There are many branches, but only one tree; men, however, have not wanted to understand My teachings in this way, and the disputes deepen and widen the differences. Each believes He possesses the truth, each one believes himself right; yet, I tell you that while you taste the fruit of only one branch without knowing the fruit of the others, you shall not recognize that all the fruit come from the same Divine tree, whose union forms the absolute truth.

12. Do not believe that the Master refers to the different religion's outward forms of worship in speaking to you this way, but to the fundamental principles upon which each one rests.

13. The strong wind presaging a storm has begun to be felt; its gusts, upon battering at the tree, shall cause some fruits to peel away and be tried by those who had not before known them.

14. Then, they shall say: "How wrong we were, and how blind, when carried away by our fanaticism we rejected any fruits offered us by our brothers, just because they seemed unknown to us!"

15. A part of My light is in each of the multitudes, in every congregation. Let none therefore boast that they posses all the truth. Understand that if you wish to penetrate deeper into the eternal, if you want to go beyond where you are, if you wish to know more about Me and yourselves, first you must join the knowledge of one to another, and so on among all. From that harmony shall spring the clear and pure light that you have sought in the world but could never find.

16. "Love one another." That is the maxim, My supreme commandment to man, without distinction of creed or religion.

17. Approach one another through that maxim and you will find me present in each of you. (129, 36-41)

The Antagonism of Religions to Development

18. Men have worried more about their human lives than their spiritual lives, often even while knowing that the human is fleeting and the spiritual eternal. That is why while advancing their civilization and their science, spiritually men tarry, dozing in their religions.

19. Observe the religions one by one, and you will see that none shows evidence of evolution, development, or perfecting itself; [yet] each one is proclaimed as the highest truth, and those who profess it, believing that through it they find and know all, make no effort to move forward.

20. The Divine revelations, the Law of God, My doctrine, and My manifestations have made you understand from the beginning that man is a being subject to evolution. Why then do none of your religions give evidence or proof of this truth?

21. I tell you that a doctrine that wakens the spirit, gives it light, develops it and reveals what it contains, that lifts it up every time it stumbles, and keeps it moving unceasingly forward: such a doctrine is inspired by truth. And is that not what My teaching has revealed to you in every era?

22. Nonetheless, spiritually you have been stationary for a long time, because you have been more worried about things that touch your lives on earth than the things which correspond to your spirit. But in order not to completely abandon the spiritual, you have made your religions in such a way that they do not at all impede your tasks, duties, and work on earth.

23. And so, complying with that religious tradition you imagine you are fulfilling your duty to God; you try to quiet your conscience, and believe you are assuring your passage to Glory.

24. Such ignorance, humanity! When will you wake up to reality? Don't you realize that complying with your religions gives nothing to Me or to your own spirit?

25. When you leave your churches and temples and say: "I have complied with God's rules", you have made a big error, because you believe that you came to give something to Me, when in fact you should realize that you have nothing to give Me, and much to receive from Me, as well as to give yourselves.

26. You believe that obedience to the Law is limited to going to those places, and that is another serious error, because those places should be schools where the disciples learn so that they can put the lessons learned into practice throughout their lives: that is true compliance with the Law. (265, 22-27)

The Relation between Religion and Science

27. From the beginning of time, the emissaries of the Law and Doctrine of the spirit have seen the man of science as an adversary, and great battles have taken place between them. It is time that I say something about these controversies.

28. I made this world to serve as a temporary dwelling for incarnated spirits, but before they came to populate it, I prepared them with the gifts of conscience, understanding, and will.

29. I knew beforehand the destiny and evolution of My creatures, and deposited on the earth, in its bowels, on its surface, and in its atmosphere, all the elements necessary for the protection, sustenance, development, and even the enjoyment of human beings. And so that man could discover the secrets of nature as a source of life, I permitted his intelligence to awaken.

30. So the principle of the sciences was revealed to man, a gift that all [of you] possess, although there have always been some men of greater capacity whose mission has been to wrest from Nature the secrets of its forces and elements for the well-being and joy of humanity.

31. I have also sent great spirits to the earth to reveal spiritual life to you, that which is found over Nature, beyond science. By means of those revelations, you have sensed the existence of a universal, powerful, creating omnipotent, and omnipresent Being, who reserves for man an existence after his death, an eternal life for the spirit.

32. However since some men come bearing spiritual missions, and others scientific ones, they have risen to strive with each other in all times, always as enemies: religion and science.

33. Today I tell you that spirit and matter are not opposing forces; harmony must exist between them. My spiritual revelations are light, and so are the revelations and discoveries of science. Yet if you have heard Me censure the work of scientists, it is because many of them have taken the energy, the elements, and the previously unknown forces of Nature for unchecked ambition and earthly dominion, and for the depraved purposes of destruction, hatred, and revenge.

34. I should tell you that to those who have acted with love and for good ends on their missions, to those who have respectfully and humbly penetrated My arcane, it has pleased Me to uncover great Mysteries for the benefit of My daughter, humanity.

35. Science, since the beginning of the world, has kept humanity walking on the path of material progress, on which at every step men have found the fruits of science, sweet to some, and bitter to others.

36. This is the Era when you must understand that all the light belongs to My Spirit, and all that is life is from My Divinity, because I am the arcane: the source and the beginning of all creation.

37. These disputes between the spiritual and the scientific will disappear from mankind, so much so, that spirituality and science will unite in one single light to illuminate the path of man to the infinite. (233, 25-34)

The Hardness and Injustice of earthly Judiciary

38. I have come to nullify your erroneous laws so that you will be governed only by those that are formed by My precepts and are in agreement with My wisdom. My laws are of love, and on proceeding from My Divinity, they are unalterable and eternal, while yours are temporary and at times cruel and selfish.

39. The Law of the Father is of love, of goodness; it is like a balsam which gives comfort and strength to the sinner, so He can bear the restitution for his faults. The Father's Law of love always offers a generous opportunity to the delinquent to regenerate himself, while your laws, on the contrary, humiliate and punish the wrongdoer, and many times the innocent and the weak.

