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Teaching 56

1. With happiness in my Spirit I contemplate you listening to my Word. You come in multitudes to these houses of prayer to enjoy my lessons of love. Not everyone comes to hear me; most of them come with the hope of relieving some suffering or to set aside some grief. Many are the ones who have been called and only a few who follow me. There are many here who during the Second Era wanted to hear the voice of the Rabbi and did not have the occasion to know him; there are also those who having had the opportunity to hear him, did not care to. In this period some and others listen avidly to my Word and are not waiting for me to revoke it so that they will later again lament their negligence. I am not, therefore, speaking in the desert. If many have no interest in my Word, there are some of my children who know how to safe keep it as an invaluable jewel to make it known to Mankind when the time comes.

2. I have come with charity and love for all, making my presence felt in many forms. Some have contemplated with their spiritual vision: others feel my strength which makes their whole being tremble: others are moved by the essence of my Word; others feel how the peace of my Spirit embraces their heart; the sick see how their maladies are healed before my caress and the sinners feel contemplated by a perspicacious and penetrating look that reaches within their spirit. Then you have said: "The Lord is with us." When my disciples asked me in the Second Era if I would return, I made the promise that I would again be among Humanity, telling them what the signs would be which would mark the time of my return. Many decades have passed for those mentioned signs to appear announcing my new manifestation, the same that you now see fulfilled. If after 1800 years which have constituted an era for Mankind, and I have faithfully fulfilled my promise, do you believe that now that I have announced my parting in 1950, would the Lord break his Word?

3. When the theologians and those men who study the scriptures of past eras saw the fulfillment of the signs with which I prophesied my return and presence among you, ignoring that I am present and that I am speaking to you in this manner, on seeing that time was passing by without their witnessing my arrival, they sorrowfully closed their books believing they had mistaken the time and the signs without knowing that they were right. Verily I say to you that very soon, when proof becomes known to Mankind that I was among you, everyone will be able to confirm that my manifestation was verified on those precise moments when the prophecies were fulfilled. What joy will be in many hearts and what a great interest to interrogate my disciples, as well as to scrutinize the new scriptures!

4. In this period there were not only a few witnesses of my manifestation, there were thousands and thousands of beings that felt their heart throb with love and apprehension on hearing my Word. Many of them will be my faithful witnesses and my good disciples; those who shall not abandon me when my Word is judged by the courts and councils, testifying my truth with their deeds of love.

5. Verily I say to you that among these multitudes there is not one single one who has been brought here casually. I assure you again that the leaf of the tree does not move without my will. Within the life of each one of you there exists a cause by which you have come to bear witness of my Word. You have come from different pathways, from diverse sects, religions and doctrines, stumbling on the rough stones of the pathway, accumulating the light of experience within your spirit.

6. Upon arriving here, you feel an unknown strength, an indefinable effluvium and you ask yourself: "What can it be? Where does this Word that touches and this peace that inundates the heart come from? And I have answered you: It is your Father who comforts you, but I have not come to obligate you to believe in my presence through this means, nor is it necessary to force you in believing, inasmuch as I am manifested and palpable before you and you only need an atom of sensitivity in order to perceive me.

7. This is the time to make myself understood that the use you have made of your free will is wrong, and that now the fulfillment of a spiritual mission among Humanity awaits you. Notice that I do not judge your past deeds to advise you if you are or not worthy to receive this responsibility. Because it is not by chance that has brought you into this world, it has been my will.

8. Meditate about your destiny; ask about your mysteries and I will answer you. No one who has questioned my arcane has gone without an answer, because at that instant the light of your conscience will shine revealing the great gifts that you have received from the Lord.

9. I want to see that you elevate your spirit searching the infinite for my wisdom. Imitate in that manner the men of science whom I surprise in the middle of the night, some searching for inspiration and others for an answer of "the why" in Nature. I do not want for you to search on this Earth for the wisdom that will give you the glory among men. I wish that elevation and that greatness to be within, and that whatever, you attain in your struggle and study may be a fruit of life and of love for your brethren.

10. Whenever I get close to the men of science absorbed in their meditations and aged in their study, I ask them: Why do you work so hard? For whom do you struggle and suffer so? And there has been no one who will tell me: Master, I struggle for love toward Humanity. They love the science and they offer their life to it. But to those who have been able to investigate animated by noble ends, they have been given revelations of great happenings which have always given sweet fruits to Humanity as proof that it was I who inspired that light, and those who, without love and respect, have scrutinized Nature, have been left behind at the beginning of the pathway or have fallen into the abyss, since it was not the goodness that inspired them, but rather vanity, hatred and ambition.

11. But in the same manner that science has been revealed to man, I have also given to man the light for the spirit, and inspiration. That is how I spoke to the patriarchs of the first eras. That is how I inspired Moses whom I converted into the spokesman of my Word, to speak to my people and I dictated laws and maxims which he wrote down so that they would be perpetuated and made known to the future generations.

12. After Christ was on Earth, He illuminated four apostles of his Doctrine granting them that in their meditations and ecstasies they would recall his divine Word so that they would legate to Mankind what their spirits managed to attain through their understanding. They were Mark, Lucas, Matthew and John.

13. The day shall come when the books will be thrown into the fire as useless, which will occur when their essence exists written within your heart and that you abide by the Law that encompasses it; however, before that, this last Testament shall be united with the first two, through a struggle as it occurred with the first and second.

14. Today I have not specifically talked only of the present period. I have spoken much about past times and I have even advanced future prophecies to you. I have uncovered for you what had been hidden from you. I have rectified what has been altered and I have revealed future events to you.

15. Blessed be those who prepare themselves because tomorrow they will all know to interpret these lessons with good will that talk about Mankind's destiny, about the future of the nations and about the triumph of the light, which is that of love, peace and justice. This Doctrine shall truly liberate man, because by believing himself free from his conscience and of my laws, he has ignored that he carries attributes, faculties and gifts within which he has not been able to develop, so that believing himself free, he has become a slave within himself; a slave of his ignorance. In a Humanity like that how can she be able to feel within her heart the peace of my Kingdom and carry me in her heart if her mind is blinded by the material ambitions, if her heart throbs for the human passions and as such, her spirit is materialized?

16. This Humanity is spiritually dead; but I, who has the power to raise the dead, have come to call her to life and open before her a time in which she shall liberate her spirit, know her gifts and through them attain progress and elevation.

17. Today you are beginning to make use of the faculties of the spirit that will lift you from the abyss.

18. Here you have a people who search for my Word with interest and want to treasure my teachings knowing that the time of my communication through the human mind is short.

19. Take advantage of my lesson, oh disciples! And afterwards go forth without fear to spread my Word and my teachings among Humanity. Do not be intimidated before others who with their theories try to distort your mission.

20. Mankind searches knowing not what they want. Today I have come to tell you this: I am the One whom you have been searching for. Who does not want peace? Who does not yearn to know the truth? Who does not wish to preserve his health?

21. You will have to search for me because peace is not on Earth nor do men of good will exist, but my justice has come. The Day of the Lord has come.

22. When man follows my will, even the elements shall bow before him as servants. When man, in the meantime, persists in his disobedience the elements shall become unleashed making him acknowledge his lack of harmony over everything created.

23. I have not come against my children. I have only come to destroy transgression so that you may contemplate my light.

24. Pray, People, and I assure you that I shall receive your offering not the material but rather that which your spirit will give me.

25. My justice is in every heart; in the one who opens his doors for me, as well as the one who closes them on my calling. My glance is keen and knows how to find within them everything they hold within. In some I have found the offering of his love and of his humility; in others, the joy of their being with me with gratitude for the favors they have received. I discover in others the hope; and still others the pain, and verily I say to you that my altar is covered each instant with much more tears than offerings.

26. Here, before Me you are cleansed of every blemish. Oh, if you could only preserve that limpidity all along your existence! But this surrounding of spirituality and of fraternity that you have in this hour of communion and of teaching, does not reign in the world; the air that you breathe is poisoned by iniquity.

27. But you have felt how in the measure that you are assimilating my Doctrine, the chain that binds you to the world, is falling link by link.

28. I am judging you, but look how sweet is the word of your judge; see that instead of a sentence I grant you my pardon so that you will not transgress again. You are the ones who sentence yourselves, recognizing that it is fair that pain touches you. Then, I bless that attrition and with my teaching I free you from the chalice of bitterness. This is the way of the Lord. Follow me thus.

29. He who hears the voice of his conscience acknowledges and understands his faults at the same time he accepts his expiation, but he who does not understand the magnitude of his faults, will not be able to free himself from his blemishes and while that is not done, he cannot reach me.

30. Do not blaspheme against pain; what you must destroy is sin. Pain has always served to hold you back in your vertiginous race toward the abyss.

31. Today you have ceased to be children and you can now understand the sincerity of my teachings; you also know that your spirit was not born with the physical body you possess, and that the beginning of one is not of the other. Those children whom you rock in your arms, carry innocence in their heart, but in their spirit they hold a past at times much larger and difficult then the parents themselves. How great a responsibility there is for those who must cultivate those hearts so that their spirit attains progress along the road!

32. Not because of this, should you feel lesser love for your children. Think that you do not know who they are nor what they have done; rather, increase for them your charity and love and be grateful to the Father for having placed upon you their mercy in converting you into guides and counselors of your spiritual brothers from whose bodies you become to be parents by blood.

33. Without possessing this spiritual knowledge, Mankind goes forth mutually helping each other in their road of evolution, because the pathway to perfection has been created for all and shall be followed by everyone until the end, even for the one whom you consider far distant from my laws. Can you conceive that one of you will not reach me even though eternity surpasses him? Could the perfect Father ever neglect anyone of his children?

34. Now then, disciples, do you believe that a single existence suffices for the spirit to accomplish his mission and perfect himself?

35. Here you have the resurrection of the flesh, but not in the form that was conceived by Mankind. The flesh, on remaining inert, enters the bowels of the Earth while the spirit departs to the Great Beyond waiting for my justice to send him to incarnate in a new body. In this manner, spirit and physical body shall again be united in this world, but not in the Spiritual Realm.

36. Not because the Father grants you more than one opportunity for the fulfillment of your mission should you not take advantage with the one you now possess, because nobody knows the number of existences that my judgment will assign him; that is why the oldster like the young man and the child must hurry to comply with the mission that has been assigned to him to settle his accounts.

37. I also say to you that this is the time for the resurrection of the dead, because this light shall awaken the faith of those who were perishing in the darkness of remorse, of desperation and of bitterness.

38. The Sixth Seal is now untied and the book is opened before you. The candlestick illuminates the Universe and the Divine Word symbolized by a tongue of fire, speaks to you from the Infinite. It is the voice of the Lamb sacrificed in the Second Era who will surprise men, illuminate them and raise them to the life of grace.

39. Live on the alert because soon many prophets will emerge and it is necessary that you know how to distinguish the true ones from the false.

40. The men in charge of applying justice on the Earth, taken as instruments of my Divinity, will touch each one of those who is surprised in falsehood; to each one of those who profits with my teaching and who behind a mask of saintliness hides his perversity.

41. Woe betides those who promising to lead men to glory will lead them into war and into confusion!

42. I want for my disciples to be recognized healing the sick, rescuing the lost, rising the weak and to comply with that sacred mission; to part from the superfluous, abandon all useless entertainment on Earth; do not deceive your heart nor your senses with false charms or unhealthy impressions.

43. Elevate your spirit so that you may enjoy only the eternal, with what is beautiful and good. If it were not so, your materialized spirit, due to the life you have led, shall suffer greatly to part from his body and everything he left behind, and will have to roam in space for a time enveloped by confusion and bitterness until he ends his purification.

44. Live within my Law and you will not have to fear death, but do not call her nor desire it before her time; let her come, as she is always obedient to my mandates. Make sure that she finds you prepared and in that way you will enter the Spiritual Mansion as children of light.

45. Today sit at my table, eat so that this bread will transform you and so that later you are able to offer it to whoever needs it.

46. Today you are bringing before my Word those whom you are finding along the pathway without health, without peace, without an ideal. Tomorrow when my voice is no longer heard in this manner you shall be the ones who will receive your brethren and you shall nourish them with this essence.

47. Nothing has been left to chance; everything has happened that way according to my will. My justice is in the destiny that I am showing to you. If you encounter the pathway sown with thistles, verily I say to you that it was not my will that placed them there to hurt your feet and that you must advance along the pathway filled with conformity, taking into account that those hardships you suffer, cleans out those blemishes from your spirit.

48. When that conformity emerges from your heart, you shall feel how my charity cleans your pathway.

49. Those who now listen to my Word, receive it like balsam on your wounds, but do not limit yourself just to receive my benefits without wanting to penetrate within the essence of my Doctrine, because the moment shall come when you will no longer hear this Word and if you did not prepare yourself to communicate with me spirit to Spirit in the future times, you will feel like orphans.

50. In the struggle that looms ahead, I want you to be the steadfast soldiers who will defend his cause so that in life he may be called like Jacob, the strong and prudent Israel and that you are able to come forth and always respond to the call of the Father.

51. Do not walk along between the doubt and the faith, because your footsteps will never be firm, or your determinations solid. Neither should you ask for proof to believe, because you shall not know in what manner my justice could demonstrate those proofs to you.

52. Do you now feel an invisible aid that lifts those who have fallen into degradation? Do you not see the crowds who arrive with sickness and who recover their health and happiness? Have you not noticed how the outcasts in life come before my presence and on revealing to them the gifts they possess, they are searched for and even admired by the multitudes?

53. You should know how to discover all the trials that through my power and my presence I have given you and you shall be convinced that I have granted a miracle to each one so that he believes in my coming in this Third Era.

54. You must understand that if you have led your footsteps toward the leafy tree you will hear within its shadow the omnipotent voice of your Father. The disciples must take advantage of my presence to ask me if the fruit they have been gathering is satisfactory and agreeable to my Divinity, to which I respond, that if you have sown my seed, you will gather a good harvest.

55. Why do those who come along the pathway do so with such laziness? Rise up; see how the moments pass by without your taking advantage of them. Now is the time. You may not want to do it when your time is scarce, because then you will attempt to travel along the pathway with gigantic footsteps and you will do nothing good and you will not gather anything, because the seed requires time to germinate, the plant to grow and the fruit to ripen.

56. 1950 is close by when I will cease my Word; in that year I shall mark the last of my children and the number of the 144,000 shall be complete. Those who have listened to my Word and know their gifts and charges, and have taken advantage of that grace, shall feel secure, but those who have not wanted to comprehend this Doctrine, will have to suffer greatly, they will have to make many merits and sacrifices to attain the high level where my peace exists, which is like a door that opens before the spirit.

57. You, the disciples of the Third Era, who have seen the coming of the Holy Spirit, are the ones who under this light comprehend the present teachings, the past and some of the future ones. Do not doubt that this is the era of lights, but do not become over confident. See how the talent of the man of science shines like never before. See how much the child knows from his first footsteps. See what is happening around the Earth. You are still castaways who go in search of castaways, crying for help in the midst of the raging sea.

58. Study my Word profoundly so that you may have a true knowledge of it and that each one will not make of my Doctrine a different theory. Do not wait for the time of persecution without having the weapons to defend yourselves. Those weapons shall be your manner of living, your word and your worship.

59. I do not demand that you be infallible, because the only infallible one is myself. What I ask of you is sincerity and good will in each one of your actions. I will do the rest to complete and perfect your work, because whatever your deeds are, your reward shall be accordingly.

60. If one of you should feel envious of your brother judging him more loved by the master and both would claim their place on my right, I would say to them: It is not I who should make you sit on my right; it is something that each one will have to work at through his own merits. Verily I say to you that I could not love one child more than the other.

61. Among my apostles during the Second Era, I did not love Judas less than John. Those spirits were drops of the infinite ocean of my love and when they returned to the Father, only he knew in his highest judgment, what each one had wrought for himself.

62. In order for Humanity to rise and follow me in this era, look into the mysteries which I have clarified and be filled with light; it is necessary that it has freedom in its spirit, in the mind, in its will and for that I have come to liberate the spirits from their yoke, starting by shattering thrones and empires to make scepters and crowns fall. Be free, do not look for your kingdom here, or your glory; do not make for yourselves servants of the humble, nor shall you be slaves of frivolity. Remember that I said: "My throne is not here nor my armies." Neither is the kingdom of your spirit nor his reward.

63. I spoke to you with the truth and with the truth I am talking to you. After I have made great revelations to you, it would not be just that you would say to me like Pilate: "What is the truth?"

64. Do you want to reach me? Do you yearn to someday reach and be where there are those who have followed me? All that you need to fulfill your desire I have already given to you. If I made myself man in that era and now I am here in Spirit to talk to you, it has been to show you the pathway that leads toward perfection. I am the Eternal Word who tells you: Hear me; 1950 is near and then it will seem like the doors of the Heavens have closed.

65. I told you at that time: "He who knows the Son knows the Father." Now I am adding: He who knew the Son and through Him the Father knows the Spirit who now speaks to you.

66. Come with complete knowledge of your mission into the Sixth Seal, call me and I shall come to talk to you but do it up until 1950 when I have marked by my will the termination of my communication through the human spokesman.

67. I will receive the one who praises my name within his heart in the same manner shall I receive the one who only comes to qualify my Word, hoping to find errors within it to deny it. I have a lesson for everyone. I talk to the heart of a child and to the elderly; to the heart of man and of the woman. I talk to the philosopher and to the man of science. Nobody passes unnoticed before my wisdom. That is why I say to the multitude: Take from my Word whatever corresponds to each one.

68. In that era I said to you: "I am the way", it was until later that you understood what Jesus meant to say regarding those words, since you comprehended that the way was in reality the divine Law of love.

69. Today I say to you again: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." And if you look for the essence of my Word in this era, you shall find in it the eternal Law of love, that same pathway which I outlined for you.

70. In that era many believed that Christ had come mistaking the wrong path and altering the Law. That is why they fought against him and persecuted him; but the truth, like the light of the sun always imposes itself over the darkness. Now my Word will again be combated because there shall be some who believe to have found contradictions, confusions and errors in its essence, but its light will again shine in the darkness of this era, and humanity shall see that the way and the Law which I have revealed to you, is the same in that era and will always be the same.

71. Hear me during this period so that you may take advantage of the divine lesson. Do not repeat what many did in the Second Era, that while they listened to Jesus they mocked him and when they saw the miracles of the Master upon the cross and even after death, they were filled with remorse and fear because they comprehended that God had passed through the world. By chance does anyone know if these disciples through whom I am communicating, were those who denied and mocked me in that era? Look at them now, enduring the judgment, the looks of mockery, and the jeers from the multitudes. Do not call this as vengeance; it is justice and it is necessary that he who errs through ignorance, experiences and lives, in order that later on will understand his mistake.

72. By chance, do you know if these spokesmen were at another time some of those who yearned to become my apostles and they had to wait in order to serve me?

73. Mankind is purifying itself through pain so that my Kingdom of peace and spirituality may be established in the heart of men and all the peoples.

74. In the year 1924, I prophesied everything that is occurring at present.

75. Coming before my presence, one by one, are those who in this era have been called to be my forerunners and prophets, and everyone who has felt his calling within, tells me: "Lord, here I am, I want to occupy myself in your Works, order me, I am your servant!"

76. From that instant I have dedicated myself in polishing the roughness of his heart with the chisel of my Word to fill it with charity and with balsam, with peace and goodness. Remember that I have told you that from the abundance in your heart your lips shall speak.

77. I want you to be like the trees whose shadow covers many, but how few are those who are truly learning to give shadow to the traveler.

78. Imitate your Father who is like a corpulent tree that gives shadow and offers its fruits to all his children.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 57

1. Rest a few moments from your fatiguing journey, those who are traveling along the dust of the Earth and those who inhabit the spiritual space.

2. As you listen to my divine Word, your spirit is purifying himself.

3. To those who are living in the spirit and are still attached to the material ideals, I say to you: Depart from that which no longer belongs to you, because if the Earth is not an eternal mansion for man, much less is it for the spirit. Far beyond, in the Spiritual Realm, a life filled with lights awaits you toward which you will reach, step by step, through the pathway of righteousness. To those who listen to me as humans I say to you that while you possess that body that accompanies you during its earthly transit, you must take care of it and preserve it to the last instant because it is the support on which the spirit leans, and is the instrument to struggle; and through whose material eyesight the spirit looks out to this life and through his mouth he talks and can give comfort to his brethren.

4. I have come in this era to prepare you and to talk to all Mankind to help her in its spiritual evolution.

5. Allow peace to enter into your heart from now on, because later on you will have to pray and be tirelessly watchful for the peace of all the rest.

6. You will do a great and meritorious work if you give tranquility and calmness to those hearts agitated by pain and preoccupations. The time shall come when beyond that peace you will learn to establish happiness for your fellowmen.

7. Disciples and beginners, as you listen to my Word you feel that the shadows that shroud your mind and the burden that you carry within your heart, has gone away. It was the weight of suffering, of worries and at times of remorse that were overwhelming in your life.

8. Do not forget that no one can be your best helper than Jesus. Hear my Word and let it inundate your heart with peace; it will be a balsam for your wounds.

9. My Word anoints, caresses and fortifies; learn it and feel it, so that later you will anoint with my truth and my love those sick persons whom you will encounter along your pathway.

10. The times shall pass and when extraordinary events shall occur, you will exclaim: this had already been announced, because you shall remember what I had prophesied so many times.

11. Give the good news of my Doctrine to all those whom you are able to tell of my Word, even though they may not demonstrate faith at that moment. Verily I say to you that if you talk to them with love, his spirit shall never forget all that you told him.

12. That is the field that I have told you about; the heart and the spirit of your brethren; the seed is my Doctrine which you must make known to them and the crystalline waters, my love and my truth with which you must water those fields.

13. When will men feel my spiritual presence? When will I hear Mankind give me their welcome?

14. You who have heard me through the human spokesman do not stop to look for the defects of these your brethren through whom I speak to you today; tomorrow My Word shall be written and the influence of the spokesman will have disappeared.

15. In this era and in this manner my Word will reach all those who did not hear it, filled with essence and with purity.

16. The only insignia that I want the emissaries of this message to show is the truth, which are the key, the shield and sword.

17. The wise men, the scientists, the great ones of this period who have struggled greatly to attain the glory of the world, will be surprised to see my new disciples, men and women and children, humbly manifest divine teachings without boasting superiority nor vanity.

18. The greater knowledge that you may have of the worth of what you possess, the more real and truthful must your humility be.

19. How happy is the spirit when on leaving his human remains in this valley of expiation, he contemplates from the infinite that he left on Earth a trace of light, of truth and of love.

20. My new people of Israel, who are in spirit the same of all time, shall be in charge of spreading my revelation all over the world; they will be the ones who shall point out to men where they have profaned the Law and where they have erroneously interpreted my words.

21. How can you fulfill such an elevated and delicate task? Having love and fervor for my Doctrine and good will to be my disciple.

22. He who feels charity for his fellowman; he who feels the pain of others and who thinking of the necessities of the others, forgets his own suffering. He has the seed, the balsam, the nourishment and he will later learn the proper manner of giving over what he has received from me and to express what surges from the heart and from the spirit.

23. Study the book of my lessons in the light of your conscience; it will tell you if you are progressing or if you have remained stagnant.

24. Do not think that I have entrusted the gift of love only to privileged beings; you must know that all of you are predestined, and that some before and others after, all will love as I have taught you.

25. Take advantage, take advantage of these times of my communication and study my Word, so that you will not be surprised when you observe those through whom I gave my teaching, talking outside of ecstasy, in communion from spirit to Spirit with their Creator.

26. Elevate your spirit, elevate your morale. That has been my teaching in all eras. Jacob contemplated the silhouette of the Father on the highest of the spiritual scale. Moses received the Law on the pinnacle of Mount Sinai. Jesus delivered to you the legacy of his divine sermon on Mount Tabor.

27. Analyze the symbol of those manifestations. But where is the mountain from where I talk to you in this era and give you my Law? Everyone knows that Mountain is the perfection, the truth, and the wisdom.

28. He who has felt touched by my charity in this era, do not sow any thistle or prickly plant, because the fruit gathered will be many times more bitter that what was sown.

29. Consider yourself part of that seed that I promised Jacob in his dream, when I announced that his descendants would be as numerous as the dust of the Earth and that in his seed all nations would be blessed.

30. Today my warmth descends among you to give life to your heart, but this heat does not wither the flowers that I am cultivating in your spirit. I give you everything and the more I share my goods among my children, the more they multiply. I do not feel any concern being left without any virtue like the rich miser. Ask and you shall receive. What can you ask of me that I cannot grant you? I only ask of you to make yourself worthy of my benefits; that you know how to ask for them.

31. It has been destined what will be granted to each and everyone throughout his journey. While some are receiving and taking advantage at the proper time, others squander what they have received and there are some who have not even been able to prepare themselves to receive it and when they have returned to the Spiritual Mansion, they found out all that was theirs but were unable to receive nor be worthy of it.

32. My voice speaks to everyone; no spirit exists incarnated or disincarnated to whom I have not directed my Word, be it as the Father, the Master or a Judge; but man has been unable to prepare himself to interpret the divine language, despite having talked to you in many forms and all languages. When are you going to communicate with my Divinity spirit to Spirit to hear my voice within your spirit since you have been destined for it? At least you, who hear my voice, continue preparing yourselves so that step by step through the development of the spirit you may attain that grace. Do you not believe that it is the most natural thing and is only just that your spirit may be in communion with his Creator and hear His voice, wherever he is?

33. Long have been the eras that have passed man by without his comprehending the end for which he was created.

34. My children, it is not necessary to penetrate into the wisdom of the world to learn the finality of your existence; not only has it been the wise man to know me or know himself; how many times has the humble, who lacks the learning of the Earth, shows greater intuition of the truth.

35. That is the reason that I talk to you in a simple and humble language for the understanding of every mentality and every spirit; thus I have wanted to communicate through humble minds, and even the unpolished. If speaking with clarity and simplicity to Humanity, I am not understood, how could you be able to understand me if I spoke to you in a more elevated form? I am not talking to you of mysterious teachings; what is spiritual, while more elevated and more perfect it is, the clearer, most natural and simple does it present itself to the spirit.

36. Make a spiritual study of my revelations, but do not make of them complicated theologies. If the Master is simple, the disciple should also be simple. Follow me with humility and gentleness and I shall make you the owners of the Earth I promised, because he who walks with disobedience, is owner of nothing. And while the more you possess, be more humble before the others.

37. Your ears, which had not heard adulation, do not be surprised now by arrogance; your eyes, which had never contemplated the marvels of my Creation, must not be blinded by vanity. Do not search for any other crown but the one of good fruit from your deeds of love towards your brethren.

38. Do not wait for more propitious times to begin to work, because if you do not take advantage of these moments, tomorrow you will long for them.

39. I am telling you all this so that you will give your testimony to Mankind. Do not fear not to be believed, because the elements will confirm your words. The Earth shall tremble, the waters will overflow from their course; the fire shall become widespread, the winds will become unleashed over the world; the seas shall rage with fury and the epidemics will ravage the countryside. The frantic race of Humanity shall be stopped by pain. Once Mankind is cleansed of its materialism, my word will reach the hearts and nobody shall be without it.

40. Your heart has opened like the flower to offer me the perfume of your elevation and your prayer of thanks, because you know that it was my charity that removed the thorns from your pathway and wiped away your tears.

41. I have taught you that the form to avoid your suffering is by getting closer to the fulfillment of my Law. For that, I have told you, it is necessary for you to part from many fanatic practices, which brings nothing beneficial for you.

42. Hope for salvation has surged from the heart of those who have heard me in this era. At the end of the journey, I want for you to experience the joy of having triumphed over all obstacles.

43. Carry my Word in your lips; it is not necessary for you to use the same form than when I speak to you. Talk about my Work, and me with the same language with which you speak to your brethren and only when you try to repeat my phrases; do it in the form in which I have talked to you. But be prepared, because there shall be occasions when I shall be the One speaking through your lips and then your simple and materialistic language will disappear, to allow my divine Word to become manifest in the form and meaning.

44. Soon the crowds of men, whose spirits have wasted time and failed to make use of the opportunities that the Father has offered to elevate themselves, they, thereupon, on hearing my voice, will at first hesitate, then they shall repent and later pick up their farming implements to cultivate my fields and make up for lost time.

45. Today they pass close by someone who is suffering without taking any notice of the pain of their brethren, but after being touched in the heart by the essence of my Word, they shall turn their eyes toward all those who need comfort and will give them the balsam with which I healed them. Then, they will ask themselves: "Why did I not see the pain in anybody yesterday, nor in the widows, orphans, in those who hunger for justice, nor the needy? Because I was deaf, blind and insensible."

46. He who has loved his fellowman on Earth, how calm and happy his life passes by and how peaceful is his agony; but he who did not sow love along his pathway, never had a moment of true peace and the body which he inhabited departs with pain.

47. This is the era of transgression, in which I shall demonstrate my power, raising within the heart of Mankind, a sanctuary of love, Man does not need to construct churches nor palaces for my Divinity, because my spiritual Doctrine does not come teaching such demands. Today all men will discover the true temple of God, where He resides.

48. Because of those teachings which I give to you today, you will be disowned by your brethren, but do not fear, because in its meaning there is reason and the truth which they will soon acknowledge when the threat of the trials hang over Mankind.

49. Everyone shall comprehend that my love has given each one of you a place at my table so that all the hungry and those who thirst for justice shall drink the wine of life and eat the bread of the spirit. The Earth has imprisoned you for a long time and many of you have fallen into degradation and the scum that has created the transgression of men; from there my charity has been liberating you. The echo of my voice has reached you there inviting you to the pathway of light. If my Word always resounded in the sterile desert of your heart, now stop a moment to hear it, because in it you may find the crystalline and fresh waters that will calm your thirst for the truth.

50. Fortify yourself with my teaching; stop being the fragile boat with which the waves of your passions or weakness play with. Take the spiritual and moral strength that exists within my Word, and verily I say to you that the storms of life will no longer surprise you.

51. Note that instead of punishment, a surprise within my word awaited you, forgiving your imperfections and of my love sitting you at my table to delight you with divine dishes.

52. Those who have now been forgiven by Me today, tomorrow they will forgive those who offended them, and those who received the sweetness of my Word, after drinking the chalice of bitterness for a long time, shall later journey along their pathway sowing comfort in the hearts of men.

53. Man has torn away many secrets from Nature and with his science he has transformed human life. The light of his knowledge shines in the mind and each day Mankind advances along the pathway of scientific progress toward a goal that he is unable to catch a glimpse of, but I cannot find love in the heart of your civilization.

54. From time to time I come to men to bring them my Law, to remind them of my lesson, to repeat my words to them, because your science without love cannot be good. Your progress, if the egotism is not put aside, to give way to charity, will not be solid and lasting.

55. Between one and another advent of my Divinity, thousands of years pass by, and when I manifest myself, it is to talk to you of only one teaching of love; all my Law and my Doctrine is summarized within it saying to you: "Love one another."

56. The day when men inspire their science and progress, they will make this world a paradise filled with life, light and of health never dreamed before, because to the egotistical science of today I shall not reveal all the marvels that I have reserved for Humanity.

57. In this era I say to you, that evil shall not prevail, because in my Work what is imperfect cannot exist. Your spirit has been made so that through his evolution he may attain the highest level of perfection.

58. My disciples shall emerge from all the pathways of the Earth and along their path the mental confusion that had hidden the truth will dissipate, and engraved in their hearts they shall carry my maxims, like in another time my precepts were engraved on rock.

59. My people, here is the light, be filled with it, but before that, destroy the garment of materialism which has covered you and that never again will it wrap around your spirit.

60. Not all Humanity will be purified by spirituality; the elements shall bring justice upon the new Sodom and Gomorrah in order to prepare the Earth for the new generations.

61. That flood that cleansed the Earth of the human impurities, and the fire that descended upon Sodom you know them as legends; however, in this era you will also contemplate how Humanity will be touched as the Earth trembles by the force of the air, the water and the fire; however, I shall again send you an arc, which is my Law, so that those who penetrate in it may be saved.

62. Not all of those who on that hour of trial will say: "Father, Father!" will love me, but rather those who always practice my love for their fellowman, those shall be saved.

63. Beloved disciples, all of you who follow me, make your footsteps shine spiritually in the shadows of the night so that they may lie out a pathway of light that will guide those who have lost their way.

64. Before you had planned to come to hear me, I have been within your heart and I have communicated with your spirit, who is the one I am searching for. It is my will that in this era Mankind must rise, leave behind its lethargy and depart from the false and frivolous world that it has created. I want you to be the disciples of the Holy Spirit.

65. Try to make the harmony between the spirit and the physical body endure, so that you may easily comply with my instructions; make the body yield with love; be forceful if necessary; take care not to allow fanaticism to blind you, so as not to act cruelly against it. Make of your being one will only.

66. This is not the time to remain at a standstill nor become drowsy; be aware that something superior to you keeps you awake, be it a spiritual uneasiness or a physical pain. Only by being awake will you be able to perceive my inspirations, because he who sleeps hinders his spirit and cannot contemplate the light, nor comprehends life, because his eyes will be shut to the truth.

67. There are many who are only waiting for some word to come to me; that is why I am preparing you and sending you to the countryside to give them the good news. That is why I place along your path those who thirst and for you to offer them this water which truly calms the thirst.

68. I have taught you not to imitate the rich miser who hides his treasure from the sight of strangers. You must understand that this gift that you now possess, is not only for you, but rather for all those who need it. It is my will that my Word resounds all over the world; first, through the spokesman and afterwards through my emissaries.

69. The few years yet to go to deliver my Word, you shall see them pass by as if they were but an instant. Enjoy and keep my Word so that after my departure you will make it known in all its purity.

70. Do not wait for the year 1950 to make you tremble finding you unprepared; do not wait until then to make up for lost time. Arise as of right now; take advantage and analyze my teachings and in that way you shall not be confused; preserve yourself within charity. Do not see the mote in your brother's eye and not the beam in one's own; nor will you move away from the leper, because I place them along your pathway so that you will heal them.

71. I come to save you, to call all of you. I want to congregate you around my Word.

72. I want for you to come with humility and obedience to the end of the journey. The pathway is sowed with trials; each one of them is a step forward toward the summit of the mountain or one more step on the scale of perfection. Walk along with your sights fixed upon the infinite.

73. I bless those who have sacrificed themselves for their fellowmen; those who have renounced the pleasures of the world to comfort those who suffer. I want that in the Book of Eternity your examples be written, which are those that men need to arise and follow me.

74. I am delivering the light to Humanity, because its science will not save them and she is now within a raging sea, but I shall rescue the castaways to convert them into fishermen and I shall give them a boat so that they will take hope and salvation to the lost ones.

75. These shall be the disciples of the Third Era; the new fishermen of men, who will have my teachings as a guide and as an example and stimulant of life and deeds of my apostles of the Second Era.

76. Pray and be watchful, disciples, and do it united, and you shall feel my peace. If the gossips and evil judgments pursue you, shut your ears because those cutting remarks are not mortal wounds, if you are complying with my divine teachings. Along your pathway you will receive demonstrations of gratitude and respect, and these will give you life and encouragement.

77. The harder you work, the shorter time the pathway will seem to you when the world should cause you pain and you comprehend that nobody in it will comfort you, deposit your grievance with me and I shall comfort you. Everyone possesses my light within his conscience; that divine spark that never extinguishes, because while that light illuminates the hearts of some, that of others, who have been rebellious to that light, I find them in darkness. I receive everyone and I express my welcome at this table of love; drinking that wine and eating this bread, you shall remember my maxims.

78. Relish this banquet because you may not always enjoy it; calm your hunger and thirst forever because very soon you will have to travel the long pathways and you shall need courage and fortitude for body and spirit.

79. Like a thief I came into your heart in this era surprising some and awakening others, telling you: "Here is your Master, listen to him and purify your life so that you may give testimony of my coming with your deeds." If this is not done, my Word and my communication through the human spokesman will be mocked and denied. Do what you must so that your deeds may inspire repentance of the sinners and that their lips that have only known blasphemy pronounce my name with love.

80. I place my Word on your lips, so that you may save the lost one.

81. If men made this Earth a world of scum and evil, through your effort and merits it will be transformed into a world of peace and of spirituality, and you shall have my help at every moment in this Work.

82. Woe betides Humanity if in her heart mercy and charity should not emerge! Woe betides men if they should not come to have a complete knowledge of their bad deeds! Their own hand is unleashing upon themselves the fury of the elements and trying to spread upon the nations the chalice of pain and bitterness, and when they are gathering the result of their deed, even then, there will be some who will say: "It is a punishment of God!"

83. I have only given you proof of my love. I sent you to Earth that was like a prolific mother, loving and tender. I gave you the flame of life; the air, which is the nourishment of the Creator, and the water that is fertile and fresh, and you have taken everything to sow destruction and death; everything has been profaned and there will still be more. Your rivers will turn to blood; your fire shall be that of extermination; the air will be saturated with the breath of death and all the Earth will suffer tremors. In the hour of that justice many will tell me: "Lord, forgive us, I had the bandage of darkness over my eyes."

84. I will forgive them and shall let them know that in this Era nobody maintains darkness in his spirit.

85. As owner of everything created I must demand an accounting of all that has been done on Earth; then you will see that nothing escapes my perceptive eye and nothing is erased from "The Book of the True life."

86. Let the Master enter into your heart, invite me into your home; allow Me to live with you. These words are for all the peoples of the Earth. Be charitable to your brethren and to yourselves, so that you can destroy the menace that hovers upon Humanity. With a little bit of good will you can be able to attain peace even in the most difficult moments.

87. I have been calling at your door for a long while; recognize my calling for its sweetness; do not become lethargic and when you open, let it not be the hand of death that calls. The times announced by Christ, by John his apostle and by the prophets is here. The times have taken a long while to come according to men, and on the other hand, I say to you that looking at it from the standpoint of eternity, only a single instant has passed. Remember you were told that those who persevered faithful to my Law of love to the end would be spared. Be watchful, pray and persevere in righteousness, so that you will not be lost in this unleashing sea of passions, desperation and death. My divine Law is with everyone in the hour of justice, my love is with you eternally.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 58

1. This My son through whose faculty I am delivering this message to you, does not pretend to pass himself as Jesus; he is one of the many spokesmen whom I have prepared during this period to allow My Divine Word to reach you.

2. Prepare yourselves in order for that voice to reach your heart and arise to the true life.

3. Verily I say to you that My word is the bread of the spirit, for that reason he who eats of it will never hunger again.

4. Be before Me like children and then I will tell you as in the Second Era: ’’Let the children come to Me, for the Kingdom of Heaven is for them".

5. My Kingdom is for the clean of heart; so now that you know it, you will not turn away anyone from My presence, nor the adult who as a sinner comes before the Master, because he comes to be purified with My word; nor the child, for though you might believe him to be lacking in understanding in the teachings of My Work, he possesses a spirit many times more evolved than yours.

6. In this era in which I manifest Myself through the human faculty, I am clarifying My past teachings. My spirit is above all flesh and above every spirit during this period, so that My Divine presence will be felt by all and you can contemplate the pathway that will lead toward eternity.

7. If Humanity has given My teachings of past eras a distorted interpretation, today you could also fall into the same error. Behold that in spite of coming in Spirit, there are moments when I must materialize My teachings to make then comprehensible to you, since you have not been able to prepare yourselves, being watchful and in prayer.

8. You should know that the goal of My spiritual Doctrine, is the perfection of your spirit, so that he will be able to possess peace and happiness that every spirit aspires with the knowledge of My truth.

9. Before giving you your cross, I have given you strength and wiped away your tears. Blessed is he who has wept on My lap, because he will feel that his pain has disappeared. Blessed is he who on obeying My Law will be able to feel joy in his spirit, for it will be the fruit of his merits.

10. If you wish to follow Me, always come unblemished before Me. You will not need jewels or luxurious attire; I only want limpidity in your spirit and in your body so that you may carry Me within you.

11. My Word is clear and in spite of it, sometimes you do not want to understand it. During the Second Era, I spoke much through parables and in a figurative meaning, because men of that era only understood Me in that manner. But despite that fact on some occasions they pretended not to understand Me. But the fact is that Mankind wants to touch what is Divine with their hands and they hasten away from the material renunciations and spirituality, which are the means through which they can behold the light of My Divinity.

12. Have spirituality, be cleansed of heart, and in the banquet of the Father you will be never be troubled, and you will understand and feel everything He speaks to you. You will not feel unworthy nor will you have the urge to leave. Therefore, he who leaves My table, shall only be to go forth and preach the truth of My teaching with his life and his deeds.

13. O disciples, I am within your heart; that is why Jesus died among you, to live forever in your heart by listening to MY Word your spirit will evolve. Behold that through the deeds of My disciples I shall be recognized during this Era.

14. Pain has purified your body and your spirit, so that in thought, by means of the prayer, you can even transport yourselves to far away regions to fulfill your delicate mission of making peace and conveying light to your brethren.

15. When your body ceases its daily chores and goes to rest in bed the spirit takes advantage of that time to be free and occupies himself in missions assigned to him, in works of the Lord; but if your heart instead of resting from its preoccupations and vicissitudes, or of elevating itself in prayer, surrenders to bitterness, the spirit will have to keep busy to overcome the weakness of the flesh unmindful of other missions. That is how you deprive yourselves of your virtues, for the lack of faith and spirituality, instead of thinking that he who forsakes his obligations for others, and concerned only for himself, is egotistical toward his fellowmen and therefore does not have compassion for his spirit.

16. Practice My teachings so you may be strengthened and when those who come to your door deny and slander you, you may have the peacefulness in your spirit and gentleness on your lips.

17. If you continue with your preparation that way, you will see that with your prayer, the sorrow they may have concealed will withdraw from those hearts, as proof that they were before My disciples.

18. If on the contrary, you try to defend My Doctrine, returning blow by blow, blasphemy by blasphemy, then you will see how the multitudes will overwhelm you, and they will find reasons to demonstrate that you cannot be My disciples for your lack of love and charity toward your fellowmen.

19. Do not allow that the sanctuary that I have built within your heart be destroyed by profane concepts; live on the alert, enter into prayer so that the storms will not surprise you.

20. When you listen to the prophets of this era whom you call seers, who in their visions speak to you about dangers and predict ordeals, elevate your thoughts to Me, to ask Me for strength, to resist, or light to solve that difficulty, imploring My charity for all your brethren.

21. It is time to pray. The homes that live in peace should pray for the homes that are destroyed. The widows who have found resignation and comfort, should accompany in the thoughts of those who travel without direction, driven mad by their suffering.

22. Mothers who rejoice seeing yourselves surrounded by your children, send your consolation to those who lost theirs in the war. It does not matter if your eyes do not see the result, your faith is enough and that you wish to share with the grief of your brethren, so that I can send to those whom you pray for, My peace,. My consolation and My caress, the bread and My forgiveness.

23. I have endowed you so that you may obtain through merits the Promised Land.

24. I will always help in your preparation so that you may be strong and rise like the good warriors of this cause, when confusion is unleashed and peoples arise against peoples and nations against nations.

25. Today, I say to you blessed is the traveler who for a long time comes in search of the Divine light. O! transient travelers of this world, who today are here and tomorrow you will not know where your spirit goes! Truly I say to you that it is not death that awaits you, but the eternal life, because I have not ordained death for the spirit; however, I wish that at the hour of My calling, you will find yourselves like the faithful virgins of My parable, awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom with their lighted lamps, so that during the moment that you hear My voice calling you, you will be able to leave your cup of bitterness that you have drunk in this world and that no one at that moment will take away what you are about to obtain through so much suffering.

26. Here the eyes of your body, tired of weeping, will be closed, while the eyes of the spirit will be opened to a true life, on reaching the threshold of eternity, there where your Father awaits you with the reward which He has promised you.

27. How many dead to a life of grace have resurrected at this time, listening to this word! How many who are weak have raised themselves filled with strength! How many timid and desperate have been filled with courage and have found peace!

28. The multitudes which I announced to you during the first days of this communication and that I said would arrive; are the dead and the needy; you are the ones.

29. During your solitude and in your bitterness you waited day after day for the moment when I would give you the good news of My arrival. You have arrived under the shade of the tree where I waited for you, attracted by the rumors of My presence and My miracles, and here you are, converted into disciples of the Divine Master.

30. I will still be with you for some time, so that you may engrave My teaching within your spirit and not fall into profanation or adultery. I wish that when your lips are ready to speak about My Doctrine, your heart confirms with deeds of love the word that the Master taught you.

31. Be careful not to hurt the heart of your brethren or to extinguish their lamp of faith, for among the multitudes are My new disciples; do not separate them from this path. Do not believe yourselves to be the only ones of whom I will avail Myself during this time. You will be called the first and they will be the last. They will also arrive tired of traveling and suffering, and they will say to Me: Father, I have come exhausted before you, I wish I could have found you a long time ago along my path, I would have avoided much of my suffering and errors. But I say to you: the leaf of a tree does not move without My will, and those who speak to Me thus should know that also among My laborers are those who in their heart say to Me: How happy I would be if I were still free to enjoy all that the world offers me! This is the one who would not take advantage of the trials which are lessons that life offers, nor is he able to understand the meaning of My teaching; that is why he is weak, and in his weakness he tempts his own self.

32. Who will be able to conceal from Me some intention or one of his thoughts, when I dwell within the heart of each man? That is why you should not be surprised when I say that among you will emerge those who will persecute and attempt to destroy what I have achieved. Some of those who today say are disciples and laborers of the Lord, tomorrow will rise against My Doctrine, fighting against those whom they had regarded as their brethren. That is the reason I always say: be watchful and pray so you will not fall into temptation.

33. May each one be satisfied with the gift and responsibility that has been entrusted to him, and not to go forth along the pathways and to other regions as long as the proper moment is not yet marked and his mission made known to him. I say this because there are some who are teaching without being prepared, and there are also those who become guides of congregations without possessing the rightful preparation. On the other hand, I say to others who do not believe not being able to comply with their missions which I am entrusting to them: How can you consider as impossible to fulfill what is entrusted to you by the One who knows what each one of His children is capable of doing? How have you believed that My communication during this period to be possible? Is it not perhaps through the faculty of man?

34. There are those who are in doubt about My communication in this manner, regarding the spokesman as an impostor and, of these, I have availed Myself calling them and preparing them to carry out the task which they held in doubt and giving them proof of My truth. Many of them have been of My best spokesmen, for the faith and joy with which they have worked. On realizing that through their lips Divine words poured out, they have turned their eyes toward Me to bless My name.

35. Since then they do My will and not theirs, recognizing that he who does his own free will on Earth, does it to exalt himself and therefore withdraws from Me.

36. The Master says to you: Today it is My Word that guides, corrects and teaches you; after 1950, it will be only your conscience. Deliver My teaching with all its purity, manifest My Work with all its clarity.

37. I have not called you so that you perish in this struggle. On the contrary, I want you to be triumphant like good warriors; but may that victory be of peace that you may have sowed, of health that you have given the sick, of light that you have spread in that world of darkness.

38. Oh laborer who comes to offer Me his work, I welcome you. You come from those fields, which I have entrusted to you, and you ask Me: Oh Divine Master, my work, my struggle, is it pleasing before you? And the Master answers: Your deeds are still not perfect, you have not yet become My disciples; I regard you as young beginners whom I love very much, and that fulfillment that you offer Me, I receive; your spirit arises giving his first footsteps, humbling the flesh and lending an ear to My new teachings during the present phase.

39. During the First Era you knew the name of Jehovah and you beheld My manifestations in the bosom of the people of Israel to whom you have always belonged, and I said to you: Behold the way, and the pathway that I spoke to you about was the Law. Later, My Word, incarnated in Jesus, spoke to you and you were illuminated with My parables and precepts, and in them I said to you: "Everyone who complies by loving and forgiving his fellowmen, is within the path of My Law", and during this era you again find yourself along the pathway of your evolution and you have before you the same Divine Spirit, teaching and guiding your footsteps; I have come as a radiant light and everyone who prepares himself, will be able to contemplate Me.

40. Mankind has not risen during this Era to comply with My mandates, and I am waiting for them; I have cultivated the spirits throughout the eras and you still have not presented Me with fruits worthy of Me; I have dictated perfect laws over all beings, and the spirit of man, which is the masterpiece of the Creator, has not perfected himself; after inspiring and advising him unceasingly, he has not known how to hear or obey his God.

41. You have not made good use of the gifts that I have given you and you only manifest your pain to Me; if there is suffering in you, it is because you have broken the Law; having been endowed with strength, you have weakened.

42. I want you to know that you among all the creatures of this world, are the favorite being, gifted with a spirit and a conscience; I have given you freedom of will so that you may take by your own choice the straight road that leads to Me; it is not the flowery path that I offer you, but that of prayer, penance and struggle, and along that road your conscience will guide you.

43. The time approaches when you will reach Me in spirit; you are in the Third Era, in the Sixth Stage near the threshold of that perfect life that awaits you. Do you want to reach Me and enjoy the peace that I have promised you since the first eras? Everyone says to Me: Yes Master, because the cup that we drink is bitter and, our journey burdensome. Each day your work becomes more difficult and you stumble because of the incomprehension of your fellowmen, but My word which is healing balsam, comes to calm your afflictions; that fountain of grace that you allowed to go dry, today is overflowing anew to give you strength.

44. Keep in mind that the year of 1950 draws near and the people are not in unity; still the twelve thousand spirits of each tribe are not prepared, and if that year comes and you do not present to Me the number I have asked, who will designate the chosen after that period? By chance, are you going to indicate and mark their destiny? No, My people, only I write with indelible letters the mission that corresponds to each spirit.

45. How much longing there is in Me to manifest My Work among other nations! The time draws near when this communication will be closed and these lips will not speak through this means.

46. I am He who speaks in this era, who cultivates and prepares the spirits, for on Earth there are no teachers of the spirit.

47. And in the same way that these multitudes of yesterday eve were small, today they have multiplied; that is the way I want to reunite My disciples in other nations.

48. On seeing My constant struggle, you say to Me: "Master, how great is your Work, how abundant your word and how much love and power you spread upon it! The hearts are converted and the sick are healed, feeling your presence". Hear Me to the end so that you may learn from Me.

49. I have manifested Myself spiritually among all nations as it was written. The prophets said: During the time of war and tribulations, the Holy Spirit will come to communicate with men. Mankind seeks Me, they aspire for My Word, and their anguish and confusion are so great that they are unable to find Me when I am so close to them. In some cities the temples have been destroyed, the books have been thrown into the fire, faith has been attacked and the sacred laws have been denied, and in some nations my name has been erased from the heart of its inhabitants, but nevertheless I have announced to you that the celestial Kingdom shall find its place in the hearts of men. Who will be able to destroy that inner temple if you know how to build it within your spirit? How great is the struggle that awaits you, O! My people!

50. Soon the knowledge will reach the world that the people of Israel have returned to Earth incarnated in different nations and I shall avail Myself of them; they will know that you are not descendants of those people by blood, but of the spirit, and as in past eras, witnesses of My return and of My manifestations.

51. You who represent Me, will convey My message to Mankind. I have sent you to illuminate the Earth, to preach righteousness and to give testimony of the truth. You shall place the conscience before the spirit and before the flesh, and you will teach that the former is your guide, and all materialism will fall and the spirit will again be elevated, converting himself into My disciple.

52. You forget your own afflictions this instant in order to think about those of others, because you realize that in other lands grief has filled the bitter cup of its inhabitants and that pain even reaches Me, because, what suffering does the son feel which will not reach the Father? However, that pain is purifying and illuminating man; it is making him feel the touch of justice and it will make him return to the pathway; only pain will make him meditate and recover his health and the peace which he has lost.

53. My presence and My love accompany all My children in this hour of trial.

54. Among those called at this time are the ones who have asked the Father for more time for freedom which I have granted them, but when the moment has come to ask them for an accounting I have asked them: What have you done with that freedom that you asked of Me? And they have only managed to answer: We have done our own will and the fruit that we have gathered is very bitter.

55. These have returned to Me weary, bitter and displeased with the fruits which they desired for so long, poisonous and deadly fruits.

56. The Father waited for them, He knew they would come back, and when they have returned I have asked them if they still want to follow that pathway of earthly pleasure or carry the Master's cross of love and follow Him, and they have responded with their heart that they will follow Me to the end.

57. I say to all of you: pray so you will be strong over your physical body.

58. While a great portion of Mankind is suffering, because the law of force which still prevails among men and injustice reigns, I descend and appear spiritually among you to nourish you, so that you may regenerate yourselves; that you comprehend My Divine teaching and afterward be able to perform perfect deeds among Mankind. Toward that end I have planted My trees, which are the big or small congregations in different cities, villages and districts; trees that will give shade to the traveler who comes along extensive roads and deserts and who shall give their fruits of life to those who hunger. Love these trees, cultivate them with your love and your zeal; not because you see them bare of leaves and others growing old, will you lash at them as if you were a whirlwind, because their branches will become new trees. Do not forget the day you received your first shade and ate the first fruit.

59. I have regarded you as small children. When you begin to take your first footsteps as laborers, I am entrusting you with small fields so that you can learn to sow. Those first fields are the heart of your dear ones; they are your friends and also your enemies. I inspire you in each case.

60. Thus, when the storm has approached your fields, it has found you with temper in your spirit, and once the time to reap and harvest comes, with joy in your heart, you shall take the gathered seed to the Father's granaries; the same which will be in the future, your nourishment in eternity.

61. A long time ago the Master invited you to sow in His fields, but some were deaf and ungrateful the first time, but the Father kept on waiting for them, because He knew that on the second call they would arrive full of repentance asking His forgiveness.

62. Some, in order to believe and follow Me, asked Me as proof, health and peace which they could not find on Earth and when these were healed and saw peace reign in their homes during their existence, they said to Me: "It is you, Lord".

63. Blessed is he who recognizes the Works, which at every moment I manifest along his path, because he gives the Father joy. Woe betides to the one who is doubtful or distrustful because he feels alone, lost and weak!

64. Listen disciples: In the Second Era, on a certain day Jesus sailed in a boat accompanied by His disciples; the waters were peaceful and those men were in ecstasy with the words of the Master. However, Jesus remained asleep at a time when the waters began to get choppy, threatening a storm. During some instances the boat became like a toy for the waves, and those hearts were seized with fear, to a point of awakening the Master with distressed voices saying to Him: Master, save us, for we will perish! To which Jesus beholding them gently, extended His hand toward the waters, which instantly were pacified, and turning to His disciples, He reproached their doubt, saying to them thus: 0! men of little faith!

65. Sometimes I behold you in that manner, weak in faith. It suffices many times for the bread to become scarce in your table or that the doors of employment are momentarily closed, in order for doubt to take hold of you, forgetting that you are in the boat with Jesus, who also says to you: 0! men of little faith!

66. When I am overflowing in indulgencies you believe Me, but when I test you, then you doubt.

67. Do not think that I could send suffering to you, for it does not exist in Me. It is a seed that was born within the heart of man, of which I avail Myself so that its fruits may awaken and illuminate him, because I am He who from the very darkness makes the light appear.

68. How many there are who during the pain in their trials have called Me an imperfect and unjust God, without realizing that the affliction which they are reaping, they themselves sowed and only through it will they be cleansed and free of their burden!

69. When will Humanity give death to suffering? When will their wars and their sins cease? My voice like a bell, says to all spirits in this period: Wake up! Arise! Listen to your conscience so that you can penetrate with submission and meekness along the pathway of the Law; you are promised a time of peace and grace in which pain and tears will disappear, but first you will have to struggle and persevere in righteousness.

70. When all men arise encouraged by this ideal, the confusion of Babel which prevails during these times, will disappear, so that all races come close together in an embrace of eternity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 59

1. Welcome everyone before the Master. Who among you are the disciples? Who are the beginners? You do not know. There are many who already believe to be teachers and nevertheless, I behold that they still have not understood even the first lesson; on the other hand, others feel incapable of teaching and they close their lips when they could already begin to indoctrinate with their words and with their deeds.

2. During all eras I have limited Myself to be felt and understood by Mankind. If in that Second Era in My manifestation as Christ I would have come as God and not as man, Mankind, with good reason, could have complained. Saying to Me: "Father, we cannot imitate you because you are God and we are men".

3. Today I have brought you new teachings; My Arcanum once again has been opened for men and I want this to be a cause for rejoicing for My people.

4. Among Mankind there are some who within their heart say to Me: Why if you love us so much, do we suffer so? Why have you sent us to Earth to suffer? I forgive your blasphemy because it is born from your ignorance, and I say to you that your faults and downfalls are those that have been depriving you of your gifts, you have been left without any virtue whatsoever. It is for that reason that today you should strive for merits, to advance along your path of evolution. Here is why I have come to open My Arcanum without making distinctions among Mankind, so that each one takes from this grace what he feels his spirit lacks, whether it is peace, light, strength; do not forget that in the crucible of pain is where the spirits are forged and merits gained, in order to attain a greater elevation. I speak to you from the top of the mountain, and according to the elevation of each one, you will ascend and draw closer to Me. After having listened to Me, you will descend toward the valley where you still dwell, but not to the depths which man has created with his transgressions.

5. The valley of which I speak is the harmony with the spiritual, which you still have not attained. To each spirit is entrusted a body as a means to manifest himself in this material world. In that body, which is a master Work of My wisdom, is a cerebrum where intelligence is revealed and a heart through which virtues and noble sentiments overflow.

6. I have found many in an abyss, and even to them I have descended to save them. My love for the lost allowed them to hear My loving voice saying to them: "Where are you My children?"

7. Here is my light, follow Me.

8. In the first Era your faith had been dimmed; My children did not understand the language of their own conscience anymore, and it became necessary for the Father to come up to them and say: Take this stone on which My Law is engraved; do not forget that it shows you the path that guides you toward the top of the mountain where I await you. And before that stone where my Law was carved, they pledged to rise and journey to the end of their destiny; but the times passed by and in the journey, tribulations and trials arose, which became greater each time as more time transpired; then raising their face and their voice toward the Father, they said to Him: "We do not know you; it has been a long time that we have struggled and traveled without contemplating the end of our journey, nor have we attained the peace that you promised our heart".

9. Men again went back to their disobedience and the Father turned to seek them, drawing nearer to speak to them as a Father and as a friend, but they denied Him, saying to Him: "You cannot be our God, for He has always been in the high Heavens."

10. And it was that He appeared before them as the perfect truth, while men were seeking the truth to their own liking, and full of indignation they took the Divine Man to his death. That man who was all power and wisdom did not give men what they asked for in their foolishness. He was pure and only clean and perfect deeds could pour from Him. However, from death itself He arose to life, thus manifesting that the Author of everything created could not die. And when the Lord again returned to His Kingdom, toward the mountain of perfection, men then confessed that He who had been with them was the true God, because His Works and miracles were beyond the reach of Mankind. They remembered that He had said that He was the way, and longing to reach the summit of the Mountain where the Lord dwelt. They came out of the abyss into the valley where they beheld the light which helped them to continue on their journey, but the road was filled with thorns; then remembering that their Father above all else is love, and that He had allowed them to understand that when their suffering was very great, He would return to them, they began to ask their Lord from the bottom of their heart: Father, why don’t you come? You are love and forgiveness. Why have you punished us? Then they had a perception of the period in which for the third time their Lord would descend from the Mountain. When He reached them he asked them: What do you want of Me? And they answered: Father, save us! Then the Lord asked them: Do you want to come out of the abyss? Transverse the valleys and scale the Mountain, inspired only by My voice, which is what you will only hear during this era. Some doubted because they did not contemplate the humanized presence of their Father, but others did believe that the voice that they heard poured out from their Lord. These people arose, filled with faith to proceed along their journey, guided by that Divine inspiration which was the light along their pathway.

11. Disciples, you are those, but truly I say to you that I have not sent anyone to dwell in the abyss; I have sent you to dwell in a valley so that from there you may ascend to the mansion of your Father. Men are the ones who have opened the abyss before their feet to be submerged in it. Now I ask you: Do you believe that with this Word that I have given to you through a human spokesman will you be able to reach the kingdom of the Heavens?

12. Blessed is he who believes in this Word and in this manifestation, for he will reach the summit of the Mountain, but whoever does not believe I will say to him that this will be the third time that he will deny Me or rejects Me, because he who believes in Me just once, will have to recognize Me always, for the flavor and the essence of My Word will never change.

13. To those who doubt I will leave them in the place where they are now so they may awaken by themselves. If I did not allow men to understand the consequences of their actions, would they know when they have done right or wrong? Their conscience speaks to them about all their deeds so that they may repent from their bad actions, and with their acts of love they may comply with My Law which states to them: "Love one another".

14. Christ in that era said to men who denied Him: You shall wait for My return; that is why now that I am with you again, I call upon you to tell you to depart from the abyss and come and follow My footsteps.

15. What will the Father do with those who have been doubtful of His presence during all eras? Submit them to great trials and touch the most sensitive fibers of their heart in order that through them their faith and love shall awaken, and the wish to serve Him. Truly I say to you that the light will shine in all the darkness and peace shall be where for a long time there only existed laments of suffering.

16. I discover within each heart a different concept of My divinity; I can say to you that I behold a different God in the belief of each one of you; and that is due to the different level of evolution in which each one of you finds himself.

17. Once again I present the mountain to you; if it is invisible to your body, I am presenting it before the eyes of your faith. On Mount Sinai I gave you the light in the Third Era and on Mount Tabor I transformed Myself in the Second, in order to give you signs of My Divinity.

18. I want to see you as believers of My third coming. I have said to you that he who wishes to follow Me, let him take his cross and follow Me up to the summit of the Mountain but you already know that the path of Jesus is that of humility, of sacrifice and it has been traced with blood up to Calvary. You know that I was persecuted by slander, malice, mockery, unbelief and envy. But again I say to you: He who wishes to follow Me, let him take up his cross and follow My footsteps.

19. Why are you fearful? I do not come to ask you for the impossible, but only that you pray with cleanliness, that you practice charity and withdraw from what is superfluous. Is there impossibility in this? If spirituality would have existed among Humanity since the beginning, I would not have come to materialize Myself in this world, then men would have conquered the promised mansion of the spirit, by means of their inspiration, their conscience and their gift of revelation.

