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The Book of True Life - Introduction

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1. General Information

2. The Necessity of Divine Revelations

3. History, Translation, Publication

4. Eyewitness Walter Maier, Address of the Lord to 20 Germans

5. Report on the Life of a Spokesman

6. Spiritualism, Religions, Earthly Life, Spiritual Kingdom

7. Summary of the Divine Teachings with the Words of the Lord

The Second Coming of Christ

The Third Era

The Sixth Seal

The Spiritual People of Israel and the Spiritual Mission

Spirit, Spirit-Soul, Soul

Spiritual Prayer

The Perfect, Spiritual Communication

Acceptance and Rejection of the Divine Revelations

The Sense of the Trials

GSpiritual Inspiration for All

Spiritual Harmony Among All

The Spiritual Awakening


Reincarnation and Spiritual Development

The Spiritual World

The Law and the Power of Love

Peace, the Supreme Spiritual Treasure

The Voice of Conscience

The Spiritual Liberation


1. General Information

The present teachings in German are a faithful translation from the original text of the 12-volume work "Libro de la Vida Verdadera" in Spanish and proclaim divine revelations. It is nothing less than the Second Coming of the Lord as Holy Spirit. Through specially selected and prepared tools (the word in the Spanish text is:"portavoz" as much as vocalists, word promoters, mouthpiece, spokesman) Christ gave great truths to explain to us the meaning of our earthly life, to reveal ununderstood or unknown secrets of the Spirit, and to give us comfort, strength and guidance in the midst of a growing chaos, which brings serious disasters for all men to purify them. It is the eternal, constant message of God to His children: in the First Era through Moses and the prophets and in the Second Era through Jesus and His disciples. If the message seems new to us in the present Third Era, it is because many of the words of the First and Second Era that are not understood are explained, and because the Lord gives us further spiritual insights that He could not give us at that time. ("I have a lot to say to you, but you cannot comprehend it now." Joh. 16,12.)

Each teaching is divided into many verses and each verse is numbered; this serves not only as a precise reference to a passage in the text, but is also intended to show that it is not an easy reading; rather, the content must be read, studied and established with collected senses and with care. Afterwards, however, the most important thing must follow: the execution, the deed.

The attentive reader will notice that many thoughts and spiritual teachings are repeated more often, even if mostly with different words or from different points of view. There are several reasons for this: Firstly, the teachings have been given over many years in dozens of places of assembly. Secondly, there were various word mediators, and depending on the spiritual maturity of the instrument, the Word of God could manifest itself. And finally, the teachings were not held in closed circles, but in public in front of a simple audience, so that newcomers could come again and again, so that the Lord had to repeat the same basic concepts in His Word.

Today we must not disapprove of the repetitions, but rather they should give us the opportunity to imprint the divine thoughts deep within us. And moreover, the repetitions confirm that the teachings come from God; for despite the multitude of places in which they were given and the many word mediators, the unity of the Word is manifested.

It would be disastrous for all of humanity if, due to materially misinterpreted prophecies — just like the people of the Jews almost 2000 years ago — they were to beat out the helpful hand and remain deaf to the voice of their Lord, who in this unmistakably genuine and true word of God addresses every single human spirit and calls upon him to contemplate, convert and spiritualize. The same voice will one day demand an account from each of us of how far he has complied with their loving admonitions and instructions.

In the work "The Book of True Life", the main theme is the spirit, which is why this word is very often found in various connections. What does "spirit" mean? — In today's common usage of language and dictionaries, the word "spirit" is used in the sense of the ability to think, i. e.: mind, intellect, idea, wisdom, etc. — In these teachings, as in the Bible, the word spirit has a different meaning, and Jesus has made it clear when He said: "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth". The eternal elemental power, God, is pure Spirit, without form — but this does not exclude that He reveals Himself to His children in special cases also in human form, as Father. The most essential quality of God is love, and driven by this love He created other spirit beings from Himself in order to be able to give them His love. These spirits, sparks of God's Spirit and to a limited extent with the same qualities as God, filled the infinite space until they separated themselves from God because of their arrogance and disobedience, and were then buried in a material body to be able to return home. The essential part of man is therefore his spirit, the spark of the divine spirit in him. Briefly summarized, this follows from that:

God's Spirit = love, wisdom and power.

Human spirit = God's spiritual spark in man.

Spirits = primordial angel spirits and human

spirit beings, be they still in the material body

(incarnated) or outside of it (disincarnated).

The divine revelations took place in Mexico in Spanish. The translation into German was done with great care, so that the spiritual sense was reproduced in any case. The translators have largely adhered to the original text in word and sentence formation, which is why some unusual expressions and sentence structures sometimes emerged. Only in relatively few cases did we have to choose a freer translation in order to find a pleasing form of expression in German, but the spiritual sense always remained faithful.

The pdf-files contain short explanations for better understanding, marked as "footnotes" with asterisks and placed directly behind the verse. Meaningful additions to the text have been put in brackets. Longer footnotes are included in the book annex.

In order to study the teachings of Christ in the work "The Book of True Life", it is not absolutely necessary to read the volumes in turn, i. e. to begin with Volume I, because not only every single volume, but also every teaching contains a closed and understandable teaching address of Christ.

Each of these teachings represents a harmonious unity of divine teachings, directed at the listeners in Mexico at that time, but, as has been emphasized several times in it, they are a legacy for all mankind today and for future generations.

Not the letter of the divine word, but its deep, inner meaning raises man's spirits and is food and balm for his starving soul. At the same time, it serves as a guideline for his behaviour in daily life.

Hearing the divine word is the first step on the way to perfection. It awakens in us the desire to internalize what we hear and to apply it in our daily lives so that we can fulfill the divine commandment which was already given to us by Jesus 2000 years ago: "Love God over all things and your neighbor as yourself." This is the true worship service that leads to inner peace and thus to peace in the world.

Since a single earthly life in general is not sufficient to become "as perfect as our heavenly Father", God has given us with the law of reincarnation — a law of divine love, mercy and justice — the possibility of the gradual unfolding of our soul and of compensation.

In many teachings, the Divine Spirit admonishes us how important true spiritual prayer is for us to come closer and closer to God, to communicate with Him in the end from spirit to spirit, and also to place everything in His hand in our daily life.

In the Second Era the Divine Spirit taught us the Lord's Prayer through Jesus' mouth. In the Third Era today, God recommends an even shorter prayer which contains everything that we do not even have to say out loud, but which we can address to our Heavenly Father deeply felt in our hearts as an inner longing: "Lord, Thy will be done to me."