40. In your justice there is hardness, vengeance, and lack of mercy. The Law of Christ is of gentle persuasion, of infinite justice and supreme uprightness. You yourselves are your judges, on the other hand I am your tireless defender; but it is necessary for you to know that there exist two ways of atoning for your offenses: one is through love and the other through pain.

41. You choose, for you still enjoy the gift of freedom of will. (17, 46-48)

42. I am the Divine Judge; I do not apply sentences greater than the crime. I find clean many of those who accuse themselves before Me, but there are many that proclaim their cleanliness who I find depraved and guilty.

43. Oh, how unjust is human Justice! How many victims of bad judges are atoning for the crimes of others? How many innocents have seen the bars of prison close before their eyes, while the guilty walks free bearing his invisible burden of robbery and crime? (135, 2-3)

44. Because human justice is imperfect, your prisons are full of victims, and your gallows stained with the blood of the innocent. How many criminals do I see enjoying liberty and the respect of the world, and to how many of the depraved have you raised monuments in reverence to their memory?

45. If you could only see those beings, when having come to dwell in the spiritual vale, the light comes to their spirits! Instead of useless and senseless eulogies, you would send them prayers to console them in their remorse. (159, 44-45)

The Arrogant self-righteous Man

46. May love be what guides you, so that you may become true messengers of the Divine Comforter, for you, who have never tumbled into an abyss, are always blaming, always judging superficially and condemning your fellow men without any pity; and that is not My Doctrine.

47. If, before judging, you looked closely at yourselves and your defects, I assure you your judgment would be more merciful. You consider those in jails to be evil, and hold those in hospitals to be unlucky. You keep yourself apart from them without realizing that they are worthy of entering the Kingdom of My love, and you do not wish to consider that they also have the right to receive the rays of the sun, which was made to give life and warmth to all creatures without exception.

48. Many of these beings confined in places of atonement are mirrors into which humanity does not wish to look, for it knows that what these mirrors reflect will many times be an accusation. (149, 51-53)

Earthly Justice as a Necessary Evil

49. The justice established on earth does not act justly; I can see its lack of charity, its lack of understanding, and its hardness of heart. And yet, each shall receive perfect justice.

50. I have permitted these trials, and as long as humanity does not comply with My laws, as long as they do not fulfill its requirements, on the earth there shall be those who subjugate their hearts, who hurt them.

51. If you would comply, there would be no need for judges in this world, there would be no punishment, you would need no government; each would know how to govern his own actions and all would be governed by Me. All of you would be inspired by My laws, and your actions would be always beneficent, striving for spirituality and love.

52. However, humanity has fallen to great depths of immorality and vice; sin has been made the owner of the hearts of men, and hence the consequences. You must drain the cups of bitterness and bear the humiliations heaped upon you by those of your brothers who have power on earth.

53. Be humble, however, and bear their judgments with patience; remember that I am the perfect judge. (341, 5)


Chapter 50
Culture and Science

The Pride and Vanity of Knowledge

1. I ask the men of this time, who consider themselves to be the most advanced in history of the world. Have you not found, with all your talent, a way to make peace, to achieve power, and obtain wealth that does not mean killing, destroying, or enslaving your fellow men? Do you believe that your advancement is true and real when, morally, you are dragging yourselves through the mud, and spiritually wandering in shadows? I do not fight with science, since I inspired it in man; what I censure is the purpose to which you sometimes put it. (37, 56)

2. Humanity, daughter of light, open your eyes; see that you are living in the Era of the Spirit!

3. Why have you forgotten Me, and why have you wanted to compare your power with mine? I tell you that the day some scholar with his science forms a being in your image and bestows upon him both spirit and conscience, I will put My scepter in his hands. Your harvest, for now however, shall be different. (125, 16-17)

4. Why have there always been, as there are now, men, who having learned human science with the faculties given them by their Creator, use them to struggle against or repudiate the Divine science? The answer is that their vanity does not permit them to enter the arcane of the Lord with humility and respect, so instead they seek thrones and other objectives in this world. (154, 27)

5. Nowadays, men feel themselves to be great; they exalt their own character, and are embarrassed to proclaim God, calling Him by other names so as not to compromise their pride or bring themselves down from their own pedestals. That is why they call Me: "the cosmic intelligence" or "the architect of the universe," but I taught you to say "My Father" or "Our Father" in the Second Era. Why do men believe calling Me "Father" lowers them or diminishes their stature? (147, 7)

6. How far men have fallen in their materialism, coming even to deny the one who created all. How has the human mind been able to confuse itself so? How has your science been able to deny Me and profane life and nature? How?

7. I am in every creation your science discovers, and in every work My law manifests itself and My voice is heard. How can these men not feel, see, or hear it? Is it by chance a proof of your advancement and civilization to deny My existence and My love and justice? You are not, then, more advanced than the primitive men who knew how to find in every element and every wonder of nature the work of a wise, just, and powerful Divine being to whom they attributed all the good in existence; and whom they worshiped for it. (175, 72-73)

8. I have come again to give men My word so they know they are not alone, so that they awaken to the voice of their consciences, and know that after this life, great Divine wonders await their spirits.

9. I have spoken to men about those wonders, and it is verified by He who knows how to pray to put himself in contact with the spiritual, just as it is by He who through science looks deeply at the Mysteries of nature. By those two paths, the mind, and the spirit, find more, the more they seek.

10. Yet, when will man's study and research be inspired by love? Only then will his works in the world be solid; for as long as ambition, pride, materialism, and hatred are the motives of science. Men will continue to be called to account by the unleashed elements punishing their recklessness.

11. How many there are who are puffed up by evil, pride, and vanities! How many there are who have fitted themselves with crowns while being naked and miserable in spirit. How great the contrast between My truth and what you believe to be your truth. (277, 31-32, 36)

The Consequences of Materialist Reasoning

12. If men would feel a true love toward their brethren, they would not have to suffer the chaos in which they find themselves, everything around them would be harmonious and peaceful; but they do not understand that Divine love, and they want only the truth which reaches the mind, not the one which reaches the heart, and there they have the result of their materialism: a humanity that is egotistical, false and filled with bitterness. (14, 42)

13. Do not become vain with the fruits of your science, for now while so much progress has been made through it, is when humanity suffers most, when there is more misery, unrest, illness and destructive wars.