20. After 1950 My Spirit will no longer materialize Himself before Mankind. From the summit of the Mountain where I dwell, I will behold you ascending step by step until you reach Me.

21. You are the travelers who came seeking your salvation, with the hope of finding the truth. You carried a heavy cross upon your shoulders and you sought a Cyrenian who would help you to support this cross; but if you remained here, it was because you found what you were seeking.

22. Who would truly forsake his Master if he had a taste of this Word? Who through ignorance would deviate from this path? Who would be able to tell Me that he has learned nothing from Me?

23. He who has not regarded this Divine lesson with true love and interest to study it; I cannot call My disciple, but simply a beginner.

24. I have not nourished anyone separately nor have I left anyone outside; I have seated everyone at My table and in it I have distributed the bread and the wine equally.

25. I want all of you to be laborers in My lands, but laborers prepared and zealous of their mission, who will know how to cultivate My seed, who will not allow the gnawing worm to enter their fields, seeking the fruit to devour it.

26. Disciples: Study this lesson so that you may ask your conscience if you are unwavering along the pathway, if you are understanding the teaching, if you can already be called laborers of My lands.

27. My mercy has been manifested among you. I have not asked anyone about his deeds before beginning as a laborer in My pathway, and verily I say to you, that among the number who follow Me, is he who has blemished his hand with the blood of his brother. No one on Earth but I could have transformed that evildoer into a propagator of My charity. My forgiveness and My Word of love were what redeemed him and awakened the noble feelings which were dormant in his heart.

28. If from the prisons I have called some to seat them at My table and form with them a new apostleship, let no one judge these works, for in truth I did not come to heal the saints or save the just; I came to seek those who need Me; behold My charity. I came to change the scum into useful elements; there is My power.

29. Only unblemished will you be able to reach Me and only when you have cleansed your heart can you receive Me. Or am I not worthy of this offering on your behalf? I observe that when you are about to receive in your home a person that you regard as important, you clean and place everything in order to make you worthy of him.

30. Do you not believe it just that on each day, as the light of dawn rises, you should be ready to prepare and cleanse yourselves to carry Me in your heart?

31. I speak to you with simplicity, for you are the humble of spirit; if you were wealthy on Earth, you would not be listening to Me. I do not come to seek elegance or palaces among men; ask the seers about the spiritual splendor which surrounds your Master and you will understand that nothing in the world will resemble it.

32. Listen to the voice of these prophets who will be the ones who many times will guide you with their revelations. Give credit to their words, knowing that I am availing Myself of the most humble during this era; of the one whom you believed as the most imperfect to receive the grace of the Master.

33. I find your heart filled with peace; it is that I am close to you.

34. I have come to converse and give you My teaching; during this period I did not humanize Myself on Earth, nor have I sought the shade of a palm tree to speak to the multitudes from there, neither have My feet tread upon the dust of the Earth.

35. I come to teach you the perfect love toward your Creator. By chance, am I not worthy for you to love Me thus?

36. The footsteps that I traced for you in the Second Era were to convert into brothers those who lived like enemies and to spiritually elevate those who already knew how to live like brothers. Today, when you do not see Me with your physical eyes, I want you to contemplate Me with the gaze of your faith; but among you exist many who only believe in what their hands will touch and are doubtful of everything that is beyond their sight and mind. They are those who say to Me: Father, why do you not perform miracles as in previous times in order to believe you? Truly I say to you: That time has passed, and if you say that you believe in Me and know Me, why do you wish for miracles? Believe by faith.

37. Combine My Word of that era with that of today; compare its essence and you will find it is the same. Remember that I said to you: "The tree will be known by its fruits". Allow My Word to pass through your heart until it reaches the spirit, who will tell you where this word comes from.

38. Until you do not allow your spirit to be the one to taste the flavor of this fruit, how can you dare deny that it is not the Father who speaks to you?

39. Why are there some who without understanding My Work, cannot depart from Me? Because it is their spirit who is convinced of My presence. Why do others, even doubting, do not stop from listening to Me once? Because they carry the doubt within their heart, but it is the spirit who holds them, for he is contemplating the truth. If those hearts persevere, their confusion will disappear.

40. Those of you who feel satisfied with My Word, have no need to go into the wilderness, or keep to yourselves the nourishment that I have given you. I called you to relieve your hunger so that afterwards you can go forth and do the same with your brethren, those who hunger.

41. Now that your spirit receives the light by means of this Word, let him; he wants to know Me, he wants to know the One who illuminates him, he wants to know the pathway that will guide him to the end of his destiny.

42. Blessed are those who break the chains of slavery which ties them to the world in order to be with Me. Blessed are the ones who overcome their inclinations toward the superfluous and human impulses to conserve limpidity in the mind and in the heart, because My word will fall as a seed in the fertile soil.

43. Just because you have listened to Me during this era, do not believe that you have reached perfection. You have much to exert yourselves along the pathway and practice My lessons to attain that perfection with your deeds of love.

44. Here on earth the spirit will not attain its greatest elevation that is why I say to you: Do not regard this life as the only one, or your body as if it were eternal. Truly I say to you, that body, which you so dearly love, is merely your cross.

45. Understand My Word; behold that in its simplicity My essence may be found which is life, balsam and peace. Men can speak to you with a very eloquent word, but they will never manage to give you the essence that my humble word contains.

46. Today, I hear men speak about law, justice, peace, equality and fraternity, but verily I say to you, that where love does not exist, there cannot be truth or justice and much less peace.

47. When I speak to you about love, I refer to the Divine bond that unites all beings; I do not refer to love, as men understand it. Where there is egotism or lower passions, there is not true love. I love in the same manner the one who denies and offends Me as well as he who recognizes and honors Me with his deeds.

48. If some are happy, knowing they are loved by Me and others have no interest, My mantle as Father continues protecting everyone, because love is unchangeable.

49. No one can prevent Me from loving you, just as no one can prevent the sun from giving its light. However, do not forget that I am also Judge, and that no one can stop or avoid My judgments, just as no human being can stop the elements by himself when they are unleashed.

50. Walk within My Law and you will realize that My justice is unrelenting. Comply with My teachings and through the same vicissitudes you will feel peace.

51. Humanity is divided because a single law does not govern them. Each nation has its own laws. Each nation follows a different doctrine, and if you enter the homes, each father rules his children in a different manner.

52. I revealed to man the gift of science that is light, and with it man has created darkness and has caused pain and destruction.

53. Men judge themselves to be in the pinnacle of human progress, and to which I ask them: Do you have peace on Earth? Does there exist fraternity among men, morality and virtue in the homes? Do you respect the life of your fellowmen? Do you have any consideration for the weak? Verily I say to you that if these virtues existed in you, you would possess the most elevated values of the human existence.

54. There exists confusion among Mankind, because those who have led you toward the abyss, you have elevated them upon a pedestal; for that reason, do not ask why I have come among men, nor judge the reason why I am communicating through the channel of sinners and the ignorant, because not everything that you judge as imperfect, is so.

55. Man is the most perfect creation that has ever existed in the world. In him there is a likeness with the Creator; he has in him the trinity that you find in your God: conscience, spirit and body, three powers united in a perfect being.

56. The body could live without a spirit, animated only by the material life, but it would not be a human. It could possess a spirit and be lacking in conscience, but it could not be guided by itself, nor would it be the superior being who by means of the conscience, knows the Law, distinguishes good from evil and receives every Divine revelation.

57. This is the light of the Third Era; but he who says that it is not God who speaks to you, but rather this man, submit him to a test, because verily I say to you: While My Divine ray of light does not inspire his mind even though you would threaten him with death, you would not force from him words of essence and truth.

58. There is nothing strange that in the same manner that the spirits make use of their bodies to speak and manifest themselves, for an instant they will separate from them, so that in their place will be manifested the Father of all spirits: God.

59. I come to you since you do not know how to reach Me, and I teach you that the most pleasing prayer that reaches the Father, is that one which in silence elevates from your spirit. That prayer is what attracts My ray of light, through which you listen to Me. It is not the hymns or words which pleases My Divinity.

60. More than the virtuous, I have come among you seeking the needy, the ignorant, the sinners, to manifest My charity and convert you into My disciples.

61. In this Third Era, I must deprive your spirit and your body of all their blemishes, so that you may attain a true elevation.

62. I listen in the same manner to the one who in pure thought knows how to elevate himself to call Me, as well as to the one who in his ignorance seeks Me through the most imperfect worship. I shield them all with My mantle of love.

63. You, who listen to Me during this period, do not think yourselves to be at the pinnacle of spirituality, for you still lack much to reach that level of evolution; neither should you believe yourselves to be the beginners in My Law, because though you are taking your first footsteps during this Third Era, in past eras you were also disciples of the Lord. Your spirit, on listening to Me during this era, has shaken with emotion and then by studying My Word, has come to comprehend the worship that the Father expects from His children.

64. If on following Me you are not exempt from the trials along this pathway, it is because you still have not reached the mansion of your Father, where He awaits you, to make you feel the true peace and perfect happiness.

65. Now I say to you: Do not exhaust yourselves, stand firm before thorns and setbacks; pray and you will feel Me close by and you will prove that I am the good companion along your journey.

66. Do not despair nor imitate the materialists who only contemplate what the material existence presents to them.

67. Anyone who has gone astray will have to retrace his footsteps, returning to the starting point in order to find peace for the spirit.

68. It is necessary that you comprehend why I have called you during the Third Era; that you know your responsibility and your mission, because not only will you be accountable, but also that portion entrusted to you.

69. Why are you fearful? By chance, does it signify a sacrifice to love one another? Do you not behold how your brethren weep in the nations?

70. War has extended its mantle over many people of the Earth, and this will also cause that hunger, pestilence and death be unleashed.

71. Do not leave the door open to war, because like a thief it will enter and will surprise you. Be watchful and pray.

72. The bad weeds shall be uprooted from the heart of men and the good seed will be preserved to form with it a new Humanity.

73. Many men and women, because of so much pain and destruction, begin to long for My Law, for My Word and for My peace, but they do not know where to direct their footsteps to find Me. Would it not please you to arrive at that moment before them and be able to tell them: "This is the way, the Divine Master is there. "

74. Behold how you are burying each page of the teaching that I am giving you without understanding its unavoidable necessity.

75. I am the book, the word and the light. By chance, will you be able to deny Me concealing the truth?

76. I bless you, for you have known how to prepare your heart like a sanctuary. The fields, which are your hearts, have opened their bowels to receive the watering of My grace, which will make the seed of My Word germinate.

77. In My table no one has been served more than the other, no one has been discriminated or humiliated. The men are the ones who love Me in a different way, some with eagerness, with perseverance and faith; others with coldness, nonconformity and inconsistency. When all men searching for peace, find it within Me, they will comprehend that the Word of Christ and His promise are of eternal life, and anyone who during this era finds Me, will never depart from Me, for the incarnated spirit of this era, has attained great evolution which is experience and light.

78. I leave you like torches among Mankind; through your deeds, faith will be kindled in many hearts. Be careful of your actions, words and even of your thoughts.

79. May your left hand never know what your right hand will do, and the seed of your love will be abundant and fruitful.

80. What have you done with the lesson of the Master? I still do not see your regeneration. But, do not wait for My justice to touch your world in order to make you rise and work for peace.

81. Just because beforehand you feel yourselves forgiven, will you make bad use of that pardon?

82. The two previous eras have transpired without your spirit having fulfilled his destiny faithfully. Today, a new era has opened before him, so that with his merits he will fill the Earth with peace and drive away the misery and the pain. It is the time in which you can leave your example imprinted within the heart of your brethren, so that they may withdraw from vice, from the superfluous undercover the health of the spirit and of the body, by means of regeneration.

83. Verily I say to you that if you rise during this period toward the compliance of your mission without being watchful and prayerful, you will behold the face of the Earth covered with corpses.

84. Understand, O My people, that you have never been sent to Earth to be indifferent to what is happening among Humanity.

85. Be vigilant and pray, do not wait for this year to be of indulgence for you. They are times of struggle, atonement and meditation.

86. Do not deprive yourself of My gifts, for you will be left like outcasts on Earth.

87. Pray for the peace among nations; I have spoken to men through their conscience, those who govern these people, and I have contemplated their heart to be stubborn, that hatred and ambition does not leave them.

88. Be vigilant for your faith, for your zeal to testify My truth and do not be concerned about the ordeals that your brethren will cause you due to your love for Me, because My Work, My doctrine and My Law are indestructible; they are immaculate. I say this to you because you will be persecuted for being My disciples. The bad intention and the bad faith will follow you. But not because of that will you hide yourselves in the catacombs to pray and try to serve Me; those times have passed.

89. I have liberated your spirit and no one will be able to stop him in his evolution.

90. My extensive lesson of this Third Era will elevate everyone to a greater level of evolution from where you shall behold your only God. Then there will be peace in your spirit and that peace will be similar to the rejoicing that you will have when, after conquering the Promised Land and nourishing yourselves with the eternal fruits, you will experience the glory of loving and being loved by your Heavenly Father.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 60

1. Come to My table and eat the bread of My teaching.

2. You are going to listen to the Living Word, o My people!

3. I contemplate your eagerness to follow Me; it has not mattered to you that your heart has been hurt by your loved ones; it is broken, but the garments of your spirit have remained intact, because the wickedness of man cannot reach that far.

4. Blessed are those who due to My cause are ridiculed and hurt, and in spite of it, with meekness and love, they carry their cross upon their shoulders, because they will behold miracles of conversion in their brethren.

5. Not all who form the multitude who listens to Me have faith; among them I discover the new pharisees concealing themselves, uselessly trying to find falsehood in the truth.

6. I have come to teach you to elevate your spirit, so that you can find the essence of this Word, which is above every human imperfection.

7. The essence that emanates from this Word that I reveal to you, I will spread upon all the people of the Earth, because it is a seed of unification. This Doctrine will make Humanity meditate and understand many teachings.

8. The broken bonds will be united and the differences among races shall disappear in the face of spirituality, because the worship of the only and true God shall be solely one.

9. Thus you will begin to form on Earth only one family, and I shall leave for you a great, infinite, guiding light that will illuminate the spiritual path of all My children.

10. My side, still open, lets a torrent of water escape, which is redemption and balsam for you.

11. I prepare the pathways so that the foreigner comes to this nation and listens to My Word through this communication.

12. If during the Second Era I said to you. "He who knows the Son knows the Father", today when I speak to you as the Holy Spirit, I say: "I am the Christ and I am the Father, because the Living Word who spoke in Christ, was the word of God, which is the same that you are receiving today."

13. It has been necessary that I speak to you by means of symbols, in a figurative meaning and in parables, so that you can understand the lessons of spirituality that I have brought to you in this period.

14. However, the hour has come when you will withdraw from your worship all materialism and search for Me with the spirit.

15. You must understand that I do not come to the material dwelling where your bodies enter; I come to the mansion that your thoughts prepare for Me.

16. Rejoice now with My Word. When the year 1950 arrives My Spirit will not forsake you because He is within you and in everything created; but you will no longer hear Me in this manner. If I came spiritually to communicate with Mankind, afterward you will elevate yourselves to Me spiritually.

17. You come fearful before the Master to ask Me: "Father, will our seed be pleasing to your eyes?" To this I answer you: If you have spoken with love, if you have been charitable with the sick, if you have forgiven the insults, you have pleased your Father.

18. Sow a good seed so that you may reap good fruits. If you sow love and gather disappointments in the world, do not lose faith, and leave your cause to Me, because it is I whom you serve and from whom you shall receive the reward.

19. I have taught you how to sow in the world in order to harvest in Heaven.

20. Do not seek your reward on Earth, nor forget that My Kingdom is not of this world.

21. In this era the elements have been unleashed to purify My chosen ones and leave them prepared to preach My Word.

22. My inspiration is illuminating those who have been searching for Me, those who are destined to be My disciples; the voice of Elijah is like a resounding bell that awakens the spirits announcing My presence.

23. The Work that I have come to present to you, is the ark where those who enter it will be saved, and on the day that you will have received the last of these messages, the elements will be unleashed and will lash at Mankind. You will also be tested, and then I shall behold the faith and confidence that you have placed in Me. You will be scrutinized and many of your brethren who have judged you unjustly through ignorance, will join you on recognizing My Doctrine. Not only will man understand My Doctrine in this era, also those spirits who dwell in the spiritual valley will be elevated to superior mansions.

24. Beloved disciples: Be zealous of My Work, comply with My mandates and with that you shall be giving testimony of Me. Mary your loving Mother, also descends to you and fills you with grace; she teaches you a perfect love and changes your heart into a fountain of charity, so that you may perform great deeds of love among your brethren and know the truth. She is My collaborator, and next to My Word of a Master and Judge, is Her word of mother and intermediary. Love Her, My people, and invoke Her name. Verily I say to you that Mary is watchful over you and accompanies you, not only in the days of trials but eternally.

25. I make My people responsible for these manifestations of love which I deliver to them; anyone who has learned from Me, let him prepare and teach My truth to the last ones who are coming.

26. Many who hunger and thirst for the Divine Word will come to you and will clamor their longing for knowledge of My teaching. I shall be contemplating you from the Hereafter and every good deed that you perform in favor of your brethren will be blessed and its fruits multiplied; on the other hand, every error or impurity of My Law, will be judged and sanctioned by My perfect justice.

27. Believe and practice without fanaticism; elevate and place yourselves on a level from which you can teach all your brethren without distinction of creeds or doctrines. Do not hold back your benevolence to the one who is in need because he follows an underdeveloped or imperfect worship; on the contrary, your unselfish deed will win over his heart. Do not confine yourselves in groups, nor because of this should you limit your activities, be enlightenment for every spirit and balsam for every pain.

28. You are like the traveler who sits under the shade of a tree to rest and proceed along his journey later. If you are dying of thirst, there is a fountain of crystalline water in My teaching; if your strength runs out, take a rest; if sorrow overwhelms your heart, wait and you will hear the trill of the nightingale that will make you forget your vicissitudes; but if hunger overcomes you, cut and eat the ripest fruit from the tree.

29. Here is the Master speaking to you through simple parables so that you may understand My Doctrine.

30. I do not want you to come to a standstill along the pathway, nor that tomorrow you remain silent when men ask what you heard from Me; it is not My will that after 1950 you complain in desperation why I have been absent from you.

31. Behold with how much meekness and constancy I have manifested Myself to deliver My Word and teach you to pronounce My Divine words syllable by syllable.

32. Disciples: I do not come to demand that in your deeds and words you attain perfection, but I do ask from you all the limpidity, charity and sincerity of which you are capable.

33. Safeguard My essence within your heart so that when you speak, your words will be saturated with it and touch the heart of your brethren. If your word does not contain this essence you will not be believed and you will be left alone preaching in the wilderness; the wind will carry away those words and you will have sowed nothing. What incentive will sustain the one who works along his journey in this manner? He will have to be overwhelmed with discouragement.

34. I say to you that from now on you fill yourselves with strength, with encouragement for the struggle because in your weaknesses and moments of bitterness, do not always expect for someone to come and comfort you.

35. But if you know how to prepare yourselves from here on, you will never feel alone nor will you feel Me absent, even if you have stopped listening to My Word. If you know how to search for Me and you love Me, you will feel My presence wherever you are and in the moment that you need it.

36. Look for Me always and in the best way that you are able and in me you will find the Father, the Master and Friend.

37. Never have I denied my charity to anyone who seeks it, even if he has approached Me covered with leprosy. I have not prohibited anyone from taking the bread from My table.

38. Thus I prepare you because My Word will pour from your lips and it shall be comfort, prophecy, balsam and support in the trials of Mankind.

39. Behold the wake of suffering that the war is leaving, and men do not want to awaken from their lethargy, but soon events will surge in the world that will affect Mankind and make them change their course.

40. The elements will raise voices of justice and on being unleashed will make portions of the Earth disappear and be converted into waters, and for the seas to disappear and land surge in their place.

41. Volcanoes will erupt to announce the time of judgment, and all Nature will be agitated and moved. Pray, so that you will know how to conduct yourselves as the good disciples, because that will be the precise time in which the Spiritual Trinitarian Marian Doctrine shall be spread within the hearts.

42. You come to Me today full of joy, to sing Hosanna! Because you are those who have heard My voice and My Word during the three Eras, and you recognize that I am the only God who in three Eras has come to manifest Himself to Mankind.

43. You do not perceive mystery in My Trinity because in truth that mystery does not exist. I am only one God who has manifested Himself in three phases. Men are the ones who on delving deeper into their meditations and in their sciences they confuse themselves.

44. The book of My teaching is opened before you and it is the Master who comes to select the lesson; then you have a feeling that from beginners you pass on to become disciples according to the love, faith and the will that you place while listening to Me.

45. There are some who in spite of hearing Me and believing in My presence, they have not understood Me; others, while recognizing the greatness of My revelation have not moved toward their regeneration and fulfillment of their mission; still others would like to spread My teaching among men, but are fearful of Mankind and feel they have become speechless and there are still those who say to Me: "Master, let me enjoy the pleasures of the world and once I get tired, I will come to you." 0! Ignorant ones who speak in that manner to your Father without thinking that you are unaware of the last day of your existence and that when you see it coming you will enter into a struggle with death, with the invincible one, and your spirit will depart from the flesh to hear the voice of his conscience which tells him that before My presence he finds himself devoid of good deeds, with empty hands, indicating that he has lost the opportunity to draw near his Father!

46. I come to select from among the multitudes those who full of faith and firmness will follow Me so that they will imitate their Father, spreading the Law throughout the world. You know that I have no preferences, but that not all are on time to be chosen.

47. From the first days of Mankind I have come to avail Myself of those who have prepared themselves, those who have analyzed My teaching to deliver through them My messages and My Law to all others.

48. When I spoke to Abraham, he heard My word and with faith he contemplated his Lord. That voice said to the patriarch: I behold that you are a just man on Earth and I will make a pact of alliance with you. It is My will to allow to emerge from you numerous generations which will form a people who must recognize Me and love Me and in them will be blessed all the nations of the Earth.

49. I gave Abraham a son whom he named Isaac and whom he loved deeply, and to test the faith and obedience of the patriarch, I asked that he sacrifice him. Abraham trembled in the flesh and in his spirit, but recognizing that it was a Divine order which he was receiving, he only asked in his prayer the strength to carry out that supreme mandate, and he was ready for the sacrifice of his son.

50. That was enough for Me, and when Abraham's arm lifted to deliver the blow, I stopped his hand. I gave back the life of his beloved son and gave him My kiss of peace. Only one of My chosen ones could resist that test; that is why I selected him, so that his example would remain written for men of his time and of posterity.

51. Later, Jehovah sent you His Word incarnated in Jesus, whom you put on trial and whose life you asked from Me in order to believe; and My infinite love, incomprehensible for you, delivered Him to you as a meek Lamb, so that by receiving His blood you would resurrect to eternal life. You can now realize My love for you, the sinners.

52. Today I have come to look for you again, but I do not come to engrave My Law on stone, or to incarnate My Word in a Man. My Spirit comes to speak to you through the faculty of man inspired by Me, to prepare you, so that later on you can communicate directly from spirit to Spirit with My Divinity.

53. It is the spirit of Elijah who opened the doors of this Era in which I have revealed to you the new teachings contained in the Sixth page of the Book of the Seven Seals, the Book of Life, whose light will illuminate to the last corner of the Earth.

54. You belong spiritually to the lineage of Abraham, those people upon who, throughout the ages, were fulfilled all the prophecies and promises that I made to you through the patriarchs.

55. Now I am entrusting to you a new testament, which is like an ark, so that in it Mankind may be saved.

56. Be active and sow, but do so within My Law. If I have said to you: My will is yours and your will is mine, I can repeat it to you, but always and as long as your intention is permissible. Keep in mind that nothing impure should have emerged from you for having been born righteous and cleansed from the bosom of God. I gave you the Earth full of blessings so that men would have it as a temporary dwelling.

57. If I have come to manifest Myself to men during all eras, then why do they need to forge My image with their own hands and through it worship Me?

58. O My people, your restitution in this period lies in coming to seek a jewel of infinite value among the mire. Why? Because on Earth where you dwell and which you have transformed into a fetid marsh, you have lost your heritage in times past. You came without it before My presence, and I had to send you to search for it, so that on returning to Me you would show it to Me. That jewel is a combination of virtues. Do good, and the more you practice it, the greater the sparkle it will give.

59. Do not blame Me for having come to indoctrinate you in times of pain and sadness because I have not created suffering.

60. Be My good laborers and I will send you to other regions to teach My Doctrine. Do not teach what is superfluous, nor confuse the true faith in the spiritual with superstitions. If you mix these ideas to My Work, it is better that you keep silent.

61. Speak about My truth and I will reward you with My inspiration, as I have rewarded the inspiration of these people and My spokesmen, spreading My Word more extensive each time.

62. Feel My Divine presence among you; it has been My will to surprise My people on this day.

63. Today I come to ask you: What have you done with the Work that I have entrusted to you? What have you done with My teachings, and how have you delivered My message to your brethren? You become silent before My questions, My people, because you know that your conscience had already asked you those same questions.

64. You feel yourselves like beginners before the Master, and you weep in silence. I forgive you and I grant you more time so that with it you will be converted into true disciples.

65. You very well know that you have not lacked teaching, that along your journey I have showered you with incentives so that you may continue along the pathway. Of course, I appear as a Judge, but first I make you feel My love as a Father.

66. O My people: If I would give the nations the peace in exchange for your regeneration and atonement, would you joyfully accept this condition and make an effort to comply with it? Think about what I am saying to you, disciples.

67. I come full of love and meekness, so you may learn to love one another and for you to be humble. I am the example and the Book. Hear Christ once again because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

68. Not only have I come to manifest Myself, but also Mary your very sweet Mother and Elijah your Spiritual Shepherd, so that you may understand that this is the last Era that God materializes Himself through a human faculty in order to be seen, heard and felt by man.

69. If you who have heard this Word, and you embrace it with love and let it be known as I have taught it to you, verily I say to you that your progeny will reach up to the seventh generation; but if you do not show submission and charity, suffering will be felt among your children and their descendants.

70. You will have to work very much within the bosom of your congregation, so that your merits will be taken into account; you will have to be united in thought and in will; you will have to love one another as brothers and be able to forgive your offenses, then you will have broken the chains which tie you to materialism, self love, egotism, in order to begin to live and suffer for others.

71. Elijah is with you and his light inspires you so that you may finish building the sanctuary in your heart, just as he gave you courage to knock down your idols from their pedestal. The ray of Elijah has always come to destroy idolatry, superstition, the ignorance, and he has made men recognize the power of the true God.

72. O My people, take refuge under Mary's mantle of peace during this period of tribulations, and pray for all men, for those who recognize Her as the Divine Mother, as well as for those who deny Her.

73. Behold how the war spreads like oil in water. The weeds must be cut from its roots, so that the Earth may be cleansed again.

74. Be watchful and pray for the peace of your nation and safeguard My Word within your heart, because you are still within this period to hear it, but soon this period will pass.

75. I receive the prayer of these people who also elevate their prayer to the Queen of the Heavens, who sends Her caress and deposits in your heart a spiritual flower.

76. Blessed are those who come searching for My footsteps. You are hearing My voice which I send to you from what is perfect, a voice that is heard in many forms in all the Universe.

77. No one can hide from the gaze of the Creator, since He is omnipotent. I follow you wherever you go, like your own shadow; not a single thought can escape My Divinity, nor does any deed exist which may have been concealed or ignored by Me. In the same manner that I am with the just spirits who dwell in elevated mansions, as with those whose spiritual confusion has made them create and dwell in worlds of darkness.

78. Here I am amongst everyone. I am the awaited one by some and the persecuted by others. The Holy Spirit comes to remove the veil of darkness, which had covered you, so that every eye may rejoice with this light. I am the eternal life that comes in search of the dead to resurrect them.

79. Elevate yourselves in your prayer in such a way that you can reach the threshold of eternity, where time never passes and where all is peace and beatitude, because there you shall be saturated with the true life.

80. Think that inexorably the moment of entering that mansion forever will come for everyone. Why do you insist in dwelling in this world? How little is your faith and your hope in the spiritual life when you hold fast to this world so much, and when I behold that in it you wish to see those who were your dear ones and who today live in spirit, in better mansions than these. Why do you want them to come and weep again in this valley of tears and to eat from your bitter bread, since from where they dwell they are already glimpsing the silhouette of the Promised Land?

81. You feel that the justice of the Father is manifested in the entire Universe, but I say that you must not confuse My justice with the vulgar punishment. This era has surprised you unprepared because you have not taken advantage of the times and of your gifts, and because of this you feel punished.

82. Disciples: Wake up and recognize the Era in which you find yourselves. I say to you that just as no one can hold back My justice, neither will anyone close the doors of the Hereafter that My charity has opened for you. No one can prevent the messages of light, hope and wisdom to descend among men from those mansions.

83. I am the only owner of that Realm and its key is in My Doctrine. Understand then, all the grace that I have deposited in you, humble spiritualists, because no sect or religion of this Era has the communication of the Divine Word, or the presence of the spiritual beings of light sent by My will.

84. Let the great religions and sects deny these teachings, let them reject this communication and judge you. The fact is that they have forgotten or do not wish to know that Christ has the key to all the mysteries of the spirit. You shall see how many who claim to follow Me, in reality, will be the ones who will persecute Me, but My Word will have to be fulfilled.

85. This is the Third Era in which Christ comes to the world in a cloud, full of splendor and surrounded by spiritual beings of light, to liberate and save all men. I have given signs to everyone of My presence; I have knocked upon every door, and hearing My footsteps, they have rejected Me. And it has been you the humble people, who carry within your spirit the lineage of the people of God, those who have believed in Me; you have felt Me and received me in your heart.

86. No one has been able to stop these manifestations nor held back your footsteps, because the truth is enlightenment and an invincible sword.

87. You know now that My coming in this Era was not to lavish you with worldly riches; nevertheless, as one more proof of My presence among you, you have seen my charity evident, whether recovering your failing health; be it seeing the welcoming doors of employment opened or receiving My manifestations in so many forms as I have granted them to you.

88. I shall give proof to everyone of My presence, as much in the spiritual as in the material.

89. Religions and sects of the world: open your doors and like a cloudburst come to Me! Men of power: Arise and put My Work to the test! Men and women come to Me, be charitable with yourselves! If these people were not ready to receive you, I will receive you; I will heal you and give you the bread of My Word!

90. Pray, o Humanity! I shall wait for you to talk to you and reveal to you the mystery of the Third Era.

91. Do you expect the glory in this world? You know very well that this Earth, by the will of men, instead of abounding in milk and honey, sheds tears and death.

92. Prepare yourselves, because your hands shall be the ones that will destroy your idolatry once you practice the spiritual worship to God with all your love.

93. Be watchful, o My people, for the struggle draws near and the adversary approaches. It will not be the pharaoh of the First Era nor Caesar of the Second who will try to lower you to slavery, fearful of your development and your light. It will be the darkness of all the centuries that will envelop and threaten you; that is why I have given you the sword of light so that you may fight. In that light will be faith, wisdom and charity.

94. Forgiveness will be one of the virtues that will have greater merit in the face of My justice. I say to you once again: "Love one another."

95. My love will unite all men and all the worlds. Before me will disappear the differences in races, languages and lineages and even the differences which exist in the spiritual evolution.

96. Between God as Judge and man there exists a ladder, which is Mary, your very beloved Mother, in whose love the spirits are cleansed and purified in order to appear before their Father.

97. If the disobedience of Adam, the crime of Cain and the confusion of Babel, still weigh upon Mankind, I shall give you occasions to liberate you from all those blemishes.

98. I offer you this fountain of crystalline and pure waters, where you will quench your thirst and be cleansed from all impurity, but be vigilant over that fountain because men will rise wanting to deceive you with false spiritual doctrines, and they will tell you that they love God and Mary. Beware because that will be to disperse you from the fold. There will appear those who will mix up My Doctrine with human doctrines. Live on the alert! Because the hour draws near when I will call you for judgment; then, My presence shall be like thunder in a storm, and My light like lightning originating in the East and losing itself in the West; then, I will call the 144,000 who are marked by Me, so that in the face of My justice, they will deliver their harvest; some will be in the flesh and others in spirit.

99. Those who followed Me in 1866, will be present in that judgment, so that they may also respond regarding the first seed. Before peace comes, there shall be the judgment. You will behold the strong against the strong, and in those struggles their strength and their pride will weaken. By then, the Earth will be bathed with the blood of sinners and also of the innocent, and when these trials have passed, peace will come to all nations, because men will be recognizing the only, strong and just God.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 61

1. While My ray of light descends among you, the angels are in unity with your spirit in prayer and homage to the Father.

2. The fear of My justice has inspired the fervor of these people, seeing that the elements become unleashed during these days of trial. Why are you fearful? Have I not taught you to pray and shield yourselves through faith?

3. Behold that the elements are manifesting the fulfillment of the prophecies of past times. If it has been your turn to live and witness these events, do not be frightened before the will of your Father; everything serves to purify you.

4. To each one of you I am entrusting a portion of hearts to guide them with your words and your examples; but if you weaken in your ordeals, what confidence can you inspire to your brethren regarding My teaching? Among the multitudes that follow you are hardened hearts who only through your good deeds will they be able to be moved and be converted to My Doctrine.

5. Live an the alert and be sensitive because at each step and in any place I will present to you someone in need, and you should not pass by him with indifference without feeling his need. Also those, whom you only see once in your lifetime, form a part of your portion; they will recognize you in the Hereafter.

6. Do not look at scenes of suffering just out of curiosity; be inspired always by the most noble feelings so that your deeds may express true charity and convey hope to your brethren; do not avoid a hospital, or be horrified at a leper, or by a mutilated person or one who has been affected by any contagious disease; do not regard a prison with contempt or repulsion or pass near it without elevating a prayer for those within it. Extend your hand lovingly toward those who have fallen, those who have been forgotten by Mankind. How much good you will do to their spirit!

7. Strengthen your heart for the struggle. I do not want weakling warriors in My ranks; your presence along the pathway of your brethren can mean for them salvation, liberation, health and peace.

8. Soon I will lift My Word from among you and those who have not wanted to carry it within their heart, will keep waiting until suffering comes to purify them. How can they give testimony of My new manifestation if they are not prepared?

9. If during the Second Era My Living Word spoke through the child Jesus before the doctors of the law, making them speechless in the face of My questions and surprising them with My answers, verily I say to you, that during this Era My Word will come before the new doctors, theologians and scholars to interrogate and answer them and for this reason, it is necessary that you prepare yourselves. I will send you to give testimony to Mankind, and if men do not believe you, I will tell them: "If you do not believe My emissaries because of their poorness and their humility, believe them through their miracles." The deeds of My disciples shall be accompanied by signs of Nature and in the life of the people who will make Mankind meditate in the truth of My Doctrine.

10. I do not want those marked ones after their earthly journey, to return to the Spiritual Realm enveloped in darkness. I want to receive them full of light, of fortitude and of love in order to send them in spirit as an invisible army that will cleanse the pathways, liberate the captive ones awakening those who sleep in ignorance, in pride or in vices. What will become of those who having received the mark of the Holy Spirit present themselves without enlightenment and without merits in the Hereafter? Will the Father send them among His legions of light or will He make them reincarnate again so that they can come to cleanse their impurities?

11. Truly, truly I say to you: you do not know what times await Mankind upon this Earth, nor shall you wish to come to dwell here during those days.

12. Withdraw, withdraw from sin because My sword of justice comes relentlessly to destroy evil. I will help those who struggle for their salvation and I will help with My charity those who weep for the errors of men. Yes, My people, there are men and women who are watchful to remain in virtue, in righteousness, and parents who pray so that their children will not deviate from the right path.

13. I advise you to do a penance well understood, the one that will not deprive you of anything, which shall be beneficial for the spirit and the flesh, but in which you will have to free yourselves from all that is harmful, even though it may seem healthful and pleasant to you, and even though this abstention signifies a sacrifice.

14. Wherever you step upon, leave a trace of love and charity, so that whomever passes by will receive the light, then you will certainly be imitating your Master. Verily I say to you that one of the most profound imprints that you leave in the heart of your brethren is that of forgiveness for offenses you have received.

15. Your heart has opened filled with humility to confess before his Lord, and I, who am the One to whom all the offenses fall upon, I grant you My forgiveness as a gentle breeze of peace which calms your spirit and fills your heart with hope. What more can your spirit wish for in the exile in which he finds himself?

16. The Father speaks to you from His Kingdom. Mary covers you with her mantle and Elijah is watchful over you; learn to respect the grace that has been granted to you.

17. Here is the Book of the True Life opened before your eyes, so that you will not walk in darkness. If I endowed you with a spirit, it is most natural and just that he will be shown more than what Nature can teach him. A spirit cannot live in ignorance within My Creation since he is superior to what surrounds him.

18. I thirst not only for your love but for your comprehension.

19. Accept with spiritual elevation the trials and vicissitudes of life so that they can be beneficial for your spirit, because truly I say to you, that through them you will clearly understand many teachings of your Father.

20. Accept your destiny; be satisfied with what you possess, have patience. Why do you sometimes lose your calm and you despair? It is because you forget your beginning as well as the debts, which you must restitute.

21. Allow your spirit to understand and be satisfied with his restitution, and you will feel that the light will penetrate within your inner self, filling you with hope, strength and happiness.

22. Know that it was not My will that you should weep, nor does it please Me to see tears in your eyes; but on seeing that your spirit who arrived clean on Earth, has been blemished with the sins of the world, I allowed for him to purify himself so that he could return to Me. If the ignorant complains about My justice and the weak perishes, they have been forgiven; but you, who have listened to this Word, who have received this Law, cannot despair or blaspheme, unless you extinguish the light of your faith and fall into confusion. Do you not believe that if you failed in that manner it would be like blemishing this white sheet I have granted you, or, like throwing far away from you the bread that I offered you with so much love?

23. Do not weaken, do not become ill again or permit anyone to take away the gifts that I am teaching you to develop; know how to take advantage of the teaching and the strength that I give you so that you may transform the bitterness and suffering into peace and love; if in the bosom of Your home there is discord, it must be that you have not known how to put into practice My lesson of love.

24. While you listen to me you feel secure, but as soon as you leave the house of prayer, you feel besieged in many ways. Is it I who tempts you, makes you fall or who wishes you to lose yourselves? Disciples, if I have permitted temptations to exist, let them test you; your mission is to resist with faith until you convert darkness into light. If I place along your way the one who has been at fault, it is not to make you fall, but for you to save him; pray, realizing that you are in the period of struggle for the spirit and that you must comply with the precept that tells you to "Love one another".

25. Be active, do not slumber, or do you want to wait for the persecutions to surprise you sleeping? Do you want to fall into idolatry again? Do you expect for strange doctrines to come and impose upon you by force or fear? Be on the alert, because from the East false prophets will emerge confusing the people; be united so that your voice may resound all over the world and alert Mankind in time.

26. To help you in your unification, I am making Myself felt among you under many forms to make you realize the time in which you live. But how few are those who, feeling My presence, are able to say: It is the Father! Men slumber spiritually; you, who hear Me, have awakened, but still do not rise to awaken the others.

27. From the inside of these humble houses of prayer the new message for Mankind will emerge; from them, the multitudes will surge, carrying on their lips the testimony of their regeneration and their spiritual progress.

28. How impoverished these houses of prayer have been materially, but their greatness has been spiritual! These places where you have listened to My Word, are like a corpulent and leafy tree, whose shade has been healthful; their presence have instilled peace and confidence and their fruits have nourished you. They have given shelter to the adulterer, the infanticide, the addicted in vice, the sick, those who soiled their hand with the blood of their fellowman, the destitute, those Who hunger for love; in everyone the tears have flowed, prayers have been elevated and words of gratitude have been heard. Step by step, in these houses of prayer these people have been purified through tears and prayers.

29. Now Humanity purifies itself amidst great afflictions; war has extended its influence all over the world and the weak man has yielded. Today, rivers of blood flow, nations rise against nations, the very mothers induce their sons to war. The consequences will come later; pestilence, hunger and death; there will not be a single place free from that destruction; rare diseases will appear, leprosy will be widespread as well as blindness. The sun will feel like fire, the fields that yesterday were fertile, will become barren and the waters will be contaminated. For that reason, you should prepare yourselves, because My signal will not be enough to be saved. How many who are not of My marked ones, will manage to find the road to salvation! Be watchful and pray.

30. Verily I say to you that if in this period you listen on Earth to My Word through a human faculty, in other mansions it is also heard, although through other channels, by other means. However, you will know about those marvels until you enter the spiritual life.

31. Who has not felt uneasiness about the life of the Hereafter? Who among those who have lost their dear ones in this world has not felt an eagerness to see them again or at least know where they are? You will know all of this; you will see them again, but you should earn merits now, because it might be that when you leave this Earth, you will ask in the Spiritual Realm where are those whom you expect to find, and you will be told that you cannot see them because they are in a higher level; do not forget that a long time ago I told you that in the house of the Father there are many mansions.

32. Eat the bread of My Word so that sorrow and pain can be removed from your heart and you will have a foresight of the eternal life. I give you a little of that peace.

33. Hear me once again, withdrawing from your mind the bad thoughts that the world inspires and thus you will be able to penetrate with preparation into the spiritual teachings that I come to reveal to you. Here, in this instant of your elevation, at that moment in which you strive to concentrate in the deepness of your heart, is when the impulses of the flesh are reflected in your spirit. When will you allow the attributes and beautiful things of the spirit to be fully reflected in your body?

34. Purify yourselves so that you may feel Me, withdraw your materialism little by little, leave the false deities which inhabit within those unhealthy pleasures, in the vanities and superfluous ambitions; dominate your passions which come to tempt you and say to them as Christ did in the wilderness. "Do not tempt your Lord, for it is He whom you shall worship".

35. I also come to remind you that I taught you to offer a tribute to God and another to Caesar, because I see that you are offering it all to Caesar. Meditate for a moment each day, for inexorably the hour will come when you will hear My voice which will call you to judgment, and it will be then when your spirit must respond about himself and his physical body. Do not be fearful of Me at that moment, I am not unjust; be fearful of yourselves.

36. If I have shown you on Earth that I am your benefactor, loving and forgiving you, do you believe that on reaching the Spiritual Realm you will find that I have changed?

37. If I search for you and follow you with so much eagerness, if I speak to you and even lower Myself to where you are, it is because I do not wish that on leaving this world you become lost in the infinite; that you remain without enlightenment; that while looking for Me you may not find Me, and that being very close to you, you will feel Me very distant, and you cannot hear or contemplate Me.

38. Hear My lessons and put them into practice. Blessed are those of you who though living in the midst of hardships, vicissitudes and bitterness still intercede for those who weep; you forget about yourselves and pray for peace among nations, because those who act in that manner will find the path of light which leads toward the realm of perfection, and in the hour of their judgment their burden will be light.

39. I have come to lavish your spirit with benefits. Even the needy who complained about not being able to perform charity, having nothing to give, now realize that spiritually he has an inexhaustible wealth.

40. I am speaking to you through a faculty, very worthy of My Divinity: Man, and truly I say to you that this communication has never been interrupted. I am the Eternal Word who has always spoken and shall speak to His very beloved children.

41. According to the density of the darkness in the world, so is the intensity of the light that I convey so that Mankind may know the right path. If you were already prepared, how much would you rejoice, feeling My presence at every step, in each place and in each being. You would feel Me within your heart, you would hear me within your spirit, you would behold Me in all My deeds, even in the most insignificant ones. Today Mankind exclaims: "0! My God, how dark are the pathways of the world!" without realizing that Elijah, the Envoy of the Third Era, has illuminated the paths with My light and that in them you will clearly see the imprints of My blood.

42. My Kingdom has come against your kingdom; I have come to wage war against the world, but no one be disturbed, because My sword is of love and My legions are armed with peace and enlightenment. The enemies of My Realm will fall discouraged by the universal force of love, and those enemies could not be My children, but rather their imperfections, their disobediences, their sins, which I will cause to disappear.

43. How could I take up your weapons of hatred and death to exterminate you? Could I be the destroyer of My own children? Is this conceivable in God? Verily I say to you: Behold your King without a crown, without a scepter and without a mantle. Scrutinize My Word and judge Me through it if you wish. I say to you that My Realm has come closer to you in this period to teach you the communication with your Father, from spirit to Spirit.

44. You are the travelers who will be allowed to contemplate the New Jerusalem, the white and luminous city that is not found on Earth, because it is spiritual. Carry on, persevere in faith, travel along the pathway filled with bitterness and rugged ground, until you reach the great door where you will behold Me; there I will receive you and show you the greatness of My Kingdom which is the power of My Glory, and to help you reach it I give you My comfort of love.

45. Today you seek My Word to strengthen your spirit, because you realize that it is the propitious time to enter the path of spirituality. Each man carries that path outlined within his heart; it only remains for him to find it. My love has come to demonstrate its power to all My children and My light has not left anyone in darkness.

46. Thousands and thousands of beings live in desperation and distress but the moment will come when you will see them emerge to the light, because their pain is leading them toward the road of eternal life. My light descends upon Mankind as a Divine inspiration, but then the doubt surges in men, and they do not believe that it is the voice of the Father that calls them, and the fact is that they still have not understood in what Era they find themselves.

47. My seed, which is of love, truth, charity, health and peace, is predestined for anyone who wishes to sow it.

48. You, who hear My Word through a human faculty, are not the only ones who receive spiritual messages. I know where some others of My new disciples are; those who with love prepare themselves to receive through inspiration My Divine thoughts and ! intuitively know what period this is. You must know that I did not grant everyone the grace of receiving My light or that of the Spiritual Realm, through a human cerebrum; some have been prepared in a certain way, others in another; however, all will coincide in the truth which is only one; all will recognize one another through spirituality, in the deeds of love and charity toward your brethren.

49. Mankind would like to have the visit of a new Messiah who would save them from the abyss, or at least to hear the humanized voice of God vibrating in the wind, and I say to you that it would suffice for you to observe a little, or to withdraw your spirit into meditation to give it sensitivity, so that you would hear how everything speaks to you. If you think it impossible that the stones speak, I say to you; that not only the stones but everything that surrounds you speaks to you of your Creator, so that you will awaken from your dreams of grandeur, of pride and materialism.

50. This is the sunset of an Era and the dawn of a new period; the light of daybreak is already appearing, when the shadows of the night have not yet dissipated; the miracle is before your eyes and still you do not perceive it because of your hardness of heart. How will you enter into meditation if you have not yet repented from your faults?

51. You have familiarized yourselves with wickedness and vice which surrounds you; you regard murder, the dishonor and adultery with naturalness; you combat virtue, and on the other hand you disguise vice to make yourselves apparently cleansed before the eyes of your brethren.

52. Truly I say to you that from this darkness Mankind will emerge to the light; however that step will be slow. What would become of men if for an instant they would realize all the wrongdoing they have caused? Some would take leave of their senses while others would put an end to their lives.

53. O My people, do not wait to find yourselves in spirit to rise and convey to the world the news of my manifestation among you; these news will reach the heart of Mankind, and that will be the beginning of spirituality.

54. When men have regenerated themselves, they will feel My presence and My love within their heart.

55. O! My children, you cannot imagine the Divine longing with which I approach your heart! I come to converse with you, to rejoice Myself seeing you around My table. If you still have not yet learned to elevate yourselves to Me, I descend to you. I shall never cease to love you; I will never tire contemplating you with tenderness.

56. This form of listening to Me through a human interpreter will end and the hour will sound when the Father shall ring the bell to call you to congregate and listen to this Word for the last time.

57. The year of 1950 approaches when you will cease to hear Me; do not believe that when the echo of the last stroke of the bell has subsided a rest for these people will follow; on the contrary, that will be the first moment of your struggle, of the great journey which you are about to initiate.

58. Today you are alike My disciples of the Second Era, surrounding the Master, listening to His Doctrine and observing His Works; the Master was the One who spoke to the multitudes, who performed miracles among the needy, the One who guided and corrected and the One who defended them; but He had announced His parting to them, and they knew that they would remain in the world like sheep among wolves.

59. How they feared that hour! And when the moment of separation came, they remained alone on Earth, but the Master accompanied them from His Kingdom; His Spirit encouraged them at every moment and fulfilled to them up to the last of His promises.

60. Why do you, who know that this form of communication will end, wait with indifference that year of 1950? Why do you, who already feel weary, believe that after that period you can lie down and go to sleep? Keep in mind that today you are simply beginners who afterwards shall become teachers. However, do not fear the fulfillment of your mission; remember that when I was among my disciples during that Era, they were also beginners in My teaching.

61. On a certain occasion I said to Andrew, who was one of My twelve apostles. "Do you have faith in Me?" "Yes Master", he answered Me. Do you believe that in My name you may be able to heal the sick? "Yes Lord, I believe I can do it. "Fine!" I said to him. "Go forth along that road that leads to Jericho and on it you will find a sick person; anoint him in My name and bring Me news."

62. Andrew embarked upon his journey and along the way he found the sick one who was a leper, and he said to him: "In the name of Christ, My Lord and Master, be healed." But the leper looked at him sadly without feeling any cure whatever. For the second and third time Andrew pronounced My name but the sick one was not healed. The disciple returned to Me troubled, and weakly said to me: "Master, the sick one is not cured, he has not been cleansed from his leprosy; my faith in you has not been enough, but I have realized that what you do, we cannot do, besides, the illness of that man is incurable."

63. Then I said to him: Andrew, follow Me, and I took him to where the sick one was, whom I simply touched with My hand and I said to him: Be healed. The leper was cleansed instantly.

64. Ashamed and at the same time amazed, Andrew asked Me how could that be possible, to which I answered him that charity performed miracles, that he was unable to do it because he was doubtful of this power and was fearful of touching the leper. Nevertheless, afterward, how many sick people My beloved disciple Andrew healed, and among them those with leprosy.

65. I want to make you understand that during this period of My preaching, you are developing your gifts, and when you are about to err, I correct you; however, your better fruits will come after you have listened to Me.

66. The spirit will not leave on Earth anything pending or inconclusive.

67. Only a few are hearing what I am telling you; nevertheless, it will reach all hearts. Just as My Word of the Second Era was spread throughout the face of the Earth, that of this period will be like a fertile watering of the seed that I previously sowed.

68. Do not believe that you are the only means to make My Law known to men; but it is necessary that you fulfill the mission that corresponds to you, because you are within My Divine plans. Do not be intimidated by slander or humiliation; bear in mind the road that your Master traveled on Earth. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the Door.

69. It is time for you to make My Doctrine shine with your deeds, so that My name can resound to the most concealed corner of the Earth; some will be forerunners of others, just as Elijah has been My forerunner in all the Eras.

70. If you come along My path, you will not feel weariness or arrive tired before Me; along this road I have come to spread My light with this Word which I give you through a spokesman, a word which you will soon cease to hear. Engrave deeply the trace of your footsteps along this path, so that tomorrow people will do you justice in considering you as My good disciples, and your example will serve as a stimulant to those who come later; I will wait for you in eternity, therefore, it will never be late to reach Me.

71. In My blood you will cleanse your blemishes, because, what does My blood signify, if it is not My love? I expect to see you dwelling in My bosom, upon the highest step of the ladder of perfection, after having crossed the arid and desolate wilderness of your restitution, after having overcome the crossroads of your passions, and after having saved you from the waves of an enraged sea; the suffering and struggles will pass on and finally you will reach the mansion where the true peace exists, that happiness not foreseen by the human heart, and where the light of infinite wisdom glows.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 62

1. Beloved disciples: I come to confirm to you that all I said to you during past Eras is being fulfilled; in the same manner will it be fulfilled what I have prophesied in this Era through the faculty of man. This is the reason why the faith has been revived in these multitudes who from the beginning came to scrutinize My Word to prove if it was true that the Divine Master was delivering His lesson of love to His children. They later dedicated themselves to the study and analysis, and then to convey this Doctrine to Mankind.

2. You begin to love all that is worthy of your heart, cleansed of passions, and of your spirit, and insensibly you are leaving behind the love of all that you had previously ambitioned in the world. Thus the Spirit of Truth speaks to you in this period in which He manifests His Word through inept, humble and sinful creatures. You have risen in the most remote corners of the cities and villages, small and impoverished houses of prayer, and in them have congregated the multitudes, eager to listen to My teaching.

3. In that Era men heard Jesus speaking in the villages, in the riverbanks and in the countryside, until the moment came when My Work had to be consummated, and I entered Jerusalem, the city whose name will always be associated with that of the Master; however, those people never allowed me to leave, not because they loved Me, but because they were to put to death the One who brought to them the message of greater teaching than what up to then they had received from their Lord.

4. Now Christ says to you: "I am the Door of the new Jerusalem; blessed is everyone who through it enters the white and holy city, because neither will he come out of it; but not because he will find death; on the contrary, there he shall find the eternal life."

5. Meanwhile your physical bodies will descend into the Earth, in whose bosom they will intermix and make it fertile, because even after death they will retain their vitality and life; your conscience which is over your being, will not remain on Earth, but will come with the spirit to appear before it, like a book whose profound and wise lessons will be studied by the spirit. There your spiritual eyes shall be opened to the truth, and in an instant you will be able to interpret all that during a lifetime you were unable to comprehend; there you will know the significance of "being sons of God and brothers of your fellowmen"; there you will understand the value of all that you may have possessed. You will experience sorrow and repentance for the errors committed, for the time lost, and from you will emerge the most beautiful resolve to do better and to make amends.

6. It was necessary for Me to come during this period, with a more complete and extensive teaching to clarify mysteries and destroy darkness in order for you to learn all about the gifts with which your Father has endowed you. Without that knowledge and without that development, you would have been unable to come close to Me, and you would always be navigating along your sea of uncertainties.

7. The gifts and powers that you possess, you have not been able to take advantage of them due to your ignorance, but if they have become manifested in any of My children in a spontaneous or natural form, it never fails that someone will judge him as abnormal or attribute to him occult sciences or evil powers.

8. Poor Humanity who having as a God the true God, does not know or understands Him, just as they have not been able to know themselves, because over their eyes they carry a veil of darkness, due to their religious fanaticism, for that impure and imperfect worship which has always been an obstacle toward their elevation and evolution. But I, who am the true and only Shepherd of the spirits, in order to take them to the mansion indicated by My charity, have come in search of the strayed sheep to guide them toward the path of light which leads to the heavenly fold.

9. For that purpose I have come to manifest to you a new page of the Book of the True Life.

10. I have not come to take anything away from you; on the contrary, I come to leave you everything. It is still not the time for Me to come for the harvest.

11. I am teaching you to cultivate the land with My Divine lessons, and when you have progressed in the analysis and knowledge of My Law, you will make it known to your brethren with the testimony of your deeds of love and charity. From eternity I shall follow your footsteps and keep watch over your sowing and when the time is right you will present your harvest to Me.

12. You live in a time of trials; there is not an hour of the day when you are not submitted to some ordeal. Under their burden, the profane blasphemes and the surprised disciple asks himself: Why, if I am following the footsteps of the Master do I feel overwhelmed by the weight of my ordeals? And the Master answers you: He who follows Me will carry a cross and the closer he accompanies and imitates Me, the most bitter will his cup be, because without trials, what would you be? When would you reach Me?

13. The glory of the spirit is for those who carry upon their shoulders the burden of their cross and have an expression of forgiveness for the ones who offend them, a comforting word for those who suffer and a hand which blesses whoever crosses their path.

14. Those who will attain grace are the ones who in their painful via cruces in their life, on falling are able to get up with resignation, and without throwing away the cross of their mission, will reach the summit of the mountain with it. These will have imitated the Master in their life, and will be with Him in His Kingdom.

15. Do not believe that Christ, for having been God made Man, bled and died without feeling pain during His agony; verily I say to you that the pain of Christ was real and there has not been a torment that will equal it before or after; it was so intense in His flesh that His own body cried out: My God! My God! Why have you forsaken Me?

16. You will also be offered the chalice of pain. Do not reject it because you will never be given a trial superior to your strength!

17. I am awakening you with My light and I will likewise awaken the religions with the truth of this Word.

18. My charity has illuminated each spirit during this Era, and from them questions and uneasiness have surged. Men and women rise in search of enlightenment because they feel like stranded victims in the midst of the storm.

19. From the men of science lost in the sea of life to the primitive in understanding, they sense the arrival of the new Era. How many of those men while searching for Me, will run into you to ask what you were taught by the Master! Not all will come with gentleness; there will be some who will demand proof in order to believe and others who will threaten you. That is the time for which you must be prepared, that will be the occasion to earn merits before your Father.

20. You shall speak the way I taught you; there will not come forth from your lips eloquent words without essence that men use; allow the humble, simple and sincere word to emerge from your lips, and it will touch the fibers of those whoever receive it. Also make yourselves worthy that I may reveal to you the mysteries that My Arcanum holds the moment they come to light. Be strengthened in Me, do not turn back for anything. It is not My will for men to close your mouth through intimidation and thus silence my people.

21. Evaluate the ordeals that you have experienced so that you will not fear those which are to come! You triumphed over the pharaoh, you passed over the idols that you previously worshiped as if they were your God; you forgot the traditions to become devoted to the Law; you rejected religious fanaticism and in that struggle your spirit has been tempered.

22. Do not give your body a greater importance than it really has, nor allow it to occupy the place that only corresponds to your spirit.

23. Understand that the physical body is only the instrument that you need so that the spirit manifests himself on Earth.

24. You will rise clothed with humility toward the fulfillment of your mission, and you will be surprised to see how a mysterious force is disposing and preparing it all along your way. Thus, when you are about to deposit the seed of My Doctrine in some heart, you shall discover that before you approached him, he was already prepared and ready, and for that reason he was able to receive the seed in his bosom.

25. Do not be intimidated before the sterility of the fields in this period. Do not be discouraged if upon sowing a seed you discover that beneath the soil only stones exist. Fight against those same stones. I am providing you with the tools; have faith and I promise to manifest Myself there where you need Me.

26. Be watchful, because men will prepare themselves and unite in great and strong groups without knowing the reason why they are doing it; but you know that they rise in search of the Third of My revelations; in search of the One who promised them He would return. They will seek the light in the previous testaments expecting to find a word confirming their belief that this is the time of My return as the Holy Spirit.

27. Men interrogate Me and they say to Me: "Father, if you exist, why do you not manifest Yourself among us, since in other times you have descended to our mansion?" Why do you not come now? Is our iniquity today so great that it prevents you from coming to save us? You always sought the lost, the blind, the leper, of which the world is full today; by chance, are we no longer inspired by your compassion? You said to your apostles that you would return among men and that you would give signs of your arrival, which we believe we are contemplating; why do you not show your Holy face?

28. Behold men waiting for Me without being aware that I am among them. I am before their eyes and they do not see Me. I speak to them and they do not hear My voice, and when for an instant they have a glimpse of Me, they deny Me; but I continue giving testimony of Myself; and I keep on waiting for those who have been waiting for Me.

29. And in truth, the signs of My manifestation during this Era have been great; the same blood of men, shed in torrents, saturating the Earth has marked the period of My presence among you as the Holy Spirit.

30. Everything was written in the Book of the Seven Seals, which is found within God and whose existence was revealed to Mankind through John, the apostle and prophet. The contents of that Book, only the Divine Lamb has revealed it to you, for there has not existed on Earth or in Heaven, a just spirit who would be able to clarify the profound mysteries of love, of life and justice of God; but the Divine Lamb, who is Christ, broke the Seals which comprised the Book of life to reveal its contents to His children. And now Elijah was sent as the representative of the Third Era, and as forerunner of my communication among men to prepare your spirit to understand this revelation. He is the One who placed the first stone of the temple of the Holy Spirit and who revealed to you that you were living during the Era of the Sixth Seal, and that all those who listened and contemplated these manifestations, would remain as witnesses before Mankind, to whom they would convey My truth, manifesting with their deeds the reality of My manifestation.

31. The first faculties through which this light was manifested were prepared by My charity; but in order to be worthy of My manifestation, they prayed and persevered in their faith with respect and elevation. Among them is My son Roque and My servant Damiana, spokespersons, through whom the arrival of the Third Era was announced to Mankind; first, Elijah through Roque and later the Divine Word through Damiana. And I began to call the sons of Israel and to point out the chosen ones of each tribe.

32. Since then, some of My children have tried to extinguish this light; but truly I say to you that no one will be able to do it, because the light of the Sixth Candlestick comes from God; furthermore, those who have wanted to fight against that light have revived its flame.

33. Now then, study My lesson and tell Me if all these prophecies would have had their fulfillment in the bosom of some religion.

34. With a word of love and of life, I have come to teach you a more perfect worship, and you have found a new communication with your Father, which prepares you for the perfect communication of spirit to Spirit.

35. The gifts that the spirit possesses were being unveiled to you, and you comprehended that possessing an inheritance, you were not aware of it. I persuaded you of My presence, granting you the benefits which only My charity is able to give, both in your physical health as well, as in your morale, along the path of your existence, because only the light of faith will allow you to reach the end of the road of your spiritual restitution.

36. Today I receive from each one of My children his offering and his petition.

37. Put aside the weariness from your spirit and from your body, because you still have to travel and work. The time of suffering has coincided with that of My arrival, therefore you are not alone. How much rejoicing will those experience who counteract the suffering in their lives with the practice of My Doctrine!

38. During this period your heart will learn to throb with love for others, because you will recognize one another as truly brothers in God. The hand of the one who loves will be strong enough to lift the fallen. The rock that feels the touch of My charity will flow water unceasingly.

39. Nowadays the lips of the sons of these people still remain silent to announce that Christ, the Rabbi, has returned; but your silence must not be prolonged because tomorrow you shall weep your disobedience.

40. Truly believe that your deeds will remain as a seed for the future generations, and because of that you have had to pass through the crucible of pain to be purified in order to understand the gifts that I have given you. Many of you had to bathe in the waters of purification. The mind of the spokesman, the heart of the one who had to guide multitudes; the hand of the one who had to heal the sick; the spiritual vision of those who had to penetrate the Hereafter to prophesy, all were cleansed.

