Three Great Divine Revelations

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The Third Testament - Part 15

Exhortations, Warnings and Instructions

Chapter 61 – Exhortations and Warnings from The Lord

Mandates and Obligations

Faith, Hope, Love, Humility, and Trust

Prayer, Study, Alertness, Renovation, and Spirituality

Warnings to the Communities of the Revelation

Warning about the Continuation of the Revelations after 1950, and False Revelations of Christ

Bad Habits, Hypocrisy and Vice

False Penitence and mistaken Expectations

Warning to the Peoples and Powers of the earth

Chapter 62 – Words for the Present Listeners

Chapter 63 – Teachings for the Congregations and All the Disciples
of Christ

The Spiritual Work of Christ

Spiritual Israel and the Jewish People

Ministry and Spirituality


Purification and Perfection

Here, and Beyond the earthly

Revelations of the Divine

Humans and Destiny

Defects, Sin, and Absurdities

The Purification and Spiritualization of Humanity


Chapter 61
Exhortations and Warnings from The Lord

Mandates and Obligations

1. Israel: Do not comply only with your obligations incurred in the world. Comply also with the Law, for before the Father you have undertaken a mission and its fulfillment should be strict, elevated and spiritual.

2. I am teaching you so that you will withdraw from materialism and cease to be fanatical and idolatrous; that you may not venerate or render worship to man-made idols. It is not My wish that within your heart there would exist roots of idolatry, fanaticism, false worship; do not present any offerings that will not reach Me, I only ask for your regeneration and your compliance within spirituality.

3. Transform yourselves from your past customs, do not look back or contemplate what you have left and should no longer practice; understand that you have penetrated the path of your evolution and you should not detain. The road is narrow and you must know it well, because tomorrow you will have to guide your brethren through it and I do not want you to get lost.

4. I am a patient Father who awaits your repentance and good will in order to fill you with My grace and My charity. (23, 60-63)

5. My word always advises righteousness and virtue, you must not spread malicious talk about your brethren, causing their disgrace. Do not regard with contempt those who suffer ailments that you call contagious; do not favor wars; do not have a disgraceful occupation which destroys morality and protects vices; do not curse anything that is created. Do not take what belongs to others without permission of its owner, or spread superstitions.

6. Visit the sick; forgive those who offend you; protect virtue; give good examples and you will be loving Me and loving your brethren, because My entire Law is based on those two precepts.

7. Learn My lesson and teach it by practicing it. If you do not learn, how do you expect to preach My Doctrine? And if you do not feel what you have learned, how do you expect to teach like a good apostle? (6, 25-26)

8. People, if you want to progress, leave aside the laziness in you; if you wish to be great, apply My maxims to your works; if you wish to know yourselves, analyze yourselves through My word.

9. Understand that you need My word, which pours forth love, wisdom, counsel, and assistance, but feel responsible, at the same time, for what I give you; for you are not the only needy ones in the world, there are many who have hungered and thirsted for these teachings, and you must think of preparing yourselves to go to them with the message of My love. (285, 50)

10. The responsibility toward humanity that this people has before it is very great; they shall have to give an example of true spirituality, teach the way to offer up the inner worship that is the pleasing offering, the worthy homage, to God.

11. Open your hearts and hear the voice of the conscience so that you may judge your actions and you may know that you are indeed faithfully interpreting My teachings, or if you too are mistaking the meaning of My Doctrine. (280, 73)

12. My Doctrine loses all meaning if you do not practice it.

13. You know well, beloved disciples, that the purpose of My law and Doctrine is the practice of good, and that therefore who bears it only in his memory or on his lips, without applying it to his actions, is lying. (269, 45)

14. You men who bear the light of experience of this life in your heart and spirit and the light left by the evolution in different existences: Why do you busy your spirits in that which is superfluous to it? And why do you so often cry over things that do not justify your pain? Seek the truth in all things; it is on every path, as diaphanous and clear as the light of day. (121, 48-49)

15. Do not forget and keep always in mind, the awakening of faith in your brothers depends on your righteous and virtuous life. This means that they will scrutinize and observe even the intimate parts of your life, seeking in your works a confirmation of the Doctrine you preach (300, 57)

16. Tell Me: Have I ever rejected you for your faults? Have I left you behind, abandoned, when some obstacle has delayed you? Have I been cruel when, overcome by pain, you have fallen?

17. Yet I see those who I so lovingly call My disciples abandon their brothers who have fallen into misfortune and ignore those who make an error; and instead of bringing those in with charity to help them to reform themselves, at times they make themselves judges, taking up cases that do not correspond to them to judge.

18. Is that My teaching? I can hear your consciences saying, "No." And yet I wish you to judge yourselves in detail, so that you may smooth the burrs that your feelings suffer from, and begin to be My disciples. (268, 46)

Faith, Hope, Love, Humility, and Trust

19. When you are humble, you will be great. Greatness does not lie in pride and vanity as many believe. I have told you throughout the times to be meek and humble of heart.

20. Acknowledge Me as your Father and love Me. Do not seek a throne for your material body or a name to distinguish you from the rest. Do not seek to be different from others and always practice good will. (47, 54)

21. I want to see in you the faith that the sick people showed during the Second Era, when they appeared before Me: that of the paralytic, the blind and the incurable woman. I want to feel loved as the Father, to be solicited as a Doctor and to be listened to as the Master. (6, 46)

22. Do not weaken in faith or hope, keep always in mind that the end of this journey will come. Do not forget that in Me you had your beginning, and in Me too shall be your end; and that end is eternity, for there is no death of the spirit.

23. Keep eternity as your ideal, and do not weaken before the difficulties. Do you even know if this is your last incarnation on earth? Who can tell you if that body you now have is paying back all of your debts with My justice? That is why I tell you, make use of your time here, but do not hurry. If you accept your sufferings and with patience drain the cup, I can tell you truly that your merits will not be sterile.

24. Keep your spirit always moving forward so that you never cease to perfect yourselves. (95, 4-6)

25. Live for the Father who loves his children, who are your brothers, and you will reach immortality. If you fall into selfishness, and wrap yourselves in self-love, with difficulty shall your seed and your memory last.

26. Be meek and humble of heart, and you will be always full of My grace. (256, 72-73)

27. Great is your destiny! Yet do not be thereby dominated by sad presentiments, but fill yourselves with hope and courage thinking that the days of bitterness that approach are necessary for the awakening and the purification of men, without which you can never see the triumphal entry of the time of spirituality.

28. Learn to impose yourself over adversities, do not allow sorrow to take hold of your heart, and be careful of your health. Raise the morale of your brothers by speaking of Me and teaching them My Doctrine, which ignites faith and hope.

29. Look at the way many men walk with their heads bowed, they are spirits who have allowed themselves to be defeated in the contest; see them prematurely aged and gray, their faces wilted and with a melancholy expression, and if those who should be strong weaken, youth must wither, and childhood will look sadly at their surroundings.

30. You, people, do not deprive your hearts of all those healthy but fleeting pleasures, you may enjoy them, eat your humble bread in peace, and I promise you will find it sweeter and more substantial.

31. Deduce from My words that what I want of you is trust, faith, optimism, calm, and steadfastness, and that in spite of your labors and penalties there is no bitterness in your hearts. What sweetness or happiness can you offer to the needy if you had the heart occupied by sorrow, worry, or dissent?

32. It is precisely in your trials that you must give the highest examples of elevation, faith, and humility.

33. He who can give that spirituality to his life will never cease to feel peace, and even his dreams will be peaceful and refreshing, for his spirit will use his sleep to detach itself towards the beyond to receive those Divine emanations from which it is nourished and in which the body also participates. (292, 45-51)

Prayer, Study, Alertness, Renovation, and Spirituality

34. Beloved disciples, once again I tell you: Be vigilant and pray, for the material is fragile, and in its weaknesses it can detour the spirit from the straight path.

35. The spirit that knows how to keep watch never leaves the road marked out for him by his Lord, and is able to employ his inheritance and his gifts until He achieves elevation.

36. He will move ahead in the trials, because He lives alert and never lets himself be dominated by the material. He who is vigilant and prays always emerges triumphant from the difficult times, and knows how to walk with firm steps on the path of life.

37. How different is the conduct of He who forgets to keep vigil and pray! He voluntarily renounces to defend himself with the best weapons I have placed in man, which are faith, love, and the light of knowledge. It is He who does not hear the inner voice that speaks to him through intuition, his conscience, or in dreams. The heart and the mind do not understand this type of language, and do not believe the message sent by their own spirit. (278, 1-3)

38. Pray for the troubled spirits, for those become materialists, for those in the bowels of the earth who have not yet managed to separate themselves from their bodies; and for those who suffer and weep because of the ignorant mourning on earth that follows them.

39. Pardon and cease judging too those who have sown ills in your heart; if your eyes could behold them on their knees begging your forgiveness you would not be so unjust to them. Help them to fly toward the infinite, raise them up with your charity, understand that they no longer belong to this world. (107, 15)

40. Do not be satisfied with your first works, believing that you have earned sufficient merit for the perfection of your spirit, but dedicate a time each day to the study of My Work, so that you may learn new lessons and discover greater revelations daily.

41. The studious disciple will always hear the answer to his questions and will always hear My Fatherly counsel in the instants of testing.

42. The diligent disciple will be a source of love for his brothers, He will feel truly rewarded by his Father, and will recognize the moment to rise up and carry out his great spiritual mission among men. (280, 40-42)

43. As you perfect yourselves you will see the goal to be closer, though you will not know if you are one step from your salvation or if you still have far to go on the road. I tell you only that you must allow yourselves to be guided submissively and obediently by this word, which is the voice of My Divine Spirit.

44. Absolve yourselves of breaking the Law, of falling repeatedly into the same error. Heed this call, which is an invitation to reform, a plea that your Father makes to you, for I do not wish to see you live uselessly on earth and cry afterward for your disobedience. (322, 60)

45. Do not fear the murmurs of humanity or their judgments; fear the justice of your God. Remember that I have told you that as a judge I am inexorable. Seek me out therefore always as Father, as God, so that you lack nothing on your path. (344, 31)

46. Do not allow yourselves to be surprised, My people, live always alert and be faithful sentinels. Do not fear the words spoken to you by your own brothers to convince you that you are wrong.

47. Keep firm, for great will be the honors I give to the soldiers faithful to My cause, those of you, who know how to face these difficult times of confusion of ideas, creeds, and religions.

48. Respect all your brothers in the same way that you respect My Work, and demonstrate the teaching that I have come again to show you. If men mock you, let them; the light of My Holy Spirit will come to them and repentance will be in their hearts. (336, 18)

49. Do not halt in your steps, oh disciples, but let them be always firm on the path of good and progress as I have always told you, for times are coming in which only the good can open a breach for mankind, and in which only virtue and truth can maintain them on the path of struggle and combat.

50. The days are near when imposture must fall, in which falsehood, hypocrisy, selfishness, and all the bad seeds will find their end through great trials, obstacles, and reverses.

51. That is why the Master tells you: Pledge yourselves more and more to the good. Be convinced, My people, that you can receive no evil for the good you do. If for the good you do on the earth you gather poor fruits or repayment, that result is temporary, not the final one. In truth, I tell you that you must persevere until the harvest. (332, 31)

Warnings to the Communities of the Revelation

52. Unfortunate is He who interprets My word according to his will, for He will answer to Me because of it.

53. On earth many men have dedicated themselves to altering the truth, without realizing the responsibility that they have as collaborators in the Work of love of the Father.

54. During this period of judgment which many ignore, because they have been unable to interpret the events that they are living, justice is found in each spirit taking into account its deeds within or outside the Law of love in the course of its pilgrimage in this world.

55. He who alters the essence of My revelations in these writings revealed through inspiration, will answer for his actions before Me.

56. Therefore, you must proceed with uprightness, for these lessons are My legacy of love for My children who, incarnated or in spirit, are awaiting greater teachings. (20, 12-14)

57. I do not wish to see lies in you, oh Israel, for one day they will be uncovered, and then the world will say: "Are these the disciples of the Master? If the disciples are false, so too was the Master who instructed them by giving them lies. (344, 10)

58. You are the ones entrusted with alleviating the pain of humanity and teaching prayer to the blasphemers who have passed much time without elevating their spirits in prayer.

59. For this, however, you must spiritualize yourselves, putting materialism away from you each day.

60. I do not wish you to be exaggerated spiritualists, No. Fanaticism is abominable to Me, and that is why I have come to remove it from your midst. The conscience will tell you how you must live in harmony with all. (344, 17-18)

61. Hear Me, people; listen, disciples; I am giving you the light and I am freeing you of the chains, the ties, and the darkness. But I am not empowering you so that you can make of this Work just another religion, nor so that you can fill it with forms and rites according to your convenience. No!

62. Distinguish well what is the liberty I have come to give you, so that you do not exchange it for a new fanaticism.

63. Have you not realized yet that your minds, and with them your spirits, have been stalled in their development? Do you not remember the mound of false fears and prejudices inherited from your antecessors from which I have freed you so that you may look the truth in the face and receive the light? (297, 20-21)

64. The soil will be watered and open in waiting for the seed of My sowers. Would it be just for this people to arrive with a new idolatry after humanity has been freed of fanaticism and materialist adoration? No My beloved disciples and students, that is why the lessons and trials are found on your path at every step. (292, 44)

Warning about the Continuation of the Revelations after 1950,
and False Revelations of Christ

65. After the day marked by My divinity, you will no longer hear My word, but it will have been engraved in your conscience, your heart, and in the books.

66. He who rises up as a speaker invoking My Ray does not know the sentence that He imposes upon himself.

67. I warn you not to lend your ears to false prophets, false spokesmen, and false Christs. I alert you so that you may avoid the confusion in time, and avoid the coming among you of spirits of darkness. Be vigilant, for you will answer to Me for these teachings if you are not prepared. (229, 40-41)

68. These are already the final times that I stay among you in this form. Believe in this, and believe too, that I will not return to this world to give My word material form, and much less to make Myself man.

69. Prepare yourselves, for rumors will come to you of men who claim that I have returned, that Christ has come to the earth. Remain faithful and say firmly, that the Lord is with all his children in spirit.

70. If you sleep, and do not spiritualize yourselves, you will deny that I raised up My word and transforming yourselves into blasphemers, invoke My Ray upon the multitudes, saying to them: "We ask that He who gave us his word continue speaking to us, let us raise up canticles and hosannas that He may hear us."

71. Yet, I tell you truly that My Ray shall not be turned again upon human understanding, for I will not come to feed your foolishness.

72. To what will you be exposing yourselves? To the words of apparent light leading you to confusion. Is that what your heart wishes? Prepare yourselves for that test, and the light of My inspiration will shine over your obedience and humility.

73. I proclaim to you that if by 1950 there is no unification of these multitudes into one single people, confusion will soon reign, for there will be some who say that the Master continues to manifest; woe then to this people. Have you not sensed this threat in advance?

74. That spirit of brotherhood and unity has not yet awoken in you; you hope that events will bring you unity, yet if that is what you await you will see the plagues unleashed, the disorders, the wars, and the justice of the elements, until there will not be one place of peace in the whole world, not on its surface, in its bowels, at sea or in the winds. (146, 24-26)

75. You will prepare yourselves and always when you are gathered, be it in these gathering places, in your homes or your valleys, there, in these meetings, you feel My presence spiritually.

76. But be watchful, for false disciples shall arise announcing that they communicate directly with the Father, and transmit false orders and inspirations.

77. I have taught you to distinguish the truth from imposture, to know the tree by its fruit. (260, 65-66)

78. I have announced that the moment will come when you see many "spiritualisms" arise, and that you must be prepared to discover in which ones truth exists, and in which imposture.

79. You will see false communications attributed to Me, rumors of Divine envoys that bring messages to the world, sects with the name of the Seven Seals and many confusing and undefined doctrines.

80. All this will be the product of the great spiritual confusion that humanity has been preparing, but do not fear, try to live keeping watch and praying, and you will not succumb to the confusion, for My word, in the moments of greatest darkness, shall be the light that makes you behold My clear and perennial truth. (252, 15-17)

Bad Habits, Hypocrisy and Vice

81. Vanity is harbored in those who, believing themselves to have reached the complete knowledge of the truth, have considered themselves wise, strong, infallible, great and absolute, without realizing that many times they have been confused.

82. I do not desire that from among these people who have barely begun to develop under the light of these lessons, tomorrow emerge men who are confused because of their vanity, boasting that they are the reincarnation of Christ, or that they are the new Messiahs.

83. Whoever commits such acts, will be those who, believing they have reached the understanding of all My truth, in reality, are far from the path marked by Christ. which is of humility.

84. Study the life of Jesus on earth and you will find a profound and unforgettable lesson of humility. (27, 3-6)

85. One of the most serious defects is that of hypocrisy; do not proclaim love while incapable of loving Me in your fellow men.

86. How many of those who have judged the kiss of Judas, do not want to see that they have given a kiss of apparent fraternity to their brother and behind his back have betrayed him! How many of those who say that they are serving the needy I see delivering light, truth and charity in exchange for coins.

87. Why is it that when someone has intimidated you with questions, you have done as Peter did during his moments of weakness: denying Me and declaring that in truth you did not even know Me? Why do you fear human Justice and not mine?

88. Verily I say to you that between the Divine justice and your Sins, the intercession of Mary intervenes, your celestial Mother who always pleads for you. (75, 34)

89. No one is authorized to judge the actions of his brothers, for if He who is clean does not do so, why should He who bears stains in his heart?

90. I tell you this because you are constantly examining what is sown by your brothers, expecting to find defects in it, to then show them your own sowing to humiliate them saying that your own work is cleaner and more perfect.

91. The only judge who knows how to assess your works is your Father in Heaven. When He presents himself with his scales, it will not be He who understands the most who has the highest merit in his eyes, but He who has known how to be the brother to his fellow men, and child to his Lord. (131, 55-57)

92. Learn and practice; teach, feeling what you say and do; confirm My doctrine by your works. I do not wish the corrupt among My disciples. Think of what would become of humanity and of you, if this Work, initiated with such love and patience, were to be toppled from a lack of morality, virtue, and truth in your life. (165. 25)

93. Go no longer in pursuit of the pleasures or frivolities of the world, but pursue instead the elevation of your lives, so that throughout your lives I may give you the satisfactions that serve as encouragement for your hearts. (111, 61)

94. Woe unto you if your evil tendencies ore stronger than the virtues possessed by your spirit or if My teaching does not bear fruit! If you do not meditate or analyze My word, believing you are doing My will, My light will awaken you. And when you know all truth, you will remember that I have sent you to the world to do good works. (55, 6)

95. Woe betide those who during this period with their profanations and disobedience set a bad example in front of the children, whom I have sent with a spiritual mission! Do you want to imitate the multitudes who between shouts and mockery led Jesus toward Golgotha, sowing terror within the hearts of the children who could not explain to themselves why a man who only delivered blessings was being tortured and put to death?