14. Man still has not discovered the true science, that which is gained through the path of love.

15. Behold how vanity has blinded you; each nation wants to have the greatest wise men on earth. Truly I say to you that the scientists have not penetrated deeply into the secrets of the Lord. I can say to you that the knowledge that man has of life is still superficial. (22, 16-18)

16. What is it that you desire most on earth during these moments? Peace, health and truth. Truly I say to you that these gifts will not be given to you by your science as you had imagined it.

17. Wise men question Nature and she answers each question; but there are not always noble purposes, good feelings, or charity behind these questions. Men are the small and foolish, who tear from the mother her secrets and profane her intimacy, not with the purpose of honoring her, taking from her fountains the elements to do good toward one another, as true brethren, but with egotistical purposes and sometimes evil.

18. All of Creation speaks to them about Me and its voice is of love, but how few have been able to listen and understand that language!

19. If you consider that Creation is a temple where I dwell, do you not fear that Jesus will appear there wielding a whip to drive out the traders and those who profane it? (26, 34 37)

20. I revealed to man the gift of science that is light, and with it man has created darkness and has caused pain and destruction.

21. Men judge themselves to be in the pinnacle of human progress; and so I ask them: Do you have peace on earth? Does there exist fraternity among men, morality and virtue in the homes? Do you respect the life of your fellowmen? Do you have any consideration for the weak? Verily I say to you that if these virtues existed in you, you would possess the most elevated values of human existence.

22. There exists confusion among mankind; for you have put those who have lead you to the abyss up on pedestals. For that reason, do not ask why I have come among men, nor judge the reason why I am communicating through the channel of sinners and the ignorant, because not everything that you judge as imperfect, is so. (59, 52-54)

23. The wise man seeks the cause of all that happens and all that exists, and hopes to demonstrate with his science that no truth and no principle exists outside of Nature. But I see these men as petty, weak, and ignorant. (144, 92)

24. The men of science, full of vanity, have come to consider the Divine revelations as unworthy of attention. They do not wish to ascend spiritually to God, and when they find something they cannot understand, they deny it so they will not need to confess their inability and their ignorance. Many of them do not want to believe in anything they cannot prove.

25. What comfort can these men carry to the hearts of their fellows, when they do not recognize the principle of love, which is what governs Creation, and do not know the spiritual meaning of life. (163, 17-18)

26. Oh, how much humanity has departed from My teachings! All in it is superficial, false, outward, and ostentatious. That is why its spiritual power is null and in order to make up for their lack of strength and development of the spirit, they have thrown themselves into the arms of science, developing their intelligence.

27. Thus, through science, man has come to feel strong, great, and powerful; but I tell you that that strength and greatness are insignificant next to the power of the spirit, which you have not allowed to grow or manifest. (275, 46-47)

28. Every day now you are eating the bitter fruits of the tree of science, so imperfectly cultivated by men, because you have not sought the harmonious development of your faculties. How, after all, could you channel your works and discoveries into the path of goodness when you have developed only your intelligence, and have left your spirit and heart abandoned?

29. So there you have men, resembling the beasts, giving complete free reign to their passions, feeling hatred for their fellows, thirsting for blood, and pretending to turn their fellow peoples into slaves.

30. If any believe that My Doctrine might cause the moral fall of man, truly I must tell you that you err greatly; to prove this to the skeptics and the arrogant of this time, I will allow them to harvest the fruits of their science, and to eat of it until they have had their fill, until a confession arises from their spirits, saying, "Father, forgive us. Only your power can halt the forces that we have recklessly unleashed." (282, 15-17)

31. Human science has reached the limit to which man can take it with his materialism, but when inspired by the spiritual idea of love, goodness, and perfection, science can go much further than it already has.

32. The proof that your scientific progress has not had the love of one another as its motive, is the moral degeneration of the peoples, the fratricidal wars, and the hunger and misery that reign everywhere: it is ignorance of the spiritual. (315, 53-54)

33. What do you want me to say about your wise men of today, those who provoke nature and defy the forces and elements making the good appear bad? There shall be great pain for having picked and eaten the unripe fruit of the tree of science, when it could have matured with only love. (263. 26)

34. If humanity is not in harmony with the universal law that governs all creation, there shall come a lack of control that manifests itself in the force of the elements.

35. Man has dismantled the atoms, and his evolved brain takes advantage of that discovery to obtain greater power and cause death.

36. If man had evolved spiritually in step with his science and intellect, He would have taken advantage of the discovery of new elements for the benefit of mankind, but his spiritual backwardness is great; his selfish mentality has channeled his creative force to the detriment of mankind: to the use of elements of destruction, leaving behind the principles of love and justice taught by Jesus. And so, when you see the fire rain from the sky, it shall not be that the heavens have opened, nor that the sun tortures you, but the work of man spreading death and destruction. (363, 23-25)

37. The peoples advance, growing ever more in scientific knowledge. Yet, I ask: What wisdom is this, that the more man penetrates, the further He is from the spiritual truth where the source and origin of life are found.

38. It is human science: wisdom as conceived of in a world sick with selfishness and materialism.

39. And so that knowledge is false, and that science evil, because with it you have created a world of pain. In place of light, it is darkness, for it is pushing the peoples toward destruction.

40. Science is light, light is life, strength, health, and peace. And are those things the results brought about by your science? No, humanity, and that is why I tell you, that while you do not permit the light of the conscience to penetrate the darkness of your understanding, your works will never hold an elevated, or spiritual principle, and shall never be more than human works. (358, 31-34)

41. The doctors shall also be called. I will ask them what have they done with the secrets of health, which I revealed to them and the balsam that I entrusted to them; I will ask if they have truly felt the suffering of others, if they have learned to descend to the most humble bed to heal with love the one who suffers. What will be the response of those who have attained greatness, comfort and luxury through the suffering of their fellow men, a pain that they were not always able to relieve? All of them will question themselves within their heart and before the light of their conscience they will have to answer to Me. (63, 62)

42. Many of those who are spiritually dead must wander throughout the world awaiting physical death to arrive before My presence. They will then hear the voice of the Lord that will caress them and help them to arise to the true life! What hope for salvation could they have had on earth if they believed that their sins were unforgivable and that they would be eternally lost even though they felt that they could truly repent and make restitution for their sins?