41. The pain, the chalice of bitterness and the ordeals in your life, have given you temper to withstand the struggle that approaches, because truly I say to you that your faith, your spirituality and your patience, will be put to the test by Mankind. I not only say this to whoever is listening to Me, but to anyone who, even after the period of this manifestation would arise and pick up his cross to follow me.

42. Be clothed with gentleness, compassion, humility, so that you may be recognized as My disciples. If you truly behave as disciples of Jesus, the same pharisees, when they approach you, concealed under a disguise to surprise you, will be the wolves who will become converted into gentle sheep in the face of your example.

43. I have come to save you with My light; there is not one who today can say that he is saved. Verily I say to you that if at this time I would offer you salvation in exchange for a just person, you would be lost, because you could not present to Me not one single just person.

44. Mankind is stranded in the midst of a storm of sins and vices. Not only does man, when he becomes an adult, contaminates his spirit, allowing the development of his passions, but also the child, in his tender infancy, sees the danger of sinking of the boat in which he sails. My word full of revelations arises in the midst of this Humanity, like an immense beacon which shows the stranded victims the true route and encourages the hope of those who were losing their faith.

45. It is written that every eye shall see Me, because spiritually all will know My truth; the blind will open their eyes to the light and contemplate Elijah who guides the multitudes before My presence. The unbelieving world will see itself overwhelmed by these kinds of testimonies, surprises and trials, and while some deny Me brandishing the scriptures as proof, others will rejoice, because they will behold the arrival of the hour of fulfillment of many prophecies which I announced through the mouth of my prophets and through the lips of Jesus.

46. Those who in the bosom of their churches await for My arrival, do not even sense in what form and where I am communicating, even though My manifestation was being felt by means of numerous happenings. Like lightning which emerges in the East and is lost in the West, that is how My arrival has been; but the vibration and the reflection of My Spirit have remained among you transformed into a human word, so that you may understand who was the One who knocked at the door of the hearts of men and why were the signs given.

47. I have wanted to communicate through humble faculties, because they, while free from prejudices, cleansed from erroneous interpretations of My Law, were the designated ones to transmit My Word with greater purity. This Word will be debated heatedly by Mankind, even if people would want to place upon it a veil of indifference, because it will be during this period, the only one which will give light over many mysteries and over much confusion.

48. Truly I say to you that after 1950, I will touch with My power and My justice all the rituals which are celebrated in the world, and if their ministers and pastors will not awaken in the face of this warning, I, availing Myself of the children, will speak to them. In the same way that the nations have been touched by My justice, likewise will the different religions be touched. Every crown, every scepter, every title and hierarchy shall be judged.

49. O My people: Where do you keep the words and teachings which I have brought to you with so much love? Behold that this Word has been the Divine caress with which your Father has come to awaken you during this period. Or perhaps are you going to wait for the unleashed elements to come to awaken you from your sleep?

50. The Father does not wish to appear before His people with demands but rather to bless their deeds, but still the intention of regeneration does not surge from among you, and the fact is that you have not been able to understand all the love that your Master has shown you, rescuing you from the scum to clothe you with His grace.

51. Do you not hear the voice of your conscience which says that you are the disciples of the Third Era? Heed that voice and arise. Your Master has already shown written evidence of His passion, His Doctrine and His example within the heart of Mankind, the Law which you must follow. The apostles, those martyrs fought for the preparation of the seed of My Doctrine; now you fight for the benefit of the generations of tomorrow, because from them you will gather the ripe fruit which will give peace and happiness to your spirit.

52. Let it be the love toward your God, the charity toward your brethren and the longing for perfection, which will lead you toward the practice of My teachings. Let it not be the pain or fear of my justice what you need to feel impelled to work, because then your merits will not be truthful before Me.

53. Let other nations awaken to the new Era as they contemplate regions devastated by the waters, nations destroyed by war and pestilence annihilating lives. Those people, conceited in their knowledge and lethargic in the splendor of their religions, will not recognize My Word through this humble means, nor feel My manifestation in spirit; therefore, the Earth will have to be shaken first, and Nature will say to men: "The time has arrived and the Father has come among you". In order for Mankind to awaken, let them open their eyes and accept that I am the One who has arrived; first the power and pride of man will be touched, but you have as your mission to be vigilant, to pray and to prepare yourselves.

54. Someone says to Me in his heart: Father, how is it possible that since you love us so much, you make us feel your justice in that manner? To that I answer: If My justice would not answer your actions in that way, you would become lost irrevocably. If I allow suffering to pass on to you and also death, it is because the pain purifies and death regenerates the spirit. How is it that you should not endure a chalice of grief and death, since you yourselves have created it? Truly I say to you that pain and death in the flesh are less terrible than what the spirit feels through remorse or for the grief of having offended His Creator with his faults.

55. You are listening without understanding. Do not leave all the burden of comprehension of My Word be on the spirit, be it on the flesh, without each taking the part which truly corresponds to each one; it should be the conscience that will dictate what belongs to one and the other.

56. When you see that I have come to you filled with peace, are you not moved with compassion thinking of those of your brethren who do not have an instant of peace? Would it not cause your heart to rejoice if I tell you that through your prayers and thoughts involved in charity, your brethren can awaken to the light?

57. The Father came in that Era to save His children; during this period, it shall be the human beings who will save one another with the love that their Father taught them.

58. My charity has laid out a bridge between My Kingdom and the Earth; that bridge is My people; through them the multitudes will reach the Promised Land.

59. I have spread my wisdom among my people; Mary has spread her love in your heart, and where is that love and that wisdom that you still have not offered Me? What do you do with what you receive from the Divine mercy? For a moment you doubt because I come in Spirit. Feel Me in this manner, because truly I say to you that you will never again have Me as a man.

60. Through the lips of the spokesman you listen to My Word, and this voice has made a calling to those who have deviated from the pathway, those who believing to have found better places than the ones that the Father had assigned for each one of His children, have gone in search of men, pleasures and riches of the world. These children have come before My presence with their garments tattered, with a disgusted heart and with the traces that drunkenness of materialism have left in all their being. When the Father asks you for your garments, understand that it is that of dignity, which is white and pure, and you should present it to Me like that always.

61. Many of them are returning to Me; is it perhaps that they love Me? No, it is because the moment came when the world would not offer them what they asked; then they remembered that I exist, but I receive them, because here, while listening to Me, they will repent for their sins, and in their heart will be born a love toward the Father. The light of My Word will be in My children like a new dawn and their past will be like the night when it disappears.

62. Calm your thirst completely, keep in mind that very soon your word will have to mitigate that of your brother. If while listening to Me and drinking from this wine you still feel thirsty, it is because your heart is striving for the glories of the world. Only my very patient and loving word will be able to perform the miracle of your transformation, and then you will certainly be worthy of arising along the pathways delivering My teaching to your brethren. You shall not humiliate anyone nor deny My charity; you will not show preference for anyone, because you would not be imitating Me. By chance, do you believe that My blood shed upon the cross ceased to drop upon any of the sinners?

63. When John the Baptist announced the imminent coming of the Kingdom of the Heavens, his prophecy was for everyone. That prophet and forerunner of Christ has been among you during this period; he came before My ray of light would communicate through a human faculty, and he also came to announce to you that the arrival of the Holy Spirit was near. His announcement, his prophecy, was without distinction for everyone, and you knew him during this period under the name of Elijah, because that spirit is of that prophet who has been before Mankind during all eras, and he is the forerunner who has prepared the roads of the Lord. That is why I welcome everyone, for I came without judging your sins or humiliating the one who was blemished the most. These people will be those who will most ardently love Me, because their faults were many and all were forgiven.

64. The star which announces My presence has been contemplated only by the humble; the kings and the men of science have slept in their grandeur and they have been unable to discover in the firmament the Divine light in order to arise and follow it, like those kings of the East who left everything to appear before that heavenly light which announced to the world the arrival of the Savior. If men of science would seek My light and those who live in wealth would practice some of My teachings they would feel My presence within their heart.

65. In that Era I said to you that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy miser to enter the Kingdom of God. Now I say to you that it is necessary for those hearts to put aside their egotism and practice charity toward their brethren in order for their spirit to be able to pass through the narrow path of salvation. It is not necessary to deprive themselves of possessions and riches, but only their egotism.

66. How many of you were possessors yesterday of some wealth on Earth and were forgetful of the miseries and needs of your fellowman; when the hour of judgment for you spirit came, you felt that the magnitude of your sins was so great and the spiritual door so narrow, that you realized you were not able to pass through.

67. Today it is not a wealth of material benefits that you should share with the needy; your wealth during this period is that of light and spiritual knowledge, with which you may consider yourselves rich in spirit, but keep in mind that if it is a grave fault before God to deny your brother the riches of the world while you have them, how would it be if he were denied the spiritual graces which never decrease no matter how much are given? What would be the justice for these rich in spirit who manifest themselves so egotistically?

68. I have you predestined to give to Mankind through you great lessons. Truly I say to you that these people have not been formed by chance, nor has a single heart arrived by accident; the 144,000 who spiritually and materially are to arise, shall be like an open book of light, experience and restitution. That is why I am touching their spirit through their conscience, and truly I say to you that if during the day they are not converted, they shall be converted at nightfall, but they will raise their eyes toward the Father and then undertake the path of their fulfillment.

69. I will still give you more time so that you may meditate upon your mission and prepare your heart. I send you in this period so that you may give testimony of My truth. The Sixth Seal speaks, its light spreads out; its mystery is clarified. Call men, women and children, so that they may listen to My Word, because the year 1950 will arrive and My voice will cease to be heard in this manner.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 63

1. Why does your heart seize with fear when you hear My Word as a Judge? Ah! If you would always be fearful, but not because of a punishment, but rather for the shame of offending Me and blemishing yourself, how much good you would obtain for your spirit!

2. I have told you that you should make yourselves worthy of My presence under this means, that you should not close the doors of My charity.

3. I am perfect and I expect perfection from you; only in that manner will you reach the summit of the mountain; toward that end, I give you the time, the light and the strength.

4. On this day that men dedicate to the memory of those who have departed toward the Hereafter and who erroneously named it "all souls day", I allow that those beings communicate with you in order to give you proof that they live. They will tell you that just as you have received spiritual missions to fulfill on Earth, they also comply with delicate charges in the Spiritual Realm.

5. Do not weep for those beings, do not materialize them, do not lose respect for them; allow them to communicate with you, receive within your heart their message and their sound advise and then allow them to go in peace toward the mansion where they dwell and from where they are watchful over you. This grace of listening to them shall soon pass and afterward you will only feel their presence in your heart.

6. While I am joining you together, not only with all who inhabit the Earth, but even with those who dwell in other worlds, many of the nations do not feel My presence because they are occupied in their wars; but unknowingly, they are giving fulfillment to My Word of the Second Era, when I announced to you that I would return when these events would take place among Mankind.

7. Arise, analyze this word with enthusiasm. What would become of you if you did not hear it again, if before the designated time these spokesmen would be silenced? What teaching would you give to those who are to come, if I still have not given you all My revelations?

8. Persevere in your regeneration; be watchful, pray and study. Hear Me as much as you wish, but do not familiarize yourselves with My presence. Search for Me always as the Father and as the Master, never defy My justice.

9. Behold how, by means of that atom of faith that you have, you have realized many miracles, like this one of today, by which you shall hear the voice of those who were your dear ones in the world.

10. It will not be the tombs that will open to let out those who lie lifeless within them; it shall be the doors of the Spiritual Realm which will allow to pass those who full of light and of life come to let you know about their survival.

11. If any of those beings should still manifest human tendencies or materialization, be charitable toward him and give him light with your prayer; remember that you must help one another.

12. Thus, step-by-step, you are going along the road, which ascends toward the summit of the mountain where you will arrive when you have purity and perfection in your spirit.

13. Understand that you have Christ as a Teacher, that My Word given through these human lips has united you and that this word is the book of love and wisdom. Each time I bring to you a new lesson for the enjoyment of your spirit. Today you feel joy listening to Me; tomorrow you will feel an enjoyment practicing My teaching. It has been said by Me that the multitudes will come to you in search of this light and it is necessary for them to find it in your words, in your deeds and in your life.

14. I have prepared the table and I have invited you to My banquet; but I say to you that later it shall be you who will prepare the table to receive your brethren thus prolonging to eternity this feast of brotherhood and love. In this Third Era, your spirit shall fulfill his destiny of teaching your brethren and sharing with them all he has received from My charity. They will not be material benefits since you are in lack of them; they shall be spiritual benefits with which you are blessed. In order for your virtue to be believed and your word strong enough to convince and convert, you must remain within the righteous path. When you feel that My love has separated you from the pathway of evil and has placed you along the road of regeneration, strengthen your steps there and do not turn back to the place from where you were rescued. Then when you rise preaching regeneration, correction and perseverance within righteousness, you shall easily be able to redeem and touch the heart of the sinner. If you are able to cleanse your heart and your lips during those moments of directing your words upon the hardened heart of your brother; if during those moments you are to elevate your thoughts to Me filled with confidence, it will be I who will speak through you and touch with My Word the most hidden fibers of that heart, making him feel My presence.

15. Understand that you have to transform yourselves spiritually and materially, that many of your customs and traditions, a heritage of your ancestors, shall have to disappear from your life in order to give way toward spirituality.

16. Behold this humanity rushing toward an abyss, while you still slumber in a profound sleep, in which you only seek your tranquility and want nothing to do with what happens to the others. I say to you once again, stop occupying yourselves with the superfluous, in what is harmful, so that you may dedicate those moments in performing charitable deeds, sowing My seed of love within the spirit of your brethren.

17. This is the period My prophets beheld and announced, this is the Era that I announced to you in My Word. Behold how one by one those prophecies are being fulfilled. My Word of a King never goes back, nor does it contradict itself, nor does it deny itself. Also through these human spokesmen I have given you many prophecies, which you have seen fulfilled one by one. I say this to you, because the year 1950 draws near and afterward you will be left without hearing My Word through a human faculty.

18. I speak to you with sweet words filled with love, to convince you that you must be prepared for that great day. Blessed are those who are confident that My word is immutable and prepare themselves for this period, because they shall not be surprised that this form of communication will end.

19. Listen to My voice, you can still enjoy it for some years; it is the song of songs that vibrates in the Heavens and whose echo is heard on Earth. When this song ceases to be heard through the lips of My spokesmen, I will allow you to keep on hearing it in the innermost of your heart while communicating spiritually with Me. Verily I say to you that the time for these prophecies to be fulfilled is now short; but I also say to you that man cannot do his will above mine in trying to prolong My communication among you. Be on the alert, for many will rise deceiving their brethren. You shall continue bringing the sinners before My presence, those who have blemished themselves through theft, adultery or through crime, not to accuse them before their Lord, but rather to be forgiven and be separated from their darkness and their blemishes.

20. You shall continue anointing the sick with love and in My name with as much or greater confidence and faith that you now have so that I can keep on performing miracles among you. That will be the seed I shall receive and safeguard in My granaries.

21. Which one of your actions could have been perfect? Your conscience tells you that up until now you have not had a single one.

22. Keep in mind that only what is perfect reaches Me; therefore, your spirit will enter My Kingdom only when he has attained perfection. You emerged from Me without experience, but you shall return to Me adorned with the garment of your merits and virtues.

23. My people, raise your face and look up at the Heavens; when you feel that I come as a Judge you tremble and bow your head. Understand that the time of My spiritual communication with man has arrived as was written.

24. Spokesmen of these people who are the instruments so that I can talk to Mankind, listen to My Word that says: You are the fountain, My Word is the crystalline water; allow it to overflow, but retain its purity.

25. My orders shall descend upon these people so that My truth is cemented. From among you will emerge the faithful writings that will later be engraved within the hearts of men of all races. Among you are the disciples who will compile and organize those writings.

26. My Heavenly Concert is heard on Earth so that the predictions of the prophets and the word of Jesus be fulfilled. It has been some time that Joel spoke to you about a period when the sons and daughters of Israel would prophesy and would have visions and dreams and that My Spirit would be spread upon all flesh. Verily I say to you that this is the prophesied time.

27. Here you have My Spirit communicating through you and My spiritual world speaking through your mouth. Here you have men and women of all ages who penetrate the spiritual with their vision and others who receive announcements and revelations in their dreams.

28. This is the time when My spiritual hosts approach the world to raise those who are to follow Me and destroy the chaff and the evil weed of sin.

29. Seers, look at Me. You would wish to discover some form and you do not find it; you only contemplate the clarity of My light, because that is what I am: The Light.

30. I leave you vigilant before the light of the Sixth Seal; from it surges the gift of speech, from there emerges this concert that you hear within your heart and which makes your spirit tremble because I am the Lord. Before you is the Lamb untying the Sixth Seal to show you the pathway because the Lamb is Christ and Christ is the pathway.

31. May each one respect the place designated to the others and have respect for himself.

32. Pray and repent. If you are hypocrites, be sincere now; if you are imprudent, be sensible now; if you live in the rubble, rise to the light; if you do not have Divine inspirations, hear Me and you will be filled with light. He who is the beginning and cause of everything created speaks and says to you: Take up the cross of love of Jesus and come to Me.

33. My arrival has now surprised you because you were not prepared; that is the origin of doubt of some. When someone has elevated a question toward the infinite inquiring if this manifestation is the truth, instantly he has received in the middle of My sermon, a wise and loving answer which has kindled a flame of light within his heart.

34. He who has faith, will never feel weariness or disgust listening to Me; he can cross valleys and climb mountains each time I manifest Myself in order to come and hear My Word.

35. He who has recognized which is the water that quenches his thirst and the bread which satisfies his hunger will not exchange it for anything, nor will nothing stop him from finding them. He who feels an enjoyment listening to the Divine Master and a joy in penetrating the eternal for an instant, does not lament leaving worldly pleasures during those moments.

36. Disciples: There have been moments when My Word, filled with a just demand, has seemed bitter to you; the fact is that you have been unable to understand it, because verily I say to you that I have not come to increase the bitterness that you gather on Earth.

37. My Divine teaching has been moving you away from the uncertain paths, from the false pleasures and from vice; in exchange for that it has allowed you to know and enjoy the pleasure of doing good.

38. I shall not leave you without an inheritance when My Word ceases to be heard through these faculties, because I want to preserve you in order for you to testify before the new generations about the truth of My lessons of love, and that you become counselors of your brethren.

39. Not everyone will know in this period the word I gave you through a human faculty, because the moment of their awakening has not arrived. They shall be called, but not chosen; however tomorrow, when they are ready to follow Me, they shall again be called and then they will be of the chosen ones.

40. The elements of Nature, in imitation of a resounding bell, are awakening Mankind who sleeps inviting them to pray and meditate; those who do not understand that voice is because they are confused or deaf to the spiritual messages. Today they even attribute these manifestations to simple phenomenon of Nature; but the moment will come when the ministers of religions and the men of science and of power, will ask themselves fearfully: Can it truthfully be the justice of the Father which knocks at our doors? Can it be the time of His presence among us?

41. I say to you that the stubbornness of man is great; he still resists the pain and opposes My justice which touches him; however when he humbles himself, all the human race will be gathered into one same fold.

42. I say to you all: What are you waiting for to spread the good news? By chance, do you pretend to go and preach among the rubble? I am telling you and revealing all, so that you may always have a wise answer for every question made to you by your brethren. Behold that you will be confronted with great arguments that will fill with fear those who are not prepared.

43. Engrave My Word and do not forget the great miracles which I have granted you so that each one of you can be a living testimony of My truth; then whoever scrutinizes and prods into My Word, he will find that it does not contradict in anything of what I said and prophesied during past eras. The struggle will be great, to the extent that some, having been My disciples will become fearful and deny Me saying that they never heard Me. To those who know how to be faithful to My commandments and are able to cope with the struggle, I shall cover with a mantle with which they will defend themselves and they will come out unharmed from any situation. To the one who wrongly sows this seed and profanes the purity of this Work, there shall be a judgment, the persecution of men and uneasiness at every moment. It is necessary for each one to become aware of the tree he has cultivated, by the taste of its fruit.

44. I have reserved great miracles for the period of the spiritual struggle of My people, miracles and deeds that will amaze the wise men and the scientists; I will never forsake you to your own strength. Do not become blinded when Mankind ridicules you, do not forget that in the Second Era the multitudes mocked your Master.

45. When many still wait for My arrival, My departure is already very near; but verily I say to you that the Holy Spirit will eternally be illuminating every mind and every spirit, because you are already in the consummation of the times.

46. From each one I receive a present; the children present Me their innocence, the maidens their fragrance, the mothers their tears, the fathers their cross, the elderly their weariness. However, My love encourages your faith; I am watchful over that lamp so that its flame will never be extinguished.

47. During this period I did not descend to Earth as a Man to be seen by the eyes of your physical body. That era has already passed. This is the period when you must earn merits for your salvation. Search for Me in the invisible and you will soon find Me. Look for Me as the Father, as the Master, and you will have Me thus. Do not seek Me as a servant, although I verily say to you that I have always served you. My services require no payment, but if in some way you wish to compensate My benefits, I can only say that you love one another, for if you do it thus, My Work shall be crowned.

48. Do not find it surprising that being possessor of everything created I would appear before you asking for love; I am the God of gentleness and humility. I have not come to make a display of My greatness, instead I conceal My perfection and My regalia to draw nearer your heart. If you would behold Me in all My splendor, how much you would weep for your faults!

49. Here then is the pathway, come through it and you will be saved. Verily I say to you that it is not necessary to have listened to Me during this period to attain salvation; everyone who during his existence practices My Divine Law of love, and that love inspired in the Creator results in love toward his fellowman, that one will be saved; he will give testimony of Me in his existence and with his deeds.

50. You are listening to the Holy Spirit, but not a Spirit different from the One who has spoken to you as Christ or as Jehovah; He is the same One, the only One who exists, but who has manifested Himself during the three eras in a different form.

51. In the first Era, on Sinai, your God manifested Himself and the phase He disclosed to you was that of His Justice and His Law. In the Second Era the same God spoke to you through Christ and He disclosed to you a phase that you were unable to understand:it was love, and in this era, which is the Third Era, My Holy Spirit speaks to you from the infinite; He communicated from the spiritual with your spirit and thus He manifests one more phase to you: that of His wisdom, which is light for all Mankind. Why look for mysteries where there are none? The mystery of the Trinity is clarified.

52. What inspired Me to create you? In My love, because even before creating you I already loved you within Me. The Father loved those who were to be His children, but He also wanted to be loved by them. For My children I created Nature, the elements, the worlds or mansions, so that you would enjoy the material existence and thus begin a journey of perfection and elevation; I endowed the spirits with a physical body where they would reflect their sentiments and their powers, guided by their conscience.

53. To man, created and endowed in that manner, I granted him free will; I deposited within him a page of My Law and My justice, and I placed him in the beginning of the pathway.

54. Without that law within, man would have never recognized, understood nor loved Me; but the conscience which has been the light that illuminates the pathway and the voice which advises righteousness, have made you comprehend the manifestations of the Father up until reaching this period when the incarnated spirit will manifest himself freely and impose himself on what is superfluous and physical.

55. Why have I had to descend to you on three different occasions? Because you have stumbled along the difficult journey and I have had to come to raise you from the dust of the Earth, because even with a full knowledge you stray from the path, and when you lose yourselves and weep you tell Me: "Father, why do you punish Me?" Why do you say that I am the one who punishes you? Keep in mind that while you blaspheme, the life that I have surrounded you with continues caressing you. Learn to live and you will not have setbacks; that is what My Law teaches you. Do not expect peace or a true life from the doctrines of men.

56. My judgment will reach everyone and when the moment arrives I will ask the ministers of My Law and the men who form doctrines: What is your harvest? And one and all will present to Me only vanity, hatred, and not having been charitable with Mankind.

57. Before anyone, I will judge the ministers of My Law, because that is My testament of love and wisdom for all My children, because from it is derived the redemption of men. Woe Betide those who have concealed these teachings in their mind because it will be a cavern of darkness, or within their heart, because this will only be a cave of egotism!

58. Be prepared and understand Me. He who carries the light of the Holy Spirit will overflow with light upon everyone who is in need.

59. If someone feels that My Word hurts him, it is because it is like a sword; but the wounds that it opens are of love. Tomorrow you will understand that My Word is always just.

60. I shall call the parents of families and ask them: O parents of Mankind, what have you done with your children? I shall judge the teachers of Humanity among whom are philosophers, theologians and scientists, and I will also ask them what has been the seed that they have deposited in the heart and in the mind of their own brethren. I will ask them to what cause did they select to serve with the gifts that I entrusted them?

61. The heads of government of the people, nations and kingdoms will come before My presence and I will ask them along what pathways have they guided the human destinies and what have they done with their peoples. I will ask for an accounting of the bread for their brethren, of their jobs and wages, and if they would only present to Me the greed and the vanity in their heart, and the riches in their hands, while their people die of misery and hunger, how great will their responsibility be!

62. The doctors shall also be called. I will ask them what have they done with the secrets of health, which I revealed to them and the balsam that I entrusted to them; I will ask if they have truly felt the suffering of others, if they have learned to descend to the most humble bed to heal with love the one who suffers. What will be the response of those who have attained greatness, comfort and luxury through the suffering of their fellowmen, a pain that they were not always able to relieve? All of them will question themselves within their heart and before the light of their conscience they will have to answer to Me.

63. If I have revealed to you that you are part of Israel, do not believe that I love you more than other people; why should I love you more than others if all of you are My children?

64. Verily I say to you that if Mankind had persevered within the Law which their conscience dictated inwardly, it would not have been necessary to send you guides nor prophets nor would it have been necessary for your Lord to descend among you, even to engrave My Law in stone during the First Era, or having to become human and die as a Man upon a cross in the Second Era.

65. If I formed a people and lavished them with gifts it was not to exalt themselves and humiliate others, but rather for them to be an example of submission before the true God and an example of brotherhood among men.

66. I chose these people so that they would be an instrument of My will on Earth and carrier of My revelations, so they would invite everyone to live within My Law and so that all Humanity would become the only people of the Father.

67. If these people have suffered greatly in spite of being the chosen, it is because they believed the heritage was only for them, that their God could not have been a God for the pagans, because they regarded other people as strangers and did not share with them what the Father had entrusted to them. If I separated them for a time from other people, it was because I did not want them to become contaminated with wickedness and materialism. However, when they stuck obstinately to their egotism and regarded themselves great and strong, I demonstrated to them that their power and their greatness was false, and I permitted other nations to descend upon them and reduce them to servitude. Kings, Pharaohs and Caesars were their lords, when I had offered to be their Lord. The Father, in His infinite love, again manifested Himself to His people to give them their freedom and remind them of their mission, and during this period I have come to deliver to them My lessons of love and it is only My gaze that is able to discover among Mankind the sons of Israel whom I am calling and congregating so that they may receive the light of the Holy Spirit.

68. I have come to manifest Myself before your spirit because the time is long gone when I spoke to you through Nature and by means of material manifestations that you called miracles. Now you can feel Me within your spirit as well as deep inside your heart.

69. During this Era it has not been Palestine the witness of My manifestation because it is not a specific place that I come to seek, but rather your spirit. I search for the people of Israel in spirit, not through the blood but a people who have the spiritual seed that throughout the Eras they have received by My charity.

70. Prepare yourselves, O My people, take advantage of the times, because time is the light. The year of 1950 draws near and I do not want that on lifting My Word, you will feel like orphans. Verily I say to you that those who prepare themselves shall feel Me closer; they will have great inspiration, they will heal the sick by only praying and they will surprise people by their gift of speech.

71. You will preserve these reunions because in them I will spread great inspirations; the gift of vision will breakout and through your lips I shall speak to the wise, to scientists, and this prophecy will remain written by those who have the mission of recording My Word.

72. Men and women who listen to this Word: Do you believe in My return among you? Do you believe in My communication through the faculty of man? In some their ardent faith responds: Yes Master, I believe in your presence! In others their silence responds which says: Who knows!

73. The Master says to you: Not only will you scrutinize Me, penetrate deep into your heart and see what has emerged from there if words of love and truth have poured from it, you can be satisfied; if comfort for others has emerged you can say that crystalline waters have flowed from your fountain. If you were in a high level of perfection, My manifestation among you would not have any reason to be, but if your conscience complains about many imperfections, why do you ask Me for what purpose I have come? It is necessary for you to know that I have come seeking your spirit, that he is predestined to perfect himself along the pathway outlined by My charity, so that once he attains his purification, he can achieve the happiness for which every being instinctively aspires. I come to teach him the manner of earning merits to reach that goal.

74. Verily I say to you that the spirits of the just who dwell near God, gained the right to occupy that place by their own deeds, not because I gave it to them; I only showed them the way and at the end I revealed to them the reward.

75. Blessed are those who say to Me: "Father, you are the way, the light that illuminates it and the strength for the traveler. You are the voice that indicates the course and encourages us along the journey and you are also the reward for him who reaches the end". Yes, My children, I am the life and the resurrection of the dead.

76. It suffices for you to know, as I said to you in My Word, that the reincarnation of the spirit is truth, so that a light may be kindled in your heart and for you to admire My loving justice more. Compare the theories and diversified interpretations that the religions have given these teachings and lean toward the one that contains a greater justice and has a greater reason. But verily I say to you that this is one of the revelations that will more deeply touch the spirit during this period, in which there is an awakening of intuition regarding this great truth.

77. If for telling the truth to the world, men will judge Me again, they may do so; I will allow them to judge Me, but if they want to touch and apprehend Me, they cannot, because I am in Spirit and before them I am intangible and invisible.

78. You have resurrected to the true life through the miracle of this Word; do not live with indifference nor sin anymore, like those who have not heard Me, because then you would descend to the level of the dead. Only I can and must speak to you this way.

79. In the second Era I announced to My apostles My new manifestation, and when they asked Me what signs would proclaim that period, I announced it to them one by one, as well as the evidence that I would give to them. The signs have appeared up to the last one; they announced that this is the Era prophesied by Jesus, and I ask you: If this manifestation that I am giving you was not the truth, why has Christ not appeared, in spite of the signs? Or do you also believe that the tempter has power over Creation and over the elements to deceive you?

80. I forewarned you for a long time so that you would not fall under the seduction of false prophets, false Christ and false redeemers; but now I say to you that the incarnated spirit is so bright because of his evolution, his light and experience, that it is not easy to give him darkness for light, no matter how much artifice it may have. That is why I have told you: Before sending you with a blind faith along this pathway, scrutinize however you wish. Behold that this word has been given to all and never have I reserved a part of it only to specific beings. Observe that in this Work there are no books in which I would pretend to conceal some teaching. However, I also said to you during that Second Era through the lips of John My apostle: "If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I shall enter within him, and dine with him and he with Me". I also taught you the parable of the virgins so that you would keep it in mind during this period.

81. Elijah, who would come first to prepare the pathway of the Lord, manifested himself for the first time through a human spokesman in 1866. Do you wish to dedicate a few moments to investigate the signs and events that took place in all its sequence and coincided with the period of that manifestation? Again it will be the men of science who will study the stars, those who in ancient times were called the wise men, those who will testify that the Heavens have given signs that are Divine voices.

82. To you who have had the pleasure of hearing Me I say to you: I knocked on your door and you opened it, I have dined with you and you with Me. You beheld the brilliance of a flash and the thunder of lightning and here you have Me.

83. Behold the Sixth Seal untied and opened before your eyes. Who untied it? Who untied the five previous ones? It was not Moses, nor Elijah nor any patriarch. It was I, the Messiah, the Living Word, the Sacrificed Lamb, because that book of wisdom is the pathway and the life, and I have said to you that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

84. I sent Elijah so he would announce to the world that the Sixth Seal was very close to being untied, and bathed by the light of the Holy Spirit, he descended among men as the forerunner of My return during the Third Era. You already know how Elijah communicated, how the Master manifested Himself, how much He has delivered to you and taught you. I can only say to you now that you preserve this doctrine with all its purity, that you walk along toward regeneration and spirituality, so that My arrival in Spirit can be believed and My Word listened with respect and love.

85. Always speak with the truth and you shall be recognized as disciples of the Holy Spirit, because not even the brilliant whiteness of the snow has the purity of My Word. The reflection of the sun upon the mountain snows hurts your eyes, but the Divine light does not hurt nor blinds the spirit.

86. Listen to Me, I am Christ the living Word of the Father. I do not come to destroy anything of what was revealed since the first eras. My Law is the same, it is the Law of love. The forms may change, but not the essence; that is why I have told you that just because you hear My Word through human beings, should you doubt it.

87. Here again is the pathway before your eyes; begin to elevate your spirit; say to yourselves with intimate satisfaction that you are My disciples. Who are the disciples of the Divine Master? They are those who love their fellowmen, those who practice My Doctrine of forgiveness, charity and unselfishness.

88. You are all infants in life and all are under the mantle of My providence.

89. He who in his prayer says to Me: "Father, let it be thy will", and when an ordeal surprises him, he exclaims: "Father, why do you test me in this manner?" He still is not a disciple, but is barely a beginner, for he has not understood the lesson. If you aspire to be My disciples, observe the life of Jesus, your Master on Earth; behold His obedience and submission to the Father since His childhood. He came to the world to do the will of His Father and He experienced humiliation, slander, the ingratitude, contempt, the pain and a sacrifice, without forsaking the path laid out by the Eternal.

90. What will you respond about your footsteps on Earth when you reach the presence of the Father? You knew beforehand that each one had to answer for himself, now you know that a portion of spirits depend upon each one of you for whom you will also be responsible. Behold the importance of your example during your lifetime so that tomorrow you will not have to gather bitterness instead of an agreeable and sweet fruit. Do not forget that from those beings that I entrusted to you, will pour out the new generations who will have to make Spirituality flourish on Earth; those blessed generations are a Divine promise for Mankind; you will have the responsibility of preparing their pathway and the dwelling and give them a welcome within an environment of spirituality and love.

91. Will you be able to recognize them when they arrive? Will it be necessary for you to be watchful? Will the world be able to feel that happening? Before that you will have to raise the alarm so that everyone will remove the thorns they have left along the road and also the impurities so that their children will not be hurt or blemished when they arrive on Earth.

92. O My people, I ask for your unification, so that My Divine seed will germinate within the bosom of your family. I do not want you to appear before Me weeping from your faults against My Law or lamenting for the lost time; nothing will remedy your tears during those moments.

93. I have come to speak to you during this period as if you were cleansed children without any blemish to convert you through love.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 64

1. Here is My lesson, beloved disciples, analyze it and put into practice My Divine teaching. This seed, which I entrust to you, is sacred; cultivate it, understand that from it will depend the fruit that you obtain.

2. During the Second Era I said to you: "In the house of My Father there are many mansions", that is to say, there are many worlds where the spirit is able to attain his complete evolution. Earn merits so that you may attain an elevated place in the mansion where the light and spiritual peace will glow with greater intensity. Where will you penetrate after this life? Only I know, that is why I say to you that with good deeds you will work toward a level from where you will be able to ascend until you reach the true spiritual peace, and that you will not delay that moment when your spirit receives the reward that he conquered with those deeds of love toward his brethren.

3. So you see that it is not a punishment that awaits the one who has not complied with the mission the Father entrusted to him. You will only gather the result of your deeds.

4. It is not a tribunal of God created by the human imagination where you will see Me in that hour of judgment; it shall be within unknown worlds where the spirits will enter to find a purer and more brilliant light which will illuminate those who in life have gone forth in search of the truth and elevation. Those who did not seek My truth will enter in places of expiation where they will restitute their spirit his purity to continue forward and reach Me, because no one will be lost.

5. How decisive will be at that instant the mission of your conscience, because no one will be able to silence the voice of that judge who lives indissolubly united to your spirit! You will analyze all the actions of your life and no one will feel judged with excessive severity or more than enough benevolence. That is where that light, which I placed from the beginning to illuminate the path of the spirit will shine intensely.

6. Love one another from one nation to another, unite into one sole brotherhood, so that tomorrow when you dwell in different mansions, you may love one another from one world to the other.

7. Verily I say to you that there is not a more joyous day for a spirit than when he offers his fulfillment before His Creator, if that fruit turns out to be agreeable before His infinite wisdom.

8. The spirits of light, those whom you call angels, will come to meet you to present you before your Father.

9. During the Second Era on seeing Jesus arrive your voices exclaimed: "Hosanna, Hosanna to Him who comes in the name of the Lord!" Now, when you feel that My Spirit approaches, you open the doors of the sanctuary of your heart, you enter there in silence, and you manifest to Me an inner joy which overwhelms you.

10. I am the same One of that Era, you too, are also the same ones; My teaching is also the same; nevertheless your evolution is greater and that is why you seek a communication and a more perfect worship toward your Creator. Now, when you pray, your spirit separated from the body, merges with the angels who inhabit spiritual space to intone with them a hymn that is not of the Earth but of Heaven.

11. When Mankind commemorates the birth of the Savior, the heart of men is filled with a joy and hope which they are unable to explain; the same thing happens when you commemorate the passion and sacrifice of your Lord; you experience, even though for an instant, an unexplainable sadness, and that is because I am always being born and dying in the heart of men.

12. I have wanted all of you to live eternally, and I can do it, because I am the life; for that purpose I have always manifested Myself to My children under different forms and that is why I have given you My Law, so that it will indicate the path through which you are able to reach Me. When Mankind has considered themselves lost toward the eternal life, I have come to grant them My forgiveness and to erase with My lessons of love their blemishes, allowing them to restitute for their sins.

13. Upon the tables of the Law of the First Era, how much blood has been shed trying to erase what was written in them; upon My Doctrine of the Second Era how much profanation has been made without being able to tarnish that light; but I have forgiven everything, because forgiveness is resurrection and life, and I have said that "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."

14. Someone usually asks Me: Master, if you forgive our faults, why do you allow us to cleanse them through suffering? To this I answer: I forgive you, but it is necessary for you to correct those faults in order for you to give back to your spirit his limpidity.

15. In the Second Era I said to you: "Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened". Today I say to you that your hand should always knock on the door of the Father and not that of the Judge. Seek My love, My wisdom, My forgiveness, but do not seek My Justice which is inexorable.

16. Virtue has been spurned and regarded as something harmful or useless; now the time has come when you will understand that only virtue will save you; it will make you feel the peace and fill you with satisfaction; but still virtue has yet to suffer many setbacks and humiliations in order to penetrate all hearts; the warriors who shall defend it will have to fight with a great effort and faith. Where are those warriors of righteousness, charity and peace? Do you believe that you are the ones? You examine yourselves inwardly and answer Me that you are not the ones; on the other hand, I say that with good will, all of you can be some of those warriors; then why do you believe that I have come among you?

17. If you do your bit by placing all your love toward this cause, you will have earned the merit of having prepared the path for the advent of the new generations, who shall bring to the world a message of happiness.

18. Much of what I have said to you in My lessons is for you to comply with them: but you must also realize that through you I am also speaking to your children. Listen and analyze so that your physical body will humble itself and help your spirit along the path I am outlining with My lessons of love.

19. The moment for you to find Me was propitious for you; hunger had overwhelmed you and with the fruit of this tree, you have recovered your strength.

20. This is a time of danger for Humanity and men still find themselves distant from the Ark of salvation, which is My Law.

21. I am preparing the disciples who will have to demonstrate to the world that the fulfillment of My Law is not an impossibility nor does it signify a sacrifice.

22. By loving your fellowman you are saved; complying with that precept is not a penance. He who lives to serve his own brother, feeling and relieving his pain, a brief prayer to Me will be enough, so that I may perform miracles through him.

23. I do not send My emissaries to far away lands yet, because they still have much to learn; when they feel strong and ready from within their heart they will tell Me: Master, we are already prepared. I shall penetrate the sanctuary of those disciples and there I will find submission, humility, wisdom and charity.

24. I shall give My caress to the laborer and show him the way; that pathway, even though extensive, will draw him closer to Me; along it are the thorns, on its sides are the abysses, sometimes the ambushes and other dangers, also the temptations, but he who faithfully perseveres on it will feel My presence at every footstep, because I have always said that I am the Way. Who can even think that I will forsake him in the struggle? How can you believe that I will abandon you when you are complying with My Law, since in your past I have never separated from you? Allow Me to test you; the trials of life strengthen the spirit, they temper the heart and perfect it.

25. When will men dream of attaining perfection for their spirit? Today they do not even have peace, because good will does not exist among them. The light of the Heaven will begin to reflect itself on this world, when in man this honest disposition emerges to guide their footsteps along the road of fraternity, of mutual respect, of love for one another.

26. Men and women of these people: you are: simple and humble and that is why I deliver you My teaching to you with simple words, so that everyone will understand them. My Word is the stronghold of your faith and your hope, and the benefits and charities with which I am sowing your pathway are the incentive and stimulant for you to continue the journey without weakening in your trials.

27. This Humanity, divided into kingdoms and nations, perceives that that the time of My spiritual manifestation has arrived; inwardly they are waiting and longing for Me. How pleasing will it be for them the announcement that you convey to them of My presence and My communication with you!

28. 0, My people! Prepare yourselves so that you can be the heralds of the good news! When that time arrives, may you never close your mouth nor your arm be idle to sow and cultivate the portion of earth that corresponds to you.

29. Some people have already received the visit of those forerunners, but it is necessary for the laborers indoctrinated by the Master Himself during the Third Era to be able to give watering to that seed thirsty for the dew of grace.

30. How soon you will behold good fruits being given by people who today you believe to be of hardened hearts and very distant from spirituality!

31. The fields will be fertile, because they have been greatly prepared; the nettle and the chaff will be removed from them until they are cleansed. So, when My disciples get there and seeing them ready, they will say to Me: Thank you Master.

32. The time for that preaching shall be announced by means of the resounding bell, which will be set ringing.

33. This nation shall be disposed and ready to receive the multitudes who approach it when seeking sustenance and peace. You people, prepare yourselves, clean your dwelling and prepare the best dish so that you may seat the foreigner at your table.

34. Verily I say to you that in those caravans will come from beggars to kings; those who find hospitality and love in you will elevate a hymn of gratitude toward the infinite.

35. Those who have been marked by My charity know that they are guardians and warriors of this Ark and that they must destroy all trace of idolatry and fanaticism. Great is the struggle that awaits you but the torch of your faith will save you. You have known what are slander, persecution and intrigue. You have already suffered all these trials, which shall not surprise you if they appear again along your path, because the road that leads to My Kingdom is not a path of roses; it is the one which bears the bloody imprint of My footsteps. That is why I say to you: Blessed are those who suffer persecution and slander for My cause, and bread and water is denied them, because they will reach Me and shall be exalted.

36. Do not fear the insults nor the blasphemy; remember that they were also hurled at your Master; do not fear what men say about you what you are not; remember that they called Me a sorcerer and a wizard. If the world hates you, remember that they hated Me first before you.

37. Learn to remain silent and leave your cause to Me. Be the intercessors of the very same ones who offend you and your merit shall be great. Today you ignore many faults of your fellowmen but when you are able to judge with true justice their faults shall be revealed to you because then you will be qualified to teach and save your brethren.

38. Those are the paths of the spirit, which the good disciple of the Holy Spirit has to know and travel through without losing himself.

39. The son of light will be able to walk among darkness and there he will know how to find the lost one in order to save him.

40. How is it possible that during this period when Humanity laments, you still dream of possessing great material riches? By chance, have I given you my peace so that you can only think of your worldly ambitions? Incessantly rumors of war reach you and you do nothing to prepare yourselves. It has been a long time since I have been asking for your unification and still I find you divided. When will all of Humanity feel desirous to unite spiritually in thought and in will? I have already told you that on the day that you unite you shall be the invulnerable wall that will withstand all aggression. You should already be strong, because the fruit of these trees has been abundant, and it has been all yours.

41. Do you not bear within your spirit the miracles that I have delivered to each one of you? Have you not understood that all I have taught you has been a revelation of your Father? If someone is ashamed to be a disciple of this work, it must be because he has not understood anything about My teaching. Today you can still be at peace even though you fail in your spiritual duties; however, the trials will come, then you will lament; your last moment will come and you will not know how to penetrate that world which awaits you, nor be able to quiet the voice of your conscience. Behold that through one of you who complies and obeys Me, how many hearts reach My presence! Be aware how those who would want to know if you are truly hearing the Holy Spirit observe you during each one of your footsteps.

42. Do you believe that if a blasphemy or an obscene word pours out from your lips, the unbeliever would think that you are disciples of Christ, the Divine Word? By chance, are those the words and those phrases the proverbs and maxims that I have taught you? The children also observe you; why do you quarrel in front of them? Behold that what you are doing with that example is that the wickedness of Cain will penetrate among the children. Keep in mind that they are your next heirs, those who will reveal what you learned and what you were along the path of your God and Lord.

43. Work for a good reward for yourself cultivating a good fruit for your brethren. Prepare yourselves for the future times because before My departure there will still be a division amongst you, because temptation will touch everyone. It is necessary for you to be watchful. Pray and practice My Divine teaching; truly I say to you that these short moments that you dedicate to the practice of righteousness, will allow its benefits to be felt even in many of the generations after yours. No one has been able nor will ever lay out his own destiny, that is only for Me to decide. Have confidence in My will and you will cover the journey without greater obstacles.

44. Judge well when I say to you that the leaf of a tree does not move without My will, thus you will know when I am the One who is testing you and when you yourselves fill your cup of bitterness in order to blame Me later. Then you become judges and regard Me as a culprit. Know how to recognize your errors and correct them. Learn to forgive the defects of your brethren and if you are unable to correct them, at least extend a veil of indulgence upon them.

45. Your prayer for your brethren has reached Me, because you have penetrated the sanctuary of the Father, and there your spirit has felt safe. Those who seek peace, those who seek a path that will lead them toward a better life, are the ones who penetrate My sanctuary. Those who seek earthly treasures and honors, desperately struggle to find other paths. I say to you that the peace, which is only in My Spirit, at last will be aspired and sought by all.

46. Who or what can give you true peace for the spirit on Earth? Only the infinite love of your Father can.

47. There are wealthy people, who are not healthy or know happiness, and poor people who although are healthy, do not know what they possess and live embittered because they wish for wealth or comfort. I do not behold noble ambitions within the heart of men, and when they manage to have them, they do not pursue that ideal along righteous paths; you have proof in those senseless and contemptible wars of beings who possess the light of God.

48. I am the peace; in My infinite wisdom exists all that you would wish, however when have the nations prayed to obtain My peace? When have men who guide and govern people raised their eyes toward Me? When have the armies knelt before their heavenly Father to ask forgiveness after having killed their fellowmen? And peace is so deceptive that it is necessary to be watchful and be prepared to know how to retain it, and not allow it to return to Me. Behold how you remain filled with peace after listening to Me, and with that grace you leave the houses of prayer and reach your home; but how brief are the moments when you are able to retain that peace in your heart! I have named you the "people of peace", the "sons of peace". That is why you have not decided to rise to teach the good news, for you know that in order to convey peace, it is necessary to possess it; but when are you going to comply with that sublime mandate?

49. Disciples: Learn to retain My peace, convert it into a sword and destroy discord and disunity which exists in your home; keep on filling with peace the life of those around you, so it will serve as a practice and tomorrow you will convey peace to other homes and other people. That is the mission that I am depositing in your granary.

50. How soon these people would be recognized if within their bosom there would be peace, and if during their lifetime they would show it; the hurricanes, tempests and whirlwinds would disperse on reaching the strength of your peacefulness; while a division exists among these people, there shall be a weakness, and its doors will be opened to ambushes.

51. My word within these houses of prayer has descended in torrents; My miracles have been in abundance to encourage your faith. By chance, have you not understood the meaning of My Work among you?

52. I have named you Israel in order for you to arise in strength to follow Me and convey My peace and My Law within the heart of Mankind. This is your destiny, and the moment will come when these people will emerge in the world filled with spiritual strength. They will appear as a light during the time of confusion and doubt, when hunger and thirst for truth will be greater.

53. The Master says to you: O My people, may your hand never be empty or your heart miserable, for you do not know the moment when you might be surrounded by the multitudes of the needy or overwhelmed by questions of the scrutinizers. Your duty is to give everyone of the abundance I have poured upon your spirit. Do not feel yourselves superior to others nor believe that you are the most loved and only possessors of the truth which includes the Divine revelations and the indulgencies of the Father, for you would be in danger of falling under the dominance of others, as in ancient times Israel fell under a bondage because of its disobedience to My mandates.

54. How would your heart feel while beholding your children deviating from the pathway, disappointed by your example? How would your spirit feel if from the Hereafter He would observe the new generations seeking Me through idolatry?

55. The tribes are still dispersed; the greater part of these people have not yet found the pathway; it is necessary for those who have heard this voice and received My mandates, to be vigilant and prepared to await the arrival of the multitudes, so when they see your unity and your worship, they will recognize My Doctrine and will follow Me; do not expect them to be of only one race or nation, for among them will come men of all races.

56. Step by step Elijah comes to guide his flock, and truly I say to you that the moment when you find one another will soon come to pass.

57. I have named you the strong ones of My dwelling, and at every moment I give you My Divine strength, in order to be vigilant over the mission which I have entrusted to you, praying within My inner sanctuary which exists in each one of you.

58. Welcome are those who forsake the world for a few moments to come and listen to My word. Truly I say that through one of you who learns and practices My lesson, a region would be spared; in the same way if all these people would prepare themselves and pray with love, they would obtain salvation for Mankind. It is not that your number is small rather your love is still very limited. For the time being cleanse your heart. Who else better than you know his defects and blemishes? Understand this and purify yourself from all that your conscience demands of you.

59. There are many who try to apologize for their sins, and I ask you: By chance, did the Father place upon the son that burden of work and suffering? Am I not the One who has come during all eras to lighten your load of hardships and afflictions?

60. At every moment My voice calls you toward the righteous path where peace exists, but your deaf ear has only an instant of sensitivity before that voice, and that moment is the last one of your life, when the agony gives you notice of the near death of the body. Then it is when you want to begin your life to correct your faults, to calm down your spirit before the judgment of your conscience and be able to offer something worthy and meritorious to the Father.

61. I am the Way and I have showed you that path since the first footsteps of Mankind on Earth. Tell Me: When have I left you without help or without light? In what age or in what era have I erased My Law from your spirit? I have never ceased to speak to you, that is why today I come to ask for your harvest. By means of My new communication I have appealed to you with a Divine exactness and absolute justice, and I hold you responsible for your faults against My Law.

62. I have named as disciples all of you who have listened to this word, but it is necessary for you to manifest it with your good behavior, and that you spread this good news so that the present Humanity prepares the way for the new generations. Those beings should not come to drink that cup of bitterness and pain from the first days of their infancy, for they bring another mission; however, if you make them drink from that cup, for that you will answer to Me.

63. Oh, if you would only live with the simplicity of the birds who live loving one another, and when they feel that winter is near, they undertake a flight in search of better climates, but leaving their prepared nests in the trees, serving as a dwelling for their brethren! The winter of your life is your old age, but you, who are men of little faith, behold in that winter the coldness of death and the end, without realizing that always after winter there comes spring with its restorations, its melodies and its fragrances.

64. That small faith in the spiritual resurrection after this life, is what occupies you in what is human and material up to the last moment of your existence, without preparing the wings of the spirit to undertake that flight and without leaving a nest formed with virtue and faith for the new dwellers.

65. You are not like the birds, because your world is not of peace; rather you are warriors who fight in an endless battle, and I say to you: Fight with nobleness, use weapons of justice, persevere in righteousness, for it is the truth; leave the paths prepared for the new warriors, leave the field free and clean for them so that reasoning, love and justice will finally prevail there, while you come to rest within Me.

66. I have to speak to you in this manner, because your world lives involved in wars of all kinds. When the trials reach the world they always surprise them unprepared, because while they think and meditate very little on the eternal, they very much enjoy praises of the world and of the flesh.

67. Verily I say to you that if at this period men do not cleanse the blemishes that they have left in their spirit, the elements will come as heralds announcing My justice and My glory and purifying Mankind of all impurity.

68. Blessed are the men, women and children who upon realizing the proximity of that justice, glorify My name, sensing that the day of the Lord has arrived, because their heart will tell them that the end of the reign of evil draws near. I say to you that these people, through their faith, their hope and their good deeds, will be saved, but how many of those who live during those days are going to blaspheme!

69. O Humanity who believes there is need for riches and earthly possessions to win the world, and you forget that Christ was born in a manger and not having anything on Earth, nevertheless He won the heart of Mankind; He made the people His subjects and was proclaimed King and Lord.

70. When you come to comprehend and feel the truth you will see how easy it is for the spirit to follow the steps of His Master, even during the most difficult trials. Do whatever corresponds to your part, for I will not ask for more than what you are capable of doing; then you will have left the path ready for the new generations; I recommend the children to you and I advise that you guide them along the right path. Congregate them, speak to them about Me with love and tenderness; seek the disinherited, those who live lost in misery and vices. I give essence to your words so they may be the path to salvation when they pour from your lips. Open before the innocent the "Book of the True Life", in order for their spirit to awaken and be great when penetrating the revelations of the Holy Spirit; be like the Master and you will be heard.

71. If during the Second Era I sought a humble place to be born as Man and hearts to dwell, you should not go in search of a place which will make you noteworthy; seek for the most sensitive fiber which exists in every heart and there you will deposit My seed and My balsam. The place to be born as Man was indifferent to Me, but I even gave My life so that My love would be born in your heart. Today I say to you: O Humanity, the seed of that love represented in My blood, was shed in the heart of all men; why do you not love or cultivate today that which I sowed with so much love?

72. Do not be deaf to this voice; open your eyes to the reality of this period and undertake the journey with full confidence and faith; any other way you will have to awaken blind in the Hereafter, and I have said that in that mansion you should not enter with your eyes closed.

73. By chance, does the Father ask for the impossible? I only come to teach you to sow love in order to gather the fruit of life in the end. Today cultivate the heart of children so that tomorrow you can hear them talk about the greatness of the Holy Spirit.

74. Be watchful for the roses and the lilies, which are the heart of the young, and tomorrow you will rejoice with the flourishing of virtue. Teach people to pray with the spirit and everyone will realize it to be the perfect communication when you feel that your spirit has reached My presence and there it has been nourished by My love.

75. Today My Divine ray still descends among the multitudes; however, remember what you heard when you were told: "Where two or three of My children congregate, there I will descend to give them My Word". Since then there has been an increase in the number of My listeners, thus forming multitudes.

76. If I fulfilled My promise to return, I will also fulfill My will to depart; take duly advantage of the moments which are left to hear My Word and you will remain prepared as disciples of the Holy Spirit.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 65

1. You are preparing the sanctuary of your heart in order for My word to descend within it like a balsam; but at this moment I ask you: Why do I find you overwhelmed by suffering? It is because you have not been vigilant and prayerful.

2. If you eat at My table of the spiritual fruits, why do you not take advantage of the essence they contain which are health and eternal life? When will you understand My Doctrine in order to rise and preach it with deeds of love toward your brethren?

3. Sometimes you dare say to Me that nothing of what you have asked of Me have I granted you, when I am giving it to you at every moment, and it only remains for you to be prepared to be able to receive it.

4. Do not overwhelm your spirit with chains of sins; set him free so that he may elevate himself and receive from Me as much as is needed for his journey. Why do you extinguish your lamp of faith when I am among you? I have said that upon these people rests the responsibility of peace among nations and salvation of Mankind, but how are you to fulfill your mission when there is still no firmness in your footsteps? You come to hear My Word, you say you love your Father, but the words are not enough; the good deeds are necessary in order for Mankind to attain My peace. I do not come to discourage you but to awaken your spirit. Take the fruit of the tree again and eat your fill, o travelers!

5. Blessed is he who while eating from this fruit, firmly believes that he has been nourished from the tree of life, for truly I say to you that he will never die. During this period I found you dead to a life of grace, but My presence through this teaching has been your resurrection. You considered yourselves unworthy of being before My presence and I made you worthy, purifying your spirit of all its previous faults, clothing it with purity. With this forgiveness I have granted you a lesson of love and justice; put it in practice on your brethren.

6. With what right are you to judge and sentence your fellowmen because of their imperfections? Remember that I said to you in the Second Era: "He who is free of sin, let him cast the first stone".

7. My Doctrine is clear and clean so that the beginners understand it and engrave it within their heart. I have come to take you from lesson to lesson toward a perfect communication of spirit to Spirit.

8. In your wilderness of restitution the heavenly manna is descending; when you reach the Divine mansion you will seat at the Fathers table to eat of His fruits. The extensive wilderness represents the expiation and the pathway, the evolution of the spirit.

9. Come to the Father; He dwells on the pinnacle of the mountain and He will provide you with gardens and fields that exist in the surroundings of that mountain; the men cultivate the wheat, the women will make the orchards and the valleys be covered with flowers, and the songs of children will harmonize with that of the birds to make your work pleasant. Human vanities or materialism will not reach your fields, for they would be like plagues that will destroy your fruits. On hearing these words, how many men will realize how much they have deviated from the pathway outlined by My Law!

10. When man tends to believe that his faults have no forgiveness, he deviates more and more from the pathway. Oh, if he only knew that an instant of sincere repentance could save him, leading him toward his restitution that the more distant he believes to be from My Divinity, only one step separates him, and that step is his repentance! Do you not hear My voice? Do you not feel that I come as a most loving Father, as a faithful friend? You slumber, and that is why you do not hear My calling. How can you expect to hear My footsteps when I come on a cloud?

11. Wake up; be prepared so that you may see My promise fulfilled. I will regard as blessed those who awaken and listen to Me, because then I will place within their heart the good news of My spiritual presence, and from their lips will pour out words of tenderness, of light and of hope for Mankind.

12. Hurricane winds are approaching, therefore you should strengthen your faith in order to come out ahead in your trials and save as many as you possibly can; I want you to be friends and brothers of all Humanity.

13. This is the period that Joel saw and prophesied, when the sons of Humanity would have visions and prophetic dreams, when their mouths would speak, moved by My Divine force, because My Spirit would be spread upon all flesh and upon every spirit.

14. Behold a people who are born and grow in silence and whose sons pour out words of the Holy Spirit; they transmit spiritual messages, and with their spiritual vision penetrate the threshold of the Hereafter and they behold the happenings of the future; verily I say to you that this seed is spread throughout the world and no one will be able to destroy it.

15. Through the lips of men, women and children you have listened to My Divine concert; through ecstasy you have entered the joy of hearing the voice of the Father and of His angels. My word is not for a certain people; it is for all people, for all beliefs and religions.

16. Only this multitude knows that this is the Third Era, but Humanity will also know it, although they will first deny all I have revealed to you and which has remained written. Truly I say to you that this word will reach the confines of the Earth, because nothing is impossible for Me. I will show to the world My wounds as I did with Thomas, in order for them to believe and repent so that they may be cleansed through their weeping and faithfully follow Me afterward to the end. This Divine manna will descend upon every heart and the path that leads toward the mansion of the Father shall be uncovered to every spirit.

17. The waters of Jacobs well went dry and did not calm the thirst of the spirit of Mankind. I had already said to the woman of Samaria: "Verily I say to you that I have a water that whoever drinks from it will never thirst again". And that crystalline and pure water is My Word which I will pour throughout the world to relieve their burning thirst.

18. For a long time Elijah guides My flock among Mankind inviting all to unify themselves; that flock must be watchful and pray because it has My light and power to help Mankind with love.

19. Those who hear these teachings already knew them in other eras; however, today you will have to spread them among Mankind so that they will know them. You also know that in 1950 you will be without this Word; but prepare yourselves so that it may not be a loss that you will lament, but a progressive step which will enable you to face the struggle. I will be near and also My emissaries; I shall keep on being watchful over those whom I taught, and will speak to them through inspiration.

20. May no one pretend that I prolong My stay among you, because I have already manifested My will and have prophesied the year and the day when this manifestation through a human faculty will cease. May no one bring a sentence upon himself.

21. He who has now been careless in serving Me and afterward prepares himself, will lose his carelessness; he will speak with wisdom and will perform miracles.

22. If you My people who hear Me, weep on recalling My passion and repent for your sins, blessed are you, because truly I say to you that your pain purifies you and My Word which is life and resurrection, will comfort you. My light is for all My children, not only for you who dwell in this world, but also for spirits who inhabit different mansions. All of them will be liberated and resurrected to an eternal life when, with their deeds of love toward their brethren, they will fulfill My Divine precept which states that you love one another.

23. The Father suffers when Humanity debates among themselves, lashed by the wars. Brother has risen against brother and innocent blood drenches the Earth. Today, on the great day of justice, you breathe an environment of desolation and death, but for the dawn of 1946 the struggle will have ceased and you will have a truce in your suffering.

24. All the suffering of Mankind falls upon Me like a heavy cross. I have been denied and abused by the human race, whom I have wanted to convert into My disciple, of which only a few follow Me; tomorrow, on knowing about My Work which I have manifested in this form, once again I will be ridiculed because they will not understand Me. This misunderstanding of My children, opens My wounds again and My blood is shed anew upon every spirit. For speaking the truth and teaching My love they have denied Me, and as time passes, you will be despised for repeating My words and giving testimony of Me; but always when you embrace your cross to ascend the mountain, you will be saving many innocent ones and redeeming many sinners.

25. I have not come as a King among you, I have appeared humbly, and that is why you recognize that the word you have heard is that of the Living Word of the Father. Again Humanity offers Me a crown of thorns and a mantle of ingratitude. I have suffered slander and the ignorance of My children.

26. Even when the spirit is in plain evolution, he slumbers; however I am illuminating you through your conscience so that you may return to the pathway and turn toward your fulfillment. Why do you feel that My Word hurts you?

27. While you recall My passion of the Second Era, a most tender heart weeps in silence and intercedes for Her children who have not understood her. She has no reproach for those who have caused Her so much pain, not even a complaint against those who sacrificed Her very beloved Son; only Her love and Her forgiveness for Mankind crowns the Work of redemption of Her only Begotten. It is your heavenly Mother whom I leave among you so that you may listen to her and be comforted in Her bosom.

28. In the profoundness of your heart you are feeling the Divine breath of the Father. Oh! if you would only comprehend the love with which I come to you!

29. With the unity of your hearts you are forming a sanctuary to receive Me. Each heart has been prepared, each mind has been cleared, and that is the precise moment for My Divine ray to descend among you.

