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Teaching 277

1. I perceive this multitude as the forerunners of a caravan who has followed me throughout the eras. You are the wise nation of spiritual Israel, with the fighting spirit of Judah, preparing and leading the way for others to follow. As I prepare you to engage in the final battle, I will be guiding your steps and helping you to fulfill your mission.

2. During this period I have sent you to earth as humanity confronts its greatest ordeals. Man will continue to pursue his material ambitions for a while longer until he becomes weary from experiencing so much pain and suffering. His conscience will make him aware that his life is nonproductive and fruitless and guide him to me through the path of spirituality. When the spirit awakens and carefully analyzes the path it has taken in the past, it will seek the true path. That path will guide it back to the basic principles established by God. The first and last law that God gave to man was to love one another and to practice deeds of virtue. Love is a fountain of perfection.

3. I want you to await the fulfillment of my word and to always be in spiritual contact with me and with the spiritual world. Thus, you will never feel that you are distant from me. I will unite all spirits from the different worlds throughout the universe so that in unity they will acquire strength to fulfill their mission.

4. To fulfill your mission you do not need to neglect your earthly responsibilities or separate yourself from the world. I ask you to attend only to those physical needs that are essential so that your spirit will remain free and become fully aware of its great destiny within my work.

5. I will give you those things that are necessary for your human life on earth. I will not ask you to neglect your material responsibilities. On the contrary, my word will teach you how to fulfill all of your responsibilities because every responsibility forms a part of your mission. You are living during a period of struggle, activity, and great achievement and it is necessary for your spirit to engage in all three. You need to develop your spiritual gifts so that you can become transformed as my disciples were in the Second Era. They imitated the Divine Master and lived in unity.

6. You will be unable to take my teaching to humanity unless you truly are spiritually prepared, because humanity is more spiritually evolved than in the past. Offer peace to your brethren and teach them spirituality. If they observe that you live in harmony and practice brotherhood with your brethren, they will listen to your words of inspiration and spiritual wisdom.

7. It you are going to preach, teaching peace, you need to lead a peaceful life; if you are going to speak of love, you need to truly feel love for your brethren before you can truly teach it. Do not reject the differing beliefs of your brethren. As you carefully analyze their beliefs, accept only those things from their doctrines that you know are true as revealed in my teachings of love. Although you will meet some individuals who worship God in a fanatical and material manner, you will patiently help them acquire a new knowledge of God. You will reveal to them that their spirits can acquire great spiritual knowledge if they carefully analyze my teachings. You will speak to them of my Universal Spirit, of the immortality of the spirit, and how the spirit becomes more spiritually evolved. You will teach them how to pray, how to communicate with God from spirit to Spirit, and will guide them to true spiritual knowledge. I entrust you with that work, a work of love and patience.

8. Take care of your spirit, which is my child. Accept my new revelations because they offer you much knowledge and will help you to comprehend all those things that you were unable to comprehend from my previous teachings. Today, I am reminding you of the teachings that I gave you in the past. I am combining all of the teachings that I have given you throughout the eras, thus offering you another testimony of your Father.

9. Use the spiritual strength that I have given to you to triumph over all ordeals and temptations. Be patient when you are suffering so that you will be able to follow my path and attain salvation.

10. During this Third Era I want your worship to be as pure and perfect as the fragrance of flowers.

11. Once man develops faith and succeeds in constructing a temple within his spirit and learns to respect God, the wars on earth will cease. Thus, this valley of tears and suffering will become a land of peace, and the Kingdom of Heaven will descend upon mankind.

12. Allow me to speak to you thus, although you believe it is impossible. I know everything that will occur on earth in the future, whereas humans on earth do not know.

13. If you are not aware of what is presently occurring on earth, how would you be able to foretell the future or understand my prophecies?

14. My messengers are now arriving on earth to help mankind become spiritually enlightened. They have come to earth to defend the truth with deeds of true love. Does anyone know who they are?

Is anyone aware that there are children on earth today who will become my future apostles and prophets?

15. It is necessary that this nation of people, which has received my present revelations, arise to offer testimony of me and help mankind to awaken spiritually. Thus, man will be able to perceive the spiritual manifestations and signs that will occur during this period.

16. You must take care of this seed of spiritual knowledge that you possess. I want you and your children to take these teachings to the other nations on earth. Use whatever means are convenient to spread my message throughout the world, as long as your conscience informs you that you are following the true path.

17. Those of you who are presently listening to me are not the only ones with this mission. You will fulfill a part of that mission, while others who will come after you will continue that same mission.

18. You need to continue to practice this doctrine of love from generation to generation so that man can comprehend its pureness and spirituality and maintain its truth.

19. You still do not know the true meaning and essence of my Doctrine. Thus, you continue to disrespect it with your materialistic practices that lack true spirituality. When your mind and spirit awaken to recognize the truth, you will no longer taint my doctrine with anything that is impure.

20. It is your mission to take this doctrine to your brethren throughout the world. Your spirit was assigned that mission before it came to earth.

21. Although your material mind is unaware of this, your spirit is aware of its mission to join a multitude of people as witnesses to the Lord's new manifestation to the world.

22. Blessed are those who have retained and remembered the mandate and promise of the Divine Master in their spirit because they are becoming spiritually enlightened. They are fulfilling the mission that was assigned to them. When they have fulfilled it, joyfully they will see others come after them to continue the work. Those who arrive later will observe with satisfaction that the path is pure and spiritually prepared, and that the sowing of the fields has begun.

23. Those of you who were my first workers during this period had to struggle greatly because none of your brethren had prepared your path. Nevertheless, you have managed to take my message to humanity. Thus, be aware that those workers who will arrive after you will be expected to offer my message to the world with greater enlightenment and clarity because their path was prepared.

24. Since the First Era when the prophets announced the arrival of the Messiah, they said that all nations would receive his blessings. Now I say to you that during this Third Era all nations will once again receive my blessings because I will communicate with everyone from Spirit to spirit.

25. Blessed is the one who seeks to purify himself through prayer, repentance, and good deeds, because he is truly cleansing his stains. He will have purified his spirit when he presents himself before me. Blessed is the one who is able to comprehend this truth, because he will find the true path to follow and will become spiritually enlightened. In the Second Era I came to teach mankind to cease the shedding of blood and to discontinue the practice of sacrificing innocent victims on the altar of Jehovah. Instead, I taught man to sacrifice his own selfish desires as an offering to God. Today, I have come to inform you to stop practicing so many meaningless rituals. You have chosen to practice those rituals instead of truly practicing my doctrine of love.

26. When you listen to my teachings, it surprises you that you are able to comprehend and practice what previously you thought impossible. It is because your spirit is now slowly traveling an unfamiliar path. As you become spiritually enlightened by my teachings, you will begin to discontinue materialistic forms of worship and rituals which you truly believed you needed to practiced.

27. The material symbols that you used to worship God are also beginning to disappear now that you are comprehending true spiritual worship. Today your worship is simple, pure, practical, and spiritual.

28. I have not yet revealed many things which you need to know, therefore, I tell you not to be satisfied with what you have attained and received. As your spirit continues to progress along its spiritual path, I will give it new revelations. I have come to teach you a new way to practice my Law and to tell you to analyze the spiritual and divine things that I am revealing to you. I do not want you to analyze me as the scientists and theologians have done. Rather, you will elevate yourself through prayer in a humble, respectful, and loving manner, as I reveal to you those things that you need to know. Whoever prays in this manner to the Lord will be like a young disciple who is thirsty for spiritual enlightenment and knowledge, and I will allow him to feel my presence and caress as I reveal those things that he needs to know. I will spiritually enlighten him, eliminate his doubts, and provide answers to many mysteries. Thus, after praying, his spirit will be able to reveal to the physical body those things that it learned from the Divine Master.

29. Those who arrive before my presence, without humility and respect, to learn about spiritual and divine things will become confused and will fail to learn anything. The doors to spiritual divine wisdom are only open to those who are humble and are closed to those who are not. Since man still has many things to learn about life, he has not yet become my disciple on earth.

30. I want your heart and spirit to be humble so that when you seek enlightenment along the spiritual path, you will find answers to all of your questions. Those who prepare themselves will not weep nor sigh once my manifestation comes to an end. Caravans of foreigners will arrive to ask you about what you saw and heard during my manifestation. You will offer a true testimony of what I taught you and will explain all things that they consider mysterious. They will be amazed at how clearly you are able to explain all mysteries and will perceive you as spiritually enlightened. They will tell you that you are fortunate to have heard the Divine Master speak although it was through human spokesmen.

31. Once again I have come to give man my teachings and to remind him that he is not alone. I want him to listen to the voice of his conscience and to become aware that great divine wonders await his spirit when he departs from this life.

32. I have spoken with mankind about these wonders. Those, who know how to pray and are able to perceive spiritual visions, will verify these wonders. Scientists, who study the mysteries of nature, will also offer testimony of the wonders they have found. The more spiritual and scientific knowledge that man seeks, the more he will discover. However, when will man become inspired to study the essence of spiritual love? As long as he neglects to do so, he will not be fulfilling his mission in life. The elements of nature will continue to unleash themselves to awaken man from his lack of compassion, for man is motivated by hatred, ambition, materialism, and pride in his scientific pursuits.

33. During this period, scientists demonstrate a true lack of compassion as evidenced by their deeds, for they are destroying nations, cities, and killing their brethren by the millions. They are converting men into slaves and bringing great turmoil to life on earth. They are unaware of the gravity of their deeds. That is why I say that they lack compassion and true understanding.

34. Only my mercy can help humanity, and that is why I have come to touch the heart of man and to awaken his spirit. Thus, he will be able to listen to the voice of his conscience which will make him aware of all the wrong he has done, and at the same time inspiring him to correct his mistakes.

35. Man needs to understand that all beings will ascend to me, not in material bodies, as they would like, but spiritually. Thus man will strive to perform deeds that will not only benefit mankind but also himself.

36. Many beings on earth have become very evil, vain, and arrogant! Although they have given themselves material crowns, their spirits are in a state of misery and spiritual darkness! There is a great difference between my truth and what man believes is the truth.

37. My people, you cry as you listen to my word. When will humanity cry in that same manner as it listens to my revelation? I forgive everyone. This is a moment of grace. I shed my infinite light upon all worlds and upon all of my children.

38. This is the Era of Light. Thus, the divine enlightenment from the Holy Spirit will fully illuminate the innermost parts of the human heart and spirit.

39. Man will soon know why he is born on earth, as well as the purpose, mission, and meaning of life on earth. Also, he will comprehend the true meaning of death. Humanity will soon leave behind its theories and external forms of worship and will begin living in the true manner that God wants it to live. Man will dedicate himself to living a righteous life on earth and will worship me through his deeds of love and virtue. When the time arrives for him to depart from this earth, he will know that his spirit will enter into a superior life. Thus, when the eyes of the physical body are closed for the last time, man will no longer refer to it as death.

40. Man will begin to understand the truth when he realizes that the separation of a spirit from its material body is no more than a transition step. That separation is necessary so that the spirit can continue to progress and dwell in other mansions that are more evolved.

41. The Creator placed man on earth, a place where nature is constantly evolving toward perfection. Although man is surrounded by nature, he does not evolve in harmony with it. He does not seek to better himself morally nor does he seek to perfect his spirit which is the essence and the reason for his existence.

42. Humanity has evolved and progressed scientifically but has never been interested in evolving spiritually. Although his spirit is the most noble and elevated thing that exists within him, man's personal earthly ambitions, desires, and worries are his only concerns. Man has sought material knowledge from earth, along with material rewards, honors, power, and self gratification. He has sought to establish his heaven on earth. That is why I tell you that while nature is continually evolving to achieve perfection, man has failed to evolve and progress. That is why he suffers, stumbles, and experiences great ordeals along his path. Man does not realize that as he becomes more spiritually evolved and begins to live in harmony with all things, he can become master of all earthly things, a mandate that God gave to man at the beginning of time. Instead, man has preferred to rule on earth guided by his low passions, greed, arrogance, and hatred. Consequently, he has converted himself into a servant and a slave of earthly ambitions, becoming a victim of the elements that surround him.

43. Make an effort to truly know yourself. Search within the depths of your being to discover your essence, and I assure you that you will feel illuminated upon discovering that you are foremost a spiritual being, a child of God.

44. My present teachings offer you spiritual knowledge enabling you to become familiar with some of the knowledge that the Father has reserved for his children.

45. Each human being possesses a spirit that is endowed with divine greatness and many spiritual gifts. These teachings, and this doctrine of God, have been given to man to make him worthy of attaining that grace.

46. Humanity has greatly regressed spiritually because of its materialism! It has endured great suffering because it is not interested in seeking purity, truth, and spiritual elevation.

47. The spirit is attracted toward things that are virtuous and pure, whereas the physical body is attracted toward things that are unvirtuous and immoral. They struggle with one another and do not live in harmony. That is why I have come to give you my doctrine of love. It teaches the spirit and the physical body to live in harmony as they follow the same ideal of divine love. This doctrine will give to the spirit those things that pertain to the spirit and to the world those things that pertain to the world. The flesh has instincts and low passions. It is attracted to the material things of earth, because that is where it was born. That is why man needs a doctrine that will make the human heart more sensitive, noble, and virtuous without preventing him from fulfilling the laws that govern him on earth. With a doctrine of love, the spirit will also be able to elevate itself toward the eternal and divine, toward that spiritual kingdom where it was born. If the spirit is able to triumph over the flesh and material world, it will be easier for the spirit to elevate itself toward the Divine Father when it separates from the material body. The material world, where it once dwelt and became a slave, will remain far behind.

48. Man possesses a spirit which is why he is similar to the Divine Father. As a spirit evolves, it gets closer to the Divine Father who created all spiritual beings. An evolved spiritual being possesses great wisdom, love, strength, and enlightenment. That being will rejoice living in a state of spiritual perfection, a state of true and perfect joy, where neither suffering nor misery exists.

49. If that was not the final destination for your spirit, truly I tell you that I would not have given you so many divine teachings. The commandments that I gave you in the First Era should have been sufficient for mankind to live in peace on earth. I came in the Second Era to live among men and promised them that a world that was infinitely superior to earth awaited them. I also promised that I would return in the future to bring new teachings and to explain those things that man was not able to comprehend. Thus, you need to know that the spiritual destiny of mankind is much more elevated than you realize. The joy that awaits your spirit is much greater than you could ever imagine.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 278

1. Beloved disciples: Once again I say to you to be alert and pray because the material body is weak. When it is weak, the material body can cause the spirit to separate from the true path.

2. The spirit that knows how to be vigilant never separates from the path that God wants it to follow, using its spiritual gifts and heritage to evolve. It is able to triumph over ordeals by being vigilant and not allowing the material body to dominate. Thus, the one who stays alert and prays always triumphs over difficult ordeals and knows how to walk the path of life.

3. Life is very different for the individual who is not alert and who does not pray. Voluntarily he chooses not to use the weapons of faith, love, and wisdom that I have given him to defend himself. He does not listen to his conscience and ignores his intuition and dreams because his heart and mind are unable to comprehend them. Thus, he does not allow his own spirit to guide him.

4. Man could avoid many ordeals if he would be vigilant, pray, and allow himself to be guided by his spirit, but man prefers to listen to the scientists who can only answer questions related to the material nature. Since they lack spiritual enlightenment, they cannot guide man spiritually.

5. The spirit of man needs to awaken so that he may truly know himself. Thus, he will discover the spiritual gifts that I have given him to help him in his struggles.

6. Today, man is similar to a dry leaf that has been separated from the tree of life, at the mercy of the winds and encountering numerous ordeals. Although I sent man to earth to perfect himself and to become a ruler of all things that exist on this planet, he is weak and fragile.

7. The time has come for man to awaken and to begin to pursue the truth. He needs to eliminate his material ambitions, foolishness, and spiritual ignorance.

8. Do not avoid the spiritual enlightenment that I am bringing you, for I have brought these revelations to awaken you. Soon you will see a shining star in the heavens that will help you find the true path. Humanity is presently lost because it lives in a state of spiritual ignorance. Man is materialistic, selfish, and lives an unproductive life. He has separated himself from the Divine Law which is the essence of life.

9. My blessed people: Is your heart not touched when I speak to you of humanity in this manner? Do you not think immediately of the delicate mission that I have given to you to fulfill?

10. I speak to you in this manner so that you will prepare yourself, because the time is coming when my messengers will appear on earth. Some of you who have heard my teachings during this period will be among those messengers.

11. Only those who have purified their hearts will be sent to different lands and nations to spread my message. Only they will be worthy to offer testimony of the truth of my revelations to their brethren.

12. My messengers will have removed all religious fanaticism from their hearts when they depart to other lands. They will not be interested in praise nor glorification by others, nor will they dare to disgrace themselves by accepting monetary rewards for the charity they perform. They will not sell their miracles nor put a price on their love for one another. They will be servants, not kings. The time will come when you will comprehend the greatness of true humility. You will observe that the one who has known how to be a slave has in reality attained freedom to fulfill his mission of practicing charity and deeds of love, thus filling his life with faith, trust, and peace.

13. On the contrary, the individual who has crowned himself king, without deserving to do so, is in reality a slave to his material ambitions and selfish desires. Although he rules nations, he experiences great misery because he lacks faith, confidence, tranquility, and spiritual peace.

14. If you wish to be truly inspired in your spiritual battle, be prepared to help your fellow men, and you will feel joy each time that you comfort one who is sad, heal one who is ill, or save one who is lost. There is no other pleasure on earth that can offer you that same satisfaction and joy. When you experience that type of joy, it is because your spirit has battled and elevated itself.

15. I am aware that deep within your heart you are asking: What will happen to us once we no longer have the warmth of this word? You ask that because your spirit senses that a time of suffering will occur on earth once my manifestation comes to an end.

16. I say to you that you have nothing to fear if you practice my teachings, but those who have forgotten to pray, to practice charity, and have ignored the spiritual gifts that they possess should become concerned. Pray for those individuals. When you begin to follow my path you will become spiritually enlightened and experience spiritual peace.

17. Teach your brother the correct way to pray. Help him to realize that it is his spirit that needs to communicate with the Spirit of God. Man does not pray spiritually. His prayers are mostly verbal prayers, expressing his anguish, lack of faith, nonconformity, and lack of trust in God.

18. Help your brother to comprehend that he does not need to inflict pain on his body in order for me to feel mercy and charity for him. The individual who does that is unaware of the gifts that please me the most and is unaware of the great love and mercy that I have for my children.

19. Do you think it is necessary that I see you in tears and in pain to offer you my mercy? If that were true, I would be harsh, insensitive, indifferent, and selfish. Do those defects exist in the God whom you love?

20. You have not taken the time to truly know me! That has occurred because you have not allowed your mind to be guided by your spirit.

21. I frequently speak to you of prayer because it is necessary for you to discover the great strength and virtue that it contains. The time has come for your spirit to fulfill the great mission that it was given, and prayer is the greatest weapon that it will use in its battle.

22. The individual who knows how to pray becomes a soldier of God, because his spirituality makes him invincible. The world is unaware that he is using his weapons of love. He sows spiritual enlightenment where there is spiritual ignorance, destroys evil intentions, and sows peace with his love. He does not need material means to complete his mission, because he fulfills it as if he were already in spirit.

23. I have given humanity sufficient time to awaken spiritually, but that time is now coming to an end. Man needs to take only a few more steps along his journey on earth before he will be ready to penetrate humbly into the kingdom of love.

24. You may still see a powerful individual who, in order to reign on earth, wants to conquer and destroy someone else who is also powerful. He is unaware that the power that he seeks will not be granted, because he going beyond the limits of man's free will.

25. After the battle, the one who has triumphed will want to shout to proclaim his victory, but he will observe that his new empire is filled with corpses, destruction, and misery. That will be the end of wars on earth.

26. Man will not be able to say that I prevented him from making scientific advances nor that I stopped him from pursuing his ambitions and desires for greatness. I allowed him to follow his path to the end, because all human things must come to an end. He created a world according to what he wanted and destroyed it himself because the world that he created lacked a firm foundation. For what can man blame me? More over, when man is suffering greatly and becomes horrified observing the result of his deeds on earth, he will then beg for my pity and forgiveness. Only at that moment will the spirit of man no longer be a prisoner. It will begin to seek the Divine Father whom it has previously ignored. In the past, if a spirit remembered the Father, it was only to defy his power.

27. Man is going to become aware of my justice which contains no vengeance. If I were a vengeful God and unleashed that vengeance upon humanity, man would become stained instead of becoming purified. However, my justice is designed to help your spirit regain its purification.

28. Behold, while man is drifting toward his own destruction, I am preparing everything for his salvation and resurrection, although man will have to first experience great suffering. That suffering is necessary to help man truly repent and to help him remain faithful to my Law.

29. My love will save everyone and will offer each being the opportunity to return to me. You will then realize that I am the All Powerful and the one who truly prevails. However, I will not reign over beings who are defeated, humiliated, and dead. My triumph will be a true triumph because I will reign over beings who are victorious.

30. You are similar to a garden that I have cultivated with great care not allowing any bad weeds to grow in that garden. I have allowed the flowers to grow and to blossom so that those visiting my garden will enjoy themselves. They will be able to rest under the shade provided by the trees and take refuge from the harsh weather outside the garden.

31. The peace that you sometimes experience disappears when you go through moments of hardship and difficult times. During that period the harsh winds and storms assault my garden and orchard shaking the trees and stripping them of their flowers. During those difficult moments you wonder why you are experiencing such harsh ordeals. I say to you that those harsh winds and storms help to remove the dry leaves and bad fruits from the trees. They also help to remove those things that should not exist in my garden.

32. When my garden begins to blossom and to offer its fruits according to my will, I will open its doors and invite people from other lands to enter. I will then offer them the fruits that are most pleasing to take back to their lands.

33. I bless those trees that have been shaken by the harsh winds but that have remained strong. Even though they have temporarily lost all leaves from their branches, new leaves have quickly regrown.

34. Once the ordeal is over, you are amazed to observe how the bad fruits and dry leaves have fallen from your tree.

35. I gave you the strength to resist and to cope with the ordeal and the enlightenment to comprehend the meaning of that divine lesson.

36. What would you tell me if I were to ask you: What are the bad fruits that your tree sometimes produces? You would quickly respond that those bad fruits represent your brethren who are not pure and virtuous, who have not amended their sins, and who offer nothing good to God. However, I say to you that the bad fruits are , not your brethren. They are not the ones who have been removed from my garden by the harsh wind and storms. The bad fruits are the bad habits, the negative emotions, and the errors that are committed within my doctrine of love. The dry leaves represent all those unnecessary practices that are still practiced by my disciples. These include rituals, material worship, symbolisms, and forms that pertain to a distant past. Today, those unnecessary practices are like dry leaves that lack life and have been removed from the tree of life.

37. If one of you were considered a bad fruit according to my doctrine, and unworthy of my love and justice, then it would not be the true doctrine. That doctrine would lack charity toward those who have sinned, lack love for the needy, and would demonstrate that it could not convert sinners into virtuous individuals.

38. You are aware that I have not come to reject anyone nor to cast aside any of my children. I have come only to extract all impurities and evil from their hearts and to teach them to cast aside all the bad that is preventing man from truly fulfilling my law.

39. If I had to reject those who were imperfect and receive only those who were righteous and just, truly I tell you that no one would be chosen. All of you are imperfect, there is no one truly righteous and just.

40. The greatness of my Doctrine is its ability to bring salvation to sinners.

41. Be thankful that the Father has come to explain his Doctrine because humanity has always changed and distorted my teachings, making those things that are truly virtuous appear as if they were not.

42. Each one forms a part of my garden. You are being cultivated by my word, although you have not yet blossomed and produced fruit. Truly I tell you that you will begin to blossom when you communicate with the Father from spirit to Spirit. Also, your tree will produce fruits when your deeds are filled with love, wisdom, and truth, bringing life, nourishment, and inspiration to your brethren.

43. I have given you my teachings through human spokesmen during this Third Era, but this has only served as a period of preparation. My Spirit manifested itself materially through human spokesmen. Therefore I say to you that you should not think of this manifestation as the final and perfect communication with God.

44. This communication is preparing you and bringing you closer to achieving the perfect communication with God.

45. I frequently convey this message so that when this period comes to an end you will be fully prepared to enter into the new era. You will then agree that human spokesmen are not necessary for one to receive divine inspiration, because my inspiration will come to every spirit.

46. You will receive my mandates, feel my presence, and hear my voice through that inspiration.

47. The individual who is today becoming spiritually prepared will become my disciple during that period. He will no longer summon the Father, as he does today, to tell Him: "Father, come help me because I need your assistance." Rather he will be able to spiritually elevate himself and tell the Father: "My beloved Father, I present myself before you to listen to you and to fulfill your divine will."

48. Be aware, my people, that the revelations that I have given you through human spokesmen do not represent all of the revelations that I will give to man.

49. I have given you great revelations through the human spokesmen, but that does not represent all of my infinite wisdom and knowledge. I tell you once again: You are being prepared during this time to enter into a period of great spirituality.

50. You are beginning to develop your spiritual gifts, but they will fully develop after this manifestation comes to an end.

51. Allow me to prepare you today, so that when you listen to my last teaching, you will rejoice and not be sad that I am no longer manifesting myself in this manner.

52. Your spirit will remember the First Era when the people of Israel heard the voice of Jehovah like thunder, and perceived his presence as bright lightning in the sky. Those people were given the Law of God carved in stone, and also were given manna, which symbolized the bread of eternal life.

53. Your conscience will remind you of the time when I dwelt among mankind in the Second Era. I came in human form so that man could perceive me, listen to me, and comprehend what I had to say. I came to awaken him spiritually through the wonder of my miracles, giving him proof of my love. I granted man what he requested so that he could believe in me. I granted him forgiveness, patience, miracles, blessings, and even my life.

54. You will also remember this period when mankind was able to comprehend my teachings given through human spokesmen.

55. You will then weep shedding tears of sadness and joy. You will feel sad because you will realize that your progress has been slow along the spiritual path. Because of your stubbornness, the Father always has had to descend to visit you in your state of misery and lack of spiritual enlightenment. You will also shed tears of joy knowing that you are about to enter into a new era, despite your lack of spiritual enlightenment. In this new era, you will no longer sacrifice your Father nor will you summon him, asking him with tears in your eyes to save you from the abyss. Now you will be able to elevate your spirit and communicate with him spiritually.

56. Why should there be any sadness when the last day of this manifestation arrives? That last day will mark the beginning of a new era of greater spiritual enlightenment and perfection for man, a time of spiritual festivity among my people.

57. Truly I tell you that once you become spiritually prepared, I will reveal greater teachings than the ones that I have presented to you. However, when are you going to truly analyze and comprehend the teachings that I have given you through the human spokesmen? When will you tell me that you have truly understood the essence of those teachings?

58. Do not fear, for if you make a true effort to study my teachings and practice them, I will guide you until the end of your path. Remember, that I am the Light that illuminates your path.

59. My people: I want you to recognize the blessed heritage given to you by the Divine Father since the beginning of time when he chose you to offer testimony of the truth in this era. My light has followed you as you have traveled the different paths of your long pilgrimage.

60. You were spiritually prepared to receive my message in the Third Era. Thus you were able to recognize me and not separate from me due to any doubts. That is why, when you stop to meditate, you are amazed that you have been able to free yourself from the things that have enslaved you. You do not regret having followed this path, for you have seen the great virtue and truth of my Doctrine. You are well aware of the path that you are following and what you have chosen to do. There are no mysteries in my revelations and my teachings, only spiritual enlightenment.

61. The spiritual gifts that you possess, but which were previously dormant, gradually will begin to develop as you begin to acquire spiritual enlightenment from my teachings. As you become more spiritually enlightened, you will realize that you have been in a state of spiritual darkness. Although I did not come to surprise you, you were surprised. I have never wanted my children to perceive me as a mysterious God, although many things remain mysterious to them. I have come to help you discover the truth.

62. Give thanks to the Lord that you are once again following the true path. You should not be satisfied just knowing that you are on that path, but become aware that you need to progress along that path until you reach me. You are the disciples of a Spiritual Doctrine and are well aware that you still have much to learn and to fulfill. Along that path, my love will accompany you, my word will encourage you, and my charity will strengthen you so that you will not weaken. You will harvest the fruits that you are now sowing when you attain a higher level of spirituality.

63. My word is spiritually enlightening humanity, occurring precisely when it was prophesied in the past. Although only a few have witnessed my manifestation during this period, the time will come when my teachings will spread throughout the world. For now, those witnessing my manifestation have focused on listening to my teachings. When my manifestation comes to an end, there will arise among you disciples who will carefully study my doctrine and will be committed to its essence. They will practice true deeds of love that will convince humanity of the truth of this doctrine.

64. Today I observe that many of my disciples are still confused because they are practicing rituals and traditions that are not a part of my doctrine. Once you have carefully analyzed and studied my teachings, you will cease to practice those rituals and traditions and truly will begin to worship God spiritually. When that occurs, all of my disciples will become spiritually united.

65. Although you believe that you fully comprehend the mission that I have given to you, as well as the greatness of this Doctrine, I say to you that you will develop a true understanding once this manifestation ceases and after you have carefully studied my teachings.

66. You will find that all things are clearly explained in my teachings. Everything will be understood and nothing will be confusing and mysterious. But you will need to dedicate some time to meditate on these teachings. After you are prepared you will share these teachings with your brethren, offering them spiritual enlightenment, peace, and true comfort. That is your mission. Because it is your mission, I am asking those of you who witnessed this revelation what you have done to fulfill that mission. Pray, be alert, and prepare yourself so that you will give these teachings to your brethren in the same pure manner that I have given them to you. Truly I tell you, that if you give them in that same manner, my doctrine will triumph and withstand all judgements, battles, and analysis that people will have concerning my teachings. If you are going to present my doctrine to humanity, you will need to verify your words with deeds of love. Only thus will you be able to withstand the ordeals that you will experience, as well as the judgement and criticism from your brethren. You will triumph if you apply my teachings to your daily life, practicing them with true spirituality and without fanaticism.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 279

1. Your journey through life is filled with suffering. As you face each hardship, you hear the voice of your conscience telling you that you are still far from fulfilling the Divine Law of your Father. Thus, you feel weak and discouraged. The spirit intuitively knows that long ago it separated from the Father. It knows that it still needs to journey a long path before returning to the Father. Thus, to communicate with the Father, the spirit prays, knowing that prayer brings the spirit comfort, healing, and love.

2. I bless you when you pray. The more spiritual your prayer, the more spiritual peace you will feel. Truly, you will not be able to feel my spiritual presence in your heart if you believe that you need to kneel before material images of God to communicate with the Father.

3. "Blessed are those who have believed without having seen". I say this once again because the one who closes his eyes to the material things of this world will be able to perceive those things that are of the spiritual. The one who has faith in my spiritual presence will rejoice in my presence.

4. How long will man deprive his spirit the joy of feeling my presence through spiritual prayer? He will only be able to feel my presence when he communicates from his spirit to my Spirit for my light will illuminate the life of humanity so it will know the truth and understand its errors.

5. Now is the time for prayer and meditation. Your prayer must be free of all idolatry and fanaticism, and your meditation should be filled with spiritual tranquility and careful analysis of my divine word.

6. One can pray and meditate at any location or hour of the day. My teachings never designated a specific place to pray and meditate. Why do you look for specific places to pray when your spirit is greater than the earth in which it dwells? Why do you limit me to the material temples and material images of God that man has created, knowing that I am present throughout the universe?

7. Man experiences ordeals in life because he lacks spiritual enlightenment and does not know how to pray. This is why I say to you that it is necessary for all of humanity to become familiar with my teachings.

8. You are now living at the beginning of the Spiritual Era, therefore, it should not seem strange that I often talk to you of things that correspond to the spirit.

9. No one should be surprised with my new teachings because the prophets in the First Era, and Christ in the Second Era, clearly announced this era.

10. Many throughout the world are aware that this is the time when those prophesies will be fulfilled. However, I say to you that not everyone has understood the true meaning of those scriptures because they have given them a material interpretation. Their interpretation is similar to the material interpretation that the Jews gave in the past as they awaited the coming of the Messiah and his Kingdom.

11. When I was on earth I said, "My Kingdom is not of this world." Also, I said, "I go to prepare a place for you, for where I am, you may also be."

12. Disciples, in my doctrine I have spoken of the spiritual life, a life that is superior. I also told you what path you need to follow to achieve that superior existence. I revealed my word, not only through the Laws that I gave you during the First Era, but also through the prophecies given by my messengers who spoke of the spiritual life. Why did you insist on giving a material interpretation to those prophesies? In the past I spoke to humanity using symbols and parables because man was not spiritually prepared to receive my teachings in a more elevated manner. Thus, it is necessary to correctly interpret the spiritual meaning of those symbols and parables so that man can discover their true meaning.

13. Again I say to you, "My Kingdom is not of this world." My Kingdom is of the spiritual because my essence is spirit. Since you are children of that essence, you are also a part of that spiritual kingdom. To reach that kingdom, I have given you a doctrine that contains all that is necessary for you to overcome the trials of life and step by step reach that spiritual life.

14. My people, you should meditate and pray so that you will not fall into confusion because you are the seed of a new era. You have arrived at the foot of the invisible mountain to hear the voice of your Father.

15. Spirits are arising from a state of spiritual darkness to join the people of God. Among this multitude are the seeds of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, and all those who honored the name of their people and glorified the name of their Lord with their deeds.

16. A sweet and comforting voice has come to awaken you and to summon you to the Kingdom of Spiritual Enlightenment and Truth. If you choose to continue disobeying my law and staining your spirit, my voice will then become a voice of justice.

17. I say to the one who is obedient and humble: Continue to follow the true path because you will receive many blessings and will be able to offer many blessings to your brethren. I say to the one who is stubborn and disobedient: If you do not take advantage of this period to stop sinning and living in a state of spiritual ignorance, the time will pass without you ever knowing the Lord's revelations during this period. You will not know what teachings and gifts he revealed to his people.

18. Truly, the day will come when every being will be saved and become spiritually elevated. But woe to the being who delays that day! Woe to the being who ignores the opportunity to evolve spiritually, preferring to dedicate himself to the insignificant things of this world! He does not know how long he will have to wait to receive that same opportunity again nor does he know the bitterness of his restitution. The Father is not punishing nor being vengeful toward that being but His justice is strict and unyielding.

19. Now that I am manifesting myself to this multitude, I ask you: Do you perhaps know whether you have wasted previous opportunities to fulfill your mission? Do you know how long your spirit has awaited this new opportunity to fulfill a past mission? What do you know about the past history of your spirit, its spiritual destiny, debts, missions, and restitutions? You know nothing about those things, and that is why you should not prevent your spirit from following the path of spiritual perfection. Do not tempt your spirit to become attached to the material things of this world. It needs to journey through a different path with spiritual goals and ideals.

20. These are the beginning days of an era that will be filled with enlightenment for humanity. This era has appeared amidst a storm of chaos, confusion, suffering, and shattering events. However, the dense clouds of that storm will disappear, and the truth will shine in all of its majesty.

21. Today, you are living in darkness but spiritual enlightenment will follow. The rays of spiritual enlightenment are penetrating through the chaos, touching hearts and awakening spirits.

22. Those who have been touched and moved by that ray of light have detained themselves along their path to ask: Who are you? I have responded to them: I am the Light of the World and of Eternity; I am Love and Truth. I am The One who promised you in the Second Era that I would return, the one whom you have referred to as the Divine Word of God.

23. They will react as did Saul on the road to Damascus, overcoming their pride and arrogance to humbly tell me: "My Lord and Father, forgive me, because I now understand that I was persecuting you without being aware of it."

24. When that occurs, those individuals will then be my followers. However, none of my new disciples have shown the same high spiritual elevation that was achieved by Paul. Although he initially persecuted me, later he truly demonstrated his great love for me.

25. My new disciples are still learning to imitate my apostles from the Second Era who fulfilled their spiritual mission on earth by practicing great deeds of love. Those apostles followed the path outlined by the Divine Master whom they greatly loved and for whom they died.

26. At times I have spoken in great detail of events from the past so that you will learn from the great examples that were set by others. Learn to extract the spiritual essence from the examples which is immortal and unchangeable.

27. My heart is open and ready to listen to all of your requests, concerns, and intimate secrets.

28. I am your Father, Teacher, Friend, Doctor, and Adviser. Tell me about your sorrows, and dry your tears. Tell me about your hopes and desires, and allow me to be your trusted friend.

29. Pray my children because through prayer you can acquire wisdom, health, and strength.

30. I want you to become my true disciple and to be aware of your destiny. Thus, this will help your spirit to evolve and to avoid making mistakes while you are on earth.

31. The one who prays is not afraid of the trials and ordeals in life because he is always in a state of spiritual peace.

32. When all of you live in that manner, you will form a sanctuary of love for your Father. Inside that sanctuary you will be singing a spiritual hymn that will speak of brotherhood, harmony, and spiritual evolution.

33. You will find that my teachings will prepare you for future ordeals and will enable you to find solutions to them. Those who are studying my teachings today will become my disciples, and tomorrow they will become teachers. Thus, there is much to learn today.

34. I will prepare your heart, your mind, and purify you before I send you to offer testimony of my arrival during this Third Era.

35. My new teachings have not yet spread throughout the world. Before they do, I will send indications of my new arrival to the different nations. The spiritual world is fulfilling its mission of awakening mankind and making man aware that spiritual life truly exists.

36. I have manifested myself fully among this multitude who has witnessed my manifestation during this era. Unlike those preceding signs I sent to other nations, I have manifested myself to this multitude through human spokesmen and have given you my teachings in a clear manner. This was done so that these teachings could prepare you to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

37. Truly, my words through the human spokesmen have given you many profound teachings. I have come to confirm the revelations that were given to man in the past and to give you new revelations.

38. I have spoken of your spiritual destiny, the evolution and restitution of the spirit, and the law of reincarnation. Also, I have spoken of the different hardships that man had to endure in order to learn and evolve. I have symbolized them with a book of Seven Seals. I have informed you that this is the Third Era in which I have manifested myself spiritually because you were ready to feel my spiritual presence. Furthermore, I say to you that my Laws can be summarized in two commandments: love your Father, and love one another.

39. Meditate, and you will realize that I have not given you signs of my new arrival but rather a great manifestation of my love.

40. The people receiving signs of my arrival are the ones who still carry the promise of my return in their hearts. They look to the heavens for answers and observe every event hoping that the arrival of the Divine Master is near.

41. Oh, how little the world cares of my new manifestation, and how numerous are those who are unaware of it. Only a few on earth were truly prepared for my return.

42. Many are awaiting my return, yet not all perceive my true spiritual presence during this time. Some, because of their old beliefs, think I will return as man. Others believe that I will return in a manner visible to the material eye. Only a few are aware of the true nature of my return, which is spiritual.

43. Some ask and wonder what form I will take, what day and time I will arrive, or where I will appear. Whereas others, without thinking of material forms, times or places, say to themselves, The Master is already amongst us and his spiritual enlightenment surrounds us".

44. When this message reaches all individuals, it will be a gift of joy for some, however others will reject it because it is not in agreement with what they believe, nor was it manifested in the form they expected.

45. My beloved people, think of all those individuals who reject this message yet still await my return. While they suffer wondering when I will return, you rejoice listening to my word every day. However, when this manifestation ends, you will have a great responsibility to awaken mankind.

46. Awaken my people, and go enlighten your brethren. That is what you now need to do. I will present myself to everyone spiritually upon a cloud, as previously promised, and everyone will perceive me.

47. Why do you believe that my spiritual return has no purpose? Remember that after I was crucified and died, I continued to communicate spiritually with my disciples.

48. What would have happened to them if I had not communicated spiritually with them? That communication strengthened their faith and encouraged them to fulfill their missions.

49. My disciples became very sad and shed many tears after my departure. Though they prayed frequently, they were overcome by feelings of guilt and fear. They remembered that one disciple sold me, another denied me, and that many of them abandoned me at the hour of my death.

50. How could they be disciples of the Divine Master, who was truly perfect? How would they have the strength and courage to confront their brethren who had so many diverse customs and beliefs?

51. It was then that my Spirit presented itself among them to relieve their pain, to strengthen their faith, and to fill their hearts with my doctrine of love.

52. Although I appeared human to my disciples, my presence was spiritual. Behold what great influence those manifestations had among my disciples.

53. Truly, I tell you that today I have come again to humanize my Spirit as I did in the past, but man is now more spiritually evolved. Thus, everyone is able to feel my presence, although they feel it in a subtle and intangible manner. There is no need for you to perceive me with your physical eyes to verify that the Divine Master is among you.

54. The spirit has superior senses that see, feel, and comprehend spiritual things. It is through those senses that I want you to perceive my presence.

55. Once you are no longer able to listen to this word, you will feel helpless and sad. You will experience remorse because of your lack of love. It is then when you will hear me say deep within your heart: "I am with you. Continue your journey and do not be afraid for you are never alone."

56. Who, other than I, inspired the disciples in the Second Era as they continued their journey on earth without the Divine Master? Do you not admire what each disciple was able to accomplish? I say to you that those disciples had weaknesses as do all human beings, but they developed great faith and love for their brethren. They did not fear being left on earth as sheep among wolves, continually being persecuted and ridiculed by others.

57. They had the power to perform miracles and knew how to use that gift to convert their brethren to the truth.

58. Blessed were those who heard what Jesus had said through the lips of my apostles, because they presented my doctrine in a true and pure manner. That is why those individuals, who heard my apostles speak, felt in their spirits the presence of the Lord. They experienced a sensation never felt before, a sensation of power, wisdom, and divine greatness.

59. Those apostles were a worthy example. They were poor and humble fishermen from Galilee who were transformed into spiritual fishermen because of their great love for their brethren. They were able to spiritually enlighten their brethren and cause cities and empires to change with the teachings that they had learned from Jesus. Through their great determination and sacrifice, they were able to convert cities and empires to the doctrine of Jesus and to establish spiritual peace on earth. The kings of earth, as well as beggars, experienced that peace during that period of true Christianity.

60. That period of spiritual peace among mankind was only temporary. I, who know all things, announced and promised that I would return because I knew that humanity would need me once again.

61. I knew that with each passing generation man would falsify my doctrine, change my Law, and distort the truth. I knew that man would forget my promise that I would return and cease to perceive one another as brethren, killing each other with cruel, cowardly, and perverse weapons.

62. This is the period that I promised to return. I am with you now. Do not judge the manner in which I chose to manifest myself, for it is not the world that should judge me but rather I that should judge humanity. This is the period of that judgement.

63. I have come to establish a kingdom in the heart of humanity. It is a spiritual kingdom, not a material kingdom as many had expected. The strength of that kingdom will originate from love and justice and not from the material powers of earth.

64. I observe that some individuals are surprised listening to me speak in this manner, and I ask them: Why do you always picture me dressed in silk clothes, jewels, and gold? Why do you want my Kingdom to be from this material world when I have told you that it is not.

65. I am bringing you new teachings so that you will learn to live a life full of spirituality. That is the true life destined by God for mankind.

66. I have told you that "spirituality" does not mean superstitious beliefs, nor religious fanaticism or supernatural practices. Spirituality means harmony between the material body and the spirit, obedience to the divine and the human laws, simplicity and purity in one's life, complete and deep faith in the Father, and the joy and willingness to serve God by loving your brethren. Those are the ideals of spiritual and moral perfection.

67. As I present to you the purity of my doctrine, you feel that your sins are more evident. Therefore, my disciples, I am ready to forgive all of your faults if you are now prepared to listen to the voice of your conscience and to correct your errors. You will need to make amends for the time you have lost and to demonstrate the purity of my Doctrine through your deeds of love and charity.

68. A multitude of people that is spiritually elevated and that truly follows my divine laws needs to arise on earth. They will be able to prove to humanity that it is not impossible to achieve spirituality. They will teach humanity that a spiritual rebirth of the flesh is not a sacrifice and that one does not need to renounce his life on earth to spiritually serve God.

69. You can teach my doctrine of love to the world because of the experience you have attained on your long journey of spiritual evolution.

70. To learn about spirituality, you have traveled many paths. In the past, you practiced idolatry and needed material symbols because you were unable to feel my presence. You felt you needed ceremonies to honor me. But when you reached a crossroad in your life and did not know which path to follow, you began to listen to the voice of the Divine Master, who came once again to teach you the true path.

71. Do you not believe that all of your past experiences will help you to understand as well as to encourage your brethren?

72. I have already told you that the struggle will be difficult because each one believes that his religion is perfect, as well as the manner in which he worships God. However, I say to you that if a man's religion and worship were perfect, there would have been no reason for me to manifest myself during this era.

73. I have brought you a doctrine that is truly spiritual because I observe that your worship is filled with idolatry. I also observe that your fanaticism has caused you to be ignorant and full of negative emotions.

74. I hold the sword of light and love in my right hand, for I am the Warrior and King who has come to destroy all suffering, deception, and evil. When the battle has ended and man learns to pray and live in harmony, his spirit will discover my presence of infinite light and eternal peace. I will then tell you, "This is my Kingdom and I am your King. I created you and I exist so that I may reign".

75. Behold how my conquests differ from those of man. To reign in your hearts, I became man and lived amongst you rather than use force or fear. I not only kissed and washed your feet, but I also became your victim.

76. I gave myself to you. Now, I tell you, that in the end, you will surrender yourselves to me.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 280

1. Let the essence of my word reach your spirit, so that it may overflow from your heart and become converted into deeds of charity, spiritual peace, and teachings that you will offer to your brethren.

2. The footprints that this multitude will leave on earth will be of peace, demonstrating to the world that it truly possesses the key to spirituality. Its mission is to erase the boundaries that exist between nations in order to unite people spiritually thus destroying the heritage that Babel passed on to humanity. All nations on earth will be blessed by the divine teaching that I have given this new nation of spiritual Israel, for it will initiate the communication of Spirit to spirit.

3. Along its path, it will sow spirituality, offer spiritual enlightenment, and prepare the way for the regeneration of those who are lost. It will sow seeds in the human heart that will produce harmony and brotherhood among humanity.

4. When I speak of the mission of this multitude, I do so as God. As Divine Father, I teach you about your mission, and as Judge, I order it.

5. My teaching is for all beings throughout the universe not only for those who are listening to it at this moment. During this era I am giving this Doctrine to a multitude of people, similar to past eras when I also gave my Law and my Doctrine to a multitude of people who then shared them with others. Because you are unaware of the power of my Doctrine, it will be other nations that will truly cherish this Doctrine. They will not only interpret this work correctly, but also practice it in a perfect manner.

6. It is necessary that a doctrine be wise, strong, and powerful to spiritually enlighten men on earth so that they will arise seeking the truth and spiritual elevation.

7. Do you, perhaps, believe that I have come to reject the Doctrine that I brought to mankind as a message of love during the Second Era? No, I have not. I have come again to bring it to you because it is no longer remembered on earth. Although my doctrine is found in books, man does not truly practice it nor carry it in his heart. Now I am returning it to you with these teachings, because my love for mankind is eternal. Today, I will place my Doctrine of Love in your spirit, rather than in your heart, so that it will no longer be lost. It is the bread that will nourish the spirit and there it will remain.

8. During this era I have chosen to manifest myself through humble and unknown individuals. I did this because I was unable to find among all the scholars and doctors on earth one individual who was truly spiritually prepared and through whom I could manifest myself. There was no one who was totally committed to fulfilling my will.

9. Thus, I chose to give my teachings to humanity through individuals who were humble and ignorant on earth. Nothing is impossible for me. My will has been fulfilled and shall always be fulfilled, even when it seems that man is doing as he pleases.

10. The time that man lives on earth is very brief in comparison to his eternal life. His reign on earth, his arrogance, and his conquests through force will come to an end quickly. Those events may cause a slight variation in the divine plans, but with the passage of time all spirits shall fulfill my will. All things that are impure will be eliminated and only the virtuous will remain.

11. Soon I will judge the kingdom that man has established on earth. Truly I tell you that arrogance, selfishness, deceit, negativity, and death will be destroyed, allowing only truth and righteousness to exist. Who will destroy those things that are evil? It will be man himself who will destroy those scientific discoveries that have harmed mankind. Only those scientific discoveries that truly help mankind will remain to illuminate the path for humanity.

12. When man starts to follow my path, all the eras and centuries that he has sinned and disobeyed my law will be condensed into a single moment and forgotten. I will make that moment that stained the spiritual life of man disappear and become forgotten as the divine splendor of spiritual enlightenment illuminates mankind during this Third Era.

13. It might seem to you that there are very few who listen to my word, but truly I tell you that a large multitude of spiritual beings, whom are invisible to your eyes, listen to my word with you and become spiritually enlightened.

14. If man was aware of the spiritual gifts that he possesses, he would be able to eliminate much of his suffering! He has preferred to remain blind and spiritually asleep. Meanwhile periods of great suffering are approaching.

15. I have come to spiritually enlighten you with my Doctrine in order to free you from the great suffering that was announced to humanity by my prophets in the past.

16. There are some who believe that I punish mankind by unleashing upon them the elements of nature, but they are seriously mistaken. As nature evolves and transforms, there are disorders and disturbances that cause human suffering when man does not comply with the Laws of God. Although those occurrences do reflect my justice, they are not punishment from God. Man would not need to suffer and be affected by those changes and disorders if he would live in harmony with nature. Man is a privileged being who possesses the Divine presence of God to illuminate his spirit.

17. Man would not be affected by those disturbances that occur in nature if he would lead a spiritually elevated life on earth. Faith and prayer are not enough to help man triumph over the ordeals and hardships that he experiences on earth. Man needs to accompany that prayer and faith with a virtuous, pure, and righteous life.

18. If on many occasions you have felt that you triumphed over your ordeals because you prayed and had faith, in reality it was my compassion for you that helped you to triumph rather than your own merits.

19. In each of my teachings I have told you to prepare yourself and to be alert and pray. I do that so that you will achieve a high degree of spirituality, thus enabling you to live in harmony with all things that surround you and not be affected when there is turbulence among the elements of nature.

20. It is necessary for you to understand the times in which you now live. Not only is it a time of transition for spiritual things, but also for the material nature that surrounds you.

21. Be aware that the world in which you live is evolving toward perfection. This will enable it to receive beings in the future who are more elevated. Thus, as nature evolves and changes occur, it is normal that there will be disorders and disturbances during this period of transition.

22. Man is now living during a period of great confusion on earth. Not only is he confused intellectually and emotionally but also spiritually. There is confusion everywhere, and man is suffering because he has entered into a time of great ordeals without being spiritually prepared or knowing how to pray. He lacks faith and is unaware of his spiritual gifts.

23. Only my love and power can save man from the chaos and confusion.

24. My people, elevate your life, and prepare yourself with this word of light that I have brought to you. Truly I tell you that you will not only save yourself, but you will also be able to protect and save many of your brethren.

25. Remember the time when Jesus was sailing with his disciples in a boat and the sea became turbulent and the waves strong. The disciples feared for their lives seeing that Jesus slept. They lacked the faith to save themselves, but the love of the Divine Master came to help them, giving them proof of his power over the elements. He extended his right hand and ordered the waters to become calm.

26. These lessons were new for humanity in the past; but you, my disciples of this Third Era, should not assume that my compassion will also save you, as it did my disciples in the boat. It is necessary that you develop the spiritual strengths that you possess and which you have not manifested in your being.

27. My disciples in the Second Era learned my lesson. To fulfill their mission, they used their spiritual strength and gifts to help their brethren who were experiencing great ordeals.

28. Do you want to be among those who during this era will offer testimony of the truth of this word? Practice spirituality in your life, because it will allow you to develop the spiritual gifts and strength that are within your being.

29. When man learns to practice true spirituality, he will become superior to all things on earth. Up until now he has been weak and at the mercy of the elements, but this should not be so because the forces of nature are not superior to man.

30. Although this teaching is brief, its content is profound. Study it, my disciples, and teach it to your brethren.

31. Come to me. If you are lost, let me guide you once again. Elevate your thoughts to me. Speak to me as a child speaks to his father or to a trustworthy friend.

32. I am the Divine Master who has come from time to time to give you his teachings. If you are enduring great sorrow and bitterness in your life, it is because you need to purify yourself before you come to me and not because I am punishing you.

33. I am awaiting your arrival, but in order for you not to stumble when you return to this path, you will need my help. Thus, I am sending you spiritual enlightenment through these divine teachings which offer you revelations, inspiration, and strength.

34. You are going to begin a new phase in your life. The path has been prepared. Take up your cross and follow me. I have not told you that there would be no ordeals on this path. However, you will hear a voice that offers you inspiration and advice when you confront a difficult and bitter ordeal. My love will help you to arise whenever you fall. Also, you will feel the gentle caress of my healing balsam.

35. Tomorrow, when this manifestation ceases and I no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen, you will retain the essence of my teachings in your memory, offering you inspiration and guidance. You will pray as I have taught you. You will receive my inspiration from Spirit to spirit whenever you unite with your brethren to study my word. When you gather with your brethren you will be forming a temple filled with light and harmony. I want you to realize that these houses of prayer where you have gathered to listen to my teachings are not the true temple of the Lord. However, if you wish to continue to unite in these houses of prayer to study my teachings, once my manifestation ceases, you may continue to do so. You will unite to give one another strength, enlightenment, faith, inspiration, and warmth. Once you have studied and learned my teachings, you may gather to meditate and pray in your home, an appropriate place to pray to the Divine Father. Also, you can pray in the peace and quiet of the valleys and fields and there feel my presence in you. This multitude needs to remain spiritually united and in harmony with my Law.

36. Gradually you will become accustomed to living in unity as brethren, and you will form the strong spiritual family that I want you to establish.

37. When this multitude attains that harmony, truly I tell you that you will be setting a good example for humanity. Remember that the leaf on a tree does not move without the will of God. Everything happens according to my will.

38. Be joyful and have faith. If you are confronted by temptations along your path, pray and do not be afraid. Prayer is the essential weapon that you will use to battle and triumph over those temptations.

39. Journey slowly, step by step, along your path. Otherwise, you might stumble and fall into the abyss. Truly you need to know your path so that later you will be able to teach it to your brethren.

40. Do not be satisfied with the deeds that you have accomplished today, believing that you have attained enough merits for the perfection of your spirit. Study my teachings daily so that you may acquire new knowledge and learn important revelations.

41. The disciple who studies will always hear my voice answering his questions. Also, he will be able to hear my parental counseling during his ordeals.

42. The disciple who is hard-working will be strong in his love for his brothers and will feel that he has truly been blessed by the Divine Father. He will know when it is time to begin to fulfill his great spiritual mission among humanity.

43. Each of my workers has been assigned a certain number of spirits whom he will guide, enlighten, comfort, and help attain inner peace. That portion will never be overwhelming because he will encounter them one by one along his path in life.

44. My teaching today offers you encouragement and Fatherly advice. It is a simple teaching, but if you study it spiritually you will discover the same gentle and divine message that I gave to the great multitudes in the Second Era at the Sermon of the Mount.

45. My Spirit is sending a ray of light from a spiritual cloud. It descends upon your being enabling you to hear my teachings.

46. I have brought you an elevated teaching, the same as the one that I revealed to you in another time. This doctrine is superior to all the knowledge that mankind possesses. Only the spiritual enlightenment from my doctrine will guide man to discover the true life.

47. My Doctrine teaches man to live an elevated, noble, and pure life on earth. It also prepares his spirit so that when it enters into the spiritual valley it will continue to progress along the path of spiritual perfection.

48. Achieve merits on earth for your future life.

49. There are some who suffer observing the great sorrows that exists among humanity. They feel that they are incapable of alleviating any of these hardships. Come to the Divine Master, and I will teach you how to comfort, heal, and offer peace to your brethren.

50. When you are practicing charity along your path, you may feel that what you are doing is very small in comparison to all the tragedies and great suffering that occur on earth. Nevertheless, I say to you that even though your deeds of charity appear to be small and insignificant, they will lessen the suffering that man is experiencing. Also, they will be counteracting the forces of war.

51. You will work silently among humanity, but the moment will arrive when that silence will be broken and the Good News of my arrival will be heard throughout the world.

52. The apostles of spirituality will not be alone. Great events will occur on earth that will be favorable for the spreading of my Doctrine.

53. Everything has been arranged in a perfect manner. I have revealed my plan to you. Now, you need to carefully study my teachings so that you will know my plan.

54. You are being prepared for life through my teachings and your ordeals. Some have failed to progress along their spiritual path in life because they have not utilized my teachings in order to triumph over adversity. Others, however, have prevailed because they have utilized the teachings learned from the Divine Master. Do not forget that trials strengthen and prepare your spirit. Tomorrow, you will meet many individuals along your path who feel defeated and who will need to hear the testimony and words of spiritual enlightenment from their brethren who have been victorious over their ordeals.

55. The Divine Master tells you to practice spirituality in your life because it will enable you to overcome your ordeals and also help you to cope with your material needs.

56. Learn to pray because you can accomplish many good things through prayer and defend yourself from temptations. Prayer is both a weapon and a shield that should only be used to sow enlightenment. If you have enemies, you can defend yourself through prayer, but it should never be used to harm nor to injure an individual.

57. You will work in a pure and virtuous manner without adding to my Doctrine any of the impure practices that exist on earth.

58. This is my teaching. You have come with an open heart to receive its essence and you have received my spiritual enlightenment.

59. My beloved people, I give you my healing balsam and spiritual peace in each one of my words.

60. Your spirit arises ready to listen to my voice. Now, it is a true sanctuary, and the echo of my Word has penetrated into that sanctuary. Thus, my word has offered spiritual enlightenment and inspiration to your spirit, offering it the strength that it needs to reach the end of its journey.

61. You are fully aware of the time in which you now live. You have arisen to follow me because your spirit knows why it came to earth. Thus, you are able to walk the path of my spiritual doctrine with great faith, and you will begin to worship me in the manner that I have taught you.

62. I have prolonged the period of my manifestation during this era so that your faith and knowledge could be strengthened. I do not want you to say that, although the Divine Master was with you, you did not have sufficient time to learn of his truth.

63. My Doctrine, filled with spirituality, will flourish in the hearts of this multitude and will produce fruits of life and truth in the future. My word will spread throughout the world, and there will be no place on earth that it does not reach to purify, enlighten, and judge.

64. The nations on earth will then begin to awaken to spirituality, to those things that are true and eternal. They will eliminate their materialistic forms of worship and will dedicate themselves to seeking the true essence of my Law.

65. Humanity will observe the power of spirituality and will separate itself from those things that has prevented it from spiritually progressing for many centuries.

66. The cross is the symbol of Christianity. Although there are millions of crosses throughout the world, they are of little value if man does not love one another and practice good will.

67. The behavior of man is no longer influenced by his external and material forms of worship, for he now lacks respect, faith, and does not regret offending his brother. That is why I say to you that symbols and external forms will disappear because their time has passed. They will be replaced by an inner and spiritual form of worship which will help man to become spiritually enlightened and will lead him to me.

68. During this era I will inscribe my Law and construct my temple in the spirit of man, the purest part of his being. It will be his spirit that will listen to my voice. Whatever does not exist within the spirit of man does not really exist at all. Man may construct enormous temples in my honor or offer me ceremonies and banquets that are filled with splendor, but those offerings will not reach me because they are not from his spirit. External worship always contains vanity and egotism. I welcome a worship from your spirit to my Spirit that is humble, sincere, and full of truth. If you remember the parable of the pharisee and the publican that I gave you during the Second Era, you will understand that the teaching I have given you has been the same in all the eras.

69. If you were to remove all the crosses from earth that symbolize your Christian faith, and instead truly love one another, I would not find fault with that. Your faith and worship would then be spiritual rather than external. That is what I await from mankind. If only your form of worship and symbols had the strength to prevent wars and addictions to vices, you would live in peace! Behold how you lack respect for those things that are sacred and divine.

70. Once again I tell you that it would be better if there were not a single temple, altar, symbol, or religious image throughout the world. Instead, you need to pray with your spirit, to love your Father, to believe in him without the need of symbols, and to love one another as I have taught you in my doctrine. Then you would be saved and would be following the path that my footprints traced with my blood, footprints that sealed the truth of my teachings.

71. The "new manna" will descend to nourish humanity once man renounces his idolatry and fanaticism. It will be unlike the manna that nourished the people of Israel as they journeyed through the desert in the First Era. The "new manna" will descend directly to your spirit during the days of great ordeals. It will be the true bread from heaven, a spiritual bread that man will receive from my Spirit to his spirit.

72. The manna in the First Era was only a symbol representing the spiritual communication that man would achieve with God in the Third Era. In this era the spirit of man will receive nourishment directly from the Spirit of God.

73. This multitude who has witnessed my manifestation has a great responsibility to humanity. It will need to set an example of true spirituality and teach mankind how to worship God spiritually, a worship that is worthy of God and that truly pleases Him. Open your heart and listen to the voice of your conscience so that you can judge each of your deeds. Allow your conscience to tell you if you are interpreting my teachings correctly or if you are misinterpreting the meaning of my Doctrine.

74. Do not assume that you will achieve complete spirituality in a single day. Journey along the path of spirituality by taking small but firm steps and thus you will not stumble. Also, you will never want to separate from this path because of regrets or fear. Make sure that you are fully knowledgeable at each step and soon you will see the fruits of your work.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 281

1. My beloved disciples: Although many religions exist, there is only one Law and only one Doctrine.

2. My teaching is the Doctrine of the Spirit, which teaches man to practice deeds of love. Although humanity calls itself Christian, what has it done with my doctrine? It has created rituals, ceremonies, and prayers that lack feeling and sincerity, thus hiding its hypocrisy behind them.

3. I say to you that love is the only truth. If you do not practice deeds of love, you will not be following the true path, even if you praise and glorify my name with words and songs.

4. Truth is the Divine Love manifested throughout the universe. The individual who does not know the truth does not know God.

5. Man is greatly mistaken when he believes he can attain the Divine Truth through religious rituals and ceremonies.

6. God is not what man has created on earth.

7. God is infinite, and He is essence and omnipotent. It is necessary for you to be loving, just and virtuous, in order to feel the presence of God, to know Him, and to be like Him.

8. When I speak in this manner you are unable to imagine the materialistic nations of earth comprehending and accepting this Doctrine of love. However, I say to you that my teaching is the seed that the world needs; it is the water that man needs to quench his inner thirst.

9. Man is hungry and thirsty because he lacks love and truth in his life. The spiritual and moral misery that man is experiencing are the product of his wars, his material ambitions, and lack of brotherhood.

10. At times, when men tire of fighting, suffering, and destroying one another, they attempt to seek the path of salvation that I have revealed in the past. Although, they seek different ways to interpret my Doctrine, they continue to practice rituals that are materialistic and meaningless.

11. The spirit of man has not been able to proclaim its freedom because a dense darkness surrounds it. However, my light is so powerful that it can penetrate that darkness and reach the most sensitive part of man.

12. What is that light? It is my new teachings and Doctrine with its new revelations. This Doctrine comes to teach man the true way to worship God and how to find the pure water that will quench his spiritual thirst.

13. I will inspire everyone to worship God and to live his life according to the divine law. That is what the Lord truly wants from his children.

14. O humanity, man will finally know the truth and essence of my word. He will discover that my Doctrine is not only the Divine Voice that speaks to humanity but also the expression of all spirits.

15. My Word is the inner voice that inspires you so that you may achieve salvation and spiritual freedom.

16. My Doctrine is free of all rituals so that its essence can endure.

17. During this period I have come to bring you a teaching that is pure and perfect. Thus, I say to you that at the end of your journey on earth I will accept only the true deeds of love that you practiced because it will demonstrate that you knew the truth.

18. Man has never lacked my revelations of spiritual enlightenment. However, he has been afraid to analyze them. I say to you: What can you know about the truth and the eternal if you continue to disregard the spiritual?

19. Behold how you gave material interpretations to my revelations during the First and Second Eras, when they were truly spiritual and divine. You confuse things that are material with things that are spiritual. Lacking that respect, you change those things that are profound and elevated into things that are superficial and unelevated. Why have you chosen to do that? You have done that because you want to interpret the doctrine of God according to your material life and what is more beneficial to you.

20. Disciples, carefully analyze what I have told you. Thus, when you say you are a spiritualist it is because you are able to prove it with your deeds.

21. It is easy to say that one is a spiritualist but it is truly difficult to be one.

22. There are many who listen to my word and who proclaim they know how to analyze my doctrine. However, they are not my best disciples because they do not truly practice my Doctrine which tells you to love one another.

23. Behold how easily an individual changes his life when he makes a small effort to practice my doctrine. Throughout his life that individual had told me that he loved me through verbal prayers created by others. Although he prayed, he did not truly comprehend those prayers nor understand the meaning of the words. When he set aside his old habits of praying and started to pray deep within his spirit, elevating his thoughts to God, he began to feel the presence of God for the first time. He did not know what to say to the Lord and began to weep and shed tears. He thought to himself, "Father, what can I tell you, if I do not know how to speak to you?" However, amidst that confusion, tears, and inner joy, he was truly communicating with the Father. That language was more beautiful than all other languages that are spoken on earth or that are written in books.

24. Those first words uttered by an individual when he begins to pray spiritually to the Lord are similar to the first words uttered by a young infant, whose words greatly delight the parents as they hear the first expressions of their young infant as he begins his life on earth.

25. Man has not been able to correctly interpret the revelations that I gave him in the past. Therefore, today I have come in Spirit to clearly define and interpret those previous revelations.

26. During this period you will not only become familiar with the gifts and abilities of your spirit but also those of the material body. Thus, you will not confuse one with the other.

27. Your spirit, mind, and emotions will learn to be in true harmony when my Doctrine, as the light of a new day, comes to awaken a sleeping humanity.

28. Those of you witnessing my teaching today are asking me to help you achieve peace and unity within your heart. You present yourselves before me as a single being who is fully aware of what he will witness today as he listens to my teaching through the human spokesman. I welcome your spirit. Everything that you offer me in your prayers and practices that is pure and simple I accept as a just tribute of the children toward their Celestial Father.

29. Your most passionate request is for peace on earth and for men to live today as did the patriarchs in the past. I say to you that peace will return to earth when you, my new disciples, have laid the foundation for a new world. I am now preparing you to carry out that mission.

30. The beginning of that new period will appear when you are able to perceive each human being as your brother, when you disregard all the differences that exist between people, and when you love me by loving each of your brethren. Man will then experience a joyful life on earth, and I will be acknowledged as the Divine Father.

31. My word during this period is the same one that Jesus gave you. It is the same pure water that bathed your spirit when you followed me through the land of Palestine. You are familiar with the essence of my word and are able to recognize it because it has remained engraved in your spirit. Today, as I descend to manifest myself through these men and women, you recognize that it is the Divine Father who speaks as you listen to them. You ask why I did not select another form, to give my message of this time to humanity.

32. You say to me that there are no humans on earth who are pure and virtuous and capable of serving me. Moses, Peter, John, and the prophets from the First Era are no longer on earth. However, truly I tell you that I have sent virtuous spirits to earth during all eras, and among those are the human spokesmen who have humbly served me during this period. Offer your comfort and love to these spokesmen because they have a great responsibility. I have nurtured their hearts and minds like a pure fountain although at times pain has been the best means to purify them. Their lives have been very similar to those of my messengers in past eras. I bless them. Blessed are those who have followed me through that path and who have recognized the importance of the mission that I have assigned to them!

33. I invite you to enter into my Kingdom. Although I am summoning all nations, I know that not everyone will listen. Humanity has extinguished its lamp and walks in darkness. In those places where there is darkness and confusion one of my enlightened messengers will arise to enlighten his brethren; that messenger is a spiritual guardian who is alert and awaiting my signal to awaken his brethren. Allow the love of those messengers to become a seed in your heart that will produce fruits. Do not reject them if they present themselves before you and are materially poor. Listen to them because they are going to grant you an unknown power in my name. They will teach you the perfect way to pray and will free you from all materialism which had previously enslaved you. They will help you to attain spiritual freedom, allowing you to elevate toward me.

34. Those who are listening to me are anxiously awaiting the fulfillment of my words. You yearn to see humanity converted into my disciples. Also, you ask that you be among those whom I will send to distant lands to fulfill a difficult mission. Truly, I tell you that you will need to prepare yourself because the battle that awaits you will be great. The messengers whom I will send are not all found among those who have witnessed my manifestation through the human spokesmen. Many of my messengers will speak through intuition because I have prepared their spirits. I have wisely placed those messengers in different parts of the world so that my spiritual enlightenment will reach all places.

35. Although I have come to manifest myself to this nation, how can you believe that I would disregard other countries on earth, if all beings are my children? Can any being be distant or separate from me, if my Spirit is present throughout the universe and comprehends all things that have been created? All things live and nourish themselves from me. My universal ray of spiritual enlightenment has descended throughout the world, to all spirits on earth, and throughout the universe, because I have come to save all of my children.

36. I do not want you to waste this period nor to journey through earth without leaving your footsteps for others to follow. I want you to be true sowers of my seed, now and when you depart from this earth, until the seeds that you have sown in the hearts of your brethren begin to blossom.

37. I have not come to force you to follow my mandates. Rather.

I only inspire you with my love to follow them because I will only accept those deeds that you fulfill as a result of becoming spiritually prepared through my teaching. Be free within my laws, but always practice obedience. Fulfill both spiritual and material laws because they both originate from me and form in essence only one law.

38. Pray for all beings. Pray that they all comprehend God and live in harmony with him. Elevate your prayer like a song, a passionate hymn, that will illuminate all spirits and signal the path toward the end of their destiny.

39. My beloved people, you have been brought to these houses of prayer through the strength of my word. You have not come to these houses to seek my presence nor to tell me about your concerns because you know that I am present everywhere and that I can listen to you wherever you are.

40. You have come because of my word. You are seeking the divine essence of my word which nourishes your spirit.

41. You are aware that I have designated the moment in which I will cease to manifest myself in this manner. That is why you are quick to come each time that I manifest myself through the human spokesmen. You want to cherish in your spirit all of the revelations that I have given you.

42. Your intuition is now making you aware of the spiritual mission that you came to fulfill on earth. You are now becoming aware of your responsibility because you now comprehend the importance of spreading my Divine Law through your deeds, words, and thoughts.

43. Soon you will remain without my teachings manifested through the human spokesmen, but you will not weaken if you follow the example set by my disciples in the Second Era. After the Divine Master departed, they united to give one another strength, inspiration, courage, and faith.

44. You need to unite so that you will feel my presence in your reunions and learn from the Divine teachings.

45. Today, you have rejoiced listening to my teaching and tomorrow you will experience greater joy as you study my teachings. When you carefully study them and penetrate into their true essence you will become astonished as you discover the Divine inspiration in each of my teachings.

46. Today, I bless those who tomorrow will unite and prepare themselves to analyze the doctrine that I have brought. Through that study and analysis, those disciples will discover the true interpretation of my word. I say to you that just like my word radiates divine enlightenment so will your interpretation illuminate the path for your brethren.

47. Those who interpret this Doctrine correctly will illuminate their brethren who previously lacked spiritual enlightenment because of their routine practices and rituals. They will be able to save them from their confusion, caused by a lack of meditation. This multitude who witnessed my manifestation will eventually spread throughout the world offering testimony of what it witnessed. It will not only clearly explain my Law and the Doctrine that I revealed during this era, but also all that I have revealed throughout the eras.

48. Do not fear being rejected nor ridiculed by your brethren.

49. I assure you that when this multitude of spiritualists arises among humanity, I will have already given many great spiritual manifestations to mankind. Those manifestations will make the ones who awaited me spiritually realize that I had come already. Do you not believe that when they see you arrive and listen to your testimony they will recognize that you are my messengers?

50. Truly I tell you that even the theologians will become aware of the reasons for those spiritual manifestations.

51. This multitude will spread throughout the world like a great army. My Spirit will inspire it in its battle so that all of my prophecies will be fulfilled.

52. Why do you weep when you think of those days when you will no longer be able to listen to my word? Do not fear, my people, for I will not leave you alone.

53. Recall that during the Second Era Mary remained among my apostles after I departed.

54. Mary, who gently offers advise and comfort to those who are sad, remained among those disciples for a time.

55. The disciples were bitterly disappointed when Jesus was crucified at Golgotha and they could no longer receive his teachings, but once their sorrow and bitterness left their hearts, they were able to understand their mission. It was then that they began to spread the good news. The Lord also took Mary from this earth, but her tenderness remained as a heritage to all of humanity.

56. Those of you who are the new disciples of this Divine Teaching believe that you will be alone when this manifestation comes to an end. However, I say to you that your Divine Mother will help you in your ordeals, and when you no longer are able to feel my presence, even though I will be closer to you than ever before. Her tenderness will help you feel stronger and comprehend the true meaning of the teachings that I have revealed to you with words and deeds.

57. You will be soldiers of my Law and will sow spirituality, but spirituality will not be governed on earth nor have a representative in a human. Your only guide will be Christ who will guide you through your conscience.

58. My new workers will be revealed to you through your intuition. Man is unable to assign a task nor a mission to another spirit. I am the only one who can assign you a mission, endow you with spiritual gifts, and determine the destiny of each being.

59. I tell you this so that you will not fall into rituals nor false practices which lack truth.

60. You will be my sowers, my prophets, and my messengers. Only the Lord determines the divine destiny of each being.

61. It is my will that complete harmony and brotherhood be practiced among this multitude so that no one will arise as lord, king, or tyrant. This multitude should only be guided by love, harmony, and spirituality.

62. If you practice the things that I tell you, you will set an example for others to follow and pave the path for spirituality.

63. The spiritual enlightenment one obtains from my teaching will reveal the uselessness of idols and will remove the arrogant from their thrones. It will also destroy the temporary kingdom of materialism.

64. This multitude that I am preparing today to teach humanity about spirituality will not be wealthy nor possess any material riches. It will demonstrate to the world that the truth, love, and justice of God do not need material riches from earth.

65. Love, faith, and strong determination will be the forces that you will use to reveal this Doctrine to humanity. Remember the example set by Christ and his disciples. Meditate on these lives and on the teachings they gave to others, and you will see that they spoke the truth.

66. My hand has never touched a coin. When on a certain occasion I was intentionally shown a coin and asked what responsibilities one had toward Caesar, I observed the coin without touching it and I responded: "Give to God those things that belong to God and to Caesar those things that belong to Caesar".

67. This is one of my last teachings. I will continue to give you my teachings for a short while longer and then I will cease to manifest myself through the human spokesmen.

68. After I depart I will grant you a period of tranquility. During that period, spirits will begin to develop the gift of intuition in different forms.

69. During those days of spiritual meditation you will comprehend all those things that today you are unable to comprehend. Also, I will surprise you with new revelations and prophecies.

70. The inspiration received by one individual will be confirmed by another, and thus there will be no doubt among the disciples.

71. Roque Rojas and Damiana Oviedo were my first human spokesmen for my spiritual communication during this period. Elijah manifested himself through Roque Rojas and the Divine Master first manifested Himself through Damiana Oviedo. In that manner I wish to demonstrate that among my apostles both the male and female sit at my table. The spirit is the same in both the male and the female. During this Third Era when I have come seeking spirits, why would I differentiate between them?

72. Roque Rojas and Damiana Oviedo are your forerunners during this period. They heard the Divine Voice in the middle of the desert and never doubted nor questioned its truthfulness. One of them listened to the voice of the Prophet and the other felt the charity of the Divine Master.

73. I have given you many revelations since then! The first human spokesmen came and departed but were followed by others. Although many were highly devoted, faithful to the truth, and self- sacrificing, not all of them had pure intentions. Some have been vain, desiring praise, and material rewards.

74. From the beginning, I have taught these multitudes how to recognize the true fruit. I say to those who are now listening to my word that you will nourish your brethren with my truth. You will destroy those things that are false with the truth of my word.

75. I must say to you that you never took care of the human spokesmen because you were lacking in comprehension and charity toward them. Although you failed to take care of the spokesmen, you must take care of my word which flowed through their lips. My word is the new Manna.

76. When the spiritualists multiply upon the earth, there will be many who will confuse them with fortune tellers. They will be asked to foretell the future. Scientists will ask them about the spiritual life and about life on other planets. I tell you these things so that when you find yourself being questioned by those individuals you will remember to pray so that your responses will be inspired by the Father. Thus, you will respond according to what the Father wants you to reveal based on the needs and questions of your brethren.

77. I ask you to not change any of the revelations that I have given you nor attempt to scrutinize those things that I have not yet revealed. Always remain spiritually prepared. Thus, you will be as a fountain that offers pure water to those who thirst for spiritual enlightenment. It will not be your hand that removes the veil that conceals those things that are mysterious. Was there, perhaps, someone on earth who was worthy of opening the Book of Seven Seals? Only the Lamb of God was worthy, and only he had the power to open that book. There are many teachings that will be revealed to man while he is on earth. However, there are many others that will be revealed to him only when he dwells in the elevated mansions of the spirit.

78. You will find me everywhere, because my presence is always with you along the road. I am like an oasis in the middle of a desert or a beacon of light amidst a stormy night.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 282

1. God's divine enlightenment is manifesting itself before you in the form of human words to offer you a new teaching. Blessed is the one who is preparing himself by converting his heart into my temple of love, because he will be shown the true life when he listens to my word.

2. Come everyone and see my miracle of love. I have come to save sinners utilizing human spokesmen, who are also sinners, to give you my teachings.

3. During this era I will make you aware of the power that I have given you. It is a power that comes from your spirit, not from your material body. Man is great, powerful, and wise because of his spirit and not because of his material body. I refer to the one who follows the path of righteousness and obeys the will of his Celestial Father, thus fulfilling the laws that govern the life of man. That individual feels that he is supported by powerful forces that will always guide him on a path of light, peace, and truth.

4. Disciples: This humble word is a spiritual gift that I have brought you to begin this new era. Although it appears simple and modest, it is another one of my master works. I have utilized human spokesmen to give humanity my divine teachings. This form of manifestation has a meaning, an essence, and is superior, as all humans will discover.

5. Behold how my divine thoughts are manifested through a human spokesman who, although impure, is able to purify himself during the moments of my manifestation to offer you spiritual nourishment.

6. What will I not grant you when you have purified both your spirit and material body to welcome me?

7. Although you have little faith, love, and spiritual preparation, my teachings during this period have helped you to arise from your lethargic state. They have helped you to comprehend, to love, to study, and to become fully aware of your spirit. Previously, your spirit lacked life, similar to a barren desert, and it was unable to confront the ordeals of life. Now, these teachings are like an oasis in your journey through life, offering you the spiritual enlightenment and nourishment that will help you confront your ordeals.

8. If you make an effort to comprehend this teaching, you will become fully aware that without God man is nothing.

9. Behold a humanity, proud and arrogant of its accomplishments, which still astonish the generations of today. Those responsible for those accomplishments lacked love and faith in the Divine and thus did not pray nor practice my Law. They were only satisfied and proud of the marvelous world they had created with their scientific discoveries.

10. Man, himself, is going to destroy this marvelous world that he has created through his scientific discoveries, wars, struggles, and tears throughout the centuries. The moment is approaching when humanity will become fully aware of the instability and weakness of its deeds. Those deeds lacked love, justice, and a true desire for perfection.

11. Man will soon know that without God he is nothing. Only God can give him life, strength, and the intelligence to establish a harmonious existence between the spirit and the human part of man.

12. I have come to resurrect the world with my new teachings because humanity, through the past eras and centuries, has seen only death reigning. Why has death reigned on earth? It reigns because man fails to love his brethren.

13. Truly I tell you that love is the unchangeable force that moves the universe. Love is the beginning and the essence of life.

14. I am initiating a period of spiritual resurrection for mankind. During this period the holy seed of love that I sowed in the Second Era will blossom. I sprinkled that seed while I was on the cross announcing that when men love one another, following the example that I set, death will disappear from the earth. Life, instead of death, will reign among mankind and will manifest itself in each human deed.

15. Day after day, man is eating the bitter fruits that he has harvested from the tree of science. That tree was imperfectly sown by man because he neglected to develop all of his spiritual gifts and abilities. Then, how can he guide all of his scientific discoveries and deeds on the path of righteousness, if he has only developed his intelligence and not his spirit or his heart?

16. Man has become similar to a beast. Failing to control his passions, he feels hatred toward his brethren, thirsts for blood, and wants to convert his brethren into his slaves.

17. If anyone believes that my Doctrine causes man to lose his moral values, truly I say that you are greatly mistaken. I will prove this to the skeptics, to the arrogant, and to those who are materialistic during this period by allowing them to harvest the fruits of their science and to eat those fruits until they are satisfied. The time will come when their spirits will tell me: "Father, forgive us. Only your power can detain the forces that we have unleashed due to our foolishness."

18. I will come to help them and to bring them peace for they will have experienced much bitterness because of their pride. I will help them to live in peace and to meditate. They will then discover the value of spirituality and will practice it in each of their deeds. I will make them realize that life is similar to a musical harp with the strings representing love, spirituality, and science. However, man has not known how to play that musical instrument. He has failed to play the sweet note of love, the divine note of spirituality.

19. The time of judgement has arrived. I will ask some, "Why have you rejected me?” And others, "Why have you persecuted me?" Does an individual who truly does not know himself have the right to deny the existence of my Kingdom? There is a difference between not knowing the truth, or not knowing how to find it, or that it does not exist. If you believe that only those things that you comprehend exist, then I say to you that you are ignorant and arrogant.

20. Truly I tell you that whoever denies God and His Kingdom is also denying himself. Whoever wants to rely only on his own strength, believing that he needs no one and that he can achieve greatness without assistance from God, will soon become lost and his suffering will be very painful.

21. Where are those who truly are wise?

22. To be wise is to be able to feel my presence, to be guided by my light, and to do my will. To be wise is to comprehend the Divine Law and to love.

23. The individual who is loving strives to be helpful with his brethren and dedicates himself to practicing good deeds along the various paths of life. That individual knows that he needs to fulfill the will of God in order to carry out his elevated mission. O disciples, I want you to become wise so that you will help those who are confused and lost along their path of evolution.

24. True love, which is superior to the one felt by a human heart, is the fruit of wisdom. Behold how I, with my word, am able to sow wisdom within you and later expect the fruit of your love.

25. There are many ways of practicing good deeds and of comforting and serving your brethren. All of them are expressions of love. There is only one type of love, a love that is born from spiritual wisdom.

26. Some individuals may be practicing deeds of love through the path of science, others through the spiritual path, and yet others through the heart. There will be spiritual harmony through the union of all three.

27. Learn to distinguish among the different paths that exist. Also, learn to respect the different missions that your brethren are fulfilling. To do that you need to keep an open mind, to make fair judgements, to be peaceful, and to comprehend things with wisdom. If you lack those virtues you will overreact when you become aware of the various religions that exist and the many forms of worship and rituals that you never thought existed.

28. If you do not prepare yourself, you will feel confused and disturbed when you find yourself amidst that struggle that is approaching.

29. Those who are listening to my teaching, but who are not truly interested in comprehending it, will not be able to correctly analyze it nor to explain my Doctrine to their brethren. However, there are others who truly want to comprehend the meaning of my word, feeling a great love for it and truly feeling it in their heart. They carry it in their spirit, their heart, and their mind. Each day they are comprehending the essence of my teaching more and more.

30. When these disciples become interested in acquiring more spiritual knowledge in order to love their brethren with greater perfection, you will observe their faces reflecting the beauty of kindness, charity, and great spirituality.

31. However, the face of none of those disciples would totally reflect the virtues of the spirit, that superior being that dwells within each individual. What can I tell you about the spiritual world that exists beyond the material world? Those spiritual beings are able to perceive the material world through your eyes, your deeds, your words, and your thoughts. Those spiritual beings are able to manifest themselves through any human being and can communicate to the material world through the human mind. They are closely in touch with all incarnated spiritual beings.

32. If a human being strives to be virtuous, he will be utilized by enlightened spiritual beings who dedicate themselves to fulfilling high, worthy goals. However, if a human being rejects virtuous inspirations from elevated spiritual beings and allows himself to be inspired by lower spiritual beings, that individual will manifest low and impure passions.

33. I say to you that there is not a single human mind that is not influenced by the Spiritual World.

34. There are many who might deny this. However, no one is able to prove that it is impossible for the human mind to receive thoughts and inspirations not only from spiritual beings but also from other human beings, and even from Me.

35. This revelation is for all of humanity. Once it spreads throughout the world, some will receive it with great joy, whereas others will ridicule it, reject it, and persecute it.

36. What will those who oppose my Doctrine be able to do to prevent man from becoming spiritually enlightened on earth? What means could the unbelievers use to prevent that enlightenment from the spiritual kingdom? Who believes that he is not influenced by that universal force, the creative and living force of God?

37. I speak to your conscience, your spirit, and your mind. Also, I say to you that all humans on earth receive messages, ideas, and inspirations from other mansions in the universe. Just as you do not know where your spirit dwelt prior to incarnating on earth, you also do not know what beings communicate with your spirit.

38. I say to those of you who are listening to these teachings: Do not assume that the human spokesmen whom I have utilized to transmit my teachings are pure of heart and virtuous for that reason. They are not pure and virtuous. They have simply been given the ability to receive and transmit my enlightenment in the form of words. They are the forerunners of the spiritual communication that mankind will attain in the future. Humanity will eventually realize that it has always been surrounded by light vibrating from the spiritual world. Man will then prepare himself spiritually to receive and transmit eternal messages from God in a perfect manner.

39. I say to a humanity who denies those things which it can not materially prove: You are only aware of those material things that pertain to the world. If you knew a few things about the spirit, you would not dare deny the existence, the influence, nor the communication of the Spiritual World!

40. A great number of enlightened spiritual beings protect you. When you learn to unite with them in prayer, in thought, and in faith, you will experience an invincible and extraordinary strength in your life, helping you to never stumble again.

41. Man is also surrounded by an invisible world that is filled with darkness and confusion. Once man prepares himself to battle and resist those forces of temptation, he will experience a freedom and a peace that he has never experienced before.

42. Be aware that the human mind will never cease to receive inspirations and messages from my Divinity and from the Spiritual World.

43. Humanity is very attached to material things and greatly values them. Man has preoccupied his heart, his mind, and all of his senses with those material things. That is why he ignores and rejects all things that pertain to the spirit. If man would allow spiritual things to become his ideal, his senses would become more evolved, and he could not ignore what I have taught you today.

44. Man would know that the Spirit of God, through its essence, communicates with all spirits throughout the universe. With that knowledge and with great faith, he would seek to receive vibrations from my Spirit, which offers strength, life, and enlightenment to all things throughout creation.

45. Truly I tell you that it is not impossible for me to communicate through the human spokesmen. Rather, it is impossible for me not to be able to communicate through them.

46. I want you, my disciples, to develop sensitivity in your spirit and in your mind enabling you to perceive all spiritual enlightenment. I want you to feel, believe, love, and obey that spiritual wisdom.

47. Once again I say to you that even if all of humanity were to intervene to prevent man from receiving spiritual enlightenment, it would never be successful because the life within man comes from my Spirit. My Spirit is present throughout all of creation.

48. You are listening to a Doctrine that would appear strange in any other place. However, those witnessing this manifestation comprehend my Doctrine. Also, they are aware that even though the sites where I manifest myself are modest and poor, these houses of prayer are sites where people respect the divine and gather to learn about spirituality so they can meditate and prepare themselves to receive the divine message. You are aware that I am communicating through the human spokesman and that the spokesman is not expressing his own ideas. The spirit of the spokesman receives my inspiration and enlightenment, and as they are transmitted through his mind, they become transformed into ideas that the spokesman expresses with words.

49. This is one of the beautiful gifts that your spirit possesses. I have revealed it during this Third Era so that you can become aware of some of the gifts that your spirit possesses. Later I will reveal other spiritual gifts to you.

50. .To know yourself better, penetrate within your heart to discover your spirit. Otherwise, if you believe that you are only a material being, you would be rejecting your true essence and greatness.

51. If you are not interested in knowing the truth about your spirit, you will continue to be weak and ignorant. Thus, you will not allow your material body to reveal its true essence and all that it possesses.

52. The materialistic science of men has placed a very heavy load upon the shoulders ot humanity. All human beings are weary and grieving during this period. However, I am awaiting all beings.

53. My people: Invite your brethren, who have fallen, to this spiritual banquet. You will observe that some of them have acquired an abundance of scientific knowledge, and you will ask: What could they possibly lack? Nevertheless, their spirits are in a state of misery.

54. Come to me those who are intellectual, those who are dejected, and those who are weary of being in spiritual darkness. Come to me those who are spiritually confused and who have practiced hatred rather than love. I will give you rest, and thus you will realize that a spirit never becomes weary when it obeys the laws of God. I will let you penetrate into a science that never causes confusion.

55. Those who lack warmth in their hearts, or have severely judged their brethren, should not be afraid to come before Me. I will comfort them with my words of encouragement. Those words will offer spiritual enlightenment to those who have become disillusioned because they lack love in their lives. It does not matter if you do not believe me nor love me. I will not exclude you from sitting at my table for that reason, for I have come to save the sinners during this period.

56. I am aware that many, because of their pride, will refuse to learn the divine teachings since they believe they know everything. However, they only need to listen to one of my teachings to become aware that they still possess the ability to love. In my presence, they continue to be like young children who are still able to weep.

57. My teaching of love is not designated only for those few individuals who have witnessed my manifestation through the human spokesmen. I have brought this message to the world so that it will become known by all human beings. This message will reach all places throughout the world in many different forms. It will offer humanity the comfort promised to it since the Second Era. This will enable mankind to cope with those periods of great suffering on earth.

58. I have come to save man because he has descended to the lowest level of negative emotions, vices, and hatefulness. Although he has distanced himself from me, my voice will reach his spirit and tell him: I am with you, come to Me, and seek my divine enlightenment. I will help you leave your state of spiritual darkness to attain spiritual peace.

59. Man will listen to my voice through his spirit. His spirit represents an inner temple within his being that he has not been able to destroy.

60. When you were a child you lived in a state of innocence, like the flower of the rosebush. However, with the passage of time, thorns began to grow on the stems and the rosebush ceased to produce flowers. Thus, today humanity is also offering me thorns, as it did in the past. It is necessary for the wise gardener to prune the rosebushes so that they will produce flowers when spring arrives.

61. Separate for a few moments from the material things of the world and come to Me in spirit. Humanity has not known for many centuries the correct way to pray to God. Thus, man has not acquired spiritual strength and enlightenment along his path with my love because he has prayed with his material senses rather than with his spirit.

62. Man prefers to practice idolatry which has been like a poison, preventing him from experiencing the divine joy of spiritual prayer.

63. Man has experienced great misery because he does not know how to pray! Disciples, what spiritual strength can a human being possess to overcome the ordeals of life if he makes no effort to approach the fountain of life that exists in my Spirit? He seeks me in the abyss and in places lacking love instead of elevating himself to regions filled with spiritual enlightenment.

64. Oh, if man during this period would understand the power of prayer, he would be able to accomplish many amazing deeds! However, he lives during a period of great materialism and has even attempted to materialize divine things so that he can touch and see them.

65. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses were my servants who knew the power of prayer. They gave unforgettable examples of the power of prayer to humanity, leaving their form of prayer as an example for all generations.

66. Where they prayed was not a concern because they knew that the temple of God was within themselves. Through their faith they were able to feel my divine compassion. They had faith in my presence, in my justice, in my love, and in my wisdom. I subjected each of those individuals to a great ordeal. Those ordeals were so great that they will remain as a testimony for all people throughout all times. During their ordeals, they remained faithful, obedient, humble, and devoted to the Lord.

67. Because of their great faith and love, I responded immediately to their needs. Thus, I manifested my divine power through them. I only manifest that power through those who have great faith and good will.

68. Because of my love for you, I have come during this era searching for you in the abyss and in places of danger to save you, as a shepherd would for the sheep that he loves greatly.

69. If you wish to know what I will do with those who belong to this multitude, I say to you that I am going to unite them, bringing them from different places throughout the world in order for them to learn of this divine message.

70. I will convert you into disciples of this Doctrine through my teachings. I will inspire you to share the good news with your brethren throughout the world once you truly understand the essence of my teachings and begin to practice spirituality in your life, leaving behind your traditions and mistakes.

71. This multitude will multiply and be as numerous as the stars in the heavens and sands of the sea, and they will take the good news and blessings to homes, cities, and nations where people hunger for peace, justice, and truth.

72. Do not forget that when you arise to fulfill that mission you will be practicing the spiritual prayer, the prayer that I have inspired in you throughout the eras, and that you are recalling now.

73. Without the power of prayer you will not be able to fulfill your mission nor to triumph over your ordeals, much less be able to teach your brethren the perfect form of prayer.

74. It will be necessary for you to offer evidence of the power of spiritual prayer, as did the patriarchs, guides, and prophets in the past. However, during this era, you will not offer the same evidence that was offered in the past because you need to remember that this is a different era and that humanity has evolved spiritually and materially. Therefore, the evidence that you will offer and the miracles that will occur because of your prayers will be unlike those of the past, although they will continue to astonish people.

75. To become worthy of God's charity when you request something through prayer, first you must lead a virtuous life, remembering to always practice charity, and second you must have a strong faith. Thus, you will become superior to all things on earth. Through your strong faith you will be able to triumph over all ordeals and suffering. It will also make you less sensitive to pain, even helping you to triumph over death.

76. Truly I tell you that with kindness and faith you will be able to accomplish powerful and extraordinary deeds. Through those deeds you will offer the best testimony of the power of prayer and love during this era.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 283

1. Beloved disciples: Although you have traveled different roads throughout life, you now unite to pray spiritually to the Divine Father. I welcome you. I ask you to listen to my voice and return to the Father. If you were lost and not following my path, come to me, now. Truly I tell you that I have been awaiting each one of you, continually summoning you to come to me.

2. I welcome those who have gathered today as representatives of humanity to witness my manifestation. The teaching that I will give you today is for all of humanity. My love for those who are present is no different than it is for those who are not present.

3. Pray, my people, because that is the language of the spirit. Learn the correct way to pray so that you will not only learn how to communicate with me but also learn how to listen to my Spirit. Speak to me with humility and respect. You need to speak to me with the same confidence a child has when he speaks to his father and with the same intimacy good friends speak with one another.

4. Listen to your heart. It is my temple. You will listen to my voice offering you advise, inspiration, and revelations.

5. When you truly understand the essence of my teachings and learn to recognize my voice, as a lamb knows the voice of its shepherd, you will realize that I have always spoken to you. If that were not true, the Divine Word would not be eternal.

6. Humanity has always been as a weak child, exposing himself to risks and difficulties, and since I am his Father, I continually love and guide him even if he temporarily ignores me when I offer him my advise and teachings.

7. Today, mankind is experiencing a period of great ordeals. It does not please me to see humanity endure that suffering, but, according to my divine justice, man must purify himself.

8. Your conscience tells you that I love purity and that only pure things are able to reach me.

9. I pour my spiritual enlightenment upon your material body and spirit so that you will study and analyze your daily ordeals which are the lessons of life. Also, you will be able to know and comprehend the mission that you have brought to earth.

10. Why do you fear that it is my will that your life will be filled with ordeals, suffering, punishment, and misfortune? How can you believe that I, who love you with total perfection, would prepare a path for you that is filled with suffering? Truly I tel! you that you have chosen voluntarily to follow that path full of ordeals and suffering. You chose to follow it because you falsely believed that you would discover pleasure, joy, and freedom along that path. You have failed to realize that you have separated from the true path which God wants you to follow, a path offering you true peace, strength, security, health, well-being, and an abundance of all things.

11. The path that my Doctrine teaches you to follow is the path that was destined for you since I first created your spirit. If you follow that path, you will discover those things that you greatly desire.

12. Blessed are those who return to the true path after listening to this word because they will discover once again the heritage that they had rejected.

13. There are also ordeals when one journeys on my path, however, those ordeals are lessons and revelations for the spirit that will help it to become enlightened. Those ordeals will prevent the individual from following a path toward the abyss.

14. Disciples, you are subjected to a thousand ordeals so that your being will become purified and your spiritual gifts will become more developed.

15. This multitude who has received my new teachings and my prophecies is my strong child. That is why I continually tell you to practice my word and to apply my teachings to your daily life so that you will become aware of your spiritual gifts. You need to eagerly seek the essence of my Doctrine to become spiritually enlightened. I promised in the Second Era that I would send the Spirit of Truth to clarity and to explain all past revelations given by God to man.

16. I am allowing this multitude to increase in size without humanity becoming aware of its presence. Humanity will become aware of its presence only after it becomes united in spirit and in truth.

17. When you listen to my word, your being is gently touched and you ask: Where have I heard this voice in the past? Others, when listening to my teaching, say: It seems to me that I am listening to the Divine Master preaching along the riverbank or in the mountain. Where have I seen him?

18. Yes, my people, your faith informs you that it is the Divine Master who speaks although I have not come in human form. In the past, I informed you that I would arrive upon a cloud, thus, that prophecy has been fulfilled.

19. I have spoken to you through human spokesmen during this time. If I had spoken to you from Spirit to spirit, you would not have listened to me, much less understood what I had to say to you.

20. My communication through the human spokesmen has been brief and it is now coming to an end. It was only necessary that a few witness my manifestation and become aware of how I wanted man to communicate with me in the future. Also these few were to give this message to humanity.

21. I want humanity to become united as a single family, therefore, it is necessary for all beings to worship in the same manner and to practice the same Law.

22. You, my people, need to begin by setting an example of brotherhood and unity for others to follow. As long as you fail to do that, you will be unable to leave the state of darkness in which you live and will not be able to follow the path of light to fulfill your mission.

23. The light that radiates from this spiritual teaching is enlightening the spirit of humanity. Once humanity develops a true understanding of the time in which it is living, it will be able to truly comprehend the essence of this doctrine which will become much greater than any religion on earth. You ask me: Master, do the religions on earth not represent the truth? I say to you, if they did, there would be only one religion because there is only one truth. Each religion contains a part of the supreme truth. They all represent different paths through which spirits are guided and brought closer to God.

24. No human being possesses the absolute truth nor is the truth contained in any book. God is the only truth. He possesses infinite love, knowledge, and power, and is perfect justice.

25. Understand my teaching. Each religion offers man a way to understand the truth, but not the absolute truth. That is why there are differences among the various religions. Once again I say to you that if religions possessed the absolute truth, there would be no differences in beliefs and all would follow the same path to Me.

26. When my true doctrine is acknowledged on earth, it will replace all religions. Men will then realize that this doctrine should guide their lives daily. It should not be materialized nor represented through any material forms and symbols. Instead, it is a doctrine that should be felt in your spirit. Once you comprehend the true essence of this doctrine, you will be able to worship me spiritually. The true way to worship God is with simplicity, with sincerity and with honesty.

27. The Doctrine of Spirituality is not a theory. It is a practical teaching both for your life on earth and for your spirit. No other teaching exists that is more complete and perfect. It guided you before you arrived on earth, it will guide you on earth, and it will be found in your spirit when it returns to the spiritual world.

28. I will not be the one who will separate you from your rituals, traditions, and materialistic worship. Man will be guided by his own spirit to reject old customs and beliefs in search of spiritual enlightenment to illuminate his path of evolution. Man will soon realize that the only true offerings that he can present to God are his deeds of love, which include charity, virtue, wisdom, and justice.

29. Spiritualism does not come to contradict any of the words spoken by Christ in the Second Era, for if it did, it would be opposing the truth. How could this teaching contradict the teachings given by Christ, if they were both given by the Divine Master? If you truly comprehend the essence of this doctrine, you will realize that the teachings that I bring you today serve to explain the teachings that I gave you in the Second Era. That is why humanity, today, and in the future, is able to better comprehend my teachings than people from the past. Also, that is why it is able to fulfill my Law in a more pure, true, and elevated manner.

30. If you carefully observe how your brethren worship, you will notice that material objects and symbols are no longer the object of their adoration as they once were. It is because man is beginning to awaken spiritually. Today, he is seeking to truly nourish himself spiritually. That is why I say to you that man's material worship of God is destined to disappear.

31. It is the responsibility of those who are receiving this Word to share it with their brethren in its original simplicity, purity, and spirituality. This will prevent your brethren from establishing any rituals, traditions, and symbols within my doctrine that will separate them from the true path.

32. During this era it is no longer appropriate to represent the divine and the spiritual in a material form. In the First Era, Moses received the commandments engraved in stone, and my prophets lived as humans on earth. In the Second Era, the Divine Word was born on earth and was visually seen by many individuals. As a result of those events from the First and Second Eras, humanity created material images and idols. Today, during the Third Era, I and my messengers have come in spirit. I ask you: What new material images and idols can you create to represent things that are infinite, divine, and that cannot be represented?

33. Since this Spiritual Doctrine is for your spirit, offering it comfort and nourishment, this doctrine separates itself from all material representations and pretentious forms of worship.

34. These teachings have made you become aware of the great responsibility you have for your brethren.

35. Fulfill what my doctrine of love teaches for it is the best way to offer testimony of my doctrine to your brethren.

36. Practice charity, offer spiritual enlightenment to your brethren and help those who have fallen to attain peace, brotherhood, and harmony, and my love will accompany you along your path.

37. Be aware that I am the enlightenment for those who are seeking to spiritually evolve. I am also the Comforter for those who are overwhelmed with hardship.

38. It has been a long time since I have manifested myself verbally to humanity. That is why you come today to listen to the Divine Master. You are eager to learn from his new teachings.

39. From time to time it is necessary for my Spirit to manifest itself in a manner in which you are able to comprehend me. When you are not obeying my Law, it is necessary that I speak to you, so that you will follow the true path.

40. Man is the most rebellious creature throughout creation because of his free will. Until now, he has not wanted to follow what his conscience tells him to do.

41. My word comes to stop some individuals from following the wrong path, to guide others, and to spiritually strengthen all with the truth, thus saving them from the abyss.

42. You should not object to the form of my manifestation during this era which differs from the Second Era. I have never manifested myself in the same form two times as it would be similar to giving you a teaching that you already knew. You should remember that I always bring you new teachings to help you become aware of things you don't understand.

43. I am aware of the great joy that your spirit feels when it listens to my word. Your spirit knows that my teachings can offer it enlightenment, strength, and knowledge if it truly wants to spiritually evolve.

44. The disciple who truly takes advantage of my teachings demonstrates great confidence in life and has faith in his destiny. He does not fear death for he is excited about the spiritual life that awaits him.

45. Blessed is the one who listens to my teachings, comprehends them, and practices them, for he will know how to truly live on earth, how to depart from earth, and how to enter into the eternal spiritual mansion.

46. Blessed is the one who carefully studies and comprehends the essence of my word because he will come to understand why one suffers and must make amends and restitution. Rather than despairing and speaking disrespectfully about God, thus bringing himself more grief, he will be filled with faith and confidence in his ordeals. The weight of his errors will become lighter each day and his restitution easier to endure.

47. Those who have faith and who accept the will of the Father experience peace and serenity in their lives.

48. Your life on earth would become greatly enlightened and you would achieve greater scientific progress if you would learn to love your brethren and do the will of the Father. You need to listen to and follow your conscience rather than be self-centered and selfish. If man would allow his conscience to guide him, he could make greater scientific progress and accomplish much more than he has in the past.

49. When a scientist departs from the earth, his spirit is greatly surprised when it perceives the divine truth. He bows his head shamefully and begs forgiveness for his arrogance. Previously he thought that he knew everything and could do all things. He only believed those things that he was able to comprehend. When he becomes aware of the Book of Life, the divine and infinite work of the Creator, he will begin to realize that he is not as great as he thought he was. He will feel great humility when he arrives before the presence of the Creator who truly knows all things.

50. Why not learn from the Book of Life while you are still on earth, as I have permitted and ordered you to do? Why not prepare yourself spiritually and learn from the teachings which will give you spiritual enlightenment and help you understand what you call mysteries?

51. My people: Be aware that those who have witnessed my manifestation during this era are not the only ones who are able to receive my spiritual inspirations and messages. There are many individuals on earth who sense that humanity will soon receive divine revelations, although they are unaware that I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen during this period. I will prepare those individuals so that when they listen to your testimony about my new teachings, they will joyfully say: "This is the Truth."

52. I am preparing you in this manner so that when you meet one another, you will succeed in establishing unity and comprehension.

53. Once again I say to you that the individuals who have witnessed my new manifestation are not the only ones who will receive enlightenment from my Spirit during this period. The moment will arrive when all of the various divine messages received in different ways during this period will become one spiritual message on earth. You will offer testimony of these new revelations although the Law is not new. It is the same Law that I gave you in times past, the heritage of the great truth, which will guide you so that you will not follow the wrong path. It is the seed of the world of tomorrow, my beloved people.

54. Although, man still lives with doubt, skepticism, and mistrust, all spirits are being illuminated by the divine light which will eventually cause all doubts to disappear. Truth will then reign in the life of man.

55. Those who come to hear my word of peace and lessons of love should never cause conflict and disharmony among their brethren. On the contrary, your mission is to bring unity and harmony among everyone and to fulfill the mandate that tells you to love one another.

56. Events will occur in nature that scientists will be unable to explain to humanity. My disciples, humble yet confident and full of faith, will explain to humanity the reason for those events and manifestations.

57. Nature is like a child. Yes, disciples, it is a child who evolves, purifies itself, develops, and perfects itself to provide a dwelling place for those who will inhabit it in the future.

58. Many times man has had to endure the effects of natural catastrophes that occur as nature evolves to achieve perfection. Man still believes that they symbolize punishment from God. Man fails to realize that he, along with all things throughout nature and creation, are evolving, being purified, and attaining perfection.

59. If today you do not comprehend what I am telling you, one day you will be able to comprehend these revelations. When that day arrives you will live in true harmony with all things that surround you throughout nature. You will no longer become ill, harmed, nor burdened by those events that occur in nature. You will gain dominion over all material things and will no longer be dominated by the forces of nature.

60. You are still as a small child who frequently becomes afraid at the signs given by nature instead of admiring them.

61. When will you be the master and stop being a slave to nature as you are today?

62. Do you believe that it pleases me to see you praying in a state of fear requesting my mercy as you observe the elements of nature becoming unleashed? Instead, I would like to see you serene and tranquil, respecting the deeds of your Father, without experiencing any turmoil in your life. I prefer that you would pray with a heart full of peace, obedience, and comprehension.

63. Oh, if only from the moment that you opened your eyes to perceive the light of this world you would make an effort to achieve true harmony between nature and spirituality, you would truly comprehend what a beautiful life the Creator has given you. It is a path that will guide you to eternal life! To help you attain eternal life, I have come during this Third Era to remind you of my previous teachings. Remember that I told you that I would come among men once again. I have not come during this period in human form as I did in the Second Era, but today I have come in Spirit to manifest my essence, presence, and power. I am manifesting myself among sinners and unbelievers to once again give them my teachings and Doctrine. As in the Second Era, some have believed in my presence and others have not. Among those who have recognized my presence will arise my new disciples who will give testimony of me.

64. Behold that humanity once again lives in a state of confusion. I have not come to teach man material practices, but rather to give him a Doctrine of love so that he can understand the will of the Father.

65. The Holy Spirit has manifested itself among men, women, and children. I have shed my grace upon them so they will offer testimony of my presence during this period.

66. I have come to reveal the same Divine Law and to remind man of past divine teachings. The Father, with His divine wisdom and knowledge, has never come to confuse man during any period. The Holy Spirit has come to offer man spiritual enlightenment and to explain all of the teachings given to him throughout the eras. Thus, this multitude who has witnessed my manifestation can begin to practice my teachings with love and with purity in their deeds and thoughts, as will all of humanity in the future.

67. During this era, man is living a life that is more immoral and unvirtuous than ever before. He only seeks materialism, wealth, and power on earth, yet his spirit yearns for divine peace. The people of Spiritual Israel, throughout the eras, have chosen to follow difficult paths and have not tried to love one another. Since they have rejected one another and are not united, they have not been able to reach the Promised Land. During this Third Era I have brought the people of Spiritual Israel to my table and have given them the best place to sit. I have offered them my love and tenderness, making them aware that the Divine Father is with them, and that He wants them to form a single family.

68. My People: Prepare the hearts of the young so that they can begin to love one another and learn to recognize the path of love and justice starting from an early age.

69. My word is spiritually enlightening you once again in this time.

I come to pour my divine grace upon you to cleanse and prepare you. My people, become aware that if you choose to start sinning once again, it is not I who separates you from my sheepfold, rather yourself. Although you choose to separate yourself from me, my love and forgiveness are always ready to receive the one who truly repents and wants to return to the Father.

70. Spiritual Israel: You are the messengers whom I have sent to earth during this period to be my faithful servants. I observe that, even though you experience suffering in your life, you are humble and obedient. I say to you: I will help you to arise, my blessed children. Do not be afraid of man or the elements of nature. Do not fear the long path that you will need to travel, for I have chosen you and have filled you with my grace so that you can help the spiritualists eliminate their confusion and fanaticism. That has been part of your mission during all three eras. You need to teach my true Doctrine through deeds that are filled with divine love and purity.

71. Beloved Israel, listen to me! Open your spiritual eyes to observe the glory of your Father. Listen to my voice through your conscience. Listen with your spiritual ears to the divine music so that your heart and spirit will rejoice and feel my spiritual peace. I am peace, and I invite you to live within that peace. I come to inform you of the great love that I have always had for mankind. Because of that love, Jesus shed his precious blood during the Second Era to redeem man from sin, to teach him to love, and to reveal the true Doctrine to his spirit and heart.

72. My beloved people: If you experience great ordeals and suffering along your path, pray to the Divine Father. Pray with sincerity, because then you will feel strong and will praise the name of your Father.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 284

1. My people: Eat from this bread of eternal life that your Father offers you. Take advantage of my word because this manifestation through the human spokesmen is coming to an end. Allow your spirit to become illuminated with the divine enlightenment that the Father is shedding upon all spirits and human minds.

2. The human spokesman receives a spark of divine enlightenment when I manifest myself to give you my teaching. Who, among all of the spokesmen, could receive the entire essence of the Divine Word? No one can. Truly I tell you that you do not yet know the Divine Word.

3. The Divine Word is Life, Love, and the Word of God. Although the human spokesman is only able to receive and transmit a very small portion of divine enlightenment, you can still discover the absolute, the infinite, and the eternal in the essence of these teachings. You can learn about me through my great deeds or through small and limited manifestations. All things reflect my presence for I am present everywhere. All things in the universe were created perfectly, from the smallest known creation to the largest one. To discover that perfection, man only needs to carefully observe, meditate, and study.

4. I speak to your spirit who has been sent to earth to receive this message so it will offer testimony of my teaching to humanity through deeds of love and charity. I speak to your spirit, whose essence and nature is immortal. I speak of the spiritual life that awaits it once it separates from its material body on earth. Because it is the hour of its liberation, the spirit will bless that moment and elevate itself to the mansion where it belongs, according to how much it evolved on earth.

5. While you are on earth, you should love the things of this world only to the degree that it will help you to fulfill the laws of man. You should always be inspired to dwell in the highly elevated spiritual mansions so that when your spirit separates from its material body it will not be confused nor tempted by those things that it loved on earth. If it yields to that temptation it will become a slave to them and remain in this world, a world where it no longer belongs nor truly enjoy.

6. I say to you that if a multitude were to arise teaching humanity the true path to follow, humanity would choose to follow that path. It would choose it because man realizes that he has separated from the true path, as evidenced by his suffering and state of despair.

7. Humanity is awaiting the arrival of its brother, friend, and adviser to teach it the path to follow for its salvation.

8. Man lives in a state of great spiritual confusion because he has ignored the revelations the Father has given to man throughout the eras. Man has dedicated himself to the physical sciences, completely forgetting the true essence of his being and life.

9. I want this multitude to take the good news of my Doctrine to that materialistic world. Truly I tell you that if you offer true testimony of my doctrine through your words and deeds, man will become astonished that this multitude is lead by an invisible guide and a voice that is not from earth. Initially, curiosity will make man observe your life and deeds. As time passes, man's faith will proclaim: "Truly this multitude preaches the truth".

10. If you are not prepared to teach humanity about my Doctrine of Love, I will not allow it because your imperfections will cause your brethren to doubt, ridicule, and persecute you. Your weaknesses will not allow you to resist their assaults. You must prepare yourself as the hour of the battle will arrive. Once you are truly prepared, I will allow you to teach humanity.

11. Each of my workers will carry a spark of my Divine Word on their lips. They will also carry the book of my wisdom in their hands helping them to remember my divine teachings. That book, inspired by Me, will be put together with great devotion by my disciples. They will acquire great strength from it because it will contain great spiritual enlightenment.

12. That book will offer great wisdom, comfort, and healing balsam to numerous individuals! Those who previously knew of my word, but who had disregarded it, will feel great joy when they find it once again. It will also bring great joy to those who had never heard it before.

13. Those who were once spiritually dead will resurrect and those who were lost will find the true path, through the teachings from the book. Strive to maintain the divine truth in the Book which you have been entrusted so that you will offer testimony of my manifestation during this period.

14. If I were to ask you at this moment what fruits your tree has produced or about the teachings that I have given you, what would you tell me?

15. You remain silent because you are afraid that I will judge each of your deeds. I ask you: Why are you afraid? You have nothing to fear if you have done what you were supposed to have done. If not, then it is best that I be the one who corrects you.

16. You should be spiritual. The deeds that you fulfill on earth should reflect spirituality. The world is already filled with false disciples and their false followers. You have chosen to follow a Doctrine that teaches spirituality and whose weapons are spiritual enlightenment and love. You need to offer evidence of those virtues through your deeds. It is the only seed that you should sow, if you truly want your harvest to be accepted by your Father.

17. Follow the example of those who followed me during the Second Era, which not only included my apostles but also many men and women who were converted to my Word. They offered testimony of my truth with their deeds and even with their lives.

18. My followers during the Second Era wanted to practice deeds that reflected the purity and truth of the teachings learned from the Divine Master.

19. In that same manner, I want my new disciples to honor the name of the One who now brings a message of love to help man to awaken spiritually.

20. If you make a true effort to comprehend the spiritual meaning of my teachings and embrace my doctrine with the love of a true disciple, you will harvest good fruits. Those fruits will include regeneration, reconciliation, health, peace, and living a virtuous life as dictated by your conscience. However, if you attempt to misrepresent the truth and seek to hide your imperfections and weaknesses with my Doctrine, you will return to the spiritual darkness and backwardness from which I had redeemed you.

21. My Doctrine is essentially spiritual. It offers enlightenment to your spirit and the strength to triumph against evil. My teachings bring you joy and spiritual enlightenment.

22. If you want to listen to me with your spirit so that it can nourish itself and understand the essence of these teachings, you must first cleanse your heart, clear your mind, and allow your conscience to guide you. You will then observe a transformation taking place within your being, not only spiritually but also morally and physically. Once your spirit elevates and becomes purified with the spiritual wisdom that it has acquired, your emotions and your physical health will reflect this.

23. Your negative passions and vices will begin to disappear as well as your ignorance and fanaticism. You will then begin to develop true faith and true knowledge of my Law.

24. If you want the multitudes to listen to these teachings, and your word to enlighten them spiritually and to touch their hearts, seek to make your words penetrate into their spirits. What must you do to touch the hearts of your brethren and to awaken their spirits? It is very simple. You must always follow the true path and practice deeds of love.

25. The Spirit of the Divine Father has come to offer you teachings and help you to become purified. It has come to awaken your spiritual and physical senses to a life of regeneration and fulfillment.

26. I have given you everything that you need to spiritually elevate and to know that you have been sent to earth to work and to attain peace in this life and in the one that awaits you.

27. Blessed is the one who studies my Doctrine and makes a true effort to fulfill my laws. Blessed is the one who has become enlightened spiritually with my word, who continues to pray, and is vigilant as he fulfills his mission.

28. Today you dwell in a world filled with confusion and mistakes.

I have separated you from those things and have taught you to live in harmony with my laws. Once you have truly prepared yourself spiritually, I will send you to offer spiritual enlightenment to those individuals who have misinterpreted my word and who have divided my Doctrine into different religions. Those differences that you observe today will disappear and the heart of man will be transformed. After man harvests what he has sown, which will cause him much bitterness, I will sow my seed in the human heart that has become cleansed and purified and cultivate it. Then it will be the beginning of spirituality on earth.

29. All of the ordeals that you experience in life occur so that you will strengthen your faith and become aware of the spiritual gifts that you possess. You will not be fulfilling your mission by only listening to my teaching and bringing the good news to your brethren. You still need to verify your words with deeds of love and charity. Although many of you would be willing to give your life to offer testimony of my Doctrine, I am not asking for that, and even though you are among humanity as a sheep among hungry wolves, you will not become spiritually weak. Your path will always be spiritually illuminated even in the darkest hour.

30. I have surprised humanity while it is spiritually asleep. Man has dedicated himself to the study of the physical sciences and discovering the secrets that are found in nature, but he has neglected his spirit. How great will be the struggle to comprehend my Doctrine! My Doctrine of Love will be a torrent of crystalline water upon humanity, quenching its thirst for spiritual knowledge. All who prepare themselves will receive its blessings!

31. Those of you who are listening to my teachings safeguard my Doctrine of Love and conserve its essence and its truth. You will observe that humanity, who is distrustful and doubting, will faithfully accept my Doctrine when it becomes aware of the deeds performed by my virtuous disciples. Those who yearn for peace and justice in this world will help that to occur through their prayers. The time of peace and justice is approaching. For now, guide, prepare, and spiritually enlighten your brethren before you enter into that time, for man will have no guide, other than my Divinity.

32. I inspire all spiritual beings. Any individual who wishes to behold me and to follow me should elevate himself before me and his conscience will guide him daily. Also, it will help him to resolve his problems. Once spirituality is achieved, every ordeal and hardship will be perceived as an opportunity for elevation and perfection.

33. Make your home a paradise where parents serve as my representative. Practice love and respect with your family, but do not limit yourself to only loving your family. Allow yourself to love others as you do your own parents and children.

34. Through my chosen people I am going to dictate laws that are just and that are based on love and respect. I have prepared 144,000 spirits to do that. Some of those spirits are incarnated on earth and others are in the spiritually valley. Those on earth will be scattered throughout the world, so that when the time arrives, they will be filled with inspiration. I will speak through them enabling my word to spread throughout the world.

35. Elijah is preparing the path for everyone. I now say to you, as I did in the Second Era: Although Elijah has been near you, you have not recognized him! Each time that my Kingdom has descended upon mankind, Elijah has prepared all human hearts. Thus he is with you during this time.

36. Work in silence without being noticed and without boasting nor wanting to distinguish yourself from others. Truly love, protect, and help your brethren. Let your heart become as an ark that offers shelter to sinners, to the sick, and to those who hunger and thirst for justice. If you teach your brethren that spirituality is their salvation, they will follow me. Once again there will be those who will choose not to listen to me in this period because of their pride. After they have endured various ordeals and witnessed unusual events, that speak of my manifestation, some of them will convert to my word. Although some will convert, others still will refuse to accept my divine message.

37. I bless all those who have responsibilities to fulfill including heads of government, teachers, and judges. Seek spiritual enlightenment and fulfill your mission.

38. Come listen to my teaching. Does it matter if you listen to this word through human spokesmen who lack moral and spiritual perfection? You are mistaken if you believe that I have chosen an inappropriate manner to manifest myself during this period or that it is not a spiritually advanced form.

39. Since I chose to manifest myself to humanity during this period through human spokesmen and through your conscience, does this not give you an idea of the evolution achieved by your spirit?

40. I had to begin this period of spiritual communication in some manner. Man began to receive my teachings through human spokesmen in 1866. This manifestation will end in 1950 after which you will communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit.

41. My manifestation through the human spokesmen was destined by me to be temporary. It would serve as a brief period of preparation for this multitude to become familiar with the Divine Law and to begin to spread this Doctrine throughout the world. Also, this multitude would announce to humanity that this is the Third Era.

42. As this manifestation through the human spokesmen was destined to be brief, it was also destined that only a few would be summoned to witness this revelation and to receive this message.

43. It is also destined that the communication of spirit to Spirit will be achieved by all of humanity for eternity. That will be the true way to seek me, feel me, listen to me, and pray to me.

44. This group of individuals who have listened to my word and have received my teachings have a great responsibility! Before humanity is able to achieve spirituality, it will need to become familiar with the teachings that I have given you through human spokesmen in this period. I have allowed them to be written so that you will be able to study them in the future.

45. My beloved people, prepare yourselves to be in harmony with the Lord, for I am fulfilling my part and preparing all things. Although humanity is unaware of it, it is purifying itself. There are numerous enlightened spiritual beings, which form an enormous and powerful army, who are assisting me and fulfilling my will. I want those who have witnessed my manifestation to form a multitude of spiritually enlightened individuals who will offer faithful testimony of my word. I want them to awaken those who are spiritually asleep by offering them spiritual enlightenment.

46. The Sixth Seal has opened and revealed a portion of its contents to this multitude who is the forerunner of spirituality on earth. It will continue to reveal and enlighten mankind even when this manifestation comes to an end.

47. What revelations will the Sixth Seal reveal to the future generations? Great revelations will be revealed, making you the heirs of a wealth of knowledge.

48. The Sixth Seal has opened and no one will be able to close it nor to prevent spirits from receiving its enlightenment, just as no one can stop the passage of time nor sunlight from reaching the earth.

49. The Book of Wisdom has been sealed for a long time. Meanwhile your spirit was preparing itself so that it could comprehend this Book of Wisdom. Now I have opened it. The love of the Divine Master, the Lamb, has opened that book. Spiritual enlightenment emanates throughout the world, but many individuals are not aware of it.

50. Soon there will arise from different nations on earth individuals who are spiritually sensitive, intuitive, and inspired. They will offer testimony of things they can spiritually see, feel, hear, and receive. I. say to you once again that the nation of Spiritual Israel is not limited to those individuals who witnessed my manifestation through the human spokesmen. I have sent my servants to other parts of the world to prepare the path and to cleanse the fields where later they will sow my seed.

51. I bless and offer my strength to those individuals because their journey is difficult and their path is filled with hardship. Although they frequently experience ridicule, false accusations, and are treated without compassion, they are willing to fulfill their mission. Trusting in their intuition and inspiration, they are aware that I have sent them to other nations on a difficult mission.

52. Pray for these individuals, who are your brethren, struggling to fulfill the mission of preparing your path. They have not had the opportunity to witness and listen to these teachings nor to receive their encouragement and comfort. They have had to sacrifice many conveniences on earth to spiritually receive the inspiration that will guide them.

53. Since you have listened to each of my teachings many times, you can not justify not fulfilling my Doctrine. What opposition could you have to suffering, if you knew that it was to correct your faults? Remember that you can attain purification by practicing deeds of love and helping your brethren, thus avoiding purification by suffering.

54. Although my word is filled with loving justice, some individuals still believe that my word is harsh and severe. These individuals refuse to listen to their conscience or to judge themselves because of their pride.

55. As a result of your disobedience, disrespect, vanity, and lack of charity, you will experience great bitterness in your life. That bitter path will be unlike the path that I have taught you to follow. You will then proclaim with true conviction: There is truth and justice in what the Divine Master has requested.

56. Although I have asked all of the multitudes that belong to the nation of Spiritual Israel to become united, they have not, thus defying my justice. I have been patient and have given you sufficient time to fulfill that mandate, but you have not become united. Do you prefer that my justice awaken you to become virtuous and united? If so, my justice will occur at an unknown time. It will have to arrive, because I will not allow you to offer testimony of my doctrine if your heart is stained and impure.

57. Those teachings that are written with errors and false information will be destroyed because anything that is impure and stained is not part of me and cannot reach me. The seed that you sow in the hearts of your brethren must first be cleansed with true devotion.

58. My teaching today is not a chalice of bitterness but rather a fountain of crystalline water to cleanse your heart and to offer purity and enlightenment to your spirit.

59. Receive these teachings with love and deeply analyze them. They will give you the spiritual strength to proceed on your journey.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 285

1. I offer my peace to men of good will. Truly I tell you that whoever possesses that spiritual peace will feel my presence.

2. My teachings in this period have offered you great peace and comfort during your ordeals and suffering. Thus, I have shown you that if you accept your destiny with good will, you will prevail in your journey through life.

3. You say to me at times: "Lord, why are we not experiencing the same bitterness as other nations, considering that we are just as disobedient and ungrateful as are our brethren in other parts of the world?" I say to you that I am giving this multitude time to prepare itself. Do you believe that you would be interested in listening to me or in meditating over my teachings if war was threatening your country? Be aware that the time that I have given you to prepare yourself is very precious and that it is your responsibility to use that time to prepare yourself spiritually.

4. You need to analyze yourself frequently by listening to your conscience so that you will spiritually progress and help your brethren during this period. This will allow you to become aware of your weaknesses and help you understand how best to apply my Doctrine to each of your deeds in life.

5. Does the situation that mankind is experiencing truly bring you grief? Does your heart feel the suffering of those nations that are destroying one another in war? Help them through your prayers and send them thoughts of peace.

6. Although you believe that the world is filled with misfortunes, I say to you that many of those things that you perceive as misfortunes are actually blessings.

7. Suffering, misery, and even death will be a blessing for many who have lived a life of constant sin.

8. Oh, if only you could understand that when a human suffers that suffering can be a healing balsam and a relief for a spirit! Although a man appears healthy and lives in comfort, his spirit frequently is tormented. The spirit feels it is a prisoner living a life of pleasure and low passions, lacking spiritual enlightenment. When that being begins to suffer, that suffering is more powerful than his human passions and will detain him along his path of sin and vice. This allows his spirit to become free from his weaknesses. Thus, the spirit perceives that suffering as a blessing and recognizes that no justice exits that is wiser than the justice of God.

9. Some individuals understand this early in life and avoid greater suffering. However, others are stubborn and take much longer to understand it, even renouncing and rejecting God, thus, increasing their suffering.

10. My people, pray for all individuals. Do not neglect your responsibility by not praying for those nations that are suffering because you feel that they are purifying themselves through pain. It is true that suffering purifies, but be aware that your prayers and thoughts help those people to accept the bitterness that they endure with love. Thus, they will be able to understand the reason for their suffering. When they understand why they suffer, they will then make an effort to correct their mistakes and to start practicing true brotherhood.

11. If your prayers are sincere, I will allow your spirit to separate from your body and visit those nations as a messenger that brings peace, well-being, and enlightenment.

12. Those accomplishments will not cause you to become boastful and vain because you will be totally unaware of the deeds that you have done spiritually.

13. Only I will be aware of those deeds which I will write one by one in the book of your good deeds, which are imprinted in your conscience.

14. You are approaching a period in which great events will occur on earth. A day will not pass in which humanity will not be greatly touched and shaken by an ordeal, an event, or a sign. It will be the voice of my justice summoning men to God. Those who begin to listen to their intuition and begin to meditate during that period of ordeals will realize that those ordeals reflect God's divine justice. Those individuals will become spiritually enlightened and will no longer live in a state of spiritual darkness and ignorance.

15. Humanity: My justice has arrived to judge man. It has come to humble man's pride and make him realize how small he truly is when he sins and when he lives a life filled with materialism.

16. Yes, my people, I have come to eliminate the false greatness that man possesses because I want him to evolve and become spiritually enlightened. I want him to achieve true greatness and to become truly enlightened, elevated, virtuous, wise, and powerful.

17. Humanity is once again listening to my voice during this new era. This was announced by the prophets in the First Era, and I revealed this to my disciples in the Second Era.

18. This is the period when I promised to return spiritually and a time when you truly can feel my presence everywhere. During this period you will learn to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

19. Although I am bringing together a multitude that appears to be materially poor, there are no outcasts nor individuals who are spiritually weak. I am revealing the spiritual gifts that each individual possesses so that he can help his brethren, as one of my disciples.

20. This multitude will consist of individuals who are prophets, advisers, teachers, and doctors of the spirit.

21. My word is helping their faith to become stronger because I want them to have great faith.

22. My Word and my deeds during the Second Era opened the path for man to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. During the present era I have brought new teachings. Have you not heard the voice of your spiritual brethren? Have you not felt the presence of the spiritual world that you thought was so distant and even doubted its existence?

23. Behold how your spiritual brethren have manifested themselves with great love and spiritual enlightenment.

24. Although you do not know the exact site from where those enlightened spiritual beings and guardian angels of peace have come, you are certain that they have come from superior mansions.

25. Humanity: It is true that these enlightened beings have arrived from other mansions and dwelling places that are more spiritually elevated than earth. They have come to help you along the path of spiritual perfection. They are also helping beings from other mansions that need spiritual wisdom.

26. If someone were to judge my Doctrine, which I now reveal through these teachings, as being false, truly I tell you that that individual does not know what he is saying nor does he truly know the Divine Master. Do you not sense how all spiritual beings and all planets are being brought closer together? Do you not realize that God's divine plan is to form one family with all spiritual beings?

27. I am giving you these revelations so that you will begin to prepare yourself spiritually for the future similar to how you have prepared yourself materially on earth.

28. Listen to the voice of the spiritual world. It offers testimony of how the spirit is constantly active, working, purifying itself, correcting mistakes, and fulfilling missions. The spirit is constantly working to get closer to its Divine Father.

29. Be aware that this is the Third Era, the Era of the Holy Spirit. Thus, it is natural that I speak to you about the spiritual life.

30. Only this Doctrine will save man from his low passions, material interests, negative emotions, pride, and unworthy ambitions. My word comes to save those who are lost due to their negative passions.

31. Disciples: I entrust these teachings to you. You can feel my presence in the essence of these teachings. Tomorrow, these human spokesmen will disappear because they will be assigned new tasks, but these teachings will remain written in books compiled by the Golden Pens as is my will.

32. Disciples: The one who recognizes that these teachings are from the Divine Father should also realize that now is the time to restore all those things that have been destroyed by human immorality and sin.

33. Not all who have summoned to sit at the Lord's table to nourish themselves spiritually have arrived. Thus, my table is not fully complete.

34. Man tends to disregard the benefits and blessings offered to him by the Divine Father. That is why many of your brethren have ignored you when you have informed them of these teachings.

35. But I say to you that the few individuals who have come to sit at my table and who devotedly listen to my teachings will tell mankind about the greatness of my word and will explain its essence. This Doctrine summons mankind to start building a new world because man will enter a new period in which he will become more spiritually enlightened and elevated.

36. If you practice spirituality and simplicity in your life, the teachings given by the human spokesmen will be more virtuous. Thus, the words spoken by the human spokesmen will be as sweet and nourishing as a mature fruit.

37. Some individuals seek to impress and astonish the multitudes with dramatic and sensational manifestations. They do not realize that to enlighten others the truth and wisdom of my word needs to be manifested in a simple and humble form. I say to those individuals that if they truly follow my Doctrine, the Divine Truth will be reflected in all that they do.

38. Although mysterious things have fascinated you, they should no longer be of interest to you.

39. Why do you want to impress your brethren with manifestations that lack simplicity and humility and that they cannot comprehend? Why are you preoccupied with the supernatural which lacks truth and enlightenment? Is the essence of my word not sufficient enough or is the manifestation of myself through the human spokesmen not marvelous enough?

40. Many of you are very materialistic! My manifestation is simple and humble, and you need to realize that if you add anything to my manifestation it will hinder your brethren from learning the truth in my doctrine.

41. Before you begin to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to you by my Doctrine, meditate deeply on what I have taught you and on the things that you are going to do. Thus, you will not perform deeds that are against my Law.

42. Many, who believe that they are my obedient disciples, are unaware that they are not obeying my divine will. Also, there are many who believe they are true apostles of Spirituality, but fail to prove it with their deeds. Thus, they become enemies of the Doctrine that they are preaching.

43. What is expected of an individual who has evolved spiritually? It is expected that he has dominated his vices, low passions, and weaknesses so that he can begin to manifest his spiritual gifts and powers. Be aware that man is continually evolving intellectually, therefore, he has a greater capacity to comprehend the work of God. The spirit of man cannot remain inactive. It deeply yearns to evolve spiritually and continues to perfect itself along the paths outlined by the divine laws.

44. Disciples: Once again I say to you to seek spirituality along paths that are simple and pure. Do not seek with your material senses those things that you refer to as supernatural. If you are convinced that you are following the true path, believe in my teachings, for I am teaching you to feel things that are divine in a more subtle manner. You need to disregard those things that are complicated and unnecessary.

45. Some are dissatisfied with the simplicity and humility of this manifestation because they are very materialistic. To believe in my manifestation, they prefer to accept only those events that appear extraordinary and amazing. They want to see fire falling from the heavens and the seas parting and then they will proclaim: "God's judgement has arrived upon earth". I ask you, Why do those events terrify you? Why do you pretend that only those events can demonstrate the power and justice of God? You forget that you can also feel and perceive the presence of God in all things that manifest peace and love.

46. When this manifestation comes to an end, will it be necessary for humanity to witness an astonishing event in order to believe that it was a divine manifestation?

47. Humanity should regard my manifestation during this period as their hope for a better future. My manifestation should touch the heart of man and strengthen his faith amidst his ordeals.

48. I would like for you to find the divine kindness of God being manifested in all things throughout the world. If you are unable to perceive this divine love that is present everywhere because you have not evolved spiritually, then observe how nature reflects the great love that the Creator has for his children. If the elements of nature treat man harshly at times, it is because nature is also evolving and perfecting itself as are all humans. As nature evolves and perfects itself, it will become a dwelling place for humans that are more intellectually and spiritually evolved.

49. My teachings will remain written so that tomorrow man will realize that many of them were prophecies.

50. My people: If you want to progress, do not waste time and remain spiritually asleep. To evolve spiritually and intellectually, you need to follow my divine laws in all that you do. If you wish to truly know yourself, analyze your inner self through my teachings.

51. Be aware of how greatly you need this word which gives you love, wisdom, advice, and assistance. You also need to become aware of the responsibility you have with others who are spiritually hungry and thirsty for these teachings. You must prepare yourself so that you may share these teachings of love with your brethren.

52. Accept with patience the cup of bitterness that you are enduring. Truly I tell you that you will acquire spiritual enlightenment from those ordeals and hardships because suffering helps you to listen to the voice of your conscience. Although the tears and suffering that you have endured do not represent the path that I wanted you to follow with my Divine Law, it has helped your spirit to amend previous mistakes and to become purified. It was necessary for you to journey through that path to discover the path of true life, a path of love, charity, and dedication to goodness.

53. You need to be fully aware of this and to realize that to truly serve me you must first cleanse your spirit of all the wrong you have done. The example that you set will serve to prepare the path for future generations so that they will experience less suffering and remain on the divine path.

54. Those who practice spirituality are responsible for eliminating the barrier that humanity has created between itself and God. Man has created a barrier of false faith, materialism, lavish forms of worship, and inaccurate beliefs about the eternal.

55. My people, I ask you to remove the golden calf that you are still worshiping. Although man believes that he no longer practices idolatry nor paganism, he continues to worship the golden calf.

56. I say to you that as you fulfill your mission you should never use force, violence, nor words that will hurt your brethren. The only weapons that you should use are words of spiritual enlightenment that reveal the divine truth, deeds of charity to comfort those who suffer, and loving prayers and thoughts that offer spiritual strength to your brethren.

57. Once you have removed the obstacles that have prevented man from following the true spiritual path, you will observe great changes taking place among the people on earth. Those changes will occur spiritually, morally, and scientifically, as well as how man is governed on earth.

58. No one will be able to erase the path that has been outlined by my people during this Third Era because their deeds will reflect the Divine truth.

59. Do you now understand why you need to become purified through suffering? I have outlined the path that you need to follow and the mission that you need to fulfill.

60. I have given you spiritual enlightenment because previously you lived in a state of spiritual darkness and ignorance.

61. You lived in a state of spiritual darkness because your spirit lacked faith, hope, and spiritual enlightenment. I have brought you before the tree of life to offer you fruits that are sweet with divine essence. I offer these wonderful fruits to the multitudes to eliminate their spiritual ignorance.

62. I am constructing a spiritual temple in your heart where you can clearly perceive my presence and hear my voice, thus bringing forth great peace and spiritual enlightenment for all humanity.

63. During the First Era I inspired man to lay the foundation for that spiritual temple. During the Second Era, when I dwelt among humanity, I taught you how to construct the walls for that temple. Today, I am showing you how to finish constructing it. Once you have completed that temple, you will be worthy of the presence of your Father.

64. Would you be able to explain the meaning of those three teachings that I gave you for constructing the temple for the Holy Spirit? My people, I bless you because you truly know the answer and are becoming aware of the Divine truth. The foundation of that spiritual temple is the Law that I gave you during the First Era. The walls of that temple are the love and charity that the Messiah taught mankind during the Second Era. The columns, ceiling, and altar that are needed to complete the temple represent the divine wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual elevation that I have inspired in you during this era.

65. The temple that I am constructing in three eras is the same temple that I spoke of during the Second Era. At that time, I pointed to a material temple in Jerusalem and said to a group of unbelievers: Destroy that temple and I will rebuild it in three days.

66. My temple will soon be completed, whereas not even a single stone will remain of the material temple in Jerusalem. No material temple will remain whose foundation lacks love and spirituality and does not follow my Divine Law.

67. Behold the great splendor and spiritual enlightenment of this era. The prophecies that I announced through my prophets are all being fulfilled during this era.

68. You have journeyed on many different paths seeking the truth before arriving in my presence! Neither the scientists nor the philosophers were able to answer your questions. After searching for the truth for such a long time, you finally realized that I am the Truth and that all beings are a part of me.

69. I have spiritually illuminated man to live the true life and to become aware of the divine destiny that I have designated for him. Since he is the only being whom I have created in my image, he is the most like me because he possesses part of my Spirit. Thus, he is able to perform deeds similar to mine.

70. Man possesses free will to behave rationally and sensibly and to obey the voice of his conscience, which is the voice of God. That voice tells man what is right and wrong. However, I observe that since his birth man has been more inclined toward materialism. This causes him to ignore his spiritual mission, which is the main reason for his existence on earth.

71. I have given you my commandments since the First Era to guide you towards peace and spiritual joy. In the Second Era, I manifested my divine love through Jesus.

72. Jesus did not speak as a severe judge during the Second Era but as a loving, Divine Father. However, man failed to comprehend that infinite and divine love of the Father. It is a love that is truly patient, generous, and that forgives and comprehends all things. The Father offers that same love to all of his children. If you want to be worthy of being called my child, allow love to guide your life for you were created through God's divine love. That love also created all things for his children. You will then realize that it is your destiny to love, protect, and bless your brethren as does the Divine Father. After you have fulfilled your mission you will return to the Father to form only one being.

73. Since the First Era I have taught you to love me spiritually by being virtuous and loving and not to represent God through material forms. Never have I taught you rituals nor material ways of worshiping God. Instead, I have told you: When you want to communicate with the Divine Father, elevate yourself spiritually toward the Divine and you will receive the gifts and benefits that you are requesting.

74. I told you in the past not to be afraid of death because it does not exist. Everything that I have created continues to live, grow, and perfect itself. Physical death only marks the end of a phase through which a spirit has journeyed. The spirit will then return to its original state and continue traveling along its path of evolution. Believe in what I tell you, have faith, and you will live eternally. Today, more than ever before, you need to have faith because you are living during a period of great ordeals and hardships. The elements of nature, which will purify man, have become unleashed. Those elements will continue to be unleashed until man becomes virtuous, just, and reasonable.

75. Those listening to my teaching should free themselves of all pride. Practice humility and simplicity which will help you to accept your coming ordeals. Be aware that it is necessary for you to experience those ordeals and suffering to purify your spirit. Today you are receiving new teachings and are able to comprehend my teachings from the past as well as the present ones since you are spiritually more enlightened and evolved.

76. Do not pretend to know more than you know for there are certain things that only God knows. You only need to know that I am present everywhere and that I am all-powerful. I am present throughout the universe and I dwell within each being. I love all beings. I provide them with the things they need to live, and my Divine Love offers them hope and confidence in the future.

77. I am not aware only of the things that you would like to have, but also aware of your suffering and pain. I say to you to use the strength that I have given you to triumph over your ordeals.

78. Those who were chosen to receive these teachings need to be alert and to prepare themselves because after 1950 they will need to notify their brethren of my return. You are aware of the confusion and suffering that exists everywhere. You need to remember that just as one needs to water dry fields before they can be sowed, the human heart also has to be prepared before receiving my teachings.

79. I have granted you the privilege of having spiritual beings who are highly evolved manifest themselves before you. I have not only communicated with man spiritually through the human spokesmen, but also enlightened spirits have come to help you, thus, fulfilling a very elevated mission. Although you are unfamiliar with those beings, they have been able to accomplish many things on earth through their great love and charity. They have formed an alliance between their spiritual world and earth, helping man to evolve spiritually by guiding him through the path of virtue.

80. I say to those who have served as instruments of communication for those enlightened spiritual beings: Serve them with love and spiritually prepare yourself because you are receiving the divine teachings that they bring to mankind. Only in that manner will you appreciate the divine teachings that your spiritual brethren and I have brought to humanity during this period.

81. I am revealing the truth that you have been seeking through this simple and humble word. The truth is love, and I give it to you in abundance so that you will always possess it and offer it to your brethren. Feel my love, and cherish it in your spirit, because it is the divine essence that will nourish you eternally.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 286

1. My divine light shines throughout the universe; you will find my presence wherever you seek me.

2. I am the Divine Father who works to bring harmony to all of his children, including those who dwell in other worlds.

3. Great revelations will be revealed to my children once they learn to live in spiritual harmony. They will be able to communicate with one another from spirit to spirit, thus eliminating the material distance that exists between two beings. You will be able to communicate with those who are not present physically, thus removing all the limitations of communicating spiritually with one another.

4. I want you to achieve spiritual peace, which is the greatest reward for which you can aspire on earth.

5. Disciples: Do not separate from the path that I have asked you to follow nor alter the teachings that I have given to you. If you do, you will be unable to attain spiritual harmony nor to receive the revelations that are reserved for you when you evolve spiritually.

6. Become worthy of the revelations that I will give to you by practicing deeds of love, charity, and virtue.

7. The human mind should be guided by the spirit and not allow itself to be guided by a heart that is ambitious for human greatness. Do not allow that material ambition to guide your life on earth. Be aware that if you do not allow your spirit to guide you on earth, your progress will be limited. There are times when you have been inspired to practice charity and good deeds. If you want to understand why you have been inspired, allow your spirit to guide your heart and mind. You will then become amazed at the power of the Divine Father.

8. Although man is eager to ask me questions, he shows no respect for the Divine Father. If he would ask those questions in a loving and humble manner, I would respond to his questions in a simple and easy manner.

9. When you ask me a question or make a request, do not worry about what words to use when communicating with me. When you pray to me, allow your spirit to separate from its material body during those moments of prayer in order to communicate with the Father. When you pray, your heart and mind will need to be pure and clean for you to receive my inspirations. Of what importance is it to use beautiful words when you pray if you are unable to feel my presence within your being?

10. Since I know all things, there is no need for you to explain anything to me.

11. You ask me how you should pray, and I say to you: Allow your spirit to elevate freely toward the Father with true faith and confidence during those moments of prayer. Allow your heart and mind to receive inspirations from the spirit, and accept with true humility the will of the Father. The one who prays in that manner will be able to feel my presence joyfully at any moment during his life on earth, never again feeling that he is alone.

12. Throughout the eras I have frequently descended to be near mankind, but now it is time for man to seek me by elevating his spirit to me. He is now able to do that because he is spiritually evolved and capable of communicating spiritually with the Father.

13. The Third Era is a period of resurrection for those who are spiritually dead. The physical body is like a tomb, but the Divine Master, whose word is life, has arrived to tell them: "Arise, and elevate toward the light to attain spiritual freedom". His words offer life to those who are spiritually dead. The individual who opens his eyes and starts to pursue the true path by practicing deeds of love for his brethren will evolve spiritually. That individual will no longer perceive earth as a place of restitution or as a valley of tears. Instead, he will begin to experience the joy of serenity and true peace on earth. That elevated state of life that man achieves on earth will be a reflection of the perfect peace and enlightenment that a spirit will enjoy in other more evolved mansions. As it enters those mansions, I will give it an honorable welcome worthy of its deeds.

14. On this day of grace you have come to commemorate the date when Elijah manifested himself through Roque Rojas. Elijah came to remind you that the Divine Master would soon return and asked you to pray and change your lives.

15. Moses took his people to the slopes of Mount Sinai where he asked them to pray, to be vigilant, and to purify themselves as they awaited the presence of Jehovah, their Lord.

16. Moses was the initiator of spirituality, the messenger of Jehovah, and the lawgiver. The people of Israel commemorated the day when Moses descended from the mountain with the tablets of the Law as you now commemorate the day when Elijah manifested himself through Roque Rojas. Elijah came to inform you that the Testament of Moses, the teachings of Jesus, and the message of Elijah would be united to form only one book: "The Book of Truth and Life".

17. Moses prepared the hearts of his people to receive Jehovah, and today Elijah has awakened the people of spiritual Israel to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. During the Second Era it was also Elijah, reincarnated as John the Baptist, who encouraged the multitudes to pray and to repent, announcing that the Kingdom of Heaven was near. The presence of the Divine Father and his divine enlightenment are found in my Doctrine and in my teachings.

18. Christ is the manifestation of perfection. In Christ you will be able to see the eternal Law, find infinite love, and contemplate absolute wisdom.

19. Jesus came to explain with his life the Divine Law that the people of Israel had received from Moses. He announced to you that the Holy Spirit would come later to clarify and explain all that Christ had taught but that was not properly understood.

20. Christ has been present throughout all eras because He is the Eternal Divine Word.

21. Elijah is the forerunner and the one who explains all mysteries. He is the key that opens the door to those things that are difficult to understand. He is the spiritual liberator, the one who has been sent to earth during the spiritual perfection of man, which was initiated by Moses.

22. My people, you are blessed because you joyfully remember the beginning of the Third Era, dedicating this day to celebrate it. This day should be more than a just a tradition. It should be a day of learning, meditation, and reflection, allowing you to feel the Divine Presence that has recorded all of your deeds throughout your life's journey.

23. Carefully analyze the teaching that I am giving you today for it will offer you the spiritual knowledge that you will need when you begin to teach others. You need to know the divine foundation of this Doctrine, which you refer to as the Doctrine of Spirituality.

24. You are observing the beginning of the Third Era. You are beginning to understand spirituality much better, thus, your life is changing for the better.

25. Great battles, intense suffering, confusion, and struggles will mark the beginning of this new era. Peace will then follow, which will help the spirit to evolve. As the spirit of man evolves, his deeds will reflect more faith, love, and spirituality.

26. Many of you have arrived before me weeping because of your suffering. I forgive your errors because I am aware that they have occurred because of your ignorance.

27. Young students of life, silence your heart and clear your mind so that you will understand what I am about to tell you: When pain penetrates into your heart again, isolate yourself for a few moments from those things that surround you. There, in that quiet moment, converse with your spirit. Take your suffering and examine it, just as you would examine an object. Examine your grief and analyze how it originated and why you are suffering. Truly I tell you that if you listen to the voice of your conscience through meditation and self analysis, you will fill your spirit with peace and spiritual enlightenment.

28. The enlightenment will tell you how to remove the suffering, and the peace will give you the strength to wait for the ordeal to pass.

29. You will notice that when you turn your thoughts to me in prayer, you will say: "Divine Master, forgive me, injustice does not exist in my destiny; it is I who am unjust with myself."

30. Disciples, this is a teaching that you should always remember. Remember that this is how you elevate your being to listen to the conscience, because only through the conscience will you know the truth as it pertains to the spirit and to the body.

31. I am showing you how to analyze your innermost self so that you can truly know yourself. I am teaching you that through prayer and meditation you will discover the great teachings of life which are within your own being.

32. Many reject their own suffering, but tomorrow they will bless that suffering, understanding that it is a teacher of beautiful lessons.

33. Although I would prefer that it would always be the love of the Divine Master that would teach you about the divine path and the purpose of life, you have chosen to learn through suffering. But this will pass and you will begin to learn from the One who teaches with gentleness.

34. If you are unable to remove your suffering, be patient. Accept it and learn the lesson it has come to teach you. Suffering can help you purify your sins and strengthen your faith, virtue, and patience.

35. If you believe in my word, then you should believe in the teaching when I said to you: "The leaf of a tree does not move without the will of God." Also, you should have faith that God in his wisdom has a perfect plan for you and that there is no suffering that is not a valuable lesson for man.

36. My beloved people, analyze what I have told you so that you will cease to stumble along your journey and will no longer remain spiritually asleep.

37. During this period you should no longer live with assumptions nor half-truths. You should elevate your spirit to comprehend the Divine Truth. Although you are physically dwelling on earth, which is a valley of suffering and tears, your spirit can dwell in the Kingdom of Peace.

38. I say to those who are listening to me, that you should be happy with your life for many of your brethren live in nations where there is much killing and suffering.

39. Although you have food on your table, a roof to protect you, and spiritual strength from my teachings, you remain dissatisfied with your life. You are not like your brethren from other countries who remain content in spite of their lack of material things and my teachings, which give comfort, hope, love, and strength to those who listen to them.

40. Learn to bless your suffering the same as you do your moments of joy. Bless all things.

41. I offer my blessings to all of humanity without exception. I offer my blessings to those who are humble and virtuous as well as to those who are criminals and arrogant. Why do you not imitate me? Do you, perhaps, feel disturbed with some of the deeds committed by your brethren? Do not forget that you are a part of humanity and that you need to love and forgive your brethren rather than reject them. When you feel disgust for your brethren, it is like feeling disgust for yourself. All the characteristics that you perceive in others are characteristics that you also possess to some extent. That is why I want you to learn to analyze your innermost self so that you will truly know yourself spiritually and morally. Thus, you will be able to truly judge yourself and will be worthy of observing the deeds of others.

42. Do not try to find defects in your brethren for you have enough defects in yourself.

43. Do not be offended if I speak to you in this manner. You need to know that my teachings are not for those who are righteous and virtuous. I speak differently to those individuals. I bring you my Doctrine to save sinners. I give you these teachings through human spokesmen who are also sinners.

44. Humanity: I have come to save you, because all that surrounds you is contaminated. But I say to this earth, that has been a home and shelter for my children, that if man has stained and disrespected this planet with his sins, then he will need to cleanse it of every sin.

45. Behold how humanity needs a great teaching to help it triumph over all the ordeals that it endures. This is the great period as announced by the prophets and as seen by those with spiritual vision, in which man would suffer the most, and the Divine Father, in his mercy, would shed his spiritual light upon humanity. This period marks the beginning of the end of evil on earth and the beginning of righteousness and virtue.

46. My people, when will you be prepared and ready to take my healing balsam and message of peace to those who suffer? I do not yet observe true charity in your heart. You do not love your brethren and continue to judge them.

47. Do you not believe that if I chose to do so I could reveal to each one of you your defects? But I also say to you that I would cease to be your Divine Father if I were to denounce you in that manner. I am the one who knows each of your thoughts; the one who truly knows each one of you. Although I perceive all things, I will not judge you in the presence of others nor will I publicly denounce you. Yet, why are there those who devote themselves to hurting their brethren, destroying their happiness, and judging them?

48. Today, you are my beginning students. Truly I tell you that I will not refer to you as disciples nor allow you to fulfill my mission as long as you continue to make your brethren suffer and are unwilling to truly lessen all human suffering. When will you truly feel the pain of those who suffer so that you will be able to wipe away their tears with your words and deeds? You do not yet practice true charity and forgiveness nor do you feel true compassion for your brethren.

49. When you feel compassion for the paralytic who has been abandoned along a stream and feel that you are responsible for taking him to your home, before you help him you first want to find out everything about him since you do not know him. Are you the ones who have listened devotedly to my teachings? Then you are aware that I am only concerned with healing your wounds with my love without knowing who you are. If you truly want to become one of my disciples, you need to become aware of the power of kindness and to use that power. You also need to know the power of charity and the miracles that you are able to achieve if your heart is able to feel and to share the suffering of others.

50. Beloved disciples: You have been receiving these teachings, one at a time, since 1866 when this manifestation began. Although you were receiving sparks of spiritual enlightenment when this manifestation began, you are now receiving it in an abundance as the final years of this manifestation approaches. Although I will no longer manifest my word in this form, my teachings will not cease. After this manifestation comes to an end, you will then carefully analyze my teachings to discover their divine essence, and you will experience great joy when you discover that essence.

51. I want you to not only testify that you listened to my teaching but also I want you to become one of my prophets. With your good deeds, teach your brethren that this is the era of spirituality. Thus, the future generations will be following the true path that you have outlined with your deeds of love and good will.

52. You are finding obstacles and thorns along your path. However, you will remove them from the path so that the multitudes of tomorrow will find a clean path.

53. You are well aware that during all eras the human heart has closed its doors to righteousness, enlightenment, and truth. Trust in me when I tell you that the light will triumph over the darkness.

54. Humanity is now being purified. The bitterness and restitution that it is enduring will cleanse it of sins. Man will then be prepared to live during the period of spiritual peace and justice that is approaching.

55. Do you not observe that man is gradually eliminating the ties of fanaticism and idolatry? It is because I have come to free him from those things. Man will receive spiritual enlightenment from my word, which is filled with humility, tenderness, and simplicity. Its sweetness will greatly touch man. My teachings will be able to deeply move those with hardened hearts, making them repent and start practicing forgiveness and deeds of love.

56. Disciples, do not cry for you will still be able to listen to me for a few more days, and you will have the tenderness of my word to soothe your bitter moments in life. Meanwhile, you need to prepare yourself so that after I depart you will be able to feel my presence.

57. This is the time to meditate, to pray, and to be vigilant so that you will be able to listen to the voice of your Father.

58. At times you ask Me: Lord, who will be able to awaken humanity so that it will elevate its spirit toward you and be able to feel your presence? I say to you: Do not be afraid; my Spirit is already touching humanity to awaken it. You are unaware of all that I am doing, thus, you do not recognize that man is already spiritually awakening.

59. Everyone is awaiting the arrival of the new day, a day of peace and the beginning of a new and better era. Those who are oppressed are waiting to be freed, and those who are ill are awaiting a healing balsam to regain their health, strength, and happiness.

60. Blessed are those who know how to wait until the final moment because they will receive far more than they have lost. I bless those who know how to wait because it is proof of their faith.

61. Today, you are unable to comprehend many of my words, but the moment will arrive when you will become enlightened and comprehend each of my teachings.

62. My apostles during the Second Era did not comprehend many of my words when they first heard them. When I departed, they began to study my teachings and meditate. Then they became spiritually enlightened and were able to clearly comprehend all those things that were previously mysterious to them.

63. Until now those of you who have listened to my teachings have analyzed them superficially. Yet my teachings brought you comfort, healing balsam, and encouragement. When you no longer seek me to heal your wounds, but rather seek my wisdom and knowledge to comfort your brethren, you will then begin to penetrate into the true meaning of my teachings.

64. I observe that you are praying for your brethren throughout the world and I receive your prayers. The day will come when you will not only pray for them but also take them my divine teachings.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 287

1. The voice of my Spirit echoes in your conscience like the ringing of a bell inviting mankind to meditate.

2. The book of spiritual wisdom remains open waiting for the great multitudes who will read its contents to quench their thirst for spiritual enlightenment.

3. Nourish yourself with my word, for its essence will offer you wisdom, peace, healing balsam, and sweet nourishment.

4. I have come to inform man that he does not truly know himself. He does not yet know his innermost self, because he has ignored his divine essence. During the Second Era I promised man that the Holy Spirit would come to clarify and explain all mysteries. During this period I want to reveal to him the content of my Book, which has been closed to man for a long time, but it contains the answers to all of those mysteries.

5. Today you will get to truly know yourself as you penetrate intimately into your spirit, discovering the true essence of your being.

6. During this era man will learn of his origin, his destiny, mission, and spiritual gifts. He will learn about the eternal and infinite life that exists around him, becoming aware that all things are sacred. When he learns this, he will no longer offend his brethren or attempt to take away the life of another human being, for he will learn to respect all things that surround him. Truly he will become familiar with his own spirit and its treasures. He will then have greater faith and knowledge of his spirit, becoming aware of how marvelous it truly is, as is the eternal mansion his Father has prepared for his children.

7. You ask me why I did not reveal all things to you in the beginning thus preventing you from making mistakes, stumbling, and falling along life's journey. I say to you: You would have been unable to comprehend my revelations because you had not evolved spiritually. Then, it was sufficient for you to only know my Law which outlined the path that you needed to follow to reach the spiritual fountain of infinite wisdom and eternal revelations. I have offered you knowledge and wisdom throughout the eras, because my knowledge is so immense that you would be unable to comprehend all of it at one time.

8. I possess all that my children need to acquire my divine wisdom, because I am Life, Power, and Justice. Your spirit came from me, and I created all the dwelling places and physical bodies that you need for your journey to attain spiritual perfection.

9. Man might believe that when he dies he ceases to exist or that he is distant from me because he has sinned and lives in a state of spiritual darkness, but no one truly dies nor becomes eternally lost.

10. There are many beings who previously lived on earth and led immoral and unvirtuous lives, but now those beings have become spiritually enlightened! Many beings who previously lived on earth left behind a path that was stained with sin, vice, and crime, but they are now pure and virtuous.

11. You ask me: Why is the path that the spirit needs to travel so long and full of ordeals? I respond: The spirit will experience immense joy in the Kingdom of Heaven, but it can only enter that Kingdom through the merits that it achieves.

12. The first humans, the fathers of humanity, retained some memories of the time when they dwelt in the spiritual valley. They remembered a spiritual valley that was filled with beauty, peace, and joy. However, those memories disappeared when man began to experience material passions and struggled to survive. I say to you that when those first human beings dwelt in the spiritual valley, they did not dwell in a highly evolved spiritual mansion. A being can only enter into a highly evolved mansion through his merits. Nevertheless, those who first dwelt on earth left an unforgettable testimony for their children and descendants. They lived during a period of enlightenment, innocence, peace, and well-being on earth.

13. Man is materialistic, thus, he has misinterpreted the true meaning of the testimony that was left by the first humans on earth. He believes that the paradise in which those humans lived was a material paradise, failing to realize that it was spiritual.

14. Do you, perhaps, remember the spiritual mansion where you lived prior to coming to earth? You say to me, "No, Divine Master, I do not remember it".

15. Yes, my people, it has been such a long time since you lived in a state of purity and innocence that you can no longer even imagine that state of peace and well-being. But today you are prepared to listen to the voice of your conscience and to receive its revelations. Those who listen to my voice will be able to follow the divine path that will lead them to the Promised Kingdom. It will not be the same peaceful paradise that the first humans inhabited prior to coming to earth. Instead, this new kingdom will be the infinite world of the spirit, a world of wisdom, a paradise of true spiritual joy, and a heaven of love and perfection.

16. Just as you have to cross oceans, mountains, nations, and cities to reach other continents, also you will need to travel a long way to reach the Promised Land. Along this journey you will acquire experience, knowledge, and spiritual evolution. These are the fruits from the Tree of Life that you will finally taste, after experiencing much sadness and great struggles in your journey.

17. Disciples, come to the Divine Master. My beloved sheep, come to your shepherd.

18. There is only one Divine Master, and there are many disciples, but the same teaching is for all.

19. I come to seek you with infinite love. I have endowed your spirit with so much grace and so many spiritual gifts that I am not willing to lose any of my children. Since every individual is a part of my Spirit, is it wrong to seek them with so much eagerness and love?

20. Each time that I manifest myself through the human spokesman, I find many newcomers who have many sincere questions which I always answer. Today, the newcomers ask me about the purpose of my new arrival during this period. I respond to them that I have come to help man regain his original purity through his own free will.

21. Since the beginning of time, I have given man the opportunity to experience life and the free will to do good deeds. Today, as his spirit becomes more spiritually enlightened, and as he begins to listen more to his conscience, he once again hears the sweet voice of his Father. He once told him to grow, multiply, and rule the earth, but now he is telling him: Return to the Divine Father with the merits you have achieved.

22. Man will return to paradise through his own merits, sacrifices, and efforts. He departed from paradise to acquire knowledge and to become a worthy child of God through his struggles, suffering, work, and spiritual evolution. Once he returns, he will never again leave paradise.

23. Man will experience much inner turmoil and confusion before he begins to pursue things that are pure and spiritually elevated. My Doctrine, which is clear, gentle, and trustful will reveal to man the divine path that leads him back to paradise. One by one, man will return to Me without the burden of sin but filled with faith and carrying the cross of love on his shoulders.

24. The doors to the Kingdom of Heaven will be open and I will be there to welcome and lovingly embrace each child that arrives. Those who come to my kingdom will never again be separated from Me.

25. Humanity: If man depended on his instincts to guide him during his life, the Father would not have revealed his Law to mankind nor would the Savior have come to save mankind. Man is not guided by instincts, but rather his spirit, a superior force governing his deeds in life.

26. The spirit enjoys the gift of free will to achieve merits to attain salvation.

27. The conscience guides, orients, and advises the spirit along its journey so that it can distinguish right from wrong and not become lost on the divine path.

28. The conscience offers man superior and divine enlightenment, helping him avoid sin. If the conscience had the strength to force man to remain virtuous, would he be able to achieve any merits in that manner? Be aware that man achieves merits by listening to his conscience and having faith that it will not deceive him nor offer him wrong advise. He achieves merits by faithfully obeying what his conscience tells him to do. In order to clearly listen to that voice, an individual needs to concentrate and prepare himself. Today, who listens to his conscience? Each one must ask himself that question.

29. The conscience has always manifested itself in man, but man has not achieved the spiritual evolution that is necessary to guide his life by that divine voice. Man has needed laws, teachings, precepts, and religions for guidance.

30. Man will be able to hear that gentle, wise, trusting, and just voice when he enters into communion with his spirit. He needs to seek those things that are spiritual and divine within himself and not seek them externally. Although he had never listened to that voice, it has never ceased to offer him guidance. Thus man realizes that God is present in his conscience and that he can truly communicate with his Father and Creator through the conscience.

31. The first thing that man needs to do to attain salvation and spiritual elevation is to practice charity. He needs to practice charity with his spirit, with his material body, and with his brethren. However, you do not understand the true meaning of charity. Many times you have practiced deeds that you believed were deeds of charity, but they lacked true compassion and the sincere desire to help your brethren.

32. Man does not practice true deeds of love and charity with his brethren. That is why he needs to remember the examples of love and charity that Jesus practiced on earth.

33. What will happen to a spirit that instead of practicing true charity has practiced deeds that were insincere and deceitful? That spirit will experience great pain on the day that it listens to the voice of its conscience, a voice that is just and unyielding.

34. How can the nations on the earth be reconciled, wars cease, and governments live in harmony, if man is unwilling to listen to the voice of his conscience?

35. Mankind will be able to understand one another easily and live in harmony once it learns to listen to the voice of its conscience. Man has not wanted to listen to the voice that will judge him because he knows that it will order him to do the opposite of all the things that he does.

36. I say to you that if you have been unwilling to listen to the voice of your conscience, then you have been disobedient and lacked humility to practice my doctrine. You recognize my doctrine in theory but you do not truly practice it. Although you acknowledge that it possesses divine essence, and that Christ was truly great and his teachings perfect, no one wants to truly imitate the Divine Master in order to achieve his greatness. You need to realize that I did not come in the Second Era only to make you aware of my spiritual greatness but also in order for you to become spiritually great.

37. Man wants to save himself without acknowledging his spiritual nature, but that cannot happen.

38. Of what value is it to believe that there is a life after death, if man does not utilize his life on earth to achieve merits for the eternal life that awaits him? Man believes that only after death will his spirit depart to the spiritual valley, thus, he waits until his final moments on earth to repent for his sins and for all the time he has wasted.

39. But he is sadly mistaken because he only can amend his errors by doing what his conscience tells him to do. Time is required to make amends for the sins that an individual has committed. There are very few who, on their deathbed, truly repent for their sins. The majority who are near death are more preoccupied with the eternal punishment and condemnation that they believe they will receive when they depart from this earth.

40. Is it not true that man needs a Doctrine that will reveal all things to him and offer him spiritual enlightenment, as I do through this word?

41. Behold how important it is for those who have received this message to spread it throughout the world. By doing this, you will be practicing a true deed of charity with your brethren.

42. Help man to eliminate the erroneous beliefs that he has formed about spiritual doctrines based on ignorance, deceit, and untruths. Allow your brethren to perceive the purity and greatness of my Doctrine in order to erase the ignorance, the fanaticism, and the lack of sensitivity which have prevented man from becoming aware of his spiritual self, thus not allowing his spirit to guide him.

43. Man avoids the spiritual, failing to remember that when he dies and leaves his material body he will be a spirit. He is not always at fault for his ignorance, but rather those who guide him are the ones at fault.

44. Those guides have convinced man to disregard values that are truly essential and to believe that the truth is not the truth.

45. Do you not view some material objects as if they were divine? Do you not view some temporary pleasures as if they were eternal? You believe that you comprehend the teachings of Christ, whereas, in reality, you do not even know him.

46. In the Second Era did I come to offer you proof of my greatness by utilizing material wealth and power from earth? Jesus came to earth without material riches. He offered evidence of his greatness through his deeds, words, and doctrine. He never offered it in a superficial manner.

47. Why should I have utilized the material things of this world, if they were created by the Father for his children on earth? What could I need from mother nature, if it nourishes itself from me?

48. I came to reveal to you a life that is far more superior and beautiful than your life on earth. I came to offer you teachings of infinite love and to inspire you to practice deeds that are spiritually elevated. I also came to inform you of the great joy that awaits a spirit that has evolved, made sacrifices, and has developed great faith and love.

49. You should recognize that in my teaching and realize that your spirit will attain true happiness through the good deeds that you practice on earth.

50. When you comprehend the first lesson and begin to practice it, you will harvest fruits that are very pleasing. Then, you will be encouraged to proceed along my divine path.

51. Earth is entering a new phase in which man will seek greater freedom for his thoughts in order to break the chains that have enslaved his spirit. During this new era nations will overcome their fanaticism and will seek true spiritual enlightenment and nourishment. I say to you that any individual who experiences the joy and freedom of being able to meditate, analyze, and practice my teaching will never again choose to enslave his spirit because he will have seen the light and experienced the great joy of the divine revelations.

52. My people: Before the wars come to an end on earth, all spirits will be touched by my Law of love, although today you do not know in what manner.

53. This message of spiritual enlightenment will be heard in all places throughout the world. That will occur once this multitude, who is witnessing my manifestation, becomes spiritually strong. No one should say that this doctrine is the true doctrine unless he truly believes it, otherwise no one will believe him. If you truly have faith and trust in this Doctrine of Love, you will carry this Good News to all human beings.

54. Humanity: You have always sensed the existence of invisible I beings in space that, at times, approach you and surround you. You have attempted to help them because you feel that they are suffering. Your intention has been good, but you have lacked the knowledge to be truly charitable. Until now, you have not known how to offer true enlightenment to these beings who are disturbed and full of remorse.

55. You have performed ceremonies for them using material objects. Although this brings tranquility to your heart, in reality these beings have received nothing as the things of the world no longer concern them. These beings seek spiritual charity, comfort, love, and understanding. How can you help them spiritually? My word comes to show you how to be charitable with those beings whom you cannot contemplate.

56. If you truly want to help your spiritual brethren and at the same time want to free yourself from their bad influences, you need to pray with compassion, full of mercy and with elevated thoughts. If you feel that those beings are revealing themselves to you in some form, provide them with good examples and good deeds so that their spirits may receive light. Let them observe you healing those who are ill and forgiving those who have offended you. Allow them to perceive noble ideas illuminating your mind and hear kind words being spoken.

57. What missions do you need to fulfill with them and they with you? What debts have you incurred with one another? Truly I tell you that those beings have not crossed your path by chance. Those beings approach certain people on earth for specific reasons.

58. Your spirit will be greatly pleased when it enters the spiritual valley and is welcomed by those spiritual beings. They will thank you for the charity that you offered them, and you will experience great joy observing the spiritual enlightenment that they have achieved. However, if you have failed to provide charity for those beings while you were on earth you will experience great pain when you arrive in the spiritual valley and observe that those beings are confused and living in spiritual darkness. Now that you are aware of your responsibility, are you prepared to start practicing the things that I have revealed in this teaching? Behold that I am not giving you the authority to make those beings materialize themselves in any manner. On the contrary, I encourage you to help them to achieve a higher degree of spirituality by offering them an example of how you live on earth. Live a virtuous and pure life. Help them to eliminate their confusion and spiritual darkness through your prayers which will help them to become spiritually enlightened.

59. Jacob, in his dream, revealed the existence of a spiritual ladder on which beings were continually ascending and descending. Who has understood and correctly interpreted the meaning of that dream? The dream signifies how spirits evolve and continually reincarnate on earth and how beings need to amend and restitute for the wrong things they have done. It also reveals I God's communication with mankind and the communication from spirit to Spirit.

60. It is necessary for you to become familiar with this message which will enable you to correctly interpret the revelations that I gave you in the past.

61. Behold how many eras have had to pass before spirits were able to comprehend the true meaning of my teachings.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 288

1. I descend to your heart because it is my sanctuary. My word comes to prepare you for the journey that you will need to undertake. You need to prepare yourself spiritually so you can fulfill your spiritual mission.

2. During the First Era the nation of Israel made preparations to leave the land of Egypt where it endured slavery and great ordeals, and go in search of the Promised Land. Walking sticks and sandals were made, saddle-bags were packed, nothing would be lacking for the long journey.

3. Today, you will also need to prepare yourself in that same manner so that you will be fully prepared for your journey.

4. You must not forget that those people not only prepared themselves materially for their journey but they also prayed, and purified themselves prior to their departure, and made a true commitment to remain united as a single family. I say to you that in spite of all the ordeals and hardships that those people endured they were successful in reaching the Promised Land because of their prayers, faith, and unity.

5. That spiritual seed has been sowed among this multitude in the Third Era. Why not follow the example that was set by the people of Israel so that you also will be able to reach your goal?

6. Today you are well aware that it is not the desert that awaits you but humanity. You will no longer seek the Promised Land on earth, but rather your true spiritual mansion which is not found on earth.

7. Truly I tell you that Israel will arise once again in order to become a torch in the midst of humanity.

8. I am spiritually awakening those who have witnessed this manifestation so they will realize that they are my children and belong to this nation of peace, enlightenment, and spirituality.

9. Allow your heart to feel all the ordeals and suffering that humanity is experiencing. Pray for world peace. Allow your thoughts and prayers to touch and influence the heart of humanity. I now offer my blessings to those who fulfill their mission of loving and serving their brethren.

10. While you are on earth, I want you to offer peace and comfort in order to bring blessings to your brethren.

11. Today, you are beginning students who are learning my teachings. As you observe all the suffering, misery, selfishness, and vices that exist on earth, you are afraid of the struggle that awaits you once you begin to fulfill your mission. Your conscience informs you that you need to arise to work in fulfillment of your spiritual mission, and you timidly ask me: What do I need to do amidst so much confusion that exists on earth? I say to you, my people: Why are you afraid and have doubts? Observe how my teachings are preparing you and how life continually offers you valuable lessons. Also observe how your trials and struggles are giving you the necessary strength and preparation for the journey that is approaching.

12. I am not sending you to fulfill a mission that you will not be able to fulfill. I will continue to instruct you. When you have become spiritually strong I will then say to you: Take up your cross and follow my path. Also, if you are only able to pray, then pray for your brethren; if you know how to heal those who are ill, then offer them healing balsam and comfort; if you want to strengthen yourself morally, then work on doing that. Whatever you decide to do, do something that will benefit and strengthen your spirit. Thus, when it is time to follow my footsteps and to carry my cross, your spirit will be prepared.

13. Although you have not yet begun to fulfill your spiritual mission, you want to help your brethren. I advise you to pray for them so that you will become aware of the power and virtue of prayer. You need to become aware of this before your struggle begins.

14. The one who inspires himself through prayer is invincible in his ordeals and will perform miracles in the presence of his brethren.

15. I want this multitude of people, whom I have instructed, to learn to practice the perfect prayer so you can communicate with the spiritual kingdom. Later you will be able to teach your brethren how to pray and all you have learned along this path.

16. Why should you limit your thoughts to the material things of this world when there is a world of infinite knowledge beyond the material world? Why limit the spirit to your human life on earth when there is an infinite universe beyond your imagination and knowledge?

17. The infinite universe of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom remains untouched by your mind and spirit because you have not known how to pray.

18. Man possesses a strength that is superior to any human power, when his spirit and his mind unite in prayer.

19. Through prayer the weak person becomes strong, the coward becomes courageous, the ignorant becomes enlightened, and the simple-minded becomes wise.

20. When the spirit is able to attain harmony with the human mind to achieve true prayer, the spirit becomes like an invisible soldier. It separates momentarily from its physical body, freeing itself from all material influences and transporting itself to other places. During those moments it will carry out virtuous deeds and will battle to eliminate evil and negativity. It will offer sparks of spiritual enlightenment, healing balsam, and peace to those in need.

21. Be aware of what your spirit and your mind can accomplish in the midst of all the confusion and disorder that exists among humanity. You live in a world where ideas and thoughts lack harmony, where low passions and negative emotions clash, where the human mind is confused because of its materialism, and where spirits lack spiritual enlightenment.

22. Only one who has learned to elevate himself through prayer into the regions of light and peace will be able to battle against the negativity that exists on earth without being defeated and be able to help those beings in need of spiritual enlightenment.

23. Prepare yourselves, my beloved disciples, and I will allow you to penetrate into that world of misery and suffering. Your spirit will arrive there as my messenger bringing light to your brethren.

24. Do not wait to be in spirit to help your brethren if you are able to understand and learn all that I have taught you while you are here on earth. Do not delay your spirit from progressing and freeing itself from all that is not pure. Do what you can on your behalf, and I will do the rest.

25. I am infinitely powerful, therefore, I am able to transform any of your thoughts and prayers into something material and visible in the presence of your brethren.

26. Is it not true that you would be like an angel of peace if you were to work in that manner? What would happen to this multitude if it were to prepare itself and unite in true harmony and brotherhood for its spiritual battle? It would become like a divine army battling for the salvation of humanity.

27. Truly I tell you that if this multitude were united in spirit, thought, and purpose, its prayers would be able to detain those nations that are preparing themselves for war. It would eliminate the hatred that exists, becoming an obstacle for all the evil things that people plan to do. This multitude would be as an invisible sword defeating those who are powerful and as a strong shield protecting those who are weak. After having seen this superior power, humanity would then detain itself for a few moments to meditate and reexamine what it has done. That meditation would help humanity avoid many of the great ordeals and hardships that man will have to experience in the future when the elements of nature become unleashed.

28. The Tree of Scientific Knowledge will be greatly shaken by the fury of the elements of nature, and humanity will receive the fruits from that fall. Who, other than man, will be responsible for causing the elements of nature to become unleashed? It is understandable that the first human beings had to experience suffering and pain before they began to listen to their conscience and follow the divine law of God. Why is it then that now when man has evolved and progressed during this era, he disrespects and dishonors the Tree of Life?

29. There is a parable that describes how humans first lived on earth. It explains how man lost the paradise of his innocence, rejecting a life of contemplation and inner peace for a world where he would have to struggle, work, evolve, and achieve merits. All those things that happened were within the will of God. It was necessary for man to reject paradise so that his spirit would awaken and listen to the voice of his Divine Father, his conscience. Therefore man could begin to live a life of goodness and purity, evolving to the highest level of spiritual elevation, as destined by the Creator.

30. All things were provided for the time when man would take his first steps to evolve and to progress along his path of spiritual elevation. Man had before him the earth, nature, and a life that was beautiful, enchanting, and delightful. From this wondrous life, man would learn infinite lessons of wisdom, love, and justice in his journey on earth.

31. The Tree of Life and Science has offered comfort and many fruits to mankind! Now that humanity has evolved on earth, why does man appear to be blind, provoking those same elements in nature that gave him life? Why does he disrespectfully shake that tree which gave him the fruits of wisdom? Let me tell you why: Man has ceased to pray causing him to forget those things that pertain to his spirit. His major goal in life is to become materially powerful, rich, knowledgeable, and great. Consequently, he has fallen into the abyss because of his pursuit of a material kingdom that is short-lived.

32. I want you to be ambitious, to yearn, and to desire to be great, strong, and wise, but in things that are spiritually meaningful and everlasting. To achieve those benefits it is necessary to practice the following virtues: charity, humility, forgiveness, patience, and morality. In other words, a person needs to love his brethren truly. Those virtues will help an individual to elevate, to attain purification, and to achieve spiritual perfection. Although earth is a small and temporary dwelling place for man, he has chosen to be selfish, cruel, insensitive, and inhumane on earth to achieve personal greatness, power, wealth, and knowledge. He has chosen to live a life that reflects the opposite of truth, love, peace, true wisdom and justice.

33. What will happen when man finally realizes that his excessive love and worship for material things has only brought him suffering and failure? He will attempt to search for the true path and to pursue those laws and principles he had previously neglected. During that search man will create new doctrines and laws, along with new philosophies, ideas, and theories. This will signal the beginning of a new and major battle, a battle that will not be fought for the selfish ambition of acquiring material power. No longer will weapons and guns be used to destroy homes and human lives. This battle will be different. It will involve the large religions battling against the new doctrines and newly created religions.

34. Who will win that battle? None of the religions will triumph, just as no one engaged in war ever truly triumphs.

35. Only my justice will triumph when nations attempt to conquer other countries. Only my truth will triumph when religions battle one another attempting to impose their beliefs.

36. My supreme truth will sparkle and shine similar to how the lightning illuminates the sky on a stormy night. Each individual, wherever he is, will be able to gaze at that divine light.

37. Meanwhile, you, my people, will have time to journey different paths, manifesting yourselves in the paths of your brethren as messengers, forerunners, and prophets of my divine teachings.

38. Some of you will be removing obstacles from different paths, while others will be sowing my spiritual seed or working to spread my new teachings throughout the world.

39. At times, your presence and your words will cause man to become more confused. When you sow this divine seed, however, it will begin to grow sooner or later. Unlike the material seed from earth, this divine seed will not die if it is not watered.

40. There will be no judges nor saviors among this multitude, but through you I will be able to judge and redeem. You will journey on various paths and penetrate various regions as servants and disciples of the Divine Father.

41. If you truly practice humility and charity, your deeds, words, and thoughts, however simple, will touch the spirits of those who have disregarded the truth.

42. Along your path, you will meet those who claim to be my representatives, but they fail to prove it with their deeds. You will discover that the men of science, who are considered knowledgeable and wise, are truly very ineffective in many things. You will also realize that those who are judges on earth do not practice true justice and that those who are materially powerful on earth truly lack greatness. You will perceive these things and much more, however, you will judge no one because that is not part of your mission.

43. My charity will allow you to perceive all of those things so that your heart will be truly touched by those human weaknesses and miseries. Thus, your spirit will be able to offer healing balsam and love to those needy individuals.

44. If you observe that some of your brethren are teaching humanity about Christ and the teachings that He brought in the Second Era, do not turn your back on them for that reason. It was written that my new arrival would occur when the teachings that Christ brought in the Second Era had spread throughout the world. I say to you that there are still places on earth that have not received those teachings. How can this spiritual doctrine be taken to those places, if they have not yet received the divine seed of love that the Savior brought you with his words and blood in the Second Era?

45. My message will reach everyone, and everyone will reach Me. I have prepared all things for the coming times, and everyone shall fulfill my will because I am the Master of all spirits, races, nations, and mansions throughout the universe.

46. There are numerous spirits who are awaiting the hour to dwell on earth. They are beings of light who are willing to incarnate on earth and live amidst those who lack spiritual enlightenment because it is their mission is to awaken those who are spiritually asleep.

47. Once those grand legions of enlightened spirits come to dwell on earth, they will be scattered and assigned to different places, according to the wisdom of the Father. Consequently, people will begin to live more in harmony and seek to understand one another. Also, there will be peace among mankind. Nations will live in unity and harmony, which all my children throughout the universe will attain.

48. Who is able to change my plans or stop the will of God? All human things have a limit, therefore I say to you that man is reaching his limit of using his free will for harmful and sinful deeds.

49. The path of sin that man has chosen to follow has brought him to this limit. He has declared his own justice and will have to harvest the fruits of the seed that he has sowed.

50. Who, among those who have listened to my teachings and are aware of my divine plans, will become perturbed and confused when witnessing the events that are occurring daily on earth? Who will be able to remain indifferent, inactive, and quiet amidst a world that needs moral and spiritual guidance?

51. My justice and my love are stronger than man's evilness, thus, my will shall be fulfilled among all beings.

52. When humanity is close to achieving peace and becomes aware of the importance of prayer and being vigilant, it will realize that I am the Tree of Life. The branches of that Tree extend toward infinity and are similar to the extended arms of the Divine Master as he lay crucified on the cross. He shed his blood for mankind and inscribed the following words in your conscience: "I am the Life, whoever comes to Me will never die".

53. You are the seed that I will use to form the new nation of Israel. That nation will teach mankind about spirituality and comfort man during his life on earth.

54. However, the people of that nation are very timid, their faith is weak, and they have limited spiritual knowledge. That is why no patriarchs have arisen from this multitude to lead this nation. During this era no one has arisen who is righteous, moral, and true to my law, one who could lead this multitude like the virtuous patriarchs who guided the nation of Israel during the First Era. Remember Abraham who was successful in uniting all the congregations into a single family. Also remember Moses who, with his faith, strength, and love, united all the tribes of Israel into one nation.

55. This new nation of spiritual Israel has received the gift of spiritual vision. However, no one has listened to the prophets of this new nation because their words lack strength and confidence.

56. I made you journey down a long path to help you evolve spiritually and to prepare yourself for my teachings during this era. I now expect you to perform elevated deeds that will serve as exemplary deeds for future generations. I sent you to earth several times in search of experiences that would help you gain spiritual enlightenment and purify you through your many ordeals.

57. Do any of you believe that this is the first time that you have dwelt on earth? No, my people. If that were true, I would not have sought you during this Third Era.

58. Your present life on earth is one more journey that you have made to evolve spiritually. I forgive you if you doubt what I have told you because it is your material body that doubts and not your spirit.

59. You might be among those who are the most poor among humanity or you might be considered ill-mannered and ignorant by others. Your life may appear very insignificant until now and your form of worship incorrect, however, only I can judge you spiritually. I say to you that I have a just reason for having chosen you to receive my manifestation and revelations.

60. I am preparing your spirit, heart, and mind through my teachings. My teachings offer an abundance of spiritual knowledge and wisdom so that you can have confidence in yourself. You will find out who you truly are, where you came from, why you have been sent to earth, and your mission in life.

61. I have spoken to you in a trustworthy manner and have given you my teachings so that you will learn to follow your conscience. You should never think that you are inferior to anyone nor believe that humility means not having confidence. Furthermore you should never think that you are superior to anyone because vanity, pride, and arrogance are found only in spirits lacking enlightenment.

62. You now know that you are travelers on earth and on this occasion you are fortunate to be receiving my teachings and to be the transmitters, interpreters, and the spokesmen for my communication.

63. You will not have any doubts or be confused as to your spiritual mission. I have shown you very clearly everything you need to know and do in order for you to penetrate fully the path that you need to follow. You only need to spiritually strengthen yourself through prayer and to practice my teachings of love. You will then be prepared to follow the same path that has been traveled by the patriarchs, guides, prophets, disciples, apostles, and true witnesses of the Lord.

64. Those who belong to the nation of spiritual Israel will arise from all parts of the world. I repeat to you that this nation does not have its origin on earth because it is a spiritual nation. Those who belong to this nation are continually being sent to earth so that on earth there will always be those who receive my inspiration from Spirit to spirit.

65. Those who belong to the nation of spiritual Israel cannot be recognized through any physical traits. They can only be recognized through their spirituality and through their spiritual gifts and attributes.

66. What is the essential mission of this nation that serves as a messenger of the Lord? Its mission is to free man from all forms of slavery, especially those things that enslave his spirit and mind. It needs to remind man of the Divine Law and the divine promises, and to alert him to his mistakes, always encouraging him to follow the right path. It also needs to guide man to the Promised Land, a kingdom of love, wisdom, and peace where all beings from earth and throughout the universe will come to form only one family, the "Family of God".

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 289

1. Humanity: You do very little to live in peace!

2. I say to you that most people practice one type of religion or another. Although all religions teach man to practice brotherhood, man does not practice the divine laws and precepts that are inscribed in his conscience. There are those who believe that they do not need to follow any precepts nor laws because they have not acknowledged any religious belief. Man realizes through his observations and scientific knowledge that a divine power is present throughout the world. He is also aware of a law, a harmony, and a wise, just, and loving Doctrine that is with him eternally.

3. After having experienced much suffering and confusion throughout the centuries, humanity is now able to comprehend that brotherhood and harmony between nations can not exist if it is based on personal and material interests. Man will come to realize that true harmony and peace among humanity can only be achieved when man becomes spiritually elevated.

4. If man was following the true path and fulfilling the Divine Laws of God, wars would not exist and nations would not be divided or condemning each other.

5. To follow the true path you need to respect all things because there is sacredness, love, harmony, and charity in everything. It is the Divine Law that guides the conscience.

6. To attain spiritual perfection, you need to do more than fulfill your earthly and religious responsibilities. You need to come to the divine fountain where all beings alleviate their thirst and truly perceive the truth.

7. The one who successfully climbs to the top of the spiritual mountain and contemplates that divine splendor will become more understanding and less judgmental with his brethren once he descends from the top of that mountain. This must occur for mankind to unite and to live in harmony.

8. Meditate and you will realize that mankind needs to unite spiritually. Man will attain that unification once he eliminates his low passions and fanaticism.

9. How can humanity live in a state of peace when each individual proclaims that only he possesses the truth and that all other beliefs are false?

10. Fanaticism is darkness, blindness, and ignorance, and will never be able to produce fruits of spiritual enlightenment.

11. Mankind is approaching the time of great ordeals, which will awaken him to reality.

12. You ask me why I frequently speak to you of future ordeals, and I say to you that man will truly experience great bitterness. You need to know this so that you will pray and remain vigilant, rather than remain indifferent and spiritually asleep.

13. There are some who remain dissatisfied with my words. If I inform them that humanity will live in peace and prosperity, they will not believe it. If I inform them of future ordeals and bitterness, they will believe that it is a threat so that man will begin to fulfill my mandates.

14. Those who react in that manner to my teachings live with great doubts, however, those who have faith in my words will always analyze them with the noble intention of learning from my teachings.

15. Disciples: Three years were sufficient in the Second Era to give my message to humanity and to seal it with my sacrifice. Truly I tell you that my sacrifice was not an offering to the Divine Father, for He does not need offerings of blood. That sacrifice was an offering to humanity because man needed proof of my great love for him.

16. I taught mankind to love one another eternally, not only as humans but also as spirits. I came to open the path that will guide man from the earth to the spiritual kingdom, once perceived by him as mysterious. I gave him my Doctrine of Love to prepare him for when I would come in Spirit, as I announced in the Second Era. I informed him that I would return in Spirit to clarify mysteries, to open the sealed book, and to offer him new spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

17. The spiritual life, which exists beyond your material life on earth, should not be a mystery for man. The Divine Father observed man's need for knowledge, so he began his lessons by manifesting himself to man in many forms through the gifts of revelation and inspiration. Those lessons began with the first human on earth and have continued throughout the eras.

18. You are greatly mistaken if you believe that I waited until now to inform you of the spiritual life. Once again, I say to you that my divine teachings began when the first human was born on earth. It is not an exaggeration when I tell you that my lessons began with the formation of the spirits before the world was created.

19. Do you believe that the main purpose of my past teachings was to reveal lessons that pertain to your material life? I offered you the gift of science for that purpose. Do you believe that the main purpose of the ten commandments from the First Era and the teachings that Jesus brought in the Second Era were to teach you how to live on earth? If you study the essence of those commandments and teachings, you will discover that their main purpose is to help you find eternal life and spiritual immortality.

20. The revelation that speaks to you about the life of the spirit, that teaches you to communicate directly with your Divine Father, and that helps you to spiritually evolve, is Spiritualism.

21. Truly I tell you that Spiritualism is not something new that pertains to this period. It is a revelation that has gradually unfolded according to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

22. I am giving you a Doctrine of Spiritualism that teaches you how to love God and your brethren in a perfect manner. It also offers you the path that leads to spiritual perfection. The Law of God in the First Era and the teachings of Christ in the Second Era, also taught you about Spiritualism.

23. You believe that this is a new revelation because I am giving you teachings that are unknown to you. You are overcome by the presence of so much wisdom and knowledge. You feel this way because the time is approaching when the spirit of man will achieve freedom, spiritual elevation, and triumph over the flesh.

24. No one should say that the spiritual life was a mystery to man prior to my arrival during this Third Era in which I enlightened man with my new revelations. Throughout the eras you have received many teachings, but you were unable to comprehend them.

25. Today, unlike the past, man is interested in discovering and comprehending the true meaning of my past revelations in order to comprehend the present.

26. Disciples: You now know that when you speak of Spiritualism you are speaking of the spiritual revelation that the Lord has revealed to man throughout the eras.

27. I have arrived amongst you and have surprised you while you were asleep spiritually.

28. In every era that I have come, humanity has been spiritually asleep. Only a few individuals, similar to weak lamps, have remained vigilant awaiting my arrival.

29. My people: It would be sufficient for you to meditate a little upon your past so that you will learn from your past experiences, thus, making a true effort to no longer commit errors or to be ungrateful.

30. If I were to ask you what you have done with the Doctrine that I brought to mankind during the Second Era when I shed my blood, you would remain silent because your conscience would tell you that you have never followed the Doctrine of Love taught by Jesus. You have disregarded the words and teachings of Jesus rather than treasuring them in your heart.

31. Truly I tell you that today you have entered into that era previously referred to as the "End of Times". This is the era of judgement, restitution, and restoration.

32. In the past my prophets announced this era. The spokesmen through whom I manifest myself during this era are my new prophets. I have come to speak through them, thus, fulfilling many of the prophecies that were made in the past.

33. My words are very clear and you are able to comprehend me. In the past you did not listen to your conscience, but today you are listening to that voice and are ready to triumph over the low passions of the flesh.

34. My new apostles will board the boat of salvation to rescue those who are lost in the sea of human passions.

35. I have selected you to begin the formation of my chosen, but I cannot reveal my divine plans to you. I only say to you that you possess a spiritual enlightenment that allows you to recognize the true path among all the different paths. Therefore, it is your responsibility, as my spiritually enlightened children, to guide humanity. In all of my teachings I have asked you to become spiritually elevated and to climb to the summit of the spiritual mountain. As you become more spiritually elevated you will be able to truly perceive what is happening on earth, listen to the cries of mankind and feel his immense pain.

36. Disciples, you will not be able to alleviate the suffering of your brethren if do not you truly feel it. Pray for them, because when you pray for your brethren your spirit will be able to feel their sorrow and immense suffering. Your heart will then begin to feel compassion, charity, tenderness, and comprehension.

37. My people need to become spiritually evolved because they do not yet feel the suffering of humanity. My people weep, not for others, but for their own hardships and necessities.

38. Why do you remain untouched by my word and unwilling to accept it? Have I come to offer you an unknown kingdom? Behold that the kingdom that I now speak of is the same one that I promised you during the Second Era.

39. Be aware that you are listening to my final teachings, for you need to hold them deep within your heart. Thus you will continue hearing my word and conserve its true essence after this manifestation ends.

40. If I were to remove, for just a moment, the veil that has prevented you from knowing what you have done in the past, you would fall on your knees before my presence with great remorse for your past disobediences, ungratefulness and lack of faith in my teachings. It is more important to develop your intuition, listen to your conscience, and help your spirit to evolve.

41. Once you leave your material body to dwell in the spiritual valley that veil will no longer hide your past. You will be able to clearly perceive your past and to remember and comprehend all things. Once again I say to you that it is best for your spirit to have faith and to believe without having seen or touched.

42. Think and spiritually analyze these words because in these teachings you will discover my unyielding but loving justice.

43. I am the Divine Shepherd who gives freedom to his sheep but within certain limits. I will not allow them to jump over the prohibited fence because they will experience great suffering.

44. I take care of you, protect you, and return you to my flock.

45. You have had many opportunities to understand my infinite love for you. I have granted you spiritual gifts and given you the opportunity to correct your mistakes and to purify and perfect your spirit rather than condemning you eternally, as you previously believed.

46. Who would choose not to fulfill his mission on earth if he truly had faith in these teachings? He would be aware that if he didn't fulfill it, he would eventually have to endure a greater restitution. Although it is true that I offer you numerous opportunities to cleanse your stains and to correct your mistakes, be aware that the number of ordeals that you will endure increases with each opportunity you have had. Also the suffering and restitution will be more intense as your mistakes become more severe.

47. Although I do not refer to it as punishment, it will be your responsibility to correct, restore, amend, and to settle each wrong you have done. No one, including your Divine Father, your brethren on earth and in the spiritually valley, will be able to cleanse your stains, only you can do this. I do inform you, however, that whenever you summon me because you feel abandoned and lonely, you will always feel my presence and your spiritual brethren will always assist you as you carry the weight of your cross.

48. My Divine Ray transforms itself into words among this multitude, and the universe is enlightened with the divine light emitted by my word.

49. Rest, humanity, for I have granted you an opportunity to rest on every seventh day to pray and to acquire strength by carefully analyzing my Divine Law.

50. I am with all of humanity without distinguishing the different religions practiced by man. I am the Divine Doctor for both your physical body and spirit. I seek those who are ill to comfort and heal them.

51. Although my voice descends upon all of humanity, truly I tell you that very few individuals know how to listen to it.

52. My Doctrine is teaching and preparing you to listen to the infinite voice of the Lord by communicating with Him from spirit to Spirit.

53. I say to those who have witnessed this manifestation: Be aware that I have chosen you to take this message throughout the world. You will help man to eliminate his fanaticism and materialism which have prevented him from spiritually evolving and perceiving my light. It will not matter if this manifestation has ceased when you arrive before your brethren, because when you speak to them, your words will overflow with wisdom, healing balsam, and my divine essence. They will be a testimony of my truth.

54. Your mission will be to teach your brethren, opening paths to spirituality, eternal life, and the divine truth.

55. Disciples: Evolve spiritually so that you can teach others how to separate themselves from materialism, from those things that are of little value, and from those things that do not help them spiritually. You will teach your brethren how to pierce the dense clouds of darkness and nourish his spirit with divine enlightenment when it is in spiritual darkness.

56. All individuals will participate in the Great Battle, that was previously prophesied to attain spiritual elevation. Among those participating will be those who are weak, ignorant, and spiritually dead because everyone will attain spiritual enlightenment and purity during that battle.

57. My Kingdom is approaching, and I want to reign among those who are spiritually awakened. I want to be loved, understood, and obeyed as is worthy of a true King.

58. The battle is now occurring. Men are defying my strength and justice, constantly desiring to measure their weapons against mine. I undertake this battle because I love them. I will battle against human sin to triumph over it and to save man from his state of confusion.

59. In that battle the religious idols and false gods that man worships will fall from their pedestals. Man will become confused but will eventually yield and surrender to his spirit. The spirit will then become purified and enlightened. The spirit will not die in that battle. Although the spirit may be spiritually dead, it will never die because, as I have told you in the past, I am the Life and I am the Father, the God of the living, not the dead.

60. Man can only attain his salvation when he enters the path of spirituality. The one who wants to achieve salvation will have to eliminate his pride, false splendor, weakness of the flesh, and selfishness.

61. Men will endure great bitterness in the great battle that awaits them. Nevertheless, I say to you: Blessed are those who know how to endure that bitterness because when they become purified and depart to the spiritually valley, they will reincarnate on earth to bring humanity a message of spiritual enlightenment, peace, and wisdom.

62. There is great weeping among those who dwell on earth. Those who are oppressed and dream of peace await those men who are considered great on earth to bring harmony and freedom to mankind. However, I say to them, that it is far better for them to elevate themselves in prayer to me because only I can bring freedom and peace to man. Once again I say to you that as long as man does not know his origin, nor his final destiny, and refuses to accept the divine truths concerning his destiny, he will not be able to live in peace because man is not able to love one another as true brothers in God.

63. During this period humanity is very insensitive to spirituality. Listen to my word for it is as a chisel that is patiently polishing your heart. Although you have frequently listened to my word, behold how insensitive you are. I will continue, however, to manifest myself until I have given you my final teaching. When my manifestation ceases, you will then discover the true and perfect Doctrine in my teachings.

64. O my people, come drink water from this fountain of spiritual enlightenment for I have chosen you to give birth to those future generations who will truly love me.

65. Truly I tell you that spirituality is also inherited. Thus you should devote yourself to becoming spiritually enlightened and emanating spiritual purity in all that you do so that your children can become aware of the great charity that you are offering them; which is a physical body that has triumphed over the weaknesses of the flesh, possesses a clear mind, a sensitive heart, and a spirit that listens to its conscience.

66. Everyone is invited to be a part of God's family. It is not true that some individuals belong to God's family and others do not. Since all beings originated from God, I want everyone to join my family. My family consists of all those who bring peace and possesses spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. All of my children belong to this family.

67. Disciples: Listen to me with dedication so that when this manifestation ceases you will not feel sorrow for having ignored me when I summoned you.

68. When the moment arrives for this manifestation to cease, I want you to be praying, and to be filled with love, gratefulness, and grace so that my manifestation can come to an end in an atmosphere of spirituality, meditation, and understanding. You will then thank the Divine Father for his teachings of love.

69. When my manifestation comes to an end, you will feel great sorrow and hear my voice in your conscience. It will not be the voice of someone who is departing but rather the voice of your Divine Father who is sending you to fulfill a difficult task, and who will await your return to embrace you with love. I tell you this so that you will not be saddened when this manifestation ceases. Remember the individuals in the Second Era who mourned the death of the Divine Master. They were greatly surprised when they saw him gloriously resurrect, full of divine enlightenment and life, for his dwelling place was not among the dead.

70. I will allow you to shed tears on the last day of my communication but only if they are tears of repentance for the time you have wasted and the divine lessons you have ignored.

71. Who, among those who have listened to my teachings in the Third Era, is unaware that the Divine Father has said that this manifestation will cease on the last day of 1950? No one, because I have made it known to them in numerous ways in the houses of prayer.

72. The divine and spiritual are not subject to material time nor is the evolution of your spirit measured with the clocks and calendars of earth. Since you possess a material body and lack the spiritual evolution to realize that a new spiritual era is beginning, I have had to materialize and humanize, to a limited degree, the spiritual so you can comprehend my revelations.

73. Disciples, I now ask you: Do you truly want to feel my presence spiritually after my departure? Unless you are united as brothers, you will be unable to feel my presence nor enjoy the spiritual strength one acquires from spiritual harmony and love for your brethren.

74. If you want to receive spiritual answers to all those things that you have been unable to comprehend during this period, you need to practice spirituality. You will then be able to hear my reply.

75. There will be moments of silence and solitude. Those will I occur so that you can elevate yourself in prayer. When you are unable to feel me, then you need to become more spiritually elevated. If you are still unable to find my presence after trying to become more spiritually elevated, be patient and do not be afraid for this will be a test of your faith and spirituality. Continue to pray for I will arrive in the moment when you least expect it. A ray of divine enlightenment will descend upon your heart and mind to tell you: "I bless you because you have faith in the Divine Master, for you know that he always helps those who summon him."

76. You will need to possess the virtues of faith, strength, and patience because the time is approaching when there will be a battle of ideas and religious beliefs. It is very important that prior to that spiritual battle, you become familiar with my doctrine and acquire spiritual strength by practicing my doctrine.

77. My people: The teaching for today has ended but remain for a few moments elevated in spiritual prayer, praying for all the different nations on earth where your brethren are struggling, suffering, and awaiting their salvation.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 290

1. God is love, light, and justice. All those who manifest those attributes in his life will be representing and honoring the Divine Lord.

2. All individuals, including those who are the least elevated and humble to those who are the most elevated, should know the true meaning of justice, love, and wisdom. Each one needs to realize that the Divine Law is unchangeable so that he will lovingly accept his destiny without asking the Lord to change it.

3. Be aware that if your Father, the Creator of all things, never changes any of his divine laws, man has no right to change them either.

4. Your spirit is happy because it has achieved evolution. Each time that it reincarnates on earth it brings new knowledge from its past lives as well as enlightenment from the spiritual valley. Those experiences help to illuminate its path of spiritual evolution.

5. The knowledge of life and the experiences that the spirit acquires offer eternal enlightenment to the spirit. It is the true science.

6. At the end, the only thing that the spirit retains is the knowledge that it acquires in its struggles. I say to you that you should not waste that enlightenment, which is your heritage, in deeds that are of no value. Use it only for things that are good, elevated, and noble. An example of this is the money that people use on earth. It can be a blessing if it is used for good, elevated, and noble reasons but can create problems if it is not.

7. You have to learn to not despair when you are slowly being purified through suffering because that is when many of your spiritual virtues evolve and develop. It will also help you learn how to truly pray which is from your spirit to my Spirit. When you pray in that manner you allow your spirit, whom you do not know, to communicate with God. I am going to form an army from those who have witnessed my manifestation. You will be soldiers of peace who will help your brethren find the path to spiritual enlightenment, rather than soldiers of destructive wars. You will triumph using peaceful means and will establish things that are virtuous and good. The only things that you will destroy are those things that are harmful to man.

8. In your heart you tell me: "God is justice." I then ask you: If you comprehend that God is justice and perfect wisdom, why do you sometimes want the divine laws to be changed?

9. You judge things as superficially as a child, ignoring that the ordeals that you endure are the ones that you have brought upon yourself. Thus when those ordeals descend upon you, you desire that they cease so that you will no longer suffer and endure that bitterness. You are unable to penetrate with your spiritual vision into reality, thus failing to comprehend that you are harvesting what you have sowed and therefore are responsible for your own suffering.

10. You have not known how to penetrate into the truth and that is why you believe that you are a victim of divine injustice whenever you suffer. I say to you that God is never unjust.

11. God's love is eternal and does not change, therefore, those who believe that God can become angry and wrathful are truly mistaken. Only human beings become angry and wrathful when they lack spiritual elevation and are unable to control their low passions.

12. You sometimes ask me: Lord, why do we have to suffer the consequences of what others have done and harvest those bitter fruits? I say to you that you are unaware of the truth because you do not know who you were before nor what you did in the past.

13. Those who preach a doctrine of fear, punishment, and ignorance have greatly distorted my true doctrine. Do you know why they act in that manner? It is because they want to rule over people and be in control. They do not know humility and also are vain telling others that they are possessors of the divine truth, believing they are preferred over others.

14. Their preaching lacks truth and enlightenment. They attempt to frighten people so that they will continue to be privileged and in control.

15. Only my mercy and enlightenment will be able to save the large multitudes from being led into an abyss of spiritual darkness.

16. I disapprove of those preaching a blind faith, a faith that lacks knowledge, and that is acquired through fear and superstitions.

17. Do not listen to the words of those who attribute to God all the adversity and hardships that humanity is experiencing. They will tell you that the plagues, hunger, and epidemics that are occurring on earth are because of God's punishment and anger. Those are the false prophets.

18. Separate yourself from those individuals. Although they do not truly know me, they want to teach mankind about God.

19. You are now suffering the consequences caused by those who have misinterpreted the scriptures from the old and new testaments. Man has not been able to correctly interpret the divine meaning and essence of those revelations and prophecies. Many individuals speak of the end of the world, of the judgement day,death and hell without knowing any of the truth.

20. I promised to return because I knew that man would thirst for spiritual enlightenment. I informed humanity in the Second Era that I would send the Spirit of Truth, and in this Third Era I have fulfilled that promise by manifesting myself among you. If you were to inform those who have misinterpreted the scriptures that the Divine Master has come spiritually to speak of his doctrine, do you think, my disciples, that they would believe you? I tell you to truly prepare yourself so that when you confront those who are fanatics and stubborn, you will remain strong and not weaken. As you learn to express yourself with your brethren and become spiritually inspired, you will be able to illuminate them spiritually by awakening their spirits and touching their hearts.

21. My Doctrine is unlike the doctrine presented by the false prophets. I have told you that death does not exist and that you have eternal life. Neither punishment nor the eternal fire of hell await a sinner when he departs from earth. There is only purification, ordeals he must experience, and spiritual enlightenment.

22. All things are being transformed without ceasing and evolving toward the state of perfection. You, yourself, are an example of this. You will experience great changes during a lifetime, and although eventually you will die, you will reincarnate to continue your path toward spiritual perfection.

23. The Divine Father will not neglect those things that he has created without perfecting them. How can you believe that some day I would destroy those things that I have created without bringing them to perfection?

24. Pray and allow the Father to grant you his teachings according to his will. You do not know what you deserve and what is best for you, therefore, allow his will to be done. Joyfully and humbly accept whatever he offers you.

25. Behold how different is the truth. If there is fear in your heart, do not fear me, but rather be afraid of the evil deeds that you practice because you will have to harvest everything that you sow. But during the moments when your spirit is in contact with the divine, I will allow it to experience that state of peace that it has not found on earth.

26. Disciples: Even though you live on earth, you can live a spiritual life. You do not need to separate yourself from material things in order to lead a spiritual life because the true spiritualist lives in harmony with the laws of man and the laws of God.

27. Blessed is the one who studies my laws and knows how to unite them with the laws of man, because he will be a healthy, strong, elevated, and happy individual.

28. During this era, humanity is living in a period of confusion, of failures, and illnesses of all types because it is no longer following the laws. My Law has come to illuminate all spirits during this period of great confusion and summon mankind to follow the path of peace.

29. My revelation during this period represents a new chapter in my Book of Wisdom. It is as if a seal has been removed from that book, whose contents are overflowing to help all spirits attain purification and freedom so that man can renew himself.

30. Do you observe how mankind appears to lack spiritual enlightenment? Truly I tell you that although man appears to lack divine enlightenment and inspiration, there is not a single being that is not spiritually awake.

31. My people: The form of my manifestation during this period is very humble, however, if humanity were to study these teachings and made a true effort to obey them, mankind would attain salvation.

32. I manifested myself among the poor during this era, among people who do not boast about being superior but who are spiritually sensitive and able to recognize my presence and feel my inspirations.

I was not able to discover that same sensitivity in other people and nations who consider themselves great and strong on the earth. You, my people, should not use what I tell you as an argument to prove to others that you are spiritually superior. Be aware that vanity will not allow you to progress spiritually, whereas, the one who is humble and who believes that his accomplishments are very limited, will progress spiritually without ceasing.

33. Do not concentrate only on listening to this word but observe all of the events that are happening around you and throughout the world. The you will be able to perceive the fulfillment of many things that I have announced to you in my teachings.

34. Behold how, when you are spiritually asleep, ordeals arrive to awaken you, making you realize that you need to remain alert during this period.

35. Soon you will be transformed from a beginning disciple to a highly dedicated and faithful teacher. Although you will confront struggles, temptations, and difficult choices along your path, you will always be able to see the eternal light of my Divine Truth shining even when humanity is experiencing its darkest moments.

36. My messengers will spread throughout the world and spirituality will descend upon the materialism of mankind like the healing waters of a peaceful rain.

37. Although man is now stubborn and unwilling to listen to any spiritual voice, he will eventually realize that I came during this era and will cherish my teachings. You, my people, are responsible for setting an example of faith and obedience for your brethren that will serve to inspire and encourage them.

38. Fulfill your responsibilities as a spiritual being and as a human on the earth. You are well aware of the path and laws that you need to follow.

39. Allow your heart to feel the pain and suffering of your brethren and do not be concerned only with your own hardships. Do not react with indifference to the ordeals that your brethren are enduring.

40. When will you be able to love your fellow human beings in the same manner that you love those who are your family members? Many would not believe it if they were told that humans are more related spiritually than they are physically. Truly I tell you that you are more related to each human being as a brother because you are spiritually united eternally, whereas, your family members on earth are only temporary.

41. You must be aware that families are established for only a brief time on earth, whereas, the spiritual family will remain united throughout eternity.

42. Today you are unable to fully comprehend and practice my teachings, however, you should make a true effort to fulfill your eternal destiny of loving one another.

43. Once you are following my path and practicing true spiritual brotherhood, your lips will reveal teachings and profound revelations that you do not yet know.

44. I will entrust this doctrine to those who are faithful, strong, and who truly prepare themselves to maintain its purity, defend it, and not allow it to be changed. My Doctrine will convert humanity, but if you add new ideas to my doctrine, your deeds and words will no longer reflect strength and enlightenment because the divine truth will be concealed. Behold how I watch over you so that you will not fall into temptation, although it is your responsibility to pray and make a true effort to not yield to temptation.

45. Soon you will no longer be listening to this word and it will appear that you are alone without a shepherd to guide you along the path of life. I am preparing you, however, so that when this manifestation ceases you will be fully aware that my Spirit will be your guide, for my light will shine in your conscience to offer you encouragement.

46. With the passage of time, many of those who have not respected this Doctrine will truly repent for not fulfilling my teachings and for having wasted valuable time. I will then say to those who have truly repented: "Here is my Doctrine, and here is your mission. Arise to fulfill your mission for there is still time."

47. Woe to those who do not truly repent because of their stubbornness and great pride! What will they harvest, if instead of sowing good seeds they are sowing bad seeds?

48. I am reading the book of the future to you so that you will ! know how to work and travel my path.

49. My Kingdom is near you. That is why I am giving you these teachings in order to prepare you. I have also sent the spirit of Elijah to unite you and to purify you.

50. I am the true path, and through it all beings will come to Me.

51. You are now living during the Third Era, an era when all the great mysteries will be clarified.

52. Theologians and scholars will need to correct their beliefs according to the truth that I am revealing to you in these teachings.

This is the time when man will open his eyes to perceive the light of my wisdom, for the light of this Doctrine will resurrect him spiritually to the true life.

53. Now the world will know the truth about the resurrection of the flesh, which is the reincarnation of the spirit.

54. To reincarnate is to return to the material world to be born again as a human in order to continue with one's mission. This is the truth concerning the resurrection of the flesh, which has been misinterpreted by the many who have tried to explain it.

55. Reincarnation is a gift of God granted to the spirit so that it will never be limited because of the material flesh, its brief existence on earth, and its natural weaknesses. Since the spirit originates from a superior nature, it can utilize as many material bodies as are necessary to fulfill its great missions on earth.

56. Through this gift of reincarnation, the spirit demonstrates its great superiority over the flesh, over death, and the material things of earth. It overcomes death and outlives all of the physical bodies entrusted to it, thus triumphing over time, obstacles, and temptation.

57. Spiritual enlightenment is revealing to the world the truth, the justice, the reason, and the love that exists in the spiritual gift of reincarnation. Nevertheless, the world will fiercely battle this revelation, labeling it as a strange and false doctrine in order to make men of good faith distrust it.

58. Religions will find their efforts useless and empty when asking followers to accept old customs, routines, and beliefs that are out of date. No one will be able to detain people from becoming spiritually enlightened. The human spirit will awaken during this era of divine revelations when all doubts and mysteries will be clarified, liberating the spirit.

59. Also, no one will be able to detain man when he arises seeking freedom of thought, spirit, and faith.

60. No one should believe that I have come to take away the faithful followers and supporters from the different religions, however, humanity has now entered into a new era. Old customs, beliefs, and traditions that are of no value will be eliminated, and man will be reminded of past divine teachings that he has forgotten and neglected. This is a time of spiritual purification in which the spirit will free itself from all that is false and negative. The spirit will be nourished with the true spiritual bread, rather than religious rituals.

61. As men become familiar with this Doctrine and become spiritually enlightened, they will unite and live in harmony, enemies will be forgiven, and wars will disappear. Men will also finally comprehend the essence of the Doctrine that Jesus taught to humanity through his words and deeds two thousand years ago.

62. Do you believe it will be difficult for humanity to understand the spiritual in this era? If you review the history of mankind, you will discover that there was a period when the people on earth were filled with superstitions, fanaticism, vices, ignorance, and negative emotions. Man was able to overcome those things when he became inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Embracing faith and practicing deeds of love, man spread the teachings of Christ through nations and regions bringing great hope and enlightenment.

63. The disciples and martyrs of Christ spoke to people about the Divine Master and dedicated themselves to spreading and sowing the divine seed of love. Christ manifested himself to the world through his servants. He divine passion was manifested in the hearts of those who loved him.

64. That period of peace and harmony among humanity only lasted briefly because mankind once again became unmerciful, ungrateful, and wicked. During the brief period, however, in which humanity practiced spirituality, harmony, understanding, and brotherhood, there was great peace, inspiration, and enlightenment among mankind. Can you imagine the great things that I will reveal to humanity in the future, when man begins to practice true spirituality and harmony on earth?

65. Do not be in doubt as to what the future holds, because if you lack true faith, you will not be worthy of witnessing the fulfillment of my word.

66. Allow your spirit to be near me for I will give it what it needs.

67. Come listen with a true devotion to the divine teachings and you will see that in a short time you will truly evolve as you acquire new spiritual knowledge.

68. Do not waste this precious time of grace. Remember that you have experienced great suffering in order to reach this path and to learn of my revelations.

69. You are now harvesting a sweet fruit after experiencing much bitterness. Do not waste this sweet fruit because tomorrow you will need to share it with those who hunger for peace and truth.

70. If you have been purified through suffering, maintain the purity of your heart and spirit for I want those who have witnessed my manifestation to present themselves before humanity as ones who have been purified and truly practice my doctrine of love. Thus, you will serve as an example for other nations on earth that are presently being purified through pain and suffering and becoming worthy of receiving my teachings.

71. All those nations that are now experiencing great pain and bitterness will soon be summoned to learn of my new manifestation, which will be as a healing balsam for their great suffering.

72. The teachings that I gave you during the Second Era have now spread throughout the world. Remember that I told mankind that I would return when the doctrine that I brought during the Second Era had spread to all nations.

73. Those of you who have witnessed my manifestation and received my teachings need to summon your brethren. You need to tell them that I have not come to judge them nor to focus on their sins. I have come to seek man because he is in great need of me and to offer each one of them my divine love.

74. Take my message of love to all of your brethren. This will prepare you for the time when you will need to take my teachings to unknown lands.

75. Have you not discovered within my teachings my divine desire for this multitude to purify its thoughts, deeds, work, and form of worship?

76. I inspire you to practice sincere deeds of kindness to help your brethren as well as the future generations. The generations to come will experience great joy knowing that you helped to prepare their spiritual path. You will also experience infinite joy when you enter the spiritual valley and observe that your brethren on earth are experiencing peace and happiness along the path that you helped to prepare. Do not practice kind deeds for selfish reasons, believing that those deeds will help you to attain salvation. Those who are only interested in their own salvation and happiness will not experience any peace nor joy when they enter the spiritual valley, if they know that those they left behind on earth are experiencing great suffering.

77. Truly I tell you that the true disciples of this Doctrine practice deeds of love that are just and pure, as is their conscience, which is the voice of God.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 291

1. My people: On the day when this manifestation ceases you ! will feel an emptiness around you and you will feel weak because [ you have become accustomed to receiving these teachings. For a long time they have offered you much strength, comfort, healing balsam, and knowledge. You will miss this manifestation which offered you great inspiration in your life.

2. Truly I tell you that if you understood things more clearly you would be awaiting the day of my departure with greater serenity knowing that my Spirit can never separate from you nor my inspirations.

3. Behold why I have frequently told you not to take my word for granted. Do not come to listen to my teaching out of habit, for if you do, you will feel great sorrow in your heart when this manifestation comes to an end.

4. You still have a brief time to study and comprehend many of my teachings, to eliminate your doubts, and to strengthen your beliefs, reasoning, and analysis using the solid foundation granted to you by my Divine Law.

5. Remember that I have taught you to reject all forms of worship which represent a routine or obligated practice. Do not forget that I have simplified your practices, form of worship and beliefs, thus allowing your conscience to guide you.

6. I have given you specific laws to obey and to follow so that you will not pursue other doctrines that are false, although they may appear to be good and legitimate doctrines.

7. The one who has complete confidence in my word will not stumble nor fail and soon will harvest good fruits.

8. Charity, understanding, and forgiveness toward your brethren all originate from the law of love. That is a fundamental law that I have inspired you to practice as you fulfill your spiritual mission.

9. You do not need human knowledge to discover the truth nor will you be able to find it in books written by man. The spirit has the gift and power to discover the truth.

10. My word is easy to comprehend and the principles of my doctrine are perfectly defined, therefore, do not fear that any future obstacles will prevent you from following my path.

11. I am aware of your feelings and know that you want to be faithful to this doctrine that I have brought to you. Be alert and pray, listen to and analyze my teachings, so that you will not weaken during the moment of an ordeal and betray your good intentions.

Remember that in the Second Era Jesus was followed by large multitudes who appeared to have understood his teachings, however, those multitudes abandoned the Divine Master during the moments when he was captured and crucified. Even the apostles, who had followed Him closely, weakened in their strength and faith during those crucial moments.

12. This occurs because the material body is weak, thus, it needs a strong spirit to support the body.

13. Nourish yourself with the essence of my word so that you will be strong when you confront an ordeal. You will acquire strength through prayer, meditation, practicing my teaching, and through your experiences in life.

14. Do not seek to glorify my Doctrine by presenting it publicly through ceremonies filled with splendor and elegance. If you present my doctrine in that manner, you will fail to truly sow the divine seed of my teachings in the hearts of your brethren because it will not be based on a solid foundation.

15. Do not seek to impress your brethren with testimonies of miraculous healings or marvelous occurrences that are not true because you both can become fanatics. The individuals who are truly following my doctrine, who worship me in a sincere manner, and who truly sow and spread the seed of love are those who are so humble, simple, and modest that frequently they are not noticed by others. They pray and no one is aware that they are praying; they heal their ill brethren and few, if anyone, sees them; they shed invisible tears for their fellow human beings, for instead of shedding visible tears, their tears are offered internally to the Divine Father.

16. Do not fear, my people, I am not telling you that what you do is imperfect. I am only correcting the wrong things that you do and receive all good things that you offer me.

17. Listen carefully to my word so that you will learn my teachings, allowing your conscience to judge each of your deeds. Your conscience will inform you if you are doing good or bad deeds and whether you are fulfilling your responsibilities. If you truly feel the suffering of your brethren, if you practice charity with those who are poor and needy, and if you make a true effort to eliminate human misery without expecting anything in return, you will be fulfilling my divine doctrine and will experience true spiritual peace.

18. Disciples: During this period of tragedies, wars, and suffering, what does the one who is strong spiritually need to do to help this Doctrine flourish? All of my disciples need to unite and live in harmony with me and with one another, so that their strength and enlightenment will be felt throughout the world.

19. Behold that man is not interested in progressing spiritually on earth, including his forms of worship which have become traditions and routines.

20. Behold how even during this time of scientific and human advances men still murder one another, friendship and brotherhood do not exist between many nations, and people are hostile to one another because of different beliefs.

21. Although nations and people do not appear to be ready to accept things that are spiritual and divine, you still need to sow my seed of love in those places. As you walk the path of life you will perceive human misery, ignorance, the need of spiritual enlightenment, and much suffering. Pray for your brethren. Send them your good thoughts filled with spiritual enlightenment and inspiration. Allow them to hear your words full of sincerity, spiritual enlightenment, comfort, and healing balsam. You will then become aware of how much your brethren truly need the divine seed.

22. Work tirelessly along your path, and I assure you that the peace that you now experience as you fulfill your mission on earth will become much greater once your spirit departs from this world, but for now you should not think of those rewards.

23. The individual who still believes that a spiritual being is going to be rewarded or punished according to what it did during its brief existence on earth truly lacks spiritual enlightenment!

24. My word during this era will help humanity to become spiritually enlightened because man still lives in a state of darkness. Although humanity is now very materialistic, hostile, and selfish, you will observe that man will be transformed because of my Doctrine. My Doctrine, which at times can be as strong as a storm or as gentle as a breeze, will eliminate all things that are impure to help mankind become spiritually enlightened. It will help him to establish a future built on love and harmony.

25. When mankind begins to think universally of love, each human being will seek to perfect himself, to serve his brethren, and to fulfill the laws of God. Man will then be fulfilling the laws of God but not because of the fear of divine punishment. He will fulfill those laws because he truly believes in them. During that period, humanity will evolve spiritually and intellectually.

26. Pride has prevented man from becoming sensitive to his spiritual being, thus preventing him from evolving.

27. Man will not be able to discover the harmony that should exist in his life if he fails to maintain harmony between the material and ! spiritual part of his being.

28. My people, I have given you my teachings, however, if you have any doubts you will need to pray and meditate for divine enlightenment. I will then clarify what you want to know.

29. I welcome those who have journeyed along my path without losing faith. As a reward for your unyielding faith, here is my word for which you have long awaited. Nourish yourself with its essence until you have quenched your thirst.

30. Blessed are those who believe in the word of the Divine Master because they will see the fulfillment of my promises.

31. Today you have come to receive what you have long awaited. Tomorrow, when you are in the presence of large multitudes, you will truly know why I have summoned you. Only I am aware that there are many who are waiting to receive the Good News. I want my messengers to take them my doctrine before they lose all hope. They have the same hunger and thirst that you had I before you received my teachings. I want you to have the same compassion for those individuals that I had for you.

32. Humanity is waiting for me to summon it. Although man lacks faith, he is waiting for Christ to tell him: "Arise and walk".

33. There are many on earth who are spiritually dead, blind, ill, and abandoned. Those who suffer physically or spiritually are more sensitive to my presence; therefore, I will summon them first. Those on earth who are materially rich, powerful, and great believe that they do not need me. What can Christ give them if they have everything? Can He, perhaps, give them spiritual gifts or a place in eternity? They are not interested in those things.

34. That is why during this era I have chose to manifest my doctrine to those who are suffering spiritually and physically. I know that those individuals are seeking me and want to find me. It is natural for them to feel my presence when I begin to manifest myself to humanity during this time.

35. When the moment arrives, this large multitude of ill, poor, oppressed, and abandoned individuals will arise when I tell them to, and they will become the strongest and most invincible people on earth. No human power on earth will be able to silence this multitude when it arises to tell the world: "The Lord is manifesting himself. He has brought us new teachings that will prepare mankind to communicate with Him from spirit to Spirit". This is the truth for I have given you these teachings and doctrine through human spokesmen to spiritually prepare mankind. These teachings will reach my messengers in different parts of the world.

36. When my messengers inform others about my doctrine, those individuals will be deeply touched with my teachings as this multitude was deeply touched when it heard my teachings directly through the human spokesmen. Before my messengers share my teachings with others, they will need to prepare themselves by praying and practicing deeds of charity. Thus, they will speak with purity and will receive my divine inspiration. Truly I tell you that when you speak in that manner, those who are spiritually dead will resurrect and the unbelievers will confess that only the disciples of the Holy Spirit can speak in this manner.

37. I am preparing you because you will be confronting a humanity that lacks peace, love, harmony, and brotherhood. You will need to give your brethren the divine message that you have received. When your brethren in different nations receive my teachings, you will observe the same miraculous regeneration occur in them. My divine word will help them to eliminate their materialism, idolatry, vices, and ignorance.

38. Once you are spiritually prepared to become teachers on earth, you will have a great mission to fulfill during this Third Era.

39. Today you are a beginning student who is receiving my teaching. Tomorrow, you will study it as my disciple. Later, as my apostle, you will practice and live by the Doctrine that you have received. Do not forget that you learned about practicing spirituality through the simplicity of my word; therefore, you should never add anything to my Doctrine that is unnecessary.

40. Compare your present to your past to find out if you have progressed spiritually. Many, who have examined their progress in that manner, have told me: Lord, how is it possible that I have remained spiritually asleep for such a long period? Why did I remain inactive and react with indifference to your teachings? How could I have rejected you if you were within my being?

41. My doctrine has great strength; therefore, no one will be able to reject nor resist it. It has the power to awaken those who are spiritually asleep and to deeply touch the hearts of those who are very stubborn and insensitive. I have never punished any individual to make him fulfill his spiritual mission nor have I forced anyone to follow my path. I have never used words to threaten you nor to make you fearful. My words have always been gentle and persuasive, thus helping you to develop faith, confidence, and obedience.

42. Tomorrow, you will speak to your brethren in that same manner, awaking love, rather than fear. You will only be able to sow my divine seed with love.

43. My Doctrine needs to be pure when it reaches humanity so that man will arise to fulfill my Law and embrace the cross of his salvation.

44. I will fulfill the promise that I made to mankind for my promises are always fulfilled. I will send humanity these teachings through my disciples which will help man prepare himself to communicate joyfully with me from spirit to Spirit because after 1950 I will no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen.

45. My people, you need to unite because the period of trials and ordeals is approaching. The enemies of my Doctrine are uniting to battle against you. However, if you utilize the power of prayer and strengthen yourselves through my teachings, the enemy will not triumph over you. Your power will be spiritual, rather than from material wealth or power.

46. My people, take advantage of the opportunity that you now have to fulfill your mission. If you delay your mission, you will not have the opportunities in the future that you have today.

47. Come sit at my table with a sincere devotion to learn the things that the Divine Master has come to reveal.

48. These last few years of my communication will never be forgotten by those individuals who truly value the revelations that I have brought man during this era.

49. My disciples will speak without tiring of the revelations that the Divine Master has given them.

50. Those individuals whose lives have become a routine, and who now react with indifference to my teachings, will disregard the great revelations that I have reserved for the final days of my communication. They will be unable to perceive the changes that will occur as my manifestation ceases because they have never aspired to evolve spiritually and attain perfection.

51. I need to speak to this multitude in this manner so that those who are spiritually asleep will awaken. I do not want only a part of this multitude to be saved. I want everyone to become spiritually enlightened.

52. Each individual will be as an open book in the presence of his brethren, and on its pages will be reflected what each one carries in his spirit. If your deeds reflect spirituality, love, and wisdom, the world will recognize you as the forerunners of a new era, an era of enlightenment and spiritual evolution. On the contrary, if you continue to worship material things and traditions, then your pages will reflect fanaticism, ignorance, confusion, and darkness. That individual should not speak of my Doctrine until he becomes > spiritually enlightened. Although his intentions are good, he would only harm the work of others who are sowing my true spiritual seed.

53. My people, as my manifestation comes to an end, what have you done with my doctrine which makes me speak to you in this manner?

54. You have been spiritually asleep believing that my manifestation would continue throughout eternity with no other purpose than to delight you with my word and to anoint those who come to you for help. Today, you are finally awakening in the presence of the truth. The year 1950 is approaching, which marks the final year of my manifestation, as I had previously announced.

55. Few, very few, are awaiting the arrival of 1950 and preparing themselves for the trials that they will confront as this period comes to an end.

56. The year 1950 will not only be a significant year for this multitude, but also for others. It signals the end of one phase and the I birth of another one. For religions it will be a year of judgement and I self-analysis. It will also be a time of trials and ordeals for scientists and all of humanity.

57. When this Doctrine spreads, and man realizes that my manifestation was heard through the human spokesmen for the last time in 1950, he will understand that the Holy Spirit manifested its spiritual enlightenment during this era. Then theologians will begin to examine my manifestation.

58. Be vigilant and pray, my people. Although my communication will soon cease, you will comprehend those things that will occur and what you need to do in the future, if you truly meditate.

59. This teaching will prepare you so that you will not stumble along the journey that you will have to undertake.

60. I bless you, my people, because you have come seeking my word which offers comfort and nourishment to your spirit. You have learned its essence, its meaning, and have come to know my will.

61. This word has awaken your spirit which had been asleep for a long time. These teachings bring you great joy because they have filled your heart with peace and love. They have brought warmth to those in the cold and great hope to those who have yearned for spiritual enlightenment. This was the revelation that I have safeguarded for the people of Spiritual Israel and for all of humanity.

62. During this time I have come to communicate with you in the same way that I communicate with the angels in heaven. I have not treated your spirit differently because it dwells on earth, for that is where I sent it to dwell. I love all beings the same. You are evolving spiritually and following the path that will lead you to the Lord. I await your presence in my Divine home. Become aware of the true path that you need to follow to guide you to the paternal home, to the heart of the Father, and to the spirit of your God.

63. I have manifested myself to you because you have always believed in the living God, your only God, who never hides nor remains silent. He always guides, advises, and inspires you. Your faith nourishes your spirit and leads you to salvation. If three of my children seek me in this manner in the midst of humanity, I would offer my blessings through them for all of mankind. I observe that large multitudes hear me and believe in me. The people of Israel, including the 144,00 who I have chosen, will soon unite. They will gather at the slope of the mountain, in the white valley, and in the chosen city. When that occurs, it will bring great joy to the Divine Father.

64. If you prepare yourself, I will give you the knowledge that humanity needs. I have given you the power to speak to your brethren about my arrival during this Third Era.

65. My word makes you truly meditate. As you carefully study my word, you have discovered that my teaching is eternal and each one more profound. You are also aware that you are unable to comprehend my doctrine completely. Although you are receiving many teachings that you may forget, the time will come when you will remember each one of my teachings at the appropriate moment. This will greatly strengthen your belief in my doctrine.

66. During the First Era I chose Moses to represent me on earth. Through him, I manifested my wisdom, power, and unyielding nature. During that period you could only comprehend me according to your limited spiritual evolution. As I spoke through the patriarchs and prophets, my word penetrated into the human heart. The nation of spiritual Israel received my inspirations and mandates. I allowed you to travel across the desert to help you develop faith and confidence in me, and to help you evolve spiritually. These were great lessons for your spiritual journey.

67. After your long journey and years of patience and great experiences, you entered into the land of Canaan and saw the fulfillment of the promise that I had repeatedly made. You discovered the holy land that I had prepared for you as an oasis of peace in order for you to grow and multiply. Once this nation had learned the teachings given to it by my messengers, the people of Spiritual Israel went to other countries throughout the world to offer testimony of the alliance that God had made with man.

68. Thus, I have encouraged you with my promises throughout all times. During this Third Era, I say: It is your mission to bring peace to humanity in this era. I will establish that peace through you, once you have prepared yourselves. Not only will the present generation work hard to accomplish this mission, your children and their descendants will also work to bring peace to this world. My followers will become aware that they will need to follow a path that is unwavering and persistent as they fulfill their mission.

69. Meditate upon the responsibilities that I have assigned to the spiritual nation of Israel. The ordeals that you confront along your path are difficult, therefore, it is necessary for you to be strong and virtuous in order to fulfill your mission. You need to live in communion with the Father, practicing perfect prayer and obeying his mandates so that fanaticism nor mysticism will never dwell in your heart. Only your love for me will dwell there.

70. This multitude will have the gift of speech, thus, it will be able to easily explain my Doctrine to others. They will offer comfort and nourishment to mankind and heal those who are physically and spiritually ill. Man is suffering during this period because he is no longer fulfilling the divine laws of morality and nature. Man, instead, seeks comfort in the false splendor of this world. He is unaware that the turmoil in his life originates from his spirit. Man has not wanted to follow the divine laws nor to fulfill his spiritual mission, failing to remember his origin from the fountain of purity and love. Mankind will continue to live in confusion, illness, and pain as long he continues to lack spiritual sensitivity, faith, and humility. My people of Israel, I offer you strength, peace, and healing balsam so that you may share these things with your brethren in my name.

71. Be aware of how fast humanity is drifting toward the abyss. What is humanity seeking? What does mankind desire? Man seeks suffering, desperation, and death. Since he does not listen to the voice of his conscience, he has extinguished his inner lamp which is the light that guides him. He now has to amend his mistakes and suffer the consequences.

72. My people: Stop mankind from falling deeper into the abyss! Defend yourself with your prayers and loving thoughts. Teach your brethren through your loving, virtuous examples. When you confront ordeals, demonstrate that you have faith and hope, accepting those ordeals as a means to purify your spirit. Rather than leading a complicated life style, practice simplicity in your life, enabling your brethren to easily comprehend you. Be humble as was Jesus, and simple as the young and old, because those virtues are found in spirituality.

73. Also be as the worker who rejoices with what he has sowed and who lives in close contact with God. That worker prays at sunrise as each new day begins, at mid-day, and again at sunset to thank the Lord for all that He has granted him. He accepts all things granted to him by the Lord as perfect and good. The sun, the water, and all the elements of nature reflect the presence of God, therefore, that worker loves, seeks, and perceives the Lord's presence in all those things. Thus, I want you to be as that worker in my spiritual fields.

74. During this era I have not given you a material field to sow and cultivate, instead, you will need to sow my word in the hearts of your brethren. Your journey is spiritual. I have given you all that you will need for your work: spiritual enlightenment, love, and my teachings. I am aware when my children rejoice after the proper sowing of my divine seed.

75. My blessings do not go unnoticed by my workers. They always expect my assistance. When they confront an ordeal, they are aware that the Lord is allowing them to practice their faith. They do not perceive an ordeal as bad and unfortunate nor do they become weary of their innumerable ordeals.

76. My beloved people, You know that I am one with you and that I am aware of each of your deeds. You also know that my charity will help you to overcome an ordeal after you have acquired strength and wisdom from it. You are familiar with my word and my laws, thus, you are aware that I am unyielding in my justice, but always merciful and loving. If you commit a sin, you will need to endure the consequences of your mistake.

77. Although I am always communicating with humanity, man does not wish to listen to my voice. The majority of mankind lives apart from me except for spiritual Israel. Man worships God in an imperfect manner, but now that man is being touched by my divine enlightenment and justice he is starting to awaken spiritually and to remember that an eternally loving God does exist. Humanity lives in a state of confusion unable to resolve its problems. The laws created by man are now hurting humanity because those laws were based on materialism and his imperfect sciences which I have now come to destroy. An era of light will soon descend upon humanity, and mankind will obey me and respect my divine will. I am sending guardian angels to help guide man to the Divine Father.

78. I have permitted the spiritual world to communicate with mankind for a short period. Those spirits, which are limited as you are, have manifested themselves full of purity and elevation. You have felt them as they have descended to help you in the great battle of the Third Era. Their good influence has converted many hearts, thus setting a true example.

79. I bless the spiritual beings who have manifested themselves during this period and also the human spokesmen through whom those beings have manifested themselves. Both are achieving merits in my presence. Although those spiritual beings will no longer communicate with you after 1950, they will always be there to assist you, for that is their mission. Man needs a spiritual guide. I am the one who guides all spirits throughout the universe. However, I have always assigned a guardian angel to each being on earth. How they have suffered for you! How they weep as they observe how insensitive humanity can be! Nevertheless, they patiently fulfill their mission because they love me.

80. The era of the Holy Spirit is now beginning in which spirits that inhabit other places in the universe are now communicating with mankind. During this era the borders that exist in the universe will disappear, and man will begin to spiritually elevate himself to the Lord. I have come during this period to manifest myself through human spokesmen, using your own language.

81. After 1950 I will no longer utilize human language to communicate with mankind. I will speak a superior language that lacks material words but one that little by little you will learn. Those of you who have received my teachings during this period are the spiritual people of Israel, thus, it will be your responsibility to practice spirituality. This will allow your spirit to manifest itself without encountering any difficulties along its path, nor when it prays, nor when it fulfills its spiritual mission. Your spirit will be free on the path and able to come to me. I have emphasized spiritual communication throughout my teaching because man will eventually communicate with God in an elevated form which you will pursue.

82. I am preparing this multitude to become spiritually enlightened so that it will guide its brethren from other nations. Prepare yourselves for this mission! My divine teaching during this era will be the divine testament and the most important book that you possess, but you need to cherish this book within your heart, for it is truly the perfect science.

83. Just as I gave my life to humanity as the Lamb of God during the Second Era, I will offer my spiritual enlightenment to every spiritual being during the Third Era. Blessed is the disciple who prepares himself and comprehends me, for I will dwell in his heart eternally.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 292

1. I offer you another page from the book of wisdom to share with future generations. Since those generations will be more evolved spiritually, they will be able to better comprehend the essence of my Doctrine. Their mission will be to construct an Eden of peace in the heart of humanity.

2. Although I have given great teachings to those present, I have reserved greater revelations for my future disciples because they will be spiritually prepared to receive them.

3. Many times you have asked me what exists beyond your world and if the planets in space are similar to earth. I have not been able to fully answer your ques+ions because you lack the evolution that is necessary to comprehend my response. You also lack the spirituality that is required to live in harmony with other worlds. Man does not yet know nor fully comprehend the teachings that this world has to offer him, nevertheless, he wants to know about other planets. People on earth have not learned to live in harmony with one another as a single family, yet, man wants to learn about other beings in other planets. For now, it is sufficient for you to remember that in the Second Era I told you: "In my Father's house are many mansions.” Today, I have come to confirm those words. You are not the only inhabitants of the universe, nor is your planet the only one that is inhabited.

4. The future generations will be able to learn more about other planets as the doors to other worlds are opened. Then, they will have a reason to show amazement before the Divine Father.

5. Love and virtue, which results from charity and peace, will be the keys that man will use to open the doors to other planets. Man will then be getting closer to achieving universal harmony.

6. Man will acquire true wisdom and knowledge when he begins to truly practice love and virtue in his spiritual worship, his scientific knowledge, his work, and in his everyday life.

7. Today you are isolated, confined, and restricted because of your selfishness and your preoccupation with material things of this world. You are not seeking spiritual freedom and the elevation of the spirit.

8. Man lacks spiritual enlightenment, is materialistic, and practices human vices; therefore, what would men do if they were allowed to reach other planets without eliminating these immoral ways? They would sow seeds of disharmony, vanity, and insane ambitions.

9. Truly I tell you that first man will need to purify himself greatly and practice vigilance and prayer before he finds answers to questions concerning life on other planets.

10. Science, alone, will not be able to reveal to man the divine revelations of God. The desire to learn about the revelations of God must be inspired by spiritual love.

11. When men begin to practice spirituality in their lives, they will not need to search for life on other planets, because beings from evolved planets will make contact with the people on earth.

12. I leave you the following brief message: "Be vigilant and pray so that you will not fall into temptation”.

13. For now, you will answer your own questions concerning life on other planets. It is necessary for man to become aware of the spiritual gifts that his spirit possesses. He needs to develop those gifts which will enable him to contemplate and comprehend those things that God has reserved for him. I observe that man does not yet truly practice good deeds nor does he know how to pray and offer true worship to the Divine Father. This is so because man has not allowed his spirit to manifest itself nor to guide him, thus, preventing his spirit from evolving.

14. Man possesses true spiritual gifts and powers, yet, he weeps like a needy individual because he is not aware of his spiritual gifts. Is he aware of the power of prayer and loving thoughts? Is he aware of the profound revelations that God will reveal to him when he communicates with Him from spirit to Spirit? No, for man has no knowledge of these things because he is materialistic and lustful.

15. First, man needs to develop his spiritual gifts, thus, helping his spirit to evolve. Then, he can aspire to discover those things that exist beyond this world and beyond the human mind.

16. The human mind is small and limited. Why should you entrust to your mind those things that only the spirit will be able to discover and comprehend?

17. Many of you are ignorant students on this earth! Although you say that you love me, you have not believed what I have told you nor have you sought me as your teacher, but eventually you will come to know that "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

18. Disciples: Your life on earth offers you a teaching of infinite wisdom, so your spirit will acquire the knowledge it needs to evolve spiritually.

19. Judge each of your deeds with your conscience for it will always tell you the truth. Your conscience will let you know if you are spiritually progressing, falling back, or stationary on the path.

20. The one who makes a true effort to judge and know himself will be able to be sincere with himself and others. He will listen to his conscience in all he does, thus, taking firm steps on the path of life.

21. When the spirit begins to triumph over the material body, it will experience great joy and become more confident in itself.

22. Although you may believe that you truly comprehend the significance of each one of your deeds, I say to you that only the Divine Father, who is the Supreme Judge, can truly judge them.

23. Although you might disregard the positive effect of a good deed, do not think that you will never become aware of the good you have done. I say to you that each one of your good deeds will be rewarded.

24. Once you are dwelling in the Spiritual Kingdom, you will often observe how a good deed that appeared insignificant inspired and influenced others to practice loving deeds for their brethren. It will bring great satisfaction to the one who initiated those deeds.

25. It is necessary for those, who sow my teachings from this era in the hearts of their brethren, to know this. Many times you will speak to your brethren, not knowing the effect of your words. You will not know if the seed that you sowed produced any fruit or if it died and failed to multiply. You will know the full effects of your deeds once you reach the end of your path. For now, work hard and practice many good deeds with your brethren. Set an example for your brethren so that the seeds you have sown in the heart of man will flourish into deeds of love.

26. The path that you are following to attain spiritual enlightenment is long. There is no being that has a longer path to follow than the spirit. The Divine Father purifies, enlightens, and helps your spirit to attain spiritual perfection along that path.

27. I speak to you extensively so that you may have an abundance of my seed to sow as you fulfill your mission.

28. The Nation of God will arise once again on earth, but it will not be confined to a race of people. This nation, who will become my new disciples, will not be recognized according to their language, race, or blood, but according to their spirituality.

29. This multitude will not limit itself to teaching my Doctrine through books. For my words to have true meaning, one needs to practice them. Thus, this nation of people will not restrict itself to spreading my doctrine through books and writings but also with deeds and examples.

30. Today, I am helping you to become free of all things that have no value, that are impure and wrong, so that you can lead a life of simplicity and purify. This will allow you to practice deeds that offer a true testimony of my Doctrine.

31. When the right time arrives I will present my nation of people to humanity. The Divine Master will not be ashamed of his disciples nor will the disciples reject the Divine Master. This will occur at the same time that a great war of ideas is taking place on earth. During those difficult times, spiritualism will emerge to offer enlightenment and peace to humanity.

32. Already Divine Justice is having an effect on man's earthly powers and on his accumulated material treasures, so that he will come to understand that the strength for my Divine Word to prevail and be spread to other lands and hearts will not come from these riches and powers.

33. Those material and moral structures that humanity has constructed during this period will disappear. I said in the Second Era that, "No stone will remain upon another stone". In order for the "new human being" to appear on earth, it is necessary first to erase all stains, destroy all sin, and leave only those things that contain good seeds to remain.

34. The splendor of my presence and my justice will be seen throughout the world. In the presence of that divine light, idols will fall, routine traditions will be forgotten, and useless rituals will be abandoned.

35. The spirit of those who previously were unable to perceive me, but who can now perceive me, will start singing a new hymn. Despite their imperfections, they continued to seek me. Those who seek me will always find me.

36. Others who have rejected, avoided, and forgotten me or who do not believe that I am presently manifesting myself will experience ordeals along their paths. These ordeals will help them to open their eyes and perceive the truth.

37. It is not important that some love me in ways that are imperfect and others reject me, for I know that all are in need!

38. Everyone needs to prepare their spiritual weapons of love because the great battle will soon begin. Everyone will take part in that battle, including heads of government, ministers, men of science, the rich, and the poor.

39. When the hour of justice arrived, what remained of the Temple of Solomon? Nothing was left, only the knowledge of God's law which was written in the human conscience. Rituals, traditions, sacrifices, and material offerings to God all disappeared. The tabernacle and the altar were destroyed; but the Divine Law and the words of the prophets remained to prepare humanity for the new era and to cleanse human hearts in order for the new seed to germinate.

40. Jerusalem, which the people of Israel believed was indestructible, was destroyed, as was the Temple of Solomon which was the pride of the people. The material sanctuary had to be destroyed so a spiritual sanctuary could be constructed in the heart of humanity since my "Kingdom is not of this world.” Then, truly I could reign among humanity.

41. You should now realize why my apostles did not construct material temples during the Second Era. Instead, they constructed temples of faith, virtue, and love in the hearts of people. They did this through their spiritual and loving deeds and the truthfulness of their words. They had no need for incense, gold, nor religious rituals. When they placed their hands on those who were ill, they became healed; when they spoke of the Doctrine of Christ, they erected sanctuaries within the spirit of those who listened; and when they spoke of the sacrifice that Jesus made to teach man the path of salvation, that teaching remained engraved in those spirits.

42. I say to you once again, "My Kingdom is not of this world.” The temple of the Holy Spirit does not have a material foundation nor does it have altars on the earth.

43. Material and physical forms of worship will be destroyed during this period. When this occurs, many individuals will experience anguish and ask: Why has God permitted this to occur? They will be asking the same question that the Jewish people asked when they saw their city being destroyed. During this period, my people will be the ones who will explain to humanity that a new era has arrived in which a new seed will soon be spread.

44. The fields will be prepared and ready for the seeds that my workers will sow. It is important for you to reflect carefully on the responsibility of those who sow. After humanity frees itself from all fanaticism and material forms of worship, would it be just for this multitude to practice a new idolatry? No, my beloved disciples and new students, it would not be fair. That is why you are learning new lessons and confronting ordeals at each step on your path.

45. Great is your destiny! You have an important responsibility. You must not allow yourself to be troubled by the great misery and suffering that will soon occur on earth. Instead, you need to develop courage and hope, realizing that mankind will need to experience those hardships to awaken spiritually and to become purified. If that does not occur, humanity will not be able to enter triumphantly into the era of spirituality.

46. Learn to overcome adversities without becoming discouraged and take care of your physical health. Offer encouragement to your brethren by speaking to them of Me, teaching them my Doctrine that will help them to develop faith and hope.

47. Behold that many of your brethren feel downhearted as they journey through life. They have allowed themselves to be defeated in their battle. They have aged prematurely reflecting sadness and dejection in their faces. If those who should be the strong ones begin to weaken, then the young will weaken also and the little children will see only misery surrounding them.

48. My people, you should not deprive yourselves of enjoying those things that are wholesome and bring you happiness, although they are only short-lived. If you allow yourself to eat your humble bread in peace, truly I tell you that you will find it sweeter and more nourishing.

49. Be aware that I want you to have confidence, faith, optimism, serenity, and strength in all your struggles and in the work that you need to do. Do not carry any bitterness in your heart. What comfort and words of wisdom would you be able to offer those who need help if you carry dissatisfaction and grief within your heart?

50. It is in your ordeals where you specifically will need to offer strong evidence of your faith, humility, and spiritual elevation.

51. The one who practices spirituality during his life will always feel a profound peace and will be able to sleep in tranquility. During those moments of sleep, the spirit will separate from its material body to penetrate into the spiritual valley to receive divine inspirations that will nourish both the spirit and the material body.

52. No one should say that I have come to bring sadness into his life because, in reality, my divine word has come to save you from spiritual darkness. Be aware that I have come to prepare you so that you will be strong in your struggles.

53. Do not lose confidence, nor be afraid, knowing that the battle is approaching. Do not doubt that peace will return to your world.

54. I have said to you that life on earth is now entering a new and different phase. Although earth will continue being the same planet in terms of its physical nature, humanity will experience a change in the way it lives. Justice and truth will govern man's way of living, thus, humanity will have different goals, ideals, and struggles.

55. The majority of spiritual beings who will incarnate and dwell on earth during that period will be virtuous and follow a righteous path. Although there still will be some who will continue their evil ways on earth, they will eventually yield to the divine truth that their brethren now practice. That is not what is now occurring on earth. Today, there are many individuals who are bad influence and harm others. With their negative strength they are able to contaminate, influence, and convert those beings who were virtuous.

56. For the present, earth will continue to be a place of purification for the spirit, where it can experience struggles and have the opportunity to amend its mistakes and wrongdoing. Spirits who now depart from earth still lack the spiritual elevation that is necessary to dwell in other mansions where highly evolved spiritual beings live. Presently, earth is not ready to become a home for the highly elevated spiritual beings which eventually will come to dwell on earth in the future. Since the spirit is slow to evolve, it has the opportunity to reincarnate on earth many times to settle past debts and to complete its unfinished work.

57. In the future, those who are dwelling on earth will be able to offer me the spiritual flowers of their good deeds. They will also bring before my presence the ripe fruits they have gathered after having dedicated their lives to loving the Divine Father and their brethren.

58. Do you not realize that it will be your children who will dwell on earth tomorrow? And do you not desire for your children something better than that which you have obtained? Your heart full of love and charity responds: "Yes, Father". Thus, you must cleanse and prepare the path for them, for I want them to find in the footprints of your journey the humble heritage that you have left them. Those generations will cherish greatly your gift.

59. It will not matter if you are forgotten, for the important thing is that your deeds will be remembered because they will be inscribed in the hearts of humanity along the path that you have traveled.

60. Who will be able to erase that path if it is my justice that is going to preserve and protect it?

61. Behold how many mysteries are being clarified through Spirituality, and the many beautiful revelations that it is teaching humanity.

62. Your spirit is receiving great enlightenment from the Book of Seven Seals. It is the Lamb of God who speaks and reveals the contents that are contained in the Sixth Seal.

63. Only the Lamb is able to penetrate into the profound mysteries of God to reveal that wisdom to His children.

64. When you, my disciples from the Third Era, have the complete knowledge of what you have received, you will quickly arise to spread this new message, which belongs to all humanity.

65. Behold how amidst all of the materialism that exists on earth, there are some who have not forgotten that I promised to return. Those individuals study the words of the prophets and carefully analyze the events that are occurring on earth. They await my arrival, and want to know if I have already arrived, or if I have already come and departed.

66. I say to those of you who have witnessed and have felt great joy with this manifestation: "Practice charity with mankind. They are your brothers."

67. Prepare yourselves to take the good news to your brethren. Although many of them will accept it with great joy, some will not. They will inform you that they have all that they need with the revelations of God from the First Era and those from the Second Era. It is then that I will inspire you to tell those unbelievers that it is necessary to know the new revelations in order to truly comprehend the past teachings of God.

68. What must you do so that your brethren will listen to the good news that you bring them without ridiculing you and harshly judging you? Prepare yourself as a true apostle and messenger of this divine message, offering it to your brethren with the same purity with which I have offered it to you.

69. Although this multitude will not be the savior of all the nations on earth, you will work together with the Divine Master. He is the true Savior of this world and all worlds throughout the universe, including you and all the spirits.

70. I want to rejoice with those things that I have created and to be loved and understood by all those beings who are a part of my Spirit. I want everyone to come before Me so that from my Kingdom I may reveal to them the magnificence of my divine work. As they observe my divine work, I want them to experience true joy knowing that they have journeyed through the path that leads to the Divine Father.

71. The end of my manifestation through the human spokesmen does not mean that my work has come to an end. My work is eternal. The end of this manifestation only signals the beginning of your struggle.

72. Although I will no longer manifest myself through the spokesmen to give you my teachings, I will inspire and spiritually enlighten them to analyze these teachings and explain them to the multitudes.

73. The reason I have given you these teachings through the human spokesmen is to teach you how to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 293

1. My love, like the ever shining sun, offers warmth and spiritual enlightenment to everyone.

2. I am presently manifesting my thoughts through the human spokesmen. My word, which brings joy to your heart and sweet nourishment to your spirit, never brings you sadness.

3. Similar to how bees fill a honeycomb with honey, one drop at a time, the divine teachings that I am giving you through the human spokesmen spiritually nourishes the hearts of this multitude with truth and essence, which it greatly seeks.

4. Although the number of my people who have come to witness this manifestation is limited, I grant you my teachings the same as I would a great multitude. My love will not detain itself because of the limited number of people who are witnessing my manifestation, because prejudice does not exist in the Master as in some human beings.

5. The Savior welcomes his people who have been oppressed by ordeals, struggles, doubts, sadness, and suffering.

6. During this era, your spirit needs healing; therefore, I now have come to heal you the same as during the Second Era, when I came as a Doctor to heal those who were spiritually and physically ill.

7. When you arrive tormented by serious problems, overwhelmed by poverty, and feeling anguish because of your ordeals, you seek my words to comfort you and to tell you that I am with you. Then I allow you to feel my presence, proving to you that I am aware of all things. I offer you spiritual peace and true nourishment with my teachings, thus giving you the spiritual strength to continue along the path of life, with its struggles and restitution.

8. You have learned from my teachings that the love of the Divine Father will help you with your ordeals if you have a little faith, hope, patience, and strength.

9. The one who trusts in Me will never despair but will be rewarded for trusting in the love and in the mercy of his Lord.

10. I am the one who comes to you when you feel discouraged and depressed; for I am Christ and Christ is Love.

11. My beloved people, I have come to heal and strengthen you because the time is approaching when I will choose from this multitude those who are truly prepared, dedicated, and have analyzed my divine teachings. They will become my first messengers and witnesses, and also the first to communicate with the Divine Father from spirit to Spirit.

12. Disciples, do not think that it pleases me to choose some and reject others for that is not true. I do choose, however, those who are spiritually prepared to serve me.

13. Those who spiritually prepared themselves were able to witness my manifestation through human spokesmen during this time. Those who prepare themselves in the future will be the ones who will be able to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. They will be astonished and amazed with the revelations and spiritual enlightenment they will receive from my Spirit.

14. The time will come when you will be able to communicate from your spirit to my Spirit, but it will depend on your dedication to my doctrine and on your love for your brethren.

15. Do not ignore the teachings that I have brought to you through these humble spokesmen, because they will help you to evolve spiritually and to communicate with God from spirit to Spirit. If ! you seek the true essence of each word of the Master, what astonishing revelations you will find! You will become spiritually enlightened and apply that enlightenment to your life on earth.

16. The Divine Master tells those who are disciples of this Doctrine and who have witnessed this manifestation that they need to practice and comprehend these teachings. This will help them to evolve spiritually and to communicate with the Divine Master from spirit to Spirit. They will receive new teachings in that spiritual and intimate communication, and there will be no need for intermediaries nor external forms of worship.

17. Even though you still do not understand the true essence of these teachings, you want to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

18. If you would attain the spiritual elevation that I am asking you to achieve, you would be guided by your enlightened spirit. Your brethren would then be able to feel your positive and beneficial influence. Since this is not yet occurring, you need to continue to repeat the lessons of life, much to your sorrow.

19. Man has received revelations from God in three different eras. Although I have frequently explained the "Holy Trinity" using different explanations, you are still unable to explain that concept to your brethren because you do not fully understand it.

20. I have explained that the Being whom you refer to as the Father refers to the absolute power of God, the Universal Creator, the only Being who has always existed. The Being whom you refer to as the Son, is Christ, who manifests the Father's perfect love for his children. The Being whom you refer to as the Holy Spirit represents the spiritual enlightenment of God that man is receiving during this Third Era. During this era, the spirit of man has the ability to comprehend my revelations much better.

21. That spiritual enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, which is God's wisdom, will reign soon during this Third Era. It will illuminate man who is in great need of spirituality and who hungers for love and thirsts for the truth.

22. I have reigned in three eras among mankind, three different reigns that soon will be united into only one.

23. During my first reign I manifested my power and strength. I manifested my love during the second one and my divine wisdom and knowledge in the third reign.

24. When man succeeds in living according to the Law, teachings, and revelations that I have brought him during the three eras, he will truly be able to proclaim that "The Kingdom of Heaven has penetrated into the heart of humanity".

25. My people, truly I tell you that only one God has manifested himself to humanity in three distinct manifestations. Since it was the same God who has manifested himself, you will discover that during the First Era the Divine Father not only manifested his power, but also his love and wisdom. Christ, in the Second Era, not only manifested his love but also his power and wisdom. During this Third Era, would it therefore be unusual for the Holy Spirit to manifest God's strength, power, and law, as well as His love, tenderness, and healing balsam?

26. This is the most elevated era, but it is not because of the spiritual enlightenment of this era, for mankind has always been spiritually enlightened. It is the most elevated era because man is now able to live a superior life.

27. The human mind and spirit will become illuminated during this era of spiritual enlightenment; therefore, humanity will become transformed. That enlightenment will permit man to perceive the truth so clearly, that even those who previously rejected me will no longer do so. Those who are stubborn will also cease to be stubborn, because they will be able to perceive the truth as one is able to perceive the heavens on a clear day.

28. For now, I have to separate this multitude from the rest of humanity. This multitude consists of men of good will who, when the moment arrives, will work to sow the seed of Spirituality. I am spiritually preparing them and teaching them in this humble and quiet place.

29. I want to form a nation of truly dedicated individuals, like those who dedicate their hours to cultivating and preparing their fields, scholars who are forever studying and analyzing, philosophers who dream, and laborers who are dedicated to their jobs, and who truly struggle to survive. I want to establish a nation of people with the dedication of those individuals, and who are truly inspired by spirituality, peace, virtue, and a superior knowledge of life. I want this nation to work and to be vigilant like a good farmer, to be like the scholar who studies late into the night, and dreams like the philosopher. I want this nation to truly dedicate itself to nourishing its spirit in the same way that humanity struggles for its daily bread.

30. The true spiritualist will be the one who unites the laws of man with the spiritual laws of God in order to live a virtuous and elevated life guided by his conscience.

31. Today, you are my young disciples who are gradually strengthening and preparing your spirit as you meditate, so that you may help your brethren.

32. The true disciple of Jesus is the one who convinces others to follow the true path through words that are persuasive and comforting. That disciple helps his brethren to resurrect spiritually and to triumph over their weaknesses and their ordeals.

33. The true apostle of Christ does not carry any selfishness in his heart. He is not preoccupied with his own suffering nor with his personal belongings. He disregards those things that are his to think of others, fully confident that the Divine Father will take care of him. He knows that the Father will help those who leave behind their belongings to go help their brethren. The one who forgets himself in order to offer comfort and hope to those who feel dejected, and give healing balsam to those who suffer, will discover that his home has been filled with blessings, joy, and peace when he returns.

34. Men truly will not be practicing my Doctrine unless they perceive one another as brethren and perceive other children throughout the world as their own.

35. Very few know the true secret of life, whose origin and strength comes from love.

36. The one who learns to be virtuous from the divine teachings of my Doctrine will become as a loaf of bread that is distributed to all who are hungry.

37. You cannot say that you are following my path of love if you fail to practice deeds of charity and kindness. You cannot progress spiritually if you criticize and judge your brethren.

38. My divine light will not be able to penetrate into your being if you do not cleanse your heart and thoughts. Negative thoughts, words, and emotions prevent my pure divine light from penetrating into your spirit.

39. You need to cleanse your spirit so that I may dwell within your heart, not only for a few moments, but eternally. I want to always dwell within your heart. Do not summon me for only a few minutes and then reject me during your moments of low passions.

40. The world and its temptations are strong, therefore, you need to develop strong convictions so that you will not weaken during your struggles and ordeals.

41. Sometimes I repeat my teachings so that your heart will be touched and your spirit will become more sensitive. If I did not do that, you would not truly understand the truth of my word. Do you not remember how in the past the people of Israel obeyed God's Law because they feared being punished? They believed that God's justice was unyielding, strict, and harsh.

42. You now know that those people were incorrect because you have discovered the Father's infinite love for his children.

43. You now perceive God more as Father, the Divine Father, who loves his children in an infinite and perfect manner, rather than a judging God. You need to become aware, however, that you too can commit errors as my people did in past eras. Do not make the mistake of assuming that since the Father is infinitely loving and forgiving, that you can continue to commit serious sins, ignoring your spiritual and moral growth.

44. Truly, God is love and there is no sin that He will not forgive, however, you should know that He will not yield in his justice. You need to have a true knowledge of my Doctrine so that you will eliminate any false beliefs that you might have developed. Do not forget that even though the Divine Father forgives your sins, it is your responsibility to cleanse those stains from your spirit. You can only eliminate those stains by practicing deeds of love, a love corresponding to the love of the Divine Father who is truly forgiving.

45. You have closed your eyes to your own sins, refusing to take responsibility for your evil ways. Eventually you will realize that you are the only one who is responsible for cleansing those stains that you carry within your heart.

46. Why are you not progressing along your path, since it opens the door to your salvation and my divine grace? It is because your faith in God is weak. You have become doubtful like many people on earth, losing faith in God's charity and love.

47. I say to those who listen to me today, seeking happiness through the temporary and material pleasures of this world: Truly, at the end of your journey you will be judged by your conscience and will only experience bitterness when you realize that the false pleasures that you pursued greatly on earth were only false illusions of true happiness.

48. You need to allow your spirit, guided by the conscience, to guide you along the path of life as you experience its struggles, enjoyments, and death.

49. One can only acquire strength through faith.

50. I say to humanity, who is saddened and dejected by its suffering and bitterness: Open your eyes to perceive the arrival of the Spirit of Truth and the Kingdom of Light. They have descended among humanity to awaken all beings who were spiritually asleep.

51. Christ is speaking to you in spirit. He is the intermediary between God and man because Christ is the Divine Word of God, the Divine Word of Love and Truth. Today I am speaking to man in one of the infinite forms in which I can manifest myself. When this manifestation ceases, my word will remain written. Those written teachings will go from region to region, home to home, and heart to heart. They will awaken some individuals who were spiritually asleep, convert others, and offer comfort to the disheartened. I say to you, however, that some will remain insensitive when they receive my teachings and disrespectfully criticize them. That does not matter, my people, for the time will arrive when multitudes will anxiously seek my written word. Even this multitude, who has witnessed my manifestation, will welcome those writings with love and respect, as they remember their essence and the great joy it brought them. Those teachings were like manna which offered spiritual nourishment to this multitude along the path of life.

52. Man needs spiritual wisdom during this period, and I have come to give it to him. As in the past, when seeing that man needed love, I came to teach it to him.

53. Nothing is impossible for God. Whenever man has needed anything from God, God has helped him. The Lord has brought man profound teachings, when man needed superior knowledge, and He has helped man develop a stronger faith when the faith of his beloved children was weak.

54. You should not be surprised at the manner in which I chose to manifest myself during the Third Era. This manifestation allowed man to hear my word and to feel my teachings in his heart.

55. Today, I have not incarnated in a human being as I did in the Second Era. During this Third Era, Christ is manifesting himself through human spokesmen, a mission that was assigned to some of my children. Those spokesmen receive my teachings through inspiration and direct communication with my Spirit.

56. Man has reached a state of great confusion due to his erroneous interpretations of the revelations given to him by God in the past eras. Man has become confused due to his inability to penetrate into those-things that are spiritually profound. He lacks spiritual wisdom to perceive those things that are divine and beyond his materialism.

57. I came during this period because man was in great need of spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment means wisdom, love, and spiritual elevation.

58. To give you my teachings of spiritual enlightenment, it was not appropriate to manifest myself in human form during this era. It was better to manifest myself spiritually. Although this form of manifestation does not allow you to perceive me physically, you are able to perceive me spiritually through your faith and love.

59. The spiritual manifestation of God during this era is the arrival of the Holy Spirit. It is the same powerful and just Jehovah who manifested himself through the elements of nature in the First Era, and through a loving Jesus during the Second Era. Today, He has come to mankind once again, but spiritually because man now has the ability to understand God and to communicate with him directly.

60. During this era of enlightenment man will be able to comprehend those things that he did not previously understand. Today, I will leave in your heart the essence of my teachings from the past eras. The fanaticism that man has developed in reference to those teachings will be eliminated as he progresses along his path of spiritual evolution and becomes spiritually enlightened.

61. I am speaking to all of my children and do not distinguish among them according to their religious beliefs. Man is responsible for the spiritual disharmony that exists among mankind because he continues to judge others, to have conflicts with his brethren, and to deny the truth.

62. I love and seek everyone in the same manner because I observe that all do not know the right path. I do not disapprove that men have created different religions from my divine law and truth. Those different religions were necessary because individuals on earth have different levels of comprehension, progress, and spirituality. However, I do not approve when different religions perceive one another as enemies, hurting and killing one another. I say to you that those who behave in that manner are not defenders of the truth but are truly enemies of it.

63. Why perceive your brethren as your enemy, when all human beings are stained with sin? Why should you criticize the manner in which your brethren seek to attain spiritual perfection to reach the Divine Father? Who can truly proclaim that he has discovered the truth and has become one with God? Who can truly say that he has been saved or is truly destined to perish?

64. Humans demonstrate their ignorance when they continue to judge one another!

65. Are you not ashamed of committing those sins during this era ; of great spiritual enlightenment, an era in which your spirit should be progressing and elevating above human miseries?

66. My people, you now hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, the spiritual manifestation of God through human spokesmen. He has not come to reveal a new law nor a new doctrine, but one that is more advanced, spiritual and perfect, and one that teaches man how to worship and communicate with God in the perfect manner.

67. The Lord previously told you to love God with all of your heart and spirit and to love your fellow human being as you do yourself.

The Divine Master came to teach man his Doctrine of Love. Today, the Holy Spirit, which is also the voice of God, comes again to tell you to follow the Law of Love because that law contains a strength that is not found in even the most powerful army on earth. Those things that you conquer through love will be eternal, not temporary. All things that you construct with true love will have eternal life.

68. Today, humanity lives in disgrace. The human mind is confused and the human heart highly arrogant because of man's earthly accomplishments. Although man has always had the spiritual knowledge and wisdom to eliminate his arrogance, he has chosen not to use them.

69. I say to those who are spiritually awake and who are aware of the events that are occurring on earth: You are the ones whom I have chosen to light the lamp of faith in mankind so that he can develop a faith in God.

70. Be aware that your spirit needs to develop the spiritual gifts and powers that you have neglected until now.

71. I have not come to reveal your spiritual past nor your future with my teachings, for that would not benefit you, but I have come to teach you to fulfill the mission that you have on earth.

72. Therefore, you should ignore those who wish to astonish you by revealing information about your spiritual past and future.

73. Disciples, you need to become aware that spirituality permits the conscience to manifest itself more clearly. If you listen to that voice of wisdom within your conscience you will never be deceived.

74. Listen to your conscience because through that friendly voice the Lord will offer you spiritual enlightenment as your Father, Teacher, and Judge.

75. Let your conscience tell you that I am not punishing you when you experience an ordeal. The ordeals that you experience will help your spirit to become purified. When you perceive the elements of nature becoming unleashed, creating fear in the human heart, you should no longer speak disrespectfully about God, proclaiming that He is punishing mankind. Those ordeals will help man attain purification.

76. Only when a spirit is pure will it be able to illuminate the splendor of its divine essence.

77. Seek to purify your spirit by practicing deeds of love with your brethren.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 294

]. During this period of much suffering, my Doctrine will be a guiding light for those who are lost, a shield for those who are weak, and nourishment for those in need. I am speaking figuratively about spirituality. As I have told you in the past, man does not live by bread alone. He also needs my words of divine wisdom to guide him in life.

2. It is necessary for you to comprehend the essence of this truth because you will meet many individuals along your path who are physically and spiritually ill. Truly I tell you that their material and physical needs will not be greater than their spiritual needs because their spirit is in a state of misery, hunger, anguish, and confusion.

3. To help your brethren, you need to be well prepared spiritually so that you will be sensitive to the inner pain they carry. You will then become aware of their individual needs. I have come to teach you how to nourish, heal, and offer spiritual enlightenment to others, teaching them the path to evolve spiritually.

4. The one who listens to this word and truly cherishes it within his heart will become converted into a spiritual doctor, adviser, and guide for his brethren. Through his loving words he will offer peace and comfort to his brethren who are in need of spiritual enlightenment.

5. You will help to resurrect those individuals who were spiritually dead by healing them and allowing them to listen to my divine teachings. They will awaken from their deep sleep as your words touch their hearts. They will become aware of the spiritual gifts and treasures that they possess and will experience great joy in their hearts knowing that the Divine Father has left them this inheritance.

6. For a long time they have drifted away from the Lord, but they became more loving and spiritually enlightened listening to the divine teachings from their brethren who are messengers from the loving Father.

7. I will summon all individuals, one by one, in the same humble manner in which this multitude was summoned to receive the news of my arrival during this Third Era.

8. I want my arrival to reflect humility during this period. I want you to spread this message in a loving and humble manner that reflects true spirituality.

9. Follow the example set by my apostles who utilized deeds of love, words of wisdom and enlightenment, and writings that reflected the truth to offer testimony to all nations that Christ, the Divine Master,had been with them.

10. I say to this multitude, which lacks spiritual strength and does not make an effort to achieve a state of well-being: Am I asking you to make sacrifices? Although the mission that I have assigned you is simple to fulfill, you believe that the cross that I have asked you to carry is much heavier than you are able to carry.

11. If I submit you to an ordeal, you despair and rebel against my will, even though it is not a difficult ordeal.

12. Why do you not follow the example of Abraham, who was willing to obey my request of sacrificing his beloved child? Where can I find someone who possesses the strength and faith of Moses, who led his people as they journeyed through the desert? Where are the faithful, as were my past apostles, who were willing to sacrifice their lives to follow the path outlined by their Divine Master?

13. Although I am not asking you to sacrifice the life of your child nor to shed your blood in my name, you refuse to fulfill your mission because you believe that it is too difficult.

14. I only come to teach you how to practice charity and help your brethren attain spiritual peace by guiding them as they evolve spiritually.

15. Listen to the voice of your conscience informing you of your mission and then tell me if your mission is too difficult. Truly I tell you that if you always listen to the voice of your conscience, you will shed tears of repentance and say to me: I have been very ungrateful with you, Lord, and very unjust with myself!

16. Once you have come to this realization and truly decide to start fulfilling your mission with humbleness and love, you will feel in your spirit the light of the Divine Father blessing you.

17. Do not fear, my people, for I am like an immense bright light guiding you and illuminating your path.

18. If this teaching is allowing you to become aware of your weaknesses and mistakes, so be it. You should seek, however, the true essence of this teaching, and you will find my love, justice, and devotion in the mission that I have given you to fulfill.

19. Behold that this is the Third Era, the era of spiritual enlightenment.

20. Rejoice, for you are going to witness many events and be blessed by receiving many revelations.

21. Your heart does not lack sensitivity, your spirit is not asleep, and you are able to feel my love; therefore, open your eyes to perceive the divine light. Allow your senses to become aware of the signs, spiritual messages and manifestations that you are now receiving from my Spirit and your spiritual brethren.

22. During this era each individual will attain spiritual freedom at his designated time. At that moment, that individual will no longer be a slave to the world nor to the low passions of his flesh. He will stop being a servant to temptation and will no longer seek those pleasures associated with the material body.

23. Your spirit will then renounce all the false pleasures from the material world to follow the path of spirituality.

24. For many who have listened to my word during this era, spiritual freedom began when they first heard these teachings. With great love you remember that holy day when miraculously you began to develop faith.

25. Blessed are those who suffered greatly but who did not lose faith as they awaited my arrival. Blessed are those who were sinners but became pure in spirit because they sensed the arrival of my word. When these individuals first witnessed my manifestation, they felt my presence and recognized me. Because they experienced great suffering and ordeals, their hearts were highly sensitive to the divine essence of my word. While they were becoming spiritually strong, these spirits were freeing themselves from material vices and negative pleasures, thus removing their sins, miseries, and weaknesses. As they eliminated these stains from their spirit, it began to reflect the divine essence, which is the Divine Truth.

26. Although those individuals were in a state of spiritual darkness and ignorance when they first arrived before my presence, they departed with greater faith and a clearer understanding of the true path they had to follow.

27. What great joy is experienced by a spirit when it develops faith! Also, those who develop faith and resurrect spiritually feel the joy of knowing that along their path they will be able to resurrect others who live in a state of spiritual darkness. They will help those who are lost to find the truth path, using what they have learned from the Divine Master.

28. The individual who has not saved a fellow human being, nor helped a being to regain his health or faith, cannot imagine that great spiritual joy. Who is able to truly comprehend the infinite joy that I feel, as your Savior and Divine Teacher, when I comfort those who need me, helping them to resurrect to eternal life? I have not only reserved that joy for myself, for I have come to teach you how to also save, heal, comfort, and resurrect your brethren. I want everyone to experience the same joy that I feel, for truly all beings will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

29. My people: If you feel a divine presence surrounding your being, it is your Divine Father. Since you have prepared your spirit and material body, you are deeply touched by my words and are enjoying the spiritual strength that emanates from my divine presence. Be aware that if you practice spirituality throughout your life, you will always be able to feel your Father's presence, thus, manifesting my justice in your life.

30. I am judging all the nations on earth and enlightening all spirits. Few, however, are aware that they are being judged and even fewer realize that the time of judgement that was prophesied in the past has now arrived.

31. I have given each individual time to examine his life through his conscience, as well as the opportunity to repent and to correct his unvirtuous ways. I have given all individuals time to prepare themselves, including those who govern, those who spiritually guide humanity, and those who are scientists, because each individual will need to respond to the voice of his conscience.

32. Today, men would receive messages constantly from their spiritual brethren if they were not so insensitive. They would perceive themselves surrounded by multitudes of spiritual beings who work nonstop to help man spiritually awaken. Man would then become aware that he has never been alone on earth.

33. Why do individuals refer to the spiritual world as being invisible or not of this world? It is because they lack faith to perceive the spiritual. Since man has failed to evolve spiritually, he feels distant and separated from the spiritual world, rather than part of it.

34. This multitude, who listens to my teachings in these humble homes, had to first eliminate its vanity and become less materialistic so that it could feel my divine doctrine deeply in its heart.

35. I have found this multitude poor and saddened by its material losses. It is less materialistic and not as interested in the false material riches of the world. It has become more sensitive to the spiritual. It wants to evolve and progress spiritually. If these individuals had been rich, robust and healthy, living a life of pleasure, material wealth, and festivities, would they have listened to me when I first summoned them during this era?

36. Behold that most of humanity still needs to become aware of my manifestation and to feel my presence so that those who govern will seek my teachings.

37. It is not that I want you to be poor nor in lack of those things that you need to live and survive, but one who is spiritually evolved must know that the spiritual needs are more important than material needs. The spirit is able to live without the material body, but the material body is not able to live without the spirit.

38. Although everything was created for you, I want you to choose and utilize only those things that you truly need. I want you to be rich spiritually, not materially. You may possess material wealth, but you should use it for virtuous reasons and for the good of others. I also want you to know the difference between the material and spirituality so that you can become aware of their true significance in your life. How can a human being harm his spirit, if he utilizes his great material wealth to help his fellow human beings, or if he communicates with me daily through prayer?

39. Those who are listening to these revelations are comprehending the truth. There are many others however who need to be saved because they live in a state of spiritual darkness. A time of great turmoil and ordeals is approaching, a time in which there will be great weeping, fear, cursing, and despair. Although many will fall into the abyss during that period, I assure you that no one will spiritually perish. When someone is in a state of spiritual darkness, there is always the divine light to help guide that individual. That light is the conscience which offers a ray of faith and hope to those who are lost.

40. I will allow men to feel my divine presence as they cry out: "Our Father, our Savior, come help us because we are perishing." I will manifest my infinite mercy and will prove once again my love for man.

41. I thirst for your faith, your repentance, and your love. Throughout your existence, you have not been able to quench my thirst because when I asked for your love, you offered me a chalice of bitterness.

42. I thirst for you to love one another. When you fulfill that law, your suffering, bitterness, and hardships will quickly disappear. My thirst comes from humanity not fulfilling my Law.

43. Disciples: As you study my teachings, you feel the great love that I have for you. You can also love me through my teachings because my Spirit is in their essence.

44. As my doctrine spreads, you will be asked the purpose of these teachings as there are already many religions on earth. You will inform your brethren that this Word will teach mankind how to communicate with God from spirit to Spirit which his other religions have not taught. These teachings, filled with divine enlightenment, are also revealing the spiritual gifts that man possesses.

45. The people of Spiritual Israel will inform humanity about the Good News of my Word. Through my teachings, mankind will realize that he is only a step away from my spiritual kingdom. The infinite distance that man believed existed between his world and my kingdom was the fruit of his imagination, his ignorance and materialistic worship.

46. In the past humanity was being prepared for the period when it would be able to communicate spiritually with the Lord. That period has now arrived. Your spirit now has the ability and the authority to elevate itself and communicate with the divine.

47. My communication through the human spokesmen verifies what I have said. It also serves to encourage this multitude, who has witnessed my manifestation, to take the first step toward communicating with God from spirit to Spirit.

48. I had to first teach and prepare you spiritually before you could progress along my path. You will need to do same thing with your brethren. First you will need to tell them about my word and help them understand my teachings. Once they understand it, they will be prepared to communicate with the Father from spirit to Spirit, as well as with their spiritual brethren.

49. Not all of the spokesmen whom I have used during this era wanted to serve me or were spiritually prepared. Although I used the spokesmen to manifest my divine enlightenment, many times they were preoccupied with impure thoughts and unvirtuous behavior. Those individuals have felt my justice because of their faults. Because of their weaknesses, they lacked my inspiration to transmit my message and were unable to verbally express my divine message eloquently. The multitude who came to listen to my teachings closed its ears to these poor manifestations, but it felt my presence through their spirits and received the essence of my teachings. Since the spokesmen were not prepared to truly transmit my message verbally, the multitude nourished itself with the essence from my divine charity. Thus, the multitude communicated from spirit to Spirit with the Divine Master although it was not prepared to receive my inspiration in that form.

50. There is still time for the spokesmen and the congregations to prepare themselves for the final year of my manifestation in order to receive more elevated and enlightened teachings. I am ready to reward you if you make a true effort to prepare yourselves. Your spirits will receive an abundance of spiritual enlightenment as well as strength, wisdom, and spirituality.

51. My manifestation must conclude in that manner. It will end with this multitude having achieved a higher degree of spiritual preparation. It will prepare you so that when you are no longer able to listen to me in this manner and feel the need to listen to my voice, you will seek me in the infinite and the divine. You will then truly begin to worship me spiritually, which is the true communication between the Father and his children.

52. When man no longer needs material objects, persons, or forms to feel my presence and is able to receive my inspiration and feel my presence through spiritual prayer, he will proclaim: "Divine Master, how near you are to me."

53. I will continue to be your Teacher and Doctor. I will manifest myself through you to heal those who are ill. I will also inspire your thoughts and will speak through your lips, and I will send you guardian angels that will continue to guide and protect you.

54. Do not be satisfied with what you initially achieve. You should always continue to make a true and dedicated effort to spiritually evolve and perfect yourself because spiritual communication is also subject to evolution.

55. This is the Third Era, therefore, even though your spirit now dwells on earth, it can begin to think about highly evolved spiritual mansions and acquiring profound spiritual knowledge. The one who departs from earth with spiritual enlightenment, and having developed his spiritual gifts, will dwell in the mansion that corresponds to his spiritual purity and evolution. That individual will be fully aware of his spiritual state and will be able to fulfill his mission wherever he dwells in the universe. He will know the language of love, harmony, and justice, communicating with a pure and spiritual language through his thoughts. He will no longer experience sorrow, confusion, and difficulties. He will now experience immense joy as he dwells in the highly evolved spiritual mansions that are his eternal heritage.

56. My servants will have to work very hard and confront numerous ordeals before humanity truly accepts my doctrine spiritually and with true faith.

57. The world will initially reject this Doctrine. You should not become disheartened, however, because I am now telling you that man will reject it but not his spirit, for the spirit of man remembers the promise that I previously made to him.

58. I observe that you are concerned about the journey that awaits you. Through my Word, I bring you peace and remove the obstacles that you have created with your imagination so you will be able to follow the true path.

59. Blessed are those who meditate, suffer, and are devoted to my Doctrine because it demonstrates that they have embraced it with their hearts. I will strengthen their spirits and allow them to feel my tender love, enabling them to acquire greater faith, peace, and confidence.

60. You have nourished your spirit with this divine bread as you sit at my table of love. The amount of nourishment that you receive depends on your spiritual preparation. If you were unable to further nourish yourself, it is because you lacked spiritual preparation. If you were able to greatly nourish yourself, it is because you were worthy of that reward. I also say to you that I shed an abundance of divine enlightenment only on those houses where the multitudes were spiritually prepared. If a multitude fails to prepare itself spiritually, then its conscience will let it become aware of it.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 295

1. Humanity: You have misinterpreted the meaning of life when you believe that material things are more important than spiritual virtues. If that were not true, my arrival during this period would not have been necessary. Become aware of how my words encourage you to become more spiritually enlightened and evolved regardless of your insensitivity to spirituality.

2. My Doctrine has the mission of inspiring you to become interested in the eternal life that awaits you, thus, eliminating your fear of death. My words come to free you from your errors.

3. Truly I tell you that death does not exit. The Creator is life, thus, his creations cannot die.

4. Man is responsible for his perception of death, hell, and heaven because of his limited understanding. Does man truly know the truth concerning my existence, my justice, and eternal life? Since there is only confusion in the human heart, false beliefs have arisen from that confusion. What awaits man in the future if he continues to separate himself from the true path? Only misery, confusion, and suffering await him during his life of ordeals and hardships.

5. My people, this Doctrine of the Spirit will offer man the spiritual enlightenment to eliminate his confusion concerning spirituality. Only through this doctrine will man be able to truly comprehend his spiritual destiny and God's justice.

6. Today, man cannot think of God without giving him some type of material form. Man cannot speak of temptation without personifying the influence of evil as a being, whose mission is to help spirits become lost. When man thinks of the restitution of a sinner, he imagines the fires of hell, a hell which has never existed.

7. Man is influenced by these three confusions, but, I reveal to you the following: If you believe God is the Holy Spirit, then there is no reason to seek him in material forms. The imaginary being whom you refer to as Satan only exists in the minds of those individuals who have not been able to spiritually interpret my word, revelations, and messages from the past. Truly I tell you that in the spiritual valley there does exist many beings that are confused and spiritually unenlightened giving rise to disagreements, hatred, and perversity. There exists multitudes of spirits that are able to influence man by transmitting evil thoughts and causing him to do evil deeds, but they are not demons. They are imperfect, perturbed, and confused beings who are in spiritual darkness because of their pain, envy, and hatred. Do not be surprised if I tell you that their nature is the same as that of your spirit or those beings whom you refer to as angels.

8. Why do you not call evil men on earth demons, if they also tempt you to perform evil deeds that separate you from the true path? These men, who are also imperfect spirits, have attained power and strength and have become materially powerful and great on earth.

9. Truly I tell you that I do not have one enemy among those who dwell on earth or in the spiritual valley. There does not exist one being who dedicates himself to hating and cursing me or separating his fellow beings from the righteous path, just to offend me. This is not true! Those who separate men from their faith, who erase my name from the hearts of men, and who fight against spirituality, do not do it to offend me. They do it because it is convenient to their earthly ambitions and their dreams of greatness and human glory.

10. This occurs with beings from the hereafter who have not awakened to spirituality, which helps one to elevate through the path of love. They have tried to become great only through science. When they influence their brothers and cause them to stray from the righteous path, it is not done to hurt me, to challenge my power, or to enjoy the triumph of evil over good. Although it is sinful, they do not do it to offend me. How could you spend your entire life believing that there is a powerful being opposing me, eternally taking away that which is mine?

11. How can you believe that I would allow a being to be infinitely more powerful than man, continually tempting him and eventually leading him to eternal condemnation?

12. If you believe this, then you truly do not know me or love me!

13. Truly, the evil tempt the good; the strong abuse the weak; the unjust ridicule the innocent; and the impure violate that which is pure. Although temptations surround you each and everyday of your life, you can use your spiritual weapons and shields to fight and defend yourselves. The conscience is your sword, which is guided by faith, morality, and reason to prevent evil temptations. You need to sow virtue with loving deeds, resisting evil in every way possible. If you see someone sowing destruction, vices, and ruin, arise and sow spiritual enlightenment. Guide the lost and help the one who has fallen to arise.

14. The struggle between good and evil and light and darkness is an eternal battle that is essential for you to spiritually evolve toward the summit of perfection.

15. The spiritually pure always bring me great joy. But I am just as pleased when a being who is stained with many sins becomes spiritually inspired and purifies himself as I am with the one who struggles throughout life to remain pure because of his great love and faith.

16. How far from the truth are those who believe that perturbed spirits have a distinct nature from those of enlightened spirits!

17. The Father would be unjust if that were true, just as he would stop being all powerful if he lacked the wisdom or the love to save those who are stained, impure, and imperfect, and would be incapable of reuniting them in the same mansion.

18. Disciples: When man has a true understanding of his deeds, he does not allow vanity to blind him. He knows that if he allows himself to become vain, he will become intellectually confused and unable to progress along his spiritual path because he has become stagnant and spiritually weak.

19. Vanity has caused many individuals to become lost and many nations and different cultures that once flourished to collapse.

20. Nations enjoyed splendor, well-being, and an abundance of many things as long as their ideals were to work hard to help humanity progress. When they began to disregard their previous ideals, allowing their pride to make them feel superior to others, selfishly wanting everything for themselves, they unknowingly began to destroy those things they had constructed previously. It was then that they began to descend toward the abyss.

21. Since the history of humanity is filled with such examples, it is just that a nation of people motivated by high ideals and noble deeds arise on earth. It is very important that they do not become vain because of their accomplishments on earth in order to continue to prosper and to spiritually progress.

22. As I speak to you in this manner, I am not trying to inspire you to pursue only material things. I want you to interpret my words correctly and to realize that I am referring to both the spiritual and the material.

23. Man can become vain not only from what he accomplishes materially but also spiritually. Observe how many religions have fallen and failed because of their vanity, pride, and false grandeur. When they believed they were at their most powerful period someone awakened them and made them aware of their errors and their separation from the Divine Law and Truth.

24. Humanity will be able to elevate its life on earth only by acquiring a true knowledge of the Divine Law and fulfilling it according to the conscience. The conscience is my divine wisdom, thus, it is always perfect, serene, and fair. It is never vain nor will it ever separate you from the true path.

25. Mankind needs a spiritual doctrine to awaken him to the Divine Truth. The doctrine that humanity so much needs is precisely the one I have now brought to it.

26. When this word spreads throughout the world, mankind will ask who inspired and dictated this written word. My messengers will testify that this word was given by the Holy Spirit utilizing human spokesmen.

27. When humanity receives this message it will remember Jesus, that humble one from Nazareth, who preached in the hills, the desert, on the riverbanks, and in the valleys. Jesus did not need material temples to preach within because the multitudes who listened to his words carried a spiritual temple within their hearts. When listening to his words, their hearts opened up as a flower opens it petals in the presence of sunlight.

28. I am knocking at the door of each human heart however, it is necessary for humanity to remember that I never announced that I would return in human form to earth. I announced that I would return in Spirit.

29. This is the period when man will comprehend many things. His spirit and his mind will become spiritually enlightened. During this era man will seek me spiritually because he will realize that God is not a person nor an image but a Universal Being that is infinite and absolute.

30. This Doctrine, which is known by a few individuals and unknown by most of humanity, will become a healing balsam for all those who suffer and will offer comfort, faith, and hope to mankind. It will eliminate the spiritual ignorance that exists on earth. It will also help man to elevate himself above sin, misery, suffering, and death.

31. This will occur because it is I, the Divine Doctor and Divine Comforter, who promised to return. It is I who have come to reveal this Doctrine.

32. Love has been the essence of my Doctrine throughout the eras. Love is the essence of God. All living things in the universe live through that essence. All things that God created were created through love, and love is the destiny of all things. Love governs, illuminates, and gives life to all things throughout the universe. Love eliminates death, sin, and low passions. It cleanses that which is impure and perfects ail that is imperfect.

33. I came to earth during the Second Era to teach you about the power of love through my deeds and my Doctrine which has remained engraved in your conscience. I, who overcame suffering and death through love, now ask those who are evolving on earth:

Have you learned to triumph over death and suffering?

34. I observe that you still celebrate the day of the dead. I ask you why? Is that, perhaps, the manner that you celebrate victory over death? No, humanity. Do not make that mistake, because if you do, you will be celebrating a worship of the material body and your love for the things on earth. When you worship those corpses that have been buried, you forget about spiritual beings and distance yourself from them. Those beings represent true and eternal life. When I see you shedding tears on a grave site, or covering it with flowers, I cannot help but repeat that phrase that I have said in the past: "Let the dead bury their dead".

35. Those who have understood my word and are practicing it in their lives need to pray for others who distort the true meaning of my teachings because of their materialistic interpretations. Those materialistic individuals have become vain and arrogant because of their scientific interpretations of the Divine Law and Truth. They believe that they are highly knowledgeable, powerful, and able to create. They ridicule those who pray to God. They believe that the destiny of humanity is in their hands, failing to realize that they are also subject to my divine justice. More than anyone else, they need your prayers and spiritual guidance.

36. Although those individuals have become lost due to their materialism and idolatry for science, they will spiritually awaken as they confront ordeals throughout their lives. These ordeals will make them realize that man possesses something that is beyond human intelligence. He possesses a spirit. They will also realize that there exits something superior to material science, a knowledge of the spiritual life.

37. If man allows his spirit to guide his mind when studying and understanding scientific knowledge, he will begin to discover those things he thought were beyond his comprehension. Man is destined to discover many things, once he allows his intelligence to become spiritualized.

38. As you listen to my teachings, you realize that the time is approaching when there will occur a clash of ideas and beliefs.

39. The period of idolatry is coming to an end. It will soon be replaced by a new period when humanity will practice spirituality. All idols will be replaced by the divine truth. Thus, man will erect a true altar to worship God.

40. I am the Truth, the Life, and the Divine Light. I am the Book of Life that has been opened for you to learn.

41. Since the beginning of humanity, man has sought the origin of life and to learn more about nature and the universe. In his attempt to learn and answer questions concerning the unknown, he has developed different sciences and philosophies to explain them. Since the human mind is very limited and unable to understand those things that only the spirit is able to comprehend, human science has been able to answer a few questions only.

42. I am spirit, but man has not sought this light in the spiritual. If man wants to discover the origin of life and of all creation and the truth concerning life, he will first have to seek his Spiritual Father. Man needs to seek me with his spirit through prayer and with the true desire to love, to help his brethren, and to overcome the miseries of human life. When man seeks me in that manner, he will quickly receive revelations and teachings that others have taken centuries to discover because those individuals sought to discover answers only through the human mind.

43. I am Love, and whoever seeks me needs to be inspired through love.

44. Since man is a reflection of the Creator, an image of God, his children must also resemble their Father in spirit. His children should possess the same attributes of the Divine Father and have eternal life. The material body is only a temporary garment worn by the spirit.

45. The Father sent spirits to dwell on earth so that they would evolve. As they faced ordeals on earth, they could become spiritually stronger and more enlightened. Life on earth would give endless opportunities to spirits to achieve merits by loving and helping their brethren. Those merits help the spirit to elevate beyond this life, to gain freedom from its material body, and to guide it to the Spiritual Kingdom. Man still has not won that battle and continues to be a slave to his material needs and physical desires. He has allowed himself to be dominated by forces and elements that are inferior to him. Although man believes that he is master of the earth, he is, in reality, nothing more than a slave to materialism and worldliness.

46. You will not achieve true spirituality until your spirit utilizes its divine gifts to dominate the unvirtuous passions and desires of the body.

47. You should not believe that I want man to separate himself from the material laws of earth so he can dedicate himself only to spiritual things. No, my people, those material things that the Father has created and offered to mankind are to help man to evolve spiritually. The Father wants man to reign over the elements, forces, and creatures of the material world, but to accomplish this, man needs to go beyond human intelligence. He needs to allow his enlightened spirit to guide him. When man begins to be guided by his spirit, then the Father will observe man's noble goals, loving deeds, and man's effort to become more spiritualized. The Father will then enlighten man with Divine revelations and wisdom.

48. It is just for the spirit to reveal its wisdom and knowledge to the human mind and not for the mind to reveal wisdom and knowledge to the spirit. Many individuals will not comprehend this because man is not accustomed to allowing his spirit to guide him.

49. Do you not see that man is more gifted and privileged than all the things that surround him, for he is the only being that possesses free will and a conscience. All of man's errors and sins have come from his use of his free will, however, those errors are only temporary in the presence of God's justice and in comparison to eternity. Eventually, man will be guided by his conscience and will not yield to the weaknesses of his material body and of his spirit. This will be the triumph of light over darkness, which is the triumph of wisdom and knowledge over ignorance. It will be the triumph of righteousness, which is love, justice, and harmony, over evil, which is selfishness, injustice, and uncontrollable low passions.

50. If you carefully observe your life, as well as the history of humanity, you will discover that battle has been constant throughout the history of man. It is a battle that is necessary to purify your spirit in the same manner that fire is needed to purify gold.

51. After listening to this teaching, who can truly believe that only one existence on earth is sufficient for a spirit to completely evolve and attain spiritual perfection?

52. Oh, people, you preoccupy yourselves with your material life on earth, believing that you will live eternally on this planet. You are unaware that because of your materialism you will need to reincarnate many times on earth to learn those things that you did not learn in a previous lifetime.

53. Although a spirit may reincarnate several times on earth, it is still not enough to attain spiritual perfection. No matter how much evolution a spirit has achieved after its last reincarnation on earth, it will still need to go dwell in other mansions in the spiritual valley to continue its spiritual evolution. There are infinite mansions in that valley where the spirit will learn new teachings and marvelous revelations.

54. When you have journeyed along the path of spiritual evolution and reached the threshold of purity and perfection, you will have attained true spiritual enlightenment and will comprehend the reason for your existence. 55.1 have divided the spiritual life of humanity on earth into three eras. In each era I have given man divine wisdom that he must know through different revelations and teachings.

56. The First Era was similar to the spiritual childhood of man in which he first opened his eyes and saw the face of his Father. Although man was able to hear what the Father told him during that era, he was unable to comprehend the true meaning of those words. Man followed the laws of God exactly as they were written without penetrating into the true spiritual meaning of those laws.

57. In the Second Era, I, the Divine Word, came to dwell among humanity in Jesus to teach man the path that his spirit needs to follow. The Second Era represents the spiritual adolescence of mankind, an era in which Christ came to teach humanity about love. He came to spiritually awaken man to the true meaning of love so that man would learn to love his brethren and the Divine Father.

58. God's divine law and his entire doctrine is summarized through the law of love which tells mankind to love God, the Father and Creator of all things, and to love one another.

59. My divine law has always been present in the conscience of man. Although generations come and go, and spirits come and ! depart from earth, my word remains firm and does not change. Humanity, nevertheless, continues to be stubborn. Very few understand the true essence of Divine Love found in my doctrine.

60. Humanity has multiplied and spread. As man becomes more scientifically advanced and intelligent, he becomes less concerned ! with spiritually evolving and more interested in pursuing material wealth, scientific advances, and the glories of earth. Because of his pursuit of worldly wealth and power, he has only been able to harvest bitter fruits.

61. You should not believe that it is my word that will judge your deeds nor condemn what you have accomplished scientifically. No, my people, it will be your deeds and your unvirtuous behavior that will judge and condemn you as you approach the abyss.

62. At the precise moment when man is coming near the abyss, the bell sounds from the clock of eternity, signaling the beginning of the Third Era. The Holy Spirit has come during this era to speak to man through the conscience, to offer him wisdom and enlightenment, and to clarify all mysteries. The Holy Spirit comes to offer salvation and comfort to man and to help him arise and resurrect.

63. This is the most subtle and elevated of all the forms that the Father has utilized to speak to mankind. The first two eras have passed and now man has entered into an era in which he is spiritually more evolved and therefore able to comprehend more profound teachings.

64. During this Third Era the spirit of man will free itself from the chains of materialism. This will result in a battle of ideas, which will be the greatest battle of ideas that has occurred throughout the history of man.

65. Perversity, selfishness, pride, vices, deceit, and all other things that have prevented man from leading an enlightened life on earth will be eliminated. Those things will come tumbling down from their pedestals like broken idols that are no longer worshiped. Mankind will then begin to practice humility.

66. What can you do to help your brethren during this battle? You can help by praying, not verbally, but through spiritually elevated thoughts. Prayer is a powerful weapon.

67. My Spirit, infinitely more subtle than the air that surrounds you, will be present receiving your prayers and converting them into peace and healing balsam for your brethren.

68. Your thoughts will become rays of light that will reach those who need enlightenment.

69. You will pray that the peace from the Kingdom of Heaven will descend upon the earth. The deeds that you practice will be similar to the first seeds of spirituality that will be sowed in the earth's soil during this Third Era.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 296

1. I am the light that illuminates your path, the wisdom that enlightens your mind, and the balsam that relieves your suffering.

2. I am the Divine Teacher. I have come to convert you into my disciples. When you become my disciples, you will become men of virtue on the earth.

3. If you truly want to eliminate your state of spiritual ignorance, seek me, and I will give you the spiritual enlightenment to help you along the path of life. If you want to have strong faith, come listen to me and follow me without becoming weary.

4. My people: In the beginning of time, mankind lacked love. The first humans were unable to feel and comprehend that divine force, that essence of the spirit, and that force which created all things. Man believed in God, but he believed that He was a God of power and justice. Man believed that God communicated with humanity through the elements of nature. When those elements were peaceful and tranquil, man believed that God was pleased with his deeds, but when those elements became unleashed he believed that God was manifesting his anger.

5. Since man believed that God was a terrible being who was vengeful and got angry, they would offer him sacrificial offerings to pacify him when they thought they had offended him. I say to you that those offerings were not inspired through a love for God. The first people on earth gave tributes to the Lord because they feared divine justice and punishment.

6. Those people simply referred to the Divine Spirit as God but never as the Father nor the Divine Teacher.

7. It was the patriarchies and the first prophets who made man realize that God was not only justice, but the perfect justice and that above all, He was a Father to all beings, a Father who truly loved his children.

8. During each era humanity has slowly progressed, step by step, along its path of spiritual evolution. Throughout the eras, humanity has learned more and more about God from the revelations that the Father has given to his children.

9. Nevertheless, man did not yet truly understand the divine love because he did not truly love God as a Father. Man, thus, was not able to feel the eternal love of God within his heart. Also, man was unable to feel in his heart the love that the Father was giving to him constantly.

10. Thus, it was necessary for the Divine Love and the Divine Word to materialize and become man. Then finally man would come to understand the great love that God had for his children.

11. Not all individuals were able to recognize the presence of the Father in Jesus. How could they recognize him, if Jesus was humble, compassionate, and loving even to those who offended him? Those, who did not recognize the Father's presence in Jesus believed that God was powerful, full of wrath for his enemies, and a harsh judge.

12. Although there were many who rejected the words of Jesus,there were also many who were deeply touched by his words and believed in him. They were unable to forget that with only a loving caress, a glance of infinite compassion, or a few words of hope, Jesus could heal incurable illnesses and afflictions. They did not forget the teachings of Jesus which promised a new world and a life filled with enlightenment and justice. Those individuals understood that Jesus represented the Truth and the Divine Love of the Father, a Father whom men did not know and thus were unable to truly love.

13. The teachings of Jesus Christ remain eternally sowed in the heart of mankind. Christ was the sower, and he continues to cultivate that seed. He will rejoice eternally when he comes to harvest the fruit. He will no longer need to repeat, "I hunger” or ”1 thirst” because his children will love him as he has always loved them.

14. Disciples, who is speaking to you about Christ? It is Christ who (is speaking.

15. Humanity, it is I, the Divine Word, who is speaking once again. You should recognize me and not doubt my presence because of the humble manner in which I have presented myself. I am the essence of total humility. That is why grandeur and vanity can never be a part of me.

16. Remember that my life on earth during the Second Era was lived in humility, from my birth until my death on the cross.

17. I present myself before humanity in a period when new revelations have transformed the life of man. Nevertheless, I still manifest myself to humanity with the same humility that you have always known.

18. The Divine Word of God has not come to incarnate on earth once again nor has Christ come again to be born in a humble manger. That is no longer necessary because man no longer needs a material being to offer testimony of the power of God. Although I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen during this era, man should not believe that my presence is a material one. It is not because the presence of God is spiritual, universal, and infinite.

19. My arrival during this period would not have been necessary if I humanity had been living a life of justice and virtue, for not all of the I deeds that humanity has presented to me are good. Man walks the wrong path and continues to sin and to lead a life that is unjust and evil. Thus, it was necessary that I come during this era to awaken man spiritually and to remind him of the spiritual responsibilities that he has neglected. Man also needs to become aware of his Father who has helped him to become all that he is and who will help him become the true son of God.

20. If I had attempted to communicate with man from Spirit to spirit during this period, man would not have listened to Me because he is very materialistic. Therefore, I chose to manifest myself through human spokesmen to give you my teachings.

21. During this era I have had to communicate with man in a more material form rather than a spiritual one because man is unable to spiritually elevate himself to communicate with the Lord from spirit to Spirit. I have had to descend from the spiritual and divine to communicate with humanity by utilizing human spokesmen to express my divine inspiration verbally.

22. Man still needs to learn much more, and it is the Lord who has come to bring him new knowledge and wisdom. Although some may believe that my manifestation through the human spokesmen lacked divineness, truly I tell you that the teachings have revealed great spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Some would have preferred a manifestation of more splendor and more dignity, but any form of I grandeur which reflects vanity lacks Divine light and spiritual elevation.

23. I could have arrived amidst lightning and storms to make my power known. Man would then easily have known that the Lord had I arrived! However, this would have caused man to become more confused and fearful. Do you not believe that instead of feeling love toward the Divine Father, you would have feared his justice? Although God is all powerful you must realize that he will not impose his will on humanity nor utilize his power to triumph over man. The only power God will use is Divine Love.

24. It is the Divine Spirit who is now speaking to the Universe. It has come to clarify all things that have confused man in the past. This is the dawning of a new day for mankind because the Divine Spirit has come to eliminate the doubts and false fears of man as well as to help man acquire greater spiritual wisdom and understanding, allowing his spirit to become free.

25. I say to you that after you become familiar with the essence of my teachings and the justice of my laws, you will also become aware of how your previous beliefs and ideas prevented you from knowing the truth.

26. No longer will the fear of punishment prevent you from analyzing and learning about different things. You will feel free to learn as much as you can, however, your conscience will inform you when it is not to your benefit to penetrate into knowledge that is not reserved for man. You must learn that man is not entitled to all knowledge. He must acquire only the knowledge that is reserved for him.

27. My people: If it was announced that my arrival would be amidst wars, unleashed elements in nature, epidemics, and chaos on earth, it was not I who caused these events. I came during this period because I knew that humanity would need me during this time of great ordeals. Those events that were prophesied to signal my new arrival are now occurring. During this Third Era I have come to earth during a period of great suffering and turmoil to awaken and summon a new humanity with love. It is love that inspires man to practice justice, brotherhood, and peace.

28. I say to those who have received the blessing of listening to me during this time: Become a disciple who practices true spirituality. You must practice my Doctrine of love in your life. Material forms of worship, such as traditions and rituals, or memorizing words from my doctrine, will not help you to fulfill your mission on earth.

29. Only I can speak to you in this manner. Only I can inform you how to best fulfill those things that the Lord wants you to do. I also will help you to eliminate any fear that you might have developed toward the Father.

30. I have come to free you not only from the errors and false beliefs that influence your life on earth, but also to tell you that eternal condemnation, as others have described to you, does not exist. A spirit does not feel the same physical pain that a material body feels when it is suffering. The spirit feels pain when the conscience makes it aware of the wrong things it has done. The conscience makes the spirit clearly aware of all the errors and imperfections it has committed.

31. Come to me with the conviction that you are following the true path. Thus, you will follow this path without feeling obligated to remain on it out of fear, which arises from ignorance.

32. As you analyze my revelations throughout the eras, you will come to understand that I have always come with humility. Therefore, do allow yourself to be astonished by those things that are marvelous externally. When your brethren who walk on other paths say to you that it is not possible for the Lord to manifest himself amidst this poverty and humility, you will remind them that mankind believed in Jesus, the Divine Word of God who lived humbly on earth. Although many centuries have passed since the birth of Jesus, humanity has not been able to erase from its heart, the great humility that the Savior manifested on earth.

33. Among the houses of prayer in which I manifest myself, there are some congregations who seek superficial and material things to please their material senses. Those congregations fail to understand that by seeking external and superficial things they are disregarding the marvelous things in my spiritual Doctrine.

34. I am here to teach you, to correct your mistakes, and to reveal things to you that will help guide you to the Kingdom of Light. Before you reach the Promised Land, you will need to achieve merits through deeds of faith and love.

35. The word of Christ germinated in his disciples, as well as in all the others who followed him. His teachings and the essence of those teachings spread throughout the world. The teachings that I have brought today also will spread throughout the world. They will be welcomed by those who are prepared to feel and comprehend them.

36. My beloved disciples, accept my healing balsam. Multitudes, accept your Father's caress and his message and share it with your brethren.

37. My presence is like a soft breeze that caresses you. Thus, I touch your heart in the same manner to give it life.

38. Some sense my arrival, others have been able to perceive me with their spiritual vision, while others have been able to feel my presence through their spiritual sensitivity. During that holy moment, all of them have proclaimed in their hearts: "The Divine Master is here." It is because they feel my spiritual peace.

39. For a spirit that has been lost along the path of life, there is no treasure that is more valuable and desirable than that of acquiring spiritual peace. It is the treasure that I have come to offer you today, which you will share with your brethren in the future.

40. I have also come to teach you how to spread peace on earth through your thoughts, prayers, words, and deeds.

41. Presently, I observe that this multitude is united through the spiritual peace that my word offers it. After my departure and during the coming days of great struggles, I want you to maintain that peace and unity. During those days you will feel my presence in a more subtle manner. You will hear my voice within your heart, offering you my caress, my essence, and my healing balsam as I promised you.

42. As you study each of my teachings with devotion, seek to comprehend their true essence so you can remain in harmony with my Doctrine. If you practice humility and obey my laws and mandates, you will experience true spiritual peace, avoiding the thorns along your path that can cause you much weeping and suffering.

43. If you yearn to be my disciple, be aware that you will need to be messengers of spiritual peace and practice all the virtues that I have taught you.

44. I have not allowed you to go to foreign lands to take my doctrine because I see that you are not yet prepared. I still need to prepare you with my love, my wisdom, and my divine enlightenment in order to give you life and strength. As you become spiritually enlightened, you will become ready and prepared.

45. As the day approaches when this manifestation will terminate, you are discovering that my Spiritual Doctrine is much greater than you realized and that, unknowingly, you have been separating yourself from all those things that have caused you to put limitations on my doctrine previously. In the past, you have limited this Divine Work to individuals, material objects, and places, even though this Doctrine is beyond all material and human things since it is universal and infinite.

46. Today, you have learned not to limit my Doctrine to people, objects, nor places. You now perceive things that are divine and that reflect spirituality. As you become spiritually elevated, you will become more spiritually enlightened.

47. What will you think of my Divine Work once your spirit has reached spiritual perfection and joyfully can perceive and comprehend numerous divine revelations?

48. Now that you are on earth you are unable to truly understand, much less imagine, those divine truths and the infinite joy that await your spirit at the end of its journey.

49. As your spirit inhabits more elevated mansions and attains greater spiritual elevation, it begins to acquire greater spiritual enlightenment and joy. However, your spirit will experience the perfect joy and peace only after it finishes its journey along the path of spiritual perfection and no longer needs to dwell in any temporary mansion.

50. Many times you might believe that you are experiencing divine happiness, without realizing that you will only begin to experience true divine joy when you depart from this life.

51. My divine seed in this time has flourished in those who accepted my Divine Teachings with a pure mind and without any preconceived theories and interpretations. Since those individuals were like virgin soil in the presence of my divine word, I utilized them to spread my message to humanity.

52. There are also some individuals who are confused and whose beliefs are not totally correct. My divine enlightenment has been eliminating their false beliefs and confirming those beliefs that were accurate. The human heart is not all bad. When the human heart is enlightened, my divine words begin to become meaningful and the spirit begins to evolve. The heart then becomes similar to a flourishing plant, and I am there to guide it so that you can grow spiritually and evolve.

53. I have come to convert all of those individuals into my disciples, uniting them into a nation of people who will offer testimony of my Doctrine with their deeds. Humanity will be deeply touched and moved witnessing their deeds, thus becoming aware of the strength of this Doctrine. There will be some unbelievers who will arise against this doctrine wanting to destroy it. That battle will be intense. Many times you will be the victims of gossip, ridicule, and slander by those who do not accept this Doctrine.

54. I am announcing the ordeals that you will confront so that you will not be surprised when they occur. When they occur, I will manifest my power, charity, and justice among my people.

55. All of my followers and servants will prepare themselves and rise for that battle. They will obey my voice and give testimony of Me.

56. Not only will this multitude give testimony to the world in this decisive moment, but the elements of nature, as always, will speak representing divine justice. The spiritual world will also manifest itself helping a materialistic humanity eliminate its ignorance. There are some materialistic individuals on earth who proclaim to be following the path of Christ seeking eternal life. However, they continue to close their eyes, ears, and mind to all manifestations of the spiritual life.

57. That Christ, whom they believe they follow and comprehend, was the one who opened the door to the spiritual world and other mansions. Christ enlightened those spiritual beings who previously lived in a state of confusion and who attempted to possess material bodies that did not belong to them. In the final hour, before Christ finished his mission through Jesus, he enlightened those spiritual beings who previously lived in a state of spiritual darkness. He also allowed those beings to present themselves visually to their families on earth so that people on earth would believe in the spiritual life.

58. I opened that door to the spiritual world. I am the only one who could do it because Christ, with his love, is the one who unites all mansions throughout the universe.

59. Join my multitudes of beings who are spiritually enlightened and who spread spiritual peace. Pray for peace on earth, and truly I tell you that the tears that you shed for your brethren will unite with the healing balsam of the Divine Father to comfort those who are suffering.

60. My people, the true healing balsam that is able to heal all illnesses originates from love.

61. Love with your spirit, heart, and mind. You will then have the true healing balsam to heal physical illnesses and comfort those experiencing small human miseries. "Also you will be able to understand those things that were considered spiritual mysteries and be able to overcome problems that cause a spirit to be confused, anguished and remorseful.

62. That healing balsam resolves great ordeals, provides spiritual enlightenment, comforts those who grieve, and eliminates the chains that enslave man.

63. One who is ill with no hope of surviving will be healed with that healing balsam. Also, when the spirit that has left its material body is summoned by its brethren with love, it will return.

64. When that period arrives, the spiritual forces will manifest themselves in many ways to humanity. There will be manifestations, events, and signs never before witnessed. Those scientists who are arrogant will become greatly astonished. There will be times when they will weep because they will feel powerless and insignificant.

65. Humanity will then once again remember Christ and will begin to analyze his deeds. Humanity will finally realize that Christ, who performed so many miraculous deeds in the Second Era, has returned, offering testimony of his power.

66. I want you to practice spirituality in your life, to practice prayer and charity, and to be disciplined and alert. This will enable you to become sensitive to ail spiritual events and to perceive those things that are invisible to many others. It will also help you to understand those things that are occurring presently that others cannot explain.

67. I want my disciples to have full knowledge of the mission that I have entrusted to them and to be truly prepared to fulfill it. This will enable them to help enlighten those spiritual beings that live in a state of confusion and turmoil. Although those beings live among humanity, humanity is unaware of them and unable to perceive them.

68. My people, live in harmony with one another. If you do not, how will the enlightened spiritual beings be able to inspire you to give their elevated messages to humanity?

69. I have shown you not only how to pray but also I have told you that you should pray for your brethren. I continue to listen to your personal prayers, however, the period when I granted you things according to your prayers has now come to an end because you are becoming more spiritually evolved. In the past you lacked spiritual evolution, but today as you become more spiritually enlightened and evolved I want you to pray as my disciples did. When you pray, I want you to pray with your spirit and your heart, allowing my will to be done.

70. These teachings have been given by the infinitely patient Divine Master. They are filled with wisdom and love and have helped you to comprehend the greatness in spirituality. They have also helped you to observe the infinite spiritual horizon that begins in man and unites with the divine.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 297

1. My people: Your desire to harvest the fruit of what you have sowed is noble, but I say to you that you need to be patient. You cannot know the results of your deeds immediately for it would be the same as harvesting fruits before they are ripe.

2. This Doctrine will evolve and flourish throughout eternity; thus, each individual needs to understand the mission that has been assigned to him within this spiritual work. Once he completes his mission, he will need to entrust his work to others who will arrive to continue with this work. Thus, you will not know who will help humanity harvest the fruits of faith and the conversion to spirituality.

3. Those who witness humanity becoming more spiritual will know that it involved the hard work of numerous individuals, besides themselves, to help this spiritual doctrine triumph on earth. The Divine Master has entrusted that responsibility to all individuals.

4. Be aware that one generation is not capable of fulfilling the work of this Doctrine. Also be aware that it is not the time to harvest the fruits of your work.

5. If you do not practice my teachings, how will you be able to teach your brethren to comprehend my Doctrine? How do you expect the world to change so quickly when it has taken you so long to understand my word, to believe in it, and to subdue your rebellious material body so that it can fulfill its mission?

6. Since you do not have the necessary strength to fulfill these deeds that are so important spiritually, it is necessary that you know that there are spiritual beings who are preparing the path and guiding you to the places where you need to sow my divine seed. Those beings are your brethren who dwell in other worlds and mansions. They guide your steps and prepare the paths that you need to follow because they also work to sow peace, love, and brotherhood. Those spirits have great spiritual enlightenment and wisdom and will never harm you. Since they are always guiding you in your mission, they will make you feel uneasy when you abandon and neglect your work.

7. You are not alone in this mission nor will you ever be abandoned to work on your own strengths.

8. Trust in this Doctrine, and behold its greatness. This is not a Doctrine created by man nor a new idea developed by humanity. Instead, this Doctrine is an eternal light that has always illuminated the path of the spirit of man. The divine truth of this Doctrine will help to eliminate all imperfection, impurity, and sin.

9. This Doctrine is the divine truth reflecting love, justice, and wisdom. I will prove the strength of this Doctrine by converting and spiritually awakening those who have momentarily left the true path.

10. How can a human being be condemned to eternal punishment if he temporarily sins because of his ignorance? How could a being be condemned if he possesses my own divine essence?

11. Although a human being might be guided temporarily by the low passions of his flesh and inclined to do evil deeds, he will no longer behave in that manner once he acquires spiritual enlightenment, thus manifesting that God is present in every spirit.

12. That is the divine essence that man needs to seek within himself, the essence that he has lost and that he has many times sought in vain. That is why I have come to reveal the spiritual gifts that you possess so that you will discover your true self. I have come to teach you how to discover your spirit and to know your true essence. To truly know yourself you need to go beyond your physical body and discover your inner self, which is your spirit.

13. Disciples, learn to seek those things that are spiritual, so that you can free yourself from all fanaticism which originates from the practice of external and material forms of worship.

14. You will then realize that it is not the houses of prayer, the symbols, nor the rituals which make this spiritual doctrine great but rather its eternal divine essence and its justice.

15. Do not try to limit this Doctrine because it is universal and infinite nor should you set a limit on how much you will evolve spiritually. The more you study this Doctrine and the more you practice true deeds of love, the greater the revelations you will receive. You will perceive the divine work of God in the simplest of things and throughout creation, becoming one with all of God's creation.

16. The Divine Master has come to teach his disciple in a simple and humble manner so that the disciple will also reflect simplicity and humility. That disciple should be able to persuade and convert his brethren through his words of divine truth and deeds of love. He should try not to surprise his brethren through mysterious powers or extraordinary abilities.

17. The true disciple will be great because of his simplicity. He will understand the Divine Master and his brethren will understand him.

18. Life is like a large ocean in which each individual sails his boat. While some sail toward a port of safety, others are lost at sea, unable to guide their boat because they lack ideals and experience.

19. I have brought you my Doctrine to help you reach a port of safety. How could I bring you teachings that were vague and imprecise and did not reflect the divine truth and true wisdom? If I were to do that, you would be in danger of falling into a new fanaticism. Although you may pretend to be practicing deeds of love and charity, you are now living in a time in which your conscience will not let you live in peace.

20. Listen to me, my people and disciples, for I am offering you spiritual enlightenment which allows you to become free from the negativity, ignorance, and weaknesses that have enslaved you. However, I am not authorizing you to create another religion or rituals and ceremonies from this Doctrine. Be aware of the spiritual freedom that I have come to offer you, so that you will not exchange it for a new fanaticism.

21. Did you not realize that both your spirit and mind were not evolving? Do you not remember the numerous false beliefs and fears that you inherited from your ancestors? I have helped you eliminate them, enabling you to perceive the truth and to become spiritually enlightened.

22. If you do not prepare yourself spiritually, and choose to behave in an unvirtuous manner, you will not become enlightened because of your materialism. Your brethren will then perceive you as someone who is ignorant and knows nothing about this great revelation.

23. Disciples, first be aware of your own faults and weaknesses before looking for the faults in your brethren.

24. I am telling you that you should not use my Doctrine to judge the deeds of your brethren of different religions. Truly I tell you that in all the different religions that are practiced on earth, there are some within each religion who truly seek me and lead virtuous lives full of sacrifices. Nevertheless, my disciples frequently ask me why I permit such a diversity of ideas that at times clash with one another, giving rise to hate among people with different beliefs. The Divine Master says to you: I have permitted those different beliefs because there are no two spirits on earth who have exactly the same level of comprehension, the same enlightenment, and the same faith. Each being was given free will to choose the path that he wanted to follow. Since no individual was forced to follow the divine path, through his own free will he needs to achieve true merits as he seeks the truth.

25. My beloved disciples, be aware that it is your mission to live in unity and harmony so that you may utilize your spiritual gifts to help those who need your healing balsam, words of comfort, or assistance.

26. Truly I tell you that you cannot practice true spirituality if you allow pride to grow in your heart. An enlightened spirit does not feel any pleasure from those trivial and vain material things that flatter the heart of a selfish individual.

27. Those who are falsely pretending to fulfill their spiritual mission are not my true disciples, although others may perceive them as truly dedicated and determined.

28. The most sincere and pure deeds are those that you practice silently, without anyone being aware of them. Those are the deeds that truly help your spirit to evolve.

29. I told my disciples in the Second Era not to let their left hand be aware of what their right hand was doing. Today, my Spirit has come to clarify all things; therefore, I say to you: Be truly humble and do not be a hypocrite. Let your tears reflect true sorrow for the suffering of your brethren and truly rejoice when good things happen to them. Only one who learns to practice my Doctrine in this manner will be willing to give his life for his fellow men.

30. My people: If you have been assigned to prepare the fields and to sow my divine seeds, do not be dissatisfied if I choose others to harvest the fruits. Be aware that all of your brethren have the same right to enjoy working in the fields of the Divine Father.

31. I am the Divine Path, and you are the travelers who journey on that path.

32. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will give thanks to the Divine Father as you perceive the long path that your spirit has traveled.

33. The journey is quite long. Is there any individual who can proclaim that he has journeyed the entire path, discovered all of its mysteries, and has penetrated into all things that are beyond what one can see and hear on earth?

34. My people, the Divine Master is not minimizing your work nor is he ignoring how much you have progressed along his path when he tells you this. I am the first one to truly value your merits, for if that were not so, I would not be a just God. If I speak to you in this manner, it is to make you comprehend that although you have great abilities, both as a human being and a spiritual being, you still have much to learn to fully develop those abilities. The more you seek to comprehend those spiritual and divine things which are beyond your material senses, the more enlightened you will become with my teachings.

35. Just as I have permitted man to investigate and study his material world, I have also revealed to him a spiritual world that exists beyond earth so that he may study that world with his spirit. I have allowed man to analyze and investigate that spiritual life so that he will become familiar with it. I say to you, however, that you should not limit yourself to the few things that you have presently discovered. You need to continue to study and to prepare yourself so that you may learn more about that infinite world. You must work with great dedication, so that at the end of your journey you will be able to say with great satisfaction: "I have fulfilled my mission".

36. My Doctrine does not prevent a spirit or a man from evolving. On the contrary, it frees man from his fears and false beliefs and lets him perceive the path of enlightenment that awaits him.

37. Although humanity appears to have reached the highest level of scientific discoveries during this period, in reality, this period only marks the beginning of the great discoveries man will make in the future when his search for knowledge embraces true brotherhood.

38. Today, man lives in a state of confusion because he fails to understand that his life on earth and his struggles help him evolve spiritually. The goal of man is to communicate with the Creator from spirit to Spirit.

39. Today, the majority of people worship material things.

40. Mankind will be unable to love one another and to truly worship God as long as religions and doctrines persist in their differences. How can people truly love one another, live in harmony, and understand one another if today there are those who, believing they know the secret to salvation and eternal life, reject others who are following different paths, judging them unworthy of entering the Kingdom of Heaven?

41. You need to be aware of the true purpose of spirituality. It is a Doctrine that is much more elevated and spiritual than any religion, sect, or human idea on earth.

42. Study the essence of this message which contains the Divine Law of God and you will realize that it applies to all men, all nations, and all circumstances.

43. Behold how all differences, distances, hatred, and obstacles disappear in the presence of this divine teaching. This doctrine reflects enlightenment, love, and justice. Its enlightenment makes man aware that all individuals are equal. Its love teaches mankind that all beings are brothers. Its justice accepts humanity as being imperfect.

44. This word originates from Me. It is the fountain of life, the Alpha and the Omega, and the beginning and the end. To become spiritually enlightened, man needs to eliminate his religious fanaticism and traditions. Since God is Spirit, man should no longer seek me in a material form. When man begins to seek me spiritually, I will take away his sorrows, remove his hardships, and help him to re-conciliate with his brethren.

45. Be aware that if all individuals truly understood their mission in life, humanity would stop being selfish. If each individual truly understood his origin and destiny, each of his deeds would reflect that divine mission.

46. There is no longer a need to have so many religions on earth. Humanity is ready to unite in one faith and to worship one God. Men need to be in harmony, both spiritually and in their beliefs, to become spiritually enlightened and to achieve harmony, peace, and progress.

47. There is no religion on earth that will be able to help mankind attain peace and spiritual freedom. However, you will observe that this Divine Message will help mankind to achieve salvation, unification, and spirituality. Some will receive this message in written form, whereas, others will receive it through inspiration.

48. Spirituality does not view any differences among people. Spirituality is the Doctrine that humanity needs and unknowingly seeks. It offers those things that man seeks: peace, love, justice, and spiritual enlightenment.

49. I ask those who are listening to this word: Do you believe that I could encourage you to dislike and reject your brethren who practice other religions? Disciples, I would never encourage you to do that. However, I do ask you to practice brotherhood and harmony with all individuals, thus setting an example for others to follow. I want you to love those individuals who have different religious beliefs in the same manner as you love those who share your beliefs.

50. People with different religious beliefs need to learn to love one another. All religions proclaim a love for God; therefore, in an act of love toward God, ail individuals need to truly practice loving one another.

51. Do not be afraid if others tel! you that you are confused. Remember, that this Doctrine, which you believe is the Divine Truth, might be perceived as false by others. According to those individuals, this Doctrine lacks the consecration that other religions have received in order to be acknowledged.

52. If you have faith in Me and if you believe that I am manifesting myself through these human spokesmen, then do not fear the judgement of your brethren. Since my doctrine reflects divine truth and great wisdom, it will be difficult for anyone to triumph over you if you know how to effectively utilize the teachings of this Doctrine.

53. No one can rebuke or blame you for seeking the divine truth and the path to perfection. Every individual has the divine right to seek the truth. That is why man was given free will.

54. My people: You have been spiritually nourishing yourself with my divine teaching for a long time. I have offered you spiritual nourishment on a daily basis; therefore, it is unjustified if you feel spiritually weak. I thirst for your love, and what have you offered me to drink? All that you have offered me is your lack of harmony and comprehension which truly is a bitter drink.

55. I say to you on this day of grace: Allow my divine enlightenment to penetrate into your heart because feeling my presence will transform your life.

56. Truly I have come as a judge, however, if you carefully analyze my word, you will also discover the presence of the Father. That Father loves you and manifests himself in different ways so that you may know him better.

57. I know that the greater your knowledge of me, the more you will love me.

58. When I tell you to "love me,” do you know what I am truly telling you? I am telling you to love truth, to love righteousness, to love enlightenment, to love one another, and to love the true life.

59. Learn to love me. Behold how my love follows you everywhere, even though you continue to sin and offend me. You can never separate yourself from the great love that I have for you. Know that the greater your faults, the greater is my mercy.

60. The evilness of mankind wants to defeat my love, however, it is unable to do so because love is the universal force and divine power that creates and governs all things.

61. To verify what I have said, I have manifested myself among you in a time when humanity has become spiritually lost because of its sinfulness. My love for humanity is so great that I feel mercy, rather than disgust, for its sinfulness.

62. You need to truly know me. Come to me so that you may cleanse your stains in the crystalline waters of my charity. Ask, ask, and you will receive it.

63. What can you tell me, either with your heart or with your spirit, that I am not aware of? What sorrow, desire, concern, or secret can you truly hide from me? There is nothing that you can hide. You, therefore, need to learn to pray spiritually to Me and to trust in my divine charity, so that you may feel my divine peace which you need greatly.

64. I have told you that prayer is the language of your spirit. Through prayer, your spirit speaks to me, petitions, weeps, complains, and gains strength. At times, when your spirit is experiencing peace and great joy, your prayers become converted into a spiritual hymn that is heard in the Kingdom of Heaven.

65. Trust in Me, my people; trust in Me, humanity. Accept that there exists no man, no nation, nor law on earth that can lead you to your salvation. Come to Me, seek Me, pursue the truth, and one day all beings will be united in the same valley, under the same divine light.

66. All men, races, and nations will respond to the Divine call. They will listen once the spirit of man becomes weary of being a prisoner on earth. The spirit will arise and break the chains of materialism in order to proclaim its spiritual freedom.

67. It may appear to you that the fulfillment of that prophecy is very distant, as well as the moral and spiritual transformation of this humanity. However, it is your responsibility to cleanse and prepare the path for your brethren and to fulfill your mission, otherwise, if you fail to do that you have no right to judge the fulfillment of my word.

68. A time will arrive in which humanity will develop a strong desire to achieve spiritual elevation. Men will do all that they can to transform this valley of tears into a world filled with harmony. Through great sacrifices and extraordinary efforts they will reject wars and accomplish things that some thought were impossible.

69. Those men will be the ones who will help humanity to evolve spiritually. They will help to eliminate the bitterness that is experienced on earth and will help to rebuild all those things that were destroyed due to man's blind ambition, materialism, and insensitivity. They will help mankind to worship God in the true manner, a worship without fanaticism and external acts and useless rituals. Also, they will help humanity to understand that it can best worship God by fulfilling the human and spiritual laws.

70. Would you like to be among those who will help mankind to evolve spiritually? Would you like for your children to be among those who are spiritually elevated and who will help mankind? It is up to you to make that happen. It is your responsibility to prepare your children to become spiritually strong and aware of the mission that they need to fulfill. They need to have strong faith and to acquire spiritual enlightenment from my teachings. Thus, they will be able to unite and live in harmony with their brethren, to form a multitude that is spiritually united, in order to triumph over the obstacles that they confront along their path. They will triumph over those obstacles similar to how the people of Israel overcame its obstacles to reach the Promised Land.

71. If you fail to prepare your children spiritually, your spirit will weep in the spiritual valley as it observes those whom it left abandoned on earth. It will observe that they are weak and unable to defend themselves against the plagues and catastrophes that will occur throughout the world.

72. Can you imagine the restitution and suffering of a spirit who enters the spiritual valley and, instead of experiencing joy and peace, only experiences pain and sorrow because of what it failed to do on earth?

73. You can avoid having to experience that suffering and restitution because today I have brought you these teachings filled with spiritual enlightenment to help save all mankind.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 298

1. Heal all physical and spiritual illnesses because it is your mission to comfort, strengthen, and heal your brethren. I ask you: How can you heal those who are sick, if you are ill also? What peace can emanate from your spirit, if it is disturbed with worries, suffering, remorse, and low passions?

2. You can only offer your brethren what is in your heart.

3. You need to cherish the gifts and blessings that I have shed on this multitude and learn to use them in times of difficulty and adversity. They will help you attain peace, spiritual enlightenment, and the healing balsam to fulfill your mission. Not only will you be able to heal those who are ill by anointing them, but you will also be able to heal, bring peace, and spiritual strength through your words, thoughts, and even your glance. At times, just your presence will emanate those virtues.

4. Although I have given you these spiritual gifts, you cannot manifest them until you have acquired spiritual strength. To acquire that strength you first need to practice charity with your brethren, have faith in Me, purify your emotions, and eliminate your selfishness. If you are not able to possess those virtues, you will not be able to offer anything pure to your brethren. Those gifts only flourish and manifest themselves through noble, pure, and elevated sentiments.

5. There are many who lack spiritual preparation but nevertheless are able to perform miracles along their path. It is I, however, not them, who performs those miraculous deeds of charity for the needy, the ill, the poor of spirit, and men of good faith. Although it is I who performed those miracles, those individuals wish to take credit for having performed them.

6. If there is an individual who is not truly prepared to use the spiritual gifts that I have given to him, but he possesses great faith and is very charitable toward his brethren, I will allow him to perform miraculous deeds. Those deeds will help him in his work, and will encourage him to persevere as he perfects himself.

7. It is an error to say that I will permanently take away spiritual gifts from an individual who does not make good use of them, but if he does not use those gifts according to my will, he will be unable to manifest them.

8. How could I permanently take away the spiritual gifts from an individual, if those are his only weapons to attain salvation and to defend himself? If I were to carry out my justice according to what man believes, many individuals would no longer be able to listen to their conscience and others would lose their intellectual abilities. Once again I say to you, I do not want to take those gifts away from man because they are precisely the attributes that he needs to redeem himself and to attain spiritual perfection. You say to me that there are those who lose their ability to reason and others who prematurely lose their lives or become incompetent in some way. Certainly that does occur but it is not I who is responsible, but rather the one who, because of his weaknesses, confusion, and lack of good judgement, has lost those gifts that the Father gave to him.

9. Is it not true that my justice is present in all things?

10. If you carefully observe, you will agree that I apply my perfect justice to each individual with love. I say to you that I do allow those individuals who lose their spiritual enlightenment, peace, or lives to regain them but, first, they have to experience a great purification.

11. I will speak to you of all things with these teachings because my Doctrine will not lack a single chapter. I will teach you everything so that tomorrow you will not have any doubts nor uncertainties.

12. I want this multitude to be fully aware of its destiny and mission so that it can prepare itself to sow this divine seed. It needs to sow and spread this seed with its original truth and purity. This divine seed, which has touched your heart will bring many blessings to humanity and will help man evolve spiritually.

13. That is why, as I began my teaching on this day, I first told you to heal and strengthen yourself in me, because you will only be able to offer your brethren what your heart possesses.

14. Do not take for granted that I allow you to offer my charity to needy individuals who seek your help although you lack spiritual preparation and are at times unvirtuous. I say to you that although you are able to disguise your evil ways on earth, only your merits will be able to save you from a painful restitution.

15. Do you comprehend this teaching? You should never forget what you have presently learned.

16. My beloved people: I have manifested myself to you on the path of your life. I have tested you in different ways and know that you love me. Although you have stumbled along your path because of ordeals, you have utilized your faith to arise from those ordeals.

17. My Doctrine offers you salvation and my word lifts you up because you have faith in my presence and in my communication through the human spokesmen.

18. Your spirit is comforted knowing that its physical body was sensitive to my presence within this manifestation.

19. There are many who are familiar with the prophecies that pertain to this era, as were announced in the scriptures of the old and new testament. Nevertheless, if they were to witness this manifestation they would not believe in it, nor would they accept it as the fulfillment of those prophecies because they have not acquired the spiritual elevation that is necessary to comprehend these divine teachings. In comparison, many individuals who are now witnessing this manifestation would be willing to give their lives testifying that it is I who communicates through these human spokesmen, even though they had no prior knowledge of the prophecies that spoke of these events. It is because they are spiritually prepared to receive these teachings.

20. Those who are prophets, those with spiritual vision, and those who are enlightened were able to perceive my spiritual arrival. They perceived the Divine Book opening its pages to spiritually illuminate mankind and also to confirm the presence of the spiritual world to humanity. They saw the new Mount Sinai where the Lord came to reunite his people. Truly I tell you that in the same manner that you came to witness this manifestation and feel my presence, all people and all nations will one day awaken spiritually when their time comes.

21. I am not going to manifest myself to each nation in the same manner in which I manifested myself to this multitude. However, in my infinite power and wisdom, I will know when to summon each individual.

22. I say to you that you will need to sow and spread throughout the world the divine seed that I have given you at this time.

23. This multitude has had the opportunity to prepare itself spiritually during this period of my manifestation. I have given you so many teachings during this time that I have seen many generations come and go. This has been necessary to allow my divine seed to germinate, mature, and produce fruits.

24. This manifestation will soon come to an end. That is why I reveal to you in my last teachings the manner in which you will need to work in the future.

25. My Doctrine has a great purpose. These teachings will guide you to that goal.

26. I know that this multitude, who has heard my voice, still weeps with sorrow and regrets its lack of harmony and conformity. It will confront ordeals and will be unable to triumph over them due to its weaknesses. It will awaken, spiritually, but only through the pain and suffering it has experienced on earth. Only then will it arise pursuing peace, unity, and good will among men. Since the beginning of this manifestation, I have asked you to practice these virtues.

27. Blessed are you, if, upon listening to these words, you overcome suffering and practice true brotherhood. I observe that among this multitude there are some who are truly interested in achieving true brotherhood and harmony, but are saddened because many give no indication of harmony and unity. Those silently tell me: "Lord, allow your love to unite us. Give us a few more moments to achieve true brotherhood and harmony for our salvation".

28. Others ask Me: "Divine Master, Why does the heart have to become purified, and why is there bitterness in our lives if we are listening to your word?" I say to you: My people, you have not yet cleansed all of your stains nor have you become immune to pain. You still have weaknesses that you are not aware of which need to be purified and tested so that your spirit and heart can acquire true strength.

29. If your suffering had gone away after listening to these teachings, would you truly make an effort to purify yourself and come near to Me? Truly I tell you that you would do nothing to better yourself spiritually and morally.

30. Disciples, be aware that the goal that you are struggling to achieve is to reach a state of spiritual elevation in which you are unable to feel suffering and pain. That goal is achieved through merits, struggles, ordeals, sacrifices, and renunciations.

31. Observe how many of your brethren have patience, faith, humility, and conformity. They are spirits whom I have sent to earth to set examples of those great virtues to humanity. Although it may appear that those beings have sad destinies, they know that they have been sent to earth to faithfully fulfill a mission.

32. You are familiar with the names of my messengers and disciples who have set great examples throughout the history of man. However, you also need to be aware of others whom you meet along your path for they also will give you examples of virtuous behavior.

33. Many times you have done deeds of great elevation. Those deeds are a worthy tribute to the Father and also serve as a good example for others. You are not always aware of the great value and merit of your good deeds. It is better not to know so that your deeds can truly be deeds of love without any traces of vanity. However, your spirit is fully aware of the value and merit of each deed. If that were not so, your spirit would frequently practice less evolved deeds, falsely believing that it was practicing elevated and beneficial deeds.

34. Disciples: You have learned many things through suffering, however, it is now time to elevate yourself by practicing spirituality. It doesn't matter if you have become slaves to the necessities, preoccupations, and temptations of life if you know how to free yourself. How can you acquire that freedom for your spirit? It is done through prayer, carefully analyzing my teachings, practicing noble deeds, and triumphing over ordeals.

35. The individual who does those things can penetrate into a world of spiritual enlightenment and peace, without neglecting his mission on earth.

36. That is the path that I have traced for you to follow, one that separates you from materialism, pain, temptations, vices, and worldly miseries.

37. I invite you to pray, to meditate, and to practice deeds of love. By practicing true spirituality in your life, you will quench your spiritual thirst as you drink the waters of truth which will give you great spiritual enlightenment from your Father. Only in this manner will you become inspired to fulfill your spiritual and material responsibilities on earth.

38. While you are on earth, do your best to lead a virtuous and pure life. Whenever you are in great pain because of an ordeal, do not become upset and angrily proclaim that you no longer want to live on earth. Earth is the valley where a spirit becomes purified, acquiring more merits so it can enter a more elevated mansion. If only you knew how much your spirit had to endure in order to dwell on earth!

39. It is necessary for you to cleanse the path and to prepare this mansion on earth for the future generations who will continue with the work you have done! If you fail to fulfill your mission, others will have to do what you should have done. Do you truly believe that this is how you can fulfill the will of the Father?

40. When you began to follow this path, it was a path that had been prepared for you by previous generations. That was the gift that they left to you. Do you not believe that you need to do the same thing for the future generations who will come to continue with your work?

41. Be alert, my people! Those in the spiritual valley are observing your steps on earth. Those in other mansions are aware of your deeds! Seeing humanity struggling with its negative emotions and low passions, they are moved and pray for mankind.

42. Be comforted knowing that you are not alone. Trust in your Father, and have confidence in those beings from the spiritual kingdom who offer you their love and protection.

43. If you truly devote yourself to my Word during this period of my teachings, truly I tell you that you will become spiritually prepared to enter into a new phase that is approaching. I

44. I have informed you that these last three years of my manifestation will represent those three years in which I gave my Doctrine to humanity during the Second Era. This will allow you to better comprehend the love and dedication of those disciples who followed me during that era. They only needed a brief time to ! convert themselves into disciples of the Divine Master and apostles of the truth.

45. I chose twelve disciples to follow me closely during that period. At the moment of my departure, only one of them betrayed me.

46. Today I have gathered a large number of disciples to sit at my table and listen to my teachings. I want them to truly practice my teachings so that they will be spiritually strong and not betray the Divine Master nor themselves when this manifestation comes to an end.

47. My people, just as I told my disciples in the Second Era when the moment for my departure was approaching to be alert and pray, I also remind you to do the same. Be alert because when the material body is weak, it can betray the spirit during a moment of weakness. I do not want you to ever regret any moment of weakness or confusion for it will bring you great remorse.

48. You should not believe that the consequence of a disobedience becomes evident immediately. I say to you, however, that eventually you will have to answer for each of your deeds, even the ones that you committed in the past. You know that I am an unyielding judge, as I have told you in my word. Thus, when your judgement arrives, you will need to listen to the voice of your conscience.

49. No one should choose to face that judgement because of the great pain, anguish, remorse, and desperation that you will feel.

You cannot imagine the immense suffering that a spirit endures when the conscience makes the spirit aware of its disobedience, ungratefulness and deception, especially since it had been called by the Divine Master a "beloved disciple," "heir of my kingdom," and "favorite child."

50. I am telling you this because I know that you are still capable of being disrespectful and disobedient. Since I am aware of your weaknesses, it is necessary to alert you of those things. Although this manifestation is coming to an end, why is it that you are still unable to interpret correctly each of my mandates? It is because you have become so accustomed with my word that it has become less meaningful to you, thus, you have become more self-centered and vain.

51. I am telling you this for your own good because nothing can affect my Doctrine nor my Spirit, not even all the sins of humans, but the mistakes that you make can cause you great harm which I want you to avoid.

52. You are well aware that in the Second Era one of my disciples had a moment of weakness that not only caused great pain to his Divine Master but also to his brothers and those who loved him! That event caused many changes for those who followed me! The Divine Master was taken away from the arms of the disciples. Those who followed Jesus were no longer able to listen to his loving words. The disciples and followers of Jesus would no longer be able to feel the presence of God on earth through the holy body of Jesus. The followers of Jesus, feeling great pain and loneliness, wept as Jesus was crucified, as humanity has throughout all the times.

53. I now ask you: Do you believe that the error committed by that disciple who betrayed me prevented my work from being fulfilled? Do you believe that his error forced me to change my Divine plans? No, it did not. My work, my truth, and my mission were all fulfilled with perfection as were each of the deeds of my disciples. God's will is never controlled by the deeds of man. The will of God is always fulfilled and shall always be fulfilled regardless of the sins of man.

54. Be aware that I am preparing you for the period of ordeals that is approaching. I say to you that only one human spokesman, who is prepared and conscientious, would be sufficient to give you my last teachings in order to seal the truth of the numerous teachings that I have manifested to you throughout the years.

55. My people of Israel, behold that only a small portion of humanity has come to rest beneath the Tree of Life. Some have not understood my divine teachings, while others have been lead astray by temptations along their paths. As your Divine Father, however, I have come to offer you good advice, and, as your Divine Master, I have come to bring you these teachings.

56. You need to store these teachings in your heart so that you will follow my path. Then you will be able to help those who are spiritually blind to see, those who are spiritually deaf to hear my voice of love, and those who are spiritually paralyzed to seek me, thus,helping humanity to become spiritually enlightened.

57. I am preparing humanity to free itself from all sin. I am spiritually enlightening all human beings so that they will learn to love one another.

58. From the moment when Elijah first brought you together, I have been teaching you to practice spirituality in your life which will help you to evolve. You arrived before me and said: Lord, let your will be done. It was then that I clothed you in my spiritual light of love, and I designated you as belonging to the nation of Spiritual Israel. I said: You belong to this multitude of beings who practice humility as they obey my mandates. You then responded: Father, may your will be done through me.

59. Yes, my children, I have enlightened you so that you will become spiritually strong to practice my teachings. I want you to separate from all evil, allowing me to dwell in your heart. I also want you to feel the pain that your brethren are experiencing because of their materialism and spiritual blindness. I have given you a spiritual healing balsam to anoint your brethren, helping them to practice spirituality, as you guide them toward their Father.

60. I have come during this period to resurrect those who are spiritually dead, to save humanity from the abyss into which it has fallen, and to remind you of all the teachings that I have given you throughout the eras. Behold my great love and infinite wisdom. The one who wants to truly comprehend and love me will become one with me. He will practice spirituality on his path and will no longer experience pain nor feel that he is alone.

61. Israel, that is the mission that I have assigned to you. Prepare yourselves because you will be my disciples. You need to listen carefully to the Divine Master so that you can help the future generations. You will be as an open book that humanity will use to study and analyze my word.

62. Your mission is not limited to listening to my teachings within these houses of prayer. No, Israel, I am closely observing each of your deeds, and if you choose not to follow my path, I will allow it, because you have the gift of free will. However, I say to you that if you are disobedient and choose to no longer follow my path, you will endure great suffering and pain, but if you choose to repent, I will say to you: Return to me, for I awaiting your arrival to offer you comfort.

63. All those who want to come to the Divine Father, first need to eliminate their pride, vanity, and weaknesses.

64. It has pleased me that the humble and the uneducated are fulfilling my work. I have prepared their hearts through my love and have given them my Divine Law. I have allowed them to feel my presence and have told them: Summon your brethren and guide them toward me for I will give them what they need to evolve spiritually. That is why I have told you that you have a great and delicate mission. There are things that you still do not comprehend and work that you still need to do along your spiritual path. Although you are poor materially, you are spiritually rich because you have me in your life, you have listened to my teachings, you have felt my presence, and you have acquired spiritual strength. I have told you to not be afraid, for you shall always have my charity. I have assigned each one of my workers a portion of beings whom he needs to prepare spiritually so that he will harvest sweet fruits. I will not accept his harvest until it is worthy of being presented to the Lord. If his harvest is not worthy, that worker must continue preparing his harvest until the fruits that he produces are sweet and worthy of the Lord.

65. My Work will remain immaculate and my truth will never change.

66. The sins and disrespectful deeds that this multitude has committed will be erased by my justice, as you observe that the will of God is always fulfilled.

67. You are well aware of the things that I want you to do. Always listen to your conscience, for it will tell you what to do to fulfill my will.

68. I tell you once again to be vigilant and pray so that during this era you will not fall into temptation at any moment. If someone were to come forth and ignore what I have told him to do, truly I tell you that my Work would not suffer because it is divine. That individual, however, will endure great pain for having been so ungrateful.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 299

1. Disciples: The Divine Master is with you and embraces each one of his children.

2. I am aware of the spiritual joy that you feel during these days as you remember that Holy Night when the Divine Word became man to dwell among you.

3. If you embrace one another as loving brothers, and offer true love and tenderness to young children, you will truly feel the Father's perfect and divine love.

4. I want everyone to feel my presence. If man would allow his heart to become sensitive and spiritualized during these days when he remembers the birth of Jesus, he would be able to feel my presence everywhere; in each human being, in every home, and in places where there is pain and suffering. However, I still await this because not everyone is able to feel my presence within their heart. Nevertheless, in the path of each one of my children I leave a gift of love.

5. Since I am able to communicate with mankind in infinite ways, I am communicating with this multitude through human spokesmen, but I communicate with others through their conscience.

6. On this day when man commemorates the birth of the Messiah on earth, I want all of humanity to feel my spiritual presence. I want young children to rejoice in me and young people to take a few moments to remember the Messiah who came to earth because he loved mankind and wanted to save them. I also want the elderly to feel my divine peace and to shed tears of joy as they meditate on these teachings and remember the happy days of their childhood.

7. There will be both joy and sadness in your heart as you remember those years from the past when your parents lovingly caressed you and held you in their arms. Those years of joy went by quickly, and with the passage of time, you have lost so many things on earth, including your parents, childhood, cheerful moments, and your innocence.

8. You will also remember how many individuals have stopped loving me as well as their earthly families.

9. Pray during this moment, my beloved people, and those who have forgotten you will remember you. Also, I will make those beings who have departed to the spiritual valley come near to your heart so that you may reunite with them on this day of love.

10. Men on earth are not the only ones who joyfully remember that miraculous day when the Divine Word of God was born on earth. Your brethren in the spiritual valley also feel that same joy as they contemplate the divine work of the Lord.

11. Those of you who have witnessed my manifestation during this period have received the testimony of my arrival, my presence, and my word in a very clear and distinct manner. The teachings that I have given through the human spokesmen have enlightened your spirit, clarified mysteries, revealed new spiritual knowledge, and produced miracles in those who have listened to my word. That is why I have named you my disciples of the Third Era. Thus, your Father awaits your most spiritual form of worship.

12. You are beginning to comprehend the true essence of my Doctrine, thus, when you remember my life on earth, you do so without materialistic rituals and ceremonies. You rejoice and feel an inner joy in your spirit and heart as you listen to my word and practice my Doctrine.

13. My blessed and beloved people: Cherish those holy memories in your heart and allow them to enlighten and guide you along the path of life. If you observe mankind practicing rituals and material ceremonies that show no respect toward the divine, forgive them as does the Lord. I will help those individuals to become spiritually enlightened. Humanity will experience a state of spiritual turmoil and confusion as was prophesied. This will help man to awaken spiritually and come closer to me. The paths are being prepared; extraordinary events and ordeals will awaken the world, which will be the voices of justice that will summon man to regenerate.

14. I am teaching you how to pray with your brethren of other nations so that your prayers will be united. I am helping you to become spiritually strong so that when you confront ordeals you will not weaken nor feel that you lack divine guidance.

15. I am giving you these teachings so that your words will reflect true spiritual enlightenment and help you confront ordeals and difficult moments along your path in life.

16. I bless you and also tell you that wherever people gather to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, they will be accompanied by the spiritual presence of Mary, your gentle and divine Mother. Mary came to earth in the Second Era to give birth to the Son of God.

17. If the Divine Master is great and omnipotent, then Mary, who gave birth to the Divine Master, also possesses those same divine traits.

18. Mary came to offer her divine love and comfort not only to the only Begotten Son of God but also to all of humanity. Throughout all times, Mary has offered man her divine tenderness, love, and intercession. Seek her, and she will help you to evolve, thus guiding you to Me.

19. My Spirit is present in each home, comforting those who weep and offering divine peace to all beings.

20. The spiritual message that I am giving you on this day will prepare you for the final year of this manifestation.

21. I have come to bring you spiritual peace so that you can offer this peace to all the nations on earth, for spiritual peace is the highest ideal for which one can strive.

22. When you attain spiritual peace you will then be able to contemplate the light of my divine wisdom and comprehend all those things that are not understood by those who lack spiritual peace.

23. Humanity needs spiritual peace and tranquility, however, those spiritual treasures cannot be acquired through force nor can they be purchased. Those gifts can only be acquired by continually practicing deeds of love and charity.

24. My beloved people, I give you this seed of peace so that you may sow it throughout the world, although, truly I say that you are not the only ones who will be spreading this seed. There are others in this nation, and in other nations, who pray for world peace and truly want their fellowmen to achieve a state of well-being, and they work with great dedication to achieve that ideal.

25. Blessed are those who prepare themselves to receive my inspirations and spiritual revelations during this Third Era. Man has achieved a state of spiritual evolution in this era that will allow him to receive my inspirations and manifest them through his deeds and words.

26. Man possesses an immortal divine strength in his spirit that will allow him to arise from the abyss to seek spiritual freedom and evolution.

27. During this period man recognizes the capability and power of his intelligence. Man only needs to allow his spirit to utilize that powerful gift to carry out the deeds ordered by the Father in his Doctrine.

28. Beloved disciples, you are well aware that in order for your spirit to battle and freely manifest itself, man needs to liberate himself from all rituals, traditions, and religious fanaticism as many of your brethren have done from all parts of the world.

29. I will allow all of those individuals to cross paths, where they will meet one another and recognize that they are brothers possessing the same ideals, struggles and faith.

30. Truly I tell you that those who practice spirituality are found in different parts of the world and are spiritually prepared to bring peace to humanity. However, I say to you that those who practice spirituality will not be united through new religious organizations. Their strength will not be acquired from anything that is material but rather through the unity of their thoughts, ideals, and deeds. Their strength will be founded on spirituality which will be invincible because it comes from the Divine Spirit.

31. All are receiving my truth through divine inspiration and are touched by my divine justice so that they can remove all impurities from their hearts and minds, because nothing impure can be a part of my divine enlightenment.

32. Everyone, by utilizing their spiritual gifts, has the responsibility to clarify and explain the Doctrine of Spirituality. Also they must be vigilant and protect this Doctrine from everything that is not pure and divine.

33. In times past men have mixed their ideas, philosophies, and theories with my revelations and teachings, which has only resulted in confusing and dividing mankind.

34. . I want those who have found the true path to teach it to their brethren with simplicity so they will not have difficulty understanding it. Do not make the true path difficult for them, as others have done thus preventing those who seek me from coming to me.

35. I say to those who prefer practicing rituals and who insist on personifying God through material objects, forms, and images that if they do not follow the path of spirituality they unknowingly will be contributing to the wars between nations and to the disharmony between among men.

36. I truly say to each and everyone that God, in whom you believe, is pure and that in his Divine Love, he loves everyone equally.

37. If you feel hurt when I speak the truth, behold that it is the Divine Master, and not a human being, who has revealed the truth. The Divine Master truly loves you and has come to make you aware of your errors in order to save you.

38. Do you not realize that ambition, fanaticism, and foolishness are like an avalanche that cannot be contained?

39. I have not come to oppose the beliefs of those who are following the true path, however, I have come to correct those in whom I find errors.

40. Starting today, everyone should live in true spiritual harmony as they pursue the same spiritual mission. No one should believe that he is following a better path than his brother nor that he is superior to others. I say to you that at the moment of your death, it will be my voice that will tell you truly the level of your spiritual elevation.

41. During that brief moment of illumination when the spirit listens to its conscience, one will become aware of whether he has lived a life that is worthy of reward or one that was filled with false grandeur and splendor.

42. Do you want to attain salvation? The only way to attain true salvation is to practice true brotherhood. You need to follow my divine law which states: "Love one another".

43. Humanity: During these days when you celebrate the birth of Jesus you allow your heart to feel peace. You are as a family that is living in harmony and joy. I am aware that not all individuals are sincerely happy as they remember my arrival on earth during the Second Era, as there are only a few who truly meditate and spiritually rejoice remembering my arrival.

44. Today, as in the past eras, man celebrates the birth of Jesus with festivities and rituals, but they lack spirituality. These festivities only satisfy man's material and sensual pleasures but do not offer him true spiritual joy.

45. If man was to spiritually meditate on my great love for mankind as evidenced by my coming to earth to live among humanity during the Second Era, truly I say that you would develop great faith. That great faith would guide you toward Me. Your spirit would develop great virtue and kindness, allowing you to offer great charity, comfort, and tenderness to all the needy along your path. You would perceive each human being as your true brother and would forgive those who offend you. You would sincerely feel compassion for all those you meet along your path who are lonely and for children without parents and who lack love and a true home. You would remember those nations that are without peace because war has destroyed all the good, noble, and sacred things that are found in life. You would then elevate a pure and sincere prayer and ask Me: "Lord, what right do we have to live in peace, while so many of our brethren are suffering greatly?"

46. My response would be the following: "Now that you have felt the pain of your brethren, have been charitable with them, and have prayed for them, you may gather with your loved ones in your home and enjoy this holy moment because I am now with you. I will be present in your home. Do not be afraid of feeling joy even though you know that many of your brethren are now suffering. Truly I tell you that if you truly feel compassion for those who are suffering, they will feel the peace, hope, and love that you feel for them.

47. No one should think that I no longer want you to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the most important and holiest event of the year. I only come to teach you to give to the world what belongs to the world and to give to the spirit what belongs to the spirit. Man celebrates many of his worldly accomplishments in an unspiritual manner, therefore, why not allow his spirit to celebrate the birth of Jesus? This will allow your spirit to come before Me, like a small child, to present its gift of love, as it learns to worship me in the same simple manner as did the shepherds during the Second Era and with the same humility the wise men offered me when they presented me their gifts.

48. I have not come to limit the joy that men feel during these days. Although celebrating the birth of the Savior has become a strong tradition, man also feels my charity that touches him, my light that enlightens him, and my love that surrounds him. His heart becomes filled with great hope, joy, and tenderness. Although he is inspired to perform deeds of love and charity, with his brethren, he does not always choose to carry out those pure and elevated deeds. Instead, he chooses to please himself through the material pleasures of this world. He does not allow his spirit to attain purification, salvation, and spiritual enlightenment by practicing elevated deeds. The Savior came to earth during the Second Era to offer salvation to your spirit, and He presents himself eternally along your path in life to help you resurrect spiritually.

49. As I offer my peace and tenderness to all beings throughout the world on this night of peace, Mary, your Spiritual Mother, also comes to embrace each one of her children.

50. Disciples, look carefully along your path because you will discover a gift of love daily from the Lord.

51. Truly I tell you that on this day of grace as you celebrate the holy night when the Messiah was born on earth, I do not only present myself to this multitude who is witnessing my manifestation, but I also manifest myself to all beings throughout the world in different ways.

52. I present myself to children in one form, to the youth in another, and to the elderly in yet another. I manifest myself to each religion and congregation according to their level of spiritual enlightenment. There is no being whom I will not touch.

53. Of all the events that you celebrate to honor the Divine Master, this is the most tender and loving celebration; children feel great joy in their hearts, and the elderly feel great peace and hope in the Savior.

54. Those who have had the grace of listening to this word, represent the few who celebrate the birth of the Messiah without rituals. Your celebration is internal, not external, and it occurs in the purest part of your heart. Thus, it is a celebration without materialistic rituals. You now clearly understand that the best commemoration, the one that most pleases the Lord, is when you practice the examples set by the Divine Master as you follow his Doctrine of love.

55. Remember all of your brethren, and allow your spirit to transport itself throughout the universe. As you remember your brethren, remember them with love, charity, and a true desire for spiritual peace. If you do that, truly I tell you that your prayers, thoughts, and desires will not be in vain.

56. I am preparing the path for the spiritual awakening of humanity. Ordeals, events, and voices will appear along the path of man telling him that he is now living in a new era.

57. You have been foretold that a battle of ideas will occur among religions and nations so that when you see it occurring you will not become afraid. Remember that I have told you that this battle of ideas must occur before humanity learns to live in harmony and spiritual peace.

58. When that battle is at its climax, you will observe man seeking the truth without a fear of threats and curses from his brethren. Prophets will then arise in those nations whose people have been crushed and oppressed by lords and kings. During that period my Doctrine will truly shine in all its splendor and spread throughout the world because of the loving deeds my new disciples will practice.

59. Today, you are becoming spiritually strong with my words and with the ordeals you are enduring. They are spiritually awakening you so that you will be able to confront the difficulties, ungratefulness, and traditions that you experience in life.

60. Many of you who are following me during this period are enduring great bitterness because your families oppose, ridicule, and doubt this Doctrine. They do not believe that the Lord has endowed you with spiritual gifts nor do they believe that He has assigned you a mission to fulfill.

61. Some individuals have been thrown out of their homes, whereas others have been forced to depart to other lands.

62. I say to you that you are not the only ones who have experienced this ridicule and opposition. I remind you of Joseph, the son of Jacob, who was sold into slavery by his own brothers. They sold him to merchants because they recognized that Joseph was a great prophet and they were envious of him. Although Joseph arrived a slave in Egypt, the Lord covered him with his mantle of mercy. Because of his faith and his perseverance in following the laws of his elders, as well as the grace and wisdom given to him by God, Joseph became close to the Pharaoh and became the adviser, minister, and the prophet of that nation.

63. The spirit of Joseph was truly virtuous. During his stay in Egypt, that nation experienced prosperity, peace, and an abundance of many blessings.

64. Although Joseph was greatly hurt by the betrayal of his brethren, he had not forgotten his father Jacob, whom he loved greatly, nor had he forgotten his brothers. The moment of Divine justice did arrive. The land of Canaan, where Jacob lived with his sons, had experienced a great drought causing much hunger and misery in that land, whereas there was an abundance of food in the land of Egypt.

65. The brothers of Joseph departed for Egypt in search of food. They had forgotten Joseph and assumed that he was dead. They never imagined that it would be Joseph before whom they would have to appear. When the hour of justice did arrive, it was not a justice of punishment and humiliation, but one of true forgiveness. What greater justice could there be, other than forgiveness, for those who had rejected and offended Joseph? The noble Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers, forgave them, and offered them numerous blessings. Meanwhile, the brothers were repentant for what they had done and were astonished, remembering the prophecies of Joseph when he was a child and which were now being fulfilled.

66. My children, have you understood the significance of Joseph's story? You need to persevere during the days of hardship and during those moments when you feel disappointed and lonely. Remember that the moment of justice will arrive. You will see those individuals, who have betrayed "and ridiculed you, coming before you in a state of repentance.

67. Will you be able to follow the noble example of Joseph when he welcomed and forgave those who offended him? Picture that event when Joseph observed his brothers crying in repentance as they knelt before him. That scene is an image that reflects my loving justice. Joseph, before them standing, represents his virtue, whereas his brothers kneeling represents their repentance.

68. I want that seed of Joseph, son of Israel, to exist and flourish among this multitude.

69. Jesus, your Divine Master, also had to depart to the land of Egypt shortly after he was born because the people of Israel did not recognize his arrival. Although there were signs that the child was the Messiah, the one promised by the Lord, the people of Israel doubted that he was the Messiah because of his humble clothing and the rustic and simple place in which he was born which were unworthy of a king.

70. Since the people did not welcome me, I had to go to Egypt. Although my heart felt great pain, I was to endure greater pain.

71. When I returned from Egypt to live in Nazareth, I was ridiculed constantly. I felt wounded by their phrases of unbelief and envy.

72. Although I performed miracles and manifested my power and charity among the people of Nazareth, they rejected me. No one believed in me, including those who had known me all of my life and who had witnessed my deeds of love and charity. Thus, when it was time for me to begin my ministry, I told the people of Nazareth prior to my departure: "Truly I tell you that there is no prophet who will be believed in his own country; therefore, it is necessary for him to go elsewhere in order for his words to be heard."

73. That was not to be the last bitter pain that I would endure, for there was a greater suffering that awaited me. It was a suffering given to me by one of my disciples, a disciple who had eaten with me at my table and who was like my brother. He betrayed me to my enemies for thirty coins.

74. Also my followers believed that I was dead, just as the brothers of Joseph had believed that he had died. And in the same manner that Joseph appeared to his brothers who had forgotten him, I also appeared to my disciples, but in spirit to prove to them that I was not dead.

75. I now dwell in my Kingdom awaiting the arrival of all those who have forgotten me, and all those who have betrayed and ridiculed me.

76. I await all of my children to embrace them with infinite love.

77. I am speaking to you during one of the final days of my manifestation. The final year of my manifestation is approaching. A few more days, a few more hours, and the year that I have announced as the final year of this manifestation will arrive. It is a year that is feared by my people.

78. Does everyone have the preparation that is necessary to accept in their hearts those things that I will shed upon them?

79. I will offer you my word; I will present my Doctrine to you and it will be similar to a table filled with delicious nourishment at a banquet.

80. I will be at that table and on it will be put the best fruits and the most delicious food for the spirit. The doors of that house will be open so that everyone can partake of that banquet of spiritual nourishment.

81. A new message for all the nations on earth will emanate from that table which will help to spiritually awaken humanity, enlightening it with that immortal seed of the spirit.

82. The purity of Abel will illuminate the heavens, as will the faith of Noah, the obedience of Abraham, the strength of Jacob, the inspiration of David, the wisdom of Solomon, the truth of my prophets, the elevation of my apostles, and the spirituality of John.

83. My followers will not need to distinguish themselves by dressing in tunics as others did in the past. They will not even need to acknowledge me by pronouncing my name because I will manifest my love, justice, truth, enlightenment, and wisdom throughout their life.

84. I am giving you a spiritual gift with this teaching. Cherish it in your heart as one of the last teachings from the Divine Master to remember the birth of Jesus.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 300

1. Feel my presence in the silence of your heart and feel great joy when my word descends to illuminate you with the light of spiritual knowledge.

2. Allow your spirit to rejoice, beloved disciples, for you have shed many tears along the path of life.

3. I am here with you offering you strength so that you may strive to achieve eternal peace for your spirit. Truly I tell you that even before humanity knew Me, already I was illuminating mankind and speaking to your heart because I am one with the Father, as I have always been one with Him. The passage of time was necessary before humanity would receive me through Jesus and listen to the word of God. I say to you, however, that not all who listened to my Doctrine during that period had the spiritual evolution that was necessary to feel God's presence in Christ. That is why I chose only certain individuals who would give faithful testimony of the truth. It was difficult for the rest of mankind to practice my Doctrine because idolatry and paganism reigned during that period. Nevertheless, each human being carried within his conscience the doctrine of love. It was written eternally within his conscience, awaiting the future generations that would embrace the cross of the Divine Master.

4. Initially, my twelve disciples and a few others were the only ones who chose to follow my path of love, but as time passed cities and nations began to change their customs, lives, and forms of worship. I say this to you because during this new era of spiritual enlightenment, there will be some who will not be able to comprehend the essence and meaning of these teachings even though they have witnessed my manifestation. While some individuals will have the spiritual evolution that is necessary to accept and comprehend this doctrine, others will be unable to comprehend many of these teachings and will perceive them as mysterious. However, new generations will come to the earth with greater spiritual enlightenment. Although only a few individuals were spiritually enlightened during the period of my manifestation, in the future many individuals throughout the world will become spiritually enlightened.

5. Those who have received me in their spirit in this time will remain my disciples. They will be responsible for teaching this divine doctrine to future generations until it reaches those who will allow spirituality to flourish as the Doctrine of true wisdom and peace.

6. Who are my disciples during this period? All those who love and cherish my divine word and who truly practice it.

7. I have called many to my table to nourish themselves with the bread of life, the true spiritual bread. I want those individuals to become my disciples because there are many fields that are awaiting my divine seed.

8. My people: I have told you many times to be vigilant, to study, and to be prepared because the time is approaching when your brothers will become aware of the existence of those who witnessed my manifestation and heard the voice of the Lord. Humanity will want to know the events that surrounded my manifestation, the contents of my message, and how I verified the truth of this doctrine.

9. Men and women from all walks of life will seek your testimony of that manifestation. Is it not righteous for your testimony to reflect the truth and purity of the manifestation? If it does, then your brethren will have a better understanding of it since they didn't have the opportunity to listen to my teaching through the human spokesmen.

10. If you had dedicated part of your time to carefully analyzing my word, there would have been no need for me to come explain my teachings, because you can become aware of your spiritual responsibility through meditation, careful analysis, and a self examination.

11. This manifestation will come to an end soon. Since this multitude has been unable to comprehend my teachings, I have had to explain things in greater detail to help you.

12. You need to be aware that when you give testimony of Me to your brethren, it is not sufficient to only repeat words from these teachings. This does not require any great preparation since all you need to do is to memorize words or keep them in written form. To offer true testimony of Me you need to practice deeds of love, thus allowing your brethren to feel the essence of my word. As you explain my doctrine in a simple, yet profound manner, you will also need to teach my Doctrine to your brethren by practicing extraordinary deeds. To do all of these things you need to practice true spirituality in your life, thus, offering true testimony of my word in this Third Era.

13. When you begin to practice the deeds that I have taught you, even the greatest skeptics will humbly accept the words that you speak as the truth.

14. If you truly feel love for your brethren and want to be charitable, then carefully analyze this teaching and truly prepare yourself to strive in this endeavor using your divine virtues. Then you will become worthy of being called a messenger and disciple of God during this Third Era.

15. My people, the hour is approaching in which each one of you will need to fulfill your mission with true love for all of humanity.

16. While I am preparing my departure, you need to be preparing yourselves to fulfill your spiritual work on earth.

17. I observe that you are worried because you have been unable to memorize these teachings that I have given to you, therefore, you are afraid to confront humanity without being able to defend the truth of this Doctrine. I say to you that you should not be afraid, because, as I prepare for my departure, I will ask this multitude to publish books containing the teachings and revelations from this Third Era. Those books will help those who witnessed my manifestation during this era to remember my teachings, to carefully analyze them, and to prepare themselves so they can offer testimony of my truth.

18. The books that will be published to conserve my teachings will be of great importance because after my departure you truly will begin to study my doctrine.

19. Those books will allow those who had witnessed my manifestation, but who have forgotten many teachings, to remember with great emotion and joy those moments when they received my divine teachings. Also, those who did not witness my manifestation will become astonished with the essence of my teachings and will be able to perceive the Kingdom of Heaven.

20. When my disciple has carefully studied my teachings and practices spirituality in his life, he will no longer need books that contain my teachings. He will be able to remember and repeat my words of Divine truth whenever he needs them, because his spirit will inspire him through his conscience, where my Doctrine is eternally written.

21. Blessed are those who with vigilance awaited this moment because they will rejoice in spirit and truth. They will elevate to a world of enlightenment and return with spiritual strength.

22. Thus, when you come to me with great sincerity and devotion to listen to my word, you separate yourself from your worldly existence and nourish yourself with the divine essence of my word.

23. After nourishing yourself from my spiritual banquet, your life on earth does not seem as difficult. The cross that you carry now seems lighter and the ordeals much easier.

24. Yes, my children, one who walks the spiritual path will not become weary and weak for whoever seeks the spiritual will not stumble on earth.

25. Oh, if you only knew how many beings from the spiritual valley who are full of love and light follow you, accompany you, and inspire you! However, how can they help you if you are unwilling to do your part of the work?

26. You need to have faith and to follow their inspirations, if you want these charitable beings to influence you and to help you. If you are truly prepared to pray, and pray with great faith and sensitivity, then you will perceive marvelous things along your path in life.

27. My word offers tenderness and compassion to your hardened heart which has experienced great pain and suffering. You, too, will offer your brethren great comfort through your deeds of charity and words of encouragement when you become a teacher.

28. Who are the ones who will not yield to your deeds of love, sincerity, and truth? Who, among this multitude, does not recall the phrases I used to greet you on the first day that you listened to my word? It was a voice filled with great tenderness and divine essence, thus, allowing you to recognize me.

29. Although I forgive your faults, I also need to correct you so that you will eliminate all selfishness from your heart because that is one weakness that truly hurts your spirit. I touch your conscience to make you aware of the responsibility that you have for your brethren. You need to practice deeds of charity and forgiveness along your path, as I taught you in the Second Era.

30. The cross that Christ had to carry was heavy, and his journey was bitter and painful. Although I had a difficult path to follow, I disregarded my own pain to offer comfort to those who were suffering, even blessing those who would crucify me.

31. My people, whose spirits have received my divine enlightenment in all three eras: Behold how much misery and bitterness exist on earth. It is important to practice deeds of love and kindness among humanity; illuminating your brethren with faith, hope, and spiritual peace.

32. My love and power should be sufficient to transform humanity, but since I have created all of you to love one another, it is important for there to emerge a multitude of individuals who practice true spirituality. They will need to be faithful guardians of my Law so they can illuminate humanity and teach it the true path, eliminating all falsehood and bringing light to the darkness.

33. A new war will soon occur on earth. It will be unlike any other war that humanity has endured. It will be a war of ideas, philosophies, doctrines, beliefs, ideologies, and religions.

34. My people: You need to be prepared when that war occurs, and alert your children.

35. Since materialism will guide the lives of many people on earth, there will be much injustice and people will experience great hardship, anguish, desperation, and suffering. People will be able to find refuge only in my Divine Law. Only my Law will be able to protect man from all of the hatred, low passions, and greed that will exist on earth. Joyful will be those who prepare themselves spiritually prior to the arrival of that period! Woe to those who are weak and ! spiritually asleep. Woe to the nations whose faith is based on religious fanaticism rather than divine love and trust in God, for they will fall prey to the suffering and anguish.

36. O humanity, do you not sense the arrival of that battle? Are you not moved and touched by my word so that you can prepare to defend yourself when that moment arrives? All beings possess my enlightenment, but only those who pray and prepare themselves are able to receive divine inspirations. Although I communicate with man through premonition, inspiration, intuition, and dreams, he ignores all that is spiritual and remains indifferent to my divine messages.

37. Soon you will see the fulfillment of my word and will testify that it reveals the truth.

38. My Doctrine and my name will be ridiculed and attacked, and you will be persecuted by those who are enemies of the truth.

My Doctrine, however, will be a sword of light for those defending the divine truth and a shield defending the innocent. I will be the topic of discussion for everyone. Some will bless my name, while others will disrespect it.

39. All of the gifts that man possesses will be developed; his intelligence, sentiments, passions, and spiritual gifts. His spirituality will be awakened and ready for the battle.

40. There will be great confusion during that period! Many who believed that they had true faith in me will realize that they did not! Love and hope will disappear from many individuals and many homes; children and young people will have no God other than the world, nor any law other than the laws that are practiced on earth.

41. I ask you, my people: What mission are you going to fulfill amidst this chaos and confusion? Perhaps, you will hide that precious jewel that I have given to you? Will you close the book of my teachings and renounce the power that I have given you as my disciples? No, my beloved people, you will not act in that manner. I have prepared you so that you will not be surprised by the chaos and the confusion that will occur. Also, I have spiritually prepared you so that you will not be intimidated by the eloquence of or the science of those who will oppose you. Textbooks, titles, and names are human vanities, but the words that you will preach are eternal truths.

42. Some confusion has occurred among those who have witnessed my manifestation during this period. This has led to disagreements, division, and criticism among you, which was necessary to awaken spiritually those who were asleep and in the end this will enable you to truly comprehend my Divine Word.

43. My people, do not be afraid of the conflict that is occurring. In truth I say to you that this conflict is necessary for it will help you awaken spiritually because you have begun to practice the rituals and the traditions of a new cult. Truly I tell you that Spirituality is not concerned with the practice of rituals, routines, traditions, or external ceremonies.

44. Only a few have awaken spiritually during this ordeal convinced that they are not practicing true spirituality. These few will need to separate themselves from the multitude for a time because the majority of these people will continue to strongly follow their customs and traditions as if they were the Law. A period of silence will follow allowing this multitude to meditate and reflect, to observe and to experiment, and then a greater struggle and battle will follow. This battle will allow all to finally comprehend the true essence of my Doctrine and to comprehend its true purity and spirituality.

45. During the second battle and struggle the majority of the people will their eyes to the truth, but they will need to separate themselves from this multitude because it will continue to practice rituals and traditions which are inappropriate for my Doctrine. They will not reunite with this multitude until it stops practicing these rituals and learns the true essence of my Doctrine.

46. Behold how it is necessary for ordeals to occur to spiritually awaken you because, otherwise, you would continue to practice your rituals and traditions.

47. The peace and harmony that currently exists among this multitude is false. Peace and harmony will come only after you begin to practice true spirituality, but first you must be tested and purified. You must remember that you will remain as witnesses of the teachings that I have given you during this time; therefore, your testimony must be full of truth and purity.

48. Today you are being purified through suffering and pain; in the future, you will be purified through your spirituality!

49. After having endured great ordeals and having studied my doctrine, there is no justification for you to continue suffering nor to be confused. If that were to continue, then this multitude would have to endure a much greater ordeal than the one that it is presently enduring. Do you love truth? Do you desire peace? If so, practice my word with purity allowing your spirit to find the path that leads to spiritual harmony.

50. Since I have communicated through human spokesmen, be aware that the spiritual enlightenment and the manifestation that you have been given is limited. I also limited myself in the past when I spoke to humanity through the prophets.

51. I have sent different prophets to earth during periods of great ordeals for humanity, when it was close to falling into the abyss and destroying itself.

52. The spokesmen through whom I have manifested myself in this Third Era are also prophets. The words that they have spoken have awaken those who were spiritually asleep and have provided guidance for those who had become lost.

53. The words spoken by my prophets during each era have been heard by many but very few have truly listened to them. Why have so many chosen not to listen to the voice of my prophets? Because my prophets have spoken of coming events and God's divine justice. Always they have told humanity to pray, to be vigilant, to repent, and to cleanse its stains.

54. The prophets during the First Era used their intuition in revealing their prophecies. They announced many events even though they were totally unaware of such events. Although they did not know that Christ existed, they spoke of Him to humanity. Although it was still centuries before the Savior would come to earth, already the prophets were describing his arrival, as well as his life and death as a human being.

55. You have received great spiritual enlightenment because you are my new disciples and prophets of this Third Era! You will also need to utilize your intuition during this era because when you travel to different regions you will need to speak to those people according to their needs, their level of comprehension, and spiritual evolution.

56. Some will listen to your words, whereas others will ridicule you. Nevertheless, you will not cease preaching penance, which is regeneration, prayer, which is repentance and faith, and charity, and which is an expression of brotherhood and love.

57. Do not forget that your brethren will only develop faith in my Doctrine if they observe you living a virtuous and righteous life. This means that your brethren will carefully examine all aspects of your life to see if your deeds are reflecting the teachings of this Doctrine.

58. Practice humility and simplicity in your daily life without allowing your faith and dedication to weaken.

59. The world is still unaware of those who have received my divine revelations during this Third Era. In the near future, however, humanity will become interested in knowing the truth of my new arrival and all events related to my manifestation. Humanity will question you; therefore, you need to be prepared.

60. Truly I tell you that there will always be at least one individual who will truly listen and accept your words, even though many others may be hostile.

61. If you practice spirituality and develop the gift of speech, you will not weaken during your struggle and ordeals.

62. Although you presently are ignored by the world, truly I tell you that the day will come when the nations of the earth will await you anxiously. That day will arrive once humanity begins to experience great ordeals and catastrophes because it will discover that this people, who practice spirituality, has a power over plagues and strange illnesses.

63. Those who are ill will be awaiting the arrival of the messenger and the disciple of Jesus to heal them with the healing balsam of tenderness and charity. Many homes will open their doors awaiting the arrival of my disciples to bring them peace and enlightenment.

64. The generations of today have ignored the signs which marked my arrival during this period. Although they have attributed all of those signs to chance, they will soon discover the true meaning of all those events which surrounded my arrival, my manifestation, and my departure during this period. Also they will acknowledge that these signs and events were truly those prophesied during the Second Era. They will be correct when they proclaim that "the leaf on a tree does not move without the will of God".

65. Beloved humanity: You are my beloved children whom I have come to save. I have come to visit those who are exiled and in prison! Feel my presence, and I say to you that you will not lack anything!

66. Trust in me and have hope. You have experienced great ordeals in making restitution for your mistakes, but soon your path will become less difficult as you discover the spiritual peace you so much desire.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 301

1. Rejoice with my word, oh spirits for whom the Father has long awaited and for whom He came to the world to shed his blood!

2. Although these multitudes are formed by those who believe and those who do not, each one hungers for love and thirsts for enlightenment and truth. Those who have faith nourish and strengthen themselves spiritually, but those who do not reject this bread of eternal life, and thus continue to endure their spiritual hunger and thirst. They are spirits who are confused by a life of ignorance, fanaticism, and materialism which prevents them from . contemplating and feeling my presence. These individuals are fearful of the judgement of humanity. How can they spiritually feel my essence if they are concerned and preoccupied with how people will judge them? They will say that I am not truly manifesting myself in these houses of prayer, but in reality, they are the ones who were not truly present with me. They did not allow their spirits to feel my presence because they were preoccupied with their thoughts, self interests, concerns, and the sensual desires of the material world.

If I have come, and if I am with you it is because I always remember those who need me and those who endure bitterness, slavery, and humiliation.

3. There are some who do not believe in this manifestation because they lack the will to triumph over their own vanity and fanaticism. On the other hand, there are others who want to believe in my teachings but are unable to do so because they are spiritually confused, preventing them from discovering the truth and divine joy found in my Doctrine.

4. Do you believe that I will abandon my children if they do not accept these teachings? Do you believe that I will forget them because they ignored me and left my path when I summoned them?

No, my people, I will not abandon them nor forget them. My Spirit will always be with them, helping overcome their obstacles. They shall be tested and I will show them in many different ways the Divine Truth. All will eventually return to the Divine path they abandoned, and I will always welcome them with love.

5. Eat and drink, my people, for I have come to offer you bread and wine to nourish your spirit. Take this food from the Third Era and sustain yourself with it, for blessed is the one who eats of this bread because he will awaken spiritually and his eyes will be opened to the divine light as he begins to evolve spiritually.

6. I have been manifesting myself in this manner for a long time,however, the day is now arriving when I will cease to give you these teachings and revelations through human spokesmen. Although this phase of your spiritual preparation will come to an end, my work and my divine lessons will not end.

7. Those who have heard the Divine Father give His teachings in this era through human spokesmen will remain on earth to fulfill their mission. They will speak to humanity of my Doctrine and through their deeds give testimony of the teachings that they have received.

8. My word has been filled with love and charity from the moment I began to manifest myself during this Third Era. My teachings have also manifested my divine justice because they have made you aware of your mistakes and have changed your way of life. Now that this manifestation is coming to an end, behold that my divine justice is more evident, as is the warmth and tenderness that you feel in your heart when you listen to these teachings.

9. In my last teachings I want you to acquire all the strength that you will need for your upcoming struggle. I want you to remember the divine tenderness and warmth that you received from these teachings so that you will remember me in a loving manner. May you remember the advice, the blessings, the healing balsam, and the inspiration that my teachings gave you. May you recall with emotion my teachings during this period, realizing that it was the Divine Master who broke the seals of the Book of Life opening before your eyes the sixth chapter. You will understand that it was Elijah who had the key to open the doors to the Third Era, the era of spiritual enlightenment.

10. In past eras, humanity was granted some manifestations by messengers of the Father, whom you have referred to as angels. This was done to enlighten humanity spiritually and to the life beyond the physical world. These first manifestations were followed by the deeds of Jesus which were meant to help you become more spiritually enlightened regarding my Divine Sanctuary. These you may remember: The presence of beings of light announcing my coming to earth; the influence of confused spirits upon a human being, whom you call possessed; a spirit departing from its body and returning to it as I demonstrated through my transfiguration at Mount Tabor; and the materialization of those beings who have not elevated to their true kingdom because they lack enlightenment, as was evidenced in Jerusalem on the day of my crucifixion.

11. Those lessons were truly profound! But there were some who did not want to see the light in those lessons, such as the high priests and pharisees of that time who attributed all spiritual knowledge to harmful powers. Did they not say that Jesus was able to heal those who were possessed because he had a pact with the devil? Also, mankind was surprised that I came in spirit during this time. My true essence is spirit; thus, I have come to teach you more about the spiritual life. This teaching will be more profound, clear, and extensive, and you will be able to personally experience those things that I have come to reveal to you.

12. Some believe that my spiritual manifestation and teachings during this era are too spiritually elevated, such as my communication through the human spokesmen as well as the manifestation of enlightened spiritual beings. Others believe that what they have spiritually learned in the present era cannot be surpassed. I say to you that what I have granted this multitude during the present era only represents the beginning of what man will be able to achieve in the future once he practices true spirituality. Once man has eliminated all of his false beliefs, achieving freedom for both his spirit and mind, he will be able to progress much more than man has progressed today. Is there anyone who will be able to detain the manifestations that are reserved for man in the future once humanity spiritually evolves? Those who oppose those manifestations will be those who are stubborn, insensitive, and blind because of their fanatical beliefs.

13. Each era has brought man new and marvelous revelations for his spirit and for his mind. All need to be ready and prepared to receive my divine messages because a new time has arrived and there is much that you need to learn and comprehend.

14. "Charity and more charity to your brothers,” Elijah has told you in this time, but those who are materially poor have asked: What can I give to my brethren if I have nothing to give? It is true that you possess nothing materially. However, if you keep and treasure the knowledge and grace that I am offering you with these teachings and also develop the spiritual gifts that your spirit possesses, you will be able to offer eternal charity to your brethren.

15. Here are some of the benefits that you have been granted by my Spirit: healing balsam to cure all physical illnesses and to remove all sorrows of the spirit; eternal peace to share with those who do not have it in their heart; and spiritual enlightenment to illuminate your path, to guide your steps, and to inspire elevated thoughts and ideas that will enable you to penetrate into scientific knowledge. I have taught you spiritual prayer, allowing you to communicate with the divine, thus converting you into instruments of my messages and revelations. I have also given your spirit the gift of prophecy from which intuition and premonition originate. Through that gift you will be able to anticipate what to expect along the path that each one of you will have to travel.

16. I have given you those and other gifts. Who will be able to say that he is poor, when he possesses so much grace? Who, even though he is materially poor on earth, will deny himself the opportunity to practice deeds of charity utilizing the many wonderful spiritual gifts that he possesses? All that is needed is for your heart to be open to my divine love, like the petals of flowers opening when touched by raindrops. Once you allow my divine love to penetrate into your heart, you will feel strong enough to journey along your difficult path, offering charity to your needy brethren because you will have become one with my Spirit.

17. In the Second Era I gave you a clear example of how one does not need to possess material things in order to practice charity. To practice charity, all you need is to feel love for your brethren, to feel sympathy for those who suffer and to offer them comfort. If you do those things you will be able to accomplish miracles.

18. I multiplied the loaves of bread when there was not enough bread, transformed water into wine, healed those who were ill, freed those who were possessed, resurrected the dead, softened with a word those with a hardened heart, and offered enlightenment to all spirits. If you prepare yourself, you will be able to offer the same charity to your brethren. If I performed those deeds to set an example for you, it means that you are able to do the same things that I did. If you feel that you lack the ability and enlightenment to carry out those deeds, behold that I have come once again among you to awaken and develop the spiritual gifts that you possess. Therefore, you can never again say that you are a needy individual, because you would offend your Father with those words since he has given you all that you need to reach Him.

19. Do not forget what Elijah has said to you, "Practice more and more charity with your brethren,” knowing that you possess a great treasure that you can give to your brethren.

20. The manna from the Third Era descends directly to you without touching the earth because it is received by your spirit.

21. My people: You are an image of humanity, and that is why I receive you as a representative for all of mankind. Among you I find that there is suffering, a lack of faith, weaknesses, lack of harmony, disagreements, and conflicts. These things that I tell you also apply to the rest of humanity. You will need to share the teachings that I am revealing to you with your brethren because my message is for all of mankind.

22. I do not see you unified; therefore, you are unable to spread my word. Your conscience will not allow you to speak of unity and harmony to your brethren if you are not yet practicing these two things. Nevertheless, the time will come when the children of this multitude will live in peace and practice true brotherhood and spirituality as they unite to follow my Doctrine of love.

23. You have traveled a long journey on the path of life. It is now time to return to your Father's home.

24. You have traveled the road of experience. Thus, you are no longer spiritually blind, innocent, and ignorant. On this same journey, you have stained your spirit also, therefore, your ordeals and suffering are helping to cleanse and purify your spirit.

25. The one who is innocent is also blind because there are many things that he does not comprehend nor does he know which path to follow to return to the Divine Father. The individual who has acquired spiritual enlightenment along the path of experience knows where he is going and how to return to the Divine Father.

26. These teachings are now helping you to understand why people suffer and why they experience ordeals and temptations on earth. Also you are learning why people experience so much bitterness and so many difficulties as they journey slowly along the path of life toward spiritual perfection.

27. These teachings also explain why you confront so many problems in life which you must learn to resolve in order to attain spiritual progress.

28. It is necessary that I reveal this truth to you because only then will you be full of hope and ideals. If I do not repeat my Sermon on the Mount frequently, you become spiritually weak because you will forget the reason why people struggle on earth. You will allow suffering to triumph, believing that you are condemned to suffering always.

29. I want you to be my disciples, but you continue to be spiritually ignorant. Many times I have heard you say the following: "Father, why do you send us so much misery? Why do you not want to listen to our prayers? Father, you have not heard our prayers."

30. I listen to your cries and I say to you: I always listen to your prayers, but I cannot always grant your requests at the precise moment in which you are asking for it. Also, neither can I grant your requests according to your will but rather according to my will. It is your responsibility to pray for others, to illuminate their paths with good thoughts and to separate them from all darkness. Thus, you will be helping your brethren to become spiritually prepared for the moment when I will send them my spiritual peace.

31. When you experience ordeals, what is important to me is not so much that you overcome them, but rather the effort you make to learn from them in order to acquire spiritual experience, evolution, and perfection.

32. You are the ones who have been given the mission of enlightening your brethren and guiding them on earth. Therefore, who will be the ones who have the faith to move mountains to enlighten their brethren?

33. If you understood the true essence of my word, you would arise quickly, strongly determined to spread the virtues found in my teachings. You would have more compassion for those young children who lack tenderness and guidance because their parents have died.

34. You would feel charity for the young adults who are just beginning to live, but who lack ideals because humanity has destroyed their faith.

35. Do you now comprehend the meaning of the guiding light and the ideals that I am inspiring you to pursue?

36. Your spirit informs me that it does comprehend that the guiding light refers to the divine wisdom found in this Doctrine which has come to eliminate the darkness that surrounds humanity.

37. Blessed are you, my children, because you are able to listen to the young people who ask the following questions: Where is God? What is heaven, and what is faith?

38. It is your responsibility to orient your younger brethren on the path of life because they have lost their way. Tell them about the Divine Father, and let them know that they will be able to feel my presence by practicing a little spirituality in their lives. Once they feel my presence, they will acquire the strength and courage necessary to keep them on the right path.

39. It is your mission to tell those who are orphans that their Divine Mother has always been with them, embracing them and offering them her tenderness since the loss of their parents. Teach them how to feel that divine presence and warmth throughout life.

40. I say to all those who have acquired spiritual strength on the path of life: You are responsible for helping the poor orphans, those children who have been neglected by mankind and who wander through the streets seeking maternal love.

41. Thus, I have come to invite you to my Kingdom of peace so that you can rest from the difficult struggles that you now are experiencing. I have come to teach you how to lessen the weight of your cross and to help you comprehend the true meaning of your ordeals in life. You will not need to suffer needlessly once you have learned from those ordeals and begin to truly purify your spirit.

42. Nourish yourself with those things that bring you wholesome and virtuous joy. Enjoy the presence of children, for they are the spirits whom I said would come to dwell on earth during this period. As they begin life, their mission is to bring peace and spiritual enlightenment to earth. Be vigilant because my promise is being fulfilled by these children who offer hope for mankind and who are laying the foundation for future generations. Their destiny will be a testimony for those who are anxiously awaiting for the signs that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

43. Humanity will regenerate itself. The spirit of man will greatly evolve with the passage of time, and his deeds will reflect his evolved state.

44. Today, you are unable to comprehend the reason for your ordeals, believing that they are unnecessary, unjust, and senseless. I will give you the reasons for your ordeals during your declining years or when you dwell in the spiritual valley.

45. Today I will not reveal to you what you failed to fulfill in. the past. Also, I will not inform you of your errors, mistakes, or your future. I want you to completely trust and have confidence in your Father because my Spirit is with you every moment of your life, offering you my encouragement, my blessings, and my teachings. I am aware of all your thoughts and deeds. I want you to have faith in me, to love me, and to seek me as your Father, friend, and adviser during each of your ordeals.

46. Now that you know that you are making restitution for your past mistakes, you need to learn to confront and overcome your weaknesses in a virtuous manner. As you go through life restituting your disobediences to the Divine Law with virtuous deeds and acquiring spiritual strength and wisdom through your ordeals, you will begin to evolve step by step until you reach the higher regions of spiritual evolution.

47. Although I am not telling you that soon you will reach the highest level of spiritual evolution, I do promise you great opportunities to reach that level.

48. There will be no need for intermediaries to guide you once you learn to communicate with me, because you will be inspired and guided by me.

49. The day you become unified, your thoughts, your prayers, and your love will be felt throughout the world. Humanity will feel those vibrations but will not fully comprehend them.

Thus, it will say: Something supernatural will soon occur.

50. When that time arrives, my messengers will take this light that only a few have seen to their brethren in other nations. My teachings will become known by all those who have not spiritually progressed. These people will be illiterate and live in abandoned places. However, when they become familiar with my teachings, they will arise, the light of their conscience will shine, and their spirit will blossom.

51. I am preparing you to become my true disciples, to listen carefully to my teachings, and to study in silence so that you may acquire more divine wisdom since my teachings are infinite. When you feel that you have become spiritually strong and are ready to teach your brethren, gather around you those who hunger for the truth. Prepare those who will become my new disciples, as did John the Baptist while he was in the desert. Prepare those individuals and then leave their cause to me, for I will guide them to spiritual perfection.

52. Be aware that the things that I now tell you, you will need to fulfill one day. Today, you are with me, united as a family under the protection of its parents. However, you will soon be dispersed to follow different paths throughout the world. My people, you will then witness the fulfillment of my words and have the opportunity to teach this Doctrine because you will mirror my divine love and give examples of true brotherhood.

53. I am touching the most sensitive fibers in your heart because the time of my departure is approaching. When I depart I want you to become more sensitive to the suffering, misery, and orphanhood that others experience.

54. My Divine Light will always be with you. When this communication comes to an end, your spirit will continue to receive my divine enlightenment.

55. Your spirit will need that divine enlightenment, especially when you begin to spread this Doctrine. It will be a struggle because you will be denounced and persecuted by humanity as impostors!

56. Then you will hear my divine voice inspiring you: "Do not fear, continue to share my teachings with your brethren telling them about those things that you have learned."

57. You will tell your brethren of the divine truth in these teachings. If someone is offended by what you tell him, leave his cause to me. I say to you, however, that when you share my divine truth with your brethren, never do so with the intention of hurting someone, because you will be judged for what you have done.

58. Respect the faith and the religion of all of your brethren. Remember that I, your God, who is Omnipotent and All-Powerful, manifested himself to all of his children regardless of their religious belief or form of worship.

59. You will sow this Doctrine with love among your brethren. These teachings will teach man how to return to the Divine Lord and how to elevate above his material life toward a more perfect world.

60. Once man has learned the true meaning of life, it is very important for his spirit to become spiritually enlightened so he can return to the Divine Father following the true path. When a spirit is young and innocent, it truly does not know God. Man can only know God when his spirit acquires enlightenment and wisdom through the path of experience as it confronts ordeals and struggles.

61. The day will arrive when many of your brethren will come seeking you to say: "Share your spiritual bread with us. We observe that you have bread, that you are happy, and that you are guided by a light that is not of this world. Share that light with us so that it may also guide us".

62. This will be the beginning of true peace and brotherhood on earth. Wars will cease, hatred will disappear, and the kingdom of darkness will also vanish.

63. You are still not prepared to share the spiritual bread with your brethren because you have not yet fully eliminated all of your selfishness and vanity. I will grant you a while longer to prepare yourselves.

64. My people: I have given you one more teaching, a teaching of brotherhood. The Book of Life will open before you, and in your conscience you will continue listening to the voice of the Divine Master saying to you: "Love one another.”

65. The one who has come to witness this manifestation but who was mentally preoccupied with material concerns or with physical pleasures learned very little from these teachings. In comparison, the one who came to witness this manifestation with humility and with great joy has received a great spiritual treasure which will continue to grow as each day passes. He will then feel prepared and ready to share it with his brethren.

66. I want you to be the one who will seek those individuals on earth who hunger for love and truth.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 302

My Peace be with you!

1. Disciples of my Divinity: I welcome you to my teaching. Do not be surprised by the manner my Divine Spirit greets you for truly I tell you that during this last year of my manifestation I will always greet you in the same manner.

2. I will reward each forward step that you take on the path of spirituality. It is a great honor when a house of prayer stops practicing routines and rituals and makes an effort to spiritualize and perfect its practices. I will not designate specific days for my manifestation with you because time does not exist for me.

3. During the Second Era, a few days after the crucifixion of Jesus, three of my disciples were walking along a road toward an empty cabin where they could concentrate on the memory of the Divine Master who had departed. As they walked along the path, they felt great sorrow in their hearts and a deep emptiness in their spirits. Along their path they met a traveler who accompanied them. He asked them why they were so sad, and they informed him with great emotion of what had occurred in Jerusalem and in Golgotha. When they reached the cabin they found themselves united with the traveler, not only physically but also spiritually, through their oneness in thought and meditation. At that moment, the disciples were surprised when the one who had accompanied them transfigured and said to them: "My peace be with you.” Immediately they recognized the voice of their Divine Master and knelt before him.

4. They saw his face radiating with light, love, and life. From that moment on, his disciples would always recognize him because of his holy greeting: "My peace be with you." Thus, I want you to listen to me as did those disciples. Although you will no longer be able to listen to my words through the human spokesmen after this manifestation comes to an end, you will be able to hear my divine voice through your conscience eternally telling you: "My peace be with you."

5. All individuals are my disciples, even those who are arriving to hear my teachings for the first time, because this is not the first teaching that I have come to give them. I created their spirits long ago, and from that moment I have been their Teacher, teaching them my Word. That is why I called them my disciples the first time they came to listen to my teachings through the human spokesmen. I have prepared life to be as a book that is filled with infinite teachings and wisdom. That book has an infinite number of pages filled with profound knowledge. One lifetime is not sufficient to learn all of its content nor much less to comprehend it. It is a great volume written by the Perfect Being, by the Author of Life and Creator of all things. Although that Book contains great wisdom and knowledge, it is written in a simple and clear manner, as are all the works of God.

6. The first teaching, on the first page, is one of the simplest. If man is unable to comprehend it, the second teaching explains the content in the first teaching. Thus it is with each teaching throughout this great Book of Life, God's gift to man. The sixth chapter in the Book of Life, informs man of his destiny, the true meaning of life, and how to truly know the Divine Father. Man will comprehend his past, his present, and, when it is my will, his future.

7. The era of the Holy Spirit has arrived for humanity as man enters the Third Era. This is the era when man will begin to practice spirituality. Before this era of spirituality began, man suffered and endured many ordeals along his path.

8. Although I observe that your spirit has evolved during this era to receive my divine teachings, I still find your spirit hungry and thirsty for the truth. Your spirit has evolved and learned many things because of the pain, suffering, and hardships that it has experienced along its path. However, I observe that your spirit has not truly evolved. You will spiritually evolve only when you begin to practice my teachings, fulfill my laws, and practice true deeds of love, for all virtues originate from love.

9. Man uses science to analyze and to transform his life on earth.

He becomes vain because of his material possessions, low passions, and his power on earth. The greatness that man feels does not reflect divine truth because it is only temporary and represents human vanity. Although man transforms his life on earth, it will be purified by me. The spiritual wisdom of the Holy Spirit is shed upon all spiritual beings, but all of my children will need to endure one more ordeal to truly awaken spiritually.

10. Man has resisted the rigor of my justice by silencing the voice of his conscience. He has hidden and disregarded my divine laws.

He has murdered my prophets and has ridiculed my messengers. Although my power is infinite and greater than the power of man and I can unleash my full justice upon his spirit to force him to follow me, I do not. Instead, I want man to be endowed with my divine attributes, radiating with confidence, joy, and satisfaction as he achieves true spiritual greatness and joy.

11. That is how I want to perceive my child whom I have created in my own image. I will separate him only from his errors, sins, and imperfections, giving him the faith and trust he needs to progress. Whenever he becomes weak and begins to separate from the path of virtue, I will take his hand so that he does not separate. However, there is one more ordeal that humanity will have to endure which will be a global catastrophe. The elements of nature will become unleashed during that period of great turmoil, and the spirit of man will experience great spiritual confusion and great struggles.

12. That great turmoil is now beginning to occur and will continue to increase. Truly I tell you that amidst that great turmoil, any individual who fulfills my Law will be saved.

13. All bad seeds will be cut from their roots; only the good seed will remain untouched by my divine justice. Earth will once again become cleansed because after that ordeal humanity will experience a new life on earth. All those individuals who were the bad seeds on earth will be taken in spirit to the spiritual valley where I will prepare them spiritually, and there they will restitute and repent for their sins.

14. Since spirits have so much spiritual enlightenment during this period, a spirit only needs to truly repent for its sins to begin to regenerate itself and to practice my Law. After the spirits whom I previously have removed from the earth finish their preparation in the spiritual valley, they will return to earth. Some will return to begin their earthly path again, others will return to restore those things that they had previously destroyed, while some will be given the opportunity to complete the mission they failed to complete. Each will experience my justice of love. When humanity first dwelt on earth, it lived in a state of innocence and simplicity. As humanity began to multiply, man began to sin more because of his free will and lack of evolution. As he became more sinful, he became less virtuous and more distant from me. It was then that I prepared Noah by communicating with him from Spirit to spirit because I established this type of communication with mankind when man first came to dwell on earth. Although that form of communication was reserved for only a few individuals in the past, I will communicate in that manner with all beings on earth in the future. The Father will communicate with all of his children through prayer and inspiration, once they learn to love and to practice his teachings.

15. I said to Noah: ”1 will send a great flood to earth to purify the spirit of man of all his sins. Build an ark, and tell your children, their wives, and your grandchildren to go inside the ark. Also place a pair of animals from each specie on earth inside the ark." Noah obeyed and the flood came in fulfillment of my word. Those who were evil were taken from earth, whereas those who were virtuous were saved. A new humanity evolved from the virtuous individuals. These individuals were spiritually enlightened, thus, they were able to fulfill my Law and practice good deeds on earth.

16. Perhaps do you believe that those individuals who suffered painful deaths perished both physically and spiritually? Truly I tell you, my children, they did not. Those spirits were saved by Me, and they were judged by their conscience. They then were prepared to return once again to the path of life in order to progress spiritually.

17. The day in which the waters ceased to cover the earth, a rainbow of peace appeared in the heavens, signaling the pact that God had established with humanity. I now say to mankind in this Third Era: You are the same ones who endured those ordeals to become purified in the past. In this new era you will experience a new catastrophe. I have come to forewarn those who have received my teachings and humanity in general of that catastrophe. Listen, my children: This Doctrine represents the new ark. I invite you to enter and cherish it.

18. O Israel, to enter my ark, you need to practice my Law. All those who fulfill my mandates in those days of great bitterness and turmoil will have entered my ark. They will be spiritually strong and will feel embraced by my love.

19. Once again I say to all humanity: The ark is my Law of Love. Each individual who practices love and charity with his brethren and with himself will be saved. I will bless that virtue and mankind will discover spiritually the ark of salvation through that great virtue during this Third Era. Not only will man discover salvation for his life on earth but also salvation and peace for his spirit because a period of great ordeals is approaching, a time when sect will battle sect and religion will battle religion.

20. How long will that battle last? Although you may not possess that information, I will say to you that it will last long enough to prepare the spirit of all men. It will be sufficient time to awaken all individuals spiritually, even those who are in their spiritual infancy. It will last until all individuals become aware of the time in which they now live and of their responsibility to God who is calling for the regeneration of all spirits. When that period of turmoil comes to an end, you will once again perceive a signal of my pact with mankind in the heavens. However, you will not perceive a rainbow with its seven colors as in the past, but rather the light of the Holy Spirit which will fully manifest itself to all incarnated and disincarnated spirits. The voice of the Holy Spirit will say to his children: I am the peace, I am the path, the truth, and the life. I come so that you may establish a new alliance with the Holy Spirit and with my Law. During this time my teachings will rescue man from the chains of his ignorance and slavery. I will offer humanity a new time of peace and prosperity, a I period when man will eliminate all of his materialism and truly begin to regenerate himself. During that time spirits who previously lacked spiritual enlightenment but who now have become enlightened and ! spiritually prepared in the spiritual valley will be sent to incarnate on earth. Those spirits will return to earth truly prepared to practice deeds of virtue and truth in fulfillment of my Law.

21. My beloved disciples, your Father has given you a great responsibility because you are not only familiar with my teaching but you will know what the future will bring. However, you should not be concerned when my prophecies will be fulfilled. What is important is that you have the love and faith necessary to fulfill my Doctrine. I will do the rest. If you are able to fulfill your spiritual responsibilities, your conscience will be at peace.

22. O Israel, you will then observe that no matter how bitter life may be for others, your life will be peaceful and suffering will not overwhelm you. You will acquire spiritual strength by fulfilling my Law and obeying my mandates. You will no longer fear the weight of your cross nor will you fear the arrival of the death of your life on earth. You will await it with tranquility, and when it arrives you will perceive it as the arrival of a friend or brother who has come to free you and to shorten your days of pain.

! misery, and toil. It will guide and help you enter into regions of the spiritual valley unknown to your spirit. Although your spirit had previously dwelt in the spiritual valley, it has not yet dwelt in the highly elevated spiritual regions where you will dwell in the future.

23. You are familiar with some of the regions in the spiritual valley, but not all of them, my people. Jesus said to you previously: "In my Father's house there are many mansions." Today the Holy Spirit tells you: "In my Father's house there are an infinite number of mansions."

24. How will your spirit battle and confront ordeals as it enters new mansions? You do not know nor should you even try to imagine what it would be like, because your imagination would visualize things that are not true.

25. It is enough for you to know that your terrestrial life, marvelous and perfect in all of its aspects, is only a symbol and a simple reflection of the spiritual valley. However, do not try to imagine what life is like in those elevated spiritual mansions because, oh Israel, it would be like attempting to explain the different colors that exist to someone who is blind. Since your birth, you have learned so many amazing things each day as you progressed through adolescence and adulthood to old age. When you enter the spiritual valley you will be amazed and surprised with the lessons that you will continue to learn throughout eternity, but you will never truly know your Creator in all of his infinite greatness.

26. You will be able to comprehend his omnipotence and greatness in his laws, in his love, and in his attributes, but will you ever be able to comprehend all there is to know about God? Never, my people, because the Creator is, and will always be, the Father and you are his children. Although his children will be able to sit to the right of the Father, they will never be able to sit in His place. However, Jehovah, who is the origin of perfect love, will never humiliate his children from where he sits. He will always perceive them as his beloved children, as his disciples, and never as his servants or as unworthy individuals. I want the time to arrive when you will feel that you are the Lord's beloved children, rather than his servants or sinners.

27. I do not want to have slaves in this world nor in any other world. I do not want to have servants, slaves, nor prisoners. I want my children to comprehend and to love me in the same manner that I love all of them.

28. My people, with these teachings I have come to offer you testimony of my presence among you as the Spirit of Truth. I have come to construct the ark that will save mankind during this Third Era. Seek the true essence in each of my teachings and preserve their essence by fulfilling my Law. Humanity will experience a period of great confusion. Before that time arrives, I want you to be spiritually prepared and on the right path so that you can summon and help those who are lost, confused, and who are disobeying my law but who want to repent.

29. Do not seek security and salvation only for yourself. If you were to conceal my revelations because of fear during the time when you need to reveal my teachings to humanity, truly I tell you that you also will be among the lost.

30. If you truly want to be saved, you need to forget yourself and to think of others. Be charitable toward all of your brethren regardless of the color of their skin, their language, and their beliefs. Learn to see the presence of your Divine Father in each of your brethren because He is present throughout the universe, thus, He is present in each of His children.

31. See me and love me in all of your brethren. Remember that I have told you that none of my children will perish for all eternity; nor will any spirit die since death does not truly exist. I did not create death. The only thing that I permit to die is sin.

32. Truly I tell you that even those beings whom you refer to as demons and those beings who tempt you are no more than confused and imperfect beings whom the Divine Father wisely uses to fulfill his divine plans. However, those spiritual beings who today live in a state of spiritual darkness, and who use the gifts that I have granted them to practice evil deeds, will attain salvation at the appropriate time. O Israel, the time will come when all beings created by the Lord will glorify Him eternally. I would cease to be God, if I were unable to save and rescue a spirit with my power, wisdom, and love.

33. Everyone will be saved. If you have read about the fire of hell and eternal death, truly I tell you that you still need to seek the figurative meaning of those symbols so that you will not misinterpret my teachings. When you misinterpret my teachings, you attribute imperfections to Me that I do not have. Although I am perfect, I have not come to glorify my perfection among my children. You have not yet attained perfection, but I am guiding you with my love and spiritual enlightenment to attain it.

34. Disciples, you need to be aware that after 1950 when I no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen, I will leave you spiritually united and in harmony. I will continue to give you my divine teachings but they will be more spiritually elevated because you will begin to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. The more that this multitude lives in unity and harmony with my Law, the closer it will become to attaining perfect spiritual communication with the Lord.

35. Once my manifestation through the human spokesmen comes to an end, I will give this multitude a time for meditation, for preparation, and a time to analyze my teachings. However, this multitude should always remain united in their studies. Before you seek my teachings in books or attempt to retrieve them from your memory, you will need to prepare yourself to communicate with the Lord through prayer. Thus, when you begin to analyze my teachings, the Holy Spirit will reveal to you the true meaning of each teaching because I do not want my disciples to interpret them incorrectly.

36. I want all individuals to possess the spiritual fundamental knowledge that is contained in my Doctrine so that all fanaticism and idolatry will disappear. I do not want any superstitions to exist among this multitude. I want you to worship me in a very simple manner, free of rituals and useless ceremonies. Only practice my truth. That is why I told you at the beginning of my teaching, that I will reward each step that you take along the path of spirituality.

37. The time of rituals, altars, and bronze bells will eventually disappear among humanity, but before all idolatry and religious fanaticism completely disappears, humanity will endure a period of confusion and struggles because of their different beliefs and ideas. After that battle is over and peace has returned to earth, man will no longer construct elegant palaces in my honor nor will the multitudes be summoned to their churches by the ringing of bronze bells. Also, individuals who feel superior to others will not arise to exert their power over the multitudes. A period of humility, brotherhood, and spirituality will arrive bringing blessings to all of humanity.

38. O Israel, continue to purify yourself! The essence of my teaching is perfect; therefore, it does not need to be corrected. Always perceive my Doctrine as separate from the rituals, traditions, and external forms of worship that you practice because those things are not part of my Doctrine.

39. My Spirit is universal, and it is present in all that I have created, both spiritually and materially. I created all things, and everything that exists reflects my perfection. My divine work includes all things that exist, from the smallest animal that cannot be perceived with the naked eye to those beings who are highly evolved, perfect, and who sit at my right side. It also includes all things that exist in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, as well as the atoms and cells which form all things. Everything that I have created reflects perfection, including the material beings that live on earth to the spiritual beings that have now achieved perfection. It is my Creation!

40. Disciples, you feel small and weak in the presence of the Father who is present throughout the universe. I say to you that although your material body is small and fragile, your spirit will become strong to serve me. If, today the Father has come to endow you with his gifts, it is because he knows that you will fulfill your spiritual mission. The Father is never wrong.

41. The Divine Father knows who will be able to fulfill his mission. Truly I tell you that many hear my call and have come to listen to my teachings, but very few are those who have remained faithful to me and are truly fulfilling their mission.

42. Many of those whom I have endowed with spiritual gifts have lost faith and no longer practice deeds of love. They have abandoned and rejected me, and have even ridiculed my manifestation. I am summoning those individuals to enter into my ark to attain salvation because there is still time for them to reflect on their deeds and to repent for their sins and thus begin their restitution. Those who have remained faithful and dedicated will help the other discover the true path. The individuals who have separated from my teachings have done so because they are weak, have yielded to temptation and to the materialistic offerings of the world.

43. My divine love grants them a new period with spiritual enlightenment to help them meditate and attain salvation.

44. Elevate your spiritual prayer to me but do not request anything for yourself nor for your family members. You need to pray for all of humanity who is suffering and who rejects my loving embrace. You who are listening to my teachings are able to feel my loving embrace, thus, even when you confront great ordeals along your path, you will not perish. Some of the ordeals that you confront are sent by my divine justice, although the majority of your ordeals are the result of your own weaknesses. Nevertheless, in each ordeal that you confront, my love will strengthen you and help you to continue along your path until you reach the end of your journey.

45. At this moment unite with your Father; be vigilant and pray for humanity.

46. I want this multitude to be as a star in the heavens, sending rays of light, love, forgiveness, and charity to all the nations on earth. O disciples, I bless you.

47. Not even your spirit is truly aware of the strength that it possesses nor is it aware of how it has spiritually embraced all of humanity. I am aware of those things, and that is why I say to you, my people, always pray for humanity because that is one of the most elevated missions of your spirit. When you are unable to give comfort or to anoint those who are ill because they are distant, then you should pray for them. Your prayers will become wings for your spirit and will allow it to take my message of love and peace to those individuals who are distant. If you watch and pray for humanity, I will watch over you. I will penetrate into your heart and there feel your suffering and needs as I offer you my comfort. I will bless you by granting the fulfillment of what you presently are requesting, but you need to be patient. Do not be demanding nor should you attempt to test me.

48. There is no need to request anything from me, nevertheless, I permit you to ask because you have not acquired the spiritual enlightenment needed to confront your struggles.

49. The moment will arrive when you will no longer request anything but will simply say: "Father, let your will be done."

I bless your life, your path, and your table.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 303

1. My people: This teaching will initiate the last year of my manifestation through human spokesmen. I now invite you to make a profound and careful analysis of your conscience so that you can respond spiritually when I ask you the following question: "What have you learned from my Doctrine, and what steps have you taken for your spiritual progress?" If after carefully examining your deeds, you have no clear idea of the right or wrong deeds that you have committed, you will discover that this Divine Doctrine will perfectly judge each of your deeds.

2. Before you begin this new year, I want you to look into your conscience and to truly analyze your way of life and deeds. It is important to do this because at the end of this year I want you to present me a harvest that reflects obedience, comprehension, and spirituality.

3. During the year 1950 there will be many events that will greatly touch the world. All aspects of your life will experience some type of disorder. The ways in which humanity offers spiritual worship to God will be affected in all religions. Changes will occur to the powerful nations on earth, and scientists will become astounded as they witness the great events in nature. Human life in general will experience great changes also, which mankind will describe as extraordinary and unexplainable.

4. This multitude knows that these events will occur to signify the last year of my manifestation. If I were to manifest the end of this manifestation spiritually, man would be unable to understand it because of his materialism and skepticism.

5. All of the ordeals and events that will cause humanity to tremble during 1950 will resemble those events that occurred during the Second Era in Jerusalem on the day that Jesus died on the cross.

6. If you truly prepare yourself and observe those events that occur this year, you will become aware of the darkness that will invade the world and the ordeals that will touch different institutions and countries. You will also become aware of the moment in which humanity will spiritually feel my presence and intuitively perceive the light from the Third Era. When will that moment occur? It will occur at the instant when this manifestation comes to an end. During the final moment of this manifestation, the veil from the temple will be spiritually torn, similar to what occurred in Jerusalem during the Second Era, and humanity will see my light and know the truth.

7. Do not fear, my people, for my charity will protect you. Your prayers and the deeds you practice in fulfilling your mission will become similar to a shield that will protect you during difficult times. Also, do not fear that you will be left alone once this manifestation ceases for truly I tell you that you will not lose any of the spiritual gifts that I have given you. The one who has learned to guide the multitudes will continue to be a guide, and the one who has received spiritual enlightenment from me will continue to receive great inspirations. Also, the one who served as a spokesman for enlightened spiritual beings will continue to receive their messages. The individual who was given the gift of speech, analysis, healing, and prophecy will observe those gifts becoming greater if he truly prepares himself and practices true spirituality and faith.

8. You need to spiritually prepare yourselves and be spiritually enlightened and strong so that after this manifestation ceases you can welcome any individual who seeks you. Thus, you will not feel ignorant nor insignificant when you are in the presence of scientists with their prestigious titles or those who may want to challenge my Doctrine because of their own beliefs.

9. During this period of my communication people fill these houses of prayer. I want these houses to be so filled with people that this multitude will need to rise up and go into the world spreading my teachings to other parts of the world.

10. I know that in your heart you are saying: Lord, your word is so filled with power, infinite love, and spiritual truth that it is able to miraculously attract multitudes who seek enlightenment. Who will miraculously attract the multitudes and caravans once this manifestation comes to an end? Disciples, why do you have such little faith? Perhaps you think that the spiritual gifts that I have given to you are not real. Have you not witnessed the marvelous things that you have accomplished through those gifts? Truly I tell you that in future times you will accomplish even greater deeds. If you follow my mandates of being in true harmony, if you practice true spirituality and are obedient to the Doctrine of Love, those deeds will produce miracles.

11. Truly I tell you that in the moments when my word is heard through the spokesman, not only do the spirits of these people tremble, but also every being in the spiritual valley who is in need of divine light.

12. Although the sound of the human word does not reach them, they receive the essence and inspiration of my messages because my spiritual voice is universal. Its echo reaches every world and dwelling inhabited by a child of God.

13. I send a ray of my light to each world in the universe. That ray of light reaches this world in the form of human words, whereas it reaches other worlds through inspiration.

14. All spirits will become united in the light of the divine ray. That light will guide all spirits toward the spiritual kingdom that has been promised to all of my spiritual children.

15. Imagine the joy of all those beings in the spiritual valley who were once with you on earth, when they know that the voice they hear is the same one that you are listening to on earth. They have not left nor forgotten you, and they continue to help you. Their caress and their blessings are always with you.

16. Your former parents, children, brothers, spouses, friends and helpers are now dwelling in the hereafter. Now they are simply your spiritual brothers, but their love for you is the same or even greater, as well as their power to help and protect you has increased.

17. Pray for them, my people, and continue to love and to remember them because your memories and loving prayers are a sweet comfort in their struggles. Do not think of them as disturbed or in darkness, considering yourself worthy to judge and sentence them. If men tend to be imperfect and unjust in judging other human beings on earth, how can they judge a spirit?

18. Once again I say to you that the only way that you can help them is with your prayers and with your good deeds on earth.

19. Do not feel the need for those beings to manifest themselves in any material form in your life, such as manifesting themselves through another human being or in some other manner, because you would not be practicing the spirituality that I have taught you. Also, you should not set aside a specific day of the year to pray for them and to remember them. You need to remember that spiritual beings do not live according to the material time on earth, therefore, any moment or day is appropriate for you to reach them through spiritual prayer.

20. How many beings, those whom many times you have imagined to be confused, are precisely the ones who have struggled to bring you to this path of light, which they could not find when they were on the earth. Therefore, do not cry for them, nor much less mourn for them, because they have departed for the spiritual valley. They are not dead but have simply departed a few moments before you. It was my will for them to prepare your path. People, do you believe it is necessary for me to tell you that you have no reason to visit a cemetery, and that the tears you shed upon a tomb are tears of ignorance, materialism, and fanaticism?

21. The spirits you cry for truly live although you consider them dead and buried beneath the earth. Although you think they are lost souls, they await you with great love to give you a testimony of the truth and of life. Since you believe those spirits are distant, you think they are insensitive and deaf to your struggles and suffering. You not aware that they are continually protecting you from many dangers and removing obstacles from your path.

22. Ignorance causes you to be harsh with yourself and with others, however I have to ask you: Who can be truly ignorant after having listened to one of my teachings?

23. My word is a ray of light that will embrace all beings with my love. If after listening to my word, you not only believe it but also practice it, you will at that moment become united to all other beings who love me and glorify me.

24. My spirit has come to reveal to you all of the gifts that you possess deep within your being although you are not aware of them. It is now time for you to truly know yourself, discover who you are, and become aware of your spiritual heritage so that you will become great in spirit.

25. I have given you revelations in each era. First I gave you my Law, then my Doctrine of Love, and finally full knowledge of your spiritual mission.

26. Although you say that I have been with mankind three times, the truth is that I have always been with you. In the First Era the Father revealed his Law of Justice to mankind, in the Second Era Fie incarnated his Word in Jesus, and today He is manifesting himself spiritually to the world. I have given mankind this divine parable throughout the eras whose true meaning reflects man's spiritual evolution and makes man aware that only one God, one Spirit, and one Father has spoken to him in each era.

27. You have badly misinterpreted what I said when I told you to separate yourself from things that bring you pleasure, believing that it pleases me more to see you suffering. If I am your Father, how can you believe that I would prefer to see you experiencing sadness, rather than joy. When I told you to separate yourself from certain pleasures, I was referring to those pleasures that are unhealthy and harmful to both your spirit and your body. I want you to enjoy those things that are healthy for both your spirit and material body.

28. Man's life on earth is so difficult that it is necessary to find joy and pleasure in the spiritual and material aspects of life. This will make life on earth more enjoyable and the weight of the cross less heavy.

29. I bless all those who experience happiness and love in the warmth of their homes. I bless parents who lovingly look after their children, children who lovingly look after their parents, and brothers who lovingly look after one another. That unity, harmony, and peace resembles the harmony that exists between the Universal Father and his spiritual family.

30. If spiritual enlightenment and true peace exists in those homes, life is easier. When sorrow penetrates into those homes it is easier to accept and ordeals are less bitter. There is great merit for those who find satisfaction in bringing happiness to others and who rejoice witnessing the joys of their fellow human beings. Those are the apostles of joy and they are fulfilling a great mission.

31. Truly I tell you that if you know how to seek moments of joy, satisfaction, and peace, you will experience those moments each day of your life. First you need to elevate your spirit, your sentiments, and the way you think about life.

32. These teachings that I am giving you are filled with enlightenment that will illuminate your path. They will help you to elevate spiritually, thus teaching you how to live in peace and how to truly enjoy all the blessings that exist in your life. Humanity will struggle greatly to overcome suffering and the temptation to pursue harmful pleasures and deceitful satisfactions. It will have to battle the religious fanaticism which has prevented man from knowing the truth. Also humanity will need to battle the pessimistic thoughts which makes it believe that all things will be destroyed and no one will be saved. Finally, it will need to overcome the materialism which has caused man to pursue only temporary and material pleasures. Those pleasures have caused the spirit of man to fall into an abyss filled with vices, suffering, despair, and darkness.

33. I give you my light to help you overcome the darkness that surrounds your life. Although you have converted this planet into a valley of suffering and tears, you will be able to discover those things that bring true joy to your heart and spirit. Thus material pleasures will appear insignificant and small in comparison to spiritual peace and joy.

34. I am giving you a new teaching, a teaching that will be for all mankind. Not all individuals have prayed while awaiting my arrival, but suffering has kept them alert and has prepared them to receive me. Humanity is aware of the experiences of the people of Israel during the Second Era, thus, no one can defy my divine justice. Did you not know that the poor of spirit who awaited the coming of the Lord to receive from him the light of hope and wisdom were given the gifts of prophecy, divine learning, and spiritual power? If you were to ask me where those spirits now dwell, I would tell you that they now inhabit elevated spiritual mansions of great splendor and I beauty. Those things that are perceived as great and beautiful on earth do not compare to the great and beautiful things that exist in those mansions. If you ask me what has happened to those who were not accepting of my kingdom, I will tell you that they are the ones who will reincarnate time and time again until their spirit fully evolves. Those spirits who asked for power and gold were materialistic, thus, to help them with their spiritual restitution they were granted the world with its false riches and its false power.

35. They have been touched for a time by my divine justice but have not been removed from the path of salvation, which leads to the kingdom of truth. Therefore, now that I am illuminating mankind, I am seeking it to see if it had sufficient time to spiritually restitute, letting it understand that this is the Third Era, the era in which the judgement of the Jewish people will take place.

36. Every individual has an appointment with me and will hear my words.

37. All will be judged by me. I will judge every deed that has not been judged. My presence and my power shall be truly felt, for after the chaos everything will return to normal.

38. My people, be constantly alert and pray so that you will not be surprised. Truly I say that if you are alert and pray for your brethren, you will have an invisible cloak protecting you, because you will have loved your brethren and will have felt their suffering!

39. I repeat to you that humanity will feel my presence, my power, and my justice. If I have permitted man to disrespect those things that are sacred in life, I am going to put a limit to his evil deeds.

If I have allowed man to utilize his free will, I will make him realize that everything has a limit. If I have allowed him to satisfy his ambition for power and greatness on earth, I am going to detain him in his path so that, through his conscience, he can judge his deeds and respond to my questions.

40. I have permitted man to experience the bitter fruits of suffering, destruction, and death so that he will become aware of the kind of tree he has planted. I will also relieve his suffering to allow his spirit to rest and to meditate because from his spirit will arise a hymn of love to his Creator. It has been said and written that the day will come when men will love one another and will adorn their spirits with the white robe of elevation.

41. All will be saved, all will be forgiven, and all will be comforted.

Then what will happen to death, eternal condemnation, and everlasting hell?

42. I did not create a hell nor death. When my spirit conceived the idea of creation, I felt only love, thus only life sprouted from my spirit. If death and hell exist, they have been the creation of mankind, although you know that nothing created by humans is eternal.

43. My chosen people, the Divine Master is here once again to teach you the true path. I have come to convert you into strong warriors who will know how to battle and defend my cause.

44. United within my love, you will arise throughout the world to give life to those who are spiritually dead. Using the light of my Holy Spirit, you will reveal this divine path to those who are lost and to those who are destroying humanity. You can take this bread of eternal life, this milk and honey that has nourished you, to all of your brethren throughout the world.

45. You are my chosen people whom I have not distinguished according to race and color of skin. I have summoned each of you so that you will recognize your true God and not become contaminated with the confusion of humanity. You are my chosen people who have received my spiritual gifts and to whom I have given a jewel of infinite value so that you will be recognized by humanity.

46. I have cleansed and prepared your spiritual eyes so that you will be able to gaze into the spiritual valley and perceive my presence, offering testimony to humanity of what you have seen. I have endowed you with my wisdom, a Book written with letters of gold, so that you will never lose the path along which you are to guide humanity.

47. I have converted you into my prophets so that you will give testimony to your brethren of those spiritual things revealed to you by the Father. Also I want you to prepare the future generations.

48. In this Third Era the Divine Master has summoned you to come sit at his table. Although some have arrived in spirit and others in a material body, all have nourished themselves with the nectar of life.

49. You hear my word and you say: "The Lord has come from the heavens." I say to you that you are correct if to you the heavens means purity, perfection, wisdom, and eternity. However, you are mistaken if you believe that the heavens refer to a place that is distant from earth because my Spirit is infinite and present throughout the universe.

50. You are correct when you say that I have "descended" to earth because truly! have descended from a state of perfection to a state of imperfection in order to communicate with you. I have had to manifest myself through human spokesmen so that humans would be able to feel my presence.

51. This multitude who is now listening to my word will soon comprehend the meaning of my teachings and will be prepared to share my teachings with the rest of humanity.

52. For the present, I receive this multitude in representation of humanity. When I speak of humanity, I am not only referring to those beings who presently dwell on earth but to all the generations who have inhabited this planet during the six spiritual periods. The messages that I have given to humanity during those six periods were symbolically referred to as "seals." You are well aware that one more seal, the seventh seal, remains to be opened. That seventh seal will explain the meaning and significance of the first six seals. It will explain the importance of the life of the spirit, its evolution, and its perfection.

53. I will leave humanity these teachings which are a fountain of infinite knowledge and wisdom. Mankind will find great joy in these words of the spiritual, the divine, and the eternal.

54. My divine seed is beginning to spread throughout the world. Once it begins to germinate, I will send the waters that will fertilize the fields of spiritual beings. Then you will see spirituality blossom in the heart of humanity.

55. Although I now have only a few beginning students who are listening to my teachings and even a fewer number of disciples, tomorrow they will increase in number and will spread throughout the world to offer testimony that a new time has arrived. This new time is called the Sixth Seal because this is the sixth spiritual period of mankind on earth. Also it is the Third Era. It is the Third Era because this is the third time that my Spirit has communicated with humanity, a time in which Elijah has gathered the individuals of this multitude from among different paths. I have sent you once again to earth to fulfill your delicate mission and to attain spiritual perfection. My teachings will prepare you to practice spirituality.

56. Also I have come to speak to you as a friend so that you will no longer feel that you are alone when confronting the ordeals of this world. You will, thus, have faith and confidence in your God who has manifested himself and spoken to you through human spokesmen. If you have not felt my presence, it is because you have failed to prepare yourself. If you prepare your heart and elevate your spirit to me, you will begin to feel my presence and perceive me spiritually.

57. I have come to speak to you in this time to remind you of my Divine Law so that you will fulfill it. I have permitted enlightened spiritual beings from my kingdom to come amongst you to guide you, to help you, and to protect you. Those beings struggle and work hard, carrying in their spirit the love of the Father.

58. The word that I am granting to you is humble and simple so that everyone will comprehend it and become enlightened with the light of my Holy Spirit. Once these teachings through the human spokesmen cease, I want you to prepare yourselves as my disciples so you can offer testimony of my presence through your words and loving deeds.

59. Mankind will approach you to ask what is the teaching, and what is the spiritual nourishment that your Master has given to you for humanity. Then you will reveal to them the essence and the love that is found in my word.

60. The truth will triumph throughout the times. I am giving you words of truth so that you can wipe away the tears of your brethren. During this period in which you have the freedom to choose your beliefs, do not allow yourself to become a slave to deceit. I am once again teaching you with my divine love, and I will never force you to believe in me by punishing you. If I were to do that, I would cease to be your Father and your God.

61. Seek my divine greatness. Learn to forgive your brethren. I have endowed you with spiritual gifts so that you will use them to help your brethren, thus converting yourselves into my good disciples of humanity. Elijah and my spiritual world are with you so that you will not feel the weight of your cross.

62. Blessed are those who with true faith have opened their hearts to this message, and blessed are those individuals of good will who practice my teachings because they will become children of the light and of peace.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 304

1. Blessed are those who have arrived before me because they have discovered the true path to follow. Blessed are those who seek guidance through my word. I am the Path, and those who journey through this path will reach the top of the mountain. From the top of that mountain you will be able to perceive the long road your spirit traveled to evolve.

2. Each ordeal that you confront along your path offers you an opportunity to learn and when you triumph over that ordeal you will be praiseworthy.

3. Is there any individual who truly comprehends the mysteries of nature and those of the spiritual valley, including those spiritual things that he can neither see nor hear? Is there anyone who truly comprehends the Divine and its plan? Also, is there any individual who knows himself, so well that he can achieve true harmony between his physical and spiritual being while he lives on earth?

4. You are still a weak child who has lost its path. Although you have acquired knowledge preparing you to help your brethren on earth, you have not developed your spiritual gifts nor do you practice spirituality to help you live in harmony with yourself and with your brethren. If you do not truly know yourself, you will be unable to know others nor to guide them in a perfect manner. How can you guide humanity if you are not yet following the true path?

5. People of Israel, although the Divine Master is speaking to you in this manner, it is not because I am disregarding your work within my doctrine. It is to make you realize that the spiritual path is infinite. With each step you take along my path you will acquire more enlightenment and begin to truly comprehend the greatness of my doctrine.

6. I have endowed man with intelligence enabling him to study nature and its manifestations and to explore part of the universe. I have also allowed him to witness manifestations from the spiritual world. My Doctrine will not detain spiritual beings nor man from evolving, but it will enlighten him and give him the freedom to analyze,, work, reason, and investigate spirituality, nature, and his universe. Although man believes that he is reaching the highest level of his intellectual studies, he is only at the beginning.

7. Everything has been prepared for the evolution of the spirit. You need to prepare yourselves to teach humanity how to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. Although mankind is presently confused because of the various beliefs that exist, I have come to illuminate and inspire man. When man receives my inspiration, it will help him to develop his spiritual virtues and to evolve spiritually so he can live in peace.

8. My Doctrine of Spirituality comes to unify mankind by helping them develop a true understanding of spirituality and its importance. Harmony and unity originate from God, thus, I am the fountain of inspiration for mankind.

9. Come to me to tell me about your sorrows, joys, and problems. Although you experience sorrow, I will also allow you to experience the joy of being noble and worthy of me. I give you the opportunity to purify your faults.

10. Each human being will become enlightened by the Holy Spirit and will be inspired to love his brethren, thus, leading to world peace. All individuals will become unified through that divine enlightenment and inspiration. Although none of the religions have been able to achieve peace on earth, man will become inspired by God to live in peace. That is why during this Third Era I am offering all individuals the same opportunity to come before me because my Doctrine of Spirituality treats all individuals equally.

11. If you are unable to presently listen to my voice and to perceive my divine enlightenment because of the spiritual darkness that surrounds your life, the day will come when you will feel the light of the Holy Spirit and listen to my divine voice.

12. People of Israel, be aware that all of your brethren are worthy of receiving all of the blessings that you have received. Extend your hand to help those who are confused for all beings are destined to become spiritually enlightened. I have granted this multitude the opportunity to listen to my word through human spokesmen. Many of your brethren will reject these teachings and will deny that I have come during this period to prepare the path that humanity needs to follow. They will reject that I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen whom I prepared through my divine charity. They will be unable to comprehend nor accept that God chose to manifest himself during this era through human beings who lack perfection. Instead, they prefer to continue seeking me through their materialistic rituals and traditional practices within their religions. Since God is omnipotent, why would it be difficult for him to communicate through a human spokesman? Do you, perhaps, want your faith of God to evolve from the rituals that you practice and the material images of God that you worship?

13. If you believe that I am Omnipotent, the Creator of all things throughout the Universe, and that I am present throughout creation, then you should not doubt that I have prepared these human spokesman to manifest myself.

14. I manifest myself in the air that you breathe, in the sun that sends its warm rays to your planet, and in all things that are visible and invisible. I am in all places throughout the universe.

15. My people, do not judge nor criticize others who seek me in a different manner. Instead, you should welcome them as your brethren. Speak to them about the things that you have learned, and listen with humility when they share their beliefs with you so that you will learn something from them. People need to learn from one another and to acquire wisdom from God because there is no one individual who knows all things.

16. You need to treat your brethren in a loving manner when you practice spirituality, whatever religion your brethren may practice. If you behave in that manner, you will offer testimony that you were prepared by the Lord and your loving deeds will deeply touch your brethren. They will comprehend what you are teaching them if they are not fanatic in their beliefs.

17. My people, spirituality does not need material rituals. You will also not be practicing true spirituality, if you practice deeds that are incomprehensible and mysterious. You no longer need material forms, figures, and objects to feel my presence because my word has the power to make you recognize me and to help you become spiritually evolved.

18. After 1950 the true spiritualist will comprehend the teachings that I have given him. He will then practice them for the purpose of only helping his needy brethren.

19. Tomorrow, man will have the ability to better comprehend these teachings that have only been heard by a few individuals. Eventually all of humanity will understand my doctrine.

20. It does not matter if most individuals were unable to comprehend my teachings when the year 1950 concludes. All that is needed for my Doctrine to spread and flourish in the future is a few individuals to comprehend my teachings now.

21. Beloved disciples: You are similar to a shining star in the sky and a guiding light amidst an immense ocean. Make a true effort not to stain yourself. Cleanse your heart and convert it into my divine sanctuary where the sixth candle inspires all spirits day and night.

22. Imitate the Lord by practicing humility, meekness, forgiveness, and loving one another. Allow your life to reflect true purity by practicing this doctrine of love so that you may show the path of salvation through your deeds of love to your brethren.

23. Come to me, for I am awaiting you. The one who asks shall receive, the one who seeks will find, and the one who knocks at my door will enter my Divine Sanctuary. I will touch your spirit and prepare it with my teachings. You will then be filled with the light from the Holy Spirit.

24. O beloved disciples, separate yourselves from the temptations of the world, for I have come to prepare you for tomorrow when you will imitate the Divine Master!

25. On the last day of my manifestation through the human spokesmen, even the rocks will cry. I will allow everyone to feel my spiritual peace and my warm embrace. Afterward, when I observe that you are spiritually prepared, you will spiritually hear my words: Behold the desert, journey through it and give humanity what I have given you in this third era.

26. O disciples, I am speaking to you of future events. I am preparing you spiritually for the moment of my departure so you will not experience sorrow and become saddened when I depart. Instead, I want to observe you teaching your brethren, offering spiritual enlightenment from my doctrine of love and practicing good deeds throughout your life.

27. Offer testimony to your brethren, similar to my prophets, announcing that the Holy Spirit is present among humanity during this 1 era. Although you will no longer listen to my teachings through the ! human spokesmen, you will continue to receive my teachings eternally if you practice spirituality. When you practice spirituality, you will also experience great joy because you will feel my presence, receive my inspiration, and will know that I am with you during each of your ordeals. You will listen to my voice from Spirit to spirit, inspiring you to continue battling along your path. You will feel strengthened because I will be with each of my children.

28. Today I am manifesting myself among this multitude as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My essence, presence, and power is with you.

29. I say to this multitude to come to me, for you form a part of the people of Spiritual Israel. Come to me, those of you who are mothers on earth and who imitate Mary. I want the elderly, the youth, and young children to come to me and I will welcome them with my spiritual peace.

30. Allow your spirit to come to me because I can fulfill all your needs. I am the one who offers grace to all incarnated and disincarnated spiritual beings.

31. Spiritual people of Israel: You are no longer children because you have been evolving along this spiritual path, acquiring spiritual enlightenment throughout your different reincarnations. During this Third Era, you are the disciples of the Divine Master who are now learning the teachings that I have brought and becoming great in spirit and learning many things humanity does not yet know. The nation of Spiritual Israel will become great in the future because of its spiritual enlightenment, its knowledge of my Doctrine, its unity, its struggle, its obedience, and its love for humanity and for my Divinity. If the people of Spiritual Israel do not practice true spirituality, humanity will regard this Doctrine as another religious belief among many on earth.

32. That will occur if my people do not prepare themselves spiritually and do not truly comprehend my teachings. That is why I say to you: It is now time to regenerate and evolve spiritually by practicing my Doctrine.

33. I have not come in vain during this Third Era to manifest myself among this multitude as the Holy Spirit. You are the first ones whom I have come to cleanse your stains and to prepare you with my teachings to fulfill your important mission. Once you become spiritually prepared, I want you to arise as my apostles and as elderly brethren to humanity, guiding it throughout life. Humanity will then realize that my prophecies and those given by my messengers in the past are now being fulfilled. People of Spiritual Israel, you will arise among all the nations on earth to share what I have given with your brethren so that they will also be nourished with the bread of eternal life.

34. I am preparing you to become similar to an open book that contains my teachings, prophecies, divine revelations, and testimony of my presence. This book will open in the presence of anyone who is seeking my divine knowledge. Your answers to their questions will be full of divine truth and wisdom, as you defend my Doctrine. Do not be an imposter or falsify my Doctrine, and do not allow humanity to disrespect it.

35. These teachings are not only for this multitude. Once this multitude becomes spiritually prepared, similar to the Divine Master, it will arise to offer testimony of me with its deeds and words. I will allow philosophers and scientists, who believe that they are highly knowledgeable, to approach this multitude. You should not be afraid of them, because of their scientific knowledge, for their knowledge is truly very small in comparison to the divine wisdom of God.

36. As long humanity does not free itself from its confusion and spiritual ignorance, it will not be able to comprehend me nor to receive my messengers, apostles, and those who will arise as teachers of tomorrow.

37. Meditate, people of Israel, so that you will eliminate all of your fanaticism, vanity, and materialism. Only then will you be able to fulfill your mission in a perfect manner.

38. If my people do not arise to fulfill their mission according to my will, they will experience great ordeals to make them aware of their mistakes. Those ordeals will be as great as they need to be until the people of Israel becomes aware of its responsibility and the mission that it needs to fulfill.

39. Each human being within this multitude has been endowed with a spirit that is a part of my Spirit. All spirits will need to return to Me when the time comes. The spirits that have incarnated among humanity are similar to those that have incarnated among this multitude. Among these spirits are those that also seek me and in their prayers search for answers. Some of them ask me why there are so many problems among humanity. They ask: Father, why do you not listen to our prayers? Why do we not feel your strength so that we may not weaken? Are we not your children? Those are the questions that my children ask me, unaware that humanity is being purified and now living in the Third Era. Man is unaware that this is the era of resurrection for incarnated and disincarnated spirits. Man believes that he has attained greatness through his material accomplishments on earth, thus, he has become arrogant and has not allowed his spirit to elevate toward God.

40. It is my will that during this era all spirits come to the Father, seeking me spiritually for it is where they will find me.

41. People of Spiritual Israel: During this era you will truly practice my Doctrine through your virtuous deeds, thus teaching humanity how to live in harmony with the Divine Father.

42. I speak of your errors because I am aware of all things and it is necessary for this multitude to regenerate itself and become pure in spirit. I have given you my teachings. They contain my divine strength that will help you to overcome your ordeals and temptations. I have spiritually enlightened you so that you can comprehend what pertains to your spirit and what pertains to your human life on earth. This will help you to fulfill my divine mandates because you are my disciples whom I have come to teach. I want your spirit to continually evolve and to no longer yield to materialism nor to the practice of material forms of worship, such as rituals and traditions that you had practiced within my Doctrine. You will no longer detain your spiritual progress with those external forms of worship that are useless since you now have the spiritual knowledge and strength to triumph over them. You need to continue spiritually evolving along the spiritual path.

43. Once you begin to purify your spirit and to be less materialistic, you will begin to worship God spiritually and to practice my Doctrine in a simple and humble manner. This multitude had previously practiced my Doctrine according to its will, thus, it was not practicing true spirituality. It did not prepare itself to pray spiritually to the Father, choosing only to pray verbally to the Father as does the rest of humanity. Since the rituals, traditions, and material forms of worship practiced by this multitude are similar to those practiced by humanity, its form of worship is no different from the rest of humanity. The people of Spiritual Israel have given a material interpretation to my Doctrine and my spiritual world, as did all of humanity. The people of Israel imitated not only humanity's material forms of worship but also its disharmony and selfish interest of my Doctrine.

44. How can humanity believe in this multitude or recognize Me through their behavior, if it does not differ from the behavior of everyone else. Since the Father observed that this multitude was very materialistic and spiritually evolving very slowly, he ordered this multitude to unite to receive his teachings. He also ordered it to eliminate all materialistic forms of worship and to purify them because they lacked true spirituality. My Doctrine is a spiritual doctrine that allows your spirit to evolve, thus regenerating your life on earth and allowing your physical body and your spirit a more elevated life on earth. I no longer wanted this multitude to continue their spiritual ignorance of my Doctrine.

45. There was confusion among the people of Israel when it received my mandates due to its material interpretation. Nevertheless, some individuals received my mandates with obedience and respect because they realized that the moment had arrived for the people of Israel to become spiritually enlightened. They were thankful to their Father for helping them end their material forms of worship, routines, and ancient customs.

46. My people, you have experienced many ordeals which have changed you. You had become comfortable in your rituals and routines but your spirit and mind were not progressing because of the misinterpretation of my Doctrine.

47. I say to you, my people, that if you do not practice the teachings that I have given you to fulfill your mission, you will have wasted your time listening to my teachings. I have given you these teachings so that by practicing them you would change your way of life. My manifestation through the human spokesmen will soon come to an end in 1950, as well as the teachings given to you by enlightened spirits.

48. I do not want your spirit to feel sorrow when this manifestation comes to an end because I have prepared you to be spiritually strong. After my departure I want you to help those who are weary and spiritually weak. Once I depart, I do not want you to make me suffer as you did during the Second Era. I do not want you to once again make me carry the cross of your sins, disobedience, and unwillingness to fulfill your mission. I want the people of Spiritual Israel to practice obedience, spirituality, regeneration, to fulfill its mission, and to evolve so that it will communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit.

49. People of Israel, it is now time for you to spiritually awaken and to spiritually guide humanity. Although I am enlightening all of humanity, I observe that my children are not spiritually progressing for many of the books on my teachings are not being used and are only gathering dust. My people, you need to guide and take care of humanity.

50. This multitude will speak to the world about the Doctrine of Spirituality without becoming fanatic.

51. Practice communicating with Me from spirit to Spirit. You will perfect that form of communication as you practice it daily, for it is my will that all of humanity communicate with Me in that manner. You will receive my inspiration and mandates through that communication. As you communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit, I will welcome your spirit and listen to your prayers, allowing your spirit to spiritually embrace Me.

52. Your spiritual gifts will develop, once you learn to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit. Those gifts will evolve and flourish greatly through that spiritual communication. You will then seek Me spiritually and worship Me in a more perfect manner.

53. This manifestation through the human spokesmen will come to an end. After my departure, I do not want this multitude to feel like orphans and to be surprised by death, nor to become spiritually weak. After 1950, this multitude will prepare itself and will seek to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. It will live in true harmony and peace, making amends for lost time. It will then begin to evolve spiritually and begin to experience the Kingdom of Heaven while it is still living on earth. This multitude will demonstrate to the world that it does not need ceremonies nor material symbols to worship the Lord. It will show mankind to worship the Lord in a spiritual and elevated manner. This multitude will also show humanity the strength of its faith, as it touches the hearts and spirits of mankind.

54. My manifestation through human spokesmen during this era has been sufficient to help this multitude attain the level of spirituality to help it begin to regenerate and spiritually evolve.

55. I am helping you as you climb to the summit of the mountain. As I guide you to your destination, I have allowed enlightened spirits I to assist you and to strengthen your faith and your commitment to I the fulfillment of that mission so that you will not become spiritually ! weak. You have been on that journey for many centuries and at times you have stumbled and fallen behind. Along your journey, however, I have always given you spiritual nourishment, allowing you to feel the presence of the Divine Father.

56. The moment will arrive in which I will cease to give you these teachings through the human spokesmen. You will then need to arise to fulfill your mission because earth is not your final resting place nor destination. I want you to be well prepared for the struggle that awaits you and to utilize the spiritual gifts that I have given you to become my teachers, apostles, and witnesses. I want you to be like a great lantern, illuminating your brethren throughout the world.

57. You are with Me enjoying the spiritual peace that I bring you, while you listen to my teachings that are preparing you to fulfill your mission. You must not, however, forget your brethren who are suffering and experiencing bitterness in other parts of the world. Remember the chaos that reigns on earth. Do not become insensitive to that confusion and suffering that exists throughout the world for it will affect you.

58. You have acquired the greatest responsibility because I have given you my teachings through the human spokesmen. I want you, therefore, to practice my Doctrine in a more spiritual and perfect manner because the day will arrive when you will need to take my Doctrine to those places prepared by Elijah and the spiritual world of light. The Kingdom of Heaven awaits all beings and everyone will reach that kingdom only through their virtuous deeds and humility.

59. Many times you have asked me with great sincerity: "Divine Father, and Teacher, Why have you given this Doctrine that is so delicate and profound to this multitude of great sinners who are so unworthy of this Doctrine? Why have you given us such a great responsibility? Why have you placed all of your confidence in this multitude of people, whom you have named Spiritual Israel, if they are so spiritually ignorant and insensitive? Why have you chosen this multitude who has endured so many ordeals, so much purification, and practiced fanaticism and idolatry? I say to you, my children:

You are the people who experienced great purification and through your ordeals you acknowledged me. Your struggles and ordeals have brought you closer to the Lord. I chose the people of Spiritual Israel, and endowed them with spiritual gifts, so that they would take my Doctrine to all their brethren on earth, thus helping humanity to regenerate and attain spirituality. I did not choose this multitude because I favor or love them more than the rest of humanity. Although this multitude has received spiritual gifts and graces from the Lord, it is not because this multitude is more worthy than others on earth. It is because the people of Spiritual Israel have had to endure greater purification because their sins and errors have been greater than others, thus, they have had to endure a greater restitution.

60. My people, ask your conscience if your deeds are great enough to be worthy of the Lord. Think of those things that you have done in the past as you have journeyed through life, and ask yourself if you are truly worthy of sitting at the right side of the Lord. After you have analyzed your deeds from the past, ask yourself if you are worthy of receiving my charity, blessings, gifts, and my Divine Law. Truly, you know that the answer is no, thus, the Lord has frequently perceived this multitude as ungrateful and disobedient. I say to this multitude that I have poured my blessings upon you because I truly want you to become pure in thoughts, to practice great deeds, and to attain great spiritual elevation.

61. Although this multitude will be the first to sow this seed of truth among their families and humanity, its descendants will be the ones who will help this seed to flourish.

62. Many things will change for the people of Spiritual Israel after 1950. Their practices will change, and they will acquire new knowledge, thus, their deeds will become more spiritual. Also, their thoughts and prayers will attain greater spiritual elevation as they become more spiritually evolved and as they begin to eliminate their materialism.

63. Because you are evolving spiritually, you are becoming more sensitive to the suffering of humanity. Today I am giving you my teachings so that tomorrow you will give them to humanity. If humanity is not interested now in the Lord, tomorrow you will go to your brethren in my name to give them this message of love, which is for all of mankind.

64. The struggle and task that you have to fulfill among humanity will be great because mankind lacks faith and hope and is very distant from God. Although I am very near him, man has not been able to feel my presence because he wants to perceive me through his materialism. Since he is unable to perceive me spiritually, he rejects me and forgets about me. The time will come when this multitude will arise as my apostles to awaken the people of earth, thus helping mankind attain true faith and spirituality.

65. During this era it will be more than twelve individuals whom I will use after 1950 to offer testimony of the Lord. Today, I have chosen 144,000 individuals from the nation of Spiritual Israel whom I have entrusted my faith and hope to fulfill the mission of teaching my Doctrine to humanity.

66. You are the ones who are spiritually strong among humanity and will fulfill your mission because you will always be protected by the Lord. I will defend you and will entrust you spiritually with my essence, presence, and power as you practice true spiritual love, a love that is manifested throughout creation.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 305

1. The spiritual life of humanity is divided into three eras or periods. During the First Era I manifested myself as the Divine Father, during the Second Era as the Divine Master, and during this Third Era as the Divine Judge.

2. Those are the three phases of my manifestation to man so that he could truly know me. Do not assume that there are three gods or three separate beings, for truly there is only one Divine Spirit. During the present era, man is now able to comprehend those things that previously he thought were incomprehensible and mysterious. Man has been unable to comprehend the trinity of God for many centuries because he lacked spiritual enlightenment, but it is now time for him to truly comprehend the Lord.

3. It will not be necessary for all of the nations on earth to witness this manifestation because I will allow these teachings to spread throughout the world through writings and books, as in the Second Era. My spiritual message will then be known by all of humanity and men of goodwill will arise to practice my teachings.

4. Although this book will be simple and humble, it will be filled with great spiritual enlightenment that will explain any doubts man has had. These teachings from the Third Era will complete the teachings that man had received from God from the past eras. The teachings from this era explain and simplify those teachings that were written symbolically in the books of the past.

5. Some individuals will receive these spiritual teachings and will recognize them as teachings from the Lord. Those individuals will then make a true effort to truly cleanse their stains. When they begin to eliminate their idolatry, fanaticism, and their materialism, they will attain true spiritual freedom and discover true peace and happiness. It is then when they will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There will also be other individuals who will continue to practice idolatry and material worship. They will not be interested in helping their spirit to evolve. Truly I tel! you that those individuals will fail to progress spiritually and will weep when they become aware of their spiritual ignorance and lack of spiritual progress.

6. If all things throughout the universe constantly change, evolve, and perfect themselves, why would your spirit continue to remain stagnant throughout the centuries?

7. The spirit of man should guide him in all that he does because that is its mission on earth. However, man ignores this, and does not allow his spirit to fulfill its important mission on earth. He allows his spirit to only concentrate on his material needs, causing it to become confused and disoriented.

8. Now that you have learned and discovered many things scientifically, do not ignore the evolution of all beings throughout nature. Also, I want you to realize that you should no longer neglect your spirit nor prevent it from evolving from that state of spiritual darkness and dormancy. Man needs to make a true effort to live in harmony with all things in nature. Once man achieves that harmony, there are many secrets that nature will reveal to him and the elements of nature will no longer be hostile but will become his friend and servant.

9. I sent your spirit to incarnate on this planet with a human body to rule over all things that exist on earth. Man should not become a slave, a victim, nor the destitute that he has become. Man has become a slave to his needs, passions, vices, and ignorance.

10. Man has become a victim of his sufferings, experiences, and erroneous ways because he lacked spiritual elevation throughout his life. He feels empty inside because he has ignored his spiritual heritage, thus, he disregards his spirituality and feels an emptiness in his life.

11. Humanity is spiritually asleep and needs to awaken from its spiritual ignorance so it can begin to study from the book of spiritual life. Then as the generations of tomorrow begin to spiritually evolve, their spiritual wisdom will flourish in fulfillment of my word. I say to you that humanity will one day attain true spirituality and learn to live in harmony with all creation. There will be harmony between man's spirit, mind, and heart.

12. Although human evil has reached its highest level during this Third Era, it will also become an era of reconciliation and forgiveness.

13. Because man is inspired by selfish ambitions and negative emotions, he plans the destruction of his enemies who are, in reality, his brethren. I also plan the hour in which I will judge each individual and make them truly aware of what they have done.

14. That moment of judgement, in which each individual will be able to clearly listen to the voice of his conscience, will cause great pain for some individuals. Those individuals will then ask me: "My Lord, how was I capable of such evil deeds? Why did you allow me to carry out those deeds?"

15. Blessed are those who awaken spiritually after having listened to the voice of their conscience, for they will feel my forgiveness and become united with Me. Many individuals will then truly comprehend my Doctrine of Love and will also understand the infinite love that God has for each of his children, including those who have sinned the most.

16. Yes, my beloved people, I love each one my children infinitely. In every great sinner, there is a spirit who only needs to become spiritually enlightened to sin no more.

17. I have come to save those individuals who are following the wrong path because they are also children of God. Each one of my children is worthy and precious to me.

18. I will spread this Doctrine throughout the world, offering hope and salvation to all human beings. I will give each individual the opportunity to restitute for his past and present sins until he is able to feel my presence deep within his being.

19. Although you have been unable to feel my presence for a long time because you have separated from me, I am going to give you the opportunity to find me once again. I know that once you find me along your path, you will never again separate from me.

20. Come to me, those of you who have sinned. Do not fear when in my presence you will listen to my voice judging your erroneous ways and sins before your brethren. I will not denounce you. Imitate Mary Magdalene, who was not afraid of coming before me to remove her sins. She did not care who saw her, listened to her, or judged her. She was at peace knowing that she was no longer a woman stained with sin, but a sinner that had become purified through repentance.

21. Imitate the repentance and love of Mary Magdalene.

22. Everyone will hear my voice in their conscience. As I speak to them as Father, Divine Master, and Judge, they will feel great joy, love, and astonishment. My voice will be heard by all of my children deep within their being because their spirit is prepared to listen to me in that manner.

23. My voice will be heard within prison cells, telling those men and those women who feel abandoned and without hope: "I am here with you. Do you perhaps think that I had abandoned you? No, my child, I have not come here to ask you if you are a murderer or what crimes you have committed. I have come to save those who have sinned with my love and to spiritually nourish those who have fallen. I have come to save the innocent one who has been a victim of false testimony, injustice, or an error.”

24. My voice will be heard amidst the thundering noise of war in such a distinct and clear manner that men will lay down their weapons when they hear my voice and feel my presence.

25. Those who are ill in hospitals and elsewhere will also hear my ! voice and feel my presence. I will anoint and comfort those who are ill as only I can. My mantle of peace and comfort will protect those who suffer and who have been forgotten by their brethren. My healing balsam will ease their suffering and they will arise to offer testimony of my spiritual presence.

26. Children and adults will feel my presence in their homes and will offer testimony of my presence.

27. If I find that love is lacking in a home, I will summon the husband and ask him: "Why are you not gentle and understanding with those in your family? Why has not the spark of love ignited within your marriage for love is the flame that truly inspires your union? If I find that a husband has neglected his responsibilities, I will surprise him and ask: Why have you separated from the true path and disregarded your responsibilities? Do you not have the courage to follow your path to the end? Return to the path that I placed you, because only along that path will you discover the presence of God who will reward your faith, obedience, and strength.

28. Touching the most delicate fibers of her heart, I will ask the wife: Woman, do you perhaps believe that you will find the peace that you seek by separating from your responsibilities? No, do not deceive yourself. You will achieve true merits if you unselfishly fulfill your responsibilities with love and patience.

29. There will not be a single individual who will not feel my divine presence, encouraging him to reconciliate, to love, and to seek true spiritual peace.

30. I am seeking individuals who are prepared to receive my essence. I will penetrate spiritually into the inner temple of man to remove his sins, thus cleansing that inner sanctuary.

31. I have not brought a whip to force you to comprehend my teachings. Instead, I bring you the spiritual bread of life to nourish and strengthen you to evolve spiritually.

32. When the world believes that I have forgotten man and have abandoned him in the depths of his suffering and sins, I come once again to give him proof of my infinite love. My love can never abandon you, for I am your Divine Father who forgives you.

33. Sometimes you become confused and are unable to comprehend why I speak with so much divine tenderness and love to sinners, rather than use harsh words so they can repent.

34. I say to you that although the regeneration and salvation of humanity may appear impossible during this Third Era, it will not be difficult because it will be carried out by the Divine Lord.

35. My love will help mankind to return to the path of light and truth. My love will penetrate gently into the heart of each human being and reach the human conscience, as it caresses each spirit. My love will transform those with hardened hearts into caring and sensitive individuals. It will also convert beings who are highly materialistic into beings who practice spirituality. It will change great sinners into men of peace, virtue, and good-will.

36. I say this to you because only I, know how much your spirit has evolved. Although man greatly sins because of his material worship and low passions, I know that man is truly not as materialistic as he appears to be. I know that when he feels my love gently touching his spirit, he will leave behind his materialism to follow my divine path. Although man is unaware of it, it is a path that he truly wants to follow.

37. I will not need to show man my Divine Law carved in stone as I did in the First Era nor will I need to manifest myself through the elements of nature for him to feel my presence. To save the spirit of man, I will not need to come again in human form, as I did through Jesus, and suffer and experience a cruel death.

38. Time has elapsed, and the spirit of man has evolved. Man is no longer the child that he was in the past when he needed to perceive the divine with his eyes and touch with his hands to believe in me.

39. Although man appears insensitive and highly materialistic, he possesses a spirit that is filled with divine enlightenment. Although the spirit of man has traveled long journeys throughout life, enduring great ordeals, it has acquired great knowledge, strength, and experience. All man needs to do is to listen to the voice of his conscience to regenerate his life. By listening to his conscience, man will discover the true Tabernacle that exists within his being. That Tabernacle contains the infinite voice of God which guides man with the wise and eternal law of the Divine Father. It is the true path that man should follow because it is filled with enlightenment and security.

40. If humanity were not as spiritually evolved as it is now, or if it was not attaining spiritual freedom, I would not have revealed to it man's ability to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit during this era.

41. The ordeals that humanity is presently enduring are signs that this era is coming to end. It is the decline of this period of great materialism and sorrow. Materialism has influenced man's ambitions, his deeds, his worship of God, his use of science, and those things that are dear to him.

42. Man's life on earth has been guided by his love for material things, his greed for earthly things, his selfishness, his low passions, his arrogance, and his love for himself. I have permitted man to harvest the fruit that he has sowed so that he will learn from his experiences. Truly I say to you that although this period will be remembered as the period of materialism on earth, the new period will be known as the era of spirituality. During that new era man will be guided by his conscience and spirit. Man will feel the Spirit of the Divine Father within his spirit, because he will be inspired by love. It is then when the spiritual gifts that man possesses will truly become developed.

43. My beloved people, you should be able to comprehend my teachings because they are simple and understandable. I am your Father, thus, I have no secrets to conceal from you. I am revealing spiritual knowledge to you so that you may acquire the wisdom that you will need to become spiritually enlightened during this era.

44. The spirit of man has evolved. Man has developed the spiritual elevation and understanding to study the teachings of this period.

45. When you become spiritually prepared, your spirit will attain spiritual wisdom and possess the gifts of inspiration, speech, and analysis.

46. Be aware that you are destined to come to Me, following the same path that I outlined when I lived on earth. Everyone knows the example that I set on earth. Is there anyone who has not heard the word "Christ”? Is there anyone who has not remembered the Divine Master during his ordeals? Is there anyone who has not pronounced the following words as death knocks at the door and he enters the spiritual valley: Into your hands I entrust my spirit? I come to you because I am aware of your need for spiritual enlightenment and your desire to achieve spirituality.

47. Your shepherd has prepared you to come to Me. He is the same one who summoned those in the desert who were thirsty and hungry for love during the Second Era. They eventually submitted to the shepherd and began to become spiritually prepared.

48. Elijah has brought you to Me. It is his mission to always come before me.

49. Today you are living in a new era. The miraculous events that have occurred have helped your spirit to awaken and to listen carefully to my teachings. My teachings have helped you answer many questions and erased doubts you have had. The enlightenment that your spirit is receiving through my teachings encourages it to follow my path, perceiving in the heavens the Divine Father and Mother welcoming your spirit to live eternally with them.

50. Open your eyes to perceive the truth, for this is the period when all mysteries will be explained.

51. Do not allow fear to guide your steps nor to be the reason to fulfill my Law. Only love and faith should guide your good deeds throughout life for it is the only way to achieve true merits.

52. Humanity will be able to comprehend many things during this era of enlightenment because all mysteries will be explained.

53. You ask me from the bottom of your heart: "Lord, what merits have we accomplished that have made us worthy of you revealing the truth? You said that blessed are those who believe without having seen."

54. "O humanity, you make no effort to correctly interpret my word." Do you behold how it is necessary for me to help you to correctly interpret and comprehend my word?

55. Truly I said in the past: "Blessed are those who believe without having seen." That phrase meant that blessed are the individuals who do not attempt to see and understand the Divine with their physical eyes, but rather through their faith, which is true spiritual vision. Blessed is the individual who makes no attempt to feel and perceive those things that are spiritual with his physical senses, but does prepare himself to feel my divine presence within his spirit.

56. Disciples, be aware that when I said, "Blessed are those who believe without having seen", I was referring to your physical senses. The one who truly believes is the individual who has felt my presence with his spirit.

57. Today you are living in a period when you will believe because of your faith, which is spiritual vision. Your understanding will also be superior because it will be your spirit, rather than your physical body and mind, that will become enlightened with spiritual wisdom.

58. I say again during this era: "Blessed are those who, although having not seen with their material eyes and not capable of comprehending with their human capabilities, nevertheless, still believe in the divine because they are able to feel and understand with their spirit. They elevate themselves to perceive things spiritually and are able to comprehend with that intelligence that is superior to human understanding.

59. When a person develops true faith in God, it is because he has allowed his spirit to become spiritually enlightened. Would anyone or anything cause him to deny that spiritual wisdom? There are also many other individuals who deceive themselves with a false faith because they have not become spiritually enlightened. They ! are satisfied saying that they have faith. Although they haven't physically perceived the Divine, they still believe in God. These are the individuals who will become confused, doubt God, and even reject God during their first ordeal.

60. I have come, however, to save all individuals. That is why you were told since the First Era that the moment would arrive when everyone would be able to perceive me.

61. As you progress and evolve spiritually, you will discover the divine truth and my divine presence in all things that I have created and spiritually. I will then say to you: "Blessed are those who perceive me throughout creation for they are the ones who will truly love me."

62. "Blessed are those who know how to feel me with their spirit and with their material body, for they have become spiritually enlightened and awakened.

63. Humanity has been greatly detained from evolving spiritually by the impure and materialistic forms of worship that man practices! Consequently, man has prevented those miracles that occur through spiritual faith. He has also prevented the natural manifestation of spiritual and divine things on earth.

64. Although mankind constantly receives my blessings, benefits, and evidence of my love, it is not because I am rewarding their faith and practice of spirituality. It is because I have compassion for the misery, suffering, and ignorance of mankind.

65. I know that many individuals will be shocked and overreact when they become familiar with these teachings because of their misunderstanding of the physical body and the spirit. There will also be others who, although believing that human beings do possess a spirit, will refuse to acknowledge that the spirit needs to progress along a path of infinite evolution because of their adherence to their false beliefs and traditions.

66. I need to speak with words of justice in order to awaken man from his spiritual sleep. Although man has used his power to fulfill his worldly ambitions utilizing his free will, he still has the spiritual strength to progress. I will inspire man to create a new and better world through his own free will. That new world will be built on true faith whose goal is to spiritually evolve through love and justice. Has that not been my Doctrine throughout all eras?

67. Analyze my teaching and allow your conscience to help you comprehend it, after you have carefully studied it. Do not assign that responsibility to your mind nor to your heart because they do not have that ability. You now live during a period when my divine light is transformed into thoughts that reach your mind and allow you to penetrate into a world of infinite beauty and wisdom.

68. You are in the presence of the Divine Father who never tires of waiting for you. He comes near you to inspire you to pursue true spiritual values and to fill the emptiness in your heart with his love.

69. Although it has been almost twenty centuries since humanity saw me and heard me in human form, man does not realize that I have never truly separated from him nor stopped communicating with him for a single moment.

70. During the Second Era I came in human form so that you would listen to my words. Today, I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen so that humanity would once again listen to my teachings.

71. It is no longer Jesus of Nazareth who presents himself to these multitudes. It is now Christ, the Divine Master, who is manifesting himself spiritually to give you his new teachings.

72. I manifested myself to humanity through Jesus. I spent my childhood in the village of Nazareth. Mary, the Holy Mother who gave birth to Jesus, was from Nazareth where I grew and became an adult. That is why humanity has referred to me as the man from Nazareth.

73. Today I have not come from Nazareth, for I dwell in the Spiritual Kingdom, the true home of God that I spoke of since those times. I am allowing you to hear my voice which knows no distance for my voice is heard everywhere.

74. I bless you, my people. You have gathered to welcome me on this first day of the final year of my manifestation through human spokesmen.

75. Although I will soon cease to manifest myself through these human spokesmen, do not forget that I have told you that I will never leave you nor cease to communicate with you spiritually through inspiration.

76. During the time that I dwelt among humanity in the Second Era, there was much confusion among mankind. However, there is greater confusion during this era when I manifested myself through human spokesmen. I prophesied in the past that I would manifest myself again to humanity, and that period has now arrived. I have given man teachings of enlightenment and truth which will guide him to follow my divine path. It will help him acquire the spiritual wisdom and knowledge necessary to understand those things he did not understand in the past.

77. This period that has begun is important because it is a period of great enlightenment and wisdom for humans and spirits.

78. This year, which marks the final year of this manifestation, is also a very important period for this multitude. During this year my teachings will give you the laws, wisdom, and enlightenment to initiate the beginning of your new spiritual journey with strength and dedication.

79. My teachings are clear and full of enlightenment so that you cannot stumble along the path due to confusion or ignorance.

80. Treasure the essence of my teachings in your heart so that you may carry me within you and become a messenger, a guide, and a doctor to mankind.

81. If you practice my Doctrine as I have taught you, and if you practice spiritual charity with your brethren, you will become one of my disciples rather than one of my students. You will then discover how easy it is to communicate with my Spirit if your thoughts are pure and elevated. You will then comprehend why my manifestation through the human spokesmen had to cease. If it would have continued indefinitely, you would never achieve a state of spiritual elevation. Instead of purifying yourself and achieving merits in order to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit, you would have remained satisfied listening to my messages through the human spokesmen.

82. Truly I tell you that the essence of my teachings has been the communication of my Spirit with your spirit. I have taught you how to achieve it and now you have the mission of teaching your brethren throughout the world how to communicate spirit to Spirit. What infinite joy my Spirit will feel when my children are able to communicate spiritually with the Father. I will be able to listen to their spiritual voice and feel their embrace as I did when Jesus said: "I am thirsty", thirsty for your love.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 306

1. You have gathered to drink water from the fountain of life which is overflowing with spiritual enlightenment. Your spirit is quenching its thirst from its purity and spiritual wisdom. If you believe that this manifestation and teachings are truly from God, it offers proof that you have journeyed through a long spiritual path to receive my new Doctrine.

2. Truly I tell you that have you dwelt on earth and in the spiritual world many different times. For now, it is not important to know when you were born spiritually nor when you dwelt on earth for the first time. Also, it is not necessary to know about your past lives or how many times you have lived on earth. My Doctrine does not come to reveal those things that you should not know. Those revelations will be revealed to you when you reach the end of your path. My teachings show you the path that you need to follow to acquire great spiritual knowledge. It is a path that will help you gradually evolve spiritually by practicing true deeds of love, virtue, and brotherhood.

3. I have chosen 144,000 beings from among the large multitudes to spread my Doctrine on earth during the Third Era. Those beings have been marked with a spiritual kiss by the Holy Spirit, a kiss that is filled with spiritual enlightenment. That mark will never endanger your spirit nor is it a kiss of betrayal. That marks only means that those individuals have a very important mission to fulfill on earth. The individual who carries that mark should fulfill his mission with humility but if he becomes vain he will not be exempt from confronting difficulties. On the contrary, he will probably face more temptations and difficulties than others. The experiences of my twelve apostles from the Second Era confirms what I say. Those twelve apostles experienced moments of doubt, weakness, and confusion, and one of those apostles even betrayed me.

4. Those whom I have chosen during this period will need to frequently pray and remain alert so they won't fall into temptation, although truly I tell you that some will betray me from among the 144,000 beings!

5. My beloved people, pray and remain alert because your path on earth is filled with temptations and dangerous obstacles. There is a constant struggle between good and evil on earth. You need to constantly battle and pray. Also, you need to practice my teachings and prepare yourselves so that you will not betray my Doctrine. Behold that if you are not careful you can involuntarily become a traitor, without being aware of it, if you betray the truth.

6. Your spirit struggles between its conscience and its free will.

The spirit has a tendency to pursue those things that are spiritually elevated and divine, whereas, the flesh has a natural tendency to be attracted to things that are unvirtuous. Your spirit knows that it now has the opportunity to attain spiritual freedom and to achieve merits so that good will triumph over evil, light will triumph over darkness, and the spirit will triumph over the flesh.

7. Those who have been spiritually marked means that they have been given a mission and responsibilities to fulfill by God. It ! does not mean that those individuals will not be touched by temptation and illness, for if that were true, what merits would they be able to achieve? Would they be making a true effort to remain faithful to Doctrine? I am speaking in this manner because there are many individuals among this multitude who would like to belong to that group of beings whom I have marked. I observe, however, that those individuals wish to be included for the wrong reason. They are not motivated by wanting to truly help humanity with their spiritual gifts, but are more motivated by selfish and vain reasons. I am going to test these individuals and they are going to realize that what I have said is true.

8. The mark is an invisible sign through which one can fulfill his mission if he fulfills it with love, respect, humility, and dedication. Thus, he will prove that the mark is a divine grace that will help him to triumph over pain and will spiritually enlighten him when confronting great ordeals. Also, that divine grace will reveal profound knowledge to that individual and will open paths wherever he needs to go.

9. Those whom I have spiritually designated are closely united to the spiritual world. Enlightened beings from the spiritual world can communicate their thoughts and teachings through them. That is why I say to you that those who have been spiritually marked are my messengers and representatives.

10. The individual who has been spiritually designated has a great mission and responsibility with my Doctrine. However, he is not by himself as he journeys through his path. A guardian angel is always with him to protect, guide, inspire, and strengthen him.

11. The individual who has embraced his cross with great love as he journeys through my path has great spiritual strength. However, the marked individual who has not embraced his cross with love has endured great bitterness and difficulties along his path during the Third Era. I say to all those who are listening: Learn to pray, to be vigilant, and to carry your cross with love. Practice obedience and righteousness during this lifetime so that you may evolve spiritually since your spirit is more enlightened during this reincarnation. Do not allow your spirit to become dormant because in the future it will weep for the time wasted on earth and the failure to utilize its spiritual gifts.

12. Everyone needs to carefully analyze this teaching, including those not spiritually designated, because every individual has been assigned a mission within my Doctrine.

13. I have come to remind you about my Divine Law, a Law that can never be erased from your conscience, forgotten by your heart, nor debated. That Law was given by the Lord, who possesses infinite wisdom and knowledge, to give man an inner light to guide him along his path toward the Divine Father.

14. It is necessary for man to truly comprehend my Divine Law so that all of his deeds in life can reflect truth and justice. If man fails to comprehend my Divine Law, he will commit many mistakes along his path. Does your conscience not guide you as to what is right and what is wrong? Truly I tell you that the conscience never remains inactive or indifferent. It is the human heart and mind that ignores the voice of the conscience because they are fascinated with the splendor of the material things on earth.

15. Although you should love the Lord above all things, you are not interested in the Lord because of your love for material things. Thus, your illusions, dreams, and passion for those material things have not allowed you to love me as you truly should.

16. Your heart has become weary from its suffering and from its attachment and love for the material, but your spirit remains ready to arise from this state at any moment. The spirit cannot truly become weary or grow old as does the human body.

17. You may believe that you love me more than anything else, but you need to truly realize that you love me the least.

18. Once you reach old age, and you no longer have the ambitions and passions that you had in your youth, you will say the following words to Me: "Lord, you were right. When we were young and feeling strong on earth, we forgot you, even though we believed that we loved you and that you were the most important thing in our lives."

19. Do you not realize that I am speaking the truth when I say to you that you love me the least? Do not think that when I tell you that you should love me above all things that I am telling you to love no one else. You need to realize that if you love the Lord above all things, you will love with truth, and you will love all things that are just. You will never become weary in life nor suffer any disappointments because by loving me more than anything else, you will develop a love for truth and justice. The individual who lives in that manner will arise above the human miseries and false illusions of this world. His virtuous life will help him acquire wisdom, thus living a life filled with spiritual enlightenment and spiritual peace.

20. At times you become puzzled when you observe that even though you try to obey my Law as much as possible, you still experience suffering, ordeals, and trials. My beloved people, those things occur because earth is a valley of tears, a place where the spirit comes to learn and to become purified through suffering.

21. Why do you believe that your ordeals are punishment from God? You should realize that those ordeals are experiences that help your spirit acquire more enlightenment. Many times I allow you to experience an ordeal so that you will practice prayer and develop faith, and can become aware that I offer you comfort and peace as soon as you summon me! However, you fail to realize this, and instead of praying and trusting in me, you become upset and speak disrespectfully of God. You proclaim that he has forgotten you and that he does not listen to your prayers. It is then that you go to your brethren to seek their assistance, even though they need the Lord as much as you do.

22. I have never denied my divine charity to the world, as man has done. I will allow man to trust in his own knowledge and power a while longer until he finally realizes that he is powerless to eliminate the suffering that is occurring throughout the world. Man will then confess to the Divine Father that he is truly weak, fragile, ungrateful, and stubborn.

23. I allow man to learn and to gain enlightenment from each deed that he performs, even if those deeds are evil. I will help man to become more spiritually enlightened after he has triumphed over the confusion and chaos on earth.

24. I will forgive all of your sins because they were the fruit of your ignorance. Once you become spiritually enlightened, would you still be able to sin without true knowledge of what is right using your conscience and past experiences? No, disciples, you could no longer commit the same sins that made you endure the great suffering that was caused by your sins.

25. Behold that you are mistaken when you assume that your ordeals are punishment from God. The main purpose of those ordeals is to offer you experience and knowledge, to strengthen your faith, to acquire true wisdom, and to help you listen to your conscience.

26. Listen to me with humility and eliminate all of your pride, so that you will gradually discover the true meaning of life. You will then begin to discover many marvelous things that you previously failed to observe because of your confusion. That confusion prevented you from discovering the truth which you viewed as mysterious. I have come to spiritually enlighten you and to clarify all mysteries. I say to you that I have never prevented man from knowing me but rather man is the one who has chosen not to acknowledge me.

27. Why is it that when I look at hospitals, prisons, homes that are in mourning, troubled marriages, orphans, or those who are spiritually hungry, I do not find you there? Remember that in addition to teaching you how to pray, I have also given you the gift of speech and have taught you how to heal your brethren. Many times I have told you that your mere presence can produce miracles if you are truly prepared.

28. Life offers you many opportunities to practice charity daily! But, behold that just as there are times in which all you can do is pray, there will be others where you will need to speak or to perform a deed.

29. Blessed are those individuals who are truly interested in offering charity to their brethren and who are not afraid when others gossip about them or disapprove of them. Those are the individuals who accompany me in spirit to visit the ill and those in need of spiritual enlightenment, thus offering comfort and wisdom to their needy brethren and helping them to develop faith.

30. Blessed are the ones who remember those who are sad and think of those who are poor spiritually and materially, because their hearts will be close to my Spirit.

31. How can you remember your brethren who are suffering if you are too busy thinking about your own suffering? How can you become aware that there are millions of individuals on earth who suffer much more than you, if you carry your cross with dissatisfaction and are convinced that no one is as unfortunate as you? There are many individuals who journey through a path that is very distant from the true path, who have never received affection from anyone, and who truly lack spiritual enlightenment. You have failed to help those individuals when you have met them along your path. Unlike you, many of those individuals endure their pain and suffering without protesting and speaking disrespectfully about God!

32. It is important for you to stop thinking about yourself and to think of others, other than your family members and those whom you love, so that you may become aware of how others suffer. My beloved people, allow your heart to feel kindness for your brethren so ! that you will fulfill that mandate that is written in your conscience, telling you to love one another. If you are poor materially and for that reason you are unable to help your fellowmen, do not be afraid. Pray, and I will bring peace and enlightenment to those in need. True charity, which gives birth to compassion, is the best gift that you can offer to the needy. If there is no love in your heart when you offer your brethren money, bread, or a glass of water, truly I tell you that you have not given anything. It would be of more value to keep what you have given.

33. Humanity, when do you want to become aware of the power of love? You have not yet utilized that power which is the origin of life.

34. When I traveled, followed by my disciples, to visit small villages, cities, and homes, I never offered a coin to the poor for I never had one. Nevertheless, I restored their health which they had been unable to purchase at any price, and helped them to return to the righteous path, offering them a path filled with light, comfort, and happiness. On a certain occasion, a large multitude followed me to the desert wanting to listen to my word. After I had nourished them with bread for their spirit, I observed that they were physically hungry.

I blessed a few pieces of bread and fish and then distributed them. The multitude was astonished that those few pieces had been sufficient to feed everyone. That miracle was achieved through love and was an immortal lesson for this skeptical, materialistic, and selfish humanity.

35. Oh, if the nations of the earth, though only to test my doctrine, were to share their bread with others, what great blessings they would receive and what wonderful things they would observe! However, people from different nations do not love one another nor view themselves as brethren. They view one another as strangers and foreigners and are jealous of each other. They frequently resent and hate one another which leads to wars. All people contribute to wars, thus, there are wars everywhere. Some contribute to wars in one manner, and others in a different manner; some are aware of what they are doing, and others are not.

36. I will pour my charity upon this arid field, a field that is arid because it lacks love, faith, and good will. My charity will be similar to a drizzle that will be highly beneficial and that will bear fruit. But before that occurs, my divine justice will eliminate all the evil that exists on earth. I will remove all of the bad trees that have failed to produce good fruits. I will purify the fields, cities, and awaken those who are spiritually asleep. Humanity, thus, will become truly prepared to receive the divine message that my love has reserved for the future.

37. Since the beginning of time, 1950 was designated as the year in which the Lord's communication through the human spokesmen would cease. That was the year in which the spirit of humanity would feel my presence and enter into prayer.

38. The year 1950 does not signal the end of an era, rather, it signals the beginning of a new period in which man will receive great revelations and witness great events.

39. Disciples, what have you learned from your experiences during the past year? What resolutions have you made for the current year which represents the final year for my manifestation?

40. You are praying, and I bless you because whoever prays to the Lord will never be disappointed.

41. Continue to pray and make a true effort today, more than ever before, to comprehend my teaching so that you may progress spiritually. You need to eliminate all of those material practices and rituals that have prevented you from progressing spiritually.

42. Listen to the voice of your conscience because it will offer you the courage to triumph over all obstacles and to eliminate material traditions.

43. My beloved people, there is much work that you will need to do. I am bringing together those who belong to this multitude, and I am summoning those who have not joined this multitude. I will summon those individuals only one time, and if they come, I will return their heritage. If they choose not to come join this multitude, you will leave their cause to me because I am the only one who can judge those who did not want to come to listen to the Lord.

44. The teachings that will give you during this last year of my manifestation will contain the entire essence of the Doctrine that I have brought you during this era. This Doctrine gives you teachings and revelations about life so that you will have the spiritual weapons for the battle that is approaching.

45. Tell those who belong to this multitude that the Lord is asking this multitude to unite and to live in harmony. If true brotherhood does not exist among this multitude, then it will not truly represent a united multitude for its members will be disorganized and distant. Inform those who belong to this multitude that you need to be united because this multitude will be the target of persecution and hostilities. I do not want those individuals to later weep due to their disobedience nor to be sorry later for their mistakes when it is no ! longer the time to correct those mistakes.

46. Behold that I am making you aware of all things that can happen, thus, no one will be able to say that I did not warn this multitude.

47. I have given you some prophecies because I am aware of all things that will occur in the future. All that remains is for you to follow my teachings, so that everything will be fulfilled according to my will.

48. Even if the majority of people were to become confused, to separate from the true path, and to disobey my mandates, this divine light would not cease to shine because the truth can never be concealed by the evil that exists on earth.

49. All I need is a few individuals who are obedient, dedicated, spiritualized, and humble in order to spread the truth of my Doctrine.

50. It is my responsibility to speak to you in this manner because, as of today, you need to know that many of you will offer me a new chalice filled with bitterness during the final moments. A state of confusion and spiritual darkness will occur among this multitude, similar to the darkness that occurred on earth while Jesus agonized on the cross. Today, you do not know how long that darkness will occur. That is why I tell you to be vigilant and pray so that you will not yield to temptation nor betray my mandates.

51. I say to you that amidst that darkness and confusion a path of light will appear for those who truly want to follow me spiritually and in their hearts. That path of light will lead them to the Lord.

52. This multitude does not yet realize that no one, other than itself, is responsible for creating the ordeals that will make it shiver and tremble in the future. Those ordeals will help to spiritually awaken this multitude.

53. During this era many individuals were summoned but only a few were chosen, which is true of all eras in the past. I only choose those who are truly prepared to fulfill their mission. I spiritually enlighten the others who are not yet prepared so that they will await the time in which they will also be chosen.

54. There are many whom I have summoned to learn my teaching. Although those individuals were not yet spiritually prepared to fulfill a mission, nevertheless, they joined my disciples and workers. These individuals lacked the spiritual evolution that is needed to carry a heavy cross and to be inspired by the Lord! How have these individuals behaved, after having joined my true disciples and workers? They have disrespected my Doctrine, negatively influenced others with their evil thoughts and behavior, brought disharmony, deceived their brethren, and made monetary profit using my Doctrine and the spiritual gifts that I have given to my disciples.

55. Do not attempt to find out who those individuals are because you will not succeed. Only I, the Divine Judge, knows who those individuals are and I tell them through their conscience: Be vigilant and pray, so that you will repent for your mistakes before it is too late. If you repent, I promise you that I will sit you spiritually at my table and there will be a festival of reconciliation and forgiveness.

56. Beloved disciples: This is a holy moment in which I allow you to feel my presence. The spokesman, who is transmitting my message, has prepared himself spiritually, and the multitude who is listening to this message is in deep contemplation as it listens to the Lord.

57. I want you to always be prepared in this manner, as you witness this miraculous manifestation, so that you will feel my love, my gaze, and my essence deep within your being.

58. Truly I tell you, that you are not the only ones with whom the Lord is present when you prepare yourselves spiritually. I am present at each religious ceremony that is dedicated to God. During the moment in which members of that religious organization are praying ! to God, pronouncing and blessing my name, I penetrate deeply into their hearts to give them what they have requested.

59. If people from the different nations and religions that exist on earth would have developed their spiritual gifts, they would now be able to perceive my presence spiritually. However, they are not able to perceive me, feel me, nor listen to me because their senses and spiritual gifts are dormant due to idolatry, fanaticism, and material forms of worship.

60. If, today, you were to ask me: Divine Master, when will our brethren from the different religions be able to feel you, listen to you, and feel your presence as we do today? I would respond to you that they will be able to do those things once they began to practice spirituality and eliminate their fanaticism and material forms of worships.

61. I speak to those individuals through ordeals, which serve as lessons. Sometimes I reward their faith, and at other times I touch them with my divine justice when they seek benefits from God through inappropriate ways and forms of worship.

62. Those individuals rarely comprehend what I am trying to teach them through their ordeals. Thus, because they have faith and hope in the Lord, and because they are suffering, I forgive their mistakes and ignorance and I send them my charity.

63. This is the period in which my Spirit is constantly speaking to man's conscience, as well as to his spirit, his heart, and to his reason. My voice reaches man through his thoughts and through his ordeals. Many individuals are awakening as a result of those ordeals. Those who are suppose to be guiding and teaching humanity are truly asleep spiritually and would prefer for humanity to remain dormant forever.

64. My beloved people: Be aware that if you were to truly prepare yourselves to take these teachings to other countries, many individuals would be able to comprehend my message.

65. When I speak to you in this manner, deep in your heart you ask me: How will I be able to teach others who speak different languages, if I even feel unskilled in expressing myself through my own language? I say to you: O people, you have so little faith in my word! Do you believe that my apostles from the Second Era prepared themselves to speak different languages? No, my children, they did not. Nevertheless, their message was understood by all individuals because the language that they spoke, and which they learned from me, was the language of love. Those apostles offered comfort to their brethren, as they had learned from the Divine Master. They healed the ill, revealed the truth, and offered spiritual peace and enlightenment to their brethren. They showed their brethren the true path to follow, not with words, but with their deeds. That is the way that love is best expressed, through deeds. That is the true language an enlightened spirit utilizes, a languages that doesn't need words.

66. Have you observed the numerous spiritual teachings that I have given you during this manifestation? Also, have you observed how the spokesmen have spoken with numerous words during the time that I have given you my teachings? Even though those teachings and words have been numerous, they are very few if you compare them with the number of deeds that I carry out for my children on earth. Truly I tell you, that I speak to you much more through my deeds than through my words. However, up to the present, you have not been interested in seeking to comprehend the messages that I am sending you, which are numerous and filled with great wisdom. You believe that you are able to receive revelations from God only through human words, and therefore I have granted you the gift of listening to these divine teachings through your own language.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 307

1. My teachings offer tranquility to your heart and peace to your spirit. The greatest gift that I have destined for your spirit is peace. The one who possesses that treasure possesses all that he could ever want. The one who has experienced true spiritual peace would never exchange it for the greatest material treasures of earth.

2. If you were to ask me how true spiritual peace is achieved, I would say to you that it is achieved by doing the will of your Divine Father. Also, if you were to ask me how to fulfill the will of the Father, I would say that it is fulfilled by practicing my Law and Doctrine in your life.

3. Some individuals become disappointed hearing me say that spiritual peace is the greatest gift that I have come to bring you today because they would prefer material treasures and riches from earth. It is because those individuals are not familiar with true spiritual peace. However, they are not the only ones who are unfamiliar with spiritual peace. Who is truly familiar with it? Is there anyone on earth who can truly say that he lives in true spiritual peace? My people, there is no one who can say that which is why there are so many individuals who are disappointed with that precious spiritual gift that I have come to bring you. However, once you become familiar with true spiritual peace, you will do all that you can to safeguard that gift because truly you will have had a glimpse of what life will be like in the spiritual kingdom of light.

4. Since you have been unable to achieve true spiritual peace, you are satisfied with thinking about it and attempting to achieve it in numerous ways so that you can feel some degree of tranquility, satisfaction, and comfort. However, you have never been able to achieve true spiritual peace. I say to you that only when the child obeys the will of the Divine Father will he discover true spiritual peace.

5. Humanity needs individuals who can truly explain my word and correctly interpret my teachings. Although humanity calls itself Christian, man is spiritually asleep because there is no one who has been able to awaken mankind by practicing my true doctrine. There is no one practicing true deeds of love as were practiced by Jesus during the Second Era.

6. People say my name and repeat my words daily in homes, churches, and temples without truly being deeply touched. That occurs because men do not truly comprehend the divine essence of those words. Most people believe that all one needs to do is to repeat those words daily, in a mechanical manner, not realizing that it is not necessary to pronounce those words. It is more important to study them and meditate on their spiritual meaning, to practice them, and to live according to what they say.

7. If humanity knew how to discover the true essence in the words spoken by Christ, it would continually discover that his words are filled with uniqueness, life, energy, and nourishment. However, humanity does not comprehend the true essence of the words spoken by Christ, thus, it is unable to nourish itself spiritually with those words.

8. Poor humanity, although the divine light surrounds it and spiritual peace is within its reach, humanity continues to be lost in darkness and weep in pain! Man has been unable to perceive that divine light because some individuals have, unmercifully, placed a veil over his eyes. I, who truly love each one of you, have come to eliminate the darkness that surrounds you. The divine teachings which I previously gave to mankind do not apply only to the past.

My Doctrine applies to all eras because the essence of my Doctrine is love, and love is eternal. Love is the secret for your salvation during this era of confusion, great bitterness, and uncontrollable passions.

9. The teachings that I have given you during this era are not a new doctrine. I have given them to you to help you comprehend all of the revelations that I have given mankind throughout the eras.

10. Humanity will be surprised when it receives this spiritual message and will become aware of the Father's infinite love. That love was revealed in his past teachings but man was not able to feel it. Man will then realize that truly he has been ungrateful, unfaithful, and indifferent with the Divine Father. Man has sought the Divine Father only when he is suffering or in need of something material.

11. I forgive you and love you, and I am truly charitable with my children. Blessed is the individual who prepares his spirit, his heart, and his mind because he will receive my divine enlightenment. Thus, I will guide him to follow the true path, a path that is very different from those that he had previously followed on earth.

12. I allow you to feel my warmth so that you will not lack inspiration for your struggle during this era.

13. The Third Era is a period of spiritual struggle and purification. Also, it is a period in which man will receive a divine heritage because I have come to give him the Divine Testament.

14. I inspire those workers who have worked in my fields to prepare the harvest that they will present to me on the final day of this manifestation which is now approaching. My manifestation through the human spokesmen will terminate on the final day of 1950. I want you to bring me a harvest that is pure and beautiful, so that I will bless what you have brought me and say to you: "Continue to sow this same seed in my fields.”

15. Disciples, Is it not true that although you have struggled and experienced bitter moments along this path, it has helped you to better understand Jesus, the Divine Master, in addition to experiencing moments of joy? Also, is it not true that after experiencing those ordeals your love for me has become stronger? Truly I tell you, my people, that asking and receiving is very different from giving.

16. The day is approaching when this manifestation will cease, and you will need to talk to your brethren about my teachings. You will need to explain them, not only with language that is clear and persuasive, but also with your deeds.

17. Pray so that you will be well prepared as you enter into that new period of spiritual struggle in which you will need to practice my Doctrine with your deeds. Pray with that same simplicity with which I taught the multitudes to pray, those multitudes who followed me to the desert, the valleys, and to the mountains.

18. Pray for all of humanity, and also pray for yourselves, who practice spirituality, because the time of ordeals is approaching.

19. Do not become disturbed if I tell you that after my manifestation ceases there will be some confusion and disagreements among this congregation which will cause it to divide temporarily. For a period it will remain divided into three groups until it is able to fully comprehend my mandate. As of today, I bless those individuals who truly comprehend the will of the Father and who obey it with love and good will. Those individuals will receive divine inspirations from the Divine Father. They will be responsible for preparing themselves, for practicing spirituality in their lives, and truly following my Doctrine because an ordeal will arrive that will help to reunite this congregation. These individuals will need to open their hearts to welcome those who had departed without feeling superior nor feeling vanity and resentment.

20. You feel sadness and pain while listening to these prophecies. May that pain and sadness that you feel help you to remain faithful and cause you not to follow those who choose to ignore my Doctrine and do as they please.

21. As of today, I say to those who choose not to follow me, that they will experience much sorrow and pain before they become aware of their mistakes and decide to obey the Divine Father. Also, I say to those of you who remain faithful that you, too, will suffer and endure a great struggle. All beings are aware of God's mandates because they carry them in their conscience, but some will choose to ignore those mandates, causing you much pain because of the disunity among you. During this time you will experience suffering but you will need to practice endurance and remain hopeful.

22. Blessed are those who persevere because they will witness the unification of Spiritual Israel and the beginning of the spiritual struggle.

23. Pray, disciples, so that you will become enlightened and spiritually strong, and not yield to temptation.

24. Learn to accept your difficult and bitter moments with love for that is how my disciples earn true merits. Journey along my path with faith and determination until you reach the top of the hill at Calvary. Although you will confront many ordeals along your path, you will continue to bless the Divine Father and all your brethren. The individual who follows my path with faith and obedience will never become lost nor stumble, for he will feel my presence and peace throughout his journey.

25. How can some individuals want to attain salvation at the moment that they are dying, after having sinned so much on earth? How can so many individuals live in so much sin without staining and harming themselves?

26. I am bringing a Doctrine that is clear and simple so that you will learn to live among sinners without staining yourself, to journey along a path that is filled with thorns without hurting yourself, to observe disgraceful and horrible events without judging and criticizing, and to dwell in a world that is filled with misery without trying to run away. Instead, you should want to remain on earth to help the needy as much as you can by practicing deeds of love and kindness along your path.

27. The Eden that once existed on earth was converted into an inferno due to the sins of mankind, therefore, it will be necessary for man to cleanse his own stains so that life on earth will regain its original purity.

28. Disciples: Behold that through these teachings I am revealing my divine plan and informing you of your mission, thus helping you to comprehend the essence of this message.

29. My Doctrine will spread and be accepted by many individuals. Nevertheless, there will be many who will ridicule it, reject it, and battle against it. This will not be something new because the same thing occurred throughout all previous eras.

30. This multitude will need to follow my Divine Law and have strong faith in order to triumph over the ordeals that it will confront along its path. Also, it will need to offer true spiritual worship to the Lord and practice true love within their homes which represents the second temple of mankind.

31. On this day I am talking especially to the young women, those who tomorrow will become wives and mothers. They will need to spiritually illuminate their homes similar to how your spirit illuminates your inner temple.

32. Prepare yourself for the life that awaits you once you become a wife and mother. Start today to prepare the path through which your children will need to travel. Those spiritual beings, who will become your children on earth, are awaiting the moment when they will be born on earth to fulfill their mission.

33. Work with me in my plans for restoration, and in my work of regeneration and justice.

34. Separate yourself from the many temptations that are enticing humanity during this era. Pray for cities that are filled with sin, where so many women become lost, and where families and homes are destroyed and so many individuals lose all faith.

35. Strengthen spirituality among humanity by practicing deeds of love, truth, and enlightenment with your brethren.

36. I say to the young women of the nation of spiritual Israel: Awaken, and prepare yourselves for the battle! Do not be blinded by the passions of the heart nor by those things that are unrealistic. Develop your gifts of intuition, inspiration, tenderness, and sensitivity. Strengthen yourself by practicing the divine truth and thus you will have the weapons that you need as you battle and struggle along your path in life. Love is the essence of life. You need to practice deeds of love daily, to saturate yourself with love, and to feel love deep within your heart so that you may pass it to your children and truly nourish them with that divine gift. This Doctrine is teaching mankind how to love.

37. Blessed is the heart of a wife, for it is a refuge for man. Blessed is the heart of a mother, for it is a fountain filled with great tenderness for her children. Also I say to you that blessed are those virgins who remain childless but who help their needy brethren on earth because their tenderness is similar to a divine maternal love. Very few women have chosen to renounce those responsibilities that pertain to the material world in order to fulfill their spiritual responsibilities!

38. Not everyone has the mission of being a parent on earth. Children are a major responsibility for a mother and father, and some individuals cannot take on that responsibility because they have a different mission to fulfill.

39. When will humanity form a single family that is truly united? When will humanity be able to sit at the Father's table, or pray to him, and joyfully tell him that it is fulfilling its mission?

40. Humanity is not fulfilling its mission. Mankind is unhappy and does not live in harmony with one another because some individuals are following the wrong path and others are dissatisfied with their destiny.

41. This Doctrine of Spirituality, which I have revealed through human spokesmen, needs to spread on earth so that man will eliminate his ignorance and become spiritually enlightened. This Doctrine will quench man's thirst for the Divine Truth.

42. I am preparing you with my teaching for the struggle that awaits you; my prophecies inform you that you will confront great ordeals. My teachings offer you warnings, and they also judge and correct you. However, a period of grace will arrive in which humanity will be able to communicate with the Lord from spirit to Spirit. When that period arrives, man will be able to hear the divine words of God deep within his being. Although those words will be unlike the words that people use on earth, man will be able to comprehend those divine messages.

43. Those divine messages will be filled with only wisdom and love, and man will no longer be judged, forewarned, nor accused through those messages.

44. Although you would like to see the arrival of that period, you must wait for it to arrive. But do not wait passively, for it is best that you continually work hard to progress along your path.

45. I have taught you how to pray and to achieve true spirituality, for that is the manner in which man will be able to achieve perfect communication with God, communicating with Him spiritually.

46. My beloved people, to achieve that perfect communication you will need to achieve merits to counteract the sins of the world. Work hard, and if necessary, be willing to sacrifice yourself. Be patient, if you are enduring a difficult and bitter situation.

47. Trust in me. Behold that you are my disciples and that you need to imitate me. Therefore, if you have great faith and believe in me, you need to utilize your strength to endure your ordeals. Thus, if you offer testimony of Me, I will offer testimony of you.

48. Although my Spirit has manifested itself to all people on earth, the people of Spiritual Israel are the only ones who have been able to feel my presence. The rest of the people on earth are ignoring the revelations that I have brought during this era. They are unaware that the Third Era has arrived, therefore, your mission has increased because you will need to spread the good news of my arrival with all of your brethren throughout the world.

49. Truly many individuals have recognized the signs signaling my new arrival; they analyze the holy scriptures carefully reviewing the prophecies, and they realize that the ordeals that humanity is enduring reflects God's judgement. Although those individuals are seeking and awaiting me, they do not know that I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen to the people of Spiritual Israel and that I am present with each human and spiritual being.

50. Those who witnessed my manifestation will take the good news of my arrival to the nations on earth. The world will then know of my arrival and will become familiar with my teachings. Once man finds out when this manifestation started and ended, he will be surprised to discover that all nations and people on earth received signs and evidence announcing my arrival and manifestation.

51. Truly I tell you that I will never again manifest myself through human spokesmen either in this nation or in other countries. Therefore, it will be the responsibility of this multitude who witnessed my manifestation to offer true testimony of my teachings throughout the world so that humanity will believe in this Doctrine.

52. Truly I tell you that just as the kings in the past were amazed at the humble manner in which I was born, people of this era will also be amazed at the humble manner in which I chose to manifest myself.

53. My messages will lead to discussions. Some will say that my message is true, whereas others will try to prove that it is false; some will give testimony of their own spiritual experiences and others will deny that such manifestations exist. However, the truth will endure. This is the era in which the inactive gifts and powers within the spirit will manifest themselves through man. In this era, humans have attained the evolution and sensitivity that is necessary to communicate with the spiritual.

54. Children, youth, and elders will experience manifestations that will appear strange initially. This is because humanity has lived separated from the spiritual for a long time. In the future, man will consider these manifestations as something absolutely natural in the superior life of man. Children then will speak of profound teachings, men and women will have spiritual visions and prophetic dreams, and the gift of healing will spread throughout the world.

55. Those who first manifest the awakening of their spiritual gifts will be highly criticized. However, I will give them the strength and patience to resist criticism, judgement, and ridicule.

56. I say to my beloved people who have witnessed this manifestation. Do not be afraid. Although humanity is very materialistic and only believes in those things that it is able to touch, perceive, verify scientifically, and comprehend with its limited understanding, things will change. Humanity will began to practice spirituality, thus learning to perceive me spiritually and to discover the divine truth.

57. Those who are considered great and important on earth will be greatly surprised when they verify my arrival during this era. They will want to know why I came. Those who are poor will greatly rejoice when they learn of my arrival. They know that I have come to offer freedom, peace, and mercy to those who are oppressed and those who greatly hunger for love and justice.

58. Although today you are unable to comprehend the great impact and effect that this Doctrine will have on earth, tomorrow it will emerge on earth as a divine light. That bright light will awaken those who are spiritually asleep and help them to develop faith; humanity will be able to read and study from the Book of True Life which contains the divine truth.

59. My people: You may want to know whey I have manifested myself to this multitude for such a long period. This has allowed you to store my word in your heart and to write my teachings in books. Thus, you will need to become my messengers by telling your brethren about my Doctrine.

60. Soon you will be free to start preparing yourselves because this manifestation will end in 1950.

61. A new period will soon arrive, and you will seek to develop your spiritual gifts during that period. This will enable you to receive divine inspirations, to become gifted with words, to perceive spiritually, and to truly feel love and charity for your brethren.

62. Humanity has received three testaments from the Lord. Along your path you will meet those who are awaiting the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Show them these new teachings and tell them not to imitate the Jewish people who, although awaiting the Messiah during the Second Era, were unable to recognize him when he arrived and are still awaiting him. Continue to journey along your path fulfilling your spiritual mission, so that as your brethren listen to your words and observe the manner in which you live, they will acknowledge that you are a new generation that has come to establish a new humanity on earth.

63. I say to parents who have had, and will have, the privilege of guiding children who belong to these new generations: Be vigilant and pray for those new generations! Prepare their path! I want them prepared to receive my new revelations. Prophets will arise from those new generations who will greatly shaken the world with their prophecies, as did the great prophets from the past eras. Those prophets from the past served as messengers for humanity during periods of great ordeals. Also, they were a guiding light for humanity during times of darkness.

64. Enlightened spiritual beings from the spiritual valley, serving as guardian angels, will guide and protect those new generations, thus helping the parents who are guiding those children whom I announced and promised.

65. My people, I bless you because for a few moments today you have separated yourselves from all the material things of this world to listen to me. You rejoice spiritually listening to my word and recognize that it offers you all the peace, joy, and comfort that you need to carry your cross.

66. My love and my peace embrace you, and my Spirit invites you to pray for all your brethren who suffer and are unable to find any healing balsam, love, and comfort on earth.

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 308

1. Beloved disciples: Truly seek to perfect yourself by practicing spiritual prayer daily. Behold that in addition to entering into an intimate communication with your Master and experiencing infinite peace during those moments, it is your best opportunity to receive my divine inspirations. In prayer, you will find an explanation of things you did not understand or have misinterpreted. You will discover how to avoid dangers, solve problems, and settle confusions. During that moment of holy spiritual communication, your senses will become clear and you will feel more inclined and willing to do virtuous things.

2. Learn to pray in this manner because the world is filled with many dangers during this period. The individual who learns to pray with his spirit will arm himself with weapons that will make him invincible during his struggles and will help him triumph in each of his ordeals.

3. I am illuminating your path with my divine light because you are unable to illuminate your own path. However, once you guide your life on earth according to my Doctrine, you will tell me: "Thank you, Father, for having shown us how to journey along the path of life for we will no longer stumble nor become lost.”

4. During the Second Era I said: "I am the light of the world". I said that because man, during that period, was only familiar with things pertaining to their life on earth. Today, in Spirit, I say to you: "I am the light of the universe which illuminates and gives life to all planets, heavens, and mansions. I enlighten and give life to all beings."

5. You are children of the Father of Divine Light. However, due to your weaknesses, you might be living a life that is filled with sin, tears, and pain. Eventually your sorrow will disappear because you will arise to follow me when I summon you with the following words: "I am here, illuminating your planet and inviting you to climb to the top of the mountain. When you reach the top you will discover all the peace, joy, and riches that you had unsuccessfully sought on earth."

6. I offer my forgiveness to all of my children and nations on earth. My divine enlightenment touches the deepest part of your heart so that you can feel the presence of the Divine Father, for I love all of my children.

7. Although I bless your sorrows and tears, my beloved people, I say to you that you have not yet learned to accept your chalice of bitterness in a loving and accepting manner. You have not wanted to imitate me and that is why many times you have been unable to accept your ordeals, causing you to even rebel.

8. If you want to be one of my disciples, you will need to willingly endure the bitter ordeals that you will experience as demonstrated by me during the Second Era. You need to show your brethren that you are strong, not weak; therefore, you should not be telling everyone about your ordeals. Did I, perhaps, express anger against those individuals who helped to crucify me at Calvary? No, rather I blessed them and said to the Lord: "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”.

9. Do not forget that the merit does not consist in suffering, but in knowing how to suffer with patience, faith, and love toward the Father. In this manner one can benefit from suffering and learn its profound teachings. If in your ordeals there is not love toward the will of your Father, you will have achieved no merit before me. You will have failed to take advantage of the opportunity to elevate yourself. Thus, you will need to go through that same ordeal again which your spirit must eventually endure with love and acceptance. Your life would be different if instead of carrying your cross unwillingly, you would journey through your path, accepting and blessing your suffering. Immediately, you would feel as if an invisible hand removed the cup of bitterness from your lips.

10. Blessed is the one who blesses the will of the Lord. Blessed is the one who blesses his own cup of bitterness, knowing that it will cleanse his sins, for he will be preparing himself to climb the spiritual mountain.

11. It will not always be necessary for you to drink the last drop from your cup of bitterness. If I perceive that you have faith, are obedient, and that you are willing to obey my mandate, then I will not allow you to endure the most difficult moment of your ordeal. Remember that Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac, whom he greatly loved. In spite of the great pain that he felt and the great love that he had for his son, he was willing to sacrifice Isaac as proof of his obedience, faith, humility, and great love of God, which man has not been able to comprehend. Abraham did not have to sacrifice his son, because in the depths of his heart he showed that he was willing to obey the will of God. This was sufficient to God. What great joy Abraham felt, when his hand was detained by a superior force preventing the sacrifice of Isaac! He greatly blessed the name of his Lord and was amazed at God's wisdom!

12. My beloved people, I want you to remember the great lessons that I have given you throughout the eras. Thus, you can truly know me and be able to feel my presence when you confront an ordeal. It will help you understand my mercy during your most difficult and bitter moments because until now your lack of spirituality has not allowed you to feel my presence. That is why you do not appreciate my deeds of love and justice each moment of your life.

13. Due to your ignorance, you reject many ordeals and are unaware of the enlightenment that each brings to your spirit! There are many lessons that you have not yet learned because of your discontent, fear, lack of faith, and unwillingness to accept your ordeals.

14. I am not telling you that you should love suffering. No, instead you should love peace, happiness, and enlightenment. However, since you are suffering due to your imperfections, learn to bless it and to endure it patiently, knowing that it has come to save you and to purify you. Your suffering will reveal many truths to you.

15. Men and women of little faith: Why does your faith weaken when you confront an ordeal? Have you not seen how I quickly help those who have fallen to arise, how I dry the tears of those who weep, and how I accompany the lonely and visit the ill?

16. I dedicate this teaching to all the men and women who have wept greatly in life. Meditate deeply over this teaching, and you will feel a sweet and gentle comfort penetrating into your heart. A little light will glow in the deepest part of your being, and you will feel a sensitivity in your being that you have never experienced before, awakening your dormant fibers, and allowing you to feel my spiritual presence. Thus, you will feel my presence not only in your moments of sorrow, but also in your moments of joy and peace.

17. Leave me your grief and sorrows during these moments. Weep and sob, because crying will relieve the spirit of its heavy burden and free the heart of its worries.

18. Cry, my beloved people, because crying is one of the most sincere prayers emerging from your heart to God. Tomorrow, when you have triumphed over suffering and have attained spirituality, your best prayer will no longer be your tears but the peace felt in your spirit. You will draw nearer to me and bless me through that spiritual peace.

19. Today I present myself in spirit before you, and I speak to you in spirit so that you may know me better.

20. When I was on earth this multitude saw me in human form and became familiar with my name, Jesus. It was not until I departed from earth that humanity realized that Christ was the one who spoke through Jesus, the Christ who had been announced by the prophets. Since that time, humanity has referred to Jesus as Christ.

21. Truly I tell you that Christ was not born on earth. He existed before the creation of the planets in the universe because he is One with the Divine Father.

22. Jesus was the one who was born on earth. I utilized his holy body as my instrument so that humanity would be able to perceive me and listen to my words.

23. I, Christ, who now speaks to you, manifested myself through Jesus. I inspired him, strengthened him, and gave him life because he was destined to fulfill a divine mission. His life, his body, and his blood were dedicated to verifying the words of Christ who inspired him spiritually.

24. Although Jesus was a human, he was conceived without stain and impurity to serve as an instrument for God. God, the Divine Word, manifested Himself through Jesus. At the age of thirty years, Christ began to manifest the splendor of his glory, truth, and love through Jesus.

25. Sweet Jesus, the humble Nazarene who had awaited the moment when Christ would began to speak through him, sought John along the shores of the river Jordan to become baptized. Did Jesus seek baptism to become purified? No, my people, he did not. Did he, perhaps, want to celebrate a ritual? No, he did not. At that time, he knew that the moment had arrived for Christ to manifest Himself through him. Since Jesus wanted humanity to remember that very important occurrence, he allowed that event to occur.

26. Although Jesus had no stains to be cleansed when he was baptized, his baptism served as an example for humanity to show that he would renounce all things from the world in order to fulfill only the will of God. Those who witnessed the baptism of Jesus heard a divine voice that said: "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Listen to him".

27. As of that moment, Christ, the Divine Word, manifested Himself verbally through Jesus. Men referred to Jesus as Rabbi, Divine Master, Messenger, Messiah, and the Son of God.

28. I manifested myself verbally three years through Jesus and my words or thoughts were never distorted or misrepresented. He fulfilled my will through each of his deeds. He did that because Jesus and Christ were truly one, similar to how Christ is truly One with the Divine Father.

29. Disciples: Today I have come to speak to you by manifesting myself spiritually through human spokesmen, although I say to you that the body of the human spokesmen is not the body of God, as was the body of Jesus. I have not come to incarnate in a human body during this period. Instead, I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen who lack true purity as do all people on earth. Therefore, you need to truly prepare yourselves as you listen to my teachings so that you may discover their true essence even if the spokesmen express themselves in an illiterate and imperfect manner.

30. Blessed are those who are able to discover the true essence of my teachings. They are able to distinguish between the essence and the imperfections of the human language. They are the ones who will best interpret my teachings. They will not be like those confused individuals who, studying my deeds and words from the Second Era, are unable to distinguish when Christ, the Divine Spirit, is teaching, and when Jesus, the man, is speaking.

31. Study my teachings with love so that later, when you need to offer testimony about my manifestation, you will be able to speak to your brethren in a truthful and simple manner.

32. You joyfully tell me about your deeds and inform me of both your successes and failures. I, your Divine Father, who presides over your life and eternally watches after you, inspire you to continue forward along your path and to truly put your best effort to manifest virtue and justice in all you do.

33. You have learned to pray before you take any step along your path. You want to truly obey my laws and you frequently remember your responsibilities as my disciple. You have prepared yourself to fulfill your material responsibilities without having to spent all of your time and energy in fulfilling them; therefore, you are able to truly dedicate your best moments, energy, and all of your heart to fulfilling your spiritual mission. You are aware that the length of your life on earth is the exact amount of time that you will need to fulfill great deeds that are worthy of your spirit. Thus, when you become aware of the spiritual gifts that you possess, you will make a true effort to work as hard as you can to fulfill your spiritual mission, bringing joy to yourself and to the Divine Father.

34. I have summoned you and have prepared you, like a clean glass that can be filled with the essence of this Doctrine so that you may share it with your brethren. Thus, they will be able to feel the same joy that you have felt. You are able to perceive a long path that lies ahead of you, a path that begins and ends with Me. Remember that I previously said that "I am the Way”. If you follow that path in an obedient and loving manner, you will reach the end of that path with joy and peace in your spirit. You will have no complaints when you come before me because you will have done all that you could to help some of your brethren progress along the path of spirituality. You will have helped those individuals, who were assigned to you, during this period of regeneration.

35. Do not depart yet to different regions to help your brethren along their path until you become spiritually strong. Prepare yourselves first as did my disciples during the Second Era. After having lived with the Divine Master, witnessing his miracles, and eagerly nourishing themselves with his words, those disciples still felt weak and incapable of continuing with my work. Knowing that I would soon depart, they asked me to remain with them a while longer. However, as the day of my departure approached, they accepted the fact that their beloved Divine Master had to depart and would leave them an important mission to fulfill. I observed the great sorrow that they were feeling in their hearts and I spoke to them, offering them words of comfort as I told them: "Do not be afraid, for I will be near you and will always illuminate you with my divine enlightenment". During this Third Era, I have also come to give you my teachings for just a certain time period. You have received my blessings, however, this manifestation through the human spokesmen will also cease so that later you will learn to communicate with God from spirit to Spirit.

36. I do not want you to weep and be discontent when this manifestation comes to an end. I want you to accept that this manifestation has to cease, in the same manner that you have immensely enjoyed these teachings. Thus, man will be able to reach a higher level of spirituality which will bring him closer to the Divine Father.

37. Perceive me with your spirit and penetrate with love into this divine moment. I am illuminating the spokesman as I speak through him so that my words will penetrate deep within your heart. Your heart is like an orchard which I am cultivating with great love. It is being watered through these divine teachings so that it will become fertile and strong, producing new multiple seeds. Thus, those new seeds can be spread on fields that are dry and thirsty for love.

38. Allow me to guide you and, therefore, when you reach the end of your path you will discover that your accomplishments are truly great because you obeyed and fulfilled my will.

39. This manifestation will soon cease at the end of 1950. Then, the ordeals will arrive like a whirlwind to lash at this large and strong tree, removing its dry leaves and bad fruits.

40. Many individuals from this multitude will weaken when that great ordeal arrives and will become like dry leaves that separate from the tree which had nourished them. They will weaken due to a lack of faith and love, and will stumble due to confusion and lack of an ideal. Those individuals, however, will be replaced by others who will arrive and will become highly dedicated disciples filled with good will.

41. The new disciples who will arrive are individuals who presently are not even aware of this Doctrine. From the moment of their arrival, some of those individuals will reveal great humility and dedication to my doctrine. They will listen to my voice asking them to follow me. They will follow me, imitating my disciples from the Second Era who were previously fishermen.

42. There will also be other individuals who will criticize my Doctrine and persecute this multitude. However, some of those same individuals will convert, becoming my most faithful and elevated disciples. Their conversion will be similar to what happened to Saul, my beloved Paul, who offered true evidence of his love for the Divine Master. He replaced the one disciple who betrayed me among my twelve disciples.

43. Likewise, during this period, new individuals will arrive among this nation of Spiritual Israel to replace those individuals who will reject and betray me.

44. I say to those individuals who will lose faith during the moment of their ordeal: Carry in your spirit the immortal seed of my Doctrine so that one day you will attain salvation!

45. Also I say to those individuals who will remain faithful and who will follow me to the end: Prepare and strengthen yourselves through the essence of my word so that you will not weaken in the presence of those who will judge, criticize, ridicule, and persecute you.

46. Do not forget what happened to Peter, my disciple, whom Saul intended to murder. I proved to my faithful apostle that he was not alone in his ordeal and that if he trusted in my power, I would defend him from those who wanted to persecute him. Saul was surprised by my divine light, when he went searching to capture Peter: My light touched the deepest part of Saul's heart, and he knelt in my presence conquered by my love. He then became incapable of carrying out the mission that he intended to carry out against my apostle Peter. Instead, he felt a transformation of his entire being, because of the great faith and love he felt for Christ. He then quickly went looking for Peter, not to murder him, but to ask Peter about the teachings of Christ and to become actively involved in the Lord's work.

47. Since then, Saul became known as Paul. That change of name signified the complete spiritual transformation that had occurred in that individual.

48. During this period I say to the nation of Spiritual Israel that if your truly trust in me, as did my disciples during the Second Era, you will have no need to defend yourselves against those who will persecute and slander you. I will surprise those individuals along their path when they clearly hear my voice, the same voice heard by Saul, asking them: "Why are you persecuting me?" How many conversions and miraculous events you will witness! But you need to prepare yourself and to be patient. Be vigilant and pray, my people. Ordeals will arrive that will touch this multitude, but I want you to remain spiritually united so that you may perceive the fulfillment of my prophecies.

49. Do not be fear that you will be unable to remember most of my words. Truly I say to you that when you are confronting an ordeal, if you know how to prepare yourself and meditate, you will be able to remember most of my words which you thought you had forgotten.

50. When you enter into meditation and prayer, it will seem to you that you are actually listening to this word. But truly you will only be receiving its spiritual essence.

5 ]. That experience will give you great confidence because you will realize that whenever you are experiencing an ordeal, my teachings will reach your lips and my Divine Enlightenment will influence your mind.

52. Roque Rojas, my forerunner, was inspired by the spirit of Elijah to write the following phrase: "Practice charity, and more charity, with your brethren and you will perceive my Father in all of his splendor". Disciples, what he said is true because whoever does not practice charity will not be able to enter into my Kingdom. I assure you that even the most hardened sinner will be able to attain salvation if he practices charity.

53. Do not wait to practice charity until your final days on earth because if you have achieved few merits when you arrive to the doors of my Spiritual Kingdom you will be unable to enter.

54. I advise you to sow charity throughout the rest of your life so that you will gather an abundant harvest.

55. Aspire to practice charity more than anything else. You will never regret it because you will experience great joy and satisfaction practicing that great virtue. Also, you will acquire the wisdom, strength, and elevation that a noble spirit desires.

56. You will purify your spirit, and settle your old debts, by practicing charity with your brethren. Also you will live a more virtuous life on earth, as you become more spiritually elevated. When you enter the spiritual valley you will rejoice greatly as your spiritual brethren welcome you with their blessings, because you have fulfilled the mission of spirituality and regeneration.

57. Multitudes: Come to me so that through my teachings you will learn to practice charity. Come listen to my word so that you may receive what I have brought you, thus, you will realize that although you may be very poor materially you are rich with spiritual gifts. You can practice charity with those gifts and offer your brethren comfort, health, peace, wisdom, and life.

58. No one should say that he is unable to practice deeds of charity because he is materially poor. If he says that it is due to his ignorance, his poor faith, and lack of spiritual enlightenment.

59. Here, among this multitude, there is no one who is truly poor because my Kingdom has descended to humanity to offer it spiritual gifts and treasures.

60. My word is similar to a river that is filled with purified water, a water that has come to cleanse and fertilize the dry fields that exist on earth. Cleanse your heart and spirit, using that purified water, so that you may become liberated from your burden of sins.

61. If you do not cleanse yourself first, you will be unable to feel true charity toward your brethren. Also, you will be unable to truly feel their suffering and understand their tears. Be aware that the nation of Spiritual Israel has the mission of spiritually uniting humanity into one single family.

62. This is 1950, the final year in which I will manifest myself through human spokesmen. You cannot deny that you have listened to numerous teachings. When this manifestation ceases, I will have revealed all things that you need to know. It is now time to inform you to stop being passive and to become an active worker in these holy fields. You should no longer be satisfied with only listening to and thinking about my teachings. It is now time for your spirit, which has attained spiritual freedom, to arise and share this message that it has received with its brethren on earth.

63. The numerous individuals who have come to witness this spiritual manifestation need to start fulfilling their mission on earth. They need to learn from these teachings and from the enlightened spiritual beings. Some individuals have limited themselves to only working in these houses of prayer for many years. They need to realize that the moment will soon arrive in which they will need to journey to different parts of the world to spread the seed of light and peace that I have given them.

64. This multitude will have to greatly struggle among itself and be tested by me in order to attain the preparation that it needs to fulfill its mission.

65. The ordeals that this multitude will endure will help it to become united because as long as this multitude fails to become spiritually united, its harvest will be fruitless.

66. That is why I have always told this multitude that it needs to live in harmony so that it may continually live in harmony with the rest of humanity. Remember that in the First Era I said: "Practice charity, and more charity, with your brethren and you will perceive my Father in all of his splendor".

My Peace be with you!


Teaching 309

My Peace be with you!

1. Disciples, welcome to my teaching. I have communicated with your spirit, thus, you have felt me deep within your being. My teaching is for the nation of Spiritual Israel and for all of humanity. I have come to prepare you spiritually so that your spirit will no longer be confused.

2. You need to understand and become aware of the great importance of the mission that I have entrusted to you. To carry out that mission, your spirit needs to remove all doubts by praying. It needs guidance from my teachings, spiritual revelations, and divine inspirations. Those spirits who have spiritually awaken through my teachings have now become my disciples. They have listened to my teachings with great seriousness and are saddened when they miss a single teaching. They are the ones who are aware of the great struggle that humanity will experience in the future. Also, they are aware that they will have to share with humanity all that they have received from me. All those who are aware of their great responsibility are now listening to my teaching through the spokesmen. Through these teachings you comprehend the reason for your ordeals and the lessons in life that you need to experience. Truly I tell you that I use an infinite number of ways to communicate with your spirit, including human spokesmen. I am always spiritually communicating with my children and will always be with them, for I am eternally present throughout the universe.

3. I am present everywhere and there is no single site where I am not present.

4. Your spirit has always communicated with Me, but you have not been aware of the extent of that communication. That is why I have come to manifest myself through human beings during this Third Era, converting them into human spokesmen for my Divine Word. I have come to inform you that only one step separates this form communication with the communication from your spirit to my Spirit. Therefore, I want you to truly strive to attain that perfect communication with the Lord. Before that can happen, this manifestation through the human spokesmen will first have to cease.

5. When this manifestation through the human spokesmen ceases, I am going to reveal many teachings to you when your spirit communicates with me from spirit to Spirit! You will receive my divine inspiration as you journey along the paths that you need to travel. Also, you will be able to clearly perceive your past and to comprehend the steps that you have taken along your journey, including your successes and failures. The nation of Spiritual Israel will become strong through that practice, and that strength will spread from individual to individual and from nation to nation, until all of my children seek me from spirit to Spirit.

6. If you presently observe the materialism, the low passions, and the sinful behavior that exists in the world, you would believe that it is impossible for humanity to practice spirituality on earth. However, the Divine Master left you an example during the Second Era so you would not weaken. Remember that when I came to dwell on earth during that era I brought a teaching that was so elevated that even my disciples, at first, thought my teaching was difficult and impossible to practice. Nevertheless, those apostles left an example for humanity of how to fulfill my laws of love. The teaching of love that I had brought to those people was able to greatly flourish because of the hard work and sacrifices of my apostles. Therefore, why would it be impossible for humanity to practice spirituality during this Third Era?

7. Truly I tell you that humanity is revealing great signs that materialism is nearing its end. The advances that scientists have make, having utilized the secrets from nature, are reaching their limit. Nature will refuse to offer its secrets to man for evil purposes. Men, because of their insanity, selfish ambitions, and hatred, will harvest the fruit that they themselves have sowed: epidemics, plagues, and fierce storms. Who will be able to detain those events from occurring? Will the scientists be able to detain the occurrence of those events, if they have disrespectfully penetrated my secrets without love as their motive? Truly I tell you that men will need to be touched by the divine justice of God.

8. Truly, mankind will have to experience much suffering during this Third Era! The weeping of mankind will be heard in all places throughout the world and the bitterness that man will experience will be unlike any other he has suffered. Each individual will reap what he has sowed. The suffering that is occurring on earth will intensify and man is beginning to experience spiritual hunger and thirst. He hungers and thirsts for those things that are pure, divine, and eternal.

9. What is the mission that you will need to fulfill as your brethren experience suffering? You will need to truly practice and comprehend my teaching, because not only should spirituality be reflected in your words but in all you do each and everyday spiritually, morally, and materially without falling into fanaticism nor mysticism. You need to live in a pure and simple manner, allowing your material body to be guided by its spirit. Thus, there will be harmony in your life as you fulfill your mission, guiding your brethren with your example.

10. I bless each step you have taken within my divine work. I will multiply those steps so that through your journeys on earth you will be messengers of my divine peace and new revelations. You have been spiritually prepared through my divine teachings, and it is my will for you to teach your brethren the path of regeneration. Thus, they will awaken spiritually to pursue noble ideals. As they become inspired by those things that are divine, they will achieve spirituality. Then, you will have attained true spiritual preparation and never regress again along that path.

11. The ordeals that presently frighten you and detain you along your path will no longer do that when that time arrives. You will then realize the great strength that you have acquired by practicing my Law. Continue to prepare yourself and to comprehend the true essence of my teachings. For now, fulfill your responsibilities as my disciples and allow me to manifest myself through you as Divine Master, Father, and Divine Enlightenment.

12. All spiritual beings will fulfill their mission. I will utilize each being to help me prepare those things that need to be done to fulfill my word. Your are mistaken if you believe that only this multitude is responsible for redeeming humanity. This multitude has been assigned only a minimal portion within this divine work. All of my children, in their own way, will need to work together to attain unity and harmony within the universe.

13. There will be many who will arise to attain peace through prayer, love, and good will. They will be recognized through the practice of those virtues and will triumph with my teaching.

14. Do not judge your brethren nor my divine justice. My Law is frequently judged my men, and I say to you: Only I can penetrate into my higher judgements.

15. Those who hunger and thirst for peace and whose lives are filled with great turmoil await my justice everyday. They want my justice to reach those who have guided their nations to misery and destruction. However, one must not await that form of justice because my divine justice is perfect and I demonstrate it with my love.

16. Analyze my word so that you will not become confused, as many do, with how I carry out my divine justice. Some who commit a great sin do not appear to suffer a serious consequence, whereas, others who commit a less serious sin appear to suffer a harsher consequence. The Divine Master tells you: Since I know the weaknesses of each spirit, I permit some to suffer harsher consequences so that they will remain in the right path. Thus, they will not take that first step toward the abyss. But if others appear to suffer less for greater sins, it is because I know that a serious sin can also lead to a greater repentance for a spirit.

17. Do not judge others, nor desire with your thoughts that my justice fall upon those who are responsible for the bloodshed among nations. Keep in mind that they, as you, are also my children and that they will need to cleanse their great sins with great restitutions. Truly I tell you: Those individuals who, without compassion, have destroyed peace and led mankind to a state of disorder will in time become the great peacemakers and helpers of mankind.

18. The blood of millions of victims cries out from the earth for my divine justice. It will be my justice, not human justice, that will judge every spirit and every heart. Human justice does not forgive, redeem, nor love, whereas, my divine justice forgives, loves, redeems, resurrects, illuminates, and helps the one who has fallen to arise. I will redeem and save those who have caused much suffering for humanity. They will experience a great restitution in which they will be purified. Then they will be able to listen to the voice of their conscience judging their past deeds. I will make them journey through the same path traveled by their victims. At the end of their journey they will achieve a spiritual purity that will enable them to return to earth to renew, to rebuild and to restore all that was destroyed and lost.

19. Do you perhaps think that I am too lenient in my justice toward the sins of my children? Do you think I am too tolerant and fragile in my justice? I revealed this same justice with Cain, the one who committed the first murder. When Cain and Abel offered me their burnt offerings, I observed that the offering of Abel was innocent and sincere, but that of Cain was filled with vanity. I accepted Abel's offering, but I did not accept Cain's. Knowing this, Cain became enraged and full of hatred and killed his brother. I called to his attention the life that he had taken and manifested to him my discontent. He said to me: My wickedness is too great to be forgiven. You are displeased because I have killed my brother and are banishing me from this land. I feel that along my path I must die in the same manner as did my brother. I answered him thus: Truly I tell you, that he who kills Cain will be punished seven limes. Cain then understood that I still loved him, because I offered him my forgiveness. But he also realized that it was necessary for him to make restitution for his sin, to cleanse his stain, and to make himself worthy of that sacred and divine forgiveness.

20. What voice spoke to Cain? It was the voice of his conscience. That voice is a judge that I have placed within each of my children. That same voice will speak persistently to every human being, because it is a judge that does not allow itself to be silenced. The conscience will speak to every being with the same clarity, as it did to Cain. You need to understand that Cain was not aware of the magnitude of his crime, nor did he know the meaning of death when he killed his brother. Unlike Cain, men of today do know.

21. That is why in this period I will not permit your concept of justice to be carried out. Rather I, the Judge, will await each one of my children to come before me to sentence each one accordingly. Thus each will restitute for his faults through the suffering and remorse that he will feel through his conscience. This is when each child will comprehend the great love of his Lord.

22. During this Third Era I have confirmed that spiritual beings reincarnate. Throughout the eras men have intuitively sensed that reincarnation exists. Although the spirit of man has revealed this to the material flesh, man is fragile, skeptical, and doubts that reincarnation exists. Beings from the spiritual valley have come to earth to inform mankind about reincarnation but only a few individuals have believed them. Many individuals who are ignorant and skeptical have rejected and battled against that revelation. Although most individuals are afraid to acknowledge that reincarnation does exist, during this time humanity senses that reincarnation does exist. However, I have come during this period to confirm that reincarnation does exist and to tell you: My divine Law of love is manifested through the reincarnation of the spirit. Truly I tell you that there are very few individuals who have only come one time to reincarnate on earth. Through my divine charity, most human beings have had to reincarnate many times on earth because of the hurt and harm they have done. Although your spirit is aware of this, the material body is similar to a thick veil that prevents you from discovering the true wisdom found in these teachings.

23. Very little has been revealed to you about your previous lives because that knowledge should not be revealed to you until you are truly spiritually prepared and understand my divine wisdom. When you study teachings about the spiritual life, I do not want you to create new sciences from them that only create curiosity and the desire to scrutinize, thus, wasting valuable time. As you journey along your spiritual path, I want you to progress with each step that you take. The knowledge that I want you acquire along your path is knowledge that will help you to evolve spiritually. Other knowledge that you want revealed to you because of human curiosity will not be revealed at this time because it is sacred and pertains to your spiritual heritage.

24. When humanity begins to truly progress along the path of spirituality and to fulfill my laws, the Holy Spirit will reveal great lessons to man while he is living on earth. Man will be able to clearly perceive his past, his present, and his future according to my will. Disciples, that is why I am asking you to truly follow the path of spirituality that this Doctrine teaches you to follow. Thus, you will become my true prophets who will announce to the multitudes the dangers that they will encounter along their path. Thus, you will help those multitudes from making mistakes. I will help you to fulfill your mission and will reveal to you, at the appropriate moment, information related to the past lives of those individuals who are incredulous and skeptical. I will reveal that knowledge to you so that you will teach your brethren about my revelations, but not so that you will judge them.

25. Thus, men will begin to awaken along their path of spiritual evolution and will realize that one lifetime on earth is not sufficient to comprehend my eternal teachings.

26. If, in that struggle, you truly work hard to progress, you will be able to achieve many things. But, is there anyone among you who can say with certainty that he will need to return, or not return, to earth? Is there anyone who can say: During this life I have accomplished all of the things that the Father outlined for my destiny, and I am now ready to enter new mansions, as I get closer to God along the infinite ladder of evolution? Truly I tell you that you possess very little knowledge to be able to comprehend these teachings. However, those individuals who fulfill their mission on earth will have progressed along their path of spiritual evolution. They will be learning from every teaching and will progress as they dwell from mansion to mansion throughout eternity. Do you believe that your conscience, which is my justice, would allow you to dwell in mansions that are highly evolved?

27. Be submissive, work, and fulfill my divine will. Many of you will perceive, while you are on earth, the fulfillment of my prophecies, the transformation of humanity, and the salvation of all individuals. However, mankind will still need to endure great struggles and battles never before encountered by man nor yet known in history. If you who are aware of the events that are approaching, need to purify yourselves, what will happen to those individuals who have disregarded the teachings of the Holy Spirit? What will happen to those who have disrespected my Law, who have forgotten their mission, and who continue live in ignorance and with their traditions?

28. The large legions of spiritual beings will also be judged by Me. Although they will experience suffering, remorse, and confusion, it will serve to purify them. But truly I tell you that I will also help those beings. When they awaken from their spiritual sleep, they will perceive the Divine Father offering his forgiveness. They will then await for the Father to send them back to earth to correct their mistakes and to follow the path that previously they had disrespected and neglected. I, their loving Father, will grant them the opportunity to correct their mistakes and to become worthy of my love.

29. That is why I tell you not to judge those individuals who are great sinners and who have stained themselves with the blood of their brethren. In your eternal existence, there are sins that are much greater than shedding the blood of your brethren. Do not assume that you know it all, for I have already told you that there are many things that can only be judged by God.

30. All that you need to do is to love and forgive your brethren. I permit you to study and analyze the events that occur because I do not want you to be indifferent, blind, and insensitive to the suffering that your brethren are experiencing. I have come to teach you to be sensitive through my teachings, so that when the appropriate time arrives, you will share my Doctrine with your brethren with love, understanding, comfort, and forgiveness. You will become a guiding light, a shining star, and a faithful friend and will reflect those qualities in all you do and wherever you are.

31. I do not want you to perceive others as foreigners. I want you to practice true universal brotherhood with all of your brethren.

32. Although you need to fulfill the human laws on earth, they are secondary to my Doctrine and to the spirituality that you need to practice. Truly I tell you that, if you obey my laws, I will help you to triumph over the most serious conflicts that you will confront due to human laws. You will need to battle against injustice and perversity, not by using hatred nor weapons that kill, but by using the weapon of love. You will not be alone in your battle. I have informed you that among humanity there are individuals who are now freeing themselves from materialism. Because of their ordeals, they are becoming spiritually stronger and are seeking to communicate with Me. Who are those spiritual beings? It is not necessary for you to know at this time.

33. Elevate your spirit, love one another, and unite in the spiritual valley as you seek to truly achieve the ideal of universal brotherhood. I will summon you to the spiritual mountain where I will be with all those beings who yearn for peace and salvation. I will offer them strength and faith through my revelations so that they may continue with their journey. Spirits will continue to come forth, some as wild flowers and others as thorns in the desert, but they will all be united by the same ideal. Thus, they will offer their deeds of love as a tribute to Me. From the spiritual valley, your universal love for one another will be an offering of love to Me.

34. O disciples, I am teaching you these things in the final year of this manifestation because truly I tell you that your spirituality will be greatly tested. How many of you will become slaves to fanaticism and idolatry? Also, how many of you will begin to yield to mysticism or add to my Doctrine because you want to distinguish yourselves among humanity? O my people, be vigilant and pray! Do not forget that the more pure and simple your life is and the more it is inspired by my laws, then the greater the perfection that will be attained by your spirit. You need to practice more spirituality in your life and less ceremonies and rituals. As you practice more charity and love with your brethren, you will be truly loving Me.

35. A time is coming in which all the nations on earth will practice great fanaticism and idolatry, and ceremonies will be practiced to the extreme. The ministers and priests from the different religions and sects will guide their followers in these practices. It will create a period of great turbulence and confusion. I will allow it to happen because it will be a time when spirits will feel lost and there will not be a single one who will feel safe and secure.

36. The moment will arrive in which all spirits will be confused and they will not be able to find peace anywhere. Man will then seek to find answers from ministers who are viewed as saints and considered highly intelligent by humanity. However, man will be astonished to discover that those ministers are also confused and lack peace and enlightenment. Although there will be great darkness and confusion everywhere, spirits will arise seeking salvation. They will then perceive a shining light. It will be a light emitted by the Holy Spirit that has come to guide humanity. It will shine throughout the universe eliminating confusion as it awaits the return of all His children.

37. After that period of ordeals, man will achieve spiritual freedom. He will become disillusioned with the idols that he had previously worshiped and will destroy them. He will also destroy the elegant temples that were filled with vanity and false splendor.

Individuals who had created new doctrines will begin to eliminate their own doctrines.

38. During that period, people will listen attentively to those who are the most humble and uneducated among this multitude. Many individuals, from among this simple and humble multitude, who are now listening to my teaching and who consider themselves lacking in spirituality and eloquence will see themselves surrounded by many people in the near future. Those surrounding them will include individuals who thought they were foolish listening to my teachings through the human spokesmen. Many individuals who now doubt these teachings will weep later, as did Peter, as they perceive my word being fulfilled.

39. Continue to prepare yourself for now. Strengthen yourself spiritually with my Doctrine which has not come to confuse man but to teach him the path of redemption and salvation through spirituality. What is spirituality? It is the path outlined by Me since the beginning of time, a path through which all purified spirits will reach God. That path contains the Divine Law from which all virtues originate. The Book of Life is also found in that path, a book that contains all of God's wisdom. I have come during this period to invite you, once again, to follow that path.

40. I am speaking to man for the third time from the top of the mountain to tell him: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Do not separate from Me anymore.

41. After my body was removed from the cross and taken for burial, my disciples were frightened and were unable to comprehend what had happened. They believed that with the death of the Divine Master everything was finished. It was necessary for them to see and to hear me once again, in order for their faith to become stronger and to confirm their knowledge of my word.

42. Now I need to tell you, that among those disciples there was one who never doubted me. He never hesitated when confronting an ordeal, and he never abandoned me for a single moment. That apostle was John. He was faithful, courageous, devoted, and very loving. Because of this love, I entrusted him to Mary at the foot of the cross, so that he would continue to be nourished with her pure love and be strengthened for the struggles that awaited him. The other disciples, brothers of John, were persecuted and murdered one by one. Those disciples confirmed, with their blood and with their lives, the truth of what they preached and the name of their Divine Master. But John triumphed over death and was able to escape the persecution. Although his persecutors confined him to an island, they were not aware that John would be given a great revelation on that island of the future, the times you now live. The prophecy revealed to man what was to be and what would be fulfilled.

43. After truly loving his brethren and dedicating his life to serving them in the name of his Master, John had to live in solitaire, isolated from others. But he continued to pray for humanity and his thoughts were always with those for whom Jesus had shed his blood.

44. John, the man and his spirit, were able to evolve miraculously in a brief time because of his prayers, silence, meditation, virtuous thoughts, and the purity of his existence. Whereas, other spirits have needed thousands of years to evolve as much as he did during that time.

45. Yes, my disciples, John is an example of what the human spirit will achieve in times to come. The revelation given to John will be fulfilled in this period. The spiritual things that he saw, which were symbolically represented, were seen through the gift of spiritual vision.

46. The Divine Voice and the voice of the spiritual world were able to reach his mind and touch his heart. This was the first sign of the divine communication that was to take place in this period through the use of human spokesmen. John, instructed by an angel, wrote everything that he saw and heard, revealing to humanity the communication of spirit to Spirit that would come when man eliminates all impurities and materialism in his life.

47. When will men pay attention to the written revelations that were left by my beloved disciple? The form in which the revelation was described is strange, its meaning mysterious, and its words very profound. Who will be able to understand its meaning? Those who have been interested in the revelation of John have analyzed it and have studied it profoundly. Some have come close to understanding the truth. Others, believing that they have discovered its true meaning, have informed the world of their knowledge. There are also those who become confused or weary studying it, feeling that the revelation of John lacks divine essence.

48. Disciples of the Third Era, today I come to inform you that if you truly wish to penetrate into that divine sanctuary and to discover the meaning of those revelations, you will need to pray from spirit to Spirit as John did when he was in exile. You need to understand, that although the Divine Revelation was represented utilizing material forms and figures, it spoke of the human spirit, its evolution, its struggle, its temptations, its downfalls, its disobedience, and its disrespect of the divine. The revelation speaks of my justice, my wisdom, my kingdom, and my ordeals. Also it speaks of my communication with mankind, man's awakening, his regeneration, and finally his spirituality.

49. In that revelation I reveal the spiritual journey of humanity, which I divided into eras so that man could have a greater understanding of the evolution of the spirit.

50. Disciples, since the revelation refers to your spiritual life, it is necessary for you to study it and to understand it from a spiritual viewpoint. If you only analyze it through its material events, you will become confused as do many others.

51. It is true that many material events are, and will be, related with the fulfillment of that revelation. However, you need to know that those events are symbolic examples that help you understand my truth. Also, they will help you to fulfill your destiny of elevating toward Me with a purified spirit. John, my disciple, left a brilliant example of this when he communicated with God from spirit to Spirit thousands of years ahead of humanity.

My Peace be with you!