96. Each time that Jesus fell, those innocent ones wept; but verily I say to you that their weeping came more from the spirit than from the flesh. How many of them followed Me afterward and loved Me, even when the memory of what their innocent eyes beheld was not erased from their hearts! (69, 50-51)

False Penitence and mistaken Expectations

97. Do not practice wrongful understood penance; do not deprive your body of what it needs. On the other hand, avoid those things which might harm your body even if it requires a sacrifice on his behalf. That type of penance benefits your spirit and also pleases the Father. (55, 40)

98. You already look at God as more of a Father of perfect and inexhaustible love than as a judge. And I tell you that it is well that you look at God as your Father.

99. Nonetheless, I must tell you, so that you will be alert, that you too could fall, as did that ancient people, into a new error, and that error could be to cease worrying about improving morally and spiritually, or it could be to carelessly sin seriously and repeatedly because you are confident that the Father is above all love, and therefore must forgive you.

100. Certainly, God is love, and there is no fault so grave that He will not forgive it, but you must know that it is from precisely that same Divine love that his inexorable justice proceeds.

101. Know all this, so that bearing in you the knowledge of My doctrine, which contains truth, you destroy all the mistaken concepts that may be in you.

102. Do not forget that the love of the Father pardons you, but that the stain remains inscribed on your spirit in spite of the pardon, and that you will have to cleanse it through merits, returning the love that pardoned you. (293, 43-44)

103. A voice has come to awaken you, a voice sweet and consoling that calls you to the Kingdom of Light and Life, but which can become one of justice if you choose to continue profaning your spirit and ignoring the Law.

104. To the humble and obedient My word says: "Persevere, for you will accomplish much by My grace, and much will you reach for your brothers."

105. To the foolish My voice says: "If you do not make use of this holy occasion to leave the mire of sin or the darkness of ignorance you inhabit, you will see the times and eras pass over your spirit without knowing what the Lord brought in his message, nor what were the gifts revealed to his people.

106. It is true that there will be a good time to save yourself and scale the heights, but woe to He who delays that day. Woe to He who misses the opportunities to achieve the evolution of the spirit because He dedicated himself to the superfluous of this world! He does not know how long it will be until the next opportunity, nor how bitter will be the restitution.

107. There is not the smallest bit of revenge or the least bit of punishment on the part of the Father in this, but only his strict and inexorable justice.

108. Now that I have presented Myself among you, by any chance do you see that you have missed or not taken advantage of prior opportunities, or how long your spirit has waited to receive this new opportunity to fulfill a mission that some time ago was entrusted to it?

109. What do your heart and mind know of the past of their spirit, of its destiny, its debts, its missions, and its restitutions? — Nothing.

110. That is why you should not block the perfection of the spirit, nor tempt it with the love of the things of this world. It must follow another road, other ends, and other ideals. (279, 16-19)

Warning to the Peoples and Powers of the earth

111. Woe betides Humanity if in her heart mercy and charity should not emerge! Woe betides men if they should not come to have a complete knowledge of their bad deeds! Their own hand is unleashing upon themselves the fury of the elements and trying to spread upon the nations the chalice of pain and bitterness, and when they are gathering the result of their deed, even then, there will be some who will say: "It is a punishment of God!" (57, 82)

112. Woe to those peoples who are stubborn in their idolatry, their fanaticism, and their routine! They shall be unable to behold My light, nor shall they feel the infinite joy of the awakening of the spirit.

113. Certainly My Doctrine will move the world, yet when the struggle has ceased, true peace shall be felt on earth, the peace which comes from My Spirit. Only the foolish, those resistant to understanding, and the hard of heart will continue to suffer. (272, 12-13)

114. I am making Myself felt in the hard hearts of men, in those which bear the purpose of fomenting war, so that they may recognize that My will is stronger than their warlike purposes. If the hearts of these men is hard, and is not moved by My will, My justice shall be felt in all the universe. (340, 33)

115. Again, as in the times of Noah, men shall laugh at the prophecies and will begin to believe and repent only when the waters begin to cover their bodies.

116. My charity has come always to restrain you in your senselessness, yet you have never wished to listen to Me. Sodom and Gomorrah were also warned so that fear and repentance might enter them and prevent their destruction, however, they did not wish to hear My voice, and perished.

117. I also invited Jerusalem to pray and return to true worship, but its unbelieving and carnal heart rejected My Fatherly warning and waited for events to reveal the truth. How bitter were those days for Jerusalem!

118. Do you see how it is true that you have always been the same, and have never wished to leave behind your spiritual infancy in order to grow and elevate yourselves on the road of wisdom that there is in My word?

119. I send you all this message, which serves you as prophecy, as an awakening, as a warning to peoples and nations. Blessed are you if you believe in its content.

120. Meditate on its essence, but then pray and keep watch, for if you do this, an inner light will guide you and a higher strength will protect you until you are safe. (325, 73-77)


Chapter 62
Words for the Present Listeners

1. O My disciples: return to your former selves, listen to Me and feel Me as you did before. Remember when you confessed that this revelation was your life and the light of your destiny. Do not forget that today I say to you that what you need will be granted when the right moment comes.

2. Fill your lamp again with oil so that the flame of faith and wisdom will glow once more.

3. Do not slumber, be watchful and pray, for the Master might surprise you entering your abode as before, as in those days of spiritual enthusiasm, when at each step you felt My presence.

4. You will behold how your life again will be illuminated by the light which was obscured without your knowledge and it will again restore your confidence in a future filled with abundance and wisdom. (4, 27-29)

5. Many of you call yourselves spiritualists because you have faith in My presence in the communications I have made by means of human understanding, and because you frequently attend to hear My word. But I want you to be spiritualists through the practice of good, through knowledge of the essence of life, through your love for your fellow men, and through your worship of God in an elevated, productive, and virtuous existence. (269, 55)

6. To some I have given a humble origin in this world so that they may imitate their Master in this life, and to others it has been given to be born in wealthy homes, so that they too may imitate Jesus, who being King, left his throne to come to serve the poor, the sick, and the sinners.

7. The merit of He who knows how to descend from his position to serve his fellow men, is as great as that of He who rises on the road of love from his humble and ignored life to the altitude of the just. (101, 55-56)

8. You ask Me why I have come to you? Because I see that you have forgotten the road where you should return to the bosom from whence you emerged, and I have come to show it to you again.

9. The path is My Law and by means of its fulfillment the spirit will attain immortality. I am showing you the door, so narrow like the path that I pointed out to you with My teaching during that time. (79, 2-3)

10. You who hear Me shall prepare the way for those who will receive Me in Spirit. It was not by chance that brought before My presence those who received My teaching, just as it will neither be a coincidence that there will be a development of the spiritual gifts in those who will feel My presence without the need of a human speaker. (80, 4)

11. I have you destined to extend good over the earth, and that is true spirituality.

12. Do you feel small and incapable? Do you judge yourselves too impure to bear in your spirits a mission of this nature? That is because you do not know My wisdom and My mercy, and do not observe with purity the examples I give you at each step through Nature.

13. Do you not see how the rays of the sun, illuminating all, come even to the foulest puddle, evaporating it, raising it up to the heavens, purifying it and converting it finally to a cloud that passes over the fields to bring life? (150, 51-53)

14. Here in My presence, eliminate all impurity from your spirit so that it may attain freedom. Do not fear, for you are not going to reveal any secret to Me. I know you better than you know yourselves. Confess intimately unto Me. I will know how to understand you better than anyone and will be able to pardon your causes and debts, for I am the only one who can judge you.

15. When you have reconciled with your Father and you hear your spirit singing a hymn of triumph, then seat in peace at My table, and eat and drink from the dishes offered to you by My Spirit which is found in the essence of My word. (39, 71)

16. Many of you come crying after cursing the pain. I forgive you for your errors, since they arise from your ignorance.

17. Calm your hearts, My little students of life, and clarify your understanding so that you may understand what I am going to tell you: When you again feel pain penetrating your heart, isolate yourself for a few moments from what surrounds you, and alone, there in the intimacy of your bedroom, converse with your own spirit, take your pain, and examine it just as you would take an object in your hand to study.

18. Examine your pain this way: See where it comes from, and why. Listen to the voice of your conscience, and truly I tell you, from that meditation you will extract a treasure of light and peace for your heart.

19. The light will give you a way to put aside the pain, and the peace will give you the strength to wait until the trial passes. (286, 26-28)

20. Continue struggling to be strong in spirit and in the material form, for if until now there have been illnesses among you, it is because due to a lack of spirituality and faith you have not known how to rise above this life's misery and pain.

21. My Doctrine does not only teach you to have faith in the power of God, but also to have faith in yourselves.

22. Today you say: "God is in us." But you say it without feeling or understanding it because your materialism impedes you from feeling My presence in your being; but when spiritualism is part of your lives, you will then know the truth of My presence in each man. My voice will resonate in the consciences, the inner judge will be heard, and the warmth of the Father will be felt. (265, 57)

23. This lesson reaches to your heart, where intentions of atonement and noble sentiments have been born.

24. If you have suffered and wept very much in order to reach the point of opening the doors of your heart to Me, truly I say to you that also He who has suffered greatly, has atoned for his faults and has to be forgiven. (9, 37-38)

25. You weep, O My people, because you feel within your repentant heart the love of the Master. You were told that He who would present himself before the Father bearing in his spirit a grave fault, would not be forgiven and He would have to suffer an eternal damnation.

26. But how can you conceive of My Divine justice as being so monstrous? Were you not aware that through Jesus I showed that My most tender words and My most gentle gazes were for those who had sinned the most? How could I teach a lesson in the world and do the opposite in eternity? (27, 41)

27. Be comforted during your bitter and difficult moments, keeping in mind that My wise and perfect Law will judge everything.

28. I have been in your affliction so that through it you will seek Me. I have touched you through poverty so that you may learn to ask, to be humble and to understand others.

29. I have withheld your daily bread, to prove that He who has faith is like the birds that do not worry about a tomorrow; they behold the dawn appear as a symbol of My presence and when they awaken, their first act is to elevate their melodies as an indication of thanks and as proof of their faith. (5, 55-57)

30. Sometimes you say to Me: Lord, if I had everything, if I lacked nothing, I would be active in your spiritual Work and I would be charitable. But keep in mind that as men you are changeable and that all your intentions of today when you possess nothing, would change if I granted all that you wish.

31. Only the love of God in unchangeable toward His children.

32. If I gave you in abundance, I know beforehand that you would lose yourselves, for I am aware of your resolutions and weaknesses. (9, 55-57)

33. When I have told you to separate yourselves from pleasures you have interpreted My words wrong, coming to think that it pleases me more to see you suffer than joyful, you are mistaken.

34. If I am your Father, how could you imagine that I would rather see you cry than laugh?

35. In telling you to separate yourselves from the pleasures, I refer only to those that are unhealthy for the spirit or damaging to the material form. On the other hand, I advise you to seek the healthy satisfactions for the heart and spirit that are within your reach. (303, 27)

36. I did not even insist that you believe in Me; when you arrived, it was I who went ahead giving you proof by healing the maladies of your body, giving peace to your spirit or something that you believed as unattainable.

37. Afterward, when you have believed in Me and have surrendered yourselves with faith toward the fulfillment of My Law, I have pointed out to each one his mission so that He will not deviate from the pathway, and that He will only take what corresponds to him and extend to his brethren charity and love just as I have come to do with you.

38. By chance do you believe that all those who indoctrinate are teachers? Do you believe that all those who regard themselves as ministers of God are envoys of mine or that I have given them the mission that they are carrying out? Do you believe that all those who reign, govern and command in the world possess the necessary gifts to fulfill that mission? No, My people. How few are those who fulfill the obligation that has truly been entrusted to them. While some usurp a position that does not befit them, those who should fulfill it are humiliated and passed over. (76, 36-37)

39. Do not think that I am offended if some do not believe in My presence in this manifestation, for it does not affect My truth at all. How many men have doubted the existence of a Divine Being who created all the marvels of the universe, and yet the sun has not ceased to give them light. (88, 7)

40. Today you open the doors of your heart and your understanding before the light of My teaching. With what works do you come to glorify Me?

41. All of you stay silent in both the material and spiritual forms before Me; you bow your heads and humble yourselves, but I don't want My children to humble themselves before Me, I want them to be worthy of lifting their faces and beholding mine; for I do not come in search of servants or slaves, I do not come in search of creatures who feel outlawed and exiled. I come to My children, whom I so love, so that when they hear My voice, the voice of their Father, they elevate their spirits on the path of spiritual evolution. (130, 39-40)

42. Beloved disciples: Be zealous of My Work, comply with My mandates and with those you shall be giving testimony of Me. Mary, your loving Mother, also descends to you and fills you with grace; she teaches you a perfect love and changes your heart into a fountain of charity, so that you may perform great deeds of love among your brethren and know the truth. She is My collaborator, and next to My Word of a Master and Judge, is Her word of mother and intermediary. Love Her, My people, and invoke Her name. Verily I say to you that Mary is watchful over you and accompanies you, not only in the days of trials but eternally. (60, 24)

43. I have named you the "Marian People," for you are able to love and recognize the Divine Mother and approach her like a child who needs tenderness or as a sinner who seeks intercession.

44. The presence of Mary in the world is an indication of My love for men; Her purity is a heavenly miracle revealed to you. From Me she descended to earth to become a woman and in her womb would germinate the Divine seed, the body of Jesus, through whom the Living Word would speak. She comes anew to manifest herself during this period. (5, 9-10)

45. It is necessary that the human heart knows in its depths the precious message his Spirit has brought to the world, and that then, knowing the truth, you erase from your heart all of the idolatrous worship and fanaticism that you have consecrated to it, and offer your spiritual love. (140, 43)

46. Some say to Me, "Lord, why don't you let us see you, like our brothers who testify that they see you?"

47. Oh weak hearts that need to see to believe! What merit would you find in beholding the humanized Jesus as a vision in the form of a man, when your spirit, through love, faith, and sensitivity, can sense Me, infinite and perfect in My Divine essence?

48. You do ill if you envy those who possess the gift of seeing the spiritual in the form of figures or symbols, for what they see is not precisely the Divine, but rather an allegory or image that speaks to them of the spiritual.

49. Be comfortable in your gifts, and analyze the testimonies you receive, looking always for the meaning: the light, the teaching, and the truth. (173, 28-30)

50. Never adulterate My teachings, manifest My Work as a book which embraces only purity and when you have concluded your journey, I will welcome you. I will disregard your spiritual blemishes and I will grant you My Divine caress, which will be your greatest reward when you reach the Promised Land. For I have given you in this Era a handful of seed that you may learn to sow in fertile fields and there allow it to multiply. (5, 27)

51. Judge your responsibility, beloved people, consider that a day you lose is a day you delay the arrival of this good news to the hearts of your brothers, and that a lesson you miss is one less bit of bread you can offer to the needy. (121, 40)

52. You know already the taste of the tree's fruit, and I warn you, so that tomorrow you do not let yourselves be surprised by false prophets. Keep watch over your brothers as well, teaching them to distinguish the essence of My doctrine.

53. It is written that after My parting false prophets would appear, telling My people that they are sent by Me and that they come in My name to continue the work that I carried out among you.

54. Woe to you if you bow to those false prophets and teachers, or if you mix My doctrine with words that are not of the essence, for it will cause great confusion. That is why I so often tell you to pray and keep watch. (112, 46-47)

55. If you do not prepare yourselves, rumors will reach your ears that will confuse you and with them you will confuse your brethren afterward.

56. I am putting you on the alert, so that once these communications are ended, you will not try to practice them again, because it will not be spirits of light that will manifest themselves, but confused beings who will aim to destroy what you earlier already had established.

57. On the other hand, He who knows how to prepare himself, who instead of trying to appear noteworthy can make himself helpful, instead of anticipating events, can wait with patience, He will clearly hear My teaching which will reach his spirit by means of the gifts that exist in him, which are: inspiration, intuition, presentiment through prayer, spiritual vision and prophetic dreams. (7, 13-14)

58. Today you behold these spokesmen speaking in ecstasy, and although the reluctance of some of you is great, you believe that My manifestation through these channels is possible; yet, when humanity beholds My disciples speaking in their normal state of the Divine revelations, they will doubt them.

59. In our own congregation there will arise those that upon hearing you speak inspired by Me, will doubt, and you will need to have great preparation and spiritual cleanliness in order to be believed. (316, 52-53)

60. If on your path you come to see men who by their works or their way of thinking show spiritual backwardness before My revelation, do not be confused; you should know that there has never been a time when all beings have marched in step. Trust that I am now leaving for them the words that will awaken them when the time has come.

61. These words, which you cannot yet understand, will be exactly the same that those men will understand. (104, 42-43)

62. Grow and practice without fanaticism; elevate and place yourselves on a level from which you can teach all your brethren without distinction of creeds or doctrines.

63. Do not hold back your charity to the one who is in need because He follows an underdeveloped or imperfect worship; on the contrary, your unselfish deed will win over his heart.

64. Do not confine yourselves in groups, nor limit your activities, have enlightenment for every spirit and balsam for every pain. (60, 27)

65. If your brothers murmur against you for having answered My call, close your ears and be silent, for they are innocent; but if you have taken up this cause in order to judge them, woe unto you! For you have already been illuminated by the light from your conscience, and understand what you do. (141, 27)

66. So, My people, do not try to make all men think or believe as you do. Never anathematize humanity, do not sentence them, or condemn them for what they do not say, or because they do not accept your proposition, your teaching, or your counsel. Look upon all of your brothers with the most profound respect and spiritual charity, and in this way you will understand that each one in his own worship, his own doctrine, and on his own path, has reached the place to which his spiritual capacity gives him the right. And where you see humanity today is the place to which its own evolution has brought it. (330, 29)

67. Now I want you to know that you are not more than anyone; that the belief you have fostered that you are a people of privileged beings, is an error, because the Creator in His perfect love toward all His creatures distinguishes no one.

68. I say this because tomorrow you have to teach your brethren the Doctrine I brought to you during this time and I do not want you to appear before the last ones as superior beings, nor that your merits made you the only ones worthy of listening to My Word.