30. The trial draws near and for that purpose I am preparing you. It is time for you to walk with a firm step without fear; you are Israel and that name signifies "strength". That blessed seed has always existed in your spirit. The true prayer comforts your spirit, purifies your blemishes, consoles you when you are sad, accompanies you in your orphan-hood and turns you away from temptations. And in the manner that I have taught you to pray from spirit to Spirit to be strong in life, also during the moment of death, elevate your spirit to Me, through that blessed ascending ladder of the prayer. How distant Mankind lives from the true prayer! How few are those who know how to practice it! Spiritually Mankind lives like the men of ancient times; their worship toward the golden calf, their cult toward pagan gods still exists. The tower of Babel of the men of science of these times defies My Divine justice at every moment.

31. A new flood will become unleashed that will cleanse the Earth of human perversity. It will topple the false gods from their altars, destroy stone by stone the foundation of arrogance and iniquity and will erase every false doctrine and every absurd philosophy; but this new flood shall not be of water like the one of that Era because the hand of man has unleashed all the elements, visible as well as invisible, against himself. He dictates his own sentence, punishes and causes his own justice.

32. Every debt shall be settled even the most insignificant one; toward that end, it is necessary for the prominent ones of today to become servants and the vassals to arise. You, who hear Me, be aware of your responsibility before the peace of the world.

33. You are no longer two or three who are listening to Me. Your number is already great, because My seed has been spread from heart to heart, from dwelling to dwelling, from region to region and the news about My new manifestation has crossed your borders to reach other nations where the echo of My Word and the news of My miracles have given testimony that truly I have returned among you.

34. The House of Israel is now within your innermost being, in your spirit. It is there where I have manifested Myself during this era by means of this communication.

35. I have said that you should hasten to study My lessons, that you take advantage of My presence, since the time of My departure draws near and no one ignores it. Behold the test awaiting you. Who will be prepared to resist it? You have multiplied and in spite of it, I do not find you strong. The fact is that you lack love, charity, fraternity among one another; you are not united in spirit. And are these the possessors of the Ark of the new Covenant?

36. I have wanted for you to be strong through your unity and great in spirit. It is not necessary for you to possess physical power to be great, nor knowledge of the World to be superior. There is something that your God has always revealed to you and which truly gives you greatness.

37. Great is the light that I have poured upon you; but do not allow yourselves to be blinded, because you will appear foolish and fanatical before your brethren. This light is not only yours; it is the light of the Sixth Seal, which will glow upon all nations.

38. You have come cleansed before Me; slowly you have rid yourselves of fanaticism, idolatry and superfluous traditions; in that manner your heart throbs to the beat of your spirit; the pathway begins with Me and ends with Me but I do not ask that you undertake this journey in a day, instead I give you sufficient time so that you may travel along that path to the end.

39. I will help you along the entire journey, I give you strength and purify you. If you judge your spiritual evolution by your present life you will realize that you have taken a great step forward, comparing your actual existence with that of Mankind's beginning. Study My Word with the enthusiasm with which you study your earthly lessons, and on analyzing them you will discover that what you believed to be unfathomable had been reserved for your spirit. During these times the veil of many mysteries is being uncovered, and many secrets will come out to the light of the truth, and because of that I shall be more loved and comprehended by My children.

40. Could there be a similarity between the son and the Father, if the son lacks the wisdom of his Father? No, My children, but it will not be I who will keep you in ignorance. I am the light which is wisdom, and with it I shall bathe you so that you will love Me; truly I hunger and thirst for your elevation; here you have the most powerful reason for My manifestation and My communication with you.

41. Be illuminated and strengthened with this teaching, for the omens of war exist within your heart, and it is necessary that you be prepared, I have maintained this nation in peace in order to receive Me within its heart; the seed of My Doctrine will have to fructify.

42. How much you will weep if you do not take advantage of this precious period of peace! You will be surprised by war, the pestilence and the desolation. Do not attempt to stop the war with material penance, which is a useless sacrifice; if you wish to offer Me some penance, humble the stubbornness, the arrogance or the materialism of your flesh; if you wish to offer Me abstinence, let it be by withdrawing from what is superfluous, from what is harmful, by dominating your passions; but in doing that, be careful not to fall into a new fanaticism, because there are many works which might appear permissible but you can make them illicit.

43. I want you to attain regeneration, not only for your body but also for your spirit. If you understand well what I ask of you, it will not seem like a sacrifice to obtain it, and you will realize that that fulfillment will offer you great satisfaction and a greater peace.

44. Those who rise from their degradation, the scum or their egotism to a life of service and charity toward their brethren, I shall show them as an example that My Doctrine has light and grace to regenerate sinners. That example shall spread to all hearts. Who will not wish to be of those who bear witness of Me? But truly I say to you that if your actions do not emerge truthfully from your heart, they will not bear fruit on your brethren, and many times you will hear them calling you hypocrites and false preachers; I do not want this to happen to you.

45. You must know that during these times it is very difficult to deceive Mankind; their spirit has awakened and although they are lost in the materialism of their existence, they are sensitive to every spiritual manifestation, and if you cannot deceive your brethren, will you deceive your Father?

46. Allow the love of your Master to lodge within your being, so that you may get to forgive your enemies, just as He forgives you; then your heart shall be like an anchor of salvation among Mankind.

47. Prepare your ark, for the story may come from one moment to the next. Do you not have an intuition of an atmosphere of conflict? Doesn't your spirit reveal anything to you? Hear the voices of Nature and behold the course of the elements. Penetrate into the heart of your brethren and you will find the announcement of the struggle that draws near; everything speaks of chaos. If it is the human mind, it only conceives weapons for destruction; if it is the heart, it does not harbor feelings of fraternity, and most certainly of hate. Health does not exist in a single body, all are contaminated with sickness and pestilence; children are born with a burden of suffering; parents deny their children and children deny their parents; husband and wife separate; women lose their virtue without giving it any thought; men profane what is most sacred; the religions deny and quarrel among themselves and vices gain strength among Mankind. Meanwhile, My Word, with a gentle protest, awakens you, invites you toward regeneration and to save you from perishing in that stormy sea. Only a spiritual Doctrine like mine is capable of sustaining man along the path of life. Only My Word can resolve the profound problems of the spirit and alleviate the existence of man in his journey of trials and bitterness.

48. If Mankind has cultivated a great tree whose fruits in most cases have been bitter and deadly, does it not seem beautiful that I plant a tree which you can help Me cultivate it and that its fruits of life, true peace and Divine wisdom will compensate you from so much pain? Well I am that Tree. I am the Vine and you are the branches; allow your spirit to grow through his faculties so that you may give a welcoming shade and fruits of life and good taste. I am the truth and it pours from these lips of men, even though they are sinners, because My truth is stronger than your sins.

49. Once again I reveal to you the pathway and the life and withdraw from your eyes the veil of darkness. When you hear this word you say within your heart, "Why if the Doctrine of the Father is so beautiful, was it not capable before of separating me from the vices, nor was it an incentive in My existence?" Because it was not My Doctrine with which you were being nourished; but rather with rituals, which only impresses your senses and leaves emptiness in your spirit. Here I have come to give you My Word without forms or rituals so that it will reach your spirit directly. There is no recreation for your physical senses; here now your sense of hearing only takes part during the moment of My communication; tomorrow, when My Word through a human faculty ceases to be heard, not even your corporeal hearing will perceive My voice; it will be your spirit who will receive My teaching through inspiration, and in your heart its echo shall be heard. Take the pathway with faith and travel calmly and slowly.

50. The days draw near when Humanity commemorates My passion; truly I say to you that when this Humanity awakens before the light of this Era and rid of materialism, seeks Me in a spiritual manner, their elevation and simplicity will be the best offering of palms with which they will receive Me in the Second Jerusalem, the spiritual city. I wish that when you think of My passion, you would always do it without rituals or representations, that you recall My Works and meditate profoundly in them; then you will feel that wisdom reviving within your spirit.

51. With these teachings I shall remove your traditions, as in past times, allowing your spirit to remain within My Doctrine and My Law.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 66

1. You have heard the ringing out of the bell and you have awakened. The bell has been My voice which you have received through the faculty of man and, it has been your spirit who has awakened. Do not fall into a state of lethargy, o My beloved people, for you are living in a time of struggle. If you have already begun to sow, I do not want you to leave your fields abandoned or lose your place that in My domain you have come to occupy and which has caused you so much suffering to obtain.

2. Let your conscience do its will over what your mind and spirit think, inasmuch as it is the one that is truly aware of the mission, which weighs upon the spirit. Consider that if instead of following the dictates of your conscience, you are inclined to obey the impulses of the flesh; very soon you will return to the path of a sterile struggle, to a world of frivolities and vanity, wherein your spirit will feel an emptiness and sadness.

3. Come to My domain and remain there; there is a place for everyone in its land; in My granary there is an abundance of seed and in My love there is water of life, so that you may cultivate the Divine seed.

4. I, the Universal Sower, will teach all you need to know. My love and My patience will accompany each one of My lessons, so that they may remain engraved within your spirit, and thus, when you are in need of sowing, remembering that your heart was converted into a storage for My Word, you may go there in search of My seed of love for your brethren.

5. Stop for now to listen to My Word in order to let it penetrate as far as it has to reach and when the moment of sowing comes, start your journey at a slow pace, so that if you stumble you will get up quickly so as not to tire yourselves prematurely.

6. You should not linger on the superficial meaning of the Word, because you will not have the opportunity to perceive its essence and penetrate into its infinite light.

7. Do not become fanatical or fall into idolatry, adoring objects to which your brethren have given some Divine representation. Consider that if you are to become disciples of a profound spiritual Doctrine, you have to struggle to separate from your heart that material worship which for centuries Mankind has been nourishing; but most certainly, disciples, do it with all firmness, when you are truly convinced of the step you are about to take, unless one day you preach that your brethren withdraw from idolatry and religious fanaticism, and suddenly in some test that you might have, you would fall on your knees before an idol.

8. Do you understand why I am always telling you to analyze My Word and study it? Because only in that manner the light of persuasion will be able to penetrate your being. Then there will definitely be a total transformation in your manner of feeling, of thinking and of performing.

9. If you observe the development of My manifestations through a human faculty, you will discover that the progress of My teachings has been achieved at a slow pace, but firm and steady, which I am advising that you continue.

10. Note that in previous years I did not speak to you with the clarity that I am speaking to you today. I was tolerant and indulgent, I allowed you some exterior practices because it was not the proper time to separate the chaff from the wheat; in other words, the essence of My teaching from superfluous practices. I beheld that your faith was not sufficiently firm to listen to some revelations; on the other hand, now that the light of My teachings is penetrating within the spirit of some of My disciples, I am able to speak to you clearly.

11. I know that not everyone understands the meaning of spirituality for the time being, nor is the idea of being nourished only by essence enough and have to relinquish rituals, symbols and exterior practices, which many hearts enjoy. But it will be sufficient for Me, on lifting My word from among these people, that a group of disciples would have understood the meaning of spirituality, because that group shall be considered as the First fruit that My Word provided through the faculty of man. In order to help you understand My Doctrine, I continue delivering My lessons; I bless you and I say to you: Welcome, My children, feel the warmth of My Spirit and feel My presence and remember that period when you were around Me listening to My Divine words, when you followed Me along the pathways to see Me perform miracles, while some did not lose a single one of My syllables to discover if what I spoke was the truth or not. Some and others listened to a harmonious voice that spoke incessantly of love, of forgiveness and of charity; it was a light that had never glowed among Mankind. That Word opened a new Era for the people of Israel and for all Mankind.

12. Many of those who heard Me through Jesus have come to Earth during this era and have listened to Me again. When they thought of having fulfilled their destiny in this planet and conquered the Promised Land, the spirit has returned and strove to take only one more step forward along the path of his spiritual perfection.

13. Evolution is necessary in order for the spirit to be illuminated by My wisdom. Today you are hearing again the voice, which speaks to you of love. I say to the new disciples and all men: Love your brethren, petition for your fellowmen and I will grant you miracles. Do not fear to unveil before the world the mission that your spirit brings; verily I say that you cannot conceal your gifts and that sooner or later they will be manifested.

14. How difficult it seems for you to make way, complying with your mission during this period; but I say to you that it is not difficult, because Mankind is prepared to receive My message.

15. In all eras the weak have been intimidated before the struggle, while the strong have shown that the faith in My Law overcomes everything. Your destiny, Israel, has always been to convey to the world new messages and revelations, that is why sometimes you are doubtful whether you are believed; but do not fear, take the seed which I have entrusted to you and sow it; you will then see how many lands that you believed to be sterile you will find them rich on being fertilized with the truth of My Doctrine.

16. Do not cease to comply with your mission because you feel unworthy; verily I say to you that he who knowingly violates the Law, does as much harm as he who has a mission and fails to give it fulfillment.

17. Do not forget that in the end the Father will come to demand what you have done wrong, as well as to what you have failed to do; know that one fault as well as the other will cause your spirit to suffer. Spread My Doctrine, talk to Mankind about My Word, convince them with your deeds of love, invite them to hear Me, and when they arrive among the multitudes and the light of faith is kindled in their heart, I will name them sons of the new people of Israel.

18. You will not be able to deviate from the path again; I have given you the light in order for you to analyze, and I have opened your eyes so that you can even penetrate into the Hereafter. May the use that you make of your gifts always be righteous so that the results are agreeable to your heart and pleasing to the Father.

19. Understand that I have come to teach you a perfect lesson. You have heard through My spokesmen in different places and regions, that My Word will cease to be heard in 1950. On this day I say to you: How many who today hear My word with apparent respect, will express mockery when that time comes; how many who today say to Me: "Father, I will not deviate from this path", afterward will seek Me in temples, synagogues, in altars and religious images, and will not find Me.

20. Behold that I do not attempt to surprise you, lifting My word unexpectedly, rather a long time before and in different forms I have announced it in order for you to take advantage of these moments and these lessons, so that afterward you will not fall into confusion and profanation. How many of those who today call themselves My disciples, My laborers, are to betray Me at that moment!

21. The moment you cease to listen to Me through a human faculty has been marked; however, I have promised those who prepare themselves that later they will hear the echo of My word within the sanctuary of their heart.

22. My justice has to come to cut from the roots all weeds, and it is My will that at that hour My sickle finds you as wheat and not as thorns. I speak to you in your own language and with all clearness, so that tomorrow you will not say that I spoke to you in a figurative meaning and for that reason misunderstood Me.

23. These prayer houses will remain prepared for your reunions and to continue receiving the new multitudes. Spiritual guardians will keep watch over them.

24. I am speaking to you about a transcendental step that you are to take, of a moment of trial that will take place, and I do not see that your heart is shaken. How much you have familiarized yourselves with My Word; but it shall pass and you will not have learned to appreciate the treasure you have had!

25. I have said on many occasions that I do not blemish Myself with what is superfluous or evil so you must understand that I will not be involved in your deceptions and profanations.

26. Some have been converted while listening to My teaching; but behold how their transformation came about: They arrived humbly, tearful and repentant, without any benefit whatever, but once they received their heredity, they arrogantly lifted their face, they felt like lords and even kings, and in their arrogance they have wanted to pass over their Fathers will. Do you know where the vanities and pride remain? In the bowels of the Earth. And the disobediences, contempt and offenses? In your spirit, once it separates from his body. You are atoms that live by My Divine charity without which you would no longer have existed.

27. He who conceitedly believes to encompass My Work with his mind and know it all, is because he knows nothing; on the other hand, he who humbles himself in My wisdom and in My greatness to an extent of saying, "I know nothing and I am nobody before My Lord", he is on the verge of knowing.

28. These people who have greatly rejoiced with My Word during this period, if they do not prepare themselves, if they do not humble their rebellious mind toward My lessons, they will have to weep much afterward.

29. Do you want to know what is My wish? That you comply with humility My mandates on Earth so that upon terminating your mission, your spirit, cleansed and illuminated because of his fulfillment, will arrive very high, until he reaches those blessed mansions which are reserved for the obedient children of the Lord.

30. At My table there is a place prepared for each one of you and also nourishment. When you have eaten and drank at My table, you shall not hunger or thirst again. You will cease to seek Me in temples and man-made altars, realizing that you carry Me in the inner sanctuary of your spirit.

31. I had everything ready when you would arrive before My word, for I am He who is watchful over everyone. Oh! If only you would have been waiting for Me, how great your progress would have been but you are already with Me, listening to My teachings.

32. Men, do not fear the trials of life or yield under the burden of your faults; give your spirit time and strength for the compliance of your spiritual mission and you will always manage to elevate yourselves along your path of evolution.

33. Women, do not weep only for your dear ones, keep in mind that your heart should feel the suffering of Mankind. Forgive your brethren so that your heart is cleansed and be able to give refuge to charity.

34. Do you believe I would have come to you if I had not forgiven you first and if charity did not exist in My Spirit?

35. This is what I want you to do with your brethren; but do not be fearful of giving them the good news, do not be doubtful of your gifts or be distrustful of the result of your deeds of love toward them, because your lack of faith would lead you toward failure; your word would not be convincing nor would your deeds have a basis of strength.

36. O humanity! Blessed creation, if you knew how much your Father loves you! You are lost and I have come searching for you; when you look for Me I open the doors of salvation; you call Me and I answer instantly; however, you do not feel Me, you do not listen to Me because you are not prepared.

37. In this Era I am preparing these people, so that from among them will emerge the 144,000 who will convey My message to Mankind.

38. Beloved people; await the earthly vicissitudes with serenity and regard each trial as a step that draws you nearer the mansions, which although unknown to you, are felt and longed by your spirit.

39. It is I, your Lord who speaks to you; do not feel surprised that I communicate with you, because I have done it this way since I created the first man. Meditate a little, turn on your thoughts to the past, go back in history and you will find Me communicating at every step with Mankind.

40. To the youngsters who listen to Me, I say: Blessed are you who have come to Earth at the time of the Holy Spirit, because your gifts will find a propitious field to become manifested; but listen to Me, do not allow yourselves to be guided by the unrighteous examples of your elders; keep in mind that the blood of the Lamb made light has fallen upon your spirit to indicate the way by which he should proceed with obedience and love in order to reach Me. Blessed are you who come in search of your heredity which you have waited for a long time.

41. There is joy in the Spirit of the Father when you stop being of the needy; however, I have not come to set a price to what I give you. I grant you My charity without setting conditions whereas you do set them in order to love Me if I grant what you ask. In this teaching you shall learn to ask, to receive and to give. Also you must learn to wait for the moment when it is My will to grant you what is most convenient for your spirit. Do not despair, do not blaspheme nor lack in faith; keep in mind that I love you, that I am just with you. To those who serve Me in this Work I say to them: Do not seek remunerations or rewards; be charitable and continue on forward. All that you do in My name you shall see realized, and there you will have your best reward.

42. While listening to My Word through a human spokesman, many are surprised and ask themselves: What grace are we mortals worthy of that God Himself has deigned to speak to us? And the Master answers: I do not find grace in you, but yes, a privilege that you possess a spirit. And if I speak to you through the faculty and the mouth of a spokesman, it is because he possesses life, but not so like your idols through which you worshiped Me before. I did not communicate in this manner in times past because your spirit and your mind were not prepared or sufficiently elevated to receive Me. Today I now find you capable so as to manifest Myself through you. It was not necessary anymore for the Word to become Man to speak to you. The Holy Spirit had this gift reserved for you.

43. I am beyond time, above everything created; My Divine Spirit is not subject to evolution. I am Eternal and Perfect; it is not so with you who does have a beginning, who is certainly subject to laws of evolution, and besides that, you feel the passing of time upon your being. Therefore, do not say that the Father belongs to an era, Christ to another and the Holy Spirit to another, because the Lord is eternal and does not belong to any era, but time belongs to Him, and Christ who disappeared as a Man, is God Himself, as well as the Holy Spirit who is none other than the same Father who comes preparing His most elevated expression before you; in other words, now without the need of any material element.

44. If you see that I am communicating through a human spokesman, regard this form only as a preparation so that tomorrow you may communicate with your Father with perfection from spirit to Spirit. I have called this communication a preparation, but not because of that have I stopped manifesting My glory through that means, nor have I ceased to reveal to you My perfect teachings.

45. You should not see various gods where only One exists, One who has had to manifest Himself under diverse phases, in accordance with the spiritual advancement that Mankind has been attaining.

46. Jesus, in that period, gave you from the very first to the last instant during His passage through this world, a perfect revelation; however, He declared to you: "I will not tell you all, because you would not comprehend it." But then He said. "I shall send to you the Spirit of Truth, who will reveal everything to you." Thus I gave you to understand that those who were not able to comprehend My revelations during that era the moment would come when by virtue of the development of their spirit and their elevation, they would understand them through My Word in the Third Era.

47. Today you are in the Era when the Father comes in Spirit to reveal new teachings to you from His arcane. This period is barely beginning and you cannot conceive what I shall reserve for the spirit of Mankind, the footsteps which men will take along this path or the new revelations which are reserved for you. The time of the material miracles, as you understand them, has passed. Today your spirit will marvel with admiration and love before My new accomplishments and manifestations. Yesterday you only believed about the impossible made possible, before the material miracle. Today you will believe in your spirit through the Divine essence of My manifestations. Will you long for the miracles of past times, like the rock which on touching it made the water flow or the manna which saved the multitudes from perishing of hunger in the wilderness? Do you think of Christ giving sight to the blind, cleansing the lepers and making the paralytic walk by only ordering that it be so? Do you think of the dead whom He resurrected by only saying to them: "Arise"? Verily I say to you that all those miracles will return, but you will see them realized in another manner and truly: How many of them am I performing among you!

48. From time to time I kept on descending more and more until I became Man to dwell among men. Now you are the ones who are beginning your ascent and you will keep on coming closer to Me each time. Who shall be those as the year 1950 approaches who will at least understand these teachings?

49. The ladder of Jacob is in front of you; it is the one that the patriarch beheld in his dream, it is the pathway that your spirit will travel through in order to reach the Father. You know many and new lessons, but do not let that be a reason for you to ridicule those who in their ignorance seek Me through idolatrous worship. By chance, do you know if they, although knowing less, love Me more than you? The ladder of which I speak is the pathway by which inexorably everyone shall reach Me.

50. O My people: The nations are at war, pray and do not judge them; do not be wishing victory for some and destruction of the others, because all of them are under a severe test.

51. My love and My grace are with you. This is the Third Era when your spirit rises anew in search of the light; in spite of the elapsed times and even in the midst of the chaos which reigns in your world, you are able to rise to seek Me. Who is able to prevent the development of the gifts which he bears in his spirit?

52. Allow My Word to penetrate within your heart so that later it will reach all men. If you notice that My spokesmen have not attained perfection, understand that up to the most simple lesson or maxim which I transmit through them, contains Divine essence. Encourage those hearts with your faith and with your confidence, and in truth I say that you will gather perfect fruits.

53. When this nation lives practicing My lesson of spirituality, you will behold the arrival of caravans of foreigners who will look upon this country as a promised land, and when they find themselves in its bosom and see how these people live and how they elevate their worship to God, they will realize that in your heart exists the peace and the light of the Father, but that the New Jerusalem is far beyond this world. Take care that your deeds will not erase the path that may lead them to the longed for goal which is My Kingdom. Let it be love, good will and fraternity with which you receive your brethren. Let there not be dislike or resentment toward any brother of another race or people. Love and forgive and by doing this you will kindle in their heart a hope in My Divine forgiveness.

54. Teach correction, repentance, regeneration, patience in the ordeals and expiations, and with that you will destroy the superstitious fear of that hell that you have imagined, and on the other hand, you will build a sanctuary toward My Divinity and a more perfect concept of My Divine justice.

55. Since I was the One who taught you to "love one another" and to forgive the one who would offend you, I gave you proof of it with My actions also. I speak to you of heavenly manifestations, but I do it in a figurative meaning in order for you to understand Me better. I cannot reveal to you all the spiritual existence because your mind would not even be able to conceive it. It is best that I keep on revealing to you step by step the path which leads toward the summit, and when you least expect it you will appear before My presence.

56. I have announced to you times of trials and suffering; but do not fear, because if you enter within them with preparation, you will be amazed before the miracles that I have reserved for you for those days; then the unbelievers will believe.

57. All that I have revealed to you during these times is so that you will make it known to Humanity; this is your mission that you will fulfill in order to keep progressing in the Hereafter.

58. Disciples, verily I say to you that if during this period I came to manifest Myself among you, it was not because men may have called Me. I have visited you, for this has been My will and by that I have fulfilled My promise. The elements gave testimony of My new presence and some hearts felt it;. it was not the bells that announced Me. How much men will have to purify themselves to be able to perceive My presence!

59. If the world had persevered in My Word, it would not have been necessary for their eyes to weep in order to behold Me!

60. I will again demonstrate to you the page of the Law; it is the beginning and the end of the book I am revealing to you so that at the time of My parting you will remain prepared.

61. Today it is a small portion that surrounds Me, but tomorrow the multitudes that will be around Me will be immense; among them will be the pharisees and the hypocrites, searching for errors in My Doctrine to arouse the mind of the multitudes against My Work. They do not know that before they scrutinize My word, they will be scrutinized.

62. It only remains for you to be calm, peaceful and demonstrate the virtue of My teaching in your deeds; if you act that way in your trials, even the most brutal persecutors will confess that you have truly heard Me. I have come to pour My knowledge in you, for only with wisdom you will be near the Father.

63. I give you My word with the same essence with which I spoke to you in the Second Era, and I have come to remind you of many of My teachings that you had forgotten, or from which you had withdrawn, due to erroneous interpretations of your predecessors.

64. You had complied badly with My Doctrine to such an extent that I can say that you had created a path completely different than mine, but to which you applied the same name. No one but I could draw you away from your error with words of life, love and truth.

65. That is why today when you are listening to Me, analyze and comprehend My word and there will be light within you. This is the time when I come to tell you with all clearness that the reincarnation of the spirit exists, that it is so since the beginning of Humanity, like a light of justice and Divine love, without which you would be unable to evolve along the extensive road of spiritual perfection. It is I who has said that you belong to the spiritual lineage of Abraham; that you belong to this Humanity who at one time falls, and then to arise again during another period to the voice of one of My envoys, to fall again and rise anew as in the present period. You have reached the Sixth Seal, however you present Me a burden of errors as the scum of Humanity, but you arise above the transgressions with spiritual capability to understand Me, feel Me and with the temper to follow Me without hesitation to the end.

66. If you have faith, hear the voice of your conscience and it will seem clearer to you; if you listen to this word, remember your past so that you may judge your life, your love and your merits; it will tell you if you have dedicated yourselves to the fulfillment of your mission or not. But do not fear, for on Earth there are no just people before whom you should be ashamed; I am the only just One and I have come to judge you with love.

67. I have called you scum because of your sins and your insignificance among this Humanity but also I can tell you that from this scum I will avail Myself so that later after cleansing it, present it as an example.

68. Form a people where you will give a good fulfillment to the Law of God and to the human ones, where morale and spiritual elevation exist. Truly I say to you: I behold that during this Era man and woman have deviated from their pathway.

69. I discover men who forsake their responsibilities, women who flee from their maternity and others who invade the fields predestined for man, when since ancient times you were told that man is the head of the household. Not because of that should the woman feel scorned, for today I say to you that the woman is the heart of the man. That is why I have instituted and sanctified the matrimony, because in the union of those two beings, spiritually equal but corporeally different, a perfect condition prevails.

70. Who is doubtful that I am speaking to the world, only because their sin makes it unworthy of Me? What merit would there be in Me if I only went to where just people exist, where there would be no suffering or ignorance? If the Father inspires His children to earn merits in order to obtain grace through them, the Father also performs merits before His children to have the right of being loved. I still, behold you as children whom I have come to help and lift you from the abyss, to lead you toward the fountain and cleanse you there, and later clothe you with the garments of virtue.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 67

1. I bless all My children, those who are listening to My lesson and those who are absent from this manifestation. Come to hear the Spirit of Truth, because this word shall be your spiritual support. You render to Me your heart overwhelmed by sorrows, troubles, ungratefulness and disappointments which have accumulated during your lifetime. Take from this word as if it were wine, and its sweetness will alleviate your bitterness.

2. Some still delight themselves in this period in earthly enjoyments; on the other hand, others did not get to know those false pleasures, having found peace in their spirit on returning to the spiritual realm, because if you believe that those who rejoice in satisfactions and physical enjoyments are the ones who are nearer to Me, you are mistaken; verily I say to you that they still have many lessons to learn, but he who is forsaking all that glitters with a false splendor, is in communion with His Father and saturates himself from His Divine strength.

3. O beginners, allow the Master to show you a new lesson; prepare yourselves so that He can give you new revelations. You know that the period of My manifestation will cover from 1866 to 1950 only, and it is necessary for Me to tell you everything that I have reserved for you in this phase. You have a few years left to hear Me through this means; if you take advantage of them you will have at the end the great lessons which I have promised you.

4. Who has believed that after 1950 the beginners are going to rest from their labor? Truly I say to you that the struggle will then start. My disciples will have to become teachers so the multitudes will seek them as they have sought Me. The seers will perfect themselves to become the great prophets before the people, and everyone should be prepared to receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You will continue congregating in order for the multitudes to seek you, attracted by the spirituality and elevation of your reunions, as well as your deeds of love and charity.

5. Think of these events that await you and will have to take place, because it is written in My Word; then your conscience will tell you if you have meditated, if you have analyzed and understood My lessons and if you are preparing yourselves for that phase of the struggle.

6. These people will provide new patriarchs under whose guidance virtuous families will emerge who will be an example for all the rest. It will also provide martyrs; these will be the ones who, during their fulfillment, will have to support the attacks, persecutions and mockery of Humanity, those who will have to suffer poverty and privations for serving their fellowmen.

7. Everything is prepared for the final struggle, after which only one Doctrine will remain established, which will be this truth that I am teaching, and which I have come to reveal to you from time to time, as the law of the spirit, filled with knowledge, justice and love.

8. Your deeds and practices should be purer each time, and you should not fear of being delivered to justice at the time of slander and persecution against you, if your fulfillment is according to what I have taught you.

9. In order for the light of My Spirit to glow in your mind during your reunions, you will learn to maintain a silence and a recollection as you never had before, and you will truly feel My presence and My miracles; My Spiritual Realm will strengthen and illuminate you; but woe betide to those who change My truth for imposture!

10. Understand how great My Work is and what little importance you have given it. If you have enjoyed yourself much while listening to Me through a human faculty, truly I say that I have reserved for you an even more perfect form: that in which you will receive Me directly through your thoughts. My teaching will reach you clean, pure, Divine, because it will not have passed through the lips of the spokesman.

11. Do not confuse yourselves if I tell you that again I am before judges, tribunals and doctors of the law; verily I say to you that within many of those who follow Me today I have found a tribunal and I have found Myself before a judge. Tomorrow Humanity will judge Me in you; that is why I ask that your deeds be noble, so that instead of denying this truth, those who judge it will reform and will be converted by it.

12. How much I have had to speak to you during this period! Truly I say that if you would take advantage of My Word, a lesson would be enough to sustain you with it, but barely a few moments have passed after having heard Me then, you no longer keep My peace nor have you manifested My charity among your brethren.

13. Resurrect to a life of grace, eating of the nourishment that I have brought to you during this period. Do you not understand that you have to leave an imprint of your footsteps along the world? Today I want that imprint to guide the multitudes before My Divine presence. Come along the pathways of light, peace, fraternity and you will soon find Me. Do not be discouraged if sometimes you find an obstacle or if your feet are hurt by the thorns along the road. Verily I say to you that if your faith does not weaken, you shall have no need of the crystalline water that will quench your thirst, because you will be sustained by My Word.

14. If you feel strong and you see that alongside of you your brethren travel with difficulty, do not feel yourselves superior, because you would fall into the grave fault of vanity, and you would be like the worm which swells up with the humidity of the earth. Among My new people there shall not rise any kings or lords. Every bad seed will be withdrawn from your heart in order for you to become My prophets.

15. Do not be satisfied for having been saved from the uncertain pathways; go and search for the stray ones in order to save them. Be humble, give lodging to charity, make yourselves men of good will and thus you will be able to fulfill your mission.

16. There is always someone who will say to Me inwardly: "Lord, I am complying". My response to him is that he is barely learning to comply. You still are not sufficiently firm along the path.

I have to strengthen you frequently with My example and that of My apostles.

17. In the Second Era Humanity gave Me a wooden cross whose martyrdom men sentenced and made Me suffer, but upon My Spirit I carried a heavier and more cruel one: that of your imperfections and of your ungratefulness.

18. Would you be capable of reaching My presence carrying upon your shoulders a cross of love and sacrifice for your fellowmen? Know that for that purpose I sent you to Earth, therefore your return shall be when you present yourselves with your mission fulfilled. That cross will be the key that will open for you the gates of the promised realm.

19. If when you go with your cross along the path of life, which is your road of bitterness, the multitudes hurt and ridicule you, remember what you did with Jesus and see what He did to you: He forgave you.

20. With how much fear some of My children listen to this word which pours from the lips of the human spokesman; the fact is that they know it is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and among those present are some who knew of the end of Sodom and Gomorrah and who later saw the destruction of Jerusalem.

21. When you listen to these revelations, you believe to have lived on Earth for a long time, and in spite of it the fulfillment you offer Me is meager. During past eras I granted you temporary benefits in abundance, so that in that wealth you would see a symbol of the spiritual wealth. Today you observe your material coffers empty, because that wealth is no longer necessary for you; the time of material riches has passed for you.

22. Christ came to you and on being born His body was not wrapped with linen or silk, one single tunic covered His body. Nevertheless in His word He brought a treasure and He represented a Kingdom more powerful than all those of the Earth. You have been slow in comprehending because you have loved earthly benefits much and you have not loved the limpidity of the spirit; however, today you find yourselves in a new period confronting a new opportunity so that your spirit may rise, overcoming human weaknesses and allowing the spiritual riches with which it has been endowed, to emerge.

23. You are great because of your evolution and nevertheless, you feel yourselves clumsy to take your first footsteps during this new, Era, that is why I have come to manifest Myself through your faculty, to teach you to walk along the path of your spiritual evolution.

24. Behold men, women and children congregating around religions and sects, and although the light of My Spirit is being poured upon all flesh and upon every spirit, they are slumbering to the reality of this period.

25. In order for you not to feel contempt for the poor or disgust over the illnesses that you regard as repulsive, how many tests you have to endure! Who is able to know if that leper who has stretched out his hand and from whom you have departed horrified, was in another incarnation your father or your son?

26. You bear children of your flesh, but I am He who distributes the spirits in families, in peoples, in nations, in mansions, and in that justice impenetrable for men, My love is manifested.

27. 0! My people, take advantage of this period which I have granted you; it is precious and decisive for your spirit. My vibrant and resounding voice has awakened you from your lethargy. In My judgement, no one has come with faults, I have loved all equally. Begin to love among yourselves, so that Mankind may become reconciled within My Law, complying with the Divine precept that says "Love one another."

28. How is it possible that the people who call themselves Christians destroy each other through war and even pray before going to kill their brethren, asking Me to give them victory over their enemies? Is it possible that My seed can exist where instead of love hatred prevails, and instead of forgiveness, vengeance?

29. It is necessary for My prophets to rise again to admonish men, because while there are people who destroy themselves, blinded by ambition and violence, those who have received My light and calmly judge Humanity, are fearful of rising to give the good news. If this Humanity would know how to pray with the spirit, they would hear My voice, they would receive My inspiration, but each time they pray they place a veil over their eyes which hides to them the light of My presence. I have to come to men during the moments when their bodies are at rest to awaken their spirit, to call on him and converse with him. It is Christ, who like a thief in the middle of the night, penetrates your heart to sow My seed of love within.

30. Listen disciples and be attentive: Do not allow that because of your indifference, when the time of this communication ends, the Master will say, that He spoke alone in the wilderness; but if you do not take advantage of this period you will have to weep your ungratefulness; many times desperation will surprise you and sickness will dishearten you when you had within your reach a fountain of health of which you did not take advantage. Only My charity will save you; to be worthy of it I have taught you to share your bread with him who hungers.

31. Acknowledge the Divine charity which draws nearer your heart, so you may regard everyone as your brethren.

32. I do not separate you from any of your human duties, but I do say that you should also occupy yourselves with the teachings of the Father in order for your spirit to perfect himself, performing deeds pleasing before Me.

33. Today My Divine Ray descends upon your world, and as in all the Universe, it vibrates in every creature; while in some it is intuition, in others it is inspiration and in others a human word, as it happens among you.

34. These walls and this roof serve only as a means of protecting you from the elements and safeguarding you from the indiscreet and disrespectful gazes of your brethren; these men and women through whom I give you My Word, are not in any way Divine; they are as human as yourselves and the seat which they occupy is not My throne, nor is it My tribunal; that stool is only used to support the spokesman during his ecstasy.

35. I come to build a kingdom of love within your heart; but in order for the foundation of that kingdom to be indestructible and eternal, I have come to reveal to you the teachings of the spirit, without whose knowledge you would only create confused religions.

36. You will have this Word only till the year 1950; afterward I will leave this planet to you for your fulfillment and not only the Earth, but also the spiritual space.

37. During the moment of your meditation and prayer I have come close to you to give you My caress and make you feel My presence, to make you realize that the communication of spirit to Spirit is true. Thus you have learned to wait for My coming each time that I manifest Myself to direct My word to you.

38. Your heart is at peace and you show gratitude in your spirit, because you recall that when I called you, your conscience complained: "You are unworthy." Then you listened to My voice which said to you: "I love you, come to Me, you are My chosen, I forgive you." Then there emerged from your heart, faith and love toward the Master.

39. In your spirit I have deposited this heritage; upon these foundations I am letting My Work to rest, which should not have any weak foundations. This light shall not be extinguished because I kindled it first in your heart; this Doctrine will not be lost, for I purified you beforehand.

40. Do not believe that you are those who support My Work on Earth; it is the one that holds you up.

41. Do you know why I chose simple and unpolished hearts to present them before the first multitudes? Because in spite of as many imperfections that they would mix to My Work, its essence would not be lost and My justice would appear at the precise moment to reap the corn, to separate the wheat from the bad weeds; but do not forget that I have said that the first shall be last and the last first, because from generation to generation disciples will emerge whose evolution, spirituality and comprehension will permit them to take progressive steps along the spiritual path.

42. You have sworn to follow Me along this pathway, and I say to you that it was not necessary for you to swear, because who is he, who after returning from the road of suffering will tend to return there?

43. I outline for you the path of the true life where peace prevails; you create difficult paths which you are marking with tears and blood.

44. I give you My lessons in a language which even the most inept will be able to understand, because I have not come to speak to you in unfamiliar terms, nor with scientific words; I use humble words, because I am the Word of love who speaks to every spirit and every heart. I wish that on ceasing to speak through this means, you would have taken advantage of the essence of this wisdom, so that tomorrow you can propagate it to Mankind with the truth and purity it contains.

45. The pathways are being prepared in order for Mankind to rise from the different points of the Earth in search of the luminous beacon of this Doctrine, which soon will be the ideal of every spirit. All your being is preparing itself to give testimony of My Word: spirit, heart and lips, in order for you to be like a clean fountain where these crystalline waters will outpour their fragrance among men.

46. Comply with your destiny; do not want to return to Me without first having traveled the road which I outlined for you, because you would have to experience the pain of contemplating blemishes in your spirit which he was unable to clean, because he did not reach the end of his restitution. The reincarnations have passed over you, and many of you have not valued the infinite grace and love with which the Father has entrusted you. Behold that the greater the number of opportunities, the greater your responsibility shall be, and if these opportunities are not put to good use, in each one will be an increase in restitution and justice; that is the burden whose unbearable weight many beings are not able to explain, and only My Doctrine can reveal it.

47. My teaching comes to make you possessors of this temporary kingdom, so that it will not take possession over you; it is not My wish that on reaching My presence spiritually you will say to Me: Father, why have you called me when I still wanted to live on Earth? How very few times you show satisfaction with My will!

48. Today I say to those whom I have named beginners and disciples during this period; no one will reach Me without first having traveled the path indicated to his spirit for his complete evolution. This period is of restitution and justice; only I know the judgment of each one; every previous fault will be corrected; it suffices to say to you that he who yesterday killed his fellowman, today has come to resurrect the dead.

49. Blessed childhood, I am aware of your prayer and I understand your language; you are not taken into consideration,because you are judged small and weak causing the spirit within you to suffer.

50. Elders, you have yielded under the weight of time and the struggles, your lips are silent, your heart is sad; you have learned much in life, you are not able to aspire for worldly glories because your youth remained behind, and you only place your hope in the existence which awaits your spirit beyond in the Hereafter.

You feel yourselves useless because your brethren believe that you are of no use at all, for you do not help physically, however you know that in your heart a light glows and a book exists. I, your Master, understand you; I know your heart and I say to you: Converse with Me, behold how My love embraces you. Await peacefully the hour of My call, do not be worried, for the true life waits for you there and the eternal youth.

51. To all maidens: Only I understand you; your heart has been opened to life like the corolla of the flowers; you dream with love, with tenderness, with happiness, and I say to you: Do not dream anymore; wake up for you have to prepare yourselves greatly in order to fulfill that sublime mission which awaits you, and you have to strengthen yourselves greatly to endure your cup of bitterness, but if your heart loves, in that love you will find support and hope for your journey.

52. During this period of restoration, My justice will leave a profound mark upon men. Humanity will have to give an accounting of all their works. He who on Earth has his eyes opened to the truth, should be watchful and pray for everyone, for if in the midst of confusion men do not elevate themselves in prayer, chaos will prevail in the world. These moments are also of vigilance. You, My people, to whom the spiritual prayer has been entrusted so you can earn merits toward peace, withdraw from what is superfluous and unrighteous and prepare your spirit more and more.

53. It is necessary for a legion of warriors of peace to be prepared on Earth, who will fight against hatred and sin until they are exterminated. That legion is the one that I have come to join and to prepare, which will be formed by visible and invisible beings; My apostle John had the gift of seeing it in his revelation.

54. Very soon My legions will become prepared and they will invade the fields of death and desolation; their arrival will be like a storm that will move the heart of men. There will be a turmoil inside each one of them and only a beacon will give light in the darkness of those days, and I will be that beacon. All the sons of I these people who do not rise to fulfill the mission that I entrusted to !them when I sent them to Earth, will be lifted toward the Spiritual Realm so that they can leave their place to those who will fight. Afterward, those who were lifted will begin to work in spirit, but their efforts will have to be greater.

55. Those who obediently fulfill their mission here will have no fear, for the light of the Divine beacon will illuminate their pathways amidst the storm; there will be nothing that will upset or sink them into the abyss.

56. Blessed are those who take advantage of this period as a restitution, because they will come out unharmed from that battle; however, those who still love the treasures of the Earth and ambition choice positions and the glory of the world, they will have to support their restitution with a greater pain of their spirit.

57. What will those who have only loved the world, be able to offer the Father? What will they answer when they appear in spirit before Him who has loved them so much and who has offered them so many opportunities toward their salvation?

58. All of you should have been prepared for this period. Remember that My envoys have given even their life to announce My justice to you. You have given little importance to those voices, only because you believed them to be very distant from the truth; but behold those voices of envoys and prophets appear and vibrate with greater intensity during this period. Verily I say to you that when those messages are heard with attention and studied with faith by men, I will send My new prophets to announce to them what comes after this period, and through the previous prophets, those who are to come will be believed.

59. Blessed is he who having peace in his life takes advantage of it to perform charitable deeds among his brethren. Blessed is he who bearing a pain in his heart forgets himself in order to comfort his fellowman. He is imitating Jesus when He walked, overwhelmed under the weight of the cross, and still He comforted, healed and forgave the multitudes.

60. Elijah the prophet, the forerunner, the envoy of the Third Era, intercedes for his flock, prays for those who know not how to pray, and conceals with his mantle the blemish of the sinner, waiting for his regeneration. Elijah prepares his multitudes, his legions, to combat the darkness created by the ignorance, sin, fanaticism and materialism of Mankind.

61. Through only a single last one who is among you each time I give you My Word, there is feast in My Kingdom, a feast where all of you participate. If you only knew how much joy there always is in the Master when someone arrives for the first time to listen to My lessons; it does not matter if within his heart there is doubt, hardness and even mockery, My Word is able to overcome all human weaknesses. Today a heart asks Me: If you are Christ, why are you amidst this poverty? And the Master has to say to him: When have I come to be crowned King in your world? When did I dwell in palaces on Earth? Once I dwelt among Mankind so that you would know Me as Man, and I manifested My humility and perfect meekness. I am a King but men did not forge My crown, which is of wisdom; My crown is that light which glows in the Divine mind of the Creator and the rays it emits lead toward your intelligence, not so that you regard yourselves as kings, but rather of having a knowledge of the greatness that God placed in your spirit, you will know how to be humble, with the true humility that I taught you through Jesus when I said to you: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life".

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 68

1. I come to indoctrinate the flock of Elijah. My word is for these people like the manna was for the people of Israel in the wilderness. Your spirit during this period in vain sought the truth along the pathways until you came to hear the voice of your Father. I am the Traveler, the Stranger who has knocked at the doors of all hearts. Instead of feeling My presence, men have remained devoted to their preoccupations, their ambitions or their suffering. You, who have felt My presence and listened to My voice, have received strength to go forth through vicissitudes and the light to understand that there is no paradise in the earthly possessions, that the Promised Land is not found here, that today the world is a sorrowful valley of tears, a land of exile and purification. It will be in the spiritual valley where you will find peace and true happiness, where I will celebrate with you a feast of your arrival. Anyone who aspires to a true peace will have to seek it in My truth, in My path. In vain men go after a crown or a throne, believing that by obtaining it, they have managed to have the peace. I say to you that the era of kings has come to an end. My justice has come among men.

2. I, your King, taught you that on Earth there is no other crown than that of thorns, nor another throne than the cross. And all that you did with Jesus, I suffered because of My love for you. Today when I have returned and find you again in the world, I have not come to claim that blood from you, I come full of love and forgiveness for you to manifest Myself among the humble, among these simple children who did not conceive My arrival under this form.

3. I have picked you out from the perversity of your existence to cleanse your blemishes, naming you disciples, entrusting to you a precious seed and naming you My laborers. I have instructed you to safeguard that seed zealously, for whoever loses it, will find himself more in need than before.

4. 0! My people, this is the time when you must penetrate into the pathway of My Law, so that the event of previous periods will not be repeated, in which the weaknesses and downfalls of the people of Israel were obstacles which prevented other people from worshiping the true God.

5. The light of the Holy Spirit is in your mind so that you will analyze all what I am revealing to you and be able to satisfactorily answer your brethren. Do not believe that I will surrender you to your own fate, only with what your memory had saved of what I taught you. What can you be able to deliver to men without My intervention? What proof will you be able to give without My help? On the other hand, if you have faith in My power and in My help and are prepared, you will heal the sick, convince the unbelievers and resurrect the dead; some you will seek and some others you will receive, and the good news will be given to men that I have communicated through a human spokesman.

6. I will keep on delivering to men My message of peace and love until the last day of the year 1950 when I will lift My word. My manifestation and My Word of this period will touch Mankind, shake the very foundations of religions and even science itself, intrigued, will stop to scrutinize.

7. Here is the truth which you instinctively felt during this period, but did not believe in finding it manifested through such humbleness, and much less under this form. But here it is, judge it!

8. I have come to speak to you in a human language, sometimes in a figurative meaning and in parables, sometimes with all clearness. I have yet to reveal great truths to you through different spokesmen, because only one would not suffice to transmit the message of My Divinity.

9. You come from different regions with your knapsack empty and on the other hand you carry your heart filled with afflictions; but when you have listened to this heavenly voice and I have welcomed you, you have seen how your path is illuminated and peace, the true peace, penetrates your heart.

10. Thus, hearing My Word through a human spokesman, you have come to comprehend that this is the Third Era, that My communication in this form will be brief and therefore, you should take advantage of this lesson.

11. You consult with your conscience and it responds that you were wandering along errant paths; then you feel an infinite joy on realizing that it was a true miracle having found the road that you had regarded so distant. And the fact is that for faith there are no obstacles; for repentance, a sob is enough, for a prayer a moment of elevation, and for regeneration, you will always find an opportunity to restitute.

12. When you penetrated as the last ones into the bosom of these your brethren, you felt unworthy of being with them, you regarded them as superior beings; after-ward, your perseverance, your faith and love, made you sit among the disciples. Once in that place, some of them have known how to maintain themselves within humility; on the other hand, others, because of their lack of comprehension in My Doctrine, filled themselves with vanity, they felt like masters, and they reached a point of even regarding as small those whom they had admired and envied. These I have had to touch and correct; but in the same way I say that you imitate only those who give you good examples, behold that I also avail Myself of the disobedient and the ungrateful ones to give you lessons of great wisdom.

13. At the first touch of My justice, some know how to return to the path of obedience; however, there are also those who in their vanity, profane My mandates and mock at the Law. My word then becomes extensive and clear in order for man to understand that it is humility and obedience to My mandates which draws you closer to Me.

14. Disciples: behold the light that reaches you; it is the reflection of the lights of the New Jerusalem which conveys its message to you from the infinite.

15. This nation where My Word has been manifested, is not the New Jerusalem that John beheld through his spiritual vision when he prophesied thus: "And I, John, saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, descending from Heaven dressed as a bride adorned for her husband", nevertheless, this nation will be a symbol of that spiritual city. Its inhabitants shall be prepared; from their hearts will emerge peace and welcome for everyone who knocks at its doors; from their spirits will pour the light that will resolve the conflicts which have involved Mankind, and from their worship will emerge an example of spirituality and elevation for other nations.

16. Today you still doubt that this nation can fulfill such a destiny, and that doubt surges in your heart when you see that although listening to the Divine Master and naming you His disciples, you are still materialized, tied to the worldly pleasures.

17. Understand that I have not wanted to bring you hurriedly along the path of My teachings, but I have also said that you should not stay at a standstill. Do you fear the judgments of Mankind? Are you fearful of the torments you might suffer for My cause? Verily I say to you that the crown of thorns will not be encircled around your temples, nor will you carry a heavy cross under the whip and blows of a multitude hungry for blood.

18. Love your brethren, sow My charity everywhere, but never embitter yourselves because Humanity pays badly for the service you made to them; remember the examples of Jesus.

19. The course which yesterday I outlined for you with My blood, today I have come to trace it with My light; but do not imprint on it any blemish, nor leave traces of imperfection or impurity, because tomorrow men will say that He who spoke was an impostor.

20. Do not defy My Divine justice with disobediences or faults against My Law; neither must you allow the law of justice of the Earth to fall upon you, due to impure practices.

21. I want your spirit to manifest and overflow himself during this period, without his physical body being a barrier in stopping him or a veil which will hide him, and that each word pouring from his lips will be of life.

22. O beloved people, for you the Second Era belongs to the past. For Me it is present. Today it is not Judea the place for My manifestations; it is not Jerusalem the city which welcomes its Savior with psalms and olive branches. It is another place in the world where I appear today, but it is the same people, the same spirits. Now the city is your heart and your psalms and olives are of inner rejoicing.

23. Today I am not surrounded by Peter, Andrew, John, James, Bartholomew, Philip and the other disciples; they fulfilled their mission and willed to you their example; today there are multitudes of disciples whom I am preparing. You are feeling your spiritual gifts. In some the gift of prophecy is manifested by means of visions and dreams, in others the gift of speech and in some others the gift of inspiration, the spiritual communication and that of healing; but in all of you exist the same gifts which you can develop through your deeds of love toward your brethren.

24. All of you have contemplated or felt the transfiguration within My communication, when from your view disappears the spokesman through whom I transmit My Word and Christ appears in Spirit, filled with love toward you.

25. Disciples, we are approaching the gates of the city; behold them, it is the heart of Mankind. Will they be prepared to receive the Master and His disciples?

26. Be watchful and pray, for while some may receive Me with hymns, the pharisees will be lying in wait, and there will also be those who will offer you money in exchange for your silence. Be watchful, so as not to fall into temptation, because from that trial will emerge the bad disciples who will betray their faith.

27. I bring you peace and a new teaching. If My sacrifice of the Second Era abolished the sacrifice of innocent victims whom you immolated upon the altar of Jehovah, today the sustenance of My Divine Word has made you cease to represent My body and My blood with the bread and wine of this world. Every spirit who wishes to live will have to be nourished from the Divine Spirit. He who listens to My Word and feels it within his heart, has truly been nourished; he has not only been fed by My body and drank of My blood, but he also has taken from My Spirit to nourish himself. Who, after having had a taste of this heavenly nourishment, will again seek Me in bodies and man-made forms? From time to time I have come erasing traditions, rituals and forms, and I leave in your spirit only the Law and the essence of My teachings.

28. This period is of remembrance, meditation and analysis; allow Me to penetrate within you. I come from the cities and the battlefields and I have shared with My children the bread of their bitterness; I have spread light upon all the pathways, I have performed miracles and I have given proof of My presence among men, and it is necessary that you receive Me in order to listen to the last of My words.

29. Allow Me to find My dwelling prepared within your hearts, that My table be there and the bread upon it. I want you to feel lulled by My love as I did with the gentle John. O multitude, know how to prepare yourselves and enter into a true vigilance, so that you do not profane the Divine, and do allow it to be manifested; notice that you receive My Divine ray of light in your mind even though it is still filled with sins and passions. If during the Second Era you made Me carry a cross under the whip and the jeers, now allow Me to dwell in your heart.

30. I ask for your preparation, which means regeneration and spirituality, so that when the year 1950 comes around the multitudes may be very numerous, because among the crowds My gaze discovers those who belong to the 144,000 and whom I shall mark upon their forehead and make them acknowledge their mission. But do not fear if on the last day the 12,000 of each tribe have not been marked; from the infinite I will make them feel My caress and shall indicate the mission entrusted to them. The place where they may be does not matter. I say this because only I can designate the destiny and duties of each creature, and there shall be no one who will do it after My departure.

31. After 1950, I shall disclose to you those who without even hearing My word will form a part of that number; they too, will also know how to show evidence. After My Word has ceased, there will be those who will attempt to imitate you to surprise the good faith of men; however, you will be prepared in order to discover all falsehood.

32. You will preserve within your heart My farewell in the manner that I express it to you; but you will make this testimony reach other nations, and you will tell Mankind that I am in Spirit, very close to all of My children.

33. Today I say to you: Here is the Master, the One whom the multitudes named "The Rabbi of Galilee". I come to give you the same Doctrine, the teaching of love; the banquet to which I invite you is spiritual, as are also the bread and the wine; but today like yesterday and as always, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

34. I come to give you My strength, because this Third Era is of trials. My warmth has descended within your heart which was as cold as the tombstone which covers the dead, and you now feel that it throbs with love toward your Father. You have seen how among the great multitudes I have been selecting those who are to bear the Divine mark upon their forehead, and that My Word tells them that the grace which I have bestowed upon them, is not so they may rise above the rest, humiliating them, but instead must carry it with the humility of one who is ready to serve his fellowmen because he realizes this lesson is for everyone.

35. A phase of grace is at your door; these people should enter it with their mind inspired and fully conscious of everything they say and see; this period should not surprise you involved in a routine and much less occupied in the superfluous.

36. This phase in which I have come to give testimonies of My presence under this manifestation, spreading miracles along the path of each one of you, shall be the memory that will strengthen you tomorrow in the struggle, so that you may travel with submission, spirituality and love. My Law will shine through your conscience and will illuminate your pathway like the face of Moses glowed when he descended from Mount Sinai in search of the people who were at the mountain’s slope.

37. The twelve tribes will again reunite around My Law. In the forefront will be the twelve thousand marked from each tribe, and when this happens, I will say to them: Go forth along the bypaths like the good disciple of Christ to spread the good news of My presence.

38. All prophecies will be fulfilled and Humanity will see emerge from the most obscure and ignored corners a humble people, poor in worldly goods, but strong in spirit, zealous of My Law and merciful with their brethren. Their sanctuary will be internal, invisible and intangible, therefore impossible to destroy; an inextinguishable light will glow there that will illuminate the pathway for them. Their crossroads and trials will be arduous and hard, but they will never weaken because of it, nor will they weep their discontentment or affliction, nor will they turn their backs on Me, because they will have the strength of an apostle. Men will surge from the scum, the degradation and sin to the Law and virtue, and will walk along the roads of love and grace. My Spirit will be felt everywhere, every eye shall see Me, every ear will hear Me and every mind will understand My revelations and inspirations. Men regarded as slow to comprehend and rude will suddenly become illuminated and converted into My prophets; from their lips will pour words which will be like crystalline water upon their withered hearts.

39. The prophets will take that water from the fountain of wisdom and truth which is I; there they will find health, limpidity and eternal life.

40. All the pain that in these moments fall upon Mankind is the cup of bitterness through which they will obtain purification. The widows and orphans multiply day by day and upon their desolation and lamenting, the mantle of Mary has been spread out. My justice has descended upon your world and through it even the face of the planet will be changed. Nature protests the profanations of man, that is why the elements have become unleashed. Men of science who say they believe in Me, are surprised and confused, and when they have seen My justice near, they have exclaimed: Father, Father!, but their cry has not been of love and repentance, but fear for their life and what they possess in the world. Again I say to you that not everyone who calls Me Father, loves Me.

41. If Humanity, upon seeing all the signs of the judgment, and the wealthy would hasten to share what they have with the poor, and those who have offended others would ask for forgiveness, and those who have blemished themselves through theft, vice or lies, would repent and dispose themselves to clean their blemishes, verily I say to you: The waters would gently return to their course, the hurricane winds would become a gentle breeze, and war, which has possessed men, will become an angel of peace; but you have a hardened heart, you see someone pass alongside devoid of clothing without you feeling his suffering cold, and you do not perceive the hunger or the affliction of your brethren, even when they are within the reach of your help.

42. No one wants to meditate in the fact that you are only pilgrims in this world, nor do you wish to do something that will make you useful in your journey toward eternity.

43. Here you have Me Humanity, spiritually present, real and true within and outside of you, so that you can listen to the voice of the Living Word and rise to pick up your sandals, knapsack and staff, and travel along the path of My teachings toward the presence of the One who is your only God.

44. People of Israel, you are before My presence. You come as innocent children, without realizing that you carry in your spirit an accumulation of debts which you must settle. You have been sent again during this period to have the opportunity of making amends for previous faults and be able to elevate yourselves to that level where I want to see you.

45. You come to hear My word on this day and with uncertainty in your heart you humble yourselves before Me and ask Me if I have come amongst you and I say to you: Meditate and you will behold that I have manifested My love and have made you feel My presence. I have chosen you from among great multitudes of beings so that you may receive this legacy and afterward transmit it to your brethren.

46. You present before Me your struggle, troubles and efforts, and I receive them because they are gratifying to Me. I behold you weary, with your bleeding feet but with the experience that life offers. Some of you imitate Me and carry your mission with patience and elevation. Think of those who will come after you and prepare the pathway for them; your example will be the best legacy. While you live humbly and work obeying My mandates, you feel My peace; but when you allow your hearing to be oblivious to My warnings you take the wrong road and you do not consider that Mankind is on the watch for your actions and will judge you at every moment. How could you speak of My power and My wisdom if you attributed My words to yourselves in order to be exalted? Feel the true greatness that I have granted to each one of My children and which is greater than the one you pretend to have. When I grant you a miracle, be rejoiced and keep in mind that in it I have manifested My love for you.

47. Study My PARABLE

48. In a region there was an elder surrounded by men, women and children, whom he had invited to partake in a feast. Everyone arrived from different pathways obeying the calling of the elder. A resounding bell chimed loudly and caravans of people filled with submission, had answered the call toward the place where he, who called them, dwelt.

49. On entering that dwelling those multitudes did not see upon the table bread, food and water that nourished the body, and mistrust in some and mockery in others began to infiltrate the hearts. They bowed their heads pretending humility, but deep down they made judgment against the elder; but he who knew what prevailed in their innermost, said to them: Come to Me and listen: You find yourselves lost like stranded victims along the road of life, without a light that will save you; you have died to love and joy and disregard the purpose for which you have come to this world. You have also allowed yourselves to be overcome by the vicissitudes of life, of the world and its passions, and that is why I have called you. I am going to outline a course that will make you happy and give you the light. Ask and it shall be given. Fearfully, feeling that the elder read in their heart and knew their thoughts, they showed him their sick body, their weariness and their thirst for spirituality.

50. "Blessed are you," said the elder to them. I will grant you the benefits you need, I will relieve your hunger and your thirst.

51. Among those multitudes were the hypocrites as well as men of clean heart, and everyone listened to the lesson. He opened the book of his perfect teaching and gave them as nourishment his word, and upon finishing, he asked them: Have you relieved your hunger? Are you satisfied? They gave thanks for the miracle they had received, for they never imagined love could be so powerful. The elder kept on saying to them: Blessed are you, for you have been able to welcome me. This is the bread that sustains the spirit and water that quenches the thirst for love and perfection.

52. Afterward he gave laws and mandates to that people so that through their guidance they would remain worthy of always receiving that nourishment. Those who understood that message promised to obey and always live in the practice of the virtues that elder was teaching. He told them that when they felt strong they could spread his teaching to other regions; that the first ones would take this responsibility while the rest would remain to receive the new travelers.

53. The chosen departed to fulfill this mission, bearing the strength of the elder. They were vigilant, prayerful and they began their work. Everyone was united through the same ideal, only one thought led them; to convey that bread to those who hungered. Along their way they encountered obstacles, and their spirit struggled to overcome them; soon they began to weaken and to judge the elder, asking themselves whether his protection would follow them everywhere. They knew that from time to time they should return to that dwelling where the elder had gathered them. The time came when those people celebrated the commemoration of the day when they heard the voice of the elder for the first time, and great multitudes attended; however, those disciples who departed did not return, they had mistaken the road and adulterated the Law. The elder felt sadness for the absence of those disciples, he prepared new messengers and sent them to work. While the first ones prevaricated and forgot the essence of that Doctrine, the second group spoke in the name of virtue which the elder was teaching, and they converted the hearts with the truth of his words.


