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The Book of True Life - Volume 1

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The Commission, entrusted with the compilation of this divine work, dedicates these books in the name of the Lord to all people of good will in the world who are inspired by the desire to attain the upliftment of their minds by studying the divine revelations and exercising the teachings of the Divine Master. Everyone who feels within himself the desire to live the teachings of the Sixth Seal, received in this era of the Spirit of Truth, should make the most of the spiritual meaning contained in these books to the last drop. Then a plea will break forth from his heart to all mankind, and a sentence will sound the most delicate strings of the human heart:

"Love one another."


Teaching 1

1. In the beginning of time, I, as the Father, inspired in man the practice of righteousness. However, men departed from the Divine mandates, falling into idolatry and abominable acts before Me. The strong triumphed, the weak perished and man took woman as a slave. It was necessary to convey to Moses the Commandments of the Law on Mount Sinai. In that Law were the mandates by which the people of Israel should be guided, and in these they were told: "He who kills, will have the same sentence pronounced upon himself. He who steals will make restitution to his brother. He who causes harm shall pay an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

2. The Second Era came to pass and I manifested Myself in Jesus to live among you, and in My word I said to you: "If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the left. Forgive your enemies." And during the Third Era in which you live, I have come to say to you: If your father's killer, being persecuted by human justice, were to knock at your door begging for help, what would you do? Protect him. In so doing you would demonstrate that you have reached the spiritual evolution, which enables you to comply with the Divine mandates of your Heavenly Father who commands you to "love one another"; to "resurrect the spirits who have died to the life of grace, for every spirit will be saved."

3. Today I come to speak to your spirit and to reveal to you the content of the Seven Seals, the book of your history, of prophecy, of revelation and justice.

4. It is I who has come to tell you that today you live in the period which pertains to the Sixth Seal.

5. The year of 1866 designates the beginning of the era of light. I sent Elijah to remove the veil of mystery and introduce the period of My communication with mankind as the Holy Spirit. Elijah illuminated a man destined by Me to be the forerunner. That chosen one, named Roque Rojas, was he who listened from spirit to Spirit to the voice of the prophet, who ordered him in My name to call and unite his brethren, because a Divine revelation was about to illuminate the destinies of humanity. Roque Rojas, gentle and humble as a lamb, obeyed the spiritual voice, answering: "God's will be done upon me."

6. Roque Rojas assembled a group of men and women of faith and good will, and there, in the midst of his first gatherings, Elijah manifested himself through the faculty of the Envoy saying: "I am Elijah the prophet, the same of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor." He gave instructions to the first disciples, at the same time that he proclaimed to them the era of Spirituality and he prophesied that the Ray of Light of the Divine Master would communicate with His people soon.

7. On a day when the humble dwelling of Roque Rojas was full of faithful followers who believed the word of that man, Elijah descended to illuminate the mind of his spokesman, and inspired by Me, he anointed seven of those believers to whom he gave the representation or symbolism of the Seven Seals.

8. Later, when that promised moment of My communication took place, I observed that out of those seven chosen, only one kept vigilance awaiting the. arrival of the Pure Spouse and that heart was that of Damiana Oviedo, the maiden whose faculty was the first to receive the light of the Divine Ray as a reward for her perseverance and her preparation.

9. Damiana Oviedo represented the Sixth Seal. It was one more proof that the light of the Sixth Seal illumines this era.

10. During the Second Era I found a woman's endearing reception, a maternal love, and also during this era, I rested in the chaste and pure heart of Damiana Oviedo. Her maidenly tenderness was maternal for the people of Israel and through her guidance I prepared the guides, spokesmen and laborers. I allowed her to reach the threshold of an old age and I said to her: "You, who have risen like a fountain of love and have kindled the torch of faith within the hearts of men, rest." She requested that she be permitted to carry on in spirit, because she was zealous of My Divine Law and would not allow it to be blemished, thus I conceded to her wish.

11. I gave her another mission at that moment when I said: "Damiana, it is not My will that the troubled waters mix with the clear waters. Place yourself alongside the guides so that their torch of faith may increase in them each day. Rejoice, and wherever you are, delight in these people. Look at the multitudes who love you and have recognized Me. They follow the footsteps that you left for them. Notice that the torch of faith is still burning. The Master has said: He who sows love reaps love; he who sows light reaps light. You have struggled in preparing the understanding of the spokesmen and in clearing the way of My chosen ones, behold your seed."

12. In truth I say to you, O My people: It is Damiana the chaste maiden who in representation of Mary, has come during the Third Era to give you tenderness and affection. Blessed are the maidens who follow those footsteps, for I will bestow My grace upon them. And all of you who are My children, it is My Divine desire to convert you into disciples, because the moment of My departure is near and I wish to leave you as teachers among mankind.

13. Proceed slowly so that you may reach the end of the footpath and be the strong ones of the Earth, through humility and charity.

14. Men who have become materialized in this era have also called Me. In them My voice has resounded spiritually and the Master has given them peace in abundance, but although I was with them, they have rejected Me and desired to sow a different seed.

15. At this moment I receive you and give you My essence and My light for which you have waited so long. Do not judge your brethren who find themselves outside of the path of truth, for you do not know whether tomorrow you also will become confused in other paths. Plead, therefore, for the lost, and for those who have fallen. I separate you from confusion and give you milk and honey.

16. Today I have come to repeat My word reminding you of teachings of past eras. However, I do not come to remind you of the communion in the form that Jesus symbolized during the Second Era with bread and wine of the Earth. The time in which the physical bread was offered in representation of My word has passed. Today the bread is My word and the sacred wine is the Divine essence which I grant you spiritually at every moment.

17. Feed and nourish yourselves, for that is My will. Convey the truth to the one who feeds on falsity. Bring the non-believer before Me so that discord and disunity disappear and so that the bread of eternal life may come to all My children, because if you have been on the verge of falling, My love has come to save you. Like an anchor of salvation, My Spirit full of mercy, saves you from the storm.

18. When you have believed yourselves alone in a moment of hardship, I have made you feel My presence to strengthen your faith.

19. Then your lips have hushed, when you were beginning to blaspheme, saying to Me: "Lord, if you say I am your chosen one, why do you permit my own brethren to harm me?"

20. O little ones, who still are not resolved to be My disciples, when I have said: "Blessed is he who is touched and can be strong in that test, and in it forgives his brother and blesses My name, because the light will emanate from his being and will convert to My Doctrine the one who has rejected it!"

21. Every good deed will have its reward; that which will not be received on Earth, but in the hereafter. But how many of you would like to enjoy that glory here on Earth, unaware that he who does not work toward his spiritual existence, will be without merits on entering it, therefore his repentance will be great.

22. Little by little My Doctrine will make men realize the essence or goal of life and this brief passage on Earth will be helpful for the advancement of the spirit, but for that it is necessary for you to forgive one another so that enlightenment and peace will emerge from mankind.

23. But if you who are My disciples during this era, do not set an example with your virtues, who will humanity depend upon?

24. Understand that this is being revealed to you by Him, who gave His blood and His life, loving and forgiving a multitude that judged, sentenced and crucified Him.

25. But the truth, which is life and also love, is immortal and behold, it is here anew among you when My Spirit communicates through a human faculty. My word of this era comes to repeat to you that lesson which says, "Love one another in the same manner that the Master loves His disciples." I have also come to explain it, so that every mystery may be brought to light, and that Book which I willed to you and which men later concealed or closed, will be opened again before you.

26. Many veils will be removed. My word is the sword of light which destroys all darkness.

27. Many hidden lessons will be exposed and unknown teachings will be revealed. Many mysteries will dissipate. However, you will not find these revelations in earthly books but only through this word.

28. Anyone who truly wishes to be a son of light must respectfully penetrate the depth of My word and there he will behold his Master waiting to teach him.

29. Truly, truly, the doctrines of men are not the ones which will make peace in the world and save mankind from its abyss.

30. Behold the religions ignoring one another, professing to be teaching My Doctrine.

31. That is why at this time those who are destined to be My emissaries, My new disciples, are being cleansed and purified, so that they may be worthy of conveying this good news to their brethren.

32. During the Second Era there were twelve disciples who spread My Doctrine throughout the world. In the Third Era twelve thousand of each tribe will be the ones to make My teaching of truth and love known to all mankind.

33. Where are those 144,000? Elijah is reuniting them without it being an obstacle that some are in spirit and others incarnated. All will be united spiritually in this Divine Work.

34. You will be witnesses to great events, many of which will surprise you, but I will enlighten you with My lessons, so that you will never be confused. Study My word, for it will inspire love toward your Father and your brethren. It is not necessary for you to belong to the 144,000, to be able to serve the Father or be named disciples of the Master. Those who form a part of this number, are just the ones who will open the way and be as guardians of My Work.

35. Today I come in Spirit. During the Second Era I was visible to the eyes of men, for I became Man.

36. Many on seeing Me asked themselves, "Who is this person who preaches in the name of God?" And others answered, "He is the son of Mary and Joseph, the carpenter. He is the Galilean." Then they scoffed at Jesus.

37. But the son of the carpenter, caused those blind since birth to see the light and by this means they could contemplate the face of Jesus who healed them. These, on feeling the miracle of the caress of the Master, shouted and fell at His feet, recognizing Him as the Promised Savior.

38. The amazed unbelievers asked themselves: How was it possible that that humble man, whom they knew as an ordinary human being could perform such marvels?

39. Today I stand before you in Spirit, and mankind cannot call Me the son of a carpenter, but truly I say to you that not even during that period was it fitting to call Me thus. It was written that a virgin would conceive and in her womb the Word would take on Flesh. Joseph, the patriarch, was in the life of the Virgin and the Child only a guardian angel visible to the eyes of men; on the other hand Mary, was the incarnation of the Divine Maternal love and Mother of Jesus, who is the human phase of Christ.

40. With simple lessons I will make you understand revelations which you regard as mysterious and which are not. I will teach you to pray, so that you may elevate your thoughts toward the Father in your trying moments.

41. During all eras you have been taught the prayer.

42. Moses made you pray on the last night of your stay in Egypt and also throughout your journey across the desert.

43. In the Second Era I taught you the Lord's Prayer, so that inspired by it, you would turn to the Father in your needs, always keeping in mind the promise of the coming of His Kingdom; so that you would seek Him in quest of forgiveness, consulting your conscience as to whether you had forgiven your debtors in the same manner.

44. Now I teach you the spiritual prayer, which does not come from the lips, but from the deepness of your spirit which, with humility and confidence, says to Me, "Lord, Thy will be done upon us."

45. I taught you to heal. Jesus was the healing balsam, He was Health itself, His word healed anyone who heard it, His hand gave health to whoever He touched, His gaze brought infinite hope to anyone who received it; even His tunic when touched with faith by those who approached Him burdened with bitterness and afflictions, restored their peace, and even "His blood, falling upon the face of the Centurion restored his lost eyesight.

46. Those miracles, only love and charity, which are born of that love, can be realized. With them you can heal.

47. Feel Me very close to you, evidence of that I have given you during the difficult moments of your life. I have wanted you to make your heart My dwelling place, so that you may feel My presence there.

48. Why is it that you are not able to feel My presence when I am within you? Some seek Me in Nature, others only feel Me beyond the material, but truly I say to you, I am in everything and everywhere. Why do you always seek Me outside of you when I am also within your being?

49. When I tell you who I am, you have not listened or understood the voice which speaks to you, and when you have seen Me you are unaware of whom you have beheld. This has been proof of your lack of spiritual sensitivity.

50. But you are approaching Me so that I can teach you and not point out your imperfections. You come carrying within your spirit your past, as a burden of restitution.

51. I therefore withdraw your burden and give you rest, I remove your sorrow, I offer you nourishment, kindling within your heart a light of hope.

52. How many hearts hardened by the ordeals of life, have felt overpowered by the gentleness of My word? They have felt comforted, healed and revived. That is the way that those who are to follow Me, attribute to My power and My love all that they receive, and their spirits will not forsake Me anymore, for their heart is filled with gratitude and love and they will never exchange the whiteness of their spiritual garment for the royal gown of the wealthiest monarch.

53. But there are those who remain with Me and in spite of receiving My word like a torrent of clear waters, they persist in their bad tendencies. Among these are the ones who imitate the jealous Cain, when they feel that their offering is less pleasing before the Father than that offered by the humble who imitate the just Abel; they incite their heart with anger and envy exposing their double-edged sword which they carry in their tongue to sow suffering among their brethren. And after leaving them sobbing or causing their death, they approach My Sanctuary, they, raise their thoughts to Me and hypocritically claim that they love Me.

54. However, I do not reject these people with hardened hearts and understanding; instead I submit them to great tests and allow them to feel My word deeply. If they yield they will have triumphed, if they rebel, they will have erred again and must wait for another time.

55. I speak to you of all this so that you may be converted into My good disciples and be able to possess a true wisdom.

56. Do not be boastful of your knowledge, for behold the secret Sanctuary of the Father is opened only to the one who knocks on His door with humility.

57. If men of science who move and transform your world, were inspired by love and righteousness, they would already have discovered how much enlightenment I have reserved for science of this era and not that little bit for which they have shown so much vanity.

58. Solomon was known as a wise man because his judgments, his counsel and his decisions were clothed with wisdom, and his fame crossed the frontiers of his kingdom, thus reaching other countries.

59. Although he was a king, that man knelt humbly before the Father, asking for wisdom, power and protection, recognizing that he was only My servant and before Me he placed his scepter and his crown. If all wise men and scientists would do it thus, how great their knowledge would be, and how many teachings would My secret Sanctuary yet unknown reveal to them!

60. You, O humble people, have received many lessons which have not been revealed to you by the wise or men of science.

61. The mystery of the resurrection of the flesh has been clarified by the revelation of the reincarnation of the spirit. Today you realize that the goal of this law of love and justice is for the perfection of the spirit, so that it will never be lost, because it will always find an open door as an opportunity which the Father offers toward its salvation.

62. My judgment for every spirit, by reason of this law, is perfect and inexorable.

63. Only I know how to judge you, for each destiny is incomprehensible to men. Thus no one is censured or exposed before the others.

64. And after losing themselves in sin, from so many struggles and vicissitudes and much wandering, the spirits will come before Me filled with wisdom through their experience, purified by pain, elevated by their merits, weary from their long pilgrimage, but simple and joyful as children.

65. O My people, be attentive to the times before you and listen to My word, for it is the way. Understand and comply with your mission and endure your suffering with patience, for there is no pathway free of obstacles in order to reach the summit of perfection.

66. The light of My word will unite all men during this Third Era. My truth will enlighten every mind, thus eliminating differences in creeds and worship.

67. Today, while many love Me in Jehovah and disregard Christ, others love Me in Christ, ignoring Jehovah; while some recognize My existence as the Holy Spirit, others debate and divide themselves because of My Trinity.

68. Now then, I ask this humanity and those who guide it spiritually: Why do you drift away from one another, when everyone recognizes the true God? If you love Me in Jehovah, you are within the truth. If you love Me through Christ, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. If you love Me as the Holy Spirit, you approach the Light. You have only one God, only one Father. There are not three Divine persons who exist in God, but only one Divine Spirit, who has manifested Himself in three different phases to mankind, and mankind in its smallness, while penetrating the profound, believed to have seen three persons when only one Spirit exists. Therefore, when you hear the name of Jehovah, think of God as the Father and as Judge. When you think of Christ, see in Him God as the Master, as Love and when you try to comprehend where the Holy Spirit originates, know that it is none other than God manifesting His infinite wisdom to those most advanced disciples.

69. If I had found humanity of ancient times spiritually evolved, like the present one, I would have manifested Myself before it as the Father, as the Master and as the Holy Spirit, then men would not have seen three Gods when only one exists. However, they were not capable of interpreting My lessons, thus they would have confused themselves and taken another path and kept on creating accessible and insignificant gods, according to their imagination.

70. When men understand and accept this truth, they will regret having lived rejecting one another because of an error which could have been avoided with a little love.

71. Know the Law, love righteousness, practice love and charity, allow your spirit the holy liberty of elevating itself toward its mansion, and you will be loving Me. Do you want a perfect model as to what you should do and what you should be in order to reach Me? Imitate Christ, love Me in Him. Seek Me through Him, come to Me through His Divine footsteps, but do not love Me through His human life or in His image, or substitute the practice of My teachings with rituals and forms, because you will eternalize yourselves in your differences, in your enmity and in your fanaticism.

72. Love Me in Christ, but in His Spirit, in His Doctrine and you will be complying with the eternal Law, because in Christ is contained justice, love and wisdom, with which I have manifested to mankind the existence and omnipotence of My Spirit.

73. If Christ is Love, do you believe that He would be independent of Jehovah, if I am love?

74. If the Holy Spirit is Wisdom, do you believe that Spirit to be independent of Christ when I am Wisdom? Do you believe that the Word and the Holy Spirit are different from one another?

75. It suffices to know something about the word which Jesus taught to mankind in order for you to understand that only one God existed and will be only one forever. That is why I said through Him: "He who knows the Son knows the Father, for He is in Me and I in Him." Then announcing that in another time He would return among men, He not only said: "I will return," but He also promised to send the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Consolation, the Spirit of Truth.

76. Why should Christ come separately from the Holy Spirit? By chance, would He not have within His Spirit the truth, the light and consolation?

77. How little of My truth men have penetrated! And in that small portion in which they have penetrated, how much they have become confused! They believe to have reached the culmination of the truth, but while they live using the truth to lie, to kill,-to destroy the peace and reject one another, which is the opposite of what My word teaches, men will not be able to say that they follow the path of truth.

78. lam delivering My message to all of you during these times, the message promised to mankind through the lips of Jesus when He was among men.

79. I know that in the beginning this Doctrine will be underrated for having been transmitted through humble and sinful people like My spokesmen, but the truth that this revelation contains will command respect and its teaching will be heard, for in its essence is present the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and the promised Truth.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 2

1. Here I am among you in this moment in which your spirits listen to Me and give Me their thanks.

2. On each succeeding new year mankind is full of hope, but there are also those who are fearful. Why do you live in fear of life and of the times? They have always been the same, you are the ones who pass away. Today you are children, tomorrow adults; today you are on Earth, tomorrow you are not; today you are born and tomorrow you die.

3. You are in the completion of the times. Your spirit is not subject to the physical existence anymore; it has penetrated eternity. You are atoms of My Divinity. I am Eternal. I have always existed. The Divine Spirit never ages. I am immutable and imperishable. The beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. You emanated from Me, and therefore you will return to Me.

4. Certainly, each coming year is a mystery for men, but truly I say to you that it is a new step which you shall take along the path of your evolution.

5. Do not fear the future because you do not understand it, do not envision it enveloped in darkness, keep in mind that I am time and eternity; believe that I am in the future.

6. You, My people, know something of what is to come, because I reveal it to you and among you are prophets who by My will penetrate into the future and give you their testimony.

7 You do not have a light to the doubtful, you are not the blind who fear stumbling along the way.

8. I have prepared the way in order for all men to find peace, I have indicated pathways where they will find Me in all My truth.

9. O humanity, who have Me so near and you do not feel My presence!

10. I have revealed to you the secret of peace which is the love for one another.

11. The moment will come when peace will be so greatly desired by men, that they will seek it through every means: in religions, in science and in doctrines. The believers and those who call themselves atheists and free thinkers, will all go to the same place in search of that peace, and when they find it, they will be before Me.

12. Understand that you are listening to this word now, but soon you will cease to hear it. It will not be in this year when this manifestation ends, but only the time indicated by My will: 1950.

13. I remind those who heard Me sometime ago, when I said: "My word will descend from the summit of the new Mount and you will be at its base to receive it."

14. Ever since the first faculty whom I availed Myself for this manifestation, I said to you that this Divine communication which began in 1866, would end in 1950; and after that year you would not remain as orphans, because you would feel My presence nearer if you knew how to prepare yourselves.

15. This is the first day of the year of 1941, therefore you still will hear My word for ten more years. This will be a sufficient time for many of your brethren to know this Doctrine, so that many non-believers may believe; and many of the disobedient will arise by complying with My mandates.

16. My humble and gentle word will be of kindness for the suffering, and it will be like dew and a perfume for all spirits. This word will be like a caress for everyone, although many have rejected it and even gloated over violating it.

17. Do not think that your nation (Mexico) will be the only one receiving My spiritual benefits. No, since the beginning of time I have prepared a heritage for each one of the nations of the world.

18. My truth will again penetrate all dwellings as it did during the Second Era, when Jesus entered the temples dedicated to the worship of God, and surprised with His word the priests, elders and doctors of the law.

19. Who will imitate Me during these times? Who will be the ones who will not fear mankind? Those who will testify to the truth with their deeds. In truth I say, that whoever dedicates himself to express the truth, as his Master, will not even fear death.

20. It is already the time when My word should be resounding within temples and churches, and its echo should have reached powerful men. But it is necessary that whoever propagates it should be purified and cleansed to be its worthy messengers, but consider that the times have passed and you still have not acquired that preparation.

21. I am not demanding any sacrifice, I only want your deeds to be spontaneous and your love sincere. Nevertheless, do not forget Abraham and his example of obedience and submission, when the Father asked for the life of his beloved son, Isaac. Who from among men of these times, who love Me, would favor Me with such an example of obedience, love and faith?

22. My apostles preached My truth, and when men condemned them, they did not run away from death.

23. He who lives by the truth, will have nothing to fear.

24. Your path, o My people, is sowed with beautiful examples.

25. The light of the Sixth Candlestick illuminates men of this period, but the five previous Seals also conveyed their light upon all spirits.

26. When you have arrived before this radiant light, some in spirit and others in the flesh, you have asked yourselves why you were called. Then you have heard that voice which says to you: "I am the Lamb who was sacrificed for My love for you, and I have come to Illuminate your spirit so that you may love one another and come to Me."

27 I come in Spirit during this era. My light descends upon men like tongues of fire, so that they will be able to speak of My Law in all languages.

28. One hundred and forty four thousand incarnated and discarnated spirits will open the way during this period. They will be forerunners, prophets and messengers. They are the ones marked by Me to go before the multitudes.

29. To these chosen ones will be revealed the name of the tribe to which they belonged during the First Era, so that they may realize that since then they made a pledge with their God and they have followed the path of the Father for a long time; but during this period all names of tribes have disappeared for it is not the Lord who sets boundaries to divide men.

30. When in 1950 for the last time My Ray descends through My spokesmen, everything will be prepared for the future times; but until that period comes to pass, I will continue giving you My lesson, so until then, leave your sorrows to Me, rest, and when you have alleviated your pain, when you have dried your tears, elevate your spirit so that My teaching may be in it.

31. I do not want hunger or thirst in any one of My disciples, I want to see you satisfied from having been nourished by the bread and wine of My love. Only thus will you accomplish deeds worthy of Divine merit among mankind. Keep in mind that as each day passes, the moment of My departure draws nearer and he who does not take advantage of this period of teaching, will later feel like an orphan.

32. Your presence before this manifestation has not been by chance. My voice summoned you along the pathways and guided you here. Now you know that you have come to recognize the mission which you have to fulfill on Earth. In My word you have realized what your beginning is and also your ultimate goal. You have had the revelation that you are a part of a people who have received the manna of the spirit during three eras.

33. If you study spiritually all that happened to the people of Israel during the first two eras, you will see that the same thing is happening to you during the present time.

34. The life of that people, its history, constitutes a lesson, a parable for all mankind; it is a book of teaching, whose law I revealed to you on Mount Sinai.

35. Today that book is opened before your spirit and you see new teachings emanate from it; for what you failed to comprehend during those times, today you will understand.

36. Your spirit may knock at the doors of the hereafter in demand of wisdom, your spiritual capability enables you to approach nearer the Master so that He may grant you new teachings contained in His secret Sanctuary.

37. O My people: on seeing you traveling the pathways of the world, dragging chains of hardship and imperfection, I send you My love to help you along your course of evolution.

38. You have been walking along a desert and in the midst of it I have allowed palms to grow so that you may obtain shelter and rest.

39. I have made an inexhaustible spring pour from the sterile rock of your heart so that you may drink and never thirst again.

40. Today I will not give you fields in the world to cultivate; you will find your fields in the hearts of men. Some have come to begin to cultivate, others to complete their sowing.

41. Let not parents use the performance of their family duties as a pretext for not being able to think of doing good to others.

42. Let not man tell me that they feel incapable of teaching My Law. I say to all of you that along your path there are more than enough occasions to sow My seed without wasting your time or disregarding your, obligations.

43. Serve Me and I will serve you.

44. Do not be disenchanted if on sowing love among your children or your brethren you reap ingratitude. You are well aware of what Jesus sowed in the world and what He reaped, but He told you that the fruits of that harvest would not be gathered here on Earth but in Heaven when the proper time has come. But you can also imitate your Master in His patience, o disciples, therefore do not seek rewards or compensations on Earth but do expect that moment of rejoicing in the hereafter.

45. Keep in mind that I have descended to judge your deeds and to reveal your merits and weaknesses. I pour. My grace upon every spirit, I submit you to a test and I ask you: If you possess My Law from the beginning of time and I have sent you to watch over the people to convert them to My teaching, why have you not presented Me with your harvest, now that you have returned to Earth during the consummation of the times?

46. I have come during this era in Spirit, and I ask for your fulfillment of the precepts which I willed to you during the Second Era, when I dwelt among you. I seek the echo of My words within your spirit and the impression of My footsteps along your path, and I do not find them. Have you practiced and taught love? In spite of everything, you can atone for your faults and make up for lost time, for I will grant you a new opportunity. And not only will you work for yourselves, but also for the well being of your brethren who will come to communicate with Me in a more perfect manner during the peaceful days which are near.

47. You have in Me a tireless Master and a perfect Father who loves and corrects you. What would you do if I only granted you benefits in exchange for a strict compliance with My Law?

48. When I speak to you thus, you weep inwardly for your faults and you seek a pleasing offering: you present to Me the blessed children, and ask Me that through their innocence I forgive your sins, and I respond to you: if you are able to cultivate their heart and conserve it in virtue, I will accept your offering.

49. I do not want to judge you severely, instead I prepare you at a proper time for the elevation of your spirit, so that you may work and nourish yourselves with My word. In it you will be witnesses to great ordeals, the elements have been unleashed, and many cities will be devastated by great disturbances and only through the intercession of the Divine Maternal love, which is represented by Mary, will they be spared.

50. You will behold the multitudes come to this nation (Mexico) in search of signs and Divine evidence and I will welcome them, I will erase from their minds every erroneous interpretation of My word and I will demonstrate the truth to them. And they will submit to My love.

51. Behold Mary, your loving Mother, awaiting your obedience. She understands that My Spirit is sad because of human imperfections and she approaches to inspire you in righteousness and struggles to enable you to attain perfect peace.

52. During these times, while mankind weeps and purifies itself, you will be prepared by My word to convey comfort and peace to men's hearts. Suffering will be like a crucible in which the spirit will be purified in order to be worthy of reaching Me. All have received My strength and in the greatest tests they will come out ahead.

53. I receive your compliance for one year as I have received that of all My people. I bless your noble intentions, and every seed which has not been properly cultivated, I will store within you so that you may fructify it to the point of perfection. May you know how to discern what is pleasing to Me so that you will always live in compliance with My Law.

54. Do not swear falsely, do not pronounce My name if you are not prepared. Dignify yourselves so that you may be recognized and your example will invite your brethren to follow Me, and I can say to them: o disciples, you who humbly come to these houses of prayer are welcome. You have come in like sheep led to the fold, guided by the voice of their shepherd.

55. He who travels along this path, invested with good will, will never feel fatigued.

56. If there are any obstacles along the way, I have provided weapons to defend yourselves, not destructive weapons to injure your brother, but prayer, with which you are strong and invincible.

57. I am your destiny, and therefore if you comply with My Law you will all return to Me, but it is necessary that you establish the means in order for you to progress along the path of your evolution.

58. Make your Word My word, it is your heritage, acknowledge the power it contains. He who possesses it, will be capable of saving a region in the midst of a trial.

59. It is written, "The earth must be shaken from one extremity to the other," and if will be necessary that in those days of darkness there will be men full of faith who will be like torches that will illuminate the path for the rest.

60. It is not My will that these people, whom I have come to awaken during this period, sink into a deep sleep again, for the anguished cries of humanity will awaken them, and when they arise in bewilderment to convey hope to their fellow- men, they will realize that these are no longer on Earth, but in the hereafter.

61. Which one of you, after listening to cries of confusion, anguish and suffering from mankind, will want to turn his back and flee, distrustful of the power which the practice of My word gives you to do something for them? Do you not believe in My word when I have announced that during your trying moments it will be I who will speak through your lips and manifest My power through your deeds?

62. He who is doubtful will be lacking in virtues and also needy, as one who has nothing to give to those who ask of him.

63. This is the Third Era, during which your spirit has the presentiment that it will receive from the Father the necessary gifts and faculties which are so essential to triumph over materialism and reigning perversity, but in truth I say, that these gifts have existed within your spirit from the beginning.

64. Some have come before Me, weary from their sicknesses, and others demand proof in order to believe in My presence. The first ones have realized that to come cleansed before Me, their purification was necessary. These have been following Me.

65. The second group, after receiving what they were seeking, have left, not giving My word any importance, unmindful of where and before whom they were.

66. And others who came certain of finding only physical benefits along this path, on finding themselves before this banquet provided with spiritual nourishment, felt disappointed and they also departed in search of better pathways. These will take a long time to realize that "the kingdom of the spirit is not of this world."

67. Nevertheless I welcome everyone. There has not been anybody who has been denied an entrance when knocking at My door. I say this, for there will be someone who will also knock on your door and it will be I who will humbly knock as the needy does.

68. You ask: Master, how is it possible for you to manifest yourself as the needy, outside our door? And I say to you: Do not be surprised or think it impossible, I will arrive secretly within the hearts of the poor, of the sick, of the defeated and the sorrowful, knocking at the door of your generosity, and I will say to you: Ease your mind and spirit, in order to benefit from the teaching which I have revealed to you.

69. This is the time in which you will learn to practice, explain and live My Doctrine which you have received within these houses of prayer, and which tomorrow you will arise to spread among mankind.

70. Within My word I speak to all My children, whether they are present or absent from this manifestation, whether they have been on Earth or whether they are to come in the future. May each one take from it according to his needs.

71. During this period this Doctrine will be the light which will guide mankind toward the path of truth, because men have closed their eyes to this light, and in truth I say to you: The blind cannot guide the blind without stumbling or falling into the depths.

72. The Spirit of Truth is within each one of My lessons. Take advantage of this period of My communication, safeguard My word zealously and you will never be disinherited.

73. My love will triumph over the hardness of your heart. The door of salvation remains open as it was during the Second Era; come and through it enter the pathway which will guide your spirit toward the Promised Land.

74. The leaf of a tree does not move without My will If! have come to communicate with you, it has been My will to do so, and within its profoundness My very high designs exist for each one of you and for the Universe.

75. During this period men purify themselves through great suffering and from this sinful humanity of today, tomorrow there will appear the generations who will communicate from spirit to Spirit with My Divinity.

76. Those who reach that period will be amazed at the greatness of My Work and the fulfillment of My word. Then they will behold children teaching, indoctrinating and testifying on My behalf with true spirituality, also young men and adults leaving behind them enjoyments and worldly pleasures in order to dedicate themselves to the practice of My teachings, and proclaiming that the period in which they live, is the one announced by the prophets.

77. Before such examples, those who today have listened to My word with indifference and disbelief will feel ashamed.

78. They will not hear My word through the sinful and imperfect human faculty, but they will listen to the voice of the Lord within their conscience.

79. You who hear Me, had the privilege of listening to Me by means of this communication, which although very elevated, is not the most perfect. Ten years still remain, and in order that tomorrow you will not grieve for lost time, take advantage of it, for afterward a period of greater elevation will begin for these people.

80. If you do not safeguard this word today, afterward, when this manifestation ends, you will visit these houses of prayer with distress in your heart to beg the Father to speak to you, to go back to communicating through a human faculty, but that will not happen again. You will observe that those who were My spokesmen for this manifestation will have remained silent and their only advice will be that you elevate yourselves spiritually.

81. It is My will that you do not violate My mandate. I do not wish that when you approach Me, I will not have to say: "Depart from Me, for I know you not," otherwise your spirit will endure a hard restitution.

82. I speak to you of spiritual lessons which are within your understanding, but still there are some who doubt My word. What would happen if I spoke of Divine manifestations, or if I described eternity? Then you would say to Me: What are you saying Master, that we do not understand?

83. I entrust My new prophets to you, those who will foresee something of the hereafter. They will give you their testimony of these spiritual teachings and they will predict events that are to come.

84. This is My lesson, o disciples, I will not prolong it so that you may not become weary and have to repeat it on another occasion. But if you wish to benefit by My teachings, redeem yourselves and put a stop to all evil or vice.

85. You will realize then that egotism, hypocrisy, vanity and materialism will gradually vanish from your hearts; On the other hand, you will begin to follow a true charitable course, one which does not require any reward.

86. You will be offended and amazed at not returning that blow as you did in the past. Then you will elevate yourselves toward your Master, filled with gratitude you will say to Me: "Lord, only you can teach us these lessons and give us strength during these ordeals."

87. I am the true Vine and you are the branches, therefore, impart the same fruit which I have given you.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 3

1. Behold the bread of eternal life; it has been a long time since you had a taste of it.

2. For a long period of time you awaited Me and when you least expected, a light illuminated the firmament; when you asked from where it came and what it signified, someone replied: it is Elijah, who has come to prepare mankind, to make it deserving of its communication with the Master.

3. Like a shepherd who gathers and counts his sheep and hastily seeks the lost one to present a complete flock to his Master, so Elijah has loved and guided you toward the fold and its warmth.

4. When I have seen you in that state of readiness, I have offered you My bread with which you are being nourished forever.

5. Whoever has truly tasted this bread has enjoyed and relished My peace.

6. And this nourishment, which is My Divine word, emanates from the lips of a human being, as one more manifestation that God truly dwells within the conscience of man.

7. Why should I deprive you of the happiness of feeling My Spirit within you?

8. Whoever has peace and virtue in his heart will feel My presence within himself, although I am within all spirits regardless of how much they have sinned. He who has been will never die and he who lives bears Me within him, for I am Life.

9. There are bonds between God and His people which will never be broken, but if men feel isolated from their Heavenly Father, it is because of their lack of spirituality or their lack of faith.

10. Neither death or lack of love will destroy that bond which unites you to Me.

11. No one will be able to escape from My presence; there does not exist a place or dwelling where you can conceal yourselves from Me, because wherever you go I am with you, and wherever you are, you are in Me.

12. Do not be satisfied in knowing all this, it is necessary that you feel Me and in that manner allow Me to manifest Myself through your deeds.

13. Meditate: if I am within you, where have you taken Me whenever you sin?

14. I speak in this manner, for I shall remove the ashes which exist in your heart until I find in it a spark of light.

15. I grant you strength so that you may overcome all ordeals.

16. I observe how your loved ones disrupt your life and submit you to many tests; the greatest obstacles for some in order to follow Me have been their parents, while for others it has been their children.

17. Many have come before this manifestation in a state of tears, well aware that in order to hear Me they had to leave their home in strife and nevertheless, they have insisted on hearing Me.

18. How many tears, prayers, and how much patience has been shown by these people in their hope that others understand this truth!

19. There are those who have been forced to leave their homes, seeking the freedom of listening to My word; a number have been forced to leave their community in order not to be exposed by parents or friends, while others have lost their means of support and are ridiculed and called sorcerers. Still others have been denied their daily bread.

20. When you suffer in that manner in order to follow Me, why should I not receive you with tenderness or spread certain being that will personify that force; keep in mind that for each temptation there is a virtue within your spirit to combat evil.

29. Understand and analyze the moment in which you live. I announced during the Second Era that I would return and I told you what would be the signs of My coming. I want humanity to understand that these signs have already appeared.

30. If I said that I would come, it was because I had more to disclose and during that period I still could not reveal it, for you would not have understood it.

31. Today I have come in Spirit and truly I say to you: There are some who believe that during the first times I was closer to you than I am today: They judge incorrectly for during each of My comings I have been nearer to you. Remember that in the First Era I descended upon a mount and from there I conveyed My Law engraved upon a rock; during the Second Era, I left the summit of the mount in order to descend into your valleys, becoming man to live among you; and in this period in order to be nearer, I have made My dwelling place within your heart to manifest Myself there and speak to mankind from within.

32. There are some who are skeptical in spite of listening to these teachings, and from these non-believers many will eventually believe, while others will remain doubtful. However, the year of 1950 will come, and what coldness they will feel within their spirit, and how they will be tested by the hurricane winds, for by then there will be a beginning of great afflictions and ordeals among humanity!

33. After My departure in 1950, the Earth will tremble, and the clamor of mankind will reach the sky and all of this will correspond with the obscurity and turbulence which took place in Jerusalem on the day that the Son of God was crucified.

34. For many that period will be one of resurrection. The fallen spirits in darkness will arise to a life of enlightenment.

35. This Era was prophesied. It was written that I would return. But behold that while listening to My teaching through My balsam over your wounds? Do not complain about anyone or accuse any of your brethren; leave your cause to Me, for truly I say to you: Those who may have hurt you the most will be the most repentant and humble before Me when they ask for balsam and forgiveness. They will then say to Me: Lord, forgive Me, how much heartbreak I caused my son! Another will say: Master, I denied my spouse because he followed you and I punished him by withdrawing from him to occupy a separate bedchamber, because I judged him to be filled with darkness. They will ask My forgiveness, they will confess their faults and realize that many times they received benefits through those whom they rejected. Therefore I will say to them: While you thought of how to make life unbearable for these My laborers, they in silence and in seclusion prayed for you. But truly I say to you, O disciples, who are forgiven by Me, do you forgive them also with sincerity?

21. Christ, since that time taught you a perfect forgiveness which is born out of love, today I come in Spirit, but My teaching is the same.

22. Rejoice that you have in your Master the perfect model. Truly I say to you, that not before or after Christ, have you had an example like that which He gave you.

23. Would your Master be perfect if His disciple super- ceded Him in wisdom? No.

24. Your spirits will eventually be great, but never greater than that of your Lord; the greater your spiritual elevation, the higher and mightier you will behold your God.

25. The arrogant will finally fall by his own undoing, for believing to be fighting for his own cause, in reality he struggled against himself.

26. Arrogance is the origin of many evils and suffering among the people of God.

27. Ever since the first disobedient one appeared before My Law, how much misery and how much darkness he has left in his wake! Since then, evil exists like an invisible force. I permitted that force to exist only to submit you to a test and it is through yourselves that I want to exterminate it.

28. However,, do not blame your faults and downfall on a certain being that will personify that force; keep in mind that for each temptation there is a virtue within your spirit to combat evil.

29. Understand and analyze the moment in which you live. I announced during the Second Era that I would return and I told you what would be the signs of My coming. I want humanity to understand that these signs have already appeared.

30. If I said that I would come, it was because I had more to disclose and during that period I still could not reveal it, for you would not have understood it.

31. Today I have come in Spirit and truly I say to you: There are some who believe that during the first times I was closer to you than I am today: They judge incorrectly for during each of My comings I have been nearer to you. Remember that in the First Era I descended upon a mount and from there I conveyed My Law engraved upon a rock; during the Second Era, I left the summit of the mount in order to descend into your valleys, becoming man to live among you; and in this period in order to be nearer, I have made My dwelling place within your heart to manifest Myself there and speak to mankind from within.

32. There are some who are skeptical in spite of listening to these teachings, and from these non-believers many will eventually believe, while others will remain doubtful. However, the year of 1950 will come, and what coldness they will feel within their spirit, and how they will be tested by the hurricane winds, for by then there will be a beginning of great afflictions and ordeals among humanity!

33. After My departure in 1950, the Earth will tremble, and the clamor of mankind will reach the sky and all of this will correspond with the obscurity and turbulence which took place in Jerusalem on the day that the Son of God was crucified.

34. For many that period will be one of resurrection. The fallen spirits in darkness will arise to a life of enlightenment.

35. This Era was prophesied. It was written that I would return. But behold that while listening to My teaching through a man, many were doubtful and rejected Me, others did not give My manifestation the least importance.

36. On beholding the indifference and the hardness of men before My word, I have had to perform those feats which you call miracles in order to awaken faith in some and attract the attention of others.

37. Today one and tomorrow another, they are gathering around My word; it is on them that I have symbolically marked upon their brow. It is the Divine mark which they bear in their spirit, therefore I have named them laborers of My domain.

38. For these there will be no need for books of science, philosophies or doctrines in order to teach; the light of My Holy Spirit will be in their faculties and their only book will be My word.

39. Blessed are those who had faith and remained with Me, for they have greatly rejoiced with the Divine harmony of My teachings.

40. Being people of God makes you deserving of this grace, but your merits are still scarce. I have not contemplated your blemishes, for there has been a mantle which has concealed them, and to whom does that merciful mantle belong? It belongs to Mary, your loving Mother, who is ever watchful over each one of her children.

41. You were allowed to inhabit Earth during this Third Era, which will be of perfection, which was opened by Elijah, manifesting his spirit through a human faculty, and he also proclaimed My communication by the same means.

42. However this phase of preparation by means of human faculties is nearing its end; soon My word will not be heard within these houses of prayer and those who did not preserve it within their hearts will feel like orphans, and there will be some who believing the Lord to be distant from them, will afterward go in search of religions in order to find Me.

43. On the other hand, those who have learned My Divine precepts will be the strong ones of this Third Era, because the way will be clearer to them.

44. I have named this period the era of light, and behold, My people, the nations of the world involved in bloody, destructive wars.

45. You, who have been called by Me the sons of light, pray for your brethren, watch over all people in order for that light to reach their spirits and,tomorrow they will walk along the path of My Law.

46. When will men become true disciples of Christ? 1, through Jesus, always taught you obedience, humility and charity: Behold the right path!

47.1 have announced the arrival of great multitudes proceeding from other nations of the Earth. Apparent material motives will bring them to this nation, but deep down it will be to receive the "good news" of the word which I granted you during this period.

48. But meditate seriously regarding this mission. What are you going to convey, teach, or testify to mankind if you have not prepared yourself or your children?

49. Meditate on your responsibility so that your eagerness to become aware of My Doctrine improves, and when that moment arrives when someone knocks on your door, you will be prepared to offer them the Divine nourishment by means of your thoughts, words and deeds.

50. Have faith surrendering yourself to Me and then I will speak through your mouth.

51. I can also reveal that from those parents who know how to elevate and spiritualize their lives, I will allow children to be born who will bring health and strength to their bodies and a message of wisdom in their spirits.

52. In this house of prayer where you congregate to hear Me, you will find comfort for your suffering and courage to face all ordeals which are to come; but as your spirit elevates itself it shows Me the seed which it is gathering from its work.

53. Truly I say to you that the spirit will never feel fatigued by working in My domain, therefore a resting place in a tomb is not for it, for even after the death of its flesh, it will keep on working toward its elevation and perfection.

54. If My word has come to illuminate the path of your spiritual struggle on Earth, then you will find a greater light in the hereafter when you continue your journey toward the Creator.

55. My Divine light glows within the entire Universe.

56. Obey My Law, but may your obedience be born from the understanding regarding the infinite love that the Father has for you. Hear Me and pray, but do not go forth along the pathways before acquiring strength, for you would be unable to withstand the hurricanes and whirlwinds.

57. I am showing the way and preparing you so that you will never abandon it; truly I say to you: he who in My name sows righteousness, which is charity, love and peace, is following My path and will find salvation.

58. The only repentance I ask, is that you dominate your egotism so that you may serve your fellowmen with purity and good will.

59. Study with attention this word which I give you through many spokesmen, for each one has his own gift. Do not despise anyone whom you consider as dull, for when this manifestation has ended at the end of 1950, how many will wish to hear Me even if it were through the one who did not satisfy them.

60. Therefore, I will grant you the grace of having My word transcribed by those whom I have destined and prepared for that mission, so that tomorrow you will not feel like an orphan who has lost his heritage; and when the multitudes and the last ones come before you, you will show them the book of My teaching as the most truthful and sincere testimony of what I revealed to you, for you still lack much in order to be with your life and your word like a book of truth and example.

61. This book will awaken many spirits who slumber, and their hidden faculties will be developed, its reading will inspire and will prepare the new generations, guiding them step by step toward a spiritual communication with My Divinity.

62. O My humble laborers, rejoice knowing that I chose you sinners to convert you into My instruments to save other lost ones. Would you show weariness or disgust in conveying peace, comfort or happiness to those who suffer for the lack of these virtues? Never seek isolation or the solitude of your home to prevent the lamentation of mankind from reaching you; Keep in mind that this is a decisive period for every spirit and you will have to confront suffering. Soon in different regions, I will have you plant "trees," which is what I have named in My word the houses of prayer or places of worship; toward that end prepare yourselves and allow the spiritual world to manifest itself fully among you so that you might have the just interpretation of My teachings.

63. You have little time left to listen to these messengers of My Divinity. The year of 1950 is near, and what improvement in My Work will you offer Me? Be aware that I have awakened you from the depths of spiritual lethargy so that you will not imitate the virgins of the parable who allowed their lamps to be extinguished; if you slumber while you hear the last word of your Lord you will awaken surprised.

64. Behold among you those who come tired of wandering. Some feel at peace before their conscience; others, on the other hand, come with remorse.

65. All of you who come are attracted by the rumor that I am speaking to mankind, and when you listen to this word, you hear the Father say to you: "1 am here among men to allow them to hear My teaching and fulfill a promise to them."

66. Now you are faced with a new opportunity of listening to the Master and receiving His lessons. I am reminding everyone of their gifts and indicating their mission; he who is constant and strong along My path, will soon know My Kingdom.

67. No one can take away the light from the one who knows how to guard it zealously and knows how to make it glow with his virtue.

68. You are wanderers in this earthly existence, and as disciples of this spiritual teaching you should interpret it thus. I welcome everyone with perfect love and with that love I judge you. How different is the judgment of your Lord, from that of men!

69. Of the 144,000 chosen by Me for the fulfillment of this spiritual mission, a portion will listen to My word through these spokesmen, another portion will spiritually receive My mandates aided by their gift of intuition and another, dwelling in the hereafter, will fulfill their mission to mankind in a spiritual manner.

70. My light shall illuminate all places on Earth.

71. Some ask the Master when all these incidents will take place, and truly I say to you that much depends also on your will and perseverance.

72. Those who do not awaken while in the flesh will be lifted from Earth so that their spirit will relinquish anything which ties or prevents them from recognizing My Work.

73. Many times I have said to you: Do not wait for better times in which to work, for you do not know whether future times might prove more difficult.

74. Comply so that I will not have to remind you afterward of the many downfalls which will involve mankind.

75. There are those who say to Me, "Father, wait for me a while longer," and here is what I say to you: I can wait more and more for the return of the son, for I am Eternity, but keep in mind that I have sent you to conquer it.

76. Others say to Me: "Master, it is best that you lift me from this world, for I cannot bear it any longer."

77. When will you live satisfied with your destiny? When will you realize that much of your suffering is due to a purification by which you are liberating yourself of a heavy burden of imperfection? Only through understanding and harmony will you attain peace.

78. How slowly you have traveled on that path of spiritual knowledge.

79. You have lived through many centuries of revelations and experiences, and still I find you weak and immature when I behold that you are incapable of answering a question, or when you are unable to master the ordeals which you encounter along your path.

80. It is My wish that all of you become My disciples, that you relinquish that which will keep you from facing the truth.

81. Always meditate spiritually so that you will not stumble from the difficulty of understanding My word. Forget that you were those who could not imagine that God was invisible, that while thinking about Me, you immediately conceived in your mind the figure of a human being of gigantic proportions, a being who although had a form, would not allow himself to be seen and was always concealed behind a dense veil of mystery.

82. If I became man in Jesus, it was not to give you the impression that God has a human form, but to make Myself be seen and heard by those who were blind and deaf to all which is Divine. If the body of Christ had been the body of Jehovah, in truth I say to you, that He would not have bled or died; His was a perfect body but human and sensitive so that humanity could behold Him and through Him hear the voice of their Heavenly Father.

83. Always when your concept about the Divine has been far from the truth, I have come to your aid to destroy fantasies and unrealities and to make you penetrate the right path.

84. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. My Doctrine does not speak of death. If I frequently tell you of the existence of the spiritual realm, it is because that is where life and eternal happiness exist like a promise for your spirit, but I do not do it so that you may wish for death and hate this life.

85. My word during this era speaks to you of the spiritual life, and it is because you have reached that chapter of the Book of Life in your evolution which shows the unrevealed mysteries to the spirit.

86. If man possesses a spirit, it is natural that it would reveal some evidence of its nature; but I have said that as long as the influence of the flesh does not submit to the dominance and dictates of the spirit, man will be able to penetrate very little within himself to contemplate his inner light and hear his spiritual voice.

87. When you happen to have a moment of solitude and meditation, unknowingly you enter into communion with the spiritual and have the sensation of the eternal and that part of eternity lives and vibrates within your being. That was how during the First Era man discovered that within him was a being, a nature that was not of this world but belonged in another mansion; and this fact did not panic him, on the contrary, it filled him with hope, for he saw that his life was not limited to a brief existence on this Earth; he sensed that his spirit, on separating from the body, would be raised toward a mansion in which he would find a happiness unrealized in this world, a just compensation for his elevated ideal.

88. I came to the world to strengthen all those inspirations with My Doctrine, and to those who dream of worlds of wisdom, love and justice, where there are no tears, miseries or disagreements, I dedicated My Sermon on the Mount so they would persevere in their hope.

89. With how much gentleness and love those first teachers of Christianity taught humanity. The strength of their word was in agreement with their deeds, with which they converted and inspired them toward spirituality.

90. I call them teachers, for they taught according to My examples. If anyone since then has taught and forced his fellowmen to believe without understanding the meaning of My teachings, he has not been a teacher. If he has used force depriving his brethren of the freedom of thinking, believing and reasoning, he has not imitated Me, but he has deprived the spirits of their eagerness to penetrate the depths of My revelations.

91. When My name and My Doctrine have been applied to suppress people or to inject fear, and through this fear men have been forced to believe, I say to you that the ultimate goal which they have pursued has not been spiritual, instead it has been earthly power. How clear was the intention of the Master when He granted you His words and examples which you could summarize into that phrase, "My Kingdom is not of this world!"

92. Enter into My ark, for it will never capsize; but do not doubt like Peter, believing that the Master slumbered, for it will not be My voice but grief itself that would say: "O men of little faith."

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 4

1. Each time you come to listen to My word, you feel that you leave your suffering in Me, but when I return to you, why do you again offer Me your heart full of bitterness?

2. It is time that you learn to retain My peace.

3. This is the era of preparation, and everywhere Trees sprout in towns, cities and regions to offer their spiritual shade to all wanderers.

4. Those wanderers are the multitudes who continually come before this manifestation, and who on listening to My word which tells them that they have already received shelter under the foliage of the Tree of Life in other eras, recognize deep within that they have been unable to take advantage of the times in order to go near the Promised Land.

5. Which one of you, realizing that he has a new opportunity to redeem himself, will again deny Me as he did in previous eras? Who will neglect his mission and disregard the voice of his conscience? Who will remain sleeping the slumber of his materialism, after being awakened by this voice?

6. Your spirit has been shaken when, in spite of your uneasiness, you have heard the Father tell you that He loves you, that He forgives you and helps you to regenerate in order to come to Him.

7. You have humbled yourselves before the Divine love, and full of joy you arise in search of the sick so that they may hasten to the presence of the Master and be healed in Him.

8. Behold the Tree offering man its spiritual fruits.

9. I am the Tree of Eternal Life. Remember Christ upon the cross, He was like a tree, whose arms like branches extended lovingly to give shade to mankind; His words slowly spoken to that multitude and His blood falling drop by drop, were like fruits shed from the Divine Tree.

10. The year of 1950 is near, the one in which you will cease to hear this word which is a Heavenly fruit for you, then the tree, and the fruit and the shade, will be in your spirit.

11. Those who in that time are material minded and fanatical with My word, will try to retain Me and will ask Me to speak to them in this form, a while longer; but that cannot be for I have let you know My will, and it is so written.

12. Those nightingales who have transmitted My word will become silent for this manifestation and I will reward their obedience with the gift of speech and of inspiration.

13. Still you are unaware of what My exalted judgments have in store for those times. From this day forward I say to you, at that blessed hour I want everyone to comply with My will and be obedient and gentle as sheep.

14. However it is not My will that you judge one another; it will be My perfect justice that will judge each one of My children.

15. Hear Me, O My people: do not leave Me speaking alone in the wilderness; you still have time to meditate and learn.

16. Let no one seek to do his own will, although man can use his temporarily, because the justice of the Father will be upon him, and only what is decreed for him will be fulfilled.

17. Be prepared, O prophets of this Third Era, so that you can alert the multitudes not to be caught unaware by the false christs and false communications.

18. Do not doubt these words only because I am transmitting them through a humble and backward spokesman.

19. Arise and reveal these teachings to everyone, for the time is very short.

20. A single word of enlightenment will be enough to keep your fellowmen awakened.

21. To exchange defects for qualities, will be the noble aspiration of the future spiritual followers, those who will establish a superior kingdom upon the ruins of the human existence.

22. It will be the generations of the future who will establish that world of morality, science and high spirituality; but you who are present, can do a great deal. With a little good will you can remove the ruins, the fragments of a past of errors and violations, leaving from that only the light of a long and painful experience. If you make an effort to conduct yourselves along the path of noble aspirations, so that your mind can be occupied with virtues and your lips be the faithful instrument of truth and inspiration which will germinate in your spirit, I will bless you and allow you to behold the light of that kingdom of peace which together you will build.

23. Although your feet are touching the earth, do not allow your desires to rest upon it. Elevate your aspirations more and more, without forgetting to give to God that which is God's and to the world that which belongs to it.

24. My word is for all, but not everyone receives it in the same manner. Many listen to it with indifference, but there are others who could not live without the pleasure of listening to Me. Among these, I have beheld the one who comes without having partaken of material food, and who on hearing My word has forgotten his needs and privations, and upon leaving the house of prayer, he has felt so filled with strength, hope, peace and consolation that he has whispered to himself: Surely, "man does not live by bread alone, but by every word which comes from God."

25. Only I can behold what each heart conceals without anyone knowing it; I find little sheep who are sad, thirsty, sick or weary; creatures without love and who nevertheless tell Me when they hear Me: "I am happy just listening to the Divine Master, for all my sorrows disappear and my heart overflows with light and happiness."

26. Others, on the other hand, are lethargic and will not allow their hearts to be moved, as was the case during the first days when they heard the voice of their Master, but how can the lesson be continued when some are attentive and others are not, when some feel Me and others remain insensitive?

27. O My disciples: return to your former selves, listen to Me and feel Me as you did before. Remember when you confessed that this revelation was your life and the light of your destiny. Do not forget that today I say to you that what you need will be granted when the right moment comes.

28. Fill your lamp again with oil so that the flame of faith and wisdom will glow once more.

29. Do not slumber, be watchful and pray, for the Master might surprise you entering your abode as before, as in those days of spiritual enthusiasm, when at each step you felt My presence. You will behold how your existence again will be illuminated by the light which was obscured without your knowledge and it will again restore your confidence in a future filled with abundance and wisdom.

30. Give Me one and all, your thoughts; offer Me your heart, each sorrow and hardship will be like flowers which I accept; flowers of suffering, bitterness and disappointment, but flowers at least, for they are an expression of purification, of a fragrance which is elevated to Me.

31. Enter into silence, O spirits who receive My light, while your heart expresses its sorrow, leave in Me your tears and in return accept My balsam.

32. The Father, the Supreme Being is beholding you. Do not feel defeated or powerless before Him, for when He created you He gave you His strength.