69. You will be comprehensive, humble, simple, noble and charitable brethren.

70. You will be strong but not arrogant, so that you will not humiliate the weak. If you possess great knowledge about My Doctrine, never make a display of your knowledge so that your brethren will not feel belittled near you. (75, 17-19)

71. Even here, among My laborers, how many there are who not understanding My doctrine, and upon finding themselves endowed with gifts, have believed themselves superior and worthy of admiration and homage. That brings Me to ask you if you can believe that an elevated spirit could be vain of its gifts, since humility and charity are two of the principal attributes it should bear. (98, 15)

72. Remember that I once told you that I did not create you to become like parasitical plants. I do not wish you to be satisfied with merely not doing harm, but want you to reach satisfaction through good works. Those who do not do good when they are able, have done more harm than those who do not understand how to do good, and who therefore content themselves with doing evil because it is all they know. (153, 71)

73. O! My very beloved children, who weep like lost sheep, calling your Shepherd with anguished cries! When you close your eyes to the reality of your surroundings, you end up thinking that I am the cause of your misfortunes on earth; others believe that your vicissitudes are of no concern to Me.

74. How ungrateful you are thinking that way of your Father, and how unjust to appraise My perfect justice!

75. Do you believe that I do not listen to you when you say that you are only nourished by bitterness, that the world which you inhabit is a world without happiness and that the existence which you lead has no reason to be?

76. You only feel My presence when you believe that I punish you, that I deny you all mercy, and you forget the tenderness and kindness of your Father; you complain about your life, instead of blessing its benefits.

77. The fact is you close your eyes to the truth and only see bitterness and tears around you, feeling desperation because you believe that everything will be without a reward.

78. How different your life would be if instead of that nonconformity, of that incomprehension, your first thought each day would be to bless your Father and your first words, to be thankful for so many benefits that His love offers!

79. But you do not feel those virtues anymore, because the flesh has perturbed your spirit and you have forgotten My teaching; that is why I come to speak to you about those feelings which you have removed from your heart. (11, 4-9)

80. You have sinned, adulterated, offended, and now that you find yourselves before the truth of My word, which points out your errors, you forget your faults and believe that your Lord is unjust when He speaks to you of ordeals and restitution. (17, 33)

81. You have been greatly tested, beloved disciples. for each trial contains a Mystery for you. You do not know whether it is designed to strengthen you in battle, to reveal new knowledge to you, or to restitute a sin. You should never attempt to avoid an ordeal because they were not sent with that aim and are never greater than your moral or spiritual strength. (47, 26)

82. Why do many of you fear that I have written your destiny in trials, pains, punishments, and misfortune? How could you believe that He who loves you with perfection would provide you with a road full of thorns? Truly I tell you, the hazardous road sown with difficulties is the one you have chosen through your own will, believing that it is filled with pleasures, freedom, and happiness, not understanding that it is precisely in the road destined for you, that which you have abandoned, where you can find true peace, safety, strength, health, well-being, and abundance.

83. This road that I come to offer you in My Doctrine is that which has been destined for your spirit since it was formed, so that traveling on it, you may find that which you yearn for. (283, 10-11)

84. You judge superficially, as if you were children, not knowing that the trials which batter you are of your own making. And therefore, when those trials fall upon you, you wish them gone: that the plan be changed so that you do not suffer, so that you do not have to drain the cup of bitterness.

85. That is because you are unable to penetrate reality with your spiritual sight in order to understand that all that you harvest is what you have sown, and that all the pain that comes to you, does so because you have attracted it.

86. No, you have not learned to penetrate to truth, and that is why, when pain fills your hearts, you believe yourselves the victims of Divine injustice, but I tell you, in God there cannot be the least injustice.

87. The love of God is inalterable, immutable, and eternal, and for that reason those who believe that the Divine Spirit can be possessed by anger, wrath or rage are committing a grave error; such weaknesses are only conceivable in those human beings who lack spiritual elevation and control of their passions.

88. Sometimes you ask Me: "Lord, why must we pay the consequences for actions that are not our own, and gather the bitter fruit that others cultivated?" To which I must answer that you know nothing of this, for you do not know who you were before, nor the nature of your earlier works. (290, 9-12)

89. Beloved people, your hearts fill with satisfaction on thinking that you are My disciples in this Third Era; yet I must tell you to never let vanity blind you, for if you fall into that weakness, you will ignore even your conscience when it calls you to account for your faults. He who does not begin by cleansing and elevating his human life may never aspire to elevate himself spiritually, for his steps shall be false and his works will not have the seed of truth.

90. For this reason you sometimes see that I change from spiritual teaching to advises, so that you may conduct yourselves with rectitude in your human lives. I am speaking to the hearts of men, urging them to regeneration and making them understand the damage that vices cause the body as well as the ill they bring the spirit.

91. I have told you that the man who lets himself be dominated by a vice has forgotten that his spirit must never be defeated, and has forgotten that true fortitude consists of destroying evil through virtue.

92. That man, defeated by the flesh, has denigrated himself, has lost respect for himself, and has lowered himself from the elevated condition of being a man, to that of a poor being too coward to struggle.

93. That man, instead of bearing light, bread, and wine to his home, brings shadows, pain, and death, making heavier his cross and those borne by his wife and children, and slowing the spiritual journeys of all who surround him.

94. Understand that each one of you who leaves the path of wrong causes the force of evil to diminish, and that your life, if it is righteous in its works, its words, and its thoughts, leaves in its wake the sowing of good seeds; and that your counsel, when it springs from a prepared heart, will have the strength to bring about prodigies, and that prayer, when it is born of thoughts of piety and love shall be a message of light for He for whom you ask it. (108, 16)

95. Here, before Me you cleanse yourselves of every blemish. Oh, if you could only preserve that limpidity all along your life! But this surrounding of spirituality and of fraternity that you have in this hour of communion and of teaching, does not reign in the world; the air that you breathe is poisoned by sin.

96. But you have felt how in the measure that you are assimilating My Doctrine, the chain that binds you to the world, is falling link by link. (56, 26-27)

97. Live always on the alert, for along your path there will be some who will say that they are with Me, but do not believe them at the first moment; believe them for what they manifest in humility, in wisdom, in love.

98. Others will tell you that they communicate with Me but they are the first to be deceived, for that reason you must always be vigilant in the mission that you have and the position that you occupy; you need to see, hear and also forgive a great deal, too. (12, 55-56)

99. Be active, do not slumber, or do you want to wait for the persecutions to surprise you sleeping? Do you want to fall into idolatry again? Do you expect for strange doctrines to come and impose itselves by force or fear?

100. Be on the alert, because from the East false prophets will emerge confusing the people; be united so that your voice may resound all over the world and alert humanity in time. (61, 25)

101. Great trials await humanity. Be vigilant and pray through each catastrophe and every pain; much pain will be diminished and some of it will never arrive at all, for it will be detained by those who pray.

102. When other religions and sects observe that the multitudes are hurrying to follow this people, there will be some from those religions who will arise and persecute you. Do not be afraid, for if you know how to remain tranquil, the Holy Spirit will place words upon your lips that will silence those who insult you.

103. I do not leave you the murderous sword with which to defend yourselves; I leave you the sword of love. Each one of its rays of light will be a virtue which emerges from it.

104. You will greatly please the Father if you are able to convert those multitudes, who are persecuting My work, with your words and deeds of love!

105. This is the lesson that I gave you in the Second Era which you had already forgotten.

106. The human mind did suffer confusion trying to understand the Marian Trinitarian Spiritualist teaching because the human being who is materialistic is awkward unable to comprehend the spiritual. (55, 58-63)

107. How many have left My table without having tasted the dishes that I have lovingly prepared for them. When will they experience again a time of great blessings, as in the present time, in which they came to earth to hear My word?

108. They are like hardened rocks who need tempests and time in order to soften. Their spiritual inheritance will be kept from them as long as they are unable to take care of it. However, it will be returned to them, for I have said to you that whatever the Father gives to his children He never takes back, He simply preserves it. (48, 8)

109. Some of you will be converted and prepared by My doctrine to seek after those who have been lost in the deserts, for that is the way I see human life — like a desert. There are those who feel alone amidst millions of spirits and those who die of thirst without anyone to offer them a little water. That is where I will send My new apostles.

110. I want My name once again to be pronounced with love by some and heard with emotion by others. I want it to be known by those who ignore it. There are young and old men, women and children who know nothing of My existence. I want everyone to know me and to be aware that they have in me a most loving Father. I want everyone to listen to me and to love me. (50, 3)

111. My Word has come up against your egotism, that is why I have said that what I am delivering to you is so that in turn you will make it known to your brethren, but you only want to enjoy My manifestations without entering into any obligations with the others.

112. However, the Master has not called you to teach you useless lessons, He has come to tell you to learn this Divine lesson, so that later you will take advantage of it during your lifetime putting it into practice among your fellow men.

113. I reveal to you at this moment that your spirit has an overdue debt with anyone who approaches you with some suffering, with a necessity or some petition. Behold with how much love I place them along your path in order for you to comply with your restitution making them the object of your charity. (76, 20)

114. Comply, so you will not have to return to earth in times of suffering, to gather the fruit of your faults or that of your egotism. Fulfill your mission and then you will return, but it will be in times of peace to rejoice in caring for the sowing which you left unfinished. Today you will not have Moses leading the way to liberate you as He did during the First Era; it will be your conscience which will guide you. (13, 17)

115. Here there are many who in other times were doctors of law or scientists, but who now bring their awakened minds to spiritual knowledge, convinced that in limited human knowledge they will not find the supreme truth.

116. Here there are those who in other times were the rich and powerful of the earth, who have now come to know poverty and humility. I bless them for their conformity and for their yearning for perfection. In them you have the proof of My loving justice, making them come again to earth to show them one more page in the book of eternal wisdom. (96, 16-17)

117. The world offers you many pleasures, some that I have conceded you, and others created by men. Now you see that you have not been able to reach them, which causes discontent in some, and sadness in others.

118. I should tell you that to many it is not given to rest or lose themselves in the delights and satisfactions of the material, for their mission is a very different one.

119. Truly I tell you, in all humanity there does not exist a spirit that has not known all the delights and satisfactions, and tasted all the fruits. Today your spirit has come to enjoy the freedom to love Me and not be again a slave of the world, of gold, of lust, or of idolatry. (84, 47)

120. See how men, peoples, and nations give their lives for an ideal, consuming themselves in the bonfire of their fighting, dreaming dreams of earthly glory, of possessions, and of power. They die for the fleeting glories of the earth.

121. And you, who begin to ignite in your spirits a Divine ideal which has as its goal the conquest of a glory that will be eternal, will you not devote, not even your lives, but merely a part of them to fulfill your duty as brothers?

122. Above you an unseen battle is taking place that only those who are prepared can see. All the evil which is born of men in their thoughts their words, and their deeds, all the sin of the centuries, all the bewildered men and spirits, all the confusions, the injustices, the religious fanaticism and idolatry of men, as well as their foolish ambitions and falseness, have gathered in one force that penetrates, invades, and sweeps all before it turns against Me. That is the power that opposes Christ, and great are its hosts, and mighty its arms, but before men, not before Me.

123. To those, I will give battle with the sword of My justice and I shall be at the head of My armies, of which I wish you to form a part.

124. While this battle moves those men who go in search of pleasure, you, in whom I have confided the ability to feel that which vibrates in the Beyond, must pray and keep watch over your brothers, for in this way will you be watching over yourselves.

125. Christ, the principle warrior, has raised already his sword, it is necessary that like a scythe it uproot evil and by its flashing bring light to the universe.

126. Woe to the world, and to you, if your lips remain sealed! You are the spiritual seed of Jacob, and to him I promised that in you the nations of earth would be saved and blessed. I wish to unite you as in one single family, so that you may be strong. (84, 55-57)

127. I know that in the bosom of this people great works have been done, yet, let it be I who know it, though the world does not know your names.

128. Only I know the true merit or value of your works, for not even you yourselves may judge them. At times a petty achievement seems very grand to you, and other times you are not even aware that the merit of an act has reached Me. (106, 49-50)

129. When will you leave your retreat and your obscurity, you multitudes who have heard Me? Can you be delaying your preparation on purpose, from fear of the struggle? Truly, I tell you, only He who has not prepared, fears, for He who knows My word and who loves his Lord and his fellow man has nothing to fear, and will, instead of fleeing humanity, go in search of them to make them share in what He has received; for after studying and analyzing My lessons, He puts them into practice. (107, 41)

130. This message bears light for every religion, for every sect and creed and for all the different forms of behavior of men. And yet, what, o disciples, have you done with My word? Is this the way you permit the tree to flower? Let it bloom, for this shall serve as the proclamation of the fruit that comes later.

131. Why do you hide these messages and not give to the world the surprise of this new Era with its good news? Why do you not dare to tell the world that the voice of Christ sounds among you? Speak, and bear witness to My teaching by your works of love, for if there are some who close their ears so as not to hear you, others will open theirs, and in them your voice will be as sweet and harmonious as the song of the nightingale. (114, 46)

132. Humanity is awaiting My new disciples, and yet, if you, who are My laborers, from fear of the judgment of the world, abandon the sowing and your tools, what will become of humanity? Do you not feel the responsibility of your charge?

133. Your consciences will never deceive you, and will always tell you when you have fulfilled your duties. The unquiet you feel is a sign that you have not observed My precepts. (133, 10)

134. You complain at times that the number of followers of My word increases slowly, yet, I tell you that you should complain of yourselves, for it is you who bear the mission of bringing the multitudes that form this people to grow and multiply. But if you lack faith in your hearts, if your gifts are undeveloped and if your understanding lacks the light of spiritual knowledge, how will you move others by the virtues of faith and love that are not developed in your own hearts?

135. He who does not understand cannot make others understand; who does not feel cannot make others feel. Know then why your lips have trembled and stuttered when you have needed to give testimony of My word.

136. He who loves will not hesitate, He who believes does not fear, and He who feels has many ways of proving his sincerity and truth. (172, 24-26)

137. Today I come to you with a teaching that might seem impossible for the world to practice; once it is understood it is the easiest to fulfill. I come to teach the worship of the love of God through your life, your deeds and the spiritual prayer, which is not pronounced by the lips at a predetermined place, nor is it in need of forms or images to be so inspired. (72, 27)

138. I say to you: What are you waiting for to spread the good news? By chance, do you pretend to go and preach among the rubble? I am telling you and revealing all, so that you may always have a wise answer for every question made to you by your brethren. Behold that you will be attacked with great arguments that will fill with fear those who are not prepared.

139. Engrave My Word and do not forget the great miracles which I have granted you so that each one of you can be a living testimony of My truth; then whoever scrutinizes you and prods into My Word, will find that it does not contradict in anything of what I said and foretold during past eras.

140. The struggle will be great, to the extent that some, having been My disciples will become fearful and deny Me, saying that they never heard Me.

141. To those who know how to be faithful to My commandments and are able to cope with the struggle, I shall cover with a mantle with which they will defend themselves and they will come out unharmed from any situation.

142. To the one who wrongly sows this seed and profanes the purity of this Work, there shall be a judgment, the persecution of men and uneasiness at every moment. It is necessary for each one to know the tree He has cultivated, by the taste of its fruit.

143. I have reserved great miracles for the period of the spiritual struggle of My people, miracles and deeds that will amaze the wise men and the scientists; I will never forsake you to your own strength. Do not become blinded when humanity ridicules you, do not forget that in the Second Era the multitudes mocked your Master. (63, 42-44)

144. In truth I tell you that the world is against you, and therefore I prepare you to know how to defend the cause of your faith with the arms of love and charity. I tell you that you will triumph even when your victory is unknown.

145. This time your sacrifice will not be in blood, although you shall know calamity and disrespect. Still, the Master shall be there to defend and comfort you, no disciple will be alone. (148, 17)

146. People, do not learn more about perversity, but combat it without boasting of your purity, nor should you be scandalized by the faults of your brothers. Be discrete, sensible, and opportune in your speech and actions, and the world will hear and pay attention to your teaching. Is it necessary to tell you again that before you disseminate this Doctrine, you must live it? (89, 66)

147. It is necessary that My people arise among nations giving an example of brotherhood, harmony, charity, and understanding; like a soldier of peace in the midst of those who again take the Divine teachings to duel, harm each other, and take one another's lives. (131, 58)

148. Come to understand that you all love the same God, and do not duel over the differences in the manner in which one or the other has been doing so.

149. It is necessary that you understand that there are beings in whom their beliefs, customs, and traditions have grown roots so deep that they will not initially be easy to pull up when first you instruct them. Have patience, and over the years you will succeed. (141, 9)

150. When the year 1950 ends there will be uncertainty and doubt in many of you.

151. Why do some who are of greater intelligence than those who believe in My message doubt My manifestations? — Because it is not human knowledge or the mind that is capable of judging My truth, and when men understand this, they are invaded by fear of all that is new; and all that they judge as unknown, makes them reject it unconsciously.

152. And you, the weak, the unprepared, those who cannot reach the heights of the men known for their intelligence: It is you who believe, who have faith, and who know how to penetrate the depths of the spiritual Mysteries. Why? Because it is the spirit that reveals to the mind the eternal life and its wonders.

153. Human intelligence represents a force with which you must take up battle, for through it man has forged concepts and ideas of the spiritual that have not been revealed to him by the spirit.

154. You will be strong for that battle, with a fortitude that also proceeds from the spirit. Your strength will never be based in your material form, nor in the power of your money, nor in earthly support. Your faith in the truth alone will lead you to victory in the contest. (249, 44-46)

155. Do not fear if they call you confused, but offer your hand to all. Understand that this work, which to you is true, to others could seem false, for according to them it lacks the consecration that the religions have gained by being recognized.

156. If you have faith in Me, if you believe I manifest Myself in the words of these spokesmen, do not fear the judgment of your brothers; for My doctrine is so eloquent, and so many truths are present in My message, that if you know how to use these weapons you will not be easily defeated.

157. None can reproach you for eagerly seeking the truth and the perfection; all have a sacred right to them, and that is why you have been endowed with the freedom to seek the light. (297, 51-53)

158. When you begin to fulfill your mission, and go to the nations, to even the most distant peoples in the very jungle, you will find human beings, and you will make them understand that all are brothers, you will bear witness to them of My Spiritual Doctrine, and you will marvel at the proofs of love that I will give you.

159. There, among the beings isolated from civilization, but also isolated from human perversity, you will find great spirits that will come to swell the ranks of the people of Israel.

160. Where you go, the sick shall receive the balsam and be healed, while the saddened shall cry for the last time, but with tears of joy.