54. Analyze My parable and do not forget that you should be zealously vigilant if you wish to fulfill My mandates. Gather the sick, those who thirst and hunger and give them the bread of the spirit. Pour love upon the hearts, and do not deny that you are messengers in My Work of light and redemption. Do not leave room for arrogance and vanity so that you will not be disinherited. Do not deviate from the fulfillment of My Law; love one another and you will live in peace.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 69

1. At this moment I forgive you for every fault, and I also say to you: Go as far as to make a sacrifice if you wish, but do not sin again. I have recorded a book within your heart, but if I would ask for the lesson, you would be unable to explain to Me a single one of its pages.

2. I have subjected you to small tests in order for you to practice charity, placing along your path the one who is in need of bread and comforts and how many times you have closed your doors to Me! I have said to you many times that I hide Myself within the heart of those, your brethren, who implore your charity. Disciples, those opportunities that your Father offers you, of imparting spiritual or material charity, serve to practice a perfect charity, that one which does not expect any reward, but on the other hand, remains recorded in the book of your good deeds. By chance, have I not manifested My charity by what I have done with you? Then, go in search of your brethren. Remember how many times I have granted what you considered impossible. If you want the world to know that this is the time of My new manifestation, give proof of it through your deeds of love, and do not do the opposite of what I have taught you in My lessons, for you will be denying My presence.

3. If in spite of your effort you are not able to contemplate the fruit of your harvest, do not fear; this charity is similar to the one which you do toward the needy who knocks upon the door of your dwelling from whom you do not expect any reward; however, I will allow your spirit that from the level where he is, he can descend to rejoice with the fruitfulness of the seed that he left on Earth.

4. To the parents of families: Be sensitive to the manifestations of the spiritual development of your children; observe the childhood who are entrusted to you with love and charity in order to guide the new generations along the path outlined by My light. Do not lead them toward the abyss, nor dig bottomless chasms for them. These spirits should not have to face the Sodom and Gomorrah of this period.

5. Be clothed with patience, for the time will come when many will ask you about this word. Among them will appear the new pharisees and scribes to scrutinize you. Do not harbor prejudices in answering and give a sincere response to everyone, because even from the answers and treatment that you give to your scrutinizers, you will have to answer to Me.

6. Today your heart throbs filled with joy, and the prayer that you elevate is similar to the aroma of the incense or the perfume of the flowers. When your thoughts reach that purity, they blend with those of the just spirits who dwell near your Lord.

7. Throughout the eras I have said to you: Pray. Today I say that by means of the prayer you can obtain knowledge. If all men prayed, they would never deviate from the path of light outlined by Me. Through the prayer, they would heal the sick, there would not be more non-believers and peace would again return to the spirits.

8. How can man be happy when he has rejected My grace? By chance, does he think that love, charity and meekness are not attributes of the human heart?

9. The Spiritual Realm is also governed by laws, and when you withdraw from them, very soon you feel the painful result of that disobedience. Behold how great is My yearning to save you; today, as during that period, I shall carry the cross to raise you toward the true life. If My blood shed along Calvary touched the heart of Mankind and converted them to My Doctrine, during this period it will be My Divine light that will shake the spirit and the flesh to make you return toward the true pathway.

10. I want those who have died to the life of grace to live eternally; I do not want your spirit to dwell in darkness.

11. Do you not hear the voices of justice? Do you not behold the elements touching region after region? Do you believe that if you lived a virtuous life there would be a need for My justice to be felt in such a manner? Verily I say to you that there would be no object to purify you if I had found you cleansed.

12. Humble your flesh along this journey, for it is not fair for your spirit to be cleansed through suffering afterward due to your weaknesses.

13. The sinners weep upon hearing these words, and they ask Me what they should do to clean their blemishes during this life, to which I answer them: Perform charitable deeds among your brethren; your world is a propitious place to sow charity; it is inhabited by millions of hearts who suffer in different ways, of homes in misery, of men and women lost in vice, a world where there is an abundance of places of purification, hospitals, prisons, battlefields. Forgive, forgive much in your lifetime, understand that forgiveness is born out of love. He who truly loves Me will have to love his fellowman for he is My son and will know how to forgive when offended by him. Remember that when I was upon the cross, My first words were for the intercession and forgiveness toward those who crucified Me.

14. In each place and in each family I shall place a son of light so that they will prepare the way for the others, not only on Earth but also in the spiritual existence, so that they can be cleaning and preparing the path in front of their brethren.

15. Many come to hear My Word, but only I know what spirit comes concealed in each body. Some listen to Me with coldness, others with doubt; however, there are many who tremble with love and joy on feeling My Divine essence, while others are tormented by remorse that the flesh ignores, because many of them shouted at that time to Pilate: Crucify Him! Crucify Him! and today they sob, and in their affliction they would be capable of shouting with tears in their eyes: Do not crucify Him, He is the Divine Master!

16. Many times have I said that you and those are the same ones. Come to taste the wine again and eat of the bread at My table; eat of the Lamb, He is the origin of life. Come, you who hunger, thirst and are unclean; be strengthened and eat your fill, for then I will say to you: Pick up your cross and follow Me. At My table of this Period an apostle will be the man as well as the woman; I will seat your spirit at this table.

17. It has been the women who during this period have raised the spiritual banner before the multitudes; they have been leaving along the pathway the imprints of the apostle zealous of the Fathers Law. In My new apostleship the woman shall be alongside man and there will be no age barrier in order to serve Me; the same will it be for the adult as well as the child or the elder; the same for the maiden as well as the mother, because again I say to you that it is your spirit whom I seek, and that he has left his infancy a long time ago. These servants will not be twelve as in the Second Era; now they will be 144,000, twelve thousand of each tribe. They are scattered among Mankind, but My love has marked them, and spiritually they are united, even when some inhabit this world and others are in the Spiritual Realm. Among those who dwell on Earth, some speak in one tongue and others different languages, but none of them will be lost from the road of their destiny, because the light of My Holy Spirit will guide them. I know the source of that tree, its branches and its leaves, and that tree has the mission of giving shade to all Humanity.

18. My Spirit comes to give you His revelations in fulfillment of the prophecies of past eras. Verily I say that you are already living the periods which were announced. I promised you I would return and here I am. I allowed you to recognize the signs which would take place before My arrival and what was to be at the time of My presence among you, and behold that everything has been fulfilled. The promise of My arrival was not erased from your spirit, and you waited for Me; however, you were in the verge of weakening overcome by the vicissitudes, and today when you have Me and hear Me, I ask you: When will you make My passion yours? When will you truly love and suffer for the cause that Jesus embraced?

19. 0! My people: My Word touches your heart and tears pour from your eyes when you recall that He who loved you so much ended His life upon a cross; you remember Me bleeding upon the cross, then your spirit is moved. But keep in mind Humanity that if the corporeal sufferings of Jesus were cruel, they were only a reflection of the pain of the Divine Spirit.

20. Today I come to offer you the bread of My Word, bread that is not kneaded with leaven nor is earned by the sweat of your brow. Elijah has opened the door of the mansion so you may enter and sit at the table of the Father during the Third Era, and He has blessed your path in order for you to reach the presence of the Father.

21. Those who considered themselves impure and unworthy to appear before Me, today feel cleansed; the fact is that My blood has not ceased to be shed; it is that My wounds still have not been closed, and each time that men deviate from the pathway or fall into sin, the sacrifice upon the cross, the solitude and the darkness of Mankind are prevalent upon My Spirit.

22. From the spiritual table of this period the bad disciple will also rise to go and hide his betrayal and his remorse, and today the disciples will also ask Me that question: Who is it, Master?

23. At that time I dined for the last time accompanied only by My apostles and what Christ said only they heard. Today I dine spiritually with My new apostles who form multitudes and among them I discover the pharisee, the hypocrite, the traitor. From different religions come men and women mingled among the multitude, to scrutinize this word and these manifestations, in order to judge them through what they know and be able to say if it is the truth. I allow all of you to come close so that you may be witnesses to this message of spiritual wisdom which I am revealing to you; it is the Third Testament which only the Spirit of Truth would have revealed it to you.

24. Look, the Israelites in the flesh follow the law of Moses and the word of the prophets; the Christians combined the law of Moses and the word of Christ into one law. What is so strange that these spiritualist people unite those two testaments to the revelations of the Holy Spirit? Behold the Ark of the perfect Covenant; there you have the Law of Moses, the love of Christ and the wisdom of the promised Comforter for this Era.

25. Men who guide the spirit of Mankind along the roads of religion: Open your eyes to this light, behold these people who have risen in demand of love, clamoring justice and asking for light, and they are only a minimum portion of Mankind who will rise as one person in search of Christ, in search of His truth and His promise. Observe the inclination of man toward the eternal, toward the spiritual, or is it possible for you to have eyes and cannot see? I know and see it all; that is why I have come in the night as a thief to surprise you in your sleep and awaken you to the light of the new day.

26. For a long time I have been teaching these people to whom I have unveiled the teachings that men had concealed from them; I have also revealed what I had reserved for them, but even then I have not revealed everything; still I will manifest Myself in this manner until 1950. Those who did not hear My lessons, will receive My message through a book written by My scribes.

27. After My departure many will rise against these people, against My Doctrine. The oceans will be crossed by those who will come to combat and persecute My servants, but who can be able to conceal the light of the Divine Master? Who will be able to stop the evolution of the spirit or make time move back? If during the Second Era Humanity believed that by putting Christ to death upon a cross, His Doctrine would die, with their own hand they signed their sentence, for Christ from the cross, with His infinite love, overcame all; the truth, like the light, always prevails over darkness, no matter how dense it is.

28. My Spirit delivers the seed so that you may sow it in the fields which are the spirit of Humanity, those which are fertilized with pain and the struggle and they only wait for the arrival of the sower. Soon My name and My Doctrine will be on everyone's lips again.

29. In order to give you a lesson of love I will wash your feet, o My very beloved disciples, so that you can combine the teachings that I gave you during this period to those that I revealed to you in previous eras. I wish that when 1950 comes, which is the last year of My Word among you, those who today are beginners will then become disciples; today you still rejoice listening to Me, but what will happen when you are listening to Me and become aware that it is for the last time? I remind you of the trials of the Second Era, but I speak to you with new words, by means of the faculty of man, because if I spoke to you directly, you would be unable to resist the force of My Word, or the intensity of its light, nor the majesty of My presence.

30. That is why I came to you as Man at that time, and before John himself, after My crucifixion, I appeared under some symbolic forms so that he would understand My revelations. Verily I say to you that I am preparing you so that you may receive from spirit to Spirit the direct communication with My Divinity. After 1950 you will no longer hear Me in this form, but you will feel My presence, because your elevation will be greater and you will fully enter into the period of the spiritual communication. And when unity and fraternity have penetrated among you, it will be the time of great miracles, the time when My voice shall be heard by Humanity; then the struggle and persecution will come, the doors of these prayer houses will be closed and your homes will be maligned; you will be called sorcerers, your parents will disown you and some of you, for defending My cause, will even reach prison; however, I will be with you so that you will not weaken, because I am the Life, and being within you, who can fight against Eternal Life?

31. Be alert, disciples, because when your voice awakens those who today are sleeping, from sects and religions will come to tell you that what you possess is false, that they possess the Ark and the fulfillment of the prophecies, as well as the contents of the Seven Seals, and then if you are unable to fight with the weapons I have granted you, which are weapons of love and wisdom, there will be much confusion among Mankind, and men, anxious for the truth and needful of light, will go where they are called, and they might take the wrong pathway.

32. You who have received the mission of leading and guiding these people, set an example of fraternity, uniting yourselves by the example of Jesus, Moses and Elijah, who appeared together in spirit in that transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

33. Disciples, it has not been only with the Word that I have indoctrinated you during this period, but also with My charity which I have constantly poured upon you. The times of symbols have passed; today I will be believed, loved and understood without symbols, and even My Word will be losing its figurative meaning because you are already capable of comprehending My teaching; analyze and put it into practice in your deeds of love.

34. If you believe that Jesus, for being the Son of God did not experience pain, you are mistaken; if you believe that by coming in Spirit I am exempt from pain, you are also in error; if you think that because I know that in the end all of you will be with Me, I do not suffer now, neither are you in the right. Verily I say to you that there does not exist another more sensitive being than the Divine Spirit. I ask you: Who gave sensitivity to all beings? What good thing can you do that will not make Me rejoice? And what unrighteous thing can you do that will not be like a wound in My sensitiveness? Here is why I say to you that Humanity has crucified Me again. Until when will I descend from My cross and the crown of thorns torn from Me?

35. Today you should recall the Cenacle of Jesus with the spiritual bread that I have given you throughout the times. I have delivered great teachings to you: the manna in the desert during the First Era, the miracle of the fish in the Second. The bread that I blessed and distributed at My table in representation of the Divine, was a lesson that I delivered to your spirit so that he would comprehend My love. Today I do not bring the material bread which speaks to you of celestial teachings; the period of symbols has passed; today I only give you My Word when I tell you that this communication is not the most elevated that you will know, nor that what I say by this means will be all I have to say to you.

36. 0! beloved people, remember and meditate on these hours, above all on what I did that night which was the last I spent with you as a Man, and also meditate on all that I have revealed to you during these moments when I have said, while giving you My lesson: Blessed are you, disciples of the Third Era, whom I have congregated, allowing you to arrive from different points on Earth. I have gathered you to form the new caravans of Israel, who will cross the wilderness that extends before your eyes and there receive the new lesson of the Father.

37. I behold that idolatry has not separated from some, in spite of the teachings and trials which they have experienced. Notice how I have cleansed the path of your evolution so that you may travel on it; but do not let doubt, like a cloud, prevent your spirit from contemplating My light.

38. You have found out that during this period you are less influenced from human temptations and that I have only granted you what is necessary, therefore I say to you: Do not pursue what is superfluous.

39. You have found a palm tree in the desert and a fountain of crystalline waters; it has not been a mirage, it has not been an illusion, it has been a reality. The branches and the shade of the palm tree are My spiritual presence; its fruits, My Word; the fountain is the love and wisdom which I have poured upon your heart.

40. He who has attentively listened to Me, has learned this time to heed the voice of his conscience, to judge himself, to behold his own work and accept the suffering that he has brought upon himself. Then the spirit will reveal profound lessons to the flesh, in order to convince it that it should be gentle and agreeable with its trials. He who reaches these profound reflections cannot be opposed to My Divine mandates.

41. As in the Second Era, My word is not hidden to anyone, I allow it to reach the ignorant, the learned, the clean of heart and the sinner, the sincere and the hypocrite. The celestial bell is set to ring for everyone. If this Humanity, who in their majority has drank from the fountain of the Doctrine that I taught you in Christ, would have been watchful and praying when I gave them the signs of My new coming, how great their joy would have been feeling My presence. It became necessary for Me to send you a man so that in 1866 he would deliver to you My message and through his lips Elijah would announce the new Era. Since then this palm tree has extended its foliage more and more allowing My Word to reach new regions, allowing the chosen to appear and also teaching the multitudes. Those who have listened to Me with meekness and have followed Me along the road of their spiritual evolution, have not felt fatigue again, nor hunger or thirst along their path. Along their way they have encountered ingratitude, ridicule, contempt and indifference; but nothing has stopped them because their ideal is fixed upon their point of arrival and know that that goal is not on Earth.

42. Only those who prepare themselves with this meekness and spirituality, will attain the power to remove the pain from the one who suffers, because he who is filled with vanity or makes unrighteous use of his gifts, will deprive himself of that grace.

43. You shall not impose My Doctrine under a determined name; however, raise the one who has fallen and tell him to have faith in Me. Who will prevent you from doing a good deed to your fellowman?

44. Stop thinking of earthly comforts so that you can prepare yourselves to fulfill your mission thinking of those caravans that will rise in search of the Ark of love that is My Doctrine, and that along the way they will have to find your hearts.

45. When will apostles of My cause again appear like those who followed Me in the Second Era? With how much faith, love and firmness they defended My truth! You would wish to perform those deeds and those miracles; but verily I say to you that you can do it if your faith is as great as theirs. Be men of faith and you will realize miracles, even when physically you are the needy. Hear Me and analyze My word; any other way you will leave Me speaking alone in the wilderness.

46. Be humble, behold that Jesus bowed down before His disciples to wash their feet. Do with your brethren similar deeds as this and you will rightfully be called My disciples.

47. How few are those who have been vigilant and have meditated on the day when Jesus expired upon the cross! But verily I say to you that when you meditate over the death of the Master, you must bear in mind that that moment will come for each one of you. I could not fear death, for I am the Life; however, you do have to be worried to be ready and prepared in the fulfillment of your mission.

48. Let no one feel insignificant and wretched, because you are not aware of the gift that you carry to speak nor the abundance of your heart to love your brethren.

49. You weep because of the disgraceful death that you inflicted upon your Lord on Calvary and you do not perceive that during this period you are going to cause Me harm again and mock My Word; but I have promised to save all My children and My will shall be done. If My blood shed at that time was not enough for this Humanity, I will take up a spiritual cross to crucify Myself upon it and spread flashes of light which will reach the spirits through the conscience of men.

50. Woe betide those who during this period with their profanations and disobedience set a bad example in front of the children, whom I have sent with a spiritual mission! Do you want to imitate the multitudes who between shouts and mockery led Jesus toward Golgotha, sowing terror within the hearts of the children who could not explain to themselves why a man who only delivered blessings was being tortured and put to death?

51. Each time that Jesus fell, those innocent ones wept; but verily I say to you that their weeping came more from the spirit than from the flesh. How many of them followed Me afterward and loved Me, even when the memory of what their innocent eyes beheld was not erased from their hearts!

52. It is time that you meditate on what I say to you. Let the multitudes listen to Me, let the sick be the first to reach My presence. Pray for the sick who are absent and visit those who are imprisoned; keep in mind that in that Second Era many of the lepers lived in the outskirts of the cities, and knowing that Jesus healed the sick, they were resigned to listen to the echo of His voice from afar, because they would say: How can we reach the Master when the multitudes reject us? Then Jesus, before the indifference and human egotism, rewarded their faith, cleaning their body of the disease they suffered.

53. Do not cease to listen to Me during this period, for those who will hear My last word in the year of 1950 will receive it in their spirits in representation of the last drop of blood which was shed from My body upon the cross.

54. You have forgotten the Law and you have waited for the elements to remind you of My justice. Hurricane winds, waters that run off their course, earthquakes, droughts, inundations, are voices that awaken and speak to you of My justice.

55. What other fruit can Humanity offer Me in this period that will not be discord and materialism? Neither do these people, who for years have listened to My teaching, are able to offer Me a pleasing harvest.

56. No one escapes My justice. I am judging the living and the dead; but truly I say to you that if you do not rise to practice My Doctrine with truth and purity, the justice of men will judge you. How much this Humanity has blemished! The blood of the Lamb showed men the path of the evolution of the spirit through which they must travel to restitute for the faults committed; however, upon that Divine blood you have sinned again. The world has captivated you, but I come to reclaim what belongs to Me.

57. I will separate the bad weeds that represent discord and I will again sow the golden wheat grain, and those fields that for a long time have been sterile, will be fertile and bountiful.

58. Since ancient times you know through John, My prophet, that there would come a time when every eye would see Me; you have that period before you. In this Era the spirit of Humanity will open their eyes to the light of truth, and they will behold Me, understand My word and feel My presence. From the stones will sprout not only water but also flowers.

59. Today you conceive that My justice punishes you, unleashing the elements to sow desolation, mourning and hunger; nevertheless, some day you will understand that it has been your deeds that have unleashed upon you those disasters, that justice. You will also learn that your merits, your faith and prayer can calm down the forces of Nature. Have you not heard that when I mark My children spiritually I give them power over the elements? This cannot come as a surprise to you if you recall that I authorized the first man to take over the Creation of the Earth? Here is why at times I say to you that man has not found himself and therefore does not know himself.

60. I am the Universal King; man on Earth is the prince, since he is My son. Has he perhaps been able to make good use of the power of all his gifts? Verily I say to you that he has denied His Father and has crowned himself king to do his will in the world; but, he who does not unite his will with mine and walks outside the Divine laws will make himself deserving of being judged by them; you call this a punishment and you have even called Me an unjust Father.

61. In this Third Era many spirits will behold My light, and illuminating their way with it, they will not deviate their footsteps; above all they will remember their past to recognize all their faults and be repentant of them; they will not seek human greatness again, only the immortality of the spirit.

62. Men will scale the summit of the mountain and from there they will behold the silhouette of the Promised Land, the new Jerusalem which awaits you as a supreme reward in eternity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 70

1. I am the Ark of wisdom that until now Mankind has not known how to study. I have come to give you the key to spirituality so that with it you can open it and be able to learn what I have reserved for you.

2. If one of My children believes himself unworthy or feels incapable of opening the doors of My love, truly I say to you that all My children are worthy of My love. Everyone possesses the key to open that door. Do not lose it so that you will not imitate the tribe of Judah, errant in this existence, peregrinating on Earth without rest.

3. I do not want to see you as the powerful or as beggars, but rather as travelers who will never be lacking nourishment in their knapsack for themselves and for the hungry whom they encounter along their way.

4. I want you to know the pathways so that you are able to distinguish the different trees and recognize in each traveler whom you meet your own brother, so that when you are asked, "Where are you going?" You will respond with sincerity and firmness, always expressing My truth.

5. In this manner you will be the traveler who has faith in a tomorrow, who walks free of his own worries and is able to think of others, because I am teaching you to feel the affliction of your fellowmen and to relieve it with a drop of the balsam that I grant you so that with it you will help your brethren.

6. How much have I had to purify your spirit throughout the Eras! Do you believe I was going to leave you blemished so that you would go forth to preach My Doctrine that way?

7. I am preparing you so that you can be the strong Israel among Humanity.

8. As you listen to My word your spirit has trembled on remembering that at another point in time he had heard this voice, and he asks himself: Where? And I say to you: It was in the wilderness, in the mountains, on the riverbanks of Judea through the lips of Jesus of Nazareth, whom you doubted, although you recognized that there was a Divine essence in His Word, a love and a force that gave you life, health and peace.

9. You have resurrected in this period and your spirit has again listened to My teaching; your heart has shaken before the echo of this voice which it already recognizes. My Word is simple and humble, but do not contemplate only the color of the fruit; eat it so that you can find its essence within; that shall be the seed that you will cultivate tomorrow. If you cultivate it properly, it will give you good fruits; then you will recognize that from the tree it was produced, it contained the love of the Father.

10. Earn merits so that you may reach the place that pertains to you, which is not found on the thrones nor in the palaces of the Earth, nor is it in the glories of the world, in the adulation or in the material honors. Your place here on Earth is in the struggle for peace and righteousness; and in the Hereafter it will be in My love.

11. This is not the Promised Land; that mansion promised to your spirit you still have not known it, nor is there an ardent desire in your spirit to reach it because of your materialism.

12. To all men of different beliefs and religions I say to them that they have not known how to situate the worldly riches in order to rightfully place that which corresponds to those of the spirit. If they were complying with My laws, they would already be contemplating the silhouette of the Promised Land from here and hearing the echo of the voices of its dwellers.

13. You say that you believe in My existence and have faith in My Divinity; you also say that My will be done and truly I say to you: How meager is your faith and your conformity to what I have disposed! However, I have been encouraging within you a true faith so that you may be strong along the path I have outlined for you.

14. Prepare yourselves; do not wait for death to surprise you unprepared. What preparation have you made for your return to the spiritual existence? Do you want to be surprised when you are still tied with chains to the flesh, to your passions, to earthly possessions? Do you want to enter the Hereafter with your eyes closed without finding the pathway, carrying an impression in your spirit a weariness of this life? Be prepared, disciples, then you will not fear the coming of death of the body.

15. Do not long for having to leave this valley, because if you realize that in it there are marvels and greatness, truly I say to you that they are only an image of the beauty of the spiritual life.

16. If you do not awaken, what will you do when you find yourselves in the beginning of a new pathway, illuminated by a light that will seem strange to you?

17. Depart from this world without tears, without leaving grief within the heart of your loved ones. Free yourself when the moment comes, leaving in the countenance of your body a peaceful smile that speaks of the liberation of your spirit.

18. The death of the body will not keep you away from those beings who have been entrusted to you, nor will it separate you from the spiritual responsibility that you have toward those who were your parents, brothers or children.

19. Understand that death does not exist for the love, for the duty or for the feelings; in short, for the spirit.

20. I have spoken to those who believed themselves to be dead, and they have said: Who has spoken to me? I have touched them and they have asked: Who has touched me? And they have heard a voice, which says to them: I am He who resurrected Lazarus, the same One who resurrected from among the dead to give you all spiritual life!

21. My Doctrine will never induce you toward fanaticism, nor does it instill superstitions or idolatry; on the contrary, it comes to free your spirit from the chains that Mankind has placed upon it. My path is narrow, but he who walks on it possesses and enjoys true freedom.

22. I do not desire to enslave you with My teaching, because in it there are no dogmas, sentences or condemnations; I want you to reach Me through love, merits, faith, through conviction.

23. I have allowed you to know about religions, sects and doctrines, so that by tasting the fruit of the different trees you could appreciate the taste of this one that I am offering to you. And I ask you: Would you dare ask the ministers and priests if it is true that I am communicating through a human faculty? Why do you ask those who have forgotten My promise of returning when they were not even prepared to receive Me? Truly I say to you that even the most awkward one of you will understand on his own if I am the One who speaks to you. If My Word shakes your spirit, if it awakens and touches him, that will prove I am with you, because I am the only One who has the power over the spirits.

24. The word of man may shake your heart or impress your senses and intelligence; however, if there is something that has made you vibrate beyond your senses, your heart or your intelligence, that something has been the voice of your Father.

25. I say to you that he who has not been moved while hearing this Word, will deny My presence; however, it will remain imprinted in his conscience and the moment will come when he will say: That voice I heard was that of our Father.

26. To help you to continue carrying on your cross, I come to pour the manna that nourishes your spirit, to prepare your hearts and convert you into My servants.

27. The times have changed; I come removing from you all fanaticism and idolatry so that you may only manifest to Me your spirituality.

28. I am making a calling to My chosen ones from different regions, selecting them from different paths so that all will carry the essence of My Word and reach a clear and true understanding of My Doctrine and practice it in their deeds of love among their brethren.

29. If today you are beginners tomorrow you will be disciples, and you shall imitate the disciples of the Second Era, and in the same way that they arose giving testimony of the truth, of My miracles and of My love, you too will have to arise tomorrow testifying My truth.

30. I have inspired in you the virtues you should practice, and with the gifts your spirit possesses since the beginning of your creation, you will become known among Humanity. I am preparing My new laborers who tomorrow will sow this seed throughout the world. Step by step the great multitudes will get to know My Doctrine, attracted by the light of the Holy Spirit who in this Third Era is pouring His flashes of light upon all men.

31. I have come on a cloud to speak to Mankind who continuing to be obstinate in their perversity, have not sensed My footsteps nor My presence; they have not become aware of My communication with you through a human faculty. I will be tireless in awakening them from their lethargy, and you will be observing that little by little the multitudes will come from different pathways to be in unity with you. Many will be converted to spirituality, for I am removing the fanaticism and idolatry, the lethargy and confusion from Humanity.

32. This is the third revelation announced by Me and by the prophets; this is the time when the light of the Sixth candlestick is illuminating Mankind. It is the time announced when I would come radiant with light to give fulfillment to My Word. I have come to make known to you the same spiritual and Divine Law of all eras.

33. Blessed people of Israel: During all eras I have rescued you from the bondage of the Pharaoh and I say to you: If you do not wish to continue being slaves, come to Me, for I will give you the strength and the power so that you can break your chains. Do you wish to elevate yourselves along the ladder that has been prepared for your spirit? Therefore be perseverant, study and analyze My Word so that you may be able to comprehend it in its profoundness and its spirituality, so that you may earn merits in this path that will lead you to Me.

34. Someone says to Me. "Father, I want to be your laborer, I want to serve you, I want my spirit to be near your Spirit, but I know not what I should do to be worthy of your forgiveness." And I respond to that heart who communicates like that with his Father: Regenerate yourself, leave behind little by little your old customs, your materialism, so that you will come to understand Me and acknowledge your mission. However, everyone who wishes for a regeneration, will have to undergo many trials, because temptation lies in wait and on seeing that you are removing your spirit from the false bypaths, it will have to sustain a terrible struggle to make you desist from your intentions, and if you prove yourself fragile, it will take advantage of that weakness and will try to make you return to your old customs, and it is not My will that you allow yourself to be surprised by it; I want your footstep to be always forward, that your faith be firm, with a true purpose to spiritualize yourself, based upon what you have learned.

35. If you are Israel, it is just that you should learn to love Me and to render Me a worship of spirit to Spirit; that the materialism of your practices be purified until you attain spirituality.

My Spirit shall be cleansing you of every bad interpretation of My Work. Man has confused My teachings, My maxims, My prophecies, and it is My will for My people of Israel to emerge with the gifts and miracles which they obtain through their spirituality.

36. I shall present you before Mankind as My helpers, as the Spiritual Trinitarian Marian followers of the Third Era. The spiritualists, because you shall be more spirit than flesh; as Trinitarians, because you have received My manifestation in three eras; as Marians because you love Mary, your Universal Mother, who is the One who has been watchful over you so that you do not weaken in your journey.

37. This communication through a human faculty will have to terminate, but afterward you will have to seek Me from spirit to Spirit to receive My mandates; that is why I am asking for your regeneration, so you may attain that spirituality. I will keep on teaching you to communicate with My Spirit, and you will rejoice when you have managed to obtain that form of communication, worthy of anyone who calls himself a Spiritual Trinitarian Marian follower.

38. Be strong and defend yourselves in all trials through your prayer. My spiritual pleasures will keep pouring among you for your perseverance and disposition toward the struggle. You will not be alone, My spiritual realm will be there to give you protection, to guide and help you in your struggle.

39. I am the light that invites you to come to kindle your lamp in Me in order to illuminate your spirit and there discover My presence. The day that you are able to penetrate within yourselves, it will be easier to reach the heart of your brother.

40. In the face of My Word the first weep and the last ones rejoice, why? Because the first are becoming weary and are accumulating wounds, although I must tell you that they are the ones who make their cross heavier, and the cup which they drink during their restitution is bitter, for I have always given them My help along their way in order for their journey to be bearable and their footsteps firm.

41. My company has never been lacking for an instant, My word has never ceased to manifest itself; never have I left you alone in your trials; My spiritual world has even descended to your bedside when pain has overwhelmed you and their help and advice is never lacking so that you can help the needy who day by day come to your doors. The gift of intuition, that of inspiration and that of spiritual vision have awakened within your being, illuminating your way. You have had Me in your human existence; the daily bread has not been lacking upon your table. And after giving you so much proof of My love and after having kept your nation in peace when the world has become a bonfire of hatred and passions, you still complain about the weight of your cross? O disciples of the Third Era, do not forget that the cross the world offered Me in that Era was of darkness, ungratefulness, mockery and contempt and I accepted it, because they were My children who offered it to Me! On the other hand, behold the cross I have entrusted to you, how gentle and light it is if you are able to carry it with love!

42. It is necessary that you know your origin and the goal where your footsteps will lead, so that you can accept your destiny with love and embrace your cross until you die upon it, as Christ your Master did.

43. I have come in this Era to speak to you about your origin, about your mission and the goal that awaits you in the eternity of the spirit. He who has not understood My Word and feels weak after having listened to My lessons, is because he has not come to sustain and strengthen his spirit; the fact is that he always has been asking for worldly benefits, those that are never essential in your life and which are granted to you in addition. Why do you allow yourselves to be tempted by the world? It is necessary that you learn to overcome your earthly vicissitudes, because in many cases they are only the slightest things and miseries to which you give a greater importance. If in the same manner that you strive toward the material, you would devote yourself toward the benefits of the spirit, you would not lack a thing and your evolution would be great.

44. Forget your past, avoid all errors that for such a long time they have accompanied you and slowly you will experience within your being an absolute change, because you will have begun your elevation toward spirituality.

45. Understand that I come to offer you a worthy place; be it here on Earth, while you dwell here, or in the Hereafter, when you get to inhabit the spiritual realm.

46. What do you lack in order to take that decisive step? Ask, ask and it shall be given.

47. Take within your heart My seed of love and begin to cultivate it without ever forsaking it and soon it will give you fruits that will serve as nourishment along your journey.

48. Converse among yourselves, taking up as a topic My Word, but always keep in mind the purpose of teaching one another. That exchange, of ideas and knowledge will be beneficial and will uplift your courage. I promise you to be present during those moments of spiritual conversations to inspire you and always lead you toward the comprehension and the light; however, never turn into a vulgar discussion what should be a spiritual communion, because then My presence will not be with you.

49. I want to speak to those who until now have not felt My healing balsam upon their body, nor has My peace reached their heart.

50. Truly I say that I have poured My balsam upon you, but you have not been prepared to receive it. Some have rejected it with their blasphemy, others with their lack of faith.

51. I say to you that your mistakes have been forgiven, but you must learn to be worthy, by means of merits, of the grace and benefits you solicit from your Father, because if I would give without you putting any effort on your part, your spirit would not advance. What would you be able to teach tomorrow to those who suffer? What experiences would you have gathered from your trials? Behold the sick who have received a miracle from Me and you will discover that each one earned merits to obtain his reward. In some, their faith triumphed, in others their regeneration emerged; others felt a true repentance, others have punished themselves in their weaknesses or in their pride.

52. With what satisfaction the spirit has risen himself after preventing a battle and being triumphant in it! What satisfaction would be experienced by those who without any merit whatever would receive some benefit from the Father? Those would not have been able to appraise what they received, nor would they know how to preserve it, since no effort or sacrifice was made by them to obtain it; however, he who has won the peace, after a great struggle, is not about to lose it; he looks after it and is vigilant over it. He who by renunciations and sacrifices regains his health, will not put it in jeopardy again, because he knows how much it cost him to attain it.

53. You, who manifest your exhaustion to Me and your depressed spirit, do not fear; I do not come to ask you for the impossible. Listen: On this day I ask only for your attention and that you allow My Word to reach within your heart, because it is necessary for it to awaken your dormant fibers in order to illuminate your spirit and faith and hope will be kindled within your heart like a flame. This is necessary so that you may prepare the way and comply with the miracle that you expect from Me.

54. Be convinced that now you no longer live during the times when the Father used to give you everything done, because your spirit lacked evolution, experience, knowledge; now you have to do a lot more on your part to obtain what you long for or need.

55. Do you feel desperate because I speak to you this way? Are you who are sick, disheartened? I give at this moment My balsam to all those who will embrace their cross of regeneration, of purification, of moral and spiritual recovery; I will also give health to some who will soon forget My charity, because they will not even become aware why their Master has healed them; however, beforehand I have deposited in their spirit the seed which emanated from this days teaching, and at the proper time they will respond to Me.

56. The pain of some and of others reaches Me; My love has for all a drop of Divine balsam.

57. Feel Me near, be healed and arise to life so that you may give testimony of My truth.

58. O My people, the prophets died, but from their message there remained an unforgettable writing. In Jesus were fulfilled many of those prophecies and the rest had to await the arrival of this period to have their fulfillment.

59. Nineteen centuries have transpired since I last said My last word upon the cross, and when I have returned to make My voice heard among Mankind, I have found that instead of loving one another, they hate each other; they do not recognize one another as brethren, and they even kill each other, just as was prophesied by the prophets and announced by Jesus. However, it has been during this period when perversity has reached a great development, when a people with the seed of spirituality has emerged, who with a prophetic voice will awaken men, who with their power over the elements and over illnesses, will give evidence of grace and power to the men of science and with their penetration in the gifts of the spirit will give proof of their truth to those who teach religion. Also, the prophets had already predicted the appearance of these people.

60. I have come to communicate by means of the faculty of these spokesmen to engrave in your heart My Divine teaching; however, in their coarseness they are like the stones where I engraved the Commandments of the Law in the First Era.

61. When you meditate over the teachings that I have come to give you, especially the era in which you live and the means by which I manifested Myself, you will confirm that as much as My arrival, as well as My manifestation lasted, and the day it ended, everything was surrounded by a great number of events and surprising and notable deeds, as much in the human existence as well as in the spiritual. Then they will behold in all those happenings the announced signs since those times, for My new Advent.

62. The sciences, religions and theologians will not be able to discover during this period how My justice works; however, I have revealed it to you. Each human heart is a living proof of My justice and My wisdom. Sometimes within the heart of a miser is concealed a spirit of one who in another era wore a crown upon his head or in a convict is concealed one who in another era deprived a people of their freedom. All your existence is an infinite lesson of love to perfect the spirits, in order to be able to reach the bosom of their Father as submissive and obedient children; but while this darkness which is clouding over Mankind becomes more dense, men will have to shout when panic overcomes them: Dear God, dear God, why have you forsaken us? They are unaware that the light of My Spirit is ready to penetrate within their hearts when they resurrect to their faith; but that darkness will not be eternal, not even excessively long, even though by the intensity of the affliction of Mankind, it would seem to have lasted for an eternity. The light will begin to be felt in the spirits and these will joyously exclaim: Hosanna, Hosanna, the Lord is already with us!

63. O My people, behold all the struggles of this Humanity, behold the multitudes enter their temples searching for Me; their heart carries an unexplainable desire because their spirit awaits My return.

64. Regenerate your life, purify your heart, for I say to you that in the spiritual space dwell many spirits of light who only await your preparation to incarnate among you and convey their message to Mankind. Those are the generations promised and announced to you, those will be your children and descendants; that is why I say that you bear with patience your cup of grief in order for that legacy that you will to them be cleansed and they also may find the pathway with your love and faith.

65. Those who have listened to this Word, are they perhaps going to deny it when they are interrogated? You do not wish to weep bitterly. Testify with words, with deeds, with thoughts, with prayers, with your silence; that is also your mission.

66. Your lord says to you; Blessed are those who do the will of the Father, for although they are to weep in 1950 when My Word will be heard for the last time, they will see Me afterward present on a cloud, without ever disappearing from their view.

67. In many places in your nation I have prepared houses of prayer so that you will hear My Word there.

68. My people are as humble as the places where I manifest Myself; but it is My will to surprise Humanity once again through the humble and the simple of heart; through them I will make known that this is the Era of light and grace.

69. My calling has gathered these people whom I have patiently prepared under My protection, so they will be worthy of receiving the Law and deliver it as a message of Divine love to Mankind.

70. I say to you that the conversion of a sinner exerts a great influence within the heart of Mankind, for it serves them as an stimulant. That is the reason why I have not come to seek the just to form My new apostleship, but sinners, in order to make them My disciples and prove to Mankind that they have deviated from the path of righteousness and that it is possible for them to return to it, regenerating and transforming themselves.

71. On opening this Era I sent to you a just man, Roque Rojas, through whose lips Elijah the Forerunner spoke. He came to prepare the way of the Lord so that I would communicate with men and thus you would hear My voice. From the moment it resounded for the first time, you have not ceased to hear it and to have My manifestation. No one has been told that he should conceal himself in order to hear Me, nor that he should be confined in a predetermined place to fulfill his mission. Neither catacombs nor concealed places have been necessary to delight yourselves with My Word and to comply with your practices. On the other hand, I have taught you the Law by which you should already be living, which is to "love one another."

72. I have given you the time in order to fulfill your mission and a field without limits so you can sow in it. I have not specified predetermined places or any hour. Again I say to you: "God is Spirit and it is necessary for you to love Him in Spirit and in Truth."

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 71

1. Beloved disciples: In this period you have received the grace of sitting at My table; come and be in spirit with Me. Preserve My word in your heart and you will get to form an album of marvelous wisdom with My lessons of love.

2. The light of My Holy Spirit will illuminate bypaths and the wilderness, so that Mankind may find the true way, that of their spiritual evolution. I come when perversity and corruption are at their greatest level; My Doctrine appears before you as an Ark of salvation. The world is an ocean of suffering; on seeing that Ark, would not Humanity wish to find their salvation there?

3. Disciples: All of you know the wilderness and the crossroads of the pathways, that is why you are the chosen ones to go in search of the multitudes eager for light.

4. Go forth in search of the leper when in your heart there is no leprosy; speak of love to those who find themselves overwhelmed by affliction, and when My Doctrine has been identified in your sentiments and you feel love and charity toward your brethren, you will have progressed in your spiritual evolution. Indicate the way to your brethren, and do not be bothered if in the end they leave you alone, due to their ungratefulness. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that those who were lost are coming close to Me, and you will feel My company during your solitude.

5. There the manna will descend to nourish you, and you will always have something to give to the needy.

6. I love you and I want you to be perfect, that is why My justice manifests itself in an inexorable way among Mankind. All past deeds and apparently forgotten by God, will be judged during this period when the incarnated spirit can understand, accept and comprehend My judgments. Kings, judges, lords, all those who in some way sowed the seed of evil among their brethren, will be present in the judgment of the Lord; however, I say to you that instead of tying them with chains, of depriving them of light or to submit them to eternal torments, as Mankind in their ignorance would believe, I will entrust to them a mission within My Work of salvation to purify their spirit, to correct faults which they may have committed and understand that My justice proceeds from the Divine love. If I choose those great sinners, many of whose names your history has gathered, to avail Myself of them when the time comes to carry out deeds of fraternity and peace among Mankind, why is it that sometimes you reach a point of considering some of your brethren as an obstacle along your way? Why is it that you reach a point of even separating from the path of your destiny those beings who were placed there by My will? Oh, if you knew that many times they are those who serve Me best and who will help you draw nearer to Me!

7. May your heart be similar to these prayer houses where you congregate to hear My Word; through those doors have passed the ones who have committed offenses in many forms, those who have blemished their hand with the blood of their brother, those who conceal thefts, slander and dishonors; and nevertheless, when have they been rejected by Me? Or at least, when have they been exposed before the others? A compassionate veil of tenderness has covered their blemishes, while My Spirit has conversed with that sinner alone. Behold when they are hearing My Word they learn to pray, elevating their thought toward the infinite, to feel that he who approaches the spiritual receives strength, light, inspiration and balsam, encouragement and peace.

8. Blessed people: During these moments in when war shakes the world, I have asked that you be watchful and pray for your brethren, that you feel their affliction and convey to them sentiments of light and peace; but I must say that first you should learn to love, serve and forgive those around you, in order to be able to love and serve those who are absent. Love your destiny, accept your bitter cup, embrace your cross with love; no one knows what spirit animates his being, nor does he know, while on Earth, the reason for his restitution.

9. Let it be the conscience that will illuminate the spirit and the spirit, which will guide the flesh.

10. Leave your sadness and your desperation, everyone will be able to reach the promised mansion; for that purpose I have come to help you. What more suitable times than the present are you awaiting to arise? Do you perhaps await times of peace to earn merits? Truly I say to you that this is the best time to carry out your restitution and accumulate merits.

11. To you people I say: Take advantage of the Divine lesson that I have brought to you, because in the year 1950 you will be left without it; it would be easier for the sun to stop shining than for My Word not to be fulfilled; however, those who have not safeguarded it within their heart will have to weep due to their ungratefulness, when that is not My will.

12. At each moment I alert you and in each lesson I prepare you so that you will not deviate from the pathway or blemish your .spirit further.

13. Do not be men of little faith; behold that what I offered you in previous times, I have come to fulfill it in the Third Era; on the other hand, man has not known how to fulfill his promises and duties.

14. On some moments you arise to follow Me, when you feel that I should aid you in your trials and that My charity will help you to come out unharmed; but later you forget again, due to your ungratefulness.

15. Among you are also those who love Me, those who only await the time of trials and persecution to manifest their loyalty and fortitude. Those are the ones who will arise in search of the regions devastated by the elements to impart their charity to the needy. I will make them recognize the precise moment to arise toward their fulfillment, allowing that in their heart they may feel the message that will tell them not to carry excessive provisions for the journey and to trust in My heavenly power.

16. Other laborers will be sent to speak about My Work to other nations and there, with their deeds of love and their prayers, they will stop the war. When the moment of their fulfillment takes place, they will not rebel against My mandate for having to leave their dear ones and their benefits; they will not imitate the miserly wealthy.

17. He who laments for having forsaken what he has in order to follow Me, will make his path painful and his cross heavy; on the other hand, he who is filled with conformity and confidence to leave everything to My care, will have peace and strength in the struggle, and on his return will find everything just as he left it.

18. I have come to reveal the spiritual gifts that you possess and teach the use that you should obtain from them, in order that you never take them to perform deeds that are not within My Law, for then instead of conveying light you would sow darkness and confusion.

19. Do not allow that through your imperfect deeds your own people will deny you and depart from you. They will get to understand you when you have understood Me.

20. I want My disciples to be always prepared to heed the calling of one who suffers and heal him with true charity.

21. Think how many sick beings are near you; notice that there is no household exempt from illnesses. Behold how many possessed who do not receive charity from anyone. There are the fields where you can sow; carry your gifts, convey the light and free them from their chains, without forgetting that you should also treat with love and charity those invisible beings in order to make them penetrate the light.

22. Why when I inundate you with peace and happiness you become lethargic? Will it be necessary for affliction to accompany you always so that your heart will remember Me and your spirit be on the alert?

23. Arise and do not sin again; do not weaken yourselves in earthly pleasures because you will have to answer to Me as much about your spirit as well as your body, and the moment will arrive when even if your clamor is elevated to the heavens, you will not be granted what you solicit, because it was given to you the first, second and third times and with full knowledge of the facts you rejected it. The fact is that you have seen that above all I am love and forgiveness, but do not forget that in My justice I am inexorable.

24. Be watchful, for I will soon come as a Judge before all sects and religions, and I will ask each guide, each pastor or minister what he has done with the spirits that I have entrusted to him. I will ask everyone what they have done with My Law and My Doctrine, and every bad weed shall be exterminated.

25. Be vigilant also over the peace of this nation, which I have selected so that in it My Word will be heard and studied. War, greed, ambitions and false doctrines lie in wait for your people. However, I will liberate you from the wars of the Pharaoh who would want to convert you into his subjects, because now you are serving My cause.

26. But if you would wish bondage again, it will be given to you; however, do not forget that you are predestined to be watchful over the peace of the world and prevent war from snatching the children from their parents arms. Pray so that with your prayer darkness will be dissipated.

27. Mothers, pray for Humanity. Maidens, persevere in prayer and virtue; you are the fountain from whence the generations of tomorrow will emerge who must give testimony of My truth.

28. O My people, it has not been the words you have pronounced in your prayer which have opened My Arcanum; it has been the voice of your spirit and the throb of your heart. Receive all that I deliver to you, for I do not want to perceive sadness or needfulness among this people whom I love so much, Do not lose the garments of peace with which I come to cover you.

29. The spiritual altar, invisible to your physical eyes, invites you at every moment to deposit your offering there, which should also be spiritual.

30. Hear My Word, it is the seed that you should sow, it has love as its essence. I give it to you at no cost whatsoever; it is a gift reserved for you during this period. I am not tired in pouring love upon My children, neither am I tired of awaiting their return to the righteous path; but Mankind will certainly get tired of sowing hatred, violence and egotism. Each seed of hatred that they sow will multiply against them in such a way that their strength will not be enough to gather its harvest; this result, unforeseen and superior to their human power, will detain them in their frenzied and senseless journey. Afterward I will perform a miracle in each heart by allowing charity to emanate where there was only egotism. Men will again attribute to themselves all perfection, knowledge and justice. They will remember that Jesus said: "The leaf of a tree does not move without the Fathers will", because today, according to the feeling of the world, the leaf of a tree, all beings and the stars move by chance.

31. Truly I say to you that I will touch you with My measure of love and I will make water sprout from rocks. The guilt and debts that for centuries Mankind has been carrying, will be forgiven them and peace shall be in the spirits. Come to Me, o sick beings, o blind of spirit, My balsam is ready to be poured upon each one of you! Come to Me, those who yesterday were lords and today suffer privations, humiliations and miseries; you, who yesterday knew about elegance and honors and today conceal your tears in the corner of your chamber! Come near Me, o men who hide your lamenting from your spouse and your children, so they will not be intimidated during their existence; open your heart to Me and tell Me all your troubles. I will give you a key, bread and a coin so that your bitterness may turn to joy! Today you possess nothing; the nest in which you live and where your children were born, is not yours; you are like the birds, who do not know how, but you live.

32. It is time of justice and ordeals. The time of tolerance when you had everything has passed. Accumulate merits in your trials, and in fairness I will grant you light and peace for your spirit, and whatever you need on Earth, will be given to you besides.

33. How much suffering I behold in your world! Childhood is already familiar with the cup of bitterness, and soon their heart is hardened. The flowers are withered in full youth; their hair prematurely becomes gray. I receive your tears as a present; they call at the doors of My charity and I open them to fill you with hope and peace.

34. Do you not feel that you have returned to life? You have left your complaint and your confession in Me, knowing that you are heard and comforted, for I am the resurrection and the life.

35. Today you come under the cloud of My promise to receive shade, your spirit is illuminated with the splendor My lessons give you.

36. You are living the period announced by the prophets and seers of past eras whose spirits today behold the fulfillment of the Divine Word.

37. If you were spiritually prepared, you could behold in the infinite multitudes of spiritual beings who before your gaze would resemble an immense white cloud, and when those messengers or envoys would move from there, you would see them approaching as flashes of light toward you.

38. Your spiritual vision still is not penetrating, and that is why I have to speak to you from the Hereafter, from all that which you cannot contemplate yet; but I say to you that the time will come when all of you will be seers and will rejoice yourselves before that marvelous existence that today you feel distant, but in reality, vibrates near you; it involves and illuminates you, it inspires you and calls incessantly at your doors.

39. This Doctrine brings the mission of sensitizing all the dormant fibers in your being, in order for man from this mansion to catch a glimpse of the light of the Kingdom awaiting him.

40. Many centuries of materialism weigh over Mankind, but that is not its destiny; man is not condemned to eternally ignore the superior life; if he still ignores many of the splendors of Creation, it is not because God has concealed them, rather his love for the world has blinded his spiritual eyesight; but he shall open them to the light, and then will realize that his Father has always sought him to reveal to him the contents of the Book of the True Life.

41. How strong men will be when they unite with their brethren who dwell in the Realm of light; but in order for that to happen, Humanity still should drink much bitterness!

42. Suffering will be the cup of grief that will give back to men sensitivity, nobleness, cleanliness and spirituality; but truly I say to you that it will not be your Father who will offer you that cup; you have been those who have filled it and who will drink it, so you may get to know the taste of the fruit of your deeds, and after that judgment you can arise to a true life, whose path will be illuminated by the light of your conscience.

43. Beloved laborers, have you made a self-examination before offering Me your fruit?

44. Why do I see lamenting in you? Why do tears show in your eyes? It is because you are not satisfied with what you have done.

45. Do not fear disciples, I am receiving your tribute of love, each one of your charitable deeds and even those tears that you have shed. Lean your head on Me, rest while listening to My gentle word, and you will be healed from all your wounds.

46. Delicate is the task I have entrusted to you, and it is precisely when you listen to My voice that you understand it better; the fact is that you compare the perfection of My teachings with the humility of your deeds, and it is then when you find them small and unworthy of Me; however, I say to you that concerning the purity or lack of it in your deeds, only your Father is able to judge.

47. You are before a people who day by day seeks you in demand of balsam, advice, light and comfort, and sometimes you are afraid not to be offering them what I have entrusted to you.

48. I am pleased for your concern and zeal, for that will allow you to evolve in your evolution, with which you will get to develop and manifest all the gifts I have given you.

49. Do you long to perfect yourselves? Hear My lessons attentively; no one will be able to correct you with the love, wisdom and tenderness with which I do.

50. Do you wish to cleanse your blemishes? Allow My charity to touch you with My wise and perfect justice.

51. I do not reprimand or denounce you before your brethren; I know how to reach each spirit with My light and know how to speak to him from near in a low, but profound voice to each heart.

52. There will be days when My Word will be manifested more severe, for while the more time you have been listening to My Word and receiving My mandates, the greater your responsibility will be. If you wish for the Master not to speak to you in a severe tone, it can be avoided in your fulfillment, by being obedient to My orders, not materializing yourselves with this blessed manifestation and being untiring sowers of charity, light and peace.

53. Let it be My word that will cleanse you of blemishes and impurities and not wait for suffering to purify you. There, in the depth of My Word, you will be able to find all you need to understand the perfect form of practicing My Doctrine and to have faith in complying with your restitution.

54. Keep in mind that if you take a transcendental step in the road toward spirituality, behind you will come the generations who will obtain a greater progress; you will remain as firm foundations so that above them your brethren will arise filled with faith.

55. You will form within My Work a new apostleship; be inspired in the exalted examples of those who followed Me during the Second Era; however, if you acknowledge that some of them had moments of weakness which made them be at fault, try not to fall into those errors. Do not harbor the fears of Peter, so you may never deny Me, nor encourage dreams of glory or earthly greatness in order not to exchange My Work for miserable coins, as Judas Iscariot; neither will you ever doubt of My presence, like Thomas, in order not to be painfully repentant.

56. Know that I love you, since in each one of My words I reveal that love, but do not forget that I would also reach a point of touching you severely to make you relinquish your errors or, your stubbornness in something that would be improper of My disciples. What do you lack in order to be My good disciples? You have everything; embrace your cross, carry it with love, for in it you will elevate yourselves toward the light awaiting your spirit when your mission has been completed.

57. Your rejoicing is greater when you contemplate that My love prepares new faculties through whom I will give you My Word, because you realize that the manna will not be lacking in the wilderness. This word will be a sustenance that will give you strength to reach the very gates of the Promised Land.

58. You are praying, o My people, My voice separates you from the world and helps you to elevate yourselves. How many times you have to await the moment when My ray descends among you in order to pray, for previously you had not managed it. Behold how at the same time that your spirit purifies itself, it is feeling My presence nearer. The time has already passed when you felt Me distant, when you had Me as a King incapable of descending to you, for you judged yourselves as unworthy and miserable. That is why I have come during three eras to make Myself completely known by man.

59. Today I have said to you: Be prepared so you may feel My love and be able to reach and understand Me. He who has known how to spiritualize himself, discovers My footsteps anywhere, and at every moment feels My presence in him.

60. Come tirelessly to hear Me; I give you the necessary weapons with which you can overcome the obstacles and bad influences that might obstruct your steps. Master the world, overcome your own selves and you will reach Me; struggle, for I will not abandon you in your efforts.

61. It has not been by chance that has brought you to listen to Me during this period; it has been My charity which selected you from the multitudes, for I recognize you spiritually as the first-born. It has been some time since My Law and My justice descended upon you. Within you was the law of the prophets and the blood of the Lamb; today in you is the light of My Holy Spirit that is clarifying mysteries for you. In past times I formed a people with your spirits, a people who during this period, while being incarnated, are invisible among Mankind. Today you will not be united by races, blood, names, tribes, not even will one know where the other one is, and nevertheless, you will be united in spirit. Only My penetrating gaze will discover you, but not the gaze of Caesar. Who will be able to find you to confine you toward bondage, toward captivity?

62. If I have named you first born, do not expect anyone to kneel before you; you will humiliate no one. Only I know who is first and who is last along this path, but since I have inherited you, you will also inherit your brethren. Be united in spirit, in intuition, in thought; spread bonds of love and good will among one another, then you will be strengthened and no one will humiliate you again. Pharaohs, kings, Caesars and executioners were over you in previous times during moments of weakness of My people. Who will oppress you during this period if you do not weaken? You have no need to deny anyone in order to comply with My Law. You will not reject men of science or ministers of any sect or religion. Your mission is reduced to make known the revelation that I have brought to you. I speak to you in this manner, for when I created you I deposited in your being My seed of perfection. I want you to be like Me through your deeds. Do not be satisfied in being similar to My Divinity by possessing spirit, intelligence, conscience and other attributes, for all that is My Work.

63. It will not be I who comes to offer you a fruit and say to you: Eat of this and you will be like gods. I have said to you: Eat of this bread so you will live within My grace. But why has not man reached a likeness of His Master through his deeds? Because spiritually and morally he has deformed himself in materialism, and while he has the longing for the grandeur of the Earth, he will not be able to possess the Promised Land.

64. I said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and if someone asks Me if he who was wealthy is condemned to ever rejoice with the delights of My Realm, I say to him that when that heart would deprive himself of his greed, his egotism and his materiality, he would cease to be the miserly rich and then he would be able to enter My Kingdom. My justice never condemns anyone and much less eternally. The fire of which the Scriptures speak is the inexorable conscience that will burn like fire until it purifies the spirit of all blemishes, and that fire ceases when the trace of sin has disappeared. Understand that it is not I who dictates your sentence, but you yourselves.

65. The time when you penetrate is when you discover the treasure of the one who bequeathed My charity to each being and that no one on Earth taught you to discover; instead these lessons were prohibited and concealed to you by men, fearful that you would get to know yourselves; however, I have come, knowing that along the road of the spirit and the conscience, no one will be lost, thus encouraging you to continue seeking, studying and knowing your being, which is. a start for you in finding and knowing Me. Who will prevent you from beholding your inner selves? Who will know the moment of your spiritual communion with Me? Who will be able to close your eyes to the light of Truth?

66. You are finding your own selves and through the spirit you are receiving the revelation of the spiritual life. Who among those who have awakened and beheld this light can make an attempt against his own spirit? Who would dare to deprive their body of its existence, having the intuition of what the Hereafter is? Know that it has not been by chance that you have been sent to Earth. Nothing is done without My will. I have sent you in order for you to be guardians of peace, which you will share with your brethren by means of the prayer, your word and thought, when you communicate from spirit to Spirit with My Divinity.

67. Behold war, hunger, pestilence and death as a gloomy procession that goes from city to city sowing mourning, desolation and destruction. Fight against war, you have the weapons of love and charity. From this world, you can be subjects of My Realm of peace by loving one another.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 72

1. Blessed are those who with respect and humility penetrate in the Divine revelations with the eyes of the spirit, because their testimony of My manifestation as the Holy Spirit will be true. Sally forth to Humanity and even to the arid fields to sow the seed of My Doctrine and sprinkle it with the water of My love.

2. There are many who during this period contemplate the spiritual, but because of that do not believe that all of them love Me; I have already told you that not everyone who says "Father, Father" loves Me, but rather the one who silently performs charity with his brethren and humbly enters into a communion with Me.

3. The gift of spiritual vision is a gift of the Holy Spirit, but while some are humble and are able to tremble with joy and fear before the visions I grant to them, others, in their vanity, make a display of the gift which they possess.

4. Why are there disciples who seek the first places, when I do not distinguish anyone at My table? I, who am your Master and who should occupy the center of the table surrounded by the love of My children, on penetrating the heart of each one of them, I have found in some a tribunal where My words and My Works are judged; in others a gloomy prison where they mock and ridicule Me, and in others I have found a cross, ready for a new sacrifice.

5. Some of My children suffer on seeing the incomprehension of the people always disobedient toward My mandates and teachings.

6. Nevertheless, and in spite of much egotism, there are some who are able to visit the prisoner in his cell, the sick at his bedside, and there are some who visit the hospitals to convey a ray of light to those who suffer and are forgotten. Those who work in that manner love Me in their fellowmen and honor Me with their deeds.

7. Calm your mind, think that already the moments are short in which you will have Me present in this manifestation; the year of 1950 draws near and I find you still sleeping a profound lethargy. The fact is that you are listening to My words through a sinful flesh like your own and that is why you do not give them the credit they deserve; but the day will come when My prophetic word is fulfilled and you will remain repentant for your incomprehension.

8. This has been the designated time set by Me to speak to Mankind; yours will come later; but if you close your lips and not make My Doctrine to be known, the stones would cry out and the elements will awaken you.

9. O My people: I come to free you from suffering that overwhelms you, help Me in this Work. Do you have the will to do it? Then learn from Me, hear My lesson, take advantage of this period that will pass rapidly by for you.

10. If the Cenacle remains empty and the table unoccupied, it will only be because the disciples have spread out along the pathways carrying on their lips the good news and not because they turned their back to Me and did not heed My calling.

11. After My departure, but before you spread throughout the world, I promise to come to you in Spirit to give you the light that shall make you understand all that I inspired in you with My lessons and to give you the necessary strength to fulfill your mission. During those moments it will be the light of the Holy Spirit in each mind, some will see Me, others will hear Me, and everyone will feel My presence spiritually.

12. Make yourselves worthy of this grace, that none of My words are erased from your heart because you would fall into prohibited pathways.

13. Learn now, fill your spirit with My light, because the moment will come when you will feel the impulse of arising to fulfill your mission; however, what can anyone teach who has not learned nothing? Can the blind lead the blind?

14. With true faith you feel that My presence is among you, but you feel incapable of performing great deeds in favor of your brethren; but verily I say to you that in spite of your coldness, during this period from among you will emerge disciples who will leave everything to follow My footsteps, as well as sinful women who will arise because of My Word, in order not to sin again and be an example among their brethren.

15. Behold that the light of the Sixth Seal is illuminating your spirit. The book is opened, because from the first to the sixth the Seals have been broken. I am reuniting those who are to have My mark, to entrust to them a very delicate mission. At the end of this phase I shall receive those who have complied with it and to those who have disobeyed or altered My mandates, I shall make them very serious charges and My Word will appear severe to them.

16. My people, understand that you should no longer lose time in vanities, in acquiring superfluous wealth or in new mundane experiences. Know that each moment that I grant you signifies light and progress for your spirit.

17. My presence surprises this unprepared Humanity to receive Me. My manifestation in Spirit during this Third Era, coincides with the greatest materialism of science, which has reached its utmost heights. I behold the weapons with which men prepare themselves to combat My Doctrine, which are: their science, their philosophy, their materialistic theories, their egotism, their ambition and their arrogance. However, I possess a sword which is the truth, whose brilliance no one can resist; its light will illuminate Mankind during this period and will bring out into the open all that may be false and will destroy the darkness. When My light glows in all the pathways and the truth is within all spirits, who can be able to shelter the imposture? Who will be able to deceive his brother?