43. Spiritual beings who had lost all hope for salvation have arrived before My presence, as have other beings who have been sentenced to death on earth by men of science. I, who possess life, have saved those beings from their physical death. There are individuals on earth to whom I have entrusted the spiritual and physical well-being of all people. What are those individuals doing? Are they simply ignoring the high destiny that the Lord has entrusted to them to fulfill? Must I, who sent them with a message of health and life to earth, continually receive their victims? (54, 13-14)

The Inspiration of Scientific Knowledge by God and the Spiritual World

44. If the men of science who move and transform your world were inspired by love and righteousness, they would already have discovered how much enlightenment I have reserved for the science of this Era and not that little bit for which they have shown so much vanity.

45. Solomon was known as a wise man because his judgments, his counsel and his decisions were clothed with wisdom, and his fame crossed the frontiers of his kingdom, thus reaching other countries.

46. Although He was a king, that man knelt humbly before the Father, asking for wisdom, power and protection, recognizing that He was only My servant, and before Me He placed his scepter and his crown. If all wise men and scientists would do it thus, how great their knowledge would be, and how many teachings would My secret Sanctuary, yet unknown, reveal to them! (1, 57-59)

47. Ask your wise men and if they are sincere they will tell you that they have asked God for inspiration. And I would give them more inspiration if they would request it with greater love for their brethren and less vanity for themselves.

48. Truly I say to you that all true knowledge that you have accumulated, comes from Me, all that is pure and elevated I will use during this period for your benefit, for I have granted it to you for that purpose. (17, 59-60)

49. The spirit of men has evolved, that is why his science has progressed; I have permitted him to learn and discover what He ignored yesterday, but He should not dedicate himself only to material tasks; I have granted him that light so that He may work for his peace and happiness in the spiritual existence which awaits him. (15, 22)

50. If you have used some of your sciences to analyze and judge Me, would it not seem more reasonable to use them to analyze yourselves until you know your essence and your materialism? By chance, do you believe that your Father cannot help you along the path of your good science? Truly I say that if you were able to feel the essence of the Divine love, knowledge would easily reach your understanding without tiring your mind or exhausting yourselves with the study of subjects which you think are profound and which are truly within your capability. (14, 44)

51. There is found, in the great works of humans, the influence and labor of higher spiritual beings who work and vibrate continuously in men's understanding, inspiring and revealing the unknown to their incarnated brothers.

52. That is why at all times, I will say to the scholars and scientists: You cannot boast of that which you understand or accomplish, because it is not your work alone. Many times you serve only as the instrument of those spirits that I mentioned to you. Has not the reach of your discoveries often surprised you? Have you not confessed to yourself that you are unable or incompetent even to attempt the things you have already achieved? Here is your answer, so why do you puff yourselves up? Understand that your labor is guided by higher beings, and do not deviate from their inspirations, because they always lead to good. (182, 21-22)

53. Why, when humanity has witnessed the development of science and has seen discoveries which it would not have believed before, does it resist believing in the evolution of the spirit? Why is it obstinate in that which makes it stationary and lethargic?

54. My Doctrine and My revelations in these times are in accordance with your evolution. Let not the scientist be vain in his material work or his science, for in it My revelation has always been present as has the help of the spiritual world that inspires from the hereafter.

55. Man is part of Creation, He has a mission to fulfill, as do all creatures of the Creator, but He has been given a spiritual nature, an intelligence, and a personal will, so that through his efforts, He can attain the development and perfection of the spirit, which is the most elevated thing He possesses. By means of the spirit, man can conceive of his Creator, and understand His benefits, as well as admire His wisdom.

56. If instead of being made conceited by your earthly knowledge, you would identify yourselves with all My Work, there would exist for you no Mysteries, you would recognize yourselves as brethren, and you would love one another as I love you: in you there would be kindness, charity, love, and therefore, union with the Father. (23, 5-7)

Recognition of Scientists who work for the Good of Humanity

57. Human science is the materialized expression of the spiritual capacity that man has reached in this time. The work of men in this time is not the product of their minds alone, but also of their spiritual evolution. (106, 6)

58. Material science has revealed many Mysteries to you; never expect, however, that it will reveal to you all that you should know. The science of the men of these times also had its prophets whom humanity mocked and judged as mad, but who astounded you when their predictions were fulfilled. (97, 19)

59. I do not disown the men of science, since I gave them the mission they fulfill, but many of them have lacked the prayer, the charity, and the elevation of the spirit necessary to be the true intellectual leaders of humanity. (112, 25)

60. Today, man has extended his territories, ruling and traveling throughout the world. No continent, land, or sea exists that has not been explored. He has made pathways through the land, the sea, and the air. However, He is not satisfied with his inheritance on earth, and now studies and explores the heavens in search of greater domains.

61. I bless My children's desire for new knowledge. Their ambition to be wise, great, and strong greatly pleases Me, but I do not approve of their ambitions nor of their sometimes selfish goals. (175, 7-8)

62. I have endowed men with the intelligence that permits him to examine the make up of nature as well as its manifestation; I have permitted him to behold a part of the Universe, and to feel the manifestations of the spiritual world.

63. My Doctrine, therefore, does not stagnate the spirit, nor does it halt the evolution of man, on the contrary, it frees them and enlightens them so that they may analyze, reason, investigate, and work. However, what man believes to be the pinnacle of his intellectual research is barely the beginning. (304, 6)


Chapter 51
The Powerful; Abuses of Power and Wars

The Fleeting Delirium of Power and earthly Greatness

1. It is I who place the trials in your path to restrain your spirit when it distances itself from the path of My Law to live subject only to its free will. Examine the trials carefully, I permit it of you, that you may prove to yourselves that each of them is like a chisel that shapes your heart. That is one reason why pain brings you closer to Me.