161. And before these proofs that you give, the multitudes shall bless the Lord and his disciples. You will be acclaimed as on that day when the Master entered Jerusalem.

162. But among those who acclaim you will arise men and women full of the gifts you possess. In some the gift for prophesy will astonish, from others My balsam will flow unceasingly, while from yet others My Word will spring like crystal clear water. And in this way will you see that the gifts of the Holy Spirit arise among your brothers like an inexhaustible seed. (311, 38-40)

163. People, a seeming peace has been made among nations, but do not preach that peace has come; seal your lips, for true peace will not be built on foundations of fear nor material convenience, but must be born of love and brotherhood.

164. Men are building on sand, not rock, and when the waves come again they will batter those walls and their structure will fall to the earth. (141, 70-71)

165. Since the First Era I have spoken to you through My prophets, to guide you rather than force you to comply with My Law.

166. But that time has passed; the human spirit has evolved and has reached maturity so that it can comprehend its mission as a spirit. Humanity, which finds itself so close to the abyss, to perdition, needs your spiritual help.

167. That battle, the final battle, the most terrible and tremendous: between darkness and light. All the spirits of darkness are gathering, and the spirits of light must confront that power.

168. Awaken, o you who have heard Me and who bear the light of the Holy Spirit, awaken, and do not lose time in material pleasures and temporary ambitions. Fight for humanity. Fight, so that the Kingdom of the Father might come to this world. That is the mission that I give, to the most humble and to the most prepared.

169. The Spiritual World is with you, and above all is the Father, full of love and mercy. The Father, with infinite pain, sees the suffering that men themselves are causing one another.

170. That is the struggle of the light against darkness, and each of you must struggle until victory is reached. (358, 20-23)


Chapter 63
Teachings for the Congregations and All the Disciples
of Christ

The Spiritual Work of Christ

1. Enjoy My presence, beloved People, celebrate in your hearts, and tremble with happiness, for you have finally seen the coming of the day of the Lord.

2. You have feared the arrival of this day because you have still thought as did the ancients, that the heart of your Father was vengeful, that it held a grudge for the offenses received and so would bring the sickle, the whip, and the cup of bitterness to carry out revenge on those who so much and so often gave offense.

3. But great has been your surprise upon finding that in the Spirit of God, anger cannot exist, nor can rage or disgust, and if the world weeps and laments as never before, it is not because the Father has given them those fruits to eat or made them drink from that cup, it is rather that humanity now gathers the harvest sown by its works.

4. It is true that all the calamities unleashed in this Era were prophesied aforetime, but do not think that because they were announced your Lord brought them as a punishment; on the contrary, in all the eras I have protected you from evil and from temptations, and have helped you to get up again after your falls. Furthermore I have placed within your reach all the means necessary so that you can save yourselves. Recognize, however, that you have been unbelieving and deaf to My calls. (160, 40-41)

5. Woe to those who in this time do not struggle to light their lamps, for they shall be lost. That is why, this being the time of light, there are shadows everywhere.

6. You know, from My own words, that I chose this nation in which to manifest Myself in My third coming, but the reason, is unknown to you, it has been a Mystery to you; however the Master, who does not wish to have secrets from his disciples, comes to reveal to you all that you must know, so that you may answer correctly those who might ask.

7. I have seen that the dwellers of this corner of the earth have always loved Me and sought Me out, and even when their worship has not been always perfect, I have received their intentions and their love like a flower of innocence, sacrifice, and suffering. That fragrant flower has always been present upon the altar of My Divinity.

8. You have been prepared to fulfill this great mission in the Third Era.

9. Today you know that in your bosom I have caused the people of Israel to be reincarnated; this I revealed to you. Understand that the seed that breathes in your being, and the inner light that guides you is the same that I poured out since the First Era over the house of Jacob.

10. You are Israelites of the spirit, you possess spiritually, the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You are branches of the blessed tree that gives both shade and fruit to humanity.

11. That is why I name you My first-born, and why I sought you out in this Era to manifest in you My third revelation to the world.

12. It is My will that the people of Israel re-surge spiritually among humanity so that they may behold the true resurrection of the flesh. (183, 33-35)

13. Did you think, perchance, that I would give My word to all the peoples of the earth? No. In that, My manifestation is like those of times past. By manifesting Myself to only one people, these were given the mission of spreading the good news and the seed received in My message. (185, 20)

14. Let other nations awaken to the new Era as they contemplate regions devastated by the waters, nations destroyed by war and pestilence annihilating lives. Those people, conceited in their knowledge and lethargic in the splendor of their religions, will not recognize My Word through this humble means, nor feel My manifestation in spirit; therefore, the earth will have to be shaken first, and Nature will say to men: The time has arrived and the Father has come among you.

15. In order for mankind to awaken, let them open their eyes and accept that I am the One who has arrived; first the power and pride of man will be touched, but you have as your mission to be vigilant, to pray and to prepare yourselves. (62, 53)

16. I promised you during that Era to return among mankind, and here I am fulfilling that promise, even though many centuries have passed. Your spirit longed for My presence in his wish for peace, in his hunger for truth, in his yearning for knowledge, and My Spirit has descended to make you hear a teaching in accordance with the period in which you live. How can men wish to keep on living as they have done until now? It is no longer time for them to be at a standstill spiritually nor lethargic in the practice of rituals and traditions. (77, 19)

17. Many men of recognized wisdom in the world will not be able to recognize me in this form and will deny me, but do not let that surprise you, for I have already announced it to you long ago when I said: "Blessed are you, Father, who revealed your truth to the humble and kept it from the wise and knowledgeable."

18. But it is not that I hide My truth from anyone. Rather, those who are clean in their understanding, in the poverty and insignificance can feel me better, whereas scholarly men are not able to understand nor feel me because their minds are filled with theories, philosophies, and certain beliefs. But the truth is for everyone, and it will come to each one at the designated time. (50, 45)

19. He who knows My Law but conceals it cannot be called My disciple; He who delivers My truth only with his lips and not with his heart is not imitating Me. He who speaks of love but with his deeds proves the opposite, is a traitor to My lessons.

20. He who arises disregarding the purity and perfection of Mary is torpid, because in his ignorance He defies God, denying His power. He who denies My truth in the Third Era and rejects the immortality of the spirit, is sleeping and does not recall the prophesies of past times that announced the revelations which Humanity is living during this period. (73, 28-29)

21. They shall come to test Me, wishing to show you that you are in error. If I do not give them My name, they will say that it is not I [who speak]; and if I answer their ill-intentioned questions, more vehemently they will deny Me.

22. And so I will tell them: He who wishes to enter the Kingdom of Light shall need to seek it with his heart, but He who wishes to live denying Me, shall have denied the Divine wisdom to his own spirit, causing all the clear and luminous revelation to be for him both secret and Mysterious. (90, 49-50)

23. Now, I journey among you, as I did in that time, but the time approaches when I shall cease speaking to you, and humanity has not yet felt My presence.

24. From this mount, from where I see you and send you My word, I shall have to exclaim on the eve of My departure: "Humanity, humanity! You have not known whom you had among you!" As in the Second Era, being near My death, I contemplated the city from the mount, and cried between tears, "Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, you have not known the good you have had."

25. It was not the world for which I cried, it was for the spirit of humanity still without light and with much weeping ahead before reaching the truth. (274, 68-69)

26. Many centuries have gone by since the day in which I gave you My word and My last recommendations through Jesus. Today, I appear before you as the Holy Spirit, fulfilling My promise to you.

27. I have not come to be human. I come in spirit and only those who are prepared will perceive me.

28. While you believe in My word and follow me, others do not accept My manifestation and deny it. I have had to give them great trails, and thanks to it, I have been overcoming their disbelief.

29. The love and patience which I have always manifested to you make you understand that only your Father can love you and teach you in this way. I watch over you and lighten your cross so that you do not stumble. I have you feel My peace so that you walk filled with trust in me. (32, 4)

30. My word, My lecture today, apparently is only for you, but truly I say that it is for everyone, because its wisdom and love embraces all of the universe; it unifies all the worlds and all the incarnated and disembodied spirits. Come near if you need Me; seek Me if you feel lost.

31. I am your Father who knows your afflictions and comes to comfort you. I come to instill My love, which you need so much for yourselves and to spread around you.

32. If you truly recognize My presence through the wisdom that I manifest through these faculties, recognize also that it is the moment to begin constructive Work along the spiritual path.

33. Oh! If only all those who have been called would attend, truly I say that the table on the Lord would be filled with disciples and all would partake of the same nourishment! But not all those Invited have come; they have feigned other occupations, relegating the Divine call to second place.

34. Blessed are the ones who have come promptly, for they have their reward. (12, 76-80)

35. Not all those who have received gifts in this Era are here listening to Me; see how many empty spaces there are at the table, for many of My students, after receiving a benefit, have fled from their responsibilities and missions. Oh, if they only knew here on the earth, the promises their spirits made to Me before coming to the world! (86, 43)

36. I am leaving you the Third Testament when you have not yet understood the first two. If you had been prepared in this time it wouldn't have been necessary for My word to be materialized, because I would speak to you spiritually, and you would respond with your love. (86, 49)

37. This is the light of the Third Era; but He who says that it is not God who speaks to you, but rather this man, submit him to a test, because verily I say to you: While My Divine ray of light does not inspire his mind, even though you threaten him with death, you would not force from him words of essence and truth.

38. There is nothing strange that in the same manner that the spirits make use of their bodies to speak and manifest themselves, for an instant they separate from them, so that in their place is manifested the Father of all spirits: God.

39. I come to you because you do not know how to reach Me, and I teach you that the most pleasing prayer that reaches the Father is that which in silence rises from your spirit. That prayer is what attracts My ray of light, through which you listen to Me. It is not the hymns or words which please My Divinity. (59, 57-59)

40. You cannot say My word is not clear, or that it harbors imperfections, for no confusion at all can ever proceed from Me. If in it you find any error, attribute it to the misunderstanding of the speaker, or to your own misinterpretation, but never to My Doctrine. Woe to the speaker who distorts My words. Woe to He who reports it wrongly and profanes My teaching, for He will be constantly troubled by his conscience, and lose the tranquility of his spirit. (108, 51)

41. In order to please you I say to you that if you do not want Me to make use of sinful bodies to give you My love, show Me a just and cleansed person; point out someone who among you is able to love, and I assure you that I will use him.

42. Understand that I make use of sinners, to attract sinners, for I have not come to save the just, they are already in the realm of light. (16, 25)

43. Observe how this seed, in spite of your having cultivated it poorly, does not die. Look at how it has continued to defeat darkness, dilemmas, and trials while continuing to grow and develop day by day. Why does this seed not die? Because the truth is immortal, it is eternal.

44. For that reason you will see that just when it looks like this Doctrine is to disappear, new and fertile outbreaks will surge forth to help men take a step forward on the road of spirituality. (99, 20)

45. Analyze My lessons, and then tell Me if this Doctrine can be embraced in any of your religions.

46. I have revealed to you its character and its universal essence, which does not apply only to portions of humanity, or to some peoples, but goes beyond the limits of your world to include all infinity, with all the dwellings inhabited by the children of God as is this world.

47. See how My word, is not, and could not be, a new religion; this work is the luminous road on which all the ideas, beliefs, and religions must unite spiritually to come to the gates of the Promised Land. (310, 39)

48. My teaching, by which your spirit is nourished, leads you to become teachers, the faithful apostles of the Holy Spirit.

49. I shall present you before mankind as My helpers, as the Spiritual Trinitarian Marian followers of the Third Era. The spiritualists, because you shall be more spirit than flesh; as Trinitarians, because you have received My manifestation in three eras; as Marians because you love Mary, your Universal Mother, who is the One who has watched over you so that you do not weaken in your journey. (70, 36)

50. Those who hear My word through human understanding will not be the only ones named as children of this people, for all those who embrace their crosses, all who love this Law and who spread its seed will be called laborers in My fields, apostles of My Work, and children of this people, even when they have not heard me through this manifestation. (94, 12)

51. How can you think, people, that because you gather in different places you are for that reason distant from each other? Only ignorance prevents you from being aware of the spiritual bonds that unite all the children of the Lord. (191, 51)

52. When you visit one or another of the meeting places, and when through the various spokesmen you hear the same words, your hearts are filled with joy and faith and you take that lesson as true proof that these congregations are united in spirituality. But when you witness a deficient manifestation, you feel a wound in your heart, and you understand that the unity that must exist in this people is not present there, or is not manifested.

53. I wish you to be My good and humble disciples who do not covet high posts or honors within the congregation, but whose goal is only the obtaining of perfection through virtue and the following of My teachings so that your lives can be examples. What does it serve to have ranks, titles, or names if you do not have the merit to possess them? (165, 17)

54. My work is not just one of many doctrines; it is not just one of many sects in the world. This revelation I have brought you is the eternal law, but you have mixed many rites and impurities with it because of your lack of spirituality and understanding, to the point of distorting it. How many practices have you added to My doctrine, saying and believing that all you do is inspired or ordered by Me? (197, 48)

55. You will enter the bosom of a humanity tired of superficial worship and fed up with religious fanaticism, and so I tell you that the message of spirituality that you carry will reach their hearts like cool and refreshing dew.

56. Do you think the world will recognize you as bearers of a Divine message if you come with fanatical cults and practices opposed to spirituality? Truly I tell you, they will take you for the fanatics of a new sect.

57. Faced with the clarity with which I speak to you, some ask Me: How is it possible that we are to ignore many of the practices left us by Roque Rojas?

58. To which I answer, that is why I gave you the example in the Second Era, when I made the people understand that in complying with rites, forms, traditions, and holy days they had forgotten that which is essential, the Law.

59. I reminded you of that action of your Master, so that you will understand that you should now forget about traditions and ceremonies, even if you learned them from Roque Rojas, just as the people in that time had inherited them from Moses.

60. I do not mean to say thereby that they taught you anything that was wrong. No, they had the need to recur to symbols and acts that helped the people to understand the Divine revelations, but once that objective was fulfilled it was necessary to erase any useless form or symbol and to allow the light of truth to shine. (253, 29-32)

61. How much pain has been caused to My heart by those servants who have not understood My Law, and how much pain is caused by those, who having been prepared and dedicated, now give room to doubt and uncertainty because in their misunderstanding and selfishness they say that I will remain a while longer among the people; that My Universal Ray will descend once more in response to their human will, and that I would continue manifesting for a long time.

62. That is why I have asked: When have I ever shown indecision, uncertainty, or a divided will in My word? Never. For I would cease being perfect, I would cease to be your God and your Creator.

63. In Me there is decision and one single will; for that reason I speak in the full light of day, so that all can feel Me in My power and presence, and so their spirits might recognize the truth and the word that I have given you through the channel of human understanding.

64. The Master tells you: Man has constructed houses and named them temples, and in those places the people enter and offer reverences, feeding fanaticism and idolatry, and adoring things made by men themselves. That is abominable in My eyes, and for that reason it has pleased me to take from you, people of Israel, all that you heard and knew in the beginning, so that you would lose your fanaticism.

65. The houses of worship of the Israelite people shall be known by humanity, they shall not be closed, for they shall shelter the weak and lost, the tired and the sick. And through your preparation, for your obedience to My supreme will and your respecting of My Law, I will make Myself known in the works of the true disciples of My Divinity.

66. Do not be concerned that along the way false spokesmen, false guides, and false laborers arise, or that their blaspheming lips speak to the peoples saying that My Word and My Universal Ray remain among the people as teachings.

67. I will make known the imposters: they who are not fulfilling the Law according to My will; who manifest only their own free will and I will make known the work that they have made, and the law that they have prepared; they shall be unknown and exiled.

68. For while temptation makes them fall into its net, I will retain the Divine grace and power, and so all those who seek them out will fail to sense the grace of My Holy Spirit in their spirits. (363, 52-56)

69. Without proclaiming that you are My apostles, you shall be so. And though you are teachers you will call yourselves pupils.

70. Do not wear clothing that distinguishes you from others. Do not carry books in your hands; do not build places of worship.

71. You shall not have on earth the center or the foundation of My Work, nor shall you have before you any man to represent Me.

72. The guides you have had until now [before 1950], are the final ones. Prayer, spirituality, and the practice of My Doctrine shall guide the multitudes on the path of light. (246, 30-31)

73. Would it be just, I ask My disciples, for a perfect work, like that I have come to reveal, to be brought before humanity, only to have it judged a falsehood, or to have it be seen as merely "one more" of the doctrines and theories that have arisen as the fruit of the spiritual confusion that reigns in these times?

74. Would it be right that you, who I have so loved, and who I have prepared through My word so that your testimony will be clean, fall victims of your own errors, into the hands of the justice of the earth; or that you be persecuted, and scattered because you are considered dangerous to your brothers?

75. Do you think My doctrine, practiced correctly, could bring about these things? No, disciples.

76. Allow Me to speak to you this way, for I know what I do. Tomorrow, when I have ceased speaking to you this way, you will know why and will say: "The Master knew well the weaknesses we would suffer; nothing escapes his wisdom." (252, 26-27)

77. I am preparing you for the time when you no longer hear My word; for the people will then call you the people without God, the people without temples; for you will have no regal places to offer Me worship, nor celebrate in ceremonies, nor seek Me in images.

78. Yet I shall leave you a book, as the testament that will be your fortress in the trials, and the path by which you guide your steps. These words that today you hear through the speaker, tomorrow shall leap from the scripture so that you may enjoy them again, and so that they will be heard by the multitudes that come in that time. (129, 24)

79. I am leaving a new book to humanity, a new Testament: My word of the Third Era, the Divine voice that has spoken to mankind upon the opening of the Sixth Seal.

80. It will not be necessary for your names or your works to pass into history. My Word is in this book as a vibrant and clear voice speaking eternally to the human heart, and My people shall leave the mark of their passing upon this path of spirituality. (102, 28-29)

81. The gathering places where My word has been manifested have multiplied, each of them being like a school of true knowledge where the multitudes that make up My disciples congregate, eager to learn the new lesson.

82. If each of these congregations gave testimony of the benefits received from My charity, the testimony of those prodigies would never end. And if you had to gather in a book all I have said through all My spokesmen, from the first of My words to the last, it would be a task you could never finish.

83. And yet, through My people, I must bring a book to humanity that contains the essence of My word, and testimony of the works that I have done among you. Do not fear to throw yourselves into this task, for I will inspire you so that in that book are placed the indispensable teachings. (152, 39-41)

84. The essence of this word has not varied since the beginning of its manifestation when I spoke through the channel of Damiana Oviedo; My Doctrine is still the same.

