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Teaching 175

1. I come to reveal all the gifts that you possess. You have had them since 1first created you even though you were unaware of those gifts. It is now time to truly know yourself, and to recognize your heritage, so that you may become great in spirit.

2. From era to era I have given you my revelations. I first gave you the Law, then my doctrine, and finally full knowledge of your spiritual mission.

3. You say that I have been with mankind three times, but truly I have always been with you. I am the Father who in the first era revealed his law of justice to humanity, who in the second era incarnated his Word in Jesus, his son, and who today manifests himself spiritually to the world. Thus, throughout the eras, I have given you a divine parable that speaks of your spiritual evolution and makes you aware that only one God, one Spirit, and one Father has spoken to you throughout the eras.

4. You ask me why I manifest myself spiritually to humanity in this era? My response is that I want you to become enlightened, to achieve spirituality, and to live in harmony with your brethren, for man has been divided throughout history. Some have sought spiritual treasures, while others have sought and loved the material riches of the world. There has been constant conflict between spiritualism and materialism. They have never been able to understand one another.

5. Remember that when the Messiah arrived among the people of Israel, they became divided into those who believed in my truth and those who did not. The explanation is simple: those who awaited me spiritually were the ones who believed, and those who awaited me with their material senses, rejected me.

6. Those two forces will confront one another again until the truth emerges from that battle. The battle will be fierce, because with the passage of time man has become more materialistic. Due to his scientific discoveries, he feels that he has created his own world and inhabits his own kingdom.

7. Today, man has extended his territories, ruling and traveling throughout the world. No continent, land, or sea exists that has not been explored. He has made pathways through the land, the sea, and the air. However, he is not satisfied with what he possesses on earth and is now studying and exploring the heavens in search of greater domains.

8. I bless my children's desire for new knowledge. Their ambition to be wise, great, and strong greatly pleases me, but I do not approve of their selfish ambitions nor egotistical goals.

9. I did not come to prevent man from acquiring new knowledge or making new scientific discoveries. When I created man, I told him to grow and to multiply and to rule the earth. That is to say, among all the creatures on earth, man is the one who is conscious of human laws and divine justice. Also, he is able to develop and refine his virtues. Thus, he is able to create harmony with all creatures and elements on earth.

10. However, mankind has not lived in harmony throughout its existence on earth! Thus, man has constantly stumbled, endured bitter suffering, and lacked peace.

11. I am giving you a new teaching, a teaching for all mankind. Not all individuals prayed while awaiting my arrival, but pain kept them alert and prepared them to receive me. Humanity is now aware of what the people of Israel experienced in the Second Era. Thus, man should no longer attempt to defy my divine justice. Perhaps you do not know that those who awaited the coming of the Lord in order to receive from him the light of hope and knowledge were given the gifts of prophecy, divine learning, and spiritual power? If you ask me where those spirits now dwell, I will tell you that they now inhabit elevated spiritual mansions. Those things that are perceived as great and beautiful on earth do not compare to the great and beautiful things that exist in those mansions. But if you ask me what happened to those who were not accepting of my kingdom because they understood my words and my promises poorly, I will tell you that they are the ones who will reincarnate time and time again until their spirit fully evolves. Those spirits who asked for power and gold were materialistic. Therefore, to assist them with their spiritual restitution, they were granted the world with its false riches and its false power. They were touched by my divine justice but have never been removed from the path of salvation, which leads to the kingdom of truth. Therefore, now that I am illuminating mankind, I am seeking those who rejected me in the past to make them comprehend that the time for learning my teaching has now ended. Also, I will make them understand that this is the Third Era, the era in which the judgement of the Jewish people will take place.

12. Each individual has an appointment with me and will listen to what I have to say.

13. All will be judged by me. I will judge every deed that has not been judged. My presence and power shall be truly felt, and after the chaos everything will return to normal.

14. My people, be constantly alert and pray so that you will not be surprised. Truly I say, that if you are alert and pray for your brethren, there will be an invisible cloak which will protect you, for you will have loved your brethren and will have felt their suffering!

15. Again I say to you that humanity will feel my presence, my power, and my justice. Although I have allowed man to disrespect those things that are sacred in life, I am going to put a limit to his evil deeds. I have allowed man to utilize his free will, but I will make him realize that everything that he does has a limit. I have allowed him to satisfy his ambition for power and greatness on earth, but I am going to detain him along his path. Through his conscience, I will make him look at what he has done and also make him respond to my questions.

16.1 have permitted suffering, destruction, and death to exist on earth so that by tasting those bitter fruits man will become aware of the kind of tree he has planted. But I will take away his suffering and allow his spirit to rest and to meditate, and the time will come when his spirit will sing a hymn of love to his Creator. It has been said and written that the day will come when men will love one another and will adorn their spirit with the white robe of elevation.

17. All will be saved, all will be forgiven, and all will be comforted. What then will happen to death, eternal condemnation, and everlasting hell?

18. I did not create a hell nor death, for when my spirit conceived the idea of creation, I felt love and only life sprouted from my spirit. If death and hell do exist, they would have had to have been created by humans, although you know that nothing human is eternal.

19. Truly I tell you that not only does the spirit of those who listen to this manifestation tremble, but also those beings in the spiritual valley who are in need of divine enlightenment.

20. Although they are unable to listen to the words spoken by the human spokesmen, they receive the essence and inspiration of my messages. My voice is heard throughout the universe, thus it reaches every planet and mansion where my children dwell.

21.1 send a ray of my divine light to every world. It reaches you in the form of human words, whereas, other mansions receive it through inspiration.

22. My divine enlightenment will unite all spirits, thus forming a ladder that will guide them toward my spiritual kingdom. This kingdom was promised to all of my children.

23. Imagine the joy of all those beings who were related to you on earth, but who now dwell in the spiritual valley, when they know that the voice of the Father that they listen to is also heard on earth. Those beings have not left you nor have they forgotten you. They have not stopped praying for those on earth. They continually send you their love and blessings.

24. Those beings in the spiritual valley were at one time your parents, children, brothers, sisters, spouses, and friends on earth. But now they are simply your spiritual brethren and their love for you is the same, if not greater, as well as their ability to help and protect you.

25. My people, pray for those beings and continue to love them and to remember them. Your prayers will offer them comfort and will help them in their struggle. Do not think of them as being disturbed or living in darkness, for it would be the same as if you were judging them and sentencing them. If humans on earth tend to judge their brethren unfairly and imperfectly, how could they treat a spirit with justice?

26. Once again I tell you to help them only with your prayers and with your good deeds on earth.

27. It is not necessary for those beings to present themselves in some material form in your life, either by manifesting themselves through a human being or in some other manner. If you expect them to do this, you would be denying the spirituality that I have taught you. Also, you should not designate a specific day of the year to remember them and to summon them. Keep in mind that the spiritual valley does not follow material time, and thus every moment is appropriate for communicating with your spiritual brethren through prayer.

28. Many of those beings whom you thought were confused are actually the ones who have struggled to help you to discover this path of light, which they were unable to find when they were on earth. Do not cry or mourn for those beings who have departed for they are not dead. They have only departed a few moments ahead of you. It was my will for them to depart so that they could prepare the path for you.

29. My people: Is it necessary for me to tell you that you have no reason to visit cemeteries, and that the tears that you shed over a grave are tears of ignorance, materialism, and fanaticism?

30. That spirit for which you mourn, it lives; it is not dead. You believe that you will never see it again, but it is lovingly awaiting you to offer testimony of truth and life. Also, you believe that it is far away, insensitive, and unaware of your struggles and suffering. However, you fail to realize that even though it dwells in the spiritual valley, it is helping to remove many obstacles and difficulties from your path.

31. Your ignorance causes you to be ungrateful and cruel with yourself and with others. But I ask you: Who can call himself ignorant after having listened to my teachings?

32. My word is a ray of light that will illuminate everyone and unite them within my love. If, after listening to my word, you believe and practice it, you will unite with all those who love me, who believe in me, and who glorify me.

33. I have informed you in my teachings that life on earth is a painful journey for the spirit. When one's life ends on earth his spirit will experience Calvary. Thus, while on earth you need to imitate me and to practice my examples.

34. Happy are the spirits who know how to reach the top of the mountain with faith and with virtue, because in the instant they depart from their material body they will feel the embrace of the Father as a reward for their courage and love. They are the ones that will penetrate eternity without stumbling.

35. My teachings in this period will help humanity to understand the meaning of my law and doctrine. Man will experience happiness and spiritual peace on earth if he fulfills my law. However, the spirit will experience the perfect joy only after it returns to its true home. How many opportunities you have to be kind and to be helpful to your brethren! Every home is an appropriate field in which to sow my seed. In each city and in each village are those who thirst for my charity and my love. I have come to teach you to sow my seed, so that you will offer love, comfort, and peace to the world.

36. Your mission is to help and to love your brethren. You can fulfill that mission through your prayers, words, and deeds.

37. I have taught you the perfect prayer which is the true language of the spirit. Prayer allows man to communicate directly with me.

38.1 have given you the gift of speech to express the enlightenment that exists in your spirit and the love found in your heart.

39. My people: Do not tell me that I am requesting too much, for I am aware of what you can do. Presently, you feel that you are weak, incompetent, and unworthy, because you have carefully examined yourself and have discovered many weaknesses that do not allow you to feel the pain of others. However, first I will heal you and allow you to feel my spiritual peace. Then, I will strengthen your heart and cleanse your path. Thus you will no longer feel weak, nor have doubts, nor feel incapable.

40. I have allowed you to listen to my word so that you will become strong when I send you to different places in fulfillment of your mission. Once your spirit becomes nourished with my teachings, it will arise to fulfill its mission through inspiration.

41. Pray, my people, and as you pray, I will send my peace to the nations of the earth, blessing your homes and illuminating your paths.

42. I will give you proof that what I promised you is true. That proof will be something that you have yearned and hoped for a long time. Truly I tell you, that I will offer proof of my love to each individual. There will be some who will be prepared to feel that love, whereas others will be unable to feel it due to their lack of spiritual preparation. When I offer you that evidence of love, you will remember my promise and your faith will be strengthened.

43. Do not despair nor shed any tears. Learn to wait for that moment by praying, remaining alert, and practicing my teaching.

44. Have you not noticed that when you pray, you quickly forget your own suffering and truly feel my peace? Practice my doctrine and make a true effort to communicate with me through prayer, and you will observe that my peace and my light will triumph over your ordeals and difficulties.

45. Be aware that your suffering is not in vain. Your mission it to become spiritually and physically prepared in order to sow my divine seed.

46. One who comforts and helps the weak become strong needs to become enlightened through his own experiences and strengthened through his own struggles and ordeals. He should not become frightened of the suffering and the misfortune of a fellow human being. If your fellowman asks for help and comfort, do not ignore him, help him.

47. Among those who live in darkness, sin, and vice, you will observe that many will arise seeking enlightenment, regeneration, and spirituality, but in order for this inspiration to come to them, you must first touch their hearts with deeds of love that will offer true evidence of brotherhood. Your deeds of love will be like rays of light that will illuminate the darkness in which those beings live.

48. Thus, be aware that the many forms of suffering that you have endured have helped to prepare your spirit for the delicate mission that it will need to fulfill.

49. The teachings that I have revealed in this era represent a new testament. It will become united with those of the past, forming only one revelation.

50. I will illuminate those who have the mission of uniting all three testaments into only one book.

51. My spiritual servants will guide those whom I have selected for that mission so that there will be no stains in that book.

52. The disagreements and lack of harmony that have existed among those who have witnessed my new manifestation will disappear once they carefully analyze that book and truly comprehend the essence of its teachings.

53. Presently, you are unaware of how your lack of unity will affect you. But truly I tell you, that tomorrow it will cause you to weep. How many times have I asked you to be in harmony spiritually, uniting your beliefs and practices. But you have not listened to my divine advice.

54. I have inspired you to form a new nation giving it the name of the New Israel, and I have assigned you several missions to fulfill. Just as I assisted the people of Israel in the First Era when they journeyed across the desert in pursuit of the "Promised Land", I will also assist you in this era. However, as yet you have not made an effort to comprehend my mandates nor have you wished to observe the example of unity that was given by the people of Israel as recorded in the First Era. It is an unforgettable example, because it was their harmony and unity that enabled them to overcome the ordeals that they encountered along their path.

55. A new "Promised Land" awaits you, although it is still very distant. You are now journeying through the vastness of the desert and are no longer slaves of the pharaoh. Although you have received my law, you are still practicing idolatry. You are still worshiping the "golden calf" without realizing it.

56. In order to awaken from your deep sleep, you will need to endure obstacles, ordeals, and persecution. Only then will you follow my mandates and guard carefully what I have taught you in this period. The Israelites in the First Era were also awakened by their ordeals and built the tabernacle and the ark to guard the law.

57. Today, it is your spirit that will be the tabernacle and your conscience will be the ark. Thus, you will carry my law in your conscience to illuminate your path. .

58. No one has arisen in this era, as did Moses in the past, to lead this nation of people and to strengthen its faith by performing miracles. But if you prepare yourself you will be able to feel the spiritual presence of Elijah, who is guiding and encouraging you along your journey.

59. Those who are listening to my word are weeping. Only I know why they are weeping, and only I am aware of the obstacles and difficulties that they have endured along their journey causing them to be detained.

60. Persevere, my people. Do not lose faith, and you will triumph over all obstacles. Pray, and let your deeds reflect as much truth, purity, and perfection as is possible. Thus, as you fulfill your mission you will discover the comfort and the strength that you need to triumph over your ordeals. If you journey in this manner, you will discover that your path is clear and free of all obstacles.

61. You are my fields where for the present grow both wheat and weeds. The hour to reap the harvest has not come, but when it arrives, I will judge the deeds of each one of you, then I will leave on the earth the good disciples and take from this world those who have not produced the fruits of unification and spirituality.

62. Be alert, and remember my teachings. Do not assume that my justice will never touch you just because I have assigned you important missions to fulfill. Remember that David and Solomon were both great leaders at one time, but they both fell asleep spiritually and thus fell from glory. They disregarded my law and assumed that the Father would never judge them because of his love for them. However, they both had to face my divine justice, which is wise and inevitable.

63. My people, think of the future generations who have yet to come. Think of your children, as did the patriarchs who prepared their followers to be ready for the coming of the Messiah.

64. Pray for those who will arrive tomorrow. Prepare their path with charity and love. Be aware that they will need to fulfill missions that are more elevated than yours and that it is important for them to find a path of spirituality to follow.

65. What will that path be? It will be a path that you will pave with your deeds of love and with your life.

66. All spirits have a great debt with the Father. My love and my justice offer each of you this new opportunity on earth to correct your past mistakes and to purify yourself spiritually. This will enable you to move on to the next mansion where you will dwell.

67. Oh blessed Third Era, you are offering man everything that he needs in order to free himself from his own slavery! Blessed are those who take advantage of your light, for they will be saved!

68. I have been your guide on your long spiritual journey. Also, I have tested you and have prepared you for my revelation in this era. It will not be men who will organize the new nation of Israel. It will be I who will form it, purify it, elevate it, and send it to earth to fulfill its mission. While that nation grows and prepares itself, I am clearing its path, opening doors, and removing obstacles. I did the same with the people of Israel in the First Era. I led them out of Egypt and guided them through the sea and through the desert.

69. The mission of this nation is to help humanity to awaken spiritually. After it fulfills its mission and man becomes aware of the era in which he lives, you Will observe that man will yearn to become spiritually enlightened and elevated. Not only will the world change completely but so will human life.

70. Man will obey his conscience and listen to his spirit. Thus, he will become aware of his spiritual needs and will satisfy them. Throughout the world, men will yearn to know God, to feel his closeness, and to sow his truth.

71. These prophecies will be fulfilled on earth when man is no longer able to endure his spiritual thirst and hunger. Man will eliminate his pride and will confess before the Lord. He will descend from his throne of authority, where he tried to ignore, judge, and deny me. He will repent for his sins and will once again acknowledge me. He will speak to me as a child for whom I have been awaiting for centuries and centuries.

72. How far man has fallen in his materialism - even denying the one who created everything! How can man become so confused? How can science be able to deny me and disrespect life and nature?

73. My presence is found in each new discovery that is made by science. Also, my law is manifested in each of those discoveries and my voice can be heard. How is it that scientists are unable to feel, to see, and to hear me? Does man's denial of my existence, love, and justice offer true evidence of his advancement and civilization? If it does, then truly you are not more advanced than men of ancient times. In the past, men knew how to discover the presence of a divine, superior, wise, just, and powerful being in all the marvelous things throughout nature. They attributed all the goodness that existed throughout creation to that being, and therefore they worshiped him.

74. As they developed intellectually, they attempted to comprehend what they perceived with their material senses. However, they were unable to worship me in a perfect manner and were unable to comprehend many of the divine truths. Nevertheless, I accepted their faith and worship as the first fruits offered to me by my children whom I would teach throughout the eras.

75. Since then and until now, how many lessons and revelations I have given to humanity! By now, man should have achieved a high level of comprehension and should be worshiping me in a perfect manner. Instead, he has arisen to deny me and he has become egotistical, vain, and inhumane with his science. Man worships God with rituals and traditions, but these do not reflect true spiritual worship.

76. I granted the gift of free will to man, and I have respected that freedom. However, I also gave him a conscience to guide him in the use of his divine gifts. But I say to you, that in the battle between the spirit and the material body, the spirit has lost. It has endured a painful defeat that has little by little separated it from the fountain of truth.

77. But that defeat is only temporary, because the spirit will arise from the bottom of the abyss because it can no longer endure its hunger, thirst, nakedness, and spiritual darkness. Pain will be its salvation. The spirit will hear the voice of its conscience and it will arise from the bottom of the abyss. It will arise with strength, enlightenment, and great inspiration. Through its own free will, it will choose to fulfill the divine laws. That is the best manner to worship your Father, who greatly loves you.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 176

1. Resist the temptations of the world and of the material body. When you are suffering through an ordeal, remember my teachings from the Second Era and follow my example.

2. You ask me, how was it possible for Jesus to resist the temptations of the world? To which I say to you that the heart of the Divine Master was never touched by temptation.

3. The body that I had on earth was human and sensitive. It was the instrument utilized by my spirit to bring my teachings to humanity. My body was aware of the ordeals that were to come, for they were revealed to it by my Spirit. Thus, my physical body suffered because of the pain that it was to endure.

4. I wanted to demonstrate that my body was truly human and prove that my suffering was real and my sacrifice was true.

5. Otherwise, my sacrifice on earth would have had no merit according to mankind. That is why three times Jesus invoked the strength of my Spirit which inspired him to overcome harsh trials. First, He asked for strength when he was in the desert, second, in the garden of olives, and finally when he hung on the cross.

6. It was necessary for me to become man, and to offer you my body and my blood, so that the pain inflicted on my body by mankind would leave a visible mark. If I would have come in Spirit, what sacrifice could I have made for you? What would I have renounced, and what pain could you have made me feel?

7. The Divine Spirit is immortal, and pain does not reach it, but the flesh is sensitive to pain, is limited in its potentials, and is mortal by nature. That is why I chose to manifest myself in human form to the world and to offer mankind my true sacrifice, thus teaching man the path of salvation.

8. While you continue to sin, remember that I shed my blood on the cross for you. Repent of your sins, purify yourself, and try to imitate the example of infinite love that I gave to you.

9. Remember that as I hung on the cross I forgave, blessed, and healed those who had crucified me. I want you to imitate me along your difficult journey on earth. You need to bless, forgive, and help those who offend and hurt you. Whoever does that will become my disciple. Truly, I tell you that your suffering will be brief, because you will feel my strength during the moments of your ordeals.

10. Very few are those who are willing to teach their brethren using the examples given by the Divine Master. Those of you who are witnessing this manifestation, as well as people in most religions, fail to confirm what they preach with deeds of love. Thus, their words lack strength.

11. Today you have the opportunity to listen to an explanation of my doctrine. This will help to purify your heart and prepare you to fulfill the mission that I have assigned to your spirit.

12. Do not be afraid to follow my footsteps because I will not require anyone to repeat my sacrifice. I say to you that only Jesus was able to endure the difficult mission that was given to him by my Spirit. No one else could have endured it, but Jesus had nourished himself in the virtue and strengthened himself in the purity of the One who had offered her womb to conceive him, Mary.

13. Meditate, my people, and take advantage of this divine silence as you listen to my teachings. Truly I tell you that during these moments of meditation and spirituality my seed will grow in your heart.

14. This multitude who listens to me has attained spiritual peace and unity on this day. It is as one being who has come to witness my manifestation through the human spokesmen. I welcome your spirits. I truly accept the simple yet pure prayers and deeds that you offer to the Divine Father.

15. The most important prayer one can make is for world peace and for man to live as did the patriarchs. I say to you that peace will return to earth when you, my new disciples, have laid the foundation for a new world. I am now preparing you to carry out that mission.

16. When you treat each human being as your brother, and love me by loving them, you will witness the beginning of a new era. Man will then live in peace and joy, and I will be acknowledged and loved as the Divine Father.

17. My word in this era is the same one that spoke through Jesus. It is the same pure water that bathed your spirit when you followed me through the lands of Palestine. You recognize its essence, and should no longer confuse my word with that spoken by others, since you carry the divine word in your spirit. Today, as I manifest myself through human spokesmen, you recognize the voice of your Father. But you question the way my message was given to humanity during this period.

18. You say to me that no one among this multitude is pure, virtuous, and thus capable of serving me. Although Moses, Peter, John, and the prophets from the First Era are not among you during this era, truly I say to you that I have sent virtuous spirits to earth during all eras. Among them are these human spokesmen who have humbly served me. Love them, and help them, because they have a great mission. I have kept their minds and their hearts pure, frequently becoming purified through their own suffering. Their life is similar to that of other messengers whom I have sent in the past. I bless the human spokesmen. Blessed are all those who have thus followed me and who have recognized the importance of the mission that I have assigned to them.

19. My beloved people, I invite you to come into my kingdom. I am calling to all the nations on the earth, without any distinction, but I know that everyone will not hear me. Humanity has turned off its lamp and walks in darkness. However, amidst the confusion in which man lives, my enlightened messengers will arise to illuminate their brethren. Those spiritual guardians are awaiting my signal in order to awaken and communicate with their brothers. Allow the love of those messengers to become a seed in your heart that produces fruit. Do not reject them if they present themselves before you materially poor. Listen to them, because they will be coming in my name to offer you an unknown power. They will teach you the perfect prayer and will free you from your materialism which will allow you spiritual freedom and the power to elevate yourself to me.

20. Those of you who listen to me are anxiously awaiting the fulfillment of my words. You yearn to see humanity converted into my disciples. Also, you are requesting to be among those whom I will send to other lands to fulfill difficult missions. Truly I tell you that you will need to prepare yourself beforehand, because the struggle that awaits you is great. However, not all of my messengers are presently among the multitude who listens to me nor will all of them have witnessed my manifestation through human spokesmen. Many of them will speak intuitively, because I will have prepared them spiritually. I have wisely placed my messengers in different nations so that all of your brethren will receive my spiritual enlightenment.

21. How could you believe that I would manifest myself only to this multitude, neglecting other nations, when every individual on earth is my child? Do you truly believe that someone could be apart from me if my Spirit is universal and comprehends all things throughout creation? Everything lives and nourishes itself from me. I have manifested myself on earth and throughout the universe to save all of my children.

22. I do not want you to waste this period nor to journey through earth without having helped your brethren. I want you to be true sowers of the seed that I have entrusted to you. Thus when you leave the earth you will continue to work until the seed that you have sown in your brethren starts to produce fruit.

23. I only inspire you to fulfill my mandates but never force you to do so. I want you to follow my laws through your own free will and spiritual preparation. Be free within my laws, but practice obedience. Fulfill the two laws that govern mankind, which in essence forms only one, since both originate from me.

24. Pray for harmony among mankind and for all beings to comprehend God. Allow your prayer to elevate as a song that will help spirits to arise, signaling the path of their destiny.

25. My doctrine helps man to evolve completely. It will help his heart to become sensitive and virtuous. It will awaken his mind, enabling him to understand things more clearly, thus perfecting and elevating his spirit.

26. Study my doctrine carefully. This will enable you to comprehend the correct way to practice my teachings so there will be harmony in your physical and spiritual development. Do not strive to develop only your mind, also strive to achieve spiritual ideals.

27. The spiritual gifts and abilities that you possess will evolve and perfect themselves as you study and practice my new teachings.

28. I have given you sufficient time to study and to comprehend my teachings. Thus, many who arrived before me as children are now in their youth, and others who arrived in their youth are now aged. Some who were born in this path have now become my workers, whereas others have departed to the spiritual valley.

29. I have granted this multitude sufficient time to develop strong faith and to achieve a true understanding of my doctrine. I am preparing you for the time when you will no longer be able to listen to this manifestation. You will only need to concentrate deep within your heart to be able to feel my presence and to receive my inspiration.

30. My teaching is written in your conscience which is the true ark that will guard my law. Thus, as time goes by and these moments of spiritual joy you experience with the Divine Master remain behind, the essence of love, wisdom, and life found in my word, will remain forever in your spirit.

31. In my teachings you will find that I am always telling you to become spiritualized, because that is how you will distinguish yourself on earth. Without spirituality, you will be unable to offer your brethren the testimony that you need to give.

32. Do not be afraid of the day when I will no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen. My work will not disappear, nor will your spirit fall into a state of despair. There are enlightened beings in the spiritual valley who are ready to incarnate on earth to become your guides and prophets. Those enlightened beings will help you progress along your spiritual path.

33. I say to you that just as you need those enlightened beings to help you along your journey, there are also beings in other spiritual mansions who need your assistance. Thus, some of you will need to take these teachings to other mansions. Some who now listen to me will soon depart to fulfill that spiritual mission. That is why so many beings are being purified on earth, and why your spirit feels more enlightened by my doctrine each passing day.

34.1 want you to unite with my spiritual followers. Then, together and united in love you can work for the salvation of all your brethren who have separated from the path of life and truth.

35. Guard these teachings in your spirit. They will prepare you for your departure to the spiritual valley.

36. My beloved people, be aware that this era has been a period of beautiful revelations! It has been a period of enlightenment, helping spirits to elevate! Blessed are those who prepare themselves, because I will spiritually enlighten them!

37. But remember that you are only at the beginning of a new era. Man has not yet received all of the revelations that he will receive nor has he understood fully all those that he has received.

38. Humanity will witness and receive many marvelous spiritual revelations for centuries to come.

39. The time for those revelations is approaching. Therefore, you need to prepare the path for those who are to come after you. You need to bless that path with your good deeds. Thus, you will begin to construct the true temple, a temple that others will later finish constructing.

40. I have seen you struggle against your material body to overcome its stubbornness. You have endured great battles, teaching your material body to be obedient and submissive. The material body will usually not want to listen to what the conscience requests. However, if you are alert and continue to pray, the material body will help you to fulfill your spiritual mission. That struggle between your material body and spirit forms a part of your restitution in this era.

41. You were endowed with spiritual gifts from the moment of your creation. I endowed your spirit with the gifts of intelligence, sensitivity, and reason so that it will triumph in its final battle. Once you have triumphed over evil, and your spirit is guiding your material body, then you will be ready to seek your brethren and to offer them a clear example of how to evolve spiritually. Without boasting of your strength and powers, you will perform deeds that will reveal obedience and respect to my law.

42. Once my manifestation comes to an end, and you become anxious to practice what I have taught you in this time, then each one of my disciples should take his assigned group as his own family to teach and to guide. Practice charity, and when you discipline others, do it with love and wisdom. Create a peaceful atmosphere, similar to the one that you have created today, and my Spirit will be there to bless and to inspire everyone.

43. Do not ask anyone where he has come from nor why he is seeking me. Elijah has spiritually guided him and has brought him, and thus it is time for him to become familiar with this teaching. Presently, I am preparing those who will arrive. Blessed are those who believe in this teaching.

44. I am teaching you so that you will set examples of charity, love, and kindness for others to follow. You will bring joy to the life of mankind with the good news that the Divine Master has returned. In this era of suffering, he has brought his teachings to nourish mankind and to offer it eternal life.

45. Those who are listening to me will not be fully responsible for the complete change of humanity. Maintain your enthusiasm when you take this teaching to your brethren, and my word will perform miracles. What comfort they will receive in their days of trials if they listen and comprehend my teachings! Those who witnessed this manifestation will yearn for the moments when they felt me and were able to nourish themselves with the divine essence, feeling as a child who has received the divine love and tenderness of the Father!

46. Humanity is as a fertile field waiting to be sowed. The fields are many and the laborers few. How can you convert humanity to my teachings if you do not work? There is much work that needs to be done, and time is limited!

Now is the appropriate time to work! Reconstruct the temples that have collapsed within the hearts of men! You need to rebuilt homes, and preach about spirituality along your path with your thoughts, words, and deeds!

47. Work hard to help man regain his virtue so that families will become strongly united. Help the youth, the new generations of tomorrow, to develop a strong spiritual foundation. Pray for the husband and the wife, both an image and a creation of God. Thus, everyone will become united with their guardian angels and will be in perfect harmony with God.

48. Your petitions reach me, and I am enlightening you. You know your deeds and are able to judge their merits. The suffering that exists now will pass and peace will shine in the universe.

49. Pray for those nations that are struggling in wars. Share your bread and clothing with those in need, and offer them food to eat. Practice brotherhood with everyone during this period of suffering in the world. Be charitable with those who are ill, and spiritually prepare those who are ready to depart to the spiritual valley. Strengthen the faith of those who are depressed, and offer my peace to all of your brethren. Pray for humanity, and I will perform miracles among your brethren.

50. The world is full of people who are slaves to worldly things, and that is why everyone yearns to be free. But you should not blame the divine laws nor the human laws for that slavery. You should blame yourselves. The true law, whether it be divine or human, is designed to guide, teach, and protect man, but never to enslave.

51. Be aware that you lack spiritual freedom because you have separated yourself from the divine essence, from the law of love, which is to love God above all creation and to love your fellowman as brothers in the Creator. You are a slave to idolatry, to religious fanaticism, and to superstition.

52. Also, you lack freedom within the laws created by man. Those laws, which are meant to establish justice among humanity, have become corrupt due to man's selfishness, injustice, and deceitfulness.

53. Those who govern mankind, and those who are responsible for guiding humanity spiritually, are all my children. Their laws should be related, but they are following different paths and separating themselves from one another.

54. When will humanity give to God that which belongs to God and to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar?

55. Some believe that they should only fulfill the laws of earth and disregard all the divine laws. Others, seek to become spiritually elevated through different religious paths and become rebellious in their hearts, disregarding the laws of the earth.

56. Truly I tell you that neither individual is fulfilling his responsibility.

57. Have you not seen how the sun rises daily in the east to offer its light and warmth to all beings equally?

58. Such is the love of the Father for each one of his children. Man should practice that same love and justice with one another on earth, because my laws are applied upon humanity in this form.

59. Have you not observed the perfect harmony that exists between the divine and all the things created by your Father? Then why is it that human beings do not live in perfect harmony if they are the children of God?

60. Blessed is the one who listens to me, recognizing the era of light in which he lives, for he will continue to progress along his path of spiritual evolution.

61. These are the final years in which you will listen to my word, offering you my wisdom and knowledge.

62. These teachings will become printed in books, and when the hour of my departure arrives, my teachings, and those disciples who have developed strong faith in their hearts, will be the living testimony that I leave to those who did not hear me in this Third Era.

63. Blessed are those who do not lose their faith in spite of their ordeals, because they will attain wisdom and peace.

64. In order for each one to be able to fulfill the mission that he has received, all have to unite and to learn my spiritual teachings. You should no longer focus only on those things that pertain to your material life but should now focus on your spiritual needs.

65. I am the Eternal Life. You need to fulfill my law, if you want to attain eternal life.

66. You are in a state of deep contemplation as you listen to my word in this house of prayer. You should continue to practice that because it will help you to achieve humility, order, respect, and discipline in your life.

67. I am illuminating your spirit, your mind, and your heart, and I am guiding your life.

68. I want you to keep my teaching in your heart so that you will not forget it, for you will truly need it in the future during times of conflict. Also, you do not know how much longer you will remain on earth. Therefore, practice deeds of love and charity so that you will be spiritually prepared when the Father summons you to the spiritual valley.

69f Truly I tell you that this teaching will restore morality on earth, because it teaches spirituality and brotherhood.

70. In this time, mankind does not truly comprehend the Divine Father. Although some individuals are sincere in their worship of God, due to their ignorance, their worship is filled with fanaticism. Still others believe that they are knowledgeable and powerful and in need of no one.

71. There are very few who truly follow me!

72. My beloved people: Allow my word to continue to prepare you.

73. I offer my peace to your heart and to your home, and freedom to your spirit when your material body is asleep.

74. Do not lose this grace that I offer you. Accept my blessing.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 177

1. I ask humanity, who is presently kneeling before the Lord in a state of repentance and fear: How can you settle your debt of love and truly please the Divine Father?

2. I, the Father, will tell you how to achieve peace and spiritual elevation; thus you will succeed in cleansing your stains and elevating your spirits.

3. I am granting you the time to fulfill the needs of your spirit for a new era is dawning, a day of splendor filled with promises and revelations. You will need to fight during this new era of enlightenment, as mandated by the Father. Fight for peace, for regeneration, and for the triumph of spirituality.

4. I will place these teachings in your conscience so that you will continually remember them.

5. My love is like a city that you will have to conquer. You will confront several obstacles and you will need to defeat many enemies. These enemies will battle against you in order to detain you. However, you will carry the sword of love making you invincible. Fight with it and do not doubt, because in the end you will see the city surrender because of your love for the Father.

6. I want to create a family among you that is united, loving, and charitable in order that the caravans of travelers seeking peace and charity can enter your homes and share the love that I am pouring on you. But your preparation has been slow. Thus the caravans of travelers have been detained in the desert to contemplate that the star that guided their steps is no longer moving. I do not wish that mankind will find you sleeping, or that if you are awake, they will find you sinning, because then you would be unable to offer testimony of my new arrival. Instead, you would be betraying the Divine Master.

7. I am giving you time to repent for your sins and to amend your life. The father who has neglected his responsibilities, who has abandoned his family, should seek to restore his home.

8. Those who have led troubled lives because of their sins and vices, need to arise and to triumph over the weaknesses of the flesh. They need to utilize their spiritual strength to attain salvation. My disciples in this third era need to unite spiritually, loving and helping one another. This would enable people who are detained in the desert to continue with their journey. The star that had previously guided them would once again lead them toward the land of peace and harmony.

9. Those who are arriving will be fleeing from war, death, and destruction.

They will have witnessed many crimes and much hatred. When they arrive among this nation of people, they will observe that true love is truly practiced in each home and that the law of God guides every marriage. They will observe that children love and respect their parents and that parents guide their children with tenderness, wisdom, and love. Also, they will observe that the elderly are treated with respect. Once they have witnessed so many examples of respect for my law, will they not acknowledge that a miracle has taken place among this nation of people, a miracle that can only be attributed to the charity of the Father?

10. O my people, you have been insensitive and ungrateful up to now. I have not come to ask you to make sacrifices nor to demand things that are impossible. If you sometimes feel that it is difficult to fulfill my doctrine, it is because you lack love in your heart. There are no obstacles, abysses, nor impossibilities for the one who practices deeds of love, because love is the divine force that inspires and moves everything.

11. O my people, come to my fields. The fields are awaiting the seeds of your love. Later, the sweet fruits of the harvest will reward you for your work.

12. Unite strongly as brethren, because temptation is waiting to tempt you. War is threatening while the guardians of peace sleep, enabling epidemics, famine, and rare illnesses to penetrate this nation.

13. I have given man the scientific knowledge to battle the catastrophes and disasters that occur on earth. However, I have given humanity a science that is superior, the science of divine love. Eventually all of mankind will surrender to that love, including those who destroy peace and well-being. The science of divine love is strengthened through prayer.

14. Meditate on these words, my people, and listen to your conscience so that it may guide you.

15. My Spirit sends you peace, which you do not always retain. When will you learn to carry me in your heart without rejecting me with your thoughts or deeds?

16. Do not become disturbed when I tell you that I want to be with you, in the most intimate part of your heart, for I want you to have my peace and my light.

17. I am judging you on this day and reminding you that you have not fulfilled your responsibility. Also, I say to you that you have not shown love for the work entrusted to you, which forms a part of your destiny. You are listening to my divine voice through your conscience. Thus, it frightens you when I ask: What have you done with all that I have come to reveal and to teach you in this Third Era?

18. Momentarily you become aware of the responsibility that I have assigned to your spirit. However, you quickly forget about it. Then, you once again become weak and believe that you are ill, needy, or an insignificant being, but in reality, you possess an abundance of divine gifts.

19. Anytime you disagree with my divine teachings, you are rejecting divine love. Do not say I am unjust, because if I were truly unjust and revengeful as you believe, I would have destroyed you long ago. However, I do not destroy those things that I have created. Instead, I allow you to journey through the path of evolution until you achieve spiritual perfection.

20. I say to you that the true concept of God is not known on earth, even though Jesus came to earth so that man would know the Father through the Son. Understand that I knew that man was destined to have salvation, otherwise I would not have sought him always with love. My new arrival in this era offers proof that each of you will return to the Divine Father, for only He knows the future and destiny of all of his children.

21. The teachings that I have brought to humanity in this era will remain written in books. That is my will. Thus, in those books, man will be able to find an explanation for many of my past teachings that he was unable to comprehend, and they will contain the true interpretation of my doctrine. As man acquires knowledge from these books he will tremble with fear but not from a fear of divine punishment. His fear will be of becoming stained with sin, of offending the Divine Father, and of returning to Him with a stained spirit. Also, his fear will be of not having progressed on the path of spirituality and true knowledge.

22. How will you be able to settle the debt of love that you have with your Father? How will you be able to repay the One who continually forgives your sins and ingratitude? I say to you: Perform deeds that are worthy of my Divinity, and practice deeds of love and charity with one another.

23. A new year is about to begin. I will not ask nature nor its elements what they have done during this past year. But I will ask you, through your conscience, whether you have fulfilled the mission that I assigned to you. Also, I will want to know how you have utilized the time and your divine gifts.

24. The year that is now ending was one of struggles, tears, and hard labor for humanity. Blood was shed, and mourning, destruction, and hatred reigned among mankind. Humanity endured a painful restitution.

25. I am granting you a new year that will be like a horizon of light, giving you hope for the future. That bright horizon will encourage you in your daily struggles.

26. Humanity, you must struggle for peace, regeneration, and justice.

27. After today, I will continue to give you my teachings for only four more years. Use that precious time wisely. My work will not conclude in 1950, because I will work throughout eternity. Also, your mission will not be completed at the end of that year. Actually, your true struggle will begin after 1950, because prior to that year I have only been preparing you to fulfill your mission.

28. Unite your spiritual and material mission into one. Thus, you will offer a true fulfillment of your mission to the Father .

29. Not only do I teach you to give to God what belongs to God but also to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

30. The world will soon know of this multitude that has witnessed my manifestation, and through you others will know of my coming, my miracles, and my teachings. Men will examine these houses of prayer, and they will, judge your lives. Those who will arrive will include powerful and influential men, scientists, ministers from different religions and sects, and those who study the hereafter. When you are in your home, or when you gather to study my teachings, I want you to practice respect and charity with your brethren. Practice deeds of virtue and live in harmony with others, thus practicing true spirituality.

31. How would people who come in search of the truth feel if they found that fanaticism existed in your spiritual practices? What would they think if there was disharmony between husbands and wives or if children had been abandoned because their parents were unwilling to fulfill their responsibilities?

32. Observe the birds with their nests on the limbs of trees and learn from their examples. Do not ask me how those who are married should love one another or how they should love their children. Just glance at the nests of those birds, and there you will find love and a lesson of fidelity and tenderness. If humans only loved one another in that manner!

33. Struggle and be alert so that when 1950 comes to an end you can offer the Divine Father fruits that are worthy of Him. If those who have witnessed my teachings fail to prepare themselves, they will experience great sorrow when the time for my departure arrives.

34. If you do not prepare yourself for my departure, you will experience great sorrow once your spiritual brethren and the Father cease their manifestation through human spokesmen.

35. I have offered you my peace and my blessings on this day. For what more could you ask?

36. Now it is I who is asking you to love one another.

37. Sincerely pray for peace among nations, and truly feel the suffering of humanity.

38. Truly I tell you that your nation is experiencing plagues and death. Man does not possess the scientific means to stop the arrival of plagues and catastrophes. But if you pray you will find strength and the weapons needed to battle those disasters. Combine your prayers with deeds of love and charity. Thus, you will achieve true merits before the Lord, who is all powerful. He will grant you miracles that will astonish the world because of your humility.

39. When the elements of nature become unleashed, offering evidence of justice, you should pray and remain calm. Do not think of yourself, but rather feel the pain of others. Dry the tears of those who seek you, listen to their concerns, and offer them my healing balsam.

40. My beloved children, I have not returned in this era to remind you that you crucified me in the Second Era, although your spirit is aware of it. At the appropriate time, the conscience of each individual will enlighten him concerning that event. In the meantime, many are waiting for the Son of God to return in order to ask for his blood one more time. I continue to be crucified in your hearts.

41. I have been with you since you were young and innocent and beginning to develop faith. But I suffer as your selfish desires develop, overpowering you. I carry the heavy cross of your sins, ungratefulness, and vanity. When you reject me for the material world, at that moment I am crucified once again in your heart, and you place me in a tomb in the deepest and darkest part of your being.

42. Occasionally, a human being will listen to the voice of the Divine Master, through his conscience, as if it were a distant echo. That individual would prefer not to listen to his conscience so that he can do as he desires. When he listens to his conscience, he allows the walls of materialism surrounding his heart to fall and becomes more sensitive to the Divine voice.

43. In each human heart, I find myself being crucified and denied. But truly I tell you, that I will resurrect full of light and glory in each human being because each will have another opportunity to evolve.

44. Today, the fields that have been sowed have not produced any fruit. Occasionally, you want to bring dignity to your life by sowing seeds of virtue, but then you abandon your sowing in a state of despair because instead of finding fertile soil on which to sow your seeds you have found only rocks. You failed to remember that before you begin to sow my seed, you must know the land where you will sow. Know the soil, prepare it, clean it, and fertilize it. My children, you have failed to do this, and thus your good intentions, ideas, and inspirations have frequently failed. However do not become discouraged in your struggles, because you can still help by awakening your brethren and opening their eyes to the light and the truth of this era. Thus, men will realize that the suffering that humanity is enduring in this period is the sickle of justice that will destroy the bad weeds. The fields are being tilled and prepared by God's wise and unyielding justice. This will awaken humanity and all nations. Then, it will no longer be necessary for human sin to be cleansed through suffering. Instead, the purification of sins will take place through man's repentance, reflection, and regeneration. Once man becomes purified, this word will be heard throughout the world like a song of love and peace.

45. Today, I observe that humanity is unaware of those things that are to come, because it lives in a state of ignorance and confusion.

46. Most humans call themselves Christians, nevertheless, the majority of the time they prove the contrary with their lives and their deeds.

47. When man performs a kind deed, he publicizes it and thus becomes vain. When man sins and repents, he asks for my forgiveness, but in a manner that demonstrates that he truly does not understand divine forgiveness.

48. I say to you who are listening to my teaching, to inform your brethren that I have come to illuminate mankind. Tell them that humanity is ready to awaken from its sleep.

49. I will no longer allow my human blood to be shed to save you from sin. The divine blood that I shed in the Second Era revealed the divine and infinite love that I have for man. It also revealed divine forgiveness and eternal life. Be aware that my blood has not ceased to flow, and that it is marking the path of your evolution.

50. No one should seek me nor wait for me to return in human form, because such a manifestation would no longer be appropriate during this era. You should realize that the Divine Master will not do anything that is imperfect, because His teachings are always perfect since he is perfection.

51. In the same manner, when this form of communication that I am now using with you comes to its end, I will not grant the request of those who will ask me to continue to manifest myself in this manner. This communication will cease for always, because its time will have been concluded, and its mission will be terminated.

52. Soon it will be two thousand years since I came in human form. The blood that I shed, to demonstrate my love for mankind, is still fresh.

53. Nevertheless, the world is still asking for my blood. But I will give them the blood that gives eternal life to the spirit, not the one that gives life to the material body. I will offer life and well-being to mankind with my spiritual enlightenment. Like a sun, my light will send its warmth to the cold hearts of humanity.

54. I will extend my mercy to all my children like the wings of a lark covering its young. My love is more merciful and beautiful than the blue sky that your eyes admire so much; you will feel my inspiration as if it were a celestial breeze that only your spirit is able to perceive. I am life, I am eternity, and I control time throughout the universe. I am the spring and the summer, the fall and the winter in your life. The Divine Master offers different teachings to his children in each of those four seasons.

55. Drink from the divine water offered to you by the Father so that your spirit will live eternally in the season of spring. Although you may become weary during your journey in life, strive to preserve the flowers of virtue, faith, and love that exist in the most intimate part of your being.

56. Why are you sad? You say that you do not know why there is sickness in your life. But I know that you are sad because you have allowed your spirit and your material body to become ill. Thus, hope is lost as is the desire to live when the cold winter approaches or when you are overwhelmed with ordeals and passions.

57. My Spirit, too, is sad because I observe that humanity is continually weeping. Mankind refuses to awaken and to realize that earth truly continues to be a paradise. I observe that man is dying from hunger even though he is surrounded by fields that are fertile and full of life. That is why I have said to you that man is unable to see even though he has eyes.

58. Man has pursued many things scientifically and has discovered many wonderful things. Although he has discovered many things, he has been unable to discover how to attain true happiness, peace, and well-being. Man has not been interested in seeking those divine things. Jesus taught mankind to love one another, the true divine science.

59. Seek the kingdom of Jesus, which is not of this world. When you find it you will attain true peace and spiritual enlightenment. Thus, your journey through earth will become more tolerable.

60. Today, you have come to receive my divine mandate. I observe that you are willing to obey my law and to follow the footsteps traced by Jesus.

61. I came to live among humanity long ago, and today I have come again asking you to love one another.

62. Blessed is the one who has prepared himself to receive the Divine Father in his heart. The Father will help that disciple to fulfill his mission, because He observes that the disciple wants to be near the Divine Master.

63. If you encounter trials and ordeals, be strong and do not weaken. Thus you will be able to demonstrate to your fellowmen the strength that exists in your spirit. They will want to know the fountain where you have been drinking, and they will discover that I, the Christ, am that fountain, the one from whom they have separated themselves.

64. Truly I tell you that men from all races and religions will come to this fountain, because all worship that is offered to God will become spiritualized. The time will come when all men will become united and will discover the truth.

65. Disciples, there have been moments when you have felt my justice and then you have confessed humbly before my Divine Spirit. In that moment I have not looked at your sins but only have remembered that you are my children whom I love and forgive. Thus, I teach you to love and to forgive your fellowmen.

66. Do not let the time pass without you progressing spiritually because no one knows the moment that they will leave this life on earth. Thus I say to you: Do not wait for a more appropriate time than the present to start to work because death may surprise you, and you would not have reaped your harvest nor fulfilled your mission.

67. The year 1950 is approaching, and this communication will cease at the end of that year. Your hearts will be touched greatly on the day of my departure as were the hearts of my disciples in the Second Era when I informed them that the moment of my departure had arrived.

68. In the Second Era my disciples were comforted because they were able to see me after I died. I permitted that to happen to strengthen their beliefs about spiritual life. But among you only some will spiritually perceive the human form of Jesus, and others will feel his spiritual presence, thus communicating with Him from spirit to Spirit.

69. Be vigilant, and pray for peace on earth in order for catastrophes to cease, because the forerunners of the new generations are now on earth.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 178

1. My people, with the arrival of each new year, I hear you ask the following question: Lord, will this year also bring us ordeals? And I say to you that life is a continuous ordeal, but do not be afraid. If you know how to be alert and pray, you will progress in your restitution until you come to the end of your journey.

2. The ordeals experienced by humanity represent the fruit that it has come to harvest and are the result of the seeds that it previously sowed. On some occasions that seed was sown recently, but on others it was sown in the past and even in previous lifetimes.

3. A new year is beginning. You should imitate the good sowers, those who clean their seed ahead of time and then await the right time to sow it in fertile soil. In that same manner, you should first cleanse your heart so that tomorrow your loving deeds will produce a harvest that is filled with peace, love, and joy.

4. Have you seen the harmony that exists throughout creation? Is it not visible to you that all creatures love one another? Behold how the sun, similar to a father, opens his arms to embrace his children with life, love, light, and energy. Behold how the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and all creatures work in the sun, expressing their gratitude for its warmth.

5. It is a beautiful example of the harmony that should exist between man and all things in nature and in the spiritual world.

6. The happiness that man achieves will be determined by his ability to comprehend these teachings and to obey the laws that govern the universe. Some believe that man cannot attain true happiness on earth, whereas others believe that only God possesses true happiness. However, man will attain true happiness once he attains spiritual peace.

7. My beloved people, you now know that the joy that you seek is within you. Teach your brethren that each human being carries a light within the depth of his being that will shine eternally. It belongs to the spirit. Man falsely believes that he only carries bitterness, hatred, resentment, regret, and sorrow.

8. Humanity has been following the wrong path with each generation inheriting the errors of the previous generations and continuing to commit additional errors. Today, man is harvesting the bitter fruit that he sowed on earth in the past just as the future generations will harvest the fruit that man is now sowing.

9. Why do you not follow the path that I have outlined with my doctrine? When will men acknowledge the truth of my word?

10. My law, which is unchangeable and eternal, identifies the path through which man can achieve true happiness. Along that path, man will learn to sow seeds of love and will harvest peace.

11. Blessed are those who have heard my call in the depths of their hearts and have come to listen to the divine teaching. With the essence of my teachings their wisdom will increase. They will acquire spiritual strength, enduring their ordeals faithfully.

12. I have come to remove your vanity so that your deeds will be pleasing to the Father.

13. Many who have listened to the divine teachings, taught by the Master of universal wisdom, state, "Lord, if you are the Christ, the One who guides us along this path informing us of our mission, and of the spiritual gifts that we possess, grant us the fulfillment of our destiny so that we may come before your presence.

14. I have informed you of your heritage through my mandates, and converted you into my worker. But truly I tell you that I love all of my children equally, and thus any child who comes before me wanting to serve me shall receive my grace in his heart. However, the moment will come when you will have to answer to me what you have done with your spiritual gifts.

15. That moment has not yet arrived. You are presently attempting to follow my laws in your daily life and thus you would not be able to endure my judgement at this time. Nevertheless, you should faithfully guard and follow my teaching which should not prevent you from fulfilling your other responsibilities on earth. Behold those who have rejected this heritage; they are sad and feel empty inside. But my mercy is great, and I demonstrate it by forgiving them.

16. The one who has fulfilled his mission will be the one who attains my spiritual peace. I will touch the conscience of the one who has not fulfilled his mission so that spiritually he will not fall asleep. Thus, when the time comes for that spirit to return to the spiritual valley it will have accumulated merits, because one cannot elevate spiritually without them.

17. Share my teaching with your brethren. After they study it, some will say that my teachings contain prophecies. Others will say that my teachings are of little value. While some will judge these teachings as being spiritually advanced, others will strongly disagree. Each individual will interpret these teachings according to his spiritual elevation and the purity of his deeds.

18. Be humble, so that you may set an example for others and my teaching will be acknowledged and accepted.

19. Do not be humble only when listening to me, but practice humility every day of your life. Thus, you will be able to persuade your brothers by your examples and sacrifices, as words alone will fail.

20. If you truly love me, forgive those who offend you. If you love me, visit those who are ill and those who are in prison. Pray with them and offer them comfort. Through those deeds of love you will eliminate your vanity.

21. I am cautioning you, because while you are with me you are gentle as a lamb. However, once you depart from my presence, you hurt and offend your brethren and you do not practice forgiveness.

22. The time for pleasure has passed. You should no longer remain inactive but should now work to evolve spiritually.

23. Achieve spirituality, thus when you speak to your brethren about my doctrine you will speak with the innocence of a child. You will not be afraid to speak about my doctrine because you will confirm your words with your deeds.

24. Although I speak through different spokesmen, the essence of my teaching is the same in every spokesman. I speak to each congregation according to its ability to comprehend.

25. A new year begins, and those listening to me are uniting in strength for their journey. You want to become dedicated workers who will continue to sow my doctrine of love. You want others to follow this doctrine when you complete your mission.

26. My words of enlightenment are the seeds that you will sow in the hearts of your brethren.

27. You will need to confront the world and man's knowledge, because there are those who will be prepared to battle against you. You will triumph in that battle if your faith does not weaken.

28. I have not come to enlighten you with scientific knowledge so that you will battle against the scientists. Rather, I have come to illuminate you spiritually so that you may comprehend those things that man considers mysterious. One can not say that the teachings of this era were already known, because many of these teachings are new revelations.

29. You will talk to others about the spirit and its immortality, for the spirit has eternal life. But before you discuss these revelations with your brethren, you must first practice them. Only then will you truly be my disciple.

30. One is not a spiritualist only because he comes to these houses of prayer to listen to my teachings. To be a true spiritualist, one must pray spiritually and be able to elevate himself no matter the site. A spiritualist helps those who are suffering and also makes a true effort to achieve spiritual perfection.

31. Be aware that a spiritualist can be found in most any place. He will be recognized more through his deeds than through his words. That is why I always tell you to practice deeds of love, humility, and charity.

32. Behold that not everyone who calls himself a spiritualist is truly spiritually enlightened.

33.1 have simplified your form of worship, and your customs, without having given you new laws.

34. I have made you realize that it is wrong to worship God through idols and that you need to eliminate all fanaticism.

35. Have you perhaps ignored that God limits his power in order to reach you? Have I not told you that when you pray I descend to your heart in order to give it life? Have I not taught you that I will dwell in you if your spirit and heart are pure?

36. You could not have lived previously in this era of enlightenment because your spiritual knowledge in the past was limited. However, because you are now aware of what is happening during this era, it is very natural to see the prophecies of the past being fulfilled.

37. Today, scientists have made amazing discoveries and they have achieved things that you thought were impossible.

38. Why can you not comprehend that all of the great scientific discoveries are by the of the Lord?

39. Spiritualism teaches man how to discover me along his paths, for I am everywhere. I am strength, life, perfection, and harmony. Who, other than God, can maintain the harmony that exists in the universe? God lacks form. You should not attempt to think of him as having a material form, because when you depart from this earth you would be unable to comprehend the spiritual kingdom.

40. Not only does my teaching offer you knowledge, but it also offers you comfort and love. I give my charity to those who are suffering, weeping, and enduring an injustice. I extend my charity and comfort to mothers, wives, young maidens, and the elderly. I offer strength to the young men. I come to remind you that all of my children will experience eternal joy once they enter into the kingdom of heaven.

41. In this era, I pour my grace upon you so that you may not weaken and separate from this path of light.

42. Your spirit is anxious to return to its true homeland, the Divine Father's mansion that is filled with peace and harmony. On earth you have been purified through difficult struggles and ordeals. But I say to you: Do not lose confidence and patience as you journey along my path, because if you do, your journey will become longer.

43. No matter how long you may live on earth, it is temporary and brief in comparison to the spiritual life which is eternal.

44. Remember that I have promised you a spiritual life that will be filled with greatness and beauty, therefore do not be afraid when the time comes to leave your material body.

45. I will allow all those who dwelt on earth to recognize one another in the spiritual valley, to love one another, and to live in peace. Only then will you truly comprehend why you lived on earth, enduring bitter and difficult ordeals.

46. The spiritual life is so close to you that it would be sufficient to close your physical eyes and to open those of the spirit in order to perceive the beauty and wonders of that spiritual kingdom.

47. You are so near to the spiritual valley that you could be transported from this world to the next in a single second. In all eras I have spoken to mankind about these revelations through prophets who have offered testimony of my truth. In this era I am showing you the only path that will guide you to my kingdom. I am showing you through the spokesmen whom I have prepared.

48. Be aware that you are not alone in this life. Once you attain spirituality you will be able to perceive and to feel the presence of your spiritual brethren. Allow each of your deeds to reflect the truth and the greatness of that world.

49. Learn to communicate daily with the Divine Father during moments when your thoughts are pure. This will help you to become spiritually enlightened and to develop faith as you listen to your conscience. This will prepare you to communicate directly with me from spirit to Spirit. That communication will take place after 1950 when I no longer will manifest myself through human spokesmen.

50. Only by elevating your spirit will you be able to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. . Strive to become spiritually elevated. Dedicate some of your time to me, while on earth, so that when your spirit returns to the spiritual mansion it will be an easy transition.

51. Behold the harmony that now exists between your spirit and your physical body after listening to my teachings. The body and the spirit have carefully thought about the future. The body is aware of its final destiny, and has accepted it, whereas the spirit rejoices as it perceives the infinite horizon. However, who is able to measure the distance that he still needs to travel to attain spiritual perfection and to reach the Divine Father? Who knows the exact hour when he will depart from earth and enter the spiritual valley?

52. Prepare yourself, be alert, and pray. Practice deeds of love, charity, and kindness while you are on earth. Thus, your spirit will not experience any difficulties when it returns to the spiritual valley. Once it is time to depart from earth, it will prepare its wings and fly, similar to young birds that depart from their nests to take their first flights.

53. Do not become sad because of what you have left behind on earth. Only the materialistic person will regret leaving earth and will suffer because of his attachment to earthly pleasures. Do not be materialistic. Take care of your human needs, but do not neglect the needs of your spirit.

54. Be aware that I have prepared everything for the enjoyment of my children. Whoever wants to nourish himself with this nourishment of love should sit at my table and rejoice, as do the angels.

55. You have not come to witness my manifestation by chance. You were guided by me, I found that many of you were spiritually dead, and I have resurrected you with my teachings. Now you are alive, and there is hope in your heart. I welcome everyone, including those who have faith and those who do not. I say to men of different religions and sects: Blessed are those who believe in my word.

56. If you want to feel my inspiration and to express it with words, prepare yourself, because everyone can become my disciple. The Father wants all of his children to understand him. He has come to invite each one to enter the spiritual temple.

57. Cleanse your heart when you seek me. Always listen to the voice of your conscience, and truly you will find me. When the time comes for your spirit to return to the spiritual valley, I will come to take it to that mansion of peace. However, it is necessary for you to become familiar with the path that will guide you to the Father. It is a path of spirituality. You need to work and to pray so you can ascend to the top of the mountain. I observe that only a few on earth are interested in following the path of spirituality. I will allow man's materialism to continue a while longer, but it will come to an end soon. Afterwards, man will anxiously seek to practice deeds of love and charity in order to attain spiritual elevation.

58. The darkness that has been created by sin and confusion will vanish and God's true law will illuminate all beings.

59. I am permitting you to perceive great spiritual visions revealing the future so you can analyze them and become prepared. Share those visions with your brethren. Also, the time will come when men from different races and nations will perceive my signs in the heavens. This will bring them joy and comfort because they will be witnessing the fulfillment of my word.

50. My teachings have all the spiritual knowledge that you need. Your spirit has acquired many experiences throughout its path of evolution. If you prepare yourself, the teachings and experiences of life will help you discover the path of spiritual evolution.

61. Your prayer is like a song that reaches me. You inform me of your struggle in fulfilling my work, and you hope that I will be pleased with the seeds that you have sown. I say to you: You are sowing my seed in fields that I have blessed, because you are aware that you need to share the things that I have given you with your brethren. I have not asked you to make sacrifices in fulfilling my work, only to fulfill my law. Practice the virtues that I have given you, and live as true children of God. Cleanse yourself completely, similar to a clean glass, so that you will be filled with divine perfection.

62. Sometimes I observe that you protest and are dissatisfied with your life on earth. The Divine Master says to you: The true home of your spirit is in the spiritual valley. But for now, be patient with your journey on earth, endure your ordeals with strength, and fulfill my law in this era. Help to improve this difficult period for your brethren. When you hear others talking of wars and destruction, pray for your brethren. Do not involve yourself in those things that cause conflict. Many disasters are now occurring on earth that will help to purify humanity. They are for the benefit and the evolution of all spirits. After having endured this great struggle on earth, a better mansion awaits the spirit. It will dwell in a superior mansion where it will be able to rest from its great weariness.

63. Open your spiritual eyes and observe the time in which you are living. Thus, you will be able to perceive the fulfillment of the prophecies that I made in the Second Era, when I prophesied that humanity would one day experience great ordeals.

64. All is being fulfilled according to how it was prophesied. Elevate yourself, and practice my doctrine with purity. Do not forget that I did ;Say that the battle would be universal. The spirit struggles on earth and in other regions. There are multitudes- of disincarnated spirits who need your help because they still yearn for material things. Set examples of love, kindness, and charity for those beings to follow. Feel how they approach you requesting your prayers and guidance. Do not reject them, rather help them overcome their confusion. Influence them with your examples, before they influence you. Those disincarnated beings whom you are able to help through your examples of love and charity will become spiritually enlightened. They will become grateful and be your friends forever. They will also help you to fulfill your mission. Everything evolves within my laws of love and justice. Although you may live in different spiritual levels, love one another and practice forgiveness with everyone.

65. Battle with all the strength of your spirit in order to fulfill your destiny. If you follow my path, you will be able to utilize the virtues that you possess, and to verify your faith with deeds of love.

66. In this era, as in the Second Era, the Divine Master presents himself among his disciples. He grants them the grace of listening to his word, having perceived their great humility and simplicity.

67. Remember that I will welcome your deeds only if they follow my divine laws.

68. My divine law is the seed that I have given you, which you will sow in the hearts of your brethren and children. Some of those whom I have summoned have developed great faith and have become highly dedicated to my work.

69. You have frequently triumphed over temptation, inspired by the ideal to make my doctrine blossom among humanity.

70. I have come to illuminate your spirit with my wisdom. Thus, when you meet others who do not share your faith you will offer them proof of the truth and will help them to develop faith.

71. You will be asked if you consider yourself a prophet and if you have power over the spirit. You will be submitted to trials as was Elijah in the First Era. You will offer them evidence of your spiritual strength. But to offer evidence, it will be necessary for you to remain faithful during those trials, to continue fulfilling my law, and to submit to my will.

72. I, the Divine Master, am speaking through human beings who were created in the image of God. I have given this gift to man, the most perfect creature that dwells on earth. How can you doubt that I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen, if my spirit dwells in each human being? These teachings that I have brought contain infinite wisdom. They will help your spirit discover the truth, thus feeling great happiness.

73. Whoever opens his eyes to the truth will no longer seek me through images created by man. It is through prayer that he will become inspired and communicate with the Divine Father.

74. It is necessary for man to allow his spirit to leave his body during prayer, enabling the spirit to become enlightened and strengthened during those moments it is in the spiritual valley. Thus, the individual will follow the path of spiritual evolution and will inform others of that path. I want you to offer testimony of these revelations to your brethren.

75. Today, I tell you that you not only have to fight to save your spirit, but also that you have to fight to save that of your brethren. This will enable humanity to see the fulfillment of my word which teaches you to love one another.

76. I grant you most of your requests. However, truly I tell you, if you were to ask me to change your destiny, that I would not do. I have set your destiny and it is filled with virtue, love, and perfection!

77. Those whom I chose to sow my fields will sow them with seeds of faith, love, and good will.

78. Those of you who are thirsty and seeking spiritual enlightenment need to drink water from this fountain. You will feel an inner peace never before experienced. Once you feel it, you will realize who is giving you these teachings. You will no longer need to ask why I have come again in this era, for you will know the answer to that question.

79. If there was no ignorance on earth, no bloodshed, and no human misery or suffering, then there would be no reason for my Spirit to have manifested itself during this era. However, mankind needs me. I know that only my love can save man during this period, and that is why I have come.

80. If I did not love you, would it matter to me if you were suffering and lost? However, I am your Father, and I feel the suffering of each child, since every child is a part of me. That is why I have come to enlighten you and to reveal the truth with my teachings. My word gives life to your spirit.

81. You are deeply touched listening to my word. You are so touched that you want to shout praises to me. However, it is not necessary for you to verbally express the emotion that is felt in your spirit, because I am well aware of the great joy that you feel as you listen to my word.

82. I am the Divine Master, the same one who was sacrificed by mankind in the Second Era and who has now returned with as much love as before. I felt not only a great pain on the cross but also a great thirst for love. Man did not give me water, which would have offered proof of man's charity, but instead gave me gall and vinegar. Man only offered me disrespect, ridicule, and ignorance.

83. But I have not come today to criticize humanity. I have come to bring it a new message that will help man to attain spiritual elevation and to discover spiritual peace, which your spirit greatly needs.

84. "I am thirsty", I said in that hour. Again, I tell you that I am thirsty, thirsty for your love. I thirst to feel you dose to my Spirit and also thirst for you to love one another.

85. You are also thirsty. You suffer greatly and desperately need fresh spiritual water. You need faith, hope, comfort, and peace in order to quench your thirst, a thirst which exists in your spirit, heart, and mind.

86. Are you asking for strength? I give you that strength. Do you need healing balsam? I give you that balsam. Do you have a serious problem? I grant you the solution to that problem. Are you in poverty? I will give you a job and daily nourishment. Are you greatly disappointed? Go ahead and cry and wipe your tears on my cloak, feel my embrace, and arise to live with new strength.

87. Begin to live,a new life today. I will rejoice with your triumphs and I will help you overcome your obstacles. Again I tell you, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 179

1. I am speaking to humanity through spokesmen whom I have chosen. Blessed are those whom I have inspired for there is splendor in their words. I have manifested my wisdom and my will through those human spokesmen.

2. In the beginning, man who was endowed with intelligence and reason, began to acquire knowledge, to form ideas, and to worship the Lord. His spirit began to evolve through great experiences. It was then that I sent Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to earth. I sent them to set an example for humanity and to form the trunk of the spiritual tree. They were to become the fathers of descendants that would multiply throughout the ages and spread throughout the world. The twelve tribes of Israel descended from that family, and they possessed power and strength. Their mission was to teach other nations how to worship the Creator and to abolish sin. I entrusted this task to the people of Israel, for I perceived that in the First Era men were greatly confused and misinterpreted my law. The pure and simple spiritual worship that I requested from my children degenerated into idolatry and into wicked, materialistic practices. Although I have always been with mankind, it felt me distant. Although mankind was sinning, it believed it was fulfilling the law. When I sent my prophets to humanity, it did not recognize them. As men listened to the prophets, whose words were filled with devotion and righteousness, they would say to me: Lord, we cannot follow you, because the path is too difficult. And the Divine Father, who is always with his children giving them divine love and life, is still waiting for them to acknowledge him.