2. Man has always sought pleasures, and has always pursued the power and greatness to make himself lord on earth and king over his own brothers.

3. If I have always created all of you with the same love, why have there always been those who attempted to be superior to others? Why have there always been those who drive humanity by humiliation and the whip? Why are there those who repudiate the humble and whose hearts are not moved by the suffering they inflict on their fellow men? It is because these are spirits that have not yet recognized Me as only owner of all that exists, the Father who loves all his creatures.

4. That is why there are men who do not recognize, and who usurp, the sacred rights of men. They act as My instruments of justice, and believing themselves lords and kings, are only servants; forgive them. (95, 7-8)

5. Behold the monarchs and the lords of the earth: How brief is their reign and their glory. Today they are raised up by their people, and tomorrow are thrown from their thrones.

6. Do not, any of you, seek your thrones in this life, for believing yourselves to advance, you shall be halted, and your destiny is to go forward without stopping until you come to the gates of My Kingdom. (124, 31)

7. I tell you truly, that the day of those now powerful shall end, to give way to those who are great, strong, powerful, and wise through the love and charity they hold for their fellow men. (128, 50)

8. Those men who today feed only on ambitions of power and earthly greatness know that their most powerful enemy is spirituality. That is why they fight it, and when they anticipate the struggle that now grows close, that of the spirit against evil, they fear to lose their possessions and therefore resist the light that surprises them at every step in the form of inspirations. (321, 12)

9. How needy are those who arrive at My celestial door having been great and powerful on earth! For they had forgotten the spiritual gems and the road of eternal life. While the truth of My Kingdom is revealed to the humble, it is hidden from the wise and educated, for they would do with spiritual wisdom what they have done with material science, which is to seek, in that light, thrones for their vanity and weapons for their wars. (238, 68)

The Arrogant Exercise of Power over Persons and Nations

10. Behold those men who lead peoples, creating doctrines and imposing them on men, each preaching the superiority of his own doctrine. Yet, I ask, what has been the fruit of all of them: War, with its accompanying misery, suffering, death, and destruction. That has been the harvest that the apostles of such theories have gathered on earth.

11. Behold that I have not counteracted humanity's free will, though I can tell you that the conscience, above it, speaks unceasingly to the heart that departs from justice, charity, or reason. (106, 11)

12. If Christ were to return as man in this time, He would not again say as on Calvary, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." For you now receive the full light of the conscience, and your spirits have evolved much. Who does not know that I am the giver of life, and that therefore none may take that of their brother? As man cannot give existence, neither is He authorized to take what He cannot repay.

13. Humanity: Do you believe you are complying with My law because you say you have religion and comply with the outward forms of worship? In the law you were told: "Thou Shall Not Kill." You profane this commandment spilling in torrents the blood of your brothers upon the altar of your sin. (119, 27-28)

14. I propose peace to the world, but the arrogance of nations puffed-up in their false power and false splendor rejects the call of conscience, allowing them to be dragged about by their ambitions and their hatreds.

15. Man does not yet incline toward the good, toward justice, and toward reason; men still rise up to judge the causes of their fellows; they still believe they can do justice. Do you not believe that instead of judges, they should be called executioners and assassins?

16. The men of power have forgotten that there exists an owner of all lives, and they take the lives of their fellows as though they were their property. The multitudes clamor for bread, justice, a home, and clothing. I shall do justice, not men, nor their doctrines. (151, 70-72)

17. Blessed people: These men who arise full of greatness and prominence among the nations and peoples of the earth are great spirits invested with power and bearers of great missions.

18. They are not in service to My Divinity, they have not placed their greatness or their gifts in the service of love and charity; they have formed their world, their law, their throne, their vassals, their dominions, and all that they might desire.

19. Yet, when they feel their thrones tremble amidst the trials, when they feel the invasion of a powerful enemy near, or when they see their wealth or their names in danger, they rise up with all their strength, full of [false] greatness, earthly vanity, hatred, and ill will, and launch themselves at their enemy, giving no thought that their works, or their ideas, leave behind only the tracks of pain, destruction, and evil. They seek only the destruction of the enemy and the erection of a greater throne that give them greater dominion over the peoples and their riches, over the daily sustenance and the very lives of men. (219, 25)

20. It is already no longer the time when kingdoms should exist on earth or that strong peoples humiliate the weak; nonetheless, they exist as proof that in man the primitive tendency to take by force from the weak and conquer by means of violence still prevail. (271, 58)

21. How far men are from understanding the spiritual peace that shall reign in the world! They attempt to impose it through force and threats, which are the fruit of the science they boast of.

22. It is not that I come to disown, or to oppose the advances of humanity, for they are also a proof of spiritual evolution, but I do warn you that your boasts of earthly strength and power are not pleasing to Me, because by them, instead of lightening the cross of humanity, you outrage the most sacred principles, attempt against lives that do not belong to you, and sow pain, tears, mourning, and blood instead of peace, health and well-being. Why, given that the source from which you take your science which is My own Creation, and is an inexhaustible well of love, wisdom, health, and life, do your works manifest the opposite?

23. As I said in the second Era, I wish equality to reign among My peoples, but not as conceived of by materialized men. I inspire the equality of love, making you understand that all of you are brothers, the children of God. (246, 61-63)

Reflections on the Second World War

24. These are times of testing, of afflictions and bitterness, times in which mankind suffers the consequences of so much hatred and ill will toward one another.

25. Behold the battlefields where only the sound of firearms and anguished cries of the wounded are heard, mountains of mutilated corpses who only yesterday were bodies of strong young men. Can you imagine these, when for the last time they embraced their mother, their wife or their child? Who, if He has not drunk from that bitter cup can imagine the pain of those farewells?

26. Thousands and thousands of anguished parents, wives and children have seen their loved ones depart for the fields of battle, of hate and of vengeance, forced by the greed and pride of some few men without light and without love for their fellowmen.