85. And yet, where is the essence of those words? What became of it? The records of those first Divine messages of this era, in which I poured out the Word upon you, are hidden.

86. It is necessary that those lessons come to light, so that tomorrow you know how to give testimony about the beginning of this manifestation. And so you will know the date of My first lesson and its content, as well as that of the last, which I gave you in the year 1950, the year marked for the ending of this period. (127, 14-15)

87. It is necessary that you speak with those who hide My word and adulterate My teachings; speak to them with perfect clarity. I will help you to present yourselves to them, for it shall be those men who cause My work to be censored and My Law altered because they have added to My Work that which does not belong there. (340, 39)

88. I brought you this word and have had you hear it in your language; but I give you the mission of later translating it into other languages in order that it might be known by all.

89. In this manner you will begin to build the true tower of Israel, the one which will spiritually unite all nations into one, the one which will unite all men in that Divine, unchangeable, and eternal law, which in the world you came to know through the lips of Jesus when He told you, "Love one another". (34, 59-60)

Spiritual Israel and the Jewish People

90. Israel I call the people who I congregate around My new revelation, for none know better than I the spirit that dwells in each of those called in this, the Third Era.

91. Israel is a word that has a spiritual significance, and that name I give to you so that you may keep in mind that you form part of the people of God, for Israel is not any people of the earth, but a world of spirits.

92. That name will arise again on earth, but without error, in its true essence, which is spiritual.

93. You must know the origin and meaning of that name; your belief that you are children of that people must be absolute, and you need to understand fully from whom and why you have received that name, so that you may face up to the attacks you receive in future from those who give another meaning to the name of Israel. (274, 47-50)

94. I want your obedience. I want you to form a people strong in faith and spirituality, for just as I made the generations born of Jacob to multiply in spite of the great tribulations that afflicted that people, so too I will cause you who bear that seed to endure in your struggles, so that your people will again multiply like the stars in the sky or the grains of sand by the sea.

95. So that you may have a fuller understanding of your destiny, I have made you understand that spiritually you are part of that people of Israel; yet I have told you not to proclaim these prophecies until humanity itself discovers them.

96. For as the Israelite people exist yet on earth, the Jews of the flesh, they shall deny you, and claim the name from you, without that being sufficient cause for dispute.

97. They as yet know nothing of you, while you know much about them. As I have revealed to you, that people, wandering without peace in their spirits, move step by step, and without knowing it, toward the crucified one whom they will recognize as their Lord and before whom they will implore forgiveness for such ingratitude and such stubbornness when faced with his love.

98. My body was taken down from the cross, yet, for those who have denied Me throughout the centuries, I remain nailed there, waiting for the moment of their awakening and repentance to give them all that I brought for them, but which they did not wish to receive. (86, 11-13)

99. Do not, in this era, imitate the Jewish people of the Second Era, who from their traditionalism, conservatism, and fanaticism were unable to consume the bread brought them from the Kingdom of Heaven by the Messiah whom they had awaited for centuries and centuries, but whom, when the time came, they were unable to recognize because their materialism did not permit them to see the light of truth. (225, 19)

100. You will see your brothers come from faraway lands and nations in search of their spiritual freedom. As when the tribes of Israel crossed the desert, they will also come in multitudes from that ancient Palestine.

101. Their journey has been long and painful since the time they rejected the Messiah who had come to offer them his Kingdom as a new heritage. But they are approaching the oasis where they will rest and meditate on My word, so that after they are strengthened by having recognized My law, they might follow the long forgotten path designated for their evolution.

102. Then you will hear that many will say that your nation is the new Promised Land, the New Jerusalem. But you will tell them that they will find that Promised Land beyond this world, and that in order to reach it one must do so in spirit after crossing the great desert of trials of this time. Also, you will tell them that this nation is no more than an oasis in the middle of the desert.

103. But you must understand, My people, that the oasis must give shade to the weary travelers in addition to offering its pure and fresh waters to the lips of those who thirst and seek shelter.

104. What is the shade and water of which I speak? It is My Doctrine, O people, My Divine teaching of charity. In whom have I deposited this abundance of grace and blessings? In you, O people, so that you may eliminate all selfishness from your hearts and show it like a clean mirror in every one of your works.

105. Would not your spirits and your hearts be filled with joy if, through your love, those people who are spiritually unenlightened and attached to their traditions, were able to be converted to the Marian Trinitarian Spiritualist Doctrine? Would there not be joy among you if the people of old Israel were shown the true path by the people of new Israel, that is to say that the first would attain grace through the last?

106. Up until now, nothing has convinced the Jewish people that it should break ancient traditions in order to reach its moral and spiritual evolution. These are the people who believe that they are following the laws of Jehovah and of Moses but who in reality still continue to worship the golden calf.

107. The time is near for those wandering people, scattered throughout the world, to cease to look toward earth, and to elevate their eyes toward heaven in search of the one who from the beginning was promised as their savior, but whom they rejected and killed because they thought He was poor and that He had nothing. (35, 55-58)

108. Do not take it as distinction that I chose one people from among those on earth; I love all My children, and all the peoples formed by them.

109. Every people has a mission on earth, and the destiny that Israel has brought with them is to be a prophet of God among humanity, a beacon of faith, and the path to perfection.

110. The revelations and prophecies that I have made from the first times were not correctly interpreted, because the time for humanity to understand them had not yet arrived.

111. Yesterday, Israel was a people on the earth; today, it is a multitude scattered across the earth; tomorrow, the people of God will be formed by all the spirits, and in perfect harmony together with the Father, they will form the Divine family. (221, 27-30)

Ministry and Spirituality

112. Learn to love, to bless, and to forgive one another; to be meek and gentle, righteous and noble, and understand that, if you do not do so, you will not have in your life even the slightest reflection of the deeds of Christ, your Master.

113. I speak to everyone, and I invite you to destroy the errors that for so many centuries have hindered you in your evolution. (21, 22-23)

114. Do not forget that your origin is in My love. Today your heart is hardened because of egotism, but when it becomes sensitive again to every spiritual inspiration, it will feel love toward its fellow men and will experience someone else's pain as if it were its own. Then you will be capable of complying with the precept that says to you: "Love one another". (80, 15)

115. This world is a proper place where you can work; in it is suffering, sickness, sin in all its forms, vice, disunity, misled young people, elderly people without dignity, bad science, hatred, war, and falsehood.

116. Those are the fields where you are to work and sow; but if that struggle awaiting you among mankind seems gigantic to you, truly I say to you that even if it seems monumental it does not compare with what you will have to deal with yourselves: a struggle of the spirit, of reason and of the conscience, against passions of the flesh, its self-love, its egotism, its materiality. And while you have not triumphed over your own self, how can you sincerely talk about love, obedience, humility and spirituality to your brethren? (73, 18-19)

117. Virtue has been spurned and regarded as something harmful or useless; now the time has come when you will understand that only virtue will save you; it will make you feel peace and fill you with satisfaction; but virtue has yet to suffer many setbacks and humiliations before it can penetrate all hearts.

118. The warriors who shall defend it will have to fight with a great effort and faith. Where are those warriors of righteousness, charity and peace? Do you believe that you are the ones?

119. You examine yourselves inwardly, and answer Me that you are not the ones; but I say that with good will, all of you can be of those warriors; why, otherwise, do you believe that I have come among you? (64, 16)

120. Love, speak when you should, be quiet when it is appropriate. To no one say that you are My chosen. Flee from adulation and do not publicize the charity you do, but work in silence, testifying by your works of love to the truth in My doctrine.

121. To love is your destiny. Love, for you will thereby cleanse the stains from both this and your previous lives. (113, 58-59)

122. Reject adulation, for it is a weapon that destroys your noble sentiments. It is the sword that can kill the faith I have ignited in your heart.

123. How can you let men destroy the altar you bear in the depths of your being? (106, 47-48)

124. Do not confuse humility with poverty of dress; nor should you believe that He is humble who believing in his own inferiority makes that the reason to bow to others and serve them. I tell you that He who is truly humble, values who He is, and knowing that He has some knowledge, knows how to descend to others and enjoy sharing what He has with them.

125. How gratified do you feel, when a man who is noted among men shows you a sign of affection, of understanding and humility. You can give that same feeling to those that are, or who feel, inferior to you.

126. Know how to lower yourself, to offer your hand without feeling superior, and to be understanding. I tell you that in these cases it is not only He who receives the evidence of affection, or the help and consolation, who enjoys it, but also He who gives it, for He knows that above him there is One who has given him proof of his love and humility, and that One is his Lord God. (101, 60-62)

127. Live with purity, humility, and simplicity. Comply with all that is just, both in being human and in what refers to your spirit. Remove from your lives all that is superfluous, contrived, or harmful, and enjoy all the good that is found in your existence. (131, 51)

128. Do not see anyone as an enemy, but see all men as your brothers; that is your mission. If you persevere in this to the end, justice and love will triumph on the earth, and it will give you the peace and security that you so yearn for. (123, 65)

129. Give your heart the freedom to feel the pains of others, do not restrict it, or dedicate it solely to feeling that which affects yourself. Stop being indifferent to the trials that humanity is passing through.

130. When will your love be grand enough to embrace your fellow men and love them as you do those who are of your flesh and blood?

131. If you were told that you are more of spirit than flesh, many would not believe it. Yet I tell you that you are more truly brothers in the spirit than through that shell you wear, for the spirit belongs to eternity and in contrast the material is fleeting.

132. Consider the truth, that families here on earth are formed today, and tomorrow disintegrate, while the spiritual family exists forever. (290, 39-41)

133. Do you believe, hearing these words, that I could disseminate hostility or ill will in your heart toward your brothers who profess different religions? Never, disciples. It is you who must give an example of brotherhood and harmony, seeing and loving all with the same affection with which you look at those who understand your way of thinking. (297, 49)

134. I know that the greater your knowledge, the greater will be your love for Me. Do you know what it means when I tell you to love Me? It means to love truth, love life, love the light, and love one another: to love the true life. (297, 57-58)

135. Know, disciples, that the goal of your search is that spiritual state which pain cannot reach, and that state is reached by merit, by struggle, through trial, sacrifice, and renunciation.

136. Observe these cases of patience, faith, humility, and conformity that you sometimes see in your brothers. They are spirits sent by Me to give an example of virtue among humanity. The destiny of these creatures appears sad, and yet they, in their faith, know they have come to fulfill a mission.

137. You have gathered the great examples of My envoys and disciples in your histories and know their names by heart, but do not for that reason ignore the small examples you touch along your road. (298, 30-32)

138. Do not believe that prophets, forerunners, and spirits of light have existed only in the bosom of the people of Israel. To other peoples also I have sent some of these, but men took them as gods, not as envoys, and under their teachings created religions and cults. (135, 15)

139. See first, disciples, the timber you bear, before you fix yourselves on the mote in your brother's eye.

140. By this I mean that you must not take My Doctrine to judge the actions of your brothers in their own various religions.

141. Truly I tell you, that on all those paths there are hearts that seek Me through lives that are noble and studded with sacrifice.

142. My disciples, nonetheless, often ask Me why I permit this diversity of ideas that are sometimes contradictory and create differences and even hatred between men.

143. The Master tells you: It has been permitted because there are no two spirits that have exactly the same comprehension, the same light, or the same faith, and also because you have been given free will with which you must choose your own path. You have never been forced to take the path of the Law, but have only been invited to do so, giving you thereby the opportunity to earn true merit in search of truth. (297, 23-24)

144. I wish you to learn not make judgments lightly, nor to allow yourselves to be carried away by the first impression.

145. I give you this warning for when you analyze My word, and for when you must judge other doctrines, religions, philosophies, cults, and spiritual or scientific revelations: Recognize that what you know is not all that exists, and that the truth you know is only a small part of absolute Truth, which is manifested in many forms, many of which are unknown to you. (266, 33)

146. Respect the religious beliefs of your brothers, and when you enter their churches, do so with sincere humility and respect, knowing that I am present in all worship.

147. Do not reject the world in order to follow me nor should you depart from me pretending to have too many other responsibilities on earth. Learn to combine both laws into one. (51, 53)

148. Do I not bless all humanity without distinction? Underneath the mantle of that blessing are found the good and the meek just as the arrogant and the criminal. Why not imitate Me? Do you by chance feel disgust at the actions of others?

149. Do not forget that you form part of humanity, that you must love and pardon them, not reject them, for it would be as though you were feeling repulsion for yourselves. All that you see in your fellow men is present in you to some extent.

150. That is why I wish you to learn to analyze your inner self, so that you may know your spiritual and moral side. In this way you will be able to judge yourselves and gain the right to look upon others.

151. Do not go forth to seek the defects in your brothers, the ones you have are enough. (286, 41-42)

152. Do you believe you comply with My command to love one another when you selfishly limit your love to your family? Do the religions believe they obey that maxim when they recognize only their own faithful and do not recognize those who belong to other sects?

153. Can the great peoples of the world who preach civilization and progress say they have achieved spiritual progress and complied with that teaching of Jesus when all their enthusiasm is in preparing for fratricidal war?

154. Oh humanity, you who have never known how to value My word, and have never wished to sit at the table of the Lord because it has seemed too humble! My table, nonetheless, still awaits you with the bread and wine for your spirit. (98, 50-51)

155. Do not regard My Work as a burden, nor say that the fulfillment of the beautiful mission of loving the Father and your brethren is tiresome for your spirit. What is really tiresome is the cross of your own iniquities and those of others, for which you will have to weep, bleed and even die. Ingratitude, incomprehension, selfishness, slander, will be like a burden upon you if you allow them to lodge within you.

156. To the stubborn man the fulfillment of My Law would seem difficult and fatiguing, because it is perfect, and it does not protect iniquity or falsity; but for the obedient, the Law is his defense, his support, his salvation. (6, 16-17)

157. I tell you also that men must believe in men; they must have faith and trust in one another, for you must be convinced that on earth you all need each other.

158. Do not believe that I, knowing you doubt the whole world, am flattered when you say that you have faith in Me, for what I expect of you is that you love Me through the love you give freely to your neighbors, forgiving those who have offended you, offering charity to the poor, the small, and the weak, loving your brothers without distinction, and putting into all your works the greatest truth and disinterest.

159. Learn from Me, who has never doubted you, that I have faith in your salvation, and confidence that you will rise up to reach the true life. (165, 5-7)

160. Love your Father, have charity for your fellows, put away all that is harmful to your human life or your spirit; this is what My Doctrine teaches. Where do you see anything that is difficult or impossible?

161. No, My beloved people, it is not impossible to comply with My word, it is not the word that is difficult, but the mending of your own ways, your regeneration, and your spiritualization which are difficult, for you lack noble sentiments and higher aspirations. Yet, since I know that your doubts, ignorance, and indecision must vanish, I will continue teaching you, for Me nothing is impossible. I can convert stones to the bread of eternal life and make crystal clear water flow from rocks. (149, 63-64)

162. I come to remind you of the Law that cannot be wiped from your conscience, not forgotten by your heart nor argued with, for it was dictated by the Mind of Wisdom, the Universal Mind, so that each man would have inside himself the light that would guide him on the road to God.

163. It is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the Law so that all the acts of life adhere to truth and justice. Not knowing the Law, you are liable to commit many errors, and I ask: Has your conscience never urged you to the light of knowledge? Truly I tell you, your conscience has never been inactive or indifferent. It is your heart and your understanding that reject the inner light, because they are fascinated by the splendor of the outward lights, [which is] the knowledge of the world. (306, 13-14)

164. Now that I am making a broad explanation of My Teaching, I must make you understand that all you do that is outside the laws that govern the spirit and the material, is to the detriment of both.

165. Conscience, intuition, and knowledge are the guides that go with you to point out the path of right and to help you avoid stumbling blocks. These lights are of the spirit, but it is necessary to let them shine. When that clarity is found in each of you, you will exclaim: "Father, your seed of redemption has sprouted in My being, and your word has finally flowered in My life!" (256, 37-38)

166. I have come to give greatness to your spirit, a greatness which exists in the compliance with My Law, which is love. Yet you must make yourselves worthy of this greatness, fulfilling your mission in imitation of your Master. (343, 29)

167. I have always told you: take the satisfactions that your world can offer you, but take them within My Law, and you will be perfect.

168. You frequently hear the clamoring of your conscience, and it is because you have not harmonized the material and the spiritual with the Law I have given.

169. Many times you continue to sin because you believe that you cannot be pardoned, an ignorant belief, for My heart is a door eternally open to the repentant.

170. Do you not have living within you the hope that motivates you to wait for a better day? Do not allow melancholy and desperation to invade you, think of My love, which is always with you. Seek in Me the answer to your doubts, and soon you will feel illuminated by a new revelation, the light of faith and hope will rekindle deep within your spirit, and then you will be a fortress for the weak. (155, 50-53)

171. Live always prepared to forgive those who offend you. Meditate in advance [about the fact] that those who offend their brothers do so from a lack of light, and I tell you that forgiveness is the only thing that can bring light to those hearts. Resentment and revenge only augment the darkness and attract more pain. (99, 53)

172. Your conscience, which requests and expects perfect deeds from you, will not allow you to feel true peace until you know how to practice true forgiveness with your brothers.

173. Why would you hate those who offend you when they are simply the means for you to come to Me? If you practice forgiveness, you will achieve merits, and when you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you will see those on earth who helped you to evolve. Then you will ask the Father to help those beings to be saved and come to the Lord as well. Your intercession will help them to attain that blessing. (44, 44-45)

174. Do not reject those who, in their desperation, blaspheme against you; for them I furnish you with a drop of My balsam.

175. Prepare yourselves to forgive those who offend you in what is most precious to you. Truly I tell you, whenever you give your true and sincere pardon in these tests, you ascend one more step on the ladder to your elevation.

176. Would you then resent and deny forgiveness to those who are helping you to come closer to Me? Would you renounce the spiritual delight of imitating Me, allowing violence to cloud your mind, and returning blow for blow?

177. Truly I tell you, this humanity does not yet know the power of forgiveness and the miracles it works. They will be convinced of this truth when they have faith in My word. (111, 64-67)

178. Beloved people: Join yourselves to your brothers, and when you are in communion with Me you will forgive even the most serious offenses through the love that I have inspired in you. How could you fail to forgive those who do not know what they are doing? And they do not know, because they do not understand the damage they are doing to themselves. (359, 25)

179. Forgive as many times as you are offended. Do not even count the times you must confer forgiveness. Your destiny is so elevated that you must not delay yourselves with these stumbling blocks on the path, for ahead great missions await you.