33. If your sorrows are intense, His mercy will be greater. Perform deserving deeds of faith and love, and do not doubt that He will guide you forever toward His kingdom of kindness and wisdom.

34. O humanity: have confidence in Me and when you feel yourselves weakening, give Me the burden of your cross while you regain your strength.

35. Know that this world is a fountain of purification and that on leaving it to return to your true mansion, your spirit will glow like a light in space. Remember that I told you: He who seeks Me will find Me, he who seeks will find. You have sought Me and find yourselves before Me.

36. But there are also those who seeking Me do not find Me, for they look in places where I cannot be. These even doubt My existence unaware that they have Me very close, that they bear Me within themselves.

37. They do not find Me within their own hearts, for they are like closed temples. The peace and the light which exists in them remains hidden. However, that is the true sanctuary where I dwell, waiting for you to enter to speak to you of profound revelations and to explain the reason for many mysteries. When you have entered you know from where you came and where destiny is taking you, and you are surprised at having found Me where you previously saw nothing. But he who is not aware of this sanctuary, builds his temple in the material, erects an altar and upon it places a god made by his own hands. Until time passes and he is convinced of the imperfection of his worship, he awakens and arises in search of the spiritual God, the God of truth, the only God, because the one that he forged had nothing to give him, for it lacked life.

38. It is God who has given man life, the One who created him and not man who can create gods and give them life.

39. As you listen to this word you are gaining understanding. When that illumination is complete within your spirit, you will say to Me: "Master, the miracle is accomplished."

40. Thus you will understand what the spiritual deeds are that I have been performing during these times.

41. Your spirituality will not demand the miracles and proofs of the First and Second Eras in order to believe in Me.

42. Today you will behold spiritually the heavenly manna descend; you will behold the water of repentance emanate from rocks which are the hearts of great sinners. You shall behold those who are dead to the world of faith and virtue resurrect to life; those who are ailing from moral disorders cleansed, and those blind to the truth open their eyes to behold My splendor.

43. If My birth as Man during the Second Era was a miracle and My spiritual ascension after My bodily death was another miracle, truly I say to you that My communication during these times through a human faculty is also a spiritual miracle.

44. Up to the last of My prophecies, all will be fulfilled during this time. I leave you My three testaments, forming just one.

45. He who has first known the Father as love, sacrifice and forgiveness, let him know Him fully during this period, so that instead of fearing His justice, he may love and venerate Him.

46. If you were devoted to the Law during the First Era, it was for fear that the Divine justice would punish you, but for that reason I sent My Living Word so that you would understand that God is Love.

47. Today My light comes to you so that you will not lose yourselves and will be able to reach the end of the road by being faithful to My Law.

48. You have fully served the world and it has treated you badly, but when were you told that man would be a slave of the world? Do you not know or do you not remember, that you were told you would be sovereign on Earth? How many times do you have to appear before My presence like the prodigal son!

49. It is My wish that you come to Me filled with goodness, virtue and humility.

50. I found you covered with spiritual leprosy and just by desiring it I healed you. In the same manner I want you to heal your brethren, without feeling repulsion because of their sins. It will be then that your deeds will testify that you love Me and not your lips that will proclaim it without your heart feeling it.

51. You will not imitate the Pharisees who in the synagogue made a display of being deserving before God and publicly through the streets made a show of charity.

52. Guard My lessons so that you may study them carefully, for the day draws near when you will cease to hear this word through a human faculty and then, those who learned and understood, will be as strong as invincible warriors.

53. Once prepared, you will speak, inspired by Me, and in this simple manner you will teach mankind. While some of My new disciples will have to go in search of men, others will have to wait for their brethren to arrive, searching My teaching in them.

54. O My people: explain My word and My lesson to the children; behold that My Doctrine does not hold back before age or sex; it is for the spirit.

55. Give My teaching to children, simplifying and placing it within their understanding, but never forget that the best method of explaining My lessons, will be through the virtue of your life in which they will behold your acts of charity, patience, your humility and spirituality. That will be the best way to teach them.

56. Talk to them about Jesus, speak to them about Mary and all of those men and women who have brought to the. world a message of light: that is the way you will show them the way to Me.

57. Tell them that on the day of rest your spirit penetrates My sanctuary in order to glorify Me. For you dedicate six days to your duties and human concerns, so that you will have one day of rest and in it devote a few moments to meditation and worship of your Lord.

58. There you will find Me waiting for you, always expecting your prayer, which is the language that you use when you speak to Me of your troubles, your love or when you give Me thanks.

59. You have entered My sanctuary formed by multitudes anxious to hear My Divine word, and truly I say to you, that I have poured out a torrent of teachings upon you. This word will be a fertile seed within your spirit so that you will be converted into My laborers.

60. You come with gratitude in your heart, because before telling you to go and spread charity, I granted you a miracle, by either giving you health, peace or some other lost benefit.

61. Today in your gratitude you say to Me: "Master, what can I do to make up for so much love?" Then I indicate the vast fields so that you may clear them of weeds, rocky ground and sow the seed of love, peace and charity.

62. Before I send you I fill you with strength and faith so that you will not weaken, or be intimidated in the struggle. Many times you will see your wheat sprout and grow among weeds and thorns and you will care for it there until harvest time comes in order to separate the wheat from the weeds.

63. The more suffering it takes to cultivate those fields, the greater your love for them and your satisfaction on seeing them flourish.

64. Truly I say to you that this spiritual wheat which you cultivate under My teaching, will be the bread of eternal life for your descendants, beyond the seventh generation.

65. Hear Me unceasingly, O disciples who find yourselves rejoicing! I speak to your spirit through these impure lips of men through whom I communicate. But truly I say to you, that My word is not contaminated with that impurity, it is clean when it reaches your spirit.

66. Study My teaching, in order to understand what is the field, what is the seed, the water and the tool, and you will know what is the perfect way to prepare, sow, irrigate and cultivate the soil.

67. The laborer who works in this manner will be able to distinguish the good from the bad fruit.

68. Behold how many have arisen believing that they know how to sow and instead of this wheat they have sown strange seeds, which on fructifying, have produced thorns.

69. I want the laborer of the Third Era to emerge, for this reason I have called upon the great multitudes so that those who are to follow Me during this period will arise from among them.

70. Thus, while I give you one lesson after another, the time draws near in which you will undertake your mission completely.

71. Along your path you will find fields sown during other eras and which only await your watering and cultivating; these are the spirits wherein lies the seed of faith received from the time of the prophets and My apostles.

72. Some carry the seed of the First Era, others that of the First and the Second, and in them you will deposit the one which I have given you in this Third, since you are already possessors of the seed of the Three Eras, for which I call you Trinitarians.

73. This is the life and the work which awaits you. Why do you fear the struggle, when I am giving you everything? Why do I see tears in the eyes of some laborers when the most difficult part of the struggle has not even begun? I want you to believe that I am close to you; that your gifts are a reality, that all that you ask for your spiritual perfection, during your trying moments and ordeals I will grant. I do not want to see any more weaknesses in you.

74. Most of you, disregarding your spirit, come to ask for the body, bread, balsam, employment and for each one I perform a miracle, because these also will be testimonies that tomorrow will kindle faith and hope within the hearts of your brethren; however, do not ask for so little. That which appears to be so much to you will soon end; it is best that you ask for eternal blessings, spiritual benefits. In addition, I will grant you that which pertains to the world.

75. I have more to give you than you can possibly ask of Me, therefore do not be satisfied with so little.

76. I can transform your hearts into inexhaustible fountains of charity; I can fill your minds with inspiration and your lips with words; I can give you the gift of healing and the power to disperse all darkness and overcome evil.

77. He who has these aspirations, will behold within himself the virtues which had been ignored within his spirit. Who will close his door to whoever knocks, when he possesses such gifts? What pathways will seem long and rocky to the one who is blessed with My strength? What seasons will seem so inclement if he can have command over the very elements?

78. O My disciples, your greatest mission will be that of charity! Many times you will perform it secretly, without any display, not letting your left hand know what your right hand has given, but there will be occasions when your charity will have to be witnessed by your brethren in order for them to learn to share it.

79. Forget about payment, I am the Father who rewards with justification the deeds of His children without neglecting a single one.

80. I have told you that if you offer a glass of water with true charity, that gesture will not remain unrewarded.

81. Blessed are those who on approaching say to Me: "Master, I expect no reward for my deeds, it is enough that I exist knowing that I am your son so that my spirit will be filled with happiness." And I say to you: You come weeping, because you have lost your way, your health and your ability to work, and it is then that you remember your Heavenly Father.

82. Behold I am here before you; you are before the Master and the reason for your coming is unimportant.

83. Come and listen to My lessons, some are for My disciples, but there are also others dedicated to beginners.

84. Do not feel humiliated in finding yourselves among brothers who are advanced in My teachings, before whom you try to conceal your ignorance. They also came as you did.

85. You, who are just beginning, learn the Divine lesson well, so that you may have something to offer those who will come after you.

86. Let no one be surprised at My coming to seek My new disciples from among the scum, redeeming them with My word, and afterward sending them to mankind with a message of regeneration, of life and of light for their brethren.

87. Among sin, imperfection and profanation of this people, the light of My Spirit has manifested itself during this era. Thus I have come battling to overcome that darkness until I make the light shine.

88. Blessed are all those who, closing their eyes to so much human imperfection and raising themselves above so much misery, have been able to find My presence within My new manifestation.

89. This rude and sinful people will continue to be polished and cleansed, for from generation to generation it will manifest My spiritual Work with greater perfection.

90. Stop being what you were in the past; do away with primitive worship, bad habits and strive toward your spiritual improvement.

91. I came surprising you precisely at the time proclaimed by Jesus and the prophets of My new coming; now as My promise is being fulfilled, you will behold sin at its highest level of perversity, ambition and human hatred being manifested in wars, as a result of the darkness which envelops the spirit of mankind during these times.

92. And when the darkness became more dense, a Divine ray of light descended to rip it asunder becoming a human word to say to men, "Love one another."

93. Be watchful and pray and do not judge one another, so that I will not have to repeat to you: "He who is free from sin, let him cast the first stone."

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 5

1. This is a moment of rejoicing for the Divine Spirit, for before the ark of the New Covenant the People of Israel have congregated.

2. I have come again to lay out My path, and you have followed it; I have nourished and endowed you with My grace.

3. This is a day for which Elijah has prepared and awaited a long time, and the moment has come in which his spirit will rejoice. Elijah presents his sheep cleansed, for beforehand he had them wash in the fountain of grace which is repentance, regeneration and elevation. The number of the flock which the shepherd presents to Me today is small, it is barely the beginning of the formation of My people, but it is My will that the first be united so that they may set an example for the last.

4. Do not come before Me dejected and ashamed like the prodigal son; I want you to regard the house of your Father as your own dwelling.

5. The bell is ringing, the time has arrived, the multitudes are approaching. The sheep that are asleep will awaken, for Elijah approaches, preparing the spirits of children, adolescents and the old, so that they may receive the light of My word and prepare them for the communication with My Spirit.

6. The multitudes have answered My call and come in search of My word which is to them like reaching the Promised Land. They are anxious to hear My voice which is peace and comfort, because their unrest, misery and hardships have caused suffering along their paths. They are those who bring petitions instead of an offering; some present Me with their ailments, others their lack of employment and still others their poverty and tears. To all I will give more and I shall make them understand that the spirit comes before the flesh; today they are My beginners, but through these benefits, they will follow Me until at last they are converted into My disciples.

7. I give you My strength, so that you will not be overcome by temptation which will entice you a great deal during your journey. I want love, charity and harmony to prevail among you. It is My will that during this period of the Sixth Seal, humanity seek Me through the spirit.

8. I want you to elevate yourselves to Me; if I came during the Second Era for the purpose of becoming Man and to give you My life, today when I communicate through a human faculty I will grant you My Divine essence, and I will not allow you to slumber in your compliance while I carry the cross upon My back. I will teach you to carry upon your shoulders the part which corresponds to each one of you. You will recognize the path, it is traced with footprints of blood and sacrifice. If you want a flowery path full of pleasures, that will not guide you toward the summit of the mount where your journey should end.

9. I have named you the "Marian People" for you are able to love and recognize the Divine Mother and approach her like a child who needs tenderness or as a sinner who seeks intercession.

10. The presence of Mary in the world is an indication of My love for men; Her purity is a heavenly miracle revealed to you. From Me she descended to Earth to become a woman and in her womb would germinate the Divine seed, the body of Jesus, through whom the Living Word would speak. She comes anew to manifest herself during this period.

11. The love of Mary for you is like a heavenly ark; you will gather around her, as children do around their mother.

Hear her sweet word so that she will not find hardness in your heart; repent and be receptive so that her light may penetrate you and you may feel her tenderness. Once you are thus prepared, make a promise before your God, before Mary and before Elijah, that you will form one single body and one single will; make a vow before the Ark of the New Covenant that you will unceasingly struggle to uproot from your heart selfishness, hatred and fanaticism; and if you keep your promise, truly I say to you, the purification which you are enduring through your suffering will pass.

12. O My people, if even the rocks feel the justice of My word, why should you not feel it? If the earth trembles just by My voice, if the water becomes agitated, how can your spirit not be moved when it is the most dignified creature in all Creation?

13. The Master will untiringly come to teach and to give you His gentleness with the most beautiful lessons.

14. Strive to conceive what the meaning the Ark of the New Covenant contains, for the time of the struggle is near at hand. If Jesus from the cross said: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do," and in your ignorance you were forgiven, today I want you to behold My light, so that you will not violate the Law again.

15. The time is near in which those whom you regard as foreigners will come in search of My word and in which the new generations will appear with greater spirituality. Soon you will behold among you, men of different colors and languages who will listen to Me with love and they will be converted into My disciples; for My word will re-echo to the confines of the Earth. When they have been indoctrinated, they will return to their native lands bearing this message.

16. O disciples, who listen to My word with ecstasy because your spirit knows how to elevate itself: there where you have spiritually penetrated, is the sanctuary, the temple of the Holy Spirit. You have prepared yourselves with humility, you have regarded each other as brethren, you love one another in My Divinity and you have attained this grace.

17. Be apostles of this cause, .so that you may work toward the restoration of all that I have instituted and which you have violated. Do not weaken, for anyone who bears the Divine mark will be invincible. If you wish to preserve this grace for always, do not lose yourselves along the pathways of corruption; do not go within darkened paths, because the Divine Shepherd will find you weeping like lost sheep.

18. May everyone work toward the construction of this sanctuary, for no merit will be ignored by Me. My word will teach you, your conscience will guide you and your intuition will disclose in what moment and in what place you should express My word and practice charity.

19. Seek the fields in order to sow and prepare them clearing away the rocky ground; make the barren fields productive, for I expect a fruitful harvest from your efforts; Thus there will be rejoicing in the one who gives as much as in the one who receives. I call you My warriors and I bless you.

20. The trumpet that is held by the angel of the Sixth Seal, is being heard and your promise which you have made spiritually before Me, is being recorded in the Book of Life.

21. Be active, for a reward awaits you when you have concluded your work.

22. You are My laborers who have received My seed during the three eras; but you are also those who have become lethargic when you have seen your fields turn golden with wheat, and you allow the worm to eat away the roots of the plants, rendering their fruits worthless.

23. Remember your differences in the first eras, your disloyalty, your pitfalls. Behold why I find you dispersed and weakened. Remember that I announced I would return to bring you together again and here I am; As the Master, I have not come to behold your blemishes or your offenses; I have come to forgive you, to anoint you and give you My wisdom once again.

24. This is the new pact which you make with My Divinity. This revelation is the ark of the New Covenant. If you wish to proceed and never deviate from this course go forth and comfort the sorrowful, heal the sick, save the lost, guide the blind and nourish those who hunger for justice, understanding and peace. Show the way to those with physical or spiritual ailments, let them come before Me, for I will give them My balsam, however, I will not tell them that their iniquity is the cause of their suffering.

25. If I approach the home of the humble, I will also enter the mansion of the mighty. Truly I say to you that in one and the other I have found brother against brother, and in those fields I will sow the seed of peace.

26. I leave you this lesson which contains law and justice, so that in imitating your Master, you might convey peace where there is dissension and spread charity where selfishness exists. Be in the life of your brethren, like stars which illuminate their way.

27. Never adulterate My teachings, manifest My Work as a book which embraces only purity and when you have concluded your journey, I will welcome you. I will disregard your spiritual blemishes and I will grant you My Divine caress, which will be your greatest reward when you reach the Promised Land. For I have given you in this era a handful of seed that you may learn to sow in fertile fields and there allow it to multiply.

28. I have taught you not to cut the fruit before its time, but to leave it on the plant until it ripens.

29. You do not know how many centuries have passed until you again were called by Me to become laborers of My fields. You were a people wandering through the pathways of the world until My love selected you from the multitudes.

30. Today I have enriched you and have made you conscious of your heritage.

31. May no one attempt to imitate the prodigal son, for each return will be more painful.

32. Do not permit selfishness to penetrate your heart again and keep this heritage only for you.

33. Do not live spiritually divided and only in apparent unity, for although you deceive your fellowman, you cannot deceive Me.

34. If you know how to pray, you will not be lost, for besides Elijah, the spiritual shepherd who protects and guides you, there are also your brethren, those whom I have placed before you on Earth, §.o that they may advise and correct you.

35. Seek the unification of all the congregations and let it be the banner of peace, unity and good will; May you never handle destructive weapons, the weapons that I have given you are of love.

36. You are learning to heal the sick and to resurrect the one who has died to a life of grace; you are learning to struggle and to spread My Doctrine. However, there are those who even within this pathway seek riches, elegance and honors, and the truth is that they are unaware how much suffering it takes to purify those blemishes.

37. How great is the gift with which the spokesman has been endowed! What an abundance of knowledge of love and consolation passes through his faculty and his lips! He is the means between God and men so they may listen to Me. Vanity or pride should not lodge within them, for if they do that, they will fall into temptation. Their example should be of gentleness, simplicity and charity so that they may fully enjoy My Divine inspiration. But among them will be those who, regarding themselves as kings, will seek their subjects and surround themselves with flatterers. But will humanity believe them? Will they be able to resurrect those dead to a life of grace and comfort grieving hearts? No, these would only provoke mockery, which would not be against them but against My Doctrine.

38. Your mission is to teach, but if you do not learn from Me, what will you possibly teach?

39. I love everyone equally, the same goes for the one who loves Me and is zealous of My Law, as well as the one who adulterates or prevaricates; I will test and correct these last, and in the end they will become My good laborers.

40. I will help you to comply with that promise that you made before the Ark of the New Covenant, and it will be then when you will have fulfilled the mission that you have brought to the world.

41. I have always made My presence felt among you so that you may live on the alert, and your mind and heart will always be sensitive to the spiritual lessons.

42. The multitudes are approaching as the times pass by, and the observation of the last will be more penetrating, in order to judge the essence of My word and your preparation.

43. Purify yourselves. Without regeneration you will be unable to bear good fruits. The light of My Holy Spirit is within your conscience, so that your deeds may be the testimony of My truth.

44. Take advantage of the years, the centuries and the eras so that you may draw nearer to Me.

45. I say this to you, because I see that you are indifferent to My teaching, on the other hand, when you feel that death is near, you weep because you wish to comply and make up for lost time.

46. Do not fear to ascend the mount, you know that I await you at its summit.

47. I in Jesus scaled the heights of Calvary, knowing that on its pinnacle the cross awaited Me, and I was strong; do not forget My lesson.

48. I am using you to manifest Myself to mankind; I am speaking My heavenly word through your lips, but if men upon hearing it doubt, it will not be because of its essence but because of your imperfections.

49. I am teaching you to transport yourselves in spirit by means of the prayer and your thoughts to whatever place you wish charity to be imparted. You will also have to convey yourselves physically in order to spread My Doctrine to other lands.

50. I will avail Myself of your whole being.

51. In order to form this people I had to soften the hardened hearts, behind which you concealed your spirit and it was My word of love which convinced you. Then I gave you weapons, which are My teachings, so that during your struggle you could overcome all obstacles, and I made you realize that in order to be named sons of Israel, it is necessary to practice My Doctrine with purity and teach My Law without altering it.

52. What you ask Me and what you answer Me, you do in silence, from the deepness of your heart. The years are long past in which I permitted each one of My disciples to get up physically before his brethren to analyze My word and answer My questions.

53. How you have allowed time to erase those memories and remove My word from your mind!

54. My teaching like a fine chisel purifies you, while life, with its vicissitudes and ordeals prepares you.

55. Be comforted during your bitter and difficult moments, keeping in mind that My wise and perfect Law will judge everything.

56. I have been in your affliction so that through it you will seek Me. I have touched you through poverty so that you may learn to ask, to be humble and to understand others.

57. I have withheld your daily bread, to prove that he who has faith is like the birds that do not worry about a tomorrow; they behold the dawn appear as a symbol of My presence and when they awaken, their first act is to elevate their melodies as an indication of thanks and as proof of their faith.

58. I have made My presence felt through the ones you love most, to prove to you that the spirit is strong and with that strength it can sustain the flesh during the great ordeals of this existence.

59. The stubborness of mankind is great and each man bears within his heart a rock, but I will approach everyone with the spiritual caress of My word.

60. Among the immense multitudes there are plenty of those who would not be moved if they saw Jesus nailed to the cross and bleeding; neither will they be affected by the cries of suffering and the flow of blood which is shed by their fellowmen during these hours of ordeals for mankind.

61. Nothing affects men anymore; they regard everything superficially and do not meditate at all.

62. It is necessary for the light of My word to reach all spirits, so that they may awaken to the truth, to love, to charity. Then they will realize the reason for so many hardships.

63. It is necessary for all to understand that I have prepared a place in eternity for each one of you, and that it is not of this world.

64. You have come to comply along the path of your existence with that mandate of the Father which states: "Be fruitful and multiply," however, it is already the time that your spirit should be prepared for its return to Me.

65. I will reveal and leave in writing many lessons during this period, for soon you will cease to hear Me in this manner. Afterward you will prepare yourselves and my light will reach your spirit directly; it will be the time for you to arise as the true disciples of the Holy Spirit.

66. You believed that the gift of prophecy, of the word and of inspiration, was a privilege only for the just and the saints, but during this period I relieved you from that error by saying to the outcasts: you may also be My prophets, My emissaries and My disciples.

67. If humanity neglects you because of your physical humility, I will bring you nearer My table so that you may feel loved by Me. How are you going to compensate the love that I have for you, O My people? With your faithfulness or by chance with your ingratitude?

68. Do not be satisfied with the first thing, always aspire for more, because I am waiting for those prepared in order to send them to other lands with this good news.

69. By chance are you fearful of leaving your parents, wife or children? Are you worried about leaving what belongs to you on Earth? He who wishes to be My disciple, will have to remember My disciples of the Second Era in order to imitate them afterward.

70. Blessed is the one whose bodily death comes upon him teaching My Doctrine, for the light of his spirit will be very great.

71. Always be prepared, for not even the angels are aware of that moment.

72. This Divine book, which contains My word, tends to perfect all spirits. Before it, there will be ho elderly, no adults, no children, but only disciples.

73. Read and be enlightened by this book, for it will reveal great teachings to you. You are the ones who have not shown any annoyance while listening to My word which I have given you through these people, whom I have named nightingales.

74. How many times you have weakened along your path, and by only remembering some of My words, you have regained your strength!

75. Today when you face an ordeal, you seek a direct communication with My Divinity by means of the spiritual prayer and you struggle within your inner self to clear your mind in order to receive the grace which you have solicited from the Father.

76. What you confess to Me, I alone know it. But this Confidant, whom you have in. Me, will never publicize your faults nor much less denounce you. Again I am teaching you to forgive others.

77. Regard your ordeals as lessons and benefit by My teachings. Time passes quickly; those who arrived as children, are already in their youth; those who began their journey in their adolescence, have reached their maturity, and those who started in their middle age, have become old.

78. He who has learned to concentrate within his inner self while listening to My word, has managed to keep it, but he who has allowed his thoughts to wander toward that which does not pertain to My Work, has emerged with his spirit devoid of teachings and an empty heart.

79. Realize that if I have called you, it has not been only to improve you, but to enter in this manner, into an obligation with your Master and with your brethren, to share something of what you have received in abundance.

80. I will not allow you to manifest My Work if you are defiled. What could you possibly convey to your brethren?

81. Prepare yourselves, for all of you will have to watch over what I have entrusted to you. Are you not grateful before your Father who as the Supreme Judge, gives you an opportunity to cleanse your sins through the practice of love, instead of doing it through suffering?

82. If you call this penitence, I say to you, that is the only penitence that I will accept. The day will arrive for you in which to reject what is superfluous and unrighteous in order to practice what is good and permissible, will be a true enjoyment instead of a sacrifice, not only spiritually but also physically.

83. lam preparing the pathways through which My emissaries will reach other lands and nations.

84. My word of this period has fructified during the last years, because the houses of prayer have multiplied and the multitudes have increased.

85. You feel incapable, of arising and performing such a delicate mission, but truly I say to you that My countless teachings and inspirations will place in your lips the gift of speech, however, in order for you to attain the fulfillment of that promise, it is necessary for you to have faith in Me and in yourselves. And he who possesses this faith and complies with My Law, must not boast of his virtues, for then his word will be lacking in essence.

86. Why has My word affected men of all classes? Because of its humility, purity and simplicity.

87. O My people: teach children to pray for mankind. Their innocent and simple prayer like the fragrance of flowers, will be elevated to Me and will also reach the suffering hearts.

88. Prepare the children, show them the way to overcome temptations and tomorrow they will take one more step onward than the one you have taken. For if you were able to understand My word, if you even knew the depth of each one of the thoughts which take form through the different spokesmen through whom I manifest Myself, and if you knew the value of a single one of My teachings, you would not be so timid to speak of this Work. You would feel capable of even reaching a battlefield so that those men would hear the reading of one of My lessons, and in truth I say to you, that you would see some weep in repentance, and others of hope.

89. Why are you sometimes unmoved? () hardened hearts, who have become accustomed to the caress of My word! You are lethargic, satisfied in having attained peace and comfort, without remembering that there are many who do not even have a crumb of this bread which you have squandered.

90. You have not wanted to rejoice contemplating the effect that the comforting word of the Master would cause in many hearts.

91. O My humble beginners! When are you going to improve in spirit? When will you be able to rule over the weaknesses of the flesh? I am the one who crosses the desert spreading My Divine word and searching for lost travelers; However, I wish that men would learn to share what they have received from Me. That is why I say to you, O My people, that you should be prepared to extend charity, allowing these teachings to reach the ends of the Earth. Make it possible that they reach all nations seeking men of ail walks of life.

92. This is the best water that you can possibly offer those who thirst for love and truth.

93. You still have not arisen to work, for you are concealing the spiritual treasures that I have entrusted to you, while in other nations they perish, because they have not received this message. They are multitudes who walk without direction, travelers who lack water and enlightenment.

94. If you do not arise, o My people, of what use will your knowledge be? What do you intend to do which would be useful and beneficial for your future existence, that which awaits you in the spiritual realm?

95. Be merciful with yourselves. No one knows when the moment will come in which his spirit will separate from the flesh. No one knows if on the next day his eyes will open to the light. Everyone belongs to the Lord of all Creation, and you do not know when you will be lifted.

96. Remember that not even the hairs on your head belong to you, not even the ground that you tread upon; that you yourselves do not belong here, that you do not need to have possessions of short duration, since "your kingdom also is not of this world."

97. Spiritualize yourselves and you will possess everything within fairness and in measure according to your needs, and when the moment of your renunciation of this life arrives, you will elevate yourselves full of light to take possession of what belongs to you in the hereafter.

98. All My spiritual work throughout the times, has had the goal of erecting in eternity a Kingdom of happiness and enlightenment for all My children.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 6

1. Blessed are you who come to listen to the lesson of the Master, for My teaching is the seed that you will deliver to the future generations. You are the first-born who will prepare the way for his minor brethren with his example.

2. This is the Third Era in which My Divine Spirit will overflow upon all flesh and upon all spirits, in fulfillment of the prophecy that I made that every eye would see Me.

3. Truly I say to you that when you communicate from spirit to Spirit with My Divinity, you will be beholding Me, for it is your spiritual vision that I have come to prepare.

4. You are the heirs to My kingdom. The fruit of the tree of life has been given to you By the Father, so that you may satisfy yourselves and afterward cultivate its seed.

5. The Father possesses the fields, and He has given them to you His children, naming you laborers in His domain.

6. Those who have understood their mission and were able to cultivate the fields, have rejoiced and they offer Me their satisfaction; those who perceived the path adorned with fragrant flowers, and believing that the tree did not require vigilance and care, in order to bear fruit, today find themselves weary. Along their way they found so much misery, sin and. pain, that they felt powerless to lighten the cross of their brethren. They had barely started the journey, when they felt tired; they dedicated themselves to healing the sick and they also became ill.

7. But the Master is still among His disciples in order to give them new lessons and help them to arise. I say to you: Ask and it shall be given, for I am your Father.

8. My teaching filled with love and patience, will convert you into gentle sheep who will obediently follow, the voice of their Shepherd.

9. Do not forget that before the Ark of the New Covenant, you pledged to comply with the precepts of My Law.

10. Yes, o disciples, your mission is of peace and unity; you will have to reconstruct My temple, because through you I shall bequeath My Word, My prophecies and mandates to mankind.

11. I also say to you: If you are the heirs of the Father, why do you dare to prevaricate or adulterate? Do you not understand that by doing this you will intensify your restitution? Behold the reason for your ailments and vicissitudes.

12. If I have regarded you as the first, do not become the last, occupy your place and keep this grace until the end of your journey.

13. Do not be divided, form only one family, only thus will you be strong.

14. Do not become conceited, behold that your fields are small, and still your sowing is meager. Always be humble and you will be exalted before the Father.

15. Those who were weak yesterday, will be the strong ones of tomorrow, of that tomorrow you long for, which should be like the breaking of a new day, whose sunlight will illuminate your spirit; then you will be helpers of one another, in order to support the burden of the cross.

16. Do not regard My Work as a burden, nor say that the fulfillment of the beautiful mission of loving the Father and your brethren is tiresome for your spirit. What is really tiresome, is the cross of your own iniquities and those of others, for which you will have to weep, bleed and even die. Ingratitude, incomprehension, selfishness, slander, will be like a burden upon you, if you allow them to lodge within you.

17. To the stubborn man the fulfillment of My Law would seem difficult and fatiguing, because it is perfect, and it does not protect iniquity or falsity; but for the obedient, the Law is his defense, his support, his salvation.

18. I warn and prepare you for everything, so that you will know how to spread My teachings with true charity.

19.1 illuminate My spokesmen so that My ray of light descends upon them as a human word, but full of heavenly essence, to nourish, purify and heal the multitudes. Soon the number of My spokesmen will increase; men and women will speak extensively and I will reveal great teachings through them.

20.1 am speaking to you and I am watching over you. Do not slumber like the disciples of the Second Era while Jesus prayed in the Garden of Olives, because your adversaries will surprise you.

21. Pray together with your Master, so that your prayer may invest you with courage and you will not be intimidated by sounds of alarm.

22. There is someone who doubts My presence, even though he is receiving My communication through his faculty. And the reason is that on judging his life, his words and even his thoughts, he considers himself unworthy, impure, and he believes that My presence in him is impossible. Truly I say to you: all these people through whom I communicate are impure and sinful, but I contemplate their constant effort to be more deserving in transmitting My Divine word, and My strength and My light are with them.

23. This people, who at the present time should be like a man in full youth, has come before the presence of their Father like an old man, spiritually tired because of his long journey, overcome by his burden, weakened and disappointed. But in order to help him along his path, I have opened a book, the Book of Life, in which he will discover the secret of everlasting peace, Of eternal youth, health and happiness.

24. In My domain you will recover your lost strength, 0! My laborers!

25 My word always advises righteousness and virtue. You must not spread malicious talk about your brethren,causing their disgrace; do not regard with contempt those who suffer ailments that you call contagious; do not favor wars; do not have a disgraceful occupation which destroys morality and protects vices; do not curse anything that is created. Do not take what belongs to others without permission of its owner, or spread superstitions. Visit the sick; forgive those who offend you; protect virtue; give good examples and you will be loving Me and loving your brethren, because My entire Law is based on those two precepts.

26. Learn My lesson and teach it by practicing it. If you do not learn, how do you expect to preach My Doctrine? And if you do not feel what you have learned, how do you expect to teach like a good apostle?

27. Tell Me, o My people: What is it that you have analyzed and practiced up to now? My word is clear and simple and you still have not been able to interpret it, however I have come to illuminate and guide-you along the path of light. Do not deviate from that pathway or turn back; neither should you travel in haste.

28. Because of My love for you I have come to teach you, and I am anxious for you to come to Me and lift up your voices in song as the angels do: "Glory to God in the Highest and peace on earth toward men of good will."

29. I also wish to hear a word of repentance from you, your sincere confession, in order to comfort and advise you as a Father and be your best friend.

30. Today you still ignore all that I will reveal to you during this phase; step by step I will keep on indoctrinating you. My teaching, known by a portion of mankind, will reach its splendor when the time comes.

31.1 have not called upon wise men or philosophers to benefit by their understanding; I have chosen the humble to make them the spokesmen of My word, through whom My Spirit transmits this communication, and rejoices seeing that you recognize Me.

32. The fountain of My love is overflowing; do you wish to receive Me? I am within the essence of My word. Combine your hymn with that of the angels and praise Me. All that you ask for your spiritual progress, I will grant you.

33. You are listening to the Word of the Father. My gaze penetrates your hearts and in some of you I perceive the hardness of a rock and the coldness of marble, however, I allow water to spring from those rocks, and My love and tenderness will give you the warmth that your spirit needs.

34. I created your body from matter, and I gave you My Divine breath; I endowed you with a conscience so that you would live recognizing Me, and from time to time I have come to give you lessons filled with wisdom which elevate your spirit. In the Second Era I sowed My seed of love in you and today I come to cultivate it; at the consummation of the times everyone will be with Me, as I have always been with you.

35. I have polished you along the pathway, for I long for you to be cleansed and virtuous, so that you may become My good disciples.

36. Live by being watchful and prayerful, and all suffering will be tolerable; you will not fall into temptation and you will feel that My Spirit as the Father will protect you. Be strong in your ordeals. Remember Jesus in the Second Era, when He was offered the cup of bitterness and He foresaw the pain which awaited Him, then He said: "If it is possible take the cup of suffering away from Me, let not My will be done, but yours." You, who also experience pain and suffering on Earth, do you not wish to imitate Him? Do you not wish to follow Him?

37. Why do you have less fear now when I speak to you as the Spirit of Consolation, than when I spoke to you as a Judge during the First Era, and as the Master in the Second, since I am the same Spirit who has spoken to you in the three eras? By chance is it because I speak to you with gentleness?

38. I indoctrinated you in the Second Era and today I come to offer you the same nourishment of My word, because you are My disciples and I want you to be nourished by Me. Resurrect to a life of grace and take advantage of this precise time in which I am teaching you. Afterward, when you have received all that I have prepared for you, I will ask you to give an account of your deeds on this and all periods: for when 1came to Earth and became Man, you conversed with Me and you received My lessons like today. But during that period, while some of you believed, others doubted, and that period of grace, that opportunity for the advancement of your spirit, has passed. But the Father gives new lessons and ordeals to His children for their spiritual elevation, and during this period I give you one more teaching, in order for you to see the Promised Land nearer.

39. I have spoken through the faculty of different spokesmen, and since they are imperfect because they are human, you have doubted, but truly I say to you that I have come to avail Myself of them, because I know them and I have prepared them throughout the centuries to present them before you in this period as the interpreters of My word.

40. I have come to seek you, for My love for you is great, I have planned a destiny of restitution for each creature in which the loving justice of the Father is reflected. In spite of your errors, I am revealing to you your mission among mankind, but it is necessary for you to meditate deeply and become worthy of it. Keep in mind that I am not only manifesting Myself before you in word, but also in inspiration and in revelation through dreams and visions.

41. O My people: you still have not perfected yourselves, but you will be with Me when you have been purified through your virtues. If today you consider yourself ignorant, I will illuminate you and you will speak and surprise mankind. When you are prepared, your desire will be to collaborate with Me in the work of salvation for humanity.

42. I am teaching you the truth and showing you the way so that you can prepare yourselves and with your prayer and your deeds you can imitate Me, recalling My examples of the Second Era. May all the acts of your life embrace love and truth, so that through them you may give testimony of Me. Remember that not everyone who pronounces My name loves Me; nor does everyone who pronounces My name, worships Me; only those who comply with My Law, bear witness to Me.

43. Now I come to give you more time so you may progress along the ladder of your perfection, and do you know what the secret of your elevation is? It is love, sincerity, the purity of your heart and your good deeds. That is why I have said: Clean the cup inside and also on the outside; be watchful like the prudent virgins of My parable, keep your lamps burning; speak firmly about My Doctrine, and do not fear or be ashamed to be My disciples, for if today you deny Me, tomorrow when you are convinced of My truth, you will experience sorrow.

44. If you do not recognize Me through My word, recognize Me through the miracles that I have performed among you. What I promise you through the faculty of the spokesman, I have fulfilled along the path of your existence. Why do many deny My manifestations as the Divine Spirit, when you are living in the time of the Holy Spirit?

45. If you ask Me proof about these revelations, I would give it to you, but if I submitted you to a test, what would you do? You would feel weak and small.

46. I want to see in you the faith that the sick people showed during the Second Era, when they appeared before Me: that of the paralytic, the blind and the incurable woman. I want to feel loved as the Father, to be solicited as a Doctor and to be listened to as the Master.

47. Today I have not come to be sacrificed as in the Second Era, instead My Spirit will spread itself in enlightenment, in essence, in all My children, in order to guide them to safety. When you have progressed along the path of your elevation, you will form only one spirit of righteousness, of peace, to intercede for all your brethren.

48. Unite your love with intercession of your spiritual Mother, because the reign of justice is near at hand for all men.

49. Practice charity and give to your brethren as I have given you.

50. Meditate on My words and feel responsible for your obligations. Why do you sometimes forget that I have come full of love to forgive your faults and give you an opportunity to begin a new life? Why do you fall into a routine, when I am preparing you to travel along the road of evolution, where you are discovering new and vast horizons and endless incentives for the spirit?

51. Do not be moved only at the moment that you listen to My word. Do not weep for your faults if you do not feel it deeply or make false promises of reform which you will soon break. Be watchful and strong in order to be firm in your determinations, and when you promise to reform, do it firmly, and come to Me joyfully to say to Me: Father, I have fulfilled your mandates, I have obeyed you, I have honored your name.

52. This is the time foretold in which I would speak to mankind and I want you to form volumes of this word that I have given you, in fulfillment of My prophecies, afterward you will make extracts and analysis of it, and make it known to your brethren. Do you wish to undertake this mission? I will allow you the time necessary to perform your duties which I have given you in My Work and outside of it. Be active and there will be peace and happiness in your spirit. Carry on without becoming conceited or confining yourself within a circle of egotism, be a support and an example for your physical and spiritual brethren. Your mission is not limited to work only for the incarnated being, but you must also help the discarnated ones, those creatures who are in need of love and charity, who are remembered by a very few. It is not enough to believe and recognize My manifestation during this period, it is necessary to practice the Doctrine that I am teaching you.

53. Do not allow the children to stray from the pathway for lack of teaching, keep in mind that their evolved spirits might stumble over the rough terrain of an errant course, after being prepared to fulfill greater missions.


54. "In the midst of a flourishing garden stood a venerable old man, happily contemplating his work. An overflowing fountain of clear water sprinkled his cultivated garden.

The old one wished to share his fruits, and he invited travelers to partake of his blessings.

55. There came to him a man, sick with leprosy. The old one regarded him with love, received him and asked him what he was seeking. The traveler said to him: do not come near me for I am a leper. The old one, without feeling any repugnance, allowed him to enter, he gave him shelter in his home, and he nourished him without asking the cause of his illness. The leper, while under the protection of the old one, cleansed his body, and full of gratitude, said to him: I will stay with you, for you have restored my health, I will help you to cultivate your fields.

56. Afterward a woman arrived at that place, with desperation reflecting on her face and the old one asked her: What do you need? And tearfully she replied: I cannot hide my sin, I have committed adultery and I have been turned away from my home, and have abandoned my small children. The old one said to her: do not fall into adultery again, love and respect your spouse, and before you go back to your home, drink from this clear water and purify yourself. But the woman replied: I cannot go back, but allow your calling to reach my home and I will remain at your service.

57. The days passed, and the small children who had been left alone, went in search of the old one, for they knew that he imparted charity and he said to them: What do you seek? And they answered: We have been left alone in our home, our parents have abandoned us and we have come to you in search of bread and shelter, for we know that through you we will find them. The old one said to them: Come in, your parents are with me, rest and join them.

58. Everyone was reunited, and in that blessed company they regained peace, there was forgiveness and reconciliation, and they returned to their everyday life. The regenerated father, cleansed of leprosy, sheltered the woman under his roof again, and gave warmth to his children. She, repentant and cleansed, was a refuge for the man and a cradle for her children. The children, who thought they had lost their parents forever, gave thanks to the old one for having regained them and for permitting their home to be restored."


59. Truly I say to you: If you seek Me in the midst of your greatest problems, you will always find a solution for them.

60. I am the old one of the parable. Come to Me, for I do not reject anyone, instead I avail Myself of your ordeals to purify you and draw you nearer to Me. Come one and all, regain your peace and your health. Drink from the clear spring and be saved, for I am the Book of Life and I have presented one more page in order for you to study and be strong within My teaching. Do you wish to progress along this path? Know My Law and comply with each one of My precepts. Do not offer bitterness to your Father or make Me suffer. Behold that My sacrifice is constant; you carry Me to the cross at every moment because of your doubt and incomprehension.

61. To you men, I have granted a heritage, a treasure, a woman of whom you are the overseers, in order to love and preserve her. And nevertheless, your companion has come to present her complaints and tears to Me, because of your lack of understanding. I have said that you are strong, that you have been created in My image and likeness, but I have not sent you to humiliate the woman and make her your slave. I have given you strength, so that you may represent Me in your home; strong in virtue, in talent, and I have given you a woman as a companion and as a complement in your earthly existence, so that you may find fortitude to withstand the ordeals and vicissitudes through the love of both.

62. Now I am calling you to My Kingdom so that you may be saved, but you must work and earn merits in order to climb toward the path of light that I have outlined for you. I anxiously await you; come and you will be welcome as obedient children and there will be rejoicing in heaven.

63. Why do you feel fatigue in your spirit, when I give you strength at every instant? Do not drift away from Me, even when there is tiredness or coldness which mankind has imposed upon you. I am the resurrection and the life, if you confide in Me, you will regain your strength and happiness. When you are in need of support, turn to Elijah, your shepherd, and he will sustain you. When you need consolation and tenderness, turn to Mary, your heavenly Mother, and feel her caress and her balsam. Recognize her love, she feels your pain, and she accompanies you in your sorrows. How great is her suffering when you go astray from the pathway and walk blindly after beholding this light!

64. Pain has flooded the heart of mankind. Today that prophecy has been fulfilled, which states: "Parents will deny their children, and the children their parents. Brothers will deny and hate each other." You will also behold how the homes can be places of discord and hostility. But I have come to stop you along the path and tell you to eliminate those destructive weapons and not destroy one another, to flee from that chaos, to come and follow Me in this work of redemption.

65. I ask you: Have you not received strength and consolation in My word? Have you not been moved before My presence? Yes, O disciples, if the flesh does not confess, the spirit recognizes Me, it gives Me thanks and discovers the essence of My love within the depth of this word. Did I not promise in the Second Era that I would return as the Spirit of Truth? Behold how I have fulfilled all that I have promised.

66. Study, O disciples, so that you may teach those who will come after you. Philosophers and scientists will seek you, and I will speak to them through your faculty, and thus I will demonstrate to them once again that I have availed Myself of the poor and the humble. Arise, o laborers, and sow the fields that I have prepared for you, for very soon I will come as administrator and judge, to ask you for the harvest from the seed that I have given you.

67. I invest you with My grace, so that you may be humble teachers of your brethren and heal the sick. Welcome those who are in search of light, and be enlightenment for all. Advise and convert the sinners, but do not boast of being My disciples. When you feel the suffering of your brethren and are able to comfort them, when you truly love and do charitable deeds without publicizing them, you will rightfully be called My disciples.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 7

1. To those who still do not understand My manifestation, I say to them: This person through whom I communicate is human like yourself, and this seat that you see in the corner of the house of prayer where the spokesman of My word reposes, is not the throne of the Lord.

2. The throne that I seek among you is your heart, and I will dwell there when you are able to worship Me without idolatry or fanaticism.

3. You are so weak and so inclined toward idolatry, that unknowingly you are worshiping Me through the spokesmen through whom I communicate, and you regard these places as if they were sacred. However, when you no longer have me in this form, you will realize that these spokesmen were not the most elevated means for My communication; when the Divine Ray lodges upon your fully prepared spirit, instead of descending upon a human faculty, then you will have attained the perfect communication, because there will be no errors or confusion that will mingle with the light of your Master.

4. Man since eternity, was destined to communicate with My Spirit under many forms, this that you now have through a human faculty, is one of those.

5. If you find imperfection in this word, attribute it to the faculty through whom I communicate, keeping in mind that I have selected these spokesmen from among the humble, ignorant and lowly, so that My communication through them would surprise you. But when you penetrate into the depth of My teaching, do not be converted into judges of My spokesmen, for I, who speaks to them at every moment through their conscience, am the only one to judge them. Therefore, do not measure with your rod, for with the same you will be measured.

6. He who has been called to be My laborer, feels that his heart leads him to come and hear Me and to continue entering these houses of prayer and charity.

7. I say to these who have a premonition of being the chosen ones of this Third Era, and to those who are already among the ranks of My laborers: Preserve My mandates, meditate on My recommendations and analyze My words, so that you may be strong warriors who will not allow yourselves to be overcome by the hardships.

8. All of you should know that by the end of 1950 I will cease to speak to you in this manner and that it is necessary for it to be thus, so that you may feel Me among you in fullness when you elevate a perfect worship to Me from spirit to Spirit.

9. With these lessons that I give you, I bring you nearer the time that I announced, so that you may understand the change in you after 1950.

10. By then you should be strong and prepared, if you are to abide by My will and proceed with your spiritual evolution.

11. You must be on the alert, because temptation will assail you at every moment, some will be induced to continue indefinitely a phase whose end has been indicated by Me; while others, through their lack of preparation and too much vanity, will say that they are listening to My Divine word spiritually. But from now on I prepare you and I want you to know, that I do not speak with human words, but with inspirations, ideas and thoughts.

12. In order to give you My lessons with human words, I came to communicate through a human faculty, but once the communication of spirit to Spirit has been reached, neither will you speak to Me with human words, nor will your Father do it with you.

13. If you do not prepare yourselves, rumors will reach your ears that will confuse you and with them you will confuse your brethren afterward. I am putting you on the alert, so that once these communications are ended, you will not try to practice them again, because it will not be spirits of light that will manifest themselves, but confused beings who will aim to destroy what you already established.

14. On the other hand, he who knows how to prepare himself, who instead of trying to appear noteworthy can make himself helpful, instead of anticipating events, can wait with patience, he will clearly hear My teaching which will reach his spirit by means of the gifts that exist in him, which are: inspiration, intuition, presentiment through prayer, spiritual vision and prophetic dreams.

15. I prepare you, O My people, so that you will not violate My Law through ignorance. I open your eyes to the light of truth, so that you may understand the great responsibility that weighs upon you and at the same time realize how infinitely delicate your mission is within this Work which I have entrusted to you.

16. I want that your obedience makes you worthy of My protection and not that through your errors, incomprehensions and disobediences, you would expose yourselves to the justice of men to detain your steps on Earth.

17. Truly I say to you that he who does not comply with My Law which exists in his conscience, will not reach Me; but I also say, that it would be sad if you strove so hard to sow, and when the moment to reap came, you were disappointed with your harvest, because you would see that what you accomplished was for your body and nothing toward the perfection of your spirit.

18. O My people, do not weep when you hear Me speak thus, do not think that I am unjust when I make demands, nor should you attribute these words to the spokesman with a hardened heart! I know that I have reason to prepare you and keep you on the alert.

19. I want to leave you among humanity so that you may save many who walk in darkness, for they are unable to see the light of truth; but if you do not attain the preparation that you must have to rightfully be called My disciples, do you believe that a blind man can guide other blind people?

20. Truly I say to you that only he should speak of virtue who has already practiced it along his path and knows how to feel it.

21. Be watchful and pray, O My people, in order for the sense of responsibility to awaken in you so that you may be able to listen to the voice of your conscience at every step, and thus feel that you have penetrated the era of light, in which your spirit must awaken and be attentive to My mandates. The future generations will regard you as fortunate on knowing that you were chosen to establish the foundation of a new humanity, the forerunners of My teaching of the Third Era.

22. Everyone has experienced pain at this time, and your heart, moved in its most sensitive fibers, has returned to Me once its sorrow has been alleviated and is ready to follow Me. A single one of My words has been enough for you to realize that it is I who speaks in this manner; that hunger for tenderness and love that you presented to Me, has disappeared and you long only to preserve My grace, but many will not know how to interpret My manifestations that in different forms I am imparting to humanity, nor will they understand My word and that ignorance will be like a veil over their eyes, that will prevent them from contemplating My truth.

23. If you wish to find Me, seek Me in the silence, in the humility of your inner temple and there you will be in communication with My Spirit and I will feel loved and venerated by you.

24. Do not imagine or wish to see Me in any object: Do not build with ostentation any house of prayer to dedicate to My worship, wherever you are you may elevate your spirit; if you wish to gather, a humble dwelling will be sufficient for you to assemble, and when you have erected the true sanctuary within your heart, thus you will teach your brethren to build it also.

25. You manifest your poverty to Me, you tell Me that you do not possess any blessings on Earth, but remember that I have given you peace, love, spiritual elevation, which constitute a greater treasure; to be strong, the prudent Israel, and when you feel inspired by My Spirit, speak to your brethren about Me; heal the sick, strengthen the weak, protect the defenseless, and in doing these things you will know the wealth which exists in your spirit, then you will feel fortunate.

26. The last ones will take great steps of progress along this path and should prepare their way from this day forward; when this time arrives, give Me thanks and testify before your brethren that My word has been fulfilled. Do not hold anyone back in their spiritual progress, for it is My will that this humanity evolve in a short time.

27. I receive your accomplishments great or small; I give you My strength and I comfort you in your afflictions; your tears are the best watering that you can provide your sowings; just as a mother lays awake and in silence sheds tears for the misunderstanding of her children, so will you keep watch and suffer for those whom I have left under your care, that I may be able to say to you: Blessed are My servants. Blessed are the sowers of the perfect seed.

28. I welcome you wanderers. I welcome you sowers. You are withdrawing from superfluous practices to follow your Father, knowing that the reward for your efforts is not on Earth. You are satisfied with the vicissitudes of life. Blessed are you. You have not asked Me for rich food, you have been satisfied with a crust of bread. Blessed are you, for you have proved that you are not pursuing an earthly cause, but have demonstrated that you are following the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth.

29. You have not been intimidated by the ordeals, and in truth I say to you: I have placed a cross upon each one of you; all your afflictions, everything that men have taken from you, your scarcity, the suffering that each and everyone carries within his heart, that is your cross. You have carried it with patience, and your meekness is worthy of a reward.

30. He who seeks only what pertains to the world is not with Me. You obtain the earthly benefits through your phys- will expose him and with your weapons of love you will defeat him.

35. Men will seek your weaknesses in order to lead you astray; just as they scrutinized the Master in the Second Era, so will they do to you. But I awaken you, prepare you and give you intuition.

36. In lands near and far you will spread My word. I will prepare new laborers so that the tree will not remain unattended after 1950.

37. Do not feel fear before men, for truly I say to you: I will speak through your mouths, I will bear witness of My word through you and its echo will reach the confines of the Earth; the influential, the insignificant, the heads of state, the scientists and the theologians.

38. Mankind will behold in you the messengers of the Holy Spirit. You will convert imperfection into perfection. Your word will be gentle, filled with tenderness and through it the sick will be healed, and he who has strayed from the pathway will repent for his faults and will return to Me.

39. Today you are My disciples, tomorrow you will become teachers to set a good example for mankind. I will see you approach the fountain of love and wisdom, with your heart filled with joy and I will say to you: Come and quench your thirst, and when you are satisfied and have raised yourself to Me, you will behold Me indicating the pathways of the world, where the thirsty multitudes await your arrival.

40. The Father has named you the sons of light and peace, but you should justify that name with your deeds. Only thus will you be able to bear testimony of Me. Woe to the one who feeling himself endowed with virtues, would allow vanity or selfishness to lodge within his heart, for his downfall would be imminent and it would be very painful!

41. The fruit which I have given you to share with your brethren, has a taste that you cannot confuse, nor should you exchange, if you do not wish your work to be sterile. I do not want you to proclaim that you love Me, I desire that with your deeds you leave an impression of love, charity and faith.

42. Always when you arise proclaiming that you are My elect, I will put to a test those who are closest to Me and who serve Me best, as I did with My apostles at the Sea of Galilee; then you will know if you truly love Me and if your faith is firm. He who wishes to follow Me, must be humble.

43. Obedience to My Law is humility in your spirit; he who is obedient, is invested with My grace, while the one who proceeds by his own free will believing to bear his inheritance with him, truly has deprived himself of his gifts.

44. Day by day I have come to indoctrinate you, preparing you for the struggle, for soon I will cease to speak to you by this means, and it is necessary for you to be strong to withstand the ordeals. Know how to be with Me; learn to carry Me within your heart and in your trying moments you will behold Me performing miracles through you.

45. Understand how much I want to say to you, so you will not think it is impossible to carry My teaching within you.

46. Interpret My words well, so that you may take another step along the path of your spiritual perfection.

47. Would you be capable of forsaking everything to come after Me, like those who followed Me closely in the Second Era? Or will you try to imitate the prodigal son of My parable, who left his father's home, in order to go to other lands and squander the inheritance which was given to him?

48. You are pensive not daring to answer Me; but do not fear, for if I have called you, it is because I know that you love Me and that you will follow Me to the end of the journey.

49. If what you fear is losing your life or suffering sacrifices in blood, I can tell you now that you will not encounter these ordeals in your spiritual struggle; the Earth has already been made fertile since the Second Era with the blood of the Master and that of His disciples.

50. Your worth will be that you give fulfillment to the spiritual law, without forsaking your obligations toward the material life.

51. I do not ask everyone for the same renunciation, nor are all capable of the same sacrifice. During that time, My disciples had to dedicate themselves completely to the Work that I came to entrust to them, and for that purpose it became necessary for them to leave their parents, children, wives and all their earthly possessions; on the other hand, while teaching the multitudes, I taught them that in order to comply with the life that the Creator endows, it is essential to render to "God that which is God's and to Caesar that which is Caesar's."

52. That humanity of that time was materialistic and at the same time less evolved, that is why I said to the multitudes: "Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God."

53. You are also a materialistic humanity, but at the same time evolved, more capable of giving your spirit what it needs and to your human life what it demands.

54. You are not new to My teaching, for if that were so, I would have given you My Law engraved in stone as I did during the First Era, but if I have come to speak to you about spirituality and to reveal the mysteries which were not explained to men of those times, that is an indication that you already were My disciples during previous times. Behold the reason why sometimes I say to you: "they and you are the same."


55. In a distant land there lived a father with one of his sons whom he loved dearly.

56. The son became ill and the father seeing his life in danger, took him to an esplanade where an old man ruled the destinies of that region, and upon arriving before him, he spoke to the old one thus: "My son is ill and my greatest wish is for him to be healed, for if he dies, I will also die of grief."