27. Those legions of strong young men have not returned home, because destroyed, they remained on the fields. Behold, the earth, mother earth, more merciful than those men who govern the peoples and believe themselves master of the lives of their fellowmen, has opened her bosom lovingly to receive and cover them. (9, 63-66)

28. My Spirit keeps vigil over every being, and I am watchful even to the last of your thoughts.

29. Truly I say to you that there among the armies who fight for earthly ideals and ambitions, I have discovered during their moments of rest, men of peace and good will who have been made into soldiers by force. From their heart escapes a sigh when My name emerges from their lips and the tears run down their cheeks with the memory of their loved ones: parents, wives, children or brothers. Then their spirit, without any other temple than the sanctuary of their faith, without any altar other than their love, without any light other than that of their spirit elevates itself before Me asking forgiveness for the deaths it has unintentionally caused with its weapons. They seek Me to ask with all the strength of their being to permit them to return to their home or that, at least, if they are to fall under the attack of the enemy, to cover with My mantle of mercy those whom they leave on earth.

30. To all those who seek My forgiveness in that manner, I give My blessing for they are not the ones to blame for killing, others are the assassins, the ones who will answer to Me for what they have done with human lives, once the moment of their judgment arrives.

31. Many of them who love peace, ask themselves why I have permitted them to be taken to the very fields of battle and death, to which I say to you that if their human understanding is not able to comprehend the reason that underlies all this, their spirit on the other hand, knows that it is fulfilling a restitution. (22, 52-55)

32. I ask those who follow me to pray for world peace and to watch over the peace on earth. Nations will soon elevate their prayers to ask me for the peace which I have always proposed to them.

33. I have permitted mankind to first taste the fruit of what they have sowed. I want them to observe the human suffering that exists on earth, the rivers of human blood that has been shed, the mountains of cadavers that exist, and the cities that have been destroyed. I have wanted men with hardened hearts to see the desolation in homes, the desperation among the innocent, and mothers who, driven mad by pain, kiss the dismantled bodies of their children. I want those individuals to become fully aware of the anguish, sorrow, and desperation that exists among humanity so they might feel humiliation due to their arrogance. I want them to hear their consciences so they can become aware that their grandeur, power, and wisdom is a lie, and what is truly great only comes from the Divine Spirit.

34. When these men open their eyes to the truth, they will become horrified, not of the scenes they observed with their eyes, but of themselves. And unable to run away from the stare and the voice of their conscience, they will feel that they are in a state of darkness, burning with remorse, for they will have to account for each life, every bit of pain, and every last drop of blood which was shed because of them. (52, 40)

35. Step by step, men advance to the valley where they shall be gathered for judgment.

36. Still those who make war and whose hands are covered with the blood of their brothers dare to speak My name. Are these, by chance, the fruit and flower of the doctrine I have taught you? Did you not learn from Jesus how He forgave and blessed those who offended him, and how He died giving life to his executioners?

37. Men have doubted My word and lacked faith; that is why they have entrusted all to their own strength. I have allowed them to be deceived by the fruit they harvest from their own works, for only in this way will they open their eyes to see the truth. (119, 31-33)

The Despicable Nature and Senselessness of Wars

38. It is time for love, forgiveness, and humility to appear in the heart of humanity as true weapons to oppose hatred and pride. If men, filled with pride and hatred, continue to clash with one another, villages and nations will be destroyed, and there will be no peace in the hearts of men.

39. Humanity refuses to recognize that only by living in peace will it find true happiness and be able to progress. Thus, it continues to pursue material power and false greatness, shedding the blood of its brothers, destroying lives, and destroying the faith of mankind. (39, 29-30)

40. The year 1945 took with it the last shadows of war; the sickle reaped millions of lives and millions of spirits returned to the spiritual valley. Science astonished the world and its destructive weapons made the earth tremble. Those who triumphed became the judges and executioners of the defeated. Pain, misery, and hunger expanded, leaving a trail of widows, orphans, and cold in its wake. The plagues advanced from land to land and even the elements have made heard their voice of justice and reproach at so much evil. A mantle of destruction, death, and desolation is the wake that men who say they are civilized have left the planet. This is the harvest that humanity offers me but I ask, is this harvest worthy of My granary? Does the fruit of your evil deserve to be received by your Father? I tell you truly that this tree is very different from that which you would have sown complying with that Divine commandment that orders you to love one another. (145, 29)

41. When will you achieve the peace of the spirit if you have not yet achieved peace in your hearts? I tell you that while the last killing weapon has not been destroyed, there shall be no peace among men. Killing weapons are those with which men take lives, murder morality, deprive freedom, damage health, disturb peace, or destroy faith. (119, 53)

42. I shall prove to humanity that their problems are not resolved by force, and that as long as they make use of weapons of death and destruction, no matter how strong and terrible those seem, they shall not be able to make peace between men. On the contrary, they shall bring as their consequence greater hatred and desire for revenge. Only the conscience, reason, and the sentiment of charity can be the foundations upon which an Era of peace can be built. But so that this light can shine in men, it is necessary that they first drink the cup of bitterness to the last drop. (160, 65)

43. If the hearts of men were not so hardened, the pain of war would have been enough to make them reflect on their errors and returned them to the path of light; but they bear still the bitter memory of the butchery of humans, and prepare already for another war.

44. How could you believe that I, the Father, the Divine Love, would be capable of punishing you through war? Do you believe that He who loves you with perfect love, and who wishes you to love one another, could inspire in you such crime, fratricide, death, vengeance, and destruction? Do you not understand that all of these are due to the materialism that humanity has accumulated in its heart? (174, 50-51)

45. From the beginning, I made man free, but his freedom has been accompanied always by the light of the conscience. In spite of this, He has ignored the voice of his inner judge, distancing himself from the path of the law to the point of causing monstrous and bloody fratricidal wars in which the sons rise against the Father because they have left behind all feelings of humanity, charity, respect, and spirituality.

46. Men should already be fleeing from the destruction and the wars and avoid paying a painful restitution. Understand that if they do not manage to purify themselves in goodness before coming to Me, I shall have to send them again to that vale of blood and tears, for He who walks away from perfection can not come to Me. (188, 6-7)

47. Not all men are found at the same level of understanding: while some marvel at each step, others see everything as flawed; while some dream of peace as the height of spirituality and morality for the world, others proclaim that it is wars that cause men to evolve.