The Commission in Mexico, entrusted with the compilation of this collective work, dedicates this work of revelation in the name of the Lord to all people of good will in the world who are inspired by the desire to attain the upliftment of their minds by studying the divine revelations and exercising the teachings of the Divine Master. Everyone who feels within himself the desire to live the teachings of the Sixth Seal, received in this era of the Spirit of Truth, should make the most of the spiritual meaning contained in this work to the last drop. Then a plea will break forth from his heart to all mankind, and a sentence will sound the most delicate strings of the human heart.


2. The Necessity of Divine Revelations

At all times, God has made Himself known to mankind, comforted us with His Word, given us His commandments and taught us teachings about His creation and our existence.

Whenever people in pre-Christian times forgot these divine teachings, God sent them His prophets to remind them of His laws.

When men had created more than 600 human rules from these Ten Commandments, God sent Jesus, through whose mouth Christ, the Divine Word, proclaimed Itself, who summed up the Ten Commandments in a single commandment: "Love God over all things and your neighbor as yourself."

Again, men forgot this simple, redeeming recommendation of God. Cruel wars and inhuman persecutions to the present day are sad proof of this.

By mixing the divine truth with human dogmas, by excessive emphasis of external rites and ceremonies as well as by false, human interpretations of the pure divine word, many people today live in a kind of spiritual enslavement.

Therefore, it was and is necessary that God addresses himself to humanity again today with enlightening and admonishing words. This happened for 66 years (1884-1950) in Mexico — at more than a hundred places of assembly at the same time, where the simple people met Sunday by Sunday to listen to the uplifting and teaching words of God.

Witnesses to these meetings reported that these divine words flowed like a stream of crystal-clear water from the mouth of the transmitters, called vocal carriers, for two to three hours without any interruption and without the slightest slip of the tongue.

Whoever took up the meaning of the divine word with a pure and unprejudiced mind felt the presence of the Lord and the infinite love of the Heavenly Father.

Humanity, I seek your reconciliation. You do not live in My Law. Destroyed is the harmony between you and your God and everything created. You do not love each other as brothers and sisters, and this is the mystery of happiness that Jesus revealed to you. But when you have lost the harmony among yourselves — do you think you can preserve it with the natural kingdoms of creation? The hand of man has conjured up judgment upon itself. A storm rages in his brain, a storm rages in his heart, and all this is also revealed in nature. Their elements are unleashed, the seasons become unfriendly, plagues arise and multiply, because your sins grow and cause diseases, and because foolish and presumptuous science does not acknowledge the order determined by the Creator. If only I were to tell you this, you would not believe it. It is therefore necessary that you can grasp the result of your work with your hands so that you are disappointed. Right now you have reached this moment of your life in which you are experiencing the result of all that you have sown. (100,5-7)

The earth is going through a period of divine justice in which mankind must reap its evil seeds. This is how it experiences its purification, because it has to change and find its way back to God. The Earth's surface will undergo changes, and many people will lose their lives, but the planet will not perish.

After the tremendous thunderstorm of purification, the Rainbow of Peace will reappear.

People, abide constantly in My Teaching, and truly I tell you, three generations after yours, the spirit of your descendants will have attained great spiritualization. Seek the true exaltation, and all mankind will do so, for your world is not condemned to eternally be a valley of tears, a land of sin, a hell of fornication and war. The "Day of the Lord" is already with you, My sword of righteousness will strike corruption. What will happen if I destroy the evil seed, vice and arrogance? — And instead I offer protection to the seed of peace, harmony, renewal and true faith in Me? The world will have to change; man will change once his spiritual devotion to God and his life are better. (87,9)

The following clear words are found in Instruction 123, verses 1-10 on the Second Coming of the Lord and the way in which the spokesmen were made known to us in this Third Era:

My word gushes forth inexhaustibly upon you. I am Christ who dwelt among men in the Second Era and who comes down again to you to bear witness of Himself and thus to fulfill His Promise and His Word; at that time I confirmed with My Works the Law which the Father dictated to Moses, who did not act according to his own will, nor according to that of men, but according to the will of the Eternal; therefore I tell you, when I did not abolish that which Moses said, so I shall not abolish now that which I taught you through Jesus.

I am with you because this is what I promised and announced to My disciples when I was surrounded by them on a certain occasion and they asked Me in the following way: "Master, you said that you were going to part, but that you will come back after that. Tell us, when will that be?" I saw that their simplicity and the longing for knowledge made them explore the secret counsel of their Lord. Yet I said to them affectionately: "Truly, the day is not far off when I come back to men", making them understand that My Presence would then be in the spirit, and at the same time making known to them the signs that would herald My next coming. Those signs would be wars, chaos and great suffering all over the world. But truly, I tell you, just so, in the midst of chaos, was My coming in that time. Here I am, you men, with a message of light and peace for your soul, from which I will now make a (spiritual) ark, into which all believing men who want to save themselves will reach, where mankind can find refuge. This ark will be fixed by the faith, hope and love of those who follow Me and will have spiritual resemblance with those who were entrusted to Noah when the forces of nature were unleashed.

What time do you live in? Think about it and be aware that I have given you My teaching in three ages. The first was that of the law, the second that of love, and the third, which is the present one, corresponds to wisdom.

A single Spirit, which is Mine, has always been with you. But when I have revealed It in three different phases, consider that the forms in which I manifest Myself in all of creation are infinite and at the same time perfect.

In the first days, you met the Father as judge and legislator. In the Second Era I made "My Word" man in Jesus, and His Word spoke with divine truth. Christ is "The Word", the same one who said to man: "He who knows the Son knows the Father." Now you are in the Third Era when I pour My wisdom on you.

I have come in the spirit to fulfill my promise, on the symbolic "cloud" which your souls form when they are raised to Me, and build the true temple in the hearts of men.

When you hear Me through these vocal bearers, do not think that My Spirit is settling in this small and unclean body. I have already told you that it is your mind organ on which a beam of my light falls, which is divine inspiration, which is wisdom and love.

Recognize the miracle of this message and realize that the word that enlightens the ignorant and transforms the sinner comes through the mind organ of these uneducated creatures and their lips, so that in his heart he establishes a home worthy of God and gives him the key of faith, which opens the door to wisdom.

With infinite patience I waited for the time in which the development of your soul would enable you to comprehend My message through the voice bearer's mind organ as a preparation for the perfect connection between My Spirit and yours.