57. The old one said to him, "Your son will be healed and he will return to your region full of life and strength," and on pronouncing these words he touched the ailing one and he was healed.

58. On returning to the region, the father beheld his son robust and healthy. Time passed and that son feeling strong, arrogant and directing his steps along crooked paths, took poisonous fruits which weakened his body and spirit. He was indifferent to his father and he harbored only feelings of hatred and destruction.

59. His father, on beholding him lost in that abyss of wickedness, went to the esplanade and said to the old one: "Good man, my son has taken a devious path which has plunged him into an abyss."

60. "Why do you weep?" said the old one.

61. "I weep because of the perversity of my son. I have waited for his spirit to be lifted from this world but that moment has not come and I cannot stand his wickedness any longer."

62. The old one answered: "You asked that he live, and he lives. It was already time for his footsteps to cease upon Earth, but behold you should learn to ask and be satisfied with My will."


63. O beloved Israel: I am always just in My determinations. Why do you want to intervene sometimes in My high designs? Are you not aware that those who depart to the spiritual realm penetrate a true life? Do not be opposed, on the contrary, help them to depart with your conformity, so that their transition from this world to the next can be filled with firmness and spiritual understanding.

64. Seek Me as the Father, recognize My love, My wisdom and My justice; come to Me through the elevation of your prayer, your faith and your good deeds.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 8

1. The light of My Holy Spirit descends upon you, but why do you represent Me in the form of a dove? Those figures and symbols should not be worshiped by My new disciples anymore.

2. Understand My teaching, O My people: During that Second Era, My Holy Spirit manifested Itself in the baptism of Jesus in the form of a dove because that bird in its flight resembles the flight of the spirit, its whiteness speaks of purity and in its sweet and gentle look there is a reflection of innocence. How would those unpolished men be made to understand the Divine, if it was not by adopting the figures known to them in the world?

3. Christ, who speaks to you at this moment, was represented by a lamb, and John himself in his prophetic vision beheld Me thus. All this is due to the fact that, if you seek Me in each one of My works, you will always find in all Creation an image of the Author of life.

4. In My manifestation through Jesus, I announced to you the coming of the Holy Spirit and men thought that it pertained to a Deity who being in God, was not known by them, not realizing that while speaking of the Holy Spirit, I was speaking about the only God, who was preparing the time in which He would communicate spiritually with men through a human faculty.

5. In these teachings I am entrusting you with the sword of light and truth so that you may fight with it in the battle that I have announced for so long, and once nacre I say to yon. that these weapons that I entrust to you are of love and justice, of forgiveness and charity for your brethren.

6. Only a few more years remain in which I will continue imparting My Doctrine to you in this manner; safeguard My teachings for at the end of 1950, these manifestations will terminate, and it is necessary that you be strengthened through your humility and obedience, in order for you to come out ahead in all your trials.

7. Do not think that only in a spiritual way are you going to struggle, no, My people, the struggle that approaches will be in all orders, so that whatever has deviated from its course, will return to it, that which has been inactive, will emerge again toward its evolution and that which has been blemished, will obtain its purification.

8. Then you will behold the human institutions shaken within their very foundations, you will see the elements of Nature agitated causing destruction and putting the faith of mankind to a test.

9. All of this will take place after the year 1950 and if you remain faithful to this Law, you will pass all vicissitudes unharmed; however, if you should fall into disobedience, deviating from what I have ordered, from this day forward I say to you: you will be left at the mercy of the ordeals and of the unleashed elements and these will not obey your commands.

10. I do not wish this affliction for My people whom I have indoctrinated for such a long time; I want peace for them, so that in their trying moments they will convey a word of light and balsam to the afflicted.

11. Who is he who during this time is not anxious to be illuminated by the Holy Spirit?

12. Truly, truly I say to you that if you are able to prepare yourselves, great will be the manifestations you will behold after 1950.

13. During the Second Era, when I made Myself visible to My disciples for the last time, among the clouds, when I disappeared from their sight, there was sorrow in them for at that moment they felt to have been left alone, but then they listened to the voice of the angel, the emissary of the Lord who said to them: "O men of Galilee, what is it that you see? This same Jesus that you see ascending into Heaven you will behold descending in the same manner."

14. Then they understood that when the Master should return to men, He would do it spiritually.

15. Days after My crucifixion, when My disciples were gathered around Mary, I made My presence felt, represented in a spiritual vision of a dove. In that blessed moment, no one dared move or say a single word. There was true ecstasy, while they beheld that vision and their hearts throbbed filled with strength and faith, realizing that the presence of the Master, who had apparently departed, would be with them always in Spirit.

16. O My disciples: Think carefully about these teachings and allow My grace to be manifested in you, as in those times.

17. Today I descend among you radiant with light, as I appeared before My disciples in the Second Era when I went to them in Spirit before My ascension, to strengthen and free them from their confusion, due to the incidents which they had witnessed. Thus I present Myself before you, full of splendor to say to you: My sacrifice is forever being repeated, I am always being resurrected from the dead and pouring My light upon you so that you may begin the journey and practice all that I have taught you.

18. Prepare yourselves so that you may behold descending from My Kingdom the spiritual benefits which I have come to grant you.

19. The banquet is prepared, the Lamb has been sacrificed and rich fruits are ready. Gather around Me, O disciples, and nourish yourselves. I open the book of wisdom so that you may read the lesson which corresponds to this day. Come to Me and take the nourishment that I offer you, for the time of grace that I allow you is short.

20. Why does My word which I transmit through a human spokesman surprise you, since I always utilized men to speak to you and guide you during all times? When I came to you in the Second Era, I became Man so that by contemplating My works you would follow My footsteps. You witnessed My birth, growth, struggles and suffering. It was necessary for humanity to become aware of My love and My power, so that My example would be unforgettable in all My children. That is why you weep when you recall these events and you feel remorseful, because I have not been recognized or fully loved by mankind. Even today, during the Third Era, I have come to give you one more lesson which will explain My previous works and prepare you for the new period that you are going to live.

21. I wish that tomorrow, when you cease to hear Me in this manner, you will imitate Me and remain as teachers of mankind. Who will be those who will arise and save men when they find themselves in the midst of chaos? Who will represent Me in the Third Era and give testimony of Me? Who will be the ones who will check the advance of the elements of destruction, when they are released in the world? Who will imitate My apostles spreading My Doctrine? You, whom I am preparing with My Word, with gifts of healing and strength, so that you may be doctors, emissaries and comforters, because humanity will lament greatly before and after My departure. The future times will offer the cup of bitterness to the limit, and in those days My Spirit will vibrate in the minds, illuminating ail creatures in order to do away with reigning confusion. It will be during that time when suffering will unify all spirits and they will seek the light and the way that will lead to Me.

22. Will you respect My will to guide those who seek Me? You say that is your purpose and you ask Me for help to overcome all the obstacles that will hinder you along your way. Yes, My dear children, I have said that I am ready to help you, for without that strength, you will accomplish nothing. You are weak, poor and ignorant, but I am making you My heirs of a kingdom of true greatness and I will not withhold anything within My secret Sanctuary; all that belongs to you as My children, I will give to you and I advise that you distribute this wealth among your brethren.

23. I am speaking to you about unification, harmony and understanding; for My desire is that the House of Israel be the ark of salvation, a fountain of peace and hope for all weary travelers. I have called you the strong ones and you will be because of the power in the virtues that I have bestowed upon you. Remember that in all your struggles, I go before you leaving My footsteps. Understand that as long as you are not in unity, there will be no peace or joy in your spirit. I want to see you free from all suffering, because you are near the end of your restitution, you are at the gates of the Promised Land where you will arrive victorious and saved, for that is My will.

24. I do not want you to become fanatical with My word, nor to form a new idolatry. I do not want the sacrifice of your lives, or offering of flowers or fruits from your gardens, for these are My work and no merit will be gained by offering them to Me. It is not My will that you erect another tower of Babel, filled with vanity and arrogance. What I want you to offer Me is a sanctuary that reaches Me, formed with your deeds of love, prayers and words born from your heart and given in My name to the spirits who hunger for truth: This is the worship that I ask of you.

25. You are subject to the Law of evolution, behold the reason for your reincarnations. Only My Spirit does not need to evolve: I am immutable.

26. From the beginning I have shown you the ladder by which the spirits ascend in order to reach Me. Today you are unaware of the level in which you are, but when you abandon your physical body you will know your degree of evolution. Do not stand still, for you would be an obstacle for those who follow you.

27. In spite of your dwelling in different planes, be united in spirit and one day you will be reunited in the seventh and highest stage, enjoying My love.

28. Hear Me, o men created in My image and likeness: Do not rise up tomorrow speaking about My Doctrine if you do not carry a good seed, if you do not know what submission is and you do the opposite of what My Law dictates. I advise you now, so that tomorrow you will not stumble along the way.

29. The woman I give you as a mate you will protect, you will honor her and through her I will make your seed fruitful. I do not want you to speak about truth and righteousness then proceed to despoil the roses and abandon them afterward, because you would be violating My Law. Respect not only what is yours, but also what belongs to others; be just and encourage peace on Earth. The moment will come in which you will be ready to speak of submission, love and forgiveness.

30. Blessed is he who humbles himself on Earth, for I will forgive him. Blessed is he who is slandered, for I will testify of his innocence. Blessed is he who gives testimony of Me, for I will bless him. And he who is neglected for practicing My Doctrine, I will recognize him.

31. Who among you has not felt My presence nor been nourished with My word? Ask and it shall be given. If previously you searched for Me in the stars and in material objects, now seek Me in the infinite with the spirit. Approach Me through love, through your obedience and you will have peace.

32. Love Me and do not idolize these spokesmen through whom I communicate. Love My word and My works, they are beyond what is human. These spokesmen are only My instruments and they are not superior but similar to you.

33. Satisfy your thirst in My inexhaustible fountain so that you will not be of those who thirst again; I do not want My children to ever suffer from hunger or thirst; that is why I approach you bringing the bread of eternal life, so that you will not feel the need of spiritual benefits for a single moment. I, on the other hand, do thirst for your love, your peace and you have denied Me the water of your comprehension. Up to now you have not satisfied the ardent thirst of your recognition to My Law, which as My children you owe Me. But I will keep on waiting, because My patience is unlimited. Come to Me and I promise you that My protection will not be lacking, for if today you know how to love Me, some day you will reach Me and understand Me at last.

34. Live, taking from all that I have created for your well-being on Earth and that peace will not withdraw from you. Continue struggling so that you will attain your spiritual salvation.

35. For the spirit when he is prepared, there is no existence of night, fatigue nor sleep; in his work he finds strength and in every test there is a wonderful opportunity to show his fortitude and patience. Other spirits though they are weak, are able to seek Me in the moment of trial, their faith and their hope will enable them to go forward. I want you to be humble and obedient so that you will be guided by your conscience, which is the Divine spark that governs your spirit.

36. What do you come to ask of Me and for whom do you weep? You say to Me that only I can give you what you need. Blessed are you who seek Me thus and are able to ask with humility for your loved ones and for those who, although they are not your blood relatives, you love tenderly and are concerned for their spiritual advancement. You ask Me for those who live in captivity serving a sentence and for those who, though innocent, are also imprisoned. You pray for the sick who are suffering far away from home; this desire is born within you for you are beginning to demonstrate love, and you are finding a supreme enjoyment in that sentiment. Be inspired through love in order to realize all your works and they will have spiritual essence.

37. When you pray, look for Me in the infinite, beyond what is material, put yourselves in communication with Me and when you return to your world, all doubt will have dissipated; there will not be any obstacles along the way and you will be filled with My wisdom.

38.1 have entrusted this time to you so you can take advantage of it studying My lesson, so that by withdrawing from worldly pleasures, you will delve deeper into My word; today you have Me very near you, My light has bathed your spirit, My essence is nourishing you, and My example is always being manifested. Do not think that only in the Second Era I gave you proof of My love; My presence is eternally with you. I only ask that you prepare yourselves so that you may feel Me in all My works; you can behold the uprightness of My justice in the ordeals which today befall mankind.

39. All will reach the goal according to the fulfillment of your mission; for that purpose I have come to deliver My teachings which are inexhaustible, in order for you to ascend the ladder of your evolution. It is not My blood that will save you, but My light within your spirit which will redeem you.

40. During the Second Era after My departure, I gave you My teaching through My apostles; today I reveal it through the channel of My spokesmen and in it I offer you the Divine wisdom which nourishes and comforts your spirit.

41. I ask that you convert your heart into a spiritual flower to offer to Mary, whom you seek as your Mother and whom you love, for from her womb emerged the blessed fruit that would bring you the bread of eternal life: Jesus.

42. Mary is the flower of My heavenly garden, whose essence has always been in My Spirit.

43. Do you observe those flowers which humbly conceal their beauty? That is how Mary was and how she is: an inexhaustible source of beauty to the one who is able to see her with lucidity and respect, and a treasure of kindness and tenderness for all beings.

44. I delivered her as a Mother to Jesus; she was the Divine tenderness incarnated in a woman. She is the one whom you seek as intermediary, the one whom you invoke as consolation in your afflictions, and that Divine love is extended like a mantle over all humanity.

45. She is the one whom the angel of the Lord called "blessed amongst women." She is the one whom Christ from the cross, designated as the spiritual Mother of all men.

46. Mary passed through the world concealing her Divine essence; she knew who she was and who her Son was, and instead of making a display of that grace, she declared herself only a servant of the Most High, an instrument of the designs of the Father.

47. Mary passed through the world in silence, but filling the hearts with peace, interceding for the needy, praying for all and finally shedding her tears of forgiveness and pity over the ignorance and wickedness of men. Why not seek Mary if you wish to reach the Father, if through her you received Jesus? Were not Mother and Son together in the supreme moment of the death of the Savior? Was not the Son's blood blended at the moment with his Mother's tears?

48. Therefore there is nothing unusual that during this period you seek her that she may guide and draw you nearer the Master.

49. Blessed are those who are able to discover in the heavenly garden that flower of humility and purity. Moreover I say again to you, only through limpid contemplation can she be perceived.

50. Today you expose your afflictions so that I may heal them, and in truth I say to you that is My mission, I have come for that purpose, for I am the Divine Doctor. However, before My balsam is in your wound, before you feel My caress, concentrate on yourselves and examine your pain, analyze it, meditate deeply for as long as it is necessary, so that through that meditation you can obtain the teaching that ordeal contains, as well as the knowledge that it conceals, and which you should know. That knowledge will be an experience, it will be faith, it will be coming face to face with the truth, it will be the explanation of many tests and lessons not comprehended by you.

51. As if the pain were something tangible, examine it and you will discover the beautiful seed of experience, a great lesson of your existence, because pain has come to be a teacher during your lifetime.

52. He who regards pain as a teacher and with meekness heeds its call for regeneration, repentance and correction, will know afterward about gentleness, peacefulness and health.

53. Examine yourselves carefully and you will see how much you will benefit by it. You will become aware of your defects and imperfections, you will correct them and therefore you will cease to judge others.

54. You ask that I heal you and truly I say there is no one better than you yourselves to be your own doctor.

55. What good would it do if I heal von and remove your suffering, if you do not withdraw from your errors, sins, vices and imperfections? It is not pain that is the origin of your ills, but your sins. Behold the origin of suffering! Fight against sin, withdraw it from you, and you will be healthy, but that is for you to do, I only teach and help you.

56. When through your conscience you discover the origin of your afflictions and establish the means to combat it, you will feel the Divine strength in abundance, helping you to triumph in the battle and win your spiritual freedom.

57. How great will be your satisfaction in feeling that through your own merits you were able to liberate yourselves from pain and also won that peace. Then you will say: o My Lord, your word was my balsam, your Doctrine has been my salvation!

58. Stop living in a world of supposition. You should not as men and much less as spirits, ignore the truth. How do you expect to triumph in the material struggle if you do not know about the spiritual life? How do you expect to be great, healthy, wise and strong if you persist in closing your eyes to the eternal light?

59. Do not live in semi-light! Awaken and come into the fullness of that light! Cease to be small and grow spiritually!

60. You still can say that you live in peace if you compare yourselves with other nations; however, take from My Doctrine the strength when you feel faint; take from My word the light when the doctrines of materialism try to dominate you. If you are not prepared as I taught you, truly I say that many of you will become confused, many will turn their backs to Me and many believers of today, will be My enemies tomorrow, and they will arise denying this truth. In anticipation I forgive you, but I also prepare and alert you.

61. Again I tell you to examine yourselves carefully, thus you will begin to feel more brotherly toward others, more compassionate and understanding with your fellowmen. Today many acts of others are still disgusting to you because you forget your own faults, but when you get to know your flaws and errors, you will realize the love with which I forgive and await you, then you will have no alternative but to say: "If My Father has forgiven me, after offending Him so much, I am obligated to forgive my brethren."

62. Man lacks the knowledge of seeing himself inwardly, of examining his actions and his thoughts.

63. Spiritual preparation is what you need, but when you are practicing My word, you will cause a commotion within the life of your brethren, because the spirit with all its gifts and powers will be manifested in you.

64. Truly I say to you that in the history of humanity, will be the history of Spirituality, written with shining letters.

65. Was not Israel immortalized after liberating themselves from their bondage in Egypt? Were not the Christians immortalized in their conquest through love? So will the followers of Spirituality be immortalized in their struggle for the freedom of the spirit.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 9

1. On this day you commemorate My entry into Jerusalem; you recall the times in which I lived among you as Jesus. Today you feel strong again before My new miracles and you make public your testimony that this Master is the same One who spoke to you during the Second Era and I say to you: Do not forget what you did to Jesus, so that you will not repeat it during this era. I knew that after your rejoicing, you would weaken before the word of the priests and that your hymns of "hosanna" would be changed to those of "crucify Him!"

2. O! My children who have not understood My manifestations throughout the times, nor have you been watchful waiting for the fulfillment of My prophecies!

3. I was the sacrificed Lamb during the Passover which My People celebrated. Only afterward, when time passed, did you become aware of the essence of My Doctrine and the reason for My sacrifice, then you wept and repented for not having recognized Me.

4. Today you find yourselves before a new Era of teachings and great spiritual manifestations and the Master comes to seek within your spirit the seed which He sowed in another era. You ask Me, "Why do we riot feel your presence when you are so near to us?" And My answer is that you have materialized yourselves, you find yourselves occupied in the sciences and all which pertains to the world, forgetting your spirit. With anguish you say to Me, that you are lost so that I may show you with the light of My teachings, the pathway which will take you to dwell in a world of peace.

5. Why do you not leave your cause to Me? Why do you judge one another occupying My place as Judge? Are you not aware that you are living in a time of ordeals and restitution? Behold, everyone breaks My Law and I have not judged nor denounced you publicly.

6. If I have granted you freedom of will, it is not for you to judge one another, but to perfect your spirits in the practice of good, aided by the light of your conscience.

7. I convert you into laborers and I give you My seed of love so you may sow it among the sick, the sorrowful and the delinquent, and if anyone feels unworthy to receive it, bring him before Me and I will elevate him, that he may not feel neglected. Call upon your Heavenly Mother and her Divine love will help you in this struggle and she will lead everyone to Me.

8. I want you, the people whom I have indoctrinated, to be responsible for guiding the new multitudes, who will come after 1950 to increase My people, and to be watchful so they will be nourished with the bread of eternal life as I did with you.

9. Do not permit My word to be adulterated; take care that its essence is always preserved, and that your analysis is just. Express My truth and it will convey life, health and faith to your brethren. Since My word is light emanating from Me, it has to manifest itself as a torch to whoever conceives it. I offer you this light, for I do not want you to live in darkness.

10. Perfect your spirit with My wisdom; be strengthened for the struggle toward your spiritual elevation. You, who are devoid of affection, feel My caress so that no impression is made in your heart by the egotism of those beings that surround you. You ask Me: "Why does true love not exist among men? Why is true charity not practiced?" And I answer you: It is because you have allowed that spring of clear waters that I have placed in your heart to go dry, because you have strayed from the fulfillment of My Law.

11. You have become divided and you do not want to know about the needs of your brethren; you regard yourselves as strangers, although you live under the same roof; for that reason, you are surprised while listening to My word, for in it I manifest My love, My patience and My forgiveness for all My children.

12. I do not show a preference for anyone and I have come to ask that you unify yourselves, that you love and forgive one another; I have given you enough time to think and begin a new life. I have forgiven your past faults, and I give you the opportunity to become My good disciples.

13. The Book of Life is opened before you to illuminate every mind. Study each one of its lessons, let there be no mysteries, today everything is clear for the spirit. Look into My secret sanctuary and be aware of all that I grant you. I want to cease to be to you a misunderstood Father. There is no reason for you to regard Me thus, because all My manifestations have been within the reach of your understanding and I have revealed all to you at the right time.

14. Do not grieve needlessly; all that you think you need, you have with you. I have given you My light for your spirit and in addition I have entrusted you with whatever is necessary for the preservation of your body. All the elements serve you, all have been created for your enjoyment and everything is beneficial if you use" it with limitation. There is another reason for your suffering and troubles. The spirit does not find peace in that vain existence that you have created on Earth and it conveys its restlessness. If only you would formulate resolutions of true atonement how much good you would do to yourselves and how you would recover the peace you lost!

15. O disciples, prepare yourselves so you may speak of love, of forgiveness and justice to mankind. Forget all which pertains to the world to elevate yourselves toward the regions of peace and perfect love.

16. You have been attentive to My call and you seek Me to learn My lesson; some ask for their daily bread, others seek Me as a Doctor and adviser; however, there are those who only come to scrutinize My word attempting to find fault in it,but I say to them: The defect which you seek you will not find in My teaching, but,if you penetrate within your inner sell, there you will find imperfection. Those who proceed in that manner, have not recognized My presence, because they only manage to interpret the human deeds, but they have not been able to understand the messages of God. I illuminate everyone, and I forgive their disbelief.

17. I will not permit a single one of My children to become confused nor to be lost. I will convert those parasitic plants into fruitful ones, for all creatures have been created to reach a perfect goal.

18. I want you to rejoice with Me in My Work; previously, I have shared My attributes with you because you are part of Me; If everything belongs to Me, I also make you owners of My Work.

19. All spirits have in Me a Divine Father and if I have endowed you with human parents during your physical life, it is to give life to your body and to represent your Heavenly Father near you. I have said to you: "Love God above everything created," and I have added: "Honor your father and your mother." Therefore, do not neglect your responsibilities; if you have not recognized the love of your parents and you still have them in this world, bless them and acknowledge their merits.

20. I want you to be men of faith, who believe in the spiritual life; if you have seen your brethren depart toward the hereafter, do not feel them distant nor believe that you have lost them forever. If you wish to be reunited with them, be active, do good and when you reach the hereafter, there you will find them waiting to teach you to live in that spiritual realm.

21. O My people, do you believe that it is your God who inspires this word? Then why have you doubted Me, when you have called Me from your sick bed and the balsam has not healed your ailment immediately? Keep in mind that I test you in many ways, because I want you to be strong, for if you are My disciples, you should withstand many ordeals in order to be believed.

22. You are the seed of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, who gave you great examples of faith and obedience; You, having the same spirit, are not able to equal their deeds. I have tested My disciples during all eras. How many times I submitted Peter to a test and only once did he weaken, but do not misjudge him for that act, for when he kindled his faith, he was like a torch among mankind preaching and giving testimony of the truth.

23. Do not judge Thomas; consider how many times you have witnessed My deeds and even then you have doubted. Do not regard Judas Iscariot with contempt, that beloved disciple who sold his Master for thirty pieces of silver, for there has never been a greater repentance than his. I availed Myself of each one of them to give you lessons which would serve as an example and which would exist forever in the memory of mankind. After their weakness they had their repentance, a conversion and absolute devotion to the fulfillment of their mission. They were true apostles and they left an example for all generations.

24. Come to the spiritual realm, so you may understand My word. When you listen to My teaching, withdraw from worldly preoccupations and allow My light to illuminate your spirit. I stimulate your faith and I will always guide you so that you will prepare yourselves to enjoy the eternal life.

25. Be watchful and pray, I repeat frequently, but I do not want you to familiarize yourself with this pleasant advice, but study it and put it into practice.

26. I tell you to pray, for he who does not pray, will surrender to thoughts which are superfluous, material and sometimes unsound with which, unknowingly, he encourages and fosters destructive wars; but when you pray, your thought like a radiant sword, destroys the veils of darkness and the bonds of temptation which today are imprisoning many beings, saturating the environment with spirituality, and counteracting the forces of evil.

27. Do not weaken before the struggle nor despair if you still have not seen any result. Understand that your mission is to struggle to the end, but you must take into account that only a small portion of this Work of regeneration and spirituality among mankind will be required of you.

28. Tomorrow you will leave your position and others will come to continue your work. They will carry this Work one step further and thus from generation to generation, My word will be fulfilled.

29. Finally all branches will unite with the tree. All nations will unite as one people, and peace will reign on Earth.

30. Pray, O disciples, and better yourselves in your elevation so that your words of teaching and love will find an echo within the heart of your brethren.

31. Truly I say to you, if this people besides understanding their destiny, were already complying with their mission, through their prayers mankind would attain grace. But you still lack charity, to feel your fellowmen as true brethren, to truly forget the differences of races, dialects and creeds and furthermore, to erase from your heart all trace of hatred toward those who have offended you.

32. When you succeed in elevating your feelings above so much human misery, the most sensitive and sincere petition in favor of your brethren will emerge from you and that vibration of love, that purity of your sentiments, will be the most powerful swords which will destroy all ignorance that wars and passions of men have been developing.

33. Pain has prepared you, o Israel, and in your bondage you have been purified; for that reason you are the chosen to watch over those who suffer.

34. Be watchful, O My people, be like those birds that announce a new day, awakening those who slumber; so that they will be the first to receive the light and then I can say to them: He who truly loves you, greets you at this moment.

35. Everyone who comes close to hear Me, will feel the caress of My word, they will feel anointed by My love and be filled with spiritual blessings.

36. I am very pleased, for I have seen that you have forsaken everything to sit down at My table; it means that you know that My word is your bread and your glory on Earth.

37. This lesson reaches to your heart, where intentions of atonement and noble sentiments have been born.

38. If you have suffered and wept very much in order to reach the point of opening the doors of your heart to Me, truly I say to you also that he who has suffered greatly, has atoned for his faults and has to be forgiven.

39. O saddened hearts, calm your sorrow and come to Me, illuminate yourselves with the light of your conscience and penetrate serenely along the path of My teachings.

40. Be healed in Me, forget your sorrows and show love; he who has love has everything; he who speaks of love says it all.

41. Thus when you understand that everything that emanated from Me is perfect, harmonious and beautiful, you ask yourselves: Why then do the children of God live in the world destroying and annihilating? What force motivates them to neglect and destroy one another, when they all emanated from the clear fountain of the Father? What are those forces and why has not God, with His infinite power, stopped the advance of men who destroy the peace? Why does He permit wickedness among mankind?

42. Listen, O disciples: Man has as his spiritual gifts freedom of will and a conscience; everyone, at birth has been endowed with virtues and can make use of them. In his spirit is the light of his conscience; but at the same time that the flesh develops, along with it passions unfold, the bad inclinations, these being the ones that battle against those virtues; God permits this, because where there is no struggle there are no merits, and this is what you need in order to ascend along the spiritual path. What would be the merit of the children of God, if they did not struggle? What would you do if you lived, filled with happiness as is your wish in this world? Would you expect spiritual progress if you were surrounded by comforts and riches? You would be at a standstill for merit does not exist where there is no struggle.

43. But do not be confused, for when I speak of conflict, I refer to that which you develop in order to master your weaknesses and passions. Those battles are the only ones which 1allow in men so that they will dominate their egotism and their materialism, in order for the spirit to take its rightful place illuminated by its conscience.

44. That inner battle I do authorize, but not the one which men use with the desire of exalting themselves, blinded by ambition and wickedness.

45. The noise and the horrors of destructive wars have dulled the sensitivity of the human heart. They have prevented the manifestation of every elevated sentiment, like charity and compassion.

46. I do not mean to say that everyone is like that, no, for there are still men in which there exists sensitivity, compassion and love for their fellowmen, to the point of sacrificing themselves to spare them harm or free them from an ordeal. If men are capable of giving you this kind of help, what would your Heavenly Father not do for you who are His children? Then how can you think that he sends you pain and desolation?

47. I am the same Master who during the Second Era spoke to you about the way to the Kingdom of Heaven; I am the same Christ manifesting the truth across the centuries, the eternal lessons which are unchangeable, because they are revelations which emanate from My Spirit.

48. Behold the Father in me, for truly I say to you that Christ is one with the Father from eternity, even before the worlds came to be. In the Second Era that Christ who is One with God, incarnated on Earth in the blessed body of Jesus and in this way He came to be the Son of God, but only as Man, for again I say to you that only one God exists.

49. Sometimes you think I speak too much about the spirit and that I forget about your needs and human preoccupations, to which I say: "Seek the Kingdom of God and its justice, the rest will be given to you in addition." Then you will have peace, serenity, comprehension, forgiveness, love, and in the material you will have everything in abundance.

50. I know and am aware of all your needs and I am committed to alleviate all your concerns according to My will, and if on occasions you feel disappointed because I have not immediately granted what you asked for, it is not that you are less loved by the Father; it is because that is best for you thus.

51. There are many of My laborers who attribute their suffering to the injustice of their destinies and believe themselves forsaken by the Father; then I ask you: Of what use has My word been to you? By chance do you believe that the Lord, the Author of life is powerless to remedy your ailments or is unable to please you with something material which will not help you in your spiritual elevation?

52. I only grant you what is for your benefit. How many petitions you make, that if they were granted to you, would only cause you grievances or misfortunes!

53. The man who trusts in God and before Him blesses his destiny, will never complain nor demand what is not granted to him.

54. When he is poor, sick and his heart suffers, he confidently awaits the will of his Lord.

55. Sometimes you say to Me: Lord, if I had everything, if I lacked nothing, I would be active in your spiritual Work and I would be charitable. But keep in mind that as men you are changeable and that all your intentions of today when you possess nothing, would change if I granted all that you wish.

56. Only the love of God in unchangeable toward His children.

57. If I gave you in abundance, I know beforehand that you would lose yourselves, for I am aware of your resolutions and weaknesses.

58. I know that with an abundance of material benefits man deviates from God, because he still is not capable nor prepared to understand his Lord.

59. Behold how much I love you and I do not forget you; the reason is that I do not want you to go astray.

60. Withdraw from the vanities of the world; come to Me through conviction and love, not through pain.

61. Do not complain if you are needy, for if it would be beneficial to your spiritual evolution to separate you from poverty, I would give you everything in abundance.

62. Remember that the Father governs the destinies of His children with supreme justice and perfection.

63. These are times of testing, of afflictions and bitterness, times in which mankind suffers the consequences of so much hatred and ill will toward one another.

64. Behold the battlefields where only the sound of firearms and anguished cries of the wounded are heard, mountains of mutilated corpses who only yesterday were bodies of strong young men. Can you imagine these, when for the last time they embraced their mother, their wife or their child? Who, if he did not drink from that bitter cup can imagine the pain of those farewells?

65. Thousands and thousands of anguished parents, wives and children have seen their loved ones depart for the fields of battle, of hate and of vengeance, forced by the greed and pride of some few men without light and without love for their fellowmen.

66. Those legions of strong young men have not returned home, because they remained destroyed on the fields; Behold the Earth, mother Earth, more merciful than those men who govern the peoples and believe themselves master of the lives of their fellowmen, has opened her bosom lovingly to receive and cover them.

67. Behold the caravans of men of all ages, of women and children, fleeing from that destruction, wearily seeking a place of protection and peace. Their feet are already mutilated and bloody; their heart cannot stand more pain; but there still remains in their inner beings a ray of hope.

68. Pray, o My people, pray for them and My tenderness in unison with your thought, will descend upon them to protect them and cover them with My mantle of love.

69. Meditate on the cause of the destructive wars as well as the destruction they cause and you will realize that you are not as unfortunate as you believe, then your complaints will cease, and you will no longer say to Me: "Lord, I am the most unfortunate on Earth; is it because you have forsaken me?"

70. Behold how war destroys everything!

71. Observe those elderly parents who await the return of their loved ones; hunger has reached their doors and solitude is their companion.

72. Those who had strength to walk, escaped; the invalid had to stay behind to await whatever came upon them. Their troubled thoughts were illuminated only when they implored Me in their prayer: "Lord, do not forsake me."

73. Only I know the silent grief of the abandoned mothers because of the wickedness of men.

74. I am the only One who in the silence and solitude of their life says to them that in My Kingdom they are not forsaken.

75. Pray, O My people, and think about the arrogance and ambition that germinates in the minds of men who have brought ruin, desolation and death to other men who are not at fault.

76. After reflecting on My words, O My people, do you still believe that you are the most unfortunate on Earth? Your answer is: "No, Master, we were in error, for we had forgotten about others thinking only of ourselves, believing that our struggle to knead our daily bread was the most bitter cup that we had to drink."

77. Therefore, I say that you should consider yourself rich, because you are listening to the Divine word which encourages and strengthens you while you still enjoy a little peace.

78. You can still count on some days of tranquility, but this corner of the Earth will also be shaken by suffering; therefore, there will not be a place in the world which will not be purified.

79. All that My apostle John said to you is being fulfilled, word by word and event by event.

80. All those signs, ordeals and disturbances that mankind suffers, are the most evident demonstrations that an Era is ending in order to make way for a new era. It is not the first time, that these happenings take place among you, but if you would understand Me and be prepared, you would take this step of transition calmly and without confusion.

81 You are reaching the middle of a century and you have lived long. What surprises, events and ordeals await you during the next half century which lies before you.

82. I can only say what I said many times to My disciples of the Second Era: be watchful and pray, so you will not fall into temptation.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 10

1. During this blessed moment answer the questions of your conscience, for it is a time of judgment.

2. You are before your Judge, for it is necessary that I touch you with My justice for an instant; but truly I say to you, My judgment is loving and just.

3. I am giving you much proof that I am among you. Why does not everyone believe Me? Do you want to be left to the mercy of human wickedness? Do not lose yourselves along the pathways of the world. Come to Me, I am the Way that will lead you toward a true happiness.

4. I have entrusted your nation with a mission of peace and not of war; understand that My Divine word is echoing there revealing to you that the New Jerusalem is found in the spiritual realm; and all spirits should penetrate it through their elevation, thus becoming its dwellers.

5. Today you show Me your granaries with scarcely any seed, and the reason is that you have not taken advantage of the fields which I am providing for you. Your brethren are dying before you and you are not moved.

6. Do you not believe that in that way you are concealing My Law? You are not ignorant of the fact that you were the ones who made a covenant with Me a long time ago, a pact which is written in the Book of Life.

7. Your heart confesses that you are still like the weak warrior.

8. Hear Me, o My people, for the ordeals will come and they will awaken you and give you that temper which you lack.

9. It is necessary for your faith and knowledge to be great, so that you understand that in this life you will have to be the guardians of peace, through your thoughts and prayers.

10. A new year is born among you in which you will answer to Me. I grant you this era for your preparation and struggle.

11. If you prepare yourselves, you will neither weep or feel the pain in your heart. But do not defy My justice with disobedience for then you will surely drink that cup of bitterness.

12. Become My servants, for the fields await your seed of love. Elijah, the tireless shepherd, already prepared the paths and the fields so that you may take up your tools and begin to till the soil.

13. Your task is very delicate, but it will not be difficult nor tiresome; before the incandescent sun of My justice, the maternal mantle of Mary will always interpose like a beneficial cloud giving its celestial protection while My voice, like a melody or cooing of doves will delight you, making your work more pleasant.

14. O My beloved disciples: My voice has called you tirelessly in this Third Period; My word appeared like a shining beacon showing the way to the shipwrecked victims.

15. I have given you spiritual strength with My teaching, not only to resist the vicissitudes of this world, but also to fulfill the mission which you have brought during this Era.

16. Not everyone will receive you with open arms when you go forth to spread My Doctrine, there will be some who will set snares to make you fall.

17. A struggle will emerge, for if there are those who have the power to do good, there are also those who have the power for evil.

18. I come to purify and prepare you spiritually and physically so that you understand the inspirations of the Father and then convey them to your fellowmen with the same purity with which I delivered them to you.

19. Demonstrate that this Doctrine is not a theory; it has not been derived from books, it comprises in its truth the message of the Holy Spirit.

20. I come to prepare you for life on Earth will change each day and what today is peace, tomorrow will be war; and what now appears to be light to men, tomorrow will confuse them. Mankind prepares its countless weapons for the battle, you prepare yours.

21. Within prayer and in the practice of My Doctrine, men will find the light. In the practice of My Law, My new warriors will find fortitude, and when the days of sorrow come, you will unite to give courage to one another and pray for everyone.

22. My Law will be the ark of salvation in this period; when the flood waters of sin, of grief and misery are unleashed, truly I say to you that men of other nations, will arrive in caravans to this country, attracted by its spirituality, its hospitality and peace, and when they know about this revelation and have faith in what I said in My new coming as the Holy Spirit, I will also name them Israelites in the spirit. Among those multitudes will be My emissaries, whom I will send to their people to convey the Divine message of My word to their brethren; but not everyone will come to this nation to learn of this teaching which I brought to you, because many will receive it spiritually.

23. You will then behold how many who never listened to Me, will arise as the great apostles, filled with faith, love and eagerness, forgetting fears and prejudice which you are unable to overcome and will penetrate wherever a door is open to give testimony of My word; they will not fear sects nor religions, for before considering them enemies, they will regard them fraternally.

24. Do not regard anyone as a foreigner along this path; be able to welcome your fellowmen with the doors of your heart open and deliver to them the message which I revealed to you.

25. Later, when My emissaries are scattered throughout the world, they will all feel united in their mission.

26. The laborer will cultivate and furrow the soil; there he will deposit the seed with faith and eagerness to reap an abundant harvest. And the Master says to you: always remember to select the proper soil in which to cultivate so that the seed will not spoil. You will always reap its fruits in accordance with the love with which you have cultivated them.

27. Everyone can be a laborer in My fields, but first it is necessary to feel and understand this mission.

28. This work consists of removing the veil of darkness from the ignorant and the fanatic, teaching him that I am the only God that everyone should serve. That is why I am preparing you, as an example for the rest, since you were able to open your eyes to the light, and with humility confess that you were ignorant.

29. Through you I will sow My seed and later I will gather the fruits of your obedience to My Law. Your fellowmen will ask how you have received this teaching, what were My manifestations and why you follow this path, and to every question you will answer with the absolute truth, for if you are unable to defend yourselves with the truth, you will not be strong, and you will be defeated; then the seed will not germinate.

30. It is not My will that at the end of the struggle you are not able to reap your harvest, after I have separated you from the temptations of the world to hear Me and after naming you My disciples. It would not be just that you reap disappointments and bitterness only because you did not learn in time to defend My Work, by studying and analyzing it, in order to face your ordeals.

31. My teaching is only one lesson, wisely revealed in many forms in order that you would understand it and to which nothing should be added. And although it is a Law, I do not come to impose it upon you, because you would fall into hypocrisy; you would pretend obedience, while with your actions you would be violating My Law.

32. I have placed a conscience in your being so it can be in the midst of all your steps, since the conscience is able to distinguish good from bad, and what is just from what is not. With that light you cannot be deceived nor be called ignorant. How could the spiritual follower deceive his brother or try to deceive even himself if he knows the truth?

33. During the Second Era a wealthy young man approached Jesus and said to Him, "Master, I believe I am worthy of the Kingdom which you promise, for I practice your teaching." Jesus asked him, "Do you comply with the Law?" And the young man replied, "Yes Master, I fast, I treat my brothers well, I do not cause harm to anyone and I give part of my wealth toward the support of the temple." Then Jesus said to him, "If you wish to follow Me, give to the poor what you possess and come after Me." But the young man possessed so much that he refused to give up his riches, and he preferred to depart from the Master. He thought of complying, and he only deceived himself.

34. How many times I have said to you: practice charity, manifest this virtue, but do not make a display of it for it will cease to be charity and you will deceive yourself.

35. O disciples: If you do not want to fall into errors in the practice of My Doctrine, analyze your actions by means of your conscience; if it demands of you examine yourselves thoroughly, find your fault and correct it. Your conscience is a mirror where you will be able to see whether you are cleansed or not.

36. The spiritual follower should be recognized by his actions, so that in order to be clean, they will have been dictated by his conscience. He who practices in that way, will feel in his spirit the right to be called My disciple.

37. Who will be able to deceive Me? No one. But I do not come to judge you for what you do, but for the intention with which you do it. I am in your conscience and beyond it. Do you believe I could ignore your actions and the intention in them?

38. Prepare yourselves for the battle so that My Work will not be misunderstood due to your imperfect deeds, for many times the acceptance or rejection of My teaching will depend on you. But I ask you: What could obscure My Work since it is truth itself, since it is pure and perfect?.Nothing. But because of your lack of fulfillment, you will certainly lose occasions to earn blessings and elevate your spirit.

39. If anyone ignores My truth, it is because he is not capable of drawing near and drinking from the fountain of knowledge that is My word and which overflows its clear waters for all who thirst.

40. The truth which I revealed to the first, to the patriarchs, to the prophets and the just, is the same which today I am manifesting to you, for My Doctrine which you are receiving, is the Law for all time. I come only to show you the way so that you may continue your journey to the end.

41. O disciples: Behold My word in which you will always find My truth, but if you give erroneous or complicated explanations, if you modify My Doctrine or deliver a confused interpretation to those in need, you will reap a bad harvest.

42. Take care how you deliver My teaching and how you propagate it, because you are responsible for a very great heritage.

43. I am the Master of the seed, you are the laborers; make it germinate, flourish and become fruitful as I taught you.

44. But do not regard yourselves as servants or slaves. Feel free to love and labor within My Doctrine. I am the light that illuminates the paths and you are the travelers who choose the way.

45. If some walk blindly and can not see that light; if some are lazy and for that reason can not find it, if they should deviate from the pathway, do not blame Me, because wherever you are I speak to you in various ways; Understand that some effort has to be made by one who wishes to find Me.

46. My word penetrates your heart like the wheat seed in fertile soil and on receiving it, you should make it flourish and multiply.

47. Analyze this word in order that you know what it contains and practice it to be aware of its value. And that knowledge which you gain through that analysis do not keep to yourselves; let it be known by mankind; and you will see with great joy, that it will be well received by your fellowmen and you will see them awaken to love and faith.

48. After this time, men will come to you seeking My teaching, and without having heard My word transmitted through the faculties of the spokesmen, they will know that I have come once again, and they will have the certainty that I have spoken to mankind in this manner.

49. The moment will come when My word will be extended to all nations and My mandates given during this Era, will attain life and strength throughout the times. He who prepares himself, will feel My presence in his spirit, and finally, man will obey My Law; the freedom of will will be fully understood by him and he will perform just deeds within My Divine Law.

50. I am once again setting the pattern for you to follow Me. When you arise seeking mankind to convey to them the good news, do not beg them to listen to you. Carry out your mission with dignity, and those who believe you will be the ones whom I have chosen to be My disciples. There will be rumors that the Master has returned to form a new apostle- ship and you will give testimony about these manifestations and furthermore you will reveal to them that you have also returned to Earth, that during the Second Era you were with Me and you heard My word in Galilee and Judea; and if they doubt you, tell them to meditate on My words and on the prophecies given to My apostles and they will realize that this is the truth.

51. To you who hear Me, I reveal My word through the faculties of these spokesmen, later other generations will come who will study all that I have said to you, which will be printed filling great volumes.

52. I am the Life and at every moment I vivify you, but I have to contend with your ideas and thoughts. Your deeds lead you toward pain and death and you are unable to seek Me so that I may strengthen you in righteousness. Why do you not come to Me? Who has not felt My presence once he calls upon Me? How much I love you and always have! Before I created you, I loved you within Me, and from the moment you emanated from my Spirit you were endowed with My gifts and mandates for all time.

53. The Earth which you walk upon today, is not your eternal mansion nor is it the Promised Land, for that reason you always long for a superior life; you aspire for perfection, for it belongs to you as an eternal heritage; it is the state of elevation which your spirit will attain after great struggles. Do not be satisfied with earthly benefits because you are aware that you are destined to know the perfect spiritual life, with all its grace and beauty.

54. Do not expect your fellowmen to regenerate themselves only through My Divine Work, without an effort on your part toward that end. Your mission is to work to lay the foundation of a new humanity who will love and obey My Law. For that, prayer is your best weapon.

55. lam speaking to the spirit and heart of all men. I am cultivating them and the moment will come when they will be able to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit and then, there will be no secrets between the Father and son. Prepare yourselves for that time when I will no longer communicate through a human faculty.

56. Record My word for future generations and take care not to confuse My mandates. It is not My will that My new disciples, who will learn of My word only through these writings, find imperfection in My teaching, due to your lack of preparation. It is My will that all the essence and truth of My Work be contained in these pages. In this book which I have entrusted to you, I have put together My word which is revealed in three Eras, and all which has remained veiled or shrouded in mystery, you will understand when you communicate from spirit to Spirit with My Divinity.

57. If you believe that My manifestation during this period is not an event and that after you are gone My Work will have terminated, truly I say that you have not had a premonition of its significance nor have you contemplated the light of the Sixth Seal, illuminating and giving life to everything created and marking a new stage of the perfection of the spirit.

58. If you would contemplate the humility of your spirit while hearing My word, your body would unite with it to form only one will, but the flesh is an obstacle for your spiritual progress. Behold the struggle and in it the necessary merits for your elevation.

59. If you feel depressed because of the ordeals of life, take refuge in Me and you will feel strong, and there will be no one who will destroy your peace nor deprive you of your heritage.

60. I want you always to be ardent in your love so you will not be like the tombs, warm when the sun sends its rays and at dusk, when it sets, they are cold again.

61. Do not be moved only when you hear My word, but love Me and always love one another as I love you.

62. Within grateful hearts I have listened to this prayer, "0 Lord, you are tireless in granting us so many blessings." And I say to you: I am your Father and I behold your needs. How can My Spirit not be moved by your prayer? I have comforted you in the solitude of your chamber, and I have illuminated you so that your meditation may be beneficial.

63. I am leaving an album in the hearts of My disciples, so that after 1950, when My word ceases to be heard through a human faculty, they will be the ones who will convey My message to mankind.

64. In these humble houses of prayer where My word is manifested, how many teachings you have heard and learned, and though no rituals, altars nor images exist in them, here is where you have ceased to feel an emptiness in your heart.

65. Blessed are you who meekly and humbly have listened to Me, for tomorrow you will surprise the multitudes with the essence of your word.

66. O disciples: Now is the time that you should recognize the greatness and purity of My Work, so that when you preach it in the future, your actions will be in accord with My Doctrine.

67. The multitudes approach this people; be prepared, I do not want them to surprise you doing wrongful deeds, because they could say: Are these the new disciples of the Lord?

68. After speaking to you for so long, I do not want to find your granary empty of good deeds.

69. Tomorrow you will be scrutinized and put to a test by men who wish to see you weaken, to denounce you and negate My truth.

70. Do not expect that only My word written in books, will perform the miracle of converting mankind; it is necessary for great warriors of My cause to emerge, so that with their faith, their courage and their love as weapons, they may seal and confirm My truth.

71. It will not be necessary for you to ask whether this path is free of obstacles or not, nor will you have to go in search of multitudes, because I will take care of placing the needy along your path.

72. It is necessary for men to arise among mankind who will recognize and make known the greatness of My Law.

73. You who have listened to Me during this period, be great through your humility, through My word, through your virtue and proper fulfillment of My Law, but do not believe that for having heard Me, you will be the most exalted among mankind; how many who have no knowledge of My teaching, when the day comes that they hear about it, all they will need is your testimony and they will perform greater deeds than yours. For this reason you will rejoice greatly, because those deeds will be the fruit of your fulfillment.

74. Today I will strengthen you and close the wounds which previously humanity had opened, so that you have the necessary temper when the struggle comes.

75. Understand that the light of the Sixth Seal illuminates you, that the Sixth Golden Candlesticks enlightens mankind, but although everyone is illuminated by that light, while some are aware that they live during a period of great significance, others allow all these teachings to pass unnoticed.

76. If all have been created equally, why does not everyone have faith? Because of your freedom of will and the different evolution of each spirit. Thus, while some wait for a light and a superior force to guide them, others rely on what they consider their own struggles, and when these fail, they feel lost.

77. It has been a long while since your spirit emanated from Me, nevertheless, not everyone has progressed in the same way along the spiritual path.

78. All destinies are different although they lead you toward the same goal. To some are reserved some ordeals and to others different ones. One child travels one path, and another will follow a different course. Neither have all of you emerged to this existence at the same instant, nor will you return at the same moment. Some travel ahead, and others behind, but the goal awaits everyone. No one knows who is near nor who is distant, because you are still small to have this knowledge; you are human and your vanity would lead you astray.

79. The Father tells all of you to be perseverant and to those who have faith He says to them to illuminate the path of those who travel in darkness.

80. Analyze your course and you will realize that sometimes you have traveled with determination and sometimes slowly; at other times you have fallen only to arise afterward, until you have reached the end, taking a more secure and firm step.

81. Only I am aware of your evolution, although I must tell you that a truly elevated spirit has a knowledge of its progress, without being vain because of it.

82. Through the gift of intuition you will be able to know whether your pace is very slow or if you are going at a very fast pace, whether you have come to a standstill or if you believe to have taken a firm step.

83. Through your conscience you will be able to know whether the road which you travel is permissible or if you have misjudged it.

84. In order for you to leave a beneficial footprint on your earthly passage to those who come behind you, it is necessary that you comply with My Law. Through it you will leave great deeds, and your memory and example will be unforgettable.

85. O disciples, I am the Hen under whose wings you live as Her young. I will also tell you that the Sixth Seal is the only one which is opened and illuminates you during this period.

86. Behold that many of My servants who were the first disciples of Spirituality, have fallen into a grave error in believing that the Seals are houses of prayer, that they were unfolded in this nation and that they are its possessors.

87. These I test continually with My justice, for they are like the first-born during this period, those whom I called and invited to My table, those to whom My word of love was reserved. They proceed along the paths of the world bearing their gifts and responsibilities, not wanting to know what they carry. They believe to be fulfilling My Law, and they judge their fellowmen.

88. They do not know where they are going, nor do they have an awareness of the greatness of My Work and when I have called them to listen to Me through a human faculty, I have asked them: Do you believe in My presence in this manner? Many of them have denied Me.

89. I have said to them: Show Me your multitudes, enumerate the miracles which you have performed and the seed which they have shown Me is very scarce. I have shown to them the great multitudes who congregate where My word is heard, the endless testimonies of My power and I have reminded them: The tree will be recognized by its fruits. This is the Sixth Seal under whose light everyone should follow Me. Today the Sixth Golden Candlestick, which is the Divine Word, illuminates you.

90. Behold among My people the sons of doubt alongside the sons of faith, those who deny Me and those who follow Me: Some are attached to materialism and others are making an effort to attain spirituality. Here is the primary cause of your division during this period.

91. However, My teaching is as clear as the light of day.

92. The Lamb of God opened the Seals and only He is worthy of sealing them anew.

93. The New Jerusalem is not in this nor in any nation.

That city is spiritual, although you can inhabit it from this moment on.

94. Elijah is not the one who opened the Seals, he was the forerunner in order that the Sixth Seal could be opened and revealed in its time. Elijah represents the Sixth Seal and his mission is very high. He came to reveal that a new period of revelations was beginning for you.

95. The seven churches of Asia, which were sanctuaries where the voice of My apostles resounded and as a message for all the generations of all people, are a beautiful image of the Book of the Seven Seals.

96. Roque Rojas brought to the world the mission of being the first spokesman through whom Elijah called the first followers of the Third Period, and among those first to receive responsibilities was a maiden who arose with the spirituality and the necessary devotion so that through her the miracle of My communication through a human faculty would be realized. Since then and by those means, My word which began with the manifestation of Elijah designated the time for this communication which will be from 1866 to 1950.

97. Many spokesmen have been prepared so that you would have My inexhaustible word, which is a fountain of knowledge and of revelations, until the final moment of My communication.

98. The period of spirituality will come later, and although you will not hear My word again, you will feel Me closer to you.

99. I will keep descending and manifesting Myself through the good preparation of some and the bad preparation of others. Through the good intention of some and the lack of preparation of others, My Spirit will be present in this manner until 1950, for nothing will prevent that My will be done.

100. However, those who blend something foreign to this nourishment and give the multitudes other than clear and pure water, will answer to Me.

101. It is My will that you return to those places where you failed to fulfill a certain mission.

102. The pathways are prepared, the fields await the seed. Be prepared and allow the moment of your struggle to take place, then you will give one another a fraternal embrace, you will depart and allow My will to be done in you.

103. Do not forget that My Work is pure, and that you should love it to the end.

104. You will perform charitable deeds during the course of your journey, for that is your mission. You have many spiritual gifts with which to be charitable in different ways. If you are able to prepare yourselves, you will perform that which you call impossible.

105. The charity that you render by means of a coin, although it is charity, is the least elevated that you can give.

106. You should convey love, forgiveness and peace to the heart of your fellowmen.

107. I do not want any more Pharisees or hypocrites protected by My Law. I want disciples who feel the pain of their fellowmen. I will forgive all those who arise with repentance, regardless of the sect or religion which they profess, and I will allow them to see with clearness the right path.

108. Blessed are those who carry My teaching to strange lands, for My Law and My guardian angels will protect them. I have said that through the preparation of one of My sons, a region may be spared; be deserving of that grace, and I will give to you in abundance.

109. I speak to you in many ways so that My word will strengthen you and you will not weaken when you are more in need of faith.

110. Love one another when you are together, love one another when you are distant, and the blessing of your Father will descend upon that fraternity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 11

1. O humanity: seek your glory in the love of your Heavenly Father, for truly I say to you, the unity with God will enable you to feel the glory within your spirit.

2. When man penetrates into the spiritual realm, he will finally find the path to glory. Marvel, O My disciples, knowing that within your spirit you can carry and feel that glory!

3. I come once again to give you a lesson through My Doctrine of love, for although I find you learning the teachings of life, which is school for you, you have not analyzed all that it has revealed to you along your path.

4. O! My very beloved children, who weep like lost sheep, calling your Shepherd with anguished cries! When you close your eyes to the reality of your surroundings, you end up thinking that I am the cause of your misfortunes on Earth; others believe that your vicissitudes are of no concern to Me.

5. How ungrateful you are thinking that way of your Father, and how unjust thus to appraise My perfect justice!

6. Do you believe that I do not listen to you when you say that you are only nourished by bitterness, that the world which you inhabit is a world without happiness and that the existence which you lead has no reason to be?

7. You only feel My presence when you believe that I punish you, that I deny you all mercy, and you forget the tenderness and kindness of your Father; you complain about your life, instead of blessing its benefits.

8. The fact is you close your eyes to the truth and you only see bitterness and tears around you, reaching desperation because you believe that everything will be without a reward.

9. How different your life would be if instead of that nonconformity, of that incomprehension, your first thought each day would be to bless your Father and your first words, to be thankful for so many benefits that His love offers! But you do not feel those virtues anymore, because the flesh has perturbed your spirit and you have forgotten My teaching; that is why I come to speak to you about those feelings which you have removed from your heart.

10. Destiny has the compassion which God has put in it; the destiny of men is filled with the Divine goodness.

11. Many times you cannot find that goodness for you do not know how to seek it.

12. If within the destiny marked by Me for each spirit, you devise a difficult and bitter course, I try to soften it, but never to increase its bitterness.