18. The human heart has been hardened until it has become insensitive toward the spiritual, which is its essence and its origin. I say to you that while My charity calls upon your heart without receiving an answer, the inferior creatures to man and everything created, feel the presence of the Creator. I call the mountains and they respond to Me; I call the birds and they answer Me with their melodies; I bless the valleys and they blanket themselves with flowers; on the other hand I speak to man and in order to be heard I have to die as a Man before them; however if I have come again it is because I know that their spirit will arise to the light of My lessons to return to the true pathway.

19. O beloved people: I give you the name of Israel, for once again I have come to deliver My Law to you and teach you a perfect worship. You were a long way from worshiping the elements and the stars, as the ancient people did; nevertheless, I found you during this era, devoted to a new idolatry. My Word has had to struggle against your errors, and yet in many hearts there remain roots of past customs, beliefs and traditions.

20. Where are those gods of gold and silver that men forged in past eras and where are the deities that the imagination of Mankind created? Stone upon stone has been falling from those altars imperfectly erected.

21. Today I come to you with a teaching that might seem impossible for the world to practice; once it is understood it is the easiest to fulfill. I come to teach the worship of the love of God through your life, your deeds and the spiritual prayer, which is not pronounced by the lips at a predetermined place, nor is it in need of forms or images to be so inspired.

22. It is not My will for you to continue living in darkness; that is why I have sent you My light inviting you to communicate from spirit to Spirit with your God.

23. My Doctrine teaches you to behold Me near as a loving Father and not as a distant God, as the major part of Mankind feels Me; it also points out to you the cleaner pathway, easier and safer to reach My presence.

24. O My people, here you have a perfect teaching; try to elevate yourselves, struggle to ascend the mountain; purify yourselves so that your spirit frees himself from the mundane passions and be able to experience the happiness of dwelling in the infinite. Understand that your spirit has a hunger and thirst for sustaining himself with My love in the regions where My strength, My essence and My universal effluvium vibrates.

25. When you have managed to attain some steps of progression do not leave room for vanity believing yourselves the first people on Earth possessors of the truth. Do not forget that without humility all your deeds shall be false.

26. I want you to distinguish yourselves through charity, through spirituality, through virtue, so that with your life you may give the best testimony to Mankind that you are Israel, the People of God, in whose bosom My Word is inviting every spirit to enter.

27. Today you want to explain why you are Israel, and you do not have any arguments; you want to explain why you are spiritualists and you lack words; you try to demonstrate what your gifts are and you lack reasons and spiritual development to manifest them; but when your elevation becomes truthful, the necessary words will come to you, since with your deeds of love you shall explain who you are, who has indoctrinated you and where you are heading.

28. Times full of surprises and unexpected events draw near for Mankind; I want these People to be able to give a just interpretation of those happenings, since what is to take place has been revealed to you through My Word.

29. You are now on trial and in preparation within the Divine crucible of My Work; but do not weaken in the face of affliction, because it is necessary that you be refined. Learn to endure with patience that cup of bitterness so that you may have the right to comfort those who suffer and do not curse pain, since by feeling it yourselves you will be capable of better understanding that of your brethren.

30. I am preparing you so you will soon be doctors of the spirit and of the flesh; but you must know that it is more important before Me for him to heal the spirit, rather than the one who only cures the pain of the flesh.

31. I say to men, women and children who listen to My Word: safeguard it within your heart and recall by the light of your conscience My maxims and precepts, because tomorrow they shall be the weapons which will be useful for you to extend and propagate the Doctrine that will be your cross of love and redemption so that I can say: Blessed are you, because you are recognizing the true path of the spirit from which many have departed because it is extensive and they have said to Me: Father, we are unable to follow you.

32. Many are those who have listened to Me but few who follow Me and of these I avail Myself to encourage the ones who have separated from the pathway so as to allow the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the paralytic to walk and the dead to be resurrected. Through My servants I have made and am performing miraculous deeds among Mankind to awaken them from their profound lethargy.

33. If during the Second Era you left Me alone upon the cross enduring the bitter cup of gall and vinegar and it was only My blood which was shed at Calvary, now you will accompany Me with your cross having your Lord as your Cyrenian in the same way that I had along the way to Calvary a man who helped Me with the cross. Your life is the road of bitterness by which you will reach step by step, falling and rising, up to the summit of the mount where you will be able to say to your Lord: Father, into thy hands I commend My Spirit.

34. Who will be those who without any boasting will follow Me to the end? You do not know. Who will reach there? Everyone, the Master says to you; some first, others later, some with lesser suffering and others through great sacrifices according to the path that everyone chooses and the manner in which he travels on it.

35. The narrow road is the shortest; it is laid out with love and virtue: it is the path of the Law.

36. The twisted pathways will delay the journey more, but in the end all of you will reach Me.

37. You do not know the mansion of peace that the spirits get to when they reach the summit, but you have faith in the existence of the Promised Land and that is why I say to you again: Blessed are those who without seeing have believed.

38. Since remote times the prophecies announced to you that during this era every eye, sinful or not would see Me; but not everyone will see Jesus limited in a human form. My presence will be beheld by the eyes of your faith, your love and elevation.

39. My voice shall vibrate within the profoundness of your being, and you will feel Me living with you. But you must clean your dwelling so that you will not feel any shame to receive Me there if it is found blemished. Seek the help of your spiritual brethren and they will assist you in your preparation.

40. You already started your march along the road of your spiritual evolution continue it without fear. I have encouraged you in the trials that I have given you. What human power could have raised him who had been submerged in the abyss? Who could have made possible that which was impossible in your life? Who could be able to destroy the bonds of temptation that overwhelmed your spirit?

41. I am the only One who can perform these works among you without asking any reward for them. It is not that I come before you boasting of what I give you on enumerating My benefits; the fact is that I do not want my lessons to pass unnoticed and that your spirit analyzes and understands them. I want your heart to be softened so that it will help your spirit to carry out good deeds and sow the path of your brethren with love and charity.

42. You come to these humble houses of prayer to listen to My Word as in a school where you come to learn what you must put into practice along your way later. Understand that you have not complied only by listening to the lesson, I offer you the world so here you can sow in it the seed of My lessons; I entrust you with a home, I point out to you the regions and the pathways, the prisons, hospitals and orphanages; the places where vice and wickedness reign, are propitious fields for your prayer and your charitable deeds.

43. Master your own selves and the journey will be easier for you; then you will be able to overcome the beast that John beheld in his revelation.

44. Many times you have wanted to promise to follow Me and I have sealed your lips so that they will not pronounce that promise. In others you have wanted to record the oath that you will always love Me and I have stopped your pen because it is from your spirit that I want that unbreakable purpose to follow Me.

45. If you would be able to behold your own spirit for a moment, you would be amazed knowing who you are; you would marvel at his light and you would feel respect for your own selves. But if you are unable to see him with your physical eyes have faith in him through his manifestations and thus the flesh will not continue being a prison or an obstacle toward his elevation. Bear in mind that your spirit as being similar to the Creator, is predestined to carry out worthy deeds of the One who gave him life.

46. Now, more than ever you should gather your strength to follow the progress of your spirit who in many of you has left behind a trace of suffering, of mourning and tears. But now that you have left the city of sin and approach, step by step, the virgin Earth that lovingly awaits you, do not turn your face back, keep on to the end.

47. Behold this Humanity confused, because the great religions which call themselves Christians, give more importance to what is ritualistic and external than to My own Doctrine. That word of life that I sealed with deeds of love and blood upon the cross, no longer lives within the heart of men, it is locked and silent in aged books covered with dust. And there you have a Christian humanity who does not comprehend nor has the knowledge nor knows how to imitate Christ.

48. That is why I have few disciples during this era; those who love their brethren, those who suffer, the ones who alleviate other people’s pain, those who live in virtue and practice it with their examples; those are the disciples of Christ.

49. He who knowing My Doctrine hides it or makes it known only with his lips and not with his heart is not My disciple.

50. I have not come during this period to seek temples made of stone to appear in them; I come seeking spirits, hearts, and not material elegance.

51. I behold with compassion those men who deny My existence, because they have strayed along the roads of science; those who try to destroy Me within the heart of Humanity, I do not even regard them as enemies, I love them and forgive them, for they are My very beloved children.

52. Penetrate into My word, but do it with respect and do not wish to know more than what should only be the knowledge of your Father; however feel the infinite joy of knowing that you have as God a perfect, wise and just Being.

53. O beloved people: Behold this Humanity overwhelmed and sick who are not aware of the time in which they live, nor of My presence among men.

54. Wake up people, because I am delivering to you a message of light, of faith and of health for this Humanity. Leave behind your lethargy and meditate upon the mission that you are bringing to Earth during this period.

55. I am not saying that that you are to be the saviors or redeemers of this Humanity, no; but I do want you to know that by having been witnesses of My Word you will have to convey the good news to all provinces and nations; that mission will not be limited to repeat My phrases, but to explain them, always accompanying them with charitable deeds, sowing love among your brethren.

56. Do not put in doubt your power to perform deeds that will surprise and convince your brethren; it is not an obstacle for you to be humble and unpolished in order to comply with the mission I have entrusted to you; within you there is a spirit of light who only needs your faith to manifest himself.

57. From among these multitudes of destitute and disinherited, I will illuminate those who will be advisers, doctors of the spirit, commentators of My Work, messengers of peace and prophets.

58. Some will depart seeking other people; the others will await the arrival of those whom you call foreigners, of travelers who seek peace, light, brotherhood and hospitality.

59. I have said that this nation is being prepared so that in the hour designated by My will it shall arise among the nations of the Earth as the foremost of peace and spirituality. It will know how to give shelter, to be a refuge and protect those who come to her overwhelmed by suffering. The destiny of these people is great; that is why I test them and touch them in My justice.

60. Would your heart not be joyful seeing the great caravans reaching your doors seeking peace? Would you not be rejoiced in sharing your bread with those who hunger?

61. Prepare your heart and elevate your sentiments, for you do not know the hour or the day when My word will be fulfilled. Develop your gift of healing with which I have spiritually enriched you since many travelers will approach you in a sick condition, and others will be overwhelmed with weariness. Known and unknown illnesses will afflict them; however I shall give you only one balsam for all those sicknesses, be it for the spirit or the body. In order for that balsam to work miracles it will need true charity, whose basis is the prayer.

62. 0! blessed nation where I have allowed My ray of light be converted into the verb; where I have made My people emerge.

Destroy your religious fanaticism; free yourselves from ignorance and you will never be slaves again!

63. I have bequeathed these lands so that when the time comes the manna of mercy will descend upon them and the great multitudes who seek the truth will eat of it.

64. Be watchful over your heredity, be vigilant over your gifts, because you are destined to teach spirituality to Mankind, the Doctrine that reveals the greater wisdom and assures the peace of men and the elevation of the spirit.

65. The responsibilities and the missions which I entrust to you are a long way from being a yoke or a burden for you; you have supported the weight of your imperfections and you have dragged the chains of humiliation and slavery, to offer you a new yoke. These missions which I entrust to you are most certainly delicate and of a great responsibility, but their fulfillment will assure you peace, well-being and salvation.

66. By carrying out your mission well, instead of your cross being heavy or your burden painful, it is an ineffable pleasure for the spirit and an immense satisfaction for the heart.

67. This is the Era of Elijah, who has come to you in spirit preparing all pathways, removing obstacles, making light within darkness, tearing down chains of ignorance and showing the way to all spirits.

68. In the same manner that Moses liberated Israel from slavery in Egypt and led them toward the land of Canaan, Elijah during this period, will free you from the darkness of the world to guide you toward the light of the Spiritual Kingdom, the new Promised Land.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 73

1. The thirsty multitudes have arrived before My presence and they have received My Word like a cascade of crystalline waters which have cleansed their blemishes. Their gratitude has made many hearts open to love resembling the corollas of the flowers.

2. This is the period when I promised to return among you. It has been necessary for your suffering to be very great in order for you to come to Me, however everything was prepared since the beginning of the ages and all had been prophesied. You were not watchful nor prayerful and that is why you have strayed from the pathway; but truly I say to you that in spite of so many thistles and rough stones which today cover the Earth, despite so many crossroads, slopes and abysses that exist there, the path of the Father is always perceivable for the one who decides to travel through it. I came to withdraw the chaff and obstacles from your pathway, so that you may behold the splendor of the Promised Land. Tomorrow men will call this Era, "The Era of light."

3. Great will be the change that Mankind will suffer in a short while: institutions, principles, beliefs, doctrines, customs, laws, and all orders of the human existence will be shaken from their very foundations.

4. Yes, this is the period of light; I say to you that the light is strength, it is purity and it is truth; therefore that purity and that truth will have to glow along all paths and deeds of men. Many will then say: Father, how long have you concealed yourself to our glances! But I will say to them: It is not that I have concealed Myself; the fact is that you have laid out a dense veil in order not to see Me.

5. Humanity is My domain, I am its laborer; but I see that along its path countless plagues have fallen, and that has caused your salvation to be very difficult. Materialism, war and sin have been the plagues that have incessantly lashed upon the fields of the Father; however the power to exterminate them lies within Me and soon the moment will come when they will be exterminated forever. Then the fields will flourish and there shall be peace in the hearts and an abundance of bread in every home. The human existence shall be like a worship that will be elevated to Me on complying with the precept which tells you to "love one another."

6. Everyone who wishes to become a sower let him listen to My lesson, engrave it within his spirit and pick up the seed, the tools and the water and go forth in search of the sterile fields which he will make fruitful with his love.

7. What better inheritance can you leave your brethren than that of having served the Father in His blessed fields? Your memory will be blessed some day and your example imitated.

8. Understand that this is the time when you shall be saved through your own deeds. Not all merits will have to be done by Me during the Third Era of Humanity.

9. In order to help you I have come again to mark for you the righteous path with My light in the midst of so much darkness, so that you may soon reach the kingdom of peace which your heart intuitively longs for, although unaware of it.

10. You do not know the end of the road, but you have confidence in reaching it; you do not know the Father fully, but His voice awakens in your heart a faith and an absolute hope. To those who think thus, I will say to them again: "Blessed are those who without seeing have believed."

11. Stop being the materialized man who at each moment demands that the Father descends to his mansion without first preparing it. You must now be the one who knows and is able to elevate himself to His Creator; make yourselves worthy of deserving the communication of spirit to Spirit.

12. If along the road you have received proof of My truth, let them be the testimony and stimulant in your journey. But do not allow the physical body to close its eyes to the truths that your spirit receives because it is deaf, weak and ungrateful and might intervene with its stubbornness along your path of evolution.

13. I have given you the necessary strength to fulfill your mission and with what up to now I have told you is enough to save all of Mankind, but you are weak, and I shall continue giving My people My lessons until the precise moment arrives when this manifestation ceases.

14. I could divide My people into two groups: One who has understood Me, another who has not reached an understanding of My truth. Both have received the same teaching, but he who has not understood Me goes weeping, he feels needy and defeated. At times he feels pursued, and on others he finds himself tied down and cannot fight against temptations. He walks along the pathway feeling the thorns hurting his feet at every step and each day he sheds tears of pain; he is leaving on the thorns along the road shreds of his garments of grace with which I have enriched him. The other group is the one that proclaims victory at the end of his daily chores, who knows how to elevate himself in his quest to bless Me, who does not weep, begs or complains; he is the same one who, when speaking to Me, says, "Father, I give you infinite thanks, for I have seen your charity in me and you have manifested yourself in My trials, which are those which brings perfection to my spirit. I give you thanks because in the midst of those ordeals I will have your peace and sustenance."

15. That is how those who have understood Me glorify Me; for them each day, each dawn is a new light of hope and a new step along the road of their evolution. However, I do not come to divide you, but rather to unite you into a single family where there are no beginners and disciples. I do not want superior beings alongside inferior beings. If I have granted the same gift to each one, I want everyone to know how to appreciate it in the same manner.

16. You, who are going along weeping, listen to Me: When you come before My presence concealed in that human body you brought it to Me tired and depressed, sick and discouraged; but I healed it, I gave back its strength, I filled its heart with joy and hope; in its hands I placed the keys to open the doors of employment; I left him bread, I blessed and purified his dear ones, and I cleansed his path of obstacles. I awakened your spirit from his deep lethargy and if I did not add one more gift, it was because he possessed everything since his creation; however I had to remove from him his fatigue, his sickness, and I judged him at that moment through his conscience. Once body and spirit were strengthened, I joined them into one being, into one will, in order for him to comply with My Law. What else can you wish for? I said to you: comply with this Law and you will have peace in this world and afterward your spirit shall be in heaven. In this way I awakened you so that by knowing who you were, you would reach an understanding of the greatness of your destiny and of your mission.

17. Today I say to you: Do not persevere only by listening to Me; you should also practice, strengthen yourselves and learn from your ordeals. If you only listen, and do not analyze, you have learned nothing and neither can you practice it. Regard these places of worship as a school where the Master comes to teach you a lesson, and regard the world as a vast field where you can put into practice what you have learned.

18. This world is a proper place where you can work; in it is suffering, sickness, sin in all its forms, vice, disunity, misled young people, elderly without dignity, bad sciences, hatred, war and falsehood.

19. Those are the fields where you are to work and sow; but if that struggle awaiting you among Mankind seems gigantic to you, truly I say to you that even if it seems monumental it does not compare with what you will have to deal with yourselves: a struggle of the spirit, of reason and of the conscience, against passions of the flesh, its self-love, its egotism, its materiality. And while you have not triumphed over your own self, how can you sincerely talk about love, obedience, humility and spirituality to your brethren?

20. Behold that your most powerful enemy you carry is within yourselves. When you have conquered it, you will behold under your feet the dragon with seven heads that apostle John spoke to you. It will be then when you can truly say: I can raise my face to my Lord to say to Him: "Father, I will follow you", for then it will not be your lips saying it, but your spirit.

21. If for an instant the eyes of your body could behold your own spirit, you would be dazzled knowing who you are and how you are; you would have respect and charity toward yourselves, and would feel a profound pain on contemplating where you have taken that light.

22. Today I come to tell you who you are, because you, yourselves, do not know. You are saying that you possess a spirit without knowing what that signifies, without even having faith that you have a spirit, because you have not seen him as you would wish in your materialism. If you do not know him, how can you develop him? Do not ever be the prison or the executioner of the spirit. Let not the flesh be his lord and master. Allow him to free himself, to reject the unclean inclinations of the flesh, as if someone scares away the wolf that lays in wait at every moment.

23. Those who inwardly feel to have understood Me and believe to be complying with their mission, help those who are right behind; however do not render Me your fruit yet, for the work you have built, not only during this period but throughout the eras, is still not worthy of Me.

24. Do not feel sorrow because of it or be discouraged. If I would tell you that you had already attained perfection and that your deeds had no defect whatever, would you make an effort in continuing to progress along the road of your spiritual evolution?

25. Do not detain yourselves any longer. Do not turn your eyes toward the past; what you left behind was pain, tears and sins. You left the city of Sodom; do not turn your eyes toward it. It was the city of sin. Go forth in search of new fields whose springs of crystalline waters and its fertile domain can make your existence pleasant and happy.

26. Behold that there are many roads that are open before the spirit of Mankind; nevertheless I say to you that I do not find a single perfect religion in this world, even though some are based in My Doctrine. I do not come against the word that I gave you during the Second Era; I could not contradict Myself, however I ask you: Where is that word, that teaching? I seek it within the heart of Mankind and I cannot find it. It has been kept in old and dusty books, and there are still some among Mankind who have dared to adulterate it; that is why I say to you that I do not find among you a perfect religion, because instead of love and charity, humility and justice; I only find rituals, traditions and vanity, many sufferings and ignorance; but these are errors that do not reach Me. What only reaches Me is love, humility, justice and patience.

27. He who loves, practices My Doctrine; he who feels the pain of his fellowman, suffers for them and comforts them, is My disciple. He who teaches virtue with deeds, with his own life, is a teacher. He who truly loves his own brother, is My worthy son.

28. He who knows My Law and conceals it cannot be called My disciple; he who delivers My truth only with his lips and not with his heart is not imitating Me. He who speaks of love and with his deeds proves the opposite, is a traitor to My lessons.

29. He who arises disregarding the purity and perfection of Mary is torpid, because in his ignorance he defies God, denying His power. He who denies My truth in the Third Era and rejects the immortality of the spirit, is sleeping and does not recall the prophesies of past times that announced the revelations which Humanity is living during this period.

30. Here you have the reason why in My third manifestation I have not appeared in the bosom of synagogues nor churches, because they are not My dwelling. The temples of stone made by the hands of men cannot be My temple, but rather in mans own heart where there exists the altar of his love, the light of his faith and the offering of his merits.

31. I seek hearts and spirits to manifest Myself in them.

32. If you want the truth to be within you, practice love, convey light with words, deeds and thoughts; heal the sick of spirit and body.

33. If there are some who arise as enemies of mine, I do not regard them as such, only as the needy. The very same who regard themselves as wise and deny My existence, I look upon them with compassion. To those who try to destroy Me within the heart of Mankind, I judge them as ignorant, since they believe to have the power or weapons to destroy Him who is the Author of life.

34. Only a being who would be omnipotent like Myself could contend with Me; however, do you believe that if a god would emerge from Me, would he be against Me? Or rather, do you believe that he can emerge from nothing? Not one thing can emerge from nothing. I am All and I was never born. I am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega of everything created.

35. Can you conceive that some of those beings created by Me could set himself up as God? All creatures have a limit and in order to be God it is necessary not to have any limits. He who has harbored those dreams of power and greatness has fallen into the darkness of his own arrogance.

36. Egotism cannot exist within Me, that is why being great within My Divinity, I have wanted you to be great also. I know that as long as you are fragile, you will be weak and unable to follow Me, understand Me or love Me. That is why I seek you to teach and make you great in spirit and understanding; I love you and I want to feel you near. Never can a Father be happy knowing that His children are absent and also suffering.

37. My mansion is prepared for you; when you reach it you will truly enjoy it. How can a father live in a royal lodging, tasting delicious dishes, knowing that his own children are like beggars at the doors of his own home?

38. My children, you have pronounced justice upon yourselves due to faults against My Law; you have stumbled along the way believing that I have punished you and you have called Me ungrateful, forgetting that He whom you call unjust and ungrateful is your Heavenly Father.

39. Did you not conceive the love of the Father through the severe Judge of the First Era? And in the loving Master of the Second Era, did you not discover the Father? Remember that I said to you. "He who knows the Son knows the Father".

40. Today when My Holy Spirit speaks to you, truly the wisdom of the Father and the love of the Son speak to you.

41. I have not come to humiliate you with My greatness or to make a display of it; but I do come to demonstrate it to you according to My will so that you will feel the supreme joy of having as a Father a God all powerful, wise and perfect.

42. Rejoice in thinking that you will never get to behold the end of My power, and the greater the elevation of your spirit the greater you shall behold Me. Who would feel dissatisfied on knowing that he would never reach the greatness of his Father? By chance on Earth, have you not been satisfied to be less in age in comparison with your earthly father? By chance, have you not joyfully conceded to them experience and authority? Have you not rejoiced contemplating that you have as a father a man stronger than you, arrogant, courageous and filled with virtues?

43. Disciples, never apply this light that I have placed in you toward unrighteousness. I am teaching you thus, because soon this means of My manifestation will cease and the grace I have poured upon you is so great that some, when they see Me depart, in their foolishness will feel free to make use of their power and gifts to exalt themselves before Mankind.

44. Therefore, beware of those who seek adulation, vanities and wealth, because suffering and the ordeals will make their brethren approach and kneel before them to obtain a drop of balsam, but woe betide those who believe themselves to be gods, unaware that their power has become harmful and their light turned into darkness! Pity on My good disciples, for they will have to suffer because pf them, because there will be confusion!

45. Always when you wish to know if the path that you follow is that of your evolution, you may consult your conscience and if there is peace in it and if charity and good will toward your brethren lodges there you can be certain that your light still shines and your word comforts and heals; however if you discover that within your heart there has germinated greed, bad will, materiality and lust, you can be certain that your light has turned into darkness and imposture. Do you wish to offer the Father an unclean harvest instead of a golden grain, when He calls on you?

46. Safeguard these words within your innermost being so that they will be unforgettable. Comply during your lifetime with humility, and you will have peace. I want the bread to be sweet to your lips, that your home not be a fragile vessel, that you be united so when the unbelievers of this word approach you, the turmoil of their words and their bad intentions will not take away your faith.

47. In the Second Era many became confused due to My presence in Jesus, because that originated a division among families. Among five who were in a home, three were against two and two against three. And while three followed Me, two rejected Me. The same thing happens during this period. There are homes in which the father has recognized Me and his companion and their children rise against him. There are others where the spouse who is the mother of a family, has come before Me, bathed in tears and has said to Me: Master, I follow you and I want my children to follow you but they, my own children, have denied me.

48. How scarce are the families where everyone comes in perfect harmony in search of My teaching.

49. Thus these people suffer the rejection of relatives and neighbors, denying them their bread, shutting the doors to them, creating complications and slandering them with false testimonies. Do not fear, be firm, for those who deny you more will be the ones who contritely will come in search of the path you follow.

50. I love you and I shall save you at every moment and it will be My charity that you will receive along your pathway, with which the very unbelievers will be surprised seeing that you have peace in your heart, bread upon your table and fortitude in your spirit.

51. In order to help you I send to you My caress. 0! Disciples! As My Divine ray ascends My peace will remain with you; but today the Master says to you: Be watchful, My people! This is not the time to sleep. The hurricane winds lash at you at every moment and it is necessary for you to remain firm. It is time of judgment and meditation; the pestilence, hunger, wars, death, all the calamities and plagues visible and invisible are unleashed. Pray and work quietly; do not extinguish your lamp nor conceal the gift that you possess. Always be ready to receive whoever knocks upon your door and in that way you will be imitating the virgins of My parable, those who were able to await the arrival of the bridegroom with their lamps lit.

52. Your spirituality will have an influence upon the mind of all those whom you will want to help; in that way you will be able to illuminate the path of your brethren who govern you on Earth. They should have the doors of their hearts open to receive the foreigners and will know how to convey the message of peace that I inspire in them.

53. This nation will have to fulfill a delicate mission among the others on Earth; but toward that end, I shall first uproot all the bad Weed; I will make men put aside their mask of hypocrisy and that their heart be filled with sincerity, fraternity and light. Also in the spiritual, this nation will have to set an example, but it is necessary for it to spiritualize its worship, putting an end to its religious fanaticism and idolatry.

54. It is necessary for My Doctrine to be lived by you so that the others can give it credit and when these people rise, illuminated men will emerge from all points on Earth to spread My Doctrine; they will thank Me because they will not be alone and shall recognize that everyone possesses gifts, because before coming to Earth they received them by My charity under the promise of complying with their mission.

55. Blessed is he who develops his gifts guided only by the inner voice of his conscience, like John the prophet, the one whom you called the Baptist, who guided his footsteps, illuminated by the light he received from his Father. Who else could teach him or speak to him in the wilderness?

56. Arise again, o My people, do not submerge yourselves in the twilight; do not forget that I have always called you the sons of light; allow that at least each day a spark of light glows within your spirit. "How can it be done?", your heart asks Me. To that I answer that Mankind finds itself full of needy people, to whom you can give something of what you possess as a spiritual wealth. A long time ago I chose you for this mission, and what I have done during this period on placing a mark upon your forehead, has only been a confirmation of the destiny and of the gifts that you received from Me since the beginning of your being. Peace, the strength, everlasting light, the power over confused spirits, the gift of healing, of speech, the spiritual prayer and so many gifts which enrich your spirit, are the weapons with which you can bring about the peace of this nation which will be a fruitful land of prophets, emissaries, teachers and apostles of righteousness.

57. When all these prophecies are fulfilled and men seek in the Scriptures some indication of them, they will be surprised to find at each step a clear indication of what your eyes beheld during this period and those that are to come. Then Humanity will say: Truly, this is the Third Era, the new coming of the Lord.

58. For some it will seem as if these people enjoy some kind of privilege, but afterward all the world will feel that the Spirit of the Father is spreading without distinction upon all His Universal family.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 74

1. It is the propitious hour in which, through your elevation I make My manifestation felt among Mankind; while listening to Me you withdraw from the world to enter into a spiritual seclusion.

2. Truly feel that you are at My table waiting for Me to distribute the bread and offer you the wine. You know that I speak to you in a figurative meaning reminding you of My Word of the Second Era, since the bread is My Word and the wine the Divine essence contained within it.

3. Bread and wine, flesh and blood, manna and water; all of this is a representation of the words love and life which is the eternal sustenance of your spirit.

4. The manna of the wilderness and the water of the rock represented in its time the bread and wine of the spirit; they are the same symbols that I used at My table when, surrounded by My disciples, I said to them: "Eat and drink, this is My body and this is My blood." With that lesson I opened before Mankind a new era, the one of love.

5. Today new disciples congregate around Me and the multitudes follow My footsteps again; but it is not only the figurative meaning nor the parable the means by which I come to make you understand the Divine lessons; it is the lucid word which speaks to your mind with a Divine essence that you can only perceive with your spirit.

6. Meditate on these lessons disciples, and you will end up understanding that the time of the figurative meaning and the symbols is coming to an end, because your spiritual evolution and your mental development will permit you to understand the truth better.

7. I am among you although you cannot touch Me with your hands or behold Me with your corporeal eyes. I come in Spirit to speak to you and to teach how you should seek Me in your prayer.

8. I shall not leave any material trace of My new manifestation, just as I did not leave any during the Second Era in spite of living among you. Humanity is inclined to idolatry and to consecrate material objects to regard them as Divine and make them an object of veneration. What would have become of Mankind, if they were able to retain My body, the cross of My torment or the bitter cup of that last supper with My disciples? However, everything was erased so that only My Divine essence would remain within the spirit of Mankind.

9. In previous times I also withdrew from the sight of men both the objects that had served as symbols as well as the envoys or interpreters. In the First Era, while upon a mountain, Moses disappeared from his people who idolized him; Elijah, the prophet of fire, was lost among a cloud which lifted him from the Earth. One and the other, like Jesus, left in the spirits only the trace of their deeds as spiritual essence.

10. Now I am here in fulfillment of one of My promises, gathering all the tribes into one people and men of different races into one same apostleship.

11. I am bequeathing to Mankind a testament filled with more light and clarity; behold how religious fanaticism has reached some of My children to its greater heights, while in others materialism and the lack of faith have taken hold of their spirits. Great and bloody is the struggle that awaits both until the light shines again among men making them feel the true peace which proceeds from the love toward one another.

12. In the face of a real chaos of passions and ideas, these people, witnesses and bearers of My new teachings, will have to arise. In order to be believed it will be necessary for them to be prepared and be filled with humility, obedience, spirituality, fortitude and charity.

13. Do not fear the storm, beloved disciples, because I shall be with you inside the boat, and if you have faith in Me you will not perish. You will struggle filled with faith, considering that just as you had the happiness of receiving My Word, all your brethren deserve to know it, because there are many who are already waiting for it.

14. Do not say that My Doctrine is difficult to practice or that it obligates you to difficult privations; he who lovingly follows Me will not feel the burden of his cross.

15. This is My Word, engrave it in your spirit because soon you will need it.

16. The sonorous peal of the bell has awakened you its echo has resounded within your spirit and then you have remembered that this is a day of grace when your Master will be present among you. You have hurriedly risen anxiously longing to hear this Divine Word, which is life for your spirit and fills your heart with courage.

17. Truly, My Word comes uncovering the path which the turmoil of life had concealed to you. Understand that I am as near to you as I am to all men; My light is with everyone. During this period many spirits will follow the pathway of light and will no longer be confused. You would be surprised if you would see that the hardhearted and the hardheaded will be the ones who shall arise to follow My footsteps quicker; but the fact is that I have given each one the necessary time to awaken to the light of the spiritual existence.

18. How many hardened in sin have come to hear My Word and before I have finished My lesson, bathed in tears, they have said to Me: It is you, Master! The fact is that My Word, immaculate, gentle and persuasive, is able to speak to the heart of those people. And I say to you that he who once has felt My presence, will be incapable of deceiving himself with false appearances. You, who have heard Me during this period, be prepared to give testimony of Me, because you will have to manifest My Doctrine just as I have revealed it to you and not to your whims or will.

19. In the same way that you had a friend along your path who gave you the good news, in the same way this Humanity who perishes in a world of hardships, will also receive the news that the Lord is present and they will come to hear Me.

20. What would become of you if within My mercy I would not shorten the days of your affliction? You would all have perished already. During this era I come in search of sinners to give them a task in My Divine Work and to tell them that My love has never excluded them. Tomorrow, how much satisfaction and rejoicing there will be in those spirits when they have reached their elevation through the practice of charity. There exists in the infinite a Love, which is that of the Father, who does not have any other interest but your salvation and for you to reach eternal peace.

21. Since 1866 I opened anew the ark of My love, which has outpoured upon you as consolation and revelation. I have not waited for the day of My departure to tell you until that time for you to arise and practice My teachings, but rather from the first instant when you have heard them, I have said to you: Practice charity, convey comfort to the sick, speak about My new manifestation, attract the needy and the strayed one. The fact is that I do not want you to become theoretical disciples who speak marvels of My Work and are not capable of extending their arm to touch the sick and alleviate his pain. Is it not true that your heart is filled with joy when the dying one has come back to life due to your concern and prayers, and hearing that his lips are blessing you?

22. The time draws near when these My children will cease to transmit My word to you. I shall depart and the Master will no longer give you this teaching. I wish by then that the sentiment of charity will have been purified in your heart and spirituality penetrated into your life. Elijah, your spiritual shepherd, announced My coming to you and also prophesied the day of My departure.

23. My Word, which is simple and humble in its form, is profound in its content, and it will be so up until the last day. Do not ask Me to speak to you with eloquent words because your spirit will not need them to understand My teaching.

24. I know those who are practicing My Doctrine according to My will and those who are turning themselves away from its essence. Nothing is concealed from My wisdom, and truly I say that if you wish to reach Me, come along the ladder of love, charity, justice and humility.

25. Do not wish to change this spiritual Work into a material work, expecting to see its fruits here on Earth. Do not doubt the triumph of My Doctrine, have faith in it and you will be able to turn the plains into mountains and deserts into valleys. Remember that in the Second Era when Jesus expired on the cross abandoned by His disciples except by John, they came to think that everything had ended; nevertheless, later, the Divine seed began to germinate within the hearts, which could not die, because at every step it was sprinkled with the blood of the martyrs, a blood which was love and faith.

26. I say to you that during this period My Divine seed should be sprinkled with charitable deeds, with tears of repentance and reconciliation.

27. At this time I came to liberate you from a new bondage: the temptations, the pleasures, the vices that are like the cruel and tyrant Pharaoh who has burdened you with chains. Tomorrow this new liberation will be celebrated by Mankind, not with feasts or traditions, but with the spiritual love for one another.

28. The victims that you offered upon the altar of Jehovah were received by Him, but it was not the most adequate form to elevate your spirit to the Father; it was then when I came to you as Jesus to teach you the Divine commandment which says to you: "Love one another". I say to you today that the lessons I taught you during the Second Era through the deeds of Jesus have been altered at times and misinterpreted on others; for that purpose I have come as I announced, to clarify My truth. My sacrifice in that period prevented the sacrifice of many victims and I taught you a more perfect worship. My new manifestation of this period will allow Mankind to understand that the symbolic forms should not be adopted without first analyzing their significance, since they are only a representation of My lessons.

29. Before I am being felt by a certain heart, Elijah appears before him to tell him to repent for his sins, because the Father approaches; he did the same during the Second Era through John the Baptist when he ordered that they do penance and to purify themselves because the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand.

30. At this moment My charity reaches the spirit and heart of the multitudes who listen to Me. This is the time announced when the Spirit of Truth would descend among men. Hear His voice in the infinite, behold Him in the invisible, feel Him in your heart. My love and My inspiration help your spirit to elevate himself to receive My teachings.

31. Men interpreted My Law erroneously and falsified My teachings; that is why during this era I come to pour My light upon every spirit and every mind so that you may reach an understanding of the lesson I have given you during your lifetime. This world, which has been a mansion of imperfect beings, of spirits in purification, will become a mansion of light and spirituality. Today My justice is cleansing the fields and uprooting the weeds to exterminate them with the fire of restitution and of love.

32. The fratricidal wars, prophesied since previous times, make you tremble day by day; their rumors disturb you and their consequences make you shed tears. Those men who make wars with their ambitions and hatred, are My children who seek Me in altars and venerate Me in tabernacles unaware that instead of an offering of love, they come to offer Me the blood of their victims. 0! blind men, who in their pride feel absolute, forgetting that they are very small before My Divinity! Human vanity has reached its limit and it is necessary that I make them feel My presence and My power; it is not necessary to use all My omnipotence to prove My greatness to you; a light touch or a slight gust of the elements are enough for Me to demonstrate to the stubborn and vain man his smallness.

33. Just as the golden calf was abolished during that time, so will the love for wealth disappear; and the same way the money changers were cast out of the temple, so will now those be touched who taking advantage of the weakness and ignorance profit by the suffering of their fellowman.

34. Men have engaged in a struggle with their Father; but everywhere they go they find Me blocking their path toward wickedness, however those who in that struggle ignore the voice of their conscience, will encounter death and judgment, and restitution after that.

35. O disciples who hear Me, scrutinize the revelation of the Sixth Seal; there you will find what today you are contemplating, hearing and living; but if you have faith in My Word, analyze and safeguard it within your heart, because the year 1950 is near when you will cease to hear My voice through this means.

36. A whirlwind envelops Mankind; but truly I say to you that My Word does not come to increase your confusion; it is the light that comes to guide your spirit and illuminate your intelligence to help you in your spiritual evolution.

37. I am with you reminding once again your mission of love among Mankind, while Elijah traverses everywhere in search of strayed sheep to bring them into the fold upon his shoulders, so that there they will find the love of their Creator.

38. Remember that I am the Way that invites the one who has forgotten it. I am pouring My Word upon you so that tomorrow you may give testimony of it with your deeds of love. Many will come in search of the humble places where I manifested Myself to make you remember the times when I spoke to you through the faculty of the spokesman, so that you can explain to them the manner in which I manifested Myself and the charitable deeds and miracles that I performed among you. Only the memory will remain under these roofs, because My Word and its echo will be safeguarded within your heart. That is why I am preparing the young people so that they will be the ones who shall receive those who did not hear My Word and who will come in search of charity. How many will weep for not having heard Me! But I also say to you: How many of those who heard Me will weep for not having prepared themselves, and on seeing that My Word is no longer manifested, they will realize that they did not take advantage of the Fathers charity to learn about His Divine Doctrine, His lessons of infinite charity and love. They will set their eyes upon the spot where the spokesman would sit to interpret the Divine Word and they will only behold emptiness.

39. The years pass by rapidly, they are like instances; soon you will no longer hear Me, that is why I say to you: Allow Me to heal, caress and comfort you and to deliver My teaching to you. I came to leave you prepared, but if you should remain weak in faith and the will, then you will surely remain sick, and who in the world will be able to speak to you, teach and heal you as I have done?

40. If I would say that I have always wanted to communicate with you directly with your spirit, allowing My voice to be heard within your heart, you would not believe Me, but your materialism and your doubt made your Master communicate through specific faculties prepared by My love, so that in that manner you would be able to hear Me, and on analyzing My teaching you would understand the greatness of My charity.

41. If I tell you that your spirit during your bodies rest, sometimes separates and approaches the threshold of the Hereafter and seeks Me, you would doubt Me; however you have lacked preparation and faith to know how to take advantage of these moments spiritually, and I have had to prepare seers and prophets, in order for them to help and speak to you about a tomorrow; that they alert you and admonish you so that you may be watchful and pray.

42. Do you believe, o My people, that this man through whom I communicate is the one who delivers My Word to you? No, My children, it is your Master. Do you believe that the Spirit of God is in the spokesman while he speaks? Not that either. I have said to you that it suffices for a ray of My light to illuminate and inspire his mind, placing in his lips a torrent of endless words of great teaching, as proof for the unbeliever. Listen to Me attentively during this period so that you may become strengthened for the coming times of trials.

43. Before receiving My spiritual presence, you have prayed before your celestial Mother to beg her to help you prepare for Me a sanctuary within your heart. For that I bless you, disciples. Hear My Word which is the pathway which leads toward perfection, to the eternal.

44. You ask Me: How are the Divine mansions and the life of perfect beings? Truly I say to you, do not ask what you cannot understand for the time being. Practice My laws; that practice will carry you step by step toward the ladder of perfection from where you will be contemplating, admiring and knowing how much the Father has safeguarded for the happiness of His children.

45. Your spirit, having been a dweller of the Spiritual Realm, has seen very little and knows almost nothing of that existence. How can you wish to contemplate from here the threshold of what you call Glory or Heaven?

46. The eyes of your body have at the most managed to contemplate the nearby stars; your science has not carried you much further, and your spirit who is the one who could abolish the distances and uncover what is invisible to man, feeling within and outside of him, the spiritual knowledge surrounding him, allows himself to be dragged by the materialism of the world; he blends with his body and instead of elevating himself, he drags himself, and instead of admiring, he doubts.

47. Sometimes on admiring the marvels of Creation, you exclaim amazed: "Lord, how great is your power!" without imagining that everything that surrounds you is but a pale reflection of what the eternal life is.

48. Certainly I want to awaken your interest with My Word about the spiritual life, but understand what I say to you: In order to attain that existence, you must reach it through the evolution of your spirit and not only by that of the mind. Allow the intelligence, the heart, the senses and all your powers to be in unity with your spirit, and you will reach the necessary elevation to be able to behold the splendor of your Father; but if the spirit places his trust and surrenders himself to the mental ability of his mind, then his penetration shall be limited, as is everything human.

49. Heaven is not a predetermined place in the Universe; My Glory is everywhere, in the spiritual and in the material. Do you not say that God is in Heaven, on Earth and in every place? Then understand what you say so that you will know that where God is, His Glory has to be there.

50. I want you to come to dwell in that infinite mansion, that you reach a state of spiritual elevation that wherever you are in the Universe you may feel the beatitude of the Divine, that you enjoy the eternal life and experience the presence of the Creator. That summit has only been reached by those who have considered Me as their ideal, and love as their pathway.

51. He who understands this Doctrine will have to recognize that this world is only a small mansion that has momentarily detained the spirit to reveal to him elementary teachings. Since the first eras a torch of faith glows to illuminate with its spiritual light the pathway of men, but how very few have been guided by it. How very few have persevered along the road and how many, on reaching that crossroad where death stops them, have had to appear before the spiritual, which is the true homeland of the spirit, as if they were foreigners, without knowing the roads or the laws or their duties. How unjust you have been with yourselves!

52. Today I come to explain My teachings so that you will retrace your footsteps and take the path of the true life with the knowledge of the goal you pursue, and when death comes to free you from the flesh, your spirit can elevate himself and reach the Spiritual Realm without the confusion, as something worse than death, can surprise him. Knowing all this, you will be able to live, convinced that you are passengers on Earth, beginners who had to go through this school. Do not complain about your body no matter how stubborn and rebellious it is, nor abominate having to endure the life in this world, which you have regarded as a deceptive Eden, full of temptations and pitfalls, because that flesh that you carry as an apparatus to inhabit this Earth, will not be an obstacle for your spiritual elevation, or to live a virtuous life if you manage to overcome its weaknesses, passions and miseries, to allow the seed of spirituality to germinate only within your heart. By then, this Earth and Nature that surrounds it, has new lessons reserved and also secrets that the future generations will have to know.

53. It will no longer be the suffering of the Master that will correct men, nor wars that will touch the pride of nations, or the misery to purify the heart of Humanity. Other lessons, unknown until now, will be received by men of those times which today I announce to you.

54. Bless your affliction, do not dry your tears with anger; bless your bread no matter how poor it may be because as prolonged as your suffering might seem to you here on Earth, when you inhabit the Spiritual Realm, you will feel as if it were only a minute and you will realize all the good it did to you.

55. Heaven is a state of perfection; I have symbolized it to you as an immense and white City that you have to conquer with your courage, with your faith and with your unbreakable will. Be warriors of that cause. All of you who cherish that ideal, be in unity and march step by step, winning battles in life, until you make that City surrender to those who conquered it with their love. That City is your home, that home is the Universe with no end, where the Creator dwells with His children.

56. Carry My Word within your heart and there, in the solitude of your bedroom or in the peace of the countryside, remember it and analyze it; be the good disciple.

57. To those who have had the grace of hearing Me through this means, I say to them: Safeguard My Word, analyze it, put it into practice in your life, because soon it will cease to be heard. When this happens, I want you to remain as teachers, firm within My Doctrine and not as confused disciples, or like children who feel themselves as orphans.

58. Today you can still call the multitudes so that they may listen to My manifestation; tomorrow, when 1950 has passed, they will only hear the voice of My disciples and witnesses.

59. Do not distrust men, however hardened and fanatical they may be in their worship; every spirit is in evolution and in time to receive these revelations.

60. Disciples, understand and accept your mission with that love and obedience with which Jesus accepted His destiny. Pray, be watchful, drain with patience your cup of bitterness and know how to carry your cross with love. Inwardly, bless everything and forgive within your heart and through deeds those who have offended you.

61. Blessed are those who with tears say to Me: "Master, I offer you My suffering; may your will be done in me". My will is that you have My peace, o My suffering and poor people, but forget for a few moments your afflictions and pray for the world, pray for all nations. "Love one another!"

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 75

1. You recognize that this is a propitious period to convert you into My disciples. You understand that this path will lead you toward the perfect mansion, which you do not know but are aware that it exists and that it is waiting for you. The eyes of your body will never behold what only your spirit can see; but they have infinite marvels through which they can enjoy, and on admiring them you exclaim: Father, how great is your power, how marvelous is your Creation, how immense is your love! Verily I say to you: Do not dwell on the limits that your physical eyes can behold, because far beyond all that is a perfect and eternal life.

2. Do not try to imagine how the Divine mansion may be; wait for your spirit to see it when he arrives there, elevating himself by his own merits. Verily I say to you that you will not be disappointed, because it is the Divine surprise, which as a reward is reserved for every child of God.

3. This earthly existence is temporary and it serves you as a step to escalate and a crucible to attain the true life. The teaching that I come to reveal to you will show you the way so that through this life you may reach the light and peace and will free yourselves from the material bonds that hold you down to the world. He who from here prepares his spirit for that journey with his deeds of love toward his brethren, on penetrating the Spiritual. Realm he feels himself in his true home, in his true homeland; he is not a stranger. On the other hand, he who penetrates that infinite valley by surprise will have to feel himself like a stranger in an unknown country. There are some who do not believe in that existence, others who believe in it but are afraid of it; However, there are others who because of their countless sufferings, ardently long for it. I say to the latter: do not wish to enter the spiritual life, believing to find there only a rest for your sorrows, because I promise you something more than that in that existence. Wait, resist your pain, pray and meditate, and the distance which separates you from Me, will be shortened. Your weeping in this world is not eternal. I have not created you to impose a torture upon you. Understand that every grief has a reason and that reason is one of your imperfections; therefore, endure the contents of that bitter cup, because it will reveal many teachings to you. Think about all this before My voice calls you toward the Hereafter.

4. Thus I speak to all Mankind, but to My disciples I say to them: You will have to be My strong warriors, those who will leave a trace of love behind them and carry as a banner the peace, brotherhood and good will. Analyze My teaching so that you will not be confused with so many theories and doctrines which exist in the world today; but if someone would become confused, it is a sign that he has not understood My Word. That is why I say to you: scrutinize My Word if you wish, but do not let the wind blow it away. Keep it in your heart, remember it in your solitude and go over it again in the peace of the countryside, then you will again feel My presence, My love and My charity.

5. Who will get to be masters in My teaching? Understand that not only will you have to teach with the word but also with deeds, because they shall be the first thing that you will show to the world. Humanity is tired of words. Is it by chance a sacrifice to comply with the Law that your Father has taught you? In that Era I said to you: "Love one another as I have loved you". And Elijah has now told you: "Charity and more charity toward your brethren and you shall behold My Father in all His splendor".

6. You form a people or rather a group of spirits in whose bosom I have manifested Myself now and during all eras.

7. The Messiah whom the prophets announced and the patriarchs awaited; the Master who gave His Word and His life to the world, promising that He would return, is He who today within the humility of these people has presented Himself invisible to the human eye, but filled with glory and majesty before your spirit. I have not come to hurt you, protesting the manner in which you treated Me during that Era. By chance would God ignore the fate that awaited Him by becoming Man? Verily I say to you that the Father imposed upon Himself that sacrifice voluntarily through the love for you. He knew before He came that the cross awaited Him; He also knew that His sacrifice would give you the perfect lesson of purest love, and would show you the way by which you will obtain a forgiveness for your sins.

8. Understand that I am the faithful guardian who is watchful over all, be it for the just as well as for the sinners. Like a thief who waits for nightfall to surprise those who slumber, thus I enter your heart; from there I only take away pain and on the other hand, I leave you My peace as proof of My presence. Learn to feel Me in the actions of your material existence. Feel My presence when you sit around your table to eat of your bread. Verily I say to you that at that moment I am present. Eat in peace and I will be the One who will distribute your bread, a bread of harmony, peace and blessing.

9. How the Divine Spirit suffers when in the homes He finds dissension, bad will and lack of charity! If you return to the pathway of love, you shall feel the peace of My presence instantly.

10. My lessons are very extensive for you to assimilate something from them. When those whom you call foreigners come to this nation and learn about this revelation, intrigued they will ask Me: Father, why did you love these people so much and favored them with your lessons? To this I will answer them: I love them the same as I do you and all of Mankind, but not all would have understood Me in the manner that I manifested Myself. You will not regard them as foreigners, you shall seat them at your table and converse with them, because among those hearts are the ones who will convey My Word to other nations. They will sow along their pathway and will fight as good warriors and when the struggle has passed and peace appears in the firmament like a Divine rainbow there will burst forth a spiritual hymn from all My children who from different places on Earth were united in prayer and in the struggle. That hymn will be the one that states: "Glory to God in the Highest and peace on Earth to men of good will!"

11. At present you are still like children who are in need of their fathers love; that is why I come to lavish you with My caresses, because I am your Father. I penetrate into your heart and know all that you are safekeeping within it. No one can keep secrets from Me, for I dwell within you.

12. When you barely began to hear this Word, the flame of your faith was weak, its light feeble; but as you were beginning to understand My teaching, the lamp of your faith began converting itself into a luminous guiding light.

13. Verily I say to you that only with faith and an unbreakable wish to comply with My Law, will you be able to cross that wilderness, like the strong Israel of the First Era.

14. Do not shy away from the trials of life, or ignore My teachings, because they are molding your spirit.

15. The strong ones will be those who shall give a better testimony of My manifestation and My truth; the weak will be seeking ways to simulate that they comply with their mission, when in reality they do not testify with their deeds the love and charity of My Doctrine.

16. There still remain some years in which you can continue listening to these lessons so that you may be properly prepared to transmit My teachings once My Word has ceased.

17. I want you to know now that you are not more than anyone; that the belief that you have fostered that you are a people of privileged beings, is in error, because the Creator in His perfect love toward all His creatures distinguishes no one. I say this because tomorrow you have to teach your brethren the Doctrine I brought to you during this period and I do not want you to appear before the last ones as superior beings, nor that your merits made you the only ones worthy of listening to My Word.

18. You will be comprehensive, humble, simple, noble and charitable brethren.

19. You will be strong but not arrogant, so that you will not humiliate the weak. If you possess great knowledge about My Doctrine, never make a display of your knowledge so that your brethren will not feel belittled near you.

20. You will bear in mind that all that you accumulated within your heart was not given so that you would hoard it, but to let My truth be known to your brethren, a portion of which is assigned by Me for each laborer.

21. Why must I have to repeat at every step that everything righteous that you do will be for the benefit of your spirit?

22. Do not foster any egotistical interests thinking only in your salvation and in your reward, because your disappointment will be very painful when you present yourselves in spirit, because you shall find that in reality you were unable to work for any reward.

23. So that you may better understand what I want to say to you, I give you the following example: There are and always have been men and women who have managed to perform charitable deeds among their brethren, and nevertheless, when they appear before Me, they have not presented to Me merits toward their spiritual happiness. And how did this come about? Can you conceive that they could have been victims of an injustice on their Fathers behalf? The answer is simple, disciples: They were not able to gather any benefit for themselves because their deeds were not sincere, because when they extended their hand to give something, they never did it moved with a true feeling of charity toward the one who suffers, rather thinking of themselves, in their salvation, in their reward. Some were moved by self-interest, others by vanity, and that is not true charity, because it was not heartfelt or unselfish, and I say to you that he who does not convey sincerity and love, is not sowing the truth nor is he working toward any reward.

24. The apparent charity could provide you some satisfactions on Earth that will arise from the admiration that you arouse and the adulation that you receive, but the apparent does not reach My kingdom, only what is true reaches there. Everyone will reach that place without being able to conceal the least blemish or impurity, because before appearing before God, you shall deprive yourselves of mantles, crowns, insignias, titles and all which pertains to the world, to present yourselves before the Supreme Judge as humble spirits who are to respond before the Creator about the mission entrusted to them.

25. Understand that you are a people who have been traveling since the First Era; unite now into one will and thus you will be able to behold My miracles and say: God has forgiven us, the Father pours His love upon us.

26. Some have come within the body of a child, others in that of a youth or in that of a maiden and others as an elder; only My gentle gaze can discover you, only I know the burden that each one carries and the atonement he is fulfilling. Only I can see the thorns that have pierced your feet, and it is then My love that removes them to heal your wounds.

27. I want it to be My Word, which you will receive until 1950, to be the unification of all of you, and that it not be suffering; but while you say, "In such a place what is received is not the truth", you will be cultivating in your heart the seed of division and discord. Your pride and vanity makes you feel superior and first among the rest and in that manner you are not imitating the Divine Master. The Word, in Oneness with the Father, became Man for the love of the sinners and you do not know how to renounce your pride, your false personality to love your brethren as I have taught you.

28. In order to communicate with these people, I have had to humanize My voice making use of a human spokesman who is not even clean of mind and heart. You judge the deeds of your brethren and if you find them imperfect you deny them and you shy away from them, and I ask you: Is that the teaching that I have given you? Like a new Lazarus I have said to these people: "Arise and walk", but the life that I have given them has been to dedicate it to love and to serve their fellowman, but you have not tried to imitate the gentleness of the Lamb; you are hardheaded, with a hardened heart, and that is why there are wars and discord in your midst, imitating that way the nations that are at war. Remember that I have said to you: "Do not judge your brother, because at any right moment your God and Lord will come to judge you". Do not imitate the bad examples of men; imitate your Master. You have a perfect example that will serve you as a lesson in your march of evolution toward the Promised Land, where the love of your Father awaits you.

29. Do you want those prophets of the First Era to appear among you, who with lamentations through streets and market places admonished you, in order for you to do penance and be repentant for your faults? Verily I say to you that you would judge them out of their mind and you would not believe them. However, some will arise speaking to the multitudes in halls of temples and prayer houses, where men congregate to render Me worship, discovering the falsehood of the idols and proclaiming the worship that God expects of His children.

30. Here among you, each spokesman, faculty or seer, has been a prophet; their voices united into one, have been elevated to show these people the way by means of prayer, practice of charity and worship through your deeds of love toward your brethren. Why is it that you sometimes lose your way when this is traced with blood of Divine love? Is it possible that you confuse them with the inroads that men have traced with homicidal blood?

31. Your conscience knows how right I am in speaking to you this way, but your heart resists and believes that I speak to you with excessive severity; then, full of repentance and weeping, you ask Me if you will be those who leave this path blemished or fill the heart of your brethren with pain. I say that you will not be confused, because My pathway is clear and luminous and he who opens his eyes and searches for it, will soon find it.

32. I will lift My Word and afterward men will come from distant lands to ask you if it was true that God came among you to speak to you as the Master. What will you answer them and what will your testimony be?

33. It has been a long time that I am calling upon your heart and that is why I said that you have Me near, but you have not opened its doors so that I may enter and dwell within. I have remained outside, patiently calling.

34. One of the most serious defects is that of hypocrisy ; do not proclaim love while incapable of loving Me in your fellowmen. How many of those who have judged the kiss of Judas do not want to know that they have given a kiss of apparent fraternity to their brother and behind his back have betrayed him! How many of those who say are serving the needy I see delivering light, truth and charity in exchange for coins. Why is it that when someone has intimidated you with questions, you have done as Peter did during his moments of weakness: denying Me and declaring that in truth you did not even knew Me? Why do you fear human justice and not mine? Verily I say to you that between the Divine justice and your sins, the intercession of Mary intervenes, your celestial Mother who always pleads for you.

35. I come to teach you to guide the multitudes, even when during the Second Era I had shown you how to lead them without tiring them, encouraging them with the gentleness of My Word, sustaining them in the wilderness and performing miracles to kindle the faith in their hearts.

36. I have said to you that in the year of 1950 My communication which I have had with you through a human spokesman will cease; but I will also tell you that before I lift it, there will be spokesmen who because of their impurity and lack of spirituality, I will close their cerebrums before the indicated time; but, this shall take place in order not to confuse anyone with lessons not containing My truth.

37. My light illuminates, but it does not blind or confuses; I am the Truth. Analyze this Word and this manifestation, and your conscience will tell you if it teaches you the true life.

38. Remember that it has been two eras that Mankind has previously lived. The first illuminated by the light of knowledge concerning the Divine Law; the second strengthened with the lessons of Divine love that I would give you in Jesus. Already a new era begins to convey its light upon men and nevertheless, they still sow and reap the seed of evil; they destroy one another, they cause harm and brother against brother fight to the death.

39. Centuries and more centuries have transpired and still men are not tired of sowing and reaping so much wickedness, nor have they tired of letting so much weeping to be shed, nor bathing the Earth with human blood. To what degree of bitterness will they want to drink from the bitter cup of pain that will stop them in their frenzied course and return to the true pathway? Your Father does not want you to drink the dregs that are left at the bottom of that bitter cup; nevertheless, that is what you are seeking with your arrogance and your hatred.

40. O beloved people, behold that Humanity finds itself hungry for peace. Why do you not prepare yourselves so that with your deeds of love you can convey to them the good news, lifting them toward faith and a true life? Why not extend to them a fraternal, noble and sincere hand, inviting them toward reflection and prayer?

41. It is certain that you will come up against the pride of scientists who believe they know and dominate everything, who believe to have discovered the secret of the infinite; but with how much wisdom and justice I will touch them and that shall be the moment when My people, who will already know how to testify about My Doctrine, will speak about the spirit, about the eternal life and the knowledge of the spiritual communication with God; they will make their voice be heard among nations, and that testimony shall be like a fertile seed falling upon rich soil.

42. Men will open their spiritual eyes to the light, but verily I say to you that before that happens, they will have received still many trials from Nature, through which will surprise and shake Mankind.

43. When all this has taken place, the inexorable justice of God will present itself putting a final stop to so much profanation and so much unbounded pride.

44. Endure the difficult test; many of those who had forgotten Me will remember to pray and many who believed that to discover and learn about the mysteries of Nature it was necessary to renounce all spiritual belief and all worship toward God, shall be convinced of their mistake. My light will be bathing and inspiring them to what their poor intelligence would never have found out.

45. The men of science have been very ungrateful, because they have forgotten the One who created everything which today fills them with pride, by believing they have discovered it themselves.

46. They have also been foolish and insensible, because they have become swelled with arrogance and superiority, believing to have penetrated the knowledge of Creation, when in reality they only know it superficially.

47. No one penetrates the secret Sanctuary of God, unless He sees fit to reveal to His children something of its contents; this will make you comprehend that he who aspires to learn about what the Lord keeps within His secret Sanctuary, it will be necessary to seek it through the path of humility, of love and of spirituality.

48. The supreme knowledge is not reserved for those men of developed minds, but rather to men of elevated spirit.

49. It would suffice that you, witnesses and listeners of this Word, would make known to men this doctrine about which they have not reflected upon, so that they, illuminated by their conscience, would have a presentiment of My truth through your words.

50. I need men of good will, strong and faithful men, sensitive to other peoples suffering and zealous toward the fulfillment of My Law, so that in the capacity as My envoys they can go beyond frontiers, cross countries and be sowing and spreading the knowledge of this Divine message; men who are to explain the reason for trials, of My justice, of wars, of destruction and of suffering; that in addition they can teach the sure way of finding peace and health, whether of the spirit or of the flesh.

51. From this people will emerge the heralds, the prophets of My New Word, laborers and sowers of this Doctrine of love and spirituality, as for what there must be purification and justice among you.

52. That manifestation of My Spirit promised by Me during the Second Era, is this which you are now seeing, o My people; behold that its end is already drawing near. Take advantage of each one of My lessons, because after 1950 they will not be heard in this manner. The hour is set and My will is irrevocable. If I did not comply with My word, I would cease to be your Father, because I would descend to a level in which men vibrate, when they affirm a concept today and tomorrow they betray themselves.

53. In the designs of God, there can be no variation, because by knowing the future He cannot be wrong.

54. God foresees everything from the beginning, with great justice and perfection.

55. Understand this which I have said, so that you too will know how to be firm in your deeds as your Master has taught you.

56. I am speaking to you from the radiant cloud of light that My disciples beheld in Bethany during the Second Era and which today the seers have contemplated. Verily I say to you that not even those who saw Me depart among the clouds understood the significance of that manifestation. Neither did those who during this period saw Me descend in Spirit understood the meaning of that cloud, until My Word came to explain it all to you and My spiritual beings made you understand it with their ample and clear word. Also the disciples of the Second Era, during the moment of contemplating the ascension of their Master, without understanding it, had the presence of a spiritual being who would explain to them that Jesus, whom they had seen ascending among the clouds, the World would see Him descend in the same manner: that is, in Spirit, in a new era.

57. This manifestation is the fulfillment of that promise, o My people; if the manner in which I have come seems very poor to some of My children, it is because he has not known how to elevate himself to contemplate the radiant light with which My Spirit illuminates the new Era.