48. About this, I tell you: War is not necessary for the evolution of the world. If men use war for ambitious and selfish ends, it is because of the materialism of those who promote those wars. Among them are those who believe only in the existence of this world, for they do not know, or they deny, the existence of the spiritual life, and yet are held as wise by Humanity; that is why it is necessary that this revelation be known by all. (227, 69-70)


Chapter 52
The Injustice and Decay of Humanity

The Oppression and Exploitation of the Weak by the Powerful

1. If men would understand that the earth has been created for all, and would learn to share in a just way with their brethren all the material and spiritual treasures with which their existence is sowed, truly I say that here on earth you would begin to feel the peace of the spiritual Kingdom. (12, 71)

2. Do you not believe that the division of humanity into peoples and races is rather primitive? Do you think that if your progress in your civilization, of which you are so proud, were real, the law of force and wickedness would not still be prevalent, but instead all the deeds of your existence would be guided by the light of your conscience? And you, My people, do not put yourselves above this judgment, for also among you I discover conflicts and differences. (24, 72)

3. Keep in mind the example of Israel which history speaks of, when they had to wander in the desert for so long; they struggled to flee the captivity and idolatry of Egypt, but also to reach a land of peace and freedom.

4. Today, all humanity is like that people made captive by the Pharaoh: beliefs, doctrines, and laws are imposed on men; the majority of the nations are slaves of other stronger ones; the hard struggle and forced work under the whips of hunger and humiliation are the bitter bread now eaten by a great portion of humanity.

5. Because of all this, a desire for liberation, for peace, and for a better life is growing in the hearts of men. (115, 41-43)

6. This world, which should be the home of a single family that includes all mankind, is the precinct of discord, and the cause of absurd ambitions, treason, and war. This life, which should be made use of for study, for meditation, and for an effort to reach eternal life through the use of its trials, its lessons, and the benefits it gives to the spirit, is misunderstood by humanity, allowing its heart to be poisoned by rebellion, bitterness, materialism, and dissent. (116, 53)

7. Poor peoples of earth, some enslaved, others humiliated, and the rest robbed by their own leaders and representatives!

8. Your hearts already do not love those who rule you on earth, for your trust has been betrayed. You no longer have confidence in the justice or magnanimity of your judges, and no longer believe in their promises, their words, nor their smiles. You have seen that hypocrisy has taken over their hearts and established on earth its reign of lies, falsehoods, and trickery.

9. Poor peoples, who bear the labor upon their shoulders like an unsupportable burden. That work is no longer that which was blessed by law, and by which man obtained that which was necessary for his subsistence, but has become a desperate and anguished struggle for life. And what do men obtain in exchange for giving their labor and their lives? A crust of bread and a cup of bitterness.

10. Truly I tell you, this is not the sustenance which I deposited on the earth for your enjoyment and protection; this is the bread of discord, of vanities, of inhuman sentiments. Finally, it is the proof of the little or no spiritual elevation of those who lead you in human life.

11. I see you strike the bread from each others hands, that the ambitious cannot bear to see that others posses anything, for they wish it all for themselves; I see the strong take the bread of the weak, and these settle for watching the strong eat and enjoy.

12. I ask then: Where is the moral advancement of this humanity? Where is the development of their most noble sentiments?

13. Truly, in the age when men lived in caves and covered themselves with the skins of beasts, then also they struck the morsels of food from the mouths of their fellows, then too the strong took the greater portion, then too were the efforts of the weak taken for the use of those who ruled by force, and then too men killed men, tribes killed tribes, and people killed peoples.

14. Where is the difference between the humanity of now, and that of those days?

15. Yes, I know you will tell Me there have been many advances. I know you will speak of your civilization and your science. I tell you: All of these are the mask of hypocrisy, behind which you hide the truth of your sentiments and impulses, which are still primitive because you have not bothered even a little to develop your spirits in compliance with My Law.

16. I do not tell you not to explore science; on the contrary: explore, analyze, grow and multiply in knowledge and intelligence within material life, but have charity toward one another; respect the sacred rights of your fellow men, understand that there is no law that authorizes any man to dispose of the life of his brother; in summary, humanity, do something to apply My highest commandment: "Love one another" to your lives, so that you may finally be freed from that moral and spiritual morass into which you have sunk. When that veil of lies that has covered your faces falls, your light will pour out, sincerity will shine from you, and the truth shall be established in your lives; that is when you will be able to say you have progressed.

17. Strengthen yourselves in the practice of My teachings so that in the future your words may be always supported by deeds of true charity, wisdom, and brotherhood. (325, 10-20)

18. I send you My peace, but truly I tell you, while there exist men who have all they need, but who forget about those who are dying of hunger, there shall be no peace on earth.

19. Peace does not lie in human greatness, nor in riches. It is in goodwill, in loving one another, in serving and respecting others. Oh, if only the world understood these lessons, hatred would disappear and love would surge in the human heart. (165, 71-72)

The Depravity of Humanity

20. Mankind is stranded in the midst of a storm of sins and vices. It is not only when they become adults that men contaminate their spirits by allowing the unfolding of their passions, in their tender childhood they already see their vessel in danger of sinking.

21. My word full of revelations arises in the midst of this humanity, like an immense beacon which shows the stranded victims the true route and encourages hope in those who were losing their faith. (62, 44)

22. Humanity has multiplied along with their sins. There is no lack of cities in the world that are poisoning hearts as did Sodom and Gomorrah, whose scandalousness echoed throughout the world. In spite of the fact that the inhabitants of those cities were not hypocrites, for they sinned in the light of day, not a trace remains of those sinful cities.

23. Today's humanity, which hides in the shadows to give reign to their passions and afterward simulate rectitude and cleanliness, shall have a judgment more severe than that of Sodom.

24. It is the disastrous inheritance of all past generations that with its ambitions, vices, and sickness is bearing fruit in this time; it is the tree of evil that has grown in the hearts of men, a tree fertilized by sin, and whose fruits continue to tempt both men and women, making new hearts fall every day.

25. In the shade of that tree are men and women prostrate without the strength to free themselves of its influence; there are to be found the broken virtues, the stained honors, and many, many stunted lives.