180. Keep your spirit always disposed to love, understanding, and the good, so that you may be placed in the higher planes.

181. And so, just as in times past, many of your brothers have written beautiful pages in the Eternal Book of the Spirit with their works, and imitating them you will continue that history as an example and a delight to the new generations that will come to the earth. (322, 52)

182. Cultivate peace; love it, and spread it everywhere, for humanity is very needful of it.

183. Do not let yourselves be disturbed by the vicissitudes of life, so that you can remain always strong and ready to give of what you possess.

184. That peace, which is the patrimony of every spirit, has fled in this Era and given way to war, and to torture nations, destroy institutions, and disconcert the spirits.

185. This is because evil has made itself lord over the human heart, and hatred, insane ambition, and unchecked greed spread causing harm, but how brief will be their reign.

186. I announce, for your joy and tranquility, that your liberation is close. In pursuit of that ideal a multitude of beings yearning to breathe an atmosphere of brotherhood, purity, and health are working. (335, 18)

187. You will perform charitable deeds during the course of your journey, for that is your mission. You have many spiritual gifts with which to be charitable in different ways. If you are able to prepare yourselves, you will perform that which you call impossible.

188. The charity that you render by means of a coin, although it is charity, is the least elevated that you can give.

189. You should convey love, forgiveness and peace to the heart of your fellowmen.

190. I do not want any more Pharisees or hypocrites protected by My Law. I want disciples who feel the pain of their fellowmen. I will forgive all those who arise with repentance, regardless of the sect or religion which they profess, and I will allow them to see the path of right clearly. (10, 104-107)

191. Hear Me: Be humble in the world and sow goodness so that you may gather your fruits in heaven. If when you do evil you are not glad of witnesses, why do you wish to have them when you do good works? What is there to be vain of if you have merely fulfilled your duty?

192. Understand that because you are so small and so human, praise damages your spirit.

193. Why, when you perform a good work do you immediately expect your Father to give you the reward? Those who think in this way are not working disinterestedly, and so their charity is false, and their love far from being true.

194. Allow the world to see that you do good works, not so that you can receive homage, but only to give good examples and teachings, and to bear witness to My truth. (139, 56-58)

195. When your spirit presents itself in the spiritual valley to have its deeds on earth evaluated, I will ask you most about those things which you requested and about what you might have done on behalf of your brothers. Then you will recall My words of this day. (36, 17)

196. In the Second Era, humanity gave Me a wooden cross to whose martyrdom men sentenced and made Me suffer; but upon My Spirit I carried a heavier and more cruel one: that of your imperfections and of your ungratefulness.

197. Would you be capable of reaching My presence carrying upon your shoulders a cross of love and sacrifice for your fellowmen? Know that for that purpose I sent you to earth, therefore your return shall be when you present yourselves with your mission fulfilled. That cross will be the key that will open for you the gates of the promised realm. (67, 17-18)

198. I do not ask that you leave everything, as I asked of those who followed Me in the Second Era, among which, He who had his parents left them, He who had a spouse left her; they abandoned their home, their riverbank, their boats and their nets; they left everything in order to follow Jesus. Nor am I saying that it is necessary for you to shed your blood in this period. (80, 13)

199. Understand that you have to transform yourselves spiritually and materially, that many of your customs and traditions, a heritage of your ancestors, shall have to disappear from your life in order to give way to spirituality. (63, 15)

200. Not everyone will yet understand the meaning of "spirituality," nor will they understand why I ask you to achieve that height. Can you be meek and obedient to My commandments when you do not even know what I ask of you?

201. But there are those who understand the ideal that the Master is inspiring in his disciples, and they are hurrying to obey his instructions. (261, 38)

202. If you truly yearn to be masters of spirituality, you must be perseverant, patient, studious, and observant, for that is when you shall have the opportunity along the way to gather the fruit of your works, and gather the experience which is the light and knowledge of the true life. (172, 9)

203. I bring a new lesson through which you will learn to live spiritually on earth, which is the true life destined by God for men.

204. I have already told you that "spirituality" does not mean Mysticism, religious fanaticism, or supernatural practices. Spirituality is harmony between the spirit and the material, observance of both Divine and human law, simplicity and purity in life, deep and absolute faith in the Father, and trust and joy in serving God in your fellow man: ideals of the perfection of the moral and the spiritual. (279, 65-66)

205. You ask the significance of the seven steps of the ladder, and to be sure your Master tells you: the number seven symbolizes spirituality, the spirituality I wish to see in My chosen people of Israel.

206. You must come to Me with all your virtues and gifts developed. On the seventh step, or stage of your evolution, you will come to Me, and see glory open its gates to receive you. (340, 6)

207. For now, understand that as long as men do not achieve complete spirituality they will need their material temples, and will need to place before their eyes the forms and images that make them feel My presence.

208. The degree of spirituality or materialism of humanity can be measured by their form of worship. The materialist seeks Me in the things of the earth, and if He cannot see Me according to his wishes, He represents Me in some fashion so as to make himself believe He has Me before him.

209. He who conceives of Me as Spirit feels Me inside him, around him, and in all that surrounds him, because He himself has become My temple. (125, 49-51)

210. Offer Me spiritual worship; do not be like those who raise temples and altars gilded with gold and precious stones, or who carry out great pilgrimages and punish themselves with hard and cruel flagellation, and who offer prayers and devotions prostrate on their knees, but who have still been unable to confide their hearts to Me. I have come to touch them through the conscience, and so I say: Who speaks, saying what He does, and proclaims it to the four winds, has no merit before the Celestial Father. (115, 9)

211. In order to obey My law, you must pray, always elevating your spirits toward your Father.

212. I have seen that in order to pray you prefer solitude and silence, and that is the right thing to do when trying to find inspiration through prayer, or when you want to give thanks to Me. But I also say to you that you should practice prayer in whatever condition you find yourselves, so that you might know how to summon My help in the more difficult periods of your lives without losing serenity, self-control, faith in My presence, and self-confidence. (40, 34-35)

213. Tell Me your sorrows in silence, and confide to Me your yearnings. Though I know them all, I wish you to form your own prayer until you practice the perfect communication of your spirit with the Father. (110, 31)

214. You have realized the reach of prayer, and have understood the immense power that it has when you offer it up to remedy a spiritual need just as to ask for the solution to a material affliction.

215. Remember that many times it has been enough for you to utter the word "Father" for your entire being to tremble and your heart to feel filled by the comfort given by love.

216. Know that when your heart calls to Me with tenderness, My Spirit too trembles with pleasure.

217. When you call Me, "Father" — when that name springs from your being, your voice is heard in heaven, and you gain one of the secrets of the arcane. (166, 49-51)

218. It is necessary that you learn to ask, to wait, and to receive, and that you never forget to give what I have conceded you; that is what contains the greatest merit. Pray for those who die day after day in war. I shall concede to those who pray with a clean heart that before 1950, all those who have died in war will rise spiritually to the light. (84, 53)

219. Today you are young pupils, and do not always correctly understand My lesson. For now, speak to God with your heart and your thoughts, and He will answer in the innermost depths of your being. His message, which will speak in your conscience, will be a voice clear, wise, and loving that you will find little by little, and to which you will later grow accustomed. (205, 47)

220. Do not be surprised or scandalized if I tell you that all the power, pomp, and splendor of your religions must disappear, and that when that happens the spiritual meal will be prepared to which will come multitudes hungry for love and truth.

221. Many men, upon hearing these words, will deny that they are mine. I must ask them why they are indignant. What is it they defend? Their lives? I defend that. My Law? I keep watch over that as well.

222. Do not fear, none will die for My cause; only evil will die, because goodness, truth, and justice shall prevail eternally. (125, 54-56)

223. Do you think that it will be difficult for this scientific and materialistic world to return to feeling an inclination toward spirituality? I tell you that nothing is difficult, for My power is infinite. Elevation, faith, light, and goodness are more of an imperative for the spirit than food, water, and sleep are for the body.

224. If the gifts, powers, and attributes of the spirit have been dormant for much time, they will yet awaken to My call, and make spirituality, with all its prodigies, return to mankind because now they are more prepared to comprehend them. (159, 7-8)


225. Just as you see the body of man develop, so too does the spirit in him; yet, the body finds a limit to its development, while the spirit requires eternity and many material incarnations to reach its perfection. That is the reason for your reincarnations.

226. You were born, of the paternal and maternal mind of God as a seed: pure, simple, and clean; do not, however, be confused: being pure and simple is not the same as being great and perfect.

227. Could you compare a newborn babe with a man of experience who teaches children?

228. That will be your destiny throughout the ages, when your spirit is developed. But, oh, how slowly your spirit advances. (212, 57-60)

229. Study and analyze, for there are those who become confused, thinking that if your spirit is a particle of My Divinity, how is it possible that you suffer? And if the light of the spirit is a spark of the Holy Spirit, how can you be enveloped in darkness even for an instant?

230. Recognize that this journey is for the purpose of earning sufficient merit before God to convert your spirit from innocent and simple to a great spirit of light at the right hand of the Father. (231, 12)

231. I want you to be good, and what is more, I want you to become perfect; for you, who seem so small, are greater than the worlds and the material objects, for you have eternal life; you are a spark of My light.

232. You are spirits. It is necessary that you recognize what a spirit is so that you can understand why I call you to the road of perfection. (174, 60)

233. You are subject to the Law of evolution, behold here the reason for your reincarnations. Only My Spirit does not need to evolve: I am immutable.

234. From the beginning, I have shown you the ladder which the spirits ascend in order to reach Me. Today you are unaware of the level at which you are, but when you abandon your physical body you will know your degree of evolution. Do not stand still, for you would be an obstacle for those who follow you.

235. In spite of your dwelling in different planes, be united in spirit and one day you will be reunited in the seventh and highest stage, enjoying My love. (8, 25-27)

236. I have told you that you have not come only once to earth, but that your spirit has taken this shell as many times as necessary for its development and perfection; I must now add that the time needed to reach that goal is longer or shorter according to your own desire. (97, 61)

237. Who among you would be able to prove that you have not existed before this life? Or who among you, absolutely certain that you have come to reincarnate on earth again, could prove that you have settled your debt with the Father and that you have accumulated merits to your credit?

238. No one knows where He is on the ladder of perfection. Therefore, you need to struggle, love, and persevere to the end. (46, 58-59)

239. In order for Me to give you these new revelations, it was necessary that during the time which transpired between My manifestation to mankind as a Man and My arrival in Spirit during this time, you would have passed through many reincarnations on earth, so that when I came and ask you for the previous lesson, your spirit would be able to answer, and when I then granted new revelations, you would be able to understand them. (13, 52)

240. How many times must you return to the earth to bear a body through which the message you bring to the world is manifested with ever more clarity?

241. Allow your spirit, like a skylark, to find its spring in this life, and to enjoy it, and to find during its pilgrimage the experience necessary to return to Me.

242. While the wealthy accumulate treasures that are truly ephemeral, you must store up experience, which is true knowledge. (142, 72)

243. During this period you will struggle against the ignorance of a humanity, which although materialized in all its aspects, is less cruel and more evolved through the experience it has achieved in its previous incarnations.

244. Today, if you know of someone who does not think or worship as the majority do, although you might be surprised and scandalized, you no longer clamor for him to be burned alive. (14, 21-22)

245. Do you fear to speak to your brothers of the reincarnation of the spirit? Are you not persuaded of the loving justice it holds?

246. Compare this form of restitution with the form men use to frighten the spirit of humanity: eternal punishment in the perennial flames of the inferno. Tell me which of these two forms gives you an idea of justice that is Divine, perfect and merciful.

247. One of them reveals cruelty, limitless rancor, and [a desire for] revenge; the other contains only forgiveness, charity, and hope of reaching eternal life. Oh, how great a twisting My teachings have suffered through bad interpretations.

248. I prepare you for the struggle because I know you will be opposed for what you teach, but if your brothers who oppose you are surprised by death, and I ask them, if they die in sin, which they would prefer: the eternal fire they believe in, or an opportunity to purify themselves in life; I tell you truly they will choose the latter solution, even if, blinded by fanaticism, they fought against it in life. (120, 15-17)

249. It suffices for you to know, as I said to you in My Word, that the reincarnation of the spirit is truth, so that a light may be kindled in your heart and for you to admire more My loving justice.

250. Compare the theories and diversified interpretations that the religions have given these teachings, and lean toward the one that contains a greater justice and has a greater reason.

251. But verily I say to you, that this is one of the revelations that will more deeply touch the spirit during this period in which there is an awakening of intuition regarding this great truth. (63, 76)

252. You will affirm that the reincarnation of the spirit is one of the great truths that humans must know and believe.

253. There are those who through their intuition foresee, accept, and believe in this as something that could not be lacking in My loving justice for men; yet there will also be many who call you liars and blasphemers.

254. Do not fear. The same thing happened to My apostles when they preached the resurrection of the dead taught by Jesus; the priests and magistrates put them in jail for preaching such teachings.

255. Later the world came to accept that revelation, though I can assure you that they did not understand the full meaning of that teaching, and so it has been necessary for Me to come in this Era to teach you that the resurrection of the flesh can only refer to the reincarnation of the spirit, since this is the reason and principle of life and what is truly eternal. What would be the purpose of resurrecting the dead bodies that were the mere temporary clothing of the spirit ?

256. The flesh descends into the earth to blend with it, and be there purified and transformed to spring incessantly again to [another] life, while the spirit continues to elevate, continues traveling toward perfection. When it returns to earth, it is a resurrection to human life, and the shell, upon contact with the spirit, also experiences a resurrection.

257. However, the material, unlike the spiritual, is not of an eternal nature; for that reason I tell you again that it is your spirits that I seek, teach, and wish to bring to Me. (151, 56-58)

258. Your spirit drags behind it a chain formed by the lives I have given it as opportunities to work toward perfection, but that were not taken advantage of; each existence forms a link. Yet, if you regulate your life by My teachings, if you adhere to My law, you will not come again to suffer in this world.

259. If you let time pass without studying My word, I, who am time, will surprise you. Study, so that you may occupy the place in My work that corresponds to you.

260. I wish you to cease in your lack of understanding and differences of belief about My Divinity. Understand that all of you sprang from one God. (181, 63-65)

261. Behold and appreciate the beauty of the universe in all its perfection. It was created to inspire the children of the Lord, and so that in it they could see an image of the Father. If you see Creation this way you will elevate your minds toward My Divinity. (169, 44)

262. The light of this time is tearing away the veil of darkness that envelops the spirits of men; it comes breaking the chains that hold it and prevent it from coming to the true path.

263. Truly, I tell you not to believe that My doctrine prohibits research in all sciences. It is I who awaken your interest, admiration, and curiosity, and I have given you the gift of thought so that you can go where you wish.

264. I have given you the light of intelligence so that you may comprehend what you see along the way. That is why I tell you: Investigate and examine, but try to make your manner of penetrating My arcane respectful and humble, that is when it will be truly lawful.

265. I have not forbidden you to know the books that men have written, but you must be prepared so that you do not stumble or become confused. By this you will know how man began his struggle, and to where He has come.

266. And when this happens you must seek out the source of My teachings and revelations so that I may show you the future, and the goal that awaits you. (179, 22-23)

267. I assure you that if you attempt to penetrate the meaning of these teachings with love and interest, at every step you will discover real marvels and prodigies of spiritual wisdom, perfect love, and Divine justice, yet, if you look with indifference upon these revelations, you will remain ignorant of their content.

268. Do not pass by My manifestation the way that many pass by life, looking without seeing, listening without hearing, and thinking without understanding. (333, 11-12)

269. I do not wish for you to analyze My Spirit or anything that pertains to the spiritual as though they were material objects. I do not wish you to study Me as a scientist would, that would lead you into great and lamentable confusions. (276, 17)

270. All of My Doctrine has as its goal the revealing to you of that which you carry within your being. For from that knowledge is born the light to find the road that leads to the eternal, the perfect, to God. (262, 43)

Purification and Perfection

271. Today you expose your afflictions to Me, so that I may heal them, and in truth I say to you, that is My mission. I have come for that purpose, for I am the Divine Doctor.

272. However, before My balsam is in your wound, before you feel My caress, concentrate on yourselves and examine your pain, analyze it, meditate deeply for as long as it is necessary so that through that meditation you can obtain the teaching that ordeal contains, as well as the knowledge that it conceals, and which you should know. That knowledge will be experience, it will be faith, it will be coming face to face with the truth, it will be the explanation of many trails and lessons not comprehended by you.

273. Examine that gain as if it were something tangible, and you will discover the beautiful seed of experience, a great lesson of your existence, because pain has come to be a teacher during your lifetime.

274. He who regards pain as a teacher, and with meekness heeds its call for regeneration, repentance and correction, will know afterward about gentleness, peacefulness and health.

275. Examine yourselves carefully and you will see how much you will benefit by it. You will become aware of your defects and imperfections, you will correct them and therefore you will cease to judge others. (8, 50-53)

276. By simply wanting to be clean, you will be cleansed. What would the merit be if I were the one who purified you? If each one makes restitution for his breaking of My law, that indeed has merit, for then you will know how to avoid errors and falls in the future because you would remember the pain from the past.

277. If sincere repentance occurs between the fault committed and its natural consequences, you will not suffer pain, for then you will already be strong enough to endure the trial with resignation.

278. The world is experiencing much bitterness, although I have never punished it. After that suffering, humanity will come to Me, for I am summoning mankind. At that point, those who were ungrateful will know how to give thanks to the one who has only poured out goodness during their existence. (33, 30-31)

279. Rid yourselves of excessive love for your body and have charity toward your spirit, helping it to purify and elevate. When you have achieved this, you will see how strong your spirit and body will be.

280. Think: if the spirit is ill, how can there be peace in the heart? And if there is remorse in your spirit, can it enjoy peace? (91, 72-73)

281. If this earth were to satisfy all of your desires, and if you did not have to endure any spiritual ordeals, who among you would wish to come to My Kingdom?

282. You should not curse your suffering, since you have created it with your faults. Endure it patiently, and it will purify you and help you come closer to Me.

283. Do you notice how deeply attached you are to the things of grandeur and pleasures of this world? Nevertheless, the moment will come when you will strongly desire to leave them.

284. Whoever succeeds in fulfilling his restitution with elevation will experience peace in that process. The one who walks on earth glancing toward heaven does not stumble; neither will his feet be harmed by the thorns found along the path of his restitution. (48, 53-55)

285. Comply with your destiny; do not wish to return to Me without first having traveled the road which I have outlined for you, because you would have to experience the pain of contemplating blemishes in your spirit which it was unable to clean, because it had not completed its restitution.