58. Also during the Second Era many men who dreamed of the coming of the promised Messiah felt themselves disappointed when they beheld the humility of Christ, and that is why they rejected Me. They were not able to discover, through the external poorness of Jesus, the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Kingdom of the Light and the Truth.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 76

1. It is a day of grace for you. You come to listen to My loving Word which inundates your heart with love. You vibrate with joy, thinking that you are the forerunners of those generations of My disciples who are about to arrive on Earth; then you confess before Me that you are inept and weak to carry out a mission that should be worthy of Me. You doubt because you have not understood Me, but I would not send you to fulfill such a delicate task seeing you weak as you are during these moments. My teachings descend day by day to indoctrinate and strengthen you to send you into the struggle once you are firm in your faith.

2. If anyone believes that the sinners are not worthy that I should come to save them, Verily I say to you that he does not know Me. I do not want death for any of My children, and once again I am ready for the sacrifice to save them and take them to the true life. Understand that it is not possible that a being exists who having been created for a definite purpose will tend to change the will of the Creator, and you were created to elevate yourselves to Me along the pathway of truth. That path is the one that men have lost with their materialism, and it is the one which I have come to outline anew with My love.

3. I shall make this Humanity break the chains of slavery, alike the people of Israel to make their way toward the foot of the mountain where they will hear My voice which shall point out to them the road to the Promised Land.

4. I did not grant all Mankind the grace of hearing My Word during this Third Era; I did it with those who were able to feel and believe Me in this manner. This manifestation, this word, will serve as a preparation so that all Humanity will later feel My presence under only one form: the spiritual.

5. Do not fear o My people, be certain that you shall not be alone during that moment, because Nature will speak and the elements shall give testimony and fulfillment to My prophecies, so that Mankind acknowledges that this is the Third Era, of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

6. My justice will go over every creature and touch every human being like that time when the angel of the Lord passed over Egypt giving fulfillment to My justice, and being saved from it only those who had marked their doors with the blood of the Lamb.

7. Verily I say to you that everyone shall be saved who during this period is vigilant and has faith in the word and in the promises of the Savior, the Divine Lamb who was sacrificed to teach you to pray and fulfill the mission of your restitution with perfect love, because My blood, like a mantle of love, will protect him; but he who is not watchful, he who does not believe or blasphemes, shall be touched so that he will awaken from his lethargy.

8. The year 1950 draws near and soon the time of justice of which I speak will be here, the time of the struggle of the light against the darkness. Be prepared o My people, be watchful and pray, feel the pain of your brethren. Behold how the physical bodies are taken ill, and the spirit filled with distress because of the troubles besieging him, he seeks a beacon that will illuminate him and a balsam that will heal his maladies. I have prepared you so that you can become shepherds of those lost sheep and draw them to Me to clean their spirit, heal their body and prepare their way inspiring them with love and rectitude in order for them to begin a new life.

9. My light has appeared on this Earth and it spreads everywhere, congregating My children of all races and beliefs around Me. You, who now hear My Word, have recovered your gifts, you have been cured and are filled with strength. When Mankind knows about these happenings, they will call you the privileged, they will ask you to give them a bit of this truth that I have revealed to you and they will anxiously hear your words. There are many who should have been reading this book by now, have delayed their coming and will arrive when My Word has ceased; however, by then you will be prepared and you shall teach them with love just as I have taught you.

10. Do not fear the darkness in which your brethren live, nor moral contamination, nor the sword of their tongue. They will approach you, some of them stubborn and others understanding; you will teach everyone with charity. I have spoken to you with love and My words have been a caress and consolation for all My children. I have appeared before great multitudes disregarding that some believe and others deny My word. I have come to cultivate the human heart without any distinction; My love will make this watering fertile and in a short time the life of man will be transformed. After My Word has ceased you will remain as My disciples and will follow My footsteps, testifying with your deeds the truth of My lessons.

11. I want to make of you a strong people, a fighter who overcomes the obstacles and reaches the end of his mission to win over the reward I have promised him. When I have anointed you, I have made you recognize your gifts and you have remained prepared for the great journey. Do not submit those gifts to a test, instead believe in them and do not lack faith. Do not test Me, because if you did that I will always demonstrate who I am; but if I would submit you to a test, you would weaken.

12. If you wish to heal the sick, do it in My name, undertaking your mission with humility. When I indicate the end of the life of your brethren, do not ask me to prolong their existence; become guides of those spirits who are called to the Hereafter and whom I entrust to your charity; however, when you have to restore the health of the body, feel the pain of your brother and turn to your gifts, advising and giving strength and your love will achieve miracles.

13. You present to Me those hearts, who because of their insensibility have not received My Doctrine; be patient, for if you have faith in My Word you will sow this seed within all hearts, and I will grant to your portion the necessary proof for them to be convinced.

14. I want you to always remember My lessons, because I have not come to speak in the wilderness, but rather to deposit My light within your spirit and heart. Keep in mind that if you waste My teachings, there are many hungry ones who have been waiting for Me for a long time, because they know that I shall come to correct every mistake.

15. My chosen are scattered wisely throughout all nations;all have a mission of mine to fulfill. Some will come to this nation apparently moved by material causes: some in search of employment, others of peacefulness; by that time I want you to be prepared, that you already be My disciples. Only then will My Word be believed, by the example and faith that these people will be able to give their brethren.

16. I am the Divine Administrator who will send you in time to spread the seed, but I do not want these words to be heard from My disciples: Master, you told me that the land was prepared and clean and I have found thorns and stones where I have stumbled. And I have answered: I have not offered you a flowery path; I have said that it is the same one that Jesus traveled during the Second Era and after Him all His disciples.

17. All of you can follow Me, because you are cleansed. Before drawing you to Me, I have purified you, therefore you are worthy of spreading My seed within the heart of your brethren; the fields are prepared and ready because the spirit of Elijah has been during this period like the bell which has awakened everyone who sleeps. He awakens you so that you may hear My voice and not leave the Master speaking in the wilderness. All of you who rejoice listening to My Word, have been touched by the grace of that spiritual shepherd. Verily I say to you that when I see you congregated, listening to Me, there is rejoicing within Me, and when you do not approach the tree to eat of its fruit, there is sadness in your Father.

18. I have come to congregate these people who for a long time have been dispersed over the world; I have come to reunite the twelve families to make of them only one, and send them forth with a mission of peace among Mankind, but when I behold the ingratitude among these children, I cannot help but feel pain and sadness.

19. I have come to entrust to you the tree of Eternal Life, whose very sweet fruit is health, happiness and peace. I have allowed men to cultivate different trees, and I have seen that the majority of their fruits have been bitter, and they have made Mankind eat them.

20. My Word has come up against your egotism, that is why I have said that what I am delivering to you is so that in turn you will make it known to your brethren, but you only want to enjoy My manifestations without entering into any obligations with the others; however, the Master has not called you to teach you useless lessons, He has come to tell you to learn this Divine lesson, so that later you will take advantage of it during your lifetime putting it into practice among your fellowmen. I reveal to you at this moment that your spirit has an overdue debt with anyone who approaches you with some suffering, with a necessity or some petition. Behold with how much love I place them along your path in order for you to comply with your restitution making them the object of your charity.

21. For a long time I have been speaking to you about forming within the bosom of these people a new apostleship. Generation after generation they have listened to My Word, and still I do not discover those who by their firmness can be the foundation of My temple.

22. The year 1950 will have to surprise you and as you will no longer hear My Word you will feel like orphans.

23. My justice will have to touch you until you understand that you have to unite and form a people full of harmony and brotherhood. Those times draw near, and now that you still have an opportunity of preparing yourselves with love, I say to you: Do not go to sleep waiting for that hour to come.

24. Unification seems difficult for you, and your reconciliation and brotherhood impossible with all peoples of the Earth; verily I say to you that men will get to recognize and love one another.

25. When men submit their freedom of will to their conscience and act in accordance with the Divine will, they will feel that the burden of life will be lightened and that nothing tires the body nor the spirit.

26. How much the Father longs for all of you to feel as children before Me and not as the accused! Always when you leave the Earth and present yourself to give Me an accounting of yourselves concerning the fulfillment of your mission, you feel downcast before the charges that your conscience makes, and it is now time that you should come intoning a hymn of triumph and joy, so that you may be able to say to the Father: Lord, all is consummated.

27. If the pathway had been wider all of Mankind would have already reached the summit; but since the path has been of trials and the door narrow, it has been necessary to earn merits in order to penetrate it.

28. It is impossible that from this world you can try to imagine what is or how is My Kingdom, Heaven and Glory. It suffices for you to know that it is a state of perfection of the spirit, from where he sees, feels and understands the marvelous life of the spirit, which you cannot understand or conceive now.

29. I say to you that neither the spirits who inhabit higher levels than those where you live, know the reality of that existence. Do you know what it is to live within the bosom of the Father? When you dwell there, then you will be able to know it. Only a vague presentiment, a slight intuition of that mystery will briefly cross through your heart like an incentive along your path of evolution.

30. Come to the Father along the narrow road of love, which is charity, which is forgiveness, which is humility, and you will remove from Him his sadness.

31. O My people, I have seen you weep for the world; blessed are you! Your heart begins to feel the pain of others. I have contemplated you in the silence of the night elevating your thought to Me, to ask Me for peace and balsam for Mankind. Verily I say to you: You do not know how much the world receives from your prayer!

32. Do not be afraid of not being able to know during this existence the result of your petitions and your tears for those whom you do not even know. The chisel of pain is polishing your heart and My Word inspires within you at every instant. Now you will understand the power that you possess through your thought, as well as through other gifts that until now you have not developed. Within you there exists a life still unknown.

33. Can you imagine the tribulation of a spirit when upon returning to the Spiritual Realm he becomes aware that he was unable to fulfill his mission in the world nor reveal to the flesh its gifts and attributes? During this period I come to deliver My lessons again, even though in the Doctrine that I gave you in the Second Era I had already given them to you, but then you were unable to analyze them. All that you could not manage to understand you considered it as a mystery and over it you drew a veil. That veil is what I have come to tear down with My light so that those mysteries will manifest their essence.

34. Here is why I have said to you that you did not know the power of thought. Now I say to you that thought is voice and hearing; it is a weapon and it is a shield. It creates as well as destroys. The thought shortens the distance between the absent and finds those whom it had lost. Know your weapons before the struggle begins; he who knows how to prepare himself will be strong and invincible. It will not be necessary to use the homicidal weapons. Your sword shall be your clean and pure thought, and your shield your faith and charity. Even in the silence, your voice will resound as a message of peace.

35. This is the lesson that I have come to teach you now, and verily I say to you that My words will not be lost, just as it was not in vain one single drop of the blood shed at Calvary. From the time I have given you for your material existence, I am taking away some instances so that you may obtain eternal life. These moments are priceless.

36. I did not even insist that you believe in Me; when you arrived, it was I who went ahead giving you proof by healing the maladies of your body, giving peace to your spirit or something that you believed as unattainable. Afterward, when you have believed in Me and have surrendered yourselves with faith toward the fulfillment of My Law, I have pointed out to each one his mission so that he will not deviate from the pathway, and that he will only take what corresponds to him and extend to his brethren charity and love just as I have come to do with you.

37. By chance do you believe that all those who indoctrinate are teachers? Do you believe that all those who regard themselves as ministers of God are envoys of mine or is it that I have given them the mission that they are carrying out? Do you believe that all those who reign, govern and command in the world possess the necessary gifts to fulfill that mission? No, My people. How few are those who fulfill the obligation that has truly been entrusted to them. While some usurp a position that does not befit them, those who should fulfill it are humiliated and passed over. I have had to come anew as the Master to teach you, I who am your God, to offer you a spiritual communion and I, who am your King to govern you, to guide your spirit along the path of evolution.

38. Formerly you only accumulated words that no one taught you to understand or to interpret and that only filled you with confusion. Who among you after receiving My Word as a seed and a fertilizing sprinkling of My light which explains it all, still believes in the eternal fire of hell? No one. Today you know that it will not be the fear of a punishment that will make you comply with My Law, rather your love, born from the profoundness of your heart. Those times when your spirit trembled before the justice of a terrible and inexorable God, have passed. What I revealed to you in past eras in a figurative meaning has been interpreted erroneously. What you should know is that when the conscience of a sinner manages to withdraw the spirit from its materialism and points out to him all his errors, the comprehension of his ungratefulness will make him repent and the shame that he shall suffer will be so intense that it will seem so weak alongside the false idea of a physical fire as a purifying element of the spirit.

39. The conscience is the light of God and that light is fire of love, which consumes all impurity. Behold the fire wherein the spirit blends anew, in order to arise again full of light.

40. I also say to you that just as that fire exists in the conscience, which is not material fire, there also exists darkness and solitude, in the spirit which are not like those you have in the world, nor as you imagine them.

41. How can you ever believe that on the day of judgment the bodies of the dead will be resurrected and be united to their spirits in order to enter the Kingdom of God? How can you interpret in that manner what you were taught in other eras?

42. The flesh is of this world and here it remains, while the spirit arises free and returns to the existence from where it emerged. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; that which is born of My Spirit is spirit". The resurrection of the flesh is the reincarnation of the spirit, and if some believe that to be a human theory and others believe it to be a new revelation, verily I say to you that I began to make it known to the world since the beginning of Mankind; as proof of it you can find it in the text of the Scriptures which are a testimony of My works.

43. However, during this period this revelation has reached your spirit in a greater level of evolution. Shortly it will be justly regarded as one of the most rightful and loving laws of the Creator. Disregard the belief that you had about the "Day of Judgment", which is not a day like yours, because it is a period, and the end of the world is not the end of the planet where you live, but of the egotistical life you have created within it.

44. Verily I say to you: You are living in the day of the Lord, you are already under His judgment. The living and dead are now being judged; past and present deeds are being weighed in this scale. Open your eyes so that you can be witnesses that the Divine justice is being felt everywhere.

45. Now is when you should remain strong, because the storm has been unleashed and the temptations besiege you at every step. Abandon Sodom and Gomorrah, the sinful cities, and do not turn your face around, because they are inviting you and now that you have been liberated, do not fall back in their midst; it might be that by then you might not have strength to withdraw from them. Go forth toward the city of peace without stopping, the one that will be established within your heart when the time comes.

46. How long will the judgment last? You do not know; but verily I say to you that the time of purification will be shortened by My Divine charity. Elders who weep because your reasoning tells you that you shall not see on Earth the triumph of My Law, verily I say to you: Who is able to assure that you will not be back to the world by then to be witnesses to the coming of My Kingdom and take one more step along the pathway? To those who will not return I say to them that I shall allow them to behold from the Hereafter the triumph of My justice, and the voice and presence of those beings will be felt on Earth.

47. I have delivered to you a new lesson; with it I have destroyed erroneous concepts, because you have materialized previous teachings. Behold that I speak to you in many forms; I teach you the same lesson in many ways so that no one remains without understanding My word. Bear in mind that neither your spirit nor your understanding have the same level of evolution in all who come to listen to Me. I know what each one needs; that is why I humanize and limit My word until I make it comprehensible to all and each one of My beginners.

48. After delivering My lesson to you and in order for your analysis to be correct and your interpretation just, I send you My spiritual emissaries, messengers and interpreters of My word, so that they may help you in your study and find the essence of My revelations.

49. I want you to get to comprehend the importance that the study and analysis of My word has, since each phrase contains when not a revelation, a prophecy; when not a judgment, a lesson for your spirit.

50. Whoever gives My Work the importance that it contains during this Third Era and goes deeply into the analysis of My word, they will behold the flourishing and development of many gifts which were latent in their being. Blessed are those who awaken before the voice of their Lord, because upon rising to fulfill their mission, they will perceive that they are not outcasts or needy as they had believed, and besides, they will know that they were never forgotten by their Father.

51. He who because of foolishness, disbelief or materialism, does not develop his gifts and spiritual faculties during this period, will be surprised at every step by the great events and trials destined to manifest themselves in this era; that is why I say to you: Prepare yourselves, be watchful and pray, put Mankind on the alert.

52. Have you noticed within you a spiritual awakening? Are you convinced that you truly found yourselves sleeping? Therefore, do with your brethren what My Word has done to you, and you will be in condition to begin the communication of spirit to Spirit.

53. When you speak about Me and deliver your testimony, speak clearly in order not to confuse anyone. By chance, did I come hidden behind something mysterious or shrouded in shadows? It is true that I have come in Spirit, invisible to your human eyesight, but spirit does not signify mystery nor darkness, but light, truth and clarity to him who knows how to observe with good faith and analyze with good will.

54. To these people who have been witnesses of My communication through a human faculty, I let them know that for the time they have dedicated towards this study and the struggle they have sustained to remain firm among the multitudes and tomorrow have a fruit worthy of their merits, it is necessary that when this word ceases to vibrate through a spokesman they will have accumulated within their heart all My teachings, in order for them to be capable of testifying this truth.

55. Within their heart My people say to Me: Master, during many years we have listened to your Divine Word without being able to reach the profoundness of your teaching. How can we be able to attain the preparation that you ask of us in the limited years that remain while listening to you? And I say that if you have not been able to understand My revelation, it has been because you have lacked preparation and meditation to obtain the best analysis of the lessons I have been delivering to you.

56. I am going to grant you a divine grace that through its means you will be able to extract all the knowledge I have given you in My Word; but do not believe this grace consists of prolonging My stay among you. No. What would be the object if I had to remain a longer period after having said it all and having bequeathed it to you in those writings? That grace of which I speak, you shall have it immediately after My Word has ceased to vibrate in 1950; then I will grant you a time in order for you to dedicate yourselves to the reading of the countless lessons I gave you; you will make a conscientious meditation and a profound study that will help you discover all the essence of the Living Word spoken in His communication with all men.

57. With that study you will be spiritualizing yourselves and you shall progress in knowledge and preparation. Then you will joyfully exclaim: Father, blessed are you, because you gave us the opportunity of taking advantage of that wealth of light you brought to us and that was already moving away from our heart.

58. This is the Third Testament of the Only God who has manifested Himself to men in three forms or distinct phases.

59. You cannot deny that during the time of My communication My indulgencies were with you, although My justice was also present; all of that has helped you to comprehend that truly it pertained to a Divine revelation and that it is true that a new Era has begun for Mankind.

60. 0! blessed nations, even though you do not feel the proximity of My presence, nor are you aware that you have entered a new era which is of light and of justice, I give you My love, My forgiveness and My blessing!

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 77

1. Welcome beloved laborers, who have been converted into My companions in struggle and in work.

2. Those who have embraced this cross with love come to offer Me the fruit of their labor, because they are happy knowing that they serve their Father. Others arrive sad and crestfallen before Me; they are those who upon hearing that on the streets they were called heretics, traitors or sorcerers, were overcome with fear and shame and since then they hide themselves from the looks of their brethren; and when they happen to speak about My Work they do it briefly with fear and hesitation. What fruit will these timid hearts be able to raise and what peace will they achieve knowing they are disciples of this Doctrine?

3. I want My disciples to be masters of themselves in all occasions; that they testify the truth of My Doctrine before their brethren with their deeds of love and carry their heads high and with peace in their heart because all that will be proof of a firm conviction of the truth that they have embraced a testimony of faith and dignity before their brethren.

4. To those weak and afraid I come to speak to them with words that will lift their downhearted spirit and kindle their faith. I come to convince them that no one in the world will be able to present to them a more perfect and spiritual Doctrine than the one I have revealed to you in this period.

5. When that certainty penetrates within their heart they will no longer hide themselves from the gazes of their brethren or will they be ashamed or remain silent. They will raise their face, manifest in their actions the light that My teaching radiates and shall not fear anyone's judgment, because they will be at peace with their conscience.

6. I have brought to you a lesson and I have explained it with words easy to understand so that soon you will practice it; I have taught you maxims which on being impressed indelibly in your heart, you will have them present during any moment of your life so that when Humanity happens to ask you for proof, you shall give testimony of My truth without any hesitation and without fear.

7. I have not come to offer you thrones, crowns or treasures of the world, but rather the knowledge of the gifts for the spirit; but verily I say to you that a single one of these gifts is worth more than all the kingdoms of the Earth.

8. I say to you that although you know that what I have delivered to you is of infinite value, do not become conceited because of it; bear in mind that I, your King, being the owner of everything created, have humbly and without any display, appeared before you.

9. He who wishes to know about My Kingdom, to dwell in it and possess its riches, let him conquer it with love and with humility.

10. My Spirit invites everyone to come in search of My Kingdom, not only the inhabitants of this nation but also men of all nations. My seed is spread throughout the world, they are the chosen ones with the blood of the Lamb, those who have arrived and continue arriving among Mankind, giving the Good News, awakening men from their lethargy and preparing the path for them. They will raise behind them the great caravans to guide them toward spirituality; they will go forth in front of the people like that star, which guided the Three Kings in the Second Era, indicating to them the birthplace of the Savior.

11. It has been predetermined that I shall manifest Myself through each one of My marked people and My manifestations will be of light, of power and consolation. They will be My forerunners, My prophets, My inspired ones; they will be apostles of spirituality, doctors, guides and advisers. All this of which I speak was already written and predicted.

12. Here you had the envoy of the Third Era, through whose lips Elijah spoke, who came to prepare the New Era; you had the spokesmen through whose faculty My Word vibrated. In other places, under different ways, they will have My message that shall be for their spiritual preparation as this communication has been to you.

13. The message will be brief, and once delivered by those who received it, they will have to arise and give it fulfillment with their deeds of love.

14. Humanity shall be united spiritually through these messages, because the essence of all of them will be only one: My Truth.

15. Let no one change or alter the meaning of My revelations so that once the hour of your encounter arrives; you will not come across with different interpretations.

16. You, who are receiving a clear and ample revelation, as is My Ray of Light made word, you are in this era the most responsible in the face of Mankind and this Work. Blessed are the disciples faithful in My teaching, blessed are those who fervently seek My Word, because they will be filled with wisdom.

17. There are some who attend My manifestations as a custom and while My Word speaks to their heart, their thoughts wander along to different places, occupied when not only in deep worries, but also in superfluous desires. I say that you must not sleep before My lesson, because you do not know the moment when I will call you to fulfill a delicate mission.

18. You ask Me why I have come to communicate through the faculty of the ignorant, and I say to you that his ignorance may be in his uncultured mind, but not in his spirit, which is evolved. Some will say: "Father, with what precision your prophecies are being fulfilled". Others with sadness say to Me within their heart that they are afraid to imitate the traitor of My apostles, forced by the heavy burden of worries and obligations that they have on Earth. However, I say to you: Look at Me, that having to take care of the needs of all the worlds and all those beings that form the Universe, I still descend among you to bring you a light, some hope or a drop of balsam.

19. I promised you during that era to return among Mankind and here I am fulfilling that promise even though many centuries have passed. Your spirit longed for My presence in his wish for peace, in his hunger for truth, in his yearning for knowledge, and My Spirit has descended to make you hear a teaching in accordance with the period in which you live. How can men wish to keep on living as they have done until now? It is no longer time for them to be at a standstill spiritually nor lethargic in the practice of rituals and traditions.

20. Humanity should by now know their Father better, feeling within their heart the suffering of their fellowmen and contemplate with the eyes of their spirit those beings deprived of light who wander through space filling their incarnated brethren with pain and darkness so that they may guide them with their prayers toward the path of spiritual progress.

21. To your left and to your right are the needy, also those dead to a life of grace, and you let them pass by because you do not know what to do with them; however, if you do not know what to do with one of your brethren when you see the world wars unleashed and pain multiplied and overflowing, what are you to do? You feel yourselves insignificant and powerless to help those who suffer in some way.

22. It was necessary for Me to come during this period of suffering to remind you of forgotten teachings and to reveal new lessons to you. It will not be necessary for you to perform miracles as you imagine them. Verily I say to you that many times you perform true miracles that only I know, because not even you are aware of it.

23. I only ask that you have great faith, that you practice the spiritual prayer and that you persevere in righteousness and your eyes will be witnesses of great miracles.

24. I promised Mankind to return in another era and here you have Me fulfilling My promise. I had to come again to conclude a teaching which throughout two eras I had come revealing it to you, and whose last part had been reserved for this Third Era.

25. It has not been your heart who has waited for Me, since it lacked the knowledge of that promise of My return seeing that My Word and prophecies of the Second Era remain almost hidden; it has been your spirit who has received Me, because he preserved My promise and was able to feel in that calling of his conscience the presence of the Creator, appreciating the essence of the Divine Word, when it touched the fibers of your heart.

26. This has been a period of satisfactions in which I have wanted you to feel very close to the presence of the spiritual, humanizing My Word, permitting to a certain limit the materialization of the Spiritual Realm and allowing you that through the gift of vision you would behold something of the Spiritual Realm and also something of the future.

27. All these manifestations have momentarily dazzled your mind, because I find you confused. You hear My word and although it is clear you are not able to comprehend its significance; you know that this Doctrine has descended from Me, free of every human influence and nevertheless, you are mixing it with cults and practices characteristic of idolatry and fanaticism; you know only too well that this teaching is spiritual, and you would wish it to be something tangible or visible to human eyes.

28. The torrent of light which has poured upon your spirit has dazzled you; you still have not succeeded in finding the essence of this revelation, but verily I say to you that this confusion will be temporary and that as you are penetrating into the profoundness of My Word, you will be acquiring knowledge of its truth and its spirituality, whether on interpreting the Doctrine as well as on practicing it.

29. Not everything has been imperfect and impure; within you there has been something which has permitted you to feel the message of the Third Era and that something has been your sensitivity toward the spiritual, for which I have named you forerunners of spirituality among the peoples of the Earth.

30. This message that you are receiving from your Master through a spokesman has been the preliminary lesson because My communication through this means will soon cease and then you will begin to communicate from spirit to Spirit and you will arise in search of towns and nations to deliver the message of spirituality that I announced to Mankind that the Third Era is here, that the spiritual era has arrived.

31. While you do not analyze or comprehend the Doctrine of Spirituality, I will not permit you to rise to preach, because My Word is a Divine seed, which must not be mixed with another seed, nor should it be confused with straw.

32. Before the light sheds in your mind, there will be a battle within you; but it is necessary for that struggle to take place in order to compel you to meditate and delve deeper into My Work until you succeed in seeing it defined and clear, until you find its truth and its essence. When that fight ceases, when those feelings calm down and the storm has subsided, the people will come out of the darkness into the light to become the propagators of a Doctrine of peace, of a teaching of knowledge, that will reveal to men the most unexpected secrets that will help them to be great, wise, strong and spiritually elevated.

33. Seek the immortality of the spirit, practicing My Doctrine of love. The fields are suitable to sow My seed; behold confusion everywhere, men are like the winds which know not from whence they come or where they are going. It was necessary for My light to appear along the path of Mankind. The light has now been cast, I have sent it; it remains for men to open their eyes to it.

During these moments I prepare you so that you will teach your brethren to elevate their eyes toward the infinite where they will be able to behold the Divine light.

34. But verily I say to you, how hardened and cold I find your heart; in spite of listening to this celestial teaching hour after hour the doors of your charity are still not opened. I have taught you to visit the sick in his bed, to visit prisons and hospitals, to convey a ray of light to those places of expiation; I have taught you to give wise counsel or a phrase of true consolation. Do you know why I send you to visit those places? So that those who know how to feel their brethren’s pain may practice charity and those of cold hearts on finding themselves before those scenes of suffering, will be touched and thus the seed of compassion and charity may begin to germinate in their heart.

35. Make your existence on Earth productive, so that when you arrive before My presence you will not have to confess filled with remorse, that you were unable to take advantage of the times and that your life was spiritually sterile.

36. It is the moment when the conscience speaks and tells you if you have worked with limpidity or not, if you have harmonized with one another, if you have known how to receive the needy, the sick and the poor with love and charity.

37. Pray, beloved disciples, so that the good inspirations will always accompany you and tomorrow you will not fall into temptation; I want to see you united in My Work, loving one another and living to serve your brethren.

38. Each house of prayer where you manifest your love to Me, is like a branch; all of them in unity form a solid tree; some are big and strong, others are still small and weak, but all are taken into account because from their oneness emerges a freshness, a shade and a shelter for all travelers; may each one be watchful over his branch, because the storms draw near, which will shake the foliage of the tree with violence and fury. That trial is necessary so that the dry leaves and bad fruits fall on the ground, so that when the caravans approach, they will find a good shade for their fatigue and seasoned fruits to satisfy their hunger.

39. The dry leaves and the bad fruits are all those practices and habits which you have inserted into My Work, since they are not a part of it; day by day and year by year you have forcefully practiced them as if they are the same Law.

40. I want you to open your eyes to the truth in order for you to become aware of the purity of My Doctrine, and little by little you can free yourselves of everything superfluous that you have blended into your practices.

41. The storm approaches, but it does not come to destroy you, but rather to leave with you a very great benefit if you know how to remain calm and take advantage of its lessons; however, if through your fanaticism you become attached to your customs and do not take advantage of the trial, you will remain submerged in a deep lethargy that you will not know how long it will last; afterward a new whirlwind will come, still stronger, to awaken you from your sleep, your mistakes and your disobedience.

42. Meditate deeply over the purpose of My new manifestation and you will remain convinced that I came to liberate you from the lords of the world, from the chains of ignorance and fanaticism, freeing your spirit to help him elevate himself to Me and serve his fellowmen, making use of his spiritual gifts. But after having given you this freedom, do you still want to fall into darkness and into a more painful yoke? Reflect with the maturity of an evolved and indoctrinated spirit so that you will measure the consequences of what a new disobedience would cause you.

43. Be convinced from here on that I did not call for you so that you would come to idolize new symbols, but rather for you to learn a lesson of love; understand that it is not even My will for you to remain always congregated within the warmth of these prayer houses, but that once you are strong you will have to rise to practice the lesson learned; it does not matter that you separate from those who heard the Master together with you, since after all you will always be united in the spiritual.

44. Keep in mind that I have told you that scientists, theologians and philosophers will come before you to question you, and that you are not to conceal with undignified practices and confused words the splendor of the light I kindled within your spirit, nor to cloud the purity of a Work that is without any blemish, like the one I come to entrust to you, but to demonstrate to them the wisdom of which I have made you possessors.

45. Think of your children, in those generations of tomorrow, those who will regard you as privileged beings for having had the incomparable privilege of having listened to the Holy Spirit through His spokesmen, and of course they will want to behold in your deeds the virtue and purity, spirituality and wisdom that you inherited from Me. Have you at any time thought about all this? Nevertheless, if you prepare yourselves, all of you may be able to serve Me, all of you can be righteous and elevate yourselves to Me; if it were not so, I would not have come to call upon you during the Third Era.

46. Now you are humans, however I will make angels out of you who will come to dwell within My Realm of light. Today you are on trial; you are being purified in this crucible of vicissitudes from which you will come out cleansed and strong.

47. In like manner that I point out your imperfections in order for you to correct them, I also bless and praise your qualities and good deeds. Do you think I have not seen you pray for the sick? Do you believe I have not beheld your efforts to extend the knowledge of My Doctrine and that I have not been aware of your efforts to regenerate yourselves, as well as your renunciations and sacrifices to be worthy of My charity? I know and see it all and proof of it is that in each good deed that you perform, I make you feel My peace and a deep satisfaction for having done good.

48. During these moments I listen when you say to Me. "Father, how much suffering war causes in its wake among Mankind." We can anoint the sick who are within our reach, but what can we do among those who suffer in distant countries?" The Master says to all those who know how to weep for their brethren: Keep on visiting and anointing those who are within your reach and pray for the distant ones, for I will do what you are unable to do. Soon the time will come when you will have to disperse throughout the world, delivering My message of spiritual freedom, peace and salvation to all nations; the moment will soon come when My emissaries will make Humanity feel the sweetness of My balsam within the essence of My Word.

49. Now everyone eat of the bread of My Word and feel yourselves forgiven by your Father; everyone be seated at My table. I do not come to ask who washed his hands to eat his bread and who did not. I want that he who knows how to prepare his heart to hear My word as well as the one who arrives without that preparation, let all take delight in eating of the Divine bread, because all of you are My children and I will convert everyone into apostles of the truth. The tree, the fountain and the pathway are for all.

50. Behold the Spirit of Truth in the twentieth century, explaining what He said to you during the Second Era and that you were unable to interpret. My apostles of those times while hearing Me were even confused, and while deliberating among themselves they said: It seems that sometimes the Master contradicts Himself; but the time came when they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and recognizing the greatness of My Word they understood that the human language is too poor to express the Divine, and because of that sometimes they believed that the Master had committed some error while indoctrinating them.

51. They continued My Work of salvation writing their names alongside that of their Master with deeds of love and humility, and thus they testified My truth.

52. Notice how much time has passed since then over this Humanity who calling themselves believers of Christ and recognizing My apostles as followers of the Master, have more and more removed from their heart that essence and that seed, leaving only My name, which they are not able to pronounce with respect or honor with their deeds.

53. Seek My name on Earth and you will find it on the lips of the majority of men; seek My presence and you will only find it represented in images made by human hands. Seek My footsteps and you will not find them within the heart of Mankind, because they have been erased from there.

54. These people have listened to Me during this period and they have heard that revealing phrase which states. "You and they are the same ones". He who understands the meaning of that phrase will then say: How can it be possible for me to remain ungrateful and contain myself for always in my selfishness? And in the face of that reflection he awakens and arises toward the fulfillment of his mission.

55. I say to you that it is necessary for Humanity to know that its spirit has come many times to Earth and that still they have not been able to arise along the pathway of My Law in order to reach the summit of the Mount.

56. In the middle of the present century I shall lift this word, which has now been with you and that tomorrow will be within all My children as a fertile seed.

57. Study My Word seeking within its profoundness the Divine essence and you will live the supreme enjoyment of being the sowers in the domain of the Lord.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 78

1. The clarity and simplicity of My teaching has inspired in you encouragement to take the first steps in the Third Era and you have now begun to stumble over My Divine phrases. You begin to realize that it is a pleasure for the heart to remove the pain of a fellowman and give him love and charity.

2. Do not call Me unjust if for an instant the suffering and ordeals hover over you; you should know that they strengthen the spirit and that besides, these people have been an instrument of My will throughout the eras to present to Mankind examples through them. Be strong so that in your vicissitudes you can give proof of love and obedience in the face of My will.

3. Analyze and understand all the lessons I am giving you and do not make bad use of them because you will return with your garments tattered and your heart filled with bitterness like the prodigal son of the parable. Make from your heart a granary and store the Divine seed there. When the time comes I shall make a calling to Mankind, inviting them to come to this nation, which will open its doors to the outsiders, to those travelers who seek peace, light and health. And the doors of your heart shall open like those of the Second Jerusalem, the spiritual city whiter than the fields of snow, whose doors are opened since eternity, waiting for the children of the Father.

4. Great is the spiritual mission of the inhabitants of this nation; therefore, prepare your heart in order to give lodging to every brother who approaches you, regardless of race, color or condition.

5. Your spirit still has not been able to understand all the magnitude of the revelation that he has received during this period, but your heart has a presentiment that something great has descended among you. Your world of yesterday has disappeared since you listened to My Word, because your egotism was touched by it. That world was small because it was limited to your dear ones, to what you possess on Earth and to the imperfect concept that you have of what the Law of God is. Now your horizon has extended toward the infinite, and there you foresee an unknown world that you will get to conquer through your spiritual elevation. Now you see in each human being a brother and in each man a son of My Divinity. Today you see the life as a step in the infinite ladder of your elevation toward the Creator. Now you know that those who suffer in this valley of tears have not been forgotten by God and that all receive the light of His love.

6. Disciples, remain in the peacefulness that I give you. Do not allow the world with its temptations to snatch it away from you, because you will have to pray for your fellowmen and, how will you be able to think about them when peace does not exist in your heart? Overcome the obstacles in your existence and do not consider them as invincible. The strength within man is great, what you have lacked is faith. Persevere in faith, in your good deeds, and with them you will move mountains from their place.

7. Do not consider your life to be sterile believing that you have not carried out great deeds. If it is unsoiled, you must have done something righteous because I have said to you, that through the first ones, the last ones will recognize Me. Accept that mission with pleasure.

8. I receive complaints from some hearts when they explain to Me that among their dear ones are the unbelievers who have twisted the pathway. They tell Me that they have spoken much to them, and have achieved nothing. I say that you must learn to speak with deeds, and also through silence, that you must be intuitive with reason in order not to be untimely. If you prepare yourselves, if you know how to persevere, your steady look will become penetrating and you shall not let go that opportune moment when you must give that heart the last touch with your chisel. Your triumph will show that those whom you considered strong in their stubbornness, in reality were weak. Put into practice My Divine advice, and soon you will give testimony of My truth. I will grant you this charity because I have more to give than what you ask of Me.

9. Among your people are those who have greatly torn apart My Work with their tongue and have made your heart bleed. I shall not avenge you because My justice is perfect; however I will soon come to touch them, for it is the time when "every eye shall see Me".

10. Ask yourselves: Would you be here listening to Me if suffering had not touched you? There were some who blasphemed, complained and denied Me; but the pain was stronger than them and it humbled them; then they arrived before the presence of My manifestation and wept with repentance. Now they are those who bless that pain that made them come to Me.

11. It is up to you to pray for those who now deny Me. Make them understand that I have come in search of your spirit because I behold him thirsty and hungry for My Divine essence. I do not seek your physical body, because it has on Earth all that it needs.

12. I must tell you that you should not believe that it is indispensable for the spirit to have a human body and life on Earth in order to evolve; however the lessons that he receives in this world are certainly of great benefit toward his perfection.

13. The flesh helps the spirit in his evolution, in his experiences, in his expiation and in his struggles; this is the mission that corresponds to him and you can confirm it with this manifestation of My Divinity through man whose faculty I have come to avail Myself, utilizing him as an instrument to transmit My message. Understand that not only the spirit is destined for the spiritual even what is most insignificant within the material has been created for spiritual objectives.

14. I have come to give a reminder and a calling to your spirit so that by overcoming the influence of the material, which has dominated him, he can make his light reach the heart and mind utilizing his gift of intuition.

15. This light signifies for your spirit the path towards his freedom! This Doctrine comes to offer him the means to elevate himself above the human existence and to be the guide for all his works, lord over his feelings and not a slave of lower passions or a victim of weaknesses and miseries.

16. When the spirit allows himself to be dominated by the influence of what ever surrounds him on Earth he comes to identify himself to such an extent with his physical body that he forgets his true nature; he withdraws from the spiritual life, to the point of becoming strange to him, and that is why when his body dies, he has to become perturbed or confused.

17. How easily the body dies! But how difficult it is for the spirit who was unable to prepare himself and be liberated from his confusion.

18. While some in their confusion remain close to their dead body, others, conserving in their spirit the impressions of their physical body, continue believing to be humans without being able to elevate themselves toward the mansion that belongs to them and remain bound to those whom they loved in the world.

19. There is no more bitter cup on Earth nor a more intense pain than that of confused spirits. Their setbacks, their not being able to understand what happens around them, their remorse, their nostalgia of what they left behind, their solitude, the silence and the helplessness to elevate themselves, constitute the fire where they will be purified until they attain the light.

20. Do you believe it would be inexact if I say to you that millions of spirits depart in a state of confusion from this world? It is the result of the ignorance of men, due to their lack of meditation and prayer.

21. My Doctrine of the Second Era revealed to men the spiritual life, but instead of analyzing My lessons and fulfilling My precepts, they created religions around My Doctrine, confining themselves to the compliance of rituals and material ceremonies, which did not enlighten their spirit more, but did withdraw them from the pathway of their fulfillment.

22. Among you are those who ask Me if upon leaving this existence they will fall into darkness; to this I answer that if they did not analyze My Word or put it into practice, it would be of no use to have been among these multitudes listening to My Doctrine of light.

23. What the spirit sows, will be what he will reap; that is the Law and justice.

24. I, your Savior, have pointed out to you in all Eras the right path, and I have revealed the means to avoid pain, confusion and darkness.

25. Now I come once again among you in fulfillment of that mission, making light along your uncertain paths, awakening you from your lethargy, reminding your spirit that a new mansion awaits him which he has to reach prepared to be able to inhabit and enjoy it forever.

26. I come to you to awaken and ask you: Who among you is a disciple by his own free will? No one; it is I who has called you. To listen to My Word again you have had to be on Earth various times. Between one incarnation and another I have granted you a truce for meditation and preparation toward a new life.

27. The spirit, when he is within the body, shares with its fatigue and it is necessary for him to have a rest after a struggle, as well as a meditation in order to form a plan that he must follow before undertaking a new battle. Without those truces or stops along your pathway, you would progress very little along your way. However, it is necessary for a clean and pure Doctrine to teach you these lessons with full clarity, so that your heart convinced by this truth will have some knowledge of the reason why many of the phenomenon and events which, without My revelation you would never manage to understand. Within My charity there is endless time, life, the destiny of all; nothing escapes My power.

28. First you knew Me as an inexorable Father in His justice regarding your faults; that Father became before you into the most gentle and loving of Masters. Nevertheless, you were unable to interpret His teachings properly because you believed that He punished with eternal fire those who did not love Him. Now I have come to show you that the Father does not reject His children only because they do not love Him. Now I come to demonstrate to you that the Divine love does not have any limitations and that that love and that justice are manifested through the Law of reincarnation that I have come to clarify to you. Now you will understand that by means of that Divine Law there is not a fault, however grave it may be, which merits an eternal punishment for the spirit; but in order to come to Me, first you have to correct that fault.

29. What would be achieved on your part if I truly gave you as a punishment eternal fire? You would always blaspheme eternally against a God whom you would judge as unjust, cruel and vengeful.

30. My obligation as a Father is to give you at every step occasion to perfect yourselves, teaching you the way through perfect lessons. If I who has taught you to forgive and love your enemies and have told you: Do unto your brethren what you have seen that I have done to you, would I be giving you an example of it when you saw that I punished with an eternal punishment those who did not love Me? Do you believe that I do not have the power to make Myself loved by those who have hated Me? These are the ones to whom I give, not an eternal punishment, but a sufficient time so that from them will sprout forth the light, regeneration and finally love. In like manner that one waits for the soil to become fertile so that in it the seed will germinate. Thus I expect for you to comply with My precept which tells you: "Love one another".

31. Who is able to recognize your spirit in this world? Not the ministers of religions, because if they do not know about themselves, the less they would know about others. Your parents with all their intuition are barely able to cross the threshold of the heart. Mankind knows little, very little about the spirit, because they have surrounded this light with mystery; but the mystery does not exist, only the ignorance. Then who will in the future guide the spirit of Mankind along enlightened paths? Who will be able to save it from great confusions? Only My Doctrine, this Doctrine that I shall record within your spirit. From it will sprout forth a light that will show you the pathway, a voice that will guide you; but be aware that he who does not heed that voice that is lovingly felt within his heart is denying the beginning of his creation, because in the instant of his being born from My Spirit I kindled in him that Divine spark which is the conscience, so that it will repeat to him throughout his existence, that he is My son.

32. Verily I say to you that sin and confusion in the spirit is fleeting in the face of eternity therefore the purification and judgment cannot be eternal.

33. Now is the time that you will become aware of what you have done with your spirit and the wealth of teaching that you have not taken advantage of it. The voice of your conscience is clearer and stronger. It speaks to you of the past, the present and prepares you for the future. Learn to recognize that voice, because from there I speak to you, and when you listen, have faith in it; Woe betide to you if you doubt! That voice will always guide you toward righteousness, but if you hear a voice guiding you toward evil, that is not from your conscience. It is the voice of your passions that inspire in you an influence of materialism.

34. Tomorrow people will fight you for believing in this Doctrine, because in the same way you hurry and prepare yourselves to analyze this word, in like manner men also prepare themselves to contend against you. They will perform miracles in knowledge and human power to demonstrate to you that they possess the truth. Without display, you will perform spiritual miracles with your deeds of love toward your brethren.

35. Elijah, the forerunner, again announces the spiritual presence of the Father; the arrival of the Spirit of Truth who clarifies and reveals the mystery of reincarnation.

36. I give you this lesson, because the world will besiege you and will not allow you a way out of the East nor from the West, nor from the North nor the South. Then you will make use of the power I have given you to free yourselves from your oppressors.

37. Do not fear, because you are not the only ones in the world who have sought the freedom of the spirit. At this time men are arising in search of the light, the truth and the elevation of the spirit.

38. Remember Elijah who gave testimony of the true God during the First Era. Listen:

39. The people of Israel fell into idolatry and they worshiped a pagan god. Elijah, in order to convince them of their mistake and their impiety, said to the prophets of the idol in the presence of the people congregated on Mount Carmel, "Prepare a holocaust with wood and upon it place a sacrifice. I will also prepare another holocaust. Invoke the names of your gods and I shall invoke the name of My Lord and God, and he who responds with fire to consume the sacrifice will be recognized as the true God.

40. The idol remained deaf to the pleas of their priests. Elijah said to them: "Shout louder so that your god can hear you, so that he might awaken; perhaps he might be asleep." When the idolaters considered their efforts as useless, the prophet devoted himself to prayer imploring His Father to manifest Himself as the living and true God. Elijah had barely finished pronouncing his prayer, when a ray of lightning fell from the heavens and consumed the sacrifice of the holocaust.

41. The people recognized the deception of the prophets of Baal, and at the same time recognized that Jehovah, the God of Elijah, was the only and true God.

42. That same Elijah of that era promised in those times, is once again among you. The Divine Master made that promise during the Second Era and Elijah has arrived at the opportune moment.

43. Allow Elijah to be within each one of you, above all when you are being subjected to an ordeal; but then you must remember that Elijah is all love, faith and humility, so that you may imitate him and then the prophecy will emerge from you.

44. Many forms of idolatry exist in the present era. The science, the war, the gold, religious fanaticism and pleasures, are some of many deities that men kneel before them to pay homage.

45. Be nourished by My Word so that you may be strong. Behold that you will have to hear many words contrary to what I have taught you and none of them should confuse nor make you doubt.

46. The Book is opened, read from it, because if your Father is a Book of wisdom you too can also be a book of teaching and experience for your brethren.

47. The life that surrounds you is one of many pages of the Divine Book; that is why many times I have said to you: Learn the daily lessons that life offers you. During this period you will have to be the good counselors who will speak with words and also with deeds. Would you be able to speak of regeneration if your brethren would surprise you in inconvenient places? Would you be able to teach them to live in peace if they would discover that in your home harmony does not exist?

48. I behold that many hearts of these people still slumber without wanting to understand that the day draws near when I shall cease to give you My lessons by this means, and when they see that the Book has been closed they will weep their incomprehension, but then it will be too late.

49. Fortunate are those who prepare themselves and are disposed to obey the will of their Master, because when the new phase begins, they will know how to communicate with Me by means of their thoughts and they will exclaim: Father, your book continues to be open!

50. I have compared My Word with the seed of wheat; I have sowed it with infinite love within your heart. The heart is the soil where it begins to germinate because it is endowed with sensitivity, but its impressions are transmitted to the spirit who is the one who truly safeguards My Word. Therefore, even if the heart is forgetful of the Father or stops beating for existence, that seed will remain safeguarded within the spirit and the moment will come when it will germinate. That moment can be either near or distant, according to the awakening of the spirit to the love of the Creator; but since the spiritual evolution pertains to eternity, there is no impatience in the Father. You are the ones who, as human beings or as spirits, should hasten your footsteps, in order to prevent the painful experiences by means of the practice of righteousness.

51. The Book of the Divine wisdom, sealed with Seven Seals, was opened by the Lamb; it was the love of the Divine Master toward men which allowed the mysteries of His Arcanum to be revealed to them. The Sixth Seal manifests its contents during this period and it speaks of profound teachings; it allows you to behold the future of your world and it opens the way toward spiritual eternity.

52. I have taught you that through the prayer wisdom will be acquired, but that is no reason that I want for you to prolong your prayers. I have asked you for a prayer of five minutes and by that I mean to say for you to pray briefly so that during those moments you will truly surrender yourselves to your Father and the rest of your time you can dedicate it to your spiritual and material duties toward your brethren.

53. Sow with love, charity and good deeds the pathway of your existence and when you leave the flesh to free your spirit from it, instead of descending into the valleys of expiation, he will elevate himself toward those mansions where he will gather among spirits of light all the fruits of his sowing. If you do not conduct yourselves in that manner, you will reap suffering along your way and for that you cannot blame Me, since I, having created everything around you, did not create suffering; it is your creation, it is the result of your imperfections. If I permit that you endure suffering it is because I know that by recognizing the result of your deeds you will be able to perfect yourselves because by its fruit you will recognize the tree.

54. Disciples: form an album with My Word with which you will bring joy to your spirit and tomorrow convey to your brethren this testimony and this pleasure. My Word will reach the confines of the world and it will touch all spirits transforming the life of men. My Word will realize the miracle for peace to return to this Earth.

55. If the elements turn hostile and severe, it is because no harmony exists between them and men. When Mankind lives in accordance with the obedience to My laws by which all other creatures live, they will recognize in this planet the image of the eternal life, that paradise that will accommodate in its bosom those who will purify and elevate themselves through the path of love that Christ points out at every step.

56. Now the people of Israel are re-arising on Earth; today they still live in bondage, but My light is liberating them. Before them the pathway and the Divine promise appear, inviting them to put on their sandals, pick up their staff to pray before Jehovah, and confine themselves in the wilderness in search of the Divine Voice, the Law of God and His miracles.

57. Their awakening has already begun; you have heard the voice of Elijah, the new Liberator; he has brought you to the side of the Mount of the new Zion that during this Third Era arises before your spirit, so that you may listen to the living voice of the Lord through a human faculty.

58. Before the Divine voice you have remained in ecstasy listening to it, but it has announced to you that its manifestation will be brief, in order for you to arise and go along in your journey that you have already begun, which will guide your spirit toward the gateways of the Promised Land.

59. In other parts of the world the people are awakening because Elijah is knocking upon their doors.

60. I have named you Israel because you will gather the essence of the revelations of the Third Era, because you shall be the ones who will give My Word its spiritual and just interpretation and because the history of those people will be repeated in you in their ordeals, struggles and conflicts in order to reach the Promised Land and finally their triumph, which was a conquest and possession of an ideal.

61. You must know that you are Israel, keep in mind that you are the people of God; be possessors of that fact so that you may be stronger in the long journey, but do not proclaim that you are sons of Israel because you will not be understood, rather they will mock at your words. Who shall be those who will discover that the new Israel is so because of its spirit?

62. Safeguard this knowledge revealed by your Father within your heart; but when the scrutinizers and the foolish ones come before you and ask: Are you the people of Israel? Answer them as I did to the Pharisees and the foolish; when they asked Me if I was the Son of God I answered them, "You have said so."

63. After I have said this I want you to know that these people who have barely begun to congregate, will be inviting other people along their way, people to unite with them, inviting them with examples more than with words. They shall be cleaning the road of thistles in order for the last ones to find the pathway prepared because I make this calling to all the peoples and nations of the world because the new people of Israel will include men of all races, classes and creeds.

64. Those who believe that the true people of Israel were those of the First Era will be mistaken; those people were only an image of what the true people of God would be in the course of time when all men will be united, loving their Father in their own brethren. Thus the law of the First Era stated: "Love thy God with all your heart and spirit and love thy fellowmen as thyself". Likewise Christ said it during the Second Era, teaching Mankind a new commandment: "Love one another". To those who comply with the maximum precepts, Elijah has announced to them that during this period they shall see the Father in all His splendor.

65. Each one will be entrusted with a mission and his gifts will be revealed to him so that he will have within him the means to sow righteousness and to cast the light. During that period a mission was also entrusted to each tribe and their gifts were revealed to them so that all of them as a whole would offer the Father a fruit of submission, harmony and faith.

66. Beloved people: I am providing you with all that you will need for the journey. Your knapsack will be filled with My blessings and you shall not be fearful that they will end; however, if a shortage should occur to test your faith do not forget that Israel, during the First Era, learned from Moses that he who puts his trust in the Father, will never perish.

67. Be watchful and pray, Israel, 0! People who are designated to carry throughout the world the banner of spirituality! Learn to carry the Tabernacle within your heart, the Ark within your spirit and the Law within your conscience.

68. Go forth along the pathway announcing to your brethren that the hour of freedom has arrived and that the voice which is heard in the silence of the night is the voice of Elijah, who goes forth from one end to the other in the world, awakening all spirits who slumber. Do not fear the ridicule and mockery of your brethren; but if the world hates you, be reminded that they hated Me before they did you.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 79

1. Some have arrived to listen to My Word during this period at an early hour, others have arrived late; but verily I say to you that it is not the length or shortness of the time that you have listened to Me that will give you the elevation and progress, but the desire and love with which you embrace My Doctrine and the charity that exists in your deeds.

2. Come to Me, those of you who are tired, sad and hungry for love, those whom Mankind has treated badly. Come to Me, those who are sick, I will make you feel the sweet love of My charity. I have come to put aside your bitterness to convert you into the children of peace, of light and of faith. You ask Me why I have come to you? Because I see that you have forgotten the pathway where you should return to the bosom from whence you emerged, and I have come to show it to you again.

3. The path is My Law and by means of its fulfillment the spirit will attain immortality. I am showing you the door, so narrow like the path that I pointed out to you with My teaching during that period.

4. I am rebuilding the temple that I referred to when I said to My disciples who marveled contemplating the temple of Solomon: "Verily I say to you that there shall not be one stone left upon another, but I will reconstruct it in three days." I meant that any external worship regardless how sumptuous it may seem to Mankind will disappear from the heart of men in order to raise in its place the true spiritual temple of My Divinity. This is the Third Era, or that is to say, the third day in which I shall finish reconstructing My temple.

5. Disciples, My Word overflows upon your mind so that when the moment comes that you cease to hear it, there will not remain in your heart hunger or thirst to listen to Me.

6. "Love one another" from here on Earth realizing that all are united by spiritual indissoluble bonds and that irrevocably the moment will come when all shall be united in the spiritual realm. Do not form only remorse for that existence, nor expect to feel shame in the presence of those whom you offended.

7. Those who have developed their gift of spiritual vision will be able to testify My presence; but those who are unable to develop it and lack faith, say: I would like to see in order to believe.

8. You would want Me to show you My wound to contemplate it and sink your fingers within it, but I say to you: Thomas asked for that test, and it was granted to him, but later he wept for his lack of faith and he gave his life for testifying My Doctrine. If I would grant you that grace, would you do the same as that disciple?

9. The day when I give you My lesson is a day of grace because the peace of My Spirit pours out all over the Universe. As the Absolute Lord of everything created I make My presence felt in all asking each being and each creature to offer Me the fulfillment of their mission. Finally, I seek My temple in the heart of man to dwell within it.

10. The people who listen to My Word do not know if upon rendering their deeds before Me, they will be pleasing to me. Ah if instead of fear you would only experience joy when My Divine ray of light descends! But your faith is meager and your presentiment has not yet given to you any indication about the battle that approaches so that it is necessary that I tell you that under the light that the Sixth Seal radiates, there will be a unification of all beliefs, religions and sects on Earth, to render only one worship to the only God whom everyone seeks.

11. Upon these arid fields a fertile watering of affliction has descended and soon they will be prepared to receive the spiritual seed. I am preparing a people who will grow from day to day. I shall form it with men of all races and their first mission will consist of opening furrows in the soil with their deeds of love to sow the seed of My truth much later.

12. How much will you have to meditate within My Doctrine and prepare your heart to present to your brethren a testimony and a true example with the love and charity of your deeds!

13. Take advantage of these teachings because this is the moment when My light, on reaching the mind of the spokesman, becomes word in his lips and it speaks to you of the spiritual realm to where everyone is invited to dwell.

14. I come to speak to man whose being emerged from the creative fountain of God, who for having received the Divine breath in his spirit, is capable of comprehending his Father and have a spiritual communication with Him.

15. I am your Father, from My Spirit emerged the idea allowing you to be born to life, and this inspiration became a reality. Within My Spirit was the will to create you, and thus man came to be; I wanted you to have a likeness to mine as is proper between a father and his children, and I endowed you with a spirit, and because of that spirit you will be among all creatures the ones most closest to Me.

16. I have entrusted a mission in the material world to the spirit so that in it he would find an extensive field for his evolution, a world of lessons of minor and great ordeals that would be a ladder, a crucible and a valley of expiation.

17. The spirit was provided a human body so that in it he would find the most effective and perfect way to develop himself. A body endowed with a mind so that through it the spirit would manifest his intelligence; a possessor of sensitive fibers so that he would perceive every sensation; also a heart was placed in the body so that love and all good sentiments deriving from it would serve as a human interpreter; however, that creature, endowed with so much grace by the Father to offer it as a support to the spirit and destined to incarnate within it. I wanted it to be weak so that the spirit would struggle inside it and never put his trust in the tendencies of the flesh.

18. The flesh in its weakness is capricious and sensual; it loves what is degrading, and therefore it should be controlled. Who else could better comply with that mission but the spirit, endowed with strength, light, intelligence and will? In order for the progress and evolution of the spirit to have merits before God and before himself he was granted the freedom of will, that is, freedom of choice to select the path of good or evil, ascending or descending by himself.

19. Thus the struggle surged within mans innermost being, a struggle between the spirit and the flesh. Who would triumph in the end of the battle? The spirit did not have any weapons because he had just begun his journey of evolution; on the other hand, the world and the flesh had many weapons with which to defeat him, many temptations that would make him fall, and many crossroads in which to lead him astray.

20. The Father, provident and merciful, watchful for the triumph and salvation of the spirit, kindled a light within him, which all along the journey would serve as a beacon that would guide him through darkness, an inner judge within each of his accomplished deeds, an adviser who would always induce man toward good saving him from falling into errors. That light that through the spirit reaches the physical body of man, is the conscience; it is the Divine spark which never extinguishes, a judge who will never be bribed, a beacon that never changes position, a guide that never takes the wrong path.

21. There you have the three parts of which man is formed, or in other words, his three natures: the Divine, the spiritual and the material in a perfect union so that the spirit will triumph over the ordeals, over the passions and turmoil of the world and be able to possess the Spiritual Realm.

22. Consider that sins, errors, the passions and wickedness in all their forms have always prevailed among Mankind, do you believe that it can be said that the spirit has lost the battle or that the conscience has been unheeded? For the moment you can assume it thus, because it has not been small ordeals through which man has been subjected, and that is why many of them have not resisted them and it has been necessary that in their downfalls they would drain their cup of grief so that they may awaken and listen to that voice which for such a long time has been unheeded.

23. This is the era of the conscience, of judgment and the balance, just as in the Second Era it was the birth toward spirituality and in the First Era it was that of the natural Law.

24. In three distinct forms but forming only one essence, I have manifested Myself before Mankind, which is why there has been some who beheld three gods where only one exists.

25.1 am One, and I only permit that you attribute a Trinity to Me when you realize that in the First Era I manifested Myself as justice, that in the Second I revealed My love for you and that I reserved the wisdom for you in the last Era.

26. Wisdom is the book that today is opened before you showing you its contents of infinite light, of revelations not perceived and of knowledge never reached. Only there will you know what exists far beyond you and you will explain to yourself the reason for so many of My teachings of today and of past eras.

27. What do you know about the Hereafter? What does man know what exists after this life? What do you know about the reason why you are born and the reason why you die?

28. All that you call injustices of God or ironies of destiny and that you should call justice, you will clearly explain it to yourself when you learn the lessons that the Book of Wisdom comes to reveal to you during the Third Era through your conscience.

29. Was it not prophesied that every eye would see Me during this period? By that I meant that everyone would know the truth, that I am the truth.

30. How can you conceive that having been before the light of the Holy Spirit you would remain in darkness forever?

31. Behold Mankind occupied in destroying and hating one another, in snatching the power from each other, without holding back on crime, theft or treachery. There you have men who succumb by the millions, victims of their fellowmen and others who perish by the effect of vice. Is there light in all that? Does the spirit within them speak out? What exists there is darkness and pain, resulting from the abuse of the gift of the freedom of will and from not listening to the inner voice, of not beholding the light of that spark of God that everyone carries within their being and which is the Divine light that you call conscience.

32. Man has descended deep into an abyss and even to there the conscience has accompanied him, waiting for the propitious moment to be heard. Soon that voice shall be heard in the world with such great a force that you cannot imagine now, but it will make Mankind come out of their abyss of pride, materialism and sin, to be cleansed in the waters of repentance and begin to elevate themselves toward the path of spirituality. I will help all My children because I am the resurrection and the life who comes to lift the dead from their tombs. In this existence that I now come to offer Mankind, men will abide by My will renouncing their freedom of will through love, persuaded by the fact that he who abides by the will of the Father is not a servant nor a slave, but a true son of God. Then you will know a true happiness and a perfect peace, which are the fruit of love and wisdom.

33. 0! My people, you ask Me forgiveness for all the mistakes that you have committed because My word has been able to touch your spirit, and I ask you: Why do you not feel this same repentance when the voice of your conscience is reproaching one of your deeds? Is it because that inner voice and that which is manifested through these spokesmen differ one from the other? Meditate and understand that you will not always listen to Me by this means in order to be repentant; it is necessary that you spiritualize yourselves, and that each day you heed with greater clarity the voice of your conscience which exists in you like a book of wisdom and love.

34. Understand that even though Creation has apparently been terminated, nevertheless everything evolves, everything is transformed and perfects itself. Could your spirit be able to escape that Divine Law? No My children. No one will be able to say the last word about the spiritual, about the science nor about life because they are My works which have no end.

35. I teach you to occupy with dignity the position that I have destined for each one of you and to walk along with meekness and at the same time with firmness along the path that My charity has outlined for you. My celestial word illuminates in the same manner the one who holds a position of lord, as well as he who complies with the mission as a servant; it is like the sunlight, which illuminates everyone.

36. Men still have not complied on Earth with their greatest deeds, those which would give My heart of a Father a Divine satisfaction. Still, many of their marvelous deeds within the human life, turn out insignificant if their authors judge them with My laws of love. There you have the reason why many men of science do not want to glance into the spiritual, because they know that the presence of the One who knows it all is there, the One who sees and judges all. They prefer to deny My existence believing that by doing so they will silence the voice of their conscience.

37. Do not believe that I judge My children wrongly for the reason of wanting to know the mysteries of Nature, no; My wisdom is a Divine heritage that I have for My children; but I do judge the purpose or the intention of the men of science when they are not channeled for the purpose for which it was revealed to them.