13. In the world men need one another; no one is extra and no one is missing. All lives are necessary one to each other, for the complement and harmony of their existence.

14. The poor need from the rich and the rich from the poor. The sinful need from the righteous and these from the former. The ignorant need from the wise and those who have knowledge, from the ignorant. The little ones need from the adults and these in turn need from the children.

15. In this world, each one of you is situated by the wisdom of God in his place and near whom he should be. To each man is assigned the circle where he should dwell, in which there are incarnated and discarnated spirits with whom he must coexist.

16. Thus, each in his way, all of you are encountering those who will teach you the love which will elevate you, others will receive sorrow which will purify you. Some will cause you to suffer because you need it thus, while others give you their love to compensate for your bitterness, but all have a message for you, a teaching which you should understand and profit from.

17. Again I say to you: Although you find yourselves before My teaching, you have not recognized the message that each being offers you.

18. Seek in each of your brethren the good side that he presents, in order to learn from him, as well as his bad side so that you will help him to elevate himself and in that manner proceed along the pathway, helping one another.

19. Slow down your pace and meditate, for you have allowed many to go past who would have done you good. Do not allow these opportunities to pass, because they are lessons which you are wasting.

20. Each human being is a lesson, a hope of love or lack of love which will finally give you its pleasant or bitter truth; in that way you will proceed from lesson to lesson, sometimes learning and sometimes teaching, because you must also deliver to your fellowmen the message which you have brought to Earth.

21. In truth I say to you that if this humanity understood these teachings, it would not weep so much on Earth.

22. Do not forget that every incarnated or discarnated spirit who crosses your path in some way, comes to help you in your destiny.

23. How many spirits of light I have sent to the world and you have not stopped to bless My love for you!

24. Many spirits that I have sent to you, you have not taken advantage of, unaware that they formed part of your destiny, but since you were unable to receive them, you were left with empty hands, and later you had to weep!

25. O humanity, your destiny is to harmonize with everything created. This harmony of which I speak is the greatest of all the laws, for in it you will find the perfect communion with God and His Works.

26. Study those spirits that surround you and those that cross your lives, in order that you value their virtues, receive the message which they bring for you, or give them what they should receive from you.

27. Why have you neglected your fellowmen whom destiny has placed along your path? You have closed the door of your heart unaware of the lesson which they brought to you.

28. How many times you have cast aside the very one who brought a message of peace and hope for your spirit, and then you complain when you yourselves have filled your cup of bitterness.

29. Life has unexpected changes and surprises, and what will you do if tomorrow you anxiously seek the one whom you arrogantly rejected today?

30. Keep in mind that it is possible that he whom you reject and scorn today, tomorrow you will anxiously seek, but many times it will be too late.

31. If you are children, understand and respect the generosity of your parents. If you are parents, know how to understand your children. If you are husband and wife, know and love one another, but if you still are not and you await the one who will be part of your destiny, be prepared to receive her in order to understand her.

32. Avoid creating greater bitterness with errors and trivial things and since you have not learned to read in the Book of Life, at least read about the spiritual nobleness of those who are close to you.

33. O humanity: understand My word, learn from Me and observe how I do not neglect those who approach Me, knowing that all are My children, that all need from Me.

34. Learn this lesson in order to know how to be teachers, but first learn to be brothers.

35. It is necessary for everyone to know that your destiny is to learn the great lessons of life, for only thus will you reach the summit of your perfection, only in that way will you reach greatness; otherwise, you will always carry nonconformity, complaints, incomprehension, blasphemy and reproach toward your Father.

36. Allow My teachings to be your adviser along the pathway and you will feel within you a force which will never allow you to weaken and will guide you step by step toward the summit of understanding.

37. Comfort those whom you see weeping; God has guided you to them for there is your mission.

38. Understand My lesson so you will not make more mistakes during your lifetime, for any offense which you may cause your brethren, in word or deed, will be an unforgettable reminder in your conscience, which will reclaim relentlessly.

39. Again I say to you, all of you are necessary for the fulfillment of the Divine plan and for the end of so much spiritual misery among mankind.

40. As long as egotism exists, suffering will also exist. Substitute your indifference, your egotism and your contempt, for love, for charity and you will realize how soon peace will come to you.

41. Meditate carefully in all My teaching.

42. Know yourselves. I have beheld the existence of mankind of all the eras, and I know what has been the cause of all its sufferings and misfortunes.

43. Since the first times I have seen men taking their lives because of greed, materialism and lust for power; they have always neglected their spirit, believing themselves only flesh, and when the time has come to leave their human form on Earth, only what they did in their physical life remained, without gathering any glory for the spirit because they did not seek it; they did not think about it nor were they concerned with the virtues of the spirit or its knowledge. They were satisfied in living without seeking the pathway which leads them to God.

44. You, who do not love life because you regard it as cruel, as long as you do not recognize the importance of the conscience in man or allow yourself to be guided by it, you will find nothing of real value.

45. It is the conscience which elevates the spirit toward a superior life above the flesh and its passions. Spirituality will enable you to feel a great love for God, when you succeed in practicing it; then you will understand the importance of life, you will contemplate its beauty and will find its wisdom. Then, you will surely understand why I have called it LIFE.

46. After knowing and understanding this teaching, who will dare reject it, saying that it is not the truth?

47. When you understand that within the conscience is your true value, you will live in harmony with everything created by your Father.

48. Then, the conscience will beautify the poor human life, but first it will be necessary for man to withdraw from all passions which separate him from God, in order to follow the path of justice and wisdom. That will be the beginning of the true life for you, this life which today you regard with indifference, because you do not realize what you are despising nor imagine its perfection.

49. O humanity: you have remained at a standstill throughout the times, for you believed that happiness and true peace pertained to the human existence, without realizing that they form a part of the spiritual life, which is the true life.

50. Seek those who love you and those who hate you, love the life which you have regarded cruel, without realizing that it is like an open book full of knowledge for you. Be moved by the joys as well as the afflictions of others; behold in each human being a teacher and feel yourself a living symbol of good, not evil, for the symbol that you represent will be according to your deeds in life.

51. Men have imagined hell as a place of eternal torture, where they believe that all those who have disobeyed My mandates will go. And in the same way they have created a hell for great faults, they have imagined another place for lesser faults, as well as one more for those who have done neither right nor wrong.

52. Those who say that in the Hereafter there is neither rejoicing nor suffering, are not telling the truth; no one is without suffering, nor exempt from rejoicing. Afflictions and joys will always be mixed as long as the spirit does not attain the supreme peace.

53. Listen, O My people: Hell is within the incarnated and discarnated, in dwellers of this world and the spiritual realm; hell is a symbol of great pain, of terrible remorse, of desperation, of suffering and bitterness of those who have sinned greatly, and from those consequences they will be liberated according to the evolution of their spirit towards love.

54. Glory, on the other hand, which symbolizes happiness and true peace, is for those who have withdrawn from earthly passions, in order to live in communion with God.

55. Question your conscience and you will know if you are living in hell, if you are atoning for your faults, or if you are vibrating with the peace of glory.

56. What men call glory or hell, are not predetermined places; it is the essence of your deeds which your spirit gathers when it reaches the spiritual realm. Each one lives his hell, inhabits his world of atonement, or enjoys the happiness which the elevation and harmony with the Divine Spirit offers.

57. I am your Father and you are My very beloved people. Come, elevate yourselves above everything created, and draw nearer to Me.

58. O My beloved disciples: these are times of justice for mankind. The time is up for you to begin to settle your accounts. You are reaping the harvest of previous sowings, the result or consequence of your deeds.

59. Man has a time to do his work and another to answer for what he did; this last time is the one in which you live, for that reason, everyone suffers and weeps. In the same way that you have a time to sow and another to reap, God also has one which he granted you to comply with His Law and another to manifest His justice.

60. You are living in the phase of Divine justice. Pain makes you weep; humanity purifies itself through its own lamenting, because no one is exempt from restitution.

61. These are times of justice in which you must meditate over your destiny, so that through meditation and spirituality you will listen to the voice of the conscience, which does not confuse nor deceive, but it guides you along the path of peace.

62. What is most difficult for the spirit is to reach spirituality through the flesh; the most difficulty for man, is to know himself essentially. Do not waste your life, learn all its lessons;your mission is to acquire knowledge, to teach those who surround you and to perfect yourselves in spirit.

63. O My people: If you know that your spiritual destiny is great, take the path of love and kindle your lamp of faith within the Divine flame of My wisdom.

64. Come to Me, O humanity, for I am your hope. I am the promised Comforter who has brought to you during these times of chaos, My message of peace. For all that you have wept and suffered, My consolation and My love are poured upon you like a fountain of mercy.

65. Truly I say that you have greatly violated My Law, but it is also true that in My love you will be purified. What would you do during this period if instead of comforting you, I would come to you only as Judge?

66. I am the Master of love who comes to help you with your cross. I am your traveling companion who guides your steps and accompanies you in your solitude and bitterness. I am your gentle friend whom you awaited. I am the sustenance that your spirit demands, because My love is the nourishment which gives you life.

67. At all times you have needed Me, but more so during these in which humanity is draining its cup of grief. For that reason I am with you, because I am your Savior. You weep and I bless your lamenting, for the tears of sinners are the blessed dew with which the hearts are fructified.

68. Your spirit has taken leave of the flesh in order to hear My word in the Hereafter and it has spoken to Me without words.

69. The elevated spirit knows that the human word impoverishes and diminishes the expression of the spiritual thought, for that reason, it silences the lips of the flesh in order to elevate and express itself with a language which only God understands, the secret which it has concealed within its innermost being.

70. Overcome all pain, elevate yourself above your lamenting and keep on listening to Me. Recognize that the Third Era is here before mankind and feel the responsibility to be prepared. You confess yourselves before Me and you elevate your spirit; I listen to your prayer and I allow you to attain My grace and forgiveness.

71. You glorify Me with spiritual hymns when you see Me descending from the summit of the mount to your mansion, and upon hearing My word, your spirit is moved, and you say to Me: "Father, we know that you are with us." But not everyone has felt My coming and it is necessary for My words and My evidence be repeated at every moment, to make you understand that once again I have come before men. I have sought within the human being a home, a temple where I may dwell and still I do not find it; however, I will continue to polish those rocks until I transform them into hearts that feel My presence, and with it My justice and My love.

72. If you feel that you travel in a desert of incomprehension, be strong and proceed forward; but if by My will I make you cross deserts and mountains to spread the good news to other lands, arise and comply, for if water becomes scarce, I will make it sprout from rocks to quench your thirst, and if you lack strength for the long journey, I will vivify you.

73. This Work which I entrust to you is delicate. Do not allow profane hands to steal this treasure in order to say afterward that it is the fruit of their inspiration and with it they will exalt themselves and humiliate the innocent.

74. When you come before Me I will ask and demand all that I have given you and many of you will say to Me: "Father, I have lost my heritage." Then I will send you to seek it and you will not return to Me until you have recovered it and have complied with all My mandates. If I did not speak to you in this manner, you would slumber and you would not be able to save yourselves.

75. The essence of My word which you preserve today, will emerge tomorrow from your lips in words of wisdom for mankind. If you persevere along this path, you will find in it sound and healthful enjoyments which will nourish your spirit.

76. Have faith the size of a mustard seed and you will see great miracles realized. I tell you as I did during the Second Era: Order a mountain to move and,you will be obeyed; command the fury of the elements to cease and you will see it realized; ask in My name for a sick person to be healed and he will be free of his ailment. But when a miracle has been granted to you, do not be indifferent, perceive within your spirit the Divine deeds and know how to appraise them.

77. Many calamities wilt come upon mankind; within Nature there will be disturbances, the elements will be unleashed. Fire will devastate regions, the waters of the rivers will leave their course, the seas will undergo changes; there will be regions which will be buried under the waters, and new lands will appear. Many creatures will lose their lives, and even those beings inferior to man will perish. All will be disorder and confusion and if you do not prepare yourselves from now on, you will weaken during those trials and you will not be able to give strength ta the rest and thus you will not set a good example for the future generations, who should communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit. If you do not prepare their way, they will seek Me through the path of science and not through the path of spirituality and that is not My will.

78. After the year of 1950, you will see the beginning of those great trials. Be watchful and pray; acknowledge Me, O My people; practice My word, which contains all virtue, and be saved. Truly I say to you: He who hears My word and practices it, will be saved and will penetrate eternal life. That temple which I announced to My disciples, which I would raise in three days, is this which today I am constructing within your spirit. This temple is indestructible; I entrusted its foundation to your parents, and your children will behold its completion.

79. No one should profane this temple, nor permit idolatry, greed, egotism and hypocrisy to penetrate it; because confusion and remorse will be the only reward they will gain from it; but if you are zealous of that inner sanctuary which you carry in your spirit and which is the house where your Father wishes to dwell, you will then behold the arrival from distant and nearby lands, caravans of men, women and children who will come knocking at the doors of that mansion in demand of spiritual charity.

80. Many will come like wolves, trying to surprise you; but before the purity and truth of your worship and also your deeds, they will be converted into humble sheep.

81. Penetrate into meditation and allow Me to interrogate you in the silence of your chamber; those questions will be the same ones which men will come to ask you, and from now on, I wish to see you prepared in order that you give them the proper answer.

82. At the same time that I have come to give you My teaching and My mandates, I have come to fill you with strength so you will struggle without weakening. It is not possible, o My beloved children, for you to reach the summit of the mount carrying your cross, without first traveling over that road of bitterness.

83. When will there appear on Earth a man who comes to comply with all My teachings, such as My Law ordains; a man of great and illuminated spirit, of elevated sentiments and clear intelligence?

84. If you believe that the word, man, signifies a weak and small creature subject to allow himself to be pulled eternally by wickedness, you are in great error. Mankind has had its physical and spiritual crucible so that the fruit of its struggle, its experience and its evolution would be to become a true man. Do you believe that your seed is incapable of producing such a fruit? O Israel: do not doubt My word. Remember that I promised Abraham and Jacob that their seed would be the blessing and consolation for all the people of the Earth.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 12

1. Blessed are you on this dawn of holy remembrance, in which men honor the memory of the Messiah.

2. Not only do I come to bring you hope but also beautiful realities.

3. The torment of sorrows which you bear during your lifetime will be of short duration; all this will pass and you will cease to weep and suffer.

4. The existence of a man on Earth is only an instant in eternity, a breath of life which animates the human being for a time and later it separates in order to animate a new body.

5. Be thankful that no pain is lasting; your suffering is temporary and it will disappear very soon.

6. The period of atonement and purification is brief for him who sees his trials with spirituality; on the other hand, he who is clothed with materialism, will take a long time in what really passes very soon.

7. As the palpitations of your heart pass, in the same way does the life of men pass into infinity.

8. There is no reason to fear, for in the same way that one sighs, as one sheds a tear or utters a word, so will the suffering in man also disappear.

9. Within the infinite tenderness of God, all your pains and sorrows will have to vanish.

10. If suffering hurts you, it is not that it is conveyed to you from Me, but because you have pursued it beforehand, and the law of justice has to be fulfilled.

11. Nevertheless no one is forsaken, all of you have someone who encourages and looks after you, you have many loves behind the veil of the flesh; but you do not know them nor are you aware in what manner they love you from the Hereafter. They are spirits that inhabit the realm of light, who help and comfort their younger brethren, the weak, the fallen and the sick.

12. The illuminated are the exalted envoys of the Lord, who bearing important and delicate missions to fulfill, come to direct and to look after all that has been entrusted to them.

13. I call them illuminated for they have allowed My seed of love to flourish within their spirit. These are the illuminated whom you still do not know, because you lack spiritual sensitivity.

14. In order for My presence to be felt by you, it became necessary for My thoughts to resound through a spokesman; but truly I say, the Universe is filled with spiritual vibrations which you could also hear if your preparation and spiritual capability would permit it.

15. I had to speak to you through this means in order to make Myself heard, because I come to liberate you from your chains of ignorance, to break those ties which hinder you and help you to truly understand My Doctrine.

16. He who is tied to worldly weaknesses will not be able to feel Me completely. No man with a hardened heart can reach perfection.

17. I have to make Myself felt in your heart so that you may understand Me and many times I must repeat My teachings, waiting for the moment in which you will come prepared to receive Me.

18. It is necessary that you understand that I have come to break the chains which have converted you into slaves of suffering, to liberate you from afflictions which you yourselves have caused and made lasting because you repeat your errors and imperfections. However, if you are foolish in your unrighteousness, I am constant in My love to save you; and if you were to descend into miry pits or to the lowest depths of your passions, I will go to seek the lost to take them to the Kingdom of Light. But you need to be humble and just, in order for My seed to fructify in you.

19. Truly I say that even when I observe that you have freed yourselves from what is passing or superfluous, that you have labored to withdraw from the unrighteous paths, I cannot yet say that you are already capable of guiding a people, because you still lack a great deal to attain spirituality.

20. I have also come to awaken ideals from within you so that you may free yourselves from ignorance, for with that chain which ties you to materialism, you cannot emerge as My apostles nor set examples of true love.

21. I am the sun of truth which dissipates the fog of your ignorance; leave that darkness and come to receive those bright and warm rays of the inspiration of God.

22. If you already understood Me, you would fully feel how I reach your spirit as wisdom, as life, and if your understanding and your heart would retain My words of light, you would soon belong to the number of the illuminated ones.

23. Oh! Blessed dawn, so filled with prayers, hymns and blessings; if at least for a few moments men would penetrate into the greatness of its significance, how much peace and how much light they would gather for their spirit!

24. Behold, o My people, observe the sky, take a good look and you will realize that in each star there is a promise, a world that awaits you; they are mansions promised to the children of God which everyone will come to inhabit, because all will know My Kingdom, which was not created just for certain beings; it was created as a universal dwelling where all the children of God will be gathered.

25. But you must always have a clear unclouded mind; always be vigilant in order to feel that My inspiration reaches you.

26. When an illuminated on£ by My wisdom, succeeds in ruling the Earth, everything will be harmonious, but up to now you have not accepted My teaching; you do not desire to be governing heads of the Earth, not even of a single nation, for that reason there are wars.

27. Now listen to something important that will comfort you in your pain.

28. In the future I will send you illuminated spirits, who will come as governing heads on Earth, and they will permit no more wars, for they know that this planet is for all men and that differences between nations, which goes back to the beginning of mankind, is un4eniable proof of envy, resentment, mistrust, isolation and hatred among men.

29. This dawn lighted by the memory of My coming to this world through Jesus, has been illuminated more with your elevation.

30. Do not forsake the practice of prayer even when it is as brief as only five minutes, but in it know how to make a good examination with the light of your conscience, in order to observe your deeds and know what you have to correct.

31. If you lose the sense of time while elevating yourself in prayer, that will be an indication of spirituality, since you, even for a few moments, managed to go beyond time, that time which the slaves of materialism only use for their enjoyments or to increase their wealth.

32. He who examines himself daily, has to improve his manner of thinking, living, speaking and feeling.

33. The spiritual evolution of man, his transformation, his regeneration and elevation, are the reason for the manifestation of My word in this world.

34. I want you to reach perfection, to work for your happiness and your peace.

35. If you still do not take the right path after having that daily examination with your conscience, you will be responsible for your setbacks, your falls and errors.

36. If some of My lessons are not properly interpreted because they were transmitted by a spokesman, poor in speech, then go to the spiritual portion of the word without stopping because of that poorness of expression and you will find in the truth of My Doctrine the Divine essence of My teachings.

37. To many who listen to My word, it appears that it is the greatest lesson which can possibly be received on Earth today; to others it seems to be lacking in truth; but this is not the first time that My revelations have been denied by men.

38. Many teachers and emissaries have come to this world, and when they have begun to sow My seed of truth and love, you have destroyed them because the darkness of mankind has not endured so much light.

39. The prophets, the patriarchs, the seers have been the martyrs, victims of human wickedness, because men have not been able to understand the truth which emanated from their lips, nor the goodness of those hearts.

40. All the illuminated ones have known the cross of suffering, with all its pains and bitterness which men know how to inflict upon their brethren.

41. Those pains are necessary for every teacher; they are thorns over which he has to tread and bitterness which he has to know, in order to manifest the greatness of his spirit, in the midst of them.

42. That road you still do not know, but you will have to discover and travel it, when filled with strength which love offers, you will arise inspired by Me.

43. For you love is a beautiful word, but up to now you have not penetrated into its true meaning.

44. He who is a teacher knows what his destiny is and blesses it and he knows the destiny of his fellowmen.

45. And what is your destiny? The same one which the Master of masters lived long ago, and that which all My envoys have been entrusted with: it is saving, loving and redeeming all sinners.

46. Your destiny is to be an illuminated one and a prophet; some day you will be that and then you will know the bitterness of those who came to trace the path for you; at the same time, you will know the love and strength which accompanied them in their journey.

47. All of them had to triumph in their inner struggle in the supreme moment of their suffering and trials; and that way, when their conscience asked them if they wished to withdraw from their mission or remain among the people who put them to death, they answered that they were resolved to continue with their people, for that was their mission, although their fellowmen did not understand it thus. They remained firm .among those whom they loved, as long as a breath of life remained in them. They were aware that the darkness of mankind had to be dispelled, but truly I say to you, no selfish interest motivated them, even though their reward was reserved for them in My Kingdom.

48. I am the Book for all, and as proof of it, I am here before you. I will continue with you because I love you and you need Me. To conquer glory you have two pathways to follow by your own free will: that of love and that of suffering, but truly I say to you, in whatever path you choose I will accompany you as the Cyrenian. When you too know the elevated sentiments of a purified spirit, you will say: "I will remain with the sinners."

49. I ask those who have toiled with love in My Work: What have you felt when you have been occupied in righteousness, for the benefit of others?

50. You say to Me: "Master, an aura has surrounded us and a force has compelled us to keep up without weariness or fatigue."

51. Are you tired of listening to Me? "No, Master," you say to Me. Neither have I tired of being with you since the beginning of your creation.

52. I give you My teachings, Divine advice, laws and rules for an eternity and sometimes on putting My words into practice, you have given a lesson with your charity, working for the good of others.

53. If any of you are not moved by My teaching, He would be similar to a rock, but all of you are attentive to My word, for before this light no one can remain insensitive.

54. Someone asks Me, Master: Why are there some who bring great missions to Earth, while others do not? And I say to you, that men who have a small mission today, will be the greatly illuminated tomorrow.

55. Live always on the alert, for along your path there will be some who will say that they are with Me, but do not believe them at the first moment; believe them for what they manifest in humility, in wisdom, in love.

56. Others will tell you that they communicate with Me, but they are the first to be deceived, for that reason you must always be vigilant in the mission that you have and the position that you occupy; you need to see, hear and also forgive a great deal, too.

57. You need to know much so that you may tell them which is the true path and how they can liberate themselves from bondage and ignorance. Understand that you are also obligated to demonstrate the truth that you preach with your deeds.

58. This planet will be transformed, because men will spiritualize themselves and then they will offer a perfect worship to God.

59. The moment of silence has come, the moment of your communion with Me, for in the same way that the ocean waves blend with one another, you will unite with My Divine Spirit; a silence not only in the lips but also within the inner temple of man, because it is your spirit which speaks to Me, and it is a solemn moment.

60. Enter into silence and listen to Me, O travelers of many pathways who carry the dust of different roads; let Me be the light in your destiny.

61. From different religions you have come to hear this word by which you have learned that the only spiritual Law, the only true Doctrine, which will reign over all men, will be the one to "Love one another"; but this Doctrine will be spread by the illuminated ones with these teachings, not the prevaricators, nor the unrighteous preachers of eternal hell.

62. In the lips of My new emissaries falsehood and blasphemy will not dwell; they will not teach the Doctrine of a God who is unjust, cruel, merciless and powerless to save all His children, but about a God of true love and perfect justice.

63. I will not even say to y6u that this Doctrine of Spirituality will be a world-wide religion, because I never granted you a religion, but a Law; I limit Myself to telling you that the Law that will triumph on Earth, and which will be established in it to illuminate the existence of men, will be the Law of love which I have explained in My Doctrine so that you understand it fully.

64. Mankind will still perform many false deeds of love and charity, until it "learns to love and practice true charity, and many will go from religion to religion until their spirit elevates itself in knowledge and reaches an understanding that the only Law, the universal and eternal Doctrine of the spirit, is the Law of love which everyone will attain.

65. All the religions will disappear and only the light of the Temple of God will remain shining within and outside of man, in which everyone will render only one worship of obedience, of love, of faith and good will.

66. Your conscience is prompt to call to your attention each one of your steps and it will make you feel uneasy when you disobey My Law, then you make a promise not to sin again.

67. I have also observed those who silently comfort and heal the sick, those who without fanfare are able to impart the exact word which saves, guides and strengthens.

68. While listening to Me your heart is ennobled and the spirit elevates itself above the egotism of the flesh in order to think of others and make their pains and trials its own. Your wish is that there should be no war, because you are beginning to love peace; nevertheless, war will follow its course of destruction and death, for still not all men think nor feel as you do at this moment; but the time allowed to those in power is short, soon you will see their domination and power reduced to ashes.

69. What will be the debt of those men before God and how will they be able to pay it? Only I know that, but truly I say that no one will escape the law of restitution; that is why I say to you: while they keep on destroying the world which God granted them to live in, you be watchful and pray for your brethren, for they know not what they do; for if they did, they would be constructing all they have destroyed with their tears, with their blood and even with their life.

70. Continue praying for the peace of the world, that is your responsibility; pray for men to understand and love one another.

71. If men would understand that the Earth has been created for all and would learn to share in a just way with their brethren all the material and spiritual treasures with which their existence is sowed, truly I say that here on Earth you would begin to feel the peace of the spiritual Kingdom.

72. I have been among you, although once again I say that I have not descended into the flesh, I have only conveyed My Divine thoughts into a human cerebrum, where they have been converted into words.

73. If someone says that it is impossible for Me to communicate with mankind by this means because I am infinite, and that you are not worthy of receiving Me, I say to you: before noticing your smallness, I manifest Myself to you because you need Me.

74. My Divine Spirit does not recognize distances or barriers, whatever the form, I am with you because My presence is universal.

75. Soon I will not avail Myself of these spokesmen, for this means of communication will cease in 1950. I am your Father and you are My children; learn to speak to Me directly. Do you not remember how the Divine Master taught you during that period? Remember that Jesus did not seek intermediaries in order to speak to the Father.

76. My word, My lecture, apparently is only for you, but truly I say that it is for everyone, because its wisdom and love embraces all of the Universe; it unifies all the worlds and all the incarnated and discarnated spirits. Come near if you need Me; seek Me if you feel lost.

77. I am your Father who knows your afflictions and comes to comfort you. I come to infuse My love, which you need so much for yourselves and to spread around you.

78. If you truly recognize My presence through the wisdom that I manifest through these faculties, recognize also that it is the moment to begin the constructive Work along the spiritual path.

79. Oh! If only all those who have been called would attend, truly I say that the Table of the Lord would be filled with disciples and all would partake of the same nourishment!

But not all those invited have come; they have feigned other occupations, relegating the Divine call to second place.

80. Blessed are the ones who have come promptly, for they have their reward.

81. Man throughout the times, but more today than in the past, has felt master of his actions, independent of all spiritual law; he has become an egotistical being who thinks only of himself; his heart is void of love toward the rest and that is why humanity has come to resemble an immense desert, dry and arid. Would men in this state be able to unite, understand and help one another in a sincere and noble manner? No, if they do not remove the bad seed from their hearts, mankind will keep on destroying itself; they will distrust one another and will keep on quarreling while they are lacking in love.

82. That is the earth whereupon I have come to sow My seed during the Third Era, for which I am preparing a multitude of laborers, a people whose hearts will withdraw from egotism, reflect about My truth and be converted to righteousness.

83. But before approaching Me, you have searched for happiness and peace for yourselves, without thinking of giving up your own well-being to gain that of others, or putting before your desire the necessities of your fellowmen.

84. When you comply with the law of love, you will have reached your unification and harmony; you will cease to suffer and the peace of all nations, not realized by men up to now, will come to pass among mankind.

85. With a little spirituality, how easy it would be for men to understand one another!

86. I ask those who recognize this Doctrine as the truth capable of saving and uniting mankind: Why do you not resolve to practice it? By chance, are you satisfied to follow it as a simple philosophy or just another theory?

87. Man wants to save himself, without recognizing his spiritual nature; and that is his greatest error. While he lives and feels strong on Earth, he manages to forget every idea which speaks to him about eternity and the spiritual life; he does not lose that intuition, but he neglects it and only when death is near and he feels the agony in him, he wishes to make amends in an instant and make up for lost time; but by then it will be too late, for not all will be gained by repentance. It is the law of justice to reap what has been sowed, although repentance will enable one to endure his restitution with love and patience, which in reality will be his work of restoration and regeneration.

88. You are listening and at the same time accepting that I speak to you with truth; you allow your conscience to speak to you, and it says that many times your faith was only apparent, for you were not certain of an eternal existence for the spirit. Certainly you had thought of enjoying your existence fully on Earth, and prepare yourself for that step toward the spiritual life when the last moment was reached. The idea of a life after this one, was like a deposit of faith, in order to resort to it when the moment came, and then be able to bypass the anguished moments of your departure.

89. I ask you, "Is that the way man should live? Is that the way that you show your faith in the Father and obtain a true spiritual elevation?"

90. Meditate on all that I have said in this teaching and you will end up understanding that man has always been wrong with his egotistical and material sentiments.

91. Analyze My Doctrine which comes to reveal to man the communication of spirit to Spirit by means of love and all the virtues derived from it, as well as the senses and gifts of the spirit, and tell Me if that is not the key which can open for mankind the gates of peace and eternal wisdom.

92. In the three eras into which I have divided the evolution of mankind, I have come to show you with My light, the same straight and narrow way for the elevation of the spirit, the only path of love, truth and justice.

93. I have guided you from teaching to teaching, from revelation to revelation, until you have reached this period in which I have announced that you are able to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit. Could mankind have communicated with Me in that manner during the First Era? No; it was necessary that it be aided by a material worship, with rituals and ceremonies, with a traditional feast and with symbols in order to feel closer Jo the Divine and the spiritual. From that inability to approach the spiritual, to elevate themselves toward the Divine, to know what is profound and to clarify all mysteries, the different religions appeared, each one according to the grade of backwardness or spiritual advancement of men; some were more devoted to the truth than others, some were more spiritualized than others; but all were striving toward the same goal. It is the path which all spirits have traveled throughout the centuries and eras, a path followed by the different religions. Some have advanced very slowly, others are at a standstill and still others have falsified and contaminated it.

94. A new era has unfolded before mankind; it is the era of light, whose presence indicates a halt along the spiritual path of all men; this will enable them to awaken, meditate, and rid themselves of their heavy burden of traditions, fanaticism and errors, in order to arise later to a new life.

95. Some sooner and others later, ail religions and sects will be arriving before the invisible Temple, before the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is present in My Work, firm as a column which rises toward infinity, awaiting men of all peoples and lineages.

96. When all have penetrated the interior of My sanctuary to pray and meditate, one and all will reach the same understanding of My truth; that is why, once that STOP along the way is ended, everyone will arise together guided by the same Law and will have to render worship in the same manner to the Father.

97. Why should anyone be surprised at My new revelations? Truly I say to you that the patriarchs of ancient times already had a knowledge of the coming of this Era and seers of other periods beheld it and the prophets announced it. It was a Divine promise made to men, a long time before I, as Jesus, came to the world.

98. When I announced to My disciples My new coming and allowed them to foresee the way in which I would manifest Myself to men, a long time had already passed since that promise was made.

99. Here you have that period unfolding before you, here you have those prophecies being fulfilled. Who should be surprised? Only those who have slumbered in darkness or the ones who erased My promises from themselves.

100. Here you have My light awaiting for everyone to detain them in their path, for I will demonstrate to them the spiritual treasure which they carry with them but which they have not been able to discover; I will convince them that they have scrutinized what is material long enough, that they have already yielded to what is temporary and fleeting. I will teach them to seek within their own spirit the conscience, which is the Divine essence that I have placed in each man.

101. Truly I say to you: All that is great and good that exists in the spirit, you have never offered it for you are not even aware of it. How will you love one another with the perfection that I taught you, when you do not recognize each other as brethren? You need to take the essence that your spirit carries, in order for your love to be a true love and your charity to be a true charity; something more than vain words, something more than miserable coins, something more than crusts of bread left upon your table and which are the only means that you use to make yourself believe that you practice charity and that you love one another.

102. How beautiful your world will be when men discover in their spirit that blessed treasure, with which their Creator endowed them since the very beginning of their creation!

103. I leave you this lesson so that through it you may look at the past seeking your beginning; you will examine your present and afterward look toward the future which awaits you, filled with wisdom, activity, struggle and Divine compensations.

104. You are sinners but you love Me and when you remember Me, you try to please Me by practicing charity with your brethren. You are sinners, and I am aware of it, but you are able to pray when you have an affliction. You are sinners, but you are able to share your bread with whoever comes to your door to ask for charity.

105. For all the good that you do hoping to please Me, receive My caress, feel My comfort, receive My blessing.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 13

1. The house of the Father is in a festive mood. The banquet is prepared. The reason is that this people, like the prodigal son, has returned home. Be seated at the table and eat of the food, the moment is proper and pleasant.

2. Likewise during the Second Era I would sit down at the table, surrounded by my disciples. They knew that Jesus was the Messiah, who had been promised to come and save His people. You have not seen Me in the flesh as they did, but through the essence of this word, you feel the presence of the Master, who had promised you to return and send you the Spirit of Truth, to explain to you all past teachings so that you would understand what you had failed to comprehend.

3. But who is the Spirit of Truth, other than the same wisdom of God? Where can you find Him if not through this spiritual Doctrine which explains and clarifies it all?

4. I prophesied that I would return, when mankind found itself at the highest level of wickedness and confusion; that is why men, on seeing that their science and perversity have produced a fruit which is in full maturity, have a feeling that something Divine is about to be manifested. That presentiment, is due to the fact that My spiritual presence speaks to each .spirit; My justice as a Father, is manifesting itself among humanity.

5. You will not see Me in the flesh again, today you will have to prepare yourselves to behold Me" in Spirit; that is the way you were led to believe since the Second Era. The Master ascended in a cloud, the last time He was even visible before His disciples, and in that same manner it was announced to you that He would return.

6. Today I speak to you through these spokesmen prepared by Me; tomorrow My voice will re-echo in your heart and within all spirits, for My word is like the resounding toll of a bell which awakens and revives the incarnated as well as the discarnated. It is a universal call. Since past times I said to you that none of My children would be lost and that if a sheep would be in danger, I would leave the ninety nine in the fold in order to go in search of the one who strayed.

7. Truly I say to you, o My new disciples: You will come to understand what none of My disciples of the Second Era comprehended.

8. How many times while speaking to them, they looked at one another to ask who among them had understood what Jesus had said; and not able to explain to themselves the words of the Master, they finally begged Him to be .more precise in His lesson. In truth I say to you, My word could not have been more precise, but during that time the spirit was not sufficiently evolved to understand all the teaching it had received; it was necessary for time to pass, that mankind advance spiritually, so that, enlightened by the light of spirituality, it would understand the meaning of the Divine revelations.

9. Nevertheless, when the time came, those disciples knew as much as was necessary to teach their brethren and what they still did not know, was revealed through their lips by the Holy Spirit, for they were already prepared for that mission.

10. If during the time in which they lived with the Master, some interpreted His teaching one way or others in a different manner, when the time came for their struggles and their preaching, all were united under one ideal, inspired by the same wisdom, the same love. Each one undertook his journey through different regions; but their spirits, their thoughts, were in unity in the mission which they would fulfill, animated by the memory of Jesus.

11. They always managed to get together to exchange impressions over the struggles, their tribulations, and also to rejoice over their acquired successes. Some would share with others their inspirations, courage and faith.

12. They were able to sow the seed which I entrusted to them, for one did not sow wheat and another weeds; no, everyone sowed only one seed, and it was that of love which I had taught them; for that reason, the fruit which sprouted from the hearts of men was of love. Do you understand what I am saying to you, when I speak of deeds which your brethren of that time carried out?

13. Do not wonder whether you are greater or lesser than they are; I only say that you must love them just as they loved you, clearing for you the path and teaching you to follow your Lord, giving you their lives. Imitate them in their faith, in their earnestness, in their charity.

14. Feel yourselves in truth as My disciples. I have brought you within My Doctrine the Divine Law which is present in your conscience. What is it that you fear from other doctrines, theories, sciences or philosophies? Or is it by chance that you fear those who study the ancient Scriptures or the religions which call themselves Christians? Truly I say to you, The Doctrine which I am revealing to you, is nothing more than an explanation or confirmation of the revelations which you were given in previous eras.

15. I have not come to bring you confusion to add to that which is already prevalent in the world, but rather to liberate you from it, just as Moses did previously with his people, whom he delivered from bondage in Egypt where he was a slave.

16. I want to take you as I did at that time to safe ground, and for that purpose I have opened My book before you to a new chapter so that through it you will recognize that long and narrow path which I have laid out with My Law throughout the times.

17. Comply, so you will not have to return to Earth in times of suffering, to gather the fruit of your faults or that of your egotism. Fulfill your mission and then you will return, but it will be in times of peace to rejoice in reaping the sowing which you left unfinished. Today you will not have Moses leading the way to liberate you as he did during the First Era; it will be your conscience which will guide you.

18. Outwardly men will arise by themselves seeking peace and the truth, but truly I say to you: The spirit of Elijah will manifest itself before all peoples and nations and will make a call to them toward freedom.

19. The Word that has always been in God speaks to you, the same who was in Christ and whom today you know as the Holy Spirit; because the Word is an expression, a Law, a message, a revelation and wisdom. If you heard the Word through Christ and now you receive it through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in truth I say, It is the voice of God that you have heard, for only one God exists, only one Word and only one Holy Spirit.

20. Analyze, understand and prepare yourselves so that the times of trials will not surprise you and My word will not be sterile, for I want you to give testimony of it to mankind tomorrow. You will have to be firm so that your faith will not weaken, because only an instant of weakness can be the cause of your confusion.

21. In 1950, you should already be prepared. This date will be unforgettable for these people.

22. Who will reach that date? Who will be witnesses to the mandates and instructions which I will deliver to you on that day, as well as of My new prophecies? You do not know, but I will also say to you: Who are the ones who will be truly prepared for that ordeal and be able to follow a true course in their struggle?

23. You do not know, I only tell you that if for you it seems years, for Me they are only brief instances, for I am not subject to time, but you are. However, if you believe that the years that you still have left are many, and that even if you squander them you will have sufficient time to prepare yourselves, you are in grave error; do not be overconfident, for time passes swiftly and nothing will alter My will. Can you stop time? Your answer is no. Then neither can you prevent My mandates from being fulfilled.

24. Meditate, be prepared so you may enjoy this communication and use your time in the practice of everything which gives you spirituality. Then you will not fear the hour in which you cease to hear My word.

25. I have spoken to you of many trials, and I have prepared you. My word filled with teachings and love is the strength and caress which your Lord bestows upon you.

26. I await you at the summit of the mount where I will give you peace. I have come to you in three eras to indoctrinate you and this is the third in which I am reuniting you, to reveal My last teachings. My mission as the Master was not ended on the cross. Today you will begin to understand with the light of My lessons much more than you had previously learned.

27. But how few are those who have prepared themselves to receive Me. Among you I behold many who have extinguished their lamp and have been left in darkness while others have already forgotten Me. In spite of your spiritual progress, you have not reached perfection, and while some have evolved, others have remained at a standstill.

28. Since the beginning of time I have taught you how to pray so you would always be in contact with My Divinity. I said that you should always comply with the Divine Law and also with the human law. The one which I delivered to the first humans, is the same which I am revealing today for its fulfillment.

29. O My beloved Israel, are you not weary of traveling so much? Has not the burden of your restitution overwhelmed you? Have you not been sickened because of so much pain that you have endured? Is your familiarity with pain so much that you have become insensitive? Do you not feel any more love toward the Father or your brethren? You have entered into a deep lethargy and are indifferent to every elevated feeling; you live a distracted and inhumane existence, and you have forgotten your spiritual obligations; however, I want you to prepare your mind to receive My word and allow Me to dwell within your heart so you may live in grace again.

30. I wish to take you to live in other planes where you will vibrate in harmony with elevated spirits so that you will keep on ascending without stopping. When you arise to follow Me you will not be indolent again; you will cease to drink that bitter cup, you will love life and be in unity with all your brethren.

31. Prepare yourselves, go before your brethren in My name, dry the tears of those who suffer, encourage the weak, lift the fallen and rescue the lost. Carry the light everywhere. Many will recognize Me during their human life and others when they find themselves in the spiritual realm. It is My will for all to awaken in order to deposit My seed of love in their spirit.

32. You will behold that some will believe in My manifestation of this Third Era upon hearing My teaching transmitted through My spokesmen; others will believe from your testimony, and many more through the writings that will remain of My word.

33. I want all of you to remain strong so you will not turn back on the first obstacle nor fear any adversary. I prepare you so you can perform miracles and convert your brethren with the proofs which I will grant you.

34. Understand Me, and lay the foundation of your faith upon the firmness of a rock so nothing can destroy it. Do not keep your lips sealed for fear of being censored, nor conceal from your brethren that I have returned in this period. Develop your gift of speech and allow the wisdom and love that I have given you to overflow from your heart.

35. Be watchful over your nation, do not allow war to penetrate it. Open the doors of your heart and let the one whom you call a foreigner to enter, the man of good will and also the one who shelters wickedness in his heart, because in this land his spirit will be illuminated and it will be like a solicitous mother to everyone. I will prepare the granaries so you will give nourishment to the hungry and there will be good will and peace among all My children.

36. Prepare yourself spiritually so that you may glimpse your future and understand that after 1950 you will remain as My apostles, in the same manner as those who followed Me in another time. They knew that even after I was to disappear as Man, they would have My spiritual presence and they would be accompanied and illuminated by Me. I rejoiced to see their faith, their unity, their inspiration and their word quickly moved men of that period, because they were able to put into practice all that their Master had taught them.

37. Be prepared, o humanity, and receive the light of My Spirit which is poured upon everything created. I am indoctrinating a people who will convey to you a message of peace. I will speak through their mouths; if you reject them, you will have rejected Me.

38. Remind mankind that each time I have come to them, I have found them distracted by what is mundane and that is why they have not felt my presence. But how could they be able to wait for such a long time since you, My people, gave indications of your impatience when you left Egypt and could not wait just a few more days for the return of Moses? When he descended from Mount Sinai, carrying the Tables of the Law, he found the people devoted to an idolatrous worship. In only a few moments of weakness, they had erased the name of the true God from their hearts to substitute Him for a golden calf.

39. It was then that the Lord called those people hard of understanding. For that reason, it does not surprise Me that after an era I find that men, although they have My promise, would weaken in their faith, that they would let their lamps be extinguished and in My place substitute so many idols which they worship today. Would it be possible for them to recognize Me now that I have come among them? It is natural that all that is Mine would seem strange to them.

40. I revealed to you that My return would be in a cloud. Now that I am already among you and have therefore, fulfilled My promise, in truth I say to you, the cloud is a representation of My presence in Spirit. In the same way that My disciples saw Me ascend, once My work was concluded during the Second Era, I have descended among mankind during this period.

41. You must remember that when Moses was called by the Lord to Mount Sinai, a cloud covered said mountain, and on the third day, in the midst of that cloud, the voice of Jehovah resounded. That manifestation was witnessed by everyone; that cloud was seen by the multitude which was congregated at the foot of that Mount. It was the Lord who since then has made it understood that His Kingdom and His realm are beyond all that is material.

42. Although the Lord materialized His presence in that cloud and startled the people with His manifestations of power and justice, those men, with a hardness of heart and understanding, became disloyal in their pact which they had made before God only in a moment of fear.

43. Now that I come in a cloud, I am alighting in your spirit, therefore My manifestations during this Third Era are invisible to mortal eyes. Only the spirit, with its elevated senses, is the one that is able to see, feel and understand My revelations.

44. That spiritual sense that I am developing in you, so that through it you may be able to analyze and contemplate all that up to now has been revealed to you since the beginning of your life, will be the one that will come to destroy all false interpretations that men have made from what is Divine. Little by little the light is penetrating the heart of My children, for which I say to you that the moment is not too distant in which they themselves will understand the meaning of what may happen in the life of mankind.

45. There are some who ask themselves while listening to this word: By chance has the Lord descended during this period to make Himself felt only by those of us who have listened to His teaching through a human faculty, or has He done this among all mankind? Truly I say to you: the spiritual cloud provides its protective shade to all the world, just as in the First Era when it covered all His people who were assembled before Mount Sinai.

46. O disciples of this new period, study My word, for you will be needful of My wisdom during your struggle.

47. Behold the pages of the book whose Seals were broken by the Lamb. The voice of the Divine Word emanates from the Book of Life and reaches those who are dead to the life of grace to resurrect them.

48. It is not essential for Me to take a human form to make Myself heard by men. You have Me here in Spirit, speaking to you through a human faculty without having to walk physically upon the dust of the Earth. This manifestation has been a preparation for a direct communication of spirit to Spirit, between you and your Creator.

49. Blessed are those who during this period await My spiritual arrival, for they will see Me coming in a cloud.

50. Men have dedicated themselves to scrutinize the ancient Testaments, torturing their minds in the study and interpretation of the prophecies and the promises. Those among them who have come closer to the truth, are the ones who have found the spiritual meanings of My teachings, because those who still persist in a material interpretation, and do not know or do not wish to find the spiritual meaning of My manifestations, will have to suffer confusions and disappointments, just as the Jewish people suffered upon the arrival of the Messiah, whom they had imagined and awaited in a manner unlike the truth which was manifested to them.

51. On breaking the Sixth Seal from the Book of Life, I give you this explanation.

52. In order for Me to give you these new revelations, it was necessary that during the time which transpired between My manifestation to mankind as a Man and My arrival in Spirit during this time, you would have passed through many reincarnations on Earth, then when I would come and ask you for the previous lesson, your spirit would be able to answer and when I would grant new revelations, you would be able to understand them.

53. The book of the Seven Seals is the history of your life, of your evolution on Earth, with all its struggles, passions, conflicts and finally with the triumph of righteousness and justice, of love and spirituality over the passions of materialism.

54. In truth believe that everything leads to a spiritual and eternal goal, so that you may give each lesson its rightful place that corresponds to it.

55. While the light of the Sixth Seal illuminates you, it will be a time of conflict, of vigilance and purification, but when that period has passed, you will have reached a new stage in which the Seventh Seal will open new revelations to you. With what satisfaction and joy will the new time be received by the spirit when it is found in a cleansed and prepared state. While the Sixth Seal illuminates you, flesh and spirit will be purified.

56. The time approaches in which your spirit should manifest itself fully on Earth. Up to now, it has not been possible because of the hardness and materialism that it holds; but after purification, men will allow their spirit to manifest and develop in virtue. The glass will be cleansed and transparent and will allow a contemplation of its contents, and also enable it to overflow.

57. Before departing for the hereafter, men will make this Earth a world of peace, a dwelling where the light of the spirit will glow forever.

58. You must not lean back and slumber, believing that others will be the ones who will see the fulfillment of this prophecy and the ones who will enjoy that peace. By chance, do you know if you will come in those times? For certain I say to you: There is no sowing which does not bear fruit nor deeds without reward.

59. Much will be the bitterness which men will have to endure in order to see the arrival of that period, but you who expect it, should not fear, for in your struggles or in your solitude, there is always a shining star that illuminates your path and that star is Elijah.

60. I ask you, o multitudes who listen to this voice: Are you ready to follow Me along this path, obeying My mandates? Will you have the necessary courage to speak about this Doctrine to your brethren? Do you believe yourselves capable of worshiping Me without the necessity of rituals or symbols? Will you be ashamed before the different religions to call yourselves followers of spirituality? Will you not weaken or repent after having begun this journey? You will not doubt before the criticism and attacks which your fellow- men make, or be annoyed if they deny you by banishing you from their homes?

61. Do not believe that I question you because I ignore the way that you will feel tomorrow and your reaction during your trials. You are well aware that I ignore nothing, but if I formulate these questions, it is for the purpose of having you repeat them meditating upon them, because from that meditation you might attain an enlightenment, a decision, strength and confidence in Me.

62. If I did not prepare you beforehand, how would you be able to confront all adversities and trials?

63. Be patient, O My people, and prudent before mankind; do not despair; keep in mind that in your trials you will show your most beautiful examples of forgiveness, charity and firmness.

64. But do not fear, for I have said that I have come to enrich you spiritually; the elements which are indispensable for your human life will not forsake you; keep in mind that he who has spiritualized himself, has possessed all, and even though he does not have earthly benefits, if he identifies himself with the Lord of all creation, he, as a son, must feel himself heir and even master of what his Heavenly Father possesses.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 14

1. You have come to seek enlightenment and I am providing it, because you have faith and you expect it from Me. He who seeks Me will find Me; he who hopes in Me will receive.

2. It would be easier for the sun king to hold back its light than for Me to reject any of My children who seek Me.

3. I have come to help you correct your errors, because I do not want you to prolong your confusion.

4. The time designated by Me to deliver this teaching to you is ending, and it is necessary that you prepare yourselves, because in the communication of spirit to Spirit which you should attain after 1950, you will find greater wisdom in My teachings.

5. The irreverent will be converted into beginners, the beginners into disciples and the disciples into teachers, in living examples of good deeds among mankind.

6. Do not feel small when I name you beginners, for before the wisdom of the Lord, it already means a great deal to be a beginner.

7. I have many disciples and beginners, not only here among you, but scattered among mankind, in sects and religions, since everyone according to their evolution occupies the different steps which form the infinite ladder of spirituality.

8. But you should also know that not only in this world do I have disciples; remember that I have said: "In the house of the Father there is an infinite number of mansions"; There exist great multitudes of My children who live in order to learn from Me.

9. Be it known that in that Kingdom is where My lessons are better understood, therefore, there is more progress.

10. There is the place of arrival for those who departed from this world suffering because of bitterness and disappointments; those who thirst for truth, for knowledge, those who hunger for love, and those who have been humiliated.

11. The Master waits for them there to give them greater teachings than those which mankind denied them.

12. Then, those who were neglected and destitute on Earth, will glow with a true light, and to their surprise, they will behold how those who glowed with a false light in this world, in the hereafter lament their spiritual misery.

13. In those mansions of peace where you will dwell is where those who wept and blessed Me on Earth, have received the most pleasant surprises, a reward they did not expect when they drank their cup of bitterness.

14. It is unimportant that they had moments of desperation and of doubt; I will forgive those instances of weakness, because they also had great days of grief in which they showed resignation, and they blessed Me.

15. Those children of mine also endured their Calvary, and they suffered greatly along their road of restitution; and those who comply with My Law, although they only live a few moments within the right path, will attain happiness and spiritual satisfaction in the eternal life.

16. Thus My eternal love responds to the momentary love of men.

17. Blessed are those who after falling and arising, weeping and blessing Me, hurt by the wickedness of their brethren, confide in Me and offer Me the sanctuary of their heart.

18. Those small and sorrowful ones, ridiculed but meek, are apparently weak, but in reality they are strong in spirit, and to them are reserved greater revelations as soon as they find themselves beyond this world.

19. During the Second Era, in order to be My disciple it was indispensable to possess not only great spiritual fortitude, but also physical, because it was necessary to bear the cruelty of men, the torments and ordeals to which, in their rudeness and ignorance, they submitted those who preached something unknown to them in the world.

20. Today you do not need a great physical strength; the Divine plan is something else, but you will still keep on being My collaborators, to spread My Doctrine among mankind.

21. During this period you will struggle against the ignorance of a humanity, which although materialized in all its phases, is less cruel and more evolved through the experience it has reached in its previous incarnations.

22. Today, if you know of someone who does not think or practices his worship as the majority does, although you might be surprised and scandalized, you no longer clamor for him to be burned alive.

23. Now, when you come across someone who is ill and possessed, you do not flee from him, shouting that he is filled with demons.

24. Many already understand that such beings do not exist and that they are only confused spirits who only need a bit of light in order to become meek lambs.

25. You are beginning to realize that the being whom you call Devil or Satan is nothing more than the weakness of the flesh, an inclination of lowly passions, a thirst for pleasures and impulses of the flesh, self-admiration, vanity and all that by which the flesh tempts the spirit.

26. You still perform and conceive many improper deeds; but rejoice because you are progressing in your evolution, although some will assume differently allowing yourselves to be guided by your imperfect judgments.

27. The fact is that you still have not been able to understand the visible and invisible creation which surrounds you and for that reason you are wrong in your interpretations.

28. But according to your spiritual evolution and because of your need to analyze My revelations better, I send My envoys to guide you, and according to how I find your mental preparation, thus I speak to you about My wisdom, in order to guide you toward perfection.

29. Also in perfect relation with what you are, My justice tests you always respecting the freedom of will which the love of your Father granted you.

30. Everyone has a feeling or an intuition of the existence of the Supreme Being, and that intuition is the light which your spirit has been conquering over along the extensive journey of its spiritual evolution.

31. A new sun is reaching your spirit to illuminate you, a new book which teaches you what you greatly longed for and awaited.

32. Do you not feel, O My people, that humanity can no longer endure lies, myths and so much false light? It is no longer the time to nourish the spirit with erroneous interpretations which have been attributed to My Law.

33. You are preparing yourselves to receive greater knowledge, and although for centuries you have been divided into sects, philosophies and religions, very soon you will have to gather around My new revelation, whose wealth of knowledge will enable you to understand that finally you have found the book of the true life, that of the spirit.

34. You have a great need for My word; you are dying of spiritual thirst for lack of that dew which originates from My perfect love. You need freshness in your spirit, and for that reason, I go near to offer you the fruit from the tree of life.

35. I have come to point out your faults with gentleness and you should also point out the errors of others, with the same love and charity, so that everyone, by knowing their imperfections will correct them; however, I will never pronounce a word that will induce you to judge the deeds of your fellowmen or to ridicule their beliefs or practices.

36. By chance, do you know what errors you have gone through attempting to render Me worship? Who remembers the past of his spirit?

37. If I tell you that you have worshiped beasts, the stars and that you have created with your imagination gods with human attributes; that you have knelt to worship wild animals, birds and reptiles, it will seem strange to many. But I know your spiritual evolution and for that reason I say that you must be understanding, respectful and charitable with your fellowmen, with those who find themselves in a lower level than yours; thus you will truly demonstrate your spirituality.

38. Only I have the power to point out the faults of mankind, errors which I correct with My wisdom and forgive with My love.

39. Mankind is a slave of sects and absurd cults, vices and profanations; for that reason, you regard one another as enemies, because you are intolerant with your fellowmen.

40. I say to you again that no man has the power to undervalue or ridicule the spiritual beliefs of their brethren.

41. You are My sheep who are temporarily lost and I have not come to bring you death, but to save you; to teach you and to unite you. I have come, as in days gone by, to tell you to love one another; that beyond this existence you have another superior life, for in the house of the Father there is an infinite number of mansions.

42. If men would feel a true love toward their brethren, they would not have to suffer the chaos in which they find themselves, everything around them would be harmonious and peaceful; but they do not understand that Divine love and they only want the truth which reaches the mind, not the one which reaches the heart, and there they have the result of their materialism: a humanity that is egotistical, false and filled with bitterness.

43. During this time religions and sects find themselves confused, but you should be informed that they have an elevated origin, and that upon their errors there are still traces of purity and light which My illuminated ones left in them.

44. If you have used some of your sciences to analyze and judge Me, does it not seem more reasonable that you should use them to analyze yourselves, until you know your essence and destroy your materialism? By chance, do you believe that your Father cannot help you along the path of your good science? Truly I say that if you were able to feel the essence of the Divine love, knowledge would easily reach your understanding without tiring your mind or exhausting yourselves with the study of subjects which you think are profound and which are truly within your capability.