This is why the voice bearer pronounces My Word without his brain getting tired or his throat becoming hoarse. Because it is I who move those lips to let My call reach men. I invite them to rest under the shade of the Tree of Life and eat the fruit of eternal life. (123,1-10)


3. History, Translation, Publication

At all times, God has revealed Himself to humanity — in the past as well as today.

The purest and highest form of communication between God and man is that of spirit to spirit. But since the majority of men were not and are not prepared for this inwardly, God has taken mediators who revealed His Holy Word to the people in the form of laws, revelations and teachings:

In the First Era by Moses, the Patriarchs and prophets.

In the Second Era by Jesus, his disciples and apostles.

In the Third Era — of today — by a multitude of

of spokesmen during the years 1884 to 1950 in Mexico.

"This is the announced time in which I had to speak to mankind and I want you to compile books in fulfillment of my prophecies with this words I have given you,..." (6,52)

The revelations in Mexico were wisely prepared by God's hand. In 1866, the spirit of the prophet Elijah was first revealed through the mind of Roque Rojas and said: "I am the prophet Elias, the one of transfiguration on Mount Tabor. He opened to the assembled that the Third Era, the age of the Holy Spirit, has begun. A few years later, after the fellowship had grown and Christ's tools had been prepared, in 1884, He revealed Himself for the first time through the human mind of His chosen instrument Damiana Oviedo.

Sunday after Sunday, people from the ordinary people met in simple assembly places to listen for about two hours to the divine message. As mouthpieces (porta vozes) God used the numerous voice-bearers (prophets of today's time) who made the beam of the divine word audible in a raised state of mind.

Let us allow the Lord Himself to speak to us about these extraordinary events:

Do you know of that "cloud" on which My disciples saw Me ascending when I last showed Me to them — It is then written rightly that I would come again on the cloud and I have fulfilled it. On 1 September 1866 My Spirit came on the symbolic cloud to prepare you to receive the new teachings. Later, in 1884, I began to give you My teachings. I came not as a human being, but spiritually, bounded in a ray of light to let it rest on the human mind. This is the means chosen by My will to speak to you in this time, and I will take your credit for the faith that you have in this Word, because it will not be Moses who will lead you through the desert to the Promised Land, and also not Christ as a man who lets you hear His Word of Life, as a way of salvation and freedom. It is now the human voice of these creatures that penetrates to your ears and it is necessary to spiritualize to find the divine meaning in which I am present; therefore I tell you that your faith in this word is recognized by Me because it is given by imperfect beings. (236,50)

According to God's will, the revelations in Mexico lasted until the end of 1950.

These divine revelations, messages or teachings were co-written and recorded in the last ten years before 1950. After 1950, 366 teachings were selected from this enormous number of protocols and published in the large 12-volume work "Libro de la Vida Verdadera" (The Book of True Life).

After 1975, Walter Maier — who had taken part in the Sunday meetings from 1943 to 1950 in Mexico — and Traugott Göltenboth translated volume I to volume V into German and published them in Reichl Verlag (Germany). After the death of Walter Maier in 2001, Volume VI was completed by Traugott Göltenboth and published in 2004.

Volumes VII to XII were then also translated by Traugott Göltenboth and published by the Buchdienst zum Leben (Book Service for Life) in 2014 to 2016.


4. Eyewitness Walter Maier, Address of the Lord
to 20 Germans

Walter Maier talks about his experiences and activities after his return to Germany:

I was lucky enough to go to Mexico in 1930 for further professional training. For many years I enjoyed the joys of a new world and the professional successes. While the great wrestling of nations was going on in various theaters of war, I came into contact with the Divine Revelations in the capital of Mexico in 1942 and felt immediately attracted by them. Nevertheless, I began to critically examine the messages until I soon realized that they were true revelations of the Heavenly Father. I was then a keen listener and personal witness to it.

There was a time when we were a group of up to 20 Germans within the Mexican community who listened to the Sunday mornings teachings of the Divine Master in the middle of the Mexican community. We were known and respected as the "foreigners". Particularly between 1942 and 1945, when the Second World War raged with its atrocities, we Germans found security and comfort in the Mexican community in the words of Christ. For the events of war were weighing heavily on all of us, and the bitter fate of our distant homeland hurt us. Only God alone knows how many tears have been shed and how many earnest prayers have risen to Him. In these years it happened that on various occasions, but always unexpectedly, the Lord addressed the Germans present directly in the course of His teaching.

He comforted and exhorted us to keep on in prayer and persevere, for when His hour has come, He will end the war, and then the reconstruction of our homeland will take place — sooner and faster than people expected — But at the same time, He also exhorted us not to go our own ways again arrogantly, but to subordinate our will to his own, because we still have great tasks to fulfill in his work. He also called upon the attentively listening Mexican community not to rise as judges, because they do not understand the background of the war. These words were balm for our wounds, because as Germans we suffered from the worldwide accusation of being the main culprits of the war.

It has its deep meaning that in the Mexican congregations of spiritual doctrine almost only Germans were listeners as foreigners. The reason is that according to the Divine Master's statement, there is a great "seed of Israel" in the German people, i. e. that these human souls were incarnated in the Jewish people a long time ago. Only God knows these beings who are scattered throughout all peoples and religions, and in this Third Era He collects them spiritually and forms with them His Spiritual Israel.

In the following, the address of Christ to the Germans during the teaching on May 6, 1945 will be brought to the attention of a wider circle of readers:

Be blessed, My beloved children, I welcome you. Behold, blessed people of Israel, in your midst are these My beloved children. I want them to find the warmth of My Spirit, respect and brotherly love on your breast. I want them to be allowed to nestle close, very close to your heart. Remember that I have entrusted them with a great task. Have mercy on them as I am merciful to you.

Do not be a judge, blessed people, for truly, I say to you, "You know nothing of what is happening in the world at present, only I know; for you see and judge things according to your intellect. But behind everything that has happened is My hand, is My righteousness, are My Divine counsels from the beginning of eternity which have no beginning. So what can you judge and what can you know? In the bosom of this (German) people there are many seeds of Israel, a great seed of Judah, the tribe that took up arms in the first time to strike a breach for the people of Israel, to open a way to Canaan. Now it took up arms to pave a way for itself in the face of the world. But I have drawn it down, stopped it and told them: not because you bear the sword of Judah, you are allowed to show yourself as being arrogant in the world. Reflect and persevere, for I will lift you up, who always believed in Me. I'll give you your bread, your home. I will make you equal to the other nations, and they alike you. No one will be worth less, no one will be worth more. Time will come, and the last one will be the first one again because of his humility. Therefore I say to you: only listen to My word, fathom it and let your lips remain silent. But you, My beloved children (meaning the German listeners), come to your Savior, not your Judge. Your prayer is like a burnt offering, like a fragrant essence ascended to the height of My Throne. Day after day and night after night, your spirit has been like a guardian of your people, your nation. Oh, if only My people of Israel from this nation (Mexico) would fulfill their spiritual duty like you — how far it could have progressed! But therefore do not be vain, continue to fulfill your task and have that zeal, that love and respect among yourselves also in the future, because you do not know the hour in which my hand sends you. I will then prepare the way, and you will move forward.