38. If I say to you that My wisdom shall be yours, do you believe that only one existence would be sufficient to know all that I have to reveal to you? If I say that you will not acquire the science without traveling the extensive road of evolution, much less will you be able to acquire the knowledge of the spiritual without a complete evolution of your spirit.

39. I do not come to put into conflict spirituality with science, because that mistake has been from men but never mine; on the contrary, I come to teach you to harmonize the spiritual with the material, what is human with the Divine, what is temporary with the eternal. Nevertheless, I declare to you that to travel the pathways of life, it is necessary to know beforehand the path that your conscience outlines, whose spiritual law proceeds from the Divine Spirit.

40. Man believes to be doing his will; he believes to be free from all influence superior to him and he even believes himself to be absolute and forger of his own destiny without perceiving that the moment shall come when everyone will realize that it was My will that was done in them.

41. Many deeds of Divine justice will be seen on Earth; among them you will behold the men of science descend even to the humble people, those who carry in their hearts the seed of spirituality or who have developed the gift of the communication of spirit to Spirit, in order to hear through them the revelations which their mind was unable to discover.

42. To you people who listen to Me, I say again that you must take into account My lessons because the moment draws near when this manifestation ceases and then he who nourished himself, learned and understood, he will be strong; but he who did not comprehend or interpreted it to his will, shall be weak.

43. Do you see how many multitudes surround Me during this period of communication through a human spokesman? Verily I say to you that after 1950, very few will be those who will follow Me.

44. Today you do not know what I say to you, but then you will understand it.

45. Perceive with your spirit the ladder that elevates before you toward the infinite; it is like a luminous path that invites you to reach the bosom of the Father, which is a bosom of peace and indescribable joy.

46. I found you lost like shipwrecked victims without a compass, like lost travelers in the wilderness; but I sent you a light which helped you find a path full of hope, faith and comfort, which animated your spirit filling him with vigor and energies to continue seeking the promised goal.

47. At the end of the Ladder, there on the summit, exists a mansion, which all of you are predestined to reach, but which is necessary to conquer with merits, with faith, with great love and limitless charity, knocking down obstacles, overcoming adversities, dominating enemies, until you finally reach the new Promised Land that is not of this world.

48. That ladder is a straight pathway where there are no crossroads or labyrinths with which I mean for you to understand that in the fulfillment of My Law you will find no complications.

49. You are to march firmly along that road, you are to struggle for your elevation. I will make you strong; understand that if it is not with My power and My light, with what weapons are you going to fight and defend yourselves? If I would not lend you My sword of light with what would you overcome your temptations? If I did not cover you with My mantle how would you free yourselves from your enemies? But verily I say to you that My protection and the light of My sword you will also have to win over with your merits.

50. Your footsteps shall remain imprinted along the spiritual path that is opened before you; they will be an example of good deeds, of renunciations, of noble acts, of elevated love and of limitless charity.

51. Each one has his destiny outlined with his spiritual mission and his human mission; both must harmonize and tend toward the same goal and verily I say to you that not only will I take into account your spiritual deeds, but also the material ones, because through them the spirit can also earn merits if in them there is love and charity toward your brethren.

52. You shall not be alone in the journey; ahead of you, some closer and others more distant, there are many beings who also advance step by step and who are watchful and pray for those who are coming behind them. Their ideal is not to arrive alone or be first, but rather to prepare the way for their brethren so that some day the rejoicing of the first shall be a rejoicing for all.

53. How beautiful I behold that path! How My Spirit rejoices seeing the progress of My children and their efforts to elevate themselves to attain new levels of perfection.

54. There are beings of all worlds and mansions there, some in spirit and others incarnated, all fulfilling diverse missions. It is in the infinite where you are erecting your dwelling to rejoice tomorrow with the peace of your spirit.

55. While you reach the goal, pacify your mind that at times is like a storm and listen to My Word; be attentive to it and analyze it, because it is the light of the beacon of your salvation. Many have reached Me like shipwrecked victims; however, I have given them My peace which has been an ark of salvation and I have sent them again to the sea in search of their brethren who are lost.

56. He who has the certainty of perishing and suddenly felt that a provident hand saved him from the abyss, it is natural that afterward he will understand his fellowmen when he sees them in that same situation and offers them his hand.

57. He who is not aware of My love, cannot make it felt on his brethren; but he who is able to feel it throughout his lifetime, will give testimony of Me and shall find joy doing with his brethren what the Father has done with him.

58. 0! My beloved people, the Master wishes that you would understand His lesson and practice His teaching. I have told you that My Doctrine is a narrow road, because if you deviate from it toward one side, you will move away from My laws of love, and toward the other you would be in danger of falling into fanaticism, which means blindness and lethargic. Temptations are on both sides of the road; the Divine light always glows ahead, in the horizon, inviting your spirit toward elevation and perfection along the straight and narrow pathway of righteousness.

59. Someone asks Me within his heart: Is it necessary to love in order to be saved? No, it is not necessary to love to be saved, because love is not given by force, it should emerge naturally and spontaneously. He who has formulated that question is because that feeling still has not been born within him, but it will get to germinate and flourish and then he will understand that love within the spirit is something which has been born within him, like the fruits of the earth; that the most natural thing is that in his heart he carries the seed which is the origin of life. Thus in the spirit, love is the origin of eternity.

60. You have understood disciples, but then doubt crosses your mind whether this Humanity can be saved through love, since that is precisely what it lacks. For that reason I say to you that love is like a Divine seed that will never die, that it remains hidden deep within the heart of man, and that if up to now it has not germinated, it is because it has not been sprinkled with the water of truth, because the watering it has received has been of apparent love. Egotism, falsehood, hypocrisy, vain words of light, is what day by day the heart of Mankind receives, and is it possible for the heart to be nourished by something which does not contain an essence of the eternal?

61. I, the Divine Sower, the One who lovingly works the fields to give them life, came to water them with My own blood, and now in this Third Era, I shall give you one more proof of the power and the life that the seed of love possesses.

62. If I have named you laborers of My fields, it is not that you are truly one already, but that I want you to work together with Me in this Divine task of saving your brethren through love.

63. You have traveled much and I say to you during this period: Stop and rest! Through vicissitudes you have persevered in pursuit of My footsteps. Forget all that bitterness that you have gathered in that long journey. If you are beginning to receive this seed within your heart you see that each time I give you more and I do not hold you accountable for it, know that you have the obligation to cultivate that seed during your lifetime because the day will come when I will appear as the administrator of My fields and ask that you give an account of your labor. Work with love and eagerness, but also with simplicity and naturalness; I do not want you to be called fanatics; I do not want My Work to become an obsession in your mind. Deliver My truth by means of true charity and do not ask for anything in return, for I will do you justice.

64. Be rejoiced knowing that you carry a beautiful mission that your Father has entrusted to you and always remember that if your cross is heavy, you have as your Cyrenian the Almighty; scale the slope, which is not precisely the Golgotha that awaits you, but rather My love of a Father.

65. Be watchful so that this revelation will not be altered by anyone. Purify your practices whenever you can and increase your comprehension and spirituality. My Doctrine is perfect in all its aspects, but when you find something that you judge as imperfect, be certain that that imperfection is not Divine but human. Pray for all the nations of the world; behold that day by day they are being purified by suffering and again they are being blemished by sin. Pray so that the light be with them and knowing in what moment they are cleansed, they will know how to retain that purity, because they will be deserving to be with Me and sensitive to feel My presence.

66. I bless all the people, those who love Me and those who deny Me, the same as those who follow Me, as well as the ones who have moved away from Me. All of them have been singled out to reach My presence and sooner or later they shall find the path that will guide them toward the mansion of the Father who lovingly awaits them.

67. All of you will reach the table where the first ones have rejoiced and you will contemplate that there are also places and fruits that await you. Apply this parable to the physical as well as to the spiritual life, and you will understand that those who comply with the laws of the human life and those of the spirit, will have no reason to feel suffering. Meditate over these teachings and concentrated in the bottom of your heart listen to the voice of your conscience.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 80

1. O My people: I have poured upon you My happiness to hold and make you hear My Word. I have made a feast day in this period of commemoration so that when you cease to hear My Word, you will be prepared and that your reunions may be like a fraternal banquet of, which will be attended by those who did not listen to this voice and will come seeking you. And when My Word is heard with all its purity and essence by the multitudes, they will exclaim: Truly the Holy Spirit poured the light upon us and they will understand My teaching when I said: "Man does not live from bread alone but from every word that comes from God".

2. Now they will not bend their knees to pray because they will have learned to elevate their thoughts in search of a spiritual communication with their Master. Your spirit shall become strong and during the time of struggle he will be tireless, sowing the Divine word by means of deeds, words and thoughts; he will go in search of the needy to convey to them a spiritual message; on other occasions from the corner of his chamber he will fulfill his mission praying for his brethren.

3. There will be times of suffering when many of those men who believe themselves prepared to sustain Mankind spiritually, will do nothing or very little because they have been occupied only in filling the minds with knowledge and science of the world, and have left an emptiness in the hearts.

4. You who hear Me shall prepare the way for those who will receive Me in Spirit. It was not by chance that brought before My presence those who received My teaching, just as it will neither be a coincidence that there will be a development of the spiritual gifts in those who will feel My presence without the need of a human spokesman.

5. Sensitivity, presentiment, revelation, prophecy, inspiration, spiritual vision, healing, gift of speech, all of that and other additional gifts will pour out from the spirit, and through them men will confirm that a new era has been unfolded before Humanity.

6. Today you doubt the existence of those gifts because there are some who hide them from the world fearing their judgment; tomorrow it shall be the most natural and beautiful thing to possess them. I come to you during this Third Era because you are ill in body and spirit. The healthy one has no need of the doctor, nor does the just one require purification.

7. My charity has forgotten all the offenses that Mankind has hurled against Me, and My love has poured out tirelessly to give it life. The centuries have passed over generations and more generations of sinners, of fratricides, and when man is losing hope of obtaining salvation, I have come still confiding in you because I know that you will finally have to love Me. Your love will save you in this era.

8. Today the Father will not ask: Who can and is ready to rescue the human race with his blood? Neither will Jesus answer: Lord, I am the Lamb who is ready to trace with My blood and My love, the path of restitution of Mankind.

9. Neither will I send My Living Word to incarnate during this era. That Era has already passed for you and it left its teaching and elevation within your spirit. Now I have opened a new phase of spiritual progress in which you will be the ones who will make merits.

10. The Word of God, who is Spirit, light and life, humbly descended from His Kingdom during that Era to speak close by to His children. Insofar as His Body, Christ was an example of humility among men. As for His Spirit, He was perfection.

11. When the last instant on Earth came about for the Lamb, with the same humility with which He accepted His mission, He said to the Father: "All is consummated!" That sacrifice is the greatest lesson of love and charity that I bequeathed to Mankind. That act was like a seed, which fell upon every spirit.

12. Why are there some who wait for the Spirit of Truth as a Man, to carry out that sacrifice again? During this Era I have come in Spirit, just as I promised, to pour My light among Mankind in a form of inspiration so that they, illuminated by that light, may be saved by their own merits. Does it seem difficult for you to love and help one another during your lifetime?

13. I do not ask that you leave everything as I asked those who followed Me in the Second Era, among which, he who had his parents left them, he who had a spouse left her; they abandoned their home, their riverbank, their boats and their nets; they left everything in order to follow Jesus. Neither am I saying that it is necessary for you to shed your blood in this period.

14. I have told you that there, where one of you resides, he can do a great deal each day. Seek within the most intimate part of your being the noble and virtuous fibers that I have placed within each of the sons of My Divinity; that fiber is not of the heart, it is the spirit.

15. Do not forget that your origin is in My love. Today your heart is hardened because of the egotism, but when it becomes sensitive again to every spiritual inspiration, it will feel love toward its fellowmen and will experience someone else pain as if it were its own. Then you will be capable of complying with the precept that says to you: "Love one another".

16. That is My weapon, that of love, the one that I have never concealed from you, the one which I have always shown you in the fight against the darkness of sin. He who wishes to be My warrior let him take up the sword of love. Only thus shall I be able to speak to a people who throughout the centuries and the ages have forged themselves through suffering.

17. Your spirit has managed to calm down and only waits and confides in My will.

18. During this era Elijah came as the forerunner to prepare the spirit of man for My communication with him. The word of Elijah awakens, startles and alerts you because his light is like that of a ray of light.

19. Your spirit during this Era is capable of comprehending who is Elijah. It has been some time ago that you left your spiritual infancy. It has been faith and intuition which have made you feel My presence and each one of My manifestations during this period when My Doctrine will give men true greatness, not the false one that the world gives, but rather that which comes from humility and virtue.

20. A delicate mission awaits each one arises to follow Me. Without a cross no one can imitate Me; but verily I say to you that the cross that I place upon your shoulders, shall not be to humble you but to sustain you along the pathway of the cross of your life. He who throws away his cross, will have to fall; he who loves it, will reach his goal; he who carries it on Earth up to the moment of heaving his last sigh, at that instant he will behold how his cross sustains, elevates and guides him to Me. Anyone who is surprised by death carrying the cross upon his shoulders, shall not fear penetrating the unfathomable. There, many mysteries that man was unable to decipher will be dissipated. Do you believe that the Father prefers that you be ignorant on Earth? No, My people; I am a constant revelation of mysteries before men, but they are obstinate in being blind in face of the evidence and deaf to My voice.

21. Those who believe in Me know that I am clean and just; but since man loves what is unjust, impurity attracts him and sin tempts him; he prefers the liberty of his passions rather than the illumination of his spirit. The attraction that sin has over man is similar to that which you feel before the emptiness and the profoundness of an abyss. How difficult salvation seems to the one who has submerged and does not know Me, and how easy it seems to others to save themselves thinking that on the last moment of their life, it will be enough for them to confess their faults to obtain absolution and conquer a place in the Kingdom of the Father!

22. You must know that blemishes are only washed by the water of repentance, not the fear of justice; that what draws near the Father is the reparation of all faults of the repentant spirit.

23. Everyone believes in Me, even though not everyone confesses it nor everyone loves Me. Do not believe in the atheist; I do not contemplate atheists nor do they exist; the flesh may deny Me, but not the spirit. Will some man deny his blood father even if he has not known him? So, neither will the spirit be able to deny his spiritual Father, even when he does not know Him. Could a fruit exist that had not been in the tree previously?

24. Since the beginning of time I teach and judge you with love. If you improperly call My justice punishment or sentence, then I say to you that I punish and sentence you with love. I speak to you this way because you live during a period when it does not have to be fear of My justice that will guide you toward the fulfillment of My mandates, but rather a closer approach to My love, to My Law, for in it is the love toward your Father. However, if you wish for My laws not to judge you, know them through My teaching and live by them. How do you expect to live freely outside of the pathway without being surprised by suffering? He who breaks the laws is instantly touched because of them. Do you want a greater proof of love?

25. This Nature that I have entrusted to you is a true fountain of life and health; drink of its waters and you will live without any afflictions; you will have strength, light and happiness in your journey and your spirit shall fulfill its destiny better. How can you pretend to be healthy of body and spirit, if you do not seek these benefits there where they are? You seek health for your body through a doctor of this Earth, whose heart does not always harbor charity and you seek the health of the spirit, parting with something material to offer it in exchange for your tranquility before the voice of your conscience.

26. Verily I say to you that Nature has a bosom like that of a loving mother; while you live within it be rejoiced because the spirit also shares the enjoyments of the flesh through which the Father gives him so many and so beautiful lessons of love.

27. Today Mankind lives separated from every fountain of life; behold their affliction. Then the world believes that I should remove My justice from among men so that peace and happiness will return to them, when all you have to do is to return to the pathway of the Law. Man says that he goes in search of an ideal, and I say to him: Is it possible for him to attain that ideal if he travels along a path without light?

28. Men have created a world to their liking, to their will. I have allowed it so as not to deprive them of their freedom of choice; however, they themselves will destroy that world as proof that they built upon quicksand. How is it possible the powerful say, that so much power can be extinguished? And nevertheless, kingdoms, thrones, scepters, sciences and wealth will collapse. A feeble gust and only history shall gather the ashes of so much false grandeur.

29. I call your world false, because while your face smiles; you carry within your heart, when not filled with bitterness, certainly with bad will. And if you have done this with the human existence, what can you say how much you have done or failed to do, concerning the life and laws which correspond to your spirit? You have let him go so far from the fountain of eternal life, of the truth, of justice and love which are in your Creator, that instead of being the Lord in the world and over the physical, he has passed on to become an offended and humiliated slave. The spirit has remained submissive to the weaknesses and inclinations of the flesh. He has come to yield to the love that he feels for the body to which he finds himself bonded. In spite of the love that the spirit feels for the world, in spite of the extreme materialism he has reached, there isn’t anyone who has not felt, even for an instant, a wish of penetrating beyond this life, into the Spiritual Realm. There isn't anyone who has not had from here an instant of elevation, who has not had a presentiment of the existence and the peace of that life. My spiritual revelations in this world are an invitation to My Realm.

30. The day shall come when all Humanity will know My teaching. Many will deny it and will even say that it was the tempter who inspired these lessons; but when it is believed and practiced by one of My children, they will behold the emergence of good fruits from those who denied Me as a testimony of this truth.

31. Be healthy of body and spirit and you will imitate the good patriarchs, those who knew how to render their offering to the Father and found rejoicing complying with their earthly duties. I speak to you people, and I speak to Humanity. Even while listening to Me, you are not completely on the right path, instead you try to walk with your right foot on My path, while with the other you walk outside of it.

32. I say to everyone: "I am Health, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life".

33. The spirit of Elijah guides you toward My presence and he helps you to be deserving that I come among you. Do not deny Elijah during this Era, as you denied Christ during the Second Era and Moses in the First.

34. Keep in mind that Elijah comes to remove the veil with which you covered many mysteries, so you may behold the splendor of your Father.

35. Be humble and obedient so that you can give time for your spirit to fulfill his mission. He is the possessor of the light of experience, of the evolution and the knowledge.

36. The spirit is born in Me; he has his infancy, his development and his plentitude, contrary to the flesh that ages and dies; he always grows in knowledge and in love that is, perfection. You know you have emerged from Me, but you do not know how; you also know that you must return to the Father, but you do not know in what manner. Those are My high judgments, they are the secret that you must respect.

37. I have placed greatness in man, but not the one that he seeks on Earth. The greatness that I speak of is sacrifice, love, humility and charity. Man continually flees from those virtues withdrawing from his true greatness and from the dignity that the Father has given him as His son.

38. You avoid humility because you believe it to signify smallness. You evade ordeals because misery frightens you, without realizing that they come only to liberate your spirit. You also avoid the spiritual because you believe that by delving deeper into that knowledge means wasting your time, not knowing that you despise a light superior to all human science.

39. That is why I have told you that there are many who even though they swear that they love Me they do not love Me, and saying they believe Me they do not have faith; they have come to tell Me that they are ready to follow Me, but they want to follow Me without a cross. And I have said to them: Anyone who wants to follow Me, let him take up his cross and follow Me. Anyone who embraces his cross with love will reach the summit of the Mountain where he will breathe his last sigh on this Earth in order to be resurrected to the eternal life.

40. The spiritual life that is yearned by many is feared, denied and even mocked by others; but impassible, it awaits for everyone. It is a bosom that shields you, arms that embrace you, the homeland of the spirit; it is a profound mystery even for the wise, but in My Arcanum you can enter as long as the key that you use to open the door is that of love.

41. Understand that since the beginning of the existence of man, the Father has been for His son an everlasting revelation of mysteries. Be rejoiced thinking that if in so many eras of your life man has not reached the limits of his science; when he penetrates into the pathways of spirituality he will eternally be finding new beautiful attractions, new marvels, new beings, different mansions that will allow the son to love his Creator with greater perfection each time, with a love like I have for you. Because of that sentiment so pure and great that I feel for Mankind I became Man so that you would have Me close. But after that sacrifice I see that men of these times are deaf, blind and ungrateful toward that love; that they have created for themselves a world where they will not have to comply with My precepts, with My just laws, with My Doctrine of love.

42. An abyss attracts men, it seduces them toward what is prohibited, and they take up their freedom of will in their own way. Thus to such a Humanity, yielding to their passions, interests and earthly pleasures, its undoing would seem unpardonable. For the spirit it seems very difficult to be saved and he does not comprehend that in the Divine justice in the love of His Father, he can find the pathway wherein he will be purified, elevated and saved.

43. All of Mankind believes in My existence because they have a spirit and preserve the intuition that I exist. Even he who denies Me believes in Me because My presence is in him and in all that surrounds him. But man has succumbed under material impulses and temptations. The darkness, which he has thus formed are those that do not permit this Humanity to contemplate the splendor with which the Holy Spirit approaches them during this era. But there shall be no human force or spirit that will overcome My power, My light or My love. And when the children appear sobbing before the Father, some will ask for forgiveness and forgiven they shall be because of their humility; others will approach to ask Me: Father, why have you punished me? To these I will say: I never punish anyone, you have only gathered along your path what you have sowed on it; you were unable to preserve health for your body and spirit, and he who defies or violates My laws, judges himself through them.

44. Live in harmony with the natural laws and with the spiritual laws and you will always be healthy of body and spirit.

45. Today Mankind possesses much science, but with it they have created a strange world that separates them from what is natural, from the fountain of life, from the elements of Nature that I have entrusted to them for their conservation and recreation. How can man who lives that way be healthy of body and spirit?

46. The Earth is like a mother who opens her arms to receive you from the first instant that you are born; the air that you breathe from it is similar to My Divine breath. The sun king, majestic in its greatness like a torch of fire, is an image of the Omnipotent Being because it is light, warmth and life. You have in this Nature the water that is similar to the truth, because it is crystalline, transparent and pure; it calms the thirst that burns, purifies and bathes; through its action the fields are made fertile and the seeds germinate. These four elements united by laws of Divine wisdom form with their unity and harmony your mansion. In order to inhabit it, to conscientiously enjoy it and identify yourselves with its laws, man was blessed with all the attributes, powers and senses necessary for his existence.

47. Then why, if you are certain that I love you, you call Me unjust when you suffer because of your fault, and you say that the Father punishes you?

48. My love is immutable, it cannot be greater because it is perfect, nor can it ever decrease. I have given you proof of this by granting you this existence, which is your shelter and that is always generous and maternal to you. Have you lacked sunlight for one single day? Has the air ceased to vivify you? Have the seas gone dry or the rivers ceased to flow, whose liquid bathes all the Earth? And the planet in its evolutions has it whirled under your feet to hurl you into space at any time?

49. I have not been mistaken in what I have done; man has certainly mistaken his route and his existence, but soon he will return to Me like the prodigal son who squandered all his inheritance. With his science he has created a new world, a false kingdom. He has made laws, he has set up his throne and has appropriated for himself a crown and a scepter. But how fleeting and deceiving is his splendor! A weak gust of My justice is enough for their foundations to be shaken and all their empire to crumble. Nevertheless, the kingdom of peace, of justice and of love, is very distant from the heart of Mankind, who has not been able to conquer it.

50. The pleasure and the satisfactions, which their work provides for men, are fictitious. In their heart there is pain, uneasiness and disappointment, which are hidden behind the mask of their smile. This is what has been done with the human existence, and regarding the life of the spirit and the laws that govern him, they have been distorted forgetting that there are also forces and elements that vivify the spirit with which man should be in contact to endure the ordeals and temptations and withstand all the obstacles and disappointments along the road of his ascent toward what is perfect.

51. That light from the infinite that reaches every spirit does not originate from the sun; the strength that the spirit receives from the Hereafter is not an emanation of the earth; the fountain of love, of truth and of health which calms the thirst for knowledge of the spirit is not the water of your oceans or your water springs. The environment that surrounds you is not only material, it is an emanation, breath and inspiration which the human spirit receives directly from the Creator of everything, from the One who has created life and governs it with His perfect and immutable laws.

52. If man would put a bit of good will to return to the pathway of truth he would instantly feel, as an incentive, the caress of peace; but the spirit, when he materializes himself under the influence of the flesh, succumbs within its clutches, and instead of being the lord of this existence, the helmsman who guides his vessel, he comes to be a slave of the inclinations and human tendencies and a stranded victim in the midst of the storm.

53. I have already told you that the spirit is before the flesh, as the body is before the garment. That body that you possess is merely a passing adornment of the spirit.

54. No one has been born by chance, and as humble, awkward or small that he believes himself to be, he has been created by the grace of the Supreme Being, who loves him equally as other beings whom he considers superior and he has a destiny that will take him, like all others, to the bosom of God.

55. Do you see those men who like outcasts cross the streets, dragging along their vice and misery, not knowing who they are nor where they are going? Do you know of men who still dwell in jungles surrounded by beasts? Not one of them is forgotten by My charity; all of them have a mission to fulfill, all of them possess the origin of evolution and are in the path where their merits, efforts and struggles will guide the spirit to Me from step to step.

56. Who is he who has not wished for My peace, even if it were only for an instant, longing to liberate himself from this earthly life? Every spirit feels nostalgia for the world that he previously inhabited, for the home where he was born. That world waits for all of My children inviting them to enjoy the eternal life that some wish for, while others merely wait for death to cease to be, because they bear a confused spirit and live without hope and without faith. What can encourage these beings to fight for their regeneration? What can awake in them the longing for eternity? They only wait for the nonexistence, the silence and the end.

57. However, the light of the world, the way and the life have returned to resurrect you with My forgiveness, to caress your fatigued brow, to comfort your heart and make the one who felt unworthy of living, to listen to My voice which says to him: I love you, come to Me!

58. But just as I awaken in you a yearning for eternity and perfection, I also say to you: Just because of this, you must not believe that I want you to be unaware of the material life. Do not interpret My teachings erroneously. Everything that was created and placed on Earth is for your happiness.

59. The patriarchs and the just taught you with their example to live happily on Earth, enjoying the natural benefits and also complying with the spiritual law. Imitate them and you will again be healthy and strong; I want a strong people among you who will rise to fight and defend the truth; if I would teach you to separate from Nature then it would turn against you.

60. In God there exists no contradiction even when men believe sometimes to find them within My teachings. To help you understand them I have come to open your eyes to the light, saying to you: If you want health for your body return to the arms of mother Nature from where your body emerged, in whose bosom you were cradled, and where you shall blend when you again are received within its bowels. I have also said: If you want to possess a strong and healthy spirit and the hope of attaining the reward that I have promised you, practice My law, complying with the precepts which state: "LOVE YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND SPIRIT" and "LOVE ONE ANOTHER"!

61. To comply with My Law it is not enough that you speak about Me, nor is it enough for you to be the great analyzers of My Works to believe that you are My apostles because the greater shall be before Me that humble person who does not know how to express My Word but who on the other hand, is able to practice love and charity among his brethren.

62. In the Second Era only three years of teaching and twelve men were enough for Me to convert Mankind. Today many years of preparation and a multitude of disciples have not been enough.

63. The fact is that you are materialized. Only five minutes you think of Me and the rest of the time you dedicate it to your earthly preoccupations.

64. I re-encourage you so that you will not stop in your progress. Be watchful, for soon you shall behold how the lords of the world will become extinct and when they are gone, the slaves will disappear. Then Mankind will begin to consider itself as only one family. From the heart of men will pour out an atom of good will among one another and peace will return to them.

65. 0! lost spirits, spirits without peace and without a Law, come! It is not darkness or the nothingness that awaits you; it is My love of a Father, it is the Universal concert.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 81

1. You come on this day to commemorate the new pact that you have made with your Father. In this Period of judgment My Spirit appears among you to ask for the first accounting of your work, of your deeds and to ask you what have you done since the moment that you promised Me to comply with My Law, loving one another.

2. Among this multitude are the first to whom I entrusted the responsibility of the fields and the laborers, to whom I delivered the crystalline water of fraternity, so that with it they would give watering to the trees.

3. Doesn't your conscience demand anything of you? Has your mouth opened only to advise, to teach and to guide? Or has it cast loose as a double-edged sword to hurt people right and left? Have you traveled along the spiritual path leaving traces of unity, of peace or of goodwill or have you left bad examples imprinted on it?

4. If My Word at times becomes severe, it is because I do not want falsehood, vice or adultery to exist within the bosom of My people; if one who guides a congregation gives bad examples, those who follow him will have to experience a setback. During this period of judgment, I will present to you at every moment the fruit of your sowing. Do not defy My justice, remember first of all that I am an inexhaustible fountain of kindness.

5. I cannot regard you like small children who may be exempt from all their imperfections, because your spirit, having made a pact with My Divinity during this Period, had already traveled a great part of the way. He who was a beginner of My Law during the First Era, a disciple of the teaching of Jesus during the Second, at this stage will have to be similar to the Master.

6. I come to entrust to you, so that you may cultivate it, the good fruit, pleasing and sweet that gives life, so that it will make you notice the contrast of the bitter taste and the damage that the fruit of the tree of evil has caused among Mankind.

7. I behold the land and the waters stained with human blood, men denying one another as if they were beings of different species, killing each other without compassion or mercy. Men have cultivated that tree of ambition and hatred and its fruits have poisoned the nations of the Earth. Do not allow that seed to penetrate within your bosom.

8. Today Jesus could not raise his voice saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do", because your spirit carries within him the knowledge of My Doctrine of love.

9. Elijah opened the door of a new era; he has made ready the pathways of the Father, he has prepared you so that you can receive the first fruits of My revelation and My teaching; analyze My lessons and testify with your deeds.

10. During this period the Sixth Seal is opened, its light is pouring upon the world so that these men and women who hear My voice wake up and rise to the struggle; it is the propitious time.

11. The path is only one; you already know it, you should follow it, so that you will never stray from it. It is the same path that I outlined for you ever since you emerged from Me. In this Period I have granted you to congregate in houses of prayer to listen to My lessons of love and so that in them you may receive the multitude of the needy who day by day will knock upon your door, which is mine.

12. How should you get ready each daybreak to receive the needy? Do so with absolute humility, not with a crown or scepter of vanity.

13. When these people have united spiritually, I shall give signs of it throughout the world.

14. I entrust to you part of My Work, which is whiter than the flake of snow and purer than your water springs; that is how I want you to safeguard it to the end of the journey.

15. Today, as if a bell resounded within the innermost of your heart, you remembered that it is a day of grace, a day when the Master descends to converse with His disciples. My Spirit appears among you and opens like a book of wisdom; your conscience appears before Me as a white page, and in it I record My lesson.

16. The light of My Spirit overflows upon all flesh and upon every spirit, in fulfillment of a prophecy of the first eras, touches the mind of these chosen ones, called spokesmen, to make you listen to the Divine lesson.

17. Some receive My manifestation filled with faith, others listen to Me, feeling that doubt has taken hold of their heart; but I do not censure them because doubt will make them delve deeper into the study of My Doctrine, and through it they will also be able to possess the faith.

18. A new life awaits men. It is not that Nature will be transformed; it is that when Mankind spiritualizes themselves by means of this teaching, they shall see everything through love, faith and charity, that is, man will see life through the spirit. If within your surroundings you contemplate, feel and judge by means of a materialistic mind and an egotistical heart, this existence will seem to appear to you like a valley of tears, a world of sins and sometimes even like a place of punishment. Your eyes will not discover beautiful things, the spirit will not find a place for himself, nor support, nor incentive; but if you allow your spirit to elevate himself and from high above you see all that surrounds and involves you, you will have to submit yourselves before your Father and confess that you have been deaf, blind and insensitive to His Divine presence, manifested in everything that exists, spiritual or material.

19. Then bitterness will vanish from you and you will know the sweetness that emanates from everything created, because all is the fruit of the Divine tree.

20. The pain that Mankind suffers today is because of the misuse they have made of their freedom of will and because of their disobedience to My Law; their last fruits will be so bitter that they will hurl them far away from them and that shall open their eyes to the light and their heart toward repentance.

21. Make the body obedient and gentle so that it will not be an obstacle for your spirit. Subdue it until you make of it the best instrument and collaborator of your spiritual mission. Let the light that the Sixth Seal conveys be contemplated by the spirit and also the body because you already know that that light pours upon every being.

22. Understand My lessons and you shall be My good disciples, those who, once the hour arrives, they will arise seeking their brethren and know how to analyze the revelation of the Seven Seals.

Do not hold back your footsteps, thinking that because of the deeds of your physical body you are not worthy of My grace. I have already told you that you must hold up the vertiginous pace of that stubborn and weak creature which has been entrusted to you on Earth, and which in that struggle you will earn merits to attain My grace.

23. This is not the time for you to feel sad or ashamed because of your past; think only that you must purify your spirit. It is the moment when you should feel the most fortunate on Earth for listening to the Divine concert of My Word. Yes, My people, My ray of light becomes inspiration and a human word so that you may have My presence in that manner. Stop thinking of your past in order to think of your future.

24. Prepare your weapons of love to contend against ideas and human theories; strengthen your heart in faith so that you will not feel small, ignorant or weak before those whom you call knowledgeable and wise, because they may know about science and of religions, but they know nothing about My new revelations.

25. If I have asked for your regeneration, it is because if the mind and the heart are clean, they can reflect My Divine light.

26. I have seen how many of you have scrutinized and judged My Word, but I have not complained because of it, because I know that tomorrow from among those who judge Me, will emerge the fervent disciples. Later, along your path, you will be teaching and at times be ridiculed; remember then the teaching of the Master and instead of complaining to your brethren about their doubt and mockery, you will forgive them knowing that among them are those who will repent for their judgments to give way toward faith.

27. Let no one feel forced to be My warrior; follow Me when your will is firm and your love impels you to practice My teachings. The times will pass and then you will comprehend and value highly all that the Father granted you during this Third Era, and you will feel affliction for not having been understanding and obedient when I was giving you My Word; but I grant you some moments longer so that you can correct your errors and make up for lost time.

28. While the world attracts you through the flesh, My voice is calling you toward the Spiritual Realm where you should penetrate cleansed of all blemishes and full of light. There My voice, resounding in your conscience, will tell you if you fulfilled your mission on Earth and if you are now able to ascend one step more along the ladder of spiritual perfection.

29. On the day that you now dedicate to rest, I descend to rejoice with you. It is the moment when you better recognize that not only by bread alone are you able to live, but you need My Word which is your spiritual sustenance. Many of you come to listen to Me, but not all believe in My presence; there are some who would prefer to see Me instead of listening to Me through these faculties or at least listen to My voice in the infinite or in spiritual space. But how can you expect to behold and listen to Me spiritually when you find yourselves in a full materialization? That is why you should prepare yourselves so that you may obtain that elevation which I make known to you through the faculty of man. After this period of My communication by this means, you will be in a condition to receive My intuition or inspiration from spirit to Spirit. That will be the perfect communication.

30. The progress of science amazes you; understand that some centuries ago you would not have believed in what man has realized today by means of the evolution of the spirit and the perseverance of the flesh.

31. Why should you not evolve spiritually if you are perseverant? How can you pretend to discover new lessons, if you have not even understood the previous ones?

32. The believers and those skeptical of My existence in all the eras, would have wished to visibly contemplate Me now through human eyes, materialized in some form, and why should you attribute to Me a form when as Spirit I do not have any? I am visible and tangible to the eyes of your body as well as to those of the spirit, but it is necessary that you know how to look. It is unjust for you to say that God hides Himself from your gaze, that you say that I am egotistical for not allowing Myself to be heard or seen by those whom I call children of My Divinity. I am always ready to make Myself seen, but you, believing to be blind before the spiritual, having everything within your reach, are unable to see it, and many times, perceiving Me, you are unaware of My presence.

33. In each era an envoy of God has had to come to teach men to seek their Father, to pray, to render Him worship, to know how to feel, see, hear and interpret Him. During this period Elijah has come to prepare the way so that the human spirit would be able to receive the presence and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

34. So that the voice and footsteps of Elijah could be heard and felt in a world deaf to every spiritual manifestation, due to their materialism, I prepared a man, who on reaching the maturity of his age, allowed the light of that great Spirit who inspired him, to be manifested, who performed miraculous deeds through his guidance and prepared Mankind with his light for the advent of a new era. Elijah had to clean the pathway on which were many thorns, weeds and rocky ground. These were the religious fanaticism, the ignorance, the persecution of all inspiration that would seem new. But, Elijah inspired laws, prepared hearts and sowed a seed that would favor the disclosure of a Divine revelation and the spiritual fulfillment of a people who in the most secluded part of the world, awaited the designated time to arise and fulfill their mission.

35. That man, chosen by Me to be the spokesman for Elijah, was called Roque Rojas, who in 1866 made the world know that a new era was opened for Mankind governed by the same Law that the Father has revealed during the three Eras, in which I have always said to you. "Love one another".

36. Very few indeed were able to truly feel the presence of the Divine envoy! Once again he was the voice who cried out in the wilderness, and again he prepared the heart of men for the imminent coming of the Lord. Thus the Sixth Seal was opened, allowing its contents to be contemplated and poured like a torrent of justice and light upon Mankind. Thus many promises and prophecies remained fulfilled.

37. Elijah, like Jesus and Moses, came to illuminate the eyes of your spirit so that you would behold the Father. Moses taught you to "love your fellowman as thyself". Jesus said to you: "Love one another". Elijah ordered you to "have charity and more charity toward your brethren", then he added, "and you will behold My Father in all His splendor".

38. It is the Living Word who speaks to you during this Era not as a man; nevertheless, you will be able to find a similarity between My previous manifestation and this one; if the cradle of Christ was humble and His death was upon the cross for the sins of the world, the place where today the light of the Third Era has now been born, cannot be poorer and humbler, and the cross from where I will give you My last word, shall be man himself, through whom I am communicating.

39. By this means through which I speak to you, I have also received mockery, slander, doubt, the offense. Such has been My will, for you are now My cross.

40. Now I say to you: Since your eyes have now been opened to the light, behold how your world, its science, its morality and its religions are nearing the end of their existence; from all that only the spirit shall survive, the one who will arise above the debris of his past life toward a new spiritual era.

41. All the signs that were predicted as an announcement of My new manifestation among you, have now been fulfilled. Will the world wait for new manifestations to continue waiting for My return? Will they do as the Jewish people, who had the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah, saw their fulfillment, received the Savior in their bosom, did not recognize Him and still continue to wait for Him? The experience is very great and painful for this Humanity, to still be obstinate in their materialism. If the signs and ordeals have been fulfilled and I have not appeared in the synagogue, nor appeared in any church, has the world not perceive that in some place I should be manifesting Myself, since I cannot go back on My word?

42. Disciples: persevere in My teaching so that tomorrow you will give testimony of Me.

43. Do not be afraid of misery. Misery is temporary and in it you should pray, imitating the patience of Job. Abundance will return and you will not find the words with which to thank Me.

44. When sickness overwhelms you, 0! blessed sick people, do not despair! Your spirit is not ailing; elevate yourselves to Me in prayer and your faith and spirituality will give back the health of your body. Pray in the manner that I have taught you: spiritually.

45. Understand that you have the light of your Master. Jesus continues to be the perfect model whom you should imitate; neither before nor after will you be able to find in the world a similar example.

46. Jesus, the Christ, has been the clearest teaching that I have given you in this world to show you how great the love and the wisdom of the Father is. Jesus was the living message that the Creator sent to Earth so that you would know the virtues of the One who created you. Humanity saw in Jehovah an angry and relentless God, a terrible and vengeful Judge, and through Jesus He came to relieve you of your mistake.

47. Behold in the Master the Divine love made flesh; He came to judge all your deeds with His life of humility, sacrifice and charity, and before punishing you with death, He offered you His blood to allow you to know the true life: that of love. That Divine message illuminated the existence of Mankind and the word that the Divine Master delivered to men gave rise to religions and sects, through which they have looked for Me and they still search for Me; but truly I say to you that they still have not understood the contents of that message. Mankind has come to believe that the love of God toward His children is infinite, since He in Jesus, died for His love of Mankind. They have come to be touched by the suffering of Jesus before His judges and executioners, they come to behold the Son in the Father; however, the contents, the significance of all that the Father wanted to make known to Humanity through that revelation, which began within a Virgin and ended in a cloud in Bethany, has not been interpreted up until now.

48. I have had to come in the same cloud in which the Word ascended toward the Father, to give you the explanation and to demonstrate to you the true meaning of all that was revealed to you in the birth, life, deeds and death of Jesus.

49. The Spirit of Truth, the One promised by Christ in that Era, is this Divine manifestation which has come to illuminate the darkness and to clarify the mysteries that the mind or the heart of man was unable to penetrate.

50. My Law is always the same, and it is no less profound some times than others. It is your spirit that reflects many times better than others the light of the Father. This is according to the evolution that your spirit may have attained.

51. Now I say to you: The spiritual banquet is waiting for you; be seated at the table and eat of the food. I have also granted you the multiplication of the bread during this period, because thousands and thousands of your brethren are listening to My Word in many regions.

52. I am inheriting you without your sin being a reason for Me to consider yourselves unworthy. The doors of My Kingdom remain open awaiting for those who will arrive later. Behold a demonstration of My charity, which you did not expect it to go as far as to communicate with you.

53. Now that there is scarcity of love in the world, come and feel the pure love of your Master so that you can be healed of all your wounds.

54. If your heart comes to Me filled with a vain seed, of weeds and thistles, I will forgive him, purify him, and make him flourish. I only want you to elevate yourselves so I can reveal to you all that I still have reserved for you spirit and when you become possessors of what I promise, you will not seek the catacombs to hide yourselves from the eyes of Mankind; on the contrary, you shall come out into the light of day and through that clarity you shall reveal this truth. Open your heart, your mind and your hearing, so that you can allow My lessons to reach way into your spirit.

55. What times are you waiting for to learn from Me? Are you waiting for 1950 to come in order to awaken from your sleep? No My people, because then you will no longer hear My Word. It is necessary that you must have the absolute conviction that you have come to the world to serve your brethren.

56. You look at one another and you realize that I have formed a people with sinners, with ignorant ones, and you are fearful of not coming out ahead in your trials; however, I know what I am doing, it only remains for you to believe, to have faith and comply. The day shall come when you will offer Me the seed just as I have asked you for it.

57. O My people: prepare yourselves, allow the new multitudes to come to you; among them shall come those whom My love will point out and select so that through them I can transmit My Word, because you know only too well that it cannot be your mind that will select them. Only I know the destiny and the gifts of each one.

58. Cleanse your mind, elevate it so that at this moment you can unite with the pure spirits who dwell near Me. Elevate a prayer inspired in the love for God, in your own pain or in a repentance for committed faults; also in an act of thankfulness for benefits received, that will draw your spirit closer to the Father.

59. Everything that surrounds you tends to purify you, but not all have understood it that way. Do not allow the suffering that you endure in your cup of grief to be sterile. From that affliction you can extract light that is wisdom, gentleness, fortitude and sensitivity.

60. Do not fear reaching the Spiritual Realm thinking about all that you have sinned on Earth; if you allow suffering to cleanse let your repentance pour from your heart and if you make an effort to correct your faults, you will arrive dignified and cleansed before My presence and nobody, not even your conscience, will dare mention your past imperfections.

61. In the perfect mansion there exists a place for each spirit who awaits the arrival of His possessor in its time or in eternity. Through the ladder of love, charity, faith and merits you will reach My Kingdom one by one.

62. Show before your children good examples which will serve them as a support along their path to continue their ascent towards Me. Just because you see them in the infancy of the flesh should you grant them less spiritual importance; observe them and you shall see that their faculties are more evolved than yours; they will learn My teachings through you and then they will teach you to analyze them.

63. Those who are young today when you reach an old age you will have seen many miracles through the new generations of spiritualists.

64. I say to parents of families that in the same manner that they worry about the material future of their children, they should also do so for their spiritual future, because of the mission which in that sense they have brought into the world.

65. Keep in mind that before incarnating those beings have already prayed for you, they have protected and helped you in your struggle; now it is your turn to support them in their first footsteps that they are taking on Earth in their fragile body.

66. Come to Me disciples. Here you will find peace, not the fictitious one that the world offers, but rather the one that comes from My Spirit; fill your heart with it so that you are able to listen to Me, understand Me and then put My teaching into practice.

67. A determine number of hearts are destined for each one of My laborers; it is the field that each one of them has to cultivate to make it fruitful and in the end present to Me an abundant harvest.

68. Nobody would be capable of constructing a temple like the one I am erecting within your spirit. The charity of the Universal Maker is constructing that sanctuary with infinite patience. That temple shall be indestructible, and while those temples made by human hands fall stone after stone under the onslaught of time and the storms, this one will remain unmovable, because its foundation shall be within your spirit and its steeple will touch the Kingdom of Heaven.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 82

1. Why do some of My children feel unworthy of calling Me Father? Come to Me, o sinners; leave your burden of afflictions, raise your face and behold Me, My love makes you worthy. If I do not forgive you, who will forgive you?

2. You felt hunger for peace, because your conscience reproached your mistakes until you came before the manifestation of My Word and your weeping has cleansed you. Only I know to who and to whom I speak in this manner and only they know to whom these words are addressed.

3. It has been sometime that you had not blessed My name; your tortures and sufferings made you believe that you were in an endless inferno. The fact is that your eyes had been closed to the truth, to that light which manifests My presence everywhere. The splendor of Nature that envelops you was not enough nor the miraculous manner in which the daily bread reached your lips in order to believe in My blessings. You only beheld darkness around you and only the fire of your suffering was what you felt, but when you were about to succumb, the Divine Cyrenian came to lift you, to help you carry your cross.

4. Your eyes are opening to a life of light and faith. From the bottom of your heart you say to Me: Father, how blind I was, how confused was my heart; now at every footstep and at every place I behold your presence and I feel your blessings.

5. Verily I say to you that those who suffered and greatly offended Me, shall be the ones who will love Me more intensely and from their heart will constantly emerge their offering to My Divinity. It shall not be material offerings nor psalms, or altars of the Earth; they know that the most pleasing offering and worship for Me are the deeds of love which they perform toward their brethren.

6. Beloved children who came to Me like the prodigal son, do not forget the love with which I receive you and the humility with which you approached; it would be sad if you were to feel yourselves filled with peace in your life again, you would turn back to being conceited before your children or egotistical before those who will seek you to ask for something of what you possess today, because before Me you would be the ungrateful children. Always be watchful and pray, so you will not fall into temptation.

7. Understand, beloved disciples, that this existence which you enjoy today is a good opportunity for you to elevate your spirit. For some this shall be the last incarnation, others will have to return to Earth again. This is the propitious time to speak to you in this manner; may no one be scandalized or surprised because of that.

8. Jesus during that time revealed to you many unknown lessons and carried out many deeds, which in the beginning caused confusion but that were later recognized as true Divine revelations. Bear in mind that antecedent so that you will not venture with your judgments during this period without first having analyzed My teachings.

9. If Mankind would have known how to analyze the prophecies of the First and Second Eras, they would not be confused today about their fulfillment; this is what happened during the Second Era when the Messiah was born among men, the same thing that is happening today when I have come in Spirit.

10. The meaning of My teaching is the same in the two Eras; it prepares you to make of this existence a pleasant dwelling, although temporary, where men will regard and treat each other as brethren with a warmth of true brotherhood pouring from one another. Also, prepare the spirit to penetrate into those worlds or mansions that the Father has reserved for His children after this existence. My wish is that you do not feel like strangers when you go there, but rather that your spirituality and intuition will allow you to regard everything that you find as if you have previously been there. Much of the truth will be in it, if you know how to remain in contact with the spiritual from here by means of the prayer.

11. Open your spiritual eyes until you behold the splendor of the light that My truth radiates, so that when you penetrate into another mansion, you will not feel yourselves in darkness.

12. Among so many mansions within the house of the Father there does not exist a single world of darkness. His light is in all of them; however if the spirits penetrate into them with a veil over their eyes, due to ignorance, how can they be able to behold that splendor?

13. If you ask a blind person here in the world what he sees, he will answer only darkness. It is not that the sunlight does not exist rather that he is not able to contemplate it.

14. Keep in mind that even though the number of those who gather to listen to Me is small, the love with which I come to give you My lesson, is very great.

15. Among you are those who will give testimony that this is the Third Era when the Holy Spirit speaks to all Mankind through their conscience.

16. Among these multitudes are the spirits who during other eras formed a part of the tribes of Israel, named the people of God, because they were entrusted with the Law and the revelations so that they would spread them throughout the world. Some of those beings come to Earth for the last time to conclude a mission and to terminate their spiritual restitution. While ascending, they will prepare the steps by which their brethren, who still remain in the earthly realm, will escalate.

17. The light and the love that My Word contains has realized the miracle of allowing to sprout from the grime, pure and beautiful flowers; make certain that when your body is converted into mortal remains, your spirit will separate from it, filled with purity and light.

18. 0! spirits who are receiving My Doctrine, when you reach My presence, be humble and submissive, allowing that only My will be done in you! Many times you have come to incarnate on Earth because you insistently requested it of the Father; now I say to you that you must not ask again, allow My will to be done in you.

19. When you have come to the world because I ordered it, on your return I have strictly asked for an accounting of your deeds. How will it be when you return after having come because you requested it from the Father? What will your judgment be and how will you respond?

20. You marvel listening to My teachings and you say within your heart: How perfect are the lessons of the Master, to which I say that these are still insignificant, for all of them tend to correct and model imperfect beings; when you have attained spiritual perfection, then you will hear the Word of God in His plenitude.

21. Now your spirit has a feeling for the period of My new manifestation through a human faculty, and because of it you feel MY Divine presence. My manifestation has been once again of a Teacher; I am He who gives you this lesson, but I have servants who come afterward to explain the teaching that you received; they are not human beings, for verily I say to you that there is no one on Earth who can explain My new revelations; it is the spiritual word of light who comes to your assistance so that you will not fall into confusion or create new mysteries of teachings which are as clear as the light of day.

22. Everything has been prepared for the realization of this spiritual Work; not only was your spirit prepared to enter this pathway, also the flesh, the ground you walk upon, the environment surrounding you; everything was ready so that My light would glow within your innermost being.

23. The spirit was purified in the Hereafter from the blemishes gathered in previous reincarnations; the flesh was cleansed through pain and tears; the Earth demanded of men her primitive purity and the environment was saturated with petitions and prayers. The Father descended on the ladder of perfection toward His people, He reached the plane where you were and from there He made you listen to His voice through His messengers or spokesmen.

24. How many lessons, how many teachings I have given you from the moment that I gave you My first communication; through them I want you to reach an understanding that I have not come to divide men, but rather to unite them. I came to say to you, whom I found professing a religion, to read My book of love and Divine wisdom, so that you may learn to be in spirit with all your brethren, without distinction of creeds, religions or ideologies.

25. This will be difficult for you in the beginning, but when you understand this lesson, you will be truly identified with all human beings, because you will feel vibrate within the depth of each one of your fellowman a spirit, who being a son of God has to be your own brother.

26. Study My beloved people, so that you may be the disciple of the Third Era who will be distinguished by his spirituality.

27. Analyze and you will understand that you are living the precise moment to be studying My Doctrine. Come, o disciples, come to Me, for I will alleviate the burden of your cross. I will help you win over the place that is reserved for each one of you in the Promised Land.

28. Feel My love within your being so that you may understand that I exist and that you will feel the divine longing to save yourselves. My light is poured upon all Mankind, because no child is able to escape My gaze.

29. What would happen to Humanity if for an instant I would deny them My spiritual light during these moments of trials and tribulations? Darkness would overcome their reasoning; they would become confused and then without hope they would rush toward death and would lose themselves in an abyss. However, if men, in spite of the chaos in which they are involved, and secretly foster a hope of salvation, it is because My Divine light encourages them through their conscience and teaches them to leave it all to the infinite power of the Omnipotent God.

30. Verily I say to you that My Word will change the face of your present world and all of your life. For the men of this era, the world and its pleasures are the reason for their existence; however, soon they will place the spirit before the flesh and the flesh before its garments, and instead of seeking mundane glories, they will go in search of the immortality of the spirit.

31. In the beginning there will be a fanaticism toward the spiritual; its fulfillment will be carried toward an extreme, but then the hearts will calm down and spirituality will emerge filled with truth and purity.

32. When you behold the world engaged in wars, dying of hunger or lashed by the force of the elements, there will always be some who will say that it is My justice that comes to destroy Mankind; but verily I say to you that I come not to destroy you but to save you. Those who believe that their life stems only from the flesh and do not believe in the survival of the spirit, regard their step toward the Hereafter as the end of their existence then they will judge Me as inexorable and cruel.

33. If you knew that many times it is necessary to die for the world in order to survive in spirit, and that sometimes only a harsh affliction or a bloody death are capable of awakening and shaking a lethargic spirit in His materialism.

34. What do you know about life or about death? What do you know about the spirit? Very little; that is precisely why I have come to instruct you so that you may be among those who are able to live in accordance with the greatness of the existence that surrounds you.

35. During this era there is hunger in the world, a hunger of the flesh and of the spirit; that of the flesh troubles you more and this is the one which makes you say to Me: "Father, during past eras you sent to your people the manna in the wilderness so that they would not perish, then you entrusted to them a prodigal land in blessings; from the waters of Jacobs well his sons drank, as well as the sons of their sons and many generations thereafter, and when you came to the world to teach with your word, you led the multitudes to the desert, you took pity of their fatigue and hunger and you performed miracles so that they would eat bread and fish. Why then now, when you see us suffer so much to obtain that bread, you are not moved because of our hunger and our misery?

36. If I would tell you that the answer to all those questions you carry it within your conscience, you would not believe it; then I have to speak in order to tell you that all that I gave you in the world toward your sustenance and conservation, I have not taken it away, everything is there; however, if it does not reach everyone it is because instead of cultivating that seed with the watering of brotherhood, you water it with egotism and perversity.

37. That is why it is necessary that a light of justice descends upon all spirits and that is My inspiration which overflows upon every being during this period.

38. When men become repulsive to the bitter fruits which they have cultivated and turn their eyes to Me, they will find that the spiritual existence and material Nature have never denied their fruits to the children of God; they exist inwardly in each child, and it has been man who closed his eyes to reason and his intuition to the eternal life. Then there will be a confession from those who profaned before that in the desert of this existence the manna was never lacking, that from Jacobs well still flows clear waters and that the Father performs a miracle each day so that Mankind will not perish from hunger or thirst.

39. When the spirit of Mankind opens its eyes to the light, it will contemplate a new life within their same existence that up until now they believed to know too much and that in reality was never able to appreciate it.

40. I come to you as the Divine Doctor who approaches the sick of body and spirit to give back their lost health. I am the One who comes to resurrect those who have died to the truth and the true life. My charity is ready to dry the tears of those who have wept greatly and I will anoint everyone with only one balsam, which will be of love.

41. Welcome those who are poor, those who weep and those who endure hunger and thirst for justice on Earth and who suffer it all with patience, because I come to seek them to reward their submission and faith.

42. This era is a new opportunity to attain the elevation of the spirit. Everything, even pain, is an influence for Mankind to withdraw from the materialism that has enslaved them.

43. Men will scale the holy mountain on whose summit they shall find Me, but before them, I will have experienced a new Calvary within the heart of Mankind, and once again I will have been nailed upon the cross of My mission.

44. I shall not raise a new world upon sin, hatred and vice; I will raise it upon a firm foundation of regeneration, experience and repentance; I will transform it all through you. Light will emanate from the very darkness, and from death I will make life pour out.

45. If men have blemished and polluted the Earth, tomorrow with their deeds they shall dignify this mansion, the one that will be regarded as a Promised Land, so as to enter it and carry out noble missions. Who will then doubt the conversion of the world?

46. I say to you that when this Humanity is more against Me with its irreverence, its deviation from justice and righteousness, I shall appear along their path full of splendor as I appeared before Saul, and I will make them listen to My voice; then you will behold how many who have unknowingly been persecuting Me, will arise, transformed and illuminated, ready to follow Me along the path of righteousness, love and justice. I will say to them: Hold back your footsteps, o travelers, and drink from this fountain of crystalline waters. Rest from the harsh journey in which I have tested you, confide your troubles to Me and allow My gaze to penetrate deeply into your spirit, because I want to fill you with grace and to comfort you.

47. Who among you can say to His Master that he does not have an affliction, that he carries peace in his heart or that he has triumphed over this life of struggle and vicissitudes? I contemplate you navigating in a sea of trials and that is why I come to give you strength. Learn to read in the Book of Life that I have eternally shown you, because tomorrow you will have to be teachers. Each one of you will have to arise, imitating Me and practicing the Law in order to be healthy of spirit and body. Along your journey you will come across many teachings that will not lead you to Me; I shall indicate the righteous path to you, the shortest way, that one of spirituality.

48. During the Second Era I gave you My Word for only three years, and in them I prepared My disciples; during this Third Era I have spoken to you many years more and My disciples have not progressed nor have My apostles forsaken the world in order to follow Me.

49. He who wishes to follow Me, let him wear his humble sandals and not take double knapsack with provisions, because along the path he will not need them.

50. Prepare your eyesight so that you may contemplate during the Third Era what takes place in the spiritual regions and you will be able to announce to the world that I have descended to illuminate every spirit. Prepare yourselves so that you may perceive Me and know how to receive what I reveal to you. I will leave Mankind a book and each one of its pages shall be a proof of love; you will combine this with the first writings about Moses and My apostles, and the deeds of My disciples of all eras will also be recorded in that book which will contain My wisdom.

51. If you still are not able to present to Me a great harvest, pray and ask Me for strength. Be watchful so that your lamp may glow with greater splendor and that it be what illuminates your path. I have seen you weeping when you see that the obstacles do not allow you to work. You have said to Me: "Master, clean our paths of thorns, in order to keep going forward." Humble with love the flesh that I have given you and do not show signs of weakness or nonconformity; do not tell Me that you are weak, because I have made you strong. Do not say that your compliance is a sacrifice; work with love and your deeds shall be written. Climb the mountain of perfection until you find My presence. Lean against the support that Elijah offers. Behold his example. He, represented by an elder who is supported by a staff, does not rest for an instant; he is always in search of his lost sheep to save them and lead them to My presence. His spirit does not weaken in the face of disobedience and rebelliousness; his insistence and perseverance are never exhausted; you take heed; go forth along the pathways and do not fear the world or temptation. Be strong through the spirit that I have granted you.

52. Many regions are now prepared waiting for the laborers, and these have not yet arrived to fulfill their mission. When you feel all the weight of your responsibility, you will humbly take the road and you shall go in search of your destiny. During that act of deliverance, do not limit your charity; but neither shall you reach the point of sacrifice; you would tire yourselves and abandon your cross.

53. When you have healed the sick and withdrawn their darkness, their lethargic spirit will awaken and will resurrect to a new life. I shall always protect you if you are within My laws, because the scientists will approach and complain to you for having healed the sick without having a doctorate in the schools of the world, and those men who rule the destinies of your nation will also ask you what your law is, and you will then speak about My manifestation during this period and about My revelations.

54. To give testimony of My Doctrine, glorify My name with your deeds and your offering will reach Me.

55. Let the sick, the lepers, the afflicted ones be with Me, who do not have peace in their heart, and also those who have sinned and blasphemed; I shall heal everyone of body and spirit.

56. Verily I say to you that a sick person who could be able to keep, analyze and put into practice one of My words of life,would be healed, because he would carry a drop of My Divine balsam preserved in his heart.

57. I have given you proof of My power and My charity so that you can take up the journey with full confidence. Receive this message of hope so that you may be strong during this era in which sin has become widespread as the most contagious of all diseases.

58. An immaterial leprosy has extended throughout the Earth, it eats away the hearts and destroys the faith and the virtue. Men are covered with spiritual rags; they know that no one is able to discover those miseries because human beings cannot see beyond what is physical, but the hour of the conscience approaches; it is the same as if you would say that the day of the Lord or His judgment is about to take place. Then shame will rise in some and remorse in others.

59. Those who listen to that inner voice, burning and inflexible, will feel within them a fire that devours, which exterminates and purifies. Sin cannot resist that fire of justice or anything which is not pure. Only the spirit is able to resist it because he is endowed with a Divine strength; therefore when he has passed through the fire of his conscience, he will have to come out cleansed of his mistakes.

60. I spoke very much in past eras about that fire, of that judgment, of that expiation; however the figures with which those teachings were represented you took them in a material meaning and your imagination distorted the reality of those revelations.

61. How many distorted interpretations men gave these Divine lessons. They make Me appear as a judge with monstrous cruelty. How many absurdities the human mind has created and then imposed them as the supreme truth.

62. Now I come in Spirit to make you understand and live My Divine teachings.

63. The prayer of the birds is their song; the prayers of men are their pure thoughts, which are elevated to Me. Everything created has an offering for the Creator. The Father also has a present for each one of His creatures. Nevertheless, in the human species there exists meagerness, misery, suffering; it is the result of having made use of the freedom of will without listening to the voice of their conscience; it is the lack of harmony within the lives of men, between the Divine and the material; however, all this suffering that now falls upon the world will serve to awaken them from their deep sleep. When Mankind becomes aware of the truth and adjusts its existence to it, they will find the harmony of the spiritual with the material Nature that surrounds them.

64. My new word will reach Mankind as a message of light that will dissipate the darkness of their ignorance.

65. During this period I am preparing the new fishermen of spirits who will save the shipwrecked victims from the rough waves. Among those fishermen will be those who are listening to My Word during this time, and also those who without having heard Me will have the gifts of intuition and inspiration awakened in order to receive My revelations; from different points of the globe will emerge those who will know how to communicate and unite in order to be strong during this fight.

66. There shall be numerous methods to allow My disciples to propagate this blessed seed, but never forget the humility and simplicity, because that is how I came to you and in that same manner you will come close to those hearts, homes and towns. If you come in that manner, you will be recognized as emissaries of a spiritual message and your struggle will yield fruit and true spirituality, of regeneration and of brotherhood.

67. When Jesus concluded his Divine mission on the cross in the Second Era, elevating his eyes toward the infinite He said. "All is consummated!"

68. In this Third Era when I deliver My last word through a human spokesman, I shall repeat those same words, just like I again will pronounce them for the last time when all of you are in spirit in the promised land, where you will see me descend from my cross of redemption in order to tell you again: " All is consummated!"

My Peace be with you!