45. But if your sciences, observations and studies would lead you toward love; if the purpose of that desire to learn, would be to render a tribute to the Father, serving your fellowmen with greater perfection each time, the humble, the weak and the needy, I would say nothing; but when I see that through your sciences you belittle and minimize your own God, by limiting and attributing errors to Him and giving Him forms that He does not possess; when I see that at the same time you make graven images and consecrate and sanctify imperfect men, I say to you that you have neither perceived the truth that you should possess nor are you authorized to confer holy or Divine hierarchies upon anyone; that corresponds only to your God and Lord.

46. You cannot represent or define the infinite, because you will not be able to perceive it with your limited mind, neither can your language express what is Divine or define what is undefinable in human terms.

47. Do not attempt to contain God in words or allegories which will never give you an idea of the truth.

48. Say "God" with humility, but say it in a deeply felt manner and if you wish to have an idea of the great love of the Lord for you, think of Jesus.

49. With allegories, images, symbols or poor definitions of God, you will only succeed in having your brethren deny Me or be small in spirit.

50. In order to manifest the Divine, your languages are limited; for that reason in all eras I have had to speak to you through parables, through metaphors, but as you can see, even by speaking to you thus, you have understood Me very little, because you have lacked the necessary will to analyze My manifestations.

51. You are always quarreling over the meaning of your words, and as you create more words, you confuse your spirit more. O! Men of many words, many idioms and many beliefs,but of very few deeds of love!

52. Notice the birds who in the four corners of the Earth sing with uniformity and simplicity.

53. I can tell you that all creatures know and understand each other better than men. Why? Because they all live within the path which I have devised for them, while you, when you are not trespassing the fields which do not belong to you, you withdraw from your true pathways, which are of the spirit; and once lost in materialism, you do not understand the spiritual, the Divine and the eternal.

54. But you have Me here, O humanity, I have come to teach you how you can harmonize with the spiritual life, even within your material condition, transforming your imperfect steps on Earth into a journey of true progress, that will give you elevated and noble satisfactions in this world; and further on, when you leave your human existence, you will find an endless harvest of beautiful surprises for your spirit.

55. Imitate Jesus. How? By loving your fellowmen as you would your own son, your own mother, your brother, as you would yourselves.

56. During all times you have had guides who have taught you the power of love. They have been your most advanced brethren, with a greater understanding of My Law and a greater purity in their deeds. They have come to give you an example of strength, love and humility, by exchanging their life of errors and sins for an existence dedicated to righteousness, sacrifice and charity.

57. From infancy to old age, you have clear examples of all that can be accomplished by love and the pains which can originate by the lack of charity; but you, more insensible than the rocks, have not been able to learn the teachings and examples that your daily living offers.

58. Have you sometimes observed how even the wild animals gently respond to a call of love? Well, in the same manner, the elements can respond, the forces of Nature and all that exists within the material and spiritual world.

59. That is why I say to you that you should bless everything with love in the name of the Father and Creator of the Universe.

60. To bless means to saturate. To bless is to feel righteousness, to say it and to deliver it. To bless is to impregnate all that surrounds you with thoughts of love.

61. Do it thus and I will glorify you after you have reached the end, after you have found within yourselves the Divine essence, the reason for your existence and the gifts with which I have invested you; the struggle, your merits and your unification in My Law will enable you to form only one will, only one spirit with My Divinity.

62. My light comes to meet you to help you ascend, because I am the Master of ail times. I have not come only during one era, but I have eternally shown you the Book and I have asked you to know yourselves spiritually, so you may know what your gifts are and lead an exemplary life in which your health, fortitude and hope will glow, thus you will exalt your spirit and prepare yourselves for the eternal life.

63. When man has spiritual strength, it means that his spirit has been able to vivify itself in virtue.

64. Some of you approach Me in search of comfort, seeking a solution to a problem or an answer to a question, after you have consulted the wise or have asked the stars; the fact is that you have lacked faith and you do not have the strength and confidence of one who truly believes; and truly I say to you that above all knowledge of the future there is My Divine will. He who loves, he who believes, is in unity with me because I am Love, Reason and Justice.

65. Do not forget that you are My children, and if you know how to live in harmony with Me, it will not be necessary to question your brethren nor consult books or the stars, because I speak to your spirit through your conscience and if you listen to it you will be guided wisely, and you will be able to love complying with My will.

66. Awake before that voice, know your faculties and put them into the service of righteousness; receive this message that I send to you, so it will be the guide for your footsteps, for I expect you to conclude your work on Earth, so that I may give you more important missions, among which will be to convert you into protectors of mankind.

67. Feel that you are spirits, and do not be tied to the flesh, do not complicate your life. Do not have a worship or adoration for something that is not the love of your Father and also your fellowmen. The true life resides in the spirit, not in the flesh, since the latter lives for a time and disappears, while the other lives forever.

68. Of what use will your earthly treasures be if you are not able to attain those of the spirit? What will you be in the spiritual realm, other than poor spirits who were not able to work for their peace and happiness, in order to enjoy them in the eternal life?

69. Everyone possesses a heritage upon being sent to Earth, but you ignore its value, you are unable to discover it within your spirit and you seek it outside of you and I have come to tell you to meditate on these teachings. If you seek wisdom, you have it in you. If you seek power, it is within you: in your health, in your spiritual fortitude and in your talent. If you pursue beauty, I have also given it to you; you only need to know yourselves and you will find what you long for. If you need to know other regions, transport yourselves spiritually and you will find other mansions where the spirit lives with greater perfection.

70. Your destiny is to ascend and be possessors of what is Mine, for you are My very beloved children.

71. Be pure spirits again. My teaching will guide you to them, toward a perfect state: Truly I say to you that when you return to it, you will not find pain again, because you will have penetrated the house of the Lord.

72. I have come to help you in your liberation. My light will help you to come out ahead in your setbacks. And from now on do not cause harm to anyone, so you will not cause harm to yourselves.

73. Receive My strength, all My elements are at your service, you have everything within your reach. Live to love and forgive just as I love and forgive you.

74. Love everything, bless everything, then I will teach you how you can be My disciple on Earth and be a spirit of light in the hereafter, where you will arrive with true peace to occupy the place that your Father has destined for you. If you do thus, you will not need to reincarnate in this world where you suffer, because you will understand that this hardship cannot be eternal for your spirit; then you will ascend to other mansions, and you will joyfully fulfill the missions which are yours in eternity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 15

1. On this dawn of commemoration I ask you: What have you done with the Law that I conveyed to mankind through Moses? By chance, were those commandments given only to the generations of that period?

2. Truly I say to you: That holy seed is not in the hearts of men, for they do not love Me nor do they love one another; they do not honor their parents nor respect what belongs to others and on the other hand, they do take each other's lives, they adulterate and cause disgrace upon themselves.

3. Do you not hear falsehood on the lips of everyone? Have you not realized how one people, defrauds other people of their peace? And still mankind says it knows My Law. What would become of men if they forget My mandates completely?

4. Understand, that the Law is the path devised by the love of the Supreme Creator, to guide each one of His creatures. Meditate upon the life that surrounds you, composed of an infinite number of elements and organisms and you will end up discovering that each body and each being, proceed along a path or trajectory guided by a force apparently strange and mysterious. That force is the Law that God has decreed to each one of His creatures. On analyzing these teachings you will conclude by understanding that truly everything lives, moves and grows under a Supreme mandate; you will also discover that in the midst of that creation man comes forth, distinct from other creatures, because in him exist reason and free will. Within the spirit of man exists a Divine light that is his conscience, which illuminates his intelligence and inspires him toward a fulfillment of his duties. For if an irresistible force obligated him only to follow a straight course, his compliance would not have any merit; and he would feel humiliated on realizing himself incapable of acting on his own free will and that in spite of that, he would still be subject to a Law; but under those conditions in which your existence would evolve, who would be able to guide your thoughts toward righteousness? Only the Divine light of the conscience which inspires man to comply with the Law, a light which dwells within the spirit and through it manifests itself to the flesh.

5. Why did the spirit not follow the dictates of its conscience from the beginning? Because it had not evolved enough to understand and comply with the mandates which inspired it, and at the same time be able to dominate the impulses of the flesh. The freedom of will and the influence of the flesh, are the tests to which your spirit is subjected.

6. If mankind had listened to the dictates of its conscience from the beginning as Abel did, do you believe that it would have been necessary for your Father to materialize Himself from time to time to explain the Law and teach you the way of the evolution of the spirit? Truly I say that it would not. If you had been humble and obedient to My Law, all My revelations and teachings would have reached you through your conscience; but when I beheld this humanity enslaved in its passions that the world offered, deaf to My voice and blind to the spiritual light which illuminated its path, I had to materialize My Law in the First Era, inscribing it upon a rock and manifesting Myself through their physical senses, to overcome their materialism.

7. Once again mankind deviated from My mandates and I had to approach men to indoctrinate them. It was not enough that I had given you My Law in that material form, nor did it contain all that the Father would reveal to you; and thus, I sent Jesus so that you would listen to the Word of God. He spoke to your heart; that Master knew the pathways which lead to the most intimate part of the human being and with His words, with His deeds and His sacrifice upon the cross, He touched those insensitive fibers, awakening your lethargic feelings, knowing that without that preparation, the time would not come when man would hear within his own spirit the voice of His Lord, the One whom you have among you as was announced.

8. It is your God who speaks to you, My voice is the Law; today you are hearing it anew without the necessity of inscribing it upon a rock, or sending My Incarnate Word among you. It is My Divine voice that reaches your spirit and reveals to it the beginning of an era in which man will be justified, reconciled with His Creator and purified as it is written.

9. Do not misinterpret My words, saying that the Law of the First Era was the Law of the flesh and that of the Second, spoke only to your heart; because during each period I have touched the most sensitive and evolved part of your being to manifest Myself there and make My presence felt; My Law has always spoken to your spirit, for it is that which guides the flesh during its human existence.

10. When some of My disciples of the Second Era beheld the transfiguration of their Master on Mount Tabor, seeing that Moses appeared to His right and Elijah to His left, they fell upon the ground startled at the incomparable greatness which their eyes were beholding. I told them afterward to keep that secret and make it known when its time would come; for it was necessary that I depart from this world first, so that when these teachings were made known to you, you would understand that they spoke to you announcing the future.

11. 0, if humanity of this period would comprehend the meaning of that transfiguration and understand that the testimony. of My disciples was for men of this period, how great its progress would be! The chisel which engraved My commandments in stone on Mount Sinai, is the same that today writes the Divine thoughts within your heart; the blood of your Savior which was a lesson that spoke of love, resurrection,eternal life and supreme happiness, is the same which is flowing within the essence of this word; and the prophecy and power with which Elijah amazed men, are the same which are present within these manifestations that I am revealing to you during this period.

12. The struggle of My disciples of this Era to enable them to establish My Law on Earth, will be greater than ever; and in order for spirituality to reign in the world, from which originates all justice, all love and reason, all the people and nations of the world will first have to drink a very bitter cup.

13. It will be then when the golden calf is destroyed forever, when all useless sacrifices are abolished, when the spiritual benefits, will no longer be the object of profit, and which you will not exchange for earthly benefits. It will be when man has attained a complete evolution of his spirit and will learn to respect within himself the precious gifts with which the Father has endowed him since the beginning of his creation.

14. To help you reach that level of spirituality, is why I have come today to give you the vitality of My word, the fruit of good taste. I am the loving Father who comes to give you bread and shelter for your body and for the spirit the light which will guide you, so that from it you will impart to your brethren. My healing balsam will also be with you; some will receive it fully and in others, their pains will be lessened. Some will be cleansed of their own faults, but the others, with their example will help their fellowmen in their purification.

15. Do you want My strength? Comply with My mandates, love My Law for you are responsible for mankind. You are the indoctrinated ones and before you is the path that Elijah has come to prepare. Walk slowly, step along meekly.

16. You are the sons of light; do not allow temptation to lure you into its snare.

17. Imitate the apostles of the Second Era who spoke of the Father to the multitudes and these recognized their God and Lord through the deeds of His envoys. That is how I want to contemplate you, it is about time that you devote yourselves completely to preach My truth.

18. Withdraw from the superfluous deeds of men and dominate the flesh. Do not allow it to dominate you. Thus, after this struggle, I will see you filled with joy and peace.

19. Struggle and work, o Israel, analyze and understand that with these teachings I am bestowing upon you white garments, so you may travel along the pathways of the world complying with your mission.

20. Great is the journey I have marked for the spirit for its preparation, restitution and fulfillment. When you succeed in communicating with Me spiritually you will feel strong for the struggle and you will learn to clear the way for yourselves along the road mastering the obstacles that you may encounter in it.

21. Do you wish to form part of My apostleship? Do you wish to be counted among My disciples? Persevere then in your study, allow your preparation to increase so that soon you may convey My word to your brethren.

22. The spirit of men has evolved, that is why his science has progressed; I have permitted him to learn and discover what he ignored yesterday, but he should not dedicate himself only to material tasks; I have granted him that light so that he may work for his peace and happiness in the spiritual existence which awaits him.

23. In the midst of this world formed by different creatures, man is the privileged being, to whom I have endowed a part of My Spirit and the right to communicate with Me, to carry Me within his being, so that by feeling Myself so intimately united with him, hope and faith in My Divinity will be born within his spirit.

24. The finality of the creation of this world is man, for his pleasure I have assigned other beings and the elements, to be of service to him for his preservation and recreation but if he would have loved and recognized Me since the first eras, since his spiritual infancy, today he would form a part of a world of great spirits, where ignorance would not exist nor would there be any differences, where all of you would be equal in knowledge and in the elevation of your feelings; but how slowly man has evolved! How many centuries have passed since he has been living on Earth and still he has not comprehended his spiritual mission and his true destiny! He has been unable to discover within himself his spirit who never dies because it has eternal life; he has not known how to live in harmony with it nor recognized its rights, and the latter, deprived of its freedom, has not fully developed its gifts, therefore it finds itself at a standstill.

25. Today, before the happenings which man himself has provoked, before the conflict and overflowing of all passions of materialism, he finds himself confused because he does not know nor is he able to contain wickedness and then he surprisingly wonders the reason for that outcome; for man has deviated from the path of his spiritual evolution and he hastens toward his abyss, without there being a human power able to contain that force.

26. This world, so lovingly created as a temporary dwelling place for My children, has been converted into a valley of anguish, heartache and death; only the practice of love and virtue will save it; for that reason, I am gathering all the dispersed tribes of Israel to prepare its spirit and send it into the struggle, until salvation and spirituality of the human race has been attained.

27. Everyone who has approached Me and heard My word, belongs to that ancient and abundant people, and since I am revealing these lessons, you will realize that your virtues have remained inactive and that during this period they will reappear again, filled with the strength which love offers. Your destiny has been determined since the beginning of time, so that you will be those who will watch over humanity and communicate to it the messages which I have revealed to you from time to time.

28. The moment will come in which all humanity will be composed of My disciples, and in which you will easily understand and analyze My word; the arrogant will descend from their pedestals to be with Me, and the wise will recognize Me as their Master.

29. I want to see all of you on the path of spirituality, acquiring strength and temper through your trials so that as you are ascending, I may reveal to you a world of wisdom contained in the book which I have come to manifest to you.

30. If you are to become teachers of mankind, you should prepare yourselves. Remove from yourself all signs of idolatry and teach a spiritual worship, respectful and sincere, based only on love.

31. My word, even when your memory is not reliable, is in your conscience, where it will never be erased. Your spirit will speak and it will be a fountain of wisdom, which on overflowing, will spread the light among your brethren, along your path of evolution.

32. Rejoice with My presence for I will also rejoice giving you My teaching. Study in the book and know the explanation of all that you have not understood. Perceive the essence of the lesson which I have come to reveal to you. If you prepare yourselves, you will be the light within the darkness which today envelops mankind.

33. You will always have me awaiting your spiritual communion. He who purifies and elevates himself to Me, will feel pledged to Me and I will guide his steps along the right path.

34. Many ask themselves why I have returned to Earth, since I had already indoctrinated you with My word during the Second Era; but you have forgotten My Law and I have found you shipwrecked in a sea of ignorance. I have struggled to guide you along a path of peace and truth; I offer you support that you can lean on for you are tired of wandering without a guide and that is why I have come to help you.

35. I am gathering My new apostles who will not be twelve but one hundred and forty four thousand, and each one of them should manifest My Doctrine, all will speak and they will be like heralds who will reveal the good news, that the Master has returned to men as the Holy Spirit.

36. Since 1866, I seek the new disciples among mankind and I prepare them so that they will carry My mandates with humility and be forerunners of new apostles who will come to Me.

37. The day will come when humanity has news about the people of God and they will seek you to ask for light and others to combat your knowledge with their concepts. I do not wish that feeling poor and humble, you allow yourselves to be surprised by those who speak with an eloquent tongue and submit to you theories which will reveal only confusion or very little light. You who are acquainted with the truth of this word, because you know that it is My revelation as the Holy Spirit, should not allow yourselves to be confused.

38. Neither do I want you to conceal yourselves because of fear, but to confront those who solicit your help; you will have words of love for everyone which will awaken and affect them and make them feel My presence. Thus you will be recognized.

39. Near you is Elijah, fulfilling the great mission which I have entrusted to him, which is that of inspiring you in your regeneration, so that you arise in search of peace, regeneration and spiritual perfection.

40. Soon you will rest from your work; this great Work is being carried out with the help of many spirits, to each of whom I have assigned a definite mission.

41. You who follow Me are My armies and I am your Father who is pledged to give salvation to His children; I go before you to guide you. Do you wish to follow me? Your heart says yes to Me, and I acknowledge your desire. Observe that I do not demand more than you are able to endure with your faculties if you know how to use them and if you truthfully love Me.

42. The spiritual Law is before that of the human, therefore, you should first render Me your tribute before that of the world. Behold Nature with its fields and mountains, its oceans, forests and deserts, all of it is paying its respects at every moment to the Creator who has given it life and sustenance. Everything offers its tribute by giving testimony of Me. Why do you not offer Me a dignified worship? Why do you ask for My presence, and then doubt Me?

43. Prepare yourselves so you can analyze your spiritual nature and understand My word. Penetrate into My teaching, investigate, for I permit it and interrogate Me but come to Me;surrender yourselves to Me with that confidence that you have when you are children and you follow your parents everywhere, in that way love and confide in your Heavenly Father.

44. I do not want you to shed tears, nor make Me suffer. You have wept greatly and wandered in the wilderness. Do not leave your children that seed of suffering that you have carried. Allow those beings to come and behold a life of rectitude, of work and compliance with My Law, so they can see the flourishing of peace and well-being.

45. Why are you surprised, o My people, of the miracle that I have come to manifest to you during this time, of communicating Myself through the faculty of man? I performed greater deeds during past eras, and you believed them.

46. I know that the cause of your surprise is due to your deviation from the spiritual teachings, because for a long time you have only believed in what you see, in what you touch and in what you prove by means of your science.

47. In the First Era, when Israel read the Scriptures, meditated on the Law and prayed for the coming of the promised Messiah, their life was filled with spiritual signs and manifestations. Their heart was sensitive to the messages which the Lord sent them and they believed in everything, because they had faith.

48. But do not believe that all the sons of that people were able to receive the Divine messages, no; the miserly wealthy felt nothing, they could not see, nor hear; in the same way, the priests, who in spite of having the book of the prophesies opened before their eyes, also could not perceive the spiritual life within men, because they were blind and conceited in the position they occupied; they could not listen to the calls of the Father who was already near.

49. Who then were those in Judea who during the night prayed, who were watchful and received within their hearts the light that kindles the faith? Who were those who had prophetic dreams and were able to foresee with their heart and give the Scriptures their spiritual interpretation? They were the humble, the poor, the slaves, the sick, those who hungered for enlightenment, those who thirst for justice, those in need of love.

50. They were the followers of that people, men and women of simple hearts, who for centuries had awaited their Savior.

51. On the night that Jesus was born to this life, it was the hearts of those humble shepherds of Bethlehem who were startled before the spiritual emissary of the Lord, who made known to them that their Savior whom they had awaited for such a long time had already arrived.

52. On that solemn moment the rich, the noble and the powerful slumbered.

53. Also during this period, when My Ray of light descended upon men to reveal to them My message for the first time, the influential, the noble, the rich, the wise and the theologians slept profoundly.

54. How very few awaited Me and how few believed in My presence!

55. However, those who approached Me were men and women of simple heart and humble understanding, the ones who are ridiculed by the unbelievers because they believe in supernatural manifestations and speak of strange teachings.

56. Do not misjudge those who fall into error because of their lack of preparation, for at least they keep an intuition of the spiritual, which is proof of a hidden desire for communicating with their Father, of approaching the world of light, of receiving from Him a word of love.

57. Those poor people who have not been dazzled by the false brilliance of the world, are the ones who have intuition, who have presentiment, who have dreams, those who give testimonies of the spiritual and I have searched for them to open before their eyes the book of wisdom, thus satisfying their desire for knowledge and truth.

58. I have made them feel My presence and also the nearness of the spiritual realm as a reward to their hope and their faith.

59. I have also spoken to them about their gifts, their mission and the importance of My Doctrine, so that they may withdraw from their hearts all that does not pertain to this Work, so that their testimony pure and filled with light will reach the hearts of their fellowmen.

60. Arise, o Israel, and scale the spiritual mountain, for today I am your Cyrenian. During this period, everyone will help Me with the cross which I still carry upon My back because of My love for mankind.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 16

1. May the peace of the spirit and of the heart be in all those who love one another. On this day of grace you have come to receive the inspiration of the Master, which is grasped by the brain of these children, prepared and destined by Me, to transmit My Divine Message to mankind.

2. Receive on this day My spiritual caress, O multitudes; I welcome and fill you with grace.

3. Listen o disciples: be mindful that an atom of My presence is manifesting itself among you. A vibration of the Divine power is indoctrinating you. An aura of His universal essence is illuminating you. There has not been any time in which the manifestation of God has not existed. During all eras, and all ages, there was, there is and there will be the Divine vibration. During the course of time the Father has not failed to bestow upon you the charity of His love, because in His Spirit, as in all creation, everything vibrates, everything is activity and life. And the incidents of this world are an echo and a reflection of the spiritual life.

4. During the course of the centuries God has not forsaken mankind, for one and the other are inseparable. Today the will of the Father has been to communicate spiritually with man in the manner that you are contemplating and hearing, because the time has come for you in which you should prepare yourselves in order to receive Me from spirit to Spirit.

5. But you still do not have spiritual1 sensitivity and that is why you cannot perceive the Divine inspiration clearly.

6. Before the Father manifested Himself to mankind in Jesus, He conveyed His revelations, by using symbols and material events. By the name of Christ you knew the One who manifested the love of God among men, but when He came to Earth, He had already manifested Himself as the Father, therefore, you should not say that Christ was born in the world, it was Jesus who was born, and Christ who dwelt in His body.

7. Meditate and you will conclude by understanding Me, accepting that before Jesus, He was already Christ, because Christ is the love of God.

8. Defining it thus, you will not be confused, do not let yourselves be submerged in the turbulent waters of ancient and erroneous interpretations which you hold by tradition. You are covered with veils of ignorance which I have come to rend with the light of My word, so that the wisdom will penetrate within you.

9. Do not forget, therefore, that Christ is the love of God; for that reason, when He manifested Himself through Jesus, you were perturbed and confused; and even when you beheld His miracles, you did not believe Him, because His power being infinite, your limited reason could not comprehend it. That is why some reject Me, others are confused and still others, study and analyze Me according to their manner of thinking and understanding. Few, very few are those who are able to understand Christ; I say this to you for I find little love within the hearts, since you do not love one another, not even among brothers.

10. Love your fellowman as you would your own son and that will be when you will begin to understand Jesus, to love Him, to feel Him and be able to reflect Christ in your deeds. However, your spirit knows Me even more. That is why some seek the Messiah, others seek the Almighty God, so that He may give you a ray of light and hope to come and relieve your pains and encourage you in your desire to come nearer to Him each time. The fact is that your spirit through its conscience has the memory of its Creator, of Christ who has never stopped seeking and loving you, o humanity, for again I say to you that the spiritual manifestation has never ceased to exist nor will it ever cease to be.

11. The illuminated of previous times always beheld rays of brilliance, they always listened to My word. The prophets, the inspired ones, the forerunners, the founders of doctrines of elevated spirituality, have given testimony of hearing voices as if proceeding from clouds, from the mountains, from the wind or from somewhere which they could not pinpoint; that they heard the voice of God as if proceeding from tongues of fire and in mysterious echoes. Many heard, saw and felt through their senses, others through their spiritual attributes, in a manner similar to what is happening in this period.

12. Truly I say to you: Those who received My messages through their corporeal senses, interpreted the Divine inspiration spiritually, and they did it according to their material or spiritual preparation, and in agreement with the times in which they lived on Earth, in a way that is taking place today with the human instruments whom you call spokesmen or faculties. But I must say to you, that during previous times, as well as the present, they have mingled with the purity of the Divine revelations, their own ideas or those which predominated around them, and fully aware or ignoring it, they have altered the purity and unlimited essence of the truth, which, truthfully I say to you, is the love in its greatest manifestations.

13. The vibrations and spiritual inspirations were with them and not only the first ones but also the last have given and will give testimony of that inspiration, which reached their spirit almost always in an unexplained way in a similar manner which happens to many today and will happen to many more tomorrow.

14. The words, interpretations and form of behavior are credited to men and the times in which they live, but above everyone is the Supreme truth.

15. You, for lack of spiritual preparation, need for the Divine inspiration to materialize and awaken you from your lethargy. The advanced spirits have not needed this form of manifestation.

16. Everything spiritual in the Universe is a fountain of light, visible or invisible to you; that light is strength, it is power, it is inspiration. From the ideas, words and deeds, light also emanates, according to the purity and elevation that they have. The more elevated the idea or the deed, the more delicate and gentle its vibration and inspiration which emits from it, although it is also more difficult for the slaves of materialism to perceive it; nevertheless, the effect which is exerted spiritually by the thoughts and elevated deeds, is great.

17. Materiality is contrary to spirituality, but understand that I am referring to materiality which induces you toward errors, vices, degeneration and lowly passions.

18. Although the greater part of mankind will question the truth of My communication with man, truly I say to you once again that such a manifestation is a continuous one among incarnated and discarnated spirits, from the first moment of their creation.

19. If you, making use of your ingenuity and your science, which is one of many spiritual attributes that you have, have managed to transmit messages saving distances, How can you think that God is not able to transmit a message to man by means of a human apparatus, sensitive and intelligent?

20. Because that is what the human body is: an apparatus, endowed with a perfection that man cannot give to his most complicated and greatest scientific works. Be very attentive to My word, I speak to you about the body of man and not his spirit, because the spirit, although it is unable to attain the power of the Father, definitely is able to perform greater deeds than what its limited human body can produce.

21. If your limited intelligence has enabled you to attain knowledge and has created inventions which, according to you are marvelous, then what can you not accomplish through your spirit and what deeds is the Father not capable of performing?

22. A poor idea he has of his God, he who believes Him to be smaller than human beings.

23. Why does it seem strange to you that God transmits His light, which is wisdom and which is vibrating over all of you and that He has created a form of communication with His children? Why do you imagine that something is impossible for your God, when you yourselves declare that He knows all and does all? If you believe Me thus, why do you contradict yourselves so easily? Are you going to demand from Me that each time I desire to speak to you, I send Jesus so that you will nail Him to a cross?

24. Truly I say that not even you yourselves realize how you want My presence to be felt among you.

25. In order to please you I say to you that if you do not want Me to make use of sinful bodies to give you My love, show Me a just and cleansed person; point out someone who among you is able to love, and I assure you that I will use him. Understand that I make use of sinners, to attract sinners, for I have not come to save the just, they are already in the realm of light.

26. It is true that you are sinners; but God does not neglect or forget anyone, although you believe otherwise. Why have you become so blind, that you are ready to judge everything in an instant according to your material existence? You are the ones who are neglectful, and forget your own selves, that is why you feel weak and exhausted.

27. Do you believe that I would forsake My very beloved children, even when they are disobedient, since they always need Me and call Me?

28. You sin very much, commit offenses and have greatly forgotten Me; but infinitely greater than all the faults of your existence, is the love of the Heavenly Father for all His children.

29. I will keep on speaking to you about My manifestation, so that you will be relieved of all your doubts. Many of you accept what My illuminated ones have said to you, mainly: That God spoke to them by means of clouds, fire, water and wind and I ask you: Is it more appropriate that I communicate with man by means of these elements or by means of man himself?

30. Where is your analysis which does not enable you to understand the easier lessons?

31. O! Men and women of the world who have forgotten in your sciences the only thing that will make you wise and happy; you have forgotten about the love which inspires all, the love which does everything and changes everything! You live in pain and in darkness, for by not practicing the love which I teach you, you bring about your physical or spiritual suffering.

32. In order to discover and understand My messages, first you need to be kind and humble of heart, virtues which exist within every spirit since the moment of their creation, but to feel the true elevated, feeling of love, you need to spiritualize yourselves cultivating your good sentiments; but you have wanted to have everything in life, except spiritual love.

33. At every moment you vibrate mentally or spiritually, but most of the time you instigate egotism, hatred, violence, vanity, lowly passions; you offend others and you feel offended. But you do not love, and therefore you are not aware when someone loves you, and with your insane thoughts you are saturating the environment in which you live with suffering, filling your existence with misery. And I say to you: Saturate everything with peace, harmony, love and thus you will be happy.

34. Love has always existed in the Spirit of the Creator, therefore you must understand that all spirits have also been endowed by it.

35. Now, in spite of the advancement of your civilization, you have grown more and more distant from Mother Nature, as well as from the spiritual, from what is pure, from what pertains to God; that is why during each stage of your existence you have fallen into greater weakness, into greater bitterness in spite of your wishes to be stronger and happier each passing day that you live on Earth; but you will take a step toward the fulfillment of My Law, O inhabitants of the world!

36. The Master who has spoken to you in all times, comes now to explain His teaching to you by means of these lessons, manifesting Himself in word, intuition and inspiration; thus awakening your spirit to the light of the future times. At that time you will have the Divine inspiration in different forms, each time more surprising, more elevated and perfect for you.

37. Today I have come to remind you that you must love one another as Jesus taught you. I remind you of Jesus for the incarnation of the Universal Love was in Him.

38. During the times of Moses a law of justice was given to the people which stated: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Such a law, which today would seem monstrous and vengeful, was nevertheless, just for men of those times.

39. Some time afterward when I became human as Jesus, you heard Me say and it was written, that: "The measure you give will be the measure you get." At this word some have asked if within that phrase there exists the love, charity and forgiveness which Jesus preached.

40. It is time that I Myself should explain to you the reason for the law of the First Era and the reason for that phrase of Jesus, because I have had to give you many of My lessons in parts throughout the ages.

41. In the beginning, when the fibers within the heart of man were insensitive to the sentiment of forgiveness, and that of charity and tolerance were still dormant in his spirit, it was necessary for man to protect himself as well as his possessions, supported by a law that would give him a right to use force in his own defense. As you can see, they were primitive precepts and customs for a people, destined to evolve, like all other peoples.

42. The Law emanating from the word of Jesus, later came to illuminate the life of men and it stated: "Love one another." It also revealed to you "that, "the measure you give will be the measure you get," with which the Master wanted you to understand, that the sentence which man had imposed upon himself by his own hand had become an exclusive right of the Divine Justice. Then man realized that according to his sowing on Earth, thus would be the harvest that he would gather in the Hereafter.

43. Man then held back his destructive hand, the evildoer many times desisted from his evil intentions and he who intended to steal knew and sensed that a gaze from infinity beheld him and from that moment a judgment awaited him.

44. The centuries have passed and men, knowing more about the Divine justice, still have not been able to understand the truth and many times they have become confused, believing that if they have sinned greatly on Earth, unmercifully they will have to present themselves before the tribunal of God, to receive an eternal punishment; to which I ask you: What purpose of repentance and compliance with My Law would emerge from the one who beforehand considers himself lost? What hope would lodge within the one who departs from this world, knowing that the faults of his spirit will be eternal?

45. It became necessary that I Myself come to withdraw from you the ignorance of your erroneous interpretations, and here I am!

46. In Jehovah you believed to have seen a cruel, terrible and vengeful God, then the Lord, to free you from error sent Christ, His Divine Love, so that by "knowing the Son, you would also know the Father." And nevertheless, humanity ignorant and involved in its sin again, believes to see an angry and offended Jesus who only awaits the spiritual return of those who have offended Him to say to them: "Depart from Me for I know you not," and then send them to endure the most inhumane suffering in eternity.

47. It is time that you understand the meaning of My teachings so that you will not be confused; the Divine Love will not hinder your return to Me if you do not restitute for your faults, it will be the inexorable judge of your conscience who will say that you are not worthy of penetrating the Kingdom of Light.

48. O humanity, you have My presence again, but in Spirit, just as I promised you.

49. Behold the light of the Spirit of Truth how it illuminates and awakens those who dwell in darkness.

50. But I say to those who are witnesses to this manifestation: Be attentive to My word for it comes to open pathways of light and to disclose to you the truth which you should know.

51. It is true that during your lifetime it is necessary to settle all accounts before God, but the payment, tribute or offering which you give Him, in reality is not for Him, but to whoever offers it.

52. If you offer Him purity, that will be for your own benefit, if you present to Him good deeds, they will be the garments which will exalt your spirit before the presence of God. If you sin and then you repent and make amends for your faults, the peace for your spirit and the happiness which exists in those who practice righteousness, will be your reward.

53. If many times I permit you to drain the same cup that you gave to your brethren, it is because there are some who only in this way realize the wrong they caused and by experiencing the same ordeal which they caused to others, they will become aware of the pain they provoked; this will give light to their spirit and bring understanding, repentance and, therefore, fulfillment of My Law.

54. But if you wish to avoid going through pain or draining the cup of bitterness, you can succeed in resolving your debt with repentance, with good deeds, with ail that your conscience dictates you must do. In that way you will settle an account of love, you will restore an honor, a life or the peace; health, happiness or the bread that you may have taken from your fellowmen.

55. Observe how different is the reality of My justice from that idea that you have formed of your Father.

56. Do not forget that if I have come to tell you that none of you will be lost, it is also true that ! have said that every debt must be settled and every fault erased from the Book of Life. You have the right to choose the path which leads to Me.

57. The freedom of choice is still yours.

58. If you prefer the law of retaliation of ancient times, as is still practiced by men from their proud nations, behold its results.

59. If you want the measure with which you judge your brethren also used against you, do not even wait for your entry into the other existence to receive My justice, for here when you least expect it, you will find yourself in the same difficulty in which you placed your fellowmen; but if you want a more elevated Law to come to your aid, not only to spare you from suffering, which is what you fear most, but also to inspire in you noble thoughts and good sentiments; pray, call Me, and proceed along your path to struggle to be better each time, to be stronger in your ordeals, or in short, to settle with love the debt that you have with your Father and with your fellowmen.

60. The call of love that you hear now from the lips of these spokesmen, is precursory to great happenings for mankind. These messages are flashes of wisdom that in the future will be manifested to men. It is the beginning of the awakening of all spirits. It is the preparation for the Era of Spirituality, the time in which you will be redeemed in the love of your Heavenly Father.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 17

1. O My beloved people: here is one more message from the Divine Master which will allow you to give a progressive step toward the understanding of My teachings; for you must not be detained along the path of spiritual progress.

2. I have not come to encourage habits in you of standing still or retrogressing, I always guide you toward the path of evolution.

3. My word brings you various fruits, all with an exquisite spiritual taste.

4. With your lips you have pronounced: "Glory to God in the Highest," but when have you glorified Him with your deeds? You have idolized yourselves and have glorified your idols, but God, your Creator, when? Jesus was the one who with His life glorified His Father and it is He whom you should imitate.

5. You have also stated: "Peace on Earth to men of good will" and in truth I say to you that, even to those of evil will I have given peace; but you, tell Me: When have you bestowed peace? For many centuries you have repeated the words of that psalm, with which the people received their Master in Jerusalem, and the only thing that humanity has done since then is: to repeat those words, for in their deeds, they have done everything the opposite.

6. Say those phrases if you wish, but understand that neither those, nor other words will have any virtue whatsoever if you do not feel them within your heart; when you feel them manifest them, in good deeds to your brethren, with gentleness and humility, and then I will respond with My infinite love, making your spirit vibrate with the immaculate grace of My peace.

7. In that way today I have come to speak to you as the Holy Spirit. Different are the times and therefore, different should be the preparation of men.

8. Do away with all verbal prayers and superstitions and surrender yourselves to Me, the Master, the Father, who will always receive you and understand you.

9. Do pray, but with a prepared heart, speak to Me with your spirit, just as you feel it at that moment; approach Me with your thought full of love, but come near, speak to Me as disciples or as beginners, and I will make you feel My wisdom and My love.

10. Ask Me with humility, but never ask for miracles or expect to receive them.

11. The miracle, according to the way you understand it, does not exist; there is nothing contradictory between the Divine and the material.

12. You attribute many miracles to Jesus and truly I say to you, that His deeds were the natural effect of love, of that Divine force which although present within each spirit, you still do not know how to use it, because you do not want to know the virtue of love.

13. What existed in all the miracles which Jesus performed, if it was not love?

14. Listen, o disciples: In order for the love of God to manifest itself to mankind, the humility of the instrument was necessary, and Jesus was always humble, and as He came to give an example to men, He said to you on a certain occasion that without the will of His Heavenly Father, He could do nothing. He who does not penetrate in the humility of those words, will believe that Jesus was an ordinary man, but the truth is that He wanted to give you a lesson of humility.

15. He knew that humility, that unity with the Father, made Him Almighty before mankind.

16. O! Immense and beautiful transfiguration that love,humility and wisdom gives!

17. Now you realize why Jesus, although saying that He could accomplish nothing without the will of His Father, in reality could master it all, because He was obedient, because He was humble, because He became the servant of the Law and of men, and because He knew how to love.

18. Recognize then that, you yourselves knowing some of the virtues of the spiritual love, still do not feel it, and that is why you cannot understand the reason for that which you call a miracle or mystery, but which are deeds made possible by the Divine love.

19. What teachings did Jesus give you which were not of love? What learning, methods or mysterious knowledge did He employ in leaving you His examples of power and wisdom? Only the sweetness of love, with which everything can be accomplished.

20. There is nothing contradictory in the laws of the Father, simple in their wisdom and wise because they are saturated with love.

21. Understand the Master, He is your Book.

22. The child Jesus astonished the so-called doctors of the Law; Jesus the preacher, disclosed to you great revelations for all time. Jesus the Redeemer, sealed His words with His life, with His supreme sacrifice upon the cross.

23. Now then, O My beloved disciples, if you truly wish to be great and strong in spirit, why do you not imitate Me in the deeds which I performed through Jesus? He said to you: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," demonstrating with humility and meekness the obedience to the Divine will. What should that humility be that you should demonstrate to Me?

24. Listen: God, the Supreme Being, created you "in His image and likeness," not in the material form that you have, but in the virtue with which your spirit is endowed, similar to those of the Father.

25. How pleasing it has been to your vanity to believe yourselves the image of your Creator. You believe yourselves to be the most evolved creatures created by God and you are in grave error to assume that the Universe was created only for you. With how much ignorance you call yourselves the kings of creation!

26. Understand that not even the Earth is created only for men. In the endless ladder of the Divine creation, there exists an infinite number of spirits who are evolving in fulfillment of the Law of God.

27. The goal which all that contains, is great and perfect, as are all designs of the Father, and as men you would not be able to understand, even if you wanted to. But truly I say that you are neither the greatest nor the smallest creatures of the Father.

28. You were created, and at that instant your spirit took life from the Almighty, bearing within it as many attributes as was necessary to fulfill a delicate mission within Eternity.

29. Not even today are you aware of all the faculties that the Father gave you, but do not fear, because you will know them later.

30. By chance, do you know of the existence of the great spirits, who are destined to watch over the harmony of everything created, and are always occupied in noble missions ignored by you? No, that is why I say to you again: Your spirits are not the most evolved, they have only developed the attributes that God has given them in a limited form.

31. Nevertheless, those attributes will be sufficient to guide you happily toward the summit which corresponds to you if you direct your steps along the straight and shining path which My Law marks for you.

32. I have come to help you. Now is the time of restitution; awaken, arise.

33. You have sinned, adulterated, offended, and now that you find yourselves before the truth of My word, which points out your errors, you forget your faults and believe that your Lord is unjust when He speaks to you of ordeals and restitution.

34. You have enveloped yourselves in a darkness of wickedness and of ignorance, preventing your spirit from beholding the dawn of the Third Era and when I have come to uplift you up with the light of My word, so that you may behold the brightness of the new dawn, you do not want to awake from your lethargy and sometimes you arise with displeasure. Many are the ones who prefer to sleep in their ignorance without wanting to awaken to the Supreme truth. They prefer the valley of tears, pestilence, hunger; they want to prolong that long period of centuries in which vice and bitterness have been their only encouragement; they prefer all this to the pleasing call that My love dictates through their conscience.

35. You listen to Me as if I were very distant from you, opening your eyes with laziness; but unable to understand the meaning of the Divine message, because your mind is saturated with materialism, you prefer to live in sin. At that instant you forget Me, you turn your back on Me, you only want to continue in your lethargy, suffering. But I say to you that if you prefer to dwell in that abyss of materialism and ignorance, if you only wish to gather the taste of frivolous enjoyments and lowly passions, at least do not blame God for your afflictions.

36. If you do not have the dignity of being able to love your fellowmen as your Father loves you, at least have the courage and resignation to bear the consequences of your faults. If you prefer your false peace as well as your destructive wars, do not say that God wants it thus, nor should you clamor to the Father asking for His charity when you feel yourselves dominated by your enemies so that He may come and make you victorious, with which only your vanity would be flattered and your perversity encouraged, which is not within My Law to grant you.

37. If in the midst of laughter, enjoyments and vanities, men forget and even deny Me, why are they fearful and tremble when they are reaping the harvest of tears which torment their spirit and body? Then they blaspheme saying that God does not exist.

38. Man is bold to sin, and determined to deviate from the path of My Law; but I assure you that he is very much a coward when it concerns making restitution and settling his accounts. Nevertheless, I strengthen you in your cowardice, I protect you in your weaknesses, I awaken you from your lethargy, I dry your tears and I give you new opportunities so you may recuperate the lost light and find the forgotten path of My Law again.

39. I have come to bring you as in the Second Era, the bread and wine of life, the same for the spirit as for the body, so that you may live in harmony with everything created by your Father.

40. In My pathways the virtues are blooming, on the other hand, yours are covered with thorns, pitfalls and bitterness.

41. He who says that the paths of the Lord are filled with thorns, does not know what he says, because I have not created pain for any of My children; but those who have withdrawn from the path of light and peace, once they return to it must suffer the consequences of their faults.

42. Why did you drink that cup of bitterness? Why did you forget the mandate of the Lord, as well as the mission which I entrusted to you? Because you substituted My Law for yours and there you have the results of your vain knowledge: bitterness, war, fanaticism, disappointment and lies which hinder and fill you with desperation. And the most painful thing for the materialistic man, for the one who submits everything to his figuring and subjects it to the material laws of this world, is that after this existence he still will find himself carrying the burden of his errors and of his tendencies. Then the suffering of your spirit will be much greater.

43. Rid yourselves here of your burden of sins, comply with My Law and come quickly. Ask forgiveness of everyone whom you have offended and leave the rest to Me, for your time will be brief to love if you truly decide to do it.

44. Again I say to you that I have not left thorns or pain along the pathway. Through Jesus I taught you how to withdraw from all weaknesses to demonstrate My love and the power it has, and to teach you the true joy which is found within the spirit with true humility. And with My farewell and My promise for these times, I granted you peace, the light of hope and a desire for My return. But you did not want to understand it thus and you kept on crucifying Me so that I would continue to forgive you indefinitely. But you must understand that My pardon will not prevent the consequences of your faults, because the errors are yours, not Mine. My pardon will encourage you and comforts you for in the end you will come to Me and I will welcome you with the same love as always; but as long as you do not seek Me along the paths of righteousness, of love and peace, you well know and must not forget: the harm that you do or intend to cause, you will receive a hundredfold.

45. You are reaping the harvest of your materialism and although you would wish Me to approve your deeds you are wrong, for I am immutable in My Law; I do not proceed as you would wish, for I would cease to be "the Way, the Truth and the Life."

46. I have come to nullify your erroneous laws so that you will be governed only by those that are formed by My precepts and are in agreement with My wisdom. My laws are of love, and on proceeding from My Divinity, they are unalterable and eternal, while yours are temporary and at times cruel and selfish.

47. The Law of the Father is of love, of goodness; it is like a balsam which gives hope and strength to the sinner, so he can bear the restitution for his faults. The Father's Law of love always offers a generous opportunity to the delinquent to regenerate himself, while your laws on the contrary, humiliate and punish the wrongdoer, and many times the innocent, the weak. In your justice there is hardness, vengeance and lack of mercy. The Law of Christ is of gentle persuasion, of infinite justice and supreme uprightness. You yourselves are your judges, on the other hand I am your tireless defender; but it is necessary for you to know that there exist two ways of atoning for your offenses: one is through love and the other through pain.

48. You yourselves choose, for you still enjoy the gift of the freedom of will.

49. Do you wish to cease suffering, O humanity? Love, do good along your way, reconstruct your life. Do you wish to be great, to be happy? Love much, love always. Do you want to weep? Do you wish bitterness to overcome you? Do you want wars and desolation? Continue just as you are living, allow egotism, hypocrisy, vanity, idolatry and materialism to take over your life.

50. You can clearly behold the chaos among men, so that you will not continue to make the Law to your liking.

51. I want disciples and beginners of My Doctrine, to carry nobleness in their heart and clarity in their understanding, for only thus will they be capable of learning from Me and afterward teach mankind.

52. This time I have not come to raise the dead in body, as I did with Lazarus during the Second Era, today My light comes to lift the spirits which are the ones that belong to Me. And these will arise with the truth of My word to an eternal life, because your spirit is the Lazarus which today you carry within your being and which I will resurrect and heal.

53. Now you know that the Divine justice is of love, not of punishment like yours. What would become of you if I made use of your own laws to judge you, before Me where appearances and false arguments have no value? If I judged you according to your wickedness, and used your own laws of terrible harshness, what would become of you? Then you would certainly be justified in asking Me for clemency. However, you should not fear because My love never withers, changes, or passes on; on the other hand, you do pass on, you die and are reborn, you depart and then return and thus you are journeying, until the day comes in which you will recognize your Father and submit to His Divine Law.

54. You are temporarily here, but I am eternal; you go along weeping because you deviate from the path which My Law indicates, while I am unchangeable.

55. Dry your tears; hasten your awakening and arise. Feel My presence in you; it is necessary that you reach Me, for you still have not recognized Me, O My people.

56. You are unaware of the reward that belongs to the one who truly repents and returns to Me, and you ignore that it is not necessary to wait for your entry into the spiritual realm, for you to receive the reward which the love of God gives you.

57. It was necessary that I come to speak to you thus, for men have become confused with their acquired knowledge in the books which they have studied; on the other hand, they do not want to hear the voice of their conscience, the voice of their spiritual knowledge which invites them to proceed toward the Divine light from which all wisdom originates.

58. I say to you: Useful study is good and science is also good; but above all is love. Love will give you the inspiration to dignify and increase your science, for you must understand that all your knowledge is only a message which My love gives you.

59. Ask your wise men and if they are sincere they will tell you that they have asked God for inspiration. And I would give them more inspiration, if they would request it with greater love for their brethren and less vanity for themselves.

60. Truly I say to you that all true knowledge that you have accumulated, comes from Me, all that is pure and elevated I will use during this period for your benefit, for I have granted it to you for that purpose. But you must take care, o peoples of the Earth, for if you continue to make use of My Divine lessons to provoke the elements, if you apply the limited knowledge that you have toward unrighteousness, you will receive when you least expect it, the painful and just response. You provoke the wind, fire, earth, water, and all forces and you are well aware of what your harvest will be if you do not correct your activities in time, to stop the unleashed elements because of your foolishness. I warn you that you are reaching the limit that My justice permits of your free will, you are greatly provoking Nature. And since you are like children who feel themselves superior, this word comes as a warning of the danger in which you find yourselves.

61. And the word states: O My children, soften your heart, loving your brethren and everything created. Seek reconciliation and peace among all. If you do not want the cataclysms that you yourselves are cultivating to exterminate you, make amends in time, o My very beloved children, calm them with your love, transform them with peace. O humanity, if you would listen to Me, how much suffering you would have been spared, and I would have already transformed your world without the need of your suffering! I would give you the beginning of your reward in this life, I would give you peace and tranquility. Make up your mind to do it, O My children, that is why I have transmitted My word to you during this time, to save you from the abyss.

62. To you who are listening to Me, retain in your spirit what you need, and teach the rest of your brethren. What is for one is for all, therefore not one of My sheep shall lack spiritual nourishment.

63. I want you to be united, so that I may reward your harmony pouring My benefits and My grace upon everyone. Up to now I have seen you assemble for brief moments, while you try to elevate your worship to My Divinity. Be convinced that through your unity of love, you will be able to perform marvelous deeds, but in truth I say that there is still time to work to rebuild what you have destroyed.

64. You have sinned and offended Me very much, but I love you, and My love is greater than all your faults.

65. If you seek Me as a Judge, My judgment is inexorable; if you seek Me as the Master, My wisdom is infinite; if you seek Me as the Father, I am most loving gentleness; but in truth I say to you that I am still much more than all that, because I have no beginning or end.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 18

1. Just as was announced, you have seen My new manifestation realized today: I have come in Spirit and surrounded by angels and spirits of light.

2. Those who do not know those prophecies, doubt My presence, but I also behold among those who have scrutinized the Scriptures, those who do not believe in My manifestation, because their interpretations are almost always erroneous.

3. Those who give the prophecy a material meaning, to them will have to happen what befell the Jewish people, who expected in the promised Messiah a powerful earthly King, and when they saw Me humble and meek, they did not believe in Me in spite of the deeds which I performed before their eyes.

4. Those who felt My presence, who loved Me and followed Me, were the simple of heart, the meek of spirit, those of clean mind, those who endured hunger and thirst for love, justice and truth.

5. To those who study the Scriptures of past times, I say that only with spirituality in their life, will they be able to find the truth which exists in that language.

6. I will help those who analyze and teach the truth, but anyone from whose lips confusion emerges, I will stop in his course until he corrects his errors.

7. On the contrary, those of cleansed heart who sow My seed of light, explaining the Divine word and clarifying the teaching which was concealed, I will send them to other lands and to the nations to propagate My Doctrine of love.

8. The true propagators will be sound of heart, humble of spirit, and therefore, they will be able to receive My new message with joy and faith.

9. Blessed are those who thus receive Me in their heart and believe in My word, for they will see Me in the Heavenly cloud surrounded by My spiritual followers, and although I will not touch the dust of the Earth as in the Second Era, they will feel My spiritual presence; then they will combine this new message to the one which was not complete, for it remained for Me to add My revelations as the Holy Spirit.

10. O My disciples: Spiritualize yourselves so that you can penetrate into the true meaning of My word, so when you find yourselves with your brethren who only know My revelations of the Second Era, you will coincide in your interpretations, and begin the spiritual unification of mankind.

11. Many times you teach erroneous concepts through the lack of study and penetration of the spiritual, that is why I recommend that you dedicate yourselves to meditation of My teaching, so that you will not perform deeds which though you might believe are righteous, before the Father they are imperfect.

12. Recognize that the ones responsible for humanity to understand with clarity the spiritual meaning of My present and past teachings, are all of you who feel within your spirit a hunger for knowledge, those who have penetrated the channels of study, of meditation and analysis. I cannot say the same for those who live only for rituals, ceremonies and material worship, they are satisfied with the superficial, for they have not yet known the taste of the fruit.

13. When My disciples cross the paths of the world, it will be the beginning of the spiritual awakening of religions and sects, which have been at a standstill for a long time.

14. Often I repeat: keep watch and pray, but I do not want you to make just a habit of this gentle advice, but rather to study it and put it in practice.

15. I tell you to pray, for he who does not pray gives in to thoughts which are superfluous, materialistic and sometimes unsound, with which he unconsciously encourages destructive wars; on the other hand when you pray, your thought as if it were a sword of light, destroys the veil of darkness and the bonds of temptation which are enslaving many spirits, it fills the environment with spirituality and counteracts the forces of evil.

16. Do not weaken before the struggle nor despair if you still do not see any result from your labor. Recognize that your mission is to work to the end; and only thus will you fulfill a minimum part of this Work of regeneration and spirituality among your brethren.

17. Tomorrow you will leave your position and others will come to replace you, interpreting My Work better, and in this way from generation to generation My Law will be fulfilled.

18. In the end, all the branches will be one with the tree, all nations will unite as one people, and peace will reign on Earth.

19. Pray, o disciples, and perfect yourselves with your prayer so that your voice not only will be heard by Me, but it will find an echo within the heart of your brethren.

20. In truth I say that if this people, besides understanding their destiny, were complying with their mission, they would attain grace for all mankind with their prayers. But you still lack charity, to feel your fellowmen as true brethren; even so, you truly need to forget the differences of races, dialects and creeds and besides, erase from your heart all trace of hatred and resentment for all who have offended you.

21. When you are able to elevate your feelings above all human miseries, the most sensitive and sincere petition in favor of your brethren will flow out from your heart; and that vibration of love, those pure sentiments, will be the most powerful swords which will destroy in their battle the darkness that the wars and passions of men have been creating.

22. Pain has prepared you, through trials you have purified yourselves and that is why you have been chosen to watch over all those who suffer some form of slavery or for those who wander through life draining their cup of bitterness.

23. Keep watch O My people, be like those birds which on announcing a new dawn, awaken those who still slumber, and are the first to receive the light. Blessed are you always when you seek in Me the promised Comforter.

24. In man there are two forces which are always in struggle: his human nature, which is temporary, and his spiritual nature which is eternal; that eternal being is well aware that very long periods of time will pass for him to be able to reach his spiritual perfection; he anticipates that he will have many existences and that in them he will go through many ordeals, before gaining his true happiness. The spirit foresees that after his tears, pain and passing many times through bodily death, he will reach the summit which he has always sought in his longing for perfection. On the other hand the flesh, that weak and small being, weeps, rebels and sometimes refuses to follow the dictates of the spirit, and only when the latter has evolved, is strong and experienced in the struggle with the flesh and its surroundings, is it able to dominate the flesh and manifest itself through it.

25. The spirit makes itself felt through human manifestations, but it never uses violence to subdue the flesh. The spirit wants the flesh to unite with full knowledge with its will; it wants an obedience that will manifest meekness.

26. In spite of the error of some in remaining obstinate in their rebelliousness, still feeling that the flesh is sensitive and capricious, they wish a throne for it, and if I do not please them in everything they desire, it is because there is another being within My children who vibrates with greater purity and love, who aspires to a more elevated life; in it exists the spiritual thought which reflects the Divine. On the other hand, your mind only reflects human thoughts.

27. Long is the pilgrimage of the spirit, extensive his path, many and quite variable his existences, and his ordeals different at every moment, but while he complies with them, he elevates, purifies and perfects himself. In his passage through life he is leaving a trace of light, that is why many times the whims of the flesh are of no concern to the spirit, for he knows that they are temporary, and that he will not be detained in his journey by incidents which he regards as insignificant.

28. Momentarily he fixes his attention on the weaknesses of his body, but he knows that he cannot love very much something that is short-lived and which soon disappears into the inner surface of the Earth.