I have already entrusted you to Jose (head of the congregation) before, and once again I recommend you to him. Why? So that he may prepare you as Messengers for My Trinitarian-Marian Work who appeared in this Third Era in this Mexican Nation, and that He may send you out with this marking, this Work, this Love, this zeal and this Law, and that when you are in distant peoples, you may contact my Son Jose, and he may gladly strike the sounding bell of your hearts and may sing Hosianna, because the seed was sown into a foreign country, and the time will come, when My word will be pronounced in that country. When will this moment come? When you have progressed safely and have received My teachings. Always remain in touch with My people (meaning first of all the congregation in Mexico), keep meekness and humility. At this moment I make you feel the warmth of my lap again. Stay well and healthy. Do not be fearful, through you thousands and thousands will receive My blessing, not only from your nation. Ask Me not only for them, ask Me for all. At this moment I grant your spirit a higher stage of development and I lift the spirit of your guardian angel into a higher sphere of spirit, those spirits full of power that I have prepared for you. Those protectors will also be with you, here and in that nation.

Be not troubled, My children, only the bad and the weeds will be torn out. I will spare the wheat, I will preserve the good plants, and I will make use of them, and they will bear fruit. When? When you are ready to care for them, because this is my will.

Take My power, receive My peace and stand in vigilance and prayer. Continue to remain united with My Son Jose so that — when the moment has come — under His command, you will fulfill your task in full obedience according to My will.

What do you ask Me for those places (in your homeland)? Yes, it is in truth the same thing that you have asked Me so many times already: peace, forgiveness, healing balm and righteousness, and truly I tell you: I, who am the Divine Justice, love, balm, perfect ear, near Me at this moment to men and cover them with My hand, draw them on My womb and let blood flow from My side which is balm to heal many sick persons.

Spirits that you see from the other side looking at these intercessors — see how much you have achieved and still achieve. Receive the light, o Spiritual World, I remove the shadows, the chains and the blood. I flood you with peace in My Name, who I am Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Continue in the watch, My beloved children, persevere in suffering; in the end you will be full of rejoicing. You will come to me crying again, but then I will say to you: drive the sorrow out of your heart and realize that I am life and will put you into the (real) life because this is My will.

Open yourselves, take the cross upon you and follow Me, My beloved children.

These are the words of the Lord.

Eleven years ago, when the time came when I wanted to quit my professional task in Mexico, I returned to Germany. Soon afterwards I started translating the first volume into German with my friend Traugott Göltenboth, in order to make the tremendous revelations accessible to the German-speaking people. The first volume has been translated for a long time and was published some time ago by Otto Reichl Verlag, Germany, under the title: "Buch des Wahre Lebens" (The Book of True Life). Now the second volume is finished, and we hope that it will also find its way into the hearts of the German spiritual brothers and sisters.


5. Report on the Life of a Spokesman

No one else will be able to express the profound feeling and experience of his inner and outer personal transformation better and more convincingly than a direct contemporary witness who for many years himself was the voice bearer of the divine manifestations in Mexico:

I had just finished my 21st year of life. For years I had been tied to my home as a victim of a very annoying skin disease, which prevented me from enjoying the benefits of the sun or the fresh air even for a few moments.

In those years of loneliness, which seemed to me like an eternity, all the more so when I was in the dawn of youth, where people are pursuing the most vain dreams, I did suffer a grave crisis of impatience and despair. I must confess that only the benevolent generosity of my parents and siblings provided me with moral support in this test, in addition to the quiet hope of regaining my health one day.

Many doctors took up my case and I was subjected to countless treatments — all without success. I only remember that after every failure, my hopelessness grew.

As my isolation, silence and loneliness became more unbearable every day, I fled into prayer and realized that my mind found an unspeakable peace in it, and that in my heart there was a sense of anticipation that I would soon see myself freed from my imprisonment.

My prayers grew longer and longer, and my spiritual concentration became deeper and deeper. I tried to meditate as often as possible, because as long as prayer lasted, I remained relieved of all suffering. When the bliss was over and I fell back into the reality of my lonely, silent and homogeneous life, I always felt as if I had come from another world in which my spirit had strengthened and inspired itself. Here I have to turn on the fact that I formed my prayers from unthought-of instantaneous ideas. I will never forget how I lost the concept of time during such raptures, and there were moments when everything that surrounded me disappeared. However, I remember that in my childhood — about 12 years old — without being able to explain this, I was almost daily in a kind of detachment of the soul, which lasted for several minutes, during which I had to act like a vending machine, perhaps guided by the subconscious mind. There have never been any difficulties as long as this strange state lasted. Strangely enough, it caused me to be afraid at first, but gradually I became acquainted with it as the phenomenon intensified over time.

My illness reached its peak. Sometimes I felt as if my skin was burning under the effect of an inner fire, which could not be dampened with anything. At the same time, my appearance became more and more deplorable.

One day, my father came with the news that he had heard the word of the Divine Master from the mouth of a simple man, who is certainly a chosen one of God. In a meager assembly area in a remote part of Mexico. A good friend, who has long admired those revelations, had taken him with.

For a moment I had the certainty that it was He, the Master who spoke with the help of human perception to approach men, searching for those who hungered for light and thirsted for justice.

The miracle I was expecting day after day stood before me. He, with whom I had spoken so often in my hours of pain, was now very close to me and waited for me to give me the healing of my body and soul.

I followed the Lord's call! It was on Sunday, February 14, 1934, that I entered for the first time that modest meeting room, one of the many where the divine message was heard. I was particularly impressed by the contemplation and deep concentration with which those present prepared themselves to await the coming of the "divine ray", which was to inspire the inner hearing of the "word bearer", who then had to transmit the heavenly word.