286. The reincarnations have come to you, and many of you have not valued the infinite grace and love with which the Father has entrusted you.

287. Behold that the greater the number of opportunities, the greater your responsibility shall be, and if these opportunities are not put to good use, the debt of justice and restitution will increase; that is the burden whose unbearable weight many beings are not able to explain, and only My Doctrine can reveal it. (67, 46)

288. These trials through which humanity is passing, are the fruit you gather as a result of your own sowing, a harvest which is at times the fruit sown a year before, and other times was sown years before or in another lifetime. (178, 2)

289. Do not believe that the consequences of disobedience are immediately visible. No, what I tell you is that sooner or later you must answer for your works. At times it will look to you as though your errors have not brought consequences because time passes and My justice as yet has given no sign.

290. You know from My word, however, that I am an inexorable judge, and that when your judgment comes you will open your eyes to the light of conscience. (298, 48)

291. O you spirits that hear Me, do not allow the vicissitudes of earthly life to exhaust you, or to imprint you with their mark. Seek the light within each trial, and they will serve to strengthen and temper you.

292. When the spirit does not succeed in imposing itself on the material, it is bent and dominated by it. That is why spirits weaken and come to believe that they die together with the flesh. (89, 11-12)

293. Have you ever in your life experienced some material passion that encompassed all your being, preventing it from hearing the voice of the conscience, of morality and reason?

294. It is then that your spirit has fallen to the lowest, for that is when the temptations and strength of the beast of evil, which inhabits the flesh, have dominated you.

295. Is it not true that when you freed yourselves from that passion and overcame its influence, you felt happiness and deep peace?

296. This peace and joy are owed to the triumph of the spirit over the material, a triumph achieved at the cost of an immense struggle, a devastating interior battle. And yet, it was enough for the spirit to gather its strength and stand up, induced and counseled by the conscience, so that upon conquering the impulses of the flesh it was freed from being dragged toward the abyss.

297. There, in that battle against yourself, in that renunciation, you saw something living inside yourself die, but it was not your life, only an insane passion. (186, 18-19)

298. Behold that your most powerful enemy you carry is within yourselves. When you have conquered it, you will behold under your feet the dragon with seven heads of which the Apostle John spoke. It will be then when you can truly say: "I can raise My face to My Lord to say to Him: Father, I will follow you," for then it will not be your lips saying it, but your spirit. (73, 20)

299. Soon you will realize that life is not cruel with you men, but rather that you are cruel to yourselves. You suffer and make all around you suffer from lack of understanding. You feel alone, you see that no one loves you, and become selfish and hard of heart. (273, 34)

300. Understand that all the penalties of this, your life, are the consequence of human failings, for I, who loves you, could never offer you a cup of such bitterness.

301. I have revealed since the first times the Law as the road on which you can save yourselves from the stumbles, from the abyss, and from death. (215, 65)

302. Today you do not correctly understand the meaning of your trials; you judge them unnecessary, unjust and senseless, yet I will tell you how much justice and precision there was in each one of them when you arrive to old age; or to others, when you have passed from the threshold of this world and find yourselves inhabiting the spiritual regions. (301, 44)

303. I say again to you that I perceive all thought and pleas, but in contrast the world does not know how to receive My inspiration, nor has it prepared to allow My Divine thoughts to shine forth in their minds, nor to hear My voice when I answer their call.

304. But I have faith in you, I believe in you, because I formed you and prepared you with a spirit that is a glimmer of mine, and a conscience that is My image.

305. If I told you that I do not expect you to reach perfection, it would be as though I had declared Myself to have failed in the greatest work that has sprung from My Divine will, and that cannot be.

306. I know that you are in the Era when your spirits will emerge victorious from all the temptations they have found along the way, after which they will rise full of light to a new existence. (238, 52-54)

Here, and Beyond the earthly

307. Prepare yourselves; do not wait for death to catch you unprepared. What preparation have you made for your return to the spiritual existence? Do you want to be surprised when you are still tied with chains to the flesh, to your passions, to earthly possessions? Do you want to enter the Hereafter with your eyes closed without finding the pathway, carrying an impression in your spirit, a weariness of this life? Be prepared, disciples, then you will not fear the coming of death of the body.

308. Do not sigh at having to leave this valley, because if you realize that in it there are marvels and greatness, truly I say to you that they are only an image of the beauty of the spiritual life.

309. If you do not awaken, what will you do when you find yourselves in the beginning of a new pathway, illuminated by a light that will seem strange to you?

310. Depart from this world without tears, without leaving grief within the heart of your loved ones. Free yourself when the moment comes, leaving in the countenance of your body a peaceful smile that speaks of the liberation of your spirit.

311. The death of the body will not keep you away from those beings who have been entrusted to you, nor will it separate you from the spiritual responsibility that you have toward those who were your parents, brothers or children.

312. Understand that death does not exist for love, for duty or for feelings; in short, for the spirit. (70, 14-18)

313. Work with great determination, so that upon reaching death, and closing your body's eyes to this life, your spirit will feel itself elevated on its own to arrive at the dwelling that by its merits it has come to deserve.

314. The disciples of this work shall behold in the moment of bodily death how easily the ties of the spirit to the material are broken. In them there shall be no pain at having to leave behind the satisfactions of the earth; their spirits shall not wander like shadows among men, calling from door to door, from heart to heart, in search of light, charity, and peace. (133, 61-62)

315. Elevate your spirit so that you may enjoy only the eternal, with what is beautiful and good. If it were not so, your materialized spirit, due to the life you have led, shall suffer greatly to part from its body and everything it left behind, and will have to roam in space for a time enveloped by confusion and bitterness until it ends his purification.

316. Live within My Law and you will not have to fear death, but do not call nor desire it before its time; let it come, as it is always obedient to My mandates. Make sure that it finds you prepared, and in that way you will enter the Spiritual Mansion as children of light. (56, 43-44)

317. Live peacefully in your home. Make it a sanctuary so that when the invisible beings, who wander confused in the spiritual valley, enter your home, will discover the enlightenment and peace that they seek. This will help them to elevate spiritually in the spiritual valley. (41, 50)

318. To those who are living in the spirit and are still attached to material ideals, I say to you: Depart from that which no longer belongs to you, because if the earth is not an eternal mansion for man, it is much less so for the spirit. Far beyond, in the spiritual Realm, a life filled with lights awaits you which you will reach, step by step, on the pathway of righteousness.

319. I say to those who are hearing me in human form, for as long as you possess that body that accompanies you on your earthly journey, you must care for and protect it to the last, for it is the support on which your spirit leans, and its tool in the struggle. Through its material eyes the spirit looks out upon this life, and through its mouth it speaks to give comfort to its brothers. (57, 3)

320. Now the Master asks you: Where are your dead, and why do you cry at the disappearance of your loved ones? Truly I tell you, to Me none have died, because I have given you eternal life. All who you have lost are with Me. There, where you believe you see death, is life; where you see an ending, is the beginning. Where you believe there is Mystery and the unfathomably arcane, is the clear light of the unending dawn. Where you believe there is nothing, is everything and where you perceive silence, is the concert. (164, 6)

321. Every time death ends the existence of your shell, it is like a truce for your spirit, which, upon reincarnating, will come forth with new strength and greater light to continue studying that Divine lesson it has not finished. It is in this way that the planting that is your spirit matures.

322. I have revealed much to you about the spiritual life, yet I tell you that it is not necessary that you understand everything for now, only that which is essential for your arrival in the eternal dwelling. There I will tell you all that is destined for your knowledge. (99, 32)

323. Can you imagine the pleasure of He who returns to the spiritual life having fulfilled on earth the destiny marked for him by his Father? His satisfaction and peace are infinitely greater than all the satisfactions the spirit can gather in human life.

324. And this opportunity I am offering you, so that you will be among those who enjoy the return to your kingdom, and not among those who suffer and weep in the midst of their confusion and repentance. (93, 31-32)

325. The end of this manifestation approaches, to be re-initiated in a higher form, establishing spirit to Spirit communication with your Creator, which is the way of those more elevated spirits who dwell close to Me. (157, 33)

326. When I speak to you of My Spiritual World, I refer to the hosts of obedient beings who are like true servants, who do only what the will of their Lord ordains.

327. It is they I have sent among you to be counselors, guardians, doctors, and true brothers to all men. They do not come to weep, for they bear peace within; they do not come to question, for the light of their evolution and their experience on the long journey has given them the right to kindle light in the understanding of men. They are timely with their help, considerate and humble before any call or necessity.

328. It is I who have ordered them to manifest themselves before you and to give you their lessons, their testimony, and their stimulus. They walk ahead of you so that you may find the path clear, and lend you help so that you do not falter.

329. Tomorrow, you too will form part of that army of light which in the infinite world of the spirits goes working only for the love for their brothers knowing that they thereby give love and glory to their Father.

330. If you wish to be like them, consecrate your existence to the good. Share your peace, and your bread, receive the needy with love, and visit the sick and those who are held in prison. Kindle light on the path of your brothers who go feeling their way in search of the true path. Fill the infinite with noble thoughts, pray for those absent, and prayer will bring you closer to them.

331. And when death halts the beating of your heart and extinguishes the light in your eyes, you will go to awaken in a world wonderful for its harmony, its order, and its justice. There you will begin to understand that the charity of God is that which can compensate you for all your trials, your suffering, and your works.

332. When a spirit comes to that dwelling it begins to feel filled by an infinite peace; its memory returns in an instant to those still far from that blessedness, and in its eagerness, its yearning for those whom it loves to come to possess that Divine gift, it joins the Divine hosts that work and struggle for the salvation, the welfare, and the peace of their brothers. (170, 43-48)

333. Who has imagined the battles those legions of light sustain against the invasions of the disturbed beings that threaten you at every step? No human eye has ever detected that unceasing struggle they carry out against each other while you are unaware. (334, 77)

334. See here the continuation of My Work, My coming in the Third Era as the Spirit of Comfort, surrounded by My great armies of angels just as it was written.

335. Those spirit — followers of mine form part of that comfort that I have promised you, and you have already had proof of their charity and peace in their healthy advice and examples of virtue. Through them I have conceded benefits to you, and they have been intermediaries between you and My Spirit.

336. When you have perceived the grace and the gifts in which they are sheathed, as well as their humility, you have felt inspired to perform works as pure as those they have performed in your own life. When they have entered your home you have felt honored by their spiritual presence.

337. You are blessed if you have recognized their elevation, but the Master asks: "Do you believe that they were always virtuous beings? Do you not know that a great many of them have inhabited the earth and have known weaknesses and great failings?"

338. Yet, look at them now; they do not retain any stain whatsoever. It is because they heard the call of the conscience, awakened to love, repented of their earlier failings, and in that crucible have been purified and dignified to ascend to serve Me today by serving mankind.

339. Out of love, their spirits have assigned themselves the task of aiding their fellows, to repay all they failed to do while they inhabited the earth. And they have accepted as a Divine gift the opportunity to come to sow the seed they did not sow, and destroy any imperfect works they made.

340. That is why you now look with surprise on their humility, their patience, and their meekness, and it is why at times you have seen them suffer in restitution. Nevertheless, their love and recognition are greater than any obstacles they face. They conquer all, and are willing to go so far as to sacrifice themselves. (354, 14-15)

341. By chance do you sense the spiritual dwelling which you left to come to earth? "No Master," you tell Me, "We do not remember or sense anything."

342. Yes, people, it has been so long since you left purity and innocence that you cannot even imagine that existence of peace, that state of well-being.

343. But now that you are prepared to hear the voice of the conscience and receive its revelations, you have within your reach the road which leads to the Kingdom promised to those who elevate to Me.

344. It is not that paradise of peace from which the first parted, but the infinite world of the spirit, the world of wisdom, the paradise of true spiritual happiness, the heaven of love and perfection. (287, 14-15)

Revelations of the Divine

345. The Father of all beings speaks to you in this moment; the love that created you is felt by all who hear this word. (102, 17)

346. Speaking to you is the only God who exists, the one whom you called Jehovah when He showed you his strength and revealed the Law to you on Mount Sinai, the one whom you called Jesus because the Divine Word was in him, and the one whom you called the Holy Spirit, because I am the Spirit of Truth. (51, 63)

347. When I speak to you as Father, it is the book of the law that opens before you; when I speak to you as the Master, it is the book of love I show to My disciples; when I speak as the Holy Spirit, it is the book of wisdom that illuminates with its teachings, forming one single doctrine, for it comes from one single God. (141, 19)

348. God is light, love, and justice; all who show these attributes in life represent and honor their Lord. (290, 1)

349. Do not say I am the God of poverty or sorrow because Jesus was always followed by a multitude of the sick and afflicted. I seek out the sick, the sorrowful, and the poor, but it is to fill them with health, hope, and happiness, because I am the God of joy, life, peace, and light. (113, 60)

350. Yes people: I am the beginning and the end for you, I am the Alpha and the Omega, though I do not yet tell you or reveal all the teachings I have reserved for your spirit. Those you will know when you are very distant from this world.

351. There are many new lessons I will reveal to you now, and I will continue providing you that which you are able to possess without becoming vain or causing you to raise yourselves up before humanity with an air of superiority. You know already that those who are vain of their works, by that same vanity destroy them. That is why I have taught you to work in silence so that your works produce love as their fruit. (106, 46)

352. You still lack understanding of many of the revelations destined to form part of your knowledge but which men have supposed to be proper only to God. When someone has expressed his desire to interpret them, or to try to penetrate them, He has instantly been branded blasphemous, or judged reckless. (165, 10)

353. You must learn much to be sensitive to My inspirations and My calls. How many times have you sensed the vibrations of the spiritual without correctly understanding who it was that called to you? That language is so confusing to you that you cannot understand it well, and you end up attributing the spiritual manifestations to hallucinations or material causes. (249, 24)

354. Do not find it surprising that being possessor of everything created I would appear before you asking for love; I am the God of gentleness and humility. I have not come to make a display of My greatness, instead I conceal My perfection and My regalia to draw nearer to your heart. If you beheld Me in all My splendor, how much you would weep for your faults! (63, 48)

355. Feel Me very close to you, evidence of that I have given you during the difficult moments of your life. I have wanted you to make your heart My dwelling place so that you may feel My presence there.

356. Why is it that you are not able to feel My presence when I am within you? Some seek Me in Nature, others only feel Me beyond the material, but truly I say to you, I am in everything and everywhere. Why do you always seek Me outside of you when I am also within your being? (1, 47-48)

357. Even if there were no religions in the world, still it would be enough to concentrate on the depths of your being to find My presence in your inner temple.

358. I tell you as well, that it is sufficient for you to observe what life offers you to find in it the book of knowledge which at every step opens its most beautiful pages and its deepest lessons.

359. You will understand then, that it is not right for the world to be lost when it bears the road in its heart, nor that it be confounded in the darkness of ignorance while it is living within such light. (131, 31-32)

360. Today I make My universal language heard in all, to tell them that though I am in each one of you, no one should say that God is inside man, for it is the beings and all creation which is inside God.

361. I am the Lord, and you the creatures. I do not wish to call you servants, but children; recognize, however, that I am before you. Love My will and respect My law, knowing that in what is deigned by Me can be no imperfection or error. (136, 71-72)

362. I formed you in order to love you, and also so that I could feel loved. You need Me, just as I need you. Those who state that I do not need you do not speak the truth; if it were so I would never have created you, nor would I have made Myself man to rescue you with that sacrifice that was such a great proof of love. I would have allowed you to be lost.

363. Yet, you must recognize that if you are nourished by My love, it is only right that you offer the same to your Father, for I continue saying to you: "I thirst, I thirst for your love." (146, 3)

364. How can you think that I love less those who suffer most? How can you take your pain as a sign that I do not love you? If you knew that it is precisely out of love for you that I have come. Have I not told you that the righteous are already saved, and that the healthy do not need a physician? If you feel that you are ill, and in the examination by the light of your conscience you judge yourselves sinners, be certain that it is for you that I have come.

365. If you believe that God once wept, truly I can tell you that it was not for those enjoying his glory, but for those lost and crying. (100, 50-51)

366. My mansion is prepared for you; when you reach it you will truly enjoy it. How can a Father live in a royal lodging, tasting delicious dishes, knowing that his own children are like beggars at the doors of his own home? (73, 37)

367. Know the Law, love righteousness, practice love and charity, allow your spirit the holy liberty of elevating itself toward its mansion, and you will be loving Me.

368. Do you want a perfect model as to what you should do and what you should be in order to reach Me? Imitate Christ, love Me in Him. Seek Me through Him, come to Me through His Divine footsteps.

369. But do not love Me through His human life or in His image, or substitute the practice of His teachings with rituals and forms, because you will eternalize yourselves in your differences, in your enmity and in your fanaticism.

370. Love Me in Christ, but in His Spirit, in His Doctrine and you will be complying with the eternal Law, because in Christ is contained justice, love and wisdom, with which I have manifested to mankind the existence and omnipotence of My Spirit. (1, 71-72)

Humans and their Destiny

371. It has been long since you were with Me, and long since you knew what you really are, because you have allowed many attributes, powers, and gifts deposited in you by your Creator to remain sleeping within your being. You are asleep to the spirit and the conscience, and it is precisely in those spiritual attributes that the true greatness of man resides. You imitate the beings of this world because here they are born, and here they die. (85, 57)

372. The Master asks you, o beloved disciples: What is yours in this world? All that you possess the Father has given you for your use while in transit on this earth and while your heart beats. If your spirit proceeds from My Divinity, if it is a breath of the Celestial Father, if it is an incarnation of an atom of My Spirit, and if your body was also formed within My laws and is entrusted to you as an instrument of your spirit — then, My much loved children, nothing is yours. All creation is of the Father, and you have been made the temporary holders of it. Remember that your material life is only a single step in eternity, a ray of light in infinity, and you must therefore attend to what is eternal, that which never dies, and that is the spirit. (147, 8)

373. Let it be the spirit that guides the mind, and not the mind, guided alone by a heart ambitious for human glory, that governs your life.

374. Understand that if you wish to be guided by the orders of your brain, you will exhaust it and be unable to go beyond where its meager resources can take you.

375. I tell you that if you yearn to know why you have felt inspired to do good and your heart is inflamed with charity, allow your heart and understanding to be guided by the spirit and you will be astounded by the power of your Father. (286, 7)

376. It is right that it is the spirit which reveals wisdom to the human mind, and not the mind that gives light to the spirit.