29. Of what use are your desires and ambitions to render worship to the flesh and place it upon a throne of vanities? No matter how much it lasts, it is very little compared to the eternal life of the spirit.

30. You need to obey the most elevated part of your being which is the spirit that dwells within each one of you, to allow it to manifest itself clearly and guide its steps toward the purpose for which it was created.

31. Tell Me: Who are you? What are you? Who do you believe you are? What do you feel you are? Are you by chance the flesh that descends into a grave, or the spirit which elevates itself toward eternity, toward infinity?

32. Truly I say that during all your existence you are confusing your sensations, necessities, anxieties and aspirations, without knowing which pertain to the spirit and which pertain to the flesh.

33. The spirit who truly knows his destiny, transmits his vibration to the body which he animates in order to help it and participate in his mission; but when the instant of leaving the body on Earth arrives, he does not feel sadness, for he knows that is the law, nor is he concerned how his body dies, whether of illness, old age or destroyed. He knows that his mission is above everything else.

34. Do you know how My apostles died during the Second Era? What was the end of Peter and all those who carried Me in their heart? Peter died upon a cross and he said that he was not worthy of dying like Me, therefore he requested to die with his head down. And who influenced Peter and gave him the strength, firmness and serenity to withstand his martyrdom? It was his true being, his spirit which is the son of God and is able to dominate the weakness of the flesh. In the supreme moment he manifested serenity, tranquility, like his Master when He exclaimed from the cross: "It is finished."

35. If you analyze those examples you will have the conviction that man is more spirit than flesh and when the latter is spiritualized, it is submissive to the supreme mandates of My Law.

36. To those who attain that spiritual elevation, the doors of My Kingdom are open and they will reach it without an alas!, without a complaint.

37. With that obedience, with that resignation and love those disciples reached the presence of the Father. And you, when will you obey the call of your spirit? You are fearful of pain, and all that touches the flesh, because you are not fully conscious of the truth, for if it were so, who would prevent you from speaking and manifesting the truth even if you were threatened with death?

38. Do you know why John the Baptist was beheaded? For speaking the truth, for being devoted to justice and for pointing out the faults of those who call themselves kings in the world and are seated in a throne of corruption. But if the great spirits have great afflictions and elevate themselves above misfortune, misery, pain and death and fulfill their mission with such dignity, who are you who at dawn complain and at dusk lament your nonconformity or rebelliousness? You are flesh and only flesh, for still you are not able to elevate yourselves above pain and above all that you call misfortune.

39. It is good that you analyze all that I have said today; understand that the higher the incarnate spirit dwells, the less his afflictions and the effects of pain upon his body.

40. John the apostle was submerged in boiling oil, and he did not die. The power of the spirit which elevated itself toward the Father was manifested depriving the fire of its power.

41. He was removed from there and when they saw that no harm befell him, he was exiled and still he kept on fulfilling the high designs of the Father, without being held back in his spiritual compliance because of that ordeal.

42. You who listen to Me today and from whom My new disciples will emerge, are fearful before the trials and you tend to deviate from My path.

43. How long before you will be able to carry My Doctrine within your heart and be capable of giving your life to testify to the truth?

44. Are not the examples enough of so many martyrs who have given their life for the love of mankind, to uphold the truth or defend justice? Are not those examples enough to understand what My disciples are capable of doing?

45. You become annoyed if the wind blows harder than you would wish; if the sun warms excessively you protest and if the clouds conceals it you are not satisfied; if there is a storm you complain while seeking shelter and if the earth shakes you flee with fear.

46. Are you by chance a people born to rule in a throne and should the elements of Nature obey your mandate, only for your benefit?

47. The elements will obey you when you comply with My Law and when you ask it of Me for the benefit of your brethren.

48. I want each one to be an apostle of the truth, to be useful in your lifetime because you have come in fulfillment of a mission which is within the plan of the Creator.

49. During this period I say to you that the wheat seed of My teaching is abundant and still it has not been sowed. Weep if you have love for this work, for the Divine Sower who gave you His seed and showed you the fields, still carries on alone. Weep, and may your tears be used to water the pathways where you will work afterward.

50. Do not fear if you are hurt by your brethren; what you call an offense, is for your own benefit, it is an aid in the fulfillment of your mission. Are you not aware that those who are in the path of evolution have to suffer? Do you not know that the spirit should not take into account all those weaknesses, because they are insignificant things which only concern the flesh?

51. I want you to be strong during your lifetime, during your vicissitudes and your suffering.

52. Be strengthened in the practice of charity and do not be concerned if you are judged in this or that manner. You do not need to say what you are, you only have to be prepared to give a caress, to be charitable and your lips ready to manifest gentleness, sound advise and forgiveness.

53. Your destiny is to journey throughout the Earth doing good.

54. Understand that the material creation that you call Universe, is a dwelling for spirits in evolution, it is a dwelling for perfection. When the spirits have reached the elevation which will enable them to inhabit superior mansions, those worlds which they previously inhabited will disappear, since they will have concluded their mission.

55. All the energy which animated all beings and gave life to the organisms will be returned to Me; all the light which illuminated the worlds will return to Me, and all the beauty which was spread on all realms of Creation, will be within the Spirit of the Father and once again in Me; that existence will be transformed into spiritual essence, which will be spread over all spiritual beings, over all children of the Lord, because you will never be disinherited of the gifts that I gave you.

56. Wisdom, eternal life, harmony, infinite beauty, kindness, all this and more, will be in all children of the Lord when they dwell with Him in the perfect mansion.

57. Today you find yourselves far from that goal; proof of it is that on Earth I have come to reclaim what you have done with your spirit and when you reach the spiritual realm, I will exact of your spirit what he did with his body in his passage through the world. While you are beginners in this teaching, these worlds, this Nature, this material life will have to exist.

58. As God I illuminate and safeguard you; as the Father I love you and I await you; as the Master I teach and guide you, but as Judge, I judge you inexorably.

59. There is someone who will say that I am like a wealthy miser who wants all for himself, for he guards everything, protects it and reclaims it; but truly I say to you, that in the same way that I placed everything in the world for you and not for Me, also in the eternal life I will safeguard everything for whenever you enter and become its possessors.

60. Have I not said that you are the heirs of My Glory? Therefore, you only have to earn merits in order to attain it and enjoy it.

61. All that I have created has not been for Me, but for My children. I only long for your enjoyment and your eternal happiness.

62. Do not be afraid of losing yourselves trying to find Me, because I am not only your goal but also the Way. He who wishes to reach Me, must come along the path of humility, charity, submission and also enhance his longing for perfection within love.

63. In order for your step to be firm, you must realize within your being an inner unification. That the spirit always guides the flesh along a righteous course and that the latter, in turn, knows how to obey it. When you achieve this triumph over yourselves, it will be easy to obey the will of the Father.

64. Turn away from what is superfluous; withdraw from your life what is unnecessary,and do not pay attention to what is useless.

65. Avoid all vice, thus you will keep your spirit clean and your body healthy to struggle with weapons of love for the conquest of the Promised Land, that awaits you as a supreme reward in the spiritual life.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 19

1. O humanity: ease your mind agitated by the vicissitudes and the unfortunate disappointments in life.

2. How much you struggle trying to free yourselves from the darkness in which you live, in spite of finding yourselves in the era of light! Great is your struggle and that is why you are weary: I have called you especially so that you may rest for a few moments, because you will have to proceed toward the fulfillment of your mission which you have barely begun.

3. From time to time I have come to remove the veils of My secret sanctuary in accordance with your evolution, for only he who travels this path will be able to reach Me.

4. I am the Master who seeks humanity in all the bypaths to show them the right way.

5. My word comes as a sword of light to fight against the ignorance and disbelief of men. I come to manifest Myself before those who have denied My existence, to ask them: Who created the Universe with its diversity of worlds, barely visible to you? O humanity, who in your deviation from the truth, have had the audacity to, believe that the idea of the Creator has been a simple invention of the human mind! How can you imagine that an idea of the eternal and the infinite could come forth from your limited and insignificant mind?

6. But also those come to Me who say they love Me and I say to them: How can you say that you love Me, when you do everything contrary to what My. Law dictates, when you betray yourselves by manifesting in your deeds feelings contrary to your words?

7. Right here, among these multitudes who listen to Me, how many are there who say they are spiritualists and still they are unaware of the power and the wisdom of spirituality, or the potencies and attributes of the spirit, and with their deeds they are denying My Doctrine which like a radiant light spiritually illuminates mankind. But My patience is infinite to wait until you are transformed into My disciples; I will make you living torches who with their light will carry to other people the original message that you received as a revelation, through a human faculty.

8. If men deny your testimony and contradict you, remind them that I had an appointment with humanity of this era, and which I have come to fulfill; tell them that if I promised to return, it was because My work still was not finished nor will it end until not a single sinner exists. It is written that if ninety-nine sheep are in the fold and one is missing, I will seek that one.

9. I want to manifest to you again the power of My love converting the hardened hearts of mankind into apostles of My Doctrine, beginning with these people, no less hard of heart then the rest. I have come to tell you increase your knowledge with this new message that I have brought to you so that you will unite it with My past revelations until you manage to formulate within your mind the book of wisdom, in order to be worthy to give testimony of My truth and teach it to your brethren.

10. You will be called agitators, but do not fear, because they also judged your Master during that period for disturbing the peace, according to the opinion of men. Truly I say to you, not only did I come to agitate the heart of a few men with My revelations, but also to arouse the spirit of all mankind with My word.

11. In the same way I have come to you during this period in which My light will be manifested in different ways among men and once again it will disturb them, some with joy, others with fear and others with anger, but not one will remain unmoved once the hour arrives when My message is known.

12. How weak you have been in calling for Christ, those of you who knew He would return! But now that you already have My revelation and My message, do not be weak, timid or cold.

13. Have I offended you by saying that you have a hardened heart? I have only told the truth, because in all the worlds, all the creatures comply with My Law, and you do not heed My Divine call.

14. But do not fear, for no one has reached his goal yet, but I promise you that everyone will, for I am the promise of all the ages; I, the untiring One, who will never cease to teach you.

15. You begin to dream of being carriers and apostles of the truth, but do not be hasty, always take the light of your conscience as a guide, otherwise how will you manifest the truth when you have not even found it within yourselves? How will you demonstrate that you love Me and love your brethren, when you leave thorns and thistles along the path of your fellowmen?

16. The water of the fountain of life, which is My truth, is gentle, clear and pleasing, but do not confuse it with water which you offer to the needy, for that is sometimes impure.

17. Receive My blessing, may it be in you like a spring of overflowing water that will quench the great thirst that overwhelms you.

18. May My blessing be like a balsam over your ailments, pains and bitterness; may it lift to life those who are losing their strength along the path of their evolution.

19. In order to help you in your elevation, I make possible that My peace be within the heart of the apostle of the Third Era, whom I receive in representation of mankind and by his conduct I will bestow My charity.

20. Today you listen to My voice through a human faculty and again it states: "Love one another," just as you listened to the voice of the Lord through the lips of Jesus, when He taught you to love your fellowman as yourselves, in confirmation of the Law4 which the people of Israel received through Moses in the First Era.

21. Moses was My spokesman during that period; he guided you to the gates of the Promised Land, but I did not allow him to enter it, for there you would have crowned him king; and truly I say to you, his kingdom was also not of this world. The Promised Land was given to those people so that they would dwell there in peace and elevate their worship to the Father. In Jerusalem, that people erected the first temple to Jehovah and in it was manifested the Divine Spirit; there He received the complaints or praises from the sons of those tribes. Upon the altar you placed the Ark of the Covenant, a symbol of your pledge with the Father and before the Tabernacle kings and wise men bowed their heads.

22. The priests in charge of the worship, were at first filled with love, but then they allowed the gnawing worm of vanity and greed to penetrate their hearts and turn them into hypocrites, false and profane. It was then when one prophet after another appeared, announcing the coming of the Messiah; these were rejected, ridiculed and sacrificed by the people.

23. Thus they prepared My return, with their blood.

24. Since all word emanating from God has to be fulfilled, the Messiah was born among mankind and He came to teach you how to comply with the Law of the Father and render worship to God loving and forgiving, filling with hope and light the life of men.

25. I came as a Shepherd to gather the sheep that the wolves had started to raid and I guided them to the fold. Along My earthly passage, I taught men love and the fruits derived from it, which men called miracles. Those deeds inspired faith within the hearts and by means of it I allowed them to behold the true path. Thousands and thousands of men were witnesses to My word and My deeds, but only twelve followed Me closely.

26. When the moment of My departure drew near, I said to them: the feast of the Passover will be celebrated in Jerusalem, it is necessary for us to go there so that the prophecies will be fulfilled. Then I made My last recommendations to My disciples, engraving them in their spirit with the Divine fire of My love. Toward Jerusalem I departed with My disciples. When I crossed the gate of the city, mounted upon a meek and gentle colt, the multitude, among whom were the sick that I had healed, the blind who could see again, the lame who were walking and the sorrowful who were comforted and filled with hope, raised hymns and songs of praise and glory, because the Promised Savior had finally arrived. No one was aware that during that Passover I would be the Sacrificed Lamb.

27. As I passed by and before the light of My gaze, their hearts were moved, the sick were healed and from their bosom surged words of praise and gratitude toward the Rabbi. Then the Pharisees approached and said to Me: "Master, rebuke your disciples and these people in their chatter, for they disturb the peace of the city during the feast." To this I answered: "In truth, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out with joy." Those Pharisees left, but already their hearts, fearful and disturbed by the deeds which Jesus performed, were scheming betrayal.

28. Thus I reached the portal of the temple, which at one time had been a sanctuary for the people of the Lord, and afterward was converted into a market place, from which I drove off its money changers.

29. The heart and deeds of those who regarded themselves as ministers of the Lord and Doctors of the Law, were being unveiled before the acts of Jesus; it was then when they sought to destroy Him so as not to lose their power which was threatened.

30. One of My disciples who had heard much My word of love, which spoke of the Kingdom of the spirit and had felt within his heart the caress and" the love of his Master, was with -his weakness and lack of faith in My promises, the door that was opened to allow the penetration of human wickedness which fell upon Me. With how much hate those men shouted and urged the subject of Caesar to crucify Me! But it was necessary for the Son of God to go through great ordeals in order for men to behold His humility, His love and His power.

31. The blood of that body was shed upon the Earth and the human lips that manifested the Divine Word in the world, never ceased to speak of love and forgiveness up to the last moment upon the cross. And Christ was one with the Father, because the Word that became Man in order to be heard in the world, has always been in God.

32. Years later, the city and that profaned temple, were destroyed so that My word would be fulfilled; from ail that, not one stone was left upon another. I had said that the temple of Solomon, appearing to human eyes so splendid, great and magnificent, I could destroy and construct it again in three days.

33. Truly I say to you, that men have not understood the spiritual meaning of those words, for I am not bound by time, since I am Eternity. Behold Me here during this Third Era, on the third day, laying the foundation of the true temple and building it within the spirit of men.

34. Elijah was chosen to announce to you that the Book of the Seven Seals had been unfolded and that it was opened in the Sixth Seal. My word has come filled with light to kindle your faith, so that you will not fall into idolatry any more and allow Me to establish My temple within your heart; behold all man-made works are destroyed, while the works of the spirit are immortal.

35. Those who are lost will be found, those who are confused will be illuminated and everyone will find the path which will lead them toward the Promised Land.

36. If here on Earth you did not want to recognize Me nor allowed Me to gather you as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, I will gather you under My cloak of peace for an eternity, beyond this world.

37. O My people: I have reminded you of My life among you, for the days draw near for the commemoration of the last week that I lived among humanity. During those days you feel as if a message from the Infinite descends upon you.

38. Everything that you see seems to speak of Me. The sun, the fields, the cities, the men, you feel as if everything speaks to you of the Master. It must be that the memory makes you feel My presence anew and I deliver to you My message of love again.

39. If during these days your eyes wish to weep, let them; if your heart is moved with love, let it be so.

40. Christ, who was destroyed by a multitude, is the same One who today comes to manifest Himself to you, for it was His body that men destroyed and not the Word spoken through Him.

41. What death could halt My steps or what tomb could retain Me? Nevertheless, unintentionally and unconsciously, you have buried the truth within your heart, whose essence is of the Master. You have converted that body that you have, into a tomb for your spirit.

42. Allow the spirit to lift the tombstone of your heart so that it will elevate itself filled with light toward a true life.

43. Then I will easily explain what is difficult for you to understand: Christ and the Divine Love are the same Father. Jesus was the perfect Man who manifested the message of God. He was the highest expression of spirituality, for that reason He is called the Divine Master.

44. 0! Beloved disciples! When you think of the deeds that I performed in the world, you regard yourselves as very small and incapable of imitating Me. When you meditate over the times which have transpired since then, you realize that you have evolved very little spiritually. There are moments in which you feel a longing and a need to develop your spiritual gifts, to receive My messages directly, as well as penetrating into the future and resolve by means of the attributes of the spirit, the conflicts, the trials and the chaos that surround you among mankind.

45. How you wish to see with the spiritual vision! And you will do so, but it will be when you discover that by allowing yourselves to be guided by the light of your conscience which illuminates your spirit, you will better understand the revelations of the Lord.

46. For the time being study this message and record it for the time will come when you no longer hear this word and then only the writings will remain.

47. When the Books are formed which will be extended throughout the world, I want My word to be printed without any blemish, as pure as it originated from Me.

48. If in that manner you allow it to reach your books, a light will emerge from it which will illuminate mankind and its essence will be felt and understood by all men.

49. My message of this period will also be denied and contested, some will say there was no purpose for My manifestation; but do not fear for My Work of the Second Era was also debated, denied, ridiculed and, nevertheless, heart by heart and spirit by spirit they have recognized and appreciated that Passion which I lived among you.

50. Yes, My people, know that there has been and there are those who say: What relation has the suffering of Jesus with our salvation? His pain cannot give us the Glory. And the Spirit of Truth says: I was among men through Jesus. like those fragrant plants which perfume the hands of the one who wrested the hie from them.

51. That cross which you gave Me and which I accepted, was proof of My love for you and also proof that you would be saved with My example. Why do you believe that if I had known My sacrifice would be useless, would I have offered it to you? Do you not remember that I said that in the Work of the Father not one seed is lost? When the side of the Master was opened, I wanted you to see the door opening so that all would dwell in eternity, and the first to behold that door, was the centurion who thrust his spear into the body of Jesus.

52. My love is like a tree which leaves a scent in the hands of the woodcutter who cuts it; each drop of blood from that body was spread over this humanity, forgiving everyone and perfuming their life with the Divine essence of My teachings.

53. But if it would seem to this humanity in its blindness, that that sacrifice was not enough toward its salvation, here you have My word again, not the word of man who has not been able to explain that message, but My word which comes to teach you the immortal essence of My Doctrine and My deeds, a Divine explanation by which men will know the spiritual value of that blood shed at Calvary for the love of mankind.

54. I have come to reveal to you what the essence of that sacrifice is, for you are Mine just as I am yours.

55. I have never regarded any creature as an enemy, for you are all My children. The word enemy profanes the lips of whoever pronounces it, when it refers to a brother.

56. The centurion (Longinos) pierced My side, and I shed in him the blood which was light to his blind eyes.

57. I want you to be like your Master so that I can rightfully call you My disciples. My heritage is of love and wisdom. It was Christ who came to you and it is Christ who speaks to you at this moment, but do not try to separate Me from God, nor to see Me outside of Him, for I am and always have been One with the Father. I have said to you that Christ is the Divine Love, therefore do not try to separate Me from the Father. Do you believe Him to be a Father without love for His children? How do you perceive Him? It is time that you recognize Him.

58. May no one be ashamed to call God the Father, the Creator, because that is His true name.

59. I have brought you the light again so that you can analyze what you failed to understand before.

60. If I revealed to your spirit before I sent it to Earth that I would grant it a world of teachings, today I say that I am offering it a heaven of wisdom.

61. Travel along this path of spirituality and you will receive that heaven which I have mentioned.

62. The wisdom of the spirit is a light which will never be extinguished.

63. I am the Master, I am the Christ who speaks to you through your conscience, in a manner that only I use to approach each one of you, which soothes while I speak to you.

64. I am here looking for beings apparently useless for a work of love, those whom I know will serve Me because I have created them.

65. I have come to avail Myself of your spirit, your will, your heart, your mind, and while you reach the moment of your preparation and illumination, in which I can avail Myself of you converting you into My instruments, I leave you My teachings so that you can learn the lesson of wisdom.

66. Thus preparing you with My word, you may enter into these days of remembrance. Meditate, meditate on that hour in which the Earth protested against human ingratitude and the sky was darkened, but during which the Lamb of God did not protest.

67. The gaze of the Master at Golgotha was sad, but with it you were blessed. For those mobs He was to die, but He knew that soon He would be resurrected within each heart, when they would awaken to their faith.

68. Those who go to Jerusalem say that in those lands there is an atmosphere which startles the spirit and that even the light seems strange.

69. Truly I say to you, it is the voice of their conscience, it is the memories which disturb the heart, and even if Jesus died there and mankind ceased to see Him, Christ appears everywhere in essence, presence and power.

70. Multitudes of men and women head toward Jerusalem and when they tread those places, it brings to their minds memories sometimes sweet, other times bitter. They find everything saturated with the presence of Jesus. But why travel so much in search of material signs, when each one has My Divine presence in his spirit wherever he is?

71. I wish that with this teaching you would ail arise to convey a message of fraternity, of good news, of love; a greeting, a drop of balsam, an embrace of good will to all your brethren.

72. I have come during this period so you may behold from the Earth, with the light of My lessons, the New Jerusalem, the White City promised to the spirit, the one that My Apostle John contemplated in his revelation; but if in the first Jerusalem the wickedness of man raised Me upon a cross of torment, in the new City, which will be spiritual, the spirits will elevate Me upon the altar of their love.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 20

1. The book of My word is the book of Divine and true love, in it you will find the unchangeable truth. Turn to it and you will find the wisdom that will help you to evolve and attain peace in eternity. He will be at fault who will alter or modifies its essence and will greatly infringe My Law, who should take or add a single word which will be in disagreement with My perfect Doctrine.

2. Safeguard this word with its original purity, for it is the most beautiful heritage that I will bequeath to man. Record My teaching and allow it to be known to your brethren; keep it faithfully because you are responsible for that heritage.

3. Tomorrow man will find in it the essence of My revelation, which will guide them along the path of truth with the light of its teachings.

4. From parents to children these writings will be passed on as a spring of living water, whose current will flow endlessly and will go from heart to heart. Study in the great Book of Life, the book of spirituality, that which will explain the Divine revelations which you have received throughout the ages.

5. Did I not promise you that all knowledge would be restored to its original truth? Well this is the time which was announced to you.

6. Truly I say to you that he who meditates and analyzes the teachings of My Book, with a true desire to elevate his knowledge, will acquire the light for his spirit and he will feel Me nearer to him.

7. The myths of yesterday and those of today will fall; all that is mediocre and false will crumble, for the moment will come in which you will no longer be nourished by imperfections and then the spirit will arise in search of the truth, so that this will serve as its only sustenance.

8. In these teachings mankind will find the essence of My revelations, which up to now have not been comprehended due to your lack of spirituality. Since ancient times I have entrusted it to you through My envoys, My emissaries, My interpreters, and you have only used it to create myths and traditions. Meditate and study this lesson with respect and love if you wish to avoid centuries of confusion and bitterness; but remember that you will not fulfill your mission, if you are satisfied with possessing that book only; no, it should awaken and teach you if you truly desire to become My disciples. Indoctrinate with examples, with the love and charity that I have taught you.

9. Prepare yourselves with the lecture of this book dictated by me and decide to teach with your actions, with dulcet words, with good deeds, with glances of true charity and love.

10. This period of My communication with you, will be unforgettable for your spirit, in it will remain an indelible impression of My words, as well as the memory of My past lessons.

11. Beloved disciples: Learn to grasp with your spiritual sensitivity, the Divine essence contained in My word and following it you will never deviate from the true pathway.

12. Unfortunate is he who interprets My word according to his will, for he will answer to Me because of it.

13. On Earth men have dedicated themselves to altering the truth, without realizing the responsibility that they have as collaborators in the Work of love of the Father. During this period of judgment which many ignore, because they have been unable to interpret the events that they are living, justice is found in each spirit taking into account its deeds within or outside the Law of love in the course of its pilgrimage in this world.

14. He who alters the essence of My revelations in these writings revealed through inspiration, will answer for his actions before Me. Therefore, you must proceed with uprightness, for these lessons are My legacy of love for My children who, incarnated or in spirit, are awaiting greater teachings.

15. The spiritual message that you hear, is the Heavenly light which is manifested through human instruments who perceive it in a state of ecstasy. If you do not believe that it is Christ who is vibrating spiritually through this means, then give Me any name that you wish; but feel the essence of the word which emanates from these lips. Only thus will you realize that the One who so gently calls you toward the path of peace and righteousness, cannot be any other than Christ, whom you rightfully call: the Divine Master.

16. Afterward you will know that in the same way that I send thoughts, which are flashes of light throughout the Universe, you will be able to convey your love toward the mind and spirit of your brethren as a spiritual message, from the spiritual level of perfection in which you find yourselves.

17. Saturate yourselves with love, feel it spiritually so that you can manifest it to your fellowmen. Do not remain indifferent before My teachings, so that you will not again be confused among men, lacking in faith and spirituality.

18. lam delivering a lesson to you similar to the one that I brought to you during past times, so that you will know yourselves through it, knowing who you are and for what purpose you were created, that will be the most firm step that you take to come to know Me. That is why I ask you: How can you expect to know the Father when you do not even know yourselves?

19. I am He whom you still cannot understand in all His fullness, because you still dwell in the flesh and you do not comply with My mandates; you are subject to the flesh and having in it a limited mind, you analyze Me according to your materialism. Cease to study Me outside the path which My Law indicates, for that will only cause you,to deviate from the pathway; on the other hand, know yourselves, loving one another and study the Di-vine manifestations which form My perfect lesson throughout the times. Do not try to seek Me with your poor and limited knowledge that you presently possess, because with it you will confuse yourselves.

20. Be aware that the natural state of the human being, is that of kindness, peace of the spirit and harmony with all that surrounds him. He who maintains himself in the practice of these virtues throughout his lifetime, is following the true path that will lead him toward an understanding of God; but if you deviate from that path forgetting the Law that should guide your actions, you will have to repent with tears the moments that you lived separated from the path of spiritual elevation, which is the natural state in which man should always keep himself.

21. You do not feel love toward your fellowmen and that is why you are continually afflicted by pain. You have forgotten My mandate which states: "Love one another" which teaches you the greatest of all knowledge. Where has your analysis of God led you, o humanity? Toward a destructive war, toward chaos, there you have the consequences of your error; today you purify your faults with your blood, with tears and desperation. That is how My Spirit beholds you. Therefore, withdraw from what is superfluous, comply with My Law, recognize yourselves as brothers and in that harmony of your understanding and love, you will know your God.

22. Analyze My teachings which are clear and simple, but do not try to analyze what is infinite first, because you will be confused.

23. How can you say that you love your God when you have not loved Him in your brethren? Feel within your heart the sweetness of this word, o disciples, remember that its essence is Mine, as well as its truth and its love. The word and its writing are yours, for it is a human work. Translate and interpret one and the other, and your analysis will be profound, firm and just.

24. Be healed from your materiality taking the healing balsam from My word, behold how My emanation and My charitable love remain among the pages of your book.

25. Share with the needy this bread of eternal life which today you receive in My word, and tomorrow do not hesitate to offer it, through the reading of these teachings, to the spirits who are without hope of redemption, because of their little elevation. Have pity on those who suffer.

26. Sow My word of love among your brethren; with love in your heart, it is impossible for you to be wrong. If you are able to keep this Divine treasure, you will avoid many hardships, and you will progress in your evolution, o beloved disciples, helping your brethren in their closeness to Me.

27. Among mankind there are some who have been purified through pain and they eagerly await My message of peace from you. I have said to you that the number of spirits chosen for this delicate mission is infinite, that you cannot calculate, or imagine. Spread this seed of love among everyone.

28. Everyone travels along the ladder of spiritual perfection; some have attained the evolution that for the time being you cannot conceive, while others are behind you.

29. The great spirits, who are great because of their struggle, their love and their effort, seek harmony with their minor brethren, with those who are distant and with the negligent; their missions are noble and elevated, their love toward My Divinity and you is also great.

30. Those spirits know that they were created for activity, for elevation; they know that inactivity is not for the children of God. Within Creation everything is life, movement, equilibrium, harmony; and thus, those innumerable beings work, thrive and rejoice in their struggle, with the knowledge that in that way they glorify their Father and help toward the progress and perfection of their fellowmen.

31. Today while you find yourselves outside of the path that My Law indicates, you ignore the influence that those brethren exert over you, but when you have the sensitivity to perceive the emanations, inspirations and messages which they convey, you will have the presentiment of the countless occupations and noble deeds to which they dedicate their existence.

32. It is necessary for you to know that those spirits, in their love and respect for the laws of the Creator, never take what is not theirs, neither do they touch what is prohibited, nor penetrate into places where they know they should not, so as not to disharmonize the elements of Creation.

33. How different men on Earth act, who in their desire to be great and powerful in the world, with little respect for My teachings seek with the key to science the destructive elements, open the doors to unknown forces, and in that manner disrupt the harmony of Nature which surrounds them!

34. When will man prepare himself to listen to the wise counsel of the spiritual world, and in that manner be guided by their inspirations?

35. Truly I say to you that it would be enough to lead you along the safe road toward the summit of the mount which belongs to you, there you will behold before you a straight and shining path through which the spirits have traveled who at present exist only to make sure of your well-being and to help you in your troubles, drawing all nearer step by step to the end of the road, where your Father awaits all of you.

36. Since I have spoken to you about the kindness and elevation of those beings, I must tell you that they, just as you, had from the beginning the gift of the freedom of will, that is to say, a true and holy freedom of action which is proof of the love of the Creator toward his children.

37. What would become of the spirit deprived of its freedom of will? In the first place it would not be a spirit and therefore it would not be a dignified creation of the Supreme Being; it would be something like those man-made machines that you create; something without life of its own, without intelligence, without will, without aspirations.

38. Your science, just as I announced, little by little is discovering for you that in everything there is energy, movement, transformation.

39. Would you have been able to discover all that mankind has found by means of science, if you had been deprived of the freedom to investigate, study and experiment? Likewise, would you have received this spiritual communication in the manner that you now have, if these manifestations had been prohibited to your spirit?

40. You say to Me that because of the freedom of will you have fallen into faults and errors. I also say that through that gift you can infinitely elevate yourselves beyond the point from which you departed in the beginning of your elevation.

41. In addition to the freedom of will I endowed each spirit with My light in its conscience so that no one would be lost, but those who did not want to hear My voice or did not want to penetrate into their innermost in search of the spiritual light, were quickly tempted by the countless beauties of the human existence, they lost the support of My Law for their spirit and they had to stumble and fall.

42. Just one fault brought many painful consequences and the fact is that imperfection does not harmonize with the Divine love.

43. Those who yielded and repented returned immediately to the Father and they humbly asked Him to cleanse and liberate them from their sins committed, the Father received them with infinite love and charity, He comforted their spirit, He sent them to correct their faults and He strengthened them in their mission.

44. Do not think that everyone returned meek and repentant after the first disobedience. No, many arrived filled with arrogance or hate. Others, with shame, realizing their guilt, tried to justify their faults before Me, and far from purifying themselves through repentance and atonement, which is proof of humility, they chose to create for themselves a life of their own choosing; outside of the laws which My love dictates.

45. Then My justice manifested itself, not to punish them, but to correct them, not to destroy them, but to preserve them eternally, providing them with an ample opportunity to perfect themselves.

46. How many of those first sinners, still have not rid themselves of their blemishes, because fall after fall, they kept descending more and more into the depths of an abyss, from which only the practice of My Law can save them.

47. I will also say to you, that among those spirits of whom I have spoken in the beginning of this lesson and who are your guardians, teachers, advisers, guides and doctors, are also the ones who learned about the downfalls and a bitter cup which are the result of disobediences; but they were able in time to reconsider their deeds, purifying themselves in the waters of righteousness, love, charity and restitution.

48. Imitate them, o My children, elevate yourselves above sin just as they did, so you will also have the Divine pleasure of working together with the Father, for the happiness of all beings.

49. Understand that you are on trial along the path of your evolution, receiving the lessons of life and these lessons are the happenings that you encounter along your way.

50. You are similar to the birds, who have built this nest where you gather to await the return of the lark. Sometimes the storm lashes at the tree and you flee with fear, seeking refuge and in confusion you ask: Why has the Master permitted this? The Master says to you: I permit these ordeals so that you yourselves will know if what you have erected is firm or still fragile.

51. This house of prayer, as are ail places where you congregate to hear My word, is subject to the vicissitudes of the times, which I have said are lessons and tests for you.

52. Live in spiritual unity so that always when you see yourselves lashed by the storm, each one occupies his position and remains firm until the tempest passes and peace again comes to you; but if you consider yourselves powerless to unite and stand up to adversity, then you will imitate the paralytic, who no longer makes an effort to move, knowing that his limbs are useless. Of what use are the faculties that exist in your spirit, if when the moment of recognizing their value comes, you doubt, weaken and abandon your spiritual mission?

53. Do you doubt My presence because the ordeals lash at the place where you gather? I say to you, I am the One who manifests Himself and speaks even if these places cease to exist.

54. Do not become fanatical with the material houses of prayer. Do you not understand that the indestructible and eternal temple is the one that you are erecting within your heart?

55. In the hours of peace examine yourselves so that your conscience can tell you whether the value of your deeds is real or apparent, if your merits are only as such before you or if they have reached Me.

56. Although you have My communication and take delight in listening to My phrases of wisdom and love, you have not prepared yourselves for the future times. On the other hand, behold your brethren who do not receive this message, how they construct, work and build, even if the greater part of their work is material! Imitate their efforts and their unity.

57. They are also contradicted, persecuted and judged, nevertheless they do not doubt Me; and you who have been named My new disciples and are hearing My manifestation as the Holy Spirit, are doubtful because you have seen this house of prayer at times subjected to the rigors and ordeals, characteristic of your existence.

58. The children grow and become men, they in turn become parents, but you in your spirit continue to be like children, and you do not wish to grow or multiply in knowledge and love.

59. Everything created has a just explanation and a reason to be, in accordance with the perfection of the Father, but you do not behold perfection or justice or reason. If things are not as you conceive them, you doubt; if your hopes are not realized, you doubt; in each of our miseries you doubt Me, and if you behold the elements of Nature unleashed, your doubt grows.

60. In what position do you place Me if you do not love Me as your God and Lord? You think in a limited and insignificant manner, without analyzing the message that I give you in each trial. Truly I say to you that when you interpret the meaning of the teachings that I send you throughout your lifetime, you will realize who I am, and you will know the reason for each lesson.

61 Just as you learn to read in the world, learn to analyze the teaching of the spirit and its language of love.

62. There are some who believe that this world is only material, so that in it the passions of the body will triumph, but with it you are obstructing the elevation of the spirit. o insignificant and vain humanity, how you wish to make life according to your will! Realize that this world is the same for the flesh as for the spirit; for that reason I have always come to teach you to comply with the material law, at the same time help the spirit in its evolution. In order to make them understand, I had to say to the materialists of the Second Era: "Give to God what is God's and to Caesar what is Caesar's."

63. In order to master weakness, smallness, misery, passions and to destroy all doubt, faith and good deeds are necessary which are virtues that triumph over the impossible; before them what is difficult and unattainable disappears like shadows.

64. I said to men who believed in Me during the Second Era: "Your faith has saved you." Thus I announced it because faith is a powerful remedy, it is a force which transforms, and its light destroys all darkness.

65. Truly, truly I say to you that the impossible does not exist. In cases as small as your physical ills, speak to God with true faith and hope in His presence, and that God who dwells within each one of you, who knows what you need and what you feel, will give you according to His will.

66. In the Doctrine that I preached when I was on Earth, and in the one which I teach you now through a human spokesman, My spirit manifests Itself; for that reason My teaching delights you and at the same time it strengthens you, because it is not only a word that gratifies the physical senses, but sustains the spirit as well.

67. That is why from among the multitudes who listen to Me some come to be healed with the word of wisdom, with the comfort it sheds; others come to lighten their burden of sins listening to My teaching of justice, forgiveness and love.

68. Upon hearing Me speak thus, your fibers sensitive to pain are shaken and if you call upon Me as a Doctor, I will approach to heal you.

69. Feel that My love is upon you like a mantle of hope.

70. Blessed are those who place their hope and their faith in Me. Feel Me near you and tell Me with your heart your sorrows; do not fear, O My beloved sheep, no one as I is able to understand your stuttering prayer. Show Me your wound, indicate your pain to Me, and there I will deposit My balsam of love and charity.

71. I receive the sorrows that you confide to Me in silence. Penetrate into spiritual communion with Me, so that you may deeply feel My presence in you.

72. You will see how the serenity of the spirit quiets the turbulent sea of your passions. You have only listened to Me a few moments through the spokesman, and nevertheless, how your hearts have spoken to Me. How much misery and bitterness reaches Me! How many hearts that suffer because of ingratitude, become withered later like detached and forgotten flowers! How much weeping which does not show in the eyes, but is concealed in the heart, awaiting that moment of peace! The suffering of men, of wives and of mothers, I gather all with the power of My love.

73. I have come to strengthen and protect the weak from pain, but once they are healthy, illuminated and strong, I want to see them comforting those who suffer. When love for one another exists, your world will glow with the light of harmony and truth that will emanate from their incarnated and discarnated children, who were granted this world as a temporary mansion.

74. I have spoken to you once again through lips that are not pure, but during the moment of My communication, they have been able to interpret My word of love. Do not think that I am using imperfect means to speak to you, I reach their understanding but not their sinful flesh. My light draws near when the spokesman, in ecstasy, offers Me his heart, and his being, then I use him as a vehicle in order to reach the multitudes in a limited and humanized manner.

75. This was My promise through Jesus and I have come to fulfill it. I said to My apostles during the Second Era: "If I do not leave, the Spirit of Truth will not be with you." I meant to say: if I, as Jesus in the flesh, will not leave, I will be unable to return and manifest Myself to you in Spirit. Therefore, it is I, the Comforting Spirit, the Holy Spirit that I promised, it is My word, it is My message of love.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 21

1. O disciples: you have forgotten the manner of praying which I taught you during the Second Era and I have come to remind you of it.

2. The prayer should be for you something greater and more powerful than repeating the words learned from memory with which you obtain nothing if you do not have spiritual elevation.

3. Do not become accustomed to praying only with words, pray with the spirit. I will also say to you: bless with the prayer, convey thoughts of light to your brethren; do not ask anything for yourselves, remember that he who serves Me, will always have Me watching over him.

4. The seed that you sow with love, you will receive multiplied.

5. Visit and anoint the sick, comfort the prisoner, give peace to the needy and convey hope to the anguished heart.

6. Men have confused true charity forgetting one of the most elevated sentiments of the spirit, with the materialism that is manifested in all their actions. I have seen you give some coins to your poor brethren with contempt and even with disgust, and you give coins, because within your heart you have nothing to give; if only you would give them with love or with the desire to help, but you give them with pride, with ostentation humiliating the needy. If you gave them without vanity or repulsion, your miserable coin would partly alleviate the thirst for love of those spirits in full restitution.

7. To those who regard charity that way and with those imperfect deeds try to silence the voice of their conscience and pretend to make Me believe that they comply with one of My most elevated teachings, I come to say to them: retire to your chamber and communicate with Me in your prayer, so that in that communion to which you are not accustomed at the moment, you will feel in your innermost a glow of hope and gratitude toward the Father, and feeling the pain of your fellowmen, you will pray for them, even if you only do it for your loved ones, which would already be a step toward spirituality.

8. I still cannot ask from all men self-denial and charity toward the rest or true love for their fellowmen; but from you I do expect deeds worthy of Me and of you, O disciples and beginners, who day by day hear this voice which softens your feelings.

9. If you love, all other benefits will come to you in addition.

10. Love will give you the knowledge to understand the truth which others seek in vain along the rocky roads of science.

11. Allow the Master to guide you in all your actions, words and thoughts. Be prepared under his pleasing and loving example and you will manifest the Divine love, thus you will feel nearer to God, for you will be in harmony with Him.

12. If you love, you will come to be humble as Jesus was.

13. If you love, you will not need material worship or rituals, because you will carry the light that illuminates your inner temple, before which the waves of all the tempests that would lash at you will be broken and the darkness of mankind will be destroyed.

14. Do not profane any longer what is Divine, for truly I say to you that the ingratitude that you demonstrate before God is too much, when you perform those external practices which you have inherited from your first brethren, and in which you have become fanaticized.

15. Humanity saw Jesus suffer and His teachings and testimony are believed by you. Why continue crucifying Him in your sculptures? Are the centuries not enough that you must keep on exhibiting Him as the victim of your wickedness?

16. Instead of remembering Me in the torments and agony of Jesus, why do you not recall My resurrection, full of light and glory?

17. Sometimes, while seeing your idols representing Me in the form of Jesus upon the cross, there are some who have thought him to be a man weak, coward or timid, without realizing that I am Spirit and I came to endure what you call a sacrifice but which I call an obligation of love, as an example for all mankind.

18. If you meditate in the fact that I was One with the Father, remember that there were no weapons, or forces or torture that would have made Me yield; but if as Man I suffered, bled and died, it was to give you My sublime example of humility.

19. Men have not understood the greatness of that lesson, and everywhere they raise up the image of the crucified One, that represents a disgrace for this humanity, who without love or respect for the One whom they say they love, continues to crucify and offend Him daily injuring the heart of their brethren, for whom the Master gave His life.

20. O! My children of all faiths, do not destroy the most noble sentiments of the spirit or try to satisfy it with external practices and worships! Behold: If a mother does not have something material to offer her beloved and small child, she holds him against her heart, blesses him with all her love, smothers him with kisses, gazes at him tenderly, covers him with tears, but never does she try to deceive him with empty acts of love.

21. How can you conceive that 1, the Divine Master, approve of you satisfying yourselves with practices lacking all essence, truth and love, with which you try to deceive your spirit, making it believe that it has been nourished, when in reality each time it is more ignorant of the truth?

22. Learn to love, to bless and to forgive one another; to be meek and gentle, righteous and noble, and understand that, by not doing it that way, you will not have in your life even the slightest reflection of the deeds of .Christ, your Master.

23. I speak to everyone, and I invite you to destroy the errors that for so many centuries have hindered you in your evolution.

24. Take as a shield love and seize the truth as a sword and soon you will find the pathway. Do not fear to be sowers of love, because neither Pilate nor Caiaphas are in the world anymore to judge My disciples. You will encounter small Calvaries along your path, but pass through them leaving traces of strength, serenity and faith.

25. Christ gave you His example, but He is and will keep on being the eternal Master, in spirit and in truth.

26. The Spirit of Truth and Consolation, is the same spirit of God who vibrated in the loving Jesus who dwelt among men and will also vibrate within you when you learn to love just as He taught you.

27. You who are My new disciples, listen: Since the Second Era I have spoken to you very clearly about Myself so that you would avoid falling into temptation and errors. When I said: The Father and I are One, with it I meant to say that in My love for you, in My word and in each one of My deeds, you had the presence of the Father; nevertheless, the religions which were later established and were based on that teaching, have fallen into materialism, making figures in which they represent the form of Jesus, and worship Him through them, forgetting that Christ is essence and spirit.

28. If I had wished you to worship Me in the figure of Jesus, I would have left His body so that you would venerate it, but if I made that body disappear once its mission was fulfilled, why do men worship it? I revealed to you that My Kingdom is not material, but in spite of it men still want to retain Me on Earth, and they present to Me the riches and the power of a Kingdom which is temporary and limited.

29. There were two natures in Jesus, one material, human, created by My will in the virginal bosom of Mary, which I named the Son of Man, and the other Divine, the Spirit, who was named the Son of God. In this was the Divine Word of the Father, who spoke in Jesus; the other was only material and visible.

30. When I was questioned by the Pontiff Caiaphas saying to Me: I adjure you by the living God, tell us if you are the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God. I answered him: "You have said so."

31. To My apostles I had announced that I would return to the Father, from whence I came, I referred then to the Divine Spirit that manifested Itself in the blessed body of Jesus; but when I prophesied to My disciples that the Son of Man would be delivered and crucified, I referred only to the material part; it would not be possible to crucify the spirit or destroy it, because it is immortal and is above everything created.

32. If I said that I would write My Law in your heart, that I would engrave it in your spirit and would reign within you, I referred to My wisdom, to My eternal essence. You must understand that it is not Jesus who penetrates your heart, but Christ, the eternal Word, the One who through the mouth of the prophet Isaiah was announced as the sacrificed Lamb.

33. In the material Jesus was your ideal and a realization of perfection, so that in Him you would have an example worthy of imitating; I wanted to teach you what man has to be in order to be like his God.

34. God is One and Christ One with Him, although He is the Word of the Divinity, the only path by which you will reach the Father of everything created.

35. My seed is sown in each spirit of mankind and the day will come when you will elevate yourselves until you are alike to your Master.

36. The Spirit of Truth is the Divine wisdom who has come to clarify all mysteries and has reached all men, in accordance with My promise made to mankind. You are living the Era in which these manifestations should be realized, because you are spiritually prepared to receive them.

37. Behold the ills that today trouble humanity originate from their lack of a compliance to My Law and because of having given a material interpretation to the teachings and Divine revelations. With these errors, how could they be aware of their spiritual nature and their Divine ties which bind all humanity to their Creator? From there comes your egotism, your wars and your fondness for material pleasures.

38. The Spirit of God is like an infinite tree in which the branches are the mansions and the leaves are the beings. If the sap is the same that runs through the trunk to all branches, and from these to the leaves, do you not believe that there is something eternal and holy that unites you among yourselves and binds you to the Creator?

39. Brief is your passage through the world, but it is necessary that you fulfill your mission before departing from this existence in order for you to inhabit more elevated mansions for the spirit in the hereafter.

40. Spirit and body are two distinct natures, from which your being is formed and above both is the conscience. The first is the daughter of the light, the second proceeds from the earth, it is matter. Both are in unity within one being and they struggle between themselves guided by the conscience, in which you have the presence of God. This struggle up to now has been constant but in the end, spirit and body will fulfill in harmony the mission that My Law indicates to each one.

41. You may also picture the spirit as if it were a plant and the body as the earth. The spirit which has been planted in the body, grows, it elevates itself being sustained by the ordeals and teachings which it receives throughout its human existence.

42. I have come to teach you how you can know your spirit profoundly, for that immense wave of materialism which has been advancing over humanity, has to create immense spiritual needs and it is necessary that in the world there should exist a fountain of light, where those who are parched can relieve their thirst.

43. How many dreadful wars await mankind, much more terrifying than those that have taken place: in which the fury of the unleashed elements, will be mistaken for the thunder of your weapons; the world will be small to contain in its bosom so much destruction. The consequences from all of this is, that men, after having reached the maximum of their pain and their desperation, will direct their supplications to the true God, the One whom they would not reach through the pathway of love, to ask Him for His Divine peace. Then I, the Christ, the Word, will resurrect within the hearts, because that time will be the third day, in which 1 will fulfill My promise of salvation, to construct the temple as I promised you.

44. My Divine Spirit will descend like the angel who alighted over the tomb of Jesus, to lift the tombstone which closes your heart so that My light can illuminate that which is most intimate in the human being.

45. This will be the spiritual dawn of which you will be witnesses; but My seed and the good news will be propagated, because the time of struggle is near and it is necessary for My children to be prepared; but remember that from now on there will be no doubts in this struggle, it will be carried to the end in which the light will prevail over the darkness of mankind.

46. Be attentive, O disciples, so that you to whom I have explained so many mysteries, will not lose the keys which I have entrusted to you, to open the book of My wisdom; feel the peace in order to make it be felt around you.

47. Only with the calm and clean elevation of your spirit, will you become the sowers of spirituality.

48. In the midst of all the changes of your earthly life, many miracles can be performed by you, if you truly treasure within your spirit the gift of peace that My love offers; on the other hand, if you do not bear it with you, you will perform very few deeds worthy of Me.

49. Receive My teaching without any worries, with gentleness; contemplate Me with the sensitivity of your feelings and sense Me with tenderness, like children sense the love of their mother. Only thus will you be in a condition to receive and benefit from the torrent of light which overflows from My teachings.

50. Learn to penetrate the atmosphere of intimate peace that these moments offer you in which you remain with Me,and forget your pains and problems, so that you may be strengthened in My love.

51. F3e strong so that you may withstand the trials and pray for mankind who is disturbed and suffers as you do, and in truth I say to you that when you feel My peace at hand, you will perceive that peace has descended over all.

52. You ask Me why many times, in order to receive a grace from Me, first you have to weep because of some trial, and I say to you, that each one of you is like a tree, sometimes you have branches so affected and dry, that pruning is necessary in order to produce good fruits, and those cuts must cause you pain.

53. Sometimes that pruning reaches to the very roots in order to destroy the ills which have contaminated your spirit.

54. At times you weep, but do not despair, for after the pain true health will come.

55. When I separate you from the unrighteous path, I do it with great charity and love, although at the moment you do not understand My perfect designs. I rule over the sickness in you and I transform it into health and joy; it is thus that I draw into the pathway the materialist, the confused and the lost from the righteous path.

56. When they crucified Jesus, He lovingly forgave His executioners and gave them life, asking the Father for their salvation; with His words and His silence He also forgave them and those proofs of infinite love for mankind, were and always will be like inexhaustible springs of water, in which men will be inspired toward their most noble acts of forgiveness and love.

57. Today like yesterday, I have come to offer you a drink from that fountain of truth and life, to lift you from your falls, and to illuminate your path so that you can bear the ordeals in your journey through this world and that will serve as a step to ascend toward the mansion where you will know supreme peace.

58. You have nothing to fear from your Creator; but from yourselves yes, when your spirit is not within the path marked by My law.

59. Seek the path that Jesus laid out so that you can put aside that cup of bitterness. If you lose yourselves or voluntarily delay your arrival at the Kingdom of peace, it will be because you wanted it that way, but not because it is My will.

60. Allow Me to guide you, so that supported by Me, you will interpret the teachings which the Book of Life offers, and understand something of the future that awaits mankind.

61. Do not fear kings or lords or anyone who displays any title or power, because nothing will oppose what is decreed by the Father.

62. I have manifested My light translating it into words, which some of you have heard and which everyone will know about through writings and testimonies.

63. I have said to you that I am the Great Warrior whose sword has come ready for battle, but keep in mind that I have not come to provoke wars between men, like the ones which you always have; Mine is a war of ideas, of convictions, in which flows truth, love, reason, justice and true wisdom.

64. But when the struggle becomes more intense and man begins to realize that these messages are Divine inspirations, illuminations of the love of God, that only seeks peace among mankind, he will then feel an impulse to put them into practice, to teach them to all who do not know them, and then he will take My Doctrine to exterminate evil which has caused your disobedience.

65. I will pour My inspiration upon all that you learn and analyze from the word that is written, so that you may amplify the teaching that you give to your fellowmen.

66. When among men there begins to emerge those who impassible to injury, love and forgive the one who has offended them and with love bless God, because with their perfect lessons they were converted into living examples of Jesus, then you will be living in the beginning of the reign of Christ in the heart of mankind.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 22

1. This is a period of great enlightenment for the people of Israel, in which I am awakening the spirits of diverse mansions, in the different pathways of the Earth, so that all My children will come to Me filled with comprehension and love to receive their heritage.

2. I am choosing from among humanity men, women, elders and children, in whom are lodged the spirits of Israel, for they are the first-born of My Divinity, responsible for My revelations.

3. In the three periods I have reunited and assembled My people, and during this Third Era your spirit has been surprised by My presence and My word through a human faculty, for you did not believe that Christ, the Divine Word, would come to communicate with you in this manner. Having announced My return as the Holy Spirit through the prophets, you did not keep watch awaiting My arrival, and now that you have My manifestation among you, you have not recognized Me, because of your lack of spirituality, of study in the Divine teachings. But you should understand that in whatever form I manifest Myself to you, I will always be essence, presence and power, truth and love.

4. Then why have you doubted Me during the three eras in which I have manifested Myself before you? By chance, have I concealed the signs and the time of My arrival, so that humanity would be confused? Truly not. Those who doubt My presence, be silent, seal your lips, keep on listening to Me untiringly, unless you confess that it is I, your God, who has come to communicate Himself through a human faculty. If I manifest Myself through the faculty of men and women, whose imperfections and weaknesses are similar to yours, it is because I have searched for someone through whom I can communicate, and I have not found a chaste and pure heart to manifest Myself in all My splendor.

5. I have searched among children and I behold that while the flesh is innocent, the spirit bears with it a chain of vices which it has gathered in past periods, and it has forgotten that it has come to incarnate again on this planet, merely to purify itself in a new body. I have searched among the juveniles for a pure heart, and I beheld that the young man has become soiled and bears wounds in his spirit; and in the young maiden is the germ of temptation. Among the elderly, I see only beings who are tired and confused due to the vicissitudes of life. Among men of science, materialism and vanity prevails, for after I showed them the secrets of Nature, they felt important and they desired to be converted into gods in this world. And from among those so-called ministers of My Divinity, I only discover the hypocrite and the Pharisee of the Third Era. For that reason I say to you: I have chosen from among sinners the ones whom I have named spokesmen, who are like yourselves, and through this gift that I have given them, they are making restitution and are being saved. At the moment when My ray of light descends to illuminate and thus prepare them so that I can communicate through their faculty, I withdraw their blemish, I receive their elevation, and My spiritual beings, to whom they have been entrusted to keep watch over them, will prepare and dignify them.

6. I could manifest myself visibly or make My voice resound as you heard it during the First Era on Mount Sinai, but through that method what merits of faith would you accomplish before Me? None, because the virtue of faith is a step along the ladder of your evolution. But I do not conceal Myself because of that, and if I communicate through the faculty of man it is because I love you, and I am revealing to you a more elevated lesson so that you may recognize Me in its perfection.

7. Within the spirit of man, which is My masterpiece, I have placed My Divine light, I have cultivated it with infinite love, as a gardener cultivates the favorite plant of his garden. I have placed you in this mansion where nothing will be lacking for your livelihood, so that you will know Me and know yourselves. I have given you power in your spirit to feel the life of the hereafter and senses in your body so that you can enjoy and perfect yourselves. I have given you this world so that in it you will commence to take your first steps, and in this path of progress and perfection, you can experience the perfection of My Law, so that during your lifetime you can recognize and love Me, and through your merits you can reach Me.

8. I have granted you the gift of freedom of will, and I have endowed you with a conscience. The first is for your freedom to develop within My laws, and the second to be able to distinguish good from evil, so that it will tell you like a perfect judge whether you are complying or are at fault with My Law.

9. The conscience is light of My Divine Spirit which never separates from you at any moment.

10. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am peace and happiness, the eternal promise that you will be with Me and also the fulfillment of all My words.

11. If you feel uncertain toward life, if you consider yourselves powerless for the struggle, pray, communicate with Me and remain within the path of peace that My love marks for you. Correct your errors, regenerate yourselves, and forgive those who offend you. Resign yourselves to your ordeals, and you will feel My strength and peace, in spite of the vicissitudes of life.

12. The Master is ready to teach you and to pour His wisdom within your spirit and your heart, for I will speak to you by this means only a short time. I want to leave you as heirs of My word, so that you may guard it zealously. It is the truth, and if you let it be known to your brethren with its original purity and with your good deeds, you will have fulfilled your spiritual mission.