The word bearer or the instrument was a woman on that occasion. A simple woman of, one might say, ordinary appearance, and blind from birth. Her appearance, I must confess, did not make a particularly pleasant impression on me. All the more astonishment, therefore, when her lips opened up and let a sermon be heard from such a depth, so wonderful and such wisdom as one can hardly imagine, performed with a sweet voice full of surprising intonation, which gave the message a deeply impressive and moving accent.

In the further course of the revelation, those present completely forgot the presence of the word bearer and rose up into the regions of the spirit and fully enjoyed divine instruction. But if, during the revelation, someone accidentally opened his eyes and watched the word bearer, he could notice how that in itself miserable and ordinary being had become transfigured in the elevation of her sense, yes, as in such moments radiated from her a great beauty and an awe-inspiring majesty.

The divine word flowed from her lips like an inexhaustible tidal wave, one hour, two hours, three and more. All this came without stalling, without interruption, without error, without any signs of fatigue or the voice becoming hoarse or brittle. On the contrary, the longer the manifestation lasted, the more inspiration seemed to increase in perfection.

The presence of the Divine Master was so strongly felt in those moments of communication that his closeness and friendship was felt to be quite tangible. He spoke to every heart! He read the most hidden thoughts of those present and touched the secret fibres of his listeners without hurting or accusing anyone. Each one felt in his heart what words of the Master's inquiring gaze of love and wisdom were addressed to him.

The divine message took on different shades and colors on the lips of the word bearer. When the Lord spoke as Father, the voice was communicated tenderness, forgiveness and love; when he proclaimed himself as a Master, it became profound and wise; and when he brought forth the Judge, the voice of the word carrier received the tone of infinite authority and power, in which justice and divine zeal could be heard in such an impressive manner

I felt very small in front of such greatness and as the very last among those gathered. In my ignorance I thought that the Lord had certainly not noticed my insignificant presence. But I soon had to convince myself of my mistake and learn that the Master's gaze discovered everyone. After several months of frequent visits, with which I had no other purpose than to enjoy that spiritual feast, I was called by the Lord on an unforgettable afternoon. It was August 9, 1934, without being taken out of my astonishment, when I was marked and anointed to serve the divine word as a word bearer.

Deepest movement, the noblest and deepest feelings touched my heart at that highest moment. What could I refuse in this sublime moment to deny to God who have an unrestricted right over His creatures?

My destiny was pre-determined. Since that day I have lived nothing else but to consecrate my life to the so difficult and delicate ministry.

A few months of preparation, which at the same time brought with it my complete physical recovery, served the training as the bearer of the word of the divine Master, to whom I have dedicated myself with body and soul since that hour, until December 31, 1950, when the light of Deity ceased to manifest itself in this form.

If we, who were the promoters of the word, wanted to report on the experiences, impressions and practical knowledge that we had in those years of unforgettable struggle against the crowds of different places of assembly scattered all over our country, we would have to fill whole volumes, for our career was an uninterrupted succession of wonderful events, and it would be impossible to tell them within the confined space.

But it is extremely important to stress that we had no other book for our preparation than the word that flowed from our own lips. For there should be no interference whatsoever in our minds, so that we could receive the divine message with the greatest possible fidelity. If we remained humble, the Lord honored us in love and wellbeing before His people. But once we let ourselves be dominated by vanity or egoism, He touched us with His righteousness by withdrawing for some time His inspiration from us to show us that without Him we cannot do anything, for without Him we are nothing.

Since the Master's last communication at the end of 1950, I have never again felt any of the strange sensations that I had in my being year after year during the exercise of mission as a word bearer.

From that day on, a large number of brothers dedicated themselves to the task of gathering the greatest possible number of manifestations and revelations that the Lord had given us, which fortunately had been written down. From them a book was compiled which should be made accessible to the general public, and which is the source so far from which mankind can drink of the water of the truth left by the Master to the people of this and future times as a gift of love, light, justice and peace.

I was asked to give a testimony, which I was undeservedly a word bearer of the Master during his revelation in this form, and I have tried to do it with these lines. I did it with all the sincerity of which I am capable, with the fervent desire to serve and attain this testimony as an incentive, to awaken trust and faith in those who take this book into their hands, containing messages which the divine Master to humanity of that time revealed in His goodness through mediators who were as simple as they were unworthy.

At the same time, I send a fraternal greeting in the name of the Lord to my brothers and sisters in Germany, whose wonderful spiritual awakening the Master indicated to us through his human mediators.


6. Spiritualism, Religions, Earthly Life,
Spiritual Kingdom

In the following original excerpts the Lord gives us an insight into some important topics:

I have returned to the people in the midst of war news, events and signs with which I foretold my coming. But still men did not feel me.

In the midst of this silence, this misery, this corner of the earth (Mexico) I am currently sounding my word through the human mind, calling men, awakening them to a new life, renewing them through my convincing and loving teaching, awakening in them their slumbering abilities to lift them up on the paths of their Master's followers.

I have to tell you that in this time I found you entangled in greater religious fanaticism and idolatry than in any earlier time, and at the same time your soul found itself poorer in virtues than ever before. Now I ask you, after you have heard Me year after year by means of this revelation, who has the feeling that I have destroyed his principles of life? Who believes to feel confused or sees his Christian faith destroyed? Truly, I tell you, I have only reminded you of what I revealed to you in former times because you had forgotten or falsified it. I have brought to light what men had hidden from you, and I have revealed to you what was in my secret treasure chamber. This age is that of spiritual freedom. People are enlightened by their spirit and will know how to choose the safe way. (188,33-35)

Do not confuse this communication with that which mankind produces by its own will — Some are driven by science, others by curiosity, others by superstitious ideas. (188,45)

I, the Father, have not rejected anyone from my bosom of love and forgiveness, not even those who have been bewitched by temptation and plunged into the abyss. I have not condemned anyone. There are no defenseless beings neither on earth nor in the "spiritual valley". Which of you could be repulsed by my bosom because he is a sinner and unworthy of receiving my mercy? I live in the heart of the impenitent sinner who could not receive the light of my Divine Spirit because he did not pay attention to the call that comes from the voice of his conscience. Do you think I've moved away from him because of his chain of evil deeds? No, indeed. I am the Father of all creatures without rejecting any of my children. I am love, and as a loving Father I do not neglect anyone of my people.

It is for you to pray for the lost, to ask that the light of my spirit enlighten his soul to awaken him, to break the chains of temptation and drive away the darkness that has made him blind. (206,36-37)

The good sower of spiritualism will never be distinguished by anything external or material. They will not have any posturing or badges, nor will there be any special way of speaking. Everything about their actions will be simple and ordinary. Nevertheless — if they are distinguished by something, it will be through their active charity and spiritualization.