377. Many will not understand what I tell you because the order of your lives has been for so long altered. (295, 48)

378. Understand, O disciples, that spirituality permits the conscience to manifest itself more clearly, and that He who knows how to listen to that wise voice will not be fooled.

379. Be intimate with your conscience, it is the voice of a friend through which the Lord shines his light, now as Father, now as Master, and now as Judge. (293, 73-74)

380. Be tireless in rereading My word, for like an invisible chisel it will polish the roughness of your character until you are prepared to deal with the most delicate of your brother's problems.

381. In them you will find sorrow, atonement, and restitution whose causes may be very diverse. Some will have an origin that is not difficult to understand, but others you will discover only through intuition, revelation, or spiritual vision and so be able to relieve your brothers of a heavy burden.

382. These gifts will only perform prodigies when He who puts them in practice has been inspired by charity for his fellow men. (149, 88)

383. What is it that men call supernatural, if all that is of Me and My works is natural? Would it not be rather the evil and imperfect works of men that are supernatural, since, originating from whom they do, and possessing the attributes they do, it should be natural for men always to do good? In Me all has a profound and simple answer, nothing is in darkness.

384. You call everything you do not know or that you see wrapped in Mystery, supernatural, but when your spirit earns its elevation by merit, and beholds that which it could not see before, it will find that everything in creation is natural.

385. If you had predicted the advances and discoveries that man has made in these times to the humanity of a few centuries past, even the scientists would have doubted and considered such marvels as supernatural. Now that you have evolved, following human science step by step, you still marvel at them, but see them as natural works. (198, 11-12)

386. I must tell you that you should not believe that it is indispensable for the spirit to have a human body and life on earth in order to evolve; however the lessons that He receives in this world are certainly of great benefit toward his perfection.

387. The flesh helps the spirit in his evolution, his experiences, his atonement, and his struggles. This is the mission that corresponds to it, and you may confirm that in this manifestation of My divinity through the man whose understanding I have come to make use of as a means to transmit My message. Understand that not only the spirit, but even the smallest detail of the material form has been created for spiritual purposes.

388. I have come to give a reminder and a calling to your spirit so that by overcoming the influence of the material, which has come to dominate him, He can make his light reach the heart and mind utilizing his gift of intuition.

389. This light signifies for your spirit the path towards its freedom! This Doctrine comes to offer it the means to elevate itself above the human existence and to be the guide for all its works and lord over its feelings rather then a slave of lower passions or a victim of weaknesses and miseries. (78, 12-15)

390. Who but I would be able to reign over the spirits and govern their destiny? No one; and so those who, wishing to rule, have tried to usurp the place of the Lord, create for themselves a kingdom according to their own caprices, ambitions, vanities and inclinations; a reign of the material, of low passions and ignoble sentiments.

391. You cannot impose yourselves on the conscience, for it contains perfect justice. In the spirits only purity has power over the noble fibers, and only what is good moves them: in a word, the spirit is fed only by truth and goodness. (184, 49-50)

392. Since I have made everything on earth for the enjoyment of men, use it always for your benefit; do not forget that within you is a voice that tells you the limits within which you can take what nature offers you, and that inner voice must be obeyed.

393. Just as you seek a home, shelter, sustenance, and satisfactions to make the existence of your body more agreeable, so too you must concede to the spirit that which is necessary for its progress and well-being.

394. If it feels attracted to the superior regions where its true dwelling lies, let it rise up, do not imprison it: it seeks Me to be nourished and strengthened. I tell you that each time you allow it to free itself in this way, it will return happy to its shell. (125, 30)

395. The spirit wishes to live, it seeks its immortality, it wishes to cleanse and purify itself, it hungers for knowledge and thirsts for love. Allow it to think, feel, and work. Allow it to take a part of your time to manifest itself and enjoy its freedom.

396. After this life, of all you are in the world only your spirit will remain. Allow it to gather and hoard virtues and merits so that at the hour of its liberation it is not like a beggar before the gates of the Promised Land. (111, 74-75)

397. I do not wish any more restitution or pain for you. I wish for the spirits of all My children to come with their light to illuminate My Kingdom like the stars that lend beauty to the firmament and bring gladness to the heart of your Father. (171, 67)

398. Since for some time there has been hostility between them, My word shall come to reconcile the spirit with the material, so that you may know that the body you have considered an obstacle and a temptation to the passage of the spirit can be the greatest instrument of your fulfillment on earth. (138, 51)

399. Try to create harmony between the spirit and the physical body, so that you may easily comply with My instructions; make the body yield with love; be forceful if necessary; take care not to allow fanaticism to blind you, so as not to act cruelly against it. Make of your being one will only. (57, 65)

400. I do not tell you to purify only your spirits, but also to strengthen your physical body so that the new generations which come from you might be healthy, and their spirits will be able to fulfill their delicate missions. (51, 59)

401. I wish you to form homes that believe in the one God, homes that are temples where love, patience, and altruism are practiced.

402. In them you should be the teachers of the children, whom you should surround with tenderness and understanding, watching over them and following their every step with attention.

403. Be generous with your love to those who have been gifted with beauty, as well as to those who apparently have an unpleasing presence. A beautiful face is not always the reflection of an equally beautiful spirit, while the apparent ugliness of the other may hide a virtuous spirit that you should value. (142, 73)

404. Think seriously of the generations that come after you. Think of your children, who you must give spiritual life, which is faith, virtue, and spirituality, just as you have given them material existence. (138, 61)

405. Keep vigil over the virtue of your family and the peace of your home. See how even the poorest of the poor can be the owners of that treasure.

406. Recognize that the human family is the representation of the spiritual family; in it, the man is converted to a Father, bearing real similarity to his Celestial Father; the woman, with her maternal heart full of love, is the image of the Divine Mother, and the family that they form with their union is a representation of the spiritual family of the Creator.

407. When the parents have known how to prepare themselves, the home is the temple where you can best learn to comply with My laws.

408. The destiny of the parents and the children is in Me. Yet, it falls to some to help each other on their missions and in their restitutions.

409. Oh, how light would be the cross and how easy the existence if all parents and children loved each other. Even the greatest trials would be lessened by affection and understanding. Their acceptance of the Divine Will shall see them compensated with peace. (199, 72-74)

410. Study the spirits that surround you and that cross your path in life so that you may appreciate their virtues and receive the message they bring you, or so that you may give to them what they must receive from you.

411. Why have you thought little of those of your fellow men that destiny has placed on your path? You have closed the door of your heart to them, unaware of the lesson they had to bring you.

412. How many times you have cast aside the very one who brought a message of peace and hope for your spirit, and then complain when you yourselves have filled your cup of bitterness.

413. Life has unexpected changes and surprises, and what will you do if tomorrow you anxiously seek the one whom you arrogantly rejected today?

414. Keep in mind that it is possible that He whom you reject and scorn today, tomorrow you will anxiously seek, but many times it will be too late. (11, 26-30)

415. What a beautiful example of harmony is offered to you by the cosmos! Shining heavenly bodies that vibrate in life — filled space, circled by other bodies. I am the Divine and shining star that gives life and warmth to the spirits, yet, how few there are who stay on their path, and how many there are that spin outside their orbit.

416. You may say that the material stars do not enjoy free will, while men, who do, have for this reason left the path. That is why I say that the struggle is so meritorious for the spirits that, having the gift of free will, subject it to the law of harmony with their Creator. (84, 58)

417. None who call themselves students of this spiritual teaching complain to the Father of being poor in their material lives or lacking many comforts that others have in abundance, or of suffering want and deprivations. Those lamentations are born of the material, which, as you know, has only one existence.

418. Your spirit has no right to speak thusly to its Father, nor to act dissatisfied, nor to blaspheme against its own destiny, for every spirit, in its extensive journey upon the earth, has run the entire gamut of experiences, of pleasures, and of human satisfactions.

419. The dematerialization of the spirit started some time ago, and in it, that pain and that poverty that you are reluctant to put up with and have your heart suffer, helps. All spiritual and material goods have an importance that you must recognize so that you do not deprive either of their value. (87, 26-27)

420. Every creature, every man, has a place assigned him that He must not miss; however, He must also not take a place that does not correspond to him. (109, 22)

421. Why do you fear the future? Will you fail to take advantage of the past experience your spirit has accumulated? Will you leave the harvest ungathered? No, disciples, understand that no one can distort his destiny, He can only postpone his own hour of triumph and increase the sorrows that already exist on the way. (267, 14)

422. The Kingdom of the Father is the inheritance of all his children. It is indispensable to obtain that grace by the merits of the spirit. I do not wish you to see it impossible for you to reach the grace that brings you closer to Me.

423. Do not be sad upon hearing, in My Word, that the Promised Land will be reached through great work and effort. Be glad, for He who directs his life toward that idea does not suffer disappointments or feel defrauded. It will not happen to him as it does to many who go in search of the glories of the world, which after much effort, they do not obtain; or those who obtaining them, soon suffer seeing them vanish until they have nothing. (100, 42-43)

424. I give you the keys to open the gates to your eternal happiness. Those keys are of love: from which flows charity, forgiveness, understanding, and the humility and peace with which you must pass through life.

425. How great is the happiness of your spirit when it dominates the material and enjoys the light of the Holy Spirit! (340, 56-57)

426. This earth, which has always sent to the beyond a harvest of spirits that are sick, tired, confused, or of little advancement, soon will be able to offer me fruits worthy of My love.

427. Illness and pain will be exiled from your lives when you live a healthy and elevated existence, and when death comes, it will find you prepared for the journey to the spiritual mansion. (117, 24-25)

428. Do not weaken, o spirits, you to whom I especially direct My words; persevere on the path, and you will know peace. Truly, I tell you, all are destined to know happiness. I would not be your Father if you had not been created to share the Glory with Me.

429. Do not forget, however, that for your joy to be perfect it is necessary for you to cultivate your merits step by step so that your spirit comes to Me feeling worthy of that Divine reward.

430. See how I help you and accompany you all along the way? Have full confidence in Me, knowing that My mission and My destiny are joined with yours. (272, 61)

Defects, Sin, and Absurdities

431. Understand My lesson so you will not make more mistakes during your lifetime, for any offense which you may cause your brethren, in word or deed, will be an unforgettable reminder in your conscience which will clamor relentlessly.

432. Again I say to you, all of you are necessary for the fulfillment of the Divine plan and for the end of so much spiritual misery among mankind.

433. As long as egotism exists, suffering will also exist. Replace your indifference, your egotism and your contempt with love, and charity and you will see how soon peace will come to you. (11, 38-40)

434. Seek to advance in human life, but never allow yourselves to be dominated by excessive ambitions, for then you would lose your freedom and become enslaved by materialism. (51, 52)

435. I forgive your faults, but I also correct them so that you rid your heart of selfishness, for it is one of the weaknesses that most lowers your spirit.

436. I touch you through your conscience so that you remember your duty to your brothers, and so that you sow your path with charity and forgiveness, as I taught you in the Second Era. (300, 29)

437. Today the power of the material body and the influence of the world have made you selfish. But the material body is not eternal, neither is the world nor its influence. I am the patient judge whose justice reigns over life and time. Do not judge those who deny Me, for I will find you guiltier than I find them.

438. Did I ever lift My voice to judge My executioners? Did I not bless them with love and humility? If only you knew that many of those who were temporarily lost in the world because of that fault are purified in spirit today! (54, 47-48)

439. And do not attempt to discover the hidden feelings of your fellow men, for in each being there are secrets that only I should know. And still, if you should uncover that which because it belongs to your brother should be sacred to you, do not publicize it, do not tear away that veil, but make it more opaque.

440. How many times have I seen a man penetrate his brother's heart to uncover his moral and spiritual nakedness, only to take joy in it and then publicize it.

441. None who have profaned the intimacy of a fellow being in this way should then be surprised if someone along the way then strips and mocks him as well. Then He should not say that it is the rod of justice which measures him, for it will be the rod of injustice with which He measured his brothers.

442. Respect others. Cover those whose secrets have been revealed with your mantle of charity and defend those who are weak from the rumors of mankind. (44, 46-48)

443. Not all who wander the streets and roads, explaining revelations, interpreting prophecies, or speaking of times past are My envoys. Many, out of vanity, resentment or because of some expected material gain, have taken up those teachings to offend and judge, to humiliate and injure, or even to kill. (116, 21)

444. Rise up, humanity! Find the road. Find the meaning of life. Unite people with people! Love one another! Oh, how thin is the wall that divides one home from another, but you live so far apart! Oh how many conditions there are to be permitted to pass the borders between one people and another! And this is just between you humans, what about those who are in the other life? When you do not hide them behind the veil of your forgetfulness, you do it with the veil of your ignorance, which is like a dense darkness! (167, 31)

445. Do you see those men who only live to satisfy their measureless ambition? Who trample the lives of their fellow men without respecting the rights that I, their Creator, conceded them? Do you see how their works speak only of envy, hatred, and greed? For them you must pray more than for others who are not so needy of light.

446. Forgive those men all the pain they cause, and help them to reason with your clean thoughts. Do not make the fog denser around them, for when the time comes for them to answer for their actions, so too will I call to answer those who, instead of praying for them, sent them only more fog in the form of hostile thoughts. (113, 30)

447. Remember that in the law it told you: "Have no other Gods before Me". But many are the Gods that human ambition has forged to adore, render tribute, and even give their lives.

448. Understand: My law has not expired, and without you realizing, it speaks to you incessantly through the conscience, and still men are pagans and idolaters.

449. They love their bodies, flatter its vanities, and allow its weaknesses. They love the riches of the earth, to which they sacrifice their peace and their spiritual future. They offer worship to the flesh, going at times as far as degeneration and even death in pursuit of pleasures.

450. You may be sure that you have loved that which is of the world more than the Father. When have you sacrificed for Me, loving and serving Me in the person of your fellow men? When have you sacrificed your sleep, or exposed your health to come ease the sorrows that afflict your brothers? And when have you ever come to the brink of death for any of the noble ideals that My Doctrine inspires?

451. See that it is not I who you love most, see that for you the worship of material life comes before homage to the life of the spirit. And that is why I have told you that you have other gods you serve and worship before the true one. (118, 24-26)

452. You are so accustomed to sin, that your lives have come to seem natural, normal and legal to you, even though it appears as if Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as Babylon and Rome had spilled all their perversity and sin out upon you. (275, 49)

453. You live now in a time of confusion, in which you call good, bad; in which you think you see light where there is darkness, and in which you give priority to the superfluous in preference to essential. And yet, My charity shall arrive on time, ready and able save you and show you the luminous road to the truth, a road from which you had become lost. (358, 30)

454. To be able to triumph in all the trials, do as the Master instructed you: Be watchful, and pray, so that your eyes are always alert and you are not surprised by temptation. Note that evil has great subtlety with which to test you, to make you fall, to overcome you, and take advantage of your weakness. Be perceptive, so that you may know when it stalks you. (327, ex. 10)

455. Truly I say to you that from this darkness mankind will emerge to the light; however that step will be slow. What would become of men if for an instant they would realize all the wrongdoing they have caused? Some would take leave of their senses while others would put an end to their lives. (61, 52)

The Purification and Spiritualization of Humanity

456. You have forgotten the Law and you have waited for the elements to remind you of My justice: Hurricane winds, waters that run off their course, earthquakes, droughts, inundations, are voices that awaken and speak to you of My justice.

457. What other fruit can humanity offer Me in this period that will not be discord and materialism? Neither do these people, who for years have listened to My teaching, are able to offer Me a pleasing harvest. (69, 54-55)

458. Do you not hear the voices of justice? Do you not behold the elements touching region after region? Do you believe that if you lived a virtuous life there would be a need for My justice to be felt in such a manner? Verily I say to you that there would be no object to purify you if I had found you cleansed. (69, 11)

459. Even when in the present it seems impossible to cement peace among humanity, I tell you that peace will be made, and what is more, that men will practice spirituality.

460. The world will suffer many calamities before the establishment of that time, but those sufferings will be for the good of humanity in the material as well as the spiritual. It shall act as a limit to the unleashed run of selfishness, lust, and evil of men.

461. And so balance shall come, for the forces of evil cannot prevail over the forces of good.

462. This purification, without really being so, has the appearance of punishment, for it comes always to touch upon the most sensitive, the most fragile and loved, but it is in reality a means to salvation for the lost spirit or He who has lost his way.

463. Who judges materially can find nothing useful in the pain; but He who bears within him a spirit that lives eternally, extracts, from that same pain, light, experience, tempering, and regeneration.

464. If you think spiritually, how can you believe that pain is bad for humanity, if it comes from a God who is entirely love?

465. Time passes, and a moment will come when the great trials begin to appear and the last bit of peace will flee from the world, not to return until Humanity has found the road of My Law, and hears within the voice that says at every moment, "God exists. God is within you. Recognize Him, feel Him, reconcile yourselves with Him!"

466. That will be when the order of your life changes. Selfishness will disappear and each person will make themselves useful to others. Men will be inspired by My justice to make new laws and govern the peoples with love. (232, 43-47)

467. Do not fear, beloved witnesses, I tell you that this materialistic humanity, which for so long has believed in only what they could touch, see, and understand through their limited understanding and in what could be proved by their science, shall become spiritual, and shall know how to look upon Me and seek the truth with their spiritual gaze. (307, 56)

468. If you were spiritually prepared, you could behold, in the infinite, multitudes of spiritual beings who before your gaze would resemble an immense white cloud, and when the messengers or envoys moved from there, you would see them approaching as flashes of light toward you.

469. Your spiritual vision still is not penetrating, and that is why I have to speak to you from the Hereafter, from all that which you cannot contemplate yet; but I say to you that the time will come when all of you will be seers and will rejoice before that marvelous existence that today you feel distant, but in reality, vibrates near you; it involves and illuminates you, it inspires you and calls incessantly at your doors. (71, 37-38)

470. Sensitivity, presentiment, revelation, prophecy, inspiration, spiritual vision, healing, gift of speech, all of that and other additional gifts will pour out from the spirit, and through them men will confirm that a new Era has been unfolded before humanity.

471. Today you doubt the existence of those gifts because there are some who hide them from the world fearing their judgment; tomorrow it shall be the most natural and beautiful thing to possess them.

472. I come to you during this Third Era because you are ill in body and spirit. The healthy one has no need of the doctor, nor do the just require purification. (80, 5-6)

473. Today there is still need of ministers, judges, and teachers, but when your spiritual and moral conditions have been raised you will no longer need those crutches, nor those voices. In every man there shall be a judge, a guide, a teacher, and an altar. (208, 41)