3. My people, you are now living in the Third Era. I have sent you to earth with the same mission of awakening and guiding humanity. If you prepare yourselves, you will continually receive my inspiration. After 1950, as my disciples, you will manifest my teaching, my revelations, my will, and my charity through your words and deeds. Your love for humanity will produce miracles, and you will work faithfully to help your brethren. Once you have progressed spiritually, do not feel superior to your brethren, whose spirit has not yet evolved.

4. Elevate yourself, but if you need to descend in order to save the spirit of your brother, do so, similar to how the Divine Shepherd descends to the abyss to rescue the sheep that have fallen. Be a good shepherd and learn how to prepare and to teach your brethren with this teaching. It represents life, elevation, and greatness.

5. Let your heart always feel love for others, and thus you will get to know the infinite work of your Father.

6. Oh beloved disciples, be merciful with the faults of your brothers.

7. Blessed are those who do not judge the faults of their brethren and who avoid the scandals that result from them, for they manifest purity in their hearts and know how to practice charity.

8. Only the Lord blows how to truly judge every individual. He knows how to teach and to discipline with true love. In the present ordeals experienced by humanity, only He can judge because among humanity there is not a single virtuous individual who has this right.

9. You will set a true example for others to follow when you practice virtuous deeds, feel sorrow at the mistakes that others commit, and truly dedicate yourself to evolving spiritually. If you are teaching your brethren and illuminating their path with your deeds, words, and thoughts, then you will be imitating the Divine Master, the One who demonstrated how to be a perfect judge while He was on earth.

10. I allowed great sinners, both men and women, to come before my presence. I also permitted those who were hypocrites to cross my path and to submit me to tests, to question me, to ridicule me, and to try to humiliate me. I knew that they could not resist my judgement and that all of them would eventually feel my divine presence. On some occasions a single phrase was all I needed for an individual to be touched, and on other occasions a glance or simply my silence was sufficient. But you need to know that there was humility, dignity, love, and compassion in my judgement.

11. Humility, gentleness, and love were the essence of the justice that Jesus taught; nevertheless, humanity has never had a judge that was more unyielding. Who is able to resist God's love, purity, and divine light?

12. Truly I tell you, that there is no power strong enough to oppose my love. My enemies and rival forces are small and weak, and the weapons that have battled against truth and justice have always been fragile.

13. The battle between the forces of evil and divine justice appears to be an everlasting one, but, nevertheless, in comparison to eternity the battle will be brief. The faults committed by your spirit during the time when it sinned will eventually become insignificant stains that will be erased forever by your virtues and my loving justice.

14. Anyone who nourishes himself with my word, which is like pure water, will never become thirsty again. All who recognize me in the teachings of the Third Era that I bring to you will be strong during the great ordeals that are approaching humanity, and he will not perish.

15. I have come to prepare you so that you will not be surprised by those ordeals. Strengthen your faith, and when the hurricane blows, wanting to extinguish your lamp, be alert, guard it with devotion, and thus you will not remain in darkness.

16. The world no longer has doubts when it listens to my teachings. The spirit of man knows that it is journeying through the great judgement day of the Lord, a time in which each deed will be judged and my gaze will deeply touch each being. The spirit knows that it has sowed bad seeds that will produce bitter fruits. The conscience informs the spirit that it carries a heavy cross because it has failed to fulfill the divine mandates and has departed from the path of humility and obedience. I gave each being a cup that was to be filled with love and with good deeds, however, you have returned a cup filled only with bitterness and sin. You would like to set aside that cup because you feel as if you are dying, and thus you are seeking a cure. I say to you, Come to me, for I will not allow you to die. Listen to my teachings, and prepare yourself to work.

17. Love your brethren and remove all hatred from your heart. Stop practicing old customs that separate you from the path of righteousness. Illuminate your path with the teachings that I have given to mankind during all three eras. Seek the divine heritage in the depth of your spirit. Remember the laws that I gave you through Moses, and the teachings and examples that I gave through Jesus. Also acknowledge the revelations that I have brought to you in this Third Time as the Holy Spirit, and you will know why you weep. I am removing your cup of bitterness and offering you my peace.

18. You will discover the same essence in these teachings as those taught by Jesus. That same truth is found in the ten commandments. Anyone who wants to serve me needs to know that he will need to make sacrifices for the love of his brethren. But I also tell you, that I will not forget your sacrifices and that I will guide you to the Kingdom of Heaven.

19. Men of good will, feel my love and come to me. Lift up your face and behold that Christ has returned among humanity, fulfilling his promise.

20. I penetrate into the depths of your heart, where your spirit offers me the simple worship of a prayer. In that prayer your spirit informs me that it intends to follow me, to practice my teachings, to be strong, and to remain serene through its ordeals.

21. After listening to that humble and sincere prayer, I inform you that I will always be with you and that you will feel my presence during your most difficult moments.

22. The light from this era is removing the veil of darkness that surrounds the spirit of man. It comes to remove the chains which had enslaved him preventing him from reaching the true path. Truly I tell you, do not accept the idea that my doctrine prohibits you from investigating any of the sciences. It is I who encourages your curiosity and quest for knowledge. That is why I have given your spirit the ability and freedom to think. I have given you intelligence and enlightenment so that you may comprehend those things that you perceive along your path. That is why I tell you to investigate and to analyze things carefully. However, when you penetrate into the holy sanctuary of God, do so with humility and respect. Only in that manner will I permit you to enter into my sanctuary.

23. I have not prohibited you from reading the books written by men, but you need to be prepared so that you will not stumble and become confused. From those books you will know how man began his life on earth, the struggles he has faced, and how far he has journeyed. After you have acquired that knowledge, you will need to study my teachings and revelations so that you will learn what awaits you in the future and what to expect at the end of your journey.

24. Each one should prepare himself according to what his conscience tells him to do. Be aware that the time of battle will soon arrive and that you should not meditate in solitude. Instead, you will need to confront the world and its temptations and not retreat for a single moment.

25. If you do not prepare yourself and analyze my doctrine, humanity will develop false .beliefs that will be accepted as the truth. I do not want humanity to judge you as deceivers of the truth because your beliefs differ.

26. Use your strength to prepare yourself, and do not waste it judging the deeds of others.

27. I have asked you many times to unite. But be aware that when I ask you to unite, not only am I referring to your unity in the houses of prayer but also to being in harmony with the entire universe.

28. Behold that I have not come to encourage rituals. I did not come in the second era nor in the present era requesting a throne or a material temple such as those you have to worship God. Do not offer me any material treasures from earth, nor any human vanities, for you would be like the one who tempted Jesus in the desert, offering his kingdom for the kingdom of God. You already know that my kingdom is not of this world. I was born a humble man on earth, to demonstrate that one does not need to have power and greatness to conquer the kingdom of heaven.

29. Why do you offer me material riches knowing that everything belongs to me? Instead, offer me your love, which I do not have.

30. It is your spirit that I seek, because your spirit is a part of mine and it needs to return to me. However, in order to rescue your spirit, I had to descend to earth. But today, your spirit will need to elevate itself, through the practice of virtue, until it ascends to God.

31. Disciples: You seek my grace with your deeds and your thoughts. Because I am aware of your efforts and your love, I will grant it. Rather than asking for material benefits or things that will bring you temporary happiness, you seek the path of eternal life and peace where you can rest from your struggle.

32. Nourish yourself with the essence in my word. If you are suffering, take comfort realizing that in your suffering you will discover a light that will signal the path of eternal life. That suffering will not permit the spirit to fall asleep nor to become vain. That pain will renew and give life to the heart.

33. I have spoken about eternal life during all eras, an endless path traveled by the spirit to evolve, to attain perfection, and to reach the Lord. I came in the Second Era as an example for you to follow. I limited myself through the human body of Jesus. Although I experienced the harshness of life as a human being, I fulfilled the divine laws and the laws of man. But in addition to doing those things, I also delivered a message of love and tenderness to the world.

34. When the time arrived for me to preach and to carry out my deeds, I dedicated myself to fulfilling my mission.

35. Not everyone comprehends the importance of the spirit compared to the material body. The doctrine of love that I previously taught has been practiced by man on a very limited degree. Your heart is very weak! Although many claim they love me, they nevertheless reject my teachings.

36. In the Second Era when I informed my disciples that I would return in the future, they asked when that prophecy would be fulfilled. I told them to be alert and to pray so they would know when it would be fulfilled. Many thought that I would soon return. However, I did not return as judge until this era, to prepare the path for all beings. If men would open their spiritual eyes, they would perceive me descending upon a white cloud sending numerous rays of enlightenment to earth.

37. Who can analyze the essence of my Spirit, if I am light, divine love, and lack a material body? I have returned clothed in humility. The virtue that I teach is the same one that I preached in the Second Era. I want you to be near me and to acknowledge my new manifestation.

38. Many have not evolved due to fear or to a lack of study. They still practice the law of Moses without acknowledging the coming of the Messiah. Others, believing in Jesus, have disregarded the arrival of the Holy Spirit as prophesied. I have come for the third time yet many do not await me.

39. The angels announced my arrival and their voices were heard throughout the heavens. Did you not hear them? The spiritual world has come to offer you testimony of my presence. All the prophecies will be fulfilled. The disasters that are now occurring on earth will overcome the pride and vanity of man. Once man becomes humble, he will then seek me, calling me Father. Love me, and thus you will acknowledge me. A prayer for world peace will then emerge from your heart. I love all of my children. Once they evolve spiritually and return to me, I will make a covenant with men and there will be great joy with the Father and his children.

40. Those who awaited me were not surprised with my manifestation through the human spokesmen. Others have denied that the Divine Master has returned to manifest himself in this manner to the world. But I tell you to pray and to analyze carefully, studying the prophecies, as you listen to the voice of your conscience. Then, you will know how to respond to any question that you are asked.

41. I bless you, my people. I have given you life, and I am inspiring you along your path of evolution, because I love you. I have provided man, as well as other creatures on earth, with the material elements that are necessary for life. All are a part of me and are subject to my will. In the past I said that the leaf of a tree does not move without the will of God. In order to live, I have given you air to breathe, the sun to warm your body, and water and fruits for nourishment. I have endowed each human being with a spirit and have permitted that being to enter into my sanctuary to attain spiritual elevation. Your spirit will not die. However, all the material things in nature will only exist temporarily, because I created them to serve man. After they fulfill their destiny, they will disappear.

42. The earth, the plants, and the animals all pay a tribute of gratitude to God. All of creation kneels before God and obeys his laws. The beasts in the jungle love one another and do not kill members of their own species. If they do, it is only to nourish themselves. Mates respect one another. They do not multiply before their time, and they do not reject one another. However, humans do exactly the opposite, because of free will. But I have given man a conscience and the law to illuminate his path. Awaken, and open your eyes to the light of my teaching. You are destined to come to me, do not delay your journey. Do not make your journey painful. Allow your spirit to seek me, to love me, to understand me, and to become inspired and strong through prayer and by practicing my doctrine.

43. I am preparing you to fulfill my law, so that you will be able to teach and to help your brethren.

44. I want you to love me and to perceive me in nature, which I created with perfection. You can perceive me in the pure water flowing down the streams, in the green vegetation of the valleys and fields, in the fresh air that touches your face, and in the stars that fill the heavens. Do not make me suffer by rejecting me.

45. Behold that I am nourishing your spirit with the essence of my word. I am healing those who are afflicted with a physical and spiritual leprosy, because just as the body needs nourishment to live, the spirit also needs spiritual nourishment. Its nourishment is love, spiritual communication with the Divine Father, and the fulfillment of its responsibilities. By achieving those things you can live happily on earth today and in the spiritual valley tomorrow.

46. My love is with you. These spokesmen, whom I have prepared, translate my inspiration into words. They are my interpreters, and I manifest myself through them according to their level of preparation and spiritual capacity. Anyone can become one of my spokesmen. The human spokesmen are unable to manifest the full power of God, thus I am only able to manifest myself through them in a limited manner so that you may comprehend my teaching. I say to you, Come to receive the love and the teachings of the Divine Master so that you will no longer thirst for knowledge. Some of you are frightened, and I ask you: Why are you afraid, if I have always been with all of my children and if I am in your heart?

47. My love for each of you is very great and that is why I have chosen you from different regions and nations, because you greatly need me. You have a pact with me, because in the past you failed to fulfill your mission. It is necessary to hasten your step so that you may arrive pure and virtuous before my presence, similar to how you were when I created you.

48. You have not yet attained spiritual perfection and are now approaching the end of time. My manifestation has lasted many years in this era. I have spoken in parables. If you read my first teachings, as transmitted by the first spokesmen, you will appreciate my presence and feel sorrow due to your negligence. In each congregation where my people have gathered, my teachings have manifested the same essence and I have said to you: First analyze yourself so that you will understand your brethren better. Learn to feel the suffering of your brethren, and love them, as I love you.

49. I have come to seek and to rescue your spirit, because it belongs to me and is a part of my Spirit. I have come to declare war, but not against humanity, but against sin and evil. You need to remain strong in the battle that is taking place among humanity. Use your spiritual gifts to practice deeds of love and charity, and your gifts will multiply and become abundant. I am asking you to regenerate, because you have lost the grace and purity that I originally gave you, which you should never have lost.

50. I informed you that I would arrive upon a cloud surrounded by angels. Have not those prophecies been fulfilled? Has not my spiritual world spoken to you, thus confirming my prophecies? Great ordeals will come that will touch and affect earth. During that period, I do not want you to seek me as Judge. Rather, seek me as your Father and Divine Master. I will teach you about love and humility. I will show you the true path, which does not seek a crown nor a scepter on earth, but rather humility. To be great, is to be humble.

51. I want all of you to become united, because after 1950 the Divine Father will no longer manifest himself through human spokesmen. Your spirit will yearn for the continuation of this manifestation. Many of you will weaken, as did Peter, and others will doubt, as did Thomas. But who will imitate John? Truly I tell you that if you love me, as did John, you will perceive me in all of my splendor and I will say to you: Come to me for you who are in a state of sorrow. I am your Father, and I feel the pain of all of my children. Pray, and you will feel the Lord along your side, helping you carry your cross. Be strong and accept your ordeals, and your sorrow will be lessened.

52. I have prepared the people of this nation to manifest my new doctrine, enabling them to elevate spiritually. Thus, they will be able to perceive the second Jerusalem in the spiritual valley. That is the promised land where everyone will reunite spiritually with the patriarchs at the end of time. It is my will that people from different races come to this nation so that those who are weary from war and conflict, and are seeking a place to study my teaching, can find peace in this nation. Furthermore, those who hunger for spirituality will be comforted and enlightened with my teachings. Thus, while on earth those individuals will be able to experience what the new Jerusalem will be like, where all spirits will one day dwell in fulfillment of my word.

53. I will make this nation magnificent. Not only will it evolve spiritually, but it will also achieve material power. Its fields will bear fruit, and its people will be full of enthusiasm with strong moral values. I will prepare those who dwell in this nation, so they can attain spiritual elevation and knowledge of my law.

54. When people from other parts of the world come and observe how my doctrine has changed this nation of people, they will want to amend their own lives. They will seek to correct their ways by carefully studying my law and seeking my word. They will seek to communicate with the Father. I will communicate with them lovingly, and I will place them at the beginning of their journey. Thus, they will begin their journey leading them to the promised land, where I await my children.

55. Disciples: Not everyone will listen to my word in the same manner. However, be aware that everyone who seeks me will find me. You will inform your brethren that my inspiration will be with each being who loves me. If you arise to fulfill your mission before the others, prepare their path with examples of love and humility.

56. Remain near me. Open your spiritual eyes and your heart to feel my love. Remember all the things that you have learned from my teachings, so that tomorrow you will be able to teach those things to your brethren.

57. Become aware of the importance of these teachings, which contain great wisdom, and which will serve as your salvation.

58. I welcome you, and through you I welcome all of my children. My wisdom descends upon each one of my disciples who has prepared his heart and mind.

59. I come to bring you enlightenment, strength, peace, and love, so that you will not feel weak in the presence of others.

60. You are patient knowing that you have come to earth to fulfill the noble mission of establishing peace and brotherhood among mankind. You know that you need to remain alert and watchful so that the Divine Father's mandate will be fulfilled.

61. I am continually inviting each individual to follow the path of my law. Those of you witnessing this manifestation were the first to receive my revelations in this period, and you have seen others arrive after you. Since you were the first to acknowledge me, you are obligated to follow my teaching and to help your brethren, offering an example for others to follow.

62. You have a great mission, but I observe that you still lack the courage and the faith to become my apostles in the Third Era. You experience moments of weakness and desperation, and you struggle with yourself. You need to triumph over all obstacles along your path. You sense the greatness of my teaching, and you have discovered how my word offers you encouragement. My teaching has taught you how to pray so you can free yourself from temptation.

63. The Divine Master does not want you to use your time unwisely. Behold how humanity has progressed in certain areas. However, I want it to progress in all areas and for harmony to exist between the spiritual and physical life.

64. This life offers your spirit a wonderful opportunity to progress. Continue with your journey, and continue to grow and to evolve. Behold how all things in nature change and evolve. In the beginning you were similar to an atom, in size, due to your lack of spiritual growth. But now since I have endowed you with intelligence, you are holding the elements of nature in the palm of your hands for your use. My law was awaiting you when you first came to inhabit the earth, and ever since then the Father has been enlightening you about the spiritual life and guiding you toward that spiritual mansion where you will one day dwell. After your struggle and purification, you will rejoice and be in peace in that mansion.

65. Always listen to the voice of your conscience so that it can inform you if you have fulfilled the divine law.


66. Listen to my parable: There was a man walking on a mountain who was well acquainted with the hills, forests, and roads. He journeyed through those places seeking nourishment for his family. One day, he heard a voice that said, "I am observing you, and I know your struggle. That is why I have come, for I am present throughout creation and give life to all things. Arise, and go tell your people what you have heard and felt. Once they accept it, unite all of your people. Help them to arise and to go in pursuit of the promised land that I have prepared for them."

As the man heard that voice, his heart began to beat rapidly, and he did not attempt to lift up his face to see who was talking. He felt an unknown strength penetrate into his being, as if a divine light had filled his spirit with strength. When the voice ceased, he no longer felt tired, but he did feel the weight of a new responsibility upon his spirit. He returned to his people to tell them what had happened. Since he was a virtuous man, they believed him.

The man told his followers: "The voice that I heard spoke to me of a path, unknown to me. Perhaps, somewhere, there is a path that leads to a great city or to a large field with vineyards." As he lay in bed one night, he heard a clear voice in his conscience that told him: "Your eyes have not seen that path, because it is only visible to your conscience. It is the path of my law." He then heard the commandments of that law. It required people to love God above all creation, and not to worship Him through idols created by human imagination and fanaticism. It required all human beings to love one another. That path, was one of love and righteousness. When the man woke up he realized that his spirit had received a divine revelation, and he told his family about his dream. With great faith and obedience, he gathered his followers to establish a nation of people that would become strong and great.

67. I am speaking about Moses in my parable. Those who will guide humanity today are similar to Moses. He prayed silently when he communicated with the Father, and he guided his people in their long journey through the desert. When he saw that his people had become spiritually weak, he threw the tablets of the law to the ground.

68. Since that time, three eras have passed, and now I ask you: Who among you knows the path? Who is truly preparing himself to listen to the voice of the Divine Father? Where are those who are willing to tell me, as did your brethren in the past: Lord, if it is necessary to sacrifice my existence for the good of your work, let your will be done.

69. Presently, I find no one who speaks to the Divine Master in that manner. How are you going to inform your brethren about my word in this era? It is necessary that those who have witnessed my manifestation become united so that my work of love and purity will become acknowledged by others. However, if you present my doctrine through rituals, symbols, or false beliefs, your brethren will not accept it. But if you combine your testimony with deeds of love, your brethren will acknowledge and respect my law.

70. Study my word because in it you will be able to listen to the voice of your Father who, through your conscience, will show you the path that you need to follow. You will observe your spirit evolve as you follow my path.

71. In the same manner that you have studied and analyzed the human body, you should do the same with the spirit. Then you will discover its true greatness.

72. Battle, and even if your struggle is difficult, do not become weary of offering testimony of my truth. Practice good deeds, even if it requires a great sacrifice on your behalf. Your mission is to save your brethren.

73. I offer you my blessings and my forgiveness.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 180

1. Beloved disciples, I enlighten you so that you may analyze my word and comprehend my teachings.

2. My workers continue to prepare man so they can sow my teachings of love in their hearts and gather an abundant harvest. The Divine Master says: When you sow my seed of divine teachings, carefully select only those who have been prepared to receive it, otherwise it may be wasted. The kind of fruit that you harvest will reflect the love with which you prepared the fields of mankind.

3. Before anyone can become a worker in my fields, it is necessary to understand their mission and to be sincere in that mission. The purpose of this lesson is to enlighten the ignorant and to give faith to the weak so that they will truly know that I am the only God they should serve. That is why I tell you: I am preparing you to serve as an example for others, because you opened your eyes to divine enlightenment, humbly confessing your ignorance. Thus, through you, I will sow my seed and harvest the fruits.

4. Your brethren will ask you many questions concerning this manifestation. They will ask you how you received this teaching and why you follow this path. You will respond to each question truthfully. If you are not truthful, you will become weak and will experience failure. Consequently, the seed that you sow will not produce fruit.

5. After having chosen you to follow my path and to become my disciple, it is not my will that you present yourself before me without a harvest at the end of your struggle. It would not be just for you to experience bitterness and disappointment because you did not learn how to teach my doctrine. To acquire the strength, serenity, and knowledge to confront any ordeal, one must study and analyze my doctrine.

6. My teaching consists of only one lesson, but I give it to you in many forms so that you will comprehend it. Nothing needs to be added to my teaching. Although my teaching is a law, I have not come to impose it. If I did you would fall into hypocrisy because you would be fulfilling my law without truly feeling it in your heart.

7. I have placed a conscience in your being to judge all of your deeds. Your conscience can distinguish right from wrong. If you allow your conscience to guide you, you cannot be deceived nor called ignorant. How could a spiritualist deceive another human being, or try to deceive himself, if the light of God is within him?

8. During the Second Era a rich young man approached Jesus and said to him: "Master, I believe that I am worthy of the kingdom that you promise, because I practice your teaching."

9. Jesus then asked him: "Do you fulfill the law?" The young man responded: "Yes sir, I fast, I treat my brothers well, I harm no one, and I give a part of my earnings to help support the temple." Jesus then told him, "If you want to follow me, leave behind all of your possessions and come follow the Master." However, the young man did not want to abandon his many material possessions and decided to separate from the Lord. Although this young man truly believed that he was following the law, he was only deceiving himself.

10. Many times I have told you to practice charity without self praise, otherwise it would not be true charity and you would only be deceiving yourself.

11. Disciples, if you do not want to commit errors and mistakes, analyze your deeds through your conscience. If there are stains on your spirit, examine yourself carefully, and thus you will be able to discover those stains and cleanse them. Your conscience is like a mirror where you can observe yourself and recognize your errors.

12. The spiritualist should be recognized by his deeds, and those deeds should be guided by the conscience so that they will be pure. Whoever guides himself in that manner will feel worthy of being called my disciple.

13. Who is able to deceive me? No one. However, I have not come to judge your deeds. Rather, I have come to judge the intention behind each of your deeds. I am present in your conscience and throughout the universe. Do you think that I can ignore your deeds and the intention behind each deed?

14. Prepare yourself for the battle so that my teaching will not be slandered due to your bad deeds. In many cases you will determine whether humanity acknowledges or rejects my teaching.

15. My teachings will never lose their purity and truth. However, you may lose the opportunity to achieve merits and to elevate your spirit.

16. If someone chooses to ignore my truth, it is because he has not tasted the water from this fountain of divine love. It is pure and clean for those who thirst for love.

17. The truth that I revealed to the patriarchs, the prophets, and those who were virtuous is the same one that I am now revealing. The doctrine that you are now receiving represents the law of all eras. Through this doctrine I have designated the path of evolution that you must journey to reach the Divine Father. The things that I have explained in my doctrine represent the truth. However, if you explain my doctrine to your brethren in a different and complicated manner, or if you distort my teaching with wrong interpretation, you will gather a bad harvest.

18. Be careful about what you say and teach others. Be aware that you are responsible for a great gift endowed to you by God.

19. You are my workers who will spread my doctrine of love, and I am continually encouraging you to fulfill your mission. Do not blame me if you are lazy and unwilling to fulfill it or if you get lost along the journey. Be aware that the one who seeks salvation needs to make an effort on his behalf.

20. Behold that I have come to touch your heart, so that you will feel me and say: Master, I will follow you.

21. Listen: During all eras the Divine Father has manifested his love for humanity through messages from his messengers. Nevertheless you are still trying to comprehend and to feel his love, a love which has always embraced you.

22. I want your entire being to become saturated with love, for without love you will be unable to reach me or to comprehend my true greatness.

23. My word is touching the most sensitive fibers in your heart so that you will begin to love. Be aware that if you only preoccupy yourself with acquiring riches from earth, without giving your spirit and your heart the opportunity to develop their gifts, those gifts will remain dormant as your journey through life.

24. Do not allow your heart to become vain, because your heart symbolizes the flame of eternity from where everything emerges and comes to life.

25. The spirit utilizes the heart to manifest its love through the human body. However, if your love is only physical, and not spiritual, then your love will only be temporary because your physical body is temporary. But when your love is spiritual, it will be similar to that of the Divine Father, who is eternal, perfect, and unchangeable.

26. All life and all creation are related to the spirit, because it possesses eternal life. Do not limit yourself. Love me and love one another, because you are children of a Being who possesses infinite love. That Being is God.

27. Be aware that everything that I have created is for my children, and that the destiny of all things created is to worship and to pay tribute to the Creator.

28. I receive what each being offers me, and I offer life to all things throughout creation.

29. I enlighten you through these teachings so that your spirit will cease to be a prisoner to your material desires and senses. When you take my teaching to others, teach them that the spirit, as well as all things throughout creation, is subject to the law of evolution.

30. Evolution is a term that will be greatly discussed by humanity once man becomes interested in his spirit, because evolution signifies progress, elevation, change, and perfection.

31. When will man eliminate his false beliefs, his rituals, and stop perceiving things that surround him as being greater than him? This will occur when he attains spiritual freedom.

32. I have always manifested my wisdom to mankind so that his spirit may be free from human limitations.

33. During this era there are still those who lack enlightenment and inspiration. Men should have now achieved great spiritual enlightenment because of their long evolution, but there are still many who think and behave as men did in primitive times. Man has attained great scientific knowledge, but he has become vain and selfish, believing that he has attained the ultimate knowledge. Thus, man is no longer progressing along the spiritual path.

34. I say to those who have listened to me repeatedly say the word spirit in my teaching: Humanity will be touched and moved once it understands the true greatness and significance of that word.

35. Continue to be worthy of witnessing this manifestation, by practicing true humility. Humility does not mean misery nor material poverty.

36. Continue to be morally strong and virtuous because during this lifetime you have been spiritually strengthened through suffering.

37. I observe that you accept your destiny. If there was pain in your past, do not look back. Forget your past, and live in peace now. Do not fear the future, for I will be with you.

38. All of my prophecies will be fulfilled, and this small nation will be perceived by humanity as the "promised land". I will permit those who dwell in this nation to live in peace and to become spiritually enlightened. Rulers from other countries will come to this land and will be inspired to govern with love.

39. The lost tribes of Israel will congregate in this nation and will feel my peace. I have prepared this nation with my charity.

40. You need to prepare yourself because your brethren will arrive. Although you do not know when or how they will arrive, my word will be fulfilled.

41.1 ask all of you to become united so that your brethren will feel as if they have arrived among the Lord's people to receive according to my will.

42. I am preparing you for all future events. I say to you that those multitudes will arrive, guided by my wisdom, to receive the same heritage that you have received. Thus, they will not arrive by chance. However, it is necessary for all of you to become united in order to perceive the fulfillment of my word.

43. During the Second Era, when Caesar governed Palestine, there was no unity among the people of that land. The people of Israel became slaves of the gentiles and were oppressed under that tyranny.

44. It was then that the Son of God arrived among mankind.

45. Those people endured great suffering, and men were highly selfish! But the people of Israel, who had been oppressed, listened to my word which served as a healing balsam for their wounds. I quenched their thirst for love, and that is why those who believed in me said: "Only the Nazarene knows how to love." Nevertheless, humanity rejected me. When I was being taken to be sacrificed, I was asked: "Jesus, Where are those who followed you?" At that moment I glanced at Jerusalem and said, "It is not yet time for the seed to germinate, but the time will come and humanity will recognize its fruit". And truly, after my departure, my disciples arose to spread my word.

46. Today I say to you: In the year 1950 some will arise disobeying my word and will crucify me once again. They will crucify me due to their disobedience and rejection of one another. I will say as I said in the Second Era, "I placed a seed in those hearts and that seed will blossom. Nations will become nourished with that fruit, and they will become familiar with my teachings which will become written in books."

47. I leave this heritage for each of you. Remember that you need to set examples of love and charity along your path.

48. The days are approaching in which the Christian world will remember the events that took place in Golgotha nearly two thousand years ago. It is a time in which some individuals will reflect and analyze their deeds to see if they followed their conscience or if they yielded to temptation.

49. Those who are listening to me today do not feel the need to perceive a man-made image of the one who was crucified. They understand that the blood that was shed by Jesus in Calvary remains fresh, because it was shed to teach humanity how to fulfill its mission. These individuals, who are spiritualists, do not need to relive that event. They have learned how to elevate themselves in prayer to perceive great spiritual wonders. I have permitted those who doubt, as did Thomas, to place their fingers in my wounds and feel my blood which is still fresh. My blood continues to flow, like an eternal fountain, as I offer my love and strength to each spirit.

50. I have said to you that I am so near to you that I am aware of your most intimate thoughts. I am always with you, because I am present everywhere. I am the light who illuminates your mind and who inspires you.

51. I am in you, because it is I who inspires you and who judges you through your conscience. I am in your material senses and in your physical body, since I am throughout creation.

52. Feel my presence within you and throughout nature. Thus, when you depart from earth you will enter the spiritual valley with enlightenment. Your spirit will not feel distress due to the effects of the material body. This will enable you to come closer to me, because I am a fountain of divine enlightenment from where you will drink eternally.

53. You do not know how long it will be before you return to the spiritual valley! Therefore, be alert because temptation will attempt to weaken you. I am preparing you. I promise that I will assist you so that you will not yield to temptation. I will offer you my help when you are on the verge of yielding to temptation, because I love all of my children equally. I am your Father, and whenever you come before me in a state of repentance, I will welcome you and reward you according to your merits.

54. Meditate and examine your life, illuminated by the light of your conscience. I will inform you about your spiritual progress.

55. Interpret my word correctly, and do not analyze the form in which I have manifested my word. Instead, you should analyze its essence and the destiny that it designates for man. My spokesmen are susceptible to errors, but all that comes from God is pure and cannot be stained.

56. I have given you a seed that will produce an abundant harvest. Imitate me, and journey along your path practicing love and charity among your brethren. Thus, humanity will recognize the faith and the strength that you have acquired.

57. Make an effort to comprehend the significance of my work, similar to how it was understood and interpreted by those who have followed me until the end of their journey.

58. Prepare your heart as a sanctuary, awaiting a visit from the Divine Father. Thus, He will feel the warmth of your love, and then you will say that truly He has been with you. I, the Tree of Life, am surrounded by all of my young children.

59. You have sought different types of trees to compare their fruits. Frequently, you have discovered worms in the roots of those trees. You sought me in the mountains and in the valleys, hoping to listen to a paternal and friendly voice that would free you from your doubts and guide you along the path of truth. Now that you are in my presence, you thank me for having allowed you to witness my teaching. My teaching comes to prepare you for a spiritual communication that will be more elevated than the manner in which I now communicate. Presently, I have had to limit my teaching so that this multitude could comprehend it. But the time will come when your spirit and your mind will be able to directly receive spiritual enlightenment without the need for intermediaries. For now, many are content to receive a small amount of enlightenment and peace in their hearts. An embrace is sufficient for children, and the elderly are content to receive a gentle glance from their children, because it brings a ray of light to their sad and weary hearts. In the future everyone will arise yearning for spiritual enlightenment to illuminate their path in life.

60. If my children were asked if they would like to listen to my teachings, many of them would say that they were unworthy. But I say to you that all of my children are worthy of listening to me. Everyone needs my word. Those who are virtuous rejoice when they listen to the word of God. The ones who are ignorant need the teachings of the Divine Master in order to learn and to attain spiritual evolution. The sinners need to listen to my teachings to repent and to amend their lives.

61. I listen to a voice that tells me: "Come, behold how weak I am and how my spirit is greatly stained. I know that you love me and have forgiven me, and that you are guiding me and helping me as I journey through this path of darkness and loneliness. Help me, because in my ordeals I experience pain and agony."

62. Who is speaking to me in that manner? Whose voice is asking for mercy? Is it just one individual? No, my people, it is the voice of humanity. Humanity has not forgotten that I am love, thus it is asking me to save it as it becomes aware of its stains and sins.

63. I cried when you departed from the spiritual mansion to inhabit earth. I have forgiven all the sins that you have committed, and my sweet and gentle voice has continually advised you along your journey. I have been with you throughout your journey on earth. Today, I still miss you, even if you do not miss me. When you departed from the spiritual mansion you thought that you were strong, believing that you no longer needed my assistance. I gave you the gift of free will. Your material senses allowed you to perceive the material world and thus you yearned for those things that surrounded you. You had to fall into the abyss before you began to seek God once again. Only then did you remember the Divine Father in whose table you had previously sat. After falling into the abyss, you wept and summoned the Father, although I am continually asking you to come sit at my table. I am the Father who saw his young child depart with an innocent heart, unaware of the true path to follow.

64. If you analyze my teachings you will realize that the Divine Father did hot intend for you to get lost when he sent you to earth to journey through roads that were filled with obstacles and dangers. Beforehand, I prepared those paths so that as you journeyed through them you would discover the teachings that are necessary for your spiritual evolution. Thus, you would gain the experience that you lacked and would then return to the Father with spiritual enlightenment. When I created you, your spirit was like a small spark, although it was destined to glow brighter as you evolved spiritually. After evolving, you would return to the Father to merge your light with that of his Divinity.

65. I am speaking to you from atop a new mountain where I await you. Truly I say: Once you arrive, there will be a great celebration. You are traveling through a path of suffering which will purify your spirit of your faults. It is a path that man, not I, created. I have always been with you in your journey through that path, thus the path of sacrifice and suffering has been glorified with my blood.

66. Listen to the echo of my voice in the heavens, similar to how you listen to the echo of a bell.

67. Behold, this is a time of justice. Truly I tell you that every wrong will need to be amended. Earth itself will demand restoration because mankind has abused this planet and its natural resources. Everything that has been destroyed is demanding restoration. Mankind will realize that God created everything with love. That same God also has the power to destroy them, but instead blesses, defends, and protects them.

68. Could a spirit depart in peace to the spiritual valley from this planet if everything that it destroyed and disrespected is demanding restoration? Instead these beings wander around in darkness, suffering in the spiritual valley because of their remorse, materialism, and disobedience to my law. They suffer and remain in darkness until they become enlightened and begin to restore all they had destroyed.

69. In order to help them, I tell them: The Divine Master is here, once again,among his disciples.

70. Today, I have come to strengthen the faith of those who have weakened.

71.1 have come among this multitude, and to anyone who seeks me. My love and my spiritual enlightenment are for everyone.

72. When the Lord communicates with his disciples, there is infinite joy in your spirit. Although my manifestation may be brief, nevertheless you still feel great peace and joy in your heart.

73. Whenever you seek me in prayer, I want you to feel the same peace and joy that you feel when you listen to this manifestation. Thus, when you are able to do that, your prayer will be similar to rain that falls on a dry field.

74. While the world is in turmoil, and humanity is in a state of chaos and wars, I listen to those who say: If nothing is impossible for God, why does he not stop war and establish a world of peace? My response is that just as man is responsible for creating wars, he is also responsible for creating peace. Each person has a conscience that is wise and that continually enlightens him toward the right path. Man has the responsibility of listening to his conscience so that he can make the right choices in life.

75. A new battle has begun on earth. Nations are at war with one another attempting to triumph over their enemies. Some seek to be superior and to make slaves of other nations. Others are attempting to prove that their race is superior, but because of their blindness they fail to observe that they are all headed toward the abyss.

76. Pray with so much love that it can penetrate, like a ray of light, into that atmosphere of darkness and turmoil. Thus, you will help your brethren to think clearly during their ordeals. You will also be fulfilling the mission that I have given you.

77. Be strong so that you may be able to dominate your feelings of power and greed and not favor the triumph of one nation over another. It is necessary for you to practice charity and brotherhood with everyone and to feel the suffering and misery that afflicts humanity. Thus, you will be in harmony with the will of God. Every good deed will be rewarded. Do you not consider the arrival of peace among mankind a reward for your prayers?

78. Behold that what I ask you to do is not a sacrifice. I am not sending you to preach to a rebellious crowd nor to those who are pagans. At this moment, I am only asking you to cleanse your thoughts so that you may illuminate the path for your brethren.

79. Struggle, pray, and be alert so that temptation, which has the power to present itself along your path attractively disguised, will not make you deviate from your good intentions and thus prevent you from fulfilling your mission. Learn to fight against temptation and to triumph over it. Be aware of all temptations throughout your life because they will attempt to weaken you along your journey on earth.

80. Your battle is much greater than you can imagine because your enemy is invisible. Frequently you have searched for your enemy in different places,not knowing that you have carried it within you, hidden in your emotions and in your passions. There is no better weapon than prayer to battle against your enemy.

81. The Divine Father has offered you his guidance. Although each teaching may be different, the essence and purpose are the same. Through my teachings I offer you my love and teach you the path of perfection that will guide you to salvation.

82. In those days when mankind remembers the sacrifice of Jesus, even the most insensitive individuals feel my presence. The divine bell is ringing in the heavens, announcing my new manifestation during this new period. However, humanity remains deaf.

83. When men awaken to go listen to my word through the spokesmen, it will be too late, because I will have departed. They will only be able to receive a testimony from others who witnessed my manifestation. Many will weep because they did not seek me in those places where I manifested myself to listen to my voice.

84. Humanity is enduring great ordeals during this period, and there is weeping throughout the world. This occurs because spirits have come to earth to harvest the fruit that they sowed in the past, since no one escapes my justice. I would cease to be perfect if I did not manifest my justice and allowed you to harvest the fruit that you sowed. However, I am also enlightening mankind with these teachings. All individuals will hear about my arrival and about the teachings that I have brought. My disciples will take healing balsam to the sick and will help those who are overwhelmed with the weight of their cross. I frequently repeat these teachings so that you will not forget them after my departure.

85. Be alert, and pray so that you will be strong. You must pray from your spirit to my Spirit so that you may achieve and enjoy a perfect communication with the Lord. When you observe the fulfillment of a revelation that was revealed to you during a moment of prayer, it will prove that you were truly in spiritual communication with the Lord.

86. Strive to perfect the manner in which you pray and seek me. Behold, that once my manifestation comes to an end, men from different religions will arise wanting to convert you back to their religions. Would you be willing to reject these divine teachings, setting aside the mission that you have received, for a religion that continues to practice rituals?

87. Do not be afraid if I tell you that you will be slandered and persecuted by others. I only say to you that if you fulfill my divine law and the laws of earth you will have nothing to fear.

88. Begin today to demonstrate that what you have learned from these teachings has not been in vain, and that if I have named you as my disciple, you will know how to carry that title with dignity. Even the most stubborn individuals will yield to the truth and purity of your deeds. When the battle among the different religions begins on earth, and when men greatly oppose the spreading of my spiritual doctrine, the miracles that I will grant you will be greater. Those miracles will astonish the world.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 181

1. My people: Come to the light, close your physical eyes for a few moments and open your spiritual eyes to perceive the splendor of my presence as I come before you. I come to offer you enlightenment, wisdom, and love. That enlightenment will eliminate human ignorance, fanaticism, and evil.

2. I give you my teaching on this day that you dedicate to physical rest and to spiritual worship. It is the seventh day, a day of rest after having worked all week and a day to harvest the fruit of your work. Also, on this day you regain your strength to continue your journey.

3. Let this day represent the seventh phase of your spiritual evolution, in which the last seal will be opened and you may rest after your long journey .

4. Many believe that my light descends only in these places where I manifest myself, but my spiritual presence is with everyone. That is why I have named this light the universal ray. At this same moment that you are receiving spiritual enlightenment through this teaching, all beings throughout the universe receive that same enlightenment in different ways. Yes, my people, I am Omnipotent and Omnipresent, and thus I manifest myself in different spiritual forms. In the Second Era you perceived me in human form, because I came seeking your heart. Today I come spiritually, because it is your spirit that I have come to illuminate.

5. You call me the Savior of mankind, because I have come to rescue man from the path of evil.

6. Do not denounce the ordeals that you are experiencing, nor say that they are punishment or vengeance from God, because that is not true. I say to you that those ordeals are necessary for your salvation.

7. The truth is that those ordeals are really justice, restitution, or lessons of life. Wrath and vengeance are human passions, characteristic of beings who have not achieved a state of serenity, harmony, and perfection. The love that I feel for mankind, not vengeance, governs all of my deeds. It is wrong for you to refer to my love as punishment or vengeance, because that is not the truth.

8. Be aware that you have voluntarily chosen to ignore me when I have summoned you with love. Rather than listening to the voice of your conscience you have chosen to fall into the abyss and follow the wrong paths. Thus the wrong choices you have made in life causes your suffering which can serve to awaken you and help you return to the true, virtuous path.

9. It is necessary for one who is in darkness to suffer, and for one who is enlightened to experience peace, so that one may freely choose the spiritual state that he desires.

10. I observe that sometimes you are unable to cope with an ordeal. Instead of learning what you need to learn from that ordeal, you weep, despair, or simply await death as an end to your suffering. At that moment I gently summon you and give you strength. I offer you comfort and hope, so that you will triumph over your weaknesses, lack of faith, and ordeals. In that triumph you attain peace, enlightenment, and spiritual happiness which is true happiness.

11. My people, I have come to remove the darkness in which you live and to offer you spiritual enlightenment. My word will perform the miracle of melting the ice surrounding your heart, enabling you to become sensitive to things that are virtuous and spiritual. My word will open the prison doors which had imprisoned your spirit. However, it is your responsibility to perform the miracle of attaining peace and spiritual elevation through your deeds of love.

12. Previously, you traveled through roads where you experienced great bitterness, and shed much blood and tears along the way. However, those roads will remain in the past!

13. It is my desire to save you, taking you to a world that is full of light, beauty, and love. In that world you will strive for spiritual elevation, virtuous feelings, and spiritual perfection. Do you not perceive how much I truly love you? If you do not, then truly you are blind.

14. Some believe that they are able to comprehend me with their mind. Others, who are more materialistic and less evolved spiritually, would prefer to see me in human form in order to believe in me. They fail to realize that each being possesses a superior sense through which one can comprehend me, feel my presence, and perceive me. However, that sense can only manifest itself through faith and spirituality.

15. Those disciples who truly seek spiritual elevation bring much joy to my Spirit! Although they are unintelligent in things that pertain to the world, they know how to feel my presence in their hearts. Also, they know how to interpret and to understand my inspirations, and are willing to accept my will.

16. If you behave in that manner, you will feel my presence and enjoy my blessings, because all beings throughout the universe are my children. Behold, that after having prepared the paths with my doctrine, I direct my gaze to this small number of disciples whom I have presently summoned to follow my footsteps.

17. These teachings that I bring you are the spiritual bread that will nourish you in the Third Era All of my children are seeking this nourishment in their different religions. Some seek it materially and others seek it spiritually. I welcome all of my children with love and offer my grace to everyone.

18.1 told my disciples at the Last Supper: Eat this bread, for it represents my body. Drink this wine, for it represents my blood, and after my departure you will remember this lesson.

19. Today I say to you: Take this word of eternal life and guard its essence. After 1950 when this word is no longer heard, remember it and nourish yourself with it. In the Second Era my disciples guided their lives according to my teaching, and spread it with humility. You should imitate their example.

Take this spiritual bread to those who are hungry, for it is written that my word will not be lost and that all humanity will get to hear it.

20. Listen to my word and in its essence you will discover the bread of grace. Seek the love of the Divine Father, and do not worry about your material needs for they will be taken care of.

21. During this era I have brought you these teachings, although I have given you many teachings throughout the eras. Soon I will ask you to tell me what you have accomplished with what I have given you. Who will be able to say that he has fulfilled his mission and is free of all sin?

22. Practicing charity is the most important mission in your destiny. Practice it with your deeds, words, and even with your thoughts, because a loving thought will offer comfort to your brethren.

23. I want you to learn to forgive. I invite you to carry my cross of love and follow me. I listen to and I welcome the one who tells me wholeheartedly: Lord, I want to follow your steps.

24. At the same time, I ask you: Who will betray me during this Third Era? Analyze yourself, and you will respond to me when the time comes.

25. The one who does not fulfill my law, who does not acknowledge me, and who disrespects or stains my work in one form or another is the one who will betray me during this era. With his deeds, he will be yelling, "Crucify him", because due to his deeds humanity will ask itself: Are these the disciples of the Lord? Are these the ones who listened to his word?

26. Love all human beings, and do not publicize your deeds of charity. Thus, you will truly become my apostles in this Third Era.

27. Today, I present myself before man, and I say to him: What do you accuse me of? I have spoken the truth. I guide man to be virtuous, and I have come to fulfill the promise that I made to return to you. I have not come to contradict what I said in the Second Era, for I am the Truth. I am still carrying a heavy cross on my shoulders, but mankind continues to inflict pain on my body.

28. Remember that in the Second Era the Son of God approached man and he was unable to comprehend Him. However, man is able to comprehend me today.

29. I am crucified each time one of my children suffers because I am in all of my children. Why do you not feel me?

30. Once again I am going to be sacrificed. Who will crucify me during this era? Who will tell me to continue my journey and not detain myself?

31. My gaze, although gentle, penetrates deeply into your being. If I shed a tear, it will fall into your spirit, not to the ground. I will always be with you. The world still needs me.

32. The time will come when all beings will treat one another as brethren, once men begin to practice the will of God.

33. Presently, you cannot go where I am going and from where I have come.

However, the day will come when you will arrive before me and you will recognize me through this word. At that moment you will perceive the One who conquered death and gave you eternal life with his sacrifice. I am the resurrection and the life. I am the Comforter who seeks every spirit that suffers to give it peace.

34. This enlightenment that I now bring you will help future generations to achieve peace and goodness.

35. Truly I tell you, that I suffer through each being who suffers and that,I feel man's hunger and thirst for love. Thus,T am still suffering, and I am still nailed to the cross. But I say to you: Disciples, be strong, because the hypocrites, pharisees, and gentiles will approach you asking you if you know me and love me. You will experience fear when you hear those questions. If you are Weak, you will respond as did my apostle in the Second Era: "I never knew that man from Galilee."

36. Do not forget that your reward is not in this world. Do not be alarmed if others hurt you because you are with me. Practice love and forgiveness with others, and be my disciple.

37. Do not make material symbols of the cross, because you already carry me crucified in your heart.

38. Those who celebrate my divine passion through improper and pagan festivities will feel me in their conscience. Thus, they will repent and weep. I will accept their repentance, because it is never too late for anyone to open his eyes to the truth.

39. Cleanse your sins, and love one another, so that you may remove the body of Jesus from the cross and let your heart serve as his shroud.

40. I have fulfilled my promise: The temple was destroyed and I rebuilt it in three days. The spiritual temple where the Lord dwells has now been constructed. "

41. I came across a compassionate woman and upon seeing her cry, I asked:

Why are you crying? And, as in the Second Era, she responded: I cry because the Divine Master has disappeared. I went to look for his body and it was not there. Then I said to her: Look at me and behold that the Divine Master is near you. ;

42. I told her: Go and tell your brethren to unite, otherwise they will be surprised when the Divine Master arrives. Also tell them that the one, who is able to feel my presence with his faith, shall receive eternal life.

43. Beloved disciples, you are perceiving me with your faith, because you are able to feel me in the essence of this word. Today, I find that some are like Thomas, who placed his fingers on my wounds in order to believe. However, today, you will be unable to touch my body because I lack a material form. Man will be unable to touch me during this period.

44. Today, I have come in Spirit. The time will come when you will embrace my doctrine with your heart and spirit. 1, who triumphed over death,temptation, and the flesh, penetrated into the dark abyss to give enlightenment to those spirits who previously dwelt on earth. Those spirits were prisoners tied with chains of remorse and confusion. I freed those spirits and made them perceive the light of my glory. Although I dwell in the light, I will descend to the abyss, where spirits are purified, because I am the resurrection for all beings.

45. Faithfully believe in these manifestations, and remember them with respect, so that you may share these teachings with your brethren.

46. Truly I tell you that this generation will not pass without this doctrine becoming known by others.

47. You will be rejected and censored, but I say to you, do not be afraid of being ridiculed or of physical death. No one will be able to kill you, for I am with you. Once the struggle comes to an end, the world will experience the spiritual joy of being able to communicate spiritually with the Father. Nations will attain peace, because they will believe in these teachings and begin to practice the divine teachings of love. Be my faithful disciple, and behold that I have given you the time and the opportunity to become familiar with this world. What could you possibly want from this world?

48. You may be weak physically, but you are strong spiritually. You understand the meaning of human life and are now trying to understand the meaning of spiritual life. Who among you is unaware of the spiritual gifts that I have given you? Have faith in me so that you may penetrate into the spiritual valley and not stumble even when you are struggling against yourself.

49. I resurrected you because you were dead. I have opened the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven, and I have adorned your spirit with the light of my word. Do not lose this grace. Be aware that you are penetrating into the true life.

50. Love and forgive those who offend you. Remember that it is me whom they have offended, not you, because I dwell in each one of my children. If I forgive everyone, why are you unable to do the same? You are unable to forgive because the material body is selfish and vain! But what is the destiny of your material body? It is destined to reunite with the elements from where it was formed, whereas your spirit, having eternal life, will need to respond to each deed that it performed through its material body. The Divine Father awaits each spirit to reunite with it and to embrace it with love.

51. Who, at that moment, will not want to be worthy of that reward?

52. Disciples: I want you to presently feel the joy that was felt by those who witnessed my ascension to heaven in the Second Era. My ascension, perceived by my disciples, fulfilled the promise that I made to them one day prior to my crucifixion. I informed them about spiritual life and what the death of the material body signified. However, they were unable to comprehend what I had told them and thus I informed them that I would come again in spirit to confirm what I had said. When I was in spirit, among the disciples, one of them placed his fingers on my fresh wounds, and I told them: "I will always be with you, and I will return as the Holy Spirit to illuminate mankind." When they attempted to lean their heads on the chest of the Divine Master, the silhouette of Jesus disappeared. I had already given them enough evidence of my truth. I promised to return to mankind upon a cloud. Those disciples have witnessed the fulfillment of my word from their spiritual mansion. Those of you present have witnessed the fulfillment of that promise on earth. Thus, I have resurrected in this era.

53. I leave you my peace. Guard my teaching and let it be your spiritual guide so that you will not become lost in the darkness. You will arise after 1950, guided by my divine inspiration, to share the good news with others, as did my apostles in the Second Era. You will perceive my doctrine flourish, pure and free of rituals, traditions, and vanities. I do not seek material temples constructed by man. Rather, I seek the heart of my children which is the true sanctuary where I will dwell.

54. What have you brought me on this day? Why are you weeping? Have I not offered you my peace, love, and tenderness? You remain silent in response to these questions. I have given you many divine gifts, but you have failed to take advantage of them. That is why there is pain in your heart. What prevents you from fulfilling your mission? Earth is a place of suffering, and as your spirit becomes more purified, it will experience greater freedom. Your past debts will no longer oppress your spirit and you will be able to elevate yourself spiritually. Do not fear poverty. If the world takes away your material goods and requests what you have, give those things away because you will not have lost anything. Instead, you should be afraid when someone wants to take away your peace and your faith, because those are priceless gifts that you will need to share with others. I will offer you, and those whom I have entrusted to your care, salvation with those gifts.

55. Mary, your gentle and unselfish mother, and Elijah continually pray for this multitude of people. Mary, the divine tenderness, and Elijah, the shepherd, continually watch over you as do your spiritual guardians. I, the Divine Father, feel your suffering, and my charity is with you. My people, save yourselves and humanity. I have shown you the path that you need to follow. If you want to attain peace, set aside your vanity, and practice deeds of love, charity, and forgiveness with your brethren. Presently, you do not love one another spiritually. However, the time will come when you will perceive the presence of God in each individual. Suffering will disappear on earth when you develop true love for your brethren.

56. Be aware that every being is my child. The price for your rescue was my blood and sacrifice, because I greatly love you. It is important for you to realize that I have come to take your spirit to the "promised land". I will continue to give you my teachings until the year 1950. After that year, once you prepare yourself, other nations will become familiar with the good news through you and my other messengers. My word will be analyzed and studied, and men will eventually comprehend it. The spiritual gifts of mankind will begin to manifest themselves near the year 2000, offering testimony of my word.

57. Prepare yourself, and you will soon become familiar with your spiritual gifts. Each being was endowed with these gifts from the moment that I created him, therefore, each being can become a worker in my fields.

58. The fields are prepared and they are awaiting the divine seed. Do not waste time. Begin to fulfill your mission now. Your prayers and practice of my law will bring peace to your spirit.

59. Only a brief time has elapsed between now and the time when you witnessed the Son of God crucified.

60. I come to inform you that the time that has elapsed has been beneficial for humanity. I have come to offer testimony of my love. I am with you. Because this is the era of light and the Holy Spirit, I will manifest myself to every spirit, every heart, and every human being.

61. Follow and practice my teachings with enthusiasm and joy. You should not feel that it is a sacrifice to do so because it would indicate that your spirit is not prepared.

62. If you want to follow the path of Jesus, you will have to suffer. However, even if you suffer you will experience joy knowing that you are suffering to help your brethren. Today, your sacrifice will be of love, not blood, because the times have changed and humanity has evolved.

63. Your spirit is dragging a heavy chain, with each link representing a past life. I have offered your spirit the opportunity to perfect itself through reincarnation. However, you have failed to take full advantage of that opportunity. But if you guide your life according to my teachings, and if you follow my law, you will no longer need to come to earth to suffer.

64. If you let time pass without studying my word, I will surprise you when you least expect it. Study my word, and prepare yourself, so that you will fulfill the mission that I have assigned to you.

65. Humanity has different beliefs about God and does not truly comprehend him. I do not want that to continue. You should realize that everyone was created by the same God.

66. I will continue to signal the only path that will guide you to God. It is a narrow and rough path with traces of blood. However, at the end of that path you will discover delicious fruits and beautiful smelling flowers.

67. Some yearn for the time when they previously experienced happiness and peace. But I say to you, do not sigh. I will once again bring you peace and happiness that will last forever.

68. When I tell you to request things from me, you only ask for material things. Truly, you ask for so little! You should request those things that will benefit your spirit! Do not attempt to store material wealth because on earth there are those who steal. Instead, store your wealth in the kingdom of the Father, because it will be secure and will bring peace and happiness to your spirit.

69. The earthly treasures of material wealth, power, and titles lack true greatness. The only true treasures are the good deeds of the spirit.

70. I have not come to reject the knowledge and scientific progress that has been achieved by mankind. On the contrary, I have come to illuminate man's abilities so that his deeds will have a noble and elevated purpose. Only in that manner will man achieve true greatness.

71. In the Second Era I demonstrated to the world what one could accomplish through faith. I resurrected the dead, gave sight to the blind, healed those with leprosy, and made the paralytic walk.

72. I bless human science which has healed and saved those who were near death.

73. Today I have come to reveal my wisdom, a wisdom that is beyond all science. I say to you: The world will get to know the Holy Comforter who came during this era. Although you are aware that I am presently manifesting myself through human spokesmen, the rest of the world is still awaiting my arrival, whereas, I will soon cease to manifest myself in this manner.

74. During the Second Era I revealed that I would come once again among mankind and that my spiritual army would descend with me. However, humanity has not understood nor correctly interpreted the meaning of my prophecy. That is why each religion awaits for me to arrive amidst its church and people expect to perceive me with their physical eyes. Those who await me in that manner are the same ones who in the past said that Jesus was not the true Messiah.

75. My people, as long as you have faith, you will perceive your path illuminated.

76. I have come during this period to build my temple in your heart. I will rebuild that temple which you had destroyed in three days.

77. Those witnessing this manifestation have prepared themselves to receive my teachings. You have always experienced peace when you listen to my word. Who, that has sought me in a loving manner, has not been able to communicate with me? If you have attained that charity from God, why do you not teach your brethren to do the same thing? If by practicing deeds of love you have discovered true life and happiness, then continue to practice those deeds. If you achieve a state of well-being by fulfilling your responsibilities, then continue to work hard.

78. I want you to become worthy of me. I want to observe peace in your home, and I want you to practice deeds of charity and kindness with your brethren. Thus, you will feel close to God and to your brothers.


79. A humble Master was teaching his pupils. Among the students were those who had great faith and who were anxious to arise to fulfill their mission; After the Master had taught them for a brief time, they asked him: You who are wise and teach us about pure love and freedom of the spirit, tell us, when will we depart to teach others what we have learned?

The Master responded in the following manner: Oh little ones, do you now want to give my teaching to others? Do you truly understand my teaching? Are you not afraid of the dangers along the path or of those who doubt what you tell them? Do you feel that you are now strong?

But the pupils were persistent, and they responded: Master, you have given us the antidote and we feel strong and want to practice your teaching. The Master, who was tender and kind, blessed his disciples, gave them power and allowed them to depart. The pupils journeyed through different paths sharing the great teaching with others. Many sought the disciples and after listening to their doctrine they were converted and became followers of the disciples. The disciples then told their followers: You will need to present yourselves before the Master, who taught us, to receive the final teaching. The Master is going to depart and wants to leave you his wisdom. Do you want to follow us?

80. They arrived in a caravan before the Master and were surprised to find that He was the Master of masters, the infinite God, and the Maker of all creation. They knelt, repented for their sins, and communicated spiritually with Him. Their hearts were filled with peace.

81. My disciples, I now say to you: The moment will come when you will perceive me in all of my splendor. At that time, earth and its inhabitants will have become purified, and the grace and virtue of the spirit will have been restored. Suffering will have disappeared, and there will only be joy. It will be an infinite day, a day that will never end. Do you not wish to perceive those miracles? Do you not want your children to communicate with my Spirit, to be free of sin, and to form a world of peace?

82. I have given you spiritual gifts to practice my teaching. Always practice deeds of love, charity, and kindness. If you are determined, you will triumph over the world and over those things which seem impossible. The world does not yet believe that I have come during this period, but it will learn to love me and thus will be saved.

83. My people: You will rejoice perceiving that my manifestations are becoming more spiritual every day. Come to me with love, rather than with fear.

84. Be strong, because the ordeals are approaching and you will have to confront them with serenity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 182

1. Pray for humanity before praying for yourself. Humanity is similar to an individual whose ship has been wrecked in the middle of an ocean filled with darkness and turbulence. In its confusion it is unable to discover the lighthouse that will illuminate its way to safety.

2. Whoever believes in me and follows my laws is safe, whether he is on earth or in the spiritual valley. Whoever loves his brethren in spirit and in truth is with me. Everyone possesses the means to save himself. Each being has a conscience which intuitively guides him to practice good deeds. I have granted those gifts to everyone.

3. During the moments of an ordeal, prayer will offer you comfort and strength. To be strong, people need to unite within the laws of God. If you practice my doctrine spiritually, you will be able to love and to understand one another although you may be traveling in different paths.

4. Not everyone who has heard my word believes in it, nor does everyone proclaiming to love me, truly love me. To be my disciple, one needs to practice my law and to follow my path.

5. I love everyone the same. Have you not observed that I do not deny light, warmth, or bread to anyone? My protection will never abandon an individual, even when he is experiencing great ordeals.

6. Do you want to perceive me in a physical form to believe in me and to feel me close? Carefully analyze the living things that exist throughout the universe, and you will be able to perceive my presence throughout the universe.

7. I have given spiritual enlightenment to all beings, nevertheless, I observe that while some are nourished others remain spiritually weak. This occurs because you are unwilling to share your spiritual wisdom and enlightenment with others.

8. I have placed you at the beginning of your path of evolution so that you will reach the Father. The love that I offer you in these teachings is for all my children. Come to me and seek me with your enlightened spirit and I will be with you. Everyone can feel my presence and become enlightened.

9. Great spiritual deeds can be accomplished if one practices humility, is spiritually pure, and speaks words of enlightenment to others. However, do not speak of your deeds, rather speak of the divine work and allow me to judge and reward your efforts.

10. Do not forget to pray for world peace, because great catastrophes are threatening the world. Do not attempt to judge those things that should only be judged by God. Allow me, in my wisdom, to judge all things and to cut what is bad by the roots.

11. You should pray and help whoever you can. The time of judgement is approaching, and I am warning you so that you will be alert and observe the fulfillment of these prophecies.

12. Once humanity comprehends my word, it will be similar to a flock of sheep that is being guided by the Good Shepherd, God, to the fountain of eternal life to quench its thirst forever.

13. The Divine Master is among you, and I want you to become spiritually prepared.

14. Today, when the world is apparently in a state of peace, I have come to teach you.

15. Man has surrendered to materialism and only vaguely remembers the examples left by the Son of God. Today, man is mostly interested in satisfying his material needs on earth. He lacks spirituality.

16. Humanity remembers the crucifixion of Jesus on certain days of the year. It is only on those days that man's heart is touched.

17. Those of you listening to my word are now aware that there should not be a specific moment or a day that is designated to remember and to practice the teachings given by the Divine Master. You now realize that one can perform deeds to help his brethren at any given moment, inspired by the example of divine love and charity set by the Divine Master.

18. I want you to share this teaching with your brethren. To plant the divine seed in the hearts of men, all one needs is the desire to do it. When you gather your first harvest, it will bring you great joy and inspire you to continue along that divine path.

19. My teaching, once it is known throughout the world, will illuminate all those scientists who are confused. When scientists discover the relationship that exists between God and man and between science and creation, they will begin to progress. This will benefit the new generations, because there will be harmony everywhere. Mankind is continually evolving so it may achieve spiritual perfection.

20. Science has greatly evolved during this century, and thus man has referred to this period as the Age of Enlightenment. However, man fails to realize that the spirit has also entered into a period of enlightenment. Man ignores that the Holy Spirit is manifesting itself and illuminating all beings, thus fulfilling past prophecies.

21. The great discoveries made by mankind are influenced by elevated spiritual beings. Those beings are continually working and influencing the human mind, inspiring and revealing things that are unknown to their brethren on earth.

22. That is why I say to the scholars and to the scientists: Do not boast about your knowledge and accomplishments, because you have only served as an instrument for those elevated spirits who inspire you. Are you not often surprised at your discoveries? Have you not confessed to yourself that you are incompetent and even unwilling to attempt to accomplish what you have already achieved? Thus, there is your answer. Therefore, why do you praise yourself? Be aware that what you accomplish is influenced and guided by evolved beings. Allow yourself to be inspired by them, because they always seek to do things that will benefit mankind.

23. My teaching is infinite and very profound. It contains the essence to help all religions. In my doctrine all beings are brethren, because I do not distinguish among people according to their religious beliefs. Do not isolate yourself to pray, for it would be like secluding yourself from humanity and avoiding the temptations of life because of your fear of yielding to them. Jesus taught you to confront every struggle. He knew that he was the truth and that the truth, similar to light, cannot be concealed. Thus, through Jesus, I taught you how to follow the divine path.

24. I was judged and criticized, but no imperfection was discovered in me. Nature is also perfect. Who will be able to discover a defect or an imperfection in the things that I have created? Who is able to duplicate what I have done?

25. When you are unable to comprehend my word, elevate yourself in prayer so that you will not become confused. How can you believe that I would give you an idea that lacks truth and wisdom? Elevate yourself in prayer so that you may receive my divine inspiration.

26. You will teach my doctrine without adding any of your own ideas, because you cannot deceive anyone. A lie, sooner or later, will yield to the truth.

27. You will discover the truth if you are sincere with yourself. You will discover it within yourself and in your brethren, but only if you practice love, tenderness, and charity. Do not perceive faith in a simplistic manner nor assume that a miracle must take place. Keep in mind that you have to make yourself worthy of such benefits.

28. By praying and strongly believing in my word, you will develop a strong faith and will perform great deeds.

29. I am illuminating mankind, and I am explaining many prophecies which had remained a mystery throughout the centuries.

30. Ask for enlightenment, for you shall receive it. I want your spirit and mine to communicate.

31. The grace contained in my teachings will comfort you once my manifestation comes to an end. Through that grace you will become teachers among your brethren, because you will know how to guide yourself within my law.

32. Nothing will be able to confuse you. The beliefs and doctrines that others have will not make you lose the divine path that you are following because my divine teaching will remain with you forever.

33. Every religion presents two paths to man: one of spiritual rest and one of eternal punishment. In spite of having struggled to find the truth, man perceives many things as mysterious, thus he remains confused.

34. But those of you, who are my disciples and who are unfamiliar with the sciences, have received my inspiration and my words of wisdom. Thus, you no longer perceive things as mysterious. Now you know that after you have traveled this life of struggles, battles, and purification, all beings will experience spiritual joy and peace.

35. Those of you who know this will reveal it to others who are not aware of it.

36. You shall be a prophet who will reveal things to your brethren. They will verify that you spoke the truth when they perceive the fulfillment of your prophecies.

37. Peace does not exist among nations. Although there appears to be peace according to some individuals, war is threatening the Orient. In truth, war will break out and the world will experience great suffering in the near future.

38. The elements of nature will become unleashed, destroying many communities. Scientists will discover a new planet, and a shower of stars will illuminate the earth. However, this will not be disastrous for humanity, it will only announce the beginning of a new era for mankind.

39. I am revealing these prophecies so that you will not be surprised when they occur.

40. Man needs to be in harmony, even with the elements of nature, because those elements are also my servants and instruments of my justice. The world will witness great catastrophes which will preoccupy scientists who will turn to nature, hoping to find the reason for those events. It is the scientist who seeks the origin of life in the human cell. They fail to acknowledge the importance of the kingdom of the spirit, from where all things originated.

41. I will reveal many things to you while you are still on earth. However, once you close your physical eyes permanently and open your spiritual eyes to perceive the spiritual valley, you will realize that the spirit is able to comprehend things more clearly in the spiritual valley. It will not lose its free will, intelligence, and ability to reason because those are gifts that it will always have.

42. Religions acknowledge the power of evil and represent it in the form of a human being. They have given it different names and believe that it reigns over a powerful kingdom. Men become afraid, thinking the evil being can come near them, failing to realize that evil is found in the low passions and human weaknesses. Both good and evil exists within the human being. However, evil dominates the world during this period, creating a force and a power that manifests itself throughout the world. In the spiritual valley there are multitudes of imperfect and disturbed spirits who practice evil and vengeance. They unite their strength with human wickedness to form the kingdom of evil.