26. It is not only the adults who run after the pleasures of the world and the flesh; the poison accumulated throughout time has reached adolescents as well, and even children. And what do those who have escaped the baneful influence of evil do? What do they do for those who are lost? They judge them, criticize them, and are scandalized by them. Few there are, who pray for those who have lost their way, and fewer yet who consecrate a part of their lives to fighting evil.

27. Truly I tell you, My Kingdom shall not be established among men while the tree of evil yet lives. It is necessary to destroy that power, and for that it is necessary to have the only weapon that sin cannot resist: the sword of love and justice. Understand that it shall not be the judgments or the punishments, but rather the love, the forgiveness, and the charity: the essence of My doctrine will be the light that illuminates your path, and the teaching that leads mankind toward salvation. (108, 10-14)

28. Your materialism has made the Eden entrusted to man into an inferno.

29. False is the life men lead, false their pleasures, their power, and their wealth. False too their wisdom and science.

30. Both rich and poor are worried about money, whose possession is deceiving, you worry about pain and illnesses, and you tremble at the idea of death. Some fear to lose what they have and others are anxious to have what they never possessed. Some have excess, while others lack. But all these struggles, passions, needs and ambitions are only in relation to the material life, the hunger of the body, of the lower passions, needs, and ambitions: of human yearnings, as though humans really had no spirits.

31. The world and the material have temporarily defeated the spirit, beginning by reduce it to slavery and ending by nullifying its mission in human life. How can you yourselves not realize that these hungers, that misery, and the pain and anguish which oppress your life, are only the faithful reflection of the misery and pain of your spirit. (272, 29-32)

32. The world needs My word; the peoples and nations need My lessons of love; the leader, the scientist, the judge, He who guides spirits, He who teaches all of them need the light of My truth, and that is exactly why I came in this Era, to illuminate the spirits, the hearts, and the understanding of men. (274, 14)

33. Your planet is not yet a dwelling of love, peace, or virtue. I send clean spirits to your world, and you return them to Me impure, because the lives of men are saturated with sin and depravity.

34. I behold the virtues like tiny lights isolated among the spirits, battered by the winds of selfishness, resentments, and hatred; these are the fruits offered Me by mankind. (318, 33-34)

The Misguided World of an Immature Humanity

35. You have governors in whose hearts there is found neither the justice nor the magnanimity necessary to govern their peoples, for they pursue the miserly ideal of power and riches; men who call themselves My representatives but who do not love their fellow men; doctors who do not know the essence of their mission, which is charity, and judges who confuse justice with vengeance, and who use the law to perverse ends.

36. All of those who deviate from their path, whose gaze wanders from the light of the lamp they bear in the beacon of their conscience, cannot imagine the judgment that they are preparing for themselves.

37. There are also those who have taken on missions that are not theirs, and who by their errors give proof of an absolute lack of the gifts needed to fill the posts they have taken.

38. And so you may find ministers of God, who are not, for they were not sent for that mission; men who lead peoples, but who are not capable of guiding even their own steps, teachers who have no gift for teaching, who instead of giving light, create confusion; and doctors in whose hearts there beats no pity for the pains of others, not understanding that He who truly bears this calling is an apostle of Christ.

39. Men have profaned all of My institutions, but the time has come when all of their works shall be judged. Making that judgment falls to Me, for which reason I tell you to be vigilant, and comply with My precepts of love and forgiveness. (105, 16-19)

40. Behold this world: arrogant, defiant, and proud of the works of man that astonish the generations of this century. In their majority, they neither believe, nor love, the spiritual, and therefore neither pray nor practice My Law. Nonetheless, they feel satisfied and proud to be able to show off this portentous world of marvels they have created through the power of their science.

41. This world of the marvels of men, built by centuries of science, struggle, war, and tears, will be destroyed by their own hands and with their own weapons because the time is already coming, when humanity will realize the inconsistency and fragility of their works, which lacked love, justice, and a true yearning to become perfect.

42. Soon you will know that you are nothing without God. That only from Me can you take the strength, life, and intelligence to create a harmonious coexistence between the spirit and the human part of man. (282, 9-11)

43. Men speak of "the remote past", of "antiquity", of "the long centuries" and of "interminable eras", yet I always see you as small. I see that you have grown little spiritually. I consider your world to be still in its childhood, though you believe you have reached maturity.

44. No, humanity. As long as the spirit does not give evidence of maturity, elevation, of perfection, of advancement, and progress in the different orders of your life, you shall not move beyond presenting Me with merely human works, great only in appearance, but without moral substance or solidity, because they lack love. (325, 62-63)

45. It is a decisive time for the spirits, a time of struggle; truly, all is contest and struggle. That war takes place in the hearts of each man, in the bosoms of their homes, and at the root of all the institutions of all the peoples of every race.

46. The battle does not take place only in the material plane, but also in the spiritual. It is the great battle contemplated symbolically by the prophets of other times, and seen in the way of mirages by the prophets and seers of this one.

47. Yet, that combat that moves and shakes all is not understood by humanity, though they are witness and party to the battle.

48. The step of humans is hurried in these days, but where do they go? To what destination do they rush so? On this steep slope, can they achieve happiness? Will they find their yearn for peace, or the greatness each selfishly wishes for?

49. I can tell you that what man will actually reach with his hurried steps, is total fatigue. The spirits and hearts of men advance toward disgust and tiredness, but men themselves prepared that abyss.

50. Into that abyss, into that total fatigue, He shall fall. And in that chaos of hatreds and pleasures, of unsatisfied ambitions, of sin and adultery, of the profanation of both human and spiritual laws, He shall find an apparent death of the spirit, a passing death for the heart.

51. But, from that death I shall make men rise again to life. I shall make them have their resurrection, and make them struggle in that new life for the rebirth of all the ideals: for a renaissance of all the principles and all the virtues that are the characteristics and the patrimony of the spirit, which are their beginning, their Alpha. For it was from Me that the spirit sprang forth, from Me that it took life, from My perfection it drank, and with My grace it was saturated. (360, 6-8)