13. Those who at the moment of My departure say to Me, "Master, you are departing from us, and you leave us like orphans," are the ones who have been deaf and blind before My manifestation and they have not made an effort to understand My lesson.

14. For a long time I have beheld fanaticism and idolatry in your worship; you bring to these houses of prayer material offerings which do not reach Me; for that reason I have invited you to analyze My word, so that your spirit can evolve, because the phase of preparation is ending and it is necessary for you to take a step forward toward the comprehension of My teachings.

15. The unrighteous will be converted into beginners, the beginners into disciples and the disciples into living examples of humility, charity and wisdom. Many of them are among these multitudes, but they are also dispersed among scientists and among religions and sects.

16. Do not become vain with the fruits of your science, for now while so much progress has been made through it, is when humanity suffers more, when there is more misery, unrest, illness and destructive wars.

17. Man still has not discovered the true science, that which is gained through the path of love.

18. Behold how vanity has blinded you; each nation wants to have the greatest wise men on Earth. Truly I say to you that the scientists have not penetrated deeply into the secrets of the Lord. I can say to you that the knowledge that man has of life is still superficial.

19. The time draws near in which the spiritual revelations will disclose to mankind the shining path to reach and know the mysteries which are concealed in the bosom of Creation. The light of My Spirit will reveal to you the manner of obtaining the true science which will permit man to be recognized and obeyed by the creatures that surround you, and by the elements of Creation, thus fulfilling in this way My will that man would be lord on the Earth, but that will take place when the spirit of man illuminated by its conscience, will exercise its power and its light over the weaknesses of the flesh.

20. How can the forces and the elements of Creation submit to the will of men when men are motivated by egotistical feelings, while Nature is guided by My Law of love?

21. It is necessary for the ideals of mankind to be directed by the pathways of justice, guided by the truth of a perfect teaching, which will reveal to it the meaning of eternal life and that teaching is this spiritual Doctrine which, during the course of time, will transform your spiritual and human life.

22. Man by himself is incapable of receiving My word and modifying his customs, tendencies, ambitions and ideals, that is why I have permitted pain to shake him for a time, but when his cup becomes more bitter and he recognizes his errors before the judge of his conscience, he will invoke My name, he will seek Me, the lost sheep will return to My fold of love, and all My children will be filled with the light of My Spirit to begin a new form of life.

23. I have not come to place defects on your work on Earth. No, I come to point out your errors, for I want you to attain the perfection which belongs to you as an eternal heritage. Your spirit will not be lost because it is a spark of the Divine light and image of your Lord and Creator.

24. What would become of your spirit if I devoted Myself to exalt your human works and left it abandoned indefinitely to earthly passions?

25. If I have come to you it is because I love you, if I speak to you with apparent severity, My justice and My love are within My word. If I make you aware of the truth, even though sometimes it might cause you pain, it is because I desire your salvation.

26. Do not reject My word, analyze it so that in its essence you will find the Doctrine capable of performing the miracle of transforming this valley of tears, which today has been converted into a field of bloody battles among brothers, into a valley of peace where only one family will live, humanity, practicing the just, perfect and loving Saws that your Father has inspired, for in their fulfillment you will find happiness.

27. Few disciples I have had in this world and even less in number the ones who have been like the image of the Divine Master. In the spiritual realm I have many disciples, for that is where there is more advancement within the study of My teachings. That is where My beginners, those who thirst and hunger for love, receive from their Master what mankind denied them. That is where those who were ignored on Earth, on account of their humility, glow because of their virtue, and where those who glowed with false enlightenment in this world, weep with sadness and repentance.

28. In the hereafter, is where I welcome you in a manner that you did not expect on Earth, when you restitute tearfully but blessing Me. It does not matter that along your journey you had a moment of desperation. I will take into account that you had days of great distress and that in them you demonstrated resignation and you blessed My name. Also in your smallness you have experienced some Calvaries, although these were caused by your disobedience.

29. Behold, that for a few moments of fidelity and love for God, you obtain times of life and grace in the hereafter. In that way My eternal love responds to the temporary love of man.

30. Blessed be those who falling and arising, are weeping and blessing Me, those hurt by their own brethren, confide in Me deep within their heart. Those small and sorrowful, ridiculed, but meek and for that reason strong in spirit, are truly My disciples.

31. Be rejoiced for with these lessons you will progress in your evolution, even when there are those who allowing themselves to be guided by hasty judgments, think the opposite. For centuries you have been divided by religions and sects, because you always had a thirst to know something more than what you knew and you still have a heart withered for lack of love, in spite of as many beliefs as you have had. But soon you will gather around the perfect love that emanates from the Book of the True Life which is this word.

32. You are dying of spiritual thirst, you are withered for lack of the dew of love and pure affection; you feel alone and for that reason I have come to pour among you the unmistakable fragrance of My love which will allow your spirit to be reborn and to flourish in virtue.

33. Listen to Me, o disciples, so that you will erase from your mind ancient beliefs. Christianity was divided into sects which do not show love among themselves, which humiliate, reject and threaten their brethren with false judgments. I say to you that they are Christians without love, therefore, they are not Christians, because Christ is love.

34. There are those who represent Jehovah as an oldster, full of human imperfections, vengeful, cruel and more dreadful than the worst of your judges of Earth.

35. I do not say this so that you will ridicule anyone, but that your concept of the Divine love be purified. Today you are unaware of how you worshiped Me in your past.

36. Practice the silence which favors the spirit so that it will find its God; that silence is like a fountain of knowledge and all who penetrate into it, will be filled with the clearness of My wisdom. The silence is like a closed place with indestructible walls, to which only the spirit has access. Man constantly carries within his innermost, the knowledge of the secret place in which he can communicate with God.

37. You can communicate with your Father wherever you are, for the place is of no consequence, it can be at the top of the mountain or if you find yourself in the depth of a valley, in the commotion of a city, in the peace of your home or in the midst of a struggle; if you seek Me in the interior of your sanctuary in the midst of the deep silence of your elevation, the doors of the universal and invisible temple will be opened instantly so that you feel yourself truly in the house of the Father, which exists in each spirit.

38. When the pain of your ordeals overwhelm you and your .afflictions of life annihilate your senses, if you experience an intense desire to obtain a little peace, retire to your chamber or seek the silence, the solitude of the countryside, there elevate your spirit guided by its conscience, and enter into meditation. The silence is the kingdom of the spirit, a kingdom that is invisible to human eyes.

39. At the moment of penetrating the spiritual ecstasy, the awakening of the superior senses is obtained, intuition surges, the inspiration glows, the future is perceived and the spiritual life touches what is distant, and makes possible what before seemed impossible.

40. If you wish to penetrate the silence of this sanctuary, of this Ark, you yourselves should be the ones to prepare the way, for only with true purity will you be able to penetrate it.

41. In it exist gifts and missions which only await the arrival of the hour of your preparation, to lodge within your spirit and convert you into prophets and teachers.

42. In that Ark is all the past, the present and the future of all beings, there is the manna of the spirit, the bread of eternal life, of which I said through Jesus that "whoever eats of that bread, will never die."

43. Your spirit has rejoiced while listening to My word and has found an opportunity to fulfill its mission, among this group of laborers that I am forming.

44. How many afflictions you forget while you are dedicated to this blessed work of advising, healing and comforting your fellowmen!

45. Your spirit has been strengthened and the flesh has been healed, therefore I tell you that he who gives peace, healing balsam or practices charity in any of its countless forms, will see multiplied in himself that which he gave.

46. In that manner I am separating you from the false pleasures of the world, from what is superfluous, so that your heart will be cleansed and always be worthy for My charity to pass through it to the needy; thus you will not go back to contaminate yourselves by the wickedness which prevails everywhere.

47. That inner and outer clarity is essential in My disciples, for only thus will you be believed by your brethren when you arise to extend these good news. Only by having the heart healthy and clean will good deeds emanate from it, and from your lips words of light.

48. Along your way you will find darkness and confusion, and the only strength and power that you will have to overcome falsity with the truth, will be precisely the clearness of your feelings, the purity of your deeds; do not forget that although before your fellowmen you might pretend to manifest the truth without possessing it, you will not be able to deceive Me.

49. Your transformation should be profound and truthful, to such an extent that you will notice it in the spirituality with which your children come to the world, those new generations which are a promise for mankind, men healthy of body and spirit, not slaves of temptation, or victims of the falsehood of their brethren, but beings capable of loving Me with dignity and loving their fellowmen with truth. The time approaches when the adversaries of My Doctrine will arise and lie in wait for you, wanting to destroy your seed, but I tell you that if you look after it as your sacred heritage, if you are vigilant over what I have entrusted to you, no power will destroy what you sow with love and in My name within the heart of your brethren.

50. Practice My word, preach with actions, testify with good deeds, words and thoughts, and your testimony will be worthy of My teaching.

51. Watching and praying you should wait for those who sooner or later will come to seek you. The soldiers will come from the wars with a depressed heart and a sobbing spirit; the governing heads will recognize their mistakes and will publicly weep for their faults and the multitudes who thirst and hunger for justice will seek those fountains of spiritual light where they can drink until they satisfy their need for faith, peace and love.

52. My Spirit keeps vigil over every being, and I am watchful even to the last of your thoughts.

53. Truly I say to you that there among the armies who fight for earthly ideals and ambitions, I have discovered during their moments of rest, men of peace and good will who have been made into soldiers by force. From their heart escapes a sigh when My name emerges from their lips and the tears run down their cheeks with the memory of their loved ones: parents, wives, children or brothers. Then their spirit, without any other temple than the sanctuary of their faith, without any altar other than their love, without any light other than that of their spirit elevates itself before Me asking forgiveness for the deaths it has unintentionally caused with its weapons. They seek Me to ask with all the strength of their being to permit them to return to their home or that, at least, if they are to fall under the attack of the enemy, to cover with My mantle of mercy those whom they leave on Earth.

54. To all those who seek My forgiveness in that manner, I give My blessing for they are not the ones to blame for killing, others are the assassins, the ones who will answer to Me for what they have done with human lives, once the moment of their judgment arrives.

55. Many of them who love peace, ask themselves why I have permitted them to be taken to the very fields of battle and death, to which I say to you that if their human understanding is not able to comprehend the reason that underlies all this, their spirit on the other hand, knows that it is fulfilling a restitution.

56. I am also aware of those who forgetting their own, think about all people, in order to weep with sorrow before the realization of the false Christianity of mankind. They in their prayers call Me, in their meditation they remember that the promise of My return exists and that even the signs of My new coming were predicted and were written. They carry these words within their heart and that is why they ask Me each day when My return from the East or the West will be, thus they seek the signs everywhere without discovering them, and they feel confused.

57. They do not know that all signs have already been verified and that is why My Spirit begins to manifest its new phase at this time.

58. How many times while listening to My spiritual voice, and not understanding the significance of My message, they have awakened and asked themselves: Who has called Me? On other occasions the light of intuition has been so clear in their understanding, that they have realized surprising deeds which have filled them with amazement.

59. The healing balsam for the wounded or the dying, as well as the bread or water, have come to them in a miraculous way and they feel how peace and hope strengthens them spiritually and physically during the moments of greatest danger.

60. These happenings have made those who live in vigilance and are praying, exclaim inwardly: "Lord, are not these manifestations that you give us daily proof of your presence? Does all this not prove that your Spirit seeks ours during this period to communicate from Master to disciple, or from Father to son?"

61. Yes, o beloved disciples, they are proof that My Spirit is vibrating over yours, fulfilling under a new form My promise to return among men.

62. The signs which announced My new manifestation, are already fulfilled, you did not see them, nor did you have any news about them, but I say to you: Do you feel My presence? Do you feel the coming of the new era? Is your heart nourished when you pray spiritually and does your spirit feel strengthened if it allows itself to be guided by the light of its conscience? If that is so, then why do you need material signs that will announce My presence and give testimony of the fulfillment of the prophecy? Let the Pharisees and the scribes of these times do the scrutinizing. Let the heads of the priests, fearful of My presence, be the ones to sound space and the earth in search of the promised signs. For them these were granted, for those men of little faith, for those who boast of spirituality and who have their heart and spirit more hardened than a rock; the signs were for them, which were like voices of trumpets, originating from Nature when My spiritual manifestation was near giving its light upon mankind.

63. In this moment of prayer dedicated to the communion with the Father, forget all your worries, reject the temptations which might keep your spirit from the fulfillment of My Law, free it from all restlessness. During these sublime moments, allow your will to be the Divine will; submit yourselves to the love of your Heavenly Father. It will be then when you will see realized as in the Second Era the deeds that you call miracles.

64. When you feel engulfed in My peace during your prayers, it will be a sign that you have entered into a communion with My Divinity. The conscience will glow like a shining sun within your spirit and you will behold the light of the Holy Spirit, upon the altar of your sanctuary. You will see everything illuminated during those moments by the love of God.

65. The veils that through your unpreparedness have prevented you from understanding the significance of My teachings, will be unveiled and you will behold in the interior of the eternal Tabernacle, the secret sanctuary of the Lord, which is the origin of life, where true wisdom emanates.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 23

1. Blessed are those who seek to be in peace with their conscience. Blessed is he who sows the seed of My peace along the path of his fellowmen.

2. Always when you find yourselves dejected by the afflictions or lack of faith, come to Me, for I am the light and the strength that will restore your spiritual tranquility.

3. When I cease to manifest Myself in this manner, where will you listen to Me? In your conscience, for through it I am indicating to you the path of love.

4. When the world goes through an era of spiritual disorientation, when man does not understand the mysteries which involve the spiritual life] or is unable to analyze or meditate on his mission, in spite of being capable of it. the clearness of My word comes to illuminate him. Mankind is a witness that during this period the scientists dedicate all their time and their mental strength, to discovering within Nature the answer to many questions and doubts which life offers them. And Nature responds to the call of men, giving testimony of its Creator, who is an inexhaustible fountain of wisdom and love, but also of justice. Nevertheless, the freedom of will with which man has been endowed has not awakened him to the light of My love, and the spirit continues to drag the chains of materialism from which it has not been able to liberate itself. It seems as if he is afraid of taking a progressive step in his evolution, accustomed to being at a standstill in the traditions which his predecessors willed to him Man fears to think and believe for himself, he prefers to submit to the tradition of others, depriving himself of the freedom to know Me. For that reason he has lived in backwardness; but the time of light has arrived for mankind and with it man acquires his own knowledge, he awakens, he progresses and -he is amazed before the truth of My teaching.

5. Why when humanity has witnessed the development of science and has seen discoveries which it would not have believed before, does it resist believing in the evolution of the spirit? Why is he obstinate in that which makes him stationary and lethargic?

6. My Doctrine and My revelations of these times are in accordance with your evolution. Let not the scientist be vain in his material work or his science, for in it My revelation has always been present and also the help of the spiritual world who inspires from the hereafter. Man is part of Creation, he has a mission to fulfill, as do all creatures of the Creator, but he has been given a spiritual nature, an intelligence and a personal will so that through his efforts, he can attain the development and perfection of the spirit, which is the most elevated thing he possesses. By means of the spirit, man can conceive his Creator, understand His benefits, as well as admire His wisdom.

7. If instead of being conceited by your earthly knowledge, you would identify yourselves with all My Work, there would exist for you no mysteries, you would recognize yourselves as brethren, and you would love one another as I love you: in you there would be kindness, charity, love, and therefore, union with the Father.

8. How small you are, when believing yourselves to be all-powerful and great you resist in confessing that above the limit of your power and your science is the one who truly knows all and does all! Then you confine yourselves to be flesh and only flesh. And you appear insignificant, for you remain subject only to the natural law which governs mortal and short-living beings, who are born, grow and die, without leaving any trace along their path. When will you arise from that state in which you find yourselves? You will have to make an effort to see beyond that heaven that you have created, in order for you to comprehend that only through spiritual merits will you reach the Father.

9. Do not wait for others to start the march toward Me; come, elevate your prayer and in that manner, you will understand what you should do and you will know the mission which you must fulfill. I come to invite you to come near Me, but to do that, it is not necessary for you to abandon the missions, responsibilities and enjoyments of the human existence.

10. You have come to dwell on Earth during a time in which men live under the domination of human science, and nevertheless, at this time you will develop your spiritual virtues: you will heal the sick, you will prophesy and you will reach a greater height in your spiritual evolution.

11. The light which illuminates your innermost, will help you to predict what is to come, but you should prepare yourselves so that that virtue will flourish. Nothing should remain at a standstill, everything should proceed in harmony with Creation.

12. I do not deliver My teaching to you just as a moral restraint for your body, but with it you can attain great elevation toward your spiritual perfection.

13. I do not come to create a new religion among you, this Doctrine does not come to deny the existing religions, when they are based on My truth. This is a message of Divine love for all, a call for all institutions. He who understands the Divine purpose and complies with My precepts, will feel guided toward the progress and elevation of his spirit. While man does not understand the spirituality which he must have in his life, peace will be very far from being a reality in the world, on the other hand he who complies with My Law of love will not fear death nor the judgment that awaits his spirit. You should know that it will not be until death reaches you that your Father will judge you, but that the judgment begins as soon as you become aware of your deeds and feel the call of your conscience. My judgment is always upon you. At each step, be it in the human existence or in your spiritual life, you are subject to My judgment, but here in the world, while in the flesh, the spirit becomes insensitive and deaf to the calls of its conscience.

14. I judge you to help you open your eyes to the light, to liberate you from sin and save you from pain.

15. In My judgment, I never take into account the offenses that you could have caused Me, for before My tribunal, hatred, vengeance and even punishment are nonexistent.

16. When pain reaches your heart and touches you where it is most sensitive, it indicates to you some error that you are committing, to make you understand My teaching, and give you a new and wise lesson. In the depth of each of those trials, My love is always present.

17. On some occasions I have permitted you to understand the reason for an ordeal, in others, you cannot find the meaning of that touch of My justice and the fact is that in the Work of the Father and in the life of your spirit, there exist profound mysteries that the human mind is unable to decipher.

18. I give you these teachings, so that you will not wait for death to come to begin to settle your accounts, but take advantage of the ordeals which your life offers, knowing that with the love, patience and elevation with which you receive and fulfill them, will depend that your spirit arrives before the threshold of the eternal life, free of its burden of sins and imperfections which it carried in its stay in the world.

19. The time is long past when you were told: "The measure you give is the measure you will get." How many times that law was used to take vengeance here on Earth, leaving aside all feeling of charity!

20. Today I say to you, I have taken that rod of justice, and with it I will measure you according to the way you measured others, although I should make it clear to you that in each of My judgments the Father, who loves you very much, will be present, the Redeemer who has come to save you.

21. It is man who with his deeds dictates his own sentence, sometimes terrible sentences, and it is your Lord who provides help so that you can find the way to bear your restitution.

22. Truly I say to you that if you wish to avoid a very painful restitution, repent in the opportune time and with a sincere regeneration guide your life with deeds of love and charity toward your brethren.

23. Understand that I am the door of salvation, the door that will never be closed to all those who seek Me with true faith.

24. If you want proof as to the truth of My teachings, I say to you that before your eyes you have the proof that you ask in order to follow Me. What is the proof? The regeneration of these men and women who today serve Me as laborers in My fields.

25. On occasions this journey is slow and painful, but never impossible to travel. The mission of the spiritual disciple is delicate and difficult, but not impossible to fulfill, for which I say to all those who are undecided, that if you are doubtful of being able to obey Me, it is because you are men of little faith.

26. I offer My farmstead of love to all those who wish to earn merits serving their brethren. Those who have understood it thus, have anxiously approached Me, asking for an opportunity to work in My blessed fields, where the seed is charity.

27. Here all merits have to be real in order to be recorded by me in favor of those who realize them. Appearances before others have no value whatever before Me, that is why My laborers are learning to work in silence, to be humble and sincere, to detest vanity and never to publicize charity.

28. This people do not know the history of each one of those laborers who day by day serve them; they ignore the efforts, the sacrifices and renunciations that My servants have to realize in order to be worthy to be named My disciples.

29. Many of these men and women who through their spiritual gifts convey so much joy to your heart that they make you feel My balsam and with their word restore the peace, bear within their heart a hidden pain that only My gaze beholds.

30. How many of them have been denied and even rejected by their loved ones, because they have taken this path! And though they are hurt, slandered and threatened, they keep on fulfilling their mission with love, feeling, the lashes and the blows of the multitudes, while they travel under the burden of their cross, like their Master.

31. I see that you wish to know why some of them withdraw from following this mission, to which I say to you that it is not because they could not bear the burden of their cross, but the world tempted them and they yielded to temptation, for whoever takes the cross of love upon his shoulders, in reality, it is not he who bears it, but rather the cross which sustains him, because each one of the steps of the laborer is always accompanied by an inner feeling of infinite peace. But just because you know that My peace is with all those who follow Me, do not behave with ingratitude toward them, because they are as human as yourselves. Just because you see them smiling and peaceful, you persist in ignoring how they suffer in order to be useful and to serve you.

32. Who has known how to repay with love and charity those who many times leave their work to come and welcome those in need of peace and health? When have you come to stay by the cradle of an infant who had to be left alone, because his mother is a laborer who had to go and fulfill her mission among those who suffer? Truly I say to you, that in the same way that I have called you so that you learn to receive, I will also ask that you learn to repay the charity of your brethren with love.

33. How many times you show disgust and judge them as unrighteous laborers, because they are late in arriving! You show impatience if you see an error in them, for you know that they have a responsibility to fulfill.

34. 0! Multitudes, who instead of taking with humility the bread which is offered, you devour it together with the hand that is extended to offer you nourishment!

35. What do you know about the struggles that My elect endure to keep themselves cleansed in order to serve you?

What do you know about the ordeals with which they are tested in order to keep them on the alert? And still you regard them as weak, and you publicize that temptation has dominated them, without realizing that it is the burden that you yourselves have laid upon them, since you refuse to accept that part of responsibility which corresponds to each one within My Work.

36. How soon you forget all that you received through them! But in your heart you reassure yourselves, arguing that they gave you nothing, but truly I say that as long as you do not love one another, it is not true that you love Me.

37. The legions of spiritual beings who invisible to your physical eyes assist in the manifestation of My word, are the ones who give My teachings their true interpretation, so that you will know what the mandates are that I gave to the spirit and in what manner they are fulfilled; that is why I sometimes turn to them, through the spokesman through whom I transmit My teaching. By chance, do you believe that it is necessary for Me to speak to them through a human means? No, My people, I have just said that I do it only so that you will feel their presence and listen to the orders that I give them.

38. The legion of beings that I have destined to accompany and help you in your journey, is very great, so much in fact that you could not imagine it. In its bosom exists an absolute harmony. The light which glows in them is that of wisdom and love, because the ideal to which they are dedicated is that of spreading charity among mankind, their greatest desire being to guide their brethren to the summit of spirituality.

39. How beautiful is the mission which they fulfill, and how you hinder their work! You must not say that your lack of collaboration with your spiritual brethren is due to ignorance, since you have already listened to the orders that I give them through My spokesmen, so that you will know their mission of love and charity and dispose yourselves to help them in their fulfillment.

40. You still have not been able to identify yourselves with that realm of the brethren of light; nor do you know how to harmonize with them. Why? Because of your lack of spirituality which does not permit your senses to perceive all the calls, warnings and inspirations with which they would like to guide your steps on Earth.

41. Many times you confuse spirituality with material practices which instead of drawing you closer to them, makes them more distant. You believe that in speaking to them, it is more efficient to call them by some name than by attracting their attention with a prayer. You are in error in believing that there is a better preparation if you invoke them by lighting a candle or praying in a loud voice.

42. Definitely they answer your call, they interpret your wishes and give you their help, for their mission is inspired by charity; but you did not gain their help because of your spirituality, for then you would certainly have harmonized with your guardian angels, forming with them the people of God, who are able to comply with My mandates which states, "Love one another."

43. Truly I say to you, the cleaner your thoughts and the more simple and pure your practices, the greater the clarity with which you will perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual realm in your life and the greater the miracles you will receive from them.

44. Do not think that these your brethren, will mingle with your impure deeds or associate with your unrighteous purposes, nor manifest themselves through your conduct if you are not properly prepared to receive them.

45. In order to attain spirituality, o My beloved people, you must pray and have faith.

46. Prayer and faith will make the miracle that to your table will come the bread day by day, just as Israel was rewarded for its faith in the First Era with the manna.

47. If other people steal your bread, you should forgive them so that I may forgive everyone.

48. If you were turned away from your home, you can head toward the mountain, which will offer its bosom so that you may be protected during the ordeal.

49. Just as in the First Era the faith of the people was strengthened through the great tests which it experienced in the desert, so in this period will it be tested many times so that its spirit will acquire the necessary fortitude to be the warrior of this cause.

50. What disciple of this Work would be in need of a material temple to seek refuge, during the time of trials? No one, because everyone knows that your Father does not seek temples of stone to dwell in them, but sanctuaries and altars within the spirit of mankind, and those temples are with you wherever you are.

51. Your predecessors have lived very much in ignorance, encouraging religious fanaticism and for that reason, they attained very little progress for their spirit. They were not able to behold here on Earth, the light of this Era which is illuminating you, but they will also receive the light in its fullness, when the time comes.

52. My Doctrine comes to teach you to harmonize with your brethren, whether they dwell on Earth or in the infinite spiritual valley.

53. These will be the aspects of your future life if you persevere within the Law, but very different will be your journey if you travel outside of the path that I have devised for you with My word, because then hunger, epidemics and wars that will emerge on Earth, will not have any respect for you, for those destructive forces will not find anything in you that will stop them.

54. O beloved disciples: Benefit by all the tests small or great which present themselves daily during your lifetime, so that when greater ordeals come, they will be like hurricane flashes that will disappear when they clash against the solid walls of the fortress which the practice of My Law offers.

55. Form a people with your spiritual unity, whose defense against your enemies will be prayer. Then the elements may be unleashed, for this people with their spirituality will be able to triumph over all vicissitudes.

56. Arise, men and women; elders, youths and children; arise firmly to travel along the path that My word has come to outline for you at this time which is but the reestablishment of the way that in previous tunes I came to trace with the pattern o( My sacrifice on the cross.

57. Comply with My Law so that your children on forming the new generation, may attain a greater evolution than you achieved and so that your disobediences will not separate them from this Work making them live further from spirituality.

58. In this Third Era I have come to give you the warmth which you lack, to withdraw from you the coldness that you sowed along the paths of your existence. You have listened to the bell that Elijah has set ringing that you may come to receive the light of the Holy Spirit with My teaching.

59. Prepare yourselves to feel My presence and be like the apostles of the Second Era who while listening to Me renewed their faith each day, and prepared themselves to give fulfillment to their delicate mission.

60. Israel: Do not comply only with your obligations incurred in the world. Comply also with the Law, for before the Father you have undertaken a mission and its fulfillment should be strict, elevated and spiritual.

61. I am teaching you so that you will withdraw from materialism and cease to be fanatical and idolatrous; that you may not venerate or render worship to man-made idols. It is not My wish that within your heart there would exist roots of idolatry, fanaticism, false worship; do not present any offerings that will not reach Me, I only ask for your regeneration and your compliance within spirituality.

62. Transform yourselves from your past customs, do not look back or contemplate what you have left and should no longer practice; understand that you have penetrated the path of your evolution and you should not be detained. The road is narrow and you must know it well, because tomorrow you will have to guide your brethren through it and I do not want you to get lost.

63. I am a patient Father who awaits your repentance and good will in order to fill you with My grace and My charity.

64. Do not judge the word of My spokesmen as some-times dull; if they lacked preparation, that cause belongs to me; understand that even if I communicate through the dullest faculty, you will always find within the depth of that word, essence, light, truth and teaching.

65. This Era will reveal to men the lessons of the Book of the True Life, which had not even been known by mankind.

66. In truth I say to you that just as Elijah, who was the one who opened the doors of the Third Era, did not need to incarnate his spirit in order to speak to men, so I am communicating with you and the same thing has been done by the many beings who today dwell within the spiritual region.

67. They will communicate with you through your faculties until the year 1950, in which the materialized communication of the spiritual world will cease; and after that period, many times, when men least expect it, the spirits of light of past eras will speak through their lips, the liberators, prophets, patriarchs, benefactors, apostles of righteousness, the sowers of justice, and from the Divine teaching of your Father, in the culmination of His love for His children, communicating spirit to Spirit.

68. Those who are watchful and praying will become aware of the presence among humanity of the spiritual beings of light, as will those who become spiritualized and prepared, in order to perceive the moment in which those envoys approach, speak or perform some superhuman deed.

69. It will not be necessary for them to communicate through men who have knowledge of this Doctrine in order to speak through their faculties. Their presence, their influence and their inspiration will be so subtle that only he who is prepared, will perceive their presence among humanity.

70. The peoples of the Earth will feel the presence of Moses as each one of them is being liberated. The different religions will experience the presence of Elijah, when the light which emanates from the truth, destroys the darkness of the spiritual ignorance of mankind, making clear before their eyes all falsehood which they have worshiped.

71. The lords of the world who continue to be kings over humiliated peoples, will feel the spiritual presence of Daniel,when the prophet approaches their chamber to awaken them so they may pray, because destruction is near.

72. The day will come in which every eye will contemplate the light of these works as it is written, in order for man to know that for the spirit there are no boundaries or material limits, and little by little everyone will draw nearer the goal where harmony and enlightenment will reign.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 24

1. O disciples: You must learn to give without expecting any reward.

2. Practice true humility, that which being proper for the elevated spirit, is reflected in the sentiments of the heart. Sincerely regard yourselves as the last of all, never wish to be first.

3. Learn to forgive whoever has offended you. I said to Peter that if he were offended seventy times seven by his brother, he should forgive him that many times; with this I gave him to understand that he should do it always, the same with the small as with the greater offenses. How many beings have passed through this world calling themselves Christians and they were not capable of granting a single pardon during their entire life!

4. Now then, I ask all those whom I have called the sons of light: Would you not wish that at least once during your lifetime, you had put in practice this sublime mandate, in order to become aware of the miracles it produces, both in the one who forgives as well as on the one who receives it?

5. Enlightenment is nobleness, it is love and understanding among spirits; now you know how you should conduct yourselves in your life if you truly wish to be the sons of light.

6. Now, when on being offended you return the blow and you both repent, do not hold back your hand because of pride, be the first to extend it as proof of humility, and do not fear being humbled, for I say to you that he who humbles himself in the world, will be exalted in the hereafter.

7. How do you think I desire My disciples to be among this humanity? I want them to be cleansed and meek of heart, that with their examples they will shine along the path of their fellowmen; that each one will be like those stars which sparkle at night, as guardians or guides of their brethren.

8. I wish that your heart will be filled with joy so that you will spread it upon the sorrowful; that from your hands will flow the balsam that will give health to all the sick; that your lips will be able to transmit My word with its original purity and essence, for then you will be able to redeem through your example those who are lost.

9. In the Second Era I said to you on contemplating the city where My people dwelt, to whom I was promised as their Savior, and who because of the materialism, was not aware of My presence: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who has killed the prophets and has denied My messengers, how often would I have gathered your children as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not."

10. I had sought to offer them a true happiness and nevertheless, I knew that they would take Me to Calvary, but My love was not overcome by the wickedness of men and as proof of it, I have returned, saying to you: Blessed are those who believe in Me today, for I will take from their hearts all grief, but I also bless those who during these times will be My new judges, for I assure you that they will be the believers of tomorrow, like Saul of Tarsus who persecuted those who believed in Me, and who will approach Me with repentance, in order to arise filled with love and faith to spread the seed of truth among their brethren.

11. My light illuminates human understanding. I come to this people as in that time I went to another people who preceded you, and to whom I said that you are bound to them spiritually. How many of those men denied Me! How their heart became so cruel as to shout: Crucify Him! 0! Blessed crucifixion, which gave a testimony of what the Divine love can do for His children and of what human ingratitude is capable!

12. Many of them were sick, blind and confused; they did not realize what they had done and that is why they judged Me, even today all those who do not travel along My path of love also do not know what they do. Human wickedness wants to finish off the love that I sowed through Jesus, but throughout the centuries, millions of men have wept because of that unspeakable ingratitude. But those who thus weep for Me, have hated and cursed those who crucified Me, when I have not taught you to hate or to curse. I do not hate, curse or punish, those feelings are not within My Divine Spirit, but I do contemplate them in your worldly justice.

13. I taught you to love, forgive and to pray for those who offended you, and to bless them.

14. If you always had those deeds during your life and on carrying them out, you truly felt them without telling anyone, you would attain much in atoning for your faults, and with them, through your clean thoughts, you would receive the light. That is how My word teaches you, that is how the spirit should work, silently and without any boasting.

15. When from your mind emerges an idea or a thought of light, in that manner it reaches its objective to fulfill its beneficial mission. If instead of kind thoughts, impure emanations surge from your mind, they will only cause harm wherever you send them. I say to you that thoughts are deeds, and as such they remain written in the book which exists in your conscience.

16. If your deeds are good or bad, you will receive multiplied what you wished for your brethren. But it is better to do yourselves some harm than to wish it upon one of your fellowmen.

17. That is why during the Second Era I said to you: "What you sow you reap," for it is necessary that you be aware of your experiences in this life and that you remember that your harvest will give you back the same seed that you sowed, although multiplied.

18. O! Humanity, how you have neglected to meditate, feel or live the teachings of your Master!

19. If to your hands come altered writings of My disciples who in the Second Era passed on My word to you, I will make you recognize which are the true words of Jesus; your conscience will regard as false, those which are not in harmony with the Divine concert of My love.

20. You have read My teachings hastily and you have interpreted them to your liking, then you seek new books, where men deliver Me from Herod to Pilate again, but you find very little there about that sweet word, about that simple Doctrine that the Divine Master taught you.

21. Everyone keeps on judging Me, some regard Me as God, others as a man, some call Me Divine and others a human prophet; some believe Me the son of God and others of David. Some call Me a prophet and others an agitator. Some say that I am illuminated by the Most High, others say that I have a pact with the devil, and thus this humanity goes on in pursuit of My name, to place upon Me the new I.N.R.I. in imitation of the timid Pilate.

22. You judge Me through My words and My deeds, but you fail to put in practice the mandate: "Love one another." You fear to practice that sublime teaching, because you think of the mockery of your brethren.

23. Truly I say to you that if I had felt fear along the slope of Calvary and at the cross, you would still be waiting for the Messiah.

24. Do not fall into theologies complicating what is simple, do not imitate those who pretend to confine God, the truth, within a material book, for as humans, you will never be able to analyze God.

25. Do not make difficult what is easy, do not minimize what is great, or exalt what is insignificant. Do not become doctors without doctrine, or religious without love.

26. Seek your Father who today reaches you as a Divine thought, emanating love. Behold My light made word for all men.

27. It is the light of the Holy Spirit, which as a message of love comes to tear the veils which obscure human understanding.

28. If you seek with sincerity the knowledge which this word contains and you find its essence, you will have found the truth.

29. The light of this teaching will be the star which will indicate the way where you will have to proceed: you must not remain stationary for by doing that, you would hinder the progress of your brethren along the spiritual path.

30. I do not come to encourage habits which will delay you spiritually, and although many times you conceal them with a false glitter of elegant words, deep down they contain ignorance and confusion.

31. The book which I open before you, is like an exquisite nourishment for the spirit; its essence, once it reaches your heart, will make changes in it, which will help you imitate the Messiah, the Master, who as Man, rendered a tribute of perfect love to the Father. When will you glorify the Father in a similar manner?

32. You have unfolded your passions in the world, you have worshiped your idols, but God in the infinite and in your brethren, when?

33. It has been nearly two thousands years that you repeated that phrase which the shepherds of Bethlehem heard: "Peace on Earth to men of good will," but, when have you put into practice your good will to make yourselves worthy of peace? Truly I say, that you have rather done the opposite.

34. You have lost the right to repeat that phrase, that is why I have come today with new words and lessons, so that it will not be the phrases or prayers, that will be engraved in your mind, but the essence of My teaching which will penetrate into your heart and spirit. If you wish to repeat My words just as I come to reveal them, you may do so, but you must keep in mind that as long as you do not feel them, they will have no virtue whatever. Pronounce them with gentleness and humility, feel them vibrating within your heart and I will answer you in such a manner, that I will make your whole being tremble.

35. Those through whom I manifest Myself interpret Me poorly; that is why My lesson is for them also, so that they will remove from themselves all superfluous ideas, fanaticism, ancient prejudices and all that might be mixed with the inspiration which they receive. As time passes by, new and better prepared men will come to listen to Me.

36. Elevate your thoughts to Me, O beloved spokesmen, ask the Master that during your ecstasy His teaching may be manifested in a cleansed and pure manner; allow My will to be done in you and you will see that from your mouths will emanate lessons which will guide these multitudes along the road of love and truth.

37. O My people: Forget the superstitions that you were taught in the past and pray before Me with true faith; I will liberate you from any attack and I will send you guardian angels.

38. The Law of God is infinite, it embraces all, it is the harmony within everything created. That Law does not regard only what is spiritual.

39. You like to learn from memory the precepts of the Law, the names of the spiritual virtues, the maxims and phrases of Jesus, but I say to you: It is necessary that you feel all this. To know it, does not mean that you feel it. He who wishes to possess My Truth, should feel it from the bottom of his heart.

40. You think of exalted ideas, of good deeds, but you do not perform them according to My will, because you do not feel them and for that reason you ignore the Divine taste which they leave when they are practiced. You do not practice them with cleanliness for you believe that you are unable to and you are not able because you are unwilling. And the fact is that in order to do good it is necessary to love.

41. He who loves understands, he who studies has willpower; he who has will-power, can accomplish very much. I say to you that neither elevation nor knowledge will he have nor will he do great deeds who does not love with all the power of his spirit.

42. He who separates from the spiritual Law, which is a superior Law, falls under the domination of the inferior or material laws, those of which human beings also know very little. But he who obeys and remains in harmony with the supreme Law, is above all rules that you call natural and feels and understands more than the one who only possesses knowledge which he has found in science or in the religions.

43. Behold why Jesus surprised you with the deeds that you call miracles, but recognize the lessons of love that He gave you. Understand that there is nothing supernatural or contradictory within the Divine which vibrates in all Creation.

44. You find as contradicting with the love of the Creator your journey through this life filled with bitterness and vicissitudes, in which you imitate your children when they are discontented or sick. You live in continuous weeping because of your miseries, but these are the natural result of your disobediences and faults against the Law and the bad use that you have made of the freedom that My love has given you and which you call freedom of will.

45. This lesson which is so easy to comprehend, for it is within the reach of your understanding, you refuse to consider as the truth.

46. Only regeneration and the ideal of perfection will enable you to return to the path of truth. Those who regarding themselves as interpreters of the Law of God will tell you that infernal suffering awaits your perversity and rebelliousness, and that only by demonstrating your repentance, mortifying and injuring your bodies and rendering to God material offerings, will He forgive you and guide you to His Kingdom; in truth I say that they are in confusion.

47. Where will you go o humanity, guided by those whom you admire as great teachers of the holy revelations and whom I see as confused? That is why I come to save you with the light of this Doctrine, which will allow you to evolve along the path of My love.

48. During this period I come to give you new teachings in which you should meditate, lessons of love which will redeem and elevate you, truth which even though bitter, will be enlightenment along your path.

49. Spirituality of this period, like Christianity of the past era, will be contested and pursued with anger, cruelty and fury, and in the middle of the struggle, the spiritual will emerge working miracles and winning hearts.

50. Materialism, egotism, pride and worldly love, will be the forces which will arise against this revelation, which is not new or different from the one that I brought you in past times. The Doctrine which I have come to reveal to you now, and to which you give the name of Spirituality, is the essence of the Law and the Doctrine which was revealed to you in the First and Second Eras.

51. When mankind understands the truth of this teaching, its justice and the infinite knowledge that it reveals, they will reject from their heart all fear, all prejudice and they will adopt it as a norm of their life.

52. My Law does not enslave, My word liberates. He who believes in Me and follows Me, is not a slave, he ceases to be a subject of the earthly passions, he ceases to be of the world and he becomes master of himself; he overcomes temptations and the world is at his feet.

53. Only spirituality will save this humanity from its chaos, do not wait for another solution, O peoples and nations of the Earth! You can make peace treaties, but while that peace is not based upon the light of the conscience, you will be foolish, for you will be building on sand!

54. During the Second Era I said to you: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven," and now you are seeing it. The powerful ones wish to buy peace with their wealth but they cannot attain it.

55. Thus mankind will understand that the spiritual benefits are essential in the life of man, benefits which cannot be obtained with money, but through spirituality.

56. Spirituality does not mean mysticism, but elevation of your feelings, goodness of your heart, righteousness in your deeds, love toward your fellowmen.

57. In order to give you this lesson of charity and love I have not come to humanize Myself nor to manifest myself in palaces, in the midst of vanity and surrounded by luxury. In the humble district of your city, among the poor, among the humble, thus I have come to you, as is fitting for the One who in another time said to you: "My kingdom is not of this world."

58. This humanity, who has evolved to some extent, lives in a profound lethargy spiritually, because it has not been able to search its innermost where the true temple exists. That sanctuary is deserted, its lamp does not burn, its altar is without any offering, but I ask you: Why has all this happened? Because for a long time man has been nourished with external worships, substituting it for what should be completely spiritual.

59. He has tried to satisfy the needs of his spirit with ceremonies, traditions, feasts and material offerings. To which I say, that only the deeds which contain elevation and spirituality, will truly strengthen and nourish the spirit.

60. Certainly I receive all the offerings and in all of them I deposit My love. Do you not believe that it would be more reasonable and pleasing to both the Father as well as yourself, if you would offer Me something which would be worthy of Me and of yourselves?

61. Many men and people still believe they please Me by presenting material offerings; they believe that the greater the splendor and luxury of their liturgies, the greater the enjoyment of the Father and the greater the benefits received from Him; and the fact is they have forgotten that if as a Man I avoided all that was vain and superficial, today that I have manifested Myself to you in Spirit, much less will I receive from men objects and material ceremonies.

62. Until when will you come to the point of interpreting with truth My Law? When will this humanity cease to violate and adulterate My mandates?

63. I offer you this time to meditate on the spiritual teachings, those which have already been revealed to you since the first eras.

64. Withdraw from habits, vices, superstitions, traditions, fanaticism and idolatry, I want you to be cleansed so that you can spiritualize yourselves and I want you to be humble in order for My light to glow within you.

65. Just as in past times, the places of Jerusalem and Rome, were for mankind promised lands and fountains of grace where the Lord manifested Himself. To this nation, belittled and humiliated, I have designated for it an elevated mission for this era. It must be prepared, for both the echo of My manifestation, as well as the rumor of My miracles and the fervor of its witnesses, will attract the attention of mankind.

66. The first to come will be the poor, the ignorant, the needy, the innocent, the slave, those who hunger and thirst for justice, and later will come the skeptical, the lords, the scientists.

67. Be vigilant and pray, be prepared for the arrival of the great multitudes. Be watchful in your deeds, pray in the corner of your chamber or wherever the moment of your communication with Me comes to you, and there I will be with you.

68. I have not told you to forsake your worldly responsibilities, but to withdraw from what is not within the Law, mainly, to relinquish from your life what is unnecessary and superfluous and that you take with moderation what is permissible.

69. What has your freedom of will given you, when you have used it to pursue and seek material enjoyments? Only pain and disappointments.

70. From the New Jerusalem I am beholding this humanity without being felt by it. Some who have awaited Me and others who follow Me, know that I have returned as the Holy Spirit and that I am speaking to them through a human faculty. Do you know how I find the peoples of the world? They are disappointed, men are indifferent toward men. One does not ask another for help anymore, because he knows that he will not gain anything from his charity for he knows that his hand is empty. Today materialism reigns, and from all that is good and elevated, only a very weak reflection of light remains.

71. You are surprised that I speak to you thus and you believe that I am strict and demanding with you, to which I say to you, that your evolved spirit should offer Me a better harvest than the one which you present to Me today.

72. Do you not believe that the division of humanity into peoples and races is something primitive? Do you think that if your progress in your civilization, of which you are so proud, was true, the law of force and wickedness would not still be prevalent, but instead all the deeds of your existence would be guided by the light of your conscience? And you, My people, do not put yourselves outside of this judgment, for also among you I discover conflicts and differences.

73. Since olden times I have spoken to you about a judgment and this is the time announced which the prophets represented as if it were one day.

74. The word of your God is that of a King, and it stands firm. What does it matter that thousands of years have passed since then? The will of the Father is unchangeable and must be fulfilled.

75. If men would be vigilant and pray, besides believing in My word, they would never be taken off guard, but they are unfaithful, forgetful, unbelieving and when the ordeal takes place they attribute it to punishment, vengeance or the ire of God, to which I say to you, that every ordeal is announced with anticipation, so that you will be prepared, therefore you should always remain vigilant.

76. The Flood, destruction of the cities by fire, invasions, plagues, sickness, scarcity and still more ordeals were prophesied to all the peoples of humanity, so that you would be prepared and not be surprised. In the same way today, the love of God always has sent a message of alertness, of preparation, so that men will awaken, prepare themselves and be strengthened.

77. Through the gifts of the spirit and the faculties which man possesses, My messages reaches his heart. Those gifts are: spiritual vision, presentiment, intuition and the prophetic dream.

78. Then why, most of the time do you receive ordeals without being prepared? It is not that I failed to send you the message, but you have lacked prayer and spirituality.

79. I have said that a very great ordeal draws nearer mankind, so great that in all the history of its centuries and ages, it has not had any comparison and now you must understand that I am speaking to the heart of all of you. I am allowing My messages and warnings to reach you in many ways, in order for men to meditate and to awaken to My Law, like the prudent virgins of My parable.

80. Will the peoples and the different nations of the world listen to Me? Will this people, to whom I am manifesting Myself in this manner, listen to Me? Only I know, but My responsibility as a Father is to establish along the path of My people, every means toward their salvation.

81. O My people: Do not forget this word, do not slumber nor close the doors of your heart to My call of love; be the messengers of this light, conveying your thoughts, like spiritual missives, toward the mind of your brethren.

82. Now you will better understand why I constantly repeat: "Be vigilant and pray."

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 25

1. The spirit of Elijah, like a celestial bell, has awakened you so that you would come to hear My word.

2. Your heart anxiously asks itself, What will the nourishment be that the Father gives us to taste on this day? What will the lesson for today be?

3. Truly I say to you: A woman left someone seriously ill in order to come and hear Me, and I say to her: When you return home, that sick one will leave his bed and he himself will open the door and give you the good news that he is well, for he who forsakes his worldly benefits to be with Me, will have someone watch over what he has left, and it will be Me.

4. I behold those who while suffering great pain have shed tears in the corner of their chamber, without being in despair or complaining against Me, accepting their ordeal humbly, knowing that in order to attain My Kingdom it is necessary to be worthy of it.

5. I see everyone traveling different roads of the human struggle and then I have become a pilgrim who crosses your path to ask you: Where are you going? And while some answer Me: We seek peace, others say to Me: We are in search of bread. Then the Master goes ahead and knocks at the door which you are going to knock upon, so that your brethren will receive you with charity and good will. This is why when you called you have found the hearts, which were hard as rock, deeply moved, you recognize My presence and you say to Me: "Lord, is the charity that you have for us so great?"

6. The ordeals which you encounter along your path, have not happened by chance, I have allowed them so that you can earn merits. The leaf of a tree does not move without My will and also I am within the great works of Creation as well as the lesser ones; be watchful and pray so that you will understand what fruit you should gather from each ordeal, in order for your purification to be shortened. Carry your cross with love and I will make it possible for you to endure your restitution with patience.

7. This is the Third Era in which I come anew to tell you: "Love one another," but not only among human beings, but from one world to another; you should love and have pity on those who are in spirit for they are also your brethren.

8. How distant is the time when you were told: "He who kills by the sword will die by the sword." "The measure you give is the measure you get." Today I say to you: Truly repent, cleanse your blemishes with acts of charity, forgiveness and love.

9. From all the pathways I have called you to give only one teaching. On My table there have never been fruits better than the other, I have offered to all only one bread and the same wine. Those who have sat at My table have been the influential as well as the outcasts; the rich as well as the poor; the sinners as well as the meek. I have received those who have lived with purity as well as those who arrive with their spirit blemished. I teach you this so that along the path of your existence you will never discriminate against any of your brethren.

10. Be humble before those who feel superior and he who humbles himself before you considering himself small, make him understand that he is not less than you are.

11. It is necessary to practice My Doctrine in order to understand the infinite power of love. Love is the virtue that converts the sinful man into My disciple. Love is the essence of the eternal life.

12. There are those who ask Me, Why do you need to speak to us in this manner in order to guide us along the path of the evolution of the spirit? Truly I say to you: This word that you hear, is the book which comprises My wisdom.

13. Why have I opened this book before you? To reveal many mysteries to man; to shed light upon the darkness of ignorance.

14. Truly I say to you, that men of power cannot do it all, nor do the wise men know everything, nor do the theologians know Me in truth.

15. That is why I have come anew as the Master among mankind to illuminate your understanding so that you may understand the great revelations, provided that you do not pretend to have reached the height of My wisdom, but penetrate My sanctuary with respect and humility. He who penetrates thus, will be guided by Me to where it is My will and he will never experience pain.

16. Analyze the science of these times, its fruits are bitter because men want to penetrate into My secrets without respect, and how many, on discovering on a minimum scale the wonders of the Universe have doubted the existence of an Omnipotence that has created everything. They are those who only believe in what they see and what they touch, but everything that is beyond their comprehension, is denied by them.

17. The knowledge which is beyond your comprehension and materialism, is what I have come to teach you, so that you can attain your spiritual perfection.

18. Be prepared, O humanity, so that you will avoid eating those bitter fruits that science prepares for you. I have always come to reveal to you the secrets of the true life.

19. During the Second Era great multitudes listened to Me, thousands of the sick were healed just by being touched by Me or by listening to My word of tenderness, or being contemplated by My loving gaze. Many of them loved and recognized Me although not all followed Me, for only twelve were the ones who accompanied Me to the end. Their names are immortal because of their examples of perfection, virtue and sacrifice which they willed to you, but they were not perfect when I called them, if they had been I would not have called them to teach them.

20. Neither among you do I find just or perfect people, but you will be converted through My teaching and you will perform great deeds. The heart of mankind is hardened, but I will enlighten you along the pathway so that you will come out ahead.

21. In the Second Era, when my apostles were scattered throughout the world, Peter had moments of weakness before the persecutions, the cruelty and hardness of men, and wanting to flee Rome to save his life, he beheld the silhouette of Jesus carrying the cross upon His shoulders advancing toward the pagan city. Peter asked His Master: "Where are you going, Lord?" To which Jesus answered: "To die again for you." Peter sobbingly offered His Lord to return to the bosom of the sinners to save them, even at the cost of his blood and his life, to die imitating His Master.

22. That is why I say to you: Do not wait for 1950, the year of My departure, to surprise you unprepared and weak, for if you want to arise and spread My teachings thus, you will weaken.

23. Then you will seek My word to strengthen yourselves and you will not find it. Today even while I am still teaching you, arise to practice My lessons, regenerate yourselves, take a step toward spirituality; I will animate you with deeds and miracles and you will marvel before the great revelations which I will give you from Spirit to spirit. I will surprise the materialistic scientists, manifesting to them the existence of the spiritual. All that they have denied and which exists, will be beheld by them. Then their curiosity will be aroused, the ambition to investigate the hereafter and that will be the moment in which My emissaries and disciples will appear to explain all that I have revealed to you and prevent mankind from creating sects and theories around My new revelations.

24. Today is the time to listen, to meditate and if the moment arrives to go in pursuit of the peoples and nations and some of you are unable to do it, do not fear, for there where you dwell you can do much; let your children be the ones to spread the good news to distant lands. Remember that I have said that the first will be last and the last first.

25. Today the multitudes come before My teaching; those who suffer the most, those who hunger and thirst for justice, those who dream of a peaceful life remain to continue listening to My word.

26. Among these poor, rude and simple people I am selecting those through whom I give you My word.

27. The Divine Master of all periods returns among you to communicate with mankind, guiding the spirit in this manner toward a new day.

28. Prepare your understanding so that you can analyze My word with righteousness; I have already said that the spiritual followers will be the ones who will give a just interpretation to the lessons which your Father has revealed to you in this era and in past times. He who reads in My book and on analyzing it does it with a spiritual meaning, will be the one who approaches the truth.

29. In order to succeed in defining this Doctrine truthfully, first you have to struggle within yourselves, and sometimes you will even reach a state of confusion, but he who in the midst of his turmoil is vigilant and prays trusting in Me, will feel that in his spirit calmness and peace penetrates.

30. The unleashed elements will cause the trees to shed their vain fruits and their dry leaves, until they are free from impurities. Are you not aware that tomorrow, when you cease to hear this word, you will be left alone in the pathway, teaching your brethren what you learned from Me? I will always be within each one of you; the Master will prepare the way and the disciple will fulfill his mission.

31. I promised to enlighten men so that all would know and understand the revelations of My Doctrine and this is the time in which that promise has been fulfilled, this era which man did not wait for, because he has lost himself in a life of science from which he has built a new world and in which the spirits were anxious for My return, for they knew that for them My teaching is their freedom, their elevation and from which they will attain peace.

32. Some have awaited this era, while inhabiting the spiritual realm, others have waited for the miracle while inhabitants of this Earth. Blessed are those who were able to wait with their lighted lamp, like the prudent virgins of the parable.

33. Also during the Second Era the spirits anxiously awaited the coming of the Messiah; some in the material world, others from the spiritual mansions; it is that Christ is the door, He is the key, He is the way and the spirits know it.

34. Within Me is the power to awaken the spirit of mankind and in truth I say to you that the hour approaches, and there will not be one who will not be moved by My call. Some will awaken from the materialism which made them lethargic; others from their drunkenness for blood and diversion, others will awaken from their sleep of ignorance, whose night of darkness and fanaticism has been very long.

35. At the moment that the spiritual light shines on mankind, prayers will emerge from the spirits and they will ask the Father what they should do to please Him and thus be able to approach His presence.

36. Analyze My word, O disciples, and you will find wisdom in its essence, so that your spirit may be instructed in the Father's Doctrine of love, for it is your spirit to whom I have come to speak, to instruct, preparing it for a more elevated life.

37. You realize that the body is only an instrument for the spirit, proof of it is that it is mortal and temporary, on the other hand, the spirit is destined for eternity.

38. How ignorant of the spiritual teachings I find this humanity, and it is because it has been taught that My Law and My Doctrine are only a morality that will be of use as an aid, and not as the path that will guide its spirit toward the perfect mansion.

39. The different religions have come sowing a false fear toward spiritual knowledge within the heart of man, which has caused them to flee from My revelations and to be submerged in the confusion of their ignorance, arguing that the spiritual life is a profound mystery.

40. Those who affirm this are lying. All the revelations that God made to men since the beginning of mankind, speak of the spiritual existence. It is true that I had not revealed all My teaching to you, because you were not capable of knowing it all, until the time arrived. But what the Father has revealed up to now is enough for you to have a complete knowledge of the spiritual life.

41. O beloved people: You may call this time opportune, for in it you have had the visit of your Father, and if you wish to designate this date as a great event, record it as the year of 1866, which was when Elijah affirmed that the moment of My presence among this people was near. Since then I have been selecting My disciples so that they will faithfully follow Me along this path.

42. Do you wish to follow Me? Do you wish to be of My disciples? Seek Me with the gentleness and the confidence with which Peter, Andrew, James and John followed Me, leaving behind them their loved ones, their fishing boats and nets in order to become as I said to them, fishermen of men.

43. Today I come to prepare a people, who will give testimony to My truth. By what means am I going to manifest Myself in the world if it is not through My disciples?