43. In the Second Era, that power rebelled against Jesus and revealed its kingdom to him. My flesh, being sensitive to everything, was tempted but my spiritual strength overcame the temptation. I was the one who had come to triumph over the world, flesh, temptation, and death. I was the Divine Master who descended among mankind to offer an example of strength.

44. Jesus resurrected from among the dead, after he had taken his last breath on the cross. He descended to the abyss, where disturbed spirits dwell, in order to guide them toward the light. Then, he returned and presented himself spiritually to his apostles to demonstrate the superior life of the spirit.

45. I say to you during this period: Do not accept the idea of hell that humanity has accepted. There is no hell in this world, other than the life that man has created with his wars and hatred. In the spiritual valley, there is no fire other than the great remorse that the spirit feels when its conscience informs it of its sins.

46. My doctrine will speak to the theologian, the philosopher, and the scientist. They will discover that my teaching contains infinite revelations.

47. Man will eliminate hell through his own regeneration. Once his spirit enters into the spiritual valley it will discover that there is only light, harmony, and grace, because those other things that have been created by human superstition do not exist in the spiritual valley.

48. Prepare yourself and practice serenity, because you are going to receive the light that I am sending. Develop a sensitive heart, and do not tell me that you love me only with your lips. Truly love me, because I want you to live in harmony with me. In the past, you have allowed the divine light found in your spirit to lose its brilliance. Now, allow your spirit to radiate it. I want you to realize that you possess my eternal gifts, and I want you to offer testimony of me.

49. I have been infinitely patient. I have awaited for you to acknowledge me, but you are still telling me not to awaken you from your sleep. However, it was said that I would come help my chosen people to arise, and that I would give them weapons to battle against the darkness. How could you reject the light, if you are destined to take it to humanity? Soon you will be converted into soldiers of peace, truth, and love. The ordeals that you are experiencing serve to purify your heart and will bring you closer to my path. You are almost ready to begin to fulfill your mission. Others will arise to fulfill their mission once they dwell spiritually in other mansions.

50. I do not want any of my disciples to betray me and to exchange his spiritual gifts for the false riches of the world. If one of you betrays me, my wounds will once again open. Thus, I will have to shed my blood to cleanse the stain of my beloved disciple.

51. Blessed are those who have come when I have summoned them. I will give you great examples of my love, and I will strengthen you for the period of ordeals that is approaching. You will be able to cope with your ordeals, and feel peace in your spirit.

52. If you ask me for mandates, seek them in the book that I am giving you and you will discover a mandate in every word. Also, you will find an eternal law that speaks to your spirit about what it will need to overcome. Once you are inspired to begin your spiritual mission of planting the seed of divine love and teachings in the human heart, you will observe with great joy and surprise the vast fields that I have entrusted to you to plant my rich and abundant divine seed.

53. Many were unable to listen to my teachings during this period. I want you to share these teachings with those individuals and to present my teachings in the same pure manner that I have presented them to you. By living a virtuous life you will find whatever is necessary to guide, advise, and to comfort your brethren. During this period man should be able to comprehend me and to offer me an abundant harvest. I will help man to climb to the top of the mountain where I await all of my children.

54. Humanity: What have you done with the seed of love that I gave you in the Second Era? You call yourselves Christians, but fail to demonstrate it with your deeds. I do not perceive mankind practicing love, charity, and justice. You are not aware that you love another god and that you have established your own selfish world with your ambitions, material possessions, passions, ideals, and riches. You disregard all other things. Where is your faith? Where is the true practice of my teachings? You only think of them as just another theory.

Many of you believe that what I now tell you is an exaggeration, while others who will become familiar with my teachings in the future will criticize them. Truly I tell you that although you believe that you truly love me, Elijah will prove to you that during this Third Era you are worshiping a false god. During the First Era, I surprised the people of Israel while they worshiped Baal. With the power that Elijah received from God, Elijah proved to the people of Israel, who had fallen into darkness, that they were worshiping a false god. I say to you that Elijah during this period will once again do the same thing, causing your idols to tumble from their pedestals. What are your idols? Your idols are the world, low passions of the flesh, science, religious fanaticism, vices, and money.

55. Once everyone becomes spiritually enlightened, man will realize that he should not aspire to make science and the material world his goals in life since they lack perfection. They only represent the means that God has placed along your path to gradually reach the Divine Father, for only He is totally perfect.

56. Elijah is the forerunner, the prophet, and the messenger. I am the light, who through Elijah, will test mankind once again. Men believe that they can accomplish anything through science. However, once the ordeals arrive and there is despair everywhere, Elijah will say to the scholars and to the scientists: Utilize your science to restrain the elements of nature that have become unleashed, and to pacify the violent storms. If you are able to control nature then I will acknowledge your strength and wisdom. However, I have come to inform you of a power that is superior to your science, the power of prayer.

57. My people, when those events begin to occur, that is the moment when Elijah will summon you. He will then use the new disciples of the Lord to demonstrate to the world the power of prayer and spirituality.

58. You will experience ordeals similar to those experienced by the people of Israel in the past. But today your ordeals will be spiritual. You will have to experience them because man has failed to interpret correctly the true meaning of those ordeals that were used by the Lord to summon his children.

59. It is true that men became aware of their mistakes and repented fearing God's justice, but they were unable to fully comprehend the truth. The spirit acquires true wisdom and enlightenment only by fully comprehending the truth.

60. I say to you that during this era of enlightenment man will comprehend , and correctly interpret the divine revelations from the past. This will occur because the spirit of man has journeyed through a long desert, acquiring much experience. Man possesses enough spiritual maturity to comprehend spiritual things, to live in harmony with his conscience, and to understand the true meaning of his existence.

61. Man is ready to awaken from his spiritual sleep and to carry out the great deeds that he is destined to fulfill. Those deeds will be guided by his conscience, inspired by his spirit, and reflected in his feelings and emotions.

62. Once this multitude of spiritualists has established a strong and united nation, their life on earth will leave behind a path of light. They will be considered the eldest among their brethren on earth, helping their younger brethren to arise.

63. I have come to speak to you with loving words to touch your heart and harsh character, because tomorrow you will need to share my teachings with your brethren. If you want to touch their hearts, you must be gentle and practice deeds of love and charity.

64. Learn to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. That type of prayer . uses thoughts and feelings, not words, and it will bring you closer to my divine presence. Be aware that tomorrow you will need to teach my doctrine , to your brethren, thus it is necessary for my new disciples to practice my teachings today. If you teach and preach through deeds and examples, you will inspire humanity to imitate your deeds. Thus, humanity will stop worshiping gods that are deaf and lifeless, and will seek the true, living, and eternal God who dwells only in the spiritual kingdom.

65. Prayer represents the ark of salvation for those who are shipwrecked and . lost in a turbulent sea. The one who knows how to pray will acquire strength and faith. He knows that he will triumph over all ordeals and thus confidently awaits the arrival of peace.

66. I have given you many teachings that warn you of the future dangers that await you during the time of great bitterness, because you belong to my army that will bring peace and enlightenment to the world. My army on earth will always be united with my army of spiritual beings. Each one of my disciples will be accompanied by a multitude of spiritual beings who will serve as your guardians and protectors. The mission each one carries is to unite and to work for universal peace. Today I say to you that there will be great spiritual harmony among all of my servants, which will make them invincible.

67. Those who are spiritually evolved will receive great inspirations; whereas, those who are not considered as intellectual or who are unable to verbally express themselves will develop the ability to speak with words that reflect truth, wisdom, and life.

68. I have warned you that there will be obstacles along your path, but I also say to you that the one who prepares himself will be able to overcome them. Only those, who remain spiritually asleep as I give my teachings, will stumble. They will fall and will be unable to continue with their journey, convinced that they are unable to triumph over the ordeals along their path.

69. Prayer, meditation, serenity, and spiritual elevation should become an essential part of your daily life. Then, nothing can cause you to stumble along your journey.

70. Understand why I have repeatedly told you in the past to be alert and to pray.

71. Today I offer you a bread that will nourish your spirit and give you eternal life.

72. Before I educate you with my teachings, I want to heal your heart and spirit. I invite you to elevate yourself to my mansion of peace and to confess all your sins to me. I will know how to listen to your confession. I will respect your sorrow and will not judge you severely. If your suffering is caused by remorse, do not fear, because I have come precisely to seek those who have found no compassion or comprehension among their brethren. I have come to save you so that you will soon come to the Divine Father.

73. I come to help you comprehend my divine teaching so that you will not feel ignorant when you speak and offer testimony of my work. If you feel love, you will be able to speak, and if you have faith, you will be able to perform great deeds in my name.

74. I allow your conscience to tell you when you have honored your Father or when you have disobeyed him during this lifetime.

75. Today, you are requesting different things from me. What do you need that I could not grant you with my love? However, if you are drinking from a bitter chalice and suffering for your faults, do not protest nor ask why I have not given you a chalice of milk and honey to drink, since you belong to the chosen people. It is up to you to attain peace. I gave you free will to choose your path and to elevate spiritually through your merits. Why are you not imitating the good disciples and patriarchs of the past? It is because you are not yet glorifying me with your deeds.

76. Give to others, because you will always have something to give. Do not imitate those who are rich and greedy. Do not reject the sick and the needy, judging them as unworthy. Do not reject those who hunger. If you know how to penetrate into their hearts, you will discover their sorrow and feel pity for them. I have given you, through the gift of love, a healing balsam to cure all types of illnesses. Do you fear being judged by others because you are imitating me when you practice charity? Why would you fear this selfish and unjust humanity, who knows nothing about me? Come and take refuge in my eternal laws; drink from the essence of my teachings and be filled with the Spirit of Truth.

77. My kingdom of love, enlightenment, and justice represents the truth. That truth is found in the law that I have given to man. That truth is the path that I have traced with my love so that you will achieve greatness, joy, perfection, and immortality.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 183

1. Safeguard my word, disciples, because men with different beliefs will ask you for evidence that you truly have received my teachings.

2. I will allow your life to be free of burdens and illnesses so that you will learn to offer the same comfort and charity to your brethren that I have offered you.

3. The one who prepares himself to receive my teaching will be filled with joy. It is like pure water for those who are spiritually thirsty, bread for those who are spiritually hungry, serenity and peace for those who are spiritually weary, and strength and enlightenment for all beings.

4. I am offering spiritual enlightenment to all beings of this nation, including its rulers and its peasants, so that its inhabitants will open their arms to welcome those who will come in search of the Divine Master.

5. Some will arrive in a state of repentance and others in fear because they have endured so much suffering. Their conscience will inform them that judgement day has arrived for all spirits. However, I will offer each spirit a new opportunity for salvation. The spirit will become aware of all the gifts that it possesses. Once it develops true faith, it will discover why I have come once again among humanity and how much I love each child.

6. I have not come during this era to contradict my past teachings. On the contrary, I have come to remind you about those teachings because you have forgotten them. During this Third Era I am revealing things that I had not previously revealed because your spirit is now more evolved.

7. Those who wrote my word with their love, blood, and tears used divine inspiration to faithfully carry out my will. However, later others changed my word. The essence of my word became lost among the different beliefs and practices developed by mankind. Those changes are not a part of my doctrine. During this era I have come to enlighten mankind, removing all veils so that man may perceive the purity of my truth.

8. I come to teach you not to reject one another because of my doctrine nor to argue with one another. I also warn you in these teachings that false teachers and prophets will appear, even among the people of Israel.

9. Many who today are witnessing my manifestation and listening to my teachings will later become materialistic, seeking praise and material well-being. Be careful not to become confused.

10. My faithful disciples, who will watch over my work, will experience a great struggle. I am going to prepare 144,000 beings who will be given that responsibility. Among them are those who will choose not to fulfill their mission and will mislead and confuse their brethren. They will confuse those who are spiritually thirsty, but chose not to listen to me during this period.

11. Practice humility, and do not flatter your brethren nor allow them to flatter you. Separate yourself from those who want to help you but arouse your vanity and cause you to wander in the wrong path.

12. Do not yield to temptation. The power I have given you is to be used for spiritual deeds of love and charity.

13. Do not utilize my doctrine for monetary gain.

14. My people, I am protecting you from your brethren so that you may listen to my word peacefully until the year 1950. If others criticize and ridicule you because you believed in my coming during this era, I will defend you. If you are locked up in prison, I will open the doors and rescue you. I only ask you to fulfill my law. Do not allow yourself to become confused or to participate in the occult or in mysticism. Also, you should not seek to make monetary profit with my doctrine. When you are summoned to heal the sick, practice charity and let your deeds be spiritual.

15. After my departure in the Second Era your Celestial Mother remained on earth to strengthen and to accompany the disciples. After their ordeals and suffering, they found warmth in her gentleness and nourishment in her words. They continued to follow the divine path inspired by Mary, who represented the Divine Master and continued teaching them. Once she departed from earth, their struggle began, and each disciple took the path that was designated for him. The love of Mary will be very close to you during this Third Era. It will strengthen you and encourage you during your ordeals.

16. You are opening your heart to feel my presence and to offer me your love, and I say to you: Do what I ask you to do. You should not only love me, but also love your brethren. Do not judge one another. Leave all just and unjust causes to my justice, because I am the only one who knows the reason behind each cause and I am the only one who has the right to judge. I invite those who have not fulfilled my law to enter into this path. They will soon arrive before my presence and I will say to them: I have not brought a new law in this era. It is the same law that I placed in the conscience of the first human being and that I gave to mankind through Moses.

17. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by the word of your brethren if it is not based on my law, because you would be following a path of darkness believing that you are in a path of light. Eloquent language is not what pleases me. I have always spoken to you using simple language. However, if you discover some truth in the eloquent words spoken by someone, extract their essence and the love, charity, and peace contained in those words and interpret them appropriately. I have given you a judge that dwells within you and that will never deceive you. That judge is your conscience. To listen to its voice one needs to penetrate deeply within himself, to pray and to meditate. Then, it will speak with true wisdom and enlightenment.

18. The world has disillusioned you. Today, as you listen to my word being manifested through humble spokesmen, in simple homes, you realize that one does not need to build magnificent temples for spiritual worship. Also, you now realize that man should not limit my doctrine nor represent it with material images.

19. As spirits, endowed with enlightenment and power, you were ordered to incarnate on earth to fulfill your mission. Your brethren have rejected you because of the graces that you possess. They have been unable to comprehend the faith and trust that you have in God, and they do not realize that I protect and take care of all of my children in the same manner. I am very close to those who have come before me having repented for their sins. Through your repentance you become worthy of taking my presents of love and charity to those who are ill and in spiritual poverty. Your faith will manifest itself and offer strength to those who have become weak, helping them to arise to a new life. Many of my "prodigal children" will come to my sanctuary7 during this era, and I will prepare a feast to celebrate their return. The Israelite family will continue to pray so that my other lost children will return back to their Father.

20. When you observe that one of my disciples is acquiring more wisdom because of his devotion to God, do not envy him. Instead you should help him to continue to progress, because through him I will perform miracles that will benefit all of you.

21. Jealousy stains the heart and makes the spirit ill. It is my will that everyone become spiritually elevated, live in harmony, and communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

22. You should realize that there is great justice in the destiny of each being.

23. Do not live an unproductive life. Even those ordeals, that appear to be insignificant and unusual, have a purpose determined by me.

24. Carefully study my law. Allow your spirit to come to me through prayer, thus it will be anointed as it listens to my word and will receive healing balsam to heal its sick physical body.

25. If you prepare yourself, the world will learn to follow the true path. Wars will disappear and there will be peace. If you practice evil, that evil will return to you. Once again I say to you: You will be measured with the same rod with which you measure others.

26. Come nourish yourself with my word. Once you are nourished, do not forget to nourish those who are hungry. Learn to extract the essence from my word so that you may truly become nourished. Strengthen yourself, and share this nourishment with your brethren.

27. On earth you have an idea of the mansion of peace that I have promised to you. You constantly ask me to let you perceive the lights of that "holy land". I say to you that you are not distant from that land. You are following the path that leads to it, and in the near future you will be knocking at the doors of that mansion.

28. That path is my law. If you follow it, I assure you that you will arrive at the "promised land". When you are there, you will find all those things that I have promised. Be strong and virtuous, and do not let your faith weaken so that your journey will not be difficult.

29. You have experienced difficult ordeals. At times, you shiver from the coldness, selfishness, and lack of love of humanity. You present your naked spirit before me, but you do not despair, because you have faith that I watch over you and that Mary, your Divine Mother, illuminates your path as you travel through life. Thus, you feel strengthened.

30. During this moment of communion, you are informing me that your children are suffering and lack peace. I want to give you my gifts and benefits so that you may share them with your brethren. I want you to learn to give to others, to become my messengers, and to guide your brethren.

31. Bless-your brethren if they welcome you and accept your gift. Also bless them if they reject your gift, and allow me with my infinite patience to continue to refine and to awaken their spirits until they convert into my devoted and faithful followers. That is my will.

32. I welcome those who believe in my new manifestation as well as those who do not believe in it. Those who do not believe are being guided by their own spirit and will one day accept it.

33. Woe to those who make no effort to become spiritually enlightened during this period, because they will become lost! Although this is an era of light, behold the darkness that exists throughout the world. Through my teachings you know that I chose this nation to manifest myself during this period, but you do not know why I chose it. The Divine Master has been a mystery for all of you, but He does not want to keep any secrets from his disciples. He has come to reveal all that you need to know so that you will be able to correctly respond to those who question you. I observe that those who live in this part of the world have always sought and loved me. Although they worship me in an imperfect manner, I have accepted their worship and their love as a flower filled with the fragrance of innocence, sacrifice, and suffering. That flower, with its fragrance, has always been on my divine altar. Each of you was prepared to fulfill a great mission during this era. Today, you are aware because of my teachings that I made the people of Israel reincarnate among this multitude. Also, you know that the seed that inspires your being and the inner light that guides you is the same spiritual enlightenment that I poured upon the house of Jacob during the First Era.

34. Spiritually, you are Israelites, because you possess the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You represent the branches from that holy tree that will offer shade and fruit to humanity.

35. That is why I refer to you as first-born and have sought you during this era to give you my new revelation. It is my will that the people of Israel resurrect spiritually among humanity so that men may perceive the true resurrection of the flesh.

36. Yes, my disciples, the spirit does not die. It only departs to the spiritual valley once its material body no longer functions. However, the material body also does not die. It will disintegrate and combine with the elements of nature from where I will make it resurrect, in human form, to endow it with a spirit.

37. The flesh resurrects in that manner and spirits return to earth to incarnate as humans. In that manner I will make the spirits of Israel resurrect throughout the world, but I will not offer them any land from this world nor will I divide them into tribes. Instead, I will establish one family among them to eliminate their traditional disagreements. I will form matrimonies and families between the children of Reuben and those of Judah, between those of Asher and Zebulun and those of Naphtali and Benjamin. Thus, I will eliminate all disagreements and division among them, because conflict is not a part of God.

38. Who would be able to do this, if not I? Who could carry out the mission of convincing the chosen people of God that Canaan was only a symbol of the eternal homeland? During this era I was the one who allowed your spirit to incarnate in another race and in another land, and told you: You are the people from Israel. I have made you incarnate on earth once again to conclude the great and delicate mission entrusted to you since the beginning of time. That is your cross.

39. Also, you have returned to cleanse your stains and to amend and atone for your mistakes. You will no longer become weak nor fall into idolatry, as you did in the past, even though you knew about the true God and had received his Law. The suffering that you have experienced has made you seek spiritual enlightenment and peace. During the First Era, when the wheat and bread became scarce in your land, you journeyed toward the powerful land of Egypt. Later, as slaves of the pharaoh, you arose defying the harshness of the desert to seek the "promised land", because you yearned to have freedom. During this period you ignored the ridicule and wrath of your brethren and chose to acknowledge my new manifestation, because your spirit was thirsty for elevation and spirituality.

40. You are the "prodigal son" who always returns to the Father's home. You find that he welcomes you with a loving embrace and prepares a table to celebrate your return.

41. From the long journey, you arrived weary and spiritually and physically weak. However, you were surprised as you perceived from a distance that the gates of your Father's home were still open, and that the Father was awaiting your arrival to offer you his love, his charity, and his teachings.

42. It was not my will to manifest myself in the land of Canaan, your previous homeland, during this era. This is the era of the Holy Spirit. It is no longer the era of Moses nor of Christ. You are listening to my divine word, and truly I tell you: Today, I am offering you the same nourishment that I offered you in the first and second eras. The manna helped you develop faith in me, and the teachings that Jesus gave you nourished your spirit and showed you the path of salvation. Today, I am nourishing you with this word so that your spirit will attain peace and eternal enlightenment and never be hungry again.

43. As in the past, I have come to select my spokesmen, disciples, and new prophets from among you, now that you are spiritually enlightened. Today, I am explaining my law through this doctrine. I am also teaching you how to pray, how to serve me, and how you should live to become true brethren of humanity and children of God.

44. After my new disciples become strong, the second Jerusalem will descend from my kingdom to earth. All evil, idolatry, deceit, and darkness that have emanated from the human mind and heart will become destroyed.

45. Remember that your Father, through a dream, promised Jacob that He would bless all the nations on earth through his children. Be aware that, if you are a descendent of Jacob, your destiny is to attain my peace and to take it to the hearts of your brethren.

46. My people: During this era there are those who still practice the law of Moses and others who live in the Christian era. Not everyone senses, nor wants, the arrival of a new era. This is because not everyone advances nor evolves in the same manner. That is why I tell you to become familiar with these teachings so that you will become good workers imitating the good shepherd and the good sower. Behold those who are preparing mankind by sowing my doctrine of love in their hearts. If the climate was good and the harvest was abundant, they elevate their prayers to thank the Lord. But if the climate was bad and the harvest was poor, then they eagerly await for the following year, hoping to have a abundant harvest. I will prepare the fields for you, if you take advantage of this period and arise with faith and hope to sow my seed in the hearts of your brethren. The seeds that you sow with good will and love will germinate. I will protect what you sow, and my Spirit, like the radiant sun, will make your crops flourish. Thus, as you gather your harvest you will be singing hymns of glory and praise to God.

47. Be aware that I am the One who watches over this nation protecting it from any major disaster and disturbance. I keep it in peace, because this nation is destined to fulfill a great mission both spiritually and materially.

48. Chaos and disorder will occur on earth, because as long as there are .different powers and kingdoms on this planet, there will also be wars, hatred,and ambition, and thus no peace.

49. Charity does not exist among men and my law is not practiced. True brothers, parents, and children do not exist, and that is why humanity is threatened by chaos.

50. I am only announcing these,things, because evil and disorder do not originate from God. Chaos occurs due to man's lack of spiritual preparation. He has failed to listen to his conscience, allowing himself to be guided by evil inspirations. I ask those who are listening to my teaching: Are you waiting for these ordeals to take place so that your hardened heart may be touched? No, my children, begin praying today, work with devotion, achieve merits, and amend your behavior. That is your mission. Pray for world peace and bring forth my blessings with your prayers. Remain faithful to my law and set an example for your brethren to follow.

51. Everyone who is willing to follow me will receive my teachings and become my disciple.

52. Those who are gathered here today form a portion of the people of Israel. The reappearance of virtues among mankind depends on Israel's obedience. Today, I have utilized these people as interpreters of my doctrine to humanity, and I have received the first fruits of their fulfillment.

53. You are the first individuals whom I have prepared to become soldiers of my work. Thus, you will need to work enthusiastically to set the foundation for the great city that will be constructed. You will need to have faith and confidence in me. I will continue to manifest myself through human spokesmen until 1950. After that time, you will remain among humanity to offer evidence of your power and spiritual enlightenment.

54. I will send scientists among you who have tried unsuccessfully to penetrate into the mysteries of spiritual life. They will seek you knowing that I have anointed you, and that you possess my revelations. They will be eager to receive my teachings from you. You will welcome them with humility, a characteristic my disciples possess. If you prepare yourself, you will speak and behave as did my apostles John and Peter. If you pray seeking my help, I will speak through you and will touch their hearts. They will seek you because they will be eager to meet the people who serve me and to visit the sites where I manifested myself in this period. When you reveal the essence of my doctrine to them, some will convert and become a part of this multitude.

55. It has been a long journey for this nation of people. I have always sent strong and devoted spirits among this nation to make mankind aware of its true spiritual mission and defend the divine law. This nation was spiritually prepared and united during three eras. During that time it experienced many different ordeals and struggles. Sometimes it has been strong, other times weak, sometimes free, other times a prisoner, sometimes misunderstood and other times loved and acknowledged. However, it has always possessed my blessings.

56. I am the only one who has offered you truth and purity. I not only offered you evidence of my divine love at Calvary, but also harsh justice if you deserved it. You were predestined to receive me spiritually in all three eras. Today, as in the Second Era, I have sought those who are denounced, humble, and who hunger for justice. I have elevated their spirits allowing them to become my disciple or apostle.

57. You are living during a period of material evolution and progress. Humanity has become vain with its knowledge, thus it does not acknowledge me. Man has forgotten his spiritual mission, and he rejects nature. Nature was destined to serve man on earth not only for his physical needs and his enjoyment, but also to help him evolve spiritually. Man ignores his spirit which is the most valuable thing that he possesses. The spirit belongs to me and I have always come to seek it. But just as the earth undergoes changes, man will also change and will one day acknowledge me. His ideals, which are now materialistic, will become spiritual. All beings are submitted to ordeals which help the spirit to become purified and obedient to God.

58. Humanity entered a new era in 1866. During this era I have been preparing those whom I chose. They have been assigned responsibilities and have spiritual gifts. I have revealed to each individual his specific mission and the tribe to which he belongs. I have reunited my spiritual forces, some materially and others spiritually, as was previously written.

59. I have appointed guides so that each congregation will have a representative to lead it. I have informed them that it is my will that there be unity among all of the congregations so that they will be strong.

60. Some beings were given the mission of serving as human spokesmen so that I could manifest myself to humanity. I increased the number of spokesmen so that my teaching would spread. Those spokesmen also enabled the spiritual world to manifest itself to humanity, offering evidence of its charity and offering advise and healing balsam to mankind.

61. It was my will to designate some to serve as fundamental stones. These would offer support to the guide in each house of prayer, mediating between the guide and those who have been assigned responsibilities. These individuals also would serve as mediators for the entire multitude.

62. I designated those who would have the gift of spiritual vision. I prepared them to receive visions that would be analyzed by this multitude, thus helping this multitude to remain alert.

63. Those whom I designated to write down my teachings are referred to as golden pens. I prepared them and sent spiritual beings to be their guardians so that my word would become printed and remain throughout the eras. These are the same spiritual beings who, in past eras, have guarded my scriptures.

64. I prepared guardians to maintain peace and order among this multitude, and I named them columns.

65. I have enlightened and inspired all of these individuals. I now ask those who have been assigned responsibilities: Are you aware of what those responsibilities require?

66. I will grant you three more years to become prepared. Afterward, you will have only one responsibility, and everyone will become a worker in the divine fields. You will need to teach those who are unfamiliar with my new teachings. You will cease to be disciples and become teachers.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 184

1. Humanity: You have fallen into a state of darkness, but the moment has arrived for you to enter into the light.

2. I have sent Elijah to awaken you from your sleep. How can you feel my presence if you are asleep?

3. Do not wait for me to return to earth in human form. Since you are now more spiritually evolved, I have come in spirit during this era, a more elevated way of manifesting myself than in the previous two eras.

4. I do not need a physical body to dwell among you nor are human words necessary to communicate with you. I am with you as your Divine Teacher, Judge, and Doctor.

5. Your spirit has many senses and attributes to receive my messages. In the past you have ignored those attributes, believing that you can only perceive and hear me with your physical eyes and ears. I will prove to you that that is not true because during moments of silence and prayer you will feel my presence and become inspired.

6. Although you still lack spiritual enlightenment, your inspirations, elevated ideas, noble feelings, and loving deeds will enlighten you and others.

7. You are similar to Lazarus in the tomb because you lack spiritual enlightenment. But in the presence of my voice you will arise to follow me and to offer testimony of my truth.

8. The events that make the nations throughout the world tremble are the voices of justice that are asking you to repent, to pray, to amend, and to cleanse your stains. This period of ordeals will continue until men cease to be stubborn and foolish and abandon their pride and wickedness. When humanity becomes purified, the period of ordeals will cease and humanity will become inspired by divine inspirations, spiritual manifestations, and revelations from nature. They will enlighten you spiritually and guide you to a better life.

9. What can man do to achieve the most grace? He can achieve it by practicing charity. Charity will not only help him become virtuous but also offer the spirit an opportunity to share with others. When you practice charity, it will help those you are helping develop great faith although they are experiencing misery, suffering, poverty, and sickness. Mankind hungers for love and only awaits the seed and the water to make it blossom.

10. Those who preach my word on earth may believe that it is impossible to prevent evilness, hatred, and bad passions from spreading. For me that is not impossible. I do not consider humanity's return to righteousness and justice a difficult thing to accomplish.

11. Have you seen those leaders who govern great nations? Are you familiar with the strength of their laws and doctrines? Have you not seen how the scientists attempt to penetrate, irrationally and foolishly, into the secrets of nature? Truly I tell you that those individuals, along with their pride, power, and science, will come to kneel humbly before my presence, because all human deeds are now reaching the limits set by God. Through their own free will men will open their eyes to reality, acknowledging the severity of their deeds, the seriousness of their faults, and the magnitude of their errors.

12. I am not implying that all of their deeds are imperfect. No, they are not, but man's effort to help his brethren is so limited, and his good deeds are so few that it is best that I judge the sins of man.

13.1 have given humanity a brief period to conclude its work and to respond to the divine judge, when I summon it to judge its deeds.

14. In the meantime, my light is spreading everywhere and penetrating into every spirit.

15. It was my will that those whom I chose to witness my manifestation during this era be prepared, alert, and continue to pray. Thus, while awaiting the hour of my arrival, there would be complete harmony among them as they prepared to listen to my new revelations. However, I have not discovered true brotherhood among this multitude.

16. Those who have received my new revelations will need to prepare their brethren and become their teachers.

17. Truly I tell you that I have come to enlighten not only those who dwell on earth, but also those spirits who dwell in other mansions and who have lost their path.

18. I observe that the spiritual beings who want to fulfill my mandates are highly obedient and humble! It is much easier for those beings that lack a material body to become prepared to fulfill their mission during this era!

19. Many of them awaited me after a long restitution, becoming free of their sins and faults. They have elevated spiritually now that I have opened the sixth seal from the "Book of Seven Seals", They inspire you to become worthy disciples of the Lord, helping you on your journey.

20. To be able to comprehend the divine teachings, it is necessary for you to analyze my law and to change your sinful behavior. Through that analysis you will be able to comprehend my word and receive great revelations that you cannot attain through human science. One day man will respect and love the Father with the respect and love that I am requesting. My manifestation can be understood by all beings. I have spoken to you according to your mental capacity, otherwise you would not be able to comprehend all of my wisdom. Do not add anything to my teachings. When you translate them to other languages do not change their divine essence.

21. Prepare yourself so that your mind will be similar to a clean mirror, reflecting my enlightenment, as you carry out your delicate mission on earth.

22. Always be with me. I am the life, the beginning and the end of all things throughout creation. If I have given you a mission that is similar to mine, it is because I love you and I want you to imitate me.

23. Save your brethren, perform miracles, and love one another.

24. When you feel that you have enough strength and faith to carry your cross, go to the homes of your brethren to take my word. Also, journey across the oceans and travel to different lands for I will be ahead of you preparing the path.

25. Remain alert because many wolves, disguised as sheep, want to deceive you and separate you from the true path. You will be able to discover their true intention, if you remain alert.

26. If your brethren are suffering and ask you to dry their tears, help them as much as you can. Once you are in the spiritual valley, you will receive greater charity than what you gave on earth.

27> My beloved people: I hear your prayers just as I heard your psalms in the temple during the First Era. However, time has passed and your spirit has evolved. The great temple of Jerusalem no longer exists, because my word has been fulfilled; therefore, no stone remains from that temple.

28. The ark and the tablets of the law are no longer on the altar. Today your spirit seeks the truth beyond those material forms and symbols that in the past helped it to believe, to comprehend, and to worship God. The spirit now realizes that those symbols are no longer needed, because it now understands their true meaning. The symbols were only material objects used by God to explain the divine teachings to mankind.

29. Thus when the student comprehends the divine teaching, he should disregard old practices and rituals and seek to worship God in a spiritual manner.

30. Keep in mind that as long as you need a material symbol to represent me, you will not be able to communicate directly with the Divine Spirit. Be aware that everyone has been summoned to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

31. Everything that surrounds you during this material life is an image of the eternal life. It is a profound teaching explained with material objects and forms so that you will comprehend it.

32. Man has not yet completely understood that beautiful teaching. Once again he has become confused, because he lives his material life as if it were eternal. He is satisfied with accepting the material forms and objects in life, renouncing all the divine revelations, essence, and truth found throughout creation.

33. If man becomes enlightened by this book and truly understands it, his spirit will be able to enter a new mansion when he departs from this earth. There he will be able to practice everything that he learned on earth. He will then be able to comprehend many teachings that were revealed to him materially while he was on earth.

34. Study these teachings that the Divine Master has given you so that you will be able to judge your deeds. If you come to the conclusion that you are not progressing spiritually, analyze the reason. Seek to always progress spiritually along your path of evolution.

35. The mission that I have entrusted to the spiritual nation of Israel is great and very delicate. That is why I have sought those people in each era, to inspire them with my word and to reveal more things about my law.

36. The law of love, virtue, and justice is the spiritual heritage that I have brought to my people during all three eras. I have guided humanity through all my teachings making it realize that the Law is summarized in only one commandment: Love one another. Love the Father, who is the Creator of life, love your brethren, who are a part of the Father, and love all things created by the Father.

37. Love is the origin of everything. It is a seed of wisdom, greatness, strength, elevation, and life. Love is the true path outlined by the Creator for the spirit, so that as it evolves step by step and journeys to more elevated mansions, it will feel closer to the Divine Father.

38. If man had practiced spiritual love from the beginning of time, instead of falling into idolatrous rituals and religious fanaticism, earth would have become a valley of peace. However, this world is now a valley of tears due to the misery and anguish of man. If earth would have become a valley of peace, spirits would have achieved merits, departing to other spiritual mansions as they journey along the path of spiritual evolution.

39. Truly I tell you that throughout history man has never lacked knowledge of my law. Not only has he had a conscience to guide his spirit, but also he has had his intuition and premonitions to guide him. However, after departing from earth, his spirit returns to the spiritual valley in a state of darkness. I say to you that whoever does not learn the teachings that he needs to learn on earth will need to return to this planet to finish his restitution and to learn those teachings.

40. Your beliefs regarding the meaning of life, the spirit, and the spiritual valley are incorrect. Many believe that if a person has developed certain virtues, or if he repents for his sins before he dies, he will have earned a place in heaven. That false belief prevents man from fulfilling my law during the time that he is on earth. Thus, when he departs from earth and enters into the spiritual valley, his spirit enters a place that is unlike the heaven that he had imagined. Also, the spirit fails to feel the supreme joy that it thought it would feel.

41. Do you know what happens to those beings who were certain that they were going to heaven, and instead find themselves confused? Because they lack a material body, they are unable to dwell on earth and because they can not elevate to mansions of spiritual light, they create a world, without realizing it, that is neither human nor spiritual. It is then that those spirits ask: Is this heaven? After our long journey on earth, is this the mansion for spirits as destined by God?

42. No, others say, this cannot be the Kingdom of the Lord, where only light, love, and purity should exist.

43. Slowly, through meditation and pain, the spirit begins to comprehend several things. It develops a true comprehension of God's divine justice and, illuminated by its conscience, it judges its deeds from the past and discovers that they are small and imperfect. Thus, contrary to what it previously believed, the spirit now realizes that it is not worthy of entering into the kingdom of heaven. Having developed that comprehension, the spirit becomes humble and yearns to return to earth to erase its blemishes, to amend its mistakes, and to achieve true merits before the Divine Father.

44. It is necessary to clarify these mysteries to your brethren. Thus, man will realize that his life on earth offers him an opportunity to achieve merits and that these will help his spirit to elevate and to dwell in mansions that are spiritually superior. The spirit must continue to achieve merits so that it may continue to evolve and not become stagnant. Thus, it will ascend step by step because in the Father's house there are many mansions.

45. You will achieve those merits by practicing deeds of love, as taught by the eternal law of the Father. As you ascend step by step through the ladder of perfection, your spirit will become familiar with the path that leads to heaven. Once your spirit achieves spiritual perfection it will enter into the kingdom of heaven.

46. Those who approach me wanting to discover the paths of peace and love are welcomed. I welcome those individuals and make them aware of their spiritual mission.

47. Disciples: You will work with the Divine Master, and we will work together, traveling through the path that will guide you to the top of the mountain. You will arrive humbly before me, without asking for any specific gift. You will humbly accept whatever I have destined for each of my children.

48. Your spirit has become enlightened, and you have encountered many ordeals along your journey which have served as important lessons. Therefore, you will no longer allow yourself to be dominated by vanity, desiring greatness in order to be admired and served by others.

49. Who, other than I, is able to govern all spirits and to guide their destiny? No one is able to do that. Thus, when someone else attempts to reign in place of the Lord he establishes a kingdom according to his desires, ambitions, and vanity. It is a kingdom that is filled with materialism and low passions, lacking love, kindness, and charity.

50. One cannot disregard the voice of the conscience, because it is perfectly just. Only pureness and goodness have power over the emotions of a spirit. In other words, a spirit can only be nourished with truth and righteousness.

51. My disciples, even though you observe that you have been gifted with abilities that not everyone possesses, do not consider yourself superior to others. Use your gifts to carry out the Lord's work because your mission is to practice deeds of love and to dedicate your life to helping your brethren.

52. Destroy the kingdom of vanity that you have created, and learn to dominate your human passions. Allow your spirit to manifest its essence, its love, its enlightenment and its wisdom. Imitate Jesus in every deed that you perform. He was not sent to earth to amend a fault or to be judged by his Father. Christ, who comes to speak to you once again, descended to the hearts of men to establish a kingdom of love, justice, and truth. He did not bring material doctrines or unjust laws to mankind. He did not come to tempt human greed nor to nourish human passions. He brought a doctrine of love to man, which is the law that governs all spirits. That is why Jesus told the multitudes, My kingdom is not of this world.

53. You ask me in the most intimate part of your heart, how is it possible for great spirits to become rebellious and to disobey God? I say to you that whoever rebels against me has not yet become great. They are still imperfect spirits who have succeeded in developing only some of their spiritual gifts but who have ignored developing the others. They have evolved intellectually, but have failed to progress in their ability to practice love, forgiveness, and kindness.

54. That is why I said to you in the past that man does not live by bread alone. In addition to the knowledge that the world offers you, man needs Spiritual enlightenment to achieve true perfection. He can obtain that enlightenment only through my teachings.

55. Humanity: You have wandered many centuries through earth becoming a slave to your passions. However, that slavery has now ended. This is the era of your spiritual freedom. Today, the spirit will reign over the flesh and will no longer be a slave. The new mansion of the spirit will be the infinite heavens.

56. Soon you will know where you came from and where you are going. Thus, you will learn to give to the world and to the spirit what each needs.

57. I have given you this prophecy to inspire you and to give you faith along your journey of spiritual growth.

58. Those who journey through earth weeping and suffering should not believe that I have abandoned them. They are learning patience and becoming purified so that they may join those who follow me.

59. Man will achieve spirituality, eliminating any doubts he previously had. It will help him to return to the right path and to perceive the truth. Men will then agree that the Lord's prophecy has been fulfilled, because he had prophesied that everyone would perceive him.

60. It is necessary for you to know that there is great suffering during this period because the spirit of man has come to amend his past mistakes, which he still ignores. It has come to cleanse the blemishes he has carried for a long time. You continue to ignore who you are and are not able to recognize the harmful deeds you have done throughout your long journey. Those of you who are now familiar with this revelation should practice patience and submissiveness, because it will help you to elevate and to become purified.

61. I assure you that for now it is not necessary for you to know your past. It is sufficient for your intuition to inform you that in the past you have committed errors which you must now corrects However, I do want you to become familiar with your future through my teachings. That knowledge will allow you to have hope in the future, because the time is coming when man will achieve peace and spiritual enlightenment. In the future, there will be harmony between material and spiritual things.

62. My light will illuminate all paths, and the different religions and sects will perceive only one path; God's law of love. Love will be the universal doctrine that will unify all spirits.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 185

1. I bless you because you have faith that it is my Spirit who gives you these teachings through human spokesmen.

2. You ignore the imperfections of the human spokesmen and are only interested in understanding the divine essence of my teaching. Those who study my word in that manner are discovering the truth. They will become my disciples of tomorrow who will arise to explain my doctrine to those who are confused and to those who have misinterpreted the scriptures from the past. They will realize that one must not study the scriptures literally to find the truth in my teachings. Rather, one must seek the spiritual meaning in my word which is the divine essence, divine truth, and the true life.

3. That is why the people, who are witnessing my manifestation, are experiencing profound lessons. I have given them my word through human spokesmen and have taught them to penetrate deeply into my word to discover its essence. This will help them explain and correctly interpret my teachings from the past to others. They will teach others the spiritual essence and truth found in each of my teachings.

4. I perceive that among this multitude there are those who now understand that the more physically and spiritually prepared a person becomes, the more clearly he will be able to comprehend my teachings through the human spokesmen. Oh, if only these multitudes would truly seek to make themselves worthy of my grace, how great and perfect my manifestation would be! However, I observe that many still prefer to worship me in a material form to believe in my presence. If they would allow their spirit to communicate with God, rather than worship him with ceremonies and material forms, they would become spiritually enlightened and elevate their spirit. They do not allow their spirit to evolve because of their traditions and routines. Truly I tell you that that period of material worship has now ceased for this multitude. In the past, you enjoyed the splendor and the artistic display found in religions. Today, you must leave those things behind and allow your spirit to discover the marvelous life that awaits it. This will allow your spirit to become enlightened when you pray spiritually to the Father. Thus, your spirit will be able to transmit the joy and inspiration that it receives during those beautiful moments of prayer to its material body. You will then realize that the material forms used by mankind to represent the divine are truly inferior.

5. Since your spirit has passed from infancy to youth, your way of life should change.

6. In the past, I accepted all of your offerings although they reflected imperfection and ignorance. Today, I will only accept that which is pure, sincere, and true.

7. Have you seen the beautiful flowers you sometimes offer me from your garden? Truly I tell you that during this period, I will not even accept that offering because those flowers are my creation, not yours. Instead, you should offer me the spiritual flowers from your heart, which are your good deeds, your loving prayers, and your virtues.

8. Do not deceive yourself or attempt to offer me things that are material. Do not be afraid to confront the truth or to stop practicing rituals and traditions. Heaven is only for those who are courageous and devoted.

9. Once you have eliminated all fanaticism and idolatry and have learned to pray from spirit to Spirit, you will arrive before the true altar of God, an altar which is not of this world. There you will be able to bring your offerings, which will be your good deeds. I consider those offerings more beautiful than the flowers from your garden, because good deeds will not wither as do the flowers.

10. My people: Open your heart so that it may receive the grace that I offer you. I want this multitude to become similar to an immense garden that is filled with beautiful flowers in the heart, spirit, and mind. Those are the flowers that I have come to cultivate.

11. My people: When I speak of worship and offerings, as clearly as I have in my teachings, do you feel sorrow because I am separating you from your past traditions and beliefs? You say that you do not.

12. It is because my word contains a healing balsam and enlightenment that does not allow anyone to become confused nor offended.

13.1 want you to speak in that same manner to your brethren when you are spiritually enlightening them. Speak to them with the same clarity and love that I use. Thus, you will not leave any sorrow in their hearts, only peace and enlightenment.

14. I have come to communicate with you during this era, thus fulfilling a divine promise that I made in the past. I am present in the essence of this word. The one who discovers that essence has felt my presence. But those, who are not evolving spiritually because they do not understand the true essence of my manifestation, have been unable to discover my truth.

15. While some are fascinated as they listen to my teachings, others have not been touched by them. Those individuals are not aware of my presence.

16. Once I cease to manifest myself through human spokesmen, many will weep because this period will have come to an end. Also, there will be others who, in spite of having witnessed my manifestation were not aware of the great blessings they received, thus failing to take advantage of them.

17. The time will come when this doctrine will spread throughout the world. It will spread from the testimonies given by those who listened to it, understood it, and believed in it. You will observe that although many never had the privilege of witnessing my manifestation, they will be able to discover the divine essence in my teachings. With conviction and faith, they will proclaim: It is the word of the Divine Master.

18 You will see your brethren cry with joy because they have been touched by my message. Also, you will see them cry because they were not chosen to witness my manifestation. This will make you feel guilty, because even though you witnessed my manifestation for such a long period, you did not have the same love and faith that others have demonstrated by only having heard your testimony.

19. Among them you will find those who know about spirituality through intuition, inspiration, their premonition of the communication from spirit to Spirit, and spiritual vision. There are also those who possess spiritual gifts and powers that are fully developed.

20. Perhaps, you believed that I was going to give my new teachings to all the nations on earth? No, I am not. My new manifestation is similar to the one from the Second Era when I only manifested myself to a multitude of people. Those people had the mission of spreading the good news and of sowing the seed that they had received in my message.

21. Remember how my seed germinated with greater strength in other nations because of the testimony of my apostles.

22. My beloved people, remember that those nations that believed in the testimony offered by my apostles did so because it was offered with great love and truth. I say this because if you want the world to believe in me through your testimony, you will need to prepare yourself and to imitate those apostles in their love, humility, faith, and spirituality. Thus, the world will accept this doctrine as the truth and men will regard it as sacred. Also, you will observe that your brethren will be eager to read these teachings, which will be translated to different languages so all nations can become familiar with them.

23. Those who have witnessed this manifestation and who are familiar with this word have disrespected it the most. But you will observe that tomorrow this word will become like an oasis for those who have greatly suffered on earth. It will offer a healing balsam, life, nourishment, and enlightenment to those who hunger and thirst for truth, love, and justice.

24. I say to those who have listened to my word for a long time and whom I have assigned responsibilities: Allow my phrases to touch your heart, and listen to the voice of your conscience. You have greatly nourished yourself with fruit from the tree of life, but what have you done with the seed? Why are you sowing seeds that I have not given you? I observe that you are combining personal self interests to my seeds of divine enlightenment. Who is unable to comprehend this?

25. I have not come to reprimand your deeds. I have come to tell you not to combine any impurities to the good deeds that you practice, because then you would not be sowing my truth that I have revealed to you. Remember that when the time comes for your spirit to gather its harvest, it will reap the fruit that it sowed along its path.

26. I am the essence of all creation. Everything lives through my infinite power. I am present throughout creation and in each being. However, to be able to feel me and to perceive me you must prepare yourself and develop compassion.

27. I am the inspiration for all beings, for I am the Life. I want you to be aware that I am always with you, thus there is no need to make material images of me in order to worship me and to feel my presence. Man's inability to understand this has led him to practice idolatry.

28. Through my word you have become aware of the harmony that exists between the Father and all things throughout creation. Also, you realize that I am the essence that nourishes all beings, and that you are a part of me.

29. As you begin to comprehend the meaning of life, destiny, and evolution, you are also beginning to understand spiritual life. Thus, you are leaving behind material worship and the material images that you had attributed to me. Also, you are no longer accepting the false beliefs that humanity has had for so many centuries.

30. The spirit will be able to elevate itself with the spiritual gifts it possesses until it achieves perfection. However, I am the Divine Master who has always come to help you along your journey so that your life will not be fruitless.

31. If you practice good-will, your life on earth will be in harmony with all the perfect things that I have created in nature. You will become enlightened with true knowledge and the fruit that you harvest from your deeds will allow you to attain eternal peace. Your physical body will eventually return back to nature from where it originated. Although man is aware of what happens to the physical body, the immortal life of the spirit remains a mystery for many. People only comprehend those things that they can visually perceive or ,, scientifically verify. Where are those beings, who once dwelt on earth, now dwelling? You do not know. Perhaps, you believe that they are now dwelling in a mansion of light. The Divine Master informs you that many of those beings are actually near you. The spirit has the power to dwell in the place assigned to it by the Father in the spiritual valley and the power to fulfill a mission close to his brethren on earth at the same time. Such is the power of the spirit.

32. You have not yet understood these teachings. To be able to comprehend them it is necessary for you to fulfill what I said in the past: "Man will need to be pure, like a child, to attain my grace."

33. You should no longer feel that you are alone. A spirit of light intervenes in each deed accomplished by man. The spiritual world influences the human mind and guides it. That world is greater and more beautiful than the material world, because it is a world of light and perfect harmony. Those who inhabit the spiritual world are with me, and together we watch over all creation.

34. If one is familiar with these teachings and has faith in them, would he have reason to weep for his beloved beings who have departed to the spiritual valley knowing that they are watching over him? Why remember them in their human form if they are now spirits?

35. Today, I,have spoken to you about the mystery of spiritual life.

36. No one, other than I, can tell you these things. Men cannot because they have not penetrated into that secret sanctuary.

37. I had to prepare you to listen to my new teachings. Until now you were unable to pray, unless you had a material image of God before your presence. You needed those material images in order to visualize him, and you needed musical hymns to forget about your daily preoccupations. You also needed incense and the sweet smell of flowers to be able to think about him. Since those things were located inside the temples where you worshiped him, you were only able to feel him and to visualize his presence inside those temples. But now that I have come to prepare you spiritually, it is your spirit that I will first awaken followed by the material body.

38. You no longer need material images to represent the Divine nor do you need musical hymns to momentarily forget about things from earth. Furthermore, you no longer feel the need to participate in the celebration of a ritual believing that I am only present in that place.

39. The only thing that concerns you today is how to illuminate your mind and purify your heart so that you will be able to receive, feel, and understand the divine essence of my word. You can accomplish that through meditation and prayer.

40. Any material object placed before you would now disturb you, and the best music would seem extremely inferior to the celestial concert found in my word. Those things would now disturb you, instead of helping you in prayer. Thus, you no longer need nor want those external and material things. You have now accustomed yourself to closing your eyes as you listen to my manifestation so that your spirit can elevate itself in prayer without any material contact.

41. Yesterday, the altar that you constructed to worship God was a material altar, but today you have constructed a spiritual altar within your heart. In the past, you gave me material offerings, and today your offerings are more spiritual. You are now aware that your love is more beautiful to me than the loveliest flower from your garden. The forgiveness that you offer your brethren is more important to me than any material offering. In the past you offered me different material things believing that they would cleanse your sins.

42. You do not need to move your lips when you pray, because I will listen when you pray in silence. I am not a sinner listening to another sinner. I am Spirit, and it is your spirit whom I listen to when it elevates itself to communicate with me.

43. Many have listened to my word during this period, but not all believe that it is truly from God. Truly, not everyone has been able to understand this doctrine. In all eras many have been summoned, but few have been chosen. Only those who are ready to comprehend, to feel, and to believe will remain with me preparing themselves to follow me. At times you have observed your brethren who appear spiritually advanced, and eager to understand my doctrine of love, but are unwilling to accept it. It is because only someone who is loving will find me. The individual who tries to find me only through human intelligence will not succeed. Do not confuse one with the other. Also, you have seen others arrive before my manifestation appearing to be ignorant or very materialistic. You did not have the slightest hope that these individuals would be touched by my word, but were astonished at their sensitivity and ability to comprehend. Although they were worldly uneducated, they have greatly evolved spiritually.

44. Those who have believed in my new manifestation have not always developed faith immediately. Nearly all of them have experienced an inner battle. They have asked themselves the following questions: Is this the truth? Could it be possible that I will discover the presence of the Lord here? Could it be possible that my illness, considered incurable for so long, will be healed in this place? But even after I have granted them a miracle, some still asked: Was it the Lord who healed me? However, there have been many who believed when they first heard my voice, and others who already believed in my word before witnessing this manifestation.

45. The poverty and humility in which I have come to manifest myself is what has puzzled many individuals the most. They were accustomed to the elegant rituals and the extravagant riches found in the material temples of worship. Just as I came during the Second Era to judge the vanity of man by revealing my humility, I have also come during this era avoiding all false splendor and manifesting myself to the humble and to the sinners.

46. Tomorrow, when things are tranquil, men will study the form of my manifestation and will compare it to the prophecies that are found in the scriptures. They will study the manner I manifested myself, how my manifestation evolved, the nation I chose, and the multitude of people whom I summoned to witness my manifestation. They will conclude that everything was done perfectly and that the prophecies were truly fulfilled.

47. I am speaking to mankind once again through my divine essence, but I am using words and concepts that they are able to comprehend. Some believe in me only because of the divine essence that they have discovered in my word, whereas others need miracles in order to believe. That is why I tell you that you are the same people from the Second Era who, in order to test my power, asked me to heal those whom you considered incurable.

48. I find that some of you are still blind, paralyzed, have leprosy, or are possessed by perturbed spirits. Truly I tell you that I will heal everyone and no one will perish. I also say to you that you need to be prepared, because during this period the miracles that I will perform will be spiritual rather than physical.

49. Lazarus will not be the only example of resurrection. I will resurrect all those who are spiritually dead.

50. Multitudes: Here you have my word. You can choose to believe or not to believe, to love me or not to love me. But truly I tell you that this period will never return and that you will never again hear these divine words and teachings of wisdom through human spokesmen. After 1950, if you want to listen to me, you will need to penetrate spiritually into the hereafter. Remember that I previously said that my kingdom was not of this world.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 186

1. I welcome all disciples who come before me to learn new revelations. Joyful and blessed are those who want to clearly perceive the truth of my teachings. It is good that you want to remove the veil that covers your spiritual eyes. All have a great responsibility to penetrate more deeply into the mysteries of my secret sanctuary but many make no effort.

2. When will they become weary of the pleasures of the material flesh? When will they realize that those pleasures have prevented them from enjoying the graces of the spirit? They are slaves to their passions and to a kingdom of sin as they journey through the world similar to the deaf, the blind, the paralytic, the leper, not realizing their mistakes. When one of them discovers that his spirit is ill, he does not know how to seek the healing balsam that radiates from my Spirit.

3. The blind are leading the blind. It is thus that I perceive many of the nations of the world and many of the cities on the earth. Human virtues have declined and noble sentiments have disappeared. The human heart, which should inspire loving emotions and elevated thoughts, has been converted into a fountain of egotism, of vices and of errors.

4. Why is it strange for your loving Father to give you weapons of love at this time to fight the evil that reigns over mankind?

5. My doctrine is truly a weapon. It is a sword of enlightenment which touches the human heart and moves the most sensitive part of man. You will need strength to triumph over evil. My word comes to give that strength to your spirit. The greatest battle that you will ever experience will be against yourself. I want you to triumph in that battle and to dominate your sensuous passions and selfishness. That great battle will take place within your being.

6. Good will, reason, justice, and charity will struggle against low human passions, but the light will triumph over the darkness. If I did not know the final outcome, I would not allow your spirit to engage in such a fruitless and useless battle.

7. When you think of the patriarchs, the prophets, or the apostles, do not judge them as extraordinary beings, because they were all created from the same essence from which I created you. But they were beings who strengthened themselves in order to be strong in the path of light, to be in harmony with the truth, to live a virtuous life, and to respect my law. Because they did not weaken, they left exemplary deeds for their brethren to follow.

8. Have you observed those beings who only pursue physical pleasures and comforts, disregarding the gifts of the spirit and the eternal life? Later, you will observe those same beings anxiously in search of the spiritual sanctuary in order to become workers in the true temple.

9. My divine word will teach man how to use his spiritual strength to journey along the path of life. Those who are enlightened with my teachings will never stumble or fall as they confront different ordeals along their path.

10. It is necessary for you to analyze my word, because if you do not, you will perceive things as mysterious when they are truly clear and perfect. God has no mysteries for man. What has occurred is that sometimes man has not wanted to penetrate into the light, or he has wanted to know certain revelations before the appropriate time. Although it is now time for man to comprehend many of my teachings, he misinterprets many of them because of his corruption.

11. What have you learned from your religions? What is the value of you proclaiming to practice one religion or another if you do not follow the mandates of your religion nor attempt to get close to me by following those mandates?

12. If you want to know if you are fulfilling the divine law, ask yourself if you are gathering a harvest of love in this world.

13. I have many things to reveal to you during this period. I am ready to offer you the kingdom of heaven, but you must first free your spirit because it will be the one who will receive me. Then you will see me and feel me.

14. An alliance of peace will be established among men of good will, but I advise you not to wait until you are in the spiritual mansion to create that alliance. The merit lies in offering a tribute of gratitude to your Father while on earth, where the world received the blood of the Lamb as a seed of love. That gratitude would best be demonstrated with your obedience and your love of one another.

15. Believe in the immortality of the spirit. I tell you this because there are some who believe that death for those who live in sin marks the end to their existence. They believe that sinners will be deprived of eternal life and become subject to eternal punishment.

16. Those who believe that have misinterpreted the meaning of many of my revelations. If this was true, it would be similar to proclaiming the failure of love, virtue, and justice. What would have been the purpose of my having come to the earth to be crucified? Do not forget that I came for the sinners, the sick, the slaves, the hungry, and the lost.

17. Your spirit possesses eternal life from the Divine Spirit. The only thing that dies is the material body. The spirit will then be free to continue its spiritual growth in the spiritual valley. If the spirit is stained with sin, it will witness the death of sin. The spirit will then cease to be ignorant. After each reincarnation on earth, the spirit will return to the spiritual valley with greater strength, purity, and enlightenment.

18. Have you ever experienced a strong passion in your life that prevented you from listening to reason and to the voice of your conscience? That is when the spirit has truly fallen and the strong temptations of the material body dominate the spirit. And, is it not true that you have also experienced great joy and peace when you have triumphed over that passion?

19. That peace and happiness are due to the spirit's triumph over the flesh, a great struggle between the passions of the flesh and your conscience. But all the spirit had to do was to utilize its strength and follow its conscience,. After having triumphed over the passions of the flesh the spirit achieved freedom, no longer allowing itself to fall into the abyss. In that inner struggle, you witnessed the death of those immoral passions.

20. Therefore, be aware that when man allows himself to be guided by his conscience, it will be as if a new being has been born within that person. That new being will never die. Man will view the material body as only a temporary outer covering for his spirit. When the time comes for the spirit to depart to its true spiritual mansion, the material body will then descend to the earth's soil.

21. I say to you that eternal condemnation and eternal death do not exist. Only those things that superfluous, useless, and evil will die. Once a being becomes purified there will be no need for restitution. I said to you in the past that none of the things that I have created would become lost. I also said that none of my children would become lost. I revealed the immortality of the spirit when I told you, I am the Life, and whoever believes in me will never die.

22. My beloved people: Close your physical eyes and feel my presence. You are listening to the voice of the spokesman through whom I transmit my message. But if you elevate yourself spiritually, you will feel my spiritual presence. All beings will be able to perceive the Lord in this holy Third Era! Idolatry will disappear, and men will get to know the truth.

23. During this era it has been my will to communicate through human spokesmen so that you could feel my warmth and closeness. Thus, you would realize that we are truly one. In the Second Era I was also close to mankind.

I was born among them, lived by their side, shared their sorrows, and suffered in their presence.

24. Today, the multitudes have awaken in the presence of my new teachings and have established a new nation. The majority of it are poor people, those whom you refer to as abandoned individuals. But truly they do not lack any of the spiritual gifts given to each being by the Holy Spirit. In the presence of my doctrine, those individuals have awaken from their sleep and have discovered the divine treasure. Thus, they have begun to evolve spiritually, and their ignorance has begun to disappear. They have become illuminated through intuition and inspiration. When they pray they are able to perceive things spiritually and are also able to perceive the future. They have manifested the gift of healing, having healed others through their thoughts, simple words, or by anointing them. The humble disciples of this doctrine have also manifested many other gifts.

25. These individuals did not possess anything on earth, but once they realized what the Father had given them, they worked with enthusiasm and dedication for this cause. Thus, they have discovered many of the graces which they have been given but previously ignored.

26. How could man have discovered the gifts possessed by his spirit if previously he was only interested in accumulating material riches from earth?

27. If man would have known how to pray and realize that I understand the language of the heart, the necessities of his spirit, his personal desires, and that I know how to interpret all his thoughts, then he would have elevated his prayers to the Creator. However, man is still very much a part of the material world. Thus, he worships me in a material manner and is not evolving spiritually. How can humanity become aware of its mistakes? It will begin to spiritually awaken when I send a multitude of people who are spiritualized and whose children have high moral standards, as taught by my doctrine.

28. Humanity has defied my divine justice with its sins, wars, doctrines, materialism, and science. It could only expect punishment for its great sins. But behold that I have chosen to send my divine enlightenment to man, offering him comfort, revelations, forgiveness and peace, to help him become enlightened and evolved.

29. Man has filled his chalice with bitterness, which he will eventually need to drink. Truly I tell you that he will become enlightened through suffering. However, I am illuminating your spirit in a gentle manner through my love and true wisdom.

30. Multitudes, who are listening to this voice: Rejoice, and be aware that you were destined to perceive my light in this period of great spiritual struggles.

31. Do not sleep, for not only do I speak to you through human spokesmen, but I also speak to your spirit when it is at peace and elevates itself to communicate with me.

32. In order to let your heart guide you, allow me to first purify it so that you may receive my divine inspiration through your heart.

33. You are not the only ones who summon me. Your brethren from different religions are also summoning God. I have not come only for you. I, the Comforter Spirit, come to bring peace to every heart and spirit that is suffering.

34. Because man could not represent the Spirit of the Creator, man created an image of the love of Jesus and outlined it on a piece of linen, giving it a human form.

35. Throughout the eras I have always accepted the different types of worship offered to me by mankind, including rituals, burnt offerings, and sacrifices, for it is the intention and not the act which is important.

36. Truly, the images that man has made of me are imperfect, and I am not interested in the various images man uses to acknowledge me. I am only interested in man's intention.

37. Nevertheless, it will truly please me when humanity begins to practice true spirituality, similar to how this multitude of people has begun to take its first steps along the path of spirituality. You have set aside those things which are superficial and external in order to truly feel me within your heart. You think about me when you carry out a good deed, and I am in your thoughts when you attempt to communicate with me.

38. Who can doubt, when listening to this voice, that God in his greatness is manifesting himself through these human spokesmen? Would it be more gratifying to God to manifest himself in a piece of bread, which lacks life, than through his own children who were created in his image and who are the most perfect beings created? How could God not manifest himself through his privileged children who were created in the image of God? There is nothing strange about God being able to manifest himself through the human mind. However, humanity is doubtful and distrustful, because many times it has been deceived. That is why it only hears but does not truly listen.

39. It is necessary to make the human heart sensitive by practicing deeds of love with your brethren. Thus, by practicing deeds of brotherhood and love you will be setting an example for others to follow.

40. The human heart has become so insensitive that it is not touched by the misfortune or suffering of others. To progress spiritually, one needs to feel the pain of others and to understand why one suffers.

41. When man limits himself to judging his brother, he only becomes confused. However, when he tries to understand the cause of his brother's suffering and truly attempts to help him, he will discover the reason for the suffering. Then, he will be able to truly help his brother.

42. Many beings suffer greatly due to a lack of spiritual faith! They believe that only the material world exists and doubt the existence of the spirit, because they feel there is no true evidence. As they reflect on these and other things they despair and are unable to progress spiritually.

43. The first lesson you will give your future disciples will be based upon this teaching. You will offer them an opportunity to ascend, beginning with the first step in their path of evolution. You will reveal to them that the Father, in his infinite love and perfect justice, grants every spirit as many material existences as are necessary for its perfection. There is more suffering in some lifetimes than in others. Some will be filled with benefits and well being, others with bitterness and restitution.

44. There are some who live without suffering or experiencing great ordeals. Many, who are ignorant and unhappy, have called me unjust because of this.

45. You will meet many of these individuals along your path and it will be your responsibility to clarify this issue. They will ask you if it is true that reward or punishment awaits one in the hereafter. You will respond that as long as the spirit has not attained sufficient elevation to dwell in the spiritual valley, it will need to incarnate on earth and live each existence according to its previous progress. Some lifetimes will be to gather a good harvest and others to settle a debt or to complete a mission.

46. Once the spirit has traveled the paths destined for it on earth, it will be able to elevate itself to the spiritual mansion where it will continue the path that will lead it to the presence of the Divine Father.

47. You will clarify ideas that are confusing and unclear to your brethren. However, you will not be able to convince everyone of your beliefs. Those who do not accept your beliefs will help you become better prepared to teach others in the future by becoming familiar with differing ideas.

48. Truly I tell you that the teaching that I have brought to humanity is similar to awakening to a spring morning. It resembles a refreshing rain fertilizing fields that are dry, lifeless, and unproductive.

49. Approach each of your brethren in my name. Who will be able to reject the gentle name of Jesus if my sacrifice was for all beings?

50. Help you brethren to realize that they are at the foot of the mountain awaiting the teachings of the Divine Master. These teachings offer nourishment and life to your spirit.

51. I am preparing the table with white linens. I have placed fruits from the tree of life, so that your spirit will nourish itself and become strong.

52. The light from the Holy Spirit comes to free your spirit from darkness, because you have lost your path. You are confused and have died to the life of grace.

53. My beloved people, you are disobedient, ungrateful, and you practice idolatry. You separated from the light and penetrated into the darkness. Also, you removed your white garments and are poisoning yourself with the unvirtuous life you live.

54. In the Second Era, I came to teach you how to love, how to forgive, and I offered you an example of humility. As the Divine Master, I gave you my teaching. But you have fallen into confusion with the passage of time.

55. Oh my people, I came seeking you and found you spiritually dead and in the desert nourishing the seven sins. Today I have come as the Good Shepherd seeking you through all paths and protecting you from harm. You have listened to me and have felt my presence. I have given you all that your spirit needs. I have offered you evidence of my love, enlightenment, and an abundance of teachings.

56. Come, my people, and climb the mountain one step at a time. As you climb it. you will realize that you are in spiritual communion with the Father, tasting the fruit from the tree of life. A spring of pure water will descend from the mountain to quench your spiritual thirst on your journey.

57. People of Israel from the Third Era: You are listening to the Divine Master who offers you his teachings and prophecies. Why, my beloved people? I do this so that you may awaken from your sleep.

58. Those who have eyes should observe, those who have a mind should analyze, and those who have ears should listen to the Divine Master. You are the chosen ones. Your are the dead whom I have resurrected, the blind whom I have given sight, the lost whom I have guided with my light, and the shipwrecked whom I have revealed the ark of salvation.