The true preachers of spiritualism will not be characterized by eloquence, but by the wisdom and simplicity of their words, but above all by the truthfulness of their works and the righteousness of their lives.

Remember that on earth I did not need an externally beautiful way of speaking to capture the hearts of the crowds of men, but that I understood how to reach them through love, truthfulness, healing power and wisdom. This is the example that I want you to follow and heed.

Nor do I want you to limit your practice of religion to material places of worship, because then you will capture your soul and not let it unwind its wings to conquer eternity.

The altar that I leave you to celebrate the divine service on it that I expect is life without any limitation, beyond all denominations, all churches and sects because it is founded in the spiritual, in the eternal, in the divine. (194,24-28)

I have allowed religions on earth to exist which are ways for the soul to lead to God. Any religion that teaches goodness and love and praises mercy is good because it contains light and truth. When people in them atrophy and turn what was originally good into bad things, the path is lost under materialism and sin.

Therefore in this time I show you once again my truth, which way, essence of life and law is, so that you may seek this law, which is a lighthouse and a guiding star, beyond the forms and rites, beyond all human. He who seeks Me so will be a spiritualist. (197,10-11)

The unification of religions will come when the spirit of mankind rises above materialism, traditions, prejudices and fanaticism. Then people will have spiritually united in a single worship service: that of goodness out of love for God and for neighbor. When this happens, humanity will enter a period of completion. That is why I demand that you show my work through good and fair ways of acting.

You must not worry that you will not witness the realization of all this any more. But you will certainly have the satisfaction of having contributed with your seed to the establishment of the Kingdom of Peace — a seed that will bear fruit in the heart of future generations. (187,43)

I told you that the time will come when the light will appear in all places, in all countries, on all continents. That light will shine out in accordance with the spiritual training of man. But the same will lead to a new and more accurate conception of creation, a new concept of spirituality. In this way, a new era of spiritual development will begin. (200,41)

The following excerpts may also give the reader a little foretaste of the clear and uplifting expressiveness of the divine word:

As soon as you understand that you have come into this world to gain experience and to fulfill the divine law of love and mercy toward your neighbor, you have penetrated into the harmony of this life. You already know from my revelations that whoever does not obey my law must return to this world until the soul accomplishes the task entrusted to it. (228,54)

There is in you a material part that is of the earth and a spiritual part that is of heaven. There is a time when man feels himself as matter and a time when he feels himself spiritual. If you leave this earthly body and go over into the spiritual state, you will understand what you have not understood now. Your body will stay here because it belongs to the earth. But your soul will rise to the higher regions, where you will continue to live in order to continue your spiritual development. (228,69)

The souls are on different levels of the stepladder, but I love them all equally and give them the means to reach the summit. In the same way, you should love your fellow men without noticing the degree of spiritual advancement they possess. (223,72)

Everything created pays homage to Me, from the atom to the star of the greatest dimensions, from the most retarded human creature to the most highly developed soul. You who are familiar with everything that exists in your world, see how each being and each body performs a task and fulfills its destiny. In this fulfillment they worship Me. It is the tribute of their harmony with the whole. Truly, I say to you, all that is created rejoices in itself, even the rock, which seems to you, because of its hardness and immobility, numb or dead. For the Spirit of God, who is in all things created by Him, is life. (229,53)

The Kingdom of the Spirit is infinite; but in order to attain the upliftment that enables you to enjoy and live in it, it is necessary to know the way and to have light to ascend to it. But do not believe that I disdain your earthly life: no, disciple. Why should I disregard it, because I have prepared it for you! Understand that life on the material world is also a part of life in the spiritual, infinite and eternal realm. (223,26)

If you could transform this earth from a vale of tears into a world of happiness where you would love one another, where you would strive to do good and live within my law — truly, I tell you, this life would be in my eyes even more meritorious and superior than a existence full of suffering, misfortunes and tears, how much willingness you may have to bear it. When will you be ready to unite spiritual life with human life in such a way that you will not see any border between one and the other? When will you make your existence into a single life by rejecting the idea of death to enter eternity? This cognitive light will only be in men when spiritualization blooms in the world. (219,16)

The time will come when the limits of this world will be lifted by love and the worlds will come closer together through spiritualization. (213,61)


7. Summary of the Divine Teachings with the
Words of the Lord

Certain essential themes run like a thread through the entire book of "The Revelation of True Life". Below are some excerpts which may serve as a guide and overview for the reader:

The Second Coming of Christ

No one should be surprised by my new message and the meaning of my word. For the prophets of the First Era, like Christ in the Second Era, proclaimed with great clarity the age you are experiencing today. (279,9)

My instruction in love was not meant for a few who heard it through the spokesmen. My message came into the world to become known to all people. That is why I tell you that it will reach the limits of the earth in many forms because it is the beginning of the consolation which has been promised to humanity already in the Second Era when it would reach the peak of the times of tribulation on earth. (282,57)

Faced with your immeasurable lack of light — light that means wisdom, love, elevation — I had to come.

To give you this light, it was not appropriate that I would come as a man to you. Because in order to encourage you to spiritualize, it was necessary that I reveal my presence a in spiritual, invisible and yet for your faith and your love still perceptible form. (293,57-58)

When this word spreads across the world and men ask who inspired it and who dictated it to be written down, the messengers and sowers should testify to it that it was the Holy Spirit who revealed it through the prepared minds of his spokesmen. (295,26)

The Third Era

The First Era is the spiritual childhood of man, in which he opens his eyes and sees the face of his Father, he hears Him, but is still far from understanding Him. The proof of this is that he tried to obey Him by clinging to the letters of the texts without penetrating with the soul into their meaning.

In the Second Era I came,"the word", to dwell with you in Jesus and to show you the way of the soul with my life. This Second Era is that of adolescence or the first spiritual youth. It is the age in which Christ taught people love to awaken their sleeping strings of hearts so that their hearts would vibrate under a new feeling, under the powerful impulse of love for their Father and their neighbor.