44. I want you to meditate deeply in My word before you initiate the path of fulfillment; be prepared because men are strong in their convictions. Develop yourselves in thought, as well as in words and deeds, thus you will have nothing to fear.

45. Yes, My people, I can see that you are attempting to practice My teachings, to live complying with My Law in order to please Me with your deeds. The Master blesses you and He encourages you to be perseverant in your regeneration so that you can attain spirituality.

46. After the departure of My word, you will do what My apostles of the Second Era did: they would gather to pray and in that manner they would receive the Divine light which guided them in each one of their steps. By means of the spiritual prayer which is what I have come to teach you, they communicated with their Lord, they were animated by His presence and they were able to understand what was the will of their Master. Now you realize why I adopted them as the base or foundation of My Church. Are you aware that I wish to form a new temple? Who will form the foundation of this sanctuary? I will chose the strong, the faithful in virtue, those who are understanding and charitable because their examples will be worthy of imitating.

47. The secret sanctuary of your Father is about to overflow its heritage upon the spirit of mankind.

48. In your Nation I have fulfilled My promise to return among men, but those who have had the grace to listen to My teaching, should not, because of this, feel privileged among the rest of mankind, because the essence of My word will reach every heart at its designated time, saying to them: Welcome, My children, who without weariness reach my presence to hear My word. You are My disciples chosen from among the great multitudes who have come to Me and your heart full of faith, firmly believing in this manifestation, receives My word and My maxims as the seed of truth.

49. You arrived with a burden of suffering and imperfections, with a hunger and thirst for peace and tenderness, and the Master did not stop to behold your blemishes before seating you at his table and serving you the best nourishment. You related to the Father all about your life and the vicissitudes along the pathway; you showed the nakedness of your spirit, whose clothing was torn to shreds by the hurricane winds. Deeply moved the Father took you to the fountain where you cleansed your stains, He gave you new and clean clothing and seating you around Him, He gave you the first lesson which was for you like a kiss, like a caress and like a drop of healing balsam.

50. Thus I began to form within the heart of each disciple My book of wisdom and love which you should never close because its contents are not only for you. In its pages there is fortitude for your ordeals and light to dissipate your ignorance.

51. I come to you because your brethren who possess the knowledge, have concealed the truth from mankind and have filled their hearts with egotism. I have not come to sell you My love, nor My word, nor My benefits. I only expect you to be prepared so that I can send you to other regions and villages to convey to your brethren the good news of My Doctrine, for in all the world there are men who await My return. I wish that by 1950, which is the time that I will cease to communicate in this manner, you will find yourselves strong in order to begin the struggle.

52. I have separated you from fanaticism and from idolatry to fill your heart with the essence of My teaching so that you may elevate yourself to your Father, offering Him a cleansed, spiritual and simple worship. In the same way that I have taught you, I want you to teach your brethren.

53. When the elements are unleashed, be united, O disciples, and through your good deeds, elevation, faith and unification, I will spread among you My miracles which will be a testimony for the unbelievers that I am with you.

54. The revelations confined within My secret sanctuary and which are reserved for you, are still a mystery because you have not become worthy of them.

55. The day that I cease to speak to you in this manner, is not far away, I want you to be prepared by then, so that there is not a single disciple who is ignorant of how to pray before the Father.

56. The ordeals of life are tempering your spirit. Do not rebel nor complain about them because afterward, when the whirlwind has passed, you will weep with regret for having offended Me with your lack of faith. Remember that I have provided you with weapons so that you will be able to defend yourselves, they are: prayer and faith.

57. Pray and if the storm lashing against your home batters the door down, in truth I say to you that the flame of your lamp, apparently weak, will not be extinguished.

58. When you behold those whom you have converted withdrawing from the pathway and with contempt throwing away the bread which you had offered them, your heart is filled with pain and you sorrowfully come before the Master to place your troubles in Him, but the Master says to you: If it is ingratitude which guides the steps of these, do not fear, allow them to leave, be vigilant and pray for them, but if they have left you for lack of your concern and example, for that you will answer to Me.

59. If some throw the bread away and depart, others will come, they will gather the crumbs and with them they will attain peace and happiness. Those who left will return in search of My laborers because along the desert hunger and thirst will surprise them. You who have not been sent to judge the faults of your brethren, will welcome them with good will. He who is sick, you will heal and he who is hungry, you will nourish.

60. If in spite of having given your help they deny you, forgive them. I will be the one who will judge their cause.

61. Your spiritual past is a mystery for you, that is why I say to you that you should accept your ordeals with meekness, because you are in a time of judgment and of spiritual restitution.

62. The time in which you came to the world to receive honors, enjoyments, pleasures, or to accumulate riches, has passed; today you come to live in humility, to purify yourselves, to elevate yourselves through the ordeals and to serve your Lord being useful to your fellowmen.

63. Write within your heart a book with your good deeds and it will give you peace in this existence and infinite happiness in eternity.

64. If someone accumulates riches in exchange for My word and My gifts, I will say to you again as I did during the Second Era: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." How meritorious it is to see before Me those who yesterday enjoyed satisfactions, honors and comforts and today they follow My footsteps with gentleness and humility.

65. Among you are some whom I have tested like Job, for it is not My will that the spirits become lethargic, I want them to be diligent along the pathway.

66. There will come a moment for each one in which the voice of the Judge will ask you not only for the word that He as the Master delegated to you, but also what you did toward the fulfillment of your mission.

67. Prepare your spiritual gifts of vision, intuition and presentiment, so that you will be given to know in a figurative sense the test which pertains to you, and you with your prayer will be able to overcome it.

68. Allow My word to guide you, since you are already convinced that I am revealing it for your own good.

69. These teachings seem new to you because you have forgotten them; but today during the Third Era I have come to reveal them to you again. I have prepared for you a great domain to which I invite you, so that in it you will learn to sow the seed of eternity which I am entrusting to you.

70. I come to prepare My new disciples, so that through their faith and charity they can attain power over the illnesses of the body and the spirit and over the elements of creation.

71. Understand that it is not time for you to live in ignorance anymore; today you live in the era of light, of the great revelations that My teaching offers you. Can you imagine the wisdom that you could have attained, if since the first era you had practiced My lessons, complying with My Law? However, you have surrendered to worldly enjoyments and have remained stationary along the road of your spiritual evolution. That is why today that I have returned with My new lesson, this will seem strange to you, incomprehensible and beyond your way of living. But it would be enough if you meditate on a single one of My lessons for you to acknowledge the truth of My word, then you will see that there is nothing strange about My Doctrine, but rather your way of being outside of My Law.

72. Come to My domain, remember My teaching that you had forgotten, erase all bad seed and I will demonstrate the teaching that up to now you have not contemplated. Thus I will bring you out of your lethargy, of your fanaticism, to allow you to penetrate into a true life, that which you should have lived since the beginning of your creation.

73. Do you see how humble this word is which flourishes from the lips of the spokesmen? Truly I say to you that in its simplicity, it will convey light upon men, so that they may understand My revelations which by means of science and theology, were not able to comprehend.

74. The good disciples, the perseverant, the faithful, will be the ones who will analyze this Doctrine. They will also be humble, but in spite of their simplicity, they will surprise their brethren with the wisdom of their interpretations.

75. My people will not only speak about My teachings, but also with their deeds they will teach mankind how My Law should be fulfilled and respected. Without egotism, they will be able to give all that they have received from their Father and they will demonstrate their zeal for the truth and purity of the treasure entrusted to them.

76. Teach your brethren with good and elevated deeds. Keep in mind that right here you should purify your spirit so that it will be worthy to proceed to another mansion along its path of spiritual evolution.

77. Take from My teaching the necessary strength to remove the obstacles that you find along your path; you well know that the weapon that conquers all is love, it will be a great joy for the one who comes out triumphant in that struggle and comes before Me as the victorious warrior after having won that battle.

78. Remember that it is I who has given you the weapon of love and in addition I have taught you to fight to win the great battles. Then what are you seeking along other roads when I am giving you everything along the path of truth?

79. I come to manifest Myself through the faculty of the lowly, I come to open the eyes of those blind to the light of truth, so that they will be purified of their sins, feeling themselves loved by their Lord. Were you not told during the Second Era, that the day would come in which every eye would see Me? He who is cleansed will see Me and that will be his reward; he who bears blemishes within his heart, will also see Me and that will be his salvation. He who opens his eyes before My light, penetrates into the mystery and knows the reason for My revelations. He, knowing My truth will walk firmly in the future.

80. Interpret My teaching justly, do not think that My Spirit is pleased seeing your suffering on Earth or that I have come to deprive you of all that is gratifying to you and thus be delighted with it. I come to make you recognize and respect My laws, for they are worthy of your respect and observance and because obeying them will bring you happiness and eternal peace.

81. Through Jesus I taught you to give God what is God's and to Caesar what is Caesar's, but for men of today, only Caesar exists and they have nothing to offer their Father. If only you would give to the world what is just, your worries here would be less, but Caesar has dictated absurd laws to you, he has converted you into his slaves and he takes your life without giving you any compensation.

82. Observe how different is My Law, which does not enslave the body or the spirit, it only convinces with love and guides you with gentleness; it gives you everything in exchange for nothing, it rewards and compensates you along the pathway.

83. O disciples: Understand and study My lessons. I wish to form a group of people who will be the depositary of My wisdom, for everything will be prepared so that you can fulfill great missions. Do not be intimidated by the first sound of the alarm; learn to go and meet the one who is your so-called enemy and forgive him, love him and acquaint him with My teachings.

84. Thus I want you to be prepared for the day of My departure. All of you know that 1950 is the date indicated by My will to cease communicating through a human faculty, and as My word is always fulfilled, that day will terminate this communication which marked for you the beginning of the Third Era.

85. Do not try to change that date, nor try by any method to retain the manifestation of My word by this means or that of the spiritual realm. I say to you now, that those who do it thus, will not be illuminated by the light of the Master.

86. Why must you fall into such a profanation, when I have announced and promised that after this period you will communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit even when you have not been faculties?

87. I will also say at this moment that the prophets of this period have the responsibility to be prepared, for they have the mission to warm the multitudes of the ordeals which await them. I will reveal great prophecies to them, in order to help you not to fall into temptation.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 26

1. O disciples: after listening to My teaching and judging your past before the light of My word, spiritually you have said: "The leaf of a tree does not move without the will of God."

2. You think thus because you begin to understand, that the hardships which you are enduring as a bitter cup, have been like steps which have brought you closer to the Tree of Life, where the Master awaits you to grant you your heritage.

3. When you have arrived before the manifestation of My word, all of you have asked yourselves what could be the reason for My return and while listening to My greeting which states: "My peace be with you," those who recognize the value which peace offers, are filled with joy, while those who only believe in acquiring material benefits, ask Me with disappointment inwardly, if I have come to offer you only peace.

4. These who think thus do not offend Me, because their incomprehension arises from their ignorance and this is precisely the confusion that I have come to combat, illuminating the spirits with the light of My Doctrine.

5. O hearts which today are hardened by the passions and vicissitudes that have embittered your life: Understand that you will attain the peace when you have obtained spiritual elevation.

6. Peace in your spirit speaks to you of light, of morality, of virtues. He who does not aspire to reach that state of elevation, shall not dream of enjoying My peace, for he is still captive to the impulses of the flesh and to the false visions of happiness which the physical world offers.

7. He who fosters within his inner self an ardent desire for peace, tired of worldly pleasures, is the one who seeks the liberation of his spirit, anxious to reach the goal for which he was created.

8. From the beginning 6f mankind, there have been few who have sought peace or once they have attained it, remained in it, because man only seeks it when pain overcomes him. That is why you behold how, after one of your inhuman, destructive and unjust wars, thousands of beings arise thirsty for peace, which they were not able to esteem before, because they were not aware of the value that Divine gift holds.

9. You must understand that it is not in the knowledge of men where you will find peace, since the fountain from which it derives, is spiritual. Gold, human knowledge, science, the power of men, have not been sufficient to obtain that grace which you will only attain by practicing good deeds, guiding yourselves during your lifetime along the path of love which My Law designates.

10. It will not come as a surprise that men whom mankind regard as wise men, when they come looking for My revelations in search of My peace, they will take their place as beginners to study the first lessons of the Book of Life.

11. No one better than I, knows the infinite thirst which exists among mankind. My compassion like a ray of hope penetrates each heart, to make him conscious of the nearness of the struggle through which he will attain the true peace and the liberation of his spirit.

12. My teaching is the voice of the celestial trumpet, which has been heard by the spirits to whom I have announced that the day of judgment, of atonement and also of salvation has arrived.

13. Everything had been prophesied, but you preferred to wait for the events without being prepared, to be able to face the struggle and obtain your freedom. You lacked faith, obedience to My Law of love and today you find yourselves weeping for your faults.

14. The multitudes that congregate to hear My Divine lessons, appear to you great in number, but how small they are if you compare them with your brethren who are lacking My peace.

15. In these multitudes I have placed My peace; some have been able to safeguard it, others forsake it as soon as they cease to hear My word and enter into the routines of life. They are those who, on returning to the humble place where I manifest Myself, ask Me: Lord, why is it that only when I am listening to you I find the peace, or is it that it only exists in these places? And I answer them that if only at the hour of listening to My word they have found peace, it is because only at that moment their spirit is cleansed from the influence of the flesh. Then on leaving the threshold of these houses of prayers, they return to their life of imperfections, egotism, passions, resentment and vices, without putting into practice the precepts of the Doctrine which they heard, because listening does not mean learning, and only he who analyzes and puts into practice My Doctrine, will truly be named My disciple, because he will always be spiritually prepared to convey to his brethren the example of dedicating their life to the fulfillment of My teachings.

16. In this lesson you will find the knowledge of the moral responsibility that you have pledged, for having received within your heart the gift of My peace, which you must share with your brethren.

17. Understand and analyze how many times I have said to you: Welcome to the humble dwelling converted into a house of peace and prayer where I manifest Myself as the Master.

18. Through My word you have understood your mission and the restitution which falls upon your spirit. Today you recognize that in order to reach Me, it is necessary to attain the purity that will make you worthy of entering the mansion of the just, which is the land promised to your spirit.

19. Not all who listen are with Me, "for the thought of some is far away On the other hand, there are those who are distant physically, but they are present in spirit.

20. If you knock at My door, I have also approached yours, not to ask but to give you what you need.

21. I come to give light to your spirit for I behold that it does not want to continue in darkness; it wishes to rise above the ignorance and impulses 6f the flesh, it wants to contemplate and understand the Father, knowing the purpose of its own existence.

22. Awaken, be aware of the time you are living in, so that when the moment comes in which men arise profaning and erasing all worship from the human heart, they will have nothing to take away from you, because your sanctuary and your worship will be spiritual. Then your spirit will be able to communicate directly with My Divinity; that will be its liberation.

23. You live in a world transformed by human science, this is its era, it is the time of its reign.

24. Men have erected a new Babel, a new tower of arrogance and vanity. From its loftiness they defy My power and humiliate the weak. Truly I say to you, that man will not reach Me through that path; it is not that I am against science, since it is the light that I, your Creator, have placed within the human mind, but that men have made bad use of it. I entrusted science to you as a tree which you should cultivate with love, respect and zeal so that from it would emerge fruits of good taste, those which give life. Do you believe that you have properly cultivated that tree? Behold that its fruits have been of destruction and pain, that instead of giving life they have sowed death. How erroneous human science is! But in spite of that, I bless it because it is a work of My children.

25. Materialism has enveloped mankind. From many hearts My name has been erased, men forget to pray, which is the spiritual way of conversing with God. My Doctrine and My examples through Jesus have been forgotten and those who try to persevere in My lessons and to comply with My Law, do so by means of idolatrous worship, seeking Me through forms and man-made images. Is that the way My Law should be fulfilled?

26. Many have made of Nature their God, exalting it as a creative fountain of all that exists. But in truth I say to you that this Nature from whose bosom have emerged all beings, the forces and material elements which surround you, is not herself creator, it was conceived and created before by the Divine Maker. It is not the cause nor the reason for life. Only I, your Father, am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega.

27. The shade of the tree of human science has enveloped mankind, the majority of its fruits have poisoned it, and the time approaches in which the sickle of justice will appear to cut out every impure branch and all imperfect fruit.

28. When man was innocent, his state of purity made him worthy of the grace of God. Science was not necessary for him to find the means of living, it was not necessary for his eyes or his intelligence to make an effort to penetrate the secrets of Creation to find the light which would illuminate the path of his earthly life.

29. Nature, like a gentle mother, brought its bosom nearer the lips of the child to nourish him, but the child grew and seduced by the external beauty of the fruits of the tree of life, he extended his hand, plucked and tasted them, awakening the need and eagerness for knowledge within his heart and all his being; the age of innocence passed and a new stage began for man, that of science, in which the spirit was desirous to know the human existence and its mysteries. That was the beginning of the struggle, experiences, development, evolution and restitution.

30. The child who placed his happiness in feeling the maternal caress, became the adolescent who filled with curiosity and anxiety, and amazed before the greatness of the existence which was a mystery to him, went forth along the pathways eager to learn. Who else but I, made possible for man to feel that ideal of knowledge and understanding? Everything was foreseen and prepared by Me to guide the steps of man on Earth; that is why at every step he found a surprise and a new wonder. There was no obstacle, necessity or difficulty without a solution. If man had his awakening for the world, there also surged within his spirit, in his anxiety and presentiment, a profound eagerness to learn and contemplate the existence which is beyond material creation, beyond the flesh and science.

31. Thus the spiritual worship toward God was born, so that through it the spirit woul4 be nourished and would attain elevated knowledge, living in accordance with the science inspired within My Law of love.

32. Not all men have conceived Me in the infinite, in the spiritual and in the invisible, that is why since the beginning of mankind, while some have sought Me beyond what is physical, others have done it by means of material worships. These are the ones who searched for Me in the stars, in the elements and in other creatures, until they realized that whoever had created all that they venerated, must be in infinity, and it was He whom they should worship.

33. From time to time humanity was evolving in its beliefs and in the knowledge of the spiritual, perfecting its worship, illuminated by the Divine inspirations. Nevertheless, even now during this time many of My children feel Me only by means of forms, rituals, images and symbols. The fact is that the spirit, still distracted with traditions, is satisfied with what little he obtains with his limited elevation, but for him the moment of preoccupation with the mysteries has come, experiencing the need and going through ordeals, as he had never encountered before along his path; then he will awaken, and will arise to inquire and search as he did before when he wanted to know the reason for his existence on Earth.

34. What is it that you desire most on Earth during these moments? Peace, health and truth. Truly I say to you that these gifts will not be given to you by your science as you had imagined it.

35. Wise men question Nature and to each question she answers them; but behind those interrogations there are not always noble purposes, good feelings nor charity. Men are the small and foolish, who tear from the mother her secrets and profane her intimacy, not with the purpose of honoring her, taking from her fountains the elements to do good toward one another, as true brethren, but with egotistical purposes and sometimes evil.

36. All of Creation speaks to them about Me and its voice is of love, but how few have been able to listen and understand that language!

37. If you consider that Creation is a temple where I dwell, do you not fear that Jesus will appear there wielding a whip to drive out the traders and those who profane it?

38. O My beloved people, analyze and understand My teaching, open your understanding and allow My light to penetrate there; that light will speak through your deeds, although your word may be humble. It pleases Me that your speech is simple, for it will be your spirit that will give testimony of Me.

39. The destiny of each one of you is different, but the goals of everyone is the same: to reach God.

40. Some of you suffer and with it you restitute for your faults against My Law in previous times, others drink the cup of bitterness, due to the wickedness of their brethren; the first are purifying themselves in the ordeals of life, the second will have to drain the same bitter cup which they made their fellowmen drink, but truly I say to you that the loving and perfect justice of your Father is manifested in one and all.

41. "Love one, another." Comply with My Law of love, so that the light of peace and harmony shines in the East where now there is confusion and the bitterness of war. Feel the pain of mankind and observe how they seek a savior, like the lost sheep that weep, calling for their shepherd.

42. How much pain overwhelms mankind during this era! No sooner is a child born when already he begins to drain his cup of bitterness because of his brethren. Some lose their mother before feeling the first caress, others turn deaf with the clamor of war, without having heard the sweet maternal lullaby.

43. The paradise of the first people became a valley of tears and now it is only a valley of blood: That is why today when I have come to fulfill the promise that I made to My disciples, I awaken mankind from their lethargy, giving them My teachings of love, to save them, and I seek the spirits who are destined to arise during this period to give testimony of My manifestation and My word with their deeds. When those chosen by Me find themselves reunited round My Law, the Earth and the stars will be shaken and in the sky there will be signs, because at that instant the voice of the Divine Spirit, surrounded by the spirits of the just, of the prophets and the martyrs, will judge the spiritual and material realms.

44. Then the time of the Holy Spirit will reach its plenitude. In order for you to make known to your brethren this prophecy, I ask you: When will you arise to fulfill your mission as the disciples of this period? When will you make your brethren listen to you and be moved before the voice of their own conscience? When are you going to convey this word of light and love to mankind?

45. It is My will that you unite so that in each house of prayer and in each congregation the taste of your fruit will be only one. Why should they offer a different taste when all are branches of the same vine?

46. Study, practice and arise in unity so that your strength may be respected. Do not allow false manifestations to rise from My Divinity within the bosom of sects or religions, do not be the cause of false prophets arising, surprising the multitudes with their word.

47. Be alert, o seers. If you have been tested by your Father, if your people have denied you, do not fear, remember that Jesus was denied in His homeland, and He had to go to other lands in order to be believed. He said to you, "No one is a prophet in his own land."

48. If they are doubtful about your virtues, there will be hearts who will truly believe you; some of you will enter into strange lands where you will find more trust in your testimony than in the bosom of this people.

49. In order to help you in your mission the Master has given you His teaching and He is never tired of doing it for He is the Word of the Father.

50. O My beloved disciples: provide the sick with the healing balsam, do it with love, with true spiritual preparation, so that the needy may experience the Divine consolation.

51. On some occasions I have permitted true miracles to be realized, without your preparation having made you worthy of it; but now I say to you that you must not neglect your preparation, because I will surprise you, I will test you by not granting what you hoped for, to make you understand that you do not know how to prepare yourselves to impart a true act of charity.

52. Do not allow that only the sick be the one who because of his pain makes himself worthy of My benefits, you should unite to his merits your charity and in both My grace will be manifested.

53. Maintain your spiritual and material preparation, for you may not be aware of the moment in which you will need to perform an act of charity and it would be very pleasing for Me, to make you keepers of My balsam, of the peace or that which your brethren need most. Understand the magnificence of the mission that you have come to fulfill during your restitution, so that you may embrace your cross, with all the love of which you are capable.

54. Here in the world, you do not perceive the voice of your conscience as clearly as you will hear it when you are in spirit, that is why many times you neglect the fulfillment of your mission; but keep in mind that regardless of how far away may be the date of your departure to the hereafter, it will always be awaiting you, and when you open your eyes in a new world, you will only receive the light that you have obtained in your struggle and you will possess the peace of which you are deserving through the merits that you have gained.

55. Do you know how I want you to approach the next mansion where I await you? Filled with peace, illuminated by the light of wisdom, which should glow in every cleansed spirit, without doubts, without tears.

56. No one should think that in coming to this world, My Work came as a surprise giving him a mission; no, that would be to be at fault showing ignorance, living in the light. I have come only to make you recognize what you received in spirit before you were sent to Earth.

57. Now then, O beloved disciples, if your spirit came for that purpose because I ordered it that way, and each one of you desired it and accepted it thus, keep in mind that you must not return to Me without having complied with the mission that you promised to fulfill, otherwise it would be very painful for your spirit.

58. Analyze My word, do not let anything or anyone hinder you in the fulfillment of your mission, that nothing makes you renounce all that as a reward, belongs to those who knew how to be warriors of God in the world, apostles of His truth.

59. In order to help you in your restitution I am giving you My word, and its light will guide you toward perfection.

60. Hear Me tirelessly and learn from Me. Listen to Elijah and follow his example of virtue so that you can imitate him, as pastors of a portion of spirits which My will has destined for you.

61. I behold everyone with love and I say to you, that during this era I have not only come to caress and give you My peace, but I also come to teach you, to make you understand that you are possessors of spiritual gifts with which you should help mankind in its tribulation, to guide it toward its final restitution.

62. The time of great trials is at hand, and the spirit is still weak. Great afflictions and disorders await it, and that is why I approach as an ark of salvation to protect My children and help them to evolve along the spiritual path.

63. All the spirits have been made deserving of My justice; even that of the infants, in their mother's arm, have experienced pain.

64. I am preparing you, o disciples, to spread My Doctrine of love and peace to all nations, so that through your compliance you can save your brethren. Approach the humble and the great; many times you will find yourselves before scientific men, and before them you must give proof of spirituality. How ashamed some will feel when they realize the futility of their material knowledge and they will confess that what science could not accomplish in healing and in the solution of the problems which afflict mankind, was achieved by the love and charity of My disciples.

65. This Nation, little known in the world, will have plentiful blessings. Its soil will be prosperous and its coffers will be opened to send nourishment to the nations devastated by war; the spirit of its dwellers inspired by My love, will convey thoughts of light to the needy, and when the time for preaching comes, they will carry My word and with it comfort and heal those who suffer.

66. Many foreigners will come to join with you in your ideas of peace and harmony. Spirituality, as a beneficial seed will be spread and the truth that it preaches will be acknowledged. Then the son will be able to love Me with purity and the fountain of grace from which all righteousness originates, will be spread upon mankind.

67. I want you to fulfill your mission during this period, and when you pass on to the hereafter you will continue your spiritual work. Teach your brethren that only one Law filled with justice governs all spirits, that everyone occupies a place in My Creation and each one is stimulated by Me in its compliance. Everything obeys the Divine immutable laws.

68. If humanity during this time of trials judges you unjustly and holds you responsible for the war of ideas, for the destruction of nations and lack of peace, do not be intimidated or confused, remain prayerful and vigilant. Do not fear, if you are complying with My Law.

69. Understand that I have permitted wars to become unleashed for the spirit of mankind to purify itself. Every nation, institution and dwelling, are touched by My justice to reveal the degree of progress in which they find themselves.

70. Be active as I have taught you; regenerate the sinners; mend lives, and bring before Me those who have parted. And when this phase has passed, the light of knowledge and experience will be within all spirits, My Doctrine will inspire men, and there will be no adulterations, or unrighteous interpretations of My Law.

71. If sometimes I call you children, it is because before My Divinity, you are still small, and before eternity your existence is very short. Do you not at times evaluate your happiness in a trifle? Do you not sometimes weep for something that should not be cause for your pain?

72. Truly I say to you, that I have not come only to seek the poor and the humble, but also the one who has excelled in the world, whether through his power or his knowledge. I am calling all, so that they can obtain the purification of their spirit.

73. If among the poor I have allowed Myself to be felt through what little they possessed, to prepare and awaken them, also those who have accumulated material benefits I will touch so that they may heed My call. He who is deaf to My voice I will lift from this world and in the spiritual realm I will indicate to him the work that he failed to fulfill on Earth.

74. May this teaching serve you as a lesson; accumulate merits before leaving this world; leave hope, health and peace as a mark of your passage; if you do not do it, you will weep tomorrow.

75. Your heart should be strengthened to resist the trials awaiting it. I have said that you will suffer persecutions and slander, that you will be blamed for the religious confusion that is to take place; but I will be watchful over you and will allow you to go forward.

76. Remove from your heart the horror that you might feel for those who suffer diseases that you call revolting and reject the repulsion that you might experience in finding yourselves before the homicidal or the one who has gone mad in vices. Extend your hand, give to them deeply felt words. Pray for them. Only I am aware what is concealed in each one of those existences, only I know the causes for their downfall.

77. Only I can forgive and absolve those who are persecuted and condemned by human justice.

78. I am strengthening your spirit with My word, for you still have much to experience and feel within your heart.

79. I am sensitizing your feelings which are lethargic because of your materialism. Yesterday you did not feel the affliction of others, but soon your eyes will shed many tears for the suffering of your fellowmen.

80. The fields are abundant and the laborers are few, be of those laborers who will learn to sow this blessed seed, do it now while you live on Earth, so that you may reach the hereafter with merits.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 27

1. O beloved disciples: I am opening your eyes to the light of My teaching, so that you may separate truth from falsity; the light of your conscience, feelings and intuition that you possess will be that which will indicate the right path and reveal the good fruits.

2. From the true knowledge of My Doctrine humility will be born within you, because you will feel so small before your Creator, and in spite of that, so dignified and gifted by Him, that you will not dare lift your gaze toward the Father, if you consider it impure.

3. Vanity is harbored in those who, believing themselves to have reached the complete knowledge of the truth, have considered themselves wise, strong, infallible, great and absolute, without realizing that many times they are confused.

4. I do not desire that from among these people who have barely begun to develop under the light of these lessons, will tomorrow emerge men who are confused because of their vanity, boasting that they were the reincarnation of Christ, or that they are the new Messiahs.

5. Whoever commits such acts, will be those who, believing they have reached the understanding of all My truth, in reality, are far from the path indicated by Christ, which is of humility.

6. Study the life of Jesus on Earth and you will find a profound and unforgettable lesson of humility.

7. Jesus knew who He was, where He came from and for what purpose He came, nevertheless He never walked in the market places or in the streets, proclaiming with pride that He was the Son of God, the Messiah, or the Savior, but with His deeds He gave a perfect testimony of His Doctrine of love and charity. With His works He let it be known who He was and when someone approached to ask Him: Are you the Christ? Jesus readily answered him: You have said it.

8. That is to say, while men would say it with their lips, He would approve it with His works, without which all their words would lack value.

9. Keep in mind all this, o beloved people, so that once you are dedicated to the struggle, you will not allow yourselves to be surprised by temptations nor permit your heart to receive the reward which belongs only to the spirit.

10. To prevent you from falling into this weakness, I will allow this form of My communication with you to have its limit, although there exist those who are able to fulfill this mission with true humility, there are also those who have believed themselves to be gods before the multitudes; but when they see that what they had yesterday they do not possess anymore, they will come to realize that in order to attain an everlasting communication with the Father, it is necessary to have humility.

11. Everyone knows that I have indicated a day for this communication to come to an end, that date will be 1950, but you will see how those who became conceited and exalted with this manifestation, will not submit themselves to the will of the Father, because they will think that on losing that gift, they must return to their way of life, ignored by the multitudes and cease to be exalted by the people.

12. When that moment takes place, the spokesmen will say: Who will come to listen to us when the people realize that the Master does not speak through our mouth? And the guides will say: Who will come to our prayer houses when they find out that the word of the Father does not resound anymore through the mouth of His chosen ones? Today I say to one and the other that if that was the only means by which I manifest Myself to their spirit, I would never deprive you of it, but if I make it cease, it is a sign that something more elevated and perfect awaits you, something that you also know is the communication of spirit to Spirit with your Father.

13. O My people: form a book with My words and safeguard its contents within your spirit illuminated by the light of your conscience so that you will never profane My Work.

14. If you have believed in My manifestation in this manner, you must also believe that I will cease to speak to you as I have been doing up to now; and if you have believed in My presence when I have taught you through a human faculty, availing Myself of simple and imperfect beings, why do you not believe that you can receive My Divine inspiration from Spirit to spirit?

15. O disciples, I have already taught you for a long time. Do not limit yourselves only to hearing Me, analyze My word with love, study it deeply now that you are in the time when you can do it and not after you have fallen into temptation, for your task will be more difficult.

16. Study My teaching that you may interpret it rightly and with its light you will be able to understand the meaning of life and the purpose of its trials.

17. Many who behold the elements unleashed, the waters overflowing and devastating lands with their furious currents and men engaged in destroying themselves in cruel fratricidal wars, say that it is the wrath of God which is also unleashed.

18. I forgive those who interpret My justice in that way, but they will realize that all the suffering and vicissitudes that mankind endures, are due to their disobedience to My Law.

19. There are some who say: "Lord, if we have offended you so much with our imperfections, besides being the cause of all our hardships, Would it not be better if you destroy us? Why do you keep us in a state of pain?"

20. To those who ask Me thus I say: If I did not love you, I would make you disappear by only saying, "Let it be so"; but if in spite of your faults I continue to preserve you, that is proof that a high destiny awaits you.

21. My designs are perfect and My love for you is infinite, therefore, your imperfections will never have sufficient merit to alter the will of the Almighty. Unceasingly you stray from the pathway indicated by My Law, but in the end within the perfection of My justice you will find My love.

22. Mankind has always been subjected to trials, in which besides purifying its spirit, it has attained the light of experience, that which during this period will help it to understand the wise, just and perfect lessons that life offers. It is for that reason that I have said that you must struggle against darkness with your sword of light, in addition to remaining watchful and prayerful so as not to fall into temptation.

23. If you wish to delve deeper into the reason for your ordeals, remember that you are in the time of restitution of all your past faults. Whenever you have faith in what I am explaining, a sweet conformity and an infinite peace will invade your being, knowing that I am the only One who knows your past and can judge it with love.

24. Behold at this time the exiled kings, princes without hope of reigning, the wealthy in ruin and the powerful in their sickbed. Who knows the restitution which exists within those tests to which they are subjected? Only I know; but I want you all to know that with sincere repentance, with good deeds, with regeneration and spirituality, you can shorten your restitution until you obtain your freedom from pain, and with it peace.

25. With these lessons I am clarifying the teachings which you have received since the most remote times, but which men had concealed from you, preventing mankind from finding the path of salvation.

26. Do you not believe, O My beloved people, that if in this time you have been of the first to understand this truth, that knowledge obligates you to convey this light to the battlefields and to the people without peace?

27. To do that, scrutinize My word, but always do it with the purpose of reaching the truth.

28. Strengthen your faith in My word, so that in the future, when you hear arguments against this Work, you will not weaken.

29. You say to Me: Master, what is it that we could hear against your perfect Doctrine that could possibly put our faith in danger?

30. You think in that manner, now, O beloved disciples, for you are still unaware of the tempests and the struggle that approaches; now you come in peace to hear My word, to rejoice with My lesson, but I prepare and put you on the alert, so that no one may surprise you. Among you are many innocent ones, many of good faith, of noble sentiments, men and women without malice, who are unfamiliar with perversity and treachery of which men are capable, and if they do not prepare themselves, they will be easy prey for those who arise against this Doctrine, they will be as helpless sheep before hungry wolves.

31. It is more convenient for you to learn now, from Me, what you will hear tomorrow; be prepared with the light of My teaching for the struggle, let nothing harm you when you are attacked and they try to dishearten you.

32. Do not be disturbed when they tell you that He who has spoken to you during this period has been the tempter and that it was prophesied that he would also perform miracles, with which he would perturb and confuse the very chosen ones. Truly I say to you, that many who think in that way about My manifestation will be those who actually are in the service of evil and in darkness, although their lips try to assure that they are always spreading the truth.

33. Do not forget that the tree is known by its fruits, and I say to you: The fruit is this word which has come to vibrate through the faculties of these spokesmen, men and women of simple heart. By the fruits and spiritual progress of those who have tasted it, mankind will recognize that I am the Tree.

34. The Spiritual, Trinitarian, Marian Doctrine will be spread, causing a real alarm among many who believing they studied and understood the lessons which they had previously received from the Father, have become conceited with the knowledge of their philosophies and their sciences, unaware of the spiritual evolution that mankind has reached. On awakening from their lethargy they will become aware of the manner in which the spirit of men thinks and feels today; they will hurl anathemas against what they call "new ideas" and they will declare that this movement is being provoked by the Anti-Christ. Then they will go back to the Scriptures, to the prophecies and to My word which I gave you during the Second Era, to try to combat My new manifestation, My new lessons and all that I promised and which today I am fulfilling.

35. Through the lips of My disciples and by means of writings, My word will reach even those who admit nothing beyond what is material or from their knowledge and concepts which they have already accepted, and they will call Me a false God for bringing you this word. But when you hear this, even if your heart feels hurt, your faith will not suffer any discouragement, recalling with emotion that your Master already had announced it to you and strengthened you with His word, to resist those tests. On the other hand I say that even if along your way you find falsity, hypocrisy, superstition, religious fanaticism and idolatry, do not judge anyone because of his errors; instruct them with My word and leave their cause to Me, for I am the only One who judges you and who knows who is the false God, the false Christ, the unrighteous apostle, the hypocritical Pharisee.

36. You need only to interpret My teaching in the most simple manner, in order for the Divine seed to fructify through your deeds and by its essence the One who inspired it to you may be recognized.

37. The heart of this people will not be sterile, I know, because I have called and gathered them. There will be moments when many, even without My Work will be confused, but in the end they will be saved from the whirlwind and filled with light they will arise in search of the paths that lead to other lands, spreading My Doctrine to other groups of peoples, with a Divine message of spiritual fraternity and peace. They will teach that everything material has a limit, that they have made bad use of freedom of will and that today I have come to put a stop to your rapid pace, allowing My will to be done; but I do not come against you, but for the good of will that the spirit contributes to attain its salvation.

44. I find you confused, because you have adopted the books in which your brethren have printed their errors, those which for a long time you have regarded as the pure truth; but the days approach when man will have to correct his own dogmas, for the light of the new era will allow him to see the path of truth; because in the night in which his spiritual life finds itself, there will be enlightenment.

45. I give you this Doctrine to teach you to penetrate from your human existence into the spiritual life.

46. You are still more flesh than spirit and that is why you continually doubt the truth of this word and you ask yourself: Is it truly the Master who speaks to us? Then emerges a "yes" from the spirit that struggles against a "no" from the flesh.

47. I manifest Myself before you in a limited way, so that you will hear My word, in which I transmit My Divine thoughts that come once more to mark the pathway of your spiritual elevation.

48. I bless the one who believes in My communication in the same way as the one who doubts. I do not have any preference, I love everyone equally. I manifest Myself to the world not only to certain hearts, but to illuminate all the pathways with light, so that men can proceed toward the goal of spirituality and comply with the Divine mandate which says: "Love one another."

49. I am the Divine Sower of love and I know the time to sow and the time to gather the fruit. It was written that when men found themselves in the greatest degree of perversity, God would again give light to the world.

50. O disciples: It is time to sow; men seek and clamor for war; go and seek the human heart to sow peace and love within it.

51. If you are attacked, shield yourselves in the purity of My Doctrine. While men triumph by taking human lives, I will triumph by giving you eternal life.

52. The legions of righteousness are in action, they have entered the battle, but they come to save those who perish.

That is My Divine task. Have you forgotten that I have been called the Savior of mankind? What is so strange that the Shepherd seeks his sheep? Before you existed, I already loved you and your disobedience was already foreseen as well as your salvation.

53. When I manifested Myself in Jesus, He was said to be your King and you gave Him the cross as a throne; then I demonstrated all the power that love, forgiveness and gentleness has. In the same way that I allowed His blood to be shed, thus I give you My love without limitation.

54. Do you believe that in this time of afflictions, I will not be among you? Here I am, I have come like a spring of clear water to quench the spiritual thirst that consumes you. I have come to say to you: It is time to let your spirit evolve so that all its inactive faculties may awaken, for that purpose I have come to inspire you and explain spirituality to you.

55. Faith, thought and will are faculties of the spirit. Be great and strong with these gifts, and manifest them in all your deeds which should always be based on love.

56. You know the mission which I have imposed upon Myself.

57. I await you in eternity, but you have to struggle to reach Me, that is why I come to enlighten your path, so that you can follow it and always go forward.

58. Be pure in your thoughts, words and deeds, and you will be within My path; then you will be able to occupy the Kingdom of the Father, the mansion that I have destined for you.

59. Dominate your emotions, forsake your material pleasures and have concern for your brethren. Behold how the blood of My children is shed in this world, hear the sobs that escape from the suffering hearts. There are many nests with their lifeless birds, many children who suffer, many mothers who weep and many infants without a cradle.

60. Pray for them, so that the fraternal feelings of some and the maternal feelings of others, may be like a balsam of hope that will penetrate into their hearts.

61. Leave flashes of light for the traveler who is right behind you, then you will feel God in your heart and within your innermost being, the Father will find His true temple there. The conscience will be like the summit of the mount from which I will manifest Myself. Then man will be more spirit than flesh and more clarity than darkness.

62. In the same way that the breeze and the sunlight caress you, o My people, caress your fellowmen. This is the time in which the poor and the needy are abundant. Keep in mind that he who asks for a favor, is giving you the grace to be useful to others and to work toward your salvation. He gives you the opportunity to be merciful and with it you can imitate your Father; because man is born to scatter the seed of righteousness throughout the world. Understand then that he who asks, does you a favor.

63. He who says that he has done a favor by being charitable, lies, for he has barely complied with an obligation.

64. I will rejoice with My disciples, when the gentle and vibrant notes of spirituality emerge from their harmonious concert, for all those who are prepared will speak the language of the heart. Those who are not prepared will not be lost, because I am the one who can wait for the fruits to ripen, but these will regret their disobedience when they drain their cup of bitterness.

65. I am in everyone, but some will say, "I do not feel your presence," others will say: "I cannot see you"; But all will realize that I am in everyone and in everything created. Why do you try to see everything with your eyes and feel it with your senses? Try to see with the spirit, with your mind and with your heart.

66. Then you will see the unknown and you will feel it vibrating in all your being. When you realize how much I love you, you will not say again that your God punishes you.

67. Truly I say to you that wrath does not exist in Me, because that is a human weakness. You are the ones who ignite the flame of pain and afterward you clamor for Me to extinguish it, but it is My justice which manifests in you, that is why you have to extinguish the flame of hatred and emotions which you have ignited, with the water of virtue, with tears and even with blood.

68. During the Second Era I said to you: Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of God has nowhere to lay his head.

69. I leave you peace, I give you peace, in it you will find comfort and happiness. Be in My love, just as I am in your affliction.

70. Understand that I have penetrated your heart, without you noticing My arrival; in order to feel My presence you have to be vigilant but when I found you, you were asleep; that is why when I awoke you, you asked with surprise who had arrived, who was speaking to you in that manner.

71. I must remind you that I did not come to surprise you with an unexpected visit, long ago I made it known to you the signs which would precede My manifestation as the Holy Spirit; but seeing, you did not behold and hearing you did not listen.

72. If you examine the events which have affected your world in the past century, whose dates remain recorded in your annals, you will realize that truly, all that was prophesied by the Father has faithfully been fulfilled.

73. Truly I say to you, that while My communication lasts, I will not be believed, for it will be necessary for men to cleanse their heart and mind first, in order for them to comprehend My word.

74. To those who listen to My lessons day by day and still are continuously receiving proofs of My truth yet doubt and deny Me, I say to them that it is necessary for them to study the spiritual meaning of My teaching in order for them to understand its truth. In the same way I spoke to them during the Second Era when I said: It is necessary that I die in order to be believed and that I be resurrected on the third day, so that mankind may be convinced that I am the Son of God.

75. Those who are still far from spirituality, would like to behold Me in the form of Jesus to say to Me: Father, I believe in you, because I have seen you; I will say to them: Blessed are those who without seeing have believed, for they have given proof that thanks to their spirituality they have felt Me within their heart.

76. Do you understand now why man has found it necessary to make images which will represent Me? Because of his lack of preparation, because he is not sensitive to spiritual manifestations.

77. If man understood My Doctrine, he would not feel the need to sculpture or paint images and then kneel before them; he would discover that in the world there does not exist a more perfect image of the Father than man himself spiritually elevated, then he would attempt to imitate My deeds to draw nearer his Creator.

78. John, the apostle, penetrated into the spiritual; in his ecstasy he felt the presence of the Father, he felt weakened before His spiritual voice; but in spite of contemplating figures and forms in those visions, he did not understand that each image was only a symbol of a great book of wisdom and prophecy, but not the figure or the form of God.

79. The man that he beheld, the Lamb, the lion, the book, the stars, the elders, the candlestick and all that his amazed sight beheld, were only figures and forms existent on Earth known by men, which were adopted as symbols, to represent with them profound and Divine teachings; however, no one can contemplate My Divinity in all its splendor, because I am infinite, I have no beginning or end.

80. If the book of the prophecies of John has been regarded by some as an unfathomable mystery and considered by others with an erroneous interpretation, it must be because humanity has not yet attained the necessary spirituality to understand what is represented there and I can also tell you that not even the prophet understood what was revealed to him.

81. John heard and saw, and being ordered to write, instantly obeyed, but he understood that message to be for men who would come a long time after him.

82. Today you find yourselves in that period which was prophesied to you, and this Doctrine as the light of a new era,has the power of teaching you to read in that book which was closed to your comprehension for a long time. The hour approaches in which you will decipher all that you saw concealed behind a veil of mystery for such a long time.

83. Do you not in fact believe, that if John had understood the significance of the revelation that he received, he would have clearly explained its contents, instead of bequeathing to you a book of figures and symbols? Bear in mind that if he had explained with full clarity that revelation, what man of that period would have comprehended it and thus believed in the truth of that prophecy?

84. It was My will for that book to remain sealed and only its existence and part of its contents be revealed to you, so that when this period came, I would come to explain this revelation to you.

85. Awaken, O My people, spread this message to mankind, so that they will receive in their spirit the light of My word in this Third Era. Forget your human miseries and exclaim: Hosanna! Hosanna!, for at last your spiritual evolution will permit you to understand the true meaning of the teachings which I have allowed to become known, and whose light will guide you toward a perfect mansion in eternity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 28

1. O disciples: the time draws near in which your brethren will come before you anxious to question you, asking you for the testimony of the revelation which I am revealing to you during the Third Era, to illuminate their understanding. When this happens, do not deny Me by secluding yourselves; if during this stage of My manifestation I am indoctrinating you with so much love, it is precisely to teach you to transmit My teachings, each time that you are questioned.

2. lam reminding you to begin to practice My Doctrine, with the sole object of developing your spiritual gifts and faculties, so that once the time of propagating My word among mankind comes, your lips will not be hesitant and your understanding slow to manifest My truth.

3. Your mission is to imitate your Divine Master during His stay on Earth; remember that when I visited the homes, I always left in them a message of peace, I healed the sick, I consoled the sorrowful with the Divine power which love possesses.

4. Never did I fail to enter a home because I would not be believed there; I knew that on leaving that place, the heart of its dwellers would still be overflowing with joy, for unknowingly, their spirit had glimpsed the Kingdom of Heaven, through My teaching.

5. At times I went to their hearts, in others, they searched for Me; but in all cases My love was the bread of eternal life, that I delivered to them in the essence of My word.

6. On some occasions when I retired to the solitude of a valley, only at moments did I remain alone, because the multitudes, eager to hear Me approached their Master in search of the infinite gentleness of His gaze. I received them, pouring upon those men, women and children, the tenderness of My infinite charity, knowing that in each creature there was a spirit that I had come to seek in the world. Then I spoke to them about the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the true home of the spirit, in order for them to soothe their anxieties with My word and be strengthened with the hope of attaining eternal life. There were occasions when there was someone concealed among the multitude who harbored the intention of shouting denials of My truth, assuring that I was a false prophet; but My word would surprise him before he had a chance to open his lips. At other times, I permitted a blasphemer to offend Me, to prove before the multitude that the Master was not disturbed by offenses, thus giving them an example of humility and love.

7. There were some who ashamed before My gentleness, left immediately, repentant for having offended with their doubts the One who with His deeds was preaching the truth and as soon as an opportunity presented itself, they came to Me, they followed Me along the pathways, tearful, moved by My word, not even daring to speak and ask forgiveness for the insults which they had previously inflicted upon Me. I would call them, caress them with My word, and granted them a certain grace.

8. Those same roads are the ones which you now travel through, o My beloved people, they are pathways which have been prepared with My examples of love and which now await you, o disciples of the Holy Spirit, so that you may convey redemption to mankind with My word and your example.

9. Do not forget that the chaff and weeds will be destroyed only through deeds of love and charity which I taught you through Jesus.

10. You will find the roads full of rough stones and the fields covered with nettle, but your spirit guided by Elijah and strengthened in its faith, with the desire of delivering the balsam of love to those who suffer, will bathe the part of those who live in darkness, with the light of truth; it will not feel the thorns along the road nor the pain, which doubt and incomprehension might cause.

11. Travel along this path and the greater the number of hearts in which you spread charity, the greater your intuition will be and the deeper and more constant your faith in the deeds which I will manifest through you.

12. If before you started your mission it seemed impossible or difficult to fulfill, afterward it will seem easier each time, thus confirming your spiritual progress.

13. This is the time in which I will allow to incarnate on Earth all spirits with whom I will form My very beloved people, so that with their deeds of love and charity they will give humanity the testimony of the true knowledge of the spiritual life.

14. You, who were chosen to fulfill this mission and who have the knowledge and certainty of belonging to My people, delight yourselves with this revelation, but do not be intimidated before the struggle that approaches, for truly I say to you, that the warriors who should struggle for the truth, must not be afraid before the adversaries that mankind presents to them.

15. To all those who feel within your spirit the eagerness for spirituality, for freedom, to elevate yourselves to Me along the path of love, charity and justice, I declare you belong to My people and you will be warriors of the truth: but to succeed you must be watchful and pray, struggling against your weaknesses, so that the testimony that you give about My Doctrine will be truthful.

16. I will also tell you that anyone who wishes to belong to My people, will be welcomed and loved by them, when he gives testimony with his thoughts and deeds that the ideal of love is the light which illuminates the path of his existence.

17. In order for you to understand My lesson better, listen to My parable:


18. Two travelers walked slowing along an extensive desert, their feet were painful from the burning sands. They were headed toward a distant city, only the hope of reaching their destination encouraged them in their arduous journey, their bread and water were nearly exhausted. The younger of the two began to weaken, and he begged his companion to continue the journey alone, because his strength was failing him.

19. The older traveler tried to encourage the young man, telling him that perhaps they would find an oasis soon where they would regain their lost strength, but the latter did not take heart. He thought of leaving him in that lonely place but in spite of being also weary, he placed his dejected companion upon his shoulders and continued his journey laboriously.

20. When the young man was rested, thinking of the weariness he was causing the one who was carrying him upon his shoulders, he let go his neck, took him by the hand and thus they continued the journey.

21. A great faith encouraged the old one's heart, which gave him strength to overcome his weariness. As he had foreseen, there appeared on the horizon an oasis under whose shade the coolness of a spring awaited them. Finally they reached it and they drank from that strengthening water until they were satisfied. They slept a refreshing sleep and on awakening they felt that their weariness had disappeared, neither did they experience hunger nor thirst, they felt peace in their heart and strength to reach the city they were seeking. They would not have wanted to leave that place, but it was necessary to continue the journey. They filled their flasks with that pure, clear water, and they continued their journey.

22. The older traveler who had been the young man's support, said: Let us use the water we are carrying sparingly, it is possible that we may meet along the path some pilgrims overcome by fatigue, dying of thirst or sick, it will be necessary to offer them what we are carrying. The young man protested saying that it would not be sensible to share that which might not even be enough for them; that in such a case, since they had gone through so much effort to obtain that precious element, they could sell it at the price they desired.

23. Not satisfied with this answer the old one replied that if they expected to have peace in their spirit, they should share the water with those in need.

24. Annoyed, the young man said that he preferred to consume the water in his flask by himself before sharing it with anyone whom he should encounter along the way.

25. Again the presentiment of the old one was fulfilled, for they beheld before them a caravan, composed of men, women and children, who were lost in the desert and were on the verge of perishing. The kind old man promptly approached those people to whom he gave water to drink. The travelers felt strengthened at once, the sick opened their eyes to thank the old traveler, and the children ceased weeping for thirst. The caravan arose and continued their journey.

26. There was peace in the heart of the generous traveler, while the other one, seeing his flask empty, with alarm said to his companion that they should return in search of the spring to replenish the water which they had consumed.

27. "We should not turn back," the good traveler said, "for if we have faith, we will find new oasis further on." But the young man doubted, he was afraid and he preferred to say good-bye to his companion right there to go back in search of the spring. Those who had been brothers in a common cause were separated. While one continued forward in the pathway, filled with faith in his destiny, the other, thinking that he might die in the desert, ran toward the spring obsessed with the fear of death in his heart. At last he arrived panting and fatigued, and with satisfaction he drank until he quenched his thirst, forgetting his companion whom he allowed to go on alone, as well as the city which he had renounced, deciding to remain and live in the desert.

28. It was not long after that a caravan, composed of exhausted men and women passed nearby, they anxiously approached to drink from the waters of the spring, but suddenly a man appeared who would not allow them drink and rest unless they paid him for those benefits. It was the young traveler who had taken possession of the oasis, malting himself the lord of the desert.

29. Those men listened to him with sadness, for they were poor and they could not buy that precious treasure which would satisfy their thirst. Finally, depriving themselves of what little they carried, they bought a little water to quench their desperate thirst and continued their journey.

30. Soon that man converted himself from a lord to a king for those who passed that way were not always poor, there were also powerful ones who could give a fortune for a glass of water.

31. This man gave no further thought to the city that was beyond the desert, and much less to his fraternal companion who had carried him upon his shoulders, saving him from perishing in that wilderness.

32. One day he saw a caravan approaching that surely was headed toward the great city but to his surprise he observed that those men, women and children were walking filled with strength and joy, singing a hymn. This man could not understand what he beheld and his surprise was even greater when he saw the one who had been his traveling companion marching at the head of the caravan.

33. The caravan stopped in front of the oasis, while the two men looked at each other, greatly surprised; finally, he who dwelt in the oasis asked his former companion: Tell me, how is it possible that there are people who pass through this desert without being thirsty or experiencing weariness? The reason was that inwardly he wondered what would become of him the day when no one approached to ask for water or lodging.

34. The good traveler said to his companion: I reached the great city, but along the way not only did I encounter the sick, but also the thirsty, the lost, the weary and I revived everyone with the faith which has revived me, and thus from oasis to oasis one day we reached the gates of the great city, there I was summoned by the Lord of that Kingdom, who seeing that I was familiar with the desert and that I showed pity for all travelers, gave me the mission to return and be a guide and adviser along the difficult crossing of the travelers, and here I am once again guiding another of the caravans I must take to the great city. "And you, what brings you here?" he asked the one who had remained at the oasis. Ashamed, the latter was silent. Then the good traveler said to him: I am aware that you have made this oasis yours; that you sell its waters and that you charge for shelter; these benefits are not yours, they were placed in the desert by a Divine power, to be used by anyone who needed them. Do you see these multitudes? They do not have need of the oasis because they do not feel thirsty, nor are they fatigued, it is enough that I transmit to them the message that the Father of the great city conveys through me for them to arise, finding strength at every step with a goal that they have to reach that Kingdom.

35. Leave the spring to those who thirst, so that those who suffer the rigors of the desert may find rest and quench their thirst in it; your pride and selfishness have blinded you, but what good has it been to be the lord of this small oasis, when you live in this lonely place, and have deprived yourself of knowing the great city that both of us were seeking? Have you already forgotten that goal which was for both of us?

36. That man listening in silence to the one who had been his faithful and unselfish companion, burst into tears for he felt repentant because of his faults, and tearing off his false finery, he went in search of the starting point which was where the desert began, in order to follow the path which would take him to the great city; but now he walked along the pathway illuminated by a new light, which was of faith and love toward his fellowmen.


37. I am the Lord of the great city and Elijah is the old one of My parable, he is the "voice of one crying in the wilderness," it is he who again manifests himself among you, in fulfillment of the revelation that I gave you in the transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

38. He is the one who guides you during the Third Era toward the great city, where I await to grant you the eternal reward of My love.

39. Follow Elijah, O My beloved people, and everything will change in your life; all will be transformed in your worship and ideals.

40. Did you believe that your imperfect worship would be eternal? No, disciples; tomorrow, when your spirit beholds the great city on the horizon, he will say like his Master: "My Kingdom is not of this world."

My Peace be with you!