59. Behold the banquet that has been prepared by the Divine Father for the "prodigal son" who had been lost. The son had been scourged by the violent winds of life and endured its bitter chalice.

60. Feel my presence, and allow me to dwell in your heart. In the Second Era I told my disciples: "Drink and eat, for this is my body". I now tell you in the Third Era: Drink and eat, for this is my word.

61. Beloved disciples, the year 1950 is approaching, and I will no longer manifest myself in this manner after that year. However, by then, you will have received my word in abundance, and you will, arise to imitate the Divine Master. You will be like a shining beacon that will guide humanity and will offer charity to your brethren.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 187

1. Come sit on the table of the Divine Master to eat the bread of eternal life. The angels have prepared the feast, and the Father welcomes everyone. Eat and drink, and learn to appreciate this nourishment. Do not imitate those who sit at my table to eat and drink and then depart without ever realizing who was with them.

2. The bread that I have come to offer you today is the same one that I brought you in the Second Era. Seek the essence in both and you will discover that each contains my divine love.

3. I have come to save you as I did in the Second Era. I say to those who want to follow me, Take your cross and follow my footsteps. The cross is one of humility, love, charity, renunciation, and sacrifice. Whoever takes his cross knows the path that he will need to follow. I have never deceived anyone by telling him that my path is filled with roses, because I want my soldiers to follow me through love and faith.

4. I know that, after revealing the truth of my doctrine to my children, those who will follow me will be faithful and sincere in each of their deeds. There will not be any paid servants among my faithful servants, only hard working disciples and unselfish followers.

5. If someone uses this divine work for a selfish and unrighteous purpose, he is a traitor and his conscience would be his own judge.

6. You have a painful and sad example of one of my disciples from the Second Era. You must avoid his mistakes and attempt not to imitate him. After having been my faithful child it would be unjust for someone to depart attempting to conceal his stained spirit, as Judas did when he left my disciples and me. Judas realized that he was unworthy of remaining among those who were going to sacrifice their lives offering testimony of the truth as revealed by the Divine Master. Those who followed me during that period did so because of the love for my cause. Today, I also want those who pursue my doctrine to follow me, but not to be motivated by selfish interests nor a fear of my justice. I want you to be inspired by love for your brethren, because then you would truly be loving your Divine Father and fulfilling his will.

7. If I wanted to convince you through fear, I would order the elements of nature to become unleashed and thus I would demonstrate to humanity that I am the only one who is truly powerful. However, I want each one of you to achieve merits through your humility, faith, and love.

8. This is a new era, and therefore you are receiving new teachings. Although humanity expects the events from the past to be repeated in this era, they will not be repeated. If I allowed that to happen it would be as if time had stood still and humanity would be repeating the same lesson.

9. I have named you soldiers of Jesus, entrusting you with my cause. Analyze my doctrine carefully so that you will be certain of its truth. If you do not you may lose interest in my doctrine with the passage of time. Theologians would then surprise you with their questions, although there are no mysteries in my doctrine. The Father has opened his sanctuary before your spirit allowing you to truly know him. What purpose would it serve if I came before you . with mysteries? Would you be able to refer to those mysteries as revelations? .

10. I promised that the Spirit of Truth would come to clarify my previous teachings. Today I say to you that through this word I have come to give you everything that corresponds to this period.

11. Be my disciple, and listen attentively to my teachings. Analyze them carefully, and then practice them.

12. My beloved children: You recognize me through my word, and I will recognize you through your deeds.

13. You will understand my teaching better when you get together to study it. My teaching is extensive and contains great spiritual enlightenment, because it is the love of the Father that is manifested in this word. This is why you have to make a strong effort to become a good student.

14. Earth is a desert, and I am the oasis. You are thirsty travelers who have summoned me, thirsting for love and justice. I have given you my word which is nourishment and purified water for your spirit. This nourishment has always strengthened your spirit in its long and tiresome journey.

15. When the time comes, you too will become an oasis that will offer shade, water, and freshness to the weary travelers. You will be able to heal those who suffer, because I am converting you into one who will be able to heal.

16. This is the era of enlightenment, and all beings possess it. That enlightenment will allow man to comprehend that he possesses an atom of my Divinity, his spirit. Guided by his conscience and spiritual intelligence, man will attain peace.

17. Man would be able to avoid his painful restitution and to attain high wisdom if he utilized his spiritual gifts.

18. Throughout the eras I have observed that many of my children have renounced the material pleasures offered by the world. They have followed the path of my law to set an example for others to follow. Those beings, who once dwelt on earth and who came to bring their message of love and comfort, now dwell in the spiritual valley where they enjoy true peace.

19. I am not asking for you to dedicate all of your time to me, because there are other duties and responsibilities that you need to fulfill on earth. However, it is important for you to realize that the material body that you love so much is nothing more than a cloak or outer covering for your spirit where all passions originate.

20. You have permitted your material body to become tempted and stained. When you fail to pray and to remain spiritually alert, your mind begins to create temptations.

21.1 know that while you live on earth, your heart and your senses yearn for material things. But you should reject those things that are useless, harmful, and foolish. I am not asking you to confine yourself to a monastery and to renounce the world and your relationship to others. If you were to do that, you would have misunderstood what I have asked you to do. Do not aspire to be a puritan, forgetting that you are also subject to the laws of nature.

22. Fulfill the laws set forth by the Lord. Some pertain to the spirit and others to the material body. I only ask for you to renounce vanity, hypocrisy, and things that are useless in your spiritual growth.

23. Oh beloved disciples, who attentively listen to the teachings of the Divine Master, behold how my word awakens the spiritual gifts that were dormant within you.

24. These are the final moments of my manifestation through human spokesmen. These are precious moments, because after my departure you will remember these moments and will say, The Lord granted us so much grace!

25. Beloved disciples, be careful not to fall into temptation. Do not judge those things that you are not suppose to judge. Practice spirituality in your life. I know that your struggle is difficult and that doing the right thing is sometimes hard and difficult. That is why I am first teaching you to love and to practice forgiveness with your family, so that in the future I can send you among humanity.

26. Do not become weary, because the work of the spirit will never finish. If presently your work seems to be a restitution or a punishment, it will be perceived as a reward once your spirit becomes elevated. Your spirit will never become weary of loving and sowing goodness.

27. Blessed is the human heart that prepares itself, because it is similar to a rose that gives off its beautiful fragrance. Blessed is the individual who elevates his thoughts to me for he will perceive beautiful spiritual things. The one who knows how to elevate his spirit will perform great deeds, making the world a better place to live.

28. I have come to prepare you so that you will arise to create a world where goodness will reign. The sins of mankind during this era have contributed to the disappearance of spiritual love, the most noble and divine thing that exists in the human heart.

29. Do not seek personal comfort nor a secure future. Be content with your life. What do you want or expect form this world? You have already experienced glory, pleasure, and praise. Although some have all the material wealth they desire, they still do not practice good deeds.

30. Ask yourself if you have been just with yourself. You are intelligent, able to reason, and possess free will. You are listening to my word, thus, you cannot call yourself ignorant. You have learned to seek me in the infinite, where forms do not exist.

31. I am within you. Why do men always seek me in the heavens? I say to you that I am beyond the heavens. Seek me with humility and respect, and I will allow you to penetrate deeply into my wisdom. Has anyone been able to truly penetrate into my wisdom to discover the true power of God? No one because no one knows what path to follow to ascend toward God. They have not listened to the voice of their conscience.

32. Man does not yet truly know earth, his own home, because nature still has many surprises for him. Also, there are many planets that are similar to earth. If man is not yet familiar with the material things that I have created, which represents only part of my work, how can he pretend to know me through his science?

33. I am speaking to the spirit, because one day it will journey through the path that will guide it to me, perceiving my divine splendor.

34. Be humble with the knowledge that you are acquiring. Live in peace and harmony.

35. You ask that I pour my grace upon you, because your spirit is nourished with my word. Occasionally, you stumble along your journey through life, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. Thus, I have come to offer you my tenderness, to caress you with my word, and to quench your thirst with my love. However, there are many more individuals who still seek my love and tenderness. I have given you my revelations so that you can help them and share my teachings with them.

36. You will become one of my teachers, but you must first carry my teachings in your heart. You are not yet prepared. If the Divine Master were to presently summon the most loving individual to occupy his place and to speak in his name, that individual would feel incapable and afraid to talk.

37. Soon after my manifestation ceases in 1950, you will need to become a teacher and speak in the same manner that the Divine Master spoke. You will need to overcome your fear and to utilize my strength in order to fulfill your mission. I will no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen. You will need to pray, have faith, and listen to your conscience to receive my inspiration.

38. You will teach humanity how it can help you with its thoughts, elevation, and preparation. Be careful so that your words will be divinely inspired.

39. Behold how things will change and everything will be simplified. This will enable humanity to comprehend things more clearly. Man wants to understand everything. He no longer wants to exhaust his mind trying to interpret teachings that he feels are not clear. I have made my word easier to comprehend during the final days of my manifestation so that you will not misinterpret it.

40. During the Second Era the Divine Master also explained his doctrine more clearly during his final days, because those last teachings explained his earlier teachings.

41. I say to you: I want each of your deeds to always reflect the truth, because the doctrine that I have is like water that is pure and clear. It should not confuse your brethren because everything in my doctrine is explained and is justified. You should teach your brethren with confidence and faith so that those who have deceived their brethren with false teachings will recognize their mistakes. Thus, those who serve me will be the ones who are well prepared and have good intentions. They will offer my truth, my peace and my charity to humanity. Truly I tell you that the bad weeds will be removed from the fertile fields. Only in this manner will humanity get to know the true doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

42. My disciples are spread throughout the world. Anyone who lives a spiritual life and worships God spiritually is a spiritualist.

43. Religions will become united once humanity eliminates its materialism, traditions, prejudice, and fanaticism. Eventually, men will unite spiritually and will all worship in the same manner. They will become virtuous, loving God and one another. Once that occurs humanity will enter into a period of perfection. That is why I ask you to demonstrate my doctrine through virtuous and pure deeds. Do not be concerned with not being able to perceive the fulfillment of what I have revealed. However, you will feel joy knowing that what you sowed contributed and helped to establish a kingdom of peace. The seeds that you are now sowing will blossom in the hearts of future generations.

44. Those who will sow in my fields need to prepare themselves because the fields are now ready to receive the seed of my doctrine.

45. The day is not far when you will observe multitudes coming to seek you. They will journey across the oceans in pursuit of what the Divine Master has left for them. This continent will welcome them with brotherhood and peace. Mankind will become unified because all customs and beliefs will become united, bringing a true and everlasting peace. A new world will emerge. Today the world is preparing itself. The great battle that is now occurring will continue for a while longer, because the ideas of today cannot be erased in a single moment. A passage of time between the world of today and the world of tomorrow is necessary so that the new world will triumph.

46. You are now living in the most difficult time of the struggle. That is why I have come to guide you so that you may be able to perceive the world of tomorrow. I give you the strength that you need to achieve your mission, and I bless humanity.

47. I bless you because you are seeking to increase your knowledge of spiritual and divine things. Also, you now seek to understand things spiritually. However, you will not be able to fully comprehend my teachings until you remove the blindfold which covers your eyes.

48. Man is responsible for his spiritual backwardness because, although I have endowed him with a conscience and the ability to reason, he makes no effort to elevate himself. He ignores his spiritual growth, seeking pleasures of the flesh. He sacrifices his spirit and becomes spiritually ill. He is like a paralyzed person, showing no interest in elevating his spirit.

49. My teachings and my sacrifice have been of little value. After so many centuries, I sadly observe that the blind are still leading the blind and the spiritually weak are attempting to motivate others who are not in the spiritual path. I observe that the majority of men are fragile and weak because they do not follow my teachings. They allow low passions to dominate them and to dwell in their hearts, eventually harming them.

50. I have endowed you with great attributes, although you have failed to use them wisely. I have granted your spirit intelligence and free will, enabling you to be responsible for your deeds and your life. Those attributes will help you to triumph in the struggle between your flesh and your spirit. Once you have triumphed, you will become prophets and men of good will, prepared to guide the multitudes. You will no longer be afraid to engage in Other struggles because you will have triumphed over yourself. You will feel strong, and you will love and respect your brethren. Even the animals of earth, which are your smaller brethren, will become your friends.

51. Do not assume that the prophets from the past eras, who attained freedom and whom you think achieved greatness, were strong and spiritually elevated because that was their destiny. They achieved spiritual strength and elevation because in their hearts they constructed a true temple of love and peace after their struggles. Those who make a greater effort to seek the truth are susceptible to making errors. But because of their spiritual elevation they are able to distinguish good from evil and to reject things that are unvirtuous. Using their spiritual enlightenment, they are able to triumph over their struggles.

52. That spark of life that exists within you, that spiritual enlightenment, originates from my Divine Spirit and is possessed by every individual. Man has rejected this divine treasure because he fails to comprehend its importance. Although he has been endowed with great attributes to become immortal, he rejects them. Instead he chooses the path of self satisfaction and becomes spiritually weak. I allow him to feel and to recognize the consequences of his mistakes. Thus, through his own effort and experience, he will regain his dignity and seek spiritual fulfillment and happiness, rejecting temporary pleasures forever.

53. What does one need to do to always live within my laws? One needs to be my true disciple, utilizing his strength and energy to triumph over the negativity that has invaded the world.

54. I want you to understand my truth and to realize that God does not have any mysteries or secrets. If you prepare yourself during this period, you can offer true worship to God. Although you say that you practice my law and that you believe in me, your deeds reflect the opposite. Today, you are becoming familiar with my will and my mandates, but the day will come when you will be spiritually prepared. When that day arrives I will communicate with you from spirit to Spirit. Also, I will have a spiritual relationship with man, which will bring peace on earth.

55. When that moment arrives you will acknowledge me as your only Lord, and you will begin to truly love one another. But if you want to become my true disciple today, it is not necessary for you to depart from earth to feel strong and pure. On earth you will perceive the fulfillment of my promises, for they will be fulfilled.

56. The table has been set. Thus, take a seat and allow me to serve and guide you. Eat the bread of truth with me. Enlighten yourself spiritually with the light emitted by love, praising God with your songs of love.

57. Listen to the beautiful harmony. Your songs of love are heard in the heavens, as angels sing with you.

58. Give me your sorrows and your grief.

59. Just as you are with me today, I want humanity to also come before me. I await each of my children. Practice purity wherever you go so that your brethren will know the fruits of my doctrine. Thus, they will not have any reason to criticize it.

60. You are listening more to my divine word with your conscience than with your ears. I am giving you my teachings so that tomorrow you will become teachers. However, it is first necessary to become familiar with the essence of my teaching. Its essence is love. I say to you that it is not only necessary for you to know its essence, but you must also love and practice deeds of love with your brethren. How can you speak of charity if you do not practice it with those who need your assistance?

61. If I repeat the word love frequently in my teachings, it is because I truly love you.

62. My disciples, I have said to you that tomorrow you will become teachers when you learn to love your brethren. Behold that my word, similar to a fine chisel, is gradually molding and preparing you. It is awakening your mind, heart, and conscience and enlightening you.

63. I am speaking to the physical part of your being, so that it can follow the conscience. Man's journey through earth is truly guided by his conscience, which offers him strength and spiritual enlightenment.

64. Today, I observe that man is no longer progressing along his spiritual path. Instead, he is now journeying through the paths of science, power, and human passions. If man had not become detained along his path of spiritual evolution, one of love, virtue, and truth, do you think there would be wars on earth today?

65. The era of spirituality has arrived. If man continues to refuse to perceive my enlightenment, he will become confused, Although nature offers divine manifestations to mankind, he also does not comprehend them.

66. Do not fulfill your mission only because you feel that it is mandatory or because you fear my justice. Your deeds of love are insignificant unless you do them through your own free will. Be aware that you will need to come before me through your own merits. You have already experienced the material pleasures of the world, causing your spirit to become weak and disgraced. Do not become confused believing that I have come to prohibit deeds that are virtuous and just, for those are the deeds that you need to practice on earth.

67.1 love all of my children equally, and I do not distinguish between races. However, as long as man does not acknowledge one another spiritually, he will continue to believe that he is superior to his brethren, and both war and conflict will continue to occur on earth.

68. All men will eventually listen to the universal language of my word, whose essence is love. It will bring unity among men and with their Father.

69. Awaken, oh my people, because your struggle will begin after 1950, after this manifestation comes to an end. You, your children, and your grandchildren, will make my doctrine unforgettable in the hearts of humanity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 188

1. Come, my beloved disciples, the Divine Master is here. You recognize me through the essence of my word, and I recognize you through your deeds.

2. My disciples will be recognized on earth by the purity of their deeds. When they come before my presence, after having fulfilled their mission, I will say to them: You are truly my disciples because you have practiced what I have taught you.

3. Fight to achieve spirituality, because it signifies the freedom of the spirit. Follow my laws, which are loving and perfect, and they will govern your life, because all spiritual and material things surrounding you are within my law.

4. Man, whom I created with perfection, should live with the divine love given to him by the Creator.

5. I am not asking you to disregard your obligations to the world, which are established for your preservation, satisfaction, and perfection. But you must learn to provide both the spirit and body what each needs.

6. Man had freedom from the beginning, and always his conscience has been with him. In spite of this, he has not listened to the voice of his inner judge. He has separated from the path of my law and has chosen to engage in destructive, bloody, and cruel wars. These wars have sons revolting against the fathers, for the children no longer feel mercy, charity, respect, and spirituality.

7. Man should now flee from destruction and wars, thus avoiding a painful restitution. He should be aware that if he does not purify himself by practicing deeds of love and kindness before coming to me, I will have to send him once again to this valley of blood and tears, because those who do not walk in the path of love and perfection will be unable to reach me.

8. How will this word reach humanity? It will reach humanity in the same way as in the past times, through my messengers, prophets, and disciples.

9. I am preparing you to spread my teachings and revelations throughout the world.

10. Although your brethren may ignore you today, tomorrow they will acknowledge you. The mission of my new apostles is to restore morality among humanity. This battle will be difficult.

11. Pray always so that you will remain strong. Practice my teachings in order to achieve spiritual perfection. Be alert, because negativity surrounds and tempts the spirit in many ways.

12. I will allow my word to descend upon your heart as do the raindrops which give life. If you were able to understand all that I am telling you, you would see your path clearly. Upon your thoughts, I shed my peace and my light, because through this you also will be able to reach me.

13. Come listen to the teachings that the Divine Master gives to you in a spiritual language, a universal language of love that brings men closer to their Divine Creator.

14. My word is as a new dawn of peace for your spirit, as a ray of light that illuminates your path. Many have heard this voice and now are beginning to understand its meaning and message.

15. I am manifesting myself to all of humanity, because now is the time when all the world will come to know spirituality, a time of spiritual fellowship. The Christ of love is manifesting himself to all of his children in order for them to reach their salvation.

16. Unlike you, there are many who are unfamiliar with my new teachings in this period but who are seeking the same path that you pursue. They feel that the time has arrived for the spirit to be able to communicate with its Celestial Father. In the Second Era, I informed you that the time would come when man would be able to communicate spiritually with the Father, thus receiving his wisdom through intuition and inspiration. In the Second Era, a pharisee approached me and said, "If you are the Son of God tell me what God is like, and if you were sent by the Father, tell me what the Father is like." I responded, "He who knows the Son, knows the Father, because I have come from the Father."

17. I have always been with man, but to feel my presence it is necessary for man to become more spiritualized. Once humanity awakens and begins to analyze my revelations, it will discover the meaning of life and the divine law that governs it. Man will then cease to suffer and to experience hardships, because he will begin to use his spiritual gifts and powers.

18. If the life of Jesus, the Nazarene, is known by everyone, it will serve as a path for all to follow and thus none will be lost, for I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the structure of the world that you inhabit and the air that you breathe. I am the force that allows man to elevate to a superior life, so that he can perceive, comprehend, and be compassionate to those things that surround him. This earth is not only a valley of tears. It is also a place where one can temporarily experience happiness, peace, and satisfaction.

19. Know me, and you will know yourself.

20. Behold how humanity has journeyed through earth, purifying itself through suffering. Although, I have always enlightened man as to his temporary life and immortality of his spirit, he has chosen to be distant from me. That is why I now speak to you in a spiritual language, utilizing human language so that you may comprehend me.

21. You are progressing and comprehending my teachings better, because when you analyze them you are now seeking their essence. You are no longer perceiving nor listening to them superficially in their material form. You no longer listen to the voice of the human spokesman, for my divine word vibrates throughout your heart and spirit. Behold another transfiguration of my Divinity, for I, the "Divine Word" of the Father, have chosen to manifest myself through human spokesmen. This allows your limited mind to communicate with the infinite mind of the Father.

22. Your spirit feels honored to receive my grace, and it tells me: Lord, you come to my heart as a true aura of love.

23. Truly I tell you, that if you comprehend my teachings and let them guide you daily, you will achieve spirituality. You will leave behind your vanity and needless pleasures to listen to the Divine Master.

24. Analyze all that I reveal to you. Behold how men of science are amazed at the perfection of the human body as they study it. If the human body, which lacks immortality, reveals such miraculous perfection, imagine the greatness of the spirit, whose nature is immortal!

25. You are astonished with the enormous oceans and your immense planet. But be aware that you possess more greatness than all the wonders of earth, for you possess a spirit that can transport itself beyond those places in a single second. Once the spirit becomes purified and dwells in the kingdom of the Father, the universe with all its mansions will be revealed.

26. Whoever listens to me loses all fear of returning to his origin. Although he feels that he is just a single atom amidst all of creation, he will rejoice knowing that he is a child of the Divine Father.

27. When you depart from earth, you will be like a droplet of water, giving life to all of creation. I say to you that God, who is infinite and eternal, is present throughout creation. He is the essence that inspires everything. He perceives the beauty of his children and feels their joy. Everything that he has created praises, glorifies, and worships him.

28. His presence is found in all forms of life, because he is the Creator of everything. If you analyze this carefully, you will realize that death does not exist.

29. This is my teaching for this day, a teaching that like the other ones needs to be written in the book that will be given to all future generations: The Third Testament.

30. Humanity will progress spiritually in this era. The period of seeking me through symbols has passed. A new era has now opened, but the path remains the same. I have not come to destroy your spiritual knowledge by disregarding past spiritual revelations nor to confuse you with unfamiliar teachings. But I have come to continue with my previous teachings, thus giving you the third and final revelation.

31. In the Second Era when Christ announced to mankind the arrival of the Kingdom of God, I surprised those who were still practicing rituals and ceremonies. I told them that their desire to fulfill their traditions should not prevent them from fulfilling the divine law. With my teachings and my deeds of love I came to abolish all useless rituals. Thus, my divine law would remain in their hearts. No one can ever say that Jesus rejected the law of Moses, for I taught you how to fulfill his law with my life, my deeds, and my blood. But I also brought you new teachings that were appropriate for that era and in accordance with your spiritual evolution. That was the second part of the great book of my wisdom. I also taught you a purer form of prayer, so you could develop a greater love toward God and your brethren.

32. You recognized my love in that era. I told you why I had come, and I informed you about the spiritual kingdom. I announced my second coming and told you about the new era. I prepared you so that in this era you would receive my new teachings, which is the third part of the bible that has now been revealed to your spirit.

33. I have returned among humanity amidst rumors of war, and other events and signs that forewarned my new arrival. Nevertheless, mankind is not aware of my presence.

34. In this corner of the world amidst this humility and silence, I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen. I am summoning men and awakening them to a new life, helping them regenerate with my gentle and persuasive teaching. I am awakening their dormant spiritual gifts so that they will arise along their paths to imitate the Divine Master.

35.1 say to you that in this era there is more religious fanaticism and idolatry than ever before. Today, your spirit is truly lacking in virtues. I ask you: After having listened to me for so many years through human spokesmen, who now feels that I have come to destroy his principles? Who feels confused or believes that his Christian faith has been destroyed? Truly I tell you that I have come to remind you of my previous teachings, for you have not only forgotten them but also have not respected them. I have come to reveal things which your brethren have concealed from you. This is the era of spiritual freedom. Man will be able to choose the true path because he is now enlightened by his conscience.

36. My divine ray and my spiritual messengers have come to a world of darkness that originates from man's materialism and sins.

37. You have meditated during these moments and realize that you are truly worshiping the same God that you previously worshiped. Also, you realize that you need to continue to acknowledge Mary, the Virgin and Universal Mother. You observe that this doctrine has strengthened your faith and increased your knowledge about the immortal life of the spirit. With my divine words I have come to inscribe in your spirit the laws of the past that were given to you: Love one another, and love others as you do yourself.

38. I have come to remove those things that are useless and that have prevented you from spiritually progressing. I have come to grant you spiritual freedom so you can always feel my presence. Rather that seeking answers from the world, you can spiritually ask your Father and through his charity you will receive nourishment for your spirit. Thus, ask your brother for forgiveness when you offend him, and also ask the Lord, for it is the Lord whom you have truly offended. I will offer you my forgiveness, but you must also offer your forgiveness to the one who offends you.

39. Disciples: Since my manifestation during this period no longer astonishes you, then you should not be surprised that the spiritual world is also manifesting itself.

40. Since the beginning of the evolution of mankind, the Father promised that spiritual beings would manifest themselves to prove the existence of the spiritual world. Truly I tell you that, through my will, the spiritual world has always been in contact with mankind. In the beginning, I prohibited humanity to summon spirits, because it was not yet time. The incarnated and disincarnated beings were not ready for that communication.

41. Elijah is the forerunner of my arrival in this Third Era. I gave him the key to open the doors for the spiritual world of light. This allowed the beings from the spiritual world to communicate with the material world and humans to penetrate into the hereafter. Thus, there would be closeness, harmony, and charity with one another.

42. Before I signaled the start of that communication, there were individuals on earth who were disobedient, curious, and impatient, ignoring my orders. They initiated a type of communication not allowed by me, thus causing negativity and confusion.

43. My work is different. I brought this great teaching, which is very elevated, when I knew that you were prepared and ready to understand it. Thus, through the spirit you can learn to perceive, to question, to comprehend, and to discover the divine truth. Because I have opened this new horizon, I have taught you a law, prohibiting an individual from glorifying himself through the use of his spiritual gifts. My law also does not permit utilizing your spiritual gifts for monetary profit or to harm someone. After analyzing my doctrine some have felt fear and even confusion. Some feel frightened when hearing the word spirit, failing to remember that their Creator is a Spirit and that every human being is endowed with a spirit. Who created that fear? Who made you feel uncomfortable when one spoke of the spirit? Have you not considered that your material body, which you love so much, is only dust that will return to the soil and that your spirit will live forever? What will you do when you are in that state? Will you try to run from yourself?

44. In order to help you in your mission, I grant you the necessary time to study my doctrine. I also send you spiritual servants, true angels of charity, light, and peace, to help you with your responsibilities and with your suffering. Have faith that this communication has occurred through divine inspiration.

45. Do not confuse this communication with others that men utilize using their own free will, for they have been inspired by science, curiosity, or by superstition.

46. If you will observe, you will discover that two types of manifestations have always existed among humanity. It began with the first humans who initially heard the voice of God signaling the path of light. They then heard another voice that encouraged disobedience and vanity. Since then, man has struggled with the forces of evil and good. Thus, when man first dwelt on earth he intuitively knew of the divine law through his conscience and also experienced temptation.

47. 1 tell you this to strengthen your faith and to increase your knowledge. Do not disrespect my spiritual messengers, because if you could observe their grace, you would confess that not even Solomon, in the splendor of his throne, had the majesty of these spiritual servants.

48. Nations that now suffer and perish, due to plagues and hunger, would be so grateful if spiritual beings of peace and charity would present themselves there to teach love and comfort.

49. You have called the force that heals physical and moral ailments, a healing balsam. Truly, that balsam does heal. Jesus used the same balsam to restore eyesight to the blind, movement to the paralytic, and speech to the mute. Also, he used it to heal those who had leprosy and to resurrect those who were dead.

50. No one arrives pure when they present themselves to me. If one did arrive pure, he would not become stained following this path. In this era Elijah, by divine mandate, has come to open the doors of the hereafter for mankind. I will make humanity understand that this communication was a divine grace for men of this period from the Father. It is the communication that will precede the communication from spirit to Spirit. This will occur after 1950, when I will no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen.

51. Prepare yourself so that after this period you will not be mislead and confused, because I still have many teachings to reveal to you. It will not be your imagination creating false revelations or inspirations. The one who truly prepares himself will receive enlightenment from heaven so that he may speak with truth to his brethren.

52. The time is approaching when men will abandon their weapons, ambitions, and hatred, in order to seek spiritual wisdom. Apostles will emerge from the multitudes and people will listen to them, following their footsteps. This will occur when the battle of ideas, religions, and doctrines takes place.

53. That battle will be great. It will be worse than the battles of ambition and power, because there will not be peace in the human heart. Fanaticism and its darkness will confuse the human mind. The voice of the conscience and of reason will be ignored. Fanaticism will spread and acquire strength, and great and magnificent temples will be built. Some will weaken embracing their idol, but others will open their eyes to the light and will be rescued from that abyss.

54. These prophecies now appear to be in the distant future, however they will soon be fulfilled. Men will see their idols tumbling from their pedestals, including those false gods and great temples which have been the pride and vanity of religions. But it will not be you who will publicly denounce those who have deceived their brethren. There will be others with that mission. You will be prepared with my word, with your heart, and with your mind, enabling your spirit to work with true love for the salvation of humanity.

55. You will not flee when the storm arrives nor will you seek a hiding place. Instead, you will remain serene amidst that hurricane. You will observe men awakening from their deep sleep to compare religions. Once they realize that all religions contain human imperfection, they will ask: What is spiritualism? It is then that my messengers and apostles, without boasting and being deceitful, will reveal the purity, simplicity, and light of this doctrine. The world will then know that it is the true path.

56. There will be great battles, and you will be persecuted and slandered. You will find contradictions everywhere. You will listen to great and convincing arguments, but do not allow yourself to be impressed by the words of man, which are meaningless unless they are supported by deeds of love.

57. If you trust me and prepare yourself, you will not be alone. I will be with you. I will speak through your lips and you will be consciously aware of the deeds that I perform through you.

58. Man will begin to have a premonition of the true path and he will begin to seek me with his spirit. I have waited for him to seek me in that manner. Every individual who realizes that he carries the Father within his own heart will immediately cease being an enemy to his brethren. Forgiveness, reconciliation, charity, and brotherhood will then emerge.

59. Man will then be able to say that he has seen Jesus, who has descended from the cross to say to the world: The blood that I shed for your salvation has ceased to flow, and I will be with you forever.

60. My people: I welcome the righteous and the wicked to my new manifestation. I have welcomed all individuals, including those who love me and those who reject me, because they are all my children. I love all of them equally. All will eventually love me and serve me.

61. Today, I have come to unite everyone, because the blood that I shed in the Second Era was not sufficient. You were unwilling to practice deeds of brotherhood and love as taught by my doctrine.

62. When will you realize that only by fulfilling my law will you be able to find health, happiness, and life? You acknowledge that in the material life there are principles that one needs to follow in order to survive. However, you have forgotten that there are also important spiritual principles that need to be respected so that one may enjoy eternal life in the divine kingdom.

63. Those who are materialistic, proud, stubborn, and skeptical will have to listen to me in this era. Once again I will sow a seed in their hearts until flowers sprout from those hardened hearts. Up to now their hearts have been like sterile soil for my seeds of enlightenment.

64. I will pour water from my divine fountain upon all spirits until they becomes purified. But, that water will no longer be from the Jordan river. Today, all spirits will be bathed with the light from my grace and justice which will serve to awaken them. This will enable them to listen to the voice of their conscience which will guide them to prayer, repentance, and regeneration.

65. Today I am fulfilling the promise that I made in the Second Era. I previously told you that an era of peace and spirituality would arrive. You are now living in the era where traditions, rituals, ceremonies, symbols, and man-made images will disappear. Your spirit will be liberated from prejudice, fanaticism, and idolatry. You can then offer God a true worship.

66. When these teachings reach those who are materialistic they will laugh with skepticism at my doctrine and prophecies. However, man's skepticism has never hurt me.

67. In the Second Era when the good news of my teaching reached the great cities and the great empires, such as Rome, men were also skeptical when they found out that Jesus was a poor Galilean, followed by a few poor and humble fishermen. Their ridicule did not hurt me, because I knew that they truly did not know me. They did not understand that my power was based on humility, and that my strength manifested itself in words filled with love and justice. These words were incomprehensible to many, and others felt it was impossible to practice what I had preached.

68. When they found out that Jesus had died on a cross like a criminal, they thought that his death would serve as a warning to his disciples and followers. They did not realize that his blood would help fertilize the seed that had been recently sowed.

69. Those who had been skeptics developed faith, those who believed in Jesus made sacrifices, and those who were oppressed found hope. The divine teachings of the Savior were heard everywhere, given by individuals who cried out for justice and love. Those who had faith became stronger. Thus, the teachings of Jesus spread in a manner that no human force was able to contain.

70. Those teachings were like a rapid current that flowed from city to city and from region to region, descending to valleys and ascending to mountains. There was not a single home, either a hut or a palace, that did not receive those teachings. They represented the river of life that had come to give water to the dry and barren fields. The teachings represented the loving justice of the Father who had come to purify the spirits of men and to judge their deeds. Once that current ceased to flow, a new and enlightened world emerged. Although the people were the same, a new humanity appeared on earth.

71. The doctrine of Jesus awoke humanity from its sleep. It helped men to progress spiritually and brought them closer toward that Perfect Being whom you refer to as God and the Divine Father. That is why I now tell those of you who are materialistic and skeptical, do not ridicule and laugh when you listen to rumors that I have returned among mankind and that I have manifested myself through human spokesmen. Also, do not ridicule my new teachings and assume that it was impossible for God to reveal these teachings through human spokesmen. If you refuse to believe, you will be saddened when the teaching begins to flourish. Therefore, be ready to accept these teachings when they are brought before you. I assure you that they will only help you to cleanse your stains and to become virtuous.

72. I want you to learn to analyze the essence of this word, so that as you carefully study my teachings you will gradually discover my truth. As you analyze them you will realize that many of the past prophecies are now truly being fulfilled, including those prophecies that announced the coming of the Spirit of Truth.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 189

1. Humanity: I have come to unite you. I perceive you as a multitude that is scattered throughout the world, but I want you to betas one. I am giving you a new page from the book of life that is yet unknown to my disciples.

2. My people: The spirit of Elijah is manifesting itself through human spokesmen and speaks to you with words filled with enlightenment and prophecy. He is the same one who in the First Era surprised humanity with his power. Do not be surprised when I tell you that he was also on earth in the Second Era, having reincarnated as John the Baptist. I tell you this so you will not be surprised because this is not a new revelation. This revelation was previously written in the bible.

3. The prophets had stated that Elijah would come before Christ to prepare the path for the Lord, and that prophecy was fulfilled. Jesus later declared that prior to his second coming, Elijah would first come to restore everything. That promise has now been fulfilled.

4. Tomorrow, after this revelation is studied by those who have greatly analyzed the scriptures, they will be able to confirm that the spirit of Elijah did come in this period to fulfill the same mission that he fulfilled in,The Second Era. His mission is to prepare humanity for the coming of the .Lord and to purity those who are to become disciples of the Holy Spirit.

5. Today, he does not come to earth to suffer as he did in the First and Second Era. In those eras he was ridiculed, persecuted, and murdered. That happened because he prophesied that all who were wicked would be judged.

6. Today he has come in spirit, and therefore he cannot be touched nor hurt by human beings. Nevertheless, this multitude still offers him a bitter chalice of ingratitude.

7. Elijah is like a shepherd who lovingly seeks his sheep that have gone as:ray. When he discovers that one is missing from his flock, and that it is crying because it realizes it has gone astray near the steep cliffs, Elijah quickly goes to seek it. He feels great joy when he successfully rescues it from danger. He lovingly looks forward to returning it to his flock, but experiences great sorrow when he returns to the sheepfold and discovers that many others have jumped the fence, leaving through their own free will.

8. These multitudes who have seen Elijah manifest himself through human spokesmen and who have witnessed the blossoming of this doctrine, that he began, will not be the ones who will most carefully analyze these revelations given by the Lord. Tomorrow, others will arrive and will be convinced of the truth of this doctrine just by listening to testimony given by this multitude. Thus, they will proclaim to others that the Lord has returned a second time aid that Elijah was his forerunner.

9. Rest, and listen to me. My word comes to nourish you. It comes to offer you comfort and forgiveness so that you may feel inspired and thus fulfill the mission that I have given you.

D. Do not make plans to follow me only while you are listening to me. Learn to feel me every moment of your life.

11. I observe that humanity is spiritually and morally very backward! Those who have received my teachings in this era have a great responsibility!

12. Disciples: Convert yourselves into teachers, remove your fear of mankind from your heart, and do not be indifferent or lazy. Be aware that you truly have a divine message to share with others. You are the ones who will need to explain the events that are occurring in this era and who will need to teach the principles of my doctrine to mankind. Humanity has forgotten those principles.

13. There is no need to repeat my word to your brethren exactly as I have phrased it. Prepare yourself to be able to explain it. Do not use eloquent words attempting to impress others. Rather, speak in a simple manner, which is the best way to explain the spiritual truth.

14. How will you know if it is you or I who speaks through your lips? You will receive my divine inspiration when you begin to truly forget about yourself, when you think about your brethren who suffer, and when you feel humble and unworthy of receiving my grace. It is at that moment that your entire being feels great love toward God and your brethren.

15. When you perform a deed in my name, know how to use my name and never pronounce it in vain.

16. Those who fulfill my work are rewarded. Whoever gives, will receive; whoever refuses to give will eventually lose what he has and will greatly suffer. I want you to comprehend my doctrine, whose foundation is charity and love.

17. Practice good deeds, for that is your mission. However, when your material body leads you astray, you feel unworthy of being my disciple. You then think that there are many others who are better than you, but who have not been summoned. I say to you, that I summoned you because your heart lacked peace and your path was full of obstacles. You were stained with sins.

18. When I selected my disciples in the Second Era, they were also not virtuous. However, they became worthy through their deeds and elevated themselves by practicing my teachings. I want you to become virtuous and worthy like my previous apostles. Elevate yourself through your deeds, and you will get close to me.

19. If I were to ask you what you have learned from all that I have taught you, you would acknowledge that you have learned very little. I have not come to judge you, but to forgive you, because your faults are similar to those of mankind. Thus when I speak to you, I am speaking to all of my children.

20. I have designated you to be my messenger. You will seek the means to relate with your brethren. You will achieve great merit if you are able to overcome their disbelief through your deeds and words of love. Be careful that when you offer testimony of my teachings to others, you do so with truth and perfection. Otherwise, you will not have presented my teachings like they should be presented.

21. Always pursue harmony between spiritual and material things, or in other words, learn to give to God what belongs to God, and to give to the world what belongs to the world.

22. I come to give myself to humanity in these teachings. You will discover wisdom, virtue, and perfection in the essence of this word. Nourish yourself with its essence, so that you may share it with your brethren.

23. Take advantage of these moments, because the day approaches when this word will no longer be heard. My will shall be fulfilled. The era of spiritual communication between God and man is near, therefore, I will no longer need human spokesmen to manifest myself.

24. In this era, in which I offer you spiritual enlightenment through these teachings, I have granted humanity the opportunity to interpret them correctly.

25. Today I observe that each one of my disciples, as they gather around the Divine Master to listen to his teachings, interprets my word differently. When my disciples gather to discuss their interpretations, they criticize one another and disagree. I want my people to be united in their thoughts. To achieve this, you need to practice charity, tolerance, and learn to speak at the appropriate time.

26. Although each one of you now interprets my teachings differently, in the future everyone will attain the same level of comprehension and knowledge. This will inspire all of you in your battle, because you will feel much stronger if you are united.

27. I have always told you not to create any theories from my teachings and revelations, for they would detract from the truth that I have come to bring you.

28. Discover in my doctrine that freedom of which I speak, so that you will truly attain freedom and thus be able to perceive everything more clearly.

29. Each time that I have come, I have taught you how to communicate with the Father. I have come to teach you to discover the truth within yourself and not to seek it in doctrines that only keep you from progressing spiritually. Humanity has progressed from infancy into this era of enlightenment, in which man will be exposed to the infinite knowledge of God.

30. In order to perceive the enlightenment that illuminates this era, it is necessary to remove the blindfold that man wears due to his religious fanaticism. That is why I gave Moses a law which states: Man shall not worship any idol, nor any material thing, in place of God. Man shall love God, above everything else, with all his heart and spirit.

31. You ask me: Why did the world fall into fanaticism and materialistic worship? It happened because the individuals who were entrusted with my law did not imitate Jesus, who rejected honors, elegance, and vanity. These individuals preferred wealth, titles, and material greatness, thus depriving the spirit of its freedom. There are even those who in their confused and backward state feel that they are incapable of mistakes. The only being who is infallible is the Divine Father.

32. Thus, if you want your spirit to progress, use your intelligence and spirituality, and practice good will and humility. Thus you will progress spiritually and will guide your spirit to salvation.

33. I have come to let you feel my love and to remove obstacles from your path, decreasing the weight of your cross.

34. I perceive the innermost part of your heart, and I say to you: Prepare your mind, elevate your thoughts, and unify your senses so that you will be able to listen to my word and analyze it.

35. Pray and correct your sinful behavior, because world peace depends on your spiritual evolution. You need to pray to achieve peace because the world is threatened by war. You are the people who are familiar with the power of prayer, its ability to cause change, and its ability to enlighten.

36. Everyone seeks a peaceful land and they have not found it, because brotherhood does not exist among mankind. Observe the turmoil existing throughout the world with nations battling one another. They are inspired only by the hope that somewhere on earth there does exist peace. That land where peace exists is found in this nation, which is seen like a distant shining star.

37. Thus, this multitude who has witnessed my manifestation has an important mission and responsibility. These people need to prepare themselves, spiritually and materially, so they can set examples of brotherhood, elevation, and charity for others to follow. They will do this by healing the ill and by- showing acts of forgiveness toward their enemies.

38. Work with devotion in my fields and you will perceive in all that surrounds you great beauty. You will have then discovered the reason for your existence. Whoever becomes stagnant by practicing rituals will not allow his spirit to elevate. He will not perceive the beautiful and wonderful things found in life, which can only be seen by those who live within my law.

39. Analyze yourself carefully so that you will discover if you are leading an unproductive life. That will occur if you allow yourself to be guided by the tendencies of the flesh. I want your deeds to bear fruit so that you can help create a world of peace for your children.

40. Through this multitude I will inform humanity about these teachings that it will learn about after 1950.

41. These revelations will reach all of humanity. That is why I have prepared those whom I have named golden pens. They will work with great devotion, and will be guided by their conscience, enabling my teachings to become printed. These writings are for the present and future generations.

42. The greatness of my word given throughout the eras lies in its simplicity and in its essence. I want your language to reflect those same qualities when you speak about my work. Do not forget that you not only speak with,your lips but also with your heart. Allow your deeds to reflect purity.

43. I continually give you the strength, enlightenment, and peace that you need for your journey. Also, I give you my blessings, u.

44. During this Third Era I will convert all humanity into my disciples. To accomplish this, I have begun to spiritually enlighten each human being. Later, I will then send them my teachings, the same ones that I am presently giving to this multitude. The testimonies, writings, and examples of my people will spread and will become known from region to region and from nation to nation. This will awaken those who were spiritually asleep, enabling them to listen to their conscience.

45. Today, many beings wander without direction and frequently ask me: Lord, where are we going? Where is this life leading us? What awaits us at > the end?

46. Those who ask those questions are in a state of anguish. They live in torment in a world that has reached its highest level of evil and materialism. In order for them not to lose hope, I am sending them my enlightenment so that they may continue to pray and to be vigilant, while the storm;passes and peace comes to their hearts.

47. Here, in this nation, I manifest myself verbally through these enlightened beings whom I selected to be my spokesmen. When I speak to these multitudes, I dedicate some of my words to children, whom I encourage to follow the path of virtue. They need to avoid the path of evil which has guided so many beings toward the abyss.

48. From their most tender age, I want children to have a complete understanding of their mission. I speak directly to the youth in order to guide them along the uncertain path of their lives, because I perceive them like fragile boats in the midst of an enraged sea. To help them, my divine truth is now before their eyes guiding them toward salvation, like a shining lighthouse. I find that the youth are the ones who are most distant from me:

49. While man is still a child, he prays and thinks about God. He does the same when he reaches the peak of his life and begins to descend, like the sun that sets in the west. However, when his heart is like a bird that is anxious to fly, and his flesh vibrates when touched by the temptations of the world, he feels strong. Then he begins to separate from the divine teachings. He does this because he does not want a doctrine of humility, love, and sacrifice which would disapprove of his current deeds, words, and thoughts.

50. Only when man realizes that he lost himself in a sea of passions will he seek that divine lighthouse, whose light will guide him to the port of salvation.

51.1 have listened to those who are widows say to me: Father, look at us, we- are like leaves that have fallen from a tree blown by the wind.„ I have informed them that they are not alone and that their spouse, who has departed ?>on a spiritual journey to another world, is still observing them from there. He still protects and helps them and has only departed a few moments ahead of them to prepare the path for all those who were entrusted to him.

52. But if you are unable to feel the presence of your former spouse, pray to me, and I will allow you to feel his presence. I will comfort and assist individuals, and I will offer my gentle companionship to those needing my guidance and help along their journey.

53. If the beasts in the jungle, the birds in the sky, and the flowers in the valley all continually receive rays of love and life from the Divine Father, how could you possibly believe that I would deny you the grace of my love for one single moment, if your spirit is a part of my own divinity?

54. The father of a family seeks me to tell me about his worries and preoccupations. His children reject his authority and ignore his parental advise.

55. I need to inform you that your responsibilities are very great. But your children will not become lost if you imitate me along your path. That is you must have faith, enduring your chalice patiently and you must love and forgive your brothers and children.

56. My people: If you yearn for my work to be known throughout the world, live according to my doctrine, apply my teaching to each one of your deeds, and bless your home with the virtue that emanates from this word. Be aware that your past is like a sealed book. Your life today is like a new and unknown journey, a journey that you will need to travel until the end. Today you are satisfied following my teaching whenever you desire. But the moment will come when I will ask this multitude to give me an account of all that it has done with my teachings.

57. Do not forget that this multitude has been fulfilling a spiritual mission on earth for a long time and that it has been summoned to fulfill an important mission among humanity. If the charity of the Lord has sent you to dwell on earth, sow at least one seed, but let it to be a seed of love, peace, and spirituality. Thus, your journey on earth will have been productive. I need to inform you that in spite of this nation's great destiny, you should not consider it as the "promised land" nor as a new Jerusalem. Do not confuse anyone nor confuse yourself. The Lord would not make his disciples heirs to material benefits. This nation has a great mission, and this nation will evolve greatly. Therefore, its inhabitants are the ones who will announce my presence to the world. Also, they will offer testimony of the truth and greatness of my doctrine through their deeds and examples.

58. I will leave visible evidence of my communication in this era, which will move and deeply touch humanity. I will leave my word, written under divine dictation.

59. My teachings will initially become written in books, where man will enter my secret sanctuary and penetrate into my wisdom. When the essence of my teachings becomes engraved in the hearts of my disciples, they will carry those teachings within their spirit.

60. You have experienced great joy, having witnessed my manifestation through the human spokesmen. I have sent you my spiritual messengers so that they can clarify and explain my messages. I have sowed marvelous things along your path and have allowed you to perceive spiritual things that have amazed you. However, you are not the only ones who will enjoy these manifestations, because in the Second Era I said that everyone would perceive me spiritually. Truly I say, that all of humanity will eventually perceive me. Also, the spiritual world will manifest itself to mankind. These manifestations will touch and shaken even those who are most doubtful.

61. Man still needs to see spiritual things materialize and divine things take human form, in order to believe. I have granted this grace to some.

62. My people: Be fully aware of the destiny that you have among all the nations on earth so that you will fulfill your mission, because now is the appropriate time.

63. I come to prepare your heart so that I may dwell in it. The world will also become prepared, and the seed of peace will germinate in each human heart. Those of you who sowed that seed will be pleased as you perceive the fruit of your labor. You have imitated the Divine Master, by praying for your brethren and teaching them to live a virtuous life.

64. There will be talk of reconciliation, brotherhood, and peace for all nations. That will be the beginning of the unification of humanity.

65. I have been preparing you. I now ask you if you are willing to arise to go in pursuit of your brethren to share the wisdom that I have given you, answering their questions correctly. This should not appear as an impossible task for anyone to fulfill. Behold that with the knowledge that I have given you, you are now able to comprehend your mission.

66. It will not be necessary for all of my children to journey to foreign lands., Many times, all you will need to do is pray and cleanse your heart so that your spirit will manifest itself in foreign lands to help your brethren. Those who live in foreign lands will be alerted by spiritual beings.

67. You will unite with the spiritual world to prevent new wars and suffering. Continue to pray for those who pretend to achieve spiritual power through the use of force. You and the world will be surprised when you realize that reason, fraternity, and justice are not dominated through force.

68. Be careful not to offer any false charity to your brethren, attempting to conceal selfishness in your heart. Carry out as many good deeds as you can without expecting anything in return. Do them through love, as I have always taught, and you will then accumulate merits that will help you to elevate spiritually. Practice my teaching in the manner that I have requested. It is the same teaching that I gave to my prophets and my apostles in the past eras.

69. Due to his materialism, man has found it convenient to misinterpret the word that I have given to him during all eras. But my work is perfect, and it is not based on the interpretation that man gives to my doctrine. Prepare yourself, and you will always discover my truth. You will discover that during all eras I have truly given you a great seed. You must now give it to your brethren with love and charity, the way I gave it to you.

70. It will not be necessary for you to impress anyone using rituals or material ways. The temple in your heart will become visible and your brethren will perceive its lamp and its altar.

71. Learn how to feel my presence, not only when you are carrying out a kind deed but also when you are struggling to get out of the abyss.

72. I have taught you to seek the truth in its simplicity. Man foolishly seeks to discover the truth using elaborate sciences that he has created! Why do you seek me in such distance places, if I am within you? Who is not aware that man has been created in the image of the Father, and that man is endowed with divine attributes such as the conscience, intelligence, and free will?

73. I came to live among men in the Second Era and shared their bread and homes. The greatness of Christ lies in his humility.

74. I teach you in this manner so that you will separate yourself from material things and practice deeds of love with your brethren. However, you first need to purify yourself, because it is a law that all beings will eventually evolve. Therefore, since all things created by God evolve, you should not be surprised by those prophecies that will soon be fulfilled. You will rejoice with what you will perceive, because it will verify that everything is governed by a perfect law. Your spirit could not have previously experienced what it is now experiencing, because everything occurs at the appropriate time, until perfection is achieved.

75. The struggle for the progress of humanity does not only occur on earth; spiritual beings from other mansions also work for the progress and salvation of humanity. That is why I say to you that the spiritual seed will blossom amidst all religions. After the great battles, and after men proclaim that a new religion has come to sow division, you will inform humanity that spiritualism is a doctrine. It is the same doctrine that was first given to mankind and the only one that has governed all spirits. Your words will emanate from your heart, where your emotions are stored. I have always taught you to love one another. These emotions of love manifest themselves when you cry because of one's suffering or when you shed tears of happiness for another brethren.

76. I am: speaking to you through human spokesmen. My enlightenment and my grace penetrates into the spokesman and becomes translated into words. My Word outlines the only path through which you will reach me, a path that will require you to practice humility and purity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 190

1. Humanity: Elijah is with everyone during this era.

2. Multitudes, you rejoice with this communication. Listen to the voice of Elijah. Although the importance of his mission was recognized at Mount Tabor, humanity has not acknowledged him. You have not analyzed the manifestation at Mount Tabor. Now that you have listened to the voice of Elijah, you feel his presence and even seem to hear his chariot of fire approaching.

3. Elijah is a ray of light whom I have always sent to illuminate your path. He has illuminated the world, helping men to discover and to follow the quickest path to the Father. He is the carrier of the great mysteries of the spirit, which today I have come to clarify so that you will know your Father better. Today, Elijah has come to fulfill a mission similar to the one that he had in the First Era, which was to remove man's idols from their altars and to teach man how to worship God spiritually.

4. The law of reincarnation, greatly disputed by mankind, is explained and verified with Elijah. In him, one can discover a teaching and an .explanation of the communication through a human spokesman, when Elijah manifested himself spiritually through the prophet Elisha.

5. Behold the many great lessons that Elijah has always brought to your spirit. Observe how during all periods he has come to reveal and to explain things that were difficult for you to understand. All the teachings that you were previously unable to understand will be explained by Elijah in this Third Era. His mission is to restore the truth to all things that were falsified and misinterpreted.

6. Blessed are those who have become spiritually sensitive and proclaim: "Elijah has arrived. The arrival of the Lord is approaching." Similarly, in the Second Era, after having heard John prophesy and talk about the wonders of heaven, men asked if John the Baptist was Elijah.

7. The great prophet, the forerunner, the messenger is now among you spiritually. He is manifesting himself with the same ray of light that he used in the past to destroy the false gods and to help the people of God develop faith.

8. Spirits: Follow him! Humanity: Listen to him! He is the shepherd who comes to guide you to my sheepfold. He is illuminating and signaling the path that you will need to follow to reach the port of salvation.

9. Be aware that time is passing and the day will come when I will no longer speak to you through human spokesmen. Those who have taken advantage of my teachings will experience peace, but others who have not will remain like orphans, seeking my presence through spokesmen unsuccessfully. I am not leaving. I will be with those who prepare themselves communicating from spirit to Spirit.

10. The moment will come in which different sects and religions will announce that the time for the Lord to come is now, proclaiming that all the signs have been fulfilled. You, who know the truth, will tell them about my manifestation. Oh humanity, since 1866 I have come as the Comforter, seeking those who belong to me and who will spread the good news!

11. You will not distance yourself from those who, although awaiting my arrival, did not recognize the signs that signaled my new coming. They did not understand how to interpret their intuition of the Divine Truth. Do not reject your brethren because of your differences. Even though they failed to witness my manifestation, I have illuminated their spirits and they are following the right path. You will all unite to pursue the same ideal.

12. My chosen ones are found in the different branches of the same tree. Many will come prior to 1950 to witness my communication, whereas others will arrive later. Blessed are those who listen to my word through the human spokesmen, for they will realize that previously they have heard this voice. It is not a human voice, but a voice that originates from God.

13. I have come to tell you to let your conscience guide you and to free yourself. Do not become a slave to those who want to submit you to imperfect forms of worship, to misconceptions, and to false doctrines.

14. Everyone can become my worker and a messenger of my doctrine. You will not feel alone in your battle. Under my protection you will feel secure and will not fear anything.

15. I, who am present throughout the universe and who rule all creation, am manifesting myself through man, my privileged child. Do not be surprised that I chose to communicate through humble and illiterate individuals, or that I manifest myself in places filled with humility and poverty. I assure you that what you view as a palace is not a palace to me. There can be true spiritual splendor in places where poverty and humbleness exist.

16. I say that to you because many have asked why I do not manifest myself inside great synagogues or magnificent churches. In the Second Era there were many who also asked why the Messiah was not born nor raised in the temple of Zion.

17. Today, as in the past, I have come to teach you that only the purity within your heart reaches the Father, because each heartbeat speaks to me of your good deeds.

18. I have always come in true humility. I have always arrived without a throne, a scepter, or a palace. Instead, I have come surrounded by simplicity and meekness. What would the poor, the underprivileged, and the outcasts think of me if they were to see me arrive surrounded by splendor and luxury? They would feel humiliated and unworthy of me, whereas the aristocrats and the rich would refer to me as their God.

19. Those who are poor are greatly touched and moved when they perceive the humility of Jesus. They identified with me because I was barefooted, fatigued, and bleeding when I carried the cross. But those who are only materially wealthy cannot think of me as being poor even though they should have the same sentiments as those who are humble. Thus, the rich try to represent me through images that are covered with linens, silk, gold, and precious stones. They do this because they have forgotten that my doctrine of love opposes vanity.

20. Once again I must say to you that I have not come to criticize any particular religion, for they are all blessed by me. However, you should understand that I, your Teacher, need to identify the errors that man has been committing so that he may correct them. I have come to help you find the truth, because you have not been able to do it on your own.

21. Allow my truth, which is enlightenment and love, to reach all individuals, religions, and cities, for what you consider as truths reaches me. The divine truth that I want from everyone is your prayer, your faith, and your hope.

22. When a spirit elevates itself to communicate with me, it sheds all of its darkness and deceit. It only reveals the truth to me. Even the wicked individual, when confessing to me, reveals his stains without trying to deceive me.

23. It is man's responsibility to perfect himself and to better his life on earth, without judging the manner by which others seek me. I am the only one who is capable of judging the truth of your deeds.

24. My love and my enlightenment are with everyone, including the idolater and the spiritualist. I assure you that frequently I have received great proof of spiritual elevation from those whom you consider spiritually backward. Also, many times I have received proof of great spiritual backwardness from those who believe that they are highly spiritualized.

25. A multitude of people have received me in this era, and I have entrusted it with this page from my book of wisdom. However, there is a message for every religion in this page of wisdom.

26. My light will be similar to a universal divine sunrise that will awaken everyone. When man awakens on this new day he will began to feel the presence of God.

27. I now tell you that the "kingdom of heaven" will not be descending toward humanity, instead it will be the spirit of man that will elevate itself toward the kingdom of the Divine Father.

28. Why must I always come to help you amend your faults? I come because I love you. I want to comfort you, and I want you to feel my spiritual peace because there is sorrow in your heart.

29. Sometimes I manifest myself as Judge, sometimes as Father, but always as the Divine Master. However, the same divine essence is found in: God's Law, God's Love, and God's Wisdom. Behold the Trinity that exists in my Spirit.

30. Close your eyes and free your spirit, enabling it to truly communicate with the Lord during these moments. Allow it to feel close to the Lord, similar to those who in the Second Era followed the Divine Master through the valleys, roads, villages, riversides, and deserts to listen to his teachings. You will then be able to comprehend those things that I have explained figuratively. I use material things from earth to represent spiritual things so that you will comprehend my teachings. Observe how my word brings the "Kingdom of Heaven" closer to your spirit.

31. Come, humanity, so that I may teach you with love. Do you want suffering to be your teacher throughout your lifetime?

32. Come to my fields to sow brotherhood. I assure you that this work will not disappoint you as do other things on earth.

33. The path is before your eyes. I invite you to follow it and not to delay, because each step that you take will bring your spirit closer to the divine mansion.

34. I will continue to give you my teachings in this manner for a few more years. I want you to achieve merits so that in those remaining years, you can receive an abundance of spiritual enlightenment through my teachings.

35. What must you do to achieve merits? You need to develop faith, devotion, and spirituality. This multitude needs to practice deeds of love and charity, and find joy in the divine truth.

36. Truly I tell you that if you do not unite and practice what you preach, as is my will, humanity will reject you.

37. What will happen if men discover that in every house of prayer there is a different type of worship and a different way of practicing my doctrine? They will not believe that it was I who taught you.

38. During these last three years of my communication, I want this multitude to work hard to become united. The unification needs to be both spiritually and physically. The unification, harmony, and equality of people from different houses of prayer and communities is the greatest evidence that all of you were taught by the same Divine Teacher, God.

39. Not everyone has seen spiritually what will happen to humanity in the future nor has everyone felt the pain of mankind. However, I am forming a large multitude of dedicated workers, who are learning to love me. ,They will work hard to sow my divine seed in the human heart.

40. I say to those who will sow my word: When the time comes to work in the fields, have complete faith in the one who has taught you. Do not fear being mocked or ridiculed. Sow your seed in fertile soil and not among rocks or sand, for it will grow and sprout but not produce fruit. If you sow my word among thorns and bad weeds, it will also fail to produce fruit. That is why you should pray to receive my inspiration so you will know where to sow my word. I, the owner of all fields, will give you large fields to cultivate. Prepare yourself to work hard. Sow my seed so that you will gather the harvest. The day will come when you will prepare bread to nourish yourself using the wheat from your harvest. Behold that I speak to you figuratively, for you may gather your harvest in the spiritual valley.

41. Today I say to you: You have important things to fulfill using the physical body that I have temporarily given you. The body is your aid. You must guide it wisely.

42. Plagues and catastrophes are now appearing on earth, as prophesied. Man is experiencing fear and he is praying for someone to help him and to give him words of inspiration. You are his salvation.

43. You will need to journey across oceans and mountains to visit other lands, helping those who suffer. Do not fear the journey. Travel in simplicity.

44. When I have shown you your mission, I have said: "Take your cross and follow me." Why are you afraid of losing the conveniences that you have on earth? You tell me that you love the world and you are unable to make the sacrifices, and to achieve the spiritual purity, required for this mission. But I say to you: At any age, regardless of your state or condition, you can love me and serve me without neglecting other responsibilities.

45. Carry out loving deeds and set examples that will change the world. Help mankind to eliminate their false beliefs. Make the earth a paradise and not a valley of tears.

46. I will give you a brief time to fulfill your mission on earth.

47. Remember that you need to leave a spiritual heritage for your children, because I will manifest myself through their descendants. Among those generations there will appear prophets of great faith who will explain my teachings and guide humanity.

48. Do you want to fulfill my word? I bless you because you have listened to my word and want to follow me. Your heart overflows with grace; offer that grace to those who request it.

49. In this era you have come to receive my teaching. Some come as disciples, others as beginning students, and yet others come due to curiosity. However, everyone seeks peace, tranquility, and the fulfillment of the prophecies that correspond to this era.

50. You did not find out about my new arrival through a religion or a sect. Instead, it was a messenger who gave you the good news. I have come to judge all spirits and to set the foundations for a new life, thus preparing humanity to become spiritualized. If you prepare yourself while on earth, you will be able to perceive the perfection of the spiritual mansion where the virtuous spirits .dwell. Those spirits elevated themselves through their own merits and we presently work together for your salvation. Amidst these humble people who are witnessing my new manifestation you will be able to comprehend all those things that previously you were unable to comprehend, because I have come to enlighten you by removing the veil that covers your eyes. I am referring to your spiritual eyes because you were unable to perceive spiritual and divine tilings. I am now guiding you, and spiritually illuminating your spirit. Remain vigilant. If you triumph over your flesh, .allowing your spirit to follow my path with humility, you will become enlightened with love. Your brethren will then observe that you are one of my chosen and humanity will love and respect you.

51. You are soldiers of righteousness. I have given you weapons to battle against sin, not against your brethren. I do not want man to be born, to grow, and to die in sin, ignoring his divine mission. If you penetrate into my doctrine, you will become strong and invincible, not yielding to temptation. Your preparation will help you to elevate spiritually, enabling you to become more spiritual. You will then become incarnated angels helping humanity.

52. Although many are summoned, few are chosen. Among the chosen, fewer are privileged. But woe to the privileged, if they become vain! Do not imitate Solomon who was given a nation to govern, and endowed with wisdom, grace, and power. After acquiring great spirituality, and spiritual elevation, he ceased to remain spiritually alert and thus became dominated by the flesh. All of his previous deeds, inspired by love and justice became tarnished through his selfish and materialistic behavior. Do not fall into this kind of vanity because you are one of my chosen. If I select you to govern a city or a nation you should dictate righteous laws inspired by me, without becoming vain. You should elevate your spirit and remain humble before God.

53. Many will come to this land that I have chosen and will perceive my light of truth reflected in those who dwell here. They will rejoice in meeting you and visiting the place where I gave the teaching of the Third Era. Those who arrive after 1950 will seek the written teachings. When they become acquainted with my revelations, they will feel the strength in my teachings. They will bless you and will love me. Many of them belong to the 144,000 chosen people of Israel who will unite with you to obey my mandates.

54. Today, the nations of earth are surrounded by materialism and confusion. I have spoken to them spiritually, and I have sowed my seed in the hearts of my chosen ones so that my word will spread throughout the world. Do whatever you can to help your brethren in their spiritual journey.

55. Very few of my disciples are presently with me. However, my word will spread throughout the world. My divine word will reach the hearts of all those who cry out for love.

56. This is the appropriate time for you to become familiar with the mission that you need to fulfill. I have prepared you to fulfill your mission on earth. Also, I want you to become familiar with what awaits you in the spiritual valley. I have helped you to evolve spiritually enabling you to understand those events that are occurring on earth which others are unable to comprehend.

57. While the spirit is united with the material body, it is unaware of the merits it has achieved in past lives. However, it does know that it possesses eternal life and that it will continually evolve in pursuit of spiritual perfection. You are presently unaware of what level you have reached.

58. I have observed you from the time that you took your first steps, weak and confused. I have seen you gradually awaken and evolve, achieving a greater understanding of the truth. I have seen you struggle against adversity, ordeals, and temptation. After you have achieved spiritual elevation and have discovered the value of spiritual life, I have seen your spirit rejoice. It is overjoyed because of the peace, satisfaction, and hope it feels. But also I have seen the spirit stumble and stain itself on earth. It has cried and has had to purify itself to attain my grace. But even when it has stumbled, it has gained enlightenment through those experiences.

59. You should no longer be deceived, because with these teachings I have removed the veil which had concealed the truth. Now you are able to perceive the clear horizon of divine truth and continue faithfully on that journey.

60. A bright light is illuminating your path. Thus, you should no longer lose your path, only if you choose to reject the truth and to be deceived by the false pleasures of earth.

61.1 cannot tell you that on your journey you only need to trust yourself or that you will be free from temptation. There are forces that are trying to destroy your spiritual progress. Those forces conceal their darkness and create strong temptations. I forewarn you so that you will be able to defend yourself with your faith.

62. Man's destiny is to know the truth and to elevate himself to the One who created the universe. But the path is long. This long journey allows you to develop all of your spiritual gifts and to learn to know me, feel me, and love me. The path has thorns and obstacles, and thus your strength and faith will be tested. However, at the end of the journey your spirit will have been purified.

63. The other path it can follow is one with winding turns. That path will delay your progress because it offers desirable temptations. If you yield to the temptations on this path, you will not be concerned then with the delay it causes. But later, you will experience great sorrow and resentment for prolonging your spiritual progress.

64. I could list the different paths that mankind chooses to follow. There are so many that man finds it difficult to choose the best one.

65. When a spirit comes to dwell on earth it is granted an opportunity, through its material body, to evolve and to perfect itself. The marvelous and perfect formation of the human body enables the spirit to think, to behave, and to feel through that body, according to its spiritual evolution.

66. The spirit participates in the pleasures experienced by the material body, and also becomes purified when the body suffers physically. Furthermore, the material body is sensitive to the joys and sorrows of the spirit. Thus, while they are united they form only one being.

67. There is perfection in the human body. That is why Christ, the "Divine Word", came to incarnate in a human body, similar to yours. However, he did not suffer because of his imperfections. He suffered because mankind had fallen into the abyss. Jesus helped mankind elevate spiritually through his suffering, sacrifice, and his word.

68. Although the spirit is strong, it is sometimes unable to overcome the stubbornness of the flesh. Then the Father, Creator of the spirit and the flesh, will come to save you. Remember, I am the Good Shepherd who saves the lost sheep, for none of my children will become lost.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 191

1. The bread and wine on my table contains the seed of eternal life. Come eat and drink from my table. Do not cry anymore from hunger and thirst. I no longer want to hear you weeping. Instead, I want to see peace and joy in my children. I am a loving Father and Teacher, and even when I judge you, there is love in my justice.

2. The essence of my Spirit is love, as is your beginning and end. Come, my disciples, and gather around the, Divine Master as you did during the Second Era when I was among you as a man. Allow your spirit to remember the gentle voice of Jesus, the Divine Master. Remember the time when your spirit followed me to the valleys, to the banks of the rivers, to the desert, and to the mountains to listen to my words.

3. Your spirit was transported to the heavenly kingdom on hearing the word of Jesus who used the forms and creatures of the earth in order to create his parables and to give to man an idea of the celestial kingdom. There were those who believed and those who doubted, but all hearts were filled with peace and the sick were healed. I want you to feel that you are with me in the solitude of a valley. For a few moments forget the physical surroundings and symbols inside this house of prayer, so that your spirit may elevate itself to me without obstacles.

4. Disciples, if I have called you the people of God, the people whom I love and have chosen, do not think that I love any less the other people of the earth. When all the people of the earth learn to acknowledge me, I will form one spiritual family, loving everyone .equally.

5. Do not assume that any nation or race is spiritually inferior, nor assume that you are the only ones who have been privileged. Truly I tell you that I have given you revelations and divine prophecies since the First Era, but not because you are the most loved on earth. You received them because you were the first-born, in a spiritual sense, among humanity. Rather than becoming vain, you need to become aware of your responsibility.

6. Study the history of Israel and you will know that in past times Israel did not share with other nations the heritage and grace given it by the Father. It became selfish and kept its gifts to itself, and that was contrary to that which my law and my doctrine mandated.

7. Once again, I have come to prepare your spirit during this era. I have enlightened it so that it will fulfill its destiny of taking my doctrine to humanity and of blessing and saving its brethren.

8. Soon you will not hear my word, but do not think that I will leave you orphaned and lost on the path of evolution. My Divine Spirit will leave you prepared, and I will watch over you always. Like a divine shadow, I will guide your steps. Speaking through your lips, I will guide humanity, heal the sick, and with your voice resurrect the spiritually dead. And when the nation of Israel becomes united, I will establish my true sanctuary within your spirits.

9. During this Third Era I find the heart of man more barren than ever before. It is like a soil of petrified rocks, covered with weeds and thorns. Weeds and trees with poisonous fruits grow everywhere. The waters have become contaminated, the springs have become dry, the fountains muddy, and the rivers have stopped flowing. Only withered flowers grow in the orchards. There are no nests or birds in the trees. Insects and plagues have devoured everything. That is what humanity presents to me during this era. But I have come to bring you the seed, water and tools in order for you to find the hearts in need and to spiritually enlighten them.

10. Do not feel that my stay among you is too brief. Remember that I have spoken to you for a longer time during this era than I did in the Second Era. During the Second Era, three years were sufficient for mankind to learn of my miracles and to spread the news of Christ to other nations. In those three years my disciples were converted into teachers. I taught them to love. Also I taught them that, although man is ungrateful, he nevertheless possesses nobility. That nobility is the spark of divine love that every being possesses, for he is a child of God.

11. The doctrine of Jesus touched the heart of humanity most profoundly. I erected a temple in the heart of man where I am still dwelling. Man's life and principles have changed because of his ambition for power, wealth, human glory, and pleasure. It was necessary for Christ to return among humanity and to awaken it from its long sleep. Once again, he needed to show mankind the true path. I have spoken from 1866 to the present. Although I have manifested myself through many different spokesmen, always I have revealed the same word, the same essence, and the same revelations and prophecies through each spokesman.

12. My manifestation during this era has lasted longer than three years. It was necessary to manifest myself for a longer period so that I could explain my teaching in different ways, thus helping you to comprehend it. Frequently, some of my disciples have rejected me and have departed from the true path, even though they initially believed in me and loved me. Although they received manifestations and evidence of my truth, they chose not to follow the true path. Whenever man finds himself in the abyss, he will then repent and weep, asking for my help. Since I am love and have infinite patience, I help him arise from that abyss so he can return to me. I sit him at my table as the "prodigal son". I make a feast to celebrate his return, and he rejoices. Everyone believes that the disciple has truly repented, except the Divine Master. With time the disciple again yields to temptation. Frequently, I have seen many disciples fall, arise, and return to me. My manifestation this era has lasted until 1950 so that you can return to the true path after departing from it many times. Then you will have acquired true spiritual strength.

13. What new attractions or experiences could the world and science offer you? What unknown pleasures could the flesh give you or what new things can you learn from vice and sin? If you yearn to experience true joy, wisdom and inner peace, then follow my path and learn to sow my seed. You will discover more things than you could ever desire.

14. Whoever does not appreciate this work as being pure, perfect and infinite, does so because he has not been able to clearly perceive the truth and to gaze into the sanctuary of true wisdom. Since he is still learning, he has not allowed me to show him those things that I need to reveal to him.

15. The last three years of my manifestation are approaching. They will be a representation of the three years when Jesus preached in the Second Era.

16. Although it is the same law as always, I will make changes to how you practice my doctrine. I have waited a long time for you to make those changes, but you have failed to do it. I have announced that I will depart in 1950, no longer manifesting myself through human spokesmen. Also, I have informed you that the communication from Spirit to spirit will begin after my departure. However, what will happen to those who do not prepare themselves? They will continue to call upon my divine ray, but I will no longer manifest myself through spokesmen. However, some will pretend that I still manifest myself through them. They will be supported by others who, claiming to have spiritual vision, will testify that I am still present. Still others will enter into ecstasy, proclaiming that it is the spiritual world who is speaking. These individuals will ridicule those who have respected my will of no longer manifesting myself through spokesmen after 1950. Thus, there will be great confusion.

17. What would happen if those confused individuals were to arise as forerunners and messengers throughout the nations? You would only find the fields sowed with confusion and deception. There is still time to meditate and to prepare yourself, for your brethren will arrive to question you. They will not be satisfied with just analyzing my word, because they will discover that it is truly pure. Instead, they will examine the fruit produced by my word and thus will carefully study the lives of those who have witnessed my manifestation. Your brethren will examine your life, your deeds, and your practices, in order to confirm my teachings and manifestation. If a person could be saved through knowing only my word, then humanity could have been saved since the time of Moses, when I first revealed my law. However, Christ had to come to earth as a teacher for mankind. Today, I have come again but in spirit to make you aware that one can only be saved, and be close to God, by practicing deeds of love, charity, and humility. Remember my apostles from the past. They not only offered testimony with their words, but also with their deeds, blood, and lives.

18. Today, I want you to practice true charity with your brethren. Thus, mankind will observe my new disciples and will intuitively know that this work is not just a result of a human fantasy or of a disturbed mind. They will know that it is a continuation of the path outlined by God since the beginning of time. It fulfills the announcements and prophecies made by Jesus. Christ is the one who manifested himself spiritually in this era and is the same Christ who lived among humanity in the Second Era.

19. While the world prepares itself to drink front the bitter chalice that war offers, I offer you my teachings to share with others. If the light that vibrates within the human mind helps humanity perform great deeds, then what can be said of my divine light;of wisdom, which can change man's way of life to prepare him for the spiritual life?

20. The divine light and wisdom that descends from my Spirit to your spirit, according to your evolution, produces an inner enlightenment that eliminates all darkness. Analyze yourself, and you will realize that before studying my teachings, you were uncertain about many things. You could not imagine that many mysteries would be explained.

21. Today, I am separating all confusion from the human mind. I am preparing man so that he will not doubt the truth that he carries within.

22. You cannot have true faith if you experience doubt and are weak. Faith is believing without doubting. It allows you to put an idea into practice without fear of failure. The one who has faith is able to perceive things spiritually and will be able to perceive the truth and the final outcome.

23. : [Allow faith to develop within you, for not everyone possesses it. Once you start to develop faith, it will struggle against temptation. In order to reject and triumph over evil, strive to discover the weapons of love found in the essence of my word. The one who is unsure of my presence and my manifestation judges what he perceives and hears without truly being able to elevate his spirit toward the Lord. He still needs adormnents and symbols to satisfy his material senses, believing that he achieves inspiration and spiritual elevation in that manner.

24. I come to teach you that your spirit no longer needs the sound of musical hymns to become inspired and elevated. In the Second Era my disciples could elevate themselves in prayer and feel my spiritual peace, even though they had no more than the blue sky over their heads. They could elevate themselves because they were able to hear the voice of the Divine Master within their hearts.

25. It has pleased me to manifest myself through human spokesmen during this era. I utilized the mind of man and his own language to enlighten humanity of my doctrine of love because it was the best method.

26. Through this doctrine you will attain spiritual elevation, for everything evolves. Be aware that everything originated through the righteous power of God. Develop your virtues within your own surroundings. My enlightenment will be your foundation for constructing the world of tomorrow.

27. You have visible evidence of your spiritual evolution. Today, you do not think the same as you did yesterday. You are different from your parents, and your children will be different from you. You cannot avoid it, because you are guided by a superior force. Truly I tell you that evil will not prevail. Virtue will triumph, because the one who practices charity cannot be selfish, the one who feels love cannot hate, and where there is light there can be no darkness.

28. I want you to follow my path with true conviction so that tomorrow you will teach your children to follow this same path. Always offer sincere advise to others, and my word will touch those who need it at the appropriate time.

29. There are those who fight against themselves, due to their own corruption. They need my enlightenment to recognize their errors and to learn to love their fellow human beings.

30. I am walking ahead of you, my people, removing all obstacles from your path so that you may continue your journey.

31. Come to my banquet, my beloved people, where for a few moments you may enjoy the presence of the Lord.

32. Come and fill your heart with my peace. I possess the peace which you greatly lack on earth.

33. Although only a few have listened to my teachings, it is sufficient because tomorrow they will offer testimony to their brethren. I know that if I were to summon everyone, the majority would not listen, because they are too occupied with their daily tasks. They would deny me and prevent men of good will from listening to me.

34. In these humble places where I manifest myself, I am allowing the seed of my doctrine to germinate. I have united those with simple hearts into groups. After they are free from their everyday responsibilities, I speak to them of love, of the eternal, of the spirit, and of true human and spiritual values. I have made them perceive life through their conscience and not through their physical senses.

35. I refer to these individuals as my disciples. Since they were poor and not acknowledged by their brethren, they experienced great satisfaction when I summoned them. They resurrected to a new life and rejoiced at my teaching. Since the Lord has given them his revelations and has shown them the path of love, they strongly believe that they can help their brethren.

36. Some will reject and ridicule them because they call themselves disciples of Jesus. But truly I tell you, that in spite of that rejection and ridicule, they will continue being my disciples.

37. Man believes that the heavens are so distant that it is very difficult for me to manifest myself among those who you feel are insignificant. This occurs because man has only a vague idea of heaven. He ignores that heaven is a state of perfection for the spirit, a state of purity and of enlightenment that all spirits have to reach. It is not a specific place in the universe.

38. The spirit, as it elevates itself, will be able to dwell in more elevated mansions. Thus, when it achieves perfection, it will dominate the infinite and be everywhere. It will be truly enlightened and in harmony with the Father and all beings. That will be its heaven and its glory. What more could the spirit desire other than eternal peace, wisdom, and the joy of loving and of being loved?

39. It has been close to two thousand years since I dwelt among mankind. Today, humanity perceives my deeds and my words of the past as imagined and supernatural. Man needs to know that earth and men were the same as they are today. He is mistaken to believe that only those of the past were worthy of the grace of my presence, for I have always dwelt in the heart of man. I also have always manifested myself before him, as I did in the Second Era, and as I do today in Spirit.

40. It is necessary for man to know me so that he can know the truth. Whoever knows the truth will no longer be able to depart from the path of my law, for he will listen to the voice of his conscience.

41. The one who ignores the truth is like a blind individual who cannot find the true path or like a deaf individual who is unwilling to listen to the voice of his conscience, a voice that originates from God. That is why I have come once again to earth. I come to reveal the truth, which was hidden from man. I offer him wisdom and new enlightenment to help his spirit arise from its sad and miserable condition.

42. I will awaken in man the divine desire to elevate himself toward the path of righteousness. I will reveal to him the existence of the true "heaven" and the new "promised land". I will prove to him that I am not distant, for if I were, man would not exist.

43. Disciples: Remember these words in your heart, so that when you meditate and reflect on my divine law you will experience great joy.

44. Be aware that I am a fountain of love. Come to me, and I will quench your need for love and charity. Behold how the light of my Spirit illuminates all human beings. Arise to live a useful and productive life. Although in the past you were not capable of even guiding yourself, today you can guide multitudes.

45. Many were walking toward the abyss, but when they heard my voice they chose to return and to continue striving toward the true path. I say to you now that you are my disciples, that I have created a nation with this multitude. I will receive you only when you are in harmony and are fulfilling the will of God.

46. Among this multitude there are those who still do not fully understand my doctrine and misinterpret it. That is why there are disagreements and a lack of harmony among this multitude. I say to you that there is still time to study my teachings in order to correct those faults, thus removing all evil from your hearts. Those who first received this task have the greatest responsibility, because they have listened to me the longest. I say to those who were the first to witness my manifestation: Fill your hearts with charity and perceive those who have come after you as your younger brethren. Let your life, deeds, and words serve as an example to others of the perfection, greatness, and virtue of my work.

47. Those who are guiding these multitudes need to carefully study my teachings and mandates. They need to be alert and to pray for the multitudes, so that the people will listen to them, follow them, and perceive them as prophets.

48. You shiver every time that you hear the Father speaking in a tone of justice. But, once again you are betrayed by your weaknesses and succumb to the ordeals, which only serve to strengthen your spirit.

49. When will all those who belong to this multitude, and who are now scattered in different nations, unite with you? This multitude is experiencing hardships in its journey, but others await it so they can unite in pursuit of the promised land. They do not need to unite physically, because the true path is in the heart and the "promised land" is spiritual peace.

50. Each member of this multitude, no matter where he is, will be inspired by the Father and will receive thoughts of comfort from his brethren. My new people of Israel will arise in different places throughout the world and will teach this doctrine of spirituality with true purity.

51. My people, how can you believe that you are distant from one another because you have gathered in different houses of prayer to witness my manifestation? Only ignorance will prevent you from discovering the spiritual bond that unites all of God's children.

52. Allow your spiritual gifts to manifest themselves, enabling you to guide yourself through your intuition and revelation. Thus, you will no longer stain nor disrespect the spiritual gifts that I have given you.

53. In this era I have given your spirit a new opportunity to elevate itself toward the Father.

54. The Messiah, who in the past came to earth and outlined the path of salvation for mankind with his word and deeds, has now come in spirit and is making his voice of justice heard through the conscience.

55. I have called many to witness this manifestation and to listen to my word, but not all have come.

56. These multitudes who follow me are those who felt a spiritual desire to be with me and to enjoy the shade of the divine tree. They heard the voice of the Lord and yearned to become sowers like him. They will be given seeds to sow along their path. They are slowly becoming disciples and are aware that in the future they will leave the warmth of their homes to take my seed to all those who are hungry or thirsty for love, truth, and justice.

57. I have given you an abundance of teachings, therefore you should not become intimidated in the presence of scholars. Truly I say, that many scholars have become confused with their own knowledge.

58. The mission of this multitude is to teach their brethren through their deeds, words, and prayer. This multitude will journey to distant lands knowing that the beloved Mother will always be with them to offer her protection.

59. Many times you will speak to others about Mary, and about her great love for mankind. You will notice that some will react with indifference. At times you will be rejected for talking about her and for having faith in her. But do not be afraid. Remember that when Jesus was dying on the cross, a woman in great pain was agonizing at the foot of the cross. That woman was Mary, the Divine Mother, who at that moment was feeling all the suffering of the world. Did the crowd at Calvary control itself in the presence of that woman? No, my people, it did not. But with the passage of time, Mary was acknowledged as the Mother of the Savior and as the spiritual Mother of humanity. Humanity constructed an altar in its heart to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus.

60. Humanity comes to listen to my teachings similar to how one obtains water from a fountain to water his fields. Everyone has a portion, a family, or a multitude that he must spiritually nourish. He knows that only I can give him water that is pure to make his fields blossom and produce fruit.

61. The heart of the Divine Master is touched as it welcomes those messengers who come from distant lands representing different people. I will send my message of peace and my teaching of wisdom back to those people through their messengers.

62. You do the right thing in seeking me amidst those who have listened to my teachings the longest, for they have learned many things. However, do not forget that it is not necessary to travel long distances to find me. The only distance one needs to travel to feel my presence is the one that exists between his materialism and his spiritual gifts.

63. Return in peace to your home, your community, or amidst your congregation. But before you do, fill yourself with dedication, justice, and enthusiasm so that you will guide the multitudes through the righteous path, allowing no one to dishonor this doctrine with his impure deeds. You will carry healing balsam in your heart to dry the tears of those who ask for your charity. Allow your deeds to reflect what my doctrine truly is, a true fountain of love; forgiveness, and salvation.

64. Meditate on your past. Analyze your present and you will truly be convinced that you have been sent to earth to fulfill this mission. It will not be the words of men that will convince you of this truth, but rather the proof that I will present along your journey. Have true faith in these teachings. Dedicate yourself truly to fulfilling your mission in a loving manner.

65. Some say: Lord, this work is so perfect. However, the Divine Master informs you not to allow it to become meaningless and a routine. In the future you will attain a much higher state of spiritual elevation, which now you are unable to comprehend. You will progress spiritually, step by step, without ever perceiving an end to my infinite wisdom and knowledge.

66. Do not become stagnant nor attempt to progress too quickly. Take small but firm steps, and strengthen each step through study and meditation.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 192

1. I welcome you today on celebrating the first time humanity heard my word through human spokesmen. Years have passed, and I observe that the spokesmen through whom I have manifested myself and those who have witnessed this manifestation have evolved. They are no longer beginners of spirituality nor are they ignorant of this divine manifestation. Because of their elevation, humanity is receiving the Lord's enlightenment which will help it progress spiritually.

2. Man's ignorance of true spirituality has been eliminated by my light. Man now understands that God limited his power, in an act of love, so that his children would be able to feel him and hear him.

3. Since then, a new era has emerged for man. He will no longer find barriers to prevent his spirit from enjoying the grace found in this work.

4. Furthermore, all of my disciples no longer believe in the eternal condemnation of a sinful person or of everlasting happiness for the righteous. You are now aware that every spirit needs to journey through the path of evolution, and that it will continue to reincarnate until it attains perfection. When the spirit attains spiritual perfection it can then remain in the spiritual valley without having to reincarnate. You also now understand the reason for restitution and the meaning of ordeals.

5. Sinners who have come before me have realized that eternal condemnation truly does not exist. They are now filled with hope and faith and work to help their spirit evolve.

6. They now know more about spiritual life. Although they previously lacked faith, they are becoming more spiritual. That miracle was achieved because of my communication through human spokesmen.

7. When I first manifested myself during this era I allowed you to continue with your customs and religious traditions, because your spirit was saturated with them and your senses were accustomed to them. However, as your spirit gained enlightenment, through my teachings, those rituals and practices began to disappear. You were encouraged by the miracles that you achieved through your faith. You confirmed what Jesus said in the Second Era, "Miracles are achieved through faith".

8. In 1866 I reminded you of the law given to you since the time of Moses. Also, it was a reminder of the words spoken by Jesus, the Only begotten Son of God, who came to teach you in the Second Era.

9. It was necessary to remind you during this era that my law was given to man since the First Era.

10. You can fulfill my law in various ways. What is important is that you help your brethren. How you help him will differ as you spiritually evolve. My law is not a mandate that is imposed through force. It is an eternal invitation to practice deeds of love. I will not force you to practice those deeds. However, I will inspire you to practice deeds of love with your brethren and will then wait for you to feel that inspiration. Thus, when you choose to practice deeds of love, you will feel that you are fulfilling the law of God.

11. Throughout the eras man has created a mental image of God, through which he has sought and worshiped Him. Because of the confusion that exists among different religions, the Lord has utilized spiritually illuminated messengers to come clarify that confusion. Those messengers have been my spokesmen, whom I prepared to manifest my word of light. While some people have listened to the divine messages with interest, others, upon sensing that their deep rooted beliefs were being challenged, have rejected my messengers.

12. All my messengers have been ridiculed. All of them have experienced human ingratitude and cruelty. In every era, my forerunners have come to preach and to. practice what I have entrusted to them, always in accordance with the spiritual progress of humanity.

13. I have always manifested my existence to you as Creator of the universe. Since the beginning I made you understand that to live peacefully on earth you need to practice love and charity. You then discovered that something existed within you that did not pertain to the flesh. Through intuition you discovered the existence of your spirit, realizing that it has eternal life.

14. When Jesus lived among you, he revealed his new and eternal doctrine, which signaled the path one has to follow to reach him. In the Third Era you have listened to me once again through the Holy Spirit utilizing human spokesmen.

15. Each time that I have come to humanity, I have separated man from worshiping false gods, showing him the true path. The Holy Spirit has truly come among you and has demonstrated to the world that its word is a seed of love and life. That seed will sprout, grow, and perfect itself. When Christ finished his mission on earth, he said: All has been completed. That meant that he had finished the teaching that he brought to mankind in the Second Era. However, I promised to return because I had new teachings to give to mankind.

16. Behold that the Divine Master is once again among you. He has come to reveal new teachings and to remind you of past forgotten teachings so that you can always be aware of your spiritual responsibilities. Your spirit should always be a true image of the Creator with both the Father and with your brethren.

17. After I came to earth through Jesus in the Second Era, I continued to sent others to earth who were my apostles and soldiers to confirm my doctrine with their deeds and to prevent humanity from distorting my teachings. However, many who are spiritually deaf and blind have misinterpreted my word, disagreeing with each other and creating different religions and sects. If mankind is spiritually divided, how can man love one another, which is the main precept of my law? That is why I say to you that today's civilization is only an illusion, because man is destroying it. As long as humanity does not construct a world using my law of love and justice as a foundation, it will not be able to achieve true spiritual peace and enlightenment. Only through the practice of love and justice will man be able to establish a world that is truly elevated spiritually, scientifically, and morally.

18. If you would allow your conscience to guide you, there would be no reason for God to materialize himself so he can remind you of your responsibilities. If you would realize that Jesus, the perfect man, came to shed his blood to show you the path of salvation, you would always seek me through that path. However, you have not followed that path. But I love you, and I have come to seek those who have forgotten me. I have come to renew my promise once again, reminding you that the kingdom of heaven still awaits you. Although my doctrine and law are not new, I have brought you new revelations. My new teachings encourage you to fulfill the mandate of loving one another.

19. As you listen to my teachings and learn about me, your spirit is acquiring more and more enlightenment. Thus, it would be useless to attempt to deceive yourself, because your spirit would not allow it for it would be your judge. You would try unsuccessfully to justify your bad deeds, but the conscience would continuously point out your mistakes until you correct them. You will judge yourself. I do not dictate your sentence nor do I designate what place you will occupy in the spiritual valley. I only inspire you to acquire enlightenment and peace in preparation for your departure to the spiritual valley. Thus, I demonstrate to you that there is an intimate relationship between God and man. Love me, even if you are unable to imagine what I am like. I have no form. I am love, power, and wisdom, and I am throughout the universe. However, if you are unable to visualize me in that manner, then picture me through Jesus. Remember that Jesus said: Whoever knows the Son, knows the Father.

20. Think of Jesus when you practice charity, when you practice forgiveness, and when you feel love for your brethren. Feel his presence, and let him dwell in your heart. Then truly you will be similar to your Father, in your love and in your spirituality, because you are divine enlightenment.

21. Beloved humanity: I observe that you are tired and overwhelmed from the weight of your faults. You ask me for a healing balsam to heal your spirit and body. I say to you: You will need to initiate an inner struggle. Penetrate inwardly and truly get to know yourself. Judge yourself through your conscience to discover why you now suffer. Thus, by strongly committing yourself to obeying my law, you will be able to remove the seed of evil and thus will be healed. The bad weed will be cut from its roots and will be thrown into the fire. Man is not the bad weed that grows on earth, it is sin and ignorance. These have multiplied and have invaded the human heart. However, my word comes to enlighten the human spirit. My inspirations and revelations will detain the progress of evil and will convert the human heart into a fertile field. I will sow my seed in that field until it produces an abundance of fruit.

22. I am the Divine Doctor who seeks those who are ill. Come to me when you are tired of suffering and are unable to find a merciful hand to heal you. Pray and enter into communion with me, and I will offer you the comfort that you need. I will not judge your past deeds. I will guide you to fulfill your mission and will convert you into a person of good will.

23. Promise yourself and not the Father to correct your negative deeds because the flesh is weak and it can betray you.

24. Do not despair nor curse when things become difficult. Instead, you should withstand and accept the ordeals, because in that manner your spirit will become purified and attain perfection.

25. I will stop man's ambition for power and riches, and I will set a limit to his destruction of earth. The prophets of the past had indicated that human pride would one day come to an end. Once that day arrives I will grant peace to each of my children, according to their merits. There will be a new dawn on earth. Who is able to penetrate into my higher judgements? Who will dare to destroy what I have created and placed within you? The spirit cannot be touched. Even if the physical body is destroyed, the immortal spirit will remain. The conscience will continue to guide the spirit until it reaches me.

26. Everyone who listens to his conscience and obeys it will discover the path that leads to perfection. I have set the destiny for each spirit. All spirits were born from me, and they will return to me. Great joy awaits the spirit along its path. It will confront many ordeals and will eventually triumph over each one of them. It will discover my presence along every step of its journey, and my love will offer it strength. The Father never separates from his child. Once the child returns to the Father there will be a celebration in the heavens and joy on earth. Then, the Divine Master and his disciples will be reunited.

27. Truly I tell you that earth is not the only place where I have disciples. Spirits also receive and listen to these same words in the spiritual valley. Even those spirits who are highly elevated and enlightened come to listen to the teachings of the Divine Master. Just as people differ on earth, according to the preparation of each individual, in the spiritual world there are also many steps along the ladder of perfection.

28. Similar to how you come to listen to me to discover how to fulfill your mission, the beings of light also listen to me to discover how to serve the Divine Father better. That is why I am surrounded by multitudes of spiritual beings whenever I have given you my teachings during this era. During those moments of my manifestation, those spiritual beings unite with you with a divine bond of love.

29. In the spiritual valley all spirits are equal and no one is rejected. Spirits feel close to one another, and they all practice charity. The people of God who are spiritual should do this in the different nations, religions, and sects, until true brotherhood is achieved.

30. The new disciples will witness the fulfillment of those prophecies that announced the reign of Christ in the universe.

31. Be aware that those beings who inhabit other mansions serve me and also receive my orders. They will become your helpers and accompany you, manifesting their strength and light along your path. They will speak to you through the gift of revelation. In that same manner the future generations, who will be more spiritually advanced than you, will receive spiritual enlightenment from those great spirits.

32. Based on what I have said, you should realize that man is not responsible for everything that happens on earth. Become aware of the influence of the spiritual beings in your life.

33. Through my teachings you have gained sufficient knowledge to tear down the veils of fanaticism and ignorance. Those veils prevented you from perceiving the truth.

34. Allow your spirit to be free so that it will be able to journey through the infinite heavens. Do not restrict it into believing only those things that are created in your imagination. Let your spirit become inspired through my teachings. Allow it to perceive and to discover so that it can acquire wisdom. If you want your spirit to be great, help it to evolve, but do not let it become stagnant through fanaticism. Everything evolves, changes, and perfects itself. Only my law is eternal and does not need to change, because it is perfect. My law guides the world, offers divine advice, and inspires righteousness.

35. Tomorrow, you will speak under my inspiration. But until that moment arrives, the spiritual world will continue to penetrate into the human heart to guide humanity along the path that will lead it to the kingdom of peace.

36. It has been my will to choose sinners. I did not come to seek the righteous, for they are already saved. You were selected because of my charity. Allow your brethren to perceive how you live, thus offering them an example of how you have regenerated your life.

37. I am well aware of the struggles that occur within your spirit and of the weaknesses that exist within your heart. Sometimes you lack the strength to triumph over your ordeals. It is then that you pray to the Divine Master asking for his help, confessing to Him that you are not worthy of his gifts and grace.

38. That is why I have come to tell you: Drink from the essence of my word, for it is my blood, which will cleanse and save you.

39. My new disciples are being born to the true life. Their spirits experience great joy listening to my teachings, and their hearts beat rapidly as they receive spiritual enlightenment from my word. Also, they are starting to speak their first spiritual phrases.

40. I observed your poverty and your meekness, as well as your great humility and obedience that existed in your spirit. When the appropriate time came, I brought you your heritage.

41. When the multitudes started to arrive at those places where I have manifested myself, I observed that many were like orphans. But as they listened to my word, which is a powerful healer, it miraculously resurrected them to life.

42. Only this doctrine teaches you to seek your spirit within you, along with its powers, attributes, and missions.

43. Now that you have begun to truly know yourself, you now experience great confidence in life, true faith in God, and a peace that you had never felt.

44. Do you not believe that it is important for your spirit to become familiar with the path that it needs to follow? It is the path that I have revealed to you in my teaching. Remember that in the Second Era I said, "I am the Way, whoever follows it will not stumble".

45. Those who are listening to these teachings are not the only ones who will acquire wisdom. No, lam preparing everything so that my word will spread throughout the world when this manifestation comes to an end. My message is for every nation throughout the world.

46. My people, those of you who arrived ill before me and who have been healed with my word should realize that I did not summon you only to heal you. Be aware that the main reason that I summoned you was to reveal the spiritual mission that you will need to fulfill with your brethren.

47. Do not limit yourself to rejoicing because you have regained inner peace. Also let your spirit experience the joy that one feels by practicing deeds of charity. Do not limit your testimony to only telling others that you have been healed by the Divine Master. Rather, you should also heal your brethren. Then you would truly be offering testimony of your Father's love and also fulfilling your responsibility with me and with your brethren.

48. Whoever does not feel charity toward the needy or is unable to feel the pain of others in his heart, will not have taken the steps needed along my path to be called a true disciple of Christ.

49. I have found that you are insensitive, indifferent, and selfish. Thus, I have begun by offering you my grace, helping you to become sensitive and compassionate. Thus, you will become more aware of the needs of your brethren and will disregard your own needs to help them.

50. Today, the world is unaware that I am reuniting a multitude of people whose voices will be heard throughout the world in the future. I will send my new, disciples to preach my word only after they are prepared and know how to confront a struggle. Mankind will be unable to silence their voices because they will offer convincing evidence of my truth.

51. Humanity is unaware of the spiritual gifts that I am revealing to this multitude, gifts which are possessed by every spirit and human being. Once my disciples prepare themselves and develop these gifts they will be able to offer extensive and true testimony to their brethren.

52. This multitude will still need to struggle for their preparation and spiritual progress. It will endure many ordeals to purify itself. My prophecies in this era will be fulfilled, similar to how my prophecies from the First and Second Era were fulfilled. You will perceive my spiritual seed spread throughout the world. It will be similar to a forceful river flowing with pure water, purifying, cleansing, and sweeping away all evil. It will fertilize all the fields, offering life and truth everywhere.

53. Can the power of mankind be compared to my power? Will those nations that are highly materialistic be able to oppose the infinite strength of spirituality? The answer is no. I have allowed man to reach the limit of his ambitions and pride, thus verifying the gift of free will that I have given him. But once man reaches the limit of his ambition, he will awaken spiritually, and will pursue spiritual enlightenment and love. He will then kneel before God who is the only absolute power and universal truth.

54. Battle and be persistent, my people, and truly I tell you that I will allow you to perceive the fulfillment of my word.

55. Beloved disciples, feel how God's love manifests itself when you repent for your faults. My Spirit rejoices when you repent.

56. I have manifested myself through the human spokesmen as a Father who is understanding and gentle, patiently and wisely correcting your imperfections.

57. During this era I have come to explain spirituality with simple words. I have come to teach you how to fulfill your mission, so that as my disciple you will not stumble along the path outlined by my charity.

58. Spirituality does not come to establish new laws. It teaches man that if he follows the same laws revealed in all three eras, he will ascend and progress spiritually, without becoming stagnant.

59. The spirit was originally pure. If it became stained on earth, it will need to purify itself and to fulfill its mission.

60. The person who is spiritual should choose to separate himself from anything that can hinder his spiritual progress. My word will not be imposed through fear. Instead, people will believe in my word when they feel the love and purity found in my teachings. In the Second Era Christ did not impose his doctrine of love.

61. Today, Christ, the Divine Master, says to you: The miracle of changing because of my word is accomplished through faith.

62. Who doubts that I am manifesting myself in this era? Who can limit the abilities of the One who is able to do everything? Who can prevent the Divine Master from manifesting himself through a human being, God's greatest creation and made spiritually in God's image?.

63. Tomorrow, you can use that explanation to explain my manifestation during this era to the unbeliever.

64. You will be asked numerous questions by those who are stubborn and who will reject my manifestation during this era. But do not be afraid, for I will be with you. I have prepared you beforehand, allowing you to become familiar with the right and wrong paths, crossroads, and dangers found along the path of life. Thus, you will always know the true path that you should follow. That path will guide you back to your origin, the Divine Father, who created you.

65. Man dwells on earth due to the will of the Father. He is able to breathe and live on earth because it is the Father's will. In the Second Era the Father came to dwell on earth, in a human body, allowing good and evil to draw near him. Because of his humility, he allowed himself to be tempted. If because of my love for mankind I came to dwell among you, why would I not manifest myself through humans, whom I greatly love and want to save.

66. Every human being feels his spirit and occasionally wishes that the Father would extend his hand to help him. When sorrow invades his heart, he glances up toward the heavens, shouting from the innermost part of his being asking for patience. Why does he believe that the Creator hears his voice and perceives the sorrow on his face? Why does he assume that the Lord knows him? Because the spirit possesses spiritual gifts that allow it to know the Divine Father and to feel his presence. Thus, the spirit asks for the Father's help when it cannot find what it seeks on earth. If you are able to comprehend my teachings in this manner, why would you not believe that God is able to manifest himself through human spokesmen, given that man is a part of God himself?

67. Man, no matter how materialistic he may be, will sense the presence of a power that rules throughout the universe. That feeling and intuition of my existence will convince him that these manifestations are subject to a principle of truth, love, and justice.

68. Truly, those whom I chose to be my spokesmen need to have strong faith to be able to fulfill such a delicate responsibility. However, when a spokesman has been unable to overcome his weaknesses and materialistic tendencies prior to my manifestation, the manifestation has lacked the external splendor desired by those who witnessed it. But in spite of the imperfections of the human spokesmen, the essence and truth of the Divine Spirit has always been present.

69. Do not be confused if you study my word and find that there are some differences in the way different spokesmen have expressed it, for that is unimportant. All of the spokesmen receive my same divine inspiration, and they express it verbally according to their ability with words.

70. Seek the essence of my teachings, for that is what you need.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 193

1. I welcome the spirit who comes to receive my teaching.

2. Disciples, you need to be alert because men will arise to analyze my work and some will judge it based on their scientific interpretation. You will present it as the spiritual doctrine that will change the world.

3. It is not that I am against science, because science represents wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. However, my teaching is superior to human knowledge. In my teachings I have come to explain spiritualism, which means knowledge of the spiritual, of the divine, and of a superior life, which is beyond anything material. Truly, I bless man's scientific progress if it benefits humanity.

4. During this period there will be much discussion concerning scientific and spiritual things. Scientific knowledge is not a privilege reserved only for those who prepare themselves to study the sciences. All knowledge is acquired through spiritual enlightenment from God.

5. My divine teaching is a superior science that teaches man to perfect his spirit. Furthermore, I have given you a mind and a heart to purify your emotions and inspiration.

6. The knowledge that I am giving you has no limits. It is infinite and universal, allowing you to discover true knowledge about the spiritual and material life.

7. I observe that you are now capable of understanding my teaching and penetrating into its mysteries. Through science you are discovering the laws that govern creation, including the human body. Once you carefully study and become familiar with those laws that were once a mystery, you will find yourself penetrating into the hereafter, where the Father awaits you. He continually tries to communicate with you. Once you carefully study my doctrine, will there be anything that you will not know?

8. That is why I say to you that my humble teaching offers you a superior knowledge that will not allow your heart to weaken in the presence of scholars from this world.

9. In order to understand the meaning for any event that is occurring in nature or in your life, you will not need to seek answers in scientific books. All you need to do is to prepare your mind spiritually and to cleanse your heart to receive my inspiration.

10. Although you have studied my teachings, others will refer to you as ignorant and unintelligent if you disregard the power of prayer and feel "Inferior.

11. Is. Behold that during this era I chose to manifest myself through individuals who are uneducated. I chose not to manifest myself through those whom you refer to as scholars or philosophers. Nevertheless, an individual who transmits my inspiration reveals the enlightenment in his spirit, and that enlightenment is wisdom.

12. Once again I say to you that you will need to struggle, because your spirit will experience temptation while it journeys through its path of evolution. That is why I am teaching you and giving you strength to triumph over your weaknesses. If your spirit is strong it will strengthen your mind and your heart to triumph over the desires of the flesh. When a man lacks enlightenment, his spirit does not evolve. Thus, he is spiritually weak and unable to triumph over any ordeal.

13. When a man is spiritually strong, it is similar to having an invincible shield protecting him against all temptation.

14. I have revealed these teachings to you so that when you temporarily stumble or fall along your path, you will recognize your errors and correct them.

15. If you practice humility, you will be accumulating great spiritual wealth for the life that awaits you. You will experience a profound peace, giving you the most beautiful feeling that you have ever experienced. Your spirit will yearn to serve the Divine Father and to become a faithful guardian of all the things that He has created. It will seek to comfort those who suffer and to bring peace to those who lack it.

16. My word is not the only one that announces my presence at this time. Your spirit also feels the presence of God.

17.1 welcome you. I come to nourish your heart with the essence of my word so that there will be harmony between your spirit and your emotions. Even though you are unfamiliar with the sciences and philosophies of mankind, you are acquiring spiritual wisdom. You receive my inspiration because of your spiritual vision and your gifts of intuition and revelation.

18. Before mankind accepts my law, there will be rumors of war. Prior to the reign of the Holy Spirit among humanity, mankind will become purified.

19. It is your responsibility to interpret the word given by the Divine Master during this era. Do not create any doctrines that will separate you from my divine teaching, because this is the universal doctrine that will unite everyone.

20. Be aware that you have the ability to control the flesh, enabling you to practice my teachings. You will be fulfilling the will of God if you practice love and charity, allowing your spirit to progress and to become enlightened.

21. I am leaving you responsible for these teachings. You will need to give them to others with the same purity you received them.

22. During this era I have come to invite you once again to follow the path of my law. The entire essence of my teachings can be summarized in the law which I previously gave you: "Love one another."

23. Learn to accept your ordeals. Behold that you are a nation of people who have never been disinherited, for you have always enjoyed my guidance and charity in one form or another.

24. Mary, your gentle Mother, also manifests herself through the human spokesmen in order to caress you and to strengthen you so that you will not become weary along your journey through earth.

25. Blessed is the spirit because it is able to perceive the face of its Father. Blessed are those who have achieved freedom of thought and have rejected religious traditions and beliefs to seek me. I have come to enlighten you with my teaching. Today, you are aware that the best way to worship the Father and to fulfill his law are through your deeds, your emotions, and the pureness of your heart. That is how you can achieve perfect communication with God. In that spiritual communion the child will say to the Father: Father, let your will be mine. The Father will then say to the child: Love one another, as I love you. The One who elevates himself in this manner will be able to listen to the Father's voice through his conscience. That voice will guide the heart and the spirit of anyone who is willing to listen to me. That communion with the Father will serve as a healing process for the spirit. The spirit is being purified and cleansed through its material body so that it can know its Divine Father and acquire spiritual wisdom.

26. That is why I have told you that what you learn on earth will help you along the path that guides the spirit to eternal life. When you depart from earth after fulfilling your mission having utilized my teachings, you will return to inspire virtue and goodness in the hearts of your brethren. You will be like the dew that falls in the morning flowers.

27. Feel the presence of the Lord in your spirit. Also, feel the supreme joy of dwelling in Him, because Jehovah, the Creator, dwells throughout the universe. Your joy should increase knowing that I have come once again to bring you new teachings. Unite your joy with the great joy felt by beings in the spiritual valley. Those beings have come to inform you that their world, although infinitely superior than yours, represents only one atom amidst a perfect universe.

28. You have not wasted these moments that you have spent with me, for your spirit has become enlightened with the wisdom of the Divine Master. If a voice within you tells you, "Master, I believe in you, for you do not only give wisdom to my spirit, but you also give me strength and hope to endure the suffering of this life", then truly I tell you that it is your spirit that has spoken.

29. Today you are learning to converse with me, saturating yourself with the spiritual meaning of my doctrine.

30. You need to fulfill my mandates during this period, because there will never be a better time. I leave you my legacy of love which will unite men with one another and with the Lord.

31. You ask me: Master, after the year 1950, who will guide us? And I respond: My word will guide you, which I will leave as a testament printed in books.

32. You will remain a while longer on earth to fulfill my orders. Soon I will depart, and I say to you, just as I told my apostles in the Second Era: "For now, you cannot go where I am presently going, but the time will come when you will also be able to go there".

33. To help you elevate spiritually, I have come to offer you words of comfort. Each word is a ray of light that comes to illuminate your mind, so that it may develop ideas and emotions that are worthy of your Father and of yourself.

34. The spiritualist will be recognized through the profound meaning of his simple and humble words.

35. The spiritualist will not seek to satisfy his own needs, instead he will think only of others. That disciple will help others, removing the void that exists in the heart of humanity. He will enlighten his brethren about the true God. Truly, it is easy to serve your brethren and to live in harmony with them.

36. The apostles of this doctrine will make humanity understand that it is not necessary to build luxurious temples and churches to pacify God for the sins that men commit.

37. Once man realizes that his spirit is more important than his material body, his worship to God will consist of the true flowers that originate from the eternal part of his being: his spirit.

38. There are some who will oppose the spread of spirituality, because they do not want their rituals, beliefs, and customs of many centuries to disappear.

39. I have not come to force mankind to accept my divine doctrine nor to instill fear. This doctrine will penetrate gently into the spirit and the heart of man through determination, truth, and justice.

40. Throughout the world men are seeking to understand and to explain the unusual events that are occurring in nature. They are occurring because all of nature is evolving.

41. Humanity has greatly evolved. There is a great difference between those who dwell on earth today and those who inhabited the earth in the past. Man will also attain great progress spiritually. He will be amazed when he compares it to the spiritual backwardness in which he once lived.

42. Prepare yourself for the upcoming struggle. Strengthen your faith and prepare your spirit to confront those who will come to battle you. I am still giving you my teaching to offer you some final recommendations and preparation.

43. I want you to be firmly convinced and to follow me until the end. You ask me: Master, do you perhaps doubt us? And then I ask you: Have you not promised many times in the past to follow me, but then lose faith when you confront an ordeal?

44. I do not impose any conditions nor demand any sacrifices from you. 1only make you aware that when you help your brethren, you are truly helping yourself. .

45. Share my teaching with your brethren, and practice as much charity as possible without receiving anything in return. Do not deceive anyone. If your deeds lack purity, it is now time to correct yourself. Trust the Divine Master.

46. There are times when you ask for my strength to help your brethren, knowing that you are also materially poor. Misery frightens you, and your heart weakens. You do not trust in me during those moments.

47. When you suffer you want it to quickly stop because it seems unbearable. This occurs because you have not yet attained perfection, for your spirit still needs to evolve. You do not believe that you need to experience purification. Also, you are unaware that many times suffering is only a teaching, preparing you to later on better understand those who suffer.

48. Take full advantage of your stay on earth. Accept your suffering with love, elevation, and patience so that you will be purified of your sins. When your suffering disappears and peace penetrates once again in your heart, cherish it forever. How you accept your suffering can be an example for others to follow. I want the spiritualist to confirm my doctrine with his deeds rather than with eloquent words. The spiritualist should always confirm his faith and his words with deeds of virtue.

49. Do not forget that when you request my help, I will have already prepared your divine path.

50. Do what your conscience tells you to do, so that when your judgement comes, you will be able to respond to each of your deeds. Do not expect any punishment from me, for I do not punish. If I were a punishing God, there would be no strength in my love. Each individual dictates his own judgement.

I have saved you many times from yourself, for it is you who carries the enemy of evilness, selfishness, and vanity within yourself.

51. You should now realize from my teachings that one lifetime is not sufficient time for a spirit to purify itself.

52. The time will come when you will become a teacher for your brethren. I will be with you to help you in your difficult moments.

53. You say to me: Father, blessed are you for coming to us when we were unable to go to you.

54. You lose awareness of the human spokesman through whom I manifest myself. Only my divine essence remains, nourishing your spirit during the moments of my communication.

55. You are well aware that the human spokesmen are not divine individuals. Rather, they are only instruments whom I use to transmit my message. That is why you allow your spirit to free itself from all material things to enjoy my spiritual presence.

56. Frequently, I speak to you about the true mission that is being fulfilled by the human spokesman. You need to know that he is limited in his ability to express and to. comprehend my word. You will .then be able to correctly analyze each of my teachings, correctly attributing the wisdom and essence contained in those teachings to God, rather that to the human spokesman. Also, you will be able to recognize when a spokesman has truly prepared himself for my manifestation. You will not commit an error by blaming God for the imperfections of the spokesman or attribute God's wisdom and power to those through whom he manifests himself.

57. I tell you this frequently, because you are in danger of worshiping the human spokesman that God has utilized for this manifestation.

58. If you disregard my, teaching concerning this, you will become greatly attached to the material practices in my manifestation. Thus, when the moment of trial arrives you will be unable to free yourself from your materialism. What moment of trial am I referring to? It refers to that day when I will no longer manifest myself in this manner.

59. Since that date is not a secret, everyone can prepare for it.

60. A large multitude of people witnessed my manifestation. They divided into numerous smaller groups which attended different houses of prayer for these manifestation. Nevertheless, I informed everyone in each house of prayer that this manifestation would cease in 1950.

61. Everyone knows that this communication will not continue indefinitely. Since the first days of my manifestation I informed everyone that I would only manifest myself through human spokesmen for a specific period of time.

62. Also, I informed you that man is destined to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit in the future. He will communicate with me directly and will not need to have a mediator.

63. I have manifested myself in houses of prayer where large multitudes have gathered, as well as in humble homes where a few disciples have gathered. I have manifested myself in large cities, as well as in provinces and small villages. You have the ability to progress along the path of spirituality. I have strengthened you with my teachings, so that when the decisive moment arrives to demonstrate your obedience, humility, and love to the Divine Master, you will know how to imitate him. If necessary, you will deny yourself and will renounce those things that had previously attracted you. You will be fully aware that renunciation represents a great step toward the path of spirituality for all of my people.

64. If you do not prepare yourself with these teachings and fail to recognize their importance, you will awaken painfully from your spiritual sleep. That painful awakening could occur on the day of my departure, or in the future.

65. I want to help you avoid the ordeals that can result from a disobedience, a wrong interpretation, or foolish behavior. However, if after having listened to my teachings and warnings, someone still believes that he is stronger and wiser and more worthy to rule than the Father, ignoring my teachings, then he will have dictated his own restitution. The magnitude of his fault will determine his restitution.

66. There will be a greater responsibility in those places (where my word flourished, because my teachings and doctrine provided greater enlightenment and understanding. Therefore, those places should set the best examples for others to follow, including their younger brethren, so that everyone will fulfill God's will.

67. Some will arrive from distant lands, and others from nearby regions, seeking this word that fills the human heart with peace. Do not ask humanity if it is true that I have manifested myself during this period. What would those who ignore my arrival and my new revelations be able to tell you? You carry my word deep within your heart, as well as its meaning and essence.

68. I summoned you and chose you. It was my will, and not an order dictated by men, that brought you to these humble homes of prayer to listen to my word. I have been waiting for you to come listen to my teachings because this manifestation is nearing its end. Some arrived early, greatly rejoicing, and others arrived late. But those who arrived late will know how to benefit from my teachings.

69. You were not brought to this path by chance. You belong to the spiritual people of Israel, the same multitude of people from the past, present, and future whom I have clothed with garments that only I can recognize. I am the Divine Father who carefully watches day and night over his beloved children, and I have come to summon you once again. I have come to let you know that spiritually you are the same ones whom I outlined the path of life and truth in the past.

70. Your present existence on earth is another opportunity that I have given to you to fulfill my laws and mandates. Time has passed, and today I have come to summon you through human spokesmen, whom I prepared for this manifestation.

71;,.Elijah manifested himself spiritually through the first spokesmen, followed by my manifestation. I have explained my revelations from the first two eras through those spokesmen. Also, I utilized those first spokesmen to prepare others who had the same mission. Thus, the number of spokesmen increased, allowing my voice to be heard in many regions.

72. Only three years remain before this manifestation comes to an end. Therefore, I am asking my spokesmen to truly prepare themselves to be able to transmit my inspiration with purity. Also, I ask them to listen to their conscience and to be aware that their task and my manifestation will both reach their highest level in the next three years. Thus, they will have to make sacrifices, if necessary, to keep themselves better prepared to transmit my communication.

73. Temptations will occur, but my spokesmen will not be by themselves, for I will send enlightened spirits to protect them.

74. Up to now humanity has not known how to communicate spiritually and directly with me. That is why I have always sent enlightened beings to earth through whom I have spoken to humanity. Why are you now surprised with this manifestation, if in the past I spoke to humanity through Moses and through the prophets? Many beings in the spiritual valley ask me to let them incarnate on earth in order to help their brethren who are stumbling. However, I have told them: My messengers are already on earth. They have already been designated and are disseminated throughout the world. They all form a part of my multitude, and they will need to offer evidence of their strength and spiritual elevation to their brethren.

75. You will not arrive before me with empty hands nor without a harvest, because you would feel unworthy of me.

76. Behold how men in different parts of the world and in different religions are awaiting my return. Listen to their prayers and pleas, asking me to return, and saying to me: Father, we have been waiting for you a long time and you have not arrived. We have endured great suffering, and you, our Savior, have not come to help us.

77. Disciples, awaken from you sleep so that you may tell humanity about my new teachings. I will then say to those who love me: Wait a few moments longer, because soon you will be able to feel my presence close to your heart.

78. Disciples, strengthen yourselves with my word. If at times you weaken after having greatly struggled with stubborn individuals, I will allow you to rest. Afterwards, you will arise with great inspiration. Live with serenity, but also be alert.

79. Make humanity believe in my new manifestation through your deeds of love. Practice charity, love, and virtue not only with your family but with all individuals. Open the doors of your home and allow those who are sick, needy, and sad to enter. Welcome them in your home with the same charity with which I have welcomed you in these houses of prayer.

80. Study and carefully analyze my teachings. It is not necessary to seek books written by man to learn about spiritual things. I am the book that you will need to study, and my spiritual world represents one of its pages. Learn from this book.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 194

1. My love is with you. Those of you who are on life's journey, come to this fountain; come and drink, oh anguished hearts, for you are thirsty and requesting my charity. Come rest in this shade provided by the tree of life and accept my charity.

2. Not all who come are weeping. Among the multitudes are those who come with gratitude for the blessings they have .received. In their hearts they tell me: Thank you, Father, for your infinite charity.

3. It is the Spirit of Eternal Love that is among you, the one who in the Second Era became man and dwelt among humanity, saving it from vice, sin, and darkness.

4. I am the same; time does not affect me. It is subject to my will. I have come to remind you of your past and to announce to you what will be the future.

5. I come to remind you of those words that I wrote in the heart of humanity . in the Second Era and of my bloody footprints on the road to Calvary that marked my path through the world.

6. In my word exists the honey that is able to sweeten your existence and remove the bitterness that has saddened your life in all times.

7. If previously you did not understand your purpose on earth, today you will become aware of your destiny and mission. Thus, you will no longer stain yourself.

8. Do not remain spiritually unprepared. The mission of every spirit is to evolve, to transform, and to continually grow in strength until it achieves perfection.

9. I have come to announce a new era in which man will progress spiritually. He will ascend a step higher on the path that leads to the top of the mountain. Not only is my word announcing to you the new era and telling you of the evolution and perfection of man, but the natural forces that surround you are explaining it through its language. But man does not want to hear nor understand. Planet Earth is evolving. In the future, it will become the home for beings who are more spiritually evolved and more perfect. Therefore, this dwelling will have to be in harmony with those beings who come to inhabit it.

10. Have you not noticed the signs in the elements - in the seasons, in the skies, on the land or the seas? Are you blind and do not see these signs of which I speak, or deaf because you do not hear their voices? Be aware of my prophecy, and announce it to humanity, as did the prophets in the past. Inform humanity that the earth will soon tremble as a tree blown by the wind in a hurricane. Thus the earth will tremble and leave only the leaves that have life on the branches of the tree. The dead leaves will have fallen and will be swept along by the whirlwind.

11. Those will be days of hardship for all mankind, and they will only find peace and refuge through prayer and the practice of virtuous deeds.

12. How beautiful it would be if a multitude of people were to arise on earth representing a haven of safety and peace and light for humanity amidst so much confusion and darkness! Would it not please you to become that multitude of people? The word that you are receiving will prepare you completely to guide and to offer strength to humanity during its ordeal.

13. My presence among you and the communication of my word have not come to you by chance. It is significant to say that you have been summoned to hear the voice that comes to open the new era in order that you will arise full of love and faith to record and spread the message received.

14. Once this doctrine with all of its purity and truth, begins to bear fruit on earth, humanity will seek it as does a thirsty and weary traveler looking for water in the middle of the desert.

15. Just because you have united to receive my divine messages does not mean that all of mankind is aware of this doctrine.

16. This multitude of people will make mistakes, be disrespectful, and experience much confusion and contradictions before it arises to spread my spiritual seed with,all of its original enlightenment and essence.

17. My disciples from the Third Era will fulfill their mission and offer me true worship when they are able to correctly interpret my word and offer testimony of my teachings through their deeds.

18. Spirituality has not yet been truly practiced by this multitude of people, because they have not eliminated their old customs and traditions. As long as they continue to mix material and external forms of worship with spiritual worship, they will not be able to fully perceive the truth of this work.

19.1 have reserved marvelous things in my sanctuary which I will give to the world through my new disciples, once they have prepared themselves.

20. I am waiting for these multitudes to become spiritualized. I have prepared, taught, and inspired them for a sufficient period of time. But up to now I have not seen the fruit that I await. Where is the harmony and brotherhood? Where is your obedience, humility, charity, and unselfishness?

21. This multitude of people is truly not yet prepared to teach spirituality to the world and is not worthy to offer testimony of my work!

22. I have told you that there is a spiritual hunger and thirst in humanity which can only be eliminated by a pure and simple doctrine, such as this one. Only this doctrine can save humanity and eliminate its anguish. Will my new disciples be able to save anyone, if these teachings are not presented with purity? For that reason, I will grant this multitude of people a period of time to prepare, to meditate, to pray, and to become spiritualized, once my communication comes to an end. Thus, when they arise to become messengers of my word, they will have become true disciples who are aware of their mission, offering true testimony.

23. The message that my new disciples will take to the world will offer comfort to mankind. Mankind will discover that every spirit is endowed with an abundance of gifts not known to humanity. Also, this message will reveal to mankind the communication from spirit to Spirit.

24. The true sowers of spiritualism will never be known because of their external or physical characteristics. They will not dress nor speak in any specific manner, nor will they have any specific features. Their deeds will be simple and humble. They will be known by their charity and spirituality.

25. The true teachers of spiritualism will be known by the wisdom and simplicity of their words, and especially by their deeds of truth and virtue, rather than their eloquent language.

26. Remember that while I was on earth I did not need eloquent language to capture the hearts of the multitudes. I knew how to reach them with love, truth, healing balsam, and wisdom. That is the example that I want you to remember and to imitate.

27. I do not want you to worship in material temples. This type of worship imprisons your spirit, preventing it from evolving and knowing the heavens.

28. Worship me through your life and not through material altars. Life does not have any limitations. It is beyond all religions, churches, and sects because it exists in the spiritual, eternal, and divine.

29. Disciples: Many of you have reached old age and have experienced many things in life. But now that you are receiving and listening to my new revelations, you confess that in the presence of my wisdom you are only beginning students.

30. You've had the opportunity to be on earth during this period and to witness my manifestation. This allows you to become faithful witnesses for the Spirit of Truth so you can teach my doctrine to the world.

31. This era of spiritual enlightenment will initially be one of great confusion. Men will ask many questions and experience profound doubts, uncertainties, and experience spiritual struggles. These events will signal mankind's awakening to spirituality.

32. I want all of my disciples to be ready and prepared for that period so they will be able to eliminate the darkness, bringing peace to mankind. You will observe that this spiritual doctrine will spread quickly, because it will touch the heart of everyone and ease human suffering.

33. During that period, life will change. Religions, morality, science, philosophy, and all human beliefs will undergo great changes. Man, finally knowing the true meaning of life, will attempt to fulfill my laws of love, justice, and charity.

34. Man will eventually understand that his kingdom is not of this world. He will become aware that his physical body is only an instrument utilized by the spirit for this world of restitution and ordeals. Man will also understand that life is one great lesson with marvelous forms and images, helping him to understand the lessons of life. If man takes advantage of those lessons, his spirit will evolve. He will understand the purpose for his struggles on earth.

He will also understand that suffering purifies, that knowledge enlightens, that love elevates, and that work dignifies.

35. Truly I tell you that if this life on earth was your only existence, I would not allow you to suffer. This would be unjust. However, those who excessively gratified themselves in the past are now suffering and weeping. The suffering will purify them and will make them worthy of dwelling in mansions that are more elevated.

36. In the Second Era, I came to teach mankind to live with love and purity on earth. Today, I have come to teach you to live with spirituality, thus preparing you for the future when you will dwell among enlightened beings in the spiritual valley.

37. Humanity: Only the physical body disintegrates after having fulfilled its mission on earth. The body is used as an instrument by the spirit. However, the spirit that lives inside the material body, as well as its intelligence, reason, free will, and emotions will never die, for it is immortal.

38. My beloved children, who are teaching others from different religions, I say to you that you need to teach men how to think and help them to meditate and to analyze. Rituals, forms, traditions, and external worship no longer satisfy the spirit. It is necessary to offer the spirit enlightenment, essence, and truth to make it feel secure along its path and not alone during its ordeals.

39. I observe different individuals who believe in me but are confused and are weak in their faith. They resemble ships that sail without a compass, travelers who journey without a star to guide them, and sheep that are without a shepherd.

40. I am giving you these teachings through some of your brethren, whom I have chosen from among the multitudes to transmit my message.

41. Today, there is a multitude of people who have gathered to listen to my word. In the outskirts of cities, the poor and humble houses of prayer have opened their doors so that people may hear the doctrine of the Father, Judge, and Divine Master.

42. Tomorrow, the indifference many have shown for this message will disappear, as well as the disinterest many expressed when they were initially informed of my new presence among humanity. Those who had rejected this manifestation will become interested in it. They will arise seeking testimonies, information, and evidence to affirm their faith.

43. I will let those individuals discover my footprints during this era. When they arrive before my presence, I will say to them: Welcome, my beloved people, and listen carefully to my word.

44. Love is what I have manifested during all eras, and today that I manifest myself through human spokesmen, I again manifest love.

45. This teaching today will allow you to comprehend the doctrine that I gave through Jesus in the Second Era, so that you will keep its essence in your heart and manifest it whenever necessary.

46. This word will be felt throughout the universe because everything is prepared for my spiritual communication with humanity. Mankind will offer testimony of my communication.

47. Your spirit has always sought me, and I have never left it alone. I have always been with you wherever you have gone. My love has accompanied you in every step you take in life.

48. I have sought you during each era, and I have observed that your spirit has always recognized me. It is now time for your spirit to rule over the weaknesses of its material body, thus making the body aware of its mission and the path it will need to follow in this period of grace.

49. I have summoned you, and I have been your teacher. In turn you will teach others about my doctrine. Soon this manifestation will come to an end. The time is nearing when God will no longer transmit his Divine Word through human spokesmen, but you will remain prepared to analyze my word and receive my inspiration.

50. I am speaking to your spirit, that was born from me. Since I created it, it belongs to me. I said to you in the past that my kingdom was not of this world, and today I say to you: Your kingdom is also not on earth. Your kingdom is beyond anything that dies, anything that changes, and beyond human comprehension.

51. This is the time that every spirit needs to be alert so it can awaken to the true life. I am not implying that you need to ignore those things that I have given you on earth, because while you live on earth you need to obey its laws. I only ask that you dedicate a single moment to me daily, doing at least one good deed for your brethren.

52. I bless you, and through you I bless all of my children.

53. Allow your spirit to rest on this day when all the congregations have gotten together. During the Second Era I selected my twelve disciples, but my word was for everyone who wanted to listen. During this era, I will also select those who will follow me, but I will allow my word to be heard by the large multitudes. This path and my teachings are for everyone, but not everyone will acknowledge it at the same time. Some will become aware of it first and others later. But you should never glance back.

54. Those who have formed a sanctuary in their heart are the ones who are following the Divine Master step by step.

55. The seed that I have presently come to give and teach you to cultivate is from your Father's mansion. You will be able to sow this seed in the human heart. However, my divine justice will first have to manifest itself, similar to a sickle, removing all the bad weeds from the fields. This will allow my seed to grow. The human heart will once again become a favorable field to sow my seed. You will then be able to discover my footprints, because neither humanity, sin, nor human passions have been able to erase them. My path will endure throughout the centuries and will remain pure for eternity.

56. Man will awaken from his deep sleep, Searching inwardly he will discover his spiritual self. He will listen to the voice of his conscience and discover my divine footprints which will guide him to my presence. You will need to spread my seed throughout the world. When you come before me to account for what you have sowed, I only ask for at least one seed that has produced good fruit. If you come empty handed, I will still welcome you because I am love and charity. Nevertheless, you still need to fulfill your mission. Do you know if the fields that you started to sow have again been invaded by weeds and plagues?

57. Thus, I want you to realize that when you hear my voice calling you, you should start immediately fulfilling your mission. Analyze what I have said, and you will agree that you alone determine the kind of harvest you will reap. Either you will experience peace and well-being or you will dictate your own restitution.

58. Although my word appear harsh at times, it comes from a loving Father. Behold how I extend my cloak of love to include everyone, without observing his faults.

59. Study my word and it will illuminate your spirit so that it can listen to the voice of the conscience. This is a time of grace and enlightenment that is reaching every individual.

60. I am the Christ who comes to lovingly surrender himself to each individual. Since you believe in this manifestation, you are aware of your brethren's suffering and thus pray for them. Remember, I want to dwell in each heart.

61. Much human blood has been shed on earth during this period! Behold how my children, in their immense suffering, seek and summon me in a variety of ways. They intuitively know that the time has come for my messengers to establish peace throughout the world.

62. Every religion is waiting to witness the miracle of my return within its own congregation and church, according to its beliefs.

63. I say to those of you who believe in my manifestation, who know how to communicate with me, and who are saved: You are the ones chosen to take this message of love to your brothers.

64. Behold that men have not found a solution to their conflicts in their human laws and in their churches. They feel that they are surrounded by an atmosphere of darkness.

65. Pain has the strength to detain man along his reckless path. It will make him think of me and to begin listening to my voice, just as you also began to perceive me spiritually, rather than materially. Today, I have chosen you to take these teachings to your brethren. These teachings should be given to those who lack spiritual evolution, as well as, those who are prominent and distinguished on earth.

66. The one listening to the teachings will only be initially surprised. He will remember that before the Messiah arrived during the Second Era, his arrival had been previously announced by the prophets, similar to how my arrival during this era was announced. Jesus spoke of my arrival during this era and the signs that would signal it.

67. Since all those signs have been fulfilled, men will become convinced. This is the light of the Holy Spirit which has illuminated man throughout the eras, because the divine light has always existed, does exist, and will always exist.

68. Once again, my truth will have to battle human ignorance. Idolatry, fanaticism, and mysticism all originate from that ignorance. The mystic is a hypocrite, the fanatic is blind, and the idolater is materialistic.

69. I will illuminate those who are in a state of great confusion and darkness, helping all spirits to attain great enlightenment and purity.

70. The development and evolution of a spirit will never be detained because all beings are subject to the law of perfection.

71. When a spirit is not evolving along its path in life, it is due to the influence of the flesh. It will have to make up for that lost time during future incarnations. Behold that if I judge you, it is a judgement of love, and you should never defy my justice. Always practice deeds of love with your brethren, and you will feel peace when you penetrate into the spiritual kingdom. If death arrives, your spirit should not become disturbed because death exists only for the flesh, as it enters into a tranquil sleep in the tomb.

72. Go in peace to the spiritual mansion knowing that the Era of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, has come to reign among mankind.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 195

1. My beloved disciples, listen to my teaching.

2. You are receiving my teachings through the human spokesmen whom I inspire. As you listen to my word, you recognize that it is filled with virtue, healing balsam, and regeneration. You can also visualize the life of a spirit in the essence of my word.

3. The Divine Master is pleased that you are listening to his teachings, but to truly please him you need to fulfill your mission and thus settle your debt. It is the same debt that you have had throughout the eras on earth. That is why, although my words are gentle, I am reminding you that you need to settle your debt. Thus, within the love and essence pf my teachings, you will find a mandate and a law that you need to obey.

4. Your mind sometimes becomes confused, and it rebels against fulfilling that debt. This occurs because only the spirit is aware of your debt. But if the spirit chooses to satisfy itself with material things, it will go astray.

5. I want my disciples to have strong convictions and faith. They should not be like those who say they follow me and believe in me, yet regret leaving their material riches behind, fearing my divine path when it becomes difficult to follow. Some pretend to be my disciples, but have not yet become true disciples.

6. Do not expect to find this path filled with roses, for it is filled with thorns. It is the same path that Jesus followed, a path that leads to Calvary.

7. My word will guide you so that you will not stumble.

8. This is the era in which all individuals and all spirits will receive my enlightenment. The different religions and doctrines on earth will become fully enlightened. Although your brethren have not listened to this word, you will be amazed at their spiritual progress.

9. Pray for world peace, and be aware that my charity has spared this nation from war.

10. Truly I tell you that despite your love and admiration for my word, you have not recognized its true value. Future generations will become astonished with my word and will greatly respect and admire my teaching that will be written in books.

11. Those of you who are now before me are from different religions and were spiritually asleep. Although all religions represent paths that lead to the Divine Father, I have come once again to reveal the shortest path.

12. My beloved children, be content and live in peace.

13. The moment is approaching when I will no longer give you my teaching, a beautiful teaching that you have received through human spokesmen for many years. If you are spiritually prepared nothing will surprise you, and the enemies of my work will discover that my disciples have an invincible faith. I want you to be absolutely certain that you are not alone. I am always near each of my children.

14. Today, a strength emerges from deep within ycur being that makes you arise to my divine work. It is your conscience that speaks to you.

15. In the material world, the law dictates how man should behave.

16. In the spiritual world, universal love is my law. This law manifests itself in the air that you breathe, in the planets that revolve around earth, and throughout creation.

17. Everything lives in harmony with that law. The animals on earth live within that law, although they are unaware of it. They are born on earth, and they will die there.

18. Why does man, whom I endowed with intelligence, free will, spiritual enlightenment, and a conscience, frequently separate himself from the path outlined by my law? It is because some individuals forget about the Divine Father, whereas others have developed an erroneous concept Of God. They have limited God under the false images created by man, forgetting that I am essence and power, and that everything in the universe is under my will.1 The power of God is manifested throughout creation. When man, in good faith, attempts to analyze creation, he will gaze at a seed and become truly amazed at the mystery of that seed. He sees it emerge from the soil as a plant, studies its different species, and observes that even though each specie is different, all plants are nourished by the same soil.

19. The seed is a symbol of life, multiplication, transformation, and evolution. If one can see the image of the Creator in just a small creature, what will happen when one studies man, the cosmos, or the spirit?

20. Behold that there is no specific form when you visualize God. I am everywhere. I exist in the spiritual, in the eternal, and throughout nature. I am the life, the universe, and the light. I am the solution for all the ills that man encounters.

21. In the spiritual kingdom there is a remedy for the ills that trouble a spirit, similar to how on earth man has remedies for his physical illnesses. If man were to carefully analyze the spiritual and material kingdom, he would discover the Father's infinite perfection manifesting itself in both kingdoms. Your curiosity and imagination sometimes goes beyond that which pertains to earth. You want to know if there are beings in other planets and if they live and evolve similar to people on earth. Study and practice my teaching, and when the time is appropriate, you will find the answer. It is man's right to remove that veil of mystery through his own merits. It is his responsibility to continue along his path of evolution and to become aware of my will so he can, enlighten his brethren. Truly I tell you that it is impossible for man to ascend to that level without stumbling along the way. For the human mind to grasp and to spiritually comprehend my teachings, it is necessary to ascend gradually.

22. That is why I have allowed man to evolve spiritually one step at a time.

23. Man attains enlightenment from his great ordeals and thus makes new discoveries that help humanity to progress. However, man forgets that all of his progress is attributed to someone that is much more powerful than him, and that he receives enlightenment from the Creator. It pleases me to see man progress scientifically. But truly I tell you that you should work more for your spirit than for your material body. That is why I am giving you a revelation that will help you truly understand the physical being and the spiritual being. This simple revelation contains the wisdom to help man live a better life.

24. You will not perceive that life with your physical eyes. However, you can inform future generations of these teachings.

25. Today, you only perceive wars, proclaiming that they are punishment from God. I have previously taught you that God, who is your Father, does not punish. Mankind is responsible for the events that occur.

26. What has caused the fury of nature's elements? Nature's catastrophes have been caused by man's lack of harmony with nature.

27. Man will realize that his spirit is subject to evolution. He will also become aware of his spiritual progress or backwardness, and will seek the means to achieve true progress. He will realize that he should not live only to satisfy his own needs nor should he only acknowledge the material life.

28. He will begin to seek my law, the one that I gave to humanity since the time of Moses. Thus, through his own analysis, man will become familiar with the doctrine that I have brought to humanity during this period realizing that it is universal.

29. My beloved children, unite with one another. Share this knowledge that you are acquiring with your brethren. Do not only unite in these houses of prayer, but go to the countryside and to the mountains. I will manifest myself in all places.

30. Man has named this age, the age of enlightenment. However, I say to you: Do not refer to it in that manner only because of mankind's inventions and discoveries. It is an age of enlightenment because the light of the Holy Spirit has been shed upon every being, thus opening a path for humanity that will lead it to a more spiritual and superior life.

31. My present teachings will help future generations to evolve spiritually and mentally. Their ability to comprehend and analyze will be highly developed.

32. I have come with these words of enlightenment so you can spiritually prepare the new generations.

33. Study this teaching and practice it. Thus, you will have peace in your heart, eloquence in your words, and conviction in what you say.

34. Beloved disciples of the Divine Master, come to me.

35. I have come once again because you have summoned me and because you are eager to become spiritually prepared.

36. Humanity has made a tradition to remember those who have departed from earth during specific days. Man has tried to imagine where those beings dwell and how they live. Man wants eternal peace for them. He believes that they are seated at the right hand of God, enjoying his grace. That is far from the truth. I have revealed the truth about spiritual life to those who have listened to my teachings. Although you will observe that humanity has many different beliefs concerning spiritual life, remain spiritually united with everyone. Be content knowing that everyone feels a spiritual unity.

37. The time will come when you will be able to open this book that I have given you and reveal it to your brethren, thus spreading these revelations among humanity.

38. The final destination of every spirit is to unite with God, after it becomes purified and attains perfection. That is why I fill your path with enlightenment and give strength to your spirit, so that you may ascend step by step. The mansion that you will inhabit in the spiritual valley will be determined by your level of spiritual elevation when you depart from earth, because the universe was created as a school of perfection for the spirit.

39. Once you have finished your mission on earth and have no reason to return, your spirit will go to inhabit another mansion. There you will pray and work for the peace and progress of mankind.

40. You will penetrate step by step into my secret sanctuary. As your spirit enters it, it will feel a greater yearning for righteousness and virtue. This will bring the spirit even closer to the Divine Father.

41. Those beings who find themselves wandering and lost in the spiritual valley, struggling to attain enlightenment in a superior world, are those who cling to their memories of life on earth. They still feel attracted to the material things of earth. Thus, they have to battle between two forces which attract them, the spiritual and material forces.

42. Pray for those beings, for they have not yet acquired sufficient enlightenment and strength to separate themselves from the material things of earth. Continue to pray for those beings. But do not be concerned with other beings who have triumphed over the material world and death. They belong to worlds that are totally different. The experience they acquire along their journey is converted into spiritual enlightenment which they will use to help their brethren on earth. They are your guardian angels. They assist you, and they work to help mankind. Love them, and remember them.

43. In the spiritual world there is also a large number of spiritual beings that do not know where to go, what to do, nor what to think. They are the ones who have recently departed from earth and have not yet experienced an awakening of their spiritual gifts and powers. Pray for them, because your spiritual voice will echo in their spirits and will help them to awaken. It will enable them to discover the path that Jesus outlined on earth with his teachings and with the blood that he shed on the cross.

44. Although the world weeps for their loved ones who have departed from earth, there can be no mourning for those who are familiar with the spiritual life. Instead they rejoice, for they are aware that those who have departed from earth have achieved freedom by having separated from their physical bodies and are in the path of spiritual peace and perfection.

45. I say to you: Do not be in a hurry to enter the spiritual valley to journey along the path that will guide you toward spiritual perfection. One should aspire for that perfection while he is on earth. Despite experiencing bitter and difficult moments on earth, you have the opportunity to progress spiritually. If you practice deeds of love on earth, your spirit will begin to progress.

46. The material body is only a temporary garment for the spirit. The spirit will be given as many material bodies as are necessary for its evolution, experiences, and restitution. The one who still does not understand this law of divine justice is a beginning student.

47. You would not be spiritualists if you doubted the law of reincarnation, for it is a basic knowledge that is being revealed to many. This knowledge confirms the belief of those who have had a premonition or intuition about reincarnation. In this law there clearly exists reason and justice.

48. Whoever has faith in this teaching and arises to explain it will teach others that the flesh is only a garment for the spirit. The body helps the spirit to evolve, for it provides the necessary means through which the spirit can manifest and purify itself. The inner battle between the spirit and the flesh, and good and evil, provides an opportunity for the spirit to achieve merits. The suffering of the flesh, and its unfulfilled harmful desires, serve to purify the spirit. This experience, although apparently bitter, will help the spirit to attain enlightenment. I am not implying that suffering is necessary for purification. Numerous beings are now with me who have been purified by love without having experienced pain!

49. However, it is man's destiny to suffer and to ascend the mountain carrying his cross until he attains his salvation. Although one may endure many hardships with his physical body, he should not despise his body for that reason. Instead, he should love his material body, for it reflects the power of God. Man is responsible for his physical body. He needs to take care of it and to guide it until I ask you to give me an account of what you have done with it. I have told you to love your physical body. That does not mean to become vain or selfish. I want you to also love your spirit, which represents the most elevated and noble part of your being. Your spirit is a part of the Divine Father. Although your spirit may be blemished or in a state of darkness, cherish it because it will never cease to carry a spark of my Divinity. That spark is the conscience which will always remain pure because my presence will always be there. However, if you ignore the voice of your conscience, your spirit will not progress and its arrival to the Divine Father will be delayed.

50. Although my words and my deeds may appear to contradict one another, there is no contradiction. I have told you that God is pure and perfect and that your spirit is similar to the Divine Father. However, when the spirit stumbles, yielding to the desires of the flesh and thus detaining itself along its path of evolution, it begins to doubt its similarity to the Creator. It considers itself unworthy and impure. Although the Father's presence and grace are always with it, the spirit is unable to feel them.

51. Work to help your spirit evolve. Why fear death? However, do not leave anything pending so that you will not have to return to earth to settle debts and previous mistakes.

52. Do not let a day pass without having done one good deed. Thus, you will be helping your spirit to progress.

53 . Do not assume that your life is predetermined by God, and that if you suffer or are happy, it was meant to be. I have said to you that one will harvest what he sows. But listen carefully, for there will be times when one will gather his harvest immediately, and on other occasions one will have to wait to gather his harvest during a future lifetime. Analyze what I have said and you will eliminate much of the confusion and misinterpretations about my justice.

54. Understand what I have said and let there be no doubt in your heart. Behold that I will have to teach humanity through you. However, if you feel that you are unable to explain such profound mysteries to your brethren, I will still speak through your lips. Although you may lack eloquence with words, the greatness of my divine teachings will not be concealed.

55. A spirit that becomes aware of the path that it has to follow will no longer be able to separate from it. It will be able to depart from this world and enter into others without separating from the path signaled by its conscience. A spirit that is weak and unprepared will experience ordeals in this world as it will in other mansions. It will lack knowledge and enlightenment and be unable to ascend. While that spirit is in a disturbed state, mankind will be able to feel its negative influence. In contrast, those spirits that were able to ascend and to achieve a higher level of spirituality will leave a positive influence for their brethren. Those spirits have become teachers in the heavens because of their elevation.

56. Imitate the latter. Aspire for a world that strives to practice love and to get closer to the Divine Father. You were born from the Divine Father and can never be separated from him.

57. I offer my grace to all spirits, but not all accept it. The one who is thirsty for love should drink from the divine water that I offer, for I possess an eternal fountain of water that will quench your thirst.

58. The lost individual should elevate his gaze to perceive my ray of enlightenment and use it as his guide. The one who feels naked can cover himself with the cloak of my forgiveness and charity. Whoever has doubts should prepare himself, and I will reveal my wisdom to him. If one is sad, he should come to me and I will give him everything that he needs. Once he drinks from my chalice of love, his faith will become strengthened.

59. Pray for those who are suffering on earth, and those who appear to be abandoned will receive my blessings.

60. I am the "Divine Word", listen to me.

61. Deep in your heart you have many questions. You ask me: Lord, have we not fulfilled your mandates? Have we not helped humanity? Instead of understanding you, are we confused and also confusing others?

62. No, my children. I am still here among you so that through my teachings I can correct you and prevent you from committing errors. Once you have become spiritually strong, you will no longer have any doubts nor be confused.

63. Spiritually you are no longer children, because this is not the First Era nor the first time that you have dwelt on earth. The light from the Sixth Seal, which illuminates you in this era, is not the only one that has illuminated you throughout your existence. You are spirits who have evolved traveling through the long path of evolution that will guide you toward perfection. Therefore, do not become confused. You should rejoice that the Lord is among you, because this indicates that you are now able to obey him and to comprehend his teachings.

64. During the First Era the people of Israel were held captive in Egypt, a nation where idolatry and paganism reigned. I allowed my people to live and to multiply among the gentiles to offer evidence of my existence and my power through a nation of people who believed in the invisible God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

65. When their suffering, sorrow, and slavery reached the highest level, I made a man who was anointed with my grace and whom I inspired arise from among the Israelites. I said to him: Go to your people and save them, for they have become weary from their labor, chains, and humiliation. Rescue them from the Pharaoh's bondage and set them free. Take the road that leads to Canaan and guide them through the desert. When this nation of people reaches the land that I have promised you, I want them to worship me in a manner that is worthy of my Divinity. That man was Moses.

66. How was Moses able to rescue a nation of people from the Pharaoh? Did he, perhaps, give weapons to his people? No, his weapon was the faith that he had in the Lord.

67. When the Pharaoh denied the requests made by Moses, which I had ordered, I demonstrated to him that my justice and power were greater than his stubbornness and disbelief. Ten times he ignored what I ordered, and ten times Egypt suffered great ordeals, eventually softening his hardened heart and yielding to my orders.

68. Moses gathered his people and traveled across the desert to the slopes of Mount Sinai, knowing that on that mountain he would meet with the Lord. While the people awaited the return of Moses, he elevated himself in prayer to receive the tablets of the law from Jehovah that would govern humanity. The obedient servant received that divine revelation through his conscience.

The Lord also prepared Moses to dictate laws on his own, based on the ten commandments, that would serve to guide humanity. After struggling and suffering greatly in the desert, the people finally reached their destiny, the promised land. There they built their homes, worked in the fields and gardens, formed their families and worshiped the Lord. To fulfill both the spiritual laws and their material obligations on earth, they developed only one form of worship to the God who had offered them so much evidence of his love and his mercy. But their spiritual worship was far from perfect. Their offerings and tributes were material, and their sacrifices consisted of blood from innocent animals. They lacked morality and justice when judging one another. The law of retaliation ruled, ah eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. When a woman was caught committing adultery, the law condemned her to die and she was stoned to death in the outskirts of the city.

69. Why did the Father permit this to happen? Because humanity was taking its first spiritual steps during that period.

70. Time passed. I accepted those first fruits from your fields and your harvest, as well as the blood from the innocent victims that were offered to me in the altar.

71. The traditions for those people were deeply rooted. Who was going to tell them that their traditions, their laws, and their form of worship were going to change? It was not Moses nor the prophets who changed their traditions and customs. Moses only guided them to initiate the path that they needed to follow, and the prophets only prophesied. It was the promised Messiah, the Divine Master, who came to awaken the people from their sleep. The Divine Master did not reject any of the commandments given to Moses. He came to eliminate the traditions and the impure forms of worship that were practiced by those people during that period, and to open a new era of wisdom and enlightenment that would change the life of humanity.

72. I did not change the law, only the manner in which it was practiced.

73. Those people had passed, spiritually, from infancy into adolescence. I then allowed them to taste some unknown fruits and also removed their veil of ignorance. My words were a single law condensed into one phrase, "Love one another."

74. I announced and promised that I would return as the Holy Spirit, because I did not reveal everything in the Second Era. Furthermore, you were unable to comprehend and correctly interpret those things which I had revealed during that era. Therefore, it was necessary for the Spirit of Truth to return to give you these new revelations.

75. In 1866, my voice was heard for the first time through human spokesmen and a new era opened for humanity, the Third Era.

76. The human spirit passed from its spiritual adolescence into its youth. More time will need to pass before it reaches complete maturity and its fruits become perfect.

77. The doctrine of Christ was spiritual, but man surrounded it with rituals and symbols allowing those who lacked spiritual evolution to comprehend his doctrine.

78. You have entered into the era of the Spirit, an era of great revelations. All materialism, imperfection, and deceit will disappear from man's worship of God. During this era every being will acknowledge God, who is completely Spirit, and through that path man will learn to communicate with God from spirit to Spirit.

79. Since I first communicated in this manner, you have tried to understand the greatness of this work, but you have not yet truly understood its greatness nor its final outcome.

80. Who can say that he truly understands this doctrine and practices it in a perfect manner? No one can say that. You are still far from attaining spiritual perfection.

81. My law and my work are symbolized through Jacob's ladder, which man gradually climbs step by step. The higher he climbs, the better he will be able to perceive the Divine Father.

82. As the year 1948 begins, the first of the final three years in which I will manifest myself in this manner, I want you to arise and to be strong. Practice those things that the Divine Master has taught you. Thus, on the day of my departure, you will be able to offer the Lord tribute through your spiritual elevation and love. It will be a worthy tribute to God who has come for a long period during this era to give you his teachings.

83. If you achieve that preparation, I will summon the world. Through your words and deeds you will be able to offer testimony to others that I was among you and spoke to you through human spokesmen.

84. Are you aware of the obstacles? Have you not seen the darkness that surrounds you, sometimes preventing you from perceiving the light from the shining candlestick, which represents the Sixth Seal?

85. Do not disobey the human laws. Heal those who are ill with prayer, with my word, and with my healing balsam. A new era of spirituality and virtuous deeds opens before you. Scientists will not ridicule you, human justice will not penalize you, and religions will acknowledge your spiritual power.

86. You introduced symbols into your worship, but you need to separate yourself from them because that form of worship belongs to the past. The way to worship now and in the future is to communicate with God from your spirit to his Spirit.

87. The moment of my departure is approaching. Although it has been quiet during my manifestation in this era, after I depart the news of my arrival will spread throughout the world. People from everywhere will come with curiosity to examine those places where the Lord manifested himself. They will ask questions about the human spokesmen and about the books that were written. When these people arrive, how will you welcome them? Do not present yourselves disunited or in a state of disharmony. Do not present a home that is filled with quarrels, a matrimony without love, or children who are disobedient and disrespectful. Do not cause disappointment by having failed to fulfill your spiritual and material responsibilities. What would those individuals think if they discovered that you lacked spiritual elevation? How would they react if they found you practicing fanaticism and idolatry?

88. Be aware, my people, that the time is approaching when false prophets, false christs, new churches, and new workers will appear. Therefore, you need to be alert and to pray.

89. Fulfill everything that the Father has asked you to do, for his justice is near at hand. This is not a threat nor a sentence, only a warning. Remember that my justice is loving and perfect.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 196

1. Here is the Father who has come to manifest himself to this multitude of people who have summoned me many times throughout the eras, proclaiming to love me. I observe that you are crying. Your faces are filled with tears. However, they are not tears of love for God but tears of sorrow because your lives are filled with bitterness. It is not a cross that you carry, but rather a heavy burden which you can no longer support. This has occurred because you forgot my teachings, closed my book, and ignored its mandates.

2. Oh my people, who listen to this word, there is not only disagreement among the nations of earth, but also there is disagreement among this multitude. Have you forgotten that in 1931 you swore unification and obedience before the ark of the new covenant? You are doing what you want instead of fulfilling the will of the Father. But I will eliminate your traditions and imperfect laws so that mankind,will know my work and fulfill my law. I will touch all vanity, pride, and corruption with my justice. All those who consider themselves noble and great will disappear from among this multitude and only those who are my true disciples and servants will remain. If any individual wants to arise from this multitude to stop my divine work, it is best that he be removed from earth.

3. The year 1947 is coming to an end, and on its last day it is necessary for you to become truly committed to fulfilling your mission. Otherwise, it will be my justice that will make you recognize the path that you need to follow.

4. Do you not want this teaching to become known by humanity? Truly I tell you that some individuals, instead of helping it to progress, have prevented the spreading of my doctrine. I am preparing humanity to become familiar with this revelation and to receive it in the same pure manner that you have received it.

5. If someone is dissatisfied with possessing a branch of enlightenment from the divine tree, return it to me. It is best for me to take that branch rather than to allow it to fall into error. The Father tells you this because I observe that some houses of prayer have shut their doors to charity, and I find those who are needy and spiritually asleep weeping.

6. Servants of my work: Listen to my mandates and fulfill them, for man can not detain your work. I have entrusted you with a portion of my divine plan. No one can prevent my plan from being fulfilled if you present my work free of mysteries and confusion. You need to become spiritually prepared during these last three years of my communication. Stubborn individuals refusing to acknowledge my work will arrive by the year 1950, but they will yield and acknowledge the Lord after having witnessed the greatness of my manifestation and the purity of your deeds. Although only a short period remains for this manifestation, it is enough time to eliminate all the materialism and fanaticism in your worship. My doctrine is spiritual and that is why you are called spiritualists. But have you carefully analyzed what it means to be a spiritualist? Do you think it is right for one to preach about spiritualism and contradict his words with his negative deeds?

7. If you take advantage of this enlightenment that I offer you, you will truly observe the greatness and purity of my work!

8. The leaders of each congregation will determine whether its people will arise to fulfill my mandates. Even when my golden pens stop writing, I will leave my words permanently printed in the conscience of my people. Once you achieve a higher level of spiritual evolution, you will become amazed at the miracles I will perform among you. You will not suffer once my manifestation comes to an end, because you will feel my presence near you. Your spiritual gifts will develop more when I cease to manifest myself through human spokesmen. You will develop great faith and experience much joy, because I will manifest myself to you through inspiration, intuition, prophetic dreams, and spiritual vision. You will rejoice when you help the ill become healed with your words.

9. The spiritual world, attaining greater enlightenment and spiritual power daily, will be the protector and faithful guardian of this nation of people so that all can fulfill their mission on earth. Whether you have a material body or not, I only perceive everyone as a spirit.

10. You are being illuminated by the light from the Sixth Seal, offered through my charity during this period. In the past I sent Jesus, my divine son. He is the only one who has fulfilled my mandates on earth and who has obeyed the will of the Father. I sent him to convert men into his disciples so that by imitating the Divine Master they would glorify the Father. I sent Jesus to earth, and He gave you life, but remember how you treated him. I have come once again, not in human form, but as the Holy Spirit.

11. Take advantage of my charity and become spiritually enlightened, thus enabling your heart to become sensitive. Allow your spirit to practice humility, obedience, and allow it to become my disciple. Believe in these teachings that I give you through human spokesmen and prepare yourself to perceive their truth and to feel their essence.

12. The spokesmen through whom I manifest myself are truly not perfect. But I have chosen them to carry out my plans and to fulfill my promise to return among you. However, this manifestation will end in 1950 so that a more elevated, pure, and spiritual manifestation can flourish. That communication will be from spirit to Spirit, allowing you to communicate directly with the Divine Father. Thus, there will be no need for intermediaries, and you will be able to receive infinite inspiration directly from the Father.

13. But for now be content listening to me in this manner, and prepare yourself so that you can enter into the new era of my communication. Analyze my word and nourish yourself with its essence. Allow your spirit to elevate itself in order to communicate with me and thus quench its spiritual thirst.

14. Do not detain yourself by judging the spokesman through whom I manifest myself, nor attempt to argue why he was chosen for this mission.

Only I know his past, and only I am aware of his destiny in this delicate mission. For some, this mission is very special and elevated, whereas for others it represents a great ordeal and restitution.

15. Everyone can serve me and effectively utilize the time that I have given them. Your mission is to detain evil, to cleanse the path for future generations, and to set the foundation for a humanity that will love me and fulfill my will.

16. During all eras I have come to give you an opportunity to work in order to help you progress and evolve spiritually. I have given you my teachings, and all that you need to help you ascend closer to the Divine Father. But many individuals, after departing from earth and returning to the spiritual valley, have analyzed their lives and discovered that they were unproductive. Then they ask me for another opportunity to fulfill their spiritual mission so that they can restore their dignity and grace. I have granted their request and thus they are allowed to return to earth to lead a more spiritually productive life.

17. I have endowed every spirit with free will and intelligence so that it will follow the right path and avoid those obstacles and temptations that constantly threaten it. I have allowed good and evil to exist so that man, out of love for me and respect for himself, will voluntarily choose to separate himself from all evil and triumph over it. If there was only one path to follow, and man was unconsciously guided by the laws of nature to follow it, he would fulfill his mission as do all things throughout nature that lack free will. But man would achieve no merits if he followed the path of righteousness without using his free will. Thus, there would be no struggle, no aspirations, and no experiences for his spirit. However, I outlined a path of evolution for man and placed him there at the beginning, so that through his own effort he would evolve and become familiar with that path. That path is the only way he can ascend to the Divine Father.

18. Take my teaching to your brethren. Do not deceive your brethren with erroneous interpretations nor imitate the bad deeds of my disciples. If you have the spiritual gifts and graces, to guide your brethren and to heal their afflictions, do not conceal your gifts. Allow your spirit to speak utilizing its past experiences, and thus you will be fulfilling your mission on earth.

19. You will rescue the lost sheep and help me, the Divine Shepherd, to congregate all of them in the sheepfold. Thus, you will have achieved the merits that I requested for your spiritual evolution.

20. As this new day begins, many elevate themselves in prayer to pray for those whom they believe are dead. I say to you that it is good to remember them, to remember them with gratitude, love, and admiration. However, it is wrong for you to cry believing that they are dead and lost forever. If you could observe them during those moments in which you cry, you would become amazed at the enlightenment and surroundings in which they live.

You would then say: Truly it is they who are alive, and we who are dead.

21. Is it not true that you are confused if you cry in the presence of a dead physical body, forgetting that the spirit is still alive?

22. Also I should inform you, instead of traditionally dedicating one day of the year to those who have departed to the spiritual valley, you should instead remain always united with them through the bond of prayer. Then you will always feel the presence of this person because although deceased he is very spiritually alive and continues to help you throughout your life. In your struggles, in your ordeals, and in your happy moments, those beings have the opportunity to work with you in your deeds and noble tasks, thereby acquiring 5 more enlightenment.

23.1 said in the past to let the dead bury their dead. If you analyze my words " carefully and with love, you will realize that my words spoke the truth.

24. Everyone carries in his heart and visually remembers the last physical image of his loved ones. The one who departed in childhood, you remember as a child; the one who departed the world in old age, you remember as old and weakened by physical suffering. It is important to meditate on the difference that exists between that which is physical and that which is spirit i! so that you can understand that when someone dies, the spirit is indeed born to another life. The spirit will no longer be able to perceive the light of the world, but will contemplate the divine light illuminating its eternal life.

25. I once told you that man was idolatrous because of his inclination for the material. He offers proof of his idolatry in his worship of the dead. But my doctrine, similar to a sunrise that illuminates the earth with infinite beauty, has enlightened your life. My doctrine will eliminate the darkness, ignorance, and confusion in your life. My doctrine, which is enlightenment, ascends toward the heavens like a divine star. That beautiful light of enlightenment will illuminate your spirit. It will prepare you and safely guide you to a more spiritually elevated life.

26. You will no longer cry in anguish for those who have departed to a better world. Neither will you be one who, being in spirit, cries for those remaining on earth. You will also no longer yearn for your physical body that you utilized on earth.

27. There are those beings who suffer and experience grief upon contemplating the disintegration of their beloved bodies. However, you should elevate a hymn of praise to the Creator because your mission on earth has come to an end.

28. Today I have come to forgive all of your mistakes. Also, I have come to reveal one page from the divine book of life in order to illuminate your spirit and mind. Thus, you will be able to fulfill deeds that are worthy of the One who has been your teacher.

29. You are incurring a great responsibility with humanity, because your : responsibility will increase with each additional teaching that I give you. You are destined to speak to the world about spirituality. I will use you to teach humanity the perfect way to communicate with me, my Spirit with your spirit, without practicing rituals nor idolatry.

30. This holy seed, which I have sowed in your heart, will be the bread that you will share with your brethren and the spiritual heritage that you will leave to your children.

31. When I told you to love one another, not only was I referring to your brethren on earth, but also to those in other mansions. Today I tell you that when you remember those who have departed to the spiritual valley, do not assume that they are distant from you and unconcerned with those remaining on earth. You need to continue to love and to remember them. Do not think of them as being dead but as being alive. Although they dwell in the spiritual valley, they remain close to you.

32. Truly I tell you that you are the people of Israel who have journeyed throughout the three eras. Nevertheless you have not yet fulfilled the mandate given to you since the beginning of time. You have not become spiritualized because you still weep when a loved one departs from earth, believing that he is dead.

33. That is why I have come to enlighten those who dwell on earth because they need it more than those who have departed to the spiritual valley. You are the ones who are truly dead, whereas they live in the valley of eternal life.

34. I allow those beings to be in your presence when you elevate yourself spiritually during prayer. However, I say to you: Do not remember them in their physical form because they are now spirits of light.

35. Do not cling to the traditions that mankind follows, rejecting the grace that I am offering you in this era. Behold that while you can fail to effectively utilize your time on earth, spirits continue to progress in the spiritual valley.

36. Triumph over the passions of your physical body and utilize this opportunity on earth to achieve spiritual freedom and elevation. Remember that I will summon you to return to the spiritual valley, and that you have to fulfill the law of evolution. Upon departing from earth, your spirit will observe how its material body disintegrates and returns to the soil.

37. If you do not want to be spiritually confused when it is time to penetrate into the spiritual valley, continue to progress spiritually. Achieve merits while you are on earth, help mankind to live in harmony, pray and work for peace among nations, and offer charity and love to your brethren.

38. There are those who say to me: Lord, if you are an Omnipotent God, offer me proof of your power. I then respond in the following manner: When you speak in that manner it indicates your lack of spiritual evolution because I can disintegrate the earth anytime I desire.

39. -T have come so that your spirit can become aware of me. It will be your spirit that will recognize my essence and ascend to the Father. I also forgive the weaknesses of your material flesh.

40. Purify yourself so that your spirit will be in harmony with its material body, and thus through your merits you will ascend to the Divine Father. Allow humanity to seek me through its different religions and sects. Do not judge your brethren for you are not yet able to perform perfect deeds.

41. Let those who practice idolatry and create their gods, similar to the practices of Aaron, continue to worship their sacred idols and images. The time will come when they will awaken from their deep sleep.

42. It is your responsibility to sow the seed of spirituality and to teach your brethren spiritual worship, which pleases God. That is how man will be able to feel the presence of spiritual and divine things. He will no longer need to see things physically in order to believe. Those witnessing this manifestation have been able to feel the presence of those spiritual beings whom they remember with love and gratitude. Those beings have approached you, similar to the sweet fragrance of a perfume, inviting you to follow the path that they are making for you. Those spiritual beings, no longer interested in the material things of earth, come to help and spiritually awaken mankind.

43. Those who cry for their departed ones are the ones who are really dead. They are materialistic, due to their ignorance, and they do not understand the meaning of life. Although they say that they believe in the immortality of spirit, they demonstrate their lack of faith through their weeping and mourning. They cry for the dead because they are no longer able to perceive them physically, not realizing that those for whom they cry are truly alive.

44. Feel my peace by practicing the mandate of Christ which tells you to love one another.

45. Come to me and I will spiritually strengthen you. Resurrect to a life of grace. Convert yourself into my disciple, a messenger of the good news. Humanity is summoning the Lord, and through you I will give humanity my divine teaching. Among humanity are those who have awaited for me, for a long time. They sense that today is the hour of my presence on earth so I can help man progress spiritually. But before sending you to give the good news to your brethren, you will need to purify and prepare yourself. If you are overwhelmed with sorrow and feel weary, remember that I am your helper and that I will assist you as you carry your cross. If you pray and dedicate yourself to fulfilling your mission, you will not weaken when you confront ordeals and obstacles. You will feel joy and hope in your heart, and you will not fear the future. Bad intentions and bad judgements made against you will disappear. Do not deny me, even when your faith is strongly tested. During the most difficult moments of your ordeal, it may be my will to grant you a miracle, thus offering testimony that you are my disciple.

46. Listen to my parable and analyze it:

47. "A multitude of hungry, ill, and unclothed individuals came to a house seeking charity. The owners of the house were always prepared to nourish the hungry travelers. The owner of the land always came to preside over their banquet. Time passed and the needy continued to always find nourishment and shelter in that home.

48. One day the landlord noticed that the water on the table was dirty, that the food was neither nutritious nor appetizing, and that the tablecloths were stained. He summoned the individuals who were responsible for setting the table and asked them: Have you seen the tablecloths, tasted the food, and drank from the water? Yes sir, they responded. He then told them that before feeding the hungry, they would have to first feed their own children. If the children were pleased with the food, then they could continue to feed the hungry travelers. The children ate the bread, fruits, and other foods on the table but were not pleased with what they had, eaten. They were discontent and reacted harshly. The landlord then told the hungry travelers who were waiting to be nourished: Come under this tree, for I will give you appetizing fruits from my orchard. He then told his servants the following: Clean and set the table as I ordered, and make amends with those whom you have deceived. Correct your mistakes. I ordered you to welcome all those who were hungry and thirsty and to offer them nutritious fruits and clean water. I am not pleased with your work because you have not fulfilled your responsibility.

49. The landowner prepared the banquet. He made sure that the bread was nutritious, that the fruits were ripe, and that the water was pure and refreshing. He then invited those who had been waiting, including beggars, lepers, and sick individuals. They were all nourished and became content. Soon they were healthy and free from their ills, and decided to remain at that ranch. They began to work on the fields. However, they were weak and did not follow the advice of the landowner. They mixed the different types of seeds and the harvest began to get worse. The wheat was smothered by bad weeds, and when harvest time came, the landowner approached them and said: Why are you sowing in my fields, if your only responsibility was to welcome the visitors who come to this house? What you have sown is of poor quality. There are other individuals who are responsible for sowing the fields. Go and clean the fields, remove the bad weeds, and then return to look after the house. The water fountain has become dry, the bread lacks nourishment, and the fruits are bitter. Help the hungry travelers who come to the house, just as I have helped you. After you have nourished and healed those who come and have eased their suffering, I will allow you to rest in my mansion."

50. I come to give you this word in order to guide you along your path and to warn you of future dangers.

51. You are living in the Third Era, a time of spirituality.

52. I come to bring peace, faith, and hope to your heart, and it is my divine will that you keep this divine teaching in your heart.

53. Tell the Lord about your concerns. He created you, and you will return to Him.

54. It is now time to study the teachings of the Divine Master and for everyone to be in harmony with their thoughts so that everyone will unite with the divine love of God.

55. Each of you has been given a mandate that you have not yet fulfilled.

56. Do not abandon this teaching, accept it with love so that tomorrow you will not stray from the truth. If you disregard my divine teachings it will detain your spiritual progress and cause you to fall into a state of confusion.

57. I will reveal my truth more clearly when I observe that you are prepared. However, you are still ignorant and unable to understand me. But I say to you: You are the ones who are closest to the Father because you are journeying through the path of spirituality, a path which is infinite.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 197

1. The Divine Master offers his love to his disciples and children. As your God, you are my children, and as the Divine Master, you are my disciples.

2. My beloved people: God, your Father and Creator, endowed you with a strong and courageous spirit. The spirit carries a sword of righteousness, and it will struggle until it is able to reject all evil things. Also, you have been endowed with wisdom to free yourself from all ignorance and darkness.

3. After my departure in the Second Era, John, my disciple, was able to perceive the present era during a spiritual vision. He perceived the dangers, the catastrophes, the struggles, and the wars that humanity would experience during this period, as well as the peace that would follow. Also revealed to him was the form that prophecy would be written so that it would be revealed throughout the world.

4. I want my new disciples to understand the meaning of those revelations and the essence of my present teachings. Then, they will truly understand the purpose of spirituality and become strong in their struggle.

5. I am the divine doctrine so pure and holy that it cannot be contaminated. Thus, when the Lord descends to communicate through the human spokesmen, they become purified, and He cannot be stained with their human sin. Although the spokesmen through whom I manifest myself attempt to be righteous, they still need to spiritually elevate themselves to communicate with the Divine Father. When they do, they receive his inspiration, revelations, and divine knowledge. But they still lack spiritual evolution and preparation.

6. However, I am the Spirit of love, and I do not seek to communicate only with those who are righteous. I come to earth seeking mankind. Although men are unjust, I truly love them because they are my children. I come to save them from their sins and their state of ignorance. They need me more than those who are already spiritually enlightened. They need my justice and my love to purify their sins, and they need my power and grace to help them evolve spiritually. I speak to them through their conscience. It is then that the child communicates with his Divine Father and perceives himself one with his Father.

7. Why is man surprised that the Lord chose to manifest himself through sinners during this era? Perhaps, were those who listened to my word during the Second Era righteous? Had my disciples, perhaps, attained perfection? No, my people, for among the multitudes who listened to my word were the sinners, the unbelievers, and those with harmful vices. Human misery also existed among my disciples, and when they listened to the Divine Father through their conscience, they dedicated themselves to his doctrine, Thus, they taught humanity through their examples, leaving their names eternally written in the hearts of men.

8. The spiritualist should recognize and always follow their examples, because those disciples were true sowers of my seed. There are statues and images of them in many places, but it is not necessary to seek them through those images. As you can observe humanity will remember them eternally. Love my disciples and imitate their deeds of virtue. Remember that I have taught you to love me by loving your brethren.

9. You want to know where true wisdom is found. And I say to you that it is found in God. Others want to know which is the true religion. And the Divine Master informs you that whoever loves Him and loves his brethren has discovered the truth and has fulfilled the law.

10. I have permitted religions to exist on earth to represent paths that lead a spirit to God. Every religion that teaches love, charity, and virtue is a good religion because it embraces the divine truth. But man will stray from the divine path and follow a path of materialism and sin if within his religion he becomes corrupt and converts goodness into evil.

11. I have come during this era to reveal the truth and to teach you my law and the true path to God. Man needs to seek this law, which is like a star that will guide him to the Divine Father without needing rituals, statues, and things that are material. The one who seeks me in this manner will be a spiritualist.

12. Man will observe that these teachings will strengthen humanity in the future. The spiritualist of tomorrow will be recognized and perceived as an individual who knows how to fight temptation and continues to follow the true divine path amidst confusion and hardship. He will not be seen as a mystic or someone who separates from the world to pray. The spiritualist will know how to confront the world as he becomes spiritually prepared. He will be able to predict the future utilizing his spiritual vision and with his prophetic words announce forthcoming events. He will be able to save his brethren who have fallen into the abyss of confusion and suffering.

13. The message of spirituality is not the work of man. It is the work of God. It is an eternal law that governs all spirits.

14. Learn to appreciate and to value my work, and it will inspire you despite your lack of spiritual evolution. Do not fear if your vocabulary is limited because the eloquence in not in the words but in their divine truth. Thus, they will be eternal.

15.1 leave you spiritually united with all your brethren without distinguishing their different religious beliefs.

16. Although it appears that your arrival preceded mine on this day, truly I tell you that I have been awaiting you at my table.

17. I have left my throne to be with you, to give you my teaching, and to comfort you in your sorrow. You have also departed from your home and family to listen to the Divine Master.

18. You have discovered that by practicing my divine mandates one can attain peace and harmony in life. Just as you have learned the spiritual lessons of life and have experienced great joy with these teachings, many others will also begin to practice my divine mandates.

19.1 have come to awaken man with my teachings in this period, because he has been spiritually asleep for a long time. Although humanity is aware of the teachings of Jesus during the Second Era, no one practices them. Therefore, it was necessary for my Spirit to return and enlighten you of my doctrine of love and the infinite path that your spirit will have to follow along its journey to spiritual evolution.

20. Those who dream of the eternal, who love truth, and who yearn to elevate themselves beyond the misery of human life will accept these teachings. They are charitable with their spirits and prefer spiritual garments to material garments. These individuals have begun to comprehend my teachings. They realize that my mission is not limited to relieving only human suffering and illness, but that it also promises eternal life.

21. My doctrine comes to inspire you to destroy the materialistic world that you have created and to erect a world of spirituality. Thus, you will be able to enjoy true spiritual peace and to develop the spiritual gifts that you possess which have remained dormant.

22. Those who had been mentally confused will become enlightened. Those who were full of hate will weep tears of reconciliation, repentance, and love.

23.1 invite you to work spiritually because I need numerous workers. No one should be afraid to spend a few moments daily doing my work. Truly I tell you that the hour will come when your spirit will be truly grateful.

24. Do not tell me: Lord, I have seen poverty among those who follow you, whereas, I observe abundance, joy, and satisfaction among those who do not remember you nor acknowledge you. Those who follow me do not need to live in a state of poverty. I say to you that the peace experienced by those who listen to me and who practice charity is not experienced by those whom you greatly envy. Spiritual peace cannot be bought with all their material wealth.

25. There are some who know how to possess both material and spiritual benefits. Some individuals lack material benefits because they would forget about the spiritual benefits. Some individuals are only interested in material things, convinced that the divine laws oppose material wealth.

26. Benefits are always just benefits, but not everyone knows how to utilize them. You should also realize that I have not given all the things that people possess. There are those who possess things that I have given them, and others who possess things that they have stolen.

27. The spiritual peace that one feels, rather than the amount of accumulated material wealth one has best indicates if one is fulfilling his mission on earth.

28. I will enlighten those who follow me during this period by communicating with them in many ways. Thus, they will be able to answer their brethren's questions in the same clear manner that I answer their own questions.

29. I want my word to give enlightenment to those who listen. Thus, they will remember a teaching full of love.

30. Those who witnessed my manifestation will need to welcome the multitudes who will arrive tomorrow in the same manner that I have welcomed them.

31. Do you remember how you arrived before me? You were weary and you felt you were a failure. You sought the rich, but they offered you nothing. You also sought the scholars, but they were unable to teach you anything. You were exhausted and suffering, but no one was able to heal your physical ailments or restore your health. You had lost all hope and faith and were convinced that charity did not exist among mankind, because others perceived you as a stranger rather than a brother. Some of you spoke disrespectfully of God, others uttered curses, and others wanted to die.

32. Many of you arrived before me in that condition and then discovered that my fountain of mercy is the only one that never runs dry. Man only needs to seek my fountain so that his weary spirit may discover God's mercy.

33. You will soon observe that all of humanity will become disillusioned. It will realize that human power, wealth, and science cannot answer their questions, bringing peace to one's spirit, or heal human suffering. You will observe humanity searching for the fountain of truth beyond the material world beyond and mankind and its false power.

34. There will be many who will seek me and intuitively question me from spirit to Spirit! I will answer their questions. But there will also be many others who will cross your path asking you questions, seeking enlightenment. You will welcome those individuals in my name and enlighten them with the teaching that I have given you.

35. If you truly give to others with love, light, and spirituality, truly I tell you, that you will help them develop faith in the Divine Father. You will also restore their trust in mankind, a trust that needs to exist among all humans because everyone is a child of God.

36. I recognize your merits. I observe those who have left their material occupations, or their pleasures and their rest, to come listen to my word. Some continue to listen to me despite their family's criticism of my teachings.

37. I offer my blessings and my peace to everyone. I bless those who yearn to perfect themselves, and those who hunger and thirst for knowledge. They would like to change their lives and habits in order to feel closer to the Lord. If they remain in the divine path, they will reach the end of their journey and attain what they so much desire.

38. The Divine Master wants all of his children to listen to him with joy and enthusiasm. He wants them to spiritually improve their lives and to avoid sin and evil. Truly everyone is struggling to attain that goal, some with great eagerness, others less eagerly, but everyone is struggling to improve. Do you : think I am not aware of the struggles that you are experiencing?

39. You are still tempted by vices, passions, and idolatry. During those moments your prayers and your faith has helped you to attain salvation. Your spirit is prepared to receive me and to witness my new manifestation. However, it did not achieve that preparation on earth, but through its long spiritual evolution. To comprehend my manifestation it was necessary to eliminate many of the negative traits your spirit acquired along its journey on earth. Those who are not prepared will reject this manifestation. Families disagree about my manifestation causing parents to reject their children, children to judge their parents, siblings becoming strangers to one another, and marriages to dissolve.

40. This is not the first time that this has happened. During the Second Era men also disagreed about Jesus and his teachings were accepted by some and rejected by others. Some gave up their lives to follow his teachings, while others claimed that they were deceitful and false.

41. If humanity had truly been spiritually waiting for the Lord, it would not have become confused. Those who truly awaited him, who summoned him, and who yearned for his arrival did not become confused.

42. I have told you to invite all of your brethren to sit at my table. Although not everyone believes in me, I need to speak to everyone.

43. During the Second Era I went to seek the multitudes everywhere because where I spoke did not matter to me. I would speak to them in temples, along the roads, in the valleys, on the banks of the rivers, or on mountains.

44. I have united all of you in these humble houses of prayer to give you my teachings. During this era, it is necessary for the spokesman to be prepared in order to manifest myself. Although the spokesmen are divinely inspired during this manifestation, they are unable to go to various places and teach it because they are still spiritually unprepared. Therefore the multitudes have come to listen to me in these houses of prayer. That is why I say to those who listen to my teachings daily to summon their brethren to listen to my teachings.

45. I come to prepare you for the new era that will arrive after I give you my teachings. It will be an era of spirituality and elevation.

46. I will give you my teaching through human spokesmen for three more years, which will be like three days, because time is always consistent and continuous.

47. Oh my people, I have been very patient and have given you all that you need in spiritually preparing you to become my disciples! But I should warn you that everything has its limit, and that the peace granted to you by the Father will also come to an end. Soon you will know how to truly respect all things that are spiritual and then you will truly prepare yourself as my disciple.

48. The doctrine that I bring to mankind during this era is unlike other doctrines and sects that exist throughout the world. This revelation which I now bring is the eternal law. However, due to your lack of spirituality and comprehension, you have changed my doctrine by combining it with many rituals and impurities. You have introduced many rituals into my doctrine, proclaiming and believing that they were inspired and ordered by me.

49. The time is approaching when you will open your eyes and comprehend the true essence of spiritualism. Truly I tell you that my work is more sacred than all those other things in the world that you believe to be sacred. Nevertheless, I am ready to forgive the faults that you have committed in your mission. Through your repentance you will penetrate into a new life that is more spiritual. You will practice my teachings in a simple manner enabling you to teach true spiritualism to others.

50. If my new disciples would have taken advantage of my teachings from the time they first received them in 1866, do you not believe that they should have understood them by now?

51. Although my teachings were fully explained during the First Era, you were unable to comprehend them. Therefore, it was natural that some of my teachings were misinterpreted. Now that you have abundantly received my teachings those misinterpretations are no longer justified.

52. You believed that my new manifestation came to help remedy the material -poverty existing throughout the world and to help you become great and powerful on earth. You are surprised to find that, instead, I have come to offer you my charity, comfort, and healing balsam. You need to share what I am giving you with your brethren without expecting anything in return.

53. Truly, whoever expects a monetary reward for the services that he offers to his brethren has betrayed himself and God.

54. The manifestation of my teachings will soon end. No one can say that I have punished him harshly or that his restitution is great. My teachings reveal a pure and loving doctrine and so are the means through which I correct your mistakes.

55. You will not acquire spiritual peace and satisfaction by what you receive materially and monetarily on earth. You will acquire them when you practice true charity among your brethren.

56. If you love peace and practice good will toward others, you will experience true spiritual peace. Truly I tell you that there is no treasure on earth that compares with spiritual peace.

57. Only a short period remains in which you will be able to listen to my teachings; The time approaches when you will arise to spread the good news of my new arrival. A time of great enlightenment is coming in which the !Spirit of the Lord will descend upon each of you, similar to how he spiritually descended upon his apostles in the Second Era. This enabled them to speak in tongues, symbolizing their gift and ability with words, which was granted to them by the Lord. It is necessary for you to become a true apostle of my doctrine in order to carry out my will. If you suffer humiliation because of my work, endure it with patience and practice forgiveness. Remember the great humiliation that Jesus suffered while he was on earth, but he never complained. He always forgave and loved those who offended him.

58. I told you to offer your right cheek after someone had slapped you on the left cheek as a sign of forgiveness. I did not limit my doctrine to only words. During my last days on earth, I was physically abused many times. However, rather than react with anger I continuously offered forgiveness to those who mistreated me. My humility and gentleness toward those individuals resulted in many miracles and many conversions with them, which I was only able to perceive. Jesus the Savior came to teach man that to achieve spiritual elevation one needed to be humble, loving, and gentle.

59. Since his birth, the divine humility of Jesus fully manifested itself to the world. The teaching of love and humility which he brought to mankind began on a cold night when a woman, both physically and spiritually pure, joyfully prayed to the Lord from a stable. That stable was the only shelter that opened its doors to welcome the Savior into the world, having only a manger for a bed.

60. You now live during a different period. I have returned among mankind. Although I have not returned in human form, I have come once again to teach mankind about humility. The darkness that presently covers humanity is much greater than the night that Jesus was born. The hardened hearts that have welcomed me during this period are similar to the rocks found in the cavern where the infant Jesus first stayed and opened his eyes. Today, man's disregard for things that are spiritual and divine and his lack of love for one another are similar to the cold weather during that holy night. The spokesmen, through whom I now communicate, have hearts that are as hard as the hard straw that was in the manger. Thus, once again I come under the same conditions to bring you my teachings. I ask you: Will man once again crucify me like he did in the Second Era?

61. Behold my footsteps and follow my path. If you experience suffering, sacrifice, and renunciation along this path, pray to Jesus and I will send you my strength and help you carry your cross.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 198

1. Blessed is the one who comes before me with true humility.

2. This is the period when I will prepare men, both spiritually and mentally, to testify truthfully about my new arrival.

3. As my disciples journey throughout the world, speaking and doctrinating in my name, they will have the faith and assurance that I will help them during their ordeals, for I have always offered evidence of my love and presence throughout the world.

4. When grief overwhelms you and you summon the Father, truly convinced that he is listening and feeling your sorrow, you will feel hope and comfort. It is the Father's way of letting you know that he is listening to your prayer.

5. If life is filled with bitterness, and obstacles for an individual, and he solicits help and comfort from his Father, why should I not strengthen him, considering he is my beloved child? Only I can truly help him to arise.

6. The Divine Father continually offers his love to humanity. Those who have been able to feel my presence will offer testimony to others. Although I am omnipotent, I limit myself so you may feel my presence.

7. Do not judge anyone. Behold how your brethren from different religions pray in a variety of ways that are different from how I am teaching you to pray. I have informed you that I listen to all prayers, because I do not want to conceal myself from anyone who seeks me. However, people will not only judge your spiritual form of prayer, but also my new manifestation. Many of you have already become victims of slander and ridicule for having believed in this communication! Those of you who have witnessed this manifestation are only able to withstand your ordeals because of your strong faith. You are confident that this doctrine, once men have carefully studied and greatly debated over it, will be acknowledged universally. Those of you who are listening to my teaching and who will become future teachers of this doctrine will not be able to witness the fruits of your labor while you are on earth. It will take time before this seed produces fruit.

8. Humanity is gradually accepting spirituality. Once man attains a certain degree of spiritual elevation, he will discover that there was no deception in my communication and manifestations. Humanity will discover that the Divine Master truly manifested his love, wisdom, and grace through the human spokesmen, who, although imperfect, were cleansed and illuminated through my Divinity. Although God is pure, I chose to manifest myself through human spokesmen who continue to struggle to overcome the weaknesses of their flesh. Men are mistaken if they believe that I should communicate only through human beings who are virtuous and perfect so that humanity may believe in this new manifestation. I ask those individuals the following question: Are those who claim to be representatives of God in the various religious organizations truly virtuous and perfect? Truly I tell you, that among all of those representatives there is not a single one who is truly virtuous yet they continue to interpret my word from the First and Second Era.

9. These spokesmen through whom I manifest myself are not my representatives nor my ministers. I utilize them only as instruments to transmit my inspiration.

10. I have brought you many lessons with my teachings. I have informed you that it is not necessary to construct elegant temples to please God, nor is it necessary to confess your sins to another human being who is also a sinner. Your heart is the true temple to worship God. When you sincerely repent for your sins and make a true effort to amend your mistakes, then truly I will forgive you. If you are at peace with your conscience and there is joy in your heart, it is proof that you have cleansed your stains.

11. What are the supernatural things that men refer to, if everything in me and throughout creation is natural? Instead, are not the evil deeds of man supernatural, given that it would be more natural for man to behave in a virtuous manner since he originated from God and thus possesses all of his attributes? All things created by God have a simple or a profound explanation. There are no mysteries. Those things which you perceive as mysterious or unknown are supernatural to you. However, once your spirit achieves high spiritual evolution and is able to observe and to discover what it could not previously perceive, it will discover that there are no mysteries nor supernatural things throughout creation.

12. If today's scientific advances and discoveries would have been foretold to men in past centuries, they would have considered them supernatural. Now that man has evolved and is aware of the progress made by science, he is amazed with how much it has progressed and perceives those scientific discoveries as very natural.

13. Truly I tell you: Tomorrow, when the spiritual communication between man and God spreads throughout the world, humanity will become familiar with these manifestations and will believe that I communicated through human spokesmen. It will believe in what I said and will no longer judge such manifestations as something supernatural or impossible.

14. The men of tomorrow will recognize the greatness and essence of my word through writings of my word. They will admire the simplicity with which I presented the truth and explained things that were profound and mysterious.

15. Through my teachings I am preparing you to respond to those who will come in search of this knowledge. Some will not be satisfied with simple explanations. Scientists, who have studied books and nature throughout their lives, will come to ask you: Given that God is all-powerful, why did he not materialize himself to explain the discoveries that science would one day achieve?

16. You will then respond: If man carefully analyzes the divine word, which contains great wisdom in its simplicity, he will discover an explanation and a prophecy )f what man will achieve in the future.

17. Disciples, Do not think that the wisdom that I teach you with my revelations is to be used to confront the wisdom of men. If you follow that path, I now inform you, that you will be unable to harvest any fruit.

18. It is not necessary for one to be a scholar to reach me. All you need is to be spiritually elevated and to manifest my word with love and simplicity, as did Jesus in the Second Era and as I do today. Have I, perhaps, revealed scientific knowledge in my teachings? Have I tried to resolve today's scientific problems?

19. I come to speak only to your spirit. I have come to teach you the path that will lead you to spiritual perfection. You also have that same mission. Speak to the spirit of your brother and help it to perceive the silhouette of the "promised land" that lies in the horizon.

20. Present my doctrine in a pure and sincere manner to your brethren. Allow them to carefully analyze, to question, and to investigate as they search for the truth. I will not reject man nor prevent him from doing that because each man seeks the truth in his own way.

21. Sow my seed today because tomorrow it will produce fruit. It does not matter if future generations harvest the fruit.

22. Study my word and penetrate into its essence.

23. I come to give you my doctrine rather than to perceive your stains or your weaknesses.

24. The people of Israel need to set an example of strength for their brethren because Israel is the strength of humanity.

25. You will receive new mandates. With these mandates the multitudes will acknowledge me.

26. Humanity is suffering from disasters that are occurring op earth. While the people of Israel are spiritually asleep, man begs for charity and he receives it from me. However, it is my will that the people of Israel prepare itself to help humanity.

27. The Divine Father left you an example of how to be submissive and obedient.

28. When the time comes, you will receive a mandate to go to distant lands. You will not distinguish among the different races, and I say to you, that they are awaiting me. I say to those who are still spiritually asleep that the moment Will come when the Father will make himself felt in every human heart.

29. I have not come to perceive your human vanities. I observe that your heart and spirit seek me. I will send you to different lands, as messengers of the Divine Master, to teach with examples, as did Jesus in the Second Era.

30. Yes, my people of Israel, take my word to your brethren because it will nourish their spirits for eternal life.

31. It is your responsibility to share my teachings with your brethren because you possess the light and the grace from the Third Era.

32. I am the Divine Father who has come once again, filled win love, to help you arise to a life of grace, guiding you on the righteous path. I paid a large price for humanity in the Second Era. Today, I have come spiritually to give you my word, my "Divine Word", which is known by its love, so that you may practice my perfect teaching. I want you to share it with your brethren.

33. I am refining and purifying your heart with my word, for I perceive that you are still spiritually asleep.

34. The Divine Master descends to be among all of his disciples on this morning of grace.

35. Those with spiritual vision offer testimony of my presence and perceive the light of my Spirit.

36. They have prepared themselves, closing their eyes to the pleasures of the world. They have spoken prophetic words.

37. Continue to prepare yourselves, because if you do not truly I tell you that the rocks will speak.

38. But also I say to you that I do not force no one to prepare themselves spiritually. If you want to become spiritually prepared, I want you to do it willingly, full of love and joy.

39. Prepare yourselves, my people, because multitudes will arise from different villages and regions to visit these houses of prayer.

40. Study my word and elevate yourselves in prayer. Help your brethren. I do not want to observe the people of Israel feeling ashamed because it was unable to help those in need. No, my people, that is not my will. All I ask is that you help at least one of your brethren in need, with true love and purity. It is your responsibility to analyze my word.

41. I am a loving Father, and I have come to you as a Father, because as a judge I am unyielding. Regenerate and prepare yourselves so that you will not have me as your judge.

42. The time of the great battle approaches. You will receive my word for three more years. The Father wants to leave these multitudes prepared, knowing his teachings well. It is necessary that those whom I chose to guide their brethren become prepared. They will guide those who remain in the houses of prayer.

43. Learn to comprehend my word, and do not let the world take away this nourishment that I have given you nor should you return its essence back to the Divine Father.

44. Separate yourself from material things and remember what I previously said: Today, do not be as you were yesterday, and tomorrow, do not be as you are today. Regenerate yourself, and renounce all that is evil and useless. I do not want you to be a fanatic nor to practice religious rituals.

45. In the First Era I sent Moses to earth, and in the Second Era, Jesus of Nazareth came to dwell among mankind. Today, I have come as the Holy Spirit. I observe that you are ascending "Jacob's ladder", receiving light and grace from my Spirit.

46. All of you form only one nation and represent only one child to whom I offer a kiss of peace.

47. Study my word and take it to the multitudes, because the path is now prepared. Men will come to this nation. Be loving with them and set good examples, so that they will acknowledge that you are disciples of the Holy Spirit.

48. Each one of you has a spiritual being that protects you. The time will come when both of you will need to respond to me about one another. Truly I say that you both have a great responsibility.

49. Be eager to fulfill your mission. All beings should become united through only one ideal and one will. Be grateful with my justice, because I am aware of every sincere sentiment in your heart.

50. This is a precious time. You need to quickly arise to fulfill my mandate with love. Some will arise as disciples, others as beginning students.

51. Give those things that belong to the earth to the earth. Your only ideal should be your spiritual salvation because you will have to give an account of each deed on earth.

52. You are no longer ignorant nor inexperienced. You are now aware of everything that you do.

53. I am preparing you for future events. When you no longer hear my word, you will communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

54. Today I observe that all of you are reunited, similar to my apostles in the Second Era. I am preparing you to perform great miracles.

55. You possess great power; therefore, share my teachings with your brethren.

56. I have come to give you my wisdom. However, I observe that the hungry wolf, disguised as a sheep, wants to devour you. It fills you with sinful thoughts wanting you to go astray, but as you are about to fall, I quickly help you so you will not become lost.

57. Only a few truly love the Divine Father and are willing to serve him. But I say to you, persevere along your path so that you will evolve spiritually.

58. I want my people to remain united because if you are with me, I will be with you. I will never leave you by yourself, and thus temptation will not come near the people of Israel.

59. Analyze my word, and be aware that the time remaining for my communication is short. Become aware of the enormous love that I feel for you and the great enlightenment I give to your spirit. Behold that you will need to come to me with a purified spirit.

60. My kingdom is not from this world. Therefore, understand me when I tell you: All loving deeds that you perform on earth will remain with you in the !-spiritually valley. T

61. I am awaiting everyone at my table. Your race and social class will disappear in the presence of God. Everyone is equal and all belong to me.

Everyone has a spirit that is like a precious jewel that I have come to seek.

62. This was the place that I chose for my new manifestation where man would see me arriving upon a cloud in front of all the nations on earth.

63. You need to understand these teachings well. I descend spiritually to be with everyone, but not everyone will be able to understand this word. The same thing happened in the Second Era. Only one nation witnessed my teachings and my deeds, whereas the other nations on earth believed in me through the testimony offered by others.

64. Today, I am congregating all the spirits from the nation of Israel, so that through the teachings of the Divine Master it will truly fulfill its mission on earth.

65. I have come to promise you a spiritual kingdom of eternal light, not a material kingdom.

66. Today, the nation of spiritual Israel has become selfish, ignoring the needs of its brethren. But tomorrow it will become generous and share its gifts with others.

67. In the Second Era, those who awaited the Messiah and expected him to be similar to a king from earth were discouraged and confused when they saw him arrive with humility. Should those who are witnessing my new manifestation also become confused as did those in the second era? Had I not previously said that the Kingdom of God is not from this world?

68. I have come to teach this nation of people so that tomorrow it will teach others who did not have the opportunity to witness this manifestation. Those now listening to me are listening to a Father who lovingly announces that he will soon depart. Thus, he offers an abundance of tenderness to those present. The Father wants his children to remember him, and he does not want them to cry when he departs. He wants everyone to enjoy their heritage of love.

69. The nation of spiritual Israel will have everything that it needs for the great spiritual struggle that is approaching. It will need to sow my seed of love in the human heart to make it sprout once again.

70. Yes, my people, humanity will once again acknowledge me, my essence will be found in every human heart, and my law will manifest itself in the conscience of every being. Those who took part in this divine work will experience great joy, because their spiritual happiness will compensate them for all of their ordeals and bitter moments. They will remember that while they were on earth, they were disciples of Christ, and lovingly protected the seed that the Divine Master gave them to cultivate.

71. Oh my people, conquer that peace for your spirit so that you will feel that peace in the kingdom of heaven.

72. The Divine Master is leading the way and guiding your spirit. My disciples need to give examples of pure love for others to follow. The world is hungry and you have the bread that will nourish it. I am preparing you in the same manner that I prepared my apostles in the past. If you follow me, as did my past apostles, you will acquire strength to conquer evil. The elements of nature will help you in your mission if you know how to use them.

73. Humanity is in a state of spiritual and material poverty. There are many who worry about being able to nourish themselves. However, you have not had to endure such suffering, because I want you to live in peace and to dedicate part of your time to practicing my doctrine. Many people from other nations will come to this nation seeking shelter. They will arrive weary from their past struggles, and they will discover a land that is blessed and prosperous, that has much to offer. You will share your bread with them. They will find warmth and shelter in this nation and make it their home.

74. Awaken from your spiritual sleep, my people, because this manifestation will only continue for three more years. Seek now to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit because the time is coming when you will feel like an orphan if you do not prepare yourself. I want you to be strong when it is time for me to depart. After 1950, the spiritual world will no longer manifest itself to offer you words of inspiration and advise, nor will you be able to listen to this divine concert descending from the heavens. You will need to elevate yourself spiritually to continue to nourish your spirit.

75. Seek to attain spiritual perfection. Let the will of the Father become your will. Seek those things that will help your spirit to evolve and be less concerned with material things. Humanity has reached a level where I will now detain it. The state of darkness in which man lives will disappear. The bad weeds on earth will be cut, fastened into bundles, and thrown into the fire. Those events shall occur, as was written. I prepare you, my people, so that you will be aware of the time in which you now live and alert your brethren. Blessed is the one who prepares himself spiritually, who repents and prays, for he will be saved. If others reject and mistreat him for helping his brethren, he should remember how Jesus suffered and imitate him.

76. Be understanding with your brethren and forgive those who hurt you. Do not have enemies. If someone wants to hurt you, utilize your weapons of love and wisdom. If you behave in that manner, you will attain spiritual perfection and experience the gift of peace on earth. I give you the seed, and it is your responsibility to cultivate it.

77. My arrival in this period was prophesied, and that prophecy has now been fulfilled. The prophets said, "Men will ascend the mountain of sin and materialism. Wars will spread from nation to nation like a fire that destroys everything. Hatred and ill feelings will grow and spread, similar to bad weeds, among the fields of earth."

78. I knew that with time you would forget me and that you would remove my word from your heart. That is why I announced that I would return. The teachings brought by Jesus have been forgotten, and the human heart has become cold and insensitive much like the night when Jesus was born. Unable to find refuge in a home, his mother found shelter in a manger belonging to some shepherds.

79. Today I did not prepare a refuge for my arrival, because I have come in spirit to manifest myself. Amidst so much human skepticism and so many hardened hearts, I have found you, my people, and have chosen you. You have prepared your hearts to welcome me, you have listened to me, and your faith has strengthened.

80. If you want to follow me, practice my teachings of love. I will help you with your cross. However, I do not want those who believe in me today to judge and to condemn me tomorrow, as did those who crucified me in the Second Era. Today, you do not know which individuals will be truly faithful. But I say to you that it will only be a few, and that at times they will find themselves alone. However, their path will be cleared and the angels will protect and free them from danger, guiding them to the celestial sheepfold.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 199

1. May the peace of the Holy Spirit be with you.

2. I speak to you untiringly because my disciples will have to face future trials. At that time, I want you to inform others about my teachings. I have taught you the principles of my doctrine, so that you may always reveal their truth and purity to others.

3. My doctrine will unite the world to pursue only one ideal. Once men achieve that unity, they will have more spiritual knowledge and earth will experience peace.

4. Today there is and disagreement among the different doctrines and they have different beliefs. Every individual wants to be correct. But who can be correct in a battle of selfishness and personal interests? Who possesses the truth?

5. Some have become vain, believing they possess the truth and are following the path of perfection. Truly I tell you that they do not know the true path, for they do not practice humility. One does not practice humility if he fails to acknowledge that there is some truth in all doctrines. I said in the Second Era, "Blessed are the meek and humble of heart".

6. The man who judges the faith and the beliefs of his brethren separates himself from salvation, for in his pride and foolishness, he tries to imitate God.

7. Be sincere with others; do not be a hypocrite. Be aware that you have a long path to travel before you achieve spiritual perfection.

8. Whoever considers himself unworthy of all that he receives will never be able to praise and glorify himself because of his humility. There will be a confrontation between those who are humble and those who are not. That battle will differ because some will rely on their material power, whereas others, who are materially poor, will only be able to battle with their spiritual heritage of love.

9. My people, you now know that I have united this multitude by having gathered individuals from different places throughout the world. The spiritualists and the disciples from this group belong to various sects and religions throughout earth. I will not unite them inside a house of prayer, but I will unite them in my divine law and spiritual love. Truly I tell you, that you will not belong to this family only because you have entered these houses of prayer where I speak to you about spirituality. One must truly love his brethren to belong to this family.

10. Do not become frightened thinking that you will have to battle against beliefs, customs, and mistakes that have existed among mankind for many centuries, nor should you be concerned that you are few in number. Be aware that the enlightenment that I have brought you with my teachings comes to destroy the chains of spiritual ignorance and slavery.

11. What can the spiritualist be accused of, if he fulfills his material responsibilities on earth and also the spiritual and moral laws by practicing deeds of love and virtue along his path? But be careful not to practice anything that is against my teachings so that human justice will not declare you unvirtuous. Presently I say to you, as I did in the Second Era, "Give to God that which belongs to God, and give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar". If you do that, your life of purity and love will thus be judged.

12. Obey the laws that govern your nation, and also respect the laws that govern other nations.

13. I leave you my teachings to study and to analyze.

14. Arise as messengers. Imitate the Divine Shepherd and take the good news to your brethren.

15. Truly I tell you that mankind shall be saved through you.

16. I am guiding you step by step through the path of love, a narrow path, but one that will bring you comfort and peace.

17. I want to perceive you following the path of the Divine Master, a path that leads to true joy and peace. Do not travel through path of evil for it will separate you from me.

18. Those who have fulfilled their mission are now with me. I come as a loving and charitable Father to remind you to dedicate a few moments to me daily.

19. I say to my workers: Struggle and work so that when 1950 comes to an end you will have an abundant harvest.

20. You have a delicate mission to fulfill. Some will need to journey to distant lands to fulfill their mission, whereas others will fulfill it among their own family.

21. The spiritual heritage that I have given you in this era is the same one that I gave you in the past. However, you broke the pact of love and good will that you made with me long ago, and it was necessary to remind you about that pact.

22. Behold that humanity lives in a state of vice and sin. But you, my people, must keep your hearts pure so that you will remain strong and be saved amidst the confusion. Those who are witnessing my manifestation need to be spiritually united and strong, similar to a chain that will not break. Each of you will represent a strong link in that chain.

23. Help those who have weakened to become strong. I offer my charity to all, but some have yielded to temptation and have not yet listened to the voice of their conscience. It is your responsibility to help them along their path, until they are able to follow my path of love.

24. My children, attend to the Father's teachings, because that which belongs to you is being taken care of.

25. I have given you a physical body to help you fulfill a delicate mission on earth. Oh spirits, guide that body with love, because you will experience great sorrow if you do not fulfill my mandate.

26. You need to guide your physical body and not allow it to detain you from fulfilling your mission.

27. Sow my seed and make it grow, so that when you return to the Father you will bring numerous seeds.

28. It is my will for you to live in a humble manner, but due to your ignorance many of you plead for material things.

29. You have not taken care of the spiritual gifts I have given you. I gave them to you to protect yourself during harsh times, and not for you to leave them behind along your path.

30. You have had my new manifestation of love since 1866. Have you, perhaps, lacked anything?

31. Blessed is the one who has patiently endured his bitter ordeal, for his suffering will convert into grace.

32. Prepare the temple of love in your heart, because the Father has wanted to dwell in it for a long time.

33. Fulfill your mission with love, thus everyone will observe that Christ is in you.

34. It is my will that you obey my word and that you set good examples for others to follow. Use the strength that I have given you to accomplish this. I have given you a path to follow that is filled with wisdom. Follow my footsteps, and ascend to the top of the mountain.

35. Some of you ask me for money, but I say to you: In the First Era you had vast riches on earth but disobeyed my law. Today, there is bread on your table and you will need to fulfill your mission during this brief period. Help your brethren as much as possible so that at the end of your journey you will present me numerous deeds of love.

36. Do not fear those who dwell on earth, instead fear my divine justice.

37. All human beings are my children, and each one will comb to me at the appropriate time.

38. I offer my blessings and spiritual gifts to all beings through those who follow the Divine Master.

39. Cultivate the fields prepared by the Divine Shepherd which are the hearts of all human beings.

40. When the Shepherd perceives one of his sheep lost or in need 6f help, he will go help it and bring it back to the sheep fold.

41. My people of Israel, you are experiencing difficult ordeals, but the Father gives you the strength to triumph over them.

42. If you fulfill your mission on earth, you will experience great joy in the hereafter.

43. The doors of heaven are open awaiting all those who want to enter. You will discover those doors in your conscience.

44. Today, I have come to sit you in my table of love to offer nourishment to your spirit.

45. Children of my divinity, and disciples of the Divine Master: Allow the wisdom from my message of love to penetrate into the most intimate part of your spirit.

46.1 welcome you, my people. You have arrived before me spiritually weary, sick, and sad.

47. I want you to receive spiritual enlightenment from my divine teachings, because they will offer you strength, joy, and healing balsam.

48. Why do some of you consider my manifestation through human spokesmen strange?

49. I have not told you that I am present in the body of the human spokesman. I have only told you that his human mind is able to receive my inspiration. I am bringing a new message to humanity, similar to an immense fountain that is pouring its water upon the thirsty fields and orchards. Thus, I am pouring my knowledge and enlightenment into the human mind.

50. The human spokesman transmits my inspiration through words that are filled with love and tenderness. In those words, you will discover a healing balsam to heal your body and spirit. Also, I have come to teach you to worship the Lord in the true altar, not in altars of darkness, idolatry, and fanaticism.

51. Prepare yourself to receive the great spiritual wealth that I have brought you. Let me now remove the veil that you have so that you will comprehend the complete meaning of my new message.

52. I have come to help you comprehend my doctrine spiritually without the use of books. I have come to help you interpret the true meaning of all my revelations. Thus you will not fall into idolatry, because you will no longer allow symbols or rituals to prevent you from spiritually evolving. You will now penetrate into the true meaning and essence of my doctrine.

53. You have been told that the angels in heaven are eternally listening to celestial music. Accept this figuratively, because the music in heaven is unlike that of earth. If you believe otherwise, due to your materialism, you are mistaken. Celestial music refers to the harmony that exists between God and all beings.

54. But, why are some unable to understand this, given that everyone carries in their spirit a musical note from that celestial concert? Why are some who are listening to this teaching unable to comprehend it and interpret it correctly? Why are some unable to listen to that divine music?

55. Oh my beloved children, seek enlightenment through prayer, because your ability to comprehend is weak. Ask me questions through prayer, because no matter how profound your questions are I will respond to you. I will also ask you questions during prayer. During those moments of communication between the Divine Master and his disciples truth and enlightenment will emerge.

56. Celestial music refers to the presence of God within your being. Your spirit will become a part of that divine concert once you have achieved true spiritual elevation. That is the true meaning of celestial music and the singing of the angels. Once you are able to comprehend this and hear that music within your being, you will have discovered the truth and will feel the presence of God. Life offers you an eternal and divine concert, and in each musical note you will discover a new revelation. You have not yet listened to those beautiful notes playing in perfect harmony because not all beings have achieved true spiritual elevation. If you were now able to listen to those musical notes, they would lack harmony, and you would not discover their true beauty. It is necessary to go beyond the physical senses, beyond human passions, and beyond the darkness of materialism to listen to the celestial concert of God within your spirit.

57. Why do you believe that my communication through human spokesmen is impossible, if the entire universe is communicating with you? Why do you think it is impossible for my spirit to manifest itself through the human mind, if everyone is filled with thoughts from God? How could it be impossible for God to communicate with you, if the angels, the planets, the heavens, and all creation are filled with his presence? Why would I not be concerned with your spirit or why would I want to abandon it? Have you not realized all of that is impossible?

58. Listen carefully: I am the Divine Master, and this planet is a school for your spirit. Life on earth, along with my teachings, form the perfect lesson. How could you believe that I would abandon my responsibilities and forget my disciples?

59. My people, again I say to you that the music from the celestial concert is now playing, and that it is necessary for you to elevate your spirit in order to listen to that music playing in perfect harmony. But even if you do not elevate your spirit, the celestial music will continue playing, awaiting those who prepare themselves to listen.

60. I want you to develop sensitivity for things that are spiritual, thus making life on earth, where you experience so much suffering and weeping, easier to cope with.

61. Do not listen to those who deny that I am in you and with you. Awaken, and listen to that part of my concert that I am now letting you hear. Up to now you have only been willing to listen to the echo of human weeping and the loud noise of wars. This offers the best evidence of man's state of disorder and lack of harmony, which is present throughout the world and in all phases of human life.

62. Wars among brothers and those with different beliefs are occurring everywhere. Great and small, strong and weak, believers and nonbelievers are all involved in that state of confusion and turmoil. But the time to prune is approaching, and truly I tell you that all trees producing bad fruit will need to be cut.

63. Suffering, the passage of time, and truth will be the relentless sickle that will cut the roots of the bad weeds. They will later be thrown into the fire of wisdom, where everything that is false will be consumed.

64. Amidst this chaos there are those who doubt my love, and I say to you: How could I abandon this world, if I am the only one who can restore order to the chaos and confusion?

65. Do not forget that whenever you find yourself in darkness, I will come to help you, for I am the light of the world.

66. Men are the ones who provoke the storms, but it is my responsibility to teach mankind to live in peace. I am doing that through my doctrine, which I have given to man during all eras. This doctrine, similar to a concert of beautiful music, is a message from the spiritual kingdom of love and justice.

67. I will continue to speak to your heart. The kingdom of heaven wants to manifest itself on earth, allow it to manifest itself through you. .{

68. It is impossible to separate God from his children and for Christ and mankind to be distant from one another, just as it would be impossible for a body to exist without a head or a sun to exist without planets.

69. When you rejoice in the divine truth, you will experience and enjoy many beautiful things in your existence. When you achieve the spiritual freedom that I have come to offer your spirit, you will be able to spiritually journey through the heavens and to different planets.

70. I have come to comfort you during this period of suffering which was foretold my prophets. Roque Rojas, my messenger in this period, spoke about the ordeals that were to come. I also informed you, through the first spokesmen, that the prophecies were now being fulfilled. Those who listened to me when this manifestation first started will remember that the Divine Master said: Behold that life will change and that humanity will endure a very bitter chalice. Nations will be at war with one another, and parents and children will reject each other. The husband will abandon his wife, and she in turn will be unfaithful to her husband. Many children will become orphans, although they still have their parents. Many will perish due to the great hunger, sin, and vices that will exist among humanity.

71. Behold that after a few years all that suffering, like a strong current of water, will sweep away human lives, homes, cities, beliefs, and institutions.

I say to those who are listening to me to remain alert and to pray so that they will not be swept away by that current.

72. Guard and protect the virtue of your family and the peace of your home. Behold how even the poorest can have this beautiful treasure. Be aware that the human family is a representation of the spiritual family. In the family, the man the father, truly bearing a similarity with his Celestial Father. The woman, with her maternal heart full of tenderness, is the image of the love of the Divine Mother. And the family that is formed through this unity is a representation of the spiritual family of the Creator. The home is the temple where one can learn to fulfill my laws if the parents know how to prepare themselves spiritually.

73. The destiny of parents and children is to return to the Divine Father, but first they need to mutually help one another in order to fulfill their mission and restitution.

74. Life on earth would be much easier, and the weight of the cross that each being has to carry much lighter if parents and children loved one another! The most difficult ordeals would be easier to cope with if humans practiced love and understanding with one another. By accepting and fulfilling the will of God, man would experience spiritual peace.

75. The first institution on earth was marriage, because that union was blessed by the Creator beginning with the first male and female on earth. Throughout the eras my revelations and divine laws have informed you of the importance of that mission. While I was on earth, I enjoyed visiting married couples and families. My presence in those homes sanctified those unions and blessed their fruits. I spoke to the children, to the youth, to spouses, to parents, and to the elderly because it was necessary to restore everything and to offer new enlightenment on how one should live on earth. Your life on earth represents a phase of the spiritual life. My word was for all beings. That is why, whenever I spoke, mothers would hastily arrive holding their children by the hand and on their arms. When Jesus told the multitudes, "Whoever knows the Son, knows the Father," those simple beings truly felt that they were listening to God. -From the depths of their hearts, they would tell the Divine Master: Alleluia, you are the Messiah whom we had awaited! Blessed is the One in whose name you have come!

76. Today, a new era for mankind has opened with my arrival, although the essence of all my teachings remains the same. I have come to remind you about things that you have forgotten, to offer you new teachings, and to help you to live a more elevated life on earth.

77. If you were fulfilling my law on earth, do you believe that I would have come during this era to manifest myself through human spokesmen?

78. With my teachings, I have come to cultivate the seed that I previously sowed in your spirit. However, I will speak in this manner only until 1950. Afterward, I will continue to enlighten your spirit, communicating with you (from spirit to Spirit. Today, I have come to remind you of God's principles which you ignore. I offer you my divine advice, and I once again say to you that I bless the institution of marriage and the family. But in order to expand your spiritual horizons and to prevent you from becoming vain, I have come to teach you to form a true spiritual family among this multitude who listens to me. The father of this family is God, and all the beings throughout the world are your brethren.

79. When one fulfills his responsibilities with his family, he will feel stronger and more worthy, even when he has to depart from his home, his city, or even his nation to spread my teaching to other places. Do not be afraid because I have said that you will have to depart from your home and community. I will take care of what you leave behind, and it will not be necessary to take much. To help you fulfill your mission, I will, beforehand, prepare the roads through which you will travel. Also, I will open doors along your path and will spiritually prepare those individuals to whom you will take my message. A sacrifice of blood does not await you, although you will need to sacrifice some of your earthly pleasures. If one departs from his home to take my teaching to other lands, his home will be blessed. I tell you these things because I will continue to manifest myself in this manner only three more years, and I want to leave you prepared so that no one will surprise you. Your gift of intuition will guide you during that period so that you will know where to go and what path to follow. My disciples will not be traveling by themselves, because they will be accompanied by numerous spirits assigned to help them. Elijah, the spiritual shepherd, will illuminate the paths and protect his sheep. Through your loving deeds, you will fulfill the will of God.

80. You are not the only ones who are responsible for this work. There are beings in the spiritual valley who are ready to incarnate on earth after you depart to continue with your work. The world will change, but the change will take place gradually.

81. Meditate on my word, so that you will attain enlightenment. Once humanity becomes aware of the place that it occupies in God's creation and its mission, it will realize that its destiny is always to love and to bless everyone and everything.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 200

1. The doors to the kingdom of heaven are open for all those who want to receive its benefits. That kingdom is found in the spirit of man.

2. There is great joy in your spirit and in mine when you prepare yourself to receive my messages of spiritual enlightenment.

3. I welcome those who are ill, sad, and in need of spiritual love, for I will give them the healing balsam, enlightenment, and strength that they need.

4. I send you my enlightenment because I love you. It will help you to eliminate your sorrows, fears, and doubts. I want you to feel embraced by my love and protected and safe from all the danger that threatens you. My fountain of mercy overflows to heal you physically and spiritually. Just as I help you, I also help all others throughout the earth and in other planets, because my Divine Spirit descends to every mansion where my children dwell.

5. If you welcome me and allow me to nourish you with my spiritual enlightenment, you will no longer be able to reject me or doubt these teachings that have given you life. Thus, you will offer constant testimony of love and gratitude with your deeds.

6. Can you imagine the great joy that one experiences in the kingdom of heaven? You have attempted to envision life in heaven. You imagine it full of divine music, beauty, purity, and love. I now tell you that perfect harmony reigns over that kingdom.

7. Be aware that all of you will eventually form a part of that divine concert, experiencing the joy found in heaven, when you attain spiritual perfection. You will then be with me and offer me the respect that I deserve. You will hear the divine music within your spirit when you learn that my presence is within your spirit, joyfully perceiving all the things that I have created. I will show you these things because they will also belong to you. Once you are with me you will observe and feel the beautiful harmony that reigns throughout the universe. Then, your spirit will sing a beautiful and loving song to the Divine Father.

8. When you feel my presence within your being, you will discover a divine concert in every scale and a revelation in every note. You will feel so close to me that I will become the most important thing in your life. I will welcome you, as one welcomes a traveler who has reached the end of his journey, aware of his accomplishments and what he expects to find.

9. My people: You have not yet heard that beautiful divine music within your being because your spirit is still materialistic. You need to reach a higher state of spiritual elevation to be able to listen to that celestial concert. I am preparing the path so that you can become spiritually enlightened.

10. Why do you believe that it is difficult for me to communicate through human spokesmen? Do you doubt spiritual communication from my Spirit to your spirit? If all creation receives nourishment from me, and if all spirits are like branches on a tree, receiving life and nourishment from its sap, how could you believe that I am distant from you? Since I am your Father, Doctor, and Teacher, why is it also so difficult to believe that I am not concerned with your suffering?

11. Listen: Soon, there will be disharmony among people because of their different beliefs. Incarnated and disincarnated spiritual beings are perturbed and confused. They sow evil and destruction along their paths, seeking to hurt and kill one another. However, suffering has also arrived. The harvester has come during this period to cut down all the trees that are not producing good fruit. Only justice and truth will prevail during this great battle. Many churches will disappear, although a few will remain. Some churches will truly be following the laws of God, whereas others will only be deceiving people. However, the sickle of justice will continue to cut all the bad weeds until only the good seed remains on earth.

12. During that period those who become spiritualized will achieve the elevation and the knowledge that will give them true wisdom. Thus, you will no longer need human science to guide you, because your spirit will reveal whatever you need to know once you become spiritually prepared with my teachings.

13. Philosophers, lawyers, and priests will come before me to ask me questions. I will answer their questions and convert them with my divine teachings. Some will be unable to comprehend me and become confused. Others will humbly ask for my forgiveness. They will not demand any proof from me, but I will offer it to them, because I love them and want them to acknowledge me.

14. When scientists can no longer resolve humanity's problems or answer their questions, humanity will seek me. It will then discover that I have been waiting to offer my teachings and my comfort to everyone. Humanity will then realize that this Word comes from Christ, the One who knows how to tenderly embrace all those who are sad and who knows how to speak gently to all beings. The Divine Master is using the same gentle language today, as he did in the past, when he told mankind to love one another.

15. You are living during a period of purification and your brethren weep in anguish. Suffering will help man to become purified giving him spiritual strength. New apostles will soon arrive after you.

16.1 will be with you to comfort you and to make you strong so that you will continue along your path of restitution. I want you to convert your enemies into your friends and to become worthy to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Once there, you will gather the fruit from each of your deeds.

17. I speak to you in this manner so that you will begin to practice deeds of love and charity, for your destiny is to love and to bless everyone. Live as Jesus did, always in communion with the Father and in perfect harmony with all the beings in creation.

18. Whenever you practice a virtuous deed, such as being kind with a child in need, helping a needy individual, or protecting a defenseless person, have you not heard an inner voice that blesses you and encourages you to continue to practice those deeds? Whose voice is that? It is the voice of the conscience. It is the voice of the Father rewarding his child, because the child is imitating the Father.

19. If you want to become children who are worthy of my divinity, and principle heirs to the kingdom of heaven, first you need to become purified. The best way to become purified is by practicing good deeds. I speak to you in this manner so that you may realize that I am awaiting you in my kingdom. You are now following the path that will guide you there, although you still have a long way to travel. I want each of you to become an apostle, and each apostle a teacher.

20. I observe that humanity practices many different forms of worship, but I say to you, that I do not acknowledge any one religion as being greater that another. I have taught you about love, and there only exists one truth. Humanity will not be redeemed by any church or priests. It is I who will save humanity. I am the wise and loving Shepherd who takes care of you, comforts you, and loves you so much that I sacrificed my life in order to teach you the path of life and truth.

21. During the Second Era men believed that by taking my life they would destroy me causing my doctrine to disappear. However, they were not aware that by crucifying me they gave me greater life and glory. From my cross, I blessed my apostles from all eras, all those who have humbly followed me through the same path.

22. I also bless those of you who have presently welcomed me and who are preparing yourselves to continue with my work.

23. My people of Israel: You are weary travelers who come seeking my word in order to fulfill your destiny in the Third Era. You have arrived with bitterness in your lips and with sorrow in your heart. You and your children have journeyed through a dangerous path, and now that you hear my spirit summon you, you have come, confident that you will be strengthened.

24. I find some who are humbly awaiting to receive my mandates, whereas others, after having greatly sinned, have repented now that they are before my presence. There are also those who are curious, and scrutinize my teaching, hoping to discover some error in it to condemn it. Although I know what is in each of your hearts I love you, and I welcome everyone.

25. I will use those who are humble to take the good news to others who are awaiting me. My teachings, like pure and clear water, purify the ones who have sinned. When an individual realizes that I have forgiven him and have converted him into my disciple, he will repent and never sin again. I will illuminate and offer evidence to the one who has doubts and scrutinizes my teachings, so that he will become familiar with the truth and offer testimony of me to his brethren.

26. Once you have become spiritually enlightened, I will send you in the presence of those who are educated and who speak eloquently. You will not envy them nor feel inferior in their presence, for I have given you great spiritual gifts.

27. Science will come to a standstill. Many scientific scholars will become confused discovering that their knowledge is worthless, since it has failed to bring humanity comfort and true spiritual peace. Once they come to that conclusion, they will seek me, yearning to know the essence and purpose of spiritual life. They will humbly request to enter into my sanctuary, and I will permit them to comprehend and to acquire spiritual enlightenment according to my will.

28. Those who will truly follow me will be the poor and the rejected. After they nourish their spirits with the divine essence of my word, they will arise filled with love to offer testimony of my new arrival. Some will become prophets, while others will captivate the hearts of men through their gift of speech, but all will perform deeds of love among humanity.

29. Those nations that have been despised and rejected, and those places where people live in poverty will awaken spiritually. They will love me and serve humanity. Among them are the great spirits that have been purified through suffering. Hidden among those individuals are my apostles and my messengers. I will summon all nations, and those who are inspired will soon become my messengers.

30. My people of Israel: Some of your brethren, who form a part of this multitude, are currently dwelling in those troubled nations, awaiting my mandates. They pray for world peace, but there are other beings who prefer destruction and war. Those who pray for peace yearn to live in a place where there are no wars, so they can live peacefully and evolve spiritually, in fulfillment of the divine laws.

31. Man will become tired of worshiping false gods and begin to seek my word and my presence. Once he attains a higher level of spirituality,; the imperfect manner in which he offers worship to God will disappear. He will no longer summon me at the river-shore, nor in the mountains, valleys, or in the desert. He will begin to seek me within his spirit, where he will establish the true spiritual temple to love and worship me.

32. You will observe that many, who were once great materially, will descend from that level, suffering great ordeals. The ordeals will serve to purify their spirits and to seek my doctrine. They will evolve spiritually through their own virtues, for they will realize the true value of the spiritual gifts that I have given man. In the year 1950 you will perceive many of my prophecies fulfilled.

33. Many individuals, whose hearts have been like a dry field, will begin to produce fruit. I say to those of you, whom I have been teaching day after day: Prepare: yourselves and be ready to sow my seed.

34. After 1950 there will be wars among the people of Israel. Only those who have remained alert, continue to pray and follow my laws, will be able to protect their brethren.

35.1 have given you spiritual enlightenment so that you will journey along my path with confidence and teach your brethren.

36. I bless all my children, including those who have witnessed my manifestation as well as those who have not.

37. You are living during difficult times because of spiritual struggles and struggles due to differing beliefs.

38. I have put great importance on this teaching because you will meet many who persist to penetrate into the mystery of my teachings. Also, you will come across multitudes of men and women from various religions. You will discover that in every church and religion there are individuals who have faith and are sincere workers, as reflected by their loving, virtuous deeds.

39. I offer grace to all of my children, because I have seen that throughout the world, each child, even if for just a single moment, has felt love in his heart for God.

40. Throughout the world there are those who perform kind and virtuous deeds seeking ways to help their brethren. Truly I tell you that anyone who .? behaves in that manner has truly united with me.

41. I have told you that the time will come when all nations will become spiritually enlightened. The enlightenment that man achieves will be determined by his level of spiritual preparation. Through that spiritual enlightenment, man will gain a new and a clearer understanding of creation and of spirituality. Thus, a new period of spiritual evolution will begin on earth.

42. When mankind becomes unified, man will achieve a better understanding of divine, spiritual, and eternal things. Man will endure many ordeals, but after he experiences them, he will understand the Divine Truth, which is ? always clear and pure. Spiritual unification will then be achieved.

43. The doctrine that I have revealed and the laws that I have brought you will prevail. Remember, that it is the essence of my word that you will need to share with your brethren.

44. Also, do not be surprised that this multitude will change the way it worships God. Truly I tell you, that soon you will realize that the best way to worship the Father is by practicing deeds of love, charity, and forgiveness with your brethren.

45. Many of your brethren will arrive among you, and after they study spiritualism carefully, they will obligate you to eliminate any fanaticism in your practices.

46. :When I manifest myself to this multitude, I observe that, although some are listening to this teaching, they are unable to truly comprehend it and are unaware of its true greatness. There are others drawn to these teachings because of curiosity, whereas, others show a lack of respect to them. Some have attempted to test the spiritual world in order to verify its presence. How can those individuals believe in this manifestation if they have these doubts? Will they be able to truly comprehend what they have witnessed, if they do not know how to attribute this miracle to the divine power of God? What explanation would they be able to give others who inquire about this manifestation?

47. Those who have faith are able to perform miracles with water that they truly believe is holy. And the Divine Master asks: Does a supernatural power really exist in that water? Truly I tell you that the-power is not in the water, it is within you. It is in your faith and in the purity of your deeds, because the Divine Father dwells within you, and He is present throughout creation. Remember what I said in the past: Your faith will save you.

48. I am the eternal miracle, the One who illuminates your mind and who touches your heart's emotions to guide you through the path of virtue. Still man demands more things of the Divine Father. He has requested to see, hear, and feel those things which he should only perceive through his spiritual senses. But in order to please him, and because I love and understand him, I have granted his request.

49. That is why I have allowed spiritual beings of light to manifest themselves through human spokesmen in the presence of this multitude. Thus, you are able to witness this miracle and thus believe in my presence. Those who have scrutinized this manifestation and still question and doubt it will misinterpret it. Thus, they will use it as a weapon to hurt you, to ridicule you, and to judge you as sorcerers. But this manifestation will cease once it has sowed its seed. However, you will discover that you will not lose the spiritual gifts that you possess and miracles will continue to occur. They will occur because you will continue to offer charity to your brethren, allowing your conscience to guide your steps.

50. Analyze my word so that you will realize that I am not imposing specific customs.

51. It is the essence of my teachings that you will need to protect and you need to share it with others along your path, because the time will come when you will no longer need these houses of prayers. I will manifest myself along your path, in your home, in the mountain, and in all places. There are infinite fields where you will need to sow charity and to demonstrate that you are my disciple. Each individual's mission will be different, but each will always be given the opportunity to practice good deeds. You can practice good deeds, not only with your deeds but also with your thoughts, words, and even with a single, loving gaze.

52. Allow your conscience to judge your deeds, because it will tell you what you need to do to manifest all the spiritual gifts that you possess.

53. When you observe that your brethren are unable to explain the reason for my new manifestation, arise to explain it because you possess that knowledge.

54. The time will come when only a few of my faithful apostles will remain with me. Do not be surprised when the moment arrives. I previously told you that many are summoned and few are chosen. However, it is not that I choose some and reject others. I summon everyone, but the majority choose not to stay.

55. Many have come and others will still arrive, but only those who carry a seed of charity in their spirit will remain.

56. This word is not only for man. Spiritual beings also listen to it, because they have a mission to fulfill.

57. I have given you free will. You are free to choose the path that you believe is the best path to follow, a path where you feel love. If my word through the human spokesman does not convince you, then seek me where you are able to truly feel me, because everyone who follows me needs to feel me in his heart.

58. I have come to restore peace and unity among all people, never disharmony. I have come to bring you spiritual enlightenment so that you will be able to distinguish truth from deceit.

59. I perceive you as small children who come near me seeking my tenderness, my warm embrace, and my wisdom to guide you along the path of life.

60. You are still spiritually weak because you have chosen not to learn from the divine teachings that I have given you along your path.

61. Whoever is familiar with my name and my teachings cannot call himself ignorant or spiritually weak. Did I not previously tell you, "I am the way, the truth, and the life"? What could you lack if you walk through that path of love and nourish yourself with the light of my wisdom? It is with good reason that a baby cries at birth! The spirit knows that it is going to dwell in a valley of tears.

62. Why do you not transform this valley of tears into a mansion of peace? Be aware that the purpose of my teachings is to guide man to achieve the beautiful goal, "Peace on earth to men of good will." Peace is a grace and a blessing from heaven, and it will be achieved on earth when mankind learns to love one another.

63. That is the secret to achieving peace. I revealed it to the world and gave man the key which opens the doors to that kingdom. Man is aware of this, although he has not been interested in achieving peace, spiritual elevation, and wisdom by following the path of love. Instead, he has preferred to construct his own world according to his selfish desires.

64. What man has constructed is fragile, because it lacks a true and strong foundation for brotherly love. The world of vanity, created by man, is presently crumbling. Man would like to sing a hymn of triumph because of his scientific discoveries and progress. Instead, he moans with pain, horror, and repentance as he observes the result of his work that lacks love.

65. Do you think that I speak to you harshly? I am only telling you the truth.

66. My word offers you nourishment and enlightenment.

67. If you fulfill the will of God, you will no longer weep. Practice my doctrine and you will find true happiness. Love one another, and you will live in perfect peace.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 201

1. My people: The Spirit of Truth offers enlightenment to all spirits during this era. I want those who are witnessing my manifestation to meditate and to concentrate, because only then will they be able to comprehend my new divine message. I am inscribing this message in your spirit. It is the divine interpretation of the law that I gave to humanity since the First Era. Also, it is the essence contained in the "book of seven seals", whose mystery I have now come to clarify by enlightening your spirit with my teachings.

2. Tomorrow, after you have understood my teaching, the struggle will begin. Although I will no longer manifest myself in this manner, you will feel my presence in your heart.

3. During the First Era, God utilized Moses to inscribe the law on stone tablets. In the Second Era, the words of Jesus were inscribed with his blood in the human heart. Now, in the present era I will inscribe my revelations in your spirit through divine inspiration.

4. If you become confused, due to the imperfections of the human spokesmen through whom I communicate, do not detain yourself for that reason. Remain calm, analyze my teachings, and continue your journey along my path, because I want you to discover the greatness and truth in my revelation.

5. This multitude, who has witnessed my manifestation, needs to be spiritually strong before it can arise to spread the good news throughout communities, villages, cities, and nations. Today, you are still like an innocent child, eagerly awaiting to begin to fulfill your mission, but who still does not know how to face the obstacles and the ordeals that you will find along your path. When you develop a strong faith and feel true love for your brethren, you will be able to triumph over obstacles and no longer focus on your own suffering but on the suffering and pain of your brethren.

6. My teachings during this era have been extensive, because I want many individuals to have the opportunity to listen to my word. Thus, I will fulfill the promise I made in the Second Era that all sinners and non-sinners would be able to perceive me spiritually. I said those words to give you hope and confidence in the Lord.

7. It is my will that these teachings remain written, because they contain prophecies, announcements, and messages that humanity will need in the future. They need to remain written because human memory is not dependable.

8. I have come to illuminate the nation of spiritual Israel with my teachings. This nation, composed of men and women from all parts of the world, will be strong because of its spiritual enlightenment. This nation has the mission of restoring peace, justice, faith, and morality on earth.

9. It appears that humanity is now spiritually asleep, but you will be surprised when you observe how some nations will readily welcome and accept my new messengers. My messengers will be welcomed much like a flower opens it petals to welcome the sunlight. Those, who are now listening to my word, will form a part of God's nation. This nation will continue to grow until it spreads throughout the world. Your mission is to encourage humanity to eliminate its materialism, to teach humanity of spiritual communication with God, and to help your brethren to remain faithful during great ordeals.

10. The multitudes of today, who have listened to my teachings, represent only a small portion of the nation of God that will arise tomorrow. That nation must remain united and in harmony even when it confronts great and difficult ordeals. If it does not remain united, it will lose the battle and will no longer be guided by the star that has always guided it. It would become lost in an immense and lonely desert. If that were to occur, what testimony would it be able to offer to others about God? What type of example would it be able to set for others to follow?

11. My beloved disciples, be aware that if I chose to manifest myself through human spokesmen during this era, it was to help mankind. Therefore, those of you whom I am teaching and whom I love should not blemish my divine doctrine in any way.

12. Disciples, If you yearn to possess spiritual gifts, let love and the desire to help others be your motive. Do not seek to possess those gifts for your vanity or to feel more spiritually elevated than your brethren. Do not seek to make monetary profit through the use of spiritual gifts. Truly I tell you that a loving deed expects nothing in return. If it does, it is no longer a deed of love. Likewise, true charity expects nothing in return. This is why I tell you that if you yearn to possess spiritual gifts, let love always be your motive.

13. Whoever wants to follow me through this path needs to eliminate all selfishness and vanity from his heart. You will only be able to feel my love if your heart is pure.

14. When I observe that you are practicing a good deed or praying for a needy brethren, truly feeling his sorrow, my divine love will heal your brother, thus granting the miracle that you requested.

15. You will feel great joy witnessing the healing of your brother. However, if it is your mission to sow charity along your path but instead utilize your spiritual gifts for selfish reasons and personal gain, you will lose the spiritual gifts given to you by the Father. Thus, you will be unable to offer anything to your brethren. Rather than sowing love and charity along your path, you would only be sowing vanity and selfishness. You would be deceiving your brethren as well as yourself. If you sow evil deeds, you will experience bitterness, lack spiritual peace, and feel discontent. You would no longer feel that the Divine Father is blessing and approving your deeds nor would you be able to utilize your spiritual gifts to help your brethren.

16. If a person becomes healed, finds peace in his tormented life or experiences a miracle, that person, who innocently trusted you to help him, will be healed by the compassion of the Divine Father. However, when that healing takes place, you attribute it to your prayers and to your spiritual gifts. You utilize that situation so that others will also place their trust in you. But my justice will touch you to detain you along that wrong path, allowing you to meditate on your evil deeds and to return to the right path.

17. Blessed are those who repent for their mistakes when they first experience my justice. They no longer choose to follow the wrong path and truly begin to correct their mistakes. They now realize that the material pleasures of earth can never be compared with the spiritual pleasures. Previously, they had disregarded the spiritual peace that one feels when practicing a good deed. They had preferred the praise and the monetary rewards that were offered to them by others. However, they now realize that practicing good deeds will help them to elevate spiritually, whereas praise and monetary rewards will hinder their spiritual elevation.

18. Everyone who is a worker in my fields should know that I have sent him to offer testimony of me. In order for his testimony to be truthful, it needs to be verified through his deeds of charity, and through his loving words and thoughts. He must keep his heart pure so that I may manifest myself through him.

19. In the Second Era, I said: "Whoever knows the Son, knows the Father." This meant that through the deeds of Jesus you would learn about the love that the Divine Father has for his children. I now say to you that I want all of humanity to know me through the deeds of my disciples.

20. When this multitude truly comprehends me, begins to practice my teachings !of love, and embraces its cross lovingly, humanity will then begin to awaken from its spiritual sleep. Mankind will become aware of your deeds, convinced that this multitude is following the true path. Regardless of whether humanity refers to these teachings as a doctrine, a religion, or an ideology, nevertheless it will acknowledge that these teachings are truly a revelation from God.

21. Disciples, be aware of the mission that I have given you. Recognize the importance of your responsibility, and examine each of your deeds so that they will follow my doctrine of love.

22. In many societies, classes, and congregations, man uses the word brother to refer to one another. Although they call each other brother many times, they do not truly feel for each other as brothers should.

23. Truly I tell you that if you carefully study the meaning of that word you will discover the fountain of life from where all beings were born. Also, you will comprehend my divine love. Once you comprehend the true meaning of that word, you will feel regret, realizing how distant you have become from one another. Although all beings are your brethren, you continue to hurt one another and are indifferent to people whom you refer to as strangers.

24. When I came to earth to live among humanity, I taught you that every being was your brother. Mary was my mother on earth, and I referred to all men as my brethren teaching you to love one another. My entire doctrine was dedicated to teaching you that divine law. Only by fulfilling that law can you truly glorify and love the Divine Father. How can you love me, without loving one another? Truly I tell you that it would be better to give to your brethren those things that you offer me, since the Father possesses everything, and your brethren lack many things.

25. Let the examples set by Jesus become an inspiration in your life and in your deeds. Truly I tell you that by doing as Jesus did, you will be glorifying me and offering true evidence of your love. If humanity unites its spiritual gifts in order to elevate its existence on earth, it will feel my presence. Some will offer their wisdom to mankind, others their love, others charity, science, inspiration, and strength. Thus, a strong and united humanity will emerge on earth, as if it were only one being who was enlightened, great, virtuous, and therefore powerful. It is that being whom I have come to teach my doctrine of love.

26. The human heart has become harden like stone, but man will be unable to resist the divine teachings.

27. I am announcing that a time of harmony will arrive among humanity; my prophets also announced this in the past. When that time arrives, all nations will practice brotherhood and will share their bread, strength, and knowledge with one another. Man will sow peace in those places where, today, there is only war and hatred. Man will become true doctors among humanity, because they will offer comfort to those who are ill.

28. Are you now aware that man has truly not lived as brethren on earth? Do you now understand why I told you in the Second Era that the most important mandate was to love one another?

29. I have not come during this era to eliminate that mandate nor to substitute it with another one. That mandate is eternal and will never change. I have only come to explain the law of love, its true significance and what it means, which represents the wisdom of God.

30. When will humanity realize that only by fulfilling the law of love will mankind achieve the peace that it so much needs, the happiness that it lacks, and the well-being that it seeks?

31.1 know that man is spiritually evolving and that the time will come when everyone will finally open their eyes and perceive the truth.

32. Since I have taught you about love and brotherhood, I now want you to understand what it means to call another human being your brother. I also want you to truly feel that all beings are your brethren.

33. I am your loving Father who welcomes you. Although at times, few truly listen to me, I will not cease to manifest myself with love.

34. You are now receiving my spiritual enlightenment, and your doubts will disappear.

35. Those who follow me are few, and I observe that they are still weak. But behold that through my teachings they will become strong soldiers. They will be courageous, and although they might be weary and wounded when they reach the end of their journey, they will, arrive with peace and brotherhood in their hearts. Their triumph will inspire many others to follow them.

36. Blessed is the one who becomes aware of his mission and fulfills it. For him to evolve, his spirit needs to have strong determination and will power. If the spirit lacks these qualities, it will evolve slowly and will need to incarnate several times before it attains spiritual perfection. Man needs to become familiar with my teachings which will guide him to attain that perfection. You should not rely only on intuition to guide you along my path. You also need the knowledge found in my teachings to continue along the path of evolution. You need to appreciate and to utilize the time and the opportunities that I have given you to evolve spiritually, so that you will no longer be spiritually dead.

37. A person can be physically alive but spiritually dead. Life should manifest itself first in the spirit, then in the flesh. Many beings have dwelt on earth, but only a few of them were spiritually alive. Those few have manifested their spiritual grace to humanity, a grace given to each being by the Divine Creator.

38. If man would follow his conscience and lead a pure life, he would be able to perceive his past, present, and future.

39. The spirit is similar to my secret ark. It is a treasure with so much knowledge. It continually reveals manifestations that are at times so profound, that man is unable to comprehend them.

40. That spark of the divine light that exists in every human is the bond that unites man with the spiritual, the hereafter, and with the Divine Father.

41. If you carefully analyze life, you will realize that all things are related to the eternal life, a life that awaits you and that draws closer with each passing moment.

42. I need workers to sow and to cultivate this seed of love. They must have pure minds and be pure in heart, because many whom I endowed with spiritual gifts have abandoned me. They have become "prodigal children". They were close to the Divine Father for only a brief period, but left to pursue material pleasures. However, my prophecy shall be fulfilled and they will return to their Father. Along their path they will find my relentless justice, but when they return to me they will discover, as always, a kind and loving Father.

43. Multitudes: Arise, as messengers of this teaching to take the good news to your brethren. Have faith in my word and you will perform marvelous things. This enlightenment will awaken humanity from its sleep.

44. Follow the path step by step so that you will become familiar with it. My law follows a narrow path. You will continually struggle and battle along this path, and at times, you will drink from a very bitter chalice. However, you will also experience infinite joy when you feel the peace of God within your spirit.

45. I am walking ahead of you, tracing the path that you need to follow.

Practice humility, and you will not stumble. If you ask where I am taking you, I will respond that I am guiding you to true spiritual joy. Who can become lost along his path if he carries the cross of love upon his shoulders? Do not think that I am asking you to dedicate every minute of your life to me. You have responsibilities on earth that you need to fulfill. You need to realize that those responsibilities are also sacred and that they are part of your spiritual destiny.

46. I only ask that you dedicate a brief spiritual prayer to me daily. In those moments that you devote to me you need to momentarily forget about your daily concerns, so that you will truly come before my presence and feel my embrace and my peace.

47. Everyone has a different spiritual mission to fulfill. Some will not have to depart from where they now live, whereas others will need to travel to distant lands. Some will need to separate from their families to fulfill their mission, whereas others will fulfill it among their family.

48. Some believe that the Divine Master has presently come to assign some individuals a spiritual mission. However, they are greatly mistaken, because each spirit was given its mission from the time of its creation. Now, as in the past, I have come to remind you of the pact that your spirit made with the Father before it came to earth.

49. Embrace your mission with love, oh disciples, thus enabling your brethren to follow my divine path. Be aware that you have everything that you need to sow my seed. You have all the gifts that you need, both spiritually and physically, to triumph in your battles and ordeals.

50. Allow your spirit to guide your body, and also allow your conscience to illuminate your path so that you will triumph over the low passions and sensuous desires of the flesh. Thus, your mission will be easy to fulfill.

51. Be aware that the spiritual seed that I have given each being will need to be returned in multiple form. Thus, you need to effectively utilize the time that you now have to fulfill your mission.

52. Blessed is the individual who patiently accepts the suffering along his path,; because,at the end that suffering will turn to joy. Have great faith and courage, thus you will not be afraid when others judge you. Instead you should fear yourself, because if you spiritually weaken and follow the wrong path, it can lead to serious consequences. When one of your brethren, who is momentarily blinded by the negativity that covers the world, deceitfully hurts you, forgive him, and come to me for I will heal your wound with my love.

53. Patiently carry the weight of your cross. Be aware that you have been sent to earth to fulfill your spiritual mission. This will help your spirit to elevate and to enter the kingdom of heaven.

54. If you fulfill your mission on earth, you will fulfill it in the hereafter.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 202

1. Behold with your spiritual vision the star guiding you to the presence of your Father.

2. The Savior brings you divine warmth with his word which your anguished spirits need because of life's painful journey.

3. If you seek me because of your suffering, my love welcomes you. Trust and accept this holy manifestation.

4. I wish to be near you so that your heart will truly feel my presence. During this night of tenderness and harmony, I wish to be one with you. I want you to remember that I am your first light, the divine promise, and the tireless Master who works to make your spirits perfect and worthy of God.

5. I want to be so near to you that it would be impossible for us to be separated even momentarily. Behold that I come to fill you with tenderness, hope, and healing balsam. I want you to remember that it was on a night like this that I came to earth to reveal with my life and examples the path that leads to the kingdom of heaven.

6. Come to me and receive the essence of this word in your heart so that your prayer, which silently escapes from your heart, can harmonize with the hymns of heaven and earth during this sacred moment.

7. Pray everyone; pray for the poor, the unfortunate, the sick, the orphans, and for prisoners. Pray so that your thoughts may comfort those who suffer, encourage the afflicted, and wipe away the tears of those who cry.

8. There is not one amongst you, including those with a hardened heart, who is not touched during these moments. However, to think of others, it is necessary to forget oneself. Then we will truly be one during this moment of spiritual communion.

9. I have come to visit you in your solitude. When my teaching for this day comes to an end, I will leave an unforgettable fragrance as a sign of my presence.

10. Allow me to gather the withered flowers that your saddened and wounded heart presents to me so that I can leave you with faith and hope.

11. Your heart is what my Spirit seeks today so that I may arise once again in the heart of humanity.

12. Truly I say to you that divine love will begin to flourish in your heart when you develop your law from my words, when you follow my footsteps, and imitate my deeds. To bring you the seed of immortality, Jesus became man many centuries ago.

13. I come now to explain the reason for that love since you have not been able to understand it.

14. Your spirit trembles as you listen to me, and it tells me: "Father, it seems that I may have been with you in that time; your words bring back memories. Master, will you rid me of that doubt?"

15. Truly I tell you that during that time spirits and men alike witnessed my return and my work in the world.

16. Your spirit is the same, although it may have lived in another mansion or inhabited a different body. Today, it weeps with different eyes but it is the same spirit, asking the same questions. It continues to question me and tries to contemplate and discover who I am. I say to it be not afraid and remain at peace, because the spirit Will always be learning about me and spirituality. To comprehend the divine lessons, it is necessary to be humble, to persevere, and to have great faith.

17. You often yearn to know first what is profound and later what is less important. However, begin by knowing yourself. Analyze and question yourself, and you will behold how you can be nourished with the flame within you that God lit with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

18. You do not fully understand this teaching, because you realize that divine enlightenment depends on your level of evolution. However, I assure you that those who seek me in their innermost being, which is the temple of their own spirit, will soon obtain an answer to those questions that have remained unexplained for centuries.

19. It is natural for man to question and to feel uncomfortable with spirituality. He cannot truly comprehend those things that are spiritual and divine, because of his limited evolution. No matter how much the Master speaks of the greatness of God, man is unable to conceive the importance of that truth.

20. I refer only to what one should know about God, for you will never be able to understand everything, nor understand it all as you would like.

21. The Master says that only God truly knows God.

22. O my people, behold the profound silence with which the universe in this hour greets and offers worship to God. Everything enters into a gentle obedience, a divine contemplation, and a profound worship.

23. This occurs because all beings and all creation know that I am giving my word, the same word that was spoken through the lips of Jesus. Men and the elements obeyed his word, incurable illnesses were cured, and the dead were resurrected.

24. The one who knows how to prepare and elevate himself on this night of spiritual festivity will feel the presence of those you call angels, which are invisible and intangible. If you would truly separate your spirit from its material body, you would behold the countryside, cities, homes, and space illuminated with the heavenly brilliance of countless beings, messengers of light, peace, and love.

25. The heavens draw near the earth, and its light seeks those who stop to remember, as well as those who have forgotten the spiritual truth.

26. Rejoice, O humanity, at least be joyful during this night since you still do not know how to feel this peace eternally!

27. Rejoice with the true joy of the heart, which is tenderness and the return to kindness. Rejoice with spiritual joy, which is eternal illumination.

28. Those who remember when the Rabbi came to the world have named this night a holy night.

29. All beings come together under the divine influence of those memories. Those who are not present are remembered, offenses are forgiven, families are reunited, friends visit one another, and hearts are filled with hope. On this night when men manifest a little tenderness in their hardened hearts, and some become more spiritual and less materialistic, it appears that everyone awaits ,something unknown which they are unable to explain. However, I ask: Do you believe that only this night deserves to be called holy by mankind? With a bit of love, could you not make every night and day of your life holy, realizing that every moment in life, without exception, is indeed holy?

30. You say to me: It is a night we remember each year as the one when you came to the world bringing a message of love. I respond: That hour marked the birth of the one in whom the Word would come to incarnate. However, my Spirit was no closer to man that night than it was before and is now.

31. Since your daily life is not devoted entirely to the law, the truth, and love for one another, you must try to be united spiritually on this night, of remembrance.

32. Come and seek me in a humble manner, trusting in the charity of your Father for all your needs.

33. Do not come with feelings of greatness or vanity , for I say to you that I prefer you to be in need and sinful, yet humble, as you attempt to wash your stains in the pure water of my forgiveness.

34. Oh, if you could come with me in spirit, you could perceive all human misery from here!

35. If the powerful and the wealthy wish to be with me on this night, I would take them in spirit to those places of suffering and poverty which they do not want to see.

36. I would then tell them: Leave your festivities for a while and together we will go to those places where your poor brethren live; we will see how they live on this holy night, which is one of sorrow for some and celebration for others. I would tell them: Do not be afraid, for I only ask for a few moments and soon you can return to your feasting and laughter. Then I would take them from place to place showing them how humanity suffers, like the poor elderly lonely mother, who mourns the loss of her beloved sons who were taken by war.

37. That woman lives only with memories and prayers. As she drinks from her cup of bitterness, others indulge in pleasures. Her spirit awaits only for the moment of its departure from the earth, since her hopes in humanity vanished long ago.

38. Later I would show them young children who wander among humanity, a humanity that does not respect the lives of its brethren, expressing neither love nor understanding for those in need.

39. I would make men listen to the profound questions of children, who in their human innocence ask why there exists so much injustice, hatred, selfishness, and cruelty.

40. Then, I would take them to places where one hears the moaning and weeping of the sick, those whose bodies have collapsed like weather-beaten branches. They are the sick, the dejected, the forgotten ones.

41. Afterwards, I would take them behind prison doors to the thousands of beings who have fallen into the darkness of captivity due to a lack of love, charity, light, justice, and peace.

42. Thus, in every site I would show them all the misery and suffering caused by the ambition, greed, hatred, materialism and the endless thirst for power of those who have become arrogant with their false power. Although some regard themselves as powerful, they are not. They only prevent others from possessing what justly belongs to them.

43. I do not summon them, for I know they disregard my voice that speaks to them through their consciences.

44. However, you, my people, who are listening to me and are familiar with deprivation, loneliness, coldness, and orphanhood, and who are able to identify with those who cry for justice, come to me. Spiritually we will visit the sick, the depressed, and all the poor and forgotten ones of the world.

45. Come and behold how I extend my cloak, joining it with yours to shield all of humanity in a loving manner. Come and hear my spiritual voice saying to those who weep: Cry no more, do not be depressed, awaken to faith and to hope, which are enlightenment in the path of life. Truly I say to you that if you once again are watchful and pray with true faith, these days of suffering will be shortened for humanity.

46. Yes, my beloved people, from where you sit and listen, you can allow your spirit to come near my mansion to better contemplate, understand, and feel the tragedy of mankind, your brethren.

47. Do you see those multitudes who are full of inspiration? They are soldiers who have stopped fighting for a few moments to offer me a few minutes of prayer and remembrance. However, their joy and inspiration are not real. They eat and drink to ease their hardships because great sorrow exists in their hearts. They suffer, O my people, and they suffer greatly, especially on this night. It is a torture for them; every memory is a thorn, and every name and face they recall is a wound.

48. Although you may be poor, peace exists in your homes, and you are able to be with your parents, children and wives. However, those soldiers have to endure the bitterness of not being able to embrace their loved ones and the anguish of thinking that perhaps they may not see them again.

49. Many of them suffer as they destroy human lives, homes and cities, sowing misery, grief and mourning. Thus they believe they have lost all rights to return home to peace and to their loved ones.

50. I am aware that many of them are not guilty; there is no hatred or evil in their hearts. I know they are victims, slaves and instruments of others who are truly evil. - r; ~ »

51. I am the only one who can rescue them. Only my love can shield them, for they are alone in the world.

52. You, my people, who cannot imagine what that hardship signifies, but who presently have been touched with my word, send them your thoughts filled with charity and light. Truly I say to you that they will feel strengthened and encouraged and will pray and wait for the war to end. Thus, instead of the thundering noise of battles, they will once again hear those beautiful words, Peace on earth to men of good will.

53. Pray, O my people, making it possible for mankind to await the dawn of a new day, and to remember my promise of better times, of spirituality and prosperity.

54. I also tell you: Let us now go to the hearts of children and seek those in great need. Behold them; they sleep, and in their sleep they judge no one even though they suffer.

55. There is no bread on their table today; nevertheless, they rest with hope for the new day. They are clothed in rags, but they are not ashamed, for they are innocent. They smile although their bodies lack warmth. They are angels on earth, for in their innocent smiles they reflect some of the purity of heaven.

56. O innocence! Shield them with your fine mantle, for they are of the kingdom of heaven!

57. All of you regard this as a holy night. I pour my blessings upon all of my children.

58. Know that I am yours and you are mine. Remember that I proved my love for you by coming to live among the humble, being born in poverty, battling obstacles, and dying in disgrace.

59. You cannot say that I do not understand you, for I have not only seen your suffering, but I have experienced it as well.

60. I also speak to you about the elderly, of those who long ago left the spring of their lives and who today feel the coldness of winter. As they grow older, they lack strength, energy and health. Work becomes more difficult, their limbs are weak, and now their services are no longer needed.

61. Thus the elderly see themselves excluded and abandoned. They feel dejected and are overwhelmed with sadness. Therefore, they experience misery, hunger, and loneliness. I speak to you about the elderly, for they are !also in need of your help and comfort. Love them, o my people, and you will have the right to sit down at the great table of the spiritual banquet where I will say to you: Blessed are you who, in imitation of the Master, are able to embrace ail those who suffer.

62. Therefore, be charitable. Then I will take your hands and allow my blessings to pass through them. Never again will you oppose my taking what is yours and giving it to your brothers. Thus, when you tell me, "Father, all that is mine is yours," you will say it with your heart.

63. If during your lifetime you have practiced charity, continue to do so.

However, if you have not, then begin with the first needy person who knocks at your door whether it be one who is sick of spirit or of body, a widow, an old one, a child, or anyone who is suffering.

64. Keep in mind that those truly in need represent Jesus, and that he is in each one of them to tell you, "I thirst." It is a thirst for you to love one another.

65. Is it possible for the human heart not to be moved before the great scenes of suffering and misery which humanity offers? Yes, it is possible. I have seen those who have not experienced suffering caress their material riches with more love than they have for human beings, the children of God.

66. Beloved people, you have accompanied me during these brief moments to visit the needy, and for this I bless you. Do not think that I abandon the rich and the powerful, for even though they appear not to need me, I am the only one who truly knows their misery and bitterness and is truly aware of their misfortunes. Presently, they believe they have everything. Therefore, why should they seek me since, according to them, I am the Christ of the sick, the outcasts, and the dejected? They are unaware that my mission is to save them from their false splendor in order to give them true and eternal happiness.

67. Other than you, my people, do you know who has tenderly listened to my word and has felt her spirit vibrate with love? It is Mary, the Maternal Spirit, who dwells within the bosom of the Creator. Her essence will always be united with the memory of Jesus.

68. Her life on earth, although longer than mine, was short, for she came before and departed afterward. Her words, brief and gentle, were a heavenly caress.

69. Feel her in spirit. Love and seek her spiritually; know that she will be with you in all your deeds of charity, that her mantle of intercession and tenderness is extended over a suffering and bloody world. In your suffering and weeping you can hear a voice tenderly telling you, Do not fear, be confident, for I am here.

70. Thus, my people, you have been with me; my inspiration has penetrated your heart on this holy night, and I have made you forget all your hardships.

71. Pray, so the light of your Savior may guide and lead you through the stormy sea that you are now crossing.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 203

1. I welcome those who want to become spiritually enlightened.

2. Happy and blessed are those who want to comprehend things more clearly. Truly, I tell you that only by removing the spiritual blindfold that covers your eyes will you be able to perceive and to comprehend things more clearly.

3. Man has two weaknesses. He makes no effort to remove his blindfolds in order to study my elevated spiritual teachings, nor does he want to separate himself from those material pleasures that prevent his spiritual progress. Thus, he has become a slave to his selfish pleasures. His spirit is like a paralyzed human being who makes no effort to heal himself.

4. I perceive that most men are fragile and weak. Why does this occur? It occurs because man doesn't have the courage nor the determination to remove himself from his state of darkness. He has been unwilling to make an effort to progress spiritually. This is the reason he has so many vices and makes so many errors.

5. Man does not want to utilize the gift of free will that he possesses.

6. Man should utilize his free will and his ability to reason, to battle, and to triumph over his own selfish passions and vices. Only then will man be able to acquire true freedom. It is then that you will become great humans on earth, great prophets, and spiritually enlightened. You will be able to live in harmony with nature and beasts. Truly I tell you that your imperfections and weaknesses create your fear of animals which causes them to attack you. If you analyze mankind, you will discover that some individuals are more fierce than tigers and more venomous than cobras.

7. Do not think that the prophets from the past eras performed miracles because they were predestined to do so. They worked hard, struggled, and battled along their path until they were able to triumph. Truly, I tell you that as you make a greater effort to become spiritually enlightened, you will experience greater temptations and ordeals. Nevertheless, your spirit possesses divine enlightenment which will illuminate and guide you in your life. Everyone possesses that divine strength that is pure and immortal. It is the life force that guides you to true happiness. However, man has become immoral due to his vices and materialism. Through his own free will he has stained himself and has spiritually descended. But man will regain his lost dignity through that divine strength that everyone possesses. He will then seek to nourish himself only with virtuous fruits from the divine tree of life.

8. What does man need to do to achieve that state? He needs to use his spiritual strength and energy. He must become a true worker of God so he can remove the blindfolds that cover his eyes. Once they are removed, man will be free from his selfish desires and understand things more clearly. He will walk with confidence and no longer stumble.

9. I have spoken of things that you refer to as mysteries, but you need to carefully analyze my word in order to become divinely enlightened.

10. I want you to know that no mysteries exist in nature or with God. Man has not been able to follow the divine teachings and to practice the true law due to his own weaknesses. That is why he feels confused and lost. He fails to realize that God is in his conscience, always ready to help him.

11. The true law signifies perfection. What is the importance of practicing religions or believing in God, if your deeds and thoughts do not reflect love and purity? The day will come when you will become heirs to my kingdom. Then, you will behold that I am in the Father, that you are in me, and that I am in you. This alliance will be referred to as an alliance of peace. Thus, everyone will fulfill the divine law, and God will be acknowledged as the only God. Men will truly acknowledge one another as brethren and demonstrate it with deeds of love. My beloved children, if you truly wish to become a worker of God today, we can now establish that alliance of peace. It is not necessary for you to depart from earth before we establish that alliance. All you need to do is to make a sincere effort to become my worker. The table has been set, and I invite you to come sit at my table. Come, and allow me to serve you. Together we will eat from the bread of truth. Utilize the torch of love to illuminate your path, and remove the blindfold that covers your eyes. Triumph over your vices and passions. As children of God, seek to become spiritually enlightened. I invite you to come with me, and together we will sing this praise: Glory to God in the highest, and may an alliance of peace become established on earth. Alleluia, alleluia to the Lord. Accept the spiritual nourishment and enlightenment that I have come to bring you. Forget about your sorrows and grief; give them to me. Sing with me: Alleluia, alleluia to the Lord. Sing in harmony with me, my beloved children,, for I am with you.

12. If you could sing in harmony with the divine concert, you would lose all desire to eat those fruits that are harmful to your spirit. Your immortal spiritual being would continually be radiating with enlightenment. My beloved children, do you want to come to my table? The table is set, and I will serve you. Come, for I am awaiting you.

13. Do not imitate the pharisees, who deceitfully pretend to follow the laws of God inside their temples and synagogues, but who truly are evil and materialistic. No, my beloved children, always be pure and virtuous. Practice deeds of virtue in your home, in the streets, or wherever you are. Thus, those who might want to criticize the doctrine of Jesus will proclaim that my doctrine is truly virtuous, for they will observe that both in your private and public life you practice deeds of virtue, sowing love, truth, and kindness wherever you go.

14. Today I have come to communicate with the people of spiritual Israel and to inscribe my word in their hearts. I have come to leave you a memory of my communication through the human spokesmen. If you will carefully analyze, you will realize that I have not remained silent for a single moment. The "Divine Word" has always communicated with mankind. I communicate with man in many different ways. I can speak to his heart, his mind, or his conscience. My word offers him inspiration, strength, and hope. Also, it judges his deeds.

15. I say to you: Men have sought me spiritually during all eras, some with greater eagerness than others.

16. You will not discover everything on earth. I have retained certain knowledge and revelations, so that when you seek them, you will discover me. I have never denied you my love and charity, even granting you those requests which do not benefit you. I have done that to make you realize your mistake.

17. This era of spiritual manifestations and divine teachings has been like a banquet. You were invited to spiritually nourish yourself. Those, who arrived without spiritual enlightenment, have been nourished.

18. After your journey and struggles of life, you have arrived to rest underneath die shade of this divine tree of spiritual enlightenment. You have now regained your strength and have learned to triumph over temptations which continually invite you to depart from the righteous path. Thus, you are learning to become my good disciple.

19. That is why, after having given you my teachings, you are eager and willing to battle for this cause. You have become aware of your responsibility to share this doctrine with your brethren in the same pure and loving manner that you have received it. You now realize that if you work with dedication, humility, and love, you will be able to remove many obstacles and difficulties from the path of your brother. I have summoned many individuals from different places throughout the world to convert them into my soldiers and disciples.

20. You now come to demonstrate your willingness to follow me and to offer me the fruit of your work which only I know. I am the only one who knows your past, who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow. You arrived eager to perform good deeds, yearning to be loved and to love others. The Father welcomed you, nourished you, and converted you into his servant.

21. Once you felt the great love that I have for you, you revealed to me all the secrets that you had concealed from others. After your spirit became enlightened, you truly repented for your past mistakes.

22. I want you to become spiritually prepared and to honor the pact of love that you have made with me. Honor it by practicing deeds of love and charity for your brethren. Today, I have manifested myself as the Divine Father, but tomorrow I will manifest myself as your judge.

23. I do not want anyone to remain spiritually asleep, because he will awaken later and weep.

24. You will only be able to witness this manifestation for three more years. You have learned many things from my teachings. When will you become a teacher? Once I depart, will you be able .to remain in my place to nourish the multitudes? Today, my teaching serves as a warning, because soon this manifestation will come to an end.

25. I have brought this multitude together so that it may unite spiritually. I want it to arise strongly determined, to fulfill its mission, and to embrace one another as brethren.

26. Be aware that among this multitude all are equal, and that no one is superior. Each of you is a servant for the Lord. Behold that the history of these teachings will remain written by those whom I designated as "Golden Pens". I, including you, do not want the future generations to discover any disagreements and divisions among this multitude through those writings. Through your deeds leave examples for future generations to follow, and they, too, will arise similar to how others motivated you to become a servant to the Lord.

27. I have come to embrace each of you and to cover you with my divine cloak, but man has remained insensitive and has ignored me. I have spoken to humanity through miracles, but it has remained indifferent. I have touched man with my justice, but he refuses to learn from it. I speak to you with words of love so that you will offer testimony to others. However, you have failed to share the good news. Furthermore, humanity is not aware of the time in which it now lives. Everyone has the same spiritual gifts, even though I have prepared some to be messengers, and others to receive the messages.

28. Remain spiritually prepared as a messenger and worker of God, and always fulfill my will. If you fail to prepare yourself, you will have nothing to offer your brethren from the divine enlightenment I have given you.

29. Although I have placed my perfect work into sinful hands, there is still no reason for those who have received my teachings not to share it with others. If you are unworthy of this mission, my love makes you worthy and offers you the means to love and to save one another.

30. I am omnipotent and powerful, and I do not want my children to be in spiritual need. I offer my treasures and kindness to those who are sinful, so that they will learn to become charitable with others.

31. Blessed is the one who is charitable and who has shared with his brethren all that he carries in his spirit. When one is selfish, stubborn, and lacks faith he is not even aware of his spiritual gifts. Do not lose faith, so that you will resurrect those who are spiritually dead and also restore vision to those who are spiritually blind.

32. If you practice my teachings only to test them and to discover how much truth they contain, you would only be testing yourself and not my teachings. If you lack faith in what you say or do, how can anyone else have faith in you? You need to become as a mirror so that your brethren can perceive themselves and acknowledge that you are my messengers.

33. Fulfill your mission, and when you come to the end of your journey, you will find yourself before a large door that you will open with your own key.

I will be awaiting you behind that door. You will not be able to open that door if you attempt to use someone else's key. Also, you must acquire the seven divine virtues which are love, humility, patience, harmony, serenity, perseverance, and charity. They symbolize the path of spiritual perfection that each being needs to travel.

34. I want all beings to live in harmony, to have the same ideal, and to follow the will of God.

35. The Lord has given mankind laws and mandates to follow since the beginning of time, and it is the Lord who speaks to you during this period. I want you to be virtuous, to attain spiritual elevation, and to help those who are spiritually weak. However, you have harvested very few fruits. You have not nourished yourselves with the spiritual bread that I have offered you, which is love, virtue, and charity. You have not shared my revelations with your brethren, and you are not utilizing your spiritual gifts. Consequently, your brethren are spiritually hungry and thirsty. One day they will demand to know why you did not share these teachings. I do not want you to experience their harsh judgement, once they realize that it was your responsibility to share these teachings with others. Work hard to sow my seed, and I will return it to you in multiple form.

36. Truly, the weight of your cross is heavy, because you are carrying the weight of your responsibilities and restitution, as well as being judged by others. If you fail to fulfill your responsibilities the weight will become much greater.

37. By now, the good news should have spread throughout the world, and there should be more disciples. Where are the ill whom you have healed and the sinners whom you have converted? The responsibilities that I have assigned to you are not superior to your strength and ability. Your cross is similar to mine, a cross of unselfishness, sacrifice, and love. The one who willingly carries his cross will arrive before my presence. Although he will have suffered along his journey due to his brethren's lack of understanding, he will be satisfied with his accomplishments, feeling inner spiritual peace.

38. Elijah illuminates and inspires those who are guiding these multitudes. Those guides are your brethren. Mary, your Divine Mother, brings each child close to the Divine Father so that the child will be in constant communication with the Father. She always prays for her children. She perceives each child with compassion and love, and greatly cries whenever they sin. Truly, you are not aware of how much she loves her children and worries about them. Because of their sinful ways, they have been unable to offer her any comfort. Frequently, I have delayed my justice because of her petition for her children. Nevertheless, my will is her will, because she is a part of my Divine Spirit. Mary represents the divine tenderness of God and is an example of his maternal love.

39. During this era, everyone who prepares himself through prayer and who practices my divine doctrine will not be harmed when the elements of nature are unleashed. I invite each one of you to pray and offer you the opportunity to be safe from harm. The elements of nature will serve to purify and to spiritually awaken those who are disobedient and sinful. Meanwhile, you need to remain alert, to continue to pray for your brethren, and to continue working as a servant of the Lord.

40. Frequently I have asked this multitude to unite so that it may teach the world a unified doctrine of love. If you do not unite, you will experience great ordeals and your restitution will be great, because you chose to disregard my laws even though you are aware of your delicate mission and my will. Become spiritually united and fulfill the will of God. Love one, another.

41. You have come before me and are ashamed because you have not fulfilled your mission. You have failed to perform good deeds and have stained the white robe that I have given you. You have ignored my mandates, and you believe that I am not perfect because I have given you my mandates through human spokesmen. You believe that the human being is unable to serve as a spokesman for God, but I am proving to you that what God chooses is fair and just. I dwell in each human being, and therefore man has the ability to comprehend God. Thus, it is my will to manifest myself through human spokesmen during this era.

42. Your spirit carries all of your deeds from each reincarnation that you have had on earth. During this era, an era of justice, I have sent some of you to earth to amend your faults and others to fulfill a delicate mission. I have chosen you from among a large number of beings to fulfill a mission among humanity. Your mission is to help mankind to attain purification, regeneration, and spiritual elevation.

43. The world will ask why I chose the illiterate and the sinners to fulfill this mission. I say to you that God chooses the destiny of each being. I will purify those who have this mission and will make them my apostles. As each one fulfills his mission his purification will come to an end.

44. Elijah has prepared you to clearly perceive the beginning of the Sixth Seal as it unfolds and brings grace and enlightenment to every spirit. In this era, my teachings have been simple and easy to comprehend. They have clarified mysteries, opened new paths, and have enlightened all beings. You have witnessed the fulfillment of many prophecies. After having experienced so many ordeals, you have awaken spiritually, and are now willing to practice my teachings.

45. I grant you the grace of listening to me until 1950. I will cease to manifest myself through human spokesmen after that year. I ask my spokesmen to practice brotherhood and faithfulness as they fulfill their mission. This will enable them to transmit my word with perfection, and thus my teaching will have the same essence in each house of prayer where I manifest myself. The world awaits the good news, and it was my will to select you to take this message to the world.

46. The rulers of your nation are not aware of the multitude of people in this country whom I have assigned a mission. Their mission is to pray for their brethren and work for peace and brotherhood among all beings. I am preparing those rulers and permitting them to come among this multitude to witness my manifestation and to observe your manner of living.

47. Be careful to correctly interpret my teaching and fulfill my mandates. Do not offer your brethren fruits of ignorance nor fanaticism. Correct your imperfections, and allow your heart to become sensitive. By fulfilling your spiritual mission, I will delay the elements of nature from destroying the tranquility and lives of your brethren, as well as your own.

48. I will continue to give you my teachings for a brief time because my manifestation will soon come to an end. Therefore, it is necessary for my guides and workers to become united. Imitate me. Remember that in order to fulfill my mission, I suffered greatly, and I had to carry a cross on my shoulders on the road to Calvary. Be humble, and accept your mission. I am aware of your suffering, and together we weep for humanity. It is a weeping of love and sorrow for mankind.

49. Perform deeds of love and charity. Guide the multitudes with dedication and honesty as is my will.

50. Prepare yourself so that when 1950 comes to an end you can take my doctrine to humanity. This multitude who has witnessed my manifestation will go to all nations throughout the world. I offer you blessings and strength, because after this manifestation comes to an end, your journey will be difficult.

51. My peace is with you as soon as you come to me.

52. I will leave you an unforgettable memory of this manifestation, which I have granted you for a long time.

53. You have been enlightened and blessed with my teachings, but do not boast for that reason. Only I know who you were in the past, who you are now, and who you will be in the future. Those who arrived before me spiritually hungry and thirsty have quenched their needs by listening to my word. They are now my servants and disciples to whom I have revealed the spiritual enlightenment from the Sixth Seal.

54. On this day you have reunited although you have come from different communities. My voice was heard everywhere as I summoned this multitude to congregate.

55. I have not come to judge you nor to make demands. Your conscience and intuition will inform you of your responsibilities and the worthiness of your deeds.

56. Do not think that you are the only ones who truly love me. Throughout the world there are others who seek me, follow me, and love me. However, after you prepare yourself with my teachings, I want you to serve as an example for those who love and worship me in an imperfect manner. Truly, I tell you that the gifts of prophecy, inspiration, and speech are distributed among all of humanity.

57. Do not remain spiritually asleep, because this manifestation will only continue for three more years. When will you become teachers of this doctrine?:

58. Today, I have gathered all of you to alert you. I want this multitude to become unified through spiritual love. No one is superior or inferior because everyone is equal. My teachings will remain written in books, and it is not my will that any of your imperfections remain written in those books.

59. Would you want to leave a history of your mistakes to future generations?

60. Although my doctrine is sacred and divine, I have entrusted it to those who still sin. I have done that because those sinners will follow me with great love, loyalty, and dedication once they feel the Father's love and forgiveness.

61. Furthermore, are there any beings on earth who are truly just?

62. Disciples, I say to you: Make a true effort to practice my doctrine, thus I may perfect you with my teachings.

63. Do not doubt yourself due to your lack of knowledge, for I can make rocks speak.

64. You will need to ascend through a spiritual ladder that will lead you to God. Climb it, step by step, until you reach the Father by having attained the highest level of spiritual elevation.

65. Elijah is illuminating your path during this period. He strengthens you when you confront an ordeal and also informs you about future ordeals.

66. Blessed are the workers, who are guided by their conscience and presently listen to my word, for they know how to sow peace, joy, and salvation along their path.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 204

1. My people, I welcome you. I open the gates of my kingdom and greet you with great love. I presently give you what you need, according to your faith and necessity.

2. I come seeking the sanctuary in your heart to give you enlightenment, love, and truth. Love is a powerful force that maintains order and harmony throughout the universe. That is why I am teaching you to love, so that you may know the secret of life. Be generous with your brethren, so that your generosity and love will be like a song that brings joy to the hearts of those who are sad.

3. You need to become familiar with your mission and to fulfill it. Your destiny is to have your spirit triumph over misery and sin, to elevate your being, and to become worthy and virtuous. I want you to dominate your flesh with wisdom and charity rather than violence. Once man learns to obey my laws in a loving manner, instead of disputing over them, he will establish a paradise on earth. It will be similar to the one that was first established and enjoyed by those who first dwelt on earth. Those beings were innocent and obedient, although later man stained the earth with his impure deeds and thoughts.

4. If man lived according to the will of the Divine Father, earth would have prospered materially and would have become a spiritually elevated planet. Man would not have to suffer due to the harsh elements of nature because he would be in harmony with nature and with all its creatures. The harmony on earth would be similar to that of a divine concert with each human being representing a musical note. Since man does not live in harmony with the divine laws he suffers, becoming a slave to his passions. He drags his chains suffering, weeping, and without hope, unaware that he is reaping what he has sowed. If he would just realize that each of his tears is justified, he would quickly attain his salvation.

5. Truly I tell you that man has the solution to end all of his suffering. He can be his own doctor. That is why I say to you that when you follow the path dictated by your conscience, your spirit will elevate itself toward me.

6. What is the purpose of your life on earth, other than to help your spirit to attain spiritual elevation? You have come to dwell on earth where there is illness, tears, and sorrow. But you fail to realize that you could change your life by practicing love and charity with your brethren.

7. The one who truly loves me will attain wisdom. He will first elevate himself on earth and then continue to elevate in other mansions in the universe. Behold how the love of God manifests itself throughout creation. His deeds are wise, His word is perfect, and He holds the keys to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Love, which is the essence of the universe, will elevate your existence until all beings are able to communicate spiritually.

8. A year has 365 days. How many deeds of love and charity do you practice during that period? Why do you say that you love me when you do nothing to help your needy brethren? When I say to you that I love you, I prove it with my deeds. Men say that they love Christ, but they continually hurt me, judge me, ignore me, failing to follow the examples that I set. Do you not believe that mankind has given me another crown of thorns and crucified me once again during this period? When I spiritually visit the ill, the poor, the dejected, and those in prison, why have you not been there with me? Why do you deny charity to those who request it? Behold why I say to you that you have crucified me again, for whoever does not practice deeds of love, rejects me.

9. Each one of you is a child of God. Thus, you are a part of him and are similar to him. Therefore, why not work together with him to make the world a more beautiful place to live? Do this by practicing deeds that are guided by your conscience.

10. The true servant of God is one who offers a healing balsam of love to his brethren, and one who practices true charity with others.

11. You have made me suffer a long time due to your lack of love and comprehension.

12. During this Third Era, I once again tell you to love one another.

13. My people, prepare yourselves to receive my healing balsam. Everyone who prepares himself will be healed, and everyone who is weak will be strengthened. Elevate your spirit to me, and then wait for my balsam. I will give you more than what you expected. Receive it silently, for I will give it to you spiritually. I give you hope, my beloved children. Remember that what you receive from me, you should also give to others. Do not be greedy. When you give to others, do not think about what you are taking away from your children, for it is best not to give unless you do it in a loving manner.

14. Do not judge the lives of your brethren for you would only stain your lips and your heart. Instead, prepare yourself to judge each one of your deeds and to listen to the voice of your conscience.

15. Make a true effort to live in a virtuous manner. When you live in harmony with all of your brethren, you will feel the spiritual peace that you have long awaited.

16. The Divine Master truly tells you: I will continue to give you my word for three more years which are symbolic of the three eras. During these last three years, my teachings will become more profound because I have prepared you spiritually and physically to comprehend my teachings better.

17. You are unlike your brethren from the First Era who had no knowledge of a spiritual law to follow. The Divine Father sent prophets to earth to inform mankind about the existence of God. As each prophet taught man about God he learned more about the Divine Being and began to develop greater faith in him. Thus, man's faith and understanding of God became stronger. Mankind witnessed the great love that Abraham had for the Lord, the great strength that Jacob demonstrated during his ordeals, and the great inspirations and commandments that were given to Moses.

18. Those men were forerunners and messengers of the First Era, similar to how you will be forerunners and messengers of another era, the Era of Spirituality.

19. During this current year of 1948, which represents the First Era, you will get to know many things about that era. You will get to know the significance of the history of Israel, which was not the only nation to have been rescued during the First Era and spiritually redeemed in the Second Era. That nation can be found spiritually in all races and religions throughout the world. Since I chose that nation to offer my teachings to humanity and because you are part of that nation spiritually, you need to know the history of Israel. Its history contains the great revelations that I gave to mankind during the First Era.

20. You are amazed that such great spirits, such as Abraham, dwelt on earth during the First Era. Not only was his love of God pure but he loved Him more than anything else. If you carefully examine his life and his deeds, you will discover that his faith, his strength, his humility, and his love served as the true foundation for the nation of Israel.

21. In that era there were nations that practiced idolatry. The gentiles worshiped the forces of nature as their gods. It was then that Abraham appeared, revealing to mankind the inspirations that he received from God. These inspirations revealed God's truth, justice, and enlightenment. But those men were stubborn and unbelieving, thus submitting Abraham to various ordeals. He overcame those obstacles and was able to convert humanity to accept the doctrine of God. He succeeded in making man accept God as the only true and living God.

22. Spiritual struggles have long existed among humanity, but behold that after those struggles man becomes enlightened with the truth.

23. .Be aware that I have not come to complicate your life with my teachings, but rather to simplify your form of worship and practices. I have come to teach you that it is not necessary to ignore the good things on earth nor your responsibilities in order to please me. While you have a material body, you will be subject to human needs. However, I do want you to allow your conscience to guide you so that your spirit will progress and begin to fulfill my law.

24. Since the First Era I have given you a spiritual shepherd to guide you. That shepherd has served as my forerunner and messenger prior to my arrival among this multitude. Because you have ignored my teachings due to your spiritual ignorance, you are still worshiping the "golden calf" and other material things.

25. The God of Truth has always manifested himself to this multitude, offering you riches, enlightenment, and power to govern the world.

26. You were wealthy and noble lords in the past, who yielded to vanity and selfishness, converting your humble brethren into slaves and servants. I, nevertheless, forgive you and I have come to bless and help those who have gone astray from the divine path. I have been your servant, granting all of your requests, I have awaited patiently for you to fulfill the mission that I entrusted to you long ago.

27. I am a just God, but I do not punish you. I do not demand restitution even though I was crucified by mankind. You are being purified through the suffering and hardship that you have brought onto yourself. Because you have disobeyed my law, you will need to correct your mistakes and to purify your spirit. Then you will allow your spirit to return to its original state of purity. You are now in the right path for salvation and spiritual evolution, but you must become aware of your mission and of the time in which you now live. Ask your conscience what you have done to help your brethren, and it will inform you that you have not helped them. Your conscience will also inform you that mankind still does not practice my divine law and that my doctrine of love has not yet blossomed.

28. Today, as I speak to you, you will become familiar with my teachings. Behold, that I have manifested myself through those who are simple and humble so that mankind can believe in this manifestation. However, you still doubt that it is God who is manifesting himself through the human spokesman. You believe that it is a human, not God, who speaks to you. That is why I have permitted you to carefully analyze the spokesman, at a time when I am not manifesting myself through him, so that you may observe that he is illiterate and naive. I have taught you to be humble and charitable. Although I have assigned different missions to this nation of people to fulfill, there are many who consider themselves superior to others. They praise and glorify themselves, becoming self-centered and always wanting to be first.

29. I am the only one who is truly first, although I have not come to humiliate anyone nor to make anyone my slave. I have come to take care of your needs. I am your Father, and I cannot react with indifference to your suffering. I am God. I cannot abandon you while you are in a state of darkness and ignorance. For that reason I have come to manifest myself. I want you to know me so you will realize who is before you.

30. This nation of people has not set an example of unity for humanity. That is why there is a lack of brotherhood and harmony among the different religions and sects. They lack unity and disagree with one another, because they all aspire to be great. Thus, they are preparing to battle one another.

31. You have not yet fulfilled my law. My path is filled with spiritual enlightenment and love, yet you choose to walk in darkness. The Divine Master continually offers you his love, but you still nourish feelings of hatred. I give you teachings of morality and virtue, yet you have evil thoughts and perform evil deeds. That is why those who have come recently to witness my manifestation ridicule my disciples, because they observe that you are not sincere and truthful. Similarly, the scientists who have come to witness my manifestation do not believe that it is God who is manifesting himself. My disciples will need to offer great evidence of power, such as resurrecting the dead to life, restoring sight to the blind, making those who are paralyzed walk, and other such evidence, in order for humanity to believe in my arrival during this era.

32. Because the flesh rebels against the will of God, your spirit cannot fulfill its mission. However, I have endowed the spirit with spiritual weapons to triumph against the sensual passions of the flesh, thus helping the spirit to achieve merits. The flesh is stubborn, but the material body can help the spirit to become purified and virtuous.

33. That is why I have come to help you. I am your Savior. I give you the opportunity to go dwell in the "promised land".

34. Allow yourself to evolve spiritually now, before I have to summon you to the hereafter. Eliminate your materialism, practice charity, and become my true apostle. Through you I will manifest the power of my divine mercy to humanity.

35. Great ordeals await you, thus you should now prepare yourself! In .the future, I do not want you to become spiritually lost and helpless, proclaiming that no one taught you about the divine path. Today, I am giving you the opportunity to acquire great spiritual strength. I have offered you my love and have nourished you spiritually with my teachings and wisdom. Therefore, I do not want to see you in a state of pain and misery in the future.

36. If you fail to fulfill your mission to teach others about the divine teaching you will experience grief and sorrow. You will behold those close to you become spiritually weak because they lack the divine teachings that is their true daily bread for spiritual strength. Although I had chosen to bless this nation with peace and enlightenment, wars will break out leaving it stained with the innocent blood of your loved ones. You will then be at the mercy of foreign nations, becoming their slaves and separating from the true divine path. Thus, you will no longer be able to listen to my voice.

37. I, the Creator, do not demand that you fulfill my law nor have I come to impose it. I come from the heavens asking you to fulfill my law and to practice humility.

38. I offer peace to those who listen to my word with good will.

39. I am the Divine Gardener who tends after the orchards watering them with celestial water. Those orchards consist of all the human hearts. I have come to sprinkle my divine love upon all the bitterness that is found, on earth. I have come to teach you the path that will guide you to the Kingdom of the Father. It is an infinite path. If you follow it, you will continually evolve spiritually and discover new and marvelous things.

40. I am preparing your spirit with my teachings. Work with me to prepare yourself spiritually, thus bringing splendor and grace to your spirit. I will bless your work so that you will fulfill your great mission on earth.

41. I am the Divine Master and the Divine Father, thus, do not assume that we are separate. There is no difference between the Son and the Holy Spirit. They are one. Behold that only one God has manifested himself in three eras to give you different teachings. He has given you a single book that contains many teachings of love.

42. Bless my name with your deeds. You will then acquire spiritual enlightenment and free yourself from the darkness that is caused by ignorance and sin.

43. My people, do you remember your life before you listened to my teachings and began to practice them? Your behavior previously was very different from how you behave today. You cannot compare your life then with your life today. In the past, you were a lonely individual traveling through a dark path, lacking enlightenment, joy, and hope. Today, you are a disciple of God. I have quenched your spiritual thirst and have healed your wounds with my love. I have come to remove the thorns from your body, and I will remove the nails from your cross.

44. I am the light of the world and universe. I want that light to cover and protect you. Allow my word to heal you as you listen to it. You must analyze yourself, changing your unvirtuous life to a life that is pure and righteous. Previously, I told you to cleanse the cup outside and inside meaning that there should be harmony between your spirit and physical body.

45. I will help you to cleanse and to purify your spirit, that inner part of your being that is invisible to others but not to me. You should also cleanse yourself on the outside so that your material body will truly reflect your inner spiritual being. Thus, your deeds will reflect both truth and sincerity. Since man does not cleanse his spirit, he attempts to conceal that part of his being.

46. Have you examined your wounds and placed the healing balsam that I have given you? If you doubt its healing power, place it once again on your wounds. If you have faith and believe, set aside the medication for your wounds and you will observe how my love will heal the wounds and make them disappear. I will allow others to regain their health through prayer, faith, and meditation. Multitudes of spiritual beings will come, uniting their power and strength to anoint and heal you.

47. The spiritualist will say: Life is so beautiful! But those who are materialistic and who disrespect my laws will say: Life is so bitter, sad, and gloomy! The one who lacks spiritual elevation easily stumbles and suffers, however one who is spiritually evolved does not concern himself with his misfortunes. Rather than judging his brethren, he praises and puts great importance on the virtues of others. He forgives everyone without judging, accusing, and publicizing their faults.

48. I ask those who judge their brethren: Are your sins so few that you want to judge the sins of others? If you are unable to overcome your own sins, why become preoccupied with the sins of others? Rather than focusing on the good qualities and spiritual virtues of your brethren, you prefer to focus on their sins and weaknesses.

49. The kingdom of the Father has many mansions. Those spirits who dwell in highly evolved mansions help man to correct his sins and mistakes. They help him with his restitution without judging him nor rejoicing in his suffering.

50. There are days when I observe that you are unvirtuous and days when you repent. I have also seen you denying that this manifestation is true, but later offering testimony of its truth to others. Sometimes you ridicule your brethren, and other times you defend them. On some days I have seen you offering charity to those who do not need it, and denying it to those who truly need it. It is good to correct your mistakes, but it is best not to commit them at all. However, I do not come to judge nor to accuse you but to enlighten you with my teachings so that you will not sin. I also say to you that I have seen you being helpful, kind, charitable, and understanding with others. I always take those merits into account, but today there should be more love and kindness in your heart.

51. Do not pray without truly feeling that prayer in your heart and in your spirit. There is no need to pray with words, mechanically moving your lips. Pray with sincere feelings. In the past you would easily make false promises and swear in vain, but today you should only reveal the truth.

52. Do not take things that belong to someone else, otherwise you will experience shame and suffering. I will not expose the sins that you have committed, but I do want each individual to analyze himself according to my divine teachings.

53. I will not blame you nor demand restitution of your past faults when you lived in a state of spiritual infancy, darkness, and materialism. However, now that you have acquired full knowledge of my law, you will have to respond to the Father for any evil thing that you do. He will manifest himself through the conscience, and your conscience will judge your own acts severely.

54. Each one of you represents one of my seeds that I am. gathering. If there are any bad seeds among the good seeds, I will also gather them with love to transform them into good seeds. I observe that the human heart still produces seeds of sin, evil, and hatred, but I will continue to offer my divine love to each individual. I will gently guide and help him to become purified until his spirit becomes enlightened.

55. Do you not think that my love is powerful enough to save you? After I have purified you, I will sow you in my garden, where you will produce new flowers and fruits. It is my mission to help you to become spiritually elevated.

56. My love comes to bless you, to forgive you, and to make you worthy of listening to my word.

57. My word shows you the path that you need to follow. I taught you my law since the First Era so that you would follow the path of justice and morality.

58. This doctrine is the same one that I revealed to you in the past, a doctrine of love.

59. Your spirit is a child of the perfect love of God. Your heart, where emotions originate, is a symbol of love.

60. Thus, you should offer love to your brethren, for humanity is in great need of love. Humanity is spiritually hungry and lacks spiritual elevation. It needs to become spiritually alive.

61. If those of you who have listened to my teachings, the bread of life, have been comforted and nourished by it, then offer it to the spirit and to the heart of those who are weary and who hunger for spiritual enlightenment.

62. When you discover that your brother has erroneous concepts or beliefs, offer him my enlightenment, but never impose or force him to accept my doctrine. Offer my doctrine in the same manner to everyone, whether they are wealthy or poor. Help your brethren who have strayed from the divine path and who are suffering and in pain. Your heart will truly feel their suffering and will seek the means to help them. With your charity you will comfort those who are spiritually weak and offer peace to those whose hearts are in turmoil. You will illuminate the path of those who walk in darkness and confusion. If you fulfill your mission to help others, you will be worthy of being called a teacher.

63. My doctrine does not need material temples to bring together new multitudes. My temple is a universal temple, a temple that is formed from the hearts of mankind.

64. Follow the example that Jesus set in the Second Era. He gave his teachings and parables in the countryside, never inside material temples.

65. Whoever utilizes temples to make a monetary profit by taking advantage of those who are innocent and who suffer, lacks spiritual enlightenment and should not call himself my spiritual follower.

66. You will have to struggle along the path of life, including your place of work and in your home.

67. You will prepare yourself so that when you speak it will be through my inspiration at the appropriate time. The one listening to you will be unaware that it is I who speaks to him through his own conscience.

68. Do not expect men to forget their traditions from one day to the next, nor should you be surprised if someone tells you that your beliefs are wrong. In the Second Era there were many who believed that my doctrine was also false; however, it was later accepted as the true doctrine of God.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 205

1. Come receive the essence of my teaching. Allow your spirit to rest and your heart and mind to feel spiritual tranquility.

2. Come to me in spirit so that you may feel the peace of the Divine Master.

3. Similar to how you arrived to witness my manifestation, your brethren will also arrive from distant lands seeking enlightenment from these teachings.

4. Initially, I will give everyone teachings that they can understand, thus preparing their spirits for the teachings that I will give later.

5. Carefully analyze my word to seek the essence of my doctrine. Be aware that it is man who needs to follow my laws. Man should not change my laws for his convenience or because of his beliefs.

6. If I allowed you to practice my doctrine according to your will, then you would remain spiritually stagnant forever. You would never allow your spirit to evolve and to perfect itself.

7. The different religions practiced by mankind have failed to progress spiritually because they have not followed the divine laws of God. Man has chosen to fill his religious practices with myths and misinterpretations.

8. During this period many have had to separate themselves from religion to seek me with their spirit so they can develop their spiritual gifts and abilities. Intuitively, they knew that they possessed those gifts.

9. These individuals have listened to their inner voice which speaks of the spirit and eternal life.

10. I had to separate you from the different paths that you were traveling so that you could begin your journey to the Divine Father and receive my spiritual enlightenment and revelations. I want you to evolve spiritually so you can perceive life with an evolved spirit.

11. What is the physical body without a spirit? It is a mass of lifeless cells. Although the spirit and the body both originate from God, the spirit is the one that reflects true eternal life.

12. Have you ever considered that since everything originated from God that God is in you? Why is he in you? Could he be in you without ever manifesting himself? Then he would not be God, for God is present everywhere, communicating, illuminating, and manifesting himself. Do not assume that God will keep from giving you his message of love. Let it be known that God wants to manifest himself spiritually through you.

13. Would you know how to answer me, if I were to ask you why God is in you? Since he is omnipotent, why is he in that part of your being who you refer to as the spirit? Why does he want you to humbly practice his teachings? You are unable to answer me, disciples, because you have not been taught how to meditate. Thus, you do not know why the Father is in you and why he expresses himself through each one of your deeds. However, if you truly dedicate yourself to studying and to practicing my doctrine, you will soon be able to answer these questions and others that are more profound. Once you attain that enlightenment, you will truly know why the Divine Father dwells in each of his children.

14. Some say that God does not exist, while others, although believing that he does exist, are not interested in him. However, they both ignore that God dwells in each being and that no one can live without God.

15. When each of you becomes aware of this truth, and truly believe that you are spiritual children of the Divine Father, you will then begin to ask yourself to what extent you have allowed God to manifest himself through you.

16. As you journey through the path of life you will one day become astonished of the many deeds that the Lord has performed through you. You will then remember Jesus, the Divine Master, who truly fulfilled the will of the Father.

17. When will you realize that God, who gave you life, wants to manifest himself through you? Behold how sometimes one of these teachings is enough to make you comprehend and to perceive more clearly than you had previously. That comprehension will enable you to do marvelous things, because you will get to know yourself and how to utilize your spiritual gifts.

18. Oh my beloved disciples, you need to learn to offer spiritual love and charity to your brethren. If you give others spiritual enlightenment and make them aware of the power and greatness of the spirit, you will be fulfilling the will of the Father.

19. You need to become familiar with the spiritual gifts that you possess, so that the true essence of your being will manifest itself. Then, you will observe how much easier it is to solve the problems of life and to evolve spiritually.

20. Misery, suffering, and illness will disappear through true spiritual prayer.

21. Prepare yourself spiritually to welcome me and to communicate with the Lord.

22. If you truly believe that God dwells within you, would it be possible for you to become ill or to yield to temptation? How could the weak flesh dominate you?

23. I am freeing you and strengthening you so that you will triumph over the world and the flesh, because I am guiding you to attain perfect communication with the Father.

24. Do not assume that this communication through the human spokesmen is the perfect communication. Although you are sometimes illuminated through intuition, that is also not the perfect communication. The most elevated form of communication with the Divine Father is spiritual, rather than through the material body.

25. Disciples, the material body is only a covering. Inside the body there is the spirit that is like a beautiful fragrance. Is it fair for the spirit not to manifest its beautiful fragrance? Today, it could manifest it through your material body; tomorrow throughout the world, and later throughout the universe.

26. My people: Allow your spirit to penetrate into the essence of these teachings. If you listen to these teachings and fail to penetrate into their essence, you will be unable to overcome your weariness, illnesses, and disillusions.

27. Learn from those who prepare themselves spiritually to penetrate into the essence of my word. They acquire spiritual strength and are healed with my message of love.

28. If you had faith?in the Father, you would face the future without fear and distrust, knowing that the Father will always be with you.

29. You are often ill due to your manner of thinking, always believing that suffering and illness are your destiny. Thus you attract darkness with your thoughts,-and your material life and spiritual journey are surrounded by that darkness. But I have come to help you to renew your faith in life, in the truth, in the eternal, and in spiritual peace. I come to help you become spiritually enlightened.

30. Disciples: My divine plan is for you to attain spiritual perfection. If that is God's divine plan, why would you want to change it? Be aware that man is similar to the universe, and that the universe is similar to man. The universe is a great mansion with many homes. It belongs to the children of God to help them in their journey to spiritual perfection. The spirit of man is the sanctuary where the Lord should dwell.

31. Once you comprehend my word, you will say: Father, starting today I will open the doors to my inner temple so that your essence, which is life, health, wisdom, and strength will penetrate into my spirit.

32. When you speak to me in that manner, it is because your spirit has accepted its mission. You will then observe that I will manifest myself through you, although your material body is mortal. Nevertheless, that body embodies perfection.

33. Today you dwell on earth, but tomorrow you will dwell in a different mansion. Each mansion will bring you a step closer to attaining spiritual perfection.

34. - Your brethren are everywhere in the universe because they are all children of God.

35. Everything and everyone belongs to God, from the most elevated angel to the most basic living thing, including the stars, suns, planets, beings of all species, atoms, elements, and forces. All treasures belong to someone, and the treasures of the universe belong to God.

36. Disciples, I now ask you: Is it possible for you to be ill and unhappy, even though I have brought you these teachings so that you will achieve freedom and joy?

37. You need to be spiritually prepared for these revelations, and I, the Divine Master, have come to prepare you.

38. If you feel that you are spiritually weak, I come to help you become spiritually enlightened. Thus, you will attain redemption, salvation, and peace.

39. Sometimes you ask why you suffer more during this period than mankind did in the past, or why you have to fulfill a spiritual mission you never had to fulfill before. I say to you: Your spiritual mission has always been to journey through the path of enlightenment in order to ascend to the top of the divine mountain. Furthermore, during this era, you have come to settle debts that you acquired in the past and to conclude the work that you have not yet completed.

40. The individual, who is unable to comprehend the significance of a new life, will renounce my justice, and believe that his restitution is a punishment from God. But the one who views his new existence on earth as an opportunity to settle past debts and to purify his spirit will bless the Lord's name.

41. Although you are still learning to become spiritually strong, you should continue to be sincere. Do not worry if you pray for things that you feel are insignificant. Remember, what is important is to pray, and to allow me to guide and inspire you.

42. Pray, and be healed with the spiritual strength and faith that my teachings give you.

43. Once you no longer pray to heal your illnesses but rather to communicate with the Father, the spirit will begin to journey to unknown regions. You will journey to those regions to offer spiritual enlightenment, to receive messages, or to experience spiritual joy and acquire strength.

44. God, who dwells in you, will manifest his messages through you, once your body and spirit are able to interpret those messages.

45. You ask, How is it possible for God to speak through man? And I say to you: During the Second Era, the "Divine Word" became man in order to speak the word of God. The "Divine Word", which manifested God's divine wisdom, took human form through Jesus.

46. Why should God not manifest himself through your spirit and material body since you are disciples of Jesus, the "Divine Word"?

47. Today, as beginning students, you are not always able to comprehend my teachings. For now, speak to God with your heart and mind and he will respond to you deep within your being. You will hear his message in your conscience. It will be a clear, wise, and loving voice that you will gradually discover and become accustomed to hearing.

48. It is necessary to meditate on those messages that you receive through prayer. Thus you will be able to recognize messages from the Father and not confuse them with the voices, ideas, thoughts, and revelations that you may receive from your confused spirit. Only in silence and meditation will you be able to do this.

49. Who is able to truly say what spiritual region he has penetrated while he is in prayer and meditation? No one is able to do that. Thus, the one who fails to pray, to meditate, and to communicate with God is often confused. Instead of penetrating into the light while praying, he penetrates into the darkness, receiving bad inspirations and false messages.

50. Make a true effort to progress spiritually and to acquire spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. Your final destination is to return to God from whom you originated.

51. My word emits an abundance of healing balsam. If you prepare yourself to receive it, you will be healed. Your own spirit will heal you through the spiritual enlightenment that it acquired from my teachings.

52. Pray to me. Ask me for your needs, and seek me. I will grant you more than what you request, but strive to practice deeds of virtue.

53. Practice harmony in your life. Establish only one family with all of your brethren. Your family should include those who are present and those who are absent, as well as those who are visible and those who are invisible.

54. Only then will you experience true inner peace, because you fulfilled the divine mandate that tells you to love one another.

55. My beloved workers: I observe that you are anxiously cultivating the fields, preparing the land, and sowing seeds that will later produce fruit, a true reward for your efforts. Select the seed and prepare the soil, because my present manifestation will continue for only three more years. Thus, only a short time remains for you to prepare yourself. When the time comes for my departure, I do not want you to still be beginning students but rather advanced disciples who become teachers.

56. After my departure you will be responsible for the interpretation that others give to my teachings. Humanity will judge my doctrine according to your deeds, words, and manner of living.

57. You will never lack my inspiration. Through my inspiration you will know when you need to speak and what you need to say. You will explain to your brethren the teachings that I have revealed to you about the spiritual valley using precise, clear, and simple words. You will outline the spiritual path that they need to follow and you will always accompany your words with deeds of love.

58. Gradually you are learning to feel the pain of others as if it were your own. It is because your spirit saturates itself with my teaching, elevates itself, and is able to penetrate into the divine mysteries. It discovers that all beings originated from the Divine Father, and are therefore brothers.

59. Your spirit has not only evolved with my teachings but also your mental abilities because you are attaining greater spiritual inspiration. Thus, you now comprehend things that previously you thought were confusing and mysterious.

60. If you are unable to fully penetrate into the spiritual world to comprehend it, it is because your flesh still dominates the spirit, becoming strongly influenced by material things. Although I have revealed many things to you, truly I tell you that you will never be able to truly comprehend what awaits you in the spiritual valley while you live on earth. You will never truly comprehend how a spirit lives in the spiritual valley, the joy it experiences living in the presence of God, and how a stained spirit attains purification.

61. The human mind is unable to truly comprehend the joy experienced by a purified spirit in the spiritual valley because of the limitations of the human body. That is why I say to you that while you live on earth you cannot truly comprehend those things that pertain to the spiritual world.

62. Also, you cannot imagine the intense pain a spirit will feel once it begins to listen to its conscience. That is why I tell you to prepare yourself and to elevate your spirit, for it will receive many teachings that it needs to know. Behold that true harmony needs to exist between your spirit and your mind, so that you will become aware of some of those spiritual teachings and truths while you are on earth.

63. I have allowed your intelligence and spiritual enlightenment to grow. I have granted you free will to select the path that you want to follow. Nevertheless, I have also given you my laws which show you the right path to follow and how to purify your deeds. If you do not want to follow that path, you are free to separate from it. However, you can no longer deceive yourself, because you will continually hear the voice of your conscience. Furthermore, when you come in spirit before me, you will be judged by your conscience. It will tell you what path of purification you will need to follow. The conscience is the voice of God, that dwells in you to teach you to love all things that are virtuous and to reject all things that are evil.

64. Study my teachings during these years of preparation, for there are many whom you will need to teach. Men are weary because of so much perversity. They hunger to live spiritually.

65. The disciples of these teachings will offer spiritual nourishment to humanity and will help correct its false beliefs. They will help their brethren as they announce the good news of this period. Also, they will announce that life and ideas will evolve on earth during this era. My disciples will not differentiate people of different classes, sects, religions, or races. They will be sensitive to the spiritual and physical needs of all their brethren. They will be similar to a shining lighthouse that guides a ship that is lost at sea, or a bright star that offers light to one who walks in darkness.

66. They will not build temples that are made of stone nor will they erect altars to publicize their deeds. Instead, they will build a great spiritual temple whose stones will be the hearts of humanity and become united through the power of love.

67. Listen carefully to my teachings during these last three years, because the disciples who learn these teachings will become teachers after the year 1950. After 1950, when you congregate and truly elevate yourselves toward me, I will enlighten and inspire you so that you may perform great deeds. But you need to prepare yourself because after 1950 I will no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen.

68. I will illuminate each of my children who truly prepares himself to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. However, I will not illuminate those who sell my work and who convert themselves into merchants. Prepare yourself so that when my manifestation ceases you will continue to follow my path. Listen carefully: Confusion will arise among all those who have failed to prepare themselves.

69. My beloved people, be aware of the manner that I want you to teach humanity my word. Be aware that you will not be able to quickly change the traditions that mankind has had for centuries. Offer my teachings to your brethren and they will become aware of the errors in their life. The power of conviction that my doctrine possesses will illuminate mankind, and its truth will be acknowledged. Thus, my doctrine, which some thought was a false doctrine, will shine with infinite wisdom.

70. My beloved children: I have been with you, and I have touched your heart so that I may eternally dwell in it.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 206

1. I continually offer you my charity because I love you. My love blesses you, forgives you, and purifies you. My love helps you to spiritually evolve along the path of evolution so that you will feel closer to me and become worthy of being my children.

2. I have given you my divine law to guide you. It signals the path that I outlined for you to follow since the beginning of time. Everything that you do on earth should be based upon my law. That law contains my divine wisdom and teachings to guide you throughout life.

3. These teachings are the continuation of the teachings that I have given to man since the First Era. There is an infinite number of teachings that I will give to my children. As your spirit evolves, you will be able to enlighten your understanding of my wise teachings and my desire to perfect you.

4. I am inspiring you to attain the highest level of spirituality so that you may love me in a more evolved manner. As you become more spiritually enlightened you will become sensitive to my manifestations and be able to correctly interpret them.

5. Once you have studied my word and truly comprehend it, you will become spiritually stronger and enlightened. You will then speak to your brethren about my teachings with compassion. Presently, they are unaware of my arrival during this period. You will share my new revelations with them, and will offer them this spiritual wealth, as if it were something sacred that you carried in your hands.

6. Humanity needs enlightenment to be able to progress spiritually. Men are spiritually hungry. They need to have faith to understand the truth and to know the path they are going to follow. I will teach humanity through those who have prepared themselves. They will have a delicate mission of teaching their brethren in a loving manner. You are the ones who will initiate this mission and will attempt to imitate me by helping those who suffer, whether they are poor or wealthy. You will not impose your faith on others nor obligate them to accept your beliefs. Your responsibility is to maintain harmony with your brethren even if they do not accept my new teachings.

7. Offer spiritual enlightenment to those who are not aware of the divine truth and peace to the human heart. Also, comfort those who have impatiently been awaiting my arrival. Go help your brethren, and I will watch over your family and your belongings.

8. If you work in that manner you will be constructing an immortal temple in the spirit of your brethren where they will worship me spiritually. That is how I want my beloved children to worship me.

9. Be my disciples of love. Practice deeds that are sincere, and always speak the truth. Through these teachings I am guiding future generations who will want to follow and imitate me.

10. When the year 1950 comes to an end, do not seek a specific place to pray nor to study my word. Your home, the valley, or your place of work are all appropriate places to study and to pray. Imitate my twelve disciples who knew how to find a temple wherever they were, because they carried that temple in their spirit. The sacredness and greatness of their deeds was in their ability to spiritually elevate themselves to communicate with me.

11. As long as there is pain and suffering on earth, Mary will continually pray for all of humanity. She will illuminate the lives of all of her children.

12. You have asked me to come dwell in your heart, and I do.

13. Along my path you have been able to rest from your spiritual weariness, whereas you have never been able to rest elsewhere. You had journeyed through many different roads seeking spiritual comfort and strength and you finally discovered that my teachings offered you what you had sought.

14. From childhood through adolescence and up to adulthood you had sought the true path but had not found it. Along the way, you became lost and begin to follow the path of darkness, but when the light of my Spirit appeared before you, you resurrected and were reborn.

15. Do not forget the day when you first listened to my word, the day when you returned to a life of spiritual enlightenment.

16. Although you were spiritually weak when you arrived, you carefully analyzed my word. Some arrived with humility, others with arrogance, but nevertheless all were brought by the power of my presence. You were destined to come. I have awaited for my children for such a long time! However, some have rejected my embrace and have returned to the path of darkness. Those who have remained with me have found joy and peace in my word and will become my workers.

17. I dwell in all of my children, even in the assassin. I do not separate from anyone, being especially close to those who believe that they are highly unworthy of belonging to God.

18. It is the responsibility of those who are present to pray for those who have fallen, without judging them. Remember that they, too, will attain spiritual enlightenment.

19. Do not wait for the regeneration of humanity to occur naturally. You must set examples of love for others to follow. Help your brethren without taking advantage of them.

20. You will help mankind to stop following the path of darkness and sin. Your mission is to help humanity by guiding it and giving it the spiritual enlightenment that it needs. Your brethren will arrive from various paths of darkness. Even those who were in prison will arrive to be converted into my disciples. However, if you fail your mission of helping your brethren become spiritually enlightened and of guiding them in the path of love, your spirit will have to return to fulfill it. If you now have the opportunity to fulfill your mission, why would you want to experience such a painful restitution later on?

21. Although human science is great, the scientist is spiritually not enlightened, thus men are dying. That is why I have given you the gift of healing, so that you may become doctors of humanity, offering examples of true love and charity.

22. Great epidemics will appear on earth and a large portion of humanity will perish. Those epidemics will be unknown to human science, and no one will be able to stop their destruction.

23. The universe will be cleansed of all evil. My justice will eliminate hatred, selfishness, and harmful vices. Extraordinary events will occur throughout nature.

24. Nations will be swept away and destroyed, and communities will vanish. These events will serve as a warning for mankind.

25. The path that I have designated for you to follow is now prepared. I am your guide and will accompany you throughout your journey.

26. My blessed people of Israel, the Lord welcomes you. I come meekly and humbly before you to manifest myself in this dwelling place. But truly, I tell you that it is not in this material dwelling that I manifest myself, but rather in your heart when you spiritually elevate yourself to communicate with the Lord.

27. I know that you need my word, so I have come to spiritually enlighten you. What would happen to you if you did not have it? My word, pure and full of spiritual enlightenment, offers you guidance and helps you to elevate spiritually. It is not found in any book written by man.

28. Although scientists, who have listened to my teachings, will not confess that this word is the truth, they will recognize in their hearts that it is truly the Divine Father who speaks.

29. I have come to give that spiritual peace you have been unable to find in your life. You have journeyed through many different paths and have sought the truth in various places, similar to a humming bird that goes from flower to flower in search of honey. However, you have never experienced the love and wisdom that these teachings have given you.

30. You have continually sought the true path, traveling many different paths, and struggling against the darkness. During your journey, you became weak and weary.

31. But the day came when your path was illuminated by the light of my Divine Spirit. That unforgettable day, for both your spirit and conscience, has been inscribed in the spiritual book of God, as are each deed that you perform on earth and all you learn from the Divine Master. That day when you became spiritually enlightened is when your spirit resurrected to a life of grace.

32. Some who have come to witness this manifestation have been wealthy dignitaries, whereas others have been materially poor. However, I designate the moment of arrival for each individual. Each one has to arrive before the Father, who awaits with great love to welcome you and to resurrect you to a spiritual life.

33r You rejoice listening to my teachings. However, you feel that your physical body prevents you from totally dedicating yourself to fulfilling my sacred work. But you resign yourself, knowing that as a disciple of God you are not allowed to intervene in his higher judgements and that you need to be submissive and obedient. You realize that through your material body you will journey through the path of wisdom and love as well as through the path of darkness and deceit. Also, as you sit under the shade of God's tree you will choose fruits that bring prosperity and happiness, rather than those that bring disharmony. You will enjoy the shade that is provided by that tree, making sure that it not destroyed by worms, or that vultures do not nest in that tree.

34. I have allowed you to journey through different paths of life so you could eventually be able to have good and bad experiences to help you distinguish between spiritual enlightenment and spiritual darkness, so that guided by my divine inspiration, you would choose the true path.

35. The Divine Master says to you: Behind that door which is closed, and which you refer to as death, is life. I am the Life. Temptation offers you death, not life. Temptation will blind your vision and will prevent you from being close to me. However, I have given you a powerful weapon to free yourself from temptation. That weapon is prayer. Prayer makes you strong, brings you closer to me, and allows you to journey with me along your path of spiritual evolution.

36. I, the Divine Father, will not deny my love and forgiveness to anyone, including those who have yielded to temptation and who have fallen into the abyss. I have not abandoned anyone. There is no one on earth, nor in the spiritual valley, whom I have deserted. Who, among you, could be removed from my sheepfold, because you are a sinner and are unworthy of receiving my charity? I will continue to dwell in the heart of the hardened sinner who has been unable to receive the light of my Divine Spirit, because he has failed to listen to the voice of his conscience. Do you believe that I have separated from that sinner because of his evil deeds? Truly, I have not. I am the Father of all beings, and I do not distinguish among my children. I am love, and as a loving Father, I do not neglect anyone.

37. It is your responsibility to pray for the one who is lost so that his spirit will become illuminated by the light of my Spirit. Through your prayers you can help him to awaken spiritually, to rise above temptation, and to no longer be blinded in darkness.

38. However, the people of spiritual Israel have fallen asleep. They are waiting for humanity to regenerate on its own. Israel has failed to carry out the mission that I have assigned it, which is to set examples of love and charity for others to follow.

39. My people, I ask you: Who did I leave my law with? Have I, perhaps, left it in the hands of hardened sinners? I left my law with you. Who, then, is responsible for not fulfilling my mandates? Israel is responsible!

Furthermore, I ask you, Why have you not arisen to fulfill the mandates that I have given you? Why do you allow the sinner to continue to stumble and weaken along his path? Why have you not spiritually enlightened him with the gift of speech that I have given you when you speak to him in my name? Do you want your brethren to remain blind and in a state of spiritual darkness? Do you not know that through your deeds that darkness can be removed?

40. The Divine Father tells you to awaken from your sleep. Go and help those who have fallen to arise and to follow the true path. I will give new mandates to humanity. I will give new orders to every nation, to every ruler, and to every citizen.

41. You will witness the occurrence of strange events. The seasons will change. The winters will become harsher and it will appear as if spring will never arrive. Men measure the length of each season, but if it is my will to change the length, who can oppose my will? There will be droughts and lands will become dry. Thus, prepare yourselves, my people, because a time of great disorder is approaching and you will need to work harder.

42. This nation is now living in a state of peace. Maintain this peace! Do not let that peace escape from your heart. This nation was chosen by me, and it is my will that it not experience disorder and confusion. However, you must become spiritually prepared, because through the fulfillment of your mission, this nation, and all of humanity, will receive spiritual enlightenment.

43. Israel, I am present before you! You are able to listen only to my voice without being able to perceive me, but you rejoice as you listen to my words.

44. I quickly come whenever you summon me. I am aware of all of your afflictions. I have come to give you things that will benefit both your body and spirit.

45. I do not give you false riches, for you would become lost. I have come to save you, so that after you depart from earth you will come to me.

46. Ask me to give you things that will benefit your spirit and I will give them to you. Do not clothe only your physical body, leaving your spirit naked.

47. Man does not yet obey the law that I gave to him during the first two eras. That is why I have come again during this era to save mankind.

48. I have manifested myself in this nation since 1866. I have quenched the thirst of those who were spiritually thirsty for my divine teachings. I am here to help my beloved children to purify their sinful hearts.

49. Oh, if only everyone would come to listen to me! But there are those who, in spite of having listened to me, still prefer to travel through the paths of darkness, filled with obstacles, rather than travel through the enlightened path of the Lord. Those who journey through the wrong path are your brethren. They are ungrateful and disobedient, who prefer to eat the bitter bread from earth instead of the bread of eternal life.

50. Blessed are those who remain with me, knowing that I am the Divine Father who awaits his lost children.

51. Your Father has come to teach you his doctrine of love. It is a spiritual teaching that does not permit fanaticism, but teaches you to fulfill the law of God and the law of man in a perfect manner.

52. I have never asked you to torture and to punish your physical body in order to attain my forgiveness. The only penance that I will accept is for you to stop practicing deeds that are evil and harmful to your brethren. When you practice deeds of love and kindness, you will feel my spiritual peace.

53. I speak to you in this manner because I do not want your spirit to live in a state of darkness while it dwells on earth. Remember that its true mansion is not of this world.

54. Do you know what awaits you after you depart from earth? Where will your spirit go? I only say to you to be alert and to pray. Learn my teachings and practice them. You are now journeying through earth, but soon your journey will end and you will be closer to God.

55. In all three eras I have sought to communicate with humanity in different ways. During the First Era, I allowed Moses to guide you to attain freedom and spiritual enlightenment. During the Second Era, I manifested myself through Jesus, who outlined the divine path for humanity to attain its salvation. During this era I arrived spiritually, on a white cloud, to say to you: Come to receive spiritual enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. I do not want you to prolong the fulfillment of your mission, because in the future the ordeals and the suffering will be greater.

56.1 am giving you the Third Testament so that you may study it and practice its teachings, because the year 1950 is approaching.

57. If you fail to take advantage of my teachings, you will greatly weep when you hear the Divine Master informing you that this form of spiritual communication is ending. Is that what you are waiting for or are you waiting for disease, hunger, mourning, and sorrow to spread to your homes?

58. After my departure, I want you to remain strong and unified. Do not reject one another. Love one another, and there will be peace throughout the universe.

59. Who, among this multitude, will have to journey across the oceans and the mountains to visit distant lands? Who will have to leave his family and his children to take my doctrine to different nations?

60. Be alert and meditate, because prior to 1950 only you have been spiritually nourished with this spiritual bread and water. You have kept this spiritual enlightenment to yourself, disregarding those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty. But things will change once my manifestation comes to an end. You will arise to become teachers for your younger brethren. Cleanse your stains and imperfections so that you may serve as an example for the different religions and sects. Truly prepare yourself. Although there are many who are now listening to my teachings, some will eventually reject me, and others will choose to do as they please. Among this multitude are those who will betray me.

61. Carefully study my word so that tomorrow you will not say that it was a human who gave you these teachings, but rather God. Furthermore, who is able to speak in this manner? What human has the power to transform and to regenerate a multitude of people as I have done?

62. Soon you will no longer listen to this voice, but you will remember that I was with you from 1866 to 1950. There are many who witnessed my manifestation, but chose to reject my teachings. Those of you who were with me will also be with the Divine Father throughout eternity.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 207

1. Blessed are you because you no longer need symbolic figures to feel my presence. You are now beginning to progress along the path of spirituality.

2. Although life offers you a vast field of opportunities to analyze my teachings, your life on earth is not long enough to comprehend all of them.

3. You now perceive things differently after having listened to my teachings! The veil which had covered your eyes has been removed and you can no longer close them. Who, having perceived the light, would want to remain in the darkness?

4. You are no longer able to suppress the admiration, gratitude, and love that you feel for me. You demonstrate that love in your spiritual prayers and in your deeds. You no longer pray as you did in the past with repetitive and eloquent words that you were unable to comprehend or feel in your heart. You lacked spirituality, thus you could not communicate with God.

5. Today, you feel a deep compassion and love for your brother as you observe his suffering and misery. Those feelings best express your desire for the well-being of your brother.

6. Long ago you constructed a temple in order to worship yourself. You admired yourself, recognizing the power and dominance that you could exert over other beings. You loved yourself, believing that you were strong and powerful.

7. I have come to eliminate your pride and to make you humble and aware of the insignificance of your material body. I have said to you that you possess a spirit. That is where your true value and strength lies, although you should not become vain for that reason. The greatness of your spirit is unlike that greatness that your material body feels. Since your spirit is a part of God, it is superior to all material things. Man is truly great, because I have endowed him with a spirit. However, you need to be careful not to darken the light of your spirit. You also need to help your spirit to evolve along its path of evolution.

8. In the past, when low passions dominated your life, your spirit felt that it was oppressed and in chains. You are now learning to dominate those passions, because there is no place for pride, vanity, or hatred in the hearts of my disciples. Your spirit is now beginning to influence your deeds, thoughts, and steps that you take. You have voluntarily chosen to allow your spirit to guide you so you can correct your past mistakes.

9. Your spirit will become stronger as it practices deeds of virtue. If it continues to practice those deeds on earth, it will attain a high level of spiritual elevation. Thus, when it departs from earth it will enter into elevated spiritual mansions having eliminated all of its pride and miseries.

10. The one who arrives into elevated spiritual mansions with humility and spiritual elevation will not be able to forget those who remained on earth and who are in need. Thus, he will spiritually help and protect those who are weak, ill, and lost.

11. Develop your spiritual gifts by practicing deeds of love, and truly I say to you: If you prepare yourself spiritually you will be able to detain the disasters, plagues, and illnesses that occur on earth. Do not become vain for that reason, because those accomplishments will not take place due to your own physical strength, but rather through the spirit, who is strong because of its humility.

12. Be one with me, and listen to my word.

13. The world needs salvation. It needs men of goodwill to arise and to work on behalf of my doctrine.

14. Today, man lacks true understanding of spirituality.

15. Those who have spiritually awaken by having listened to my word are very few in comparison to those who are unaware of my manifestation. There are some who intuitively feel the closeness and the presence of spiritual things.

16. Mankind needs guidance and help. That guidance and help will be provided by my new disciples who, enduring great ordeals, will offer spiritual knowledge to their brethren and save those who are lost.

17. A time of great ordeals and battles is approaching. I have prepared you so that you will have the strength and courage to observe all that I have announced. During those ordeals man will eventually comprehend why nations are in war and why there is disagreement among the different religions. He will realize that it is because man has failed to comprehend and to follow the teachings of Christ. If man were to follow those teachings, the world would be a place of joy and peace. However, man practices vanity instead of love, and thus he is unable to think clearly and to practice deeds of spirituality. Because of man's vanity, the spirit is unable to triumph over the stubbornness of the flesh and manifest itself.

18. Today, instead of eliminating the misery that exists everywhere, man selfishly attempts to use it to his benefit. Why hasn't man sought ideals that help him to elevate his emotions and pursue goals that are worthy of his spirit? It is because man has not wanted to perceive beyond his physical needs, that is to say, beyond his miseries, his earthly pleasures, and his material science. He dedicates his time on earth to accumulating riches and seeking pleasures, believing that, once he dies, he will cease to exist. Because of his ignorance and pride, man has descended to an inferior level, instead of spiritually elevating himself and perceiving himself as a child of God. When his conscience speaks to him about God and about spiritual life, he is overwhelmed by his fear of God's justice. Thus, he prefers to ignore the voice of his conscience and to disregard its warnings. He truly does not understand the purpose of his existence on earth nor is he aware of his spiritual and physical situation. How can he cease to feel inferior and miserable, if he continues to live and to think as he does?

19. That is why I have come to give you my teachings. Those listening to me have developed a different understanding about the superior life of the spirit. One can begin to live that life while he is on earth, becoming aware that he possesses my divine grace.

20. God is the law and force that governs everything. His power and wisdom are manifested throughout nature, which reflects his perfection. Humanity needs to recognize and to appreciate the greatness of the Divine Father. It needs to realize that a material image is not needed to worship the Father, and that his presence is manifested throughout all of nature. Once humanity truly comprehends this, it can then follow the true path and will be able to perceive the power and wisdom of God throughout creation. Those who are receiving my teaching are becoming spiritualized, because they are acquiring new wisdom and knowledge. They are no longer spiritually blind, for they are now able to perceive, to analyze, and to comprehend my teachings.

21. But truly I tell you: What you have now learned is not sufficient for you to comprehend other things that I will reveal to you. You still have a long road to travel. However, I say to you, that you do not want to remain spiritually blind when you are beginning to comprehend spirituality. Whoever listens to these divine teachings will no longer be able to ignore my inspiration nor will he stop praising the Lord.

22. You are now able to pray from your heart. Previously your prayers consisted of words that you had memorized and learned from books. Today, your prayer has no limit, because when you have faith and elevate yourself in prayer, you feel that you are truly near those for whom you pray. Thus, you no longer pray using repetitive and memorized words. Today, your prayers are spiritual and full of inspiration. You no longer find it necessary to sing songs praising God, but now choose to offer testimony of God's kindness by the way you live.

23. Carefully examine yourself, and when you have discovered your mistakes, correct them. Be encouraged realizing that eventually you will return to the Father to dwell in the kingdom of heaven. Make a true effort to battle against your weaknesses. Demonstrate that your spiritual nature is superior, and that you are able to triumph over your low passions and evil tendencies.

24. In the past you had erected a temple to worship yourself, believing that you were eternal, strong, and powerful. You lived to satisfy only your physical needs. However, once you truly comprehend the differences between spiritual and material things, you will no longer do that.

25. Knowing that you possess spiritual strength and greatness should not make you vain, because spiritual greatness differs greatly from material greatness.

26. The spirit is a spark of light, a seed of love and life.

27. Behold the wrong path through which you traveled when you sought material greatness and desired only material things.

28. You are now beginning to comprehend spirituality. Thus, when it is time for you to depart from earth, your spirit will have attained enlightenment.

knowledge, and grace.

29. Are you aware of the era in which you now live?

30. Pray, so that you may help the leaders from different nations to unite and to solve the conflicts that exist between different countries. Do you believe that each ruler has a different solution for the struggles that exist? No, my people, they are only deceiving themselves. The conscience of each ruler proposes the same solution. However, due to their selfish and material interests they all disregard the voice of their conscience. All conflicts have a simple solution. The world would be in a state of peace, if only men would obey their conscience. Those who govern different nations, instead of thinking of their own greatness, should consider the well-being of everyone. However, they fail to do that. Men distrust one another and are always ready to battle.

31. Once again I say to you: Once the world follows my path and practices my doctrine, it will solve its problems and live in peace.

32. My universal ray today descends upon your spirit to nourish you with the bread of eternal life. It is my voice that summons you. Among this multitude are those who have recently arrived to witness my teachings, and I invite them to enjoy my word. Some who arrive are humble, others are unbelievers, idolaters, and hypocrites. They doubt my presence and inwardly ridicule my teaching, because they believe that it is impossible for the Creator to communicate through human spokesmen.

33. If it were not God who is now manifesting himself, I would not be offering the evidence that I now offer you nor would I be teaching you the path of virtue. The one who does not believe in my manifestation doesn't because he has failed to meditate, to open his heart, and to leave his state of darkness.

34. I say to you: I am the true God, the Father, the Life, and the Light. I have come to communicate in this manner to help you eliminate your disobedience, mistakes, and low passions that have prevented you from comprehending and analyzing the truth.

35. I have not come to denounce you in the presence of others, for I have invited you to come to my banquet. I will speak to your spirit and through your conscience, so that it will feel me and will thus awaken.

36. I am the same Christ whom you condemned in the Second Era, and I have designated the beginning and the end of each era.

37. During the Second Era you crucified me on a cross. I shed my blood because of the great love that I have for you. Although you were well aware of what you did when you crucified the Messiah, I, nonetheless, said that you were innocent and unaware of what you had done. I left twelve disciples to guide you and care for you. Those disciples imitated the Divine Master and spread my doctrine among humanity.

38. Among this multitude who is witnessing my manifestation are those who in the Second Era shouted the following: Crucify him! He is a sorcerer! Thus,they rejected the blessings that I brought to mankind.

39. Time has passed, and through my will, your spirit has reincarnated on earth to come listen to the "Divine Word". Although I now manifest myself in a different form, my teachings are still filled with love and life.

40. I am here with you! I am touching your heart so that you may offer me shelter. I have come seeking your spirit, whom I greatly love, because it has become a slave to sin and its light has become darkened.

41. Although you have developed intellectually, your love for your brethren has not evolved. It has failed to evolve because you are materialistic and are interested in satisfying only your needs.

42. You forget about the eternal life of the spirit and believe that you are gods on earth. You doubt my existence, and my justice, because you observe that I do not prevent the shedding of blood among humanity. You fail to understand that I am a relentless judge, and that I allow man to amend his sins and to purify himself through suffering and pain.

43. Open your heart! Elevate your spirit! Allow your spirit to inform you that the voice you are listening to is the same one that has always spoken to you of love, charity, and perfection! The Third Era has surprised you! You should no longer want to perceive me in human form as you did in the Second Era! Remember that I previously told you that I would come again upon a cloud. My Divine Spirit descends from the heavens to communicate with you through human spokesmen. Thus, my voice is heard on earth even though this world is filled with sin.

44. You are not the only ones who are listening to my word. I, the "Divine Word", pour my light throughout the universe. However, if you were to ask others whether they have heard a voice speaking to them from the heavens, they would say no. Why does this occur? It is because humanity is deaf as it journeys through life. It is not only surrounded by sin and fanaticism, but also people do not listen to their conscience.

45. I have given you my word since 1866. My teachings offer salvation to your spirit and point out the path to attain perfect peace in the universe.

46. I have assigned a delicate mission to your spirit to settle its debt with the Lord. I am cutting the bad weeds and tying them into bundles. I will then throw them into the fire, until they become ashes. At the end my light will shine and my doctrine will be acknowledged throughout the world.

47. Man will create new doctrines and laws, according to the will of God. Thus there will be peace, harmony, and brotherhood on earth. Human hatred will disappear, and human beings will no longer murder one another. Before all this takes place, I will purify man. Some will perceive the fulfillment of these prophecies after they enter into the spiritual mansion, whereas those who remain on earth will give testimony to the new generations after 1950.

48. My people: I have designated only one path for you to reach me. It is a path that is fillet! with light, life, and prayer. It is the spirit's path. You will not get lost by traveling through that path. If you are now following it, offer testimony of my revelations and of my doctrine of spirituality to your brethren. Teach them how to communicate with me through the perfect spiritual prayer.

49. Remember, my people, the example of prayer that I gave in the "Mount of Olives", when I asked the Father to forgive humanity. Jesus knelt before the Celestial Father, not in front of an image. I then elevated my prayer toward the heavens, the same prayer that I left for humanity.

50. Once again I offer you my charity and embrace you with love. Disciples, beginning students, and those who journey through life: On this day of grace the Divine Master's voice descends to caress you. I do not present myself as a harsh judge, but as a just Father. I have come to guide you with my teachings so that you will follow my path, a path from which you had separated.

51. All of you are my soldiers. I observe that some of you have failed to fulfill your mission, while others have succeeded, and yet others are in the process of succeeding and are singing a hymn of victory. You are in the midst of that struggle and do not know the outcome. Today, you are unfamiliar with the fields where you will need to sow my seed. Although they are large fields, you possess an abundance of seed to sow.

52. Whereas some remain strong and obedient in fulfilling their mission, others become weary and lose interest, both knowing that the Lord is aware of everything that they do. Be aware that you are allowing precious time to go by, and that tomorrow you will no longer be on earth. Your spirit will experience great sadness because you did not want to listen to my word. It will yearn to listen to me, as in this period, but instead it will only be able to listen to the harsh voice of its conscience, experiencing great remorse. That is why I tell you to listen to my teachings today and do not ignore my mandates. Take the essence from this teaching, because I will hold you accountable for fulfilling its mandates.

53. This multitude, now witnessing this manifestation, is unable to comprehend the greatness of this teaching due to its sins and suffering.

54. This teaching gives life to your spirit and will heal all spirits that are ill and suffering. It is like a drizzle that falls upon dry fields.

55. If you have not yet gathered good fruits, ask your conscience why you have not. It will inform you that in order to harvest good fruit it is necessary for you to work hard and to remain alert. Set good examples for others to follow, practice deeds of virtue, and use the spiritual gifts that your spirit possesses to help your brethren. Eliminate your evil passions, and practice good deeds. Only then will you behave as true children of God and truly represent him on earth.

56. I have given each of you the responsibility to inform others about the Spiritualist Trinitarian Marian Doctrine. Humanity will dispute about my doctrine, provoking a revolution of ideas among people. This doctrine will confuse those who neither understand its origin nor its purpose.

57. Those who are responsible for sowing my seed have failed to prepare themselves. Thus, they have not revealed my doctrine to others, in its pure form, because they realize that they have combined their evil deeds in my work. Mankind will only be able to listen to my teachings for a brief period because this manifestation will soon come to an end. Thus, if you fail to prepare yourself, tomorrow you will experience sorrow and bitterness. But it will not be the Divine Father who will judge you, it will be your conscience.

58. You will be able to nourish yourself with these teachings for only a few more moments. Who will be with me when the year 1950 comes to an end? Who will present me a good harvest?

59. Humanity is in a deep sleep. It is awaiting your arrival so that you may resurrect it to life. You have not sought those who are spiritually dead because you lack confidence in me. Why do you fear men? Are you afraid of men's justice or death? I have already told you that I will free you from death; remember that I have given you eternal life.

60. I have not gotten weary from speaking to you during this era, because I am the "Eternal Word". My word is helping those who are wicked and insensitive to become purified and to change their ways. They will become virtuous human beings.

61. During this period of suffering and tragedy, I want you to imitate me. Trust me completely, and thus your brethren will get to know the greatness of spirituality. Do not doubt that you can imitate me. The weight of your cross is not superior to your strength.

62. My people: In exchange for the great ordeals, you have my teachings. You have been rejected by those close to you because you believe in this manifestation. Many of you were engaged in sinful pleasures which caused your spirit to weaken. Who came to separate you from that path? It was the Divine Father. You now understand the great love that I have for you. You thank me because you realize that in exchange for your rejection of sin, I have come to manifest myself and to give you my teachings.

63. You thought that no one knew your past. However, here I am, fully aware of what you have done throughout your life so that you will not doubt in my existence nor in my presence.

64. During this period I have designated you to be my disciples, as I did with my apostles in the Second Era.

65. My word guides you through the path designated by Jesus. You have been journeying for a long time but have not yet reached the end of the path. You are battling and struggling, and I will reward you once you have concluded your journey. I observe that some of you are still strong, but that others have become weary. I will give you opportunities to rest, so that you will meditate and regain your strength, for this is a precious time that no one should waste.

66. Do not disregard my mandates nor ignore my voice. Listen to this teaching and analyze its essence. Cleanse your mind and heart so that you may perceive its greatness. This teaching gives life to your spirit. I will water the barren fields on earth with this teaching. Also, this teaching represents the seed that you will take to humanity. If you have not been able to harvest good fruit after having sowed this seed, it is because the seed that you sowed was not pure. Sow seeds that are pure, and thus you will harvest good fruit.

67. Remove your fear of mankind from your heart, for this has always detained you from fulfilling your mission. Free your spirit from its sins and faults. Practice deeds of love so that your spirit will become enlightened. Thus, you will feel worthy of taking my law to your brethren. Tell mankind about my doctrine and let them carefully analyze it. Once they analyze it they will realize that it has no beginning nor end.

68. My doctrine is so pure that you have no reason to hide nor to feel ashamed when you present it to your brethren. But if you ever feel ashamed, it is because you have added something impure to my doctrine or because you do not live according to what you teach. Frequently, you wish to remain unnoticed by others. However, that is not possible because I am sending you to share the good news with others through examples of love and kindness.

69. Humanity will discover that it has entered into a new era and will seek those who are able to tell it about these teachings. If you are unprepared and asleep when your brethren summon you, you will awaken with great pain.

70. This manifestation will soon end. Who will be with me once it finishes? Who will keep my law pure, in the manner that I brought it?

71. Behold that you need to arise with spiritual strength to fulfill your noble mission. You will not fear death, for I say to you that death will not touch you. However, you will need to triumph over the temptations of your flesh so that you will no longer stumble and fall. The good disciple needs to triumph over his own weaknesses, and thus set an example for others to follow.

72. Do you not observe the humility with which I speak? Truly I tell you that it is the same humility that I manifested in the Second Era when I limited myself in order to become human. I came to help man to elevate with my word and with my deeds, so that he could be similar to God.

73. Be my worker, and never become an obstacle for me to reach the human heart. Why do you doubt that you can imitate me? You have failed to understand my teachings. If you are my children, then you have inherited some of my traits of love and kindness.

74. You have come to earth from the spiritual mansion to seek the path outlined by the Divine Master. Seeking that path, you have experienced great ordeals. Now that I am manifesting myself during this era, you have disregarded everything to come listen to my teachings. Do you believe that I will not reward the sacrifices that you have made? Do not ever forget your destiny so that you will continually progress spiritually.

75. Be aware that you are not going to give me anything; everything that you earn will be for yourself.

76. Why do I descend to the bottom of the abyss to save those who are there? It is because I love each one of you.

77. This doctrine outlines a true and quick path to return to your homeland. It is the doctrine of spirituality. If you understand it and practice it, your thoughts, words, and deeds will reflect great enlightenment. You do not need to say that you are a spiritualist because if you truly are, there will be no need to say it.

78. Carefully meditate on these teachings that I have brought you. Tomorrow, you will need to share them with your brethren.

My Peace be with you!