This is the "Third Era" in which man's soul must free itself from the chains of materialism. This will bring with it the struggle of worldviews, which will be more violent than the history of humanity knows it. (295,56-57+64)

This Third Era, when human wickedness has reached its peak, will nevertheless be a time of reconciliation and forgiveness. (305,12)

The Sixth Seal

The Sixth Seal is loosened and has shown you, the pioneers of spiritualization on earth, a part of its contents. But its light will continue to shine on all men, even if this word which you hear today has ceased. (284,46)

At present I receive these crowds of people here in representation of mankind, and when I refer to humanity, I am not only talking about the people of the present, but about all generations who have inhabited the earth during six spiritual periods of time. The messages that I have brought you in these six times are exactly what I have symbolized with the name "Seal", of which — as you already know — one more thing must be solved so that it reveals to you the meaning or significance of all others — that great significance of the life of the soul, of development and perfection. (303,52)

The Spiritual People of Israel and the Spiritual Mission

The people of God will appear once again among mankind — not a people personalized in one race, but a great number, a legion of disciples of Me, where it is not the blood, race or language that is decisive, but the spirit.

This people will not limit themselves to teaching my revelations by writing. For the words to have life, one must live them. These people will not only be disseminators of writings and books, but also of examples and deeds. (292,28-29)

It is necessary that this people, to whom these revelations have been entrusted, set out and witness to it. For through this, men will awaken and be able to perceive the spiritual signs and manifestations of that time. (277,15)

A world of spirit beings is just waiting for the hour to inhabit this earthly valley. They are beings of light, who do not despise incarnate in the bosom of the backward nations, because their mission will be to awaken those who sleep. (288,46)

Spirit, Spirit-Soul, Soul

Man is a reflection of the Creator, an image of God. The children must inevitably become similar to the Father from whom they came. This similarity is founded in the spirit-soul, as it is endowed with the qualities of God and furthermore has eternal life. Matter, that is, the human body is only a temporary garment of the soul. (295,44)

It is the human spirit-soul that should stride ahead all the works which man accomplishs, for it is it who has been entrusted with life on earth. (305,7)

Spiritual Prayer

The spirit-soul preserves the intuitive knowledge that it arose long ago from the Creator's bosom, and since it knows that it still has a long way to go and must travel to return to its starting point, it devotes itself to prayer, knowing that at least at this moment it can contact its Father. The soul knows that it finds comfort in prayer, which caresses, strengthens and heals it.

I bless those who pray. The more spiritual their prayer is, the greater the peace I make them feel. You can easily explain this to each other; for whoever, in order to pray, is dependent on kneeling down before images or objects to feel the presence of the Divine, will not be able to experience the spiritual sensation of the Father's presence in his heart. (279,1-2)

See how easily the one transforms himself who applies an atom of my teachings in practice. Do you want an example?

There was someone who told Me all his life through word prayers that he loved Me — prayers that others formulated which he did not even understand because they were made up of words whose meaning he did not know. But soon he understood how the true way of praying was to be, and by pushing aside his old habits, he concentrated on the innermost part of his soul, sent his thoughts up to God, and for the first time he felt his presence.

He did not know what to say to his Master, his chest began to sob and his eyes to shed tears. In his mind, only one sentence was formed that was: "My Father, what can I tell You when I do not understand how to speak with You?" But those tears, those sobs, those inner bliss and even his confusion spoke to the Father in a language so beautiful that you will never be able to find it in your human languages or in your books.

That stammering of man who begins to pray spiritually with his Lord resembles the first words of little children, who are bliss and delight for their parents because they hear the first utterances of a being that begins to rise to life. (281,23-24)

The Perfect, Spiritual Communication

I have spoken to you many times of spiritual dialogue, I have told you that you will learn to use it in a superior way and you will give in to this desire. (291,81)

When this teaching is spread, you will be asked what the purpose of this message is, since so many religious communities already exist. Then you shall reveal to them that this word has come to humanity to teach men the dialogue of spirit to spirit which their religions do not teach them, and that this message is the divine light which reveals to you all the spiritual qualities which you possess. (294,44)

Practice the dialogue from spirit to spirit, which you are to perfect from day to day. Because it is my will that you and mankind communicate with me. Through this connection you will receive my inspirations, my instructions, and I will receive your soul, will hear your prayer and allow your spiritual arms to embrace Me. (304,51)

This revelation has been the step that has allowed you to ascend another step on the path that brings you closer to the perfect dialogue. (278,44)

Acceptance and Rejection of the Divine Revelations

There are many who know the prophecies that heralded this era through the writings of past times. And yet — if they were present at my revelations, they would not believe them, nor would they perceive them as the fulfillment of those promises. It is those who have not reached the degree of development that would allow them to recognize this light. However, how many of those who would give their lives today to testify that it is I who are making themselves known to the people at this time, did not even know that there are prophecies speaking of these events. The reason for this is that their soul was already prepared and ready to receive the light. (298,19)

These crowds of people here are made up of believers and unbelievers, but they are all souls who are hungry for love, thirsting for light and truth. While those who have faith nourish themselves and become strong, the unbelievers disdain the bread of eternal life and have to endure their hunger and thirst. They are souls who are confused by a life of materialism, ignorance and fanaticism, who cannot forget them, in order to be able to recognize and feel my presence. They are hearts that fear the judgments of men. How could they concentrate on the high in their soul to feel my essence when they think of what others will say about them? They will finally say that my presence in these places is not true, while it is true that they are the ones who — although they are present — have not been with Me because their soul has remained where their thoughts, their interests, their worries and their passions have captured them.

I have come very well, I have been with you very well, because I am always thinking of those who need Me — of those who drink the cup of sorrow and eat the bread of bondage and humiliation. (301,2)

The Sense of the Trials

Sometimes your peace becomes struggle, anxiety or fear. This happens when the storm whips the fields and gardens, shakes trees and strip of leaves the flowers. Then you ask what sense those trials have. But I tell you that the whirlwind from the trees drops down the bad fruits and the dry leaves and blows away everything from the garden that is not supposed to exist in its bosom. (278,31)

Allow your conscience to tell you in the trials that I do not punish you, but that you are purifying yourselves right now, and that when you see unleashed forces of nature, you should not be nasty by saying that it is a punishment of God, but that it is a trial to purify you. (293,75)

You've come a long way in experience. That innocence, which is blindness and ignorance, has disappeared when you have attained the light of experience. Besides, you have stained yourselves, and for that there is the trials and the pain to wash and purify you. (301,24)

Spiritual Inspiration for All

Know, people, that not only you are able to receive spiritual messages and inspirations. There are many people in the world who, without knowing that I am radiating my word through these spokesmen, suspect the nearness of a light that is ready to pour itself upon humanity in revelations. They will receive the necessary preparation from my Spirit, so that when they hear your testimony and convey my divine message to them, they will rejoice and say: "This is what I have hoped for." (283,51)

Spiritual Harmony Among All

The good and the love from which charity and peace blossom will be the keys that open the doors of mystery, and people will take a step towards universal harmony. (292,5)

The spiritual harmony among all beings will reveal great insights to them, will bring them the dialogue from spirit to spirit, which will shorten distances, bring the absentees closer and eliminate fronts and borders. (286,3)

I am the Father who is working to create harmony among all his children, both among those who inhabit the earth and those who live on other worlds. (286,2)

The Spiritual Awakening

Having lived in discord for so many centuries, after all the painful and bitter experiences it has had, this humanity is able to understand that unity among peoples, the harmony between all people, cannot be based on material interests, nor on earthly values. Finally, it will understand that only the superior soul can be the firm foundation, the unwavering rock on which mankind's peace is based. (289,3)

I speak to you in this way because no one knows better than I the development of your soul and I know that today's man, despite his great materialism, his love for the world and his passions developed up to the greatest sin, lives only apparently in the "flesh" and in material life. I know: as soon as he feels in his soul the loving touch of my love, he will come quickly to Me to release his burden and follow Me on the path of truth, which he unconsciously so desires to walk. (305,36)


The first step towards the renewal of mankind in order to attain a state of spiritual exaltation is mercy. Mercy to the soul, mercy to the body, mercy to the neighbor. (287,31)

When I look at the hospitals, the prisons, the mourning homes, the broken marriages, the orphans or the spiritually hungry — why don't I discover you there? Remember that not only did I teach you to pray, but I also gave you the gift of the Word and taught you to heal. And on many occasions I have told you that your presence can work wonders if you are really prepared. (306,27)

Roque Rojas, the Pioneer, wrote, inspired by the spirit of Elijah, the following sentence: "Mercy and again mercy with your fellow men, then you will see my Father in all his glory."

Truth and light is in these words, disciples, for he who does not show mercy in his life will never enter my kingdom. By contrast, I assure you that even the most hard-hearted and stubborn sinner can save himself through mercy. (308,52)

Reincarnation and Spiritual Development

In his dream, Jacob revealed to you the existence of the spiritual stepladder, on which beings continually ascended and descended. Who understood its content? Who interpreted his secret? There, in the meaning of that image, which was looked at by the patriarch, is the development of souls, the unceasing reincarnation of spiritual creatures into men, the reparation and atonement of beings, the communication of God with man and the dialogue from spirit to spirit. (287,59)

In this Third Era I have brought you the confirmation of the reincarnation of the soul. Mankind has had the intuitive knowledge of it at all times, and the soul has revealed this mystery to the "flesh", but this — always unbelieving and weak — has cast doubt on it. (309,22)

But I have come in this time to bring you the confirmation for it and to tell you: in the reincarnation of the soul my perfect law of love is revealed. (309,22)

The Spiritual World

The life of the soul that exists beyond your material world could and should not be a mystery to man. As the Father saw your desire for knowledge, He began his teaching through the gift of revelation and inspiration and He manifested Himself in an infinite number of forms. But this teaching began already since the first man existed, and has not ceased to this day. (289,17)

Wake up, folks! The hereafter watch your steps on earth! These worlds know your works! When they see this humanity perishing in the sea of its enmities and passions, they are shaken and pray for you. (298,41)

In order to encourage humanity's faith in the knowledge of spiritual existence beyond material life, some manifestations of the Father's messengers to whom you have given the name of "angel" have been granted to you in the past times. (301,10)

Nor should you believe that you are working alone in your work, because you do not yet have enough strength to accomplish works of such great spiritual importance. You must know that there are beings who show you the way to follow and who show you the way and the places to which you must bring the seed.

These pioneers are your brothers and sisters from other worlds, from other homes, from which they watch over your steps and stand up for you. For they too are workers of peace, love and brotherhood. They are souls of greater purity than yours, of greater knowledge and experience, of which you have nothing evil to fear. It is those who do not let you come to a standstill — those who bring restlessness into your hearts when you leave the seeds in the lurch. (297,6)

The Law and the Power of Love

The law of love, on which charity, understanding and forgiveness to your fellow men can be traced back, is the foundation that I have inspired you for your spiritual mission. (291,8)

It should not be fear that guides your steps, nor should it be fear that compels you to fulfill the law. Faith and love should be the power that urges you to do good deeds in your life. For then your merits will be true. (305,51)

Peace, the Supreme Spiritual Treasure

It is my word that gives rest to your heart and peace of mind. The greatest thing I have appointed for them is peace. He who possesses this treasure has everything — he who knows this spiritual state would not swap it for the greatest possessions and treasures of the earth.

When you ask Me what the mystery is to attain and keep peace, then I tell you that the mystery is to do your Father's will. And if you would ask Me how to fulfill the divine will, I would answer you by applying my law and my teaching to your life. (307,1-2)

The Voice of Conscience

Familiarize yourselves with the conscience, it is a friendly voice, it is the light through which the Lord lets his light shimmer through — whether as Father, Master or Judge. (293,74)

Behold how man stands before and above all that surrounds him; that he is the only being endowed with freedom of will and conscience. All the aberrations, falls and sins of men have their origin in this freedom of will. But they are transitorial transgressions before the righteousness and eternity of the Creator. After all, conscience will prevail over the weaknesses of the body and over the soul to be tempted. Thus will come the victory of light, which is knowledge of darkness, which means ignorance. It will be the victory of good, which is love, justice and harmony, over evil, which is selfishness, self-indulgence, unbridledness and injustice. (295,49)

The Spiritual Liberation

The efforts made by the confessions to preserve their faithful in the old beliefs and outmoded belief systems will be useless and futile. For no one will be able to stop the Divine Light that penetrates to the very core of human thinking and awakens the soul for an age of revelations, divine inspirations, the enlightenment of doubts and secrets, spiritual liberation.

Nor will anyone be able to stop the flood that humanity will form when it sets out in the longing for its freedom of thought, spirit and faith.

No one should believe that I am snatching their pupils, believers or followers from the different religious communities — no. But the hour has come, in which a new time begins, bringing to light forgotten lessons, eliminating useless customs, doctrines of faith and traditions, cleaning and relinquishing the souls of all false things in order to give them the true bread of the Spirit, which has always been replaced by the rite. (290,58-60)

For how many of you who have heard my word at this time, the day of your liberation was the day you heard this voice for the first time! With how much love have you left in your memory the blessed date on which you remember the miracle of your resurrection to the faith